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January 2011 A-Z Listings

This schedule is an alphabetical listing of programs airing this month on KCSM Public Television Cable Channel 17 and Digital Channel 43. Program titles are followed by the original broadcast date; subsequent dates refer to rebroadcast times. KCSM’s broadcast day begins at midnight and ends at 11:59 p.m. Primetime/Overnight/Weekend listings are followed by Daytime/Distance Learning and Children’s Programming.


BEAUTIFUL WORLD WITH JIM BRICKMAN Mon 1/10 12:00a BEAUTY OF OIL PAINTING WITH GARY AND KATHWREN JENKINS 13 WONDERS OF SPAIN Blue And Gold Macaw Sat 1/1 8:30a; Rose Trellis San Cristobal De La Laguna Sat 1/1 10:00p; Sun Sat 1/8 8:30a; Majestic Eagle Sat 1/15 8:30a; Peony 1/2 4:00a; Segovia Sat 1/8 10:00p; Sun 1/9 4:00a; Cuenca Sat 1/15 10:00p; Sun 1/16 4:00a; Tarragona Bouquet Sat 1/22 8:30a; Serenity Swan Sat 1/29 8:30a Sat 1/22 10:00p; Sun 1/23 4:00a; Avila Sat 1/29 10:00p; Sun 1/30 4:00a BEST FRIENDS: THE POWER OF SISTERHOOD Tue 1/18 8:00p; Wed 1/19 2:00a ABSOLUTELY IRISH! Mon 1/31 12:00a BORN TO BE OUR CHILDREN: ROMANIAN ADOPTION STORIES ADOPTION: FOR THE LIFE OF ME Tue 1/18 9:30p; Wed 1/19 3:30a Tue 1/18 8:30p; Wed 1/19 2:30a BRAIN IN LOVE WITH DR. DANIEL AMEN AFTER THE ISLAND Wed 1/26 9:30p; Thu 1/27 3:30a Tue 1/25 10:30p; Wed 1/26 4:30a BURT WOLF: TRAVELS & TRADITIONS AMERICA SEWS WITH SUE HAUSMANN Oaxaca, Mexico Sat 1/29 5:30p Clever Cutwork Cardigan Sat 1/1 2:00p; Heirloom CALIFORNIA’S GOLD Sewing Techniques By Serger Sat 1/8 2:00p; Sew Skimboarding Sat 1/8 1:30a; Trees Of Mystery Sat With Your Feet Sat 1/15 2:00p; Sheer Window Inserts Sat 1/22 2:00p; Quilting Made Easy Sat 1/29 1/15 1:30a; Kern River Preserve Sat 1/22 1:30a; Upper Newport Bay Sat 1/29 1:30a 2:00p CALIFORNIA’S GOLDEN FAIRS AMERICA’S HEARTLAND Trinity County Fair Sat 1/1 1:30a Every Thu 2:00a CALIFORNIA’S GOLDEN PARKS AMERICAN SANDINISTA Big Basin Sun 1/2 7:30p; Mon 1/3 1:30a; Citrus Tue 1/11 11:00p; Wed 1/12 5:00a State Historic Park Sun 1/9 7:30p; Mon 1/10 1:30a; AMERICAN WOODSHOP Joss House Sun 1/16 7:30p; Mon 1/17 1:30a; Window Bench Sun 1/2 10:30a; Turning Heirloom Shasta Sun 1/23 7:30p; Mon 1/24 1:30a; Lassen Gifts Sun 1/9 10:30a; Two Drawer Utility Chest Sun Volcanic National Park Sun 1/30 7:30p; Mon 1/31 1/16 10:30a; Colonial Door Casings With Broken 1:30a Arch Pediments Sun 1/23 10:30a; Shaker Inspired CHANGE YOUR BRAIN, CHANGE YOUR LIFE Work Tables Sun 1/30 10:30a Tue 1/11 12:00a ANIMUSIC 1 CHANGING SEAS Fri 1/28 9:30p; Sat 1/29 3:30a No Fish Left Uncounted Sat 1/15 8:30p; Sun 1/16 ANUNA: CELTIC ORIGINS 2:30a; Sentinels Of The Seas Sat 1/22 8:30p; Sun Thu 1/20 8:00p; Fri 1/21 2:00a 1/23 2:30a; Seagrasses And Mangroves Sat 1/29 ANYONE AND EVERYONE 8:30p; Sun 1/30 2:30a Sun 1/9 12:00a CHEVRON + SIERRA CLUB: DEBATING AMERIAROUND THE HOUSE WITH MATT AND SHARI CA’S ENERGY FUTURE What’s My Style? Sun 1/2 9:30a; Color Our World Tue 1/25 8:00p; Wed 1/26 2:00a Sun 1/9 9:30a; Bedroom Inspirations Sun 1/16 CHILDREN OF THE AMAZON 9:30a; It’s A Wrap Sun 1/23 9:30a; Function First Tue 1/4 10:30p; Wed 1/5 4:30a Sun 1/30 9:30a CHRISTINA COOKS ART 2 ART Cooking With The Seasons Sat 1/1 11:00a; Middle Every Sat 9:00a Eastern Cuisine Sat 1/8 11:00a; How Sweet It Isn’t AVEC ERIC Sat 1/15 11:00a; The Art Of The Stir Fry Sat 1/22 Building Flavor Sat 1/15 12:00n; Star Ingredients Sat 11:00a; The Greening Of America Sat 1/29 11:00a 1/22 12:00n; Farming The Sea Sat 1/29 12:00n COLORBLIND B ORGANIC WITH MICHELE BESCHEN Sun 1/16 10:00p; Mon 1/17 4:00a Organic, And What It Means To Us Sat 1/8 10:30a; COME WALK IN MY SHOES Resourceful Renovating Take I Sat 1/15 10:30a; Sun 1/16 9:00p; Mon 1/17 3:00a Resourceful Renovating Take II Sat 1/22 10:30a; CONNECT Kids In The Garden Sat 1/29 10:30a Every Wed 8:30p; Every Thu 2:30a BACKSTAGE PASS CONSIDERED VIEW: THE PHOTOGRAPHY OF Orquesta Ritmo Sat 1/1 4:30a; Best Of Backstage WAYNE GUDMUNDSON Pass Fri 1/7 10:30p; Sat 1/8 4:30a Fri 1/21 9:30p; Sat 1/22 3:30a BARBECUE AMERICA Wet Vs. Dry Ribs Sun 1/30 11:30a; Cairns, Australia COSMETICS COP WITH PAULA BEGOUN Fri 1/14 12:00a - Exotic Entrees Sun 1/2 11:30a; Victoria, British COUNTRY BLUEGRASS HOMECOMING Columbia - Oh, Deer Sun 1/9 11:30a; Adelaide & Wed 1/19 12:00a Barossa Valley, Australia - Que Shiraz, Shiraz Sun 1/16 11:30a; Kissimmee, Florida - The All American CRAVING HEALTH WITH DR. RICHARD WEINSTEIN Burger And Dog BBQ Sun 1/23 11:30a Thu 1/6 10:00p; Fri 1/7 4:00a BAY AREA VISTA CREATING BLUE MAN GROUP Every Tue 6:30p Fri 1/28 10:30p; Sat 1/29 4:30a

DAISY COOKS! WITH DAISY MARTINEZ Dad’s Firehouse Dinner Sat 1/15 1:00p; Mexico Magico Sat 1/22 1:00p; A Trip To Cuba Sat 1/29 1:00p; Feast Day In Puerto Rico Sat 1/1 1:00p; Pasteles Sat 1/8 1:00p; Spice Sensational Sat 1/1 11:30a; Fantastic Fennel Sat 1/8 11:30a; Burger 911 Sat 1/15 11:30a; It’s All Greek To Me Sat 1/22 11:30a; Fast & Easy, Hot & Spicy Sat 1/29 11:30a DR. DENESE: THE SCIENCE OF YOUTH Wed 1/26 12:00a DUDU FISHER: IN CONCERT FROM ISRAEL Sat 1/1 2:30a, Tue 1/4 8:00p, Wed 1/5 2:00a, Thu 1/6 12:00a, Thu 1/20 10:00p, Fri 1/21 4:00a ED SLOTT’S STAY RICH FOR LIFE Mon 1/3 12:00a EDGE OF THE EVERGLADES: BIG CYPRESS NATIONAL PRESE Sat 1/8 8:30p; Sun 1/9 2:30a EMOTION OF MONEY WITH SUSAN MCCARTHY Tue 1/4 12:00a ERITREA’S STRUGGLE TO SURVIVE Thu 1/13 10:00p, Fri 1/14 4:00a EUROMAXX Every Sun 6:30p EYES OF NYE Sports Wed 1/5 9:00p, Thu 1/6 3:00a; Population Wed 1/12 9:00p, Thu 1/13 3:00a; Race Wed 1/19 9:00p, Thu 1/20 3:00a; Antibiotics Wed 1/26 9:00p, Thu 1/27 3:00a FIGHT ALZHEIMER’S EARLY: 6 STEPS TO KEEP YOUR BRAIN YOUNG WITH DR. MAJID FOTUHI Wed 1/5 12:00a GALLERY: THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF THE AMERICAN INDIAN Sun 1/2 8:00p, Mon 1/3 2:00a GARDEN SMART Every Sat 9:30a, Every Sun 4:30p GLASS WITH VICKI PAYNE Pop-Up Daises Sat 1/1 10:30a; Belgium & Luxembourg Sat 1/1 9:00p, Sun 1/2 3:00a; Iran Sat 1/8 9:00p, Sun 1/9 3:00a; Georgia & Armenia Sat 1/15 9:00p, Sun 1/16 3:00a; Queensland & The Great Barrier Reef Sat 1/22 9:00p, Sun 1/23 3:00a; Globe Trekker Food Hour: Lebanon Sat 1/29 9:00p, Sun 1/30 3:00a GOURMET’S DIARY OF A FOODIE Montreal: Cooking On The Wild Side Sat 1/1 12:00n; La Cocina Andaluza: The Flavor Of Flamenco Sat 1/8 12:00n GREAT CIRCUS PARADE 2009 Thu 1/13 8:00p, Fri 1/14 2:00a GROWING BOLDER Dreams Come True Sat 1/1 7:30a, Sun 1/2 9:00a; Passion For Living Sat 1/8 7:30a, Sun 1/9 9:00a; American Spirit Sat 1/15 7:30a, Sun 1/16 9:00a; Never Give Up Sat 1/22 7:30a, Sun 1/23 9:00a; Make A Difference Sat 1/29 7:30a, Sun 1/30 9:00a HE TOUCHED ME: THE GOSPEL MUSIC OF ELVIS PRESLEY Wed 1/12 12:00a HEALING QUEST Every Sun 7:30a HEALTHFUL INDIAN FLAVORS WITH ALAMELU Every Sun 12:30p

HEALTHY BODY HEALTHY MIND New Ways To Repair A Hernia Sun 1/2 8:00a; Targeting Primary Immunodeficiency Sun 1/9 8:00a; Back To Full Stride: Knee Replacement Surgery Sun 1/16 8:00a; Breath Of Life: Living Well With COPD Sun 1/23 8:00a; Hope For The Future: New Treatments For Non-Hogkins Lymphoma Sun 1/30 8:00a HIDDEN WISDOM OF OUR YEARNINGS WITH IRWIN KULA Sun 1/9 9:00p, Mon 1/10 3:00a IDEAS IN ACTION WITH JIM GLASSMAN The Media Revolution In Iran Wed 1/5 11:30p, Thu 1/6 5:30a; China And The U.S.: Forecast For The Future, Part 1 Wed 1/12 11:30p, Thu 1/13 5:30a; China And The U.S.: Forecast For The Future, Part 2 Wed 1/19 11:30p, Thu 1/20 5:30a; Entrepreneurialism Wed 1/26 11:30p, Thu 1/27 5:30a INNER COMPASS Progressive Evangelical Politics Tue 1/4 11:30p, Wed 1/5 5:30a; Setting Personal & Professional Boundaries Tue 1/11 11:30p, Wed 1/12 5:30a; Silent Racism Tue 1/18 11:30p, Wed 1/19 5:30a; Are Christians Losing Touch? Tue 1/25 11:30p, Wed 1/26 5:30a INNERVIEWS WITH ERNIE MANOUSE Paula Dean Sat 1/1 11:30p, Sun 1/2 5:30a; Samuel Ramey Sat 1/8 11:30p, Sun 1/9 5:30a; Art Linkletter Sat 1/15 11:30p, Sun 1/16 5:30a; John Dean Sat 1/22 11:30p, Sun 1/23 5:30a; Gloria Steinem Sat 1/29 11:30p, Sun 1/30 5:30a INNOVATE: ENGINEERING CHANGE Wed 1/19 11:00p, Thu 1/20 5:00a INSIDE WASHINGTON Every Sun 6:00p INSPECTOR MORSE Last Bus To Woodstock - Part Two Mon 1/3 9:00p, Tue 1/4 3:00a; Second Time Around - Part One Mon 1/10 9:00p, Tue 1/11 3:00a; Second Time Around - Part Two Mon 1/17 9:00p, Tue 1/18 3:00a; Fat Chance - Part One Mon 1/24 9:00p, Tue 1/25 3:00a; Fat Chance - Part Two Mon 1/31 9:00p INTERNATIONAL MYSTERIES Maigret: To Any Lenghts Mon 1/3 10:00p, Tue 1/4 4:00a; Maigret And The Madman Of St. Clothilde Mon 1/31 10:00p; Montalbano’s Rice Croquettes Mon 1/10 10:00p, Tue 1/11 4:00a; Varg Veum: Woman In The Fridge Mon 1/17 10:00p, Tue 1/18 4:00a; Henning Mankell’s Wallender: The Black King Mon 1/24 10:00p, Tue 1/25 4:00a JACK LALANNE’S FOREVER YOUNG Fri 1/7 12:00a, Sun 1/23 12:00a JAMMIN AT HIPPIE JACK’S The Steeldrivers, Part 1 Sat 1/1 4:00a; The Steeldrivers, Part 2 Fri 1/7 10:00p, Sat 1/8 4:00a; Malcolm Holcombe, Part 1 Fri 1/14 10:00p, Sat 1/15 4:00a; Malcolm Holcombe, Part 2 Fri 1/21 10:00p, Sat 1/22 4:00a; Gove Scrivenor Fri 1/28 10:00p, Sat 1/29 4:00a JERRY YARNELL SCHOOL OF FINE ART Phase I Your Painting Sat 1/1 8:00a; Phase II Your Painting Sat 1/8 8:00a; Phase III Your Painting Sat 1/15 8:00a; Phase IV Your Painting Sat 1/22 8:00a JOHN DENVER: A SONG’S BEST FRIEND Sat 1/1 12:00a, Tue 1/25 9:00p, Wed 1/26 3:00a JOHN GRAY: VENUS ON FIRE, MARS ON ICE Thu 1/27 12:00a JOHN MCLAUGHLIN’S ONE ON ONE Every Wed 6:30p JOURNEYMAN Tue 1/11 10:00p, Wed 1/12 4:00a KATIE BROWN WORKSHOP Seaside Sun 1/2 8:30a; Store-Bought Surprise Sun 1/9 8:30a; Worldly Sun 1/16 8:30a; Gift Giving Sun 1/23 8:30a; Home For The Holidays Sun 1/30 8:30a

KICK IT UP A STITCH Sun 1/2 12:00a KNIT & CROCHET TODAY Every Sun 3:30p, Mon 1/17 – Fri 1/21 10:30a, Mon 1/24 – Fri 1/28 10:30a, Mon 1/31 10:30a KNUT AND FRIENDS Wed 1/19 9:30p, Thu 1/20 3:30a LANDSCAPES OF ENCHANTMENT Sat 1/29 12:00a LEGACY OF ACHIEVEMENT: THE ITALIAN AMERICANS Thu 1/13 11:00p, Fri 1/14 5:00a LEGACY OF JIM CROCE Fri 1/14 10:30p, Sat 1/15 4:30a LONGEVITY TAI CHI WITH ARTHUR ROSENFELD Wed 1/5 9:30p, Thu 1/6 3:30a LOREENA MCKENNITT: A MOVEABLE MUSICAL FEAST Fri 1/14 9:30p, Sat 1/15 3:30a LOVE ME TENDER - THE LOVE SONGS OF ELVIS Wed 1/12 9:30p, Thu 1/13 3:30a MADAMS OF THE BARBARY COAST Sun 1/2 10:00p, Mon 1/3 4:00a MAMMOTH CAVE: A WAY TO WONDER Sat 1/15 10:30p, Sun 1/16 4:30a MARIA HINOJOSA: ONE-ON-ONE Lea Salonga Fri 1/7 6:30p; Lin-Manuel Miranda Fri 1/14 6:30p; Haaz Sleiman Fri 1/21 6:30p; Tsai Chin Fri 1/28 6:30p MARTHA’S SEWING ROOM Memory Makeovers Sun 1/2 2:00p; Picot Embellishment Sun 1/9 2:00p; Welting Cord Application Sun 1/16 2:00p; Twin Needle FreeMotion Quilting Sun 1/23 2:00p; Quick Solutions To Easier Stabilizing Sun 1/30 2:00p (Also See Daytime Programming) MILLER CENTER FORUMS Nell Painter - The History Of White People Sun 1/2 11:00p, Mon 1/3 5:00a; Steven Gillon - The Kennedy Assassination Sun 1/9 11:00p, Mon 1/10 5:00a; Philip Zelikow - Nation Building Sun 1/16 11:00p, Mon 1/17 5:00a; Brantly Womack - China’s Peaceful Leap Forward Sun 1/23 11:00p, Mon 1/24 5:00a; William B. Quandt - Obama’s Foreign Policy Agenda Sun 1/30 11:00p, Mon 1/31 5:00a MONEYTRACK How Wall Street Has Changed Sun 1/30 11:00a MONEYWISE WITH KELVIN BOSTON Avoiding Foreclosure Sun 1/2 11:00a; Foreclosure Counseling Sun 1/9 11:00a; Rebuilding Your Savings Sun 1/16 11:00a; One-On-One Economic Special Sun 1/23 11:00a MORNING CUP OF JAZZ Every Mon – Fri 6:00a MUSIC OF IRELAND - WELCOME HOME Fri 1/28 12:00a NEW AFFLUENCE: MONEY HELP IS ON THE WAY Sun 1/30 9:00p, Mon 1/31 3:00a NEW GENERATION OF ONE STROKE PAINTING WITH DONNA DEWBERRY Tue 1/18 12:00a NEW JEWISH CUISINE Moroccan Sun 1/2 12:00n; Brunch Sun 1/9 12:00n; American Sun 1/16 12:00n; Shabbos Luncheon Sun 1/23 12:00n NEW JEWISH CUISINE WITH JEFF NATHAN AND FRIENDS Breads From The Big Apple Sun 1/30 12:00n NEW PLAY PIANO IN A FLASH: 3 STEPS TO PIANO SUCCESS Thu 1/6 8:00p, Fri 1/7 2:00a

NEW SCANDINAVIAN COOKING WITH CLAUS MEYER Sea Bed Soil Sun 1/2 1:00p; Ice Water Cooking Sun 1/9 1:00p; The Lure Of The Mountain Sun 1/16 1:00p; Cooking Of Light Sun 1/23 1:00p; Sunny Strawberries And Golden Apples Sun 1/30 1:00p (Also See Daytime Programming) NEW YORK WINE & TABLE Thousand Islands Sun 1/2 7:00p; Niagara Sun 1/9 7:00p NICK STELLINO’S FAMILY KITCHEN Every Sat 12:30p ONE STEP BEYOND Legacy Of Love Mon 1/3 8:00p, Tue 1/4 2:00a; Delusion Mon 1/3 8:30p, Tue 1/4 2:30a; Traps Mon 1/10 8:00p, Tue 1/11 2:00a; The Aerialist Mon 1/10 8:30p, Tue 1/11 2:30a; Where Are They Mon 1/17 8:00p, Tue 1/18 2:00a; The Tiger Mon 1/17 8:30p, Tue 1/18 2:30a; The Night Of April 14 Mon 1/24 8:00p, Tue 1/25 2:00a; Forked Lightning Mon 1/24 8:30p, Tue 1/25 2:30a; Person Unknown Mon 1/31 8:00p; Dark Room Mon 1/31 8:30p OUT OF IRELAND - WEEKLY Every Thu 11:30p, Every Fri 5:30a P. ALLEN SMITH’S GARDEN HOME Spring Bulbs Sat 1/1 10:00a; Artist Garden Sat 1/8 10:00a; Vertical Garden Sat 1/15 10:00a; Perennials For The Garden Home Sat 1/22 10:00a; Color Inside And Out Sat 1/29 10:00a (Also See Daytime Programming) PAINT THIS WITH JERRY YARNELL Autumn Bridge, Part 1 Sat 1/29 8:00a PAINT, PAPER AND CRAFTS Sloan Burn Sun 1/2 2:30p; Details, Details Sun 1/9 2:30p; Nice Bags Sun 1/16 2:30p; Holy Beads! Sun 1/23 2:30p; Berlin Art Lift Sun 1/30 2:30p PASSPORT TO ADVENTURE The Magical Country Of Wales Sat 1/1 5:30p; Enchanting, Natural Norway Sat 1/8 5:30p; Baja California’s Best Kept Secret! Sat 1/15 5:30p; Guam, Where East Meets West Sat 1/22 5:30p PAUL MCCARTNEY: RED SQUARE Thu 1/13 12:00a PHIL LEMPERT’S FOOD SENSE Wed 1/5 10:30p, Thu 1/6 4:30a PIANO GUY Every Sat – Sun 5:00p (Also See Daytime Programming) POUNCE FOR ALPHA WEALTH W/KEN STERN Sat 1/15 12:00a PREVENTING AND REVERSING DIABETES NATURALLY Sun 1/16 12:00a PROTECTING PARADISE: THE WESTERN EVERGLADES Sat 1/1 8:30p, Sun 1/2 2:30a QUEST FOR SUCCESS Mon 1/17 12:00a QUILT IN A DAY Contrary Wife And Broken Sugar Bowl Sun 1/2 4:00p; Star Spangled Banner And Stars And Stripes Sun 1/9 4:00p; Airplane Block And Propeller Sun 1/16 4:00p; Signal Lights Sun 1/23 4:00p; Victory Block Sun 1/30 4:00p RAILROAD EMPIRE Thu 1/20 12:00a REBUILDING SAN FRANCISCO, THE WORKERS’ STORY Sun 1/2 9:30p, Mon 1/3 3:30a RED GREEN SHOW The Grapes Of Wrath Sat 1/1 2:00a; The Lodge Election Fri 1/7 8:00p, Sat 1/8 2:00a; Ticket To Fame Fri 1/14 8:00p, Sat 1/15 2:00a; Stay Tuned Fri 1/21 8:00p, Sat 1/22 2:00a; The Butter Man Fri 1/28 8:00p, Sat 1/29 2:00a

RED GREEN TEST DRIVE Fri 1/21 10:30p, Sat 1/22 4:30a RESTORING A MASTERPIECE: THE RENOVATION OF THE EASTMAN THEATRE Sun 1/9 8:00p, Mon 1/10 2:00a RICK STEVES’ MEDITERRANEAN MOSAIC Thu 1/27 9:30p, Fri 1/28 3:30a ROAD TRIP Hanford Sat 1/1 7:30p, Sun 1/2 1:30a; Fort Hunter Liggett Sat 1/8 7:30p, Sun 1/9 1:30a; Anza Borrego Sat 1/15 7:30p, Sun 1/16 1:30a; Ferndale Sat 1/22 7:30p, Sun 1/23 1:30a; Confusion Hill Sat 1/29 7:30p, Sun 1/30 1:30a ROADTRIP NATION Every Sat 6:00p SAVE MONEY NOW! Sat 1/8 12:00a SCRAPBOOK MEMORIES Cutouts And Die Cuts Sat 1/1 2:30p; Home Dec Accents Sat 1/8 2:30p; Cards Sat 1/15 2:30p; Alphabets And Letters Sat 1/22 2:30p; Mix It Up Sat 1/29 2:30p SCTV GOLDEN CLASSICS Mon 1/24 12:00a SCULLY/THE WORLD SHOW Every Thu 6:30p SECOND OPINION Stroke Intervention Sun 1/16 5:30p; COPD Sun 1/23 5:30p; Vitamin D Sun 1/30 5:30p; Spinal Cord Injury Sun 1/2 5:30p; Dizziness Sun 1/9 5:30p SEWING WITH NANCY Top 12 Embroidery Tips - Part 2 Sun 1/2 3:00p; Sew-Green Makeovers - Part 1 Sun 1/9 3:00p; SewGreen Makeovers - Part 2 Sun 1/16 3:00p; Applique Know How, Part 1 Sun 1/23 3:00p; Applique Know How, Part 2 Sun 1/30 3:00p SIBLING RIVALRY WITH DR. CHARLES FAY Fri 1/21 12:00a SIT AND BE FIT Every Sat – Sun 6:00a (Also See Daytime Programming) SMART TRAVELS - EUROPE WITH RUDY MAXA Sicily Sat 1/1 6:30p; Classical Europe: Ancient Greece Sat 1/8 6:30p; Renaissance Europe Sat 1/15 6:30p; Europe’s Getaways Sat 1/22 6:30p; Ireland’s West Coast Sat 1/29 6:30p SNAP OUT OF IT NOW W/DR. ADRIANNE AHERN Sat 1/22 12:00a SOUPY SALES: THE WHOLE GANG IS HERE Sat 1/29 10:30p, Sun 1/30 4:30a SPANNING TIME: AMERICA’S COVERED BRIDGES Sun 1/2 8:30p, Mon 1/3 2:30a SPIRIT OF NEW WINE California Bounty Sun 1/16 7:00p; Sweeter Than Wine Sun 1/23 7:00p; New Wine Sun 1/30 7:00p SUN STUDIO SESSIONS The Walkmen Fri 1/14 9:00p, Sat 1/15 3:00a; Teeny Tucker Fri 1/21 9:00p, Sat 1/22 3:00a; Truth & Salvage Co. Fri 1/28 9:00p, Sat 1/29 3:00a TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR MONEY NOW! Tue 1/25 12:00a TASTE OF HISTORY Martha Washington Won The War Sun 1/2 1:30p; Early German Settlers Sun 1/9 1:30p; Von Steuben’s Secret Weapon Sun 1/16 1:30p; Washington’s Crossing Pepperpot Soup Sun 1/23 1:30p; Jefferson’s Monticello - Pt. 1 Sun 1/30 1:30p TASTE THIS! Patsy’s Restaurant In The Heart Of NYC Sat 1/15 1:30p; Little Italy, A Trip Down Memory Lane Sat 1/22 1:30p; Big Fish, Big Portions Sat 1/29 1:30p; A Tour Of A Sicilian Market Sat 1/1 1:30p; The Best Pizza In Brooklyn Sat 1/8 1:30p

THE MAKING OF BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID Fri 1/7 9:00p, Sat 1/8 3:00a THEATER TALK Mrs. Warren’s Profession Sat 1/1 5:30a; Remembering Jill Clayburgh, Plus Regarding Shylock Fri 1/7 11:30p, Sat 1/8 5:30a; Fantastic Years Of The Fantasticks Fri 1/14 11:30p, Sat 1/15 5:30a; John Cullum & Happy 94th Birthday Eric Bently Fri 1/21 11:30p, Sat 1/22 5:30a; Ethan Mordden On The Guest List Fri 1/28 11:30p, Sat 1/29 5:30a THEODORE ROOSEVELT: A COWBOY’S RIDE TO THE WHITE HOUSE Sun 1/23 8:00p, Mon 1/24 2:00a THUNDERBOLTS OF MILLVILLE Sun 1/23 9:00p, Mon 1/24 3:00a TRACKS AHEAD Alco Pa1 Sat 1/1 3:00p; Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Sat 1/8 3:00p; Digital Command Control Sat 1/15 3:00p; Ireland Steam Tour Sat 1/22 3:00p; Amusement Park Trains Sat 1/29 3:00p TRAVELSCOPE Manzanillo, Mexico & The Costa Alegre Sat 1/1 7:00p; Flathead Valley, Montana Sat 1/8 7:00p; New Brunswick, Canada Sat 1/15 7:00p; Loreto, Baja California, Mexico And The Philippines Sat 1/22 7:00p; Santa Ynez Valley, California Sat 1/29 7:00p TWILIGHT ZONE The Trouble With Templeton Wed 1/5 8:00p; A Most Unusual Camera Wed 1/12 8:00p; The Night Of The Meek Wed 1/19 8:00p; Dust Wed 1/26 8:00p VAI DACAPO: SONGS OF DELIGHT Sun 1/30 12:00a VIZCAYA Sun 1/30 8:00p, Mon 1/31 2:00a WAI LANA YOGA Every Sat – Sun 6:30a WHO SPEAKS FOR ISLAM? Muslims On Screen Tue 1/4 9:30p, Wed 1/5 3:30a WILD! Spinner Dolphins Sat 1/1 10:30p, Sun 1/2 4:30a; Year Of The Jackal Sat 1/8 10:30p, Sun 1/9 4:30a WILDER: AN AMERICAN FIRST Sun 1/16 8:00p, Mon 1/17 2:00a WILDSIDE WITH NICK MOLLE - COSTA RICA Sat 1/22 10:30p, Sun 1/23 4:30a WINNING THE WAR ON HIV IN AFRICA Tue 1/11 9:00p, Wed 1/12 3:00a WOLFGANG’S VAULT PRESENTS DAY ON THE GREEN 1977 Sun 1/23 9:30p, Mon 1/24 3:30a, Thu 1/27 8:00p, Fri 1/28 2:00a WOODTURNING WORKSHOP Norfolk Island Pine Bowl Sun 1/2 10:00a; Metal Spinning Sun 1/9 10:00a; Stuart Batty Sun 1/16 10:00a; Tools And Sharpening Sun 1/23 10:00a; Nuts Sun 1/30 10:00a WORLD BUSINESS Every Mon 6:30p YOUTH CINEMA Every Fri 8:30p, Every Sat 4:30p, Every Sat (except 1/1) 2:30a ZEMAD’S JOURNEY Tue 1/11 8:00p, Wed 1/12 2:00a

DAYTIME PROGRAMMING AMERICA’S TEST KITCHEN FROM COOK’S ILLUSTRATED An Austrian Supper Mon 1/3 12:30p; Who Wants Pasta? Tue 1/4 12:30p; An Old-Fashioned Thanksgiving Wed 1/5 12:30p; Coconut Layer Cake Thu 1/6 12:30p; Salmon-Indoors And Outside Fri 1/7 12:30p; Italian Bread And Sauces Mon 1/10 12:30p; Great Glazed Chicken Tue 1/11 12:30p; Chicken And Rice-Indian-Style Wed 1/12 12:30p; All-Time Cookie Favorites Thu 1/13 12:30p; South-Of-TheBorder Supper Fri 1/14 12:30p; Best Burgers And Fries Mon 1/17 12:30p; The Italian Grill Tue 1/18 12:30p; Classic Asian Appetizers Wed 1/19 12:30p; Turkey On The Grill Thu 1/20 12:30p; Old-Fashioned Fruit Desserts Fri 1/21 12:30p; Rainy Day BBQ Pork Chop Mon 1/24 12:30p; Lemon Layer Cake Tue 1/25 12:30p; Italian-American Classics Wed 1/26 12:30p; Cookie Jar Favorites Thu 1/27 12:30p; Kansas City Barbecue Fri 1/28 12:30p; French Classics Mon 1/31 12:30p BAKE DECORATE CELEBRATE! Down On The Farm Mon 1/3 3:30p; A Walk In The Garden Tue 1/4 3:30p; For Kids Only Wed 1/5 3:30p; Picnics Thu 1/6 3:30p; Teacher Gifts Fri 1/7 3:30p; Ice Cream Party Mon 1/10 3:30p; Popcorn Treats Tue 1/11 3:30p; Birds And Butterflies Wed 1/12 3:30p; Simply Asian Thu 1/13 3:30p; Chocolate And More Chocolate Fri 1/14 3:30p; A Slice Of Americana Mon 1/17 3:30p; Deliciously Decadent Desserts Tue 1/18 3:30p; Pets Wed 1/19 3:30p; A Touch Of Lace Thu 1/20 3:30p; Planes, Trains And Cars Fri 1/21 3:30p; Elegance In Black And White Mon 1/24 3:30p; Princesses And Fairies Tue 1/25 3:30p; Fun And Whimsical Cupcakes Wed 1/26 3:30p; Geometric Designs Thu 1/27 3:30p; Candy Anyone? Fri 1/28 3:30p; Fashion Mon 1/31 3:30p BEADS, BAUBLES AND JEWELS Literature Mon 1/3 11:00a; Nature Tue 1/4 11:00a; Texture Wed 1/5 11:00a; Garden Thu 1/6 11:00a; Unconventional Or Eclectic Fri 1/7 11:00a; Balance Mon 1/10 11:00a; Symmetry Tue 1/11 11:00a; Over The Top Wed 1/12 11:00a; Metal Basics Thu 1/13 11:00a; More Metal Fri 1/14 11:00a; Glass Mon 1/17 11:00a; Beading Basics Tue 1/18 11:00a; Combining Materials Wed 1/19 11:00a; Memory Wire Thu 1/20 11:00a; Innovative Designs Fri 1/21 11:00a; Color Mon 1/24 11:00a; Technique Renaissance Tue 1/25 11:00a; Rings Wed 1/26 11:00a; Clay Thu 1/27 11:00a; Jewelry Shortcuts Fri 1/28 11:00a; Pendants And Gem Trends Mon 1/31 11:00a BEST OF THE JOY OF PAINTING Golden Knoll Mon 1/3 2:00p; Soft Mountain Glow Tue 1/4 2:00p; Barn At Sunset Wed 1/5 2:00p; Secluded Beach Thu 1/6 2:00p; The Old Mill Fri 1/7 2:00p; Bright Autumn Trees Mon 1/10 2:00p; Quiet Woods Tue 1/11 2:00p; Cabin In Sunset Wed 1/12 2:00p; Mountain Splendor Thu 1/13 2:00p; Winter Hideaway Fri 1/14 2:00p; Pot O’ Posies Mon 1/17 2:00p; Autumn Images Tue 1/18 2:00p; Evergreens At Sunset Wed 1/19 2:00p; Light At The Summit Thu 1/20 2:00p; Grey Winter Fri 1/21 2:00p; Blue Ridge Falls Mon 1/24 2:00p; Nestled Cabin Tue 1/25 2:00p; Quiet Mountain River Wed 1/26 2:00p; Waterfall In The oods Thu 1/27 2:00p; Bridge To Autumn Fri 1/28 2:00p; Tranquil Seas Mon 1/31 2:00p CALIFORNIA’S GOLD Spontaneous Adventures Mon 1/3 7:30p; Tue 1/4 1:30a; Roads Go Thru Tue 1/4 7:30p; Wed 1/5 1:30a; Catalina Arabians Wed 1/5 7:30p; Thu 1/6 1:30a; Sea Urchins Thu 1/6 7:30p; Fri 1/7 1:30a; Skimboarding Fri 1/7 7:30p; Yosemite Railroad Mon 1/10 7:30p; Tue 1/11 1:30a; Yosemite Buildings Tue 1/11 7:30p; Wed 1/12 1:30a; Pet Cemetery Wed 1/12 7:30p; Thu 1/13 1:30a; Norconian Resort Thu 1/13 7:30p; Fri 1/14 1:30a;

CALIFORNIA’S GOLD CONT’ Trees Of Mystery Fri 1/14 7:30p; Moon Trees Mon 1/17 7:30p; Tue 1/18 1:30a; Sharktooth Hill Tue 1/18 7:30p; Wed 1/19 1:30a; Ansel Adams Wed 1/19 7:30p; Thu 1/20 1:30a; Oil Islands Thu 1/20 7:30p; Fri 1/21 1:30a; Kern River Preserve Fri 1/21 7:30p; Pacific Asia Museum Mon 1/24 7:30p; Tue 1/25 1:30a; Gold Rush Medicine Tue 1/25 7:30p; Wed 1/26 1:30a; Getty Garden Wed 1/26 7:30p; Thu 1/27 1:30a; Costa Mesa Thu 1/27 7:30p; Fri 1/28 1:30a; Upper Newport Bay Fri 1/28 7:30p; Newport Boats Mon 1/31 7:30p (Also See Weekend Programming) CLASSICAL STRETCH: THE ESMONDE TECHNIQUE Every Mon – Fri 10:00a, Every Sat – Sun 7:00a COOK’S COUNTRY FROM AMERICA’S TEST KITCHEN Super Fudgy Cake Mon 1/3 1:30p; Chili And Cornbread Tue 1/4 1:30p; Southern BBQ Wed 1/5 1:30p; Fail-Safe Thanksgiving Thu 1/6 1:30p; Fried Chicken Fri 1/7 1:30p; Texas Beef Barbecue Mon 1/10 1:30p; Stovetop Desserts Tue 1/11 1:30p; Perfect Pork Wed 1/12 1:30p; Historical Cakes Thu 1/13 1:30p; Two Perfect Pies Fri 1/14 1:30p; Family Supper Mon 1/17 1:30p; Old Fashioned Pork Tue 1/18 1:30p; Southern Comfort Food Wed 1/19 1:30p; Beef Meets Grill Thu 1/20 1:30p; Everybody Loves Chocolate Fri 1/21 1:30p; Hearty Italian Meals Mon 1/24 1:30p; Northern Cookout Tue 1/25 1:30p; The Chemistry Of Cakes Wed 1/26 1:30p; Southwestern Suppers Thu 1/27 1:30p; Breakfast Show Stoppers Fri 1/28 1:30p; Chicken Two Ways Mon 1/31 1:30p CREATIVE LIVING Every Mon – Fri 7:00a FONS & PORTER’S LOVE OF QUILTING Christmas Memories Mon 1/3 2:30p; Bluebonnet Baby Quilt Tue 1/4 2:30p; Home To Roost Wed 1/5 2:30p; Twirling Triangles Thu 1/6 2:30p; Valiant Eagle - Part I Fri 1/7 2:30p; Valiant Eagle - Part II Mon 1/10 2:30p; Drunkard’s Path With A New Twist Tue 1/11 2:30p; Montana Hearth Wed 1/12 2:30p; Edge-To-Edge Quilting Thu 1/13 2:30p; Spring Poppies/Fall Foliage Fri 1/14 2:30p; Quilting Log Cabin Quilts Mon 1/17 2:30p; Wrap It To Go Tue 1/18 2:30p; Appli-Crazy Wed 1/19 2:30p; Celebrate A New Star Thu 1/20 2:30p; Spin Wheel Quilt Fri 1/21 2:30p; Flip Flops Mon 1/24 2:30p; Longarm Basics With Heidi Kaisand Tue 1/25 2:30p; Seams Too Easy Quilt Wed 1/26 2:30p; Embroidered Wall Flowers With Susan Thu 1/27 2:30p; Cutting Mat Bag Fri 1/28 2:30p; Ginger’s Flower Garden Wall Quilt Mon 1/31 2:30p FOR YOUR HOME Don’t Forget The Yard Mon 1/3 7:30a; Working In Style Tue 1/4 7:30a; Take The Tour Wed 1/5 7:30a; Stairway To Storage Thu 1/6 7:30a; Backyard Makeover Fri 1/7 7:30a; Welcome To My Home Mon 1/10 7:30a; Outdoor Kitchen Tue 1/11 7:30a; Gardening Projects Wed 1/12 7:30a; Family Room Makeover Thu 1/13 7:30a; Tuscan Terrace Fri 1/14 7:30a; Quick Decorating Updates Mon 1/17 7:30a; Attic Makeover, Part 1 Tue 1/18 7:30a; Bring On The Power (Attic Makeover, Part 2) Wed 1/19 7:30a; Walls, Floors & In-Between (Attic Makeover, Part 3 Thu 1/20 7:30a; Home Fitness/Spa Center (Attic Makeover, Part 4) Fri 1/21 7:30a; Activities Room & Reading Room (Attic Makeover, Part 5) Mon 1/24 7:30a; Baby On The Way Tue 1/25 7:30a; It’s New, It’s Trendy Wed 1/26 7:30a; Backyard Makeover, Part 1 Thu 1/27 7:30a; Backyard Makeover, Part 2 Fri 1/28 7:30a; Quick Decorating Ideas Mon 1/31 7:30a

HEALTHY BODY HEALTHY MIND Advancements In Managing Gout Mon 1/3 12:00n; Insomnia: Waking Up At Night Tue 1/4 12:00n; Gerd And Obesity: What’s The Connection? Wed 1/5 12:00n; Exploring New Ways To Repair A Hernia Thu 1/6 12:00n; Targeting Primary Immunodeficiency Fri 1/7 12:00n; Back To Full Stride: Knee Replacement Surgery Mon 1/10 12:00n; Breath Of Life: Living Well With COPD Tue 1/11 12:00n; Hope For The Future: New Treatments For Non-Hogkins Lymphoma Wed 1/12 12:00n; Talking About Your GI Health Thu 1/13 12:00n; Angina: New Ways To Treat Chronic Chest Pain Fri 1/14 12:00n; What You Should Know About Gout Mon 1/17 12:00n; Back On Your Feet: The Benefits Of Hip Replacement Tue 1/18 12:00n; Neuroendocrine Tumors Wed 1/19 12:00n; Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension Thu 1/20 12:00n; Diabetes, Obesity And Cardiovascular Risk Fri 1/21 12:00n; Advanced Prostate Cancer And Bone Loss Mon 1/24 12:00n; Gaucher Disease: A Mysterious Genetic Disorder Tue 1/25 12:00n; The Science Of Multiple Sclerosis Wed 1/26 12:00n; Living With Migraines Thu 1/27 12:00n; Pseudobulbar Affect: Could This Be Happening Fri 1/28 12:00n; Coping With Chronic Pain Mon 1/31 12:00n JOURNAL Every Mon – Fri 6:00p KNIT AND CROCHET NOW! Jewelled Mon 1/3 10:30a; Cozy, Comfy Afghans Tue 1/4 10:30a; Unique Tools Wed 1/5 10:30a; Pampered Pets Thu 1/6 10:30a; Fashion Forward Fri 1/7 10:30a; Warm & Welcoming Mon 1/10 10:30a; One Day Projects Tue 1/11 10:30a; Alternative Fibers Wed 1/12 10:30a; Great Gifts Thu 1/13 10:30a; Creative Kitchen Fri 1/14 10:30a LIDIA’S ITALY Notto Risotto (Lombardy) Mon 1/3 1:00p; You Say Tomato, I Say Apple (Trentino Alto Adige) Tue 1/4 1:00p; Sunday Dinner In Emilia Romagna (Emilia Romagna) Wed 1/5 1:00p; Umbria Family Jewels (Umbria) Thu 1/6 1:00p; Stuff It Your Way (Umbria) Fri 1/7 1:00p; Milano Classico (Lombardy) Mon 1/10 1:00p; Weeknight Stovetop Chicken (Le Marche) Tue 1/11 1:00p; Braising Beef With Beer (Trentino Alto Adige) Wed 1/12 1:00p; Flora And Fauna (Le Marche) Thu 1/13 1:00p; Amber Waves Of Pasta (Emilia Romagna) Fri 1/14 1:00p; Fontina Hot & Cold (Valle D’aosta) Mon 1/17 1:00p; From Wine To Chocolate (Valle D’aosta) Tue 1/18 1:00p; The Umbrian Twist (Umbria) Wed 1/19 1:00p; Breaking The Bread (Umbria) Thu 1/20 1:00p; Yodeling In The Alto Piano (Trentino Alto Adige) Fri 1/21 1:00p; Airy Pasta Pillows (Emilia Romagna) Mon 1/24 1:00p; From A Valle D’aosta Oven (Valle D’aosta) Tue 1/25 1:00p; Simmering Chicken In Beer (Trentino Alto Adige) Wed 1/26 1:00p; Terre E Mare (Le Marche) Thu 1/27 1:00p; Grazing In Abruzzo (Abruzzo) Fri 1/28 1:00p; Rolling Out A Genovese Buffet (Liguria) Mon 1/31 1:00p MARTHA’S SEWING ROOM Fancy Fabric Textures Mon 1/3 11:30a; Mexican Tucks Tue 1/4 11:30a; Hemming A Lined Garment Wed 1/5 11:30a; Couture Darts Thu 1/6 11:30a; Romancing Your Wardrobe Fri 1/7 11:30a; Bias Tubing Cathedral Windows Mon 1/10 11:30a; Vintage Couched Collage Tue 1/11 11:30a; French Bias Piping Wed 1/12 11:30a; Wing Needle Embellishment Thu 1/13 11:30a; Heirloom Flatlocking Fri 1/14 11:30a; Applique Mon 1/17 11:30a; Creative Circles Tue 1/18 11:30a; Texturing Fabric Wed 1/19 11:30a; Opulent Ornamentation Thu 1/20 11:30a; Blank To Beautiful Fri 1/21 11:30a; Embellishing With Scallops Mon 1/24 11:30a; Lump-Free Collars Tue 1/25 11:30a; Bridging Stitch Embellishment Wed 1/26 11:30a; Seminole Lacework Thu 1/27 11:30a; Folded Tucks Fri 1/28 11:30a; Machine Embellished Embroidery Mon 1/31 11:30a

NEW SCANDINAVIAN COOKING WITH CLAUS MEYER Sea Bed Soil Thu 1/20 3:00p; Ice Water Cooking Fri 1/21 3:00p; The Lure Of The Mountain Mon 1/24 3:00p; Cooking Of Light Tue 1/25 3:00p; Sunny Strawberries And Golden Apples Wed 1/26 3:00p; A Dairy’s Dream Thu 1/27 3:00p; White Gold Fri 1/28 3:00p; Waters Of Shells Mon 1/31 3:00p (Also see Weekend Programming) NEW SCANDINAVIAN COOKING WITH TINA NORDSTROM Gotland: An Island Well Done Mon 1/3 3:00p, Thu 1/13 3:00p; Stockholm: Royal Swedish Meatballs Tue 1/4 3:00p; Dalarna: Midsummer Nights Dream Wed 1/5 3:00p; Vemdalen: Wild West Cooking Fri 1/7 3:00p; Skokloster: Early Noble Harvest Mon 1/10 3:00p; Lappland: Ice Cold Cooking Tue 1/11 3:00p; Stockholm Skjaergard: The Coast Is Clear Wed 1/12 3:00p; Vestkysten: Deep Dining Fri 1/14 3:00p; Varmland: Christmas Buffet Mon 1/17 3:00p; Goteborg: Fish Capital Tue 1/18 3:00p; Gota Kanal: The Crayfish Party Thu 1/6 3:00p, Wed 1/19 3:00p NEWSLINE Every Mon – Fri 7:00p P. ALLEN SMITH’S GARDEN HOME Something About Shrubs Mon 1/3 8:00a; Something Seedy Tue 1/4 8:00a; Fruits And Berries Wed 1/5 8:00a; Tuff Turf Thu 1/6 8:00a; Tree Talkin’ Fri 1/7 8:00a; Wild For Wildlife Mon 1/10 8:00a; Annuals For The Garden Tue 1/11 8:00a; Perennials For The Garden Wed 1/12 8:00a; Back To The Barn Thu 1/13 8:00a; Entry Gates Fri 1/14 8:00a; Outdoor Spaces Mon 1/17 8:00a; Striking Structures Tue 1/18 8:00a; Bold Bricks Wed 1/19 8:00a; Everyday Green Thu 1/20 8:00a; Pet Perfect Fri 1/21 8:00a; Outdoor Studio Mon 1/24 8:00a; Outdoor Kitchen Tue 1/25 8:00a; The Mudroom Wed 1/26 8:00a; Kitchen And Baths Thu 1/27 8:00a; Living Spaces Fri 1/28 8:00a; Sweet Retreats Mon 1/31 8:00a (Also See Weekend Programming) PIANO GUY Every Mon – Fri 5:00p (Also See Weekend Programming) POWER YOGA: MIND AND BODY Every Mon – Fri 8:30a SIT AND BE FIT Every Mon – Fri 9:30a (Also See Weekend Programming) STRETCH AND FLEX Every Mon – Fri 9:00a



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