How can i move trial organization to a pricing plan on xero?

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Xero is designed in such a way that it can be used by a small entrepreneur to big entrepreneurs. If you are an existing user of this software and now you have decided to change your plan to pricing, then this blog is helpful for you as the method to do this is explained below.

Before changing from a trial organization to a pricing plan, the following are the effects which take place:  The details for your organization will not change: Any member whom you have added, reports which you have published, recorded items or chart of accounts you have created will be the same as before the pricing plan.  You are going to pay for your organization from the very first day you leave the trial period and enter the billing details.  Whatever the pricing plan you have bought, you are going to start with plan’s feature from then only.

So, let’s begin the procedure of changing the trial plan to pricing plan. Follow the given steps to do this  Open Xero software or if you use online go to Login option.  Enter your email address and password to access your account. (Change Your Login Password Or Email Address for Xero Login)  On the top of the screen find the icon of Header.  Click the option and then select My Xero.  Locate the organization you want and click Pay now button.  Now, select the pricing plan whichever suits you.  After selecting the plan, go to billing account details.  Enter your billing account contact and payment information in the required boxes.  Review and confirm your subscription and payment details.

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