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Guide Book February 10–11, 2012


Table of Contents

Welcome to Kellogg! ............................................................................................2 Schedule of Events Thursday, February 9 .............................................................................4 Friday, February 10................................................................................4 Saturday, February 11 ...........................................................................5 DAK Social Events Thursday, February 9 .............................................................................8 Friday, February 10................................................................................8 Saturday, February 11 ...........................................................................9 Section Leaders................................................................................................. 10 Kellogg Faculty .................................................................................................. 20 Keynote Speaker ............................................................................................... 24 Career Break-Out Discussions ......................................................................... 25 Kellogg Clubs ..................................................................................................... 31 Financial Aid ...................................................................................................... 34 Information Technology at Kellogg .................................................................. 37 Joint Ventures .................................................................................................... 42 Admitted Student Contact Information ............................................................ 44 DAK Executive Committee ................................................................................ 49 Acknowledgements ........................................................................................... 52

February, 12


Dear Admitted Student, Welcome to Day at Kellogg! As an alumna, I can assure you there is no other place for deepening your knowledge of markets, management and the broader challenges facing business leaders today. Our curriculum marries the study of rigorous financial analytics with the latest customer and management insights. A passion for collaboration is at the heart of the Kellogg experience and especially our unique student culture, as students make deep connections with one another, share diverse perspectives and learn the power of teamwork. And, our world-class faculty inspires students everyday with bold, brave new ways of thinking. If you choose Kellogg, we will educate, equip and inspire you to transform organizations, lead with courage and navigate the complexities of our global society. Enjoy your time here! Best,

Sally Blount ’92 Dean


Welcome to Kellogg! Dear Admitted Student, On behalf of the DAK Executive Committee, welcome to Day at Kellogg (DAK) 2012! We are very excited that you have decided to spend this special weekend with us on campus. This weekend, you will explore Kellogg’s rich diversity of academic programs and student clubs, experience a taste of the unique student-led culture, learn about your career options and the extensive alumni network, meet your future classmates, and hopefully have a little fun along the way! DAK is a prime example of Kellogg’s world-class experiential teamwork and leadership at work. A team of student volunteers, along with Kellogg’s Admissions Department, has worked hard over the past several months to ensure that DAK highlights everything the Kellogg School of Management has to offer. We hope you enjoy this glimpse into the life of a Kellogg student. Throughout the weekend, you will also see and interact with a large number of Kellogg faculty and staff members who have all volunteered their time to make DAK a success. We want to thank them for their contributions as well as point out that over 100 current students have volunteered to be part of this weekend! From helping you register to sharing their experiences in section time, these students are committed to supporting the Kellogg community and are even more eager to show it off! We know you have a lot of questions, so please feel free to reach out to any of these student volunteers throughout the weekend. They are a great resource, and that is why they are here! Finally, we would like to thank all of the admitted students in attendance today for contributing to the richness of the weekend. Thank you for joining us at Day at Kellogg. We hope that you enjoy the weekend! Sincerely, Tarra Thomas, Class of 2013 Matt Moschner, Class of 2013 Day at Kellogg Executive Co-Chairs

February, 12


Schedule of Events *Events marked with an asterisk are open to JVs

Thursday, February 9 Time



7:30pm – 8:30pm

Affinity Group Receptions in Evanston (optional)

Various locations

8:30pm – 11:00pm

Welcome Reception

Hotel Orrington

Friday, February 10 Time



7:00am – 7:50am

Registration/Breakfast with your section*

Jacobs Center Atrium

8:00am – 8:45am

Opening Ceremonies* Receive your official welcome to Kellogg from Dean Sally Blount Get introduced to other key Kellogg administrators

Owen L. Coon Auditorium (OLC)

9:00am – 10:30am

Section Time Meet your section leaders and other admitted students in your section

Please see locations on page 6.

10:45am – 11:30am

Mini-Class One Experience the exceptional Kellogg professors and curriculum first-hand by attending a short class with your section

Please see locations on page 6.

11:30am – 12:00pm

Break – Coffee / Mingling*

Loud Study Room (LSR)

12:00pm – 12:15pm

Pick up Lunch

Atrium Annex

12:15pm – 1:25pm

Professor Roundtable Discussions Attend a topic-specific presentation and discussion hosted by a professor. Session 1: 12:15pm – 12:45pm Session 2: 12:55pm – 1:25pm

Please see locations on page 6.

1:30pm – 2:15pm

JD-MBA Admits: Break-out session 1Y Admits: Break-out session MMM: Tour of Ford Bldg. International Admits: Break-out session

G43 G44 Ford Building G36

All Others: Break (or choose one of the following) 1) Coffee Chats with Current Students 2) Tour of Kellogg Facilities

Loud Study Room (LSR)

2:15pm – 3:00pm

Mini-Class Two Experience the exceptional Kellogg professors and curriculum first-hand by attending a short class with your section

Please see locations on page 6.

3:15pm – 5:15pm

Section Time and Facebook Photos Meet with your section for a team-based activity, Q&A, and to get your Kellogg Facebook picture taken

Please see locations on page 6.



5:15pm – 7:00pm

TG* TG, short for “Thank Goodness It’s Friday,” is a great way for students to catch up with friends and relax after a rigorous week. Come mingle with current students while enjoying a Kellogg tradition. KWEST Fair* Learn about the various Kellogg Worldwide Experience Service Trip (KWEST) destinations and meet the trip leaders.



Dinner at the Allen Center* Enjoy dinner with a group of your section mates and current students

Allen Center

9:00pm – 11:00pm

Experience Evanston (optional)* Check out the local social scene with other admitted and current students.

Various locations around Evanston.

LSR/1st Floor

Saturday, February 11 Time



9:00am – 9:45am

Breakfast with Kellogg Clubs*

Atrium, LSR

10:00am – 10:15am

Welcome by Associate Dean of MBA programs & Dean of Students– Betsy Ziegler*


10:15am – 11:00am

Keynote Speaker* Adam Caplan ’01, CEO Model Metrics, LLC


11:00am – 11:45am

Career Management Center Overview*


11:45am – 12:00pm

Pick up lunch and bring to your next session


12:00pm – 1:30pm

Section Time “The Kellogg Experience” and Q&A

Please see locations on page 6.

1:45pm – 3:30pm

Career Break-Out Discussions Speak with current students about their summer internships and learn more about career options from members of Kellogg’s professional clubs Session 1: 1:45pm – 2:30pm Session 2: 2:45pm – 3:30pm

3:30pm – 4:00pm


4:00pm – 4:30pm

Closing Remarks* Professor Harry Kraemer ’79, Former CEO of Baxter International and current Managing Director at Madison Dearborn Partners



Self-Guided Housing Tours/Open Houses (optional)*

Various locations


Leave Evanston for Chicago* Buses leave at 7:30pm sharp for the closing reception

McManus Hall


Closing Reception* Close out the weekend with food, drink, and fun featuring Kellogg student DJs. Cocktail attire recommended. Transportation back to Evanston will be provided. Experience Chicago (optional)*

DAK I - Café Brauer – Lincoln Park Zoo

11:00 pm

February, 12

Please see locations on page 6.

Zella’s, Lincoln Park


Section Time Locations Section Time Friday, 9:00am

Mini Class One 10:45am – 11:30am

Mini Class Two 2:15pm – 3:00pm

Section Time Friday, 3:15pm

Section Time Saturday, 12:00pm

Boogie Birds












Nursery Rhymers






Piggy Banks



















Professor Roundtable Locations – Lunch Friday Major and/or Program

Session 1

Session 2









Health Enterprise/Industry Management & Biotechnology


International Business & Marketing



Management & Organizations



Management & Strategy



Managerial Economics & Decisions




Media Management




Real Estate Program


Social Enterprise (SEEK)





Career Break-out Discussions – Saturday Professional Club

Session 1





Distressed Management

Session 2 G40 160

Energy and Sustainability






General Management











Investment Banking – Sales & Trading



Investment Management/Corporate Finance



Luxury Goods & Retail





1246 166

Private Equity/Venture Capital


Real Estate


Social Impact



Strategy & Business Development




February, 12



DAK Social Events Thursday Evening Activities Welcome Reception in Evanston: 8:30 PM – 11:00 PM Orrington


You are invited to attend the DAK Welcome Reception. This will allow you the opportunity to network with other admitted students as well as your section leaders. Please join us at your convenience. Friday Evening Activities TG and KWEST Fair: 5:15 PM – 6:45 PM

Jacobs Center

TG, short for “Thank Goodness it’s Friday” is a great way for Kellogg students to catch up with friends and relax after a very busy week. Please feel free to come and mingle with current and admitted students and enjoy a Kellogg tradition. In addition to the TG activities, you will also be able to attend the KWEST Fair, where you can learn more about upcoming trip destinations and meet the trip leaders!

Dinner at the Allen Center: 7:00 PM

Allen Center

Join us at Kellogg’s Allen Center for dinner with your section mates and current students. You will be assigned to tables by interests; your table assignment can be found on your nametag.

Section Socials in Evanston: 9:30 PM – 11:00 PM Locations


You are invited to attend a social in Evanston with your section. This will provide you an opportunity to network with other admitted students and your section leaders. We will be visiting various local establishments in downtown Evanston, all located within close proximity to Kellogg and Evanston hotels. Section locations are listed below: Nursery Rhymers & Bullwinkles Rhythm Room 1715 Maple Ave. #2 Evanston, IL 60201


Piggy Banks & Tadpoles Bar Louie 1520 Sherman Avenue Evanston, IL 60201

Puppies & Boogie Birds Prairie Moon 1502 Sherman Avenue Evanston, IL 60201

Saturday Evening Activities Closing Ceremonies: 7:30 PM (buses depart from McManus at 7:00pm)

Café Brauer

Please join us for the culminating event of the weekend at our Closing Ceremonies at the Café Brauer, located at 2021 North Stockton Drive, Chicago, IL. We will provide bus transportation to the event which will depart from the McManus Center at 7:00pm.

Experience Chicago: 11:00 PM


After Closing Ceremonies, buses will take those interested in continuing the festivities to Zella, located at 1983 N. Clybourn Avenue in Chicago’s vibrant Lincoln Park area. For those who prefer to return to Evanston, select buses will depart from Café Brauer immediately following Closing Ceremonies. Buses will be leaving from Zella and returning to Evanston every half hour from 11:30 p.m. until 2:30 a.m. After the last bus has left, you will be responsible for finding your own transportation home. In the event you need a taxi, the following companies provide transportation service to Evanston: Norshore Cab: (847) 864-7500

American Taxi: (847) 259-1555

Key Contacts: Julie Sender: (973) 454-9197 Kristen Kerns: (912) 270-5723

February, 12

Tarra Thomas: (214) 315-7732 Matt Moschner: (847) 651-2709


Section Leaders

Shradha Balakrishnan ’13 (2Y) Hometown: New

Delhi, India; San Francisco, CA

Undergraduate Institution: Ritsumeikan Asia Previous Employer: Institute Post-Kellogg Plans: Social

Pacific University; Japan

of International Education (international nonprofit)

impact; Corporate social responsibility in high tech

Kellogg Clubs: GIM

China Team Leader, Kellogg Technology Conference Project Manager, CIM Community Impact Chair, DAK Section Leader, High Tech Club, Marketing Club and Net Impact Club

Rashaad Balbale ’13 (2Y) Hometown: Naperville, Ill. Undergraduate Institution: University Previous Employer: Monitor

Post-Kellogg Plans: Corporate Kellogg Clubs: Admissions

of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Group strategy & business development, management consulting

Committee, Casino Night

Carolyn Campbell ’12 (1Y) Hometown: Elmhurst, Ill. Undergraduate Institution: University

of Notre Dame

Previous Employer: Tapestry, Starcom

MediaVest Group

Post-Kellogg Plans: Innovation

consulting and high tech

Kellogg Clubs: Annual

Kellogg Marketing Competition, 1st place, Ski Trip Social Committee, Technology Conference Social Media Director, DAK Section Leader, High Tech Club, Marketing Club, Entrepreneurship Club, Flag Football

Carrol Chang ’13 (JD-MBA) Hometown: New

City, N.Y.

Undergraduate Institution: Harvard


Previous Employer: U.S. Department

of Homeland Security

Post-Kellogg Plans: Management Kellogg Clubs: Admissions


Committee, JD-MBA Association

Carter Cordes ’12 (1Y) Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio Undergraduate Institution: University Previous Employer: Insight

Post-Kellogg Plans: McKinsey Kellogg Clubs: Inner


of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Sourcing Group & Company

City Mentoring, Brew ‘N’ Q, Jordan Elementary Tutors

Cory A Croft ’12 (2Y) Hometown: Milwaukee, Wis. Undergraduate Institution: University Previous Employer: Target

Post-Kellogg Plans: Accenture Kellogg Clubs: Black

of Minnesota

Corporation Management Consulting

Management Association, Kellogg Student Association

Julia Dashuta ’12 (2Y) Hometown: Sandwich, Mass. Undergraduate Institution: Boston Previous Employer: Deloitte

Post-Kellogg Plans: Deloitte Kellogg Clubs: Kellogg


Consulting Consulting

Board Fellows, Healthcare Conference

Jonathan Davis ’12 (2Y) Hometown: Orangeburg, S.C. Undergraduate Institution: Clemson


Previous Employer: Vanguard Post-Kellogg Plans: General

management (financial services)

Kellogg Clubs: DAK, K-Bud, The

Merger, Digital Shorts, Neighborhood Business Initiative, Flag Football, Consulting Club

Sagar Desai ’13 (2Y) Hometown: Sugar

Land, Texas

Undergraduate Institution: University

of Texas at Austin

Previous Employer: InsideTrack


Post-Kellogg Plans: Education

industry, focused on IT and operations

Kellogg Clubs: NBI, Kellogg

Corps, Kellogg Student Association, High Tech Club

William Dobbs ’13 (2Y) Hometown: Charleston, W. Va. Undergraduate Institution: University

Management, Inc. (private equity)

Post-Kellogg Plans: Sports


Kellogg Clubs: Private

February 2012

of North Carolina-Chapel Hill

Previous Employer: Quad-C

Equity & Venture Capital Club, Sports Business Club, DAK Section Leader, Ski & Snowboard Club


Section Leaders

Emily Dowden ’12 (2Y) Hometown: Naperville, Ill. Undergraduate Institution: Washington Previous Employer: Deloitte

Post-Kellogg Plans: Deloitte Kellogg Clubs: Healthcare

University in St. Louis

Consulting Consulting

Conference, Special Olympics, Kellogg Student Association

Kyle Emmons ’12 (2Y) Hometown: Arlington, Texas Undergraduate Institution: Texas

Christian University

Previous Employer: NGP

Midstream & Resources (private equity)

Post-Kellogg Plans: The

Riverside Company

Kellogg Clubs: Private

Equity & Venture Capital Club, Kellogg Student Association, Charity Auction Ball, New Kellogg Building Committee, 2012 Class Gift Co-Chair

Tiffany Eng ’13 (JD-MBA) Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y. Undergraduate Institution: Princeton Previous Employer: Goldman, Sachs Post-Kellogg Plans: Corporate Kellogg Clubs: Kellogg


& Co.

law, impact investing

Board Fellows, Net Impact, JD-MBA Association

Collin Frantz ’13 (2Y) Hometown: Akron, Ohio Undergraduate Institution: University Previous Employer: Corporate Post-Kellogg Plans: Brand Kellogg Clubs: Kellogg

of Richmond

Executive Board

manager in food industry

Marketing Club, GIM Leader, Charity Auction Ball, Marketing Competition

James Han ’13 (MMM) Hometown: Arcadia, Calif. Undergraduate Institution: University Previous Employer: Mercer

Consulting, Deloitte Consulting

Post-Kellogg Plans: Management Kellogg Clubs: MMM


of California, Los Angeles


Section Representative, Consulting Club Case Book Director, Business Design Club

Anne Iles ’13 (2Y) Hometown: Pella, Iowa Undergraduate Institution: Syracuse Previous Employer: Iron

Post-Kellogg Plans: CPG Kellogg Clubs: CIM


Mountain, New England Aquarium brand management, retail

Exec, Annual Kellogg Marketing Competition, Sustainable Business Club Green Week, Charity Auction


Julia Ivory ’13 (2Y) Hometown: Toronto, Ontario Undergraduate Institution: Queen’s


Previous Employer: Loblaw

Companies Ltd.

Post-Kellogg Plans: Retail

or CPG strategy, consulting

Kellogg Clubs: Kellogg

Board Fellows, Ski Club, Tour Guides, Charity Auction Ball, Orrington Tutors

Ronald Jin ’13 (2Y) Hometown: Scottsdale, Ariz. Undergraduate Institution: Northwestern


Previous Employer: PIMCO Post-Kellogg Plans: Investment Kellogg Clubs: Investment


Management Club, KWEST 2012

Megan Keepnews ’12 (2Y) Hometown: New

Canaan, Conn.

Undergraduate Institution: Loyola Previous Employer: Corporate

Post-Kellogg Plans: J.P. Morgan Kellogg Clubs: Investment

University, Maryland

Executive Board, Covington & Burling LLP Private Bank

Banking Capital Markets Board

Jordan Levy ’12 (2Y) Hometown: San

Francisco, Calif.

Undergraduate Institution: University Previous Employer: SocialCash Post-Kellogg Plans: Boston Kellogg Clubs: Admissions

February 2012

of Virginia


Consulting Group

Committee Co-Chair, CIM, Kellogg Flag Football Commissioner


Section Leaders

Nicholas Madden ’13 (2Y) Hometown: Boston, Mass. Undergraduate Institution: Yale Previous Employer: Ropes


& Gray LLP,

Post-Kellogg Plans: CPG

brand management in food and beverage

Kellogg Clubs: Marketing

Club Director, The Merger, Special K, KWEST 2012

Courtney Mason ’12 (2Y) Hometown: Boston, Mass. Undergraduate Institution: University Previous Employer: Bain

Post-Kellogg Plans: Bain Kellogg Clubs: Sports

of Virginia

& Company & Company

Business Club, Admissions Counselor, DAK, Study Abroad in Barcelona

John Meehan ’13 (2Y) Hometown: Laguna

Niguel, Calif.

Undergraduate Institution: University Previous Employer: Bain

of California, Berkeley

& Company

Post-Kellogg Plans: Private Kellogg Clubs: Emerging


Markets Club, Private Equity & Venture Capital Club, KWEST 2012

Kira Mesdag ’13 (2Y) Hometown: Los Angeles, Calif. Undergraduate Institution: Princeton


Previous Employer: White

House Council on Environmental Quality

Post-Kellogg Plans: CPG

Brand Management

Kellogg Clubs: Sustainable

Business Club, Kellogg Volunteers, Charity Auction Ball, Ski & Snowboard Club

Jessica Murray ’13 (JD-MBA) Hometown: Harrison, N.Y. Undergraduate Institution: Middlebury Previous Employer: Merrill

Post-Kellogg Plans: Corporate Kellogg Clubs: Kellogg

Club, Flag Football



Lynch law, impact investing

Board Fellows, Net Impact, Ski & Snowboard Club, JD-MBA Association, Sustainable Business

John Nanry ’12 (1Y) Hometown: Chicago, Ill. Undergraduate Institution: University Previous Employer: McKinsey

Post-Kellogg Plans: McKinsey Kellogg Clubs: Ski

of Michigan

& Company & Company

Club, Private Equity & Venture Capital Conference, Flag Football

Jessica Perkins ’13 (2Y) Hometown: Bloomfield

Hills, Mich.

Undergraduate Institution: University Previous Employer: Target

Post-Kellogg Plans: Management Kellogg Clubs: Black

of Michigan

Corporation consulting

Management Association, DAK, GIM, NBI, Women’s Business Association, Consulting Club

Guy Peterson ’13 (MMM) Hometown: Seattle, Wash. Undergraduate Institution: University

of Richmond

Previous Employer: Booz Allen Post-Kellogg Plans: Business Kellogg Clubs: Energy

development, clean tech and energy

Club, Transportation Club, Public Speaking Club, Ski & Snowboard Club, Ice Hockey Team

Lindsay Potanka ’12 (2Y) Hometown: Simsbury, Conn. Undergraduate Institution: Amherst Previous Employer: Morgan


Stanley, HealthCor Partners

Post-Kellogg Plans: American

Express, Strategic Planning Group

Kellogg Clubs: DAK, KWEST, Healthcare

Club, Entrepreneurship Club

Audrey Powe ’13 (2Y) Hometown: Mobile, Ala. Undergraduate Institution: Florida A&M Previous Employer: Dell

Post-Kellogg Plans: Tech


Kellogg Clubs: Admissions

February 2012


Inc. Counselor, High Tech Club, Kellogg Marketing Conference, Inner City Mentoring


Section Leaders

Mike Roach ’13 (2Y) Hometown: Dallas, Texas Undergraduate Institution: Texas Previous Employer: Deloitte

Post-Kellogg Plans: Management Kellogg Clubs: Luxury

Christian University

Consulting consulting

Goods & Retail Club, Strategy and Business Development Club, Texas Business Club

Katherine Santoso ’13 (2Y) Hometown: Los Altos, Calif. Undergraduate Institution: University Previous Employer: THE VILLA

Post-Kellogg Plans: Management Kellogg Clubs: Net

of California, Los Angeles

(Shanghai retail startup) consulting

Impact, Consulting Club, KSA Global Affairs, Admissions Lunch Host

Daniel Schonfeld ’13 (2Y) Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y. Undergraduate Institution: Rice Previous Employer: Deloitte



Post-Kellogg Plans: Management Kellogg Clubs: NBI, Strategy


and Business Development Club, KSA Section Social Representative, Section Sports Captain

Priya Sequeira ’13 (2Y) Hometown: Boston, Mass. Undergraduate Institution: University Previous Employer: Huron

of Pennsylvania

Consulting Group

Post-Kellogg Plans: Hospital Kellogg Clubs: Healthcare


Club, Business of Healthcare Conference, Women’s Business Association, Board Fellows

Tony Shan ’12 (2Y) Hometown: Temple

City, Calif.

Undergraduate Institution: University Previous Employer: Macy’s


Post-Kellogg Plans: Luxury


Kellogg Clubs: Kellogg



of California, Berkeley

Marketing Conference, Admissions Committee, Kellogg Board Fellows, New Building Student

Natalya Shulga ’13 (2Y) Hometown: Yardley, Pa. Undergraduate Institution: Dartmouth Previous Employer: Parthenon

Post-Kellogg Plans: Parthenon Kellogg Clubs: CIM


Group Group

President, Board Fellows, EdINC, Education Lab

Valerie Skinner ’13 (MMM) Hometown: Atlanta, Ga. Undergraduate Institution: University

of Virginia

Previous Employer: Accenture Post-Kellogg Plans: Management Kellogg Clubs: KSA


MMM Social & Cultural Rep, MMM Hoot for the Homeless, KWEST 2012, Ski Club

Emily Steefel ’12 (1Y) Hometown: Denver, Colo. Undergraduate Institution: Miami

University of Ohio

Previous Employer: Procter

and Gamble

Post-Kellogg Plans: Target


Kellogg Clubs: Kellogg

Marketing Club, Luxury Goods & Retail Club, DAK Section Leader

Briel Steinberg ’13 (2Y) Hometown: West

Simsbury, Conn.

Undergraduate Institution: Brown Previous Employer: Playwrights



Post-Kellogg Plans: Management


Kellogg Clubs: Kellogg

Marketing Competition, Kellogg Marketing Conference, Consulting Club, Admissions Committee, Charity Auction Ball, Board Fellows

Viren Tellis ’13 (JD-MBA) Hometown: Hacienda

Heights, Calif.

Undergraduate Institution: University Previous Employer: Cornerstone

of Southern California


Post-Kellogg Plans: Venture


Kellogg Clubs: KSA, Private

Equity & Venture Capital Club, JD-MBA Association, Kellogg Entrepreneur’s Organization,

Soccer Club, Rugby Club

February 2012


Section Leaders

Katie Utts ’13 (2Y) Hometown: Chicago, Ill. Undergraduate Institution: University Previous Employer: Aon

Post-Kellogg Plans: Healthcare Kellogg Clubs: Kellogg

of Illinois Champaign-Urbana

Hewitt marketing

Marketing Club Associate Director of Communications, Healthcare Club, Admissions Counselor,

Charity Auction Ball

Stephanie Vietry ’13 (2Y) Hometown: Cranston, R.I. Undergraduate Institution: Temple Previous Employer: General


Electric, NBCU

Post-Kellogg Plans: Business

development, strategy

Kellogg Clubs: Neighborhood

Business Initiative, Charity Auction Ball, Strategy and Business Development Club, Soccer


Jordan Walker ’13 (2Y) Hometown: Austin, Texas Undergraduate Institution: Harvard Previous Employer: Changing

Post-Kellogg Plans: Management Kellogg Clubs: Net


Our World Inc. (philanthropic consulting) consulting

Impact, Annual Kellogg Marketing Competition, Charity Auction Ball, Consulting Club, Texas Business


Bill Wiedman ’12 (MMM) Hometown: Allentown, N.J. Undergraduate Institution: University Previous Employer: McKinsey

Post-Kellogg Plans: American Kellogg Clubs: Flag

of Michigan

& Co., American Securities (private equity) Securities

Football Commissioner, Brew ‘N Q President, DAK Exec, Grad Week Co-Chair, Basketball, Softball

Jeremy Wilson ’12 (JD-MBA) Hometown: Phoenix, Ariz. Undergraduate Institution: Stanford Previous Employer: Attorney

Post-Kellogg Plans: Law, social Kellogg Clubs: Board



General and Congressional Campaign entrepreneurial startup

Fellows, Net Impact, HBSA, BMA, IBC, Merger, JD-MBA Association

Quhan (Dorothy) Zhuomei ’12 (MMM) Hometown: Hangzhou, China, Los Angeles, Calif. Undergraduate Institution: Occidental


Previous Employer: Amgen, BCG Post-Kellogg Plans: BCG Kellogg Clubs: NBI, Kellogg

Leadership Initiative, Special K!, Admissions host, Women’s Business Association, Asian

Management Association

February 2012


Kellogg Faculty

Eric Anderson Marketing Hartmarx Professor of Marketing and Director of the Center for Global Marketing Practices

Professor Anderson’s research interests include pricing strategy, promotion strategy, and channel management. Recently, he has worked with several direct mail firms conducting field experiments to test economic theories of pricing and promotion. Anderson teaches Pricing, Promotion and Retail Behavior and Sports Marketing and Management. He holds a PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Sunil Chopra Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences, Operations IBM Distinguished Professor of Operations

Professor Chopra is the IBM Distinguished Professor of Operations Management. He was also Interim Dean of the Kellogg School from 2009-2010. From 2006-2009, he served as Senior Associate Dean, Curriculum and Teaching. Chopra’s research and teaching interests are in operations management, logistics and distribution management, design of communication networks and design of distribution networks. He has taught Logistics and Supply Chain Management. He has a PhD in operations research from SUNY Stony Brook.

Paul Christensen Finance, International Business and Markets Associate Dean and Executive Director, Global Programs and Clinical Associate Professor of Finance

Professor Christensen teaches courses on microfinance and international business. In addition, he helps direct the school’s International Business and Markets Program where he is involved in international curriculum development, visiting scholars and executives, student club activities and alumni outreach. Paul received his MBA from Cornell University.

Leemore Dafny Management & Strategy, Health Enterprise Management Associate Professor of Management & Strategy

Professor Dafny is an applied microeconomist whose research focuses on competition in healthcare markets and the impact of public interventions on healthcare costs and quality. She teaches Empirical Methods in Strategy and Healthcare Strategy. She holds a PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Robert Dewer Management & Organizations Associate Professor of Management and Organizations

Professor Dewer’s areas of expertise include the implementation of strategy through design of organizational systems and delivering customer service. He researches manufacturers’ response to wholesale and retail trade concentration and national account management systems. He teaches Leadership in Organizations and Designing Organizational Systems. Dewar holds a PhD from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in sociology.


Craig Garthwaite Management & Strategy Assistant Professor of Marketing and Strategy

Professor Garthwaite joined the faculty at the Kellogg School in 2009. He is an applied microeconomist whose research focuses broadly on public economics, health economics and political economy. He teaches Business Strategy. Garthwaite received his PhD in Economics from the University of Maryland. He also has served in a variety of public policy positions including the director of research for the Employment Policies Institute.

Paul Hirsch Management & Organizations James L. Allen Professor of Strategy & Organizations

Professor Hirsch has written extensively about careers and organizational change and his articles have appeared in a wide variety of scholarly journals. Hirsch teaches the Managing Interactive Media, Leadership in Organizations and Leading the Strategic Change Process courses. He holds a PhD from the University of Michigan.

Greg Holderfield MMM Program Clinical Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering

Professor Holderfield brings to the classroom 20 years of experience in the innovation space. Most recently he was the vice president of design and strategy at ARC Worldwide, Leo Burnett, where he led breakthrough initiatives for McDonald’s, P&G, Kellogg’s and Symantic. He is a passionate advocate for the power of design and is well known in the field of design. He received his MS from Northwestern.

Jamie Jones Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences, Social Enterprise Senior Research Associate of Social Enterprise at Kellogg

Professor Jones is the assistant director of the Social Enterprise at Kellogg (SEEK) Program, where she works with students, alumni and members of the community to apply business principles to affect social change. Jones teaches Social Entrepreneurship and NUvention: Innovate for Impact I and II. She received a PhD from the University of Texas at Austin and her MBA from Kellogg.

Harry Kraemer Management & Strategy Clinical Professor of Management & Strategy

Professor Kraemer is an executive partner with Madison Dearborn, a private equity firm based in Chicago. He is the former chairman and chief executive officer of Baxter International Inc., a $9 billion global healthcare company. Kraemer teaches Managerial Leadership. He holds a MBA from Kellogg.

February 2012


Kellogg Faculty

Arvind Krishnamurthy Finance Harold Stuart Professor of Finance

Professor Krishnamurthy is the Harold Stuart Professor of Finance. His research involves finance and macroeconomics. Currently, he is studying how central bank policy can help stabilize liquidity in financial markets. He teaches Money Markets and the Fed. Professor Krishnamurthy received his PhD from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Therese McGuire Management & Strategy, Real Estate Management, Social Enterprise ConAgra Foods Research Professorship in Strategic Management and Director, Guthrie Center for Real Estate Research and Real Estate Management Program

Professor McGuire’s areas of expertise are state and local public finance, fiscal decentralization, property tax limitations, education finance and regional economic development. She teaches Urban Public Finance and Public Economics for Business Leaders and holds a PhD in economics from Princeton University.

Loran Nordgren Management & Organizations Assistant Professor of Management & Organizations

Professor Nordgren is an Assistant Professor of Management and Organizations. His research considers the basic psychological process that guides judgment and choice. His work is particularly concerned with problematic decision making – decisions that act against the interests of oneself and society. Nordgren teaches Leadership in Organizations. He received his PhD in social psychology from the University of Amsterdam.

Jonathan Parker Finance Donald C. Clark/HSBC Chair in Consumer Finance

Professor Parker teaches macroeconomics and finance. His research focuses on macroeconomic risks and stock returns, fiscal stabilization policy, national saving, the exposure of income and consumption to economic fluctuations, and psychology and economics. He received his PhD in economics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he was awarded the Robert Solow Endowment Prize for excellence in research and teaching.

Neal Roese Marketing Professor of Marketing

Professor Roese is an expert on bias in judgment and decision-making. His research examines basic cognitive operations underlying choice, focusing on how people think about decision options, make predictions about the future, and revise understandings of the past. In particular, this research focuses on the role of regret and counterfactual judgments in everyday choice. He teaches Models of Consumer Behavior and Design Lab. Roese received his Ph.D. from the University of Western Ontario.


Derek Rucker Marketing Associate Professor of Marketing

Professor Rucker joined the Kellogg marketing department in 2005. Rucker also holds the Richard M. Clewett Professorship in Marketing. His primary research focuses on the study attitudes, persuasion, and consumer behavior. This work seeks to ask questions regarding what makes for effective advertising communications and seeks to understand the motives underlying consumer consumption. Rucker teaches Advertising Strategy and Sports Marketing and Management. He received his PhD in psychology from The Ohio State University.

Alvaro Sandroni Managerial Economics & Decision Sciences E.D. Howard Professor of Political Economy

Professor Sandroni’s research is in the areas of behavioral sciences, strategic forecasting, economic theory, game theory, political science and general equilibrium theory. He teaches Values-Based Leadership. Sandroni holds a PhD from the University of Pennsylvania.

Joel Shalowitz Management & Strategy, Health Enterprise Management Clinical Professor and Director of Health Enterprise Management

Professor Shalowitz’s areas of special interest are health insurance, ambulatory care management, quality improvement and international healthcare systems. He also is a Professor of Medicine and of Preventive Medicine at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine. Shalowitz teaches Healthcare Systems, International Healthcare Systems and Healthcare Bootcamps. He received a MD from Brown University and a MBA from Kellogg.

Swaminathan Sridharan Accounting Information & Management John and Norma Darling Professor in Accounting

Professor Sridharan’s research focuses on the interaction of different factor markets on characteristics of accounting and information systems of a firm, the significance of disclosing or signaling data related to managerial accounting systems, and managerial incentives in the adoption of accounting. Sridharan teaches Managerial and Financial Accounting and was a 2003 recipient of the Chair’s Core Teaching Award for excellence in teaching. He joined the Kellogg School faculty in 1990 after receiving his PhD from the University of Pittsburgh.

Scott Whitaker Entrepreneurship and Innovation Associate Director of the Larry and Carol Levy Institute for Entrepreneurial Practice

Professor Whitaker is the academic director for three executive programs and the program director for experiential learning serving students, alumni and Levy Institute supporters. His teaching and programs span entrepreneurial venture management, venture capital, corporate entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial leadership. He received his MBA from Kellogg in 1997.

February 2012


Keynote speaker

Adam Caplan ’01 Founder, senior vice president and general manager of Model Metrics Adam Caplan founded Model Metrics in 2003 after graduating from Kellogg. Model Metrics is an industry pioneering services company that accelerates the adoption of cloud computing and the social enterprise within innovative organizations. An early evangelist of the cloud, Adam and his team have forged relationships with the nation’s leading cloud computing companies, including Salesforce. com, Amazon Web Services and Google. In late 2011, Model Metrics was acquired by, the first services organization acquired by the company. Based in Chicago, Model Metrics has more than 500 clients that include Facebook, Zynga, Groupon, Burberry, Caterpillar and NBC Universal. The Model Metrics team is well respected in taking bleeding-edge technologies and helping businesses leverage them successfully, including custom iPad and Android solutions. In 2011, Model Metrics launched Model Fx, a creative agency within the firm, blending design with technology to offer amazing user interface and user experiences to clients and consumers. Model Metrics earned the Illinois Technology Association’s Rising Star award in 2008 and was named by the Chicago Tribune as the No. 1 place to work in Chicago in 2010. Other awards include the Red Herring 100, Gartner Cool Vendor and CRN Fast Growth 100. Model Metrics follows a 1/1/1 model for giving, with 1 percent of employee time committed to volunteering, 1 percent of profits donated to nonprofit organizations and a green mission to be 1 with the earth. In 2011, Adam was named CEO of the Year by the Illinois Technology Association.


Career Break-Out Discussions Banking & Capital Markets (IBCM) Mission: To help students interview, recruit, and prepare for internships in investment banking. Firms that recruit on-campus or have recently hired Kellogg students: Morgan Stanley, Citi, Bank of America ML, Goldman Sachs, Evercore, JP Morgan, Jefferies, UBS, Robert W. Baird, William Blair, Blackstone, Piper Jaffray, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, Wells Fargo Wachovia, Houlihan Lockey, Lazard, Thomas Weisel Club Website: Consulting Club Mission: The Kellogg Consulting Club is one of the largest student run clubs at Kellogg. Its objectives are five-fold: • • • • •

To help Kellogg students decide whether or not they should pursue a career in management consulting - i.e., what is management consulting all about and what does a consulting career offer To provide those students who decide to do consulting with the resources and guidance to navigate successfully through the interview process To help students decide between multiple offers as well as give them guidance on how to convert their summer internship into a full-time offer To assist companies in engaging with the highly accomplished talent pool at Kellogg through sponsored and non-sponsored events To assist the Kellogg administration in achieving success in their goals for the school

Firms that recruit on-campus or have recently hired Kellogg students: McKinsey & Co, Booz & Co., Bain & Co, Boston Consulting Group, AT Kearney, Deloitte, Accenture, ZS Associates, The Cambridge Group, Monitor, LEK, Keystone Group, Bridgespan Group, Civic Consulting Alliance, IBM, PwC, E&Y Club Website: Kellogg Design Club Mission: Our mission is to educate and inspire Kellogg students to apply design-thinking to business challenges in order to develop creative new solutions. We are dedicated to providing professional development opportunities for students who seek to apply design-thinking in their careers. Club Website: Distressed Management Club Mission: To provide students with the knowledge and opportunities to pursue careers within distressed management that are aligned with general professional interests. The DMC is centered at the nexus of Kellogg’s finance, consulting and general management clubs. Club Website:

February 2012


Energy Management Club Mission: The Kellogg Energy Management Club is a professional organization dedicated to developing and broadening the Kellogg community's interest in the energy industry. The Energy Management Club seeks to: • Partner with other Kellogg clubs, such as Consulting and Environmental Sustainability, to bring energy-related speakers to campus and provide insight into the various career options available in the energy industry. • Serve as a networking forum for those interested in the energy industry. • Build relationships with energy-related companies who recruit solely off-campus, with the goal of bringing these companies onto campus in the near future. • Maintain relationships with energy-related companies that are currently recruiting at Kellogg. • Provide both learning and networking opportunities through a variety of forums emphasizing the diversity of careers available in the industry. Firms that recruit on-campus or have recently hired Kellogg students: Chevron, ExxonMobil, Acciona, Silver Spring, Chicago Climate Exchange, DTE Energy, Duke Energy, PG&E, Schlumberger Business Consulting, Shell, Just Energy and Wasatch Wind Club Website: Entrepreneurship Club Mission: The Kellogg Entrepreneurship club engages and educates students and alumni to help strengthen entrepreneurship at Kellogg. Firms that recruit on-campus or have recently hired Kellogg students: Breathe Technologies, ElementBars Club Website: Sustainability Business Club Mission: We aim to: • Increase awareness and knowledge of sustainability issues and impacts • Expand access to relevant career opportunities • Step up sustainable practices at Kellogg and around the community Firms that recruit on-campus or have recently hired Kellogg students: Blue Sky Consulting, HP (Sustainability Division), Dow Corning, Silverspring Networks, Acciona Wind Energy, Environmental Defense Fund, Chicago Climate Exchange Club Website:


General Management Club Mission: The Kellogg General Management Club is a student-led club that assists Kellogg students in pursuing careers in general management while also promoting Kellogg as the premier business school for future general managers. The Kellogg General Management Club is dedicated to: • Educating MBA candidates on careers in General Management • Providing support for internship and full time recruiting • Raising awareness of the General Management club among students, faculty, and corporate recruiters. Firms that recruit on-campus or have recently hired Kellogg students: GE, Danaher, Eaton, Sears, United Airlines, PG&E, Duke Energy, Citi, Harrah’s, Abbott, Acciona Wind Energy, Nissan, Mars, ExxonMobil, ADM, Cargill, John Deere, Target, British Telecom, Davita, Liberty Mutual and Thomson Reuters Club Website: Health Enterprise Management Club (HEMAC) Mission: The Health Enterprise Management Club delivers a diverse platform of opportunities and activities for Kellogg students to gain awareness, develop relevant skill-sets, and build successful careers in the healthcare industry. Firms that recruit on-campus or have recently hired Kellogg students: Amgen, Genzyme, BD, J&J Pharma, Merck, Boston Scientific, Medtronic, Philips, Ethicon Endo Surgery, Gilead Sciences, Genentech, Abbott, Baxter, Ventana, AGA medical, Lifescan, Novartis, Chartis Group, Northwest Community Hospital, Covidian, SK2 consulting, ZS associates, Lundbeck Club Website: High Tech Club Mission: The High Tech Club at Kellogg is a student-run organization focused on assisting students to become more knowledgeable about and ultimately secure jobs in the high tech industry. Firms that recruit on-campus or have recently hired Kellogg students: To name just a few: Microsoft, Sony, Apple, Facebook, IBM, Dell, Amazon, Intel, Symantec, eBay, Expedia, Motorola, and Cisco. Most companies who do not interview on campus will interview Kellogg students off campus. Leveraging the network of club members and alumni can help open those doors. Club Website: Kellogg Hospitality Club Mission: The Kellogg Hospitality Club promotes the hospitality industry in the Kellogg community by facilitating educational, networking, and career placement opportunities for its members. Designed for students interested in pursuing hospitality-related corporate careers or launching entrepreneurial ventures, the Kellogg Hospitality Club enables students to complement their MBA experiences with industry-specific guest speaker events, alumni panels, site visits, and career treks. Firms that recruit on-campus or have recently hired Kellogg students: Starwood Hotels, Intercontinental Hotels, United Airlines, Harrah’s Entertainment Club Website:

February 2012


Investment Management Club Mission: To prepare students for careers in the investment management industry and to act as the focal point of contact for institutional asset managers, hedge funds, mutual funds and other investment management firms seeking interaction with Kellogg students. Club Website: Luxury Goods + Retail Club Mission: Our mission is to provide the Kellogg community access to information, job support, and networking opportunities within the retail and luxury industries. We want to establish Kellogg as a leading source for industry talent through seminars, workshops, trend information, job search tips and career panels on the retail and luxury space. Firms that recruit on-campus or have recently hired Kellogg students: Louis Vuitton, Moet Hennessy, L’Oreal, Target, Sephora, Estee Lauder, Alice & Olivia, Wal-Mart, Sears, Starbucks, Bare Escentuals, Apple Retail, Gucci Group, Levi’s, Gap, Inc., Tiffany & Co., Polyvore, Coach, Inditex (Zara), Amazon, DFS, Nike Club Website: Marketing Club Mission: The Kellogg Marketing Club provides students with academic, recruiting and networking assistance, to prepare for long, successful marketing careers. Specifically, the club: • Works closely with faculty, alumni, students, and marketing executives to expand learning beyond the classroom § Partners with leading companies and Kellogg's Career Management Center to provide recruiting and interviewing preparation § Serves as a marketing and branding resource to the Northwestern community § Provides support to first and second year students through mentorship and networking opportunities Firms that recruit on-campus or have recently hired Kellogg students: Kraft, P&G, Johnson & Johnson, Chevron, Target and Frito Lay, just to name a few! Club Website: Media & Entertainment Club Mission: Kellogg's Media & Entertainment Club is dedicated to promoting and facilitating interaction between current students, Kellogg alumni and companies in the entertainment and media industries. The MEC provides both resources and a forum for this interaction, while MEC-sponsored speakers, panels, networking events and career workshops provide the Kellogg community with industry insight and information. Club Website:


Net Impact Mission: To inspire and empower students in applying their business acumen to drive innovative social impact by: strengthening Kellogg’s commitment to creating socially responsible leaders; promoting experiential learning, career opportunities, speakers and conferences, and community involvement to students across all sectors; creating awareness that social endeavors can be financially sustainable and generate economic value; and providing a network for students, alumni, academics, and professionals with a shared interest in innovative social impact. Firms that recruit on-campus or have recently hired Kellogg students: Ashoka, Mission Measurement, Bridgespan, Acumen Fund, Blue Skye, Teachers for America, Education Pioneers, Endeavor, One Acre Fund, Gates Foundation, FSG, REDF and many more Club Website: Private Equity & Venture Capital Club Mission: To provide members exposure to all stages of PE/VC investing by improving awareness and understanding of PE/VC within Kellogg, helping members properly navigate the recruiting process and strengthening relationships with Kellogg PE/VC alumni Firms that recruit on-campus or have recently hired Kellogg students: The Carlyle Group, Arcapita, Madison Dearborn, HIG Capital, Code Hennessy, Wind Point Partners, Sterling Capital, American Capital, Lake Capital, Linden, Istithmar World Capital, Seneca Partners, Bessemer, DFJ, Granite, i2a, Prism, ATV, MK Capital, Sequoia Partners, Merrick Ventures, Aurora Funds, Sandbox Ventures, Pacific Community Ventures, OCA, Cherokee Partners, Walton Street, Landmark Partners Club Website: Real Estate Club Mission: The Real Estate Club's purpose is to serve full-time Kellogg students who are interested in learning more about the real estate industry or are pursuing a career in the field. The Club reaches out to the wider community of parttime students, industry professionals, faculty, and alumni to help strengthen the educational and career opportunities for Kellogg students. Throughout the year, we sponsor guest speakers, job search sessions, mock interviews, development site visits, and access to professional events. Proximity to Chicago, one of the most prominent real estate markets in the country, is a great asset to the KREC. We also sponsor several special events annually. In the fall there's the annual Kellogg Real Estate Conference, which brings together high-profile speakers from the national real estate community. Each spring, we co-sponsor our own competition, the Kellogg - University of Chicago Real Estate Challenge. Club Website: Strategy & Business Development Club Mission: The Strategy and Business Development ("SBD") Club was established to educate Kellogg students about careers in corporate strategy, strategic planning, and business development. The club also serves as a cross-functional conduit between the other industry clubs for those who wish to pursue strategy and business development careers in specific sectors of the market Firms that recruit on-campus or have recently hired Kellogg students: Mattel, MillerCoors, Nike, PepsiCo, Chevron, Emerson Electric, American Express, Citigroup, Abbott, Baxter, BD, Genentech, Medtronic, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Cargill, Eaton, John Deere, 3M, Adobe, EBay, SAP, Siemens, American Airlines Club Website: February 2012


Kellogg Transportation Club Mission: The Transportation Club engages Kellogg students in the airline, aerospace, railroad, ocean shipping and logistics (supply chain) industries. The Club aims to raise student awareness and provide resources related to management opportunities with companies in these industries. The Club informs students about employment and recruiting opportunities and plans student events throughout the academic year. The Club also fosters cooperation with the Northwestern University Transportation Center Club Website:


Kellogg Clubs Kellogg has over 100 professionally and socially focused clubs to enhance our students experience outside the classroom. Below you will find a comprehensive list of the current Kellogg clubs. For further information on these organizations please visit: Cultural and Affinity Clubs Club Africa Business Club Asian Management Association Black Management Association Canada Club Catholics at Kellogg Chinese Business Club European Business Club Gay and Lesbian Management Assoc. Hispanic Business Student Association India Business Club Jewish Business Association Kellogg Christian Fellowship Kellogg Veterans Association Korean Business Club Latin American Hispanic and Iberian Management Association Latter-Day Saints Business Assoc. Middle East Business Association Texas Business Club Women's Business Association

Contact Michael Fabode Richard Choi Cory Croft Joana Andreas Meghan Taylor Di Xue Niccolo Francalanci Matthew Farver Paul Perez Raja Bose Guy Eilam Michael Chu John Scheler Jin Soo Kim


Jose Ramos Lobo

John Hema Abdallah Jabbour Jacob Carter Sarah Fiorillo

Contact Hando Choi Julie Kurtzman Matthew Gold Tyler Thornton Erik Mazmanian Aaron Gough Jacob Carter


Sang Shin

Ryan Jordan Ameed Mallick Rahim Daya Christopher Mozzocchi Nilam Shah David Barahona

Professional Clubs Club Automotive Club Corporate Finance Club Distressed Management Club Education Industry Club Energy Management Club General Management Club High-Tech Club Investment Banking and Capital Markets Club Investment Management Club Kellogg Consulting Club Kellogg Design Club Kellogg Entrepreneurship Club Kellogg Healthcare Club Kellogg Hospitality Club February 2012 31

Kellogg Marketing Club Luxury Goods + Retail Club Media and Entertainment Club Operations Management Club PE/VC club Real Estate Club Sports Business Club Strategy and Business Development Club Transportation Club

Valerie Wong Bianca Biscaino Natasha Aarons Robert Howerton Michael Sexton Devin Duffy Courtney Mason Jason Vickers Yei Kim

Contact Megan Lyons Ivi Kolasi Robert Hearne Adrienne Day Sigmund Gee Ajit Thupil Ryan Letcher Saloni Doshi


Contact Thomas Boylan Kent Berkley William Wiedman John Flinn Josie Haspel Guru Sankar Alexander Boulos Brad Roberts Karl Albertsen Eric Cheung Candice Tse Tamara Brisk


Other Professional Clubs Club Business Leadership Club Emerging Markets Club JD-MBA Association Kellogg Board Fellows MMM Nanoalliance Club Neighborhood Business Initiatives Sustainable Business Club

Sports/Athletic Clubs Club Basketball Club Golf Club Kellogg Flag Football Rugby Football Club Run|Bike|Swim Club Scuba Club Soccer Club Softball Club Squash Club Tennis Club Ultimate Frisbee Club Volleyball Club


Volunteer Clubs Club Charity Auction Ball Habitat for Humanity Inner City Mentoring Club Kellogg Cares Kellogg Corps Kellogg Volunteers

Contact Kelsey Lutz Amarpreet Cheema Mak Chi Lindsay Galas Tina Mehta Brian Goff


Club Arts and Culture Club Brew N' Q Cork & Screw Family Enterprise Club Games Club Improv Club (The Laughing Stocks) Kellogg Eatz Kellogg PAWS Kellogg Photography Club Kellogg Public Speaking Club Kelloggarhythyms KWEST MOVE: Kellogg's Dance Group Net Impact On the Rocks Personal Sustainability Club (aka the Yoga Club)

Contact Adrienne Day William Wiedman Teasha Brunelle Peter Schmidt Dorothy Lin Yei Kim Daniel Lindquist Kristin Ostby Hoyle Badhri Varansi Arunesh Gupta Jessica Young Andrew Kimball Karen Wu Jessica Porter Abheek Gupta


Auleen Ghosh

Ski and Snowboard Club

Brooke Houston

Special K! The Bottom Line The Merger- School Newspaper

Ashley Soloff Thomas Blank Sandeep Dhillon

Fun/Social/Other Clubs

February 2012


Financial Aid The Kellogg School of Management is committed to enrolling an outstanding and diverse class of students independent of financial need. The Office of Financial Aid provides information, guidance, and quality service in assisting students to identify financial resources to help meet the cost of their business school education. Financial aid resources for qualified students include merit based scholarships, merit/need based scholarships and grants, and long term, low interest loans. The following information provides details about financial resources available through Kellogg, along with a list of web sites for external scholarship opportunities. Scholarships Kellogg Merit Scholarships The Kellogg School awards a variety of scholarships to exceptional students who have demonstrated excellence. Admitted applicants are automatically considered for all merit scholarships for which they are eligible; additional applications are not required. Merit scholarships will be awarded throughout the admissions process. While some awards are granted at the time of admission, scholarships will be awarded by the Admissions Committee throughout the admission cycle. Kellogg Merit/Need based Scholarships and Grants Merit/need based scholarships and grants are awarded to admitted Two Year (2Y) MBA and MMM U.S. citizens/permanent residents who apply for and meet the merit and financial need requirements until the funds are depleted. The merit component of the merit/need based award is based on a record of outstanding academic and professional achievements along with leadership potential demonstrated in the application for admission. The need component is determined based on information in required financial documents. To be considered for the merit/need based awards, a student must submit the following documents: 1) Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) 2012-2013 2) Kellogg Application for Financial Aid 2012-2013 NOTE: Approximately 39% of the currently enrolled students are receiving a merit scholarship or merit/need based scholarship/grant. Loan Programs Loan programs available to full time Kellogg MBA and MMM students who are U.S. citizens and permanent residents include educational loans through the federal loan program (Federal Direct Stafford Loans, Federal Direct Graduate PLUS Loans, Perkins Loans) and private education loans. Private education loans are available to International Students. Please review the financial aid information on the admitted student website for detailed information on the loan programs available to graduate/professional students.


Veterans’ Benefits Students eligible for G.I. bill or veterans’ benefits should contact: Office of the Registrar 633 Clark St. Evanston IL 60208-1280 847-491-5234 Additional information is also located on the Kellogg financial aid Web site at: This includes information regarding Kellogg’s current participation in the Yellow Ribbon Program, part of the post 9-11 GI Bill VA Benefits. Community Based Fellowships and Scholarships These fellowships and scholarships are for US citizens and permanent residents unless otherwise noted. The organizations set criteria for these scholarships, which are awarded based on academic merit, career commitment, and contribution to a particular community. Fellowship amounts and requirements vary. Name



Additional Information

Kellogg BMA Alumni

$10,000/ Yr.

African American or African

Commitment to the Black Community.

National Black MBA Association

Up to $15,000


Local chapters and the national office offer many scholarships;

National Society of Hispanic MBAs


US citizen or permanent residents of Hispanic heritage

National office offers many scholarships for full-time and part-time MBAs;

Native American Finance Officers Association (NAFOA)


Native American and Alaska Native

Assists students working towards a degree within a financially related field;

American Indian Graduate Center Fellowship


American Indian & Alaska Native

Grants vary according to need and require a tribal eligibility certificate;

Toigo Fellowship

$2,500+ Match


Committed to careers in finance;

February 2012


Funding Opportunities for Enrolled Students and Alumni These opportunities are available to current Kellogg students during the first year and/or second year, or post Kellogg. Opportunities are listed here so that admitted candidates are aware of the different ways to continue to make school affordable; opportunities exist beyond your initial award. Name


Siebel Scholarship


Number of Awards 5


Additional Information


2nd Year scholarship based on academic and leadership performance during first year at Kellogg.

Collins Family Loan Assistance Program




Loan Assistance Program for alumni who enter careers in nonprofit organizations or state/federal/local government sectors and earn incomes < $85,000 per year. The opportunity is available for up to 10 years after graduation.

Case Competitions




There are many Case Competitions throughout the year that offer scholarships and other prizes.

McCormick Scholars Program




For First Year Media Management Majors. Full tuition for Second Year. McCormick Scholars may apply for an additional stipend of up to $25,000 to support summer work in the media or media research fields.

McGowan Fellow Scholarship




2nd Year Full tuition Scholarship. Academic standing in the top 5% of the class and demonstrated leadership.

Outside Scholarship Resources For more information, please visit the Kellogg Financial Aid website and Northwestern University’s Fellowship Office website for links to other outside scholarship/fellowship opportunities for which you may be eligible.


Information Technology at Kellogg Kellogg Information Systems (KIS) provides a broad foundation of service and support to ensure that you can focus on being a successful MBA student without worrying about technology. We enable you to connect to and use Kellogg resources on your laptop or phone. This portfolio of resources includes our online services and collaboration tools, public computing, printing, e-mail, your University NetID, and network/wireless access. Preparing for Kellogg KIS encourages you to configure your laptop and phone for Kellogg resources prior to your arrival at Kellogg. Approximately 60-90 days before you arrive on campus for the start of your program, KIS will send you configuration instructions and you will be able to purchase discounted MS software. If you need assistance at any time during configuration, please call or email KIS. Additionally, we will assist you throughout your time at Kellogg, should you have a problem using or accessing Kellogg resources. All support information can be found on our KIS website: Your NetID Account Your NetID is three letters followed by three numbers (e.g. abc456). Your NetID provides access to content on this welcome site, your Kellogg email account, and a set of pre-enrollment courses. Closer to your arrival at Kellogg, this account will also provide access to all Kellogg and Northwestern resources including printing and public computing. Kellogg Email Address & Forwarding All correspondence from Kellogg will be sent to your Kellogg email address, so remember to check it often or forward it to another account you use regularly until you start classes. If you wish to forward your Kellogg email to another account, such as Gmail or your work account, information and instructions are available on the KIS website. Your Kellogg email address is your first initial followed by your last name, followed by your graduation year (e.g. If you go by a different first name — or have changed your last name — please review our email address policy available online, and email us if you qualify for and would like a different email address. Kellogg Email Account Kellogg uses Microsoft Exchange 2010 for email and calendaring. You will use your Kellogg email account to reserve study group rooms (see Computing Facilities section below for information on study group rooms). Your email storage limit is currently 256MB, but that will increase to 3GB prior to your arrival on campus. Approximately 60-90 days prior to your arrival on campus, you will also be able to configure your email client and your phone to connect to your email account.

February 2012


Cell Phone Coverage The Jacobs Center is cell-phone-friendly due to a special internal antennae system we have installed. Five-bar reception from AT&T, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular and Verizon can be found throughout the building. Smartphones such as iPhones, Android and Windows Mobile devices operate seamlessly at Kellogg, allowing you to easily access your Kellogg e-mail and personal calendar. For ease of connectivity and existing documentation, we recommend using these phones in our environment. BlackBerry devices can be used at Kellogg, but please note that the Blackberry underlying infrastructure is more complicated than that of other vendors. This may result in a loss of performance when compared to other supported phone options. Computing Facilities Network Connectivity 
 Wireless network access is available throughout the Jacobs Center and the McManus Living-Learning Center, as well as across the Northwestern campus. Your NetID and password are required to gain access to the wireless network. This wireless infrastructure is supplemented by wired Ethernet connections in some classrooms and all study group rooms.
 Study Group Rooms 
 The Jacobs and McManus Centers contain 45 and 19 study group rooms (SGRs), respectively. These rooms are accessible 24 hours a day for group collaboration and are booked via the school's email and calendar system. Each group room is equipped with wired network access and a high-quality flat-panel monitor that you can connect your laptop to via a VGA cable (Mac users must have the mini-VGA adapter to connect to these displays). All Jacobs Center SGRs and half of the McManus SGRs also contain executive-quality conference phones. 
 Jacobs Center classrooms are all covered by the wireless network, all have power jacks at each seat, and most also have a wired Ethernet connection at each seat. Each classroom also has an instructor podium that provides access to the room's video projector, sound system and DVD player. Video conferencing systems are also available to bring guest presenters into the classroom from anywhere around the world. 
 Public Computing Kiosks
 The Jacobs Center ground floor contains several PC kiosks that allow you to quickly check email or browse the Internet. 
 Public Computer Labs & Special Software 
 Computer labs are available to all students, 24 hours a day, in both the Jacobs Center and McManus Center. The labs contain PCs with Windows 7 and Office 2010. Jacobs and McManus computer labs contain several computers with specialized software. Applications include research and statistical analysis (such as SPSS, Stata and SAS) to periodicals and quantitative data sources (such as Bloomberg, Datastream, etc.), as well as multimedia and web development. The complete list of special software can be found online.


Printing, Copying & Scanning High-quality network printing is available in every Kellogg building. After you send your print job to the printer server, you can print out your document at any multifunction printer (MFP) after authenticating using your NetID/password or your university ID card (which you will get after you arrive on campus). These MFPs allow for double-sided printing, stapling and hole-punching. Also, at these MFPs you can copy and/or scan-to-email any document. For large print jobs and club-related printing, a full-service copy shop is located on the ground floor of the Jacobs Center. Online Collaboration The Kellogg School's online collaboration tools allow students to collaborate effectively for class projects and student club activities. Microsoft Live Meeting (Web conferencing) and Office Communicator (instant messaging) allow you to collaborate with teammates, whether they are across the hall or across the country. Clubs and Events All Kellogg faculty, staff, students and significant others (JVs) can participate in the school's many clubs and activities using KelloggGroups, where you can view each club's website, join the club and interact with your fellow club members and officers. The site's comprehensive calendar centralizes the display and registration of events around the school, including speakers, club meetings, conferences, course registration and other events sponsored by administrative offices. The calendar is available online. You will be able to create your KelloggGroups account closer to your arrival at Kellogg. Minimum Recommended Laptop Specifications Expect to use the computer for basic productivity, running multiple applications such as e-mail, web browsing, word processing, spreadsheet modeling, music, video players and photo organization. PC Laptop Hardware/Software • • • • • •

Running Microsoft Windows 7 Professional operating system Intel Core 2 Duo, i5 or later 4GBs of RAM 320 GB hard drive, 5400 RPM or solid-state drive (SSD) Intel HD or Discrete video card 802.11b/g/n WPA2 enterprise compatible wireless card 
Mac Laptop Mac

Mac Hardware/Software • • • • •

Running Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) Intel Core 2 Duo Core i5 or later 4GBs of RAM 256 GB hard drive 802.11b/g/n WPA2 enterprise compatible wireless card

February 2012


It is not required, but KIS recommends you consider purchasing these items for warranty, security and backup of 
your systems. • • •

Include a three-year warranty with purchase of any new computer External USB 300GB HD for backups Cable lock 

Company Laptops 
 Kellogg Information Systems (KIS) is able to provide limited technical assistance to corporate-owned computers due to limitations set by the company on the laptop itself (e.g. domain based security settings, prohibiting installation of software, etc). We will attempt to assist you should you need assistance in connecting to the core Kellogg services (wireless, Exchange e-mail, etc). If we cannot, you will need to work with your company's IT department for further assistance. 

Support and Services Available to You Kellogg Information Systems (KIS) provides walk-in, phone and email support to students. Support offered includes computer/phone configuration assistance, software troubleshooting, account and access assistance, as well as support for many other Kellogg resources and services. On this page: Technical Support Center Knowledge and Capabilities The Technical Support Center (TSC) is staffed to assist you with any questions you may have regarding the technology resources at Kellogg. Operating System Office Antivirus Wireless Email Printing Backup Software File Syncing Software Team Collaboration Phone (Email, connectivity)

Windows 7, Mac OS X 10.6, English Language Operating System Office 2007/2010/2011 Symantec Endpoint Protection Connectivity issues Outlook 2007/2010/2011 Connectivity issues Mozy, BlackBlaze or CrashPlan Dropbox Live Meeting, Office Communicator (Lync) iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile

Our support staff (student consultants and full-time) are most knowledgeable on laptops and phones meeting the recommended specifications. They are also most knowledgeable on installing and troubleshooting core applications as listed below: For anything that is not on this list or on computers not meeting the recommended specifications, the TSC will provide Best Effort Consulting. This means the consultant will do an initial analysis of the issue, attempt to resolve it, and then give you a recommendation on what should be done next. Before you receive support from KIS, you will be asked to sign a one-time Terms of Support Agreement. This agreement will be available online for you to sign electronically before you arrive at Kellogg.


Access to a Loaner Laptop In order to ensure you have a working computer during tests, simulations or when your personal laptop is undergoing a repair, you will have the option to check out a loaner laptop. Please view the KIS Loaner Equipment page on the KIS website for more information on terms of requesting a loaner laptop, type of loaner equipment available and the terms of use. Laptop Hardware Repair Service During your time at Kellogg, your laptop may require repair (due to accidental drops, spills, cracks, hard drive failure, etc). You are welcome to request a loaner laptop to use during the time your laptop is being repaired. To get your laptop repaired, you have the option of contacting your laptop’s manufacturer directly for service or you may bring your laptop to KIS. KIS has an agreement with a local hardware repair vendor, and will help coordinate repairs for Windows laptops. You will also have access to Northwestern’s Apple store on campus for Apple laptop repairs. The vendor is authorized to repair most laptops from the following manufacturers that are under warranty: HP, Lenovo, Apple, Toshiba, Sony, Asus. They will service any out-of-warranty laptops (including ones from Dell and Acer).

February 2012


Joint Ventures Joint Ventures is the official Kellogg organization that provides a welcoming environment for partners and families of students attending Kellogg. Our goal is to create a smooth life transition and introduce partners to a new community and new friends. The JV organization was started in 1982 by Kellogg partners to provide support for spouses, partners, and families of students. To serve the needs of our diverse membership from DAK until graduation, JV plans a broad range of social, cultural, and philanthropic events to engage significant others from diverse backgrounds and with broad interests. Joint Ventures aims to ensure a fun, friendly, efficiently run organization throughout all of our endeavors and to maintain a strong integration within the Kellogg community. Members of the Joint Ventures group are available to answer questions for incoming significant others, offers advice for transitioning to Evanston, finding a new job, renting an apartment and more. If you have any questions about Joint Ventures, please contact us: DAK Chair:

Fairon Quick


DAK Kellogg Kids Chair:

Rebekah Neuner



Katie Itterman Amy Phillips

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How Can Joint Ventures Be Involved at Kellogg? The Joint Ventures Club As a Joint Venture you can become an officer, a volunteer, and/or an active member of the Joint Ventures club. The group plans ongoing social, educational, and networking events for both JVs and their students. The group also plans the JV portion of Kellogg events such as DAK (Day at Kellogg) and CIM (Complete Immersion in Management). Sample officer positions include: President, Vice President, Treasurer, Social Chair, Marketing Chair, International Chair, DAK Chair, CIM Chair, Kellogg Kids Chair, and Men’s Representative. Officer transitions occur at the end of the first quarter. Clubs at Kellogg As a JV, you are welcome to join all clubs at Kellogg, whether they are social or professional in focus. Kellogg has over 100 student-led clubs and organizations that appeal to every interest and issue including: academic, professional/industry-specific, sports/fitness, social/hobbies, art/cultural and ethnic. Samples of the clubs that JVs are involved in include: • Social: Cork & Screw, Brew ‘n ‘Q’, Arts and Culture Club • Religious: Catholics at Kellogg, Jewish Business Association • Service: Business with a Heart, Habitat for Humanity • Cultural: India, Chinese, and Latin American Clubs • Cappella: Kelloggarhythms and The Bottom Line • Athletic: MOVE - Kellogg’s Dance group, Intramural sports, Yoga club • Entertainment: Special K!, Digital Shorts, Improv Club


Auditing Classes As a significant other of a student at Kellogg, you are allowed to sit in on classes through the business school. If there are open seats in the classroom, it is up to the professor’s discretion as to whether you are welcome to sit in on the class. This is a key benefit to Kellogg – take advantage of it! Travel Opportunities KWEST: KWEST stands for “Kellogg Worldwide Experiences and Service Trips” and is a program for students and significant others to get to know each other before school begins. These trips are a great way to get to know other Kellogg students and often yield meaningful friendships which last throughout the rest of the Kellogg experience. Trips range in price from $1,900 to $2,400 and will take place this year on August 25, 2012 – September 1, 2012. Each trip incorporates a meaningful service project, cultural experiences, outdoor adventures, and local cuisine and nightlife. GIM, TREKS and Exchange Programs: Kellogg offers many travel opportunities for career development and global experience in conjunction with classroom experience. GIM, Global Initiatives in Management, is a ten-week course during winter quarter that culminates in a two-week trip to an international destination to meet with executives. JVs can sit in on the course and participate in the trip. TREKs are short trips, organized by student clubs, where students and interested JVs visit companies and Kellogg alumni across the country and the world. Exchange programs are available across six continents for your student, and as a JV, you can your accompany him or her on a three month adventure to another country. Ski Trip: Each winter and spring, Kellogg organizes ski trips to different ski destinations across the United States. This winter, over 775 students and JVs went to Telluride, Colorado for a week filled with skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, theme parties, cooking class, poker tournament and more. Career Support and Networking Kellogg recognizes that transitioning to a new city is difficult for significant others. Wendy Metter from the Student Affairs office generously volunteers to assist incoming JVs with job searching and networking. She can be reached at

February 2012


Admitted Student Contact Information One Year Program Section Piggy Banks Piggy Banks Bullwinkles Piggy Banks Bullwinkles Bullwinkles Piggy Banks Bullwinkles Piggy Banks Piggy Banks Bullwinkles Bullwinkles Bullwinkles

Last Name Byrnes Danzi Davenport de la Garza Gleason Henning Lothrop Meyer Olofson Rusch Singh Sullivan Ward

First Name Craig Jenny Cheryl Roberto Michelle Travis Amanda Devin Hayes Doug AK Emily Melissa


Two Year Program Section Bullwinkles Nursey Rhymers Nursey Rhymers Nursey Rhymers Boogie Birds Tadpoles Puppies Boogie Birds Bullwinkles Piggy Banks Tadpoles Nursey Rhymers Boogie Birds Bullwinkles Boogie Birds Bullwinkles Nursey Rhymers Bullwinkles Nursey Rhymers Bullwinkles Puppies Puppies Piggy Banks Puppies Puppies Nursey Rhymers Boogie Birds Tadpoles Bullwinkles


Last Name Abunaw Alcala Ali Anan Angle Archer Asfaw Badanes Bass Bassey Bechtel Beckmann Benedetti Benefiel Besquin Bienemann Blair Bowe Burzminski Butow Buzi Byrne Chae Chew Chon Clark Colyer Congress Cooperman

First Name Liz Tim Afsheen Lindsay Devin Bill Selemon Carrie Joe Utibe Andrea Andrew Dora Ty Daniel Troy Alex Pat Chris Erica Omri Danny Iris Ming-Hwei Chris Josh Christy Katie Jeff


Puppies Puppies Boogie Birds Tadpoles Piggy Banks Boogie Birds Piggy Banks Puppies Nursey Rhymers Nursey Rhymers Piggy Banks Puppies Bullwinkles Puppies Piggy Banks Boogie Birds Tadpoles Bullwinkles Boogie Birds Nursey Rhymers Bullwinkles Nursey Rhymers Bullwinkles Boogie Birds Puppies Bullwinkles Tadpoles Bullwinkles Bullwinkles Puppies Tadpoles Nursey Rhymers Boggie Birds Puppies Bullwinkles Piggy Banks Boogie Birds Piggy Banks Bullwinkles Boogie Birds Boogie Birds Piggy Banks Piggy Banks Boogie Birds Puppies Puppies Puppies Nursey Rhymers Nursey Rhymers Puppies February 2012

Cornell Coughlin Crowley Darcy Dashevsky DeJulio Desmond Eckhardt Edwards Elenjickal Ellingson Emery Fishman Flores Ford Fraser Furr Garcia German Gleason Gonzalez Gonzalez Rugamas Granger Guinivan Gutgutia Haerum Halbardier Harper Hartz Healey Hemaraj Henry Huang Ingalsbe Inglesby Jaffe Johnson Jones Joyce Joyner Justin Kan Kanu Kehoe Kenley Kenny Kettler Kinnear Koch Levy

Will Jon Meredith Matt Jane Nick Colleen Doug Jackson Matt Brandon Mike Michael Lisa Tyson Christie Jess Carolina Dan Nichole Daniel Ricardo Travis Kyle Abhishek Stina Ford Will Neil Dustin Yash Mike Teresa Adam Jackie Diana Emily Krystin Mike Shannon Jervin Thomas Ngozi John Alex Ann Clair Bryan Eryn Rachel


Nursey Rhymers Piggy Banks Piggy Banks Nursey Rhymers Puppies Nursey Rhymers Puppies Tadpoles Bullwinkles Tadpoles Tadpoles Nursey Rhymers Nursey Rhymers Puppies Puppies Piggy Banks Nursey Rhymers Bullwinkles Bullwinkles Piggy Banks Puppies Nursey Rhymers Boogie Birds Puppies Puppies Tadpoles Piggy Banks Puppies Piggy Banks Puppies Bullwinkles Nursey Rhymers Tadpoles Tadpoles Puppies Boogie Birds Nursey Rhymers Bullwinkles Puppies Piggy Banks Boogie Birds Tadpoles Nursey Rhymers Puppies Bullwinkles Puppies Nursey Rhymers Puppies Boogie Birds Bullwinkles


Li Ling Linsley Litwin Longenbaker Luebchow Macedo Malik Martino McPhillips Miller Mioton Miranda Moore Morgan Mosco Mulrain Murphy Murphy Nam Nguyen Novielli O'Dell Odogwu Oliphant Olsen Omwega Orr Padgett Pan Patel Poon Poucel Pougnier Pramatarova Prussack Ravinder Remtilla Rollins Safaya Sandler Sax Saxena Schachman Schepp Schlund Schnuck Seward Shen Shen

Amanda Nanxi Joanna Emily Patrick Eric Andre Yaseer Mallory Alex Itai Chris Jose Eric Whitney Chris Brendan Mhoire Allison Adrian Hiep Colleen Holly Amaka Tom Amanda Kevin Hub Elizabeth Nancy Priti Jim Pablo Caroline Tanya Jeff Vikram Nafeesa Marcus Catherine Jason Dan Manvendra Matthew Rick Mike Ted Drew Julie John chris.mioton@gmailcom

Tadpoles Nursey Rhymers Nursey Rhymers Bullwinkles Boogie Birds Piggy Banks Puppies Piggy Banks Boogie Birds Tadpoles Tadpoles Boogie Birds Boogie Birds Boogie Birds Piggy Banks Piggy Banks Tadpoles Tadpoles Puppies Boogie Birds Tadpoles Nursey Rhymers Bullwinkles Bullwinkles Tadpoles Bullwinkles Bullwinkles Piggy Banks Bullwinkles Boogie Birds Bullwinkles Tadpoles Nursey Rhymers Piggy Banks Boogie Birds

Sheth Shetty Smith Smith Smythe Sonnier Stolarczuk Strother Stuckmeyer Taha Tangney Thacker Thompson Thompson Tibolt Turbahn Turk Vaishnav Valkova Veal Victorius Vijay Vipond Vranderic Wang Wang Waterhouse Wickramasekara Wolf Wong Wu Xanthakis Xu Zhou Zimpel

Vaidehi Pooja Jamie Brian Maggie Eric Elizabeth Emory Tim Rahshiene Mindy Sam Brenton Ian Rachael Gilad Aaron Kevin Aneliya Matt Jared Rajeev Mike Pete Suana Xiao Jeff Sach Steve Andrew Justin Chris Janet Shawn Virginia

JD-MBA Program Section Nursey Rhymers Boogie Birds Nursey Rhymers Boogie Birds Boogie Birds Nursey Rhymers Nursey Rhymers Boogie Birds Nursey Rhymers Nursey Rhymers February 2012

Last Name Calderon Chen Denklau Ekdahl Elsner Fredric Halverson Hill Kaplan Kenney

First Name Cacky Gina Mike Kris Ashley Loran Joseph Brian Ben Katie



Boogie Birds Nursey Rhymers Nursey Rhymers Boogie Birds Nursey Rhymers Boogie Birds Nursey Rhymers Boogie Birds Boogie Birds Boogie Birds Boogie Birds Boogie Birds

Kilduff Rosenstock Saretsky Scherbring Seedman Smith Sumers Tanton Waite Waldin Willey Yang

Daniel Matt Matt Bridget Joshua Dave James Alex Adam Ben Mark Willow MD-MBA

Section Piggy Banks

Last Name Walker

First Name Kelly


MMM Section Tadpoles Puppies Puppies Puppies Tadpoles Tadpoles Puppies Tadpoles Tadpoles Tadpoles Puppies Tadpoles Puppies Puppies Tadpoles Tadpoles


Last Name Banks Chafin Chun Dana Huang Hutchins Kim Kita Lee Niles Potocki Rotmensch Selleck Veldwisch Wang Waschek

First Name Carlos Jesse Michael Mauricio Linda Tom Andy Aki Eric Augusta Erin Ilana Chris Tiana Effie Yvonne


Executive Committee

Matt Moschner ’13 (MMM) Hometown: Chicago, Ill. Undergraduate Institution: Duke Previous Employer: Boeing


Commercial Airplanes

Post-Kellogg Plans: Management Kellogg Clubs: Kellogg Tech


Conference, GIM China Leader, MMM Student Board

Tarra Thomas ’13 (2Y) Hometown: Arlington, Texas Undergraduate Institution: Baylor


Previous Employer: Citigroup Post-Kellogg Plans: Management Kellogg Clubs: KSA Alumni


Relations, Black Management Conference 1st Year Director, Neighborhood Business Initiative

Gabby Berger ’13 (2Y) Hometown: Chicago, Ill. Undergraduate Institution: New York


Previous Employer: Skidmore, Owings

& Merrill

Post-Kellogg Plans: Marketing Kellogg Clubs: Luxury

Goods & Retail Club, Charity Auction Ball, KSA Section Social Chair

Amanda Cheung ’13 (2Y) Hometown: Long

Island, N.Y.

Undergraduate Institution: University

of Michigan

Previous Employer: Saks

Fifth Avenue Inc.

Post-Kellogg Plans: CPG


Kellogg Clubs: Luxury

Goods & Retail Club Marketing Director, Marketing Trek Leader, Kellogg Volunteers, KWEST Scan-

dinavia Leader

Arun Ganti ’13 (2Y) Hometown: Singapore Undergraduate Institution: Georgia Previous Employer: Deloitte

Post-Kellogg Plans: Management Kellogg Clubs: Kellogg

Institute of Technology

Consulting consulting

Consulting Club 1st Year Director, Ski and Snowboard Club, Kellogg Board Fellows, Annual Kellogg

Marketing Competition

February 2012


Executive Committee

Mandy Garfinkel ’13 (2Y) Hometown: Bayville, N.Y. Undergraduate Institution: Washington Previous Employer: Deloitte

Post-Kellogg Plans: Product Kellogg Clubs: KSA

University in St. Louis

Consulting management in the technology industry/entrepreneurship

Section Careers Chair, New Orleans Entrepreneurship Trek, Ski Trip 2011

Ashleigh Gibson ’13 (2Y) Hometown: Lawton, Okla. Undergraduate Institution: Oklahoma

State University

Previous Employer: Bronx

Preparatory Charter School

Post-Kellogg Plans: CPG

brand management

Kellogg Clubs: Annual

Kellogg Marketing Competition, Black Management Conference 1st Year Director

Quentin Jadoul ’12 (1Y) qjadoul2012@kellogg.northwestern.Edu Hometown: Brussels, Belgium Undergraduate Institution: Catholic Previous Employer: McKinsey

University of Louvain

& Company

Post-Kellogg Plans: McKinsey

& Company

Kellogg Clubs: Charity Auction

Ball, 1Y Social Representative, consulting club, Ski Trip

Kristen Kerns ’13 (2Y) Hometown: St. Simons

Island, Ga.

Undergraduate Institution: Georgia

Institute of Technology

Previous Employer: DaVita Post-Kellogg Plans: Management Kellogg Clubs: Global


Health Initiative, GIM Trip Team Leader, Consulting Club, Healthcare Club, Tour Guide

Gabriel Marcus ’13 (2Y) Hometown: Basel, Switzerland Undergraduate Institution: Dartmouth Previous Employer: Macquarie

Post-Kellogg Plans: Investment Kellogg Clubs: Investment



Capital banking

Banking Club, Investment Management Club, European Business Association, Squash Club

Nicholas Sainati ’13 (2Y) Hometown: Chicago, Ill. Undergraduate Institution: Middlebury


Previous Employer: Delivery Agent Post-Kellogg Plans: Corporate Kellogg Clubs: Sustainable


Business Club, Kellogg Technology Conference, San Francisco Design Trek, KWEST Nicaragua


Stacey Schumeister ’13 (2Y) Hometown: Minneapolis, Minn. Undergraduate Institution: Washington Previous Employer: Prophet Post-Kellogg Plans: Brand

University in St. Louis

Brand Strategy


Kellogg Clubs: Student Admissions, KSA

Section Social Chair, Ski Club, KWEST Argentina 2012

Julie Sender ’13 (2Y) Hometown: Livingston, N.J. Undergraduate Institution: Cornell Previous Employer: Deloitte

Post-Kellogg Plans: Corporate Kellogg Clubs: Strategy


Consulting strategy or management consulting

and Business Development Club, Kellogg Board Fellows, Ski Club

Milly Shome ’13 (2Y) Hometown: Claremont, Calif. Undergraduate Institution: Duke Previous Employer: The

Post-Kellogg Plans: CPG Kellogg Clubs: Kellogg


Parthenon Group brand management

Board Fellows, Annual Kellogg Marketing Competition, KWEST Croatia 2012

Matt Weil ’13 (2Y) Hometown: Bozeman, Mont. Undergraduate Institution: Northwestern


Previous Employer: Thornton Tomasetti, Inc. Post-Kellogg Plans: General Kellogg Clubs: Ski Trip

February 2012

management, corporate strategy or real estate

2012, Real Estate Club, Kellogg Rugby Club


Acknowledgements On behalf of the Office of Admissions and the 2012 DAK Executive Committee, we would like to thank the following people and offices for their time and assistance in making this weekend possible: 2012 DAK Executive Committee 2012 DAK Section Leaders Kellogg Office of Admissions and Financial Aid Student Volunteers Adam Caplan Sally Blount Betsy Ziegler Harry Kraemer Carole Cahill Shana Carroll Jane Wuellner Michele Rogers Roxanne Hori Fran Langewisch Mariellen Gibson Kay Meyer Kellogg School Faculty Kellogg Office of the Dean Kellogg Marketing & Communications Kellogg Information Systems Kellogg Advancement Kellogg Student Affairs Kellogg Facilities Kafe Kellogg Thank you for all your support!



February 2012




DAK 2012  

Flipbook for DAK 2012

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