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Volume I, Issue IX



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Ted McKnight

Football Guide

Welcome to No. IX! Who’s #READY for some football? I know Kansas City is ready. You won’t find a stronger fan base in the nation than Chiefs fans. With that in mind, we’ve created this issue, the RED Book, as a salute to the Chiefs and an aide to fans nationwide. In this issue, we also reveal some of the TWELVE magazine team, the folks that bring you KC each month, in vivid color. Also, as we approach the new Fall season, we brought KC’s style community together as a resource for those planning those new school and work looks.


As always, we highlight the people to watch, key tips and places to go. So enjoy the features.


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Dexter DMC

12 Team


Ken L



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Though a lifestyle publication isn’t unique, TWELVE evolves the genre. It’s the only magazine that you both read and live. We set out to create more than a literary piece. We’ve merged both the online world and the live event into the “magazine experience”. Once a month, we release a new issue of the magazine. The release is paired with a live launch event on First Fridays, where the feature elements and characters of our magazine are brought to life for you to touch, taste, feel and experience. The live experience becomes part of gathering ground of additional stories, photos, and more for the final written magazine.


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FAT: The Killing Facts by Gabrielle Phillips

Be Unique

Trilogy Sports & Fitness (l) Chris Westmoreland, Master Fitness Trainer (r) Corey Phillips Founder / Elite Sports Performance Trainer


hen we think about getting fit, what enemy comes to mind? Fat, right? How did it get here? How is it affecting me? How in the world do I get rid of it? These questions constantly bombard those of us who strive to be healthy, long, and lean. Is the solution as simple as eliminating fat? Are all types of fat bad? Despite negative reviews, critics, statistics, and the all around bad rap fat gets, the reality is that all fat is not created equal. Killer fat is where we need to focus the fight. According to the new report from the United Nations, America is the second fattest country in the world, with over 31% of adults classified as obese. Here in the Kansas City metro, 29.5% of adults are classified as obese. Why is fat such a problem in our country, and more specifically, in Kansas City? Some blame fastfood, some point at heredity. Whatever the culprit, we are better equipped to manage it if we know what we’re dealing with. Our goal is to expose readers to the different types of fat content that grow in the body. We have three types of fat. The first type of fat is subcutaneous which can be found just below the surface of the skin in the human body. The second type of fat is intramuscular fat which lies within muscular tissue.


Usually during exercise, it’s this type of fat that serves as an energy source. The third type, visceral fat, is the most deadly of them all. Known as toxic fat, it’s the internal fatty tissue which surrounds vital organs like the heart, liver, kidney and pancreas. While the presence of excess fat under the skin (subcutaneous fat) is often the most visible, toxic fat is buried deep within us, making it harder to gauge how much fat we really carry. Scientific studies have shown that toxic fat is more dangerous than the fat near the skin due to its release of dangerous levels of chemicals into the body. This is what leads to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and many forms of cancer. So how do we get rid of visceral fat? Here

are four tips to help you combat toxic fat:    

Eat healthy; include whole grains, fruits, and vegetables and lean protein Establish a weekly aerobic exercise routine Tone your abdominal muscles Combine strength training with toning exercises

If you’re like many and hate to embark upon the fitness journey alone, contact Trilogy Sports & Fitness of Kansas City at


Lee Langston

One of KC’s Top Voices


FANtastic Memories

I Ted McKnight

One-on-One with one of KC Chiefs Top Running Backs


t’s not hard to identify a true-grit, die-hard football fan: The painted face masks, and tailgate ses-

sions; the concentration on the screen at all times during the last few moments of the game; the ability to rattle off a key stats and scores; and sometimes, there is this--the rare opportunity to sit down with one of your all-time favorite players and do something that all fans dream of doing‌.asking the questions. Dr. James McCreary, a Kansas City native, has been a Chiefs fan for as long as he can remember. In his thirties and forties he made a tradition of going to the games with his father, sisters and brothers. It was never too cold cheer in the stands of Arrowhead, or too early to tune into his favorite radio station for the latest highlight commentary. As a Chiefs fan, James has studied many players over the years, but, when 10

Story By: Randi McCreary Photo: Antisha Gaitan Bluvision Photography

Classic Chiefs vs. Raiders match-up. Ted, #22; #65, Tom Condon; Raider Rod Martin; and the Chiefs Arnold Morgado, #21.

given the chance to sit down with one of his favorite players, it was Ted McKnight that came to mind. Ted McKnight is no stranger to the impact of a fan. In the early stages of his career, he recalls the moment that he knew he had gained recognition.

“ I had just come from the Raiders, shortly after the Super Bowl. I was asked to play a pickup game of softball. When I got there, I figured there had to have been a traffic accident due to the squad cars and police officers… but it was ten thousand people ready to watch a game between the Raiders and local teachers on the softball league. That showed me hardcore fans.” McKnight recalls moments on the field as well, when fans were so loud he could hardly hear the play. In fact, McKnight believes fans can be so dedicated that they can actually change a game plan. Ted McKnight, running back for the Kansas City Chiefs from 1977-1983, was known as a powerhouse for the Kansas City Chiefs during his reign. His combination of force and focus are what make him noteworthy for McCreary. The two men, McCreary the fan and McKnight, the former player, had a chance to sit down and converse: McCreary : You were drafted by Raiders. How did you come to Chiefs? McKnight: I was competing against men that had just won the Superbowl. This included Terry Robiski. You know, you had the who’s who of the NFL. I came in as a speed merchant, very fast. I’d injured my shoulder and got waived to Kansas City, Missouri. McCreary: When did you find out you could really put a move on someone and they couldn’t hold you? 11

McKnight: It wasn’t until after high school. I was fast so they had me as a wide receiver. No one could catch me due to my speed. As a freshman in college I got beat up on the field. As a sophomore I began to know my role and what I could do. That year, I decided to make a change. No one was going to hit me anymore. When I ran opposition play, I outran the number one defense and the coach was furious. McCreary: When you started with the Chiefs, how did you know you were better than the average player? McKnight: The moment I made the team. Because you don’t make the team if you are an average player. I knew I had potential to be a workhorse. I wanted to be known to be counted on no matter what. A work horse. That’s when I knew that no matter what happened, I was going to get it down. Mentality. McCreary: Which is the best quarter of the game? McKnight: The third. You are coming back fresh. It’s like a chess game. In the first quarter you sacrifice the pawns. Fourth quarter is just like a flat battle. If we dominate third quarter, we can win. Everybody is tired. McCreary: Do you remember your first pro touch down? McKnight: I don’t remember my first, but I remember one that became a highlight: Playing against Colts in KC, one yard play. I went off-tackle and ended up 70 yards to break a long distance record. My first pro carry of the football. I was scared to death. It was the Raiders vs. the Houston Oilers. It was so loud I was wondering how I was going to hear the cadence. That’s where the training comes in. You don’t think. You just react. After the first hit, I was ok. McCreary: What was your hardest hit by an opponent?

McKnight: We played against the Denver Broncos. It was when Tom Jackson was announcing. I remember playing in Denver. I got ball it was off-tackle play, and like my uncle said, “green lights and blue sky” I was going for it. All of a sudden, I remember falling down and bouncing up, running for five or ten yards and collapsing. Jackson hit my ribs so hard I had no idea where the football was and I collapsed. It was a hard hit. McCreary: And what about your best hit on another player? McKnight: The Raiders. Mike Davis. I ran over him like a truck coming into a kid’s playground (smiling) McCreary: Receiver or Rusher? McKnight: Rusher McCreary: Shake and Bake or Straight Ahead? McKnight: Both. Straight Ahead. Tony Reed was a shake and bake guy. He could give you a move and come back later and help you. Making moves so quick you don’t know unless you watch the film. It’s like George Brett being able to see a fastball. I have same mentality with football. If a play was called off-tackle, the center pushed his man away. I could see that hole and push immediately. Shake and Bake. For every action is a reaction. Bill Kenny would laugh because I ran track. I‘d get there so fast he’d throw ball. The objective is to go first three steps and be at full speed. Be there at collision. My success was to be there at collision. 12

McCreary: Do you have any running back favorites? McKnight: Marcus Allen, Barry Sanders, Walter Payton, Jim Brown, first great black players. Fullback or running back: I was a running back. All purpose. McCreary: Tell me about the “Class Act”. A lot of people want to know about that. McKnight: (Laughing) It was the four of us. Tony Reed, Walter White, Bobby Bell, myself. We were trying to do something special for alumni dinners. Linda Bell, went to Walter and said ‘can you think of some guys that would put on a dance routine like temptations?’ We went through the guys that could dance. Bobby Bell was asked to be a part of it and Linda got the Temptations music. Everyone had their own piece where they got to break out like soul train. We wore tuxedos and the group was called The Class Acts. We ended up doing it twice. McCreary: Was it hard to leave football? McKnight: Yes. It was more than a game. It’s a culture and lifestyle. You become a frat. You fight, bleed, together. You are tough guys that are very emotional. I remember seeing some of the biggest men (get emotional). July is hardest because they go back to camp. Some never get over it. Some take three years. I played hard and I was a good guy. I still appreciate fans and the cards to sign. If people could remember that I played the game. I’d like to be remembered as a class act.


Terence Berger Live at the IMPROV July 11, 2013

Football Quick Guide

Tired of watching a game without having a clue about what’s going on?

LeAndrea Mack

Today, you’ll find both men and women who enjoy football. Still, others see it as a complex game with several layers of rules that make it difficult to follow. For the woman who’d like to take an interest and learn the game and even for the men, who could use a tune-up to have a better conversational knowledge of football, this is for you.

Overall Concept

The team that is trying to score has “possession of the ball” and is considered the offense. The other team, which is considered defense, is trying to stop the offensive team from scoring. Sounds easy enough, but in football, there are offensive, defensive, and special teams which are all part of the same team. These teams handle different situations on the field so each time the ball moves to their opponent, a different team is needed. For instance, when the KC Chiefs are trying to score a touchdown, they utilize their offensive players like Jamaal Charles, Dwayne Bowe or Alex Smith. When the Chiefs are trying to stop the other team

from scoring they utilize their defensive players like Derrick Johnson and Brandon Flowers. If this isn’t confusing enough, they have a special team that comes in to kick field goals and punt.


The team that gets their ball into the “End Zone” gets a touchdown which earns them 6 points. This happens by either running the ball into the end zone or by catching the ball in the end zone. After a touchdown, the team has the choice of either kicking the ball between the goal post (located at the end zone) or they can line up at the 2 yard line and run or catch the ball in the end zone for 2 extra points(Two-Point Conversion). (Continued on page 22)




READY Dexter McCluster #22 KC Chiefs. Words, LeAndrea Mack Pics, Raye Jackson



DMC Style

A Veteran Dexter McCluster figured out pretty quickly that Kansas City loves football and is loyal to the hometeam, The Kansas City Chiefs! Since joining the organization in 2009 as a rookie, the well-rounded Running Back, Return Specialist and Wide Receiver soaked up the culture and fell in love with the idea of being a KC Chief! At the start of his 4th season with the Chiefs, he exclaims, “I feels like a veteran in this game and am psyched and ready for the 2013 season!”

New Beginnings There have been many obstacles and a number of significant changes to mark the new season; a new general manager, the tragic losses surrounding a teammate, and the trades and new faces on the team. Yet, with positivity vibrating visibly through him, McCluster states that he is motivated by the changes and excited about the new beginnings that this season will bring.

KC Chiefs Fans--The Best Fans 18

Walking onto the field at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City and hearing the thunderous volume of

eager, excited, and vociferous fans is one of McCluster’s favorite things about Chiefs fans. He says, “Chiefs fans are very loud and hype. They make sure that our opponents can hear them. I love the enthusiasm because it spills onto me.”

Preparation To prepare in the off-season, McCluster kept his body in shape and began a “healthier living” regimen. He explains that his mindset has matured for a variety of reasons and with the birth of his second child, he is more motivated and determined than ever. He also shared with Twelve Magazine that if he got another contract with the Chiefs he would even contemplate cutting off his dreadlocks!

Eagerness and Anticipation McCluster is extremely optimistic about the outlook for the team this year. He feels that the fans will see a team that is ready to win and highly capable. His smile revealed his eagerness and anticipation as he discussed his excitement to show the world his development and dedication this season.

DMC Style




DMC, The Other Side We all know that he is a great offensive weapon that will inch our KC Chiefs to victory… but did you know he has other talents? In addition to his athletic prowess, McCluster can croon. He’s been singing since he was about nine years old. Even as he determined that football gave him more opportunities and, thus, became his focus, singing remained a passion. So, this year we will get to experience this other talent as he debuts DMC, the other side, an R&B collection of sexy ballads about love, life, and relationships. Music is a big part of McCluster’s life and he wants his fans to know this side of him, too. Twelve Magazine wishes Dexter McCluster all success in his future endeavors and can’t wait to see what he does on and off the field this season!


DMC | MUSIC By Iman Lott Entertaining, talented, multidimensional are all words that describe Dexter McCluster’s skills on the field but soon these phrases will be ascribed to his off field efforts, as well. Dexter is pursuing a music career and I was fortunate enough to preview some of the songs that comprise his first project. The smooth vocals and amazing production collaborations will surely earn Dexter legitimacy and acclaim in the music industry. His vocal energy is undeniably compelling and his wide range draws you into the lyrics. From what I’ve heard, he has nowhere to go but up. Stay tuned. 21

(Continued from page 14)

If a team doesn’t think they will make the touchdown they also have the option to kick a field goal (kicking the ball in between the goal post located at the end zone) which will give them 3 points.


Downs are the length of one play: a start and stop. The offense (team with the ball) has 4 chances (or downs) to move the ball 10 yards toward the end zone. If they get 10 yards in a single play then they earn a first down (4 more chances or downs). However, if they don’t get “a first” (10 yards in a single play), they are down a chance and have 3 or the remaining number of plays left. Remember, the defensive team will be working to prevent the opponents from moving the ball down the field. Here’s a little more detail on downs to clarify downs and some of the terms you’ll hear like 3rd and 8, or 2nd and 3 means? 3rd is the number of downs and 8 means the number of yards to go to earn another first down. If the team doesn’t move 10 yards in 4 downs then the other team automatically gets the ball. Usually once a team gets to their 4th down, they either kick a field goal for the 3 points or they punt the ball so that it is further away from the other team’s end zone.


There are 11 men from each team allowed on the field at one time. Here are their positions:

Offense Center: In the center of the offensive line. Starts the play by “hiking” the ball to the quarterback. This position places the ball on the ground between his legs and passes it backward, which is called the “snap”. Quarterback: Very important player to remember because he executes the plays the coach decides, or calls an “audible” if he thinks he needs 22

to change the play on the field. He’s the guy that catches that snap from the center. He either runs, throws, or hands off the ball. Offensive guard: A blocker, positioned on either side of the center. Offensive tackle: A blocker, positioned on either side of the guards. Tight end: Plays next to the tackle. Hybrid player—used as a blocker or wide receiver Wide receiver: Receives a pass down the field. Running back: Runs the ball down the field. Fullback: Does everything! Runs, blocks, AND they receives. (Talented guys aren't they?)


Nose guard: Positioned across from offensive team’s center and blocks plays down the center of the field. Defensive tackle: Rushes the passer. Defensive end: Blocks plays on the outside edges. Linebacker: Covers the receivers and rushes the passers . Cornerback:: Blocks the wide receivers. Safety: The defensive team’s last line of defense! There are usually two safeties: Strong safety: He is the stronger of the two and blocks runs. Free safety: He is the faster of the two and he blocks passes. Special teams Used on kicking plays, this team comes out to kick, punt, get extra points, field goals, etc.


There is so much to the exciting word of football that we couldn’t fit it all on these pages but Xii Magazine hopes that you will be able to use this as a foundational reference to follow along, cheer, and celebrate with our KC Chiefs







ack in it’s hey day, KC was IT! 12th St to the 18th & Vine District were known worldwide-music, business, nightlife. This is our tribute to what KC was, can and will be...As a magazine, we’ll cover it. As a movement, we’ll create it. TWELVE.

Photo, Raye Jackson 27

KC’s Own


LeAndrea Mack


Eric Harland, photo



VP of Communications




ne day I’ll make it to the NFL. It’s a dream among many. Though it means jerseys for some, it translates suits for others.

There’s a reason we know the Chiefs so well: Ted Crews. As Vice President of Communications, he leads the office responsible for coordinating the communications from public relations to media, locally and nationally for the Chiefs. His communications responsibility extends beyond the players to all organizational and Arrowhead needs. He’s well-seasoned with 16 years of experience under his belt having served the St. Louis Rams, Atlanta Falcons, and Carolina Panthers. He’s been selected by the NFL to

direct publicity for the Pro Bowl, in Honolulu on five separate occasions and even worked the Super Bowl in 2010 and 2011. Is your job challenging? “You’ve got a 53 man roster, 20 other personnel, coaches, owners and media to work with and you have to help blend those separate personalities and understand everyone to do your job. There are challenges, but I enjoy it.” Getting into the Big Leagues. A corporate position in the NFL is a prize. “I’m extremely blessed. I get that there are only 31 other people that have my job. I never lose sight of that.” Crews found his way into this elite fraternity through a solid education from HBCU, South Carolina State


University, and choice summer internships. What does it take to survive on this level? “You have to be an effective communicator and if you can’t write, you won’t make it. That’s the foundation.” A solid education boosts your potential, but Crews believes to really thrive, you must possess a certain natural talent. “There’s an innate part of this. The ability to react to people and situations, to be able to script for people and situations when needed. Be forewarned that this job never stops. Sure, Chiefs have an off season, but Crews

must manage year-round. “There are early mornings and late nights. Free agency to OTAs. I work Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day. My family knows on those days, we’re going to eat a little later. I also travel with the team. Though Crews has spent time with a variety of Clubs, he thinks the Chiefs organization is special. “We’re at a club that’s a charter franchise member of the league. So when you have that, you know you’re with a proven brand. You’ve got the Clark family that has a true passion for this city and team. Mark Donavan and the office staff are second to none. Andy Reid is a proven head coach and first class. Even more, the Chiefs organization has a true commitment to community. I can only say, it’s a great place to be and a great time to be here.”

BK Worldwide “At this time, we ask that you return your trays to the upright position to prepare for landing. Whether business or pleasure, we hope you enjoy your stay in Germany.” Just when you thought TWELVE was about Kansas City, we’ve got to go where the passport takes us and we caught up with Brian “BK” Kennedy, across the seas.

ambition is balanced with character. He wants others to experience success and be an inspiration to those signed to his enterprises and artists worldwide. He’s already launched his “You can do it Too” education series with workshops on the music business and offers his time and expertise for free.

Brian Kennedy’s name quickly rises to the top among entertainment aficionados and industry professionals when you rank the most impressive in music today. And for those who don’t know the name, you’re familiar with his work.

His music and praises will be sung for generations. His success will be a guide book. His travels…well, they will be unceasing and as fellow Kansas Citians, we can always be proud to have been part of the flight.

He’s a superstar producer having worked with the likes of Ciara, Brandy, Chris Brown, Jesse McCartney, Rihanna, Natasha Bedingfield, BoA, Cheryl Cole, Backstreet Boys, Jamie Foxx, Nelly, Westlife, Joe Jonas, Kelly Clarkson, and Rascal Flatts. With a catalog of music in pop, rock, and country genres, it’s difficult to categorize him or his style. “My style is kind of electronic contemporary, world” he says. But who really needs a genre classification when you’ve got results? BK’s work has garnered him two Grammy awards. Chances are, you’ve danced to his chart-topping hits like "Disturbia" by Rihanna on the "Good Girl Gone Bad: Reloaded" album, or grooved to "Forever," from Chris Brown’s "Exclusive: The Forever Edition" album. He earned his first Grammy in 2009 for his contribution to Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson's self-titled debut album, which earned honors such as Best R&B Album. He’s now working with Cee-Lo, and new artists 2 B 1 and even has his own new project in the works, Digital Love Affair. Most would retire satisfied with such a stellar career. But for Brian, his current success is just the beginning. He continues to evolve. His growth is about diversification. It’s about building an enterprise – no – a brand. “I’m working on taking my career to the next level, having that Steve Jobs vision.” He says his current success is not even half of what’s in store. He’s building a brand known for talent and success. He founded a publishing company, Team BK. Part of that company includes writers like Dewain Whitmore. “Dewain is one of the top five writers out right now”, says Kennedy. BK is also a real estate owner with his own studio, the Kennedy Compound, and leases studio space to the likes of other superstars, like Cee-Lo and Kanye. His name will be synonymous with legends among the annals of music history. If you’ve seen him play, there’s no doubt about what he can create, and thereby, achieve. People like BK establish new boundaries. His passion is about delivering a unique musical experience that stands the test of time. As he describes it, he wants to “mimic the genius” of the greats. It’s even more impressive that he’s not selfish. His


Brian Kennedy The Places He’s Been. The Heights He’ll Achieve. Watch...No Listen.


Sarah Fletcher



Shemeka Cockrem



Will Shields Giving Back

By Randi McCreary | Photo: Raye Jackson


ill Shields was known in the NFL as the man who knew how to outsmart his opponent like no other. It was not a skill simply acquired on the football field, but an early understanding that the best games are played with a strategy. As a player, Shields was strategic, not relying solely on his physical strength to make things happen, but also his knowledge and tactical planning. There is no argument that Shields has a strong, physical presence, but that isn’t what defines him. “I don’t bench press 1000 pounds,” Shields admits, ”but when you aren’t physically gifted, you have to find the intellectual strengths. The right angles. Physical or mental.” Shields, an offensive right guard for The Kansas City Chiefs and twelve-time Pro-Bowler, has seen his share


of reward and success in the NFL. The former right guard graced the field for a total of two hundred and forty games. But, a player’s success doesn’t necessarily have to end when he leaves the professional field. For Shields, the same passion and drive that it took in the game, is what it takes to make a meaningful transition into the next chapter of life. After leaving the NFL, Shields wanted to continue serving the community. Already having spent years working with various charitable founda3.25tions such as The Will To Succeed Foundation, he knew that there was a need as (Continued on page 40)


Christopher White



Gary Mitchell



Dexter McCluster, training off-season at 68 Sports with Will Shields Hands-on training

(Continued from page 37)

a father himself, to have a place where his own children could stay in shape and have fun. “ I liked the challenge of being on field. Testing myself,” says Shields. “ I wanted to give others a chance to bridge together and make things happen. Give that gift of opportunity to the kids.” During his thirteen year span playing for The Kansas City Chiefs, Will Shields made a recognizable name for himself. Today, his goal is to create an atmosphere that brings athletes together for a place to embrace health, family and fitness. For the youth, it was important to give back. For the community, it was a place that made it possible to stay in tune with their bodies and minds. This is how 68 Inside Sports beRead came It. what it is today.

Wear It. 68 InsideIt.Sports, located in Overland Park, KanDream sas, offers itself to the community as a fitness and training facility with over fifty classes. From yoga, pilates, and tai chi to private kick boxing lessons with a personal trainer, there is something for everyone.


“It really began with three dads wanting their kids to have a place to play ball,” he explains. “This is not just for athletes. It is for all walks of life. Everyone should be strong. It’s in our innate ability to become strong. Mental and physical strength offer different outlets.” When asked what legacy he would like to be remembered for, Shields reflected on what it means to see struggle and help where you can. “I build on my legacy every year. Now that I’m retired, the philanthropy is having passion and a goal to help others. The legacy is everything you’ve done, and you keep building on it.” With that in mind, Shields continues to build on new strategies. He would like to expand 68 Inside Sports in the future to four new quadrants; acting as smaller versions of the original facility. Will Shields had some of his most memorable moments on the field as a Kansas City Chief, but proves that beyond your best accomplishments, are still more waiting to be discovered.



Kansas City’s Barbers and Stylists Keep KC Looking Their Very Best. PICTURED [ALPHABETICAL] LaDonna Adams, Keara Austin, Qiana Bass, Lezlie Berger, Stacy Brown, Shemeka Cockerm, Madia Cooper Moraima Hernandez, Zekia Geotcha, Bridgette R. Johnson Ariele Hardy, LaDwan Herring, Victor Hooks, Brittany Leek Arica Lynn, Aisha Ogletree, Keishaun Redmond Bianca Russell, Glen Stylez, Joseph Thomas, Garrick Whittington, Joyce Williams


LOVE HUDSON & JANE Velvet Blazer, Pants, Shirts, and Pocket Square. BANANA REPUBLIC Boots HALLS Pin



Jessikha Williams



Ken Lumpkins


Build It 45

Iman Lott



Casie Murff



Earl Smith







Randi McCreary



Hot Spot

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2013 Family Day at Chiefs Training Camp at MO Western State University in St. Joseph,MO.





TWELVE MAGAZINE issue preview event, #READY, September 6th, at the Ambassador Hotel, featuring the Kansas City Chiefs-former and current players. (l. To r. Nate Eachus #45; Dwayne Bowe #82; artist, Stefan Jones; Dexter McCluster #22; Sean Smith #27; Samie Parker #18)

R E A D Y 60

Some of the ladies of TWELVE MAGAZINE




| 9.6.13 |

TWELVEKC.COM [continued]




Coach Smith Kolby Smith

Still in the Game

Words, Iman Lott Photo, H. Ervin


Kolby Smith, training the next generation.

Over 1 million people every year set their sights on becoming an NFL player, however, only a fraction of them will make the cut. “Statistically of the 100,000 high school seniors who play football every year, only 215 will ever make an NFL roster. Of the 9,000 players that make it to the college level only 310 are invited to the NFL scouting combine, the pool from which teams make their draft picks”. (NFL Hopefuls, 2013)


alented, young hopefuls have less than a one percent chance of making it to the NFL.

Kolby Smith beat the odds. In 2007, he was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in the 5th round.“I liked the organization. If I wasn’t hurt, I believe I would still be in Kansas City as a starter”. The average length of the NFL career is about three and a half seasons. Players leave the game because of injury, voluntary retirement, or after being cut by the team. In the summer of 2010 Kansas City released Smith due to injuries. “I stopped playing because of a torn quad and a torn ankle ligament. With these injuries, I can’t perform at the level the NFL requires you to play, to be successful. I was tired of being hurt and ending each year on crutches”. Injuries like these might end most players’ careers, (Continued on page 67)


Photo Eric Harland

Alpha Phi Alpha on the scene at Xii Magazine’s event, #READY, 9.6.13, at the Ambassador Hotel. They’ve got a BIG plans for KC. Visit for all the haps. You don’t want to miss this.

Add your upcoming events and more to Just create a login or use your Facebook log-in. September The Tallest Tree In the Forest Event type: Play Venue: Copaken Stage 13th & Walnut, KCMO Sat 9/21 Niles Homecoming Through The Decades Event type: Fundraiser Venue: Arrowhead Stadium: 1 Arrowhead Drive Kansas City MO Time: 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM Producer: Niles Home for Children Contact: Margaret Climie Email: Phone: 816-241-3448 Web: Sat 09/28 Women of Worth (WOW) Conference Event type: Conference Venue: Kauffman Foundation Conference Center: 4801 Rockhill Rd Kansas City MO Time: 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM Producer: Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, 66

Inc., Xi Tau Omega Chapter & Con Contact: AKA - Xi Tau Omega Chapter Email: Fri 10/04 14th Annual WINNING WAYS Event type: Forum/symposium Venue: Gem Theater, Kansas City MO Time: 5:30 PM - 8:30 PM Producer: HGE Fri 10/25 Ruby Red Slippers Gala Event type: Community Action Venue: Grand Street Cafe: 4740 Grand Ave Kansas City MO Time: 6:00 PM - 11:00 PM Producer: R.U.B.I.E.S., Inc. Contact: Chantell Garrett Email: Phone: 816.607.1031 Web: Sat 10/26 ICE SCREAM 2 Event type: Party Venue: Uptown Theater: 3700 Broadway Kansas City MO Time: 8:00 PM - 1:30 AM

Contact: Email: Phone: 816-921-6161 Sat 11/09 New Dinner Theatre - Never Too Late Event type: Comedy Venue: New Theatre Restaurant: 9229 Foster Overland Park KS Time: 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM Contact: Tracy Ivy Owens Email: Phone: Sat 12/14 A DEBONAIR AFFAIR Event type: Fundraiser Venue: Holiday Inn CoCo Keys: Kansas City MO Time: 6:00 PM - 11:30 PM Producer: KTK Just for You Events for Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. Contact: Charles Lambert Email: Phone: KCs Urban Source. Add Your Events!

(Continued from page 65)

but Smith’s is just getting started. In 2012 he was asked by the University of Arkansas’, then head coach, Bobby Petrino, to be the assistant strength and conditioning coach. “Coaching was never a plan but sometimes God see’s things differently”. Petrino was released from the coaching staff at UA and moved on to be the head coach at Western Kentucky in December of the same year, eventually asking Smith to join him as his running back coach.“He gave me a chance to continue my career in football on a collegiate level. He offered me a scholarship. He made me a better student and player and now I’m coaching because of him. I know he will make me a better coach”. When asked whether he likes playing or coaching, more, Smith had this to say, “I enjoy playing the game and nothing will ever compare to that, however, what I like most about coaching is helping men excel


as players and as human beings. I enjoy giving back and sharing what was once given to me.” Recently married, Smith and his wife still visit Kansas City at least three times a year to see friends and family.“Kansas City is a second home to me. I always go back”. The former Chiefs player says he also plans to see a few games on his visits since his protégé, Niles Davis, has recently joined the club as a running back. “I coached him down in Arkansas. I think he will be a good addition to the team and help the Chiefs do well this season. The new coaching staffs are proven winners and players do well under that type of leadership”. Looking toward the future, Smith says his ultimate goal is to be commissioner of an athletic conference or athletic director of a University.

Dwayne Bowe Helping Kids Get The Family Support They Need!


wayne Bowe realizes he didn’t make it to the top on his own. His grandparents had a lot to do with it. He’s now working to provide support through his foundation. The Dwayne Bowe Foundation, a charitable organization located in Kansas City, MO serves as a support system for grandparents raising grandchildren. The foundation will raffle off a specially customized Dodge Charger granted by Dwayne Bowe in effort to raise funds and awareness for his charity. This raffle started July 2013 and will run through December 2013. The mission of the Dwayne Bowe Foundation is to provide support services to preserve the well being of families where the children are being raised by (Continued on page 70)

Photo: Justin Olson WPI 68

Enter the raffle to win Dwayne Bowe’s customized Dodge Charger while supporting his foundation.


(Continued from page 68)

their grandparents. DBowe gave us some background on this endeavor:


What caused you to start the foundation? I was raised by my grandparents and I found away to take the negatives and turn them into positives. My grandparents were huge influences throughout my life and such a strong support system. I want children who are raised by their grandparents to see that they can overcome the negatives and achieve all their dreams and aspirations. What do you think the role of a grandparent is, even for those who have parents? I think a major role of a grandparent is to instill love and values to their grandchildren. Grandparents have a unique way of showing us love and always seem to know the right things to say without saying much at all. What's the best piece of advice you received from a grandparent? The best advice I received was from my grandfather. He told me the smallest things make a BIG difference. Keep doing the little things by respecting your elders and keep your trust in GOD. Where were you raised--city/state? Miami, Fl How often do you talk to your grandparents? I talk to my grandma more than once a day...always the first person I call on my way to work and the last person I call before I lay my head down. How will funds be used for the foundation? In order to qualify for funds, families must consist of at least one grandparent raising a grandchild with low or restricted income levels. The application must be completed by caregiver and assistance will be based on individual needs after board review.


The winner of DBowe’s Dodge Charger raffle will be announced December 20,2013 at the Dwayne Bowe First Annual Reception hosted by Molle Audi located Kansas City, MO. This will be a ticketed event open to the public where they see Dwayne and his grandmother as they reminisce over his childhood and why he has dedicated himself to this purposeful foundation. For more event details, visit the website


Samie Parker


Still The Best Man A t the opening of the NFL pre-season, I met with Samie Parker at a sports bar where a commercial advertising the first pre-season game aired on the 70inch TV screen in front of us. His instant interest and focus on the commercial was proof of his continued love for the game of football. Samie Parker was a 4th round draft pick out of the University of Oregon and joined the Kansas City Chiefs in 2004. He says, “I was loved and accepted from the first day I came to Kansas City. The team was very family-oriented and we spent a lot of time together on and off the field. I think this was how we were able to win a lot of games. We just understood each other.” After his last season with the Chiefs in 2007, he remained in the NFL as a free agent with the Den72

ver Broncos, Oakland Raiders, Seattle Seahawks and a quick stint with the Carolina Panthers. He found a home with the Las Vegas Locomotives, part of the United Football League (UFL), for 4 years where he won 2 championships. He also played in the Arena Football League (AFL) with the Chicago Rush and Kansas City Commands. Samie Parker admits, “I love to compete against other great athletes from around the world and being able to work with others to achieve one common goal…WINNING!” At 32, Samie Parker’s passion for football has carried him to endeavors beyond the field and has paved the way for a promising future. Today, one of his newest endeavors includes football, but he’s not competing on a field. Parker was cast as the stunt double for Morris Chestnut’s football scenes in the upcoming sequel, The Best Man Holiday, scheduled for release on November 15 of this

year. He stated excitedly, “I got a chance to interact with all the male cast members including a lot of interaction with Morris since I was playing him in the football role. They were all great, down to earth people and it was a great experience!”

Morris Chestnut and Samie Parker on the set of The Best Man Holiday.

Parker has also worked with USA Network’s hit show Necessary Roughness for an episode that aired August 21, 2013. In addition to work in Hollywood, he is currently discussing a coaching position with the newly formed National

“I got a chance to interact with all the male cast members including a lot of interaction with Morris since I was playing him in the football role. They were all great, down to earth people and it was a great experience!”

Spring Football League (NSPF), a league of professional players who will begin playing in Spring 2014. For Parker, this is a huge stepping stone to achieve his ultimate goal of being a NFL or CFL coach. Currently residing in the Kansas City area, he is excited to see what Andy Reid will do as the head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs. With his experience, passion and love for the game, we’re sure to see Samie soon coaching his own team. All the best, Coach Parker.


Samie, with more of the cast including Terrence Howard.




I know what you’re wondering...and the answer is Yes. It IS that serious. What we do is really not a game. We don’t mind having fun, but we’re here to work and we do it well. 100 Years and counting, there’s really nothing left to prove. Don’t mind if you tell someone, cause it’s REDZ against...whoever, whatever and whenever. Yeah, “WE #READY”

Thanks to KCMO Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta, Sorority, Inc. Photo, AEH Photography


    


Aubree Herron, one of Kansas City’s Youth Benefitting from Cheerleading


he venerable qualities of cheerleading aren’t the focus of traditionally stereotypical portrayals, but the world of cheerleading is brimming with character-building, life-enhancing experiences. As a member of the Junior Chiefs Cheerleaders, 7 year old Aubree Herron says she “laughs, learns, and has made new friends.”


This non-competitive and self-esteem building program is taught by the Kansas City Chiefs Cheerleaders and is available for girls ages 6-12. In addition to the Junior squad, they also have a Teen squad for ages 13-17 and even an Angel squad for little girls ages 3-5. The program offers a rare opportunity for young girls to perform during a halftime show for over 78,000 Kansas City Chiefs fans at Arrowhead Stadium.

This year they are scheduled to perform at the October 27th game when the Chiefs beat the Cleveland Browns.

agrees that cheerleading helps raise self-esteem, self-discipline, and self-worth. In October of 2000, Nash along with her sister Jamishia Miller opened the doors to a primarily African-American all-star gym. Striving to make a difference in their community and to build up future leaders, they empower and encourage girls through competitive cheerleading. Nash Jem grooms and trains their cheerleaders at a caliber that has afforded opportunities for their students to compete at the collegiate and professional levels. Nash says, “We started with 18 members and today have over 150 athletes from ages 3 to 18 years old with eight competitive and two non-competitive teams. We coach athletes in tumbling, stunts and cheer from basic level 1 up through advanced level 5.�

Nash Jem Elite All Stars, Champion Cheerleaders

The self-esteem boosting power of cheerleading can play a major role in how your child interacts and relates to others and her surroundings. Teambuilding exercises and lessons on how to encourage others, as well as themselves, build strong and confident individuals. Pairing the training with the excitement of cheerleading helps cement these lessons into lifelong character traits. Cj Nash, co-owner of Nash Jem Elite All Stars,


Nash Jem is one of the only predominantly AfricanAmerican gyms in the region and last year won a host of competitions including the Live Champions, America Best Champions, and JamFest Cheer Super Nationals. Cheerleading has become an avenue through which we cultivate new leaders. It is a sport that can be leveraged to build your child’s self-esteem, confidence, discipline, and respect. We congratulate these organizations on their efforts to groom our leaders of tomorrow.

SCENE Thursday, August 15th, the Greater KC Chapter of the Links, Inc. hosted a pre-screening of the new movie, The Butler, as a scholarship fundraiser.

Photos: JW Edwards

Movie critic, Shawn Edwards and U.S. Congressman Emanuel Cleaver, II

Tammy Edwards, President of The Greater KC Links, Inc.


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