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At what point do you realize your

The Kellogg MBA. A career-defining choice for the seasoned business professional. The Kellogg Executive MBA Program offers you the opportunity to earn one of the world’s most respected business credentials without interrupting your well-established career. The program’s flexibility combined with Kellogg’s distinctive approach to education — the dynamic interplay of the study of management with the study of markets — opens up opportunities you may never have thought possible. Here, you will learn the science of management and the art of leadership. You will gain insights into leading-edge business theory and how to meet the challenges of applying it in practice. You will develop analytical skills and the social acumen to inspire and influence others to excel. You will refine your leadership capabilities in an environment that encourages bold thinking and risk-taking. We offer all of this in a culture defined by our courageous and collaborative spirit. It is this attitude — our way of seeing the world — that sets us apart. It is why our graduates have been advancing their organizations, communities and the world for more than 100 years. It is how we inspire our students to manage and lead with confidence and conviction. It is what we mean when we say, “Think bravely.”

This is the point of a Kellogg education. At what point do you join us?


2011 executive mba entrants Functional Breakdown


class characteristics

14 years



finance + accounting

average work experience


general management

2% 14%

marketing + sales

38 average age

human resources

4% 4%


23% female students

male students


management information systems operations

minority students

10% 42%


11% 12% hispanic


389 total number of Domestic EMBA students



Data represent all executive MBA Program options As of November 2011


international 31%

u.s. 69%

africa 1%


asia 8% europe 2%


north america 72%


oceania 1% Latin America 16%

SOUTH 22% midatlantic 3% northeast 7% possessions + territories 1%


industry breakdown consulting consumer products financial services

students holding advanced degrees

government manufacturing


media + entertainment nonprofit petroleum + energy

average base salary upon entering the program

pharmaceutical + biotechnology + healthcare products real estate technology other *Percentages are rounded and may not equal 100%.


9% 2% 13% 2% 15% 3% 3% 1% 12% 1% 9% 3%

The transformative power of organizations and markets At Kellogg, we take a distinctive approach to management education, one that balances the study of organizations with the study of the processes — the dynamic push and pull — that drive consumer, business and financial markets forward. Across a broad array of course offerings, you will find academic excellence and an emphasis on working in teams toward ambitious goals. You will learn from faculty members who are recognized experts and researchers in psychology, economics, finance, management and marketing, as well seasoned practitioners and trusted advisers to corporate boards, industries and governments worldwide. The knowledge you gain from engaging directly with them in and out of the classroom can be applied immediately to help solve the complex business challenges you face daily. You also will discover how the diversity of your classmates — in education, career experience, professional and personal achievements, cultures and life interests — enriches your learning with new perspectives and insights.

This is how we equip leaders to make meaningful differences wherever they go. This is how we inspire them to think bravely.



the academic challenge. A solid core and a tailored curriculum. The Kellogg Executive MBA Program curriculum is tailored specifically to support the professional goals of mid-career professionals who have mastered functional expertise in their chosen fields and are seeking to advance their careers. The required core curriculum provides a solid foundation in the fundamentals of management. It sets the stage for advanced study across disciplines and specialized work in areas of particular need or special interest.

The Executive MBA Program curriculum and requirements. Executive MBA students fulfill the degree requirements by satisfactorily completing 28 units of credit, nine of which are earned through required core courses. The standard schedule allows for 15 units of advanced courses and four to six electives chosen from our extensive and evolving catalogue of elective courses specifically designed for executive program students. Students have the opportunity to customize their second year by substituting advanced (non-core) courses with additional elective units. For descriptions of Kellogg Executive MBA courses, please visit


core curriculum

elective courses

Analytical Approach to Uncertainty

Advanced Negotiations

Financial Reporting Systems

Advertising Strategy

Leadership and Organizations

Analytical Decision Modeling

Marketing Management

Business Marketing

Statistical Decision Analysis

Entrepreneurial Finance

Foundations for Strategy Formulation

Family Enterprises: Success and Continuity

Managerial Economics

Game Theory

Managerial Finance I

Global Initiatives in Management

Operations Management

Innovation Strategy and Management Intellectual Capital Management International Finance

advanced courses

Leading High-Impact Teams

Frameworks for Strategic Analysis (.5 unit)

Management of Organizational Change

Creating and Managing Strategic Alliances

Managing Price and Value Perceptions

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Channels

Accounting for Management Planning and Control

Mergers and Acquisitions

Consumer Insight and Marketing Strategy

Private Equity and Venture Capital

Managerial Finance II

Risk Analysis

Ethics and Executive Leadership

Securities Analysis

Negotiation Strategies

Social Dynamics and Networks

Strategic Crisis Management

Strategic Data Driven Marketing


Strategic Issues in Commodity Industries

Real Estate Finance

Strategic Financial Management

Strategic Management in Non-Market Environments

Law and the Corporate Manager Economics of Competition

U.S. Healthcare System: Principles and Management Challenges

Corporate Governance (.5 unit) Strategic Decisions in Operations

Wall Street, Hedge Funds and Private Equity

Capstone Course

Courses and/or faculty are subject to change.


executive MBA Program options The Kellogg Executive MBA Program offers four options for earning your degree, each designed to accommodate the commitments and demands of our candidates’ professional and personal lives. You choose the schedule that fits you best. Regardless of your program selection, you’re guaranteed an unparalleled education taught by our world-renowned faculty, enriched by lasting relationships and grounded in the distinctive Kellogg culture of innovation and collaboration.

Classes on the Evanston campus meet twice monthly on alternating weekends during the academic year. The two Evanston options differ in the number of live-in weeks and Sunday classes.

september schedule duration: Classes begin in September and end in June two years later. When: Friday afternoon, all day Saturday and Sunday morning on alternating weekends, as well as during two live-in weeks.

january schedule duration: Classes begin in January and end in December two years later. When: Friday afternoon and all day Saturday on alternating weekends as well as during four live-in weeks.


our program. your schedule. You may opt for a September or January start date on either of our U.S. campuses — Evanston, Ill. and Miami. All program options include a combination of weekend classes and a number of weeklong intensive academic sessions known as “Live-In” weeks. All students, regardless of program choice, attend an August Live-In Week in Evanston, which unites the Kellogg Executive MBA Program’s global community in one classroom.

Classes on the Miami campus meet once monthly during the academic year.

september schedule duration: Classes begin in September and end in June two years later. When: Thursday afternoon, all day Friday and Saturday, and Sunday morning, as well as during three live-in weeks.

january schedule duration: Classes begin in January and end in December two years later. When: Thursday afternoon, all day Friday and Saturday, and Sunday morning, as well as during three live-in weeks.


Engage fearlessly. Learn by doing. An environment that encourages bold, unconventional thinking and the opportunity to try new things. Kellogg coursework and team projects challenge you to make critical connections between academic theory and real-world practice, and then to put your best thinking to the test. In close collaboration with faculty


members and fellow students — and often with alumni and corporate partners — you will explore innovative management concepts and how to apply them to critical business issues. Such teamwork exposes you to new ways of thinking about problems and cross-functional approaches to solving them. It creates a dynamic curriculum and a learning experience directly relevant to your professional life. Team efforts strengthen the communication and interpersonal skills essential to working with and influencing others.

these are distinctive characteristics of the Kellogg MBA and reasons why organizations consistently rank our graduates highly on their ability to lead and inspire. 11

Discover options that align with your values and goals. “Kellogg’s collaborative environment encourages us to build something bigger than ourselves.” Over the course of my career at IBM, I’ve advised Fortune 500 executives, government leaders and military generals. And I’ve observed firsthand that many of the world’s greatest leaders rely on collaboration to generate and exchange ideas, and to achieve something aspirational. As someone who advises corporate stewards and government leaders, it’s important for me to understand the complexities of an ever-changing, interconnected world. So when I was considering business schools, I knew I needed a place where I could interact with professionals committed to better understanding the transforming world. Kellogg is exactly that place. It fosters a culture built on collaboration. And it attracts engaged faculty and students who are driven by collective innovation. Kellogg has helped me become a better version of myself. I came to the program experienced in writing speeches for notable politicians, government leaders and corporate titans, but have been challenged by faculty to communicate messages with less words and more conviction. And even though I have helped Fortune 500 clients and government agencies achieve sustainable growth, the Kellogg community has pushed me to strive for higher standards of managerial excellence. Here, business leaders learn how to influence culture, build businesses with entrepreneurial zeal and pioneer unchartered territories. Kellogg’s collaborative environment encourages us to build something bigger than ourselves.


michael lee program status:

emp86 , expected graduation 2012


evanston executive speechwriter and strategy advisor, ibm, chicago


do more with a kellogg mba.

“If I were to pursue something entrepreneurial, I’d pursue it with someone from Kellogg.” I’ve been a neurosurgeon in private practice for more than 10 years. I’m not the only physician in Kellogg’s executive program — there are eight of us in my class. We come from different medical disciplines, but we all want to see health care improve. I first noticed opportunities for business streamlining when I was a resident, and again when I joined a private practice group. In medicine, if you really want to encourage change, you have to understand the fundamentals beyond patient care and hospital protocol. My practice runs well, but I still have a lot to learn. I knew I could do more with a Kellogg MBA. I couldn’t be more pleased with this program. My field is very self-specialized, so the emphasis on collaboration is very refreshing. The program requires a lot of work, but I’ve already learned so much from my classmates. I can always run ideas past them, and they come up with ideas and concepts I wouldn’t have considered. I do the same for them. I can apply class material almost instantly to my practice. I’m currently talking with classmates about business ideas that combine technology and medicine. If I were to pursue something entrepreneurial, I’d pursue it with someone from Kellogg. We have the work ethic, skills and talents to make it happen.


Mina Foroohar program status:

emp86 , expected graduation 2012


evanston neurosurgeon, northwest neurosurgery institute, chicago


Think more strategically. Negotiate more effectively.

“The team environment works beautifully. It promotes open dialogue and helps team members develop strong relationships.” I wanted to move my career ahead. I saw the many positive attributes of an MBA degree and how it would open doors in my organization. When a good friend told me about the Kellogg Executive MBA Program in Miami, it motivated me even more. At Kellogg, I knew I’d be sharing a learning experience with a great group of professionals. On my first day of class, I learned that “diversity” takes on a whole new meaning at the school. No one has the same profession or home country. That alone is an incredible experience, as it helps you develop sensitivities that are necessary for working in a global environment. The team environment works beautifully. It promotes open dialogue and helps team members develop strong relationships. My peers have told me that I’ve definitely become more assertive. It’s a great compliment coming from a group with such high standards. At work, I’ve become a more strategic thinker. In meetings, I know how to deliver a stronger message. I’ve learned how to negotiate better with clients. I’m more effective when communicating with clients, meeting face-to-face with people and engaging in strategic negotiations — which are key to my success.


Maricarmen Toro program status: emp87 , expected graduation 2012

Campus: miami vice president, corporate and institutional banking, grupo santander, puerto rico


Analytical skills. Managerial thinking.

“I’ve discovered tremendous value in learning how to see things from different angles.” Simply put, Haiti has an unsteady environment and faces enormous risks and challenges. Years of business experience have provided me with good instincts, but we all know good instincts alone don’t guarantee success. It became imperative for me to reinforce my practical learning with a more formal knowledge of analytical skills and a true understanding of the latest thinking and ideas. I chose Kellogg because of the flexibility of the schedule, the convenient Miami campus and the appeal of the collaborative approach. The combination of outstanding professors and the ability to learn from fellow students is one of the most attractive facets of this program. Working together enables us to spend time openly discussing issues and sharing important ideas. I now realize there are no absolute right answers to business problems. Each person can have a different take on a problem and can offer a perfectly acceptable solution. I’m already a more patient and better listener because of the Kellogg experience. For me, the focus has always been on the bottom line. It’s been very refreshing to see how classmates from other walks of life — for example, physicians or those engaged in nonprofit organizations — approach business issues. They are more “people-centric.” I’ve discovered tremendous value in learning how to see things from different angles. 18

Bernard Roy program status:

emp87, expected graduation 2012

Campus: miami

president and chairman of the board, capital bank, haiti; president of sodipal, a family owned business



engaging face-to-face with world-class leaders. Leadership at Kellogg is more than an academic exercise. It’s highly personal. At every point in your program, you will see, hear, meet, interact with and learn from leaders across industries, disciplines and economic sectors.

The Academic Enrichment Series, designed to complement your formal study, features top faculty delivering special presentations on topics as diverse as social responsibility and board service.

The Executive MBA Speaker Series brings notable experts in a variety of disciplines and management fields to speak and meet with students. The Business Card Series offers you and your fellow students opportunities to assume the role of guest speaker and present your own work and ideas to your classmates.


our global presence. your international connection.

Kellogg has forged partnerships with other leading business schools in Asia, the Middle East, Canada and Europe to offer students an authentic global perspective. With our U.S.-based campuses and these partnerships, Kellogg students have opportunities in six locations worldwide to learn and interact with faculty experts and fellow students experienced in local markets and business practices. Executive MBA students may complete up to four electives at Kellogg’s international partner schools.

Kellogg School of Management, Evanston, Ill. and Miami northwestern university

A pioneer in advanced executive education, Kellogg launched the Executive MBA Program in 1976. It has consistently been recognized among the world’s top-ranked programs ever since. The state-of-the-art James L. Allen Center on the Northwestern University campus serves as home to the Evanston Executive MBA Program. In 2006, Kellogg opened its second US-based campus, with facilities modeled on the Allen Center, in Miami, the financial center of the southeastern United States and the gateway to Latin America and other international markets. Both programs share the same faculty and curriculum and both offer January and September start dates.

Kellogg-HKUST Executive MBA program + hong kong, china hkust school of business and management, hong kong university of science and technology

Kellogg and HKUST united in 1998 to foster a network of leaders with global insights and local sensitivities. More than 500 graduates of this program represent the best and brightest of Asia’s managerial and entrepreneurial talent. Upon successful completion of the program, participants are awarded the master of business degree issued jointly by Northwestern University and HKUST.


vallendar/ frankfurt


tel aviv




hong kong miami





Kellogg-Recanati Executive MBA program + tel aviv, israel leon recanati graduate school of business administration tel aviv university

This joint-degree executive MBA program brings together the best faculty from both Kellogg and Recanati, the largest business school in Israel, and offers participants a unique global management perspective. Upon successful completion of the program, participants are awarded the master of business degree issued jointly by Northwestern University and Tel Aviv University.

Kellogg-Schulich Executive MBA Program + toronto, canada schulich school of business, york university

This joint program combines Kellogg’s strengths with those of Schulich, one of Canada’s leading business schools and widely recognized for its innovative programming, global orientation and diverse faculty and student body. Upon successful completion of the program, participants are awarded the master of business degree issued jointly by Northwestern University and York University.

Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA Program + vallendar/frankfurt, germany whu – otto beisheim school of management

Consistently recognized as one of Europe’s top executive MBA programs, this joint-degree partnership integrates all managerial disciplines and focuses on a synthesis of U.S. and European management knowledge with a global perspective. Upon successful completion of the program, participants are awarded the master of business degree issued jointly by Northwestern University and WHU.


Locally grounded. Globally attuned. Businesses thrive by organizing their resources in a way that is locally grounded but globally attuned. Kellogg prepares you to manage in a global economy by helping you develop a broader, more fully informed view of the world along multiple dimensions. This expanded view is woven throughout the academic curriculum. It is embodied in the diversity of our faculty and student body. It comes to life through our relevant global initiatives, our integrated portfolio of courses and global electives, and our worldwide academic partnerships. Regardless of your perspective now, your view will become clearer and more practically relevant at Kellogg.

A local global community. International Live-In Week, a signature Kellogg event, is a worldwide student gathering that spotlights the global nature of our Executive MBA Program. All Executive MBA students, during August of their first year in the program, join together on the Evanston campus with students from all of Kellogg’s other international partner school programs for an intensive academic, networking and cross-cultural social experience. With their incredibly varied professional and cultural backgrounds, countries of origin and national perspectives, students often say they learn as much from each other as they do in the classroom. The atmosphere of this unique Kellogg experience extends into rewarding social interactions and valuable networking with peers from all over the world.


By immersing myself in the global network that defines Kellogg, I now have a greater appreciation for a broad diversity of perspectives and insights. Donald “Blue” Jenkins, Kellogg MBA ’09

vice president, northeast /mid - atlantic origination, bp energy company

Leaders for the world. Perhaps your company is considering global expansion. Maybe an international career path intrigues you. Or you have a strong interest in the economy of a particular world region. Whatever your motivation, Kellogg offers an intriguing array of global electives — taught domestically and internationally — that will expand your view of the world.

Global Initiatives in Management (GIM), for example, begins with classroom study focused on business issues in a particular country or region. You then travel there on a 10-day international journey that will deepen your understanding of cross-cultural issues and give you first-person insight into the local marketplace and its position in the global economy.

Global Elective Options in the second year of study include up to six classes taken at one of our global partner programs. Electives can range from “European Culture and Management” at WHU’s Otto Beisheim School of Management in Germany and “Deal Making in China and Asia” at HKUST in Hong Kong to “Venture Capital” at the Recanati School in Tel Aviv and “International Strategy” at York University’s Schulich School in Toronto.


career development

For now and your lifetime. Kellogg’s Career Management Center takes your future personally. Recognized for providing exceptional services, the CMC delivers customtailored support and resources unequalled among top-tier business schools. In addition to a full range of services, CMC administrators will work sideby-side with you at every stage, often involving faculty members and alumni to enhance career planning. CMC provides a robust set of highly specialized online resources and career guides to inform and help refine your career plan now and for the longer term. Many of the benefits you enjoy as a student continue after graduation, including free lifelong professional career counseling and career management services.


Career Management Center Website: Secure access to extensive career strategy and development information as well as online career management resources to help you plan for success.

Career Coaching: Unlimited access to one-on-one career coaching customized to your needs.

Kellogg Career Network (KCN): Password-protected online job board with 8,000 jobs submitted annually by top MBA employers, ranging from startups to Fortune 500 companies, seeking Kellogg MBAs. Kellogg Alumni Network: Invaluable career-building resources that open doors worldwide, and a password-protected online database of alumni information. Use this resource to connect with alumni for class projects, mentorship and professional networking.

Kellogg on Exclusive Kellogg School of Management group serving the entire Kellogg community, including class-specific and other affinity groups. The ideal way to network, identify opportunities and follow your peers’ progress.

Kellogg online Resources: Unlimited online access to a multitude of industry and company guides, including S&P NetAdvantage, Mintel, Vault, WetFeet, Hoover’s Premium and Factiva. It also includes how-to guides, InterviewStream and other online tools and resources.

Career Development programming: Workshops and events geared to the leadership and career management needs of Executive MBA students range from strategic planning and goal setting to the practical skills of career mapping and speed networking.



Experience Kellogg. The choice is clear. What’s the best way to decide if Kellogg is right for you? Come for a visit and be inspired by the creativity, teamwork, fellowship and scholarship that define the Kellogg culture. We highly recommend that you join us for one of our scheduled information sessions offered on both our Evanston and Miami campuses and in selected cities throughout the world. Each session includes a short presentation, a question-and-answer period and a reception where current students and alumni offer you their personal perspectives of the Kellogg Executive MBA Program. You are welcome to bring a guest. For more information about upcoming information sessions, please visit our website at Email us at: emba@kellogg.

ready to connect? Begin right now. ONLINE INFORMATION SESSIONS

Get answers to some of the most frequently asked questions: InformationSession/InfoSessionsVideo

Attend an info session

Register for one near you: Programs/EMBA/TakeAction/InformationSession

visit a class

Experience the program firsthand. Schedule your visit:

Evanston Miami Begin your application

847-491-EMBA or 305-442-7780 or Start the process now: Application_Process

what others are saying

See testimonials from faculty, students and alumni:

schedule an interview

Contact us now: Testimonial

Application The Executive MBA program admissions committee considers numerous factors, including work experience, academic history, recommendations, company sponsorship, personal interview and the content of the application itself. Most candidates have a minimum of eight years of managerial experience. A majority of the Kellogg Executive MBA students have 12 to 15 years of work experience. All candidates for admission to the Executive MBA Program must visit kellogg.northwestern. edu/emba to apply. A complete application for admission consists of the application form, two letters of recommendation, the honor code pledge, the application fee, official transcripts from all previous schools attended, a completed interview and a letter of sponsorship from the appropriate officer in the applicant’s organization. Applicants applying to the Kellogg Executive MBA Program may choose one of four options: September Evanston, January Evanston, September Miami or January Miami. Admissions criteria are identical for all four.

Sponsorship //

Sponsorship is an important component of each application and consists of two elements: 1) time away from work to attend classes and 2) financial support. A letter of sponsorship on company letterhead is required for every applicant and should spell out both kinds of support in detail. Financial sponsorship is not required, but every company must provide the necessary time away. An organization’s sponsorship commitment also should involve working with admitted students to establish a career progression plan and to develop a strategy for the student’s continued growth in the organization after graduation.

Transfer credit //

The Kellogg School does not accept transfer credits or prior learning credits from any outside institution.

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) // Applicants whose native language is not English must either take the TOEFL (IBT format) and obtain a score of 100 or better, or take the equivalent of English Composition 101 and 102 at an accredited U.S. college or university. Students who have completed graduate studies at a U.S. college or university may have the TOEFL requirement waived upon the approval of the Admissions Committee.


Rolling admissions // The Executive MBA Program has a rolling admissions policy. About 30 days after the Executive MBA Program has received the completed application and all supporting materials, an applicant will receive by mail a decision regarding acceptance to the program.

Timing // The following application guidelines are recommended. Because of the competitive nature of program admissions, early application is encouraged. For September start dates in Evanston and Miami: by July 1. International students must apply by June 1 to allow time for visa processing. For January start dates in Evanston and Miami: by November 1. International students must apply by October 1 to allow time for visa processing.

Letters of recommendation // The program requires two letters of recommendation from supervisors and/or peers who know the applicant well, preferably from someone within the applicant’s current organization. Extra recommendations may be submitted at the applicant’s discretion. Requests for letters of recommendation are integrated within the application.

Official transcripts // The Executive MBA Program requires applicants to provide official transcripts from all universities and colleges attended in the United States and abroad, whether the applicant graduated from the institution or took just one class. Each transcript should be submitted in a sealed envelope with the signature or seal of the university registrar. Kellogg does not accept copies of any kind. All transcripts for credits earned outside of the United States should be translated course by course into English by a university-approved agency and submitted directly from the agency. Approved agencies are identified at

Honor Code //

Applicants should read the honor code carefully and submit the online form as part of the application. Please indicate agreement or disagreement with the code.

Ready to apply?


plan now. Application deadlines and admissions calendar Your path to acceptance into the Kellogg Executive MBA Program can begin today. Please review the admissions calendar below to ensure that your application and all supporting materials are completed and submitted by the appropriate deadlines.

january start

september start

international applicants

October 1st Deadline

June 1 Deadline

Domestic Applicants

November 1st Priority Date

July 1 Priority Date

The Kellogg Executive MBA Program makes admission decisions on a rolling basis throughout the year. The priority dates above are suggested deadlines. Individuals who submit applications by these suggested dates will be given first consideration for spaces available in upcoming classes.

Northwestern University is an equal opportunity, affirmative

interfering unreasonably with an individual’s academic or work

action educator and employer.

performance or creating what a reasonable person would sense is an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment.

Northwestern University reserves the right to change without notice any statement in this publication concerning, but not

While Northwestern University is committed to the principles

limited to, rules, policies, tuition, fees, curricula and courses.

of free inquiry and free expression, the discrimination and harassment identified in this policy are neither legally protected

Northwestern University does not discriminate or permit

expression nor the proper exercise of academic freedom.

discrimination by any member of its community against any individual on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin,

For advice or assistance regarding this policy, see northwestern.

sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression,


parental status, marital status, age, disability, citizenship or veteran status in matters of admissions, employment, housing or services or in the educational programs or activities it operates.

Š2011 Northwestern University. All rights reserved. The information in this book may not be reproduced in any form without the written consent of the Kellogg School of Management.

Harassment, whether verbal, physical or visual, that is based

Photography by Jeff Sciortino and Jim Newberry.

on any of these characteristics is a form of discrimination. This includes harassing conduct affecting tangible job benefits,


think bravely.

Kellogg school of management Northwestern University

Evanston Campus James L. Allen Center | 2169 Campus Drive | Evanston IL 60208 847.467.7020 | Miami Campus 95 Merrick Way, Suite 100 | Coral Gables FL 33134 305.442.7780 |

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