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T h e G r e e n Pa g e Dear Green Readers,

In our May guide, I announced our decision to use less pages, therefore less paper, which included discontinuing the alphabetical program listings usually found at the end of this guide, and I asked for your feedback. I ‘d like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you that responded. And to let you know that your comments and suggestions were truly appreciated and that you have been heard.

While we will not be bringing back the A-Z program listings in the paper guide, we do make them available, as well as the entire guide, as a download at our website at Additionally, if you decide that you prefer accessing On Air by download each month, you may always request to discontinue receiving the guide by mail. Simply email your name and address to me at with “Opt Out” in the subject line.

The other comment that I heard from many of you was that the late night programs were no longer listed anywhere in the guide. This was definitely an oversight and we appreciate that you brought it to our attention. We have adjusted the format from two to three columns and added the overnight listings. I hope that these changes have addressed all of your concerns adequately.

You may have noticed a little extra green here this month. Our long time printer, Descalso Lithograph was recently purchased by GPM Print•Mail•Solutions in Rohnert Park. While meeting with GPM, they suggested that we take advantage of the possibility of using color on pages other than the cover at no additional cost. The printing process involves using plates on a 4-color press. And since the plate that includes the cover is printed using color inks, we could easily incorporate color into other pages on the same plate. This is why you will only see color on certain pages throughout. And we use soy-based inks that are much more ecologically friendly than traditional commercial inks. Also, GPM is committed to operating an environmentally friendly manufacturing plant with many recycled papers available and an extensive waste recycling program. We are continually working diligently at improving the quality and content of On Air for you while keeping in mind the environmental impact of producing a monthly guide. Make sure to do your part by dropping it in the recycling bin when you have finished with it each month. And remember to visit for suggestions and resources for becoming an eco-freak like myself. As always, thanks for your continued support of KCSM. And keep living green! Sincerely,

James Mason Ball

Your feedback, comments and questions are always welcomed! Email me at g

July 2009 Green Page  

July 2009 On Air Program Guide Green Page for KCSM Public Television and Jazz 91 Public Radio in the San Francisco Bay Area