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1:00a MAIN STREET AMERICA fears of neighbors and town ofExplore the stories of four ficials following the September different U.S. cities, each in a 11th attacks. different stage of rejuvenation 5:00p ANIMAL ATTRACTIONS TV 11:00p CALIFORNIA’S GOLD #509 and working to overcome #201 Under California Boating With Your Pet problems that have been Take a look at the lives of years in the making. two men who created two of 5:30p AMERICA’S HEARTLAND #217 California's most amazing 2:00a EPIDEMIC OF HEPATITIS C: Riding And Roping Skills PROMETHEUS BOUND buried treasures; visit the (See Wed. 7/1 a t 9:00 pm) Underground Gardens of 6:00p JOURNAL #4130 Baldasare Forestiere and the 3:00a WALDEN - THE BALLAD OF Burro Schmidt Tunnel. 6:30p WORLDFOCUS #1193 THOREAU (See Sun. 7/5 at 12:00 am) 11:30p T RACKS AHEAD #614 7:00p CALIFORNIA’S WATER G Gauge In Mesa #101 4:00a CONVERSATIONS Go into the Carpathian MounClimate Change WITH...#801 tains in western Romania to R.W. “Johnny” Apple, Jr. 7:30p WAGING WAR ON CANCER rediscover a narrow gauge line WITH PAULA ZAHN #202 that is undergoing a rebirth. 5:00a BUSINESS AND THE LAW Mesothelioma: The Hidden #104 Early Friday Threat The Nature Of Contract Law 8:00p THE THE HISTORY 12:00a BOURBON AND KENTUCKY: 5:30a IT’S STRICTLY BUSINESS PROJECT #101 A HISTORY DISTILLED #104 Charge Of The Light Brigade (See Sun. 7/5 at 10:00 pm) Accommodating Business Law It went down in history as 1:00a BREATH OF HOPE: LUNG one of the greatest military CANCER THE INVISIBLE hursday blunders of all times, but what DISEASE really happened at the Charge 5:00p P. ALLEN SMITH’S GARDEN (See Wed. 7/1 at 11:00 pm) of the Light Brigade? HOME #804 2:00a SILVER THREAD Subtle Screens 9:00p EPIDEMIC OF HEPATITIS C: THROUGH THE WEST: THE PROMETHEUS BOUND 5:30p IT’S AN AGE THING #101 CALIFORNIA ZEPHYR Take a compelling look at Working Past 65 (See Fri. 7/10 11:00 pm) Hepatitis C from both the science behind its spread, to 6:00p JOURNAL #4131 3:00a THE BRIDGE SO FAR: A the dramatic and devastating SUSPENSE STORY 6:30p WORLDFOCUS #1194 effects it has on its victims. (See Wed. 7/1 at 10:00 pm)

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7:00p SCULLY/THE WORLD 10:00p THE BRIDGE SO FAR: A SHOW #1209 SUSPENSE STORY An entertaining documentary on the wild and troubled 7:30p EUROPEAN JOURNAL #2721 history of the new east span of the San Francisco-Oakland 8:00p GERMANS IN AMERICA Bay Bridge. #101 Into The Promised Land 11:00p BREATH OF HOPE: LUNG Follow a group of 40 GermanCANCER THE INVISIBLE Americans from Loose DISEASE Creek, Missouri who travel to Lung cancer claims more Germany in search of their American lives than any other roots. cancer, but the majority of the public does not know 9:00p BEIJING: CHANGED BY this staggering fact. Cancer THE OLYMPICS? doesn’t discriminate. It will Explore the lasting impact strike whether you are a that hosting the 2008 Games big shot or an average Joe. has had on China, from the Follow the struggles and physical changes to Beijing’s triumphs of five lung cancer skyline, to the cultural shifts in patients and their families. identity and thought. Early Thursday 10:00p TALKING THROUGH WALLS 12:00a WILD! #506 Examine the story of one Lions And Hyenas man’s struggle to build a (See 7/11 at 8:00 pm) mosque in his neighborhood amidst the uncertainty and (PROGRAM DESCRIPTION CONT IN NEXT COLUMN)

4:00a CONVERSATIONS WITH...#602 Henry Louis Gates 5:00a BUSINESS AND THE LAW #105 The Agreement 5:30a IT’S STRICTLY BUSINESS #105 Contending With Government Involvement

Friday 3 5:00p AFRICA TREK #101 The Grand Departure 5:30p CALIFORNIA’S COMMUNITIES #101 Historic Preservation 6:00p JOURNAL #4132 6:30p WORLDFOCUS #1195 7:00p WORLD BUSINESS #919 7:30p ART WOLFE’S TRAVELS TO THE EDGE #101 Bolivia: The Altiplano


Steve's Picks

Bad Blood: The Border War That Triggered the Civil War In a four-part television series, Germans In America recounts the story of German immigrants to the Untied States, using gripping stories about native settlers and successful farmers, about devout freethinkers and political refugees, about the heyday of the German-language press in America, and about the founders of industrial dynasties in the new homeland. Sunday July 19 at 9:00 pm

Bolinao 52

In 1988 a group of Vietnamese boat people attempted to flee their country in search of freedom. Once at sea the boat's engine died leaving over 100 people stranded in the ocean. What happened next is an unbelievable story of perserverance that changed the live of the survivors forever. Every Wednesday at 8:00 pm

Okie Noodling II For hundreds of years, thrill-seeking fishermen in the South have been diving into murkey creeks, rivers and lakes in search of bank-dwelling catfish. This sequel explores the evolution, legalization issues and commercialization over the last decade of the once backwoods practice of catching catfish bare-handed. Friday July 31 at 8:00 pm

Liquid Assets: The Story of Our Water Infrastructure Explore the history, engineering challenges, and political and economic realities in urban and rural locations of essential infrastructure systems: water, wastewater and storewater, to fully understand the assets that support our way of life. Wednesday July 29 at 10:00 pm

T r av e l & N at u r e H i g h l i g h t s


Wideside with Nick Moll É Costa Rica Nature lover and award-winning filmmaker Nick Mollé embarks on entertaining and educational adventures in one of the most biologically diverse places on Earth. Mollé's extensive knowledge of biology, passion for preservation and sense of humor shine through as he encounters a variety of wildlife of the Costa Rica's ecosystems. Saturday July 4 at 9:00 pm

Richard Bang's Adventures with Purpose: Norway More than 1,000 years ago, Vikings from Norway terrorized Europe; their legendary raids made their name synonomous with marauding pirates. Today, this ruggedly beautiful country houses the Nobel Peace Center and is one of the most eco-friendly countries on earth. Adventurer Richard Bangs seeks out the modern-day "Viking Spirit" in Norway's forbidding Arctic north, its mountainous sea coast and bustling cities. Saturday July 25 at 9:00 pm


Host Darley Newman again hits the trail in search of the best in equestrian travel. She rides with the locals in order to gain a greater sense of each destination's diverse natural surroundings, wildlife, culture and history. She also experiences other adventurous activities and explores cities, quaint towns and spectacular settings. Friday July 31 at 8:00 pm

Wild! Elephants: The Last Mahout Take a unique look into the plight of the Asian Elephants, exploring the tragic collisions of man and beast and speaking plainly about the steps necessary to save this remarkable animal. Saturday July 18 at 8:00 pm


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8:00p FOUR FRESHMEN: LIVE IN LAS VEGAS For 57 years the musical group The Four Freshmen has held a featured spot in the world of vocal jazz harmony. They are a sound more than a group of well-know stars, and their rich sophisticated sound has influenced vocalists for nearly six decades.

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6:00a SIT AND BE FIT #719 6:30a WAI LANA YOGA #405 7:00a GARY SPETZ’S PAINTING WILD PLACES! WITH WATERCOLOR #301 Learn To Paint Waterton Lakes, Part 1 7:30a ONE STROKE PAINTING WITH DONNA DEWBERRY #511 Childs Play

9:00p BRULE, LIVE AT MT. RUSHMORE: A CONCERT 8:00a BEAUTY OF OIL PAINTING FOR RECNCILLIATION WITH GARY AND This 2007 performance KATHWREN JENKINS #124 combines beautiful music with Romantic Soft Focus Tea breathtaking Native American Rose rhythms and dance. 8:30a JERRY YARNELL SCHOOL 10:00p BLUES DIVAS #107 OF FINE ART #2211 Renee Austin Spring Break, Part 1 Up-and-coming Texas blues singer-songwriter Renee 9:00a BEST OF THE JOY OF Austin performs with her PAINTING #2237 Minnesota-based blues band. Golden Mist Oval 11:00p FRONT ROW WITH TROUT 9:30a MIMI’S ART STUDIO#109 FISHING IN AMERICA Red Boat, Watercolor Grammy-nominated recording artists Trout Fishing 10:00a GARDEN SMART #1408 The Kentucky Home And in America—bassist Keith Gardens Of A Plant Breeding Grimwood and guitarist Ezra Idlet—are joined by multi10:30a P. ALLEN SMITH’S GARDEN instrumentalist Fred Bogert for HOME #501 a sold-out concert for a crowd Paint Your Garden of enthusiastic Trout Heads. 11:00a CHRISTINA COOKS #624 Early Saturday Soups And Sandwiches 12:00a VISIONARIES #1401 City Solutions (Flint, MI & Seattle, WA) (See Tue. 7/7 at 7:30 pm)

11:30a DELICIOUS TV’S TOTALLY VEGETARIAN #402 Not So Ordinary Soup & Salad


12:00n ZONYA’S HEALTH BITES #301 Eating Close To The Farm

1:00a BROOKLYN MATTERS (See 7/5 at 11:00 pm)

4:00a 5:00a 5:30a

3:30p VOLVO OCEAN RACE 20082009 #133 4:00p VOLVO OCEAN RACE 20082009 #134 4:30p BEAUTIFUL ICELAND 5:00p RICK STEVES’ EUROPE #212 Germany’s Romantic Rhine And Rothenburg 5:30p BURT WOLF: TASTE OF FREEDOM #111 Independence Day 6:00p FARMERS’ ALMANAC TV #105 Mountain Arts Festival, Apples And The Katrina Cottage 6:30p EQUITREKKING #403 Quebec City And Beyond 7:00p BEST OF EXPEDITIONS WITH PATRICK MCMILLIAN #102 Carnivorous Plants: Plants That Bite Back 7:30p CALIFORNIA’S GOLD #11005 Pt. Fermin Lighthouse Lens 8:00p ALONE IN THE WILDERNESS Discover the story of Dick Proenneke, who lived his dream in the Alaska Wilderness for over 30-years. 9:00p WILDSIDE WITH NICK MOLLE - COSTA RICA See Close-up on page 13. 10:00p GLOBE TREKKER #807 Globe Trekker Food Hour: Mexico The culinary adventure begins in Mexico City's vibrant markets, and journeys through cities sampling native dishes and flavors that influence the local cuisine.

11:00p FRISBEE: THE LIFE & DEATH OF A HIPPIE PREACHER Meet Lonnie Frisbee, a seeker 1:00p NEW SCANDINAVIAN turned Jesus freak evangelist COOKING #103 TALKING THROUGH who compelled thousands The Lure Of The Mountain WALLS toward the Christian faith (See Thu. 7/2 at 10:00 pm) 1:30p MEXICO - ONE PLATE AT A during the 1960s. Even though TIME WITH RICK BAYLESS he was a spiritual catalyst CONVERSATIONS #601 igniting the rise of two worldWITH...#804 Return To Hacienda wide denominations, discover Sue Monk Kidd why his name has all but been 2:00p REAL MOMS, REAL DISABILITY TODAY #837 removed from their histories. STORIES, REAL SAVVY #409 CLASSICAL STRETCH: THE ESMONDE TECHNIQUE 2:30p LASSIE’S PET VET #109 #608 3:00p VOLVO OCEAN RACE 20082009 #132

2:00a BEIJING: CHANGED BY THE OLYMPICS? (See Thu. 7/2 at 9:00 pm) 3:00a

12:30p SARA’S WEEKNIGHT MEALS #101 Pasta For Supper

most areas)

Saturday 4

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10:30a WOODTURNING Atlantic. On board there was WORKSHOP #302 no sign of her eight American Holiday Bell and German crew-members. 12:00a WALDEN - THE BALLAD OF Discover the true and extraorTHOREAU 11:00a PRIMAL GRILL WITH dinary story that for 134 years This play is a conversation STEVEN RAICHLEN #101 has baffled historians and between Thoreau and Smoke Screen scientists. Emerson set during the final two days Thoreau spent at his 11:30a BARBECUE AMERICA #101 9:00p BEYOND THE PRACTICE cabin before leaving Walden Wet Vs. Dry Ribs ROOM Pond. Follow aspiring pianists 12:00n MARTIN YAN’S CHINA #101 between the ages of 14 and Beijing Traditions 1:00a THE ONEIDA SPEAK 18 as they prepare for the This documentary depicts an 12:30p TOMMY TANG’S LETS GET prestigious New York Piano engaging personal account COOKING #123 Competition, while struggling written by elders of the Chaing Mai to maintain the poise and Oneida Nation of Wisconsin stamina required to perform during the early 1930s land 1:00p FOOD TRIP WITH TODD their repertoire before judges, grab policies carried out by ENGLISH #102 peers and the public. government agents. Nantucket: On The Waterfront 10:00p BOURBON AND 2:00a BRULE, LIVE AT MT. 1:30p LIDIA’S ITALY #206 KENTUCKY: A HISTORY RUSHMORE: A CONCERT Vegetarian Rome DISTILLED FOR RECNCILLIATION Explore how distilling origi2:00p MARTHA’S SEWING ROOM (See Fri. 7/3 at 9:00 pm) nated in Kentucky with its first #2913 3:00a BLUES DIVAS #107 settlers in 1775, and travel to Stabilizing Everyday Fabrics Renee Austin the sites of Kentucky’s earliest 2:30p LINDA MACPHEE’S (See Fri. 7/3 at 10pm) distilling operations. WORKSHOP #504 4:00a IN THE LIFE #1807 Big Dreams 11:00p BROOKLYN MATTERS Revising Gender An insightful documentary 3:00p SEWING WITH NANCY (See Sat. 7/11 11:00 pm) that reveals the truth about #2216 the Atlantic Yards proposal 4:30a STORIES IN STONE Sweatshirts For All Seasons and how a few powerful men (See Sat. 7/11 at 11:30 pm) are circumventing community 3:30p KNITTING DAILY #206 participation and planning 5:00a DISABILITIES TODAY #838 A Is For Asymmetry principles to try to push their 5:30a CLASSICAL STRETCH: THE 4:00p QUILT IN A DAY #3005 own interests forward. ESMONDE TECHNIQUE Army Star And Hope Of Early Monday #609 Hartford

Early Sunday

Sunday 5

4:30p QUILTING ARTS #313 Stitch

6:00a SIT AND BE FIT #720

5:00p PIANO GUY #1104

6:30a WAI LANA YOGA #406


7:00a HEALTH SENSE #101 Heart Disease

12:00a THE BRIDGE SO FAR: A SUSPENSE STORY (See Wed. 7/1 at 10:00 pm) 1:00a ALONE IN THE WILDERNESS (See Sat. 7/4 at 8:00 pm)

6:00p BLACK WRITERS IN 2:00a WILDSIDE WITH NICK AMERICA #101 MOLLE - COSTA RICA Walter Mosley/Sonia Sanchez See Close-up on page 13. 6:30p BEYOND THEOLOGY #101 3:00a GLOBE TREKKER #807 8:00a CREATIVE LIVING #5525 A Finger Pointing At The Globe Trekker Food Hour: Moon 8:30a KATIE BROWN WORKSHOP Mexico #403 (See Sat. 7/4 at 10:00 pm) 7:00p WORLD BUSINESS #919 Dressing Up The Ordinary (See Fri. 7/3 at 7:00 pm) 4:00a AN EVENING WITH 9:00a NEW FLYFISHER #316 ANDREW YOUNG 7:30p INSIDE WASHINGTON Missouri River Versatility (See Sun. 7/19 at 8:00 pm) #2111 9:30a SADDLE UP WITH DENNIS 8:00p THE HISTORY PROJECT 5:00a BUSINESS AND THE LAW BROUSE #101 #106 #107 Hard To Catch Consideration Ghost Ship, The Mary Celeste On December 5, 1872, 10:00a WOODSMITH SHOP #212 American merchant ship the 5:30a IT’S STRICTLY BUSINESS Sanding Secrets And Fast #106 Mary Celeste, sailing from Finishing Promoting Social New York to Italy was found Responsibility And Ethical drifting erratically in the midBehavior 7:30a LIVING SMART #101 Alcohol Addiction



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Enrich Yourself History, music, fine arts, writing, and many other engaging classes... College of San Mateo during the day, at night, on weekends and online. Register now. Fall semester begins August 19. (650) 574-6165

Monday 6 5:00p CALIFORNIA’S GOLDEN PARKS #136 American River Parkway

perspective of Michelangelo, the man, the artist and the product of the milieu of his time.

3:00a BOURBON AND KENTUCKY: A HISTORY DISTILLED (See Sun. 7/5 at 10:00 pm)

4:00a AN EVENING WITH EARL GRAVES 10:00p MHZ WORLDVIEW Business mogul and publisher PRESENTS...#523 MAIGRET: THE VANISHING of Black Enterprise Magazine, 5:30p WHITE HOUSE CHRONICLE MR. OWEN Earls Graves talks about how #338 In French With English he helped to revolutionize 6:00p JOURNAL #4133 Subtitles the landscape of the African At a luxurious hotel in the American business community 6:30p WORLDFOCUS #1196 South of France, the body in the United States. of an unknown young man 7:00p EASY THAI COOKING WITH 5:00a BUSINESS AND THE LAW is found in one of the hotel TOMMY TANG #106 #107 rooms, and a wheelchair Contractual Capacity 7:30p LIDIA’S ITALY #226 bound guest is missing. That’s How The Cookie Despite his determination to 5:30a IT’S STRICTLY BUSINESS Crumbles stay away from the investiga#107 tion, Maigret can’t help trying Competing In A Global 8:00p CHANGE YOUR BRAIN, to solve the mystery. Environment CHANGE YOUR LIFE Best-selling author, Early Tuesday psychiatrist and brain-imaging uesday specialist Daniel G. Amen, 12:00a TALKING THROUGH MD demonstrates how to 5:00p CALIFORNIA’S GOLD #11005 WALLS optimize mental performance Pt. Fermin Lighthouse Lens (See Thu. 7/2 at 10:00 pm) and overcome self-defeating 5:30p WILD CHRONICLES #338 behaviors like depression, 1:00a CURE Rehabilitating India’s Gibbon ADD, and anxiety. Get a dramatic insider’s view Population into the search to eradicating 9:30p MICHELANGELO’S heart disease—a disease 6:00p JOURNAL #4134 MADONNA & SON: THE previously thought to be HUMAN FORM incurable. 6:30p WORLDFOCUS #1197 Artistic, anatomical, social, psychological and religious 2:00a FRONT ROW WITH TROUT 7:00p FOREIGN EXCHANGE #525 threads are interwoven to FISHING IN AMERICA create a truly multidisciplinary (See Fri. 7/3 at 11:00 pm) (PROGRAM DESCRIPTION CONT IN NEXT COLUMN TV Listings continued on page 17




J u ly 2 0 0 9 7:30p VISIONARIES #1401 City Solutions (Flint, MI & Seattle, WA)

5:00a BUSINESS AND THE LAW #108 Legal Purpose

8:00p THE NEW SELLING OF 5:30a IT’S STRICTLY BUSINESS AMERICA #108 Managing Business Go into the boardrooms, Information sales meetings and college classrooms to discover what business leaders, corporate ednesday executives and educators are doing to make America more 5:00p ANIMAL ATTRACTIONS TV competitive by professional#202 izing sales. 5:30p AMERICA’S HEARTLAND 9:00p REAL ECONOMY WITH BEN #218 WATTENBURG 6:00p JOURNAL #4135 Explore a fascinating modern phenomenon: 6:30p WORLDFOCUS #1198 how big changes such as globalization, technology, and 7:00p CALIFORNIA’S WATER deregulation are fundamen#102 tally changing the economic Sacramento-San Joaquin landscape. Delta


10:00p CHILD SAFETY: IT’S NO ACCIDENT Adults get to view unsafe situations from a child’s perspective, while parents and caregivers get useful information about keeping children safe. 11:00p COMMUNITY BUILDER: THE LIFE & LEGACY OF J.C. NICHOLS Discover Kansas City’s most famous land developer, Jess Clyde Nichols, who built a grand local community...and changed America forever. Early Wednesday

12:00a GERMANS IN AMERICA #101 Into The Promised Land (See Thu. 7/2 at 8:00 pm)


7:30p BALANCING YOUR LIFE #101 Chris Evert/Deborah Willis

10:00p EXPECTATIONS: LIVING WITH ALZHEIMER Take an intimate, poignant look at the people affected by Alzheimer’s Disease – family members, caregivers and patients in early stages – as they navigate and experience the current continuum of care for the disease. 11:00p BRIDGE BETWEEN SILENCE AND SOUND Examine the debate on hearing loss and the Cochlear Implant, a cutting-edge, but controversial technology that gives the deaf and hard of hearing the ability to hear sounds. Early Thursday

12:00a ALONE IN THE 8:00p THE HISTORY PROJECT WILDERNESS #102 (See Sat. 7/4 at 8:00 pm) Churchill’s Few: Fighter Pilots Of WWII 1:00a HIDDEN FIRE: THE GREAT Testimonies from men who BUTTE EXPLOSION bravely fought on both side In 1895, an explosion caused of the Battle of Britain war by a hidden cache of illegally discuss not only the emotional stored explosives destroyed and physical scars they bear, a large section of Butte’s but the scars carried by their warehouse district. Though countries and the families who this was the first of Butte's lost loved ones. many disasters, it also represents everything about Butte 9:00p ETHANOL MAZE in 1895: generous citizens, Prices at the pump are putting dedicated public servants, pressure on our pocketbooks, no-holds-barred commercial the economy and America’s exploitation of the landscape foreign policy. Navigate the and criminal activity that put the entire populace at risk. 2:00a FRISBEE: THE LIFE & DEATH OF A HIPPIE PREACHER (See Sat. 7/4 at 11:00 pm)

1:00a MHZ WORLDVIEW PRESENTS...#523 MAIGRET: THE VANISHING MR. OWEN (See Mon. 7/6 at 10:00 pm)

3:00a SURVIVING THE STORM (See Sun. 7/12 at 12:00 am)

3:00a GERMANS IN AMERICA #102 The Price Of Freedom (See Thu. 7/9 at 8:00 pm) 4:00a AN EVENING WITH ELLERY This program shines the spotlight on acclaimed husbandwife duo, nominated for Artist of the Year & Album of the Year for the 2006 Cincinnati Entertainment Awards.

and if ethanol is a short-term energy solution that could create additional long-term problems.

4:00a AN EVENING WITH ELLERY (See Early Wed. 7/8 at 4:00 am)

complex questions surrounding the ethanol industry: the effect ethanol production has on food prices, the energy expended to manufacture it

5:00a BUSINESS AND THE LAW #109 Genuineness Of Assent 5:30a IT’S STRICTLY BUSINESS #109 Selecting A Form Of Business Ownership


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Cable 17


most areas)

4:00a AN EVENING WITH NIKKI its rebirth as part of Amtrak’s GIOVANNI fleet. Explore both the railroad Take a rare look inside the life history and the rugged Western of poet and educator, Nikki landscape of its route. 5:00p P. ALLEN SMITH’S GARDEN Giovanni. HOME #805 Early Saturday Music And Daffodils 5:00a BUSINESS AND THE LAW #110 5:30p IT’S AN AGE THING #102 12:00a VISIONARIES #1402 Proper Form Driving Community Cops (High Point, NC & Chicago, Il) 5:30a IT’S STRICTLY BUSINESS 6:00p JOURNAL #4136 (See Tue. 7/14 at 7:30 pm) #110 6:30p WORLDFOCUS #1199 Highlighting Small Business 12:30a THIS IS AMERICA WITH DENNIS WHOLEY #1241 7:00p SCULLY/THE WORLD SHOW #1210 riday 1:00a COMMUNITY BUILDER: THE LIFE & LEGACY OF J.C. 7:30p EUROPEAN JOURNAL 5:00p AFRICA TREK #102 NICHOLS #2722 The Rainbow Nation (See Tue. 7/7 at 11:00 pm) 8:00p GERMANS IN AMERICA 5:30p CALIFORNIA’S 2:00a BOLINAO 52 #102 COMMUNITIES #102 See Close-up on page 12. The Price Of Freedom Historic Downtowns: Clovis Recalls the strenuous ordeals 3:00a WATERBUSTER 6:00p JOURNAL #4137 faced by the first German (See Thu. 7/9 at 11:00 pm) settlers to arrive in Texas in 6:30p WORLDFOCUS #1200 1846. 4:00a CONVERSATIONS WITH...#604 7:00p WORLD BUSINESS #920 9:00p BOLINAO 52 Margaret Atwood See Close-up on page 12. 7:30p ART WOLFE’S TRAVELS 5:00a DISABILITIES TODAY #839 TO THE EDGE #102 10:00p WATERBUSTER Alaska: Glacier Bay Filmmaker J. Carlos Peinado 5:30a CLASSICAL STRETCH: THE ESMONDE TECHNIQUE #610 revisits his ancestral 8:00p PULP FICTION ART homeland in North Dakota to Take an in-depth look at the investigate the devastating incredible—yet misunderstood aturday impact of the massive Gar—works of art on pulp fiction rison Dam project on a once magazine covers, some of 6:00a SIT AND BE FIT #721 self-sufficient American Indian which, due to their controvercommunity. sial content, are rarely seen in 6:30a WAI LANA YOGA #407 public today. 7:00a GARY SPETZ’S PAINTING 11:00p CHURCH ON DAUPHINE WILD PLACES! WITH STREET 9:00p ANN-JANETTE, BRIGHTER WATERCOLOR #302 In the aftermath of Hurricane DAY AHEAD Learn To Paint Waterton Katrina, when nearly all hope Oklahoma artist Ann-Janette Lakes, Part 2 was drowned in the flood, performs songs with special discover how one church in guests including Bartlesville 7:30a ONE STROKE PAINTING the Upper Ninth Ward of New Symphony Orchestra’s WITH DONNA DEWBERRY Orleans did not give up. maestro and cellist Lauren #512 Green. Retro Kitchen Early Friday 10:00p BLUES DIVAS #108 8:00a BEAUTY OF OIL PAINTING 12:00a SECRETS OF NEW YORK Denise Lasalle WITH GARY AND #303 Denise LaSalle, Queen of the KATHWREN JENKINS #125 Made In New York: City Of Southern Soul Blues, sings Hibiscus Industry You Can Have My Husband, (See Sun. 7/12 at 10:00 pm) 8:30a JERRY YARNELL SCHOOL Still the Queen and My Toot OF FINE ART #2212 Toot. 1:00a BRIDGE BETWEEN Spring Break, Part 2 SILENCE AND SOUND 11:00p SILVER THREAD (See Wed. 7/8 at 11:00 pm) THROUGH THE WEST: THE 9:00a BEST OF THE JOY OF PAINTING #2238 CALIFORNIA ZEPHYR Christmas Eve Snow A nostalgic documentary chronicling the design, opera- 9:30a MIMI’S ART STUDIO#110 2:00a ETHANOL MAZE tion, abandonment, and resur(See Wed. 7/8 at 9:00 pm) Birch Tree, Acrylic rection of one of America’s 3:00a EXPECTATIONS: LIVING great Western trains, from 10:00a GARDEN SMART #1409 WITH ALZHEIMER its 1946 maiden run to its A Phoenix Resort That Dates (See Wed. 7/8 at 10:00 pm) discontinuance in 1970 to To The 1920’s

Thursday 9







J u ly 2 0 0 9 10:30a P. ALLEN SMITH’S GARDEN 7:30p CALIFORNIA’S GOLD HOME #502 #10003 Garden Home Idea House Kern River Preserve

2:00a ANN-JANETTE, BRIGHER DAY AHEAD (See Fri. 7/10 at 9:00 pm)

11:00a CHRISTINA COOKS #625 Back To Basics

3:00a BLUES DIVAS #108 Denise Lasalle (See Fri. 7/10 at 10:00 pm)

11:30a DELICIOUS TV’S TOTALLY VEGETARIAN #403 Bloodroot 12:00n ZONYA’S HEALTH BITES #302 A Meatless Trade-In Your Family Will Cheer For 12:30p SARA’S WEEKNIGHT MEALS #102 The Substantial Sandwich 1:00p NEW SCANDINAVIAN COOKING WITH CLAUS MEYER #104 Cooking Of Light 1:30p MEXICO – ON PLATE AT A TIME WITH RICK BAYLESS #602 A Man, A Pan, Paella! 2:00p REAL MOMS, REAL STORIES, REAL SAVVY #410 2:30p LASSIE’S PET VET #110

8:00p WILD! #506 Lions And Hyenas A male lion cub and a female hyena pup, each born at the same time help to reveal the truth about the constantly changing balance of power between these two species.

4:00a CAROLINA BROGUE (See Sat. 7/18 at 11:00 pm) 4:30a REDUCING OUR CARBON FOOTPRINT: THE ROLE OF MARKETS (See Sat. 7/18 at 11:30 pm)

9:00p AS CLOSE AS YOU DARE AFRICA Follow the extraordinary 5:00a DISABILITIES TODAY #840 adventures of American artist Becci Crowe as she returns to 5:30a CLASSICAL STRETCH: THE ESMONDE TECHNIQUE the African bush to create her #611 artwork in the presence of her wild subjects. 10:00p GLOBE TREKKER #808 Globe Trekker Special: Volcanoes, Ring Of Fire Explore the world’s most spectacular volcanoes, traveling from Pompeii, Stromboli, and Santorini in Italy and Greece to Krakatoa and Mt. Fuji in Indonesia and Japan. 11:00p IN THE LIFE #1807 Revising Gender

3:00p VOLVO OCEAN RACE 200811:30p STORIES IN STONE 2009 #135 Discover the story of the Nar3:30p VOLVO OCEAN RACE 2008ragansett Tribal stonemasons 2009 #136 who, for over four hundred years build many of the stone 4:00p VOLVO OCEAN RACE 2008walls that wind picturesquely 2009 #137 through the woods of southern New England. 4:30p WISCONSIN BARNS: TOUCHSTONES TO THE Early Sunday PAST

Sunday 12

6:00a SIT AND BE FIT #801 6:30a WAI LANA YOGA #408 7:00a HEALTH SENSE #102 Breast Cancer 7:30a LIVING SMART #102 Restorative Justice 8:00a CREATIVE LIVING #5526 8:30a KATIE BROWN WORKSHOP #404 Circus Party 9:00a NEW FLYFISHER #317 Wading The Norfolk 9:30a SADDLE UP WITH DENNIS BROUSE #102 Head Tossing

10:00a WOODSMITH SHOP #213 Top Shop Tips 12:00a SURVIVING THE STORM Follow the actions a New 10:30a WOODTURNING Orleans hospital took to WORKSHOP #303 survive Hurricane Katrina, Fishing Lure and why it is important for 5:30p PASSPORT TO our medical community to 11:00a PRIMAL GRILL WITH ADVENTURE #102 STEVEN RAICHLEN #102 survive during disasters, and Exploring Rural China And Kebabs Of The World Unite more importantly, the valuable The Great Wall lessons learned on being 11:30a BARBECUE AMERICA #102 prepared. 6:00p FARMERS’ ALMANAC TV BBQ, California Style #106 1:00a APPALACHIANS #101 Collectors, Urban Gardens 12:00n MARTIN YAN’S CHINA #102 Appalachia, America’s first And Santa Fe Chilies Land Of The Panda frontier is an ancient range, rugged and beautiful. For 6:30p EQUITREKKING #404 centuries it was home to Central Turkey many Indian tribes. Beginning 12:30p TOMMY TANG’S LET’S GET 7:00p BEST OF EXPEDITIONS COOKING #124 in the 17th century, European WITH PATRICK MCMILLIAN Phuket explorers and traders travel to #103 Appalachia where they began 1:00p FOOD TRIP WITH TODD Fumaroles And Volcanoes: to make a life in this land. ENGLISH #103 On The Edge Of Existence Japan: The World’s Best Beef 5:00p RICK STEVES’ EUROPE #213 Munich And The Foothills Of The Alps


D i g i ta l 4 3

1:30p LIDIA’S ITALY #207 Porcini Wrap 2:00p MARTHA’S SEWING ROOM #3001 Serger Bias Trim 2:30p LINDA MACPHEE’S WORKSHOP #505 Shoes And A Purse To Match 3:00p SEWING WITH NANCY #2217 Ready Set Serge, Part 1 3:30p KNITTING DAILY #207 Single Skein 4:00p QUILT IN A DAY #3006 Contrary Wife And Broken Sugar Bowl 4:30p FONS & PORTER’S LOVE OF QUILTING #901 Homespun Galaxy Quilt 5:00p PIANO GUY #1105

Cable 17


while new industries flourish, New York City’s old industries, in its various boroughs, reveal their lasting impact on the nation as a whole. 11:00p CORPORAL’S DIARY: 38 DAYS IN IRAQ Jonathan Santos, 22, documented his 37 days in Iraq on video and in writing; never knowing that day 38 would be his last. From high explosives to clandestine home brew, his video footage and witty narrative combine personal musings on life, death, and the future he imagined but would never see.

most areas)

8:00p LAST LECTURE: REALLY ACHIEVING YOUR CHILDHOOD DREAMS The much-acclaimed talk by Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch, who passed away from pancreatic cancer on July 25, 2008, is upbeat, funny, inspiring, moving and something everyone should

Early Monday

12:00a THE NEW SELLING OF AMERICA (See Tue. 7/7 at 8:00 pm)


1:00a WILD! #506 Lions And Hyenas 6:00p BLACK WRITERS IN (See Sat. 7/11 at 8:00 pm) AMERICA #102 Terry McMillan/Arthur Flowers 2:00a AS CLOSE AS YOU DARE AFRICA 6:30p BEYOND THEOLOGY #102 (See Sat. 7/11 at 9:00 pm) Church And State 3:00a GLOBE TREKKER #808 7:00p WORLD BUSINESS #920 Globe Trekker Special: (See Fri. 7/10 at 7:00 pm) Volcanoes, Ring Of Fire (See Sat. 7/11 at 10:00 pm) 7:30p INSIDE WASHINGTON #2112 4:00a AN EVENING WITH STEPHEN LEACOCK 8:00p THE HISTORY PROJECT (See Tue. 7/28 at 11:00 pm) #106 The Battle For Christendom 5:00a BUSINESS AND THE LAW Follow the battle between #111 “The Holy League”, the Interpretation Of Contracts bloodiest confrontation ever 5:30a IT’S STRICTLY BUSINESS between members of the #111 Muslim and Christian faith, Managing A Business which resulted in nearly 50,000 casualties—a level of mass killings not again onday reached until World War I, and likely the largest naval 5:00p CALIFORNIA’S GOLDEN battle of all time. PARKS #137 Stanford Mansion 9:00p CONVERSATION WITH...#905 5:30p WHITE HOUSE CHRONICLE Tom Brokaw #1025 The former NBC Nightly News 6:00p JOURNAL #4138 anchor discusses his new book Boom! Aftershocks of 6:30p WORLDFOCUS #1201 the Sixties. 7:00p EASY THAI COOKING WITH 10:00p SECRETS OF NEW YORK TOMMY TANG #107 #303 Made In New York: City Of 7:30p AMERICA’S TEST Industry KITCHEN FROM COOK’S Today, New York is a center ILLUSTRATED #901 of finance and commerce and The Best Blueberry Pie




see. Pausch gave his last lecture at the university Sept. 18, 2007, before a packed auditorium about his life lessons learned and gave advice on how to achieve career and personal goals. 10:00p MHZ WORLDVIEW PRESENTS...#524 HOMICIDE SQUAD: CRIME FOR CRIME In Italian With English Subtitles Tough problem for Lazzaro’s squad: outside the office where a financial wheeler dealer lies dead, security cameras show everyone who came and went – but the two groups don’t match up. Early Tuesday

12:00a REINVENTING HEALTH CARE: A FRED FRIENDLY SEMINAR Policy experts discuss the nation’s health-care system. 1:00a CIRCLING AROUND: THE VIOLIN VIRTUOSI Discover the work of Mimi Zweig and one of the most prestigious violin training programs in the United States. From their first squeaky triumphs through their mastery of the instrument, follow the (PROGRAM DESCRIPTION CONT IN NEXT COLUMN)


J u ly 2 0 0 9 students’ commitment to excellence, exemplified by the hours of practice and rehearsal, the touring and travel, and the struggles of balancing music with school life.

9:00p ALL ABOUT PRINTS 5:00a BUSINESS AND THE LAW #113 Explore the centuries-old Performance And Discharge art of printmaking and the deep-rooted traditions of the 5:30a IT’S STRICTLY BUSINESS art form from the 19th-century #113 Managing Human Resources

Wednesday 15

2:00a CONVERSATION WITH...#905 Tom Brokaw (See Sun. 7/12 at 9:00 pm)


3:00a SECRETS OF NEW YORK #303 Made In New York: City Of Industry (See Sun. 7/12 at 10:00 pm) 4:00a AN EVENING WITH NIKKI GIOVANNI (See Early Fri. 7/10 at 4 am) 5:00a BUSINESS AND THE LAW #112 Rights Of Third Parties 5:30a IT’S STRICTLY BUSINESS #112 Establishing A Business Organization

Tuesday 14 5:00p CALIFORNIA’S GOLD #10003 Kern River Preserve 5:30p WILD CHRONICLES #339 China’s Wolong Panda Reserve 6:00p JOURNAL #4139 6:30p WORLDFOCUS #1202 7:00p FOREIGN EXCHANGE #526 7:30p VISIONARIES #1402 Community Cops (High Point, NC & Chicago, Il) 8:00p 10-J: THE HISTORY OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK OF KANSAS CITY In 1913, Congress created the Federal Reserve to bring financial stability to the nation after a number of banking panics. Although much has changed in the decades since the Federal Reserve’s founding, examine how its unique structure is in many ways perhaps more important today than it was nearly a century ago in providing the nation with a stable financial system.

5:30p AMERICA’S HEARTLAND #219 6:00p JOURNAL #4140 6:30p WORLDFOCUS #1203 masters Homer and Whistler, the influence of Mexican muralists, the 1960s print boom to the ever-evolving techniques of contemporary artists who carry on the tradition.

7:00p CALIFORNIA’S WATER #103 Flood Fight 2006 7:30p BALANCING YOUR LIFE #102 Consuelo Mack/Rose Mutombo

10:00p AN EVENING WITH RICHARD PARSONS 8:00p THE HISTORY PROJECT #103 An interview with corporate Lost Kingdom Of The giant Richard Parsons who Himalayas became Chairman of the Travel to the extreme corner Board of Time Warner in 2003 of West Tibet to unravel the and led the company’s turnmystery of Guge, a kingdom around and set it on a path to that prospered for seven toward achieving sustainable centuries, and then vanished growth. without a trace in 1630. 11:00p FARMBOY 9:00p IMAGING THE ILIAD: The heartfelt and engaging DIGITAL RENAISSANCE story of a Depression era Classicists from Harvard’s family farm known as SunCenter for Hellenic Studies, nygables and its long range along with conservators, influence on the American computer scientists, and dinner table and global photographers attempt to phoagriculture. tograph and scan the world’s Early Wednesday oldest surviving manuscript of the Homeric Iliad. 12:00a GERMANS IN AMERICA 10:00p HEALING WITHIN #102 Stress causes illness – includThe Price Of Freedom ing such severe illnesses as (See Thu. 7/9 at 8:00 pm) cancer and heart disease. To 1:00a MHZ WORLDVIEW fight against these illnesses, PRESENTS...#524 cardiologists and cancer HOMICIDE SQUAD: CRIME specialists have reached the FOR CRIME same solution: you have to (See Mon. 7/13 at 10:00 pm) beat stress, so they set up rehab programs based on 3:00a GERMANS IN AMERICA exercise, diet and meditation. #103 Little Germanies 11:00p WITH ALL DELIBERATE (See Thu. 7/16 at 8:00 pm) SPEED: THE LEGACY OF BROWN VS. BOARD 4:00a CONVERSATION May 17, 2004 marked the WITH...#1002 50th anniversary of the Greg Mortenson Supreme Court’s monumental (PROGRAM DESCRIPTION CONT ON NEXT PAGE)


D i g i ta l 4 3

Cable 17


decision in the cases col8:00p GERMANS IN AMERICA #103 lectively known as Brown Little Germanies v. Board of Education. The German-speaking comcases struck down the notion munities bloomed all over the of “separate but equal” educacountry in the seond half of tion and ended legalized segthe 19th century. regation in America’s public schools. But a half-century later, scholars and community 9:00p BOMBIES Examine the problem of leaders continue to struggle to unexploded cluster bombs ensure that equal educational through the personal experiopportunities are offered to all ences of a group of Laotians citizens. Explore of the history and foreigners. and current legacy of the Brown case. 10:00p GEISHA: AN ARTIST’S JOURNEY Early Thursday Shizumi Shigeto Manale, a Japanese-American perfor12:00a WILD! #507 mance artist, travels to Japan Elephants: The Last Mahout to explore the world of the See Close-up on page 13. Geisha and the inspirations for her own art. 1:00a 10-J: THE HISTORY OF THE FEDERAL RESERVE BANK 11:00p I N REMEMBRANCE THERE OF KANSAS CITY IS LIFE: A NIGHT OF (See Tue. 7/14 at 8:00 pm) STORYTELLING An event held in Memphis on 2:00a CORPORAL’S DIARY: 38 the 40th anniversary of the DAYS IN IRAQ assassination of Dr. Martin (See Sun. 7/12 at 11:00 pm) Luther King Jr. brought 3:00a AN EVENING WITH together leaders from the Civil RICHARD PARSONS Rights struggle to celebrate (See Tue. 7/14 at 10:00 pm) the life and legacy of this great American. 4:00a CONVERSATION WITH...#1001 Early Friday Michael Pollan 12:00a AN EVENING WITH 5:00a BUSINESS AND THE LAW RICHARD PARSONS #114 (See Tue. 7/14 at 10:00 pm) Contractual Remedies 1:00a WITH ALL DELIBERATE 5:30a IT’S STRICTLY BUSINESS SPEED: THE LEGACY OF #114 BROWN VS. BOARD Managing The Work (See Wed. 7/15 at 11:00 pm) Environment

Thursday 16

2:00a IMAGING THE ILIAD: DIGITAL RENAISSANCE (See Wed. 7/15 at 9:00 pm)

most areas)

5:30p CALIFORNIA’S COMMUNITIES #103 Temecula 6:00p JOURNAL #4142 6:30p WORLDFOCUS #1205 7:00p WORLD BUSINESS #921 7:30p ART WOLFE’S TRAVELS TO THE EDGE #103 Patagonia: Torres Del Paine 8:00p SHAKESPEARE WAS A BIG GEORGE JONES Discover maverick entrepreneur, madcap jester of the country music industry, the Fellini of Nashville, songwriter and producer “Cowboy” Jack Clement, an unorthodox man captured here in an unorthodox documentary. 9:00p BRAGGING RIGHTS: STICKBALL STORIES Discover the history of stickball, as told through the voices of senior players of the sport who have played the game since they were children in the 1930s. 10:00p AMERICAN STANDARDS: UNFORGETTABLE Features an amazing line-up of songs made popular by the likes of Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Judy Garland performing classics with top entertainers from the Pittsburgh region. 11:00p WALTER ANDERSON: REALIZATIONS OF AN ARTIST Explore the extraordinary life of the fiercely independent artist, from his struggle to survive during the Depression, his hospitalizations and subsequent escapes, to his eventual triumph as an artist.

5:00p P. ALLEN SMITH’S GARDEN 3:00a HEALING WITHIN HOME #806 (See Wed. 7/15 at 10:00 pm) Triumphant Tulips 4:00a CONVERSATIONS 5:30p IT’S AN AGE THING #103 WITH...#803 Living Alone After The Loss Gene Sperling Of A Partner 5:00a BUSINESS AND THE LAW 6:00p JOURNAL #4141 #115 6:30p WORLDFOCUS #1204 Sales And Sales Contracts

Early Saturday




5:30a IT’S STRICTLY BUSINESS #115 Handling Labor Relations

Friday 17 5:00p AFRICA TREK #103 Great Zimbabwe

12:00a VISIONARIES #1403 Bureaucracy Busted (North Carolina & Florida) (See Tue. 7/21 at 7:30 pm)

1:00a FARMBOY (See Tue. 7/14 at 11:00 pm) 2:00a BOMBIES (See Thu. 7/16 at 9:00 pm)


J u ly 2 0 0 9 3:00a GEISHA: AN ARTIST’S JOURNEY (See Thu. 7/16 at 10:00 pm) 4:00a WALTER ANDERSON: REALIZATIONS OF AN ARTIST (See Fri. 7/17 at 11:00 pm) 5:00a DISABILITIES TODAY #841

1:00p NEW SCANDINAVIAN COOKING WITH CLAUSE MEYER #105 Sunny Strawberries And Golden Rape Seed Oil 1:30p MEXICO – ONE PLATE AT A TIME WITH RICK BAYLESS #603 Beach Blanket Barbecue


Saturday 18 6:00a SIT AND BE FIT #802 6:30a WAI LANA YOGA #409 7:00a GARY SPETZ’S PAINTING WILD PLACES! WITH WATERCOLOR #303 Learn To Paint The Monument Valley, Part 1 7:30a ONE STROKE PAINTING WITH DONNA DEWBERRY #513 First Class Service 8:00a BEAUTY OF OIL PAINTING WITH GARY AND KATHWREN JENKINS #126 Tea Roses And Lilacs 8:30a JERRY YARNELL SCHOOL OF FINE ART #2213 Spring Break, Part 3 9:00a BEST OF THE JOY OF PAINTING #2239 Hidden Delight

11:00p CAROLINA BROGUE A lively tour of the dialect and culture of the North Carolina Outer Banks. 11:30p REDUCING OUR CARBON FOOTPRINT: THE ROLE OF MARKETS An introduction to carbon management and the role of carbon. Early Sunday

12:00a THREE RABBIS In the mid-1900s, three young men arrived in Portland, 3:00p VOLVO OCEAN RACE 2008Oregon to join the thousands 2009 #138 of Jews before them who 3:30p VOLVO OCEAN RACE 2008came west seeking freedom 2009 #139 of a self-determined life. Though they were strangers 4:00p SWISS RAIL JOURNEYS to the city and to each other, #105 they chose to work together, Transport Publique Du fulfilling their destinies as Chablais, Part 1 rabbis—and along the way 5:00p RICK STEVES’ EUROPE they led an old-world com#214 munity into the 21st century. Switzerland’s Jungfrau 1:00a APPALACHIANS #102 Region: Best Of The Alps In the 1830’s the growing 5:30p PASSPORT TO nation set its sights of land ADVENTURE #104 t hat will still owned by the The Pyrenees Mountains, Indians, while slavery and Spain And France other social and economic differences were widening the 6:00p FARMERS’ ALMANAC TV gap between the American #107 north and south. Lumberjacks, High-Railers And Stock Dogs 2:00a BRAGGING RIGHTS: STICKBALL STORIES 6:30p EQUITREKKING #405 (See Fri. 7/17 at 9:00 pm) Wales 2:30p LASSIE’S PET VET #111

3:00a AMERICAN STANDARDS: 7:00p BEST OF EXPEDITIONS UNFORGETTABLE WITH PATRICK MCMILLIAN (See Fri. 7/17 at 10:00 pm) #104 Sea Turtles: Carolina 4:00a SWITCHBACK - THE 10:00a GARDEN SMART #1410 Residents And Seasonal AMERICANA SESSIONS Extraordinary Plants That Tourism (See Sat. 7/25 at 11:00 pm) Look Good During Fall And Winter 7:30p CALIFORNIA’S GOLD #9004 5:00a DISABILITY TODAY #842 Sea Urchins 10:30a P. ALLEN SMITH’S GARDEN 5:30a CLASSICAL STRETCH: THE HOME #503 8:00p WILD! #507 ESMONDE TECHNIQUE Beach Living Elephants: The Last Mahout #613 See Close-up on page 13. 11:00a CHRISTINA COOKS #626 Dinner And A Movie 9:00p CRANE SONG unday Follow this stunning visual 11:30a DELICIOUS TV’S TOTALLY essay of the Sandhill crane’s 6:00a SIT AND BE FIT #803 VEGETARIAN #404 migration through Nebraska. O-Me-Ga! It’s Tofu! 6:30a WAI LANA YOGA #410 10:00p GLOBE TREKKER #809 12:00n ZONYA’S HEALTH BITES 7:00a HEALTH SENSE #103 Greece #303 Alzheimer’s Explore the picturesque What Color Is On Your Plate? streets near the Acropolis, 7:30a LIVING SMART #103 spend the evening in the 12:30p SARA’S WEEKNIGHT Empowering Youth Through MEALS #103 student district of Exaria and The Arts Soup For Supper listen to “rembetik,” the Greek blues. 9:30a MIMI’S ART STUDIO#111 Adirondack Lake Pines, Acrylic




D i g i ta l 4 3

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most areas)


Bebe Moore Campbell/Quincy 11:30p SHARING SECRETS OF Troupe SALSA: MIXING ENGLISH 8:30a KATIE BROWN WORKSHOP WITH COMMUNITY SPIRIT #405 6:30p BEYOND THEOLOGY #103 Discover how a cookbook Garden Party The Ground Of Being project changed the lives of the wives of Mexican employees in 9:00a NEW FLYFISHER #318 7:00p WORLD BUSINESS #921 Anderson Valley’s wineries. Strike Indicator Techniques (See Fri. 7/17 at 7:00 pm) Early Monday 9:30a SADDLE UP WITH DENNIS 7:30p INSIDE WASHINGTON BROUSE #103 #2113 12:00a 10-J: THE HISTORY OF THE The Remarkable Ways 8:00p AN EVENING WITH FEDERAL RESERVE BANK Horses Touch Our Lives ANDREW YOUNG OF KANSAS CITY 10:00a AMERICAN WOODSHOP Civil rights leader and former (See Tue. 7/14 at 8:00 pm) #1401 United Nations Ambassador 1:00a WILD! #507 Kitchen Turnings And Andrew Young talks about Elephants: The Last Mahout Treenware See Close-up on page 13. 10:30a WOODTURNING 2:00a CRANE SONG WORKSHOP #304 (See Sat. 7/18 at 9:00 pm) Mortar And Pestle 11:00a PRIMAL GRILL WITH STEVEN RAICHLEN #103 Make No Mis-Steak

3:00a GLOBE TREKKER #809 Greece (See Sat. 7/18 at 10:00 pm)

11:30a BARBECUE AMERICA #103 Lamb And Brunswick Stew

4:00a GLOBE TREKKER #801 The Balkans

12:00n MARTIN YAN’S CHINA #103 Women Of Lugu Lake

5:00a BUSINESS AND THE LAW #116 Passage Of Title And Risk Of Loss

12:30p TOMMY TANG’S LET’S GET COOKING #125 Phuket 1:00p FOOD TRIP WITH TODD ENGLISH #104 New York: The Surprise Inside 1:30p LIDIA’S ITALY #208 What A Boar 2:00p MARTHA’S SEWING ROOM #3002 Twin Needle Scallops 2:30p LINDA MACPHEE’S WORKSHOP #506 One For The Kids 3:00p SEWING WITH NANCY #2218 Ready Set Serge, Part 2 3:30p KNITTING DAILY #208 Seamless Construction 4:00p QUILT IN A DAY #3007 Star Spangled Banner And Stars And Stripes 4:30p FONS & PORTER’S LOVE OF QUILTING #902 Chenille Cuddle Quilt 5:00p PIANO GUY #1106 5:30p CREATIVE LIVING #5202 6:00p BLACK WRITERS IN AMERICA #103

5:30a IT’S STRICTLY BUSINESS #116 Marketing Products And Services his early years, the civil rights movement, his career at the UN, and his time in governonday ment as a U.S. congressman and mayor of Atlanta. 5:00p CALIFORNIA’S GOLDEN PARKS #101 9:00p BAD BLOOD: THE BORDER Big Basin WAR THAT TRIGGERED THE CIVIL WAR 5:30p WHITE HOUSE CHRONICLE See Close-up on page 12. #1026


10:30p 9/4/57: SCHOOL INTEGRATION IN CHARLOTTE Photographs and first person accounts reveal the courage and cruelty of school integration in 1957.



7:30p AMERICA’S TEST KITCHEN FROM COOK’S 11:00p LOST BIRD OF WOUNDED ILLUSTRATED #902 KNEE French Classics, Reimagined An infant survivor of the Wounded Knee massacre of 8:00p MAGNIFICENT MIND AT 1891 was adopted by whites. ANY AGE WITH DR. DANIEL AMEN Her life-long search for her In this follow-up to Change Native heritage inspired the Your Brain, Change Your Life, founding of the Lost Bird Dr. Amen explains how to keep Society at Pine Ridge, SD, your brain healthy as you age, which helps Native Americans and how to improve mental in their search for their tribal functioning. roots.


J u ly 2 0 0 9 9:30p CAPTIVE AUDIENCE: 21ST 5:00a BUSINESS AND THE LAW CENTURY CHALLENGE OF #117 ZOO MEDICINE Performance Of A Sales Contract Today, many of the nation's top zoos are now stepping 5:30a IT’S STRICTLY BUSINESS up their efforts to save #117 endangered species, and zoo Defining Products And Services

10:00p CALL OF THE ENTREPRENEUR Three men. One call. A merchant banker. A failing dairy farmer. A refugee from Communist China. One risked his savings. One risked his farm. One risked his life. Why do their stories matter? Because how we view entrepreneurs – as greedy or altruistic, as uesday virtuous or vicious – shapes 5:00p CALIFORNIA’S GOLD #9004 the destinies of individuals Sea Urchins and nations. 5:30p WILD CHRONICLES #340 11:00p INDIAN BOARDING SCHOOLS: KEEPING THE 6:00p JOURNAL #4144 CULTURE ALIVE #101 Beyond The Mesas 6:30p WORLDFOCUS #1207 veterinarians are now at the forefront of many of those 11:30p INDIAN BOARDING 7:00p TBA conservation and education SCHOOLS: KEEPING THE efforts. Follow two zoo vets as 7:30p VISIONARIES #1403 CULTURE ALIVE #102 they make house calls to the Bureaucracy Busted (North Beautiful Resistance Sacramento Zoo. Carolina & Florida) Early Wednesday 10:00p MHZ WORLDVIEW 8:00p AMERICA’S GENERATIONS: PRESENTS...#525 THE BOOMERS 12:00a GERMANS IN AMERICA VARG VEUM: BITTER Generational speaker Chuck #103 FLOWERS Underwood presents the story Little Germanies In Norwegian With English of America’s revolutionary (See Thu. 7/16 at 8:00 pm) Subtitles generation, the Boomers”, The Chief engineer of a who came of age empowered 1:00a MHZ WORLDVIEW PRESENTS...#525 large chemical company and engaged during a golden VARG VEUM: BITTER disappears without a trace. era for kids, launched six FLOWERS When his body is found, his major social revolutions, (See Mon. 7/20 at 10:00 pm) married lover’s husband is struggled with marriage and arrested for the murder. But parenting, excelled in the 3:00a GERMANS IN AMERICA when a deadly international workplace, and are now about #104 conspiracy at the chemical to lead America. Underwood A People Disappears company is uncovered, Varg helps us to understand the (See Thu. 7/23 at 8:00 pm) Veum must uncover the truth. Boomer Nation we’ll now 4:00a GLOBE TREKKER #803 become. “ Early Tuesday Globe Trekker Special: Globe 9:00p ARABIAN HORSE: THE Shopper 2 12:00a MILLER CENTER FORUMS ANCIENT BREED #101 5:00a BUSINESS AND THE LAW A look at the history and The Way Of The World: A #118 culture surrounding the oldest Story Of Truth And Hope In Warranties And Product purebred horse in existence An Age of Extremism Liability



1:00a AN EVENING WITH ANDREW YOUNG (See Sun. 7/19 at 8:00 pm)

5:30a IT’S STRICTLY BUSINESS #118 Managing Operations


Wednesday 22 5:00p ANIMAL ATTRACTIONS TV #204

3:30a 9/4/57: SCHOOL INTEGRATION IN CHARLOTTE (See Sun. 7/19 at 10:30 pm) 4:00a GLOBE TREKKER #802 Utah & Colorado

5:30p AMERICA’S HEARTLAND #220 6:00p JOURNAL #4145 today, including scenes from an Arabian horse show in Louisville.

6:30p WORLDFOCUS #1208 7:00p CALIFORNIA’S WATER #104 Storing Water


D i g i ta l 4 3

7:30p BALANCING YOUR LIFE #103 Dana Buchman/Cindy Pawlcyn 8:00p THE HISTORY PROJECT #104 Hitler’s Atlantic Wall Follow the remarkable story of the German Atlantic line of defense during the Second World War. On Hitler’s orders, hundreds of thousands of people – voluntarily or not – built a gigantic wall of bunkers for protection. Discover how the project’s workmen worked to slow down the building of the bunkers and committed sabotage. 9:00p LIVING WITH CHERNOBYL THE FUTURE OF NUCLEAR POWER Follow journalists as they travel to the Chernobyl Contamination Zone to talk to survivors still living there, and explore the issues such as environment need versus the dangers caused by our nuclear waste.

Cable 17


most areas)

4:00a GLOBE TREKKER #804 Micronesia

Early Friday

5:00a BUSINESS AND THE LAW #119 Remedies For Breach

12:00a AN EVENING WITH ANDREW YOUNG (See Sun. 7/19 at 8:00 pm)

5:30a IT’S STRICTLY BUSINESS #119 Pricing Products

1:00a WHO’S AFRAID TO BE A MILLIONAIRE? (See Wed. 7/22 at 11:00 pm)

2:00a LIVING WITH CHERNOBYL THE FUTURE OF NUCLEAR POWER (See Wed. 7/22 at 9:00 pm) 5:00p P. ALLEN SMITH’S GARDEN HOME #807 3:00a HOLDING OUR OWN: Kindred Spirits EMBRACING THE END OF LIFE 5:30p IT’S AN AGE THING #104 (See Wed. 7/22 at 10:00 pm) Staying Active

Thursday 23

6:00p JOURNAL #4146 6:30p WORLDFOCUS #1209 7:00p SCULLY/THE WORLD SHOW #1212 7:30p EUROPEAN JOURNAL #2724 8:00p GERMANS IN AMERICA #104 A People Disappears German-Americans try to keep their identity under wraps as intolerance grows during the world wars.

10:00p HOLDING OUR OWN: EMBRACING THE END OF LIFE A powerful yet tender treat9:00p BREAKING THE CURSE ment of our final life passage. WITH DARYN KAGAN Follow the struggles and 11:00p WHO’S AFRAID TO BE A travels of an American woman MILLIONAIRE? from Atlanta, Georgia and This empowering special her relentless quest to help presents case studies of sucpeople suffering from leprosy cessful money management in India. and entrepreneurship.

4:00a GLOBE TREKKER #805 Globe Trekker Special: Planet Of The Apes 5:00a BUSINESS AND THE LAW #120 Functions And Forms Of Commercial Paper 5:30a IT’S STRICTLY BUSINESS #120 Promoting Products And Services

Friday 24 5:00p AFRICA TREK #104 The Rift Valley 5:30p CALIFORNIA’S COMMUNITIES #104 Redding 6:00p JOURNAL #4147 6:30p WORLDFOCUS #1210

10:00p HAITI’S SMALL MIRACLES 7:00p WORLD BUSINESS #922 Early Thursday The small Caribbean island of Haiti is only a short plane ride 7:30p ART WOLFE’S TRAVELS TO 12:00a WILD! #508 THE EDGE #104 from Miami, and yet is one The Leopard That Changed Alaska: Katmai Coast of the poorest countries, with Its Spots one of the worst slums in the 8:00p NEW YORK CITY BALLET: (See Sat. 7/25 at 8:00 pm) western hemisphere. Discover BRINGING BALANCHINE Haiti through the voices of its 1:00a AMERICA’S GENERATIONS: BACK struggling children and those THE BOOMERS Follow the New York City who are working to save (See Tue. 7/21 at 8:00 pm) Ballet’s historic journey to them. St. Petersburg, Russia, the 2:00a LOST BIRD OF WOUNDED birthplace of its founder, cel11:00p LATINOS IN AMERICA: KNEE ebrated choreographer George YOUR NEIGHBORS, YOUR (See Sun. 7/19 at 11:00 pm) Balanchine (1904-1983). The FAMILY, YOUR FUTURE eagerly anticipated trip is 2:30a SHARING SECRETS OF Moderator Henry Cisneros, marked by behind-the-scenes SALSA: MIXING ENGLISH former HUD Secretary guides drama as the company WITH COMMUNITY SPIRIT six Latino business leaders rehearses and performs in the (See Sun. 7/19 at 11:30 am) and academics in answering legendary Mariinsky Theatre. the question: if the new 3:00a CALL OF THE President were here today, ENTREPRENEUR what would you tell him? (See Thu. 7/23 at 10:00 pm)


J u ly 2 0 0 9 9:00p DEADWOOD SONGBOOK Recorded in the historic Lead Opera House near Deadwood, South Dakota, live performances of traditional songs popular during South Dakota’s Gold Rush days in the 1870’s and 1880’s are featured. 10:00p AMERICAN STANDARDS: THE BEST IS YET TO COME Host Pete Hewlett and the “Live From Studio A” orchestra return to the stage with an impressive line up of artists who perform songs such as The Best Is Yet To Come, Fly Me To The Moon, When I Fall In Love, Someone To Watch Over Me that where made famous by stars like Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Tony Bennett and Doris Day.



Saturday 25

3:00p TRACKS AHEAD #701 Ohio Central Railroad

6:00a SIT AND BE FIT #804

3:30p LAND OF THE DRAGON #801 Confucius: The Man Behind The Legend, Part 1


8:00a PASSPORT & PALETTE #101 Kevin Macpherson/ Landscapes/Saint-Pierre-De11:00p TRUE LIVES #301 Maille American Aloha: Hula Beyond Hawai’i For Hawaiians, the hula is not 8:30a JERRY YARNELL SCHOOL OF FINE ART #2001 just a dance, but a way of life. Sedona Canyon, Part 1 The hula is a living tradition that tells of the rich history 9:00a BEST OF THE JOY OF and spirituality of Hawaii PAINTING #2240 through music, language and Valley View dance. Discover a renais9:30a MIMI’S ART STUDIO#112 sance of Hawaiian culture Rolling Hill Pine, Watercolor as it continues to grow in California. 10:00a GARDEN SMART #1411 Gardensmart Visits Ft. Early Saturday Lauderdale 12:00a VISIONARIES #1404 10:30a P. ALLEN SMITH’S GARDEN From Seattle To Singapore HOME #504 (See Tue. 7/28 at 7:30 pm) Garden Home Senses 12:30a THIS IS AMERICA WITH 11:00a CHRISTINA COOKS #701 DENNIS WHOLEY #1243 Bone Meals 1:00a INDIAN BOARDING 11:30a DELICIOUS TV’S TOTALLY SCHOOLS: KEEPING THE VEGETARIAN #405 CULTURE ALIVE #101 Appetize Me Beyond The Mesas 12:00n ZONYA’S HEALTH BITES 1:30a INDIAN BOARDING #304 SCHOOLS: KEEPING THE Thawing Out For More CULTURE ALIVE #102 Omega 3’s Beautiful Resistance 12:30p SARA’S WEEKNIGHT 2:00a BREAKING THE CURSE MEALS #104 WITH DARYN KAGAN Breakfast For Dinner (See Thu. 7/23 at 9:00 pm) 1:00p NEW SCANDINAVIAN 3:00a HAITI’S SMALL MIRACLES COOKING WITH CLAUSE (See Thu. 7/23 at 10:00 pm) MEYER #106 A Dairy’s Dream 4:00a TRUE LIVES #301 American Aloha: Hula Beyond 1:30p MEXICO – ONE PLATE AT A Hawai’i TIME WITH RICK BAYLESS (See Fri. 7/24 at 11:00 pm) #604 Let’s Do Brunch

4:00p SWISS RAIL JOURNEYS #106 Transport Publique Du Chablais, Pt. 2 5:00p BEST OF EXPEDITIONS WITH PATRICK MCMILLIAN #115 Appalachian Foothills: On The Trail Of Oconee Bell 5:30p PASSPORT TO ADVENTURE #103 Bavarian Life In GarmischPartenkirchen, Germany 6:00p FARMERS’ ALMANAC TV #108 Permaculture, Almanac Family And 80, Year Old Lumberjacks 6:30p EQUITREKKING #406 Alaska 7:00p BEST OF EXPEDITIONS WITH PATRICK MCMILLIAN #105 The Fakahatchee Strand: Haunt Of The Ghost Orchid 7:30p CALIFORNIA’S GOLD #5012 Barns 8:00p WILD! #508 The Leopard That Changed Its Spots Follow the remarkable story of a female leopard, her cubs and her relationship with the conservationists who looked after her in his tiger sanctuary in northern Nepal. 9:00p RICHARD BANGS’ ADVENTURES WITH PURPOSE NORWAY: QUEST FOR THE VIKING SPIRIT See Close-up on page 13. 10:00p GLOBE TREKKER #810 Globe Trekker Special: Great Natural Wonders Join the Globe Trekkers as they explore some of the world’s great natural wonders. (PROGRAM DESCRIPTION CONT IN NEXT COLUMN)


D i g i ta l 4 3

Cable 17


most areas)

Bring KCSM shopping with you! The correct answer to “paper or plastic” is always NEITHER! Make a pledge today and get a super handy fist-sized ChicoBag. It pulls open from an integrated stuff pouch to a full grocery bag size. Throw it in your purse, briefcase, backpack, glove box or clip it onto your belt loop using the included recycled aluminum carabiner. It’s convenient and you’ll be helping to preserve the environment, one bag at a time. The ChicoBag rePETe is 99% recycled content (it’s actually made from 7 plastic bottles!) And it can carry up to 25 pounds. Pledge online today at and show your support for KCSM while showing your commitment to sustainable, green living.

Discover erupting volcanoes in Hawaii and Java, encounter the Arctic, hike the Perito Moreno glacier in Patagonia, trek deep into the Amazon rainforest, and travel with the nomadic Tuareg tribe in the Sahara Desert. 11:00p SWITCHBACK - THE AMERICANA SESSIONS Discover the fun and exhilaration of a live concert featuring both original and traditional Americana music performed in an exciting style unique to Switchback. The Americana Sessions showcase two decades of songwriting that need to be experienced by music fans everywhere.

depression even before the rest of the country. President Roosevelt’s New Deal would bring great changes to the region, but war and painful images of hunger and poverty reinforce a degrading stereotype.

2:00a DEADWOOD SONGBOOK (See Fri. 7/24 at 9:00 pm) 3:00a AMERICAN STANDARDS: THE BEST IS YET TO COME (See Fri. 7/24 at 10:00 pm) 4:00a UNDER ANOTHER SUN: JAPANESE IN SINGAPORE (See Thu. 7/30 at 11:00 pm) 5:00a DISABILITIES TODAY #844

9:00a NEW FLYFISHER #319 Stillwater Techniques Part One (With Brian Chan) 9:30a SADDLE UP WITH DENNIS BROUSE #104 Hindquarter Control 10:00a AMERICAN WOODSHOP #1402 Windsor Tall Chairs 10:30a WOODTURNING WORKSHOP #305 Turned Tern 11:00a PRIMAL GRILL WITH STEVE RAICHLEN #104 Bird Meets Grill 11:30a BARBECUE AMERICA #104 Lobsterfest

5:30a CLASSICAL STRETCH: THE 12:00n MARTIN YAN’S CHINA #104 ESMONDE TECHNIQUE Guangzhou Creativity #615 12:30p TOMMY TANG’S LET’S GET 12:00a AMERICA’S TEAM: COOKING #126 BEING A US AIR FORCE unday Phuket THUNDERBIRD The Air Force Thunderbirds 6:00a SIT AND BE FIT #805 1:00p FOOD TRIP WITH TODD have been seen by millions of ENGLISH #105 people all over the world but 6:30a WAI LANA YOGA #412 Phoenix: Roots Of The few have seen what it takes Southwest 7:00a HEALTH SENSE #104 behind the scenes to safely Diabetes execute their dazzling air 1:30p LIDIA’S ITALY #209 show. Join the entire ThunSausage Alla Romana 7:30a LIVING SMART #104 derbird squadron, at home, Lifetime Health And Fitness 2:00p MARTHA’S SEWING ROOM and on the road, to discover #3003 what it’s like to be a part of... 8:00a CREATIVE LIVING #5302 Wing Needle Techniques America’s Team! 8:30a KATIE BROWN WORKSHOP 2:30p LINDA MACPHEE’S #406 1:00a APPALACHIANS #103 WORKSHOP #507 Frames At the turn of the 20th century Circle Skirts And Garden times were hard, and ApParties palachia fell into an economic

Early Sunday





J u ly 2 0 0 9 3:00p SEWING WITH NANCY 10:00p AMERICA’S VETERANS: A #2219 MUSICAL TRIBUTE Sew Boutique For Kids, Part 1 The United States Air Force Band and special guests Patti 3:30p KNITTING DAILY #209 LaBelle, Clint Black, and Jake It’s In The Bag Shimabukuro pay tribute to all veterans. 4:00p QUILT IN A DAY #3008 Airplane Block And Propeller 11:00p FROM A SILK COCOON Follow the experiences 4:30p FONS & PORTER’S LOVE of a young kibei (second OF QUILTING #903 generation Japanese Designing Quilts With American) couple who Embroidery Software responded to the loss of their 5:00p PIANO GUY #1107 civil liberties during World War II by renouncing their 5:30p CREATIVE LIVING #5203 American citizenship during their 4-1/2 year internment, 6:00p BLACK WRITERS IN and committed their hope for AMERICA #104 their children for a better life Ishmael Reed/Elizabeth in Japan. Nunez 6:30p BEYOND THEOLOGY #104 American Pluralism

Early Monday

Monday 27 5:00p CALIFORNIA’S GOLDEN PARKS #138 Hetch Hetchy 6:00p JOURNAL #4148 6:30p WORLDFOCUS #1211 7:00p EASY THAI COOKING WITH TOMMY TANG #109 7:30p AMERICA’S TEST KITCHEN FROM COOK’S ILLUSTRATED #903 Dinner With A Latin Accent 8:00p SAVE MONEY NOW! In these difficult financial times, get dozens of simple and specific ways to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in your daily life.

12:00a AMERICA’S GENERATIONS: 9:30p RAY BANDAR: A LIFE WITH THE BOOMERS SKULLS Generational speaker Chuck 7:30p INSIDE WASHINGTON Investigates Ray Bandar’s Underwood presents the story #2114 history as a skull collector, of America’s revolutionary showing many of the 8:00p CRUISER HOUSTON: OF generation, the Boomers, who thousands of skulls he has PRIDE AND PURPOSE came of age empowered and accumulated over the years, Follow this historical account engaged during a golden era talking to Alkmene, his of the heavy cruiser USS for kids, launched six major resilient wife, and touring the Houston, and the enormous social revolutions, struggled awe-inspiring Bone Palace. price she and her cruise with marriage and parenting, paid as t hey defended allied excelled in the workplace, 10:00p MHZ WORLDVIEW territory following the attack and are now about to lead PRESENTS...#526 on Pearl Harbor. America. HENNING MANKELL’S WALLANDER: 9:00p ENOLA GAY’S NAVIGATOR: 1:00a WILD! #508 MASTERMIND THEODORE “DUTCH” VAN The Leopard That Changed In Swedish With English KIRK Its Spots Subtitles Discover the life of “Dutch” (See Sat. 7/25 at 8:00 pm) Someone has infiltrated Van Kirk, who flew the plane the Ystad police station, ef2:00a RICHARD BANGS’ fectively closing it down for ADVENTURES WITH several critical hours. The PURPOSE NORWAY: culprit is everywhere and QUEST FOR THE VIKING nowhere, life a virus that is SPIRIT noticed far too late. See Close-up on page 13. 7:00p WORLD BUSINESS #922

that carried the world’s first atomic bomb that was dropped on Japan.

Early Tuesday 3:00a GLOBE TREKKER #810 Globe Trekker Special: Great 12:00a MILLER CENTER FORUMS Natural Wonders #102 (See Sat. 7/25 at 10:00 pm) Blood And Oil: The Dangers 4:00a GLOBE TREKKER #806 And Consequences South Korea Of America’s Growing Dependency On Imported 5:00a BUSINESS AND THE LAW Petroleum #121 Negotiability 1:00a CRUISER HOUSTON: OF PRIDE AND PURPOSE 5:30a IT’S STRICTLY BUSINESS (See Sun. 7/26 at 8:00 pm) #121 Distributing Products And 2:00a ENOLA GAY’S NAVIGATOR: Services THEODORE “DUTCH” VAN KIRK


D i g i ta l 4 3

(See Tue. 7/26 at 9:00 pm) 3:00a AMERICA’S VETERANS: A MUSICAL TRIBUTE (See Sun. 7/26 at 10:00 pm) 4:00a GLOBE TREKKER #807 Globe Trekker Food Hour: Mexico (See Sat. 7/4 at 10:00 pm) 5:00a BUSINESS AND THE LAW #122 Negotiations And Holders In Due Course 5:30a IT’S STRICTLY BUSINESS #122 Understanding Money


Cable 17


for today, and value the life of the mind. 11:00p AN EVENING WITH STEPHEN LEACOCK Canadian humorist Stephen Leacock is portrayed by John Stark who also adapted the material from Leacock’s turn-of-the-century novels and short stories. Early Wednesday

12:00a GERMANS IN AMERICA #104 A People Disappears (See Thu. 7/23 at 8:00 pm)


1:00a MHZ WORLDVIEW PRESENTS...#526 uesday HENNING MANKELL’S 5:00p CALIFORNIA’S GOLD #5012 WALLANDER: Barns MASTERMIND (See Mon. 7/27 at 10:00 pm) 5:30p WILD CHRONICLES #341 Saving Endangered Foxes in 3:00a IN TIME OF WAR: THE California JAPANESE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE OF WWII 6:00p JOURNAL #4149 (See Thu. 7/30 at 8:00 pm) 6:30p WORLDFOCUS #1212 4:00a GLOBE TREKKER #808 Globe Trekker Special: 7:00p TBA Volcanoes, Ring Of Fire 7:30p VISIONARIES #1404 (See Sat. 7/11 at 10:00 pm) From Seattle To Singapore 5:00a BUSINESS AND THE LAW 8:00p DEMOCRACY LEFT BEHIND #123 Examine the impact of Bank-Customer Relations No Child Left Behind on 5:30a IT’S STRICTLY BUSINESS dramatically limiting the #123 ability of schools to serve a Managing Short-Term civic mission—in the process Financing making it difficult for many students to understand what their education means in the ednesday larger context of the society 5:00p ANIMAL ATTRACTIONS TV and world they inhabit. #205 9:00p BUT YOU STILL LOOK 5:30p AMERICA’S HEARTLAND SO WELL...: LIVING WITH #301 MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS Explores the emotional, 6:00p JOURNAL #4150 social, and physical impacts of multiple sclerosis. Several 6:30p WORLDFOCUS #1213 MS patients explain how they 7:00p CALIFORNIA’S WATER have learned through the #105 years to both live and thrive What’s New On The Colorado with the disease. River 10:30p CHEMO ATE MY 7:30p BALANCING YOUR LIFE HOMEWORK #104 In the safety of the classroom, Rosanne Cash away from surgeries, radiation, and chemotherapy, 8:00p THE HISTORY PROJECT young cancer patients at St. #105 Jude Children’s Research UFO’s: The Real History Hospital teach their teachers This is not another film about how to cope with grief, live flakes and weirdoes—it’s



most areas)

a true story about how real flying saucers were developed secretly...right under our noses. Governments and the media scoffed at the idea of alien transport—but others knew better. Follow more than 50years of development during which governments invested heavily in the promising future of anti-gravity flying machines. 9:00p LIQUID ASSETS: THE STORY OF OUR WATER INTRASTRUCTURE See Close-up on page 12. 10:30p CHILDREN AND AUTISM: TIME IS BRAIN Follow this sensitive and engaging portrait of two families faced with the daunting challenge of raising an autistic child. While scientists remain mystified about the causes of the complex neurological disorder, experts claim that early diagnosis and appropriate intervention are the keys to helping autistic children reach their potential. 11:00p VIRGINIA LEE BURTON: A SENSE OF PLACE Explore the life, art and amazing career of creative genius Virginia Lee Burton, recognized as one of the most significant children’s book autor/illustrators of the 20th century, whose works include Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel and The Little House. Early Thursday

12:00a WILD! #509 Wildlife Filmmakers: The Most Dangerous Game 1:00a DEMOCRACY LEFT BEHIND (See Tue. 7/28 at 8:00 pm) 2:00a BUT YOU STILL LOOK SO WELL...: LIVING WITH MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS (See Tue. 7/28 at 9:00 pm) 3:30a CHEMO ATE MY HOMEWORK (See Tue. 7/28 at 11:30 pm) 4:00a GLOBE TREKKER #809 Greece (See Sat. 7/18 at 10:00 pm) 5:00a BUSINESS AND THE LAW #124 Creation And Termination Of Agency

J u ly 2 0 0 9 5:30a IT’S STRICTLY BUSINESS #124 Managing Long-Term Financing

the Japanese attachments to their native land and their desire to be released from the burdens imposed by Japanese society, including gender discrimination and homogenous work environments.

Thursday 30

5:00p P. ALLEN SMITH’S GARDEN HOME #808 Early Friday Craving Color 5:30p IT’S AN AGE THING #105 Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

12:00a CRUISER HOUSTON: OF PRIDE AND PURPOSE (See Sun. 7/26 at 8:00 pm)

6:00p JOURNAL #4151

1:00a VIRGINIA LEE BURTON: A SENSE OF PLACE (See Wed. 7/29 at 11:00 pm)

6:30p WORLDFOCUS #1214 7:00p SCULLY/THE WORLD SHOW #1213 7:30p EUROPEAN JOURNAL #2725 8:00p IN TIME OF WAR: THE JAPANESE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE OF WWII Explore the experience of being Japanese-American in the Pacific Northwest during World War II, going beyond internment-camp life to examine the impact of these citizens’ “outsider” status during the war years.

2:00a LIQUID ASSETS: THE STORY OF OUR WATER INTRASTRUCTURE See Close-up on page 12. 3:30a CHILDREN AND AUTISM: TIME IS BRAIN (See Wed. 7/29 at 11:30 pm) 4:00a GLOBE TREKKER #810 Globe Trekker Special: Great Natural Wonders (See Sat. 7/25 at 10:00 pm) 5:00a BUSINESS AND THE LAW #125 Principals And Agents

5:30a IT’S STRICTLY BUSINESS 9:00p EARTH FACTOR ASIA: #125 MAKING A DIFFERENCE Accounting For Management Meet individuals championing environmental protection, fighting negligent industries, riday and complacent governments. 5:00p AFRICA TREK #105 10:00p HOMELAND FOUR On The Trail Of Lions PORTRAITS OF NATIVE ACTION 5:30p CALIFORNIA’S Nearly all Native American COMMUNITIES #105 nations sit on land threatened Globe Mills by ruinous environmental 6:00p JOURNAL #4152 hazards: toxic waste, strip mining, oil drilling, and nuclear 6:30p WORLDFOCUS #1215 contamination. But the stories of five remarkable activists 7:00p WORLD BUSINESS #923 in four Native American 7:30p ART WOLFE’S TRAVELS communities illustrate how TO THE EDGE #105 the tribes are fighting back. Africa: Madagascar The objectives in these “new Indian Wars” include protect- 8:00p OKIE NOODLING II ing Indian lands against See Close-up on page 12. disastrous environmental 9:00p INSIDE JAZZ: hazards, preserving tribes’ EVERYBODY’S WELCOME sovereignty, and ensuring Discover how the jazz the cultural survival of their tradition is passed from one peoples. generation to the next. Go 11:00p UNDER ANOTHER SUN: inside a world of jazz perforJAPANESE IN SINGAPORE mances, lessons, and master Explore the tensions between classes, a world of teamwork,



31 musicianship, and love of music, where “older cats” make themselves available to the young artists who admire and follow them. 10:00p NEWPORT JAZZ FESTIVAL 2006 Highlights of performances from the world’s longestrunning jazz festival captures the sights and sounds of the festival—from the music to scenes of the audience, food, vendors and backstage life. 11:00p TIES THAT BIND Chicago’s Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities are brought together through their women spiritual leaders.

July 2009 TV Listings  

July 2009 On Air Program Guide TV only listings for KCSM Public Television and Jazz 91 Public Radio in the San Francisco Bay Area

July 2009 TV Listings  

July 2009 On Air Program Guide TV only listings for KCSM Public Television and Jazz 91 Public Radio in the San Francisco Bay Area