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April 2011 A-Z Listings

This schedule is an alphabetical listing of programs airing this month on KCSM Public Television Cable Channel 17 and Digital Channel 43. Program titles are followed by the original broadcast date; subsequent dates refer to rebroadcast times. KCSM’s broadcast day begins at midnight and ends at 11:59 p.m. Primetime/Overnight/Weekend listings are followed by Daytime/Distance Learning and Children’s Programming.


BEAUTY OF OIL PAINTING WITH GARY AND KATHWREN JENKINS Gold Fish Fanta-Sea Sat 4/2 8:30a; Luminous Lily Sat 4/9 8:30a; Victorian Roses Sat 4/16 8:30a; On ABSOLUTELY IRISH! A Windy Day Sat 4/23 8:30a; Mystic Roses Sat 4/30 Tue 4/5 8:00p, Wed 4/6 2:00a, Mon 4/18 12:00a 8:30a ADD AND LOVING IT?! BEING STRATEGIC WITH ERIKA ANDERSEN Tue 4/12 12:00a Mon 4/25 12:00a AFROPOP: THE ULTIMATE CULTURAL EXBETWEEN THE LINES WITH BARRY KIBRICK CHANGE Marlo Thomas (Actress) Growing Up Laughing Sat Being Pavarotti Fri 4/1 4:00a; Hip Hop Revolution Thu 4/7 10:00p, Fri 4/8 4:00a; Mix Thu 4/14 10:00p, 4/2 7:30a; Daphne Rose Kingma (Personal Coach) Fri 4/1 5:00a, Sat 4/9 7:30a; Dean Koontz (Author) A Fri 4/15 4:00a; We Will Not Die Like Dogs Big Little Big Life Thu 4/7 11:00p, Fri 4/8 5:00a, Sat Thu 4/21 10:00p, Fri 4/22 4:00a; The Fighting Spirit 4/16 7:30a; James Ellroy (Author) The Hilliker Curse Thu 4/28 10:00p, Fri 4/29 4:00a Thu 4/14 11:00p, Fri 4/15 5:00a, Sat 4/23 7:30a; AIRPLAY: THE RISE AND FALL OF ROCK RADIO Michael Palmer (Physician/Writer) Thu 4/21 11:00p, Tue 4/5 9:30p, Wed 4/6 3:30a, Sun 4/24 9:30p, Mon Fri 4/22 5:00a, Sat 4/30 7:30a; Bruce Eric Kaplan 4/25 3:30a (The New Yorker Magazine) Thu 4/28 11:00p, Fri AMERICA SEWS WITH SUE HAUSMANN 4/29 5:00a Quilt Your Family Portrait Sat 4/2 2:00p; Victorian BORN TO BE OUR CHILDREN: ROMANIAN Romance Sat 4/9 2:00p; Kaleidoscope Wearables ADOPTION STORIES Sat 4/16 2:00p; Scallops Galore Sat 4/23 2:00p; Sun 4/3 8:00p, Mon 4/4 2:00a, Tue 4/12 8:00p, Wed Lovely Lace Making Sat 4/30 2:00p 4/13 2:00a AMERICA’S HEARTLAND BRACING FOR A QUAKE: A SURVIVAL GUIDE Every Thu 2:00a Wed 4/27 12:00a AMERICA’S TEST KITCHEN LIVE! BRIDGE TO CUBA Thu 4/28 8:00p, Fri 4/29 2:00a Thu 4/7 9:00p AMERICAN WOODSHOP BURT WOLF: TASTE OF FREEDOM Turning Hall Trees Sun 4/3 10:30a; Ionic Column Passover Tue 4/19 8:00p, Wed 4/20 2:00a; Easter Table Sun 4/10 10:30a; Country Corner Shelf Sun Sun 4/24 8:00p; Geneva, Switzerland Sat 4/2 5:30p; 4/17 10:30a; Jewelry Boxes Sun 4/24 10:30a Ticino, Switzerland Sat 4/9 5:30p; Northwestern ANUNA: CELTIC ORIGINS Switzerland Sat 4/16 5:30p; The Swiss Mittelland Fri 4/1 2:00a Sat 4/23 5:30p; The Matterhorn Region, Switzerland Sat 4/30 5:30p ANYONE AND EVERYONE Sat 4/30 12:00a CALIFORNIA’S GOLD Mono Lake Mon 4/4 7:30p, Tue 4/5 1:30a; Golden ART 2 ART Gate Bridge Tue 4/5 7:30p, Wed 4/6 1:30a; Hard To Every Sat 9:00a Get To Wed 4/6 7:30p, Thu 4/7 1:30a; Terra Cotta ARTIST TOOLBOX Thu 4/7 7:30p, Fri 4/8 1:30a; Under California Fri Massimo & Lella Vignelli Fri 4/1 10:30p, Sat 4/2 4:30a; Hugh Newell Jacobsen Fri 4/8 10:30p, Sat 4/9 4/1 7:30p, Sat 4/2 1:30a; Lighthouses Fri 4/8 7:30p, Sat 4/9 1:30a; Firefall Mon 4/11 7:30p, Tue 4/12 4:30a; Irina Dvorovenko And Maxim Beloserkovsky 1:30a; Wooden Boots Tue 4/12 7:30p, Wed 4/13 Fri 4/15 10:30p, Sat 4/16 4:30a; Daniel Boulud Fri 4/22 10:30p, Sat 4/23 4:30a; Ramsey Lewis Fri 4/29 1:30a; Coloma Wed 4/13 7:30p, Thu 4/14 1:30a; See’s Candy Thu 4/14 7:30p, Fri 4/15 1:30a; Salt 10:30p, Sat 4/30 4:30a Fri 4/15 7:30p, Sat 4/16 1:30a; Hidden Alcatraz Mon AUTOLINE 4/18 7:30p, Tue 4/19 1:30a; Kaiser Shipyard Tue Every Sat 6:30p, Every Wed 9:00p, Every Thu 3:00a 4/19 7:30p, Wed 4/20 1:30a; San Onofre Beach AVEC ERIC Wed 4/20 7:30p, Thu 4/21 1:30a; Things That Came Catch And Cook Sat 4/2 12:00n; Everything Is Better Back Thu 4/21 7:30p, Fri 4/22 1:30a; Trestle Fri With Bacon Sat 4/9 12:00n; Becoming A Chef Sat 4/22 7:30p, Sat 4/23 1:30a; Muscle Beach Mon 4/25 4/16 12:00n; Cultivating Taste Sat 4/23 12:00n; 7:30p, Tue 4/26 1:30a; Wine Tue 4/26 7:30p, Wed Cayman Cookout Sat 4/30 12:00n 4/27 1:30a; Flying Fish Wed 4/27 7:30p, Thu 4/28 (Also See Daytime Programming) 1:30a; Lompoc Mural Thu 4/28 7:30p, Fri 4/29 1:30a; Devil’s Postpile Fri 4/29 7:30p, Sat 4/30 1:30a; B ORGANIC WITH MICHELE BESCHEN Glacier Fri 4/1 1:30a Sticks And Stones Sat 4/9 10:30a; Recycling Refreshed Sat 4/16 10:30a; Creative Conservation CALIFORNIA’S GOLDEN PARKS Sat 4/23 10:30a; Natural Art Sat 4/30 10:30a; Good Madrona Marsh Sun 4/3 7:30p, Mon 4/4 1:30a; Health. Good Life Sat 4/2 10:30a Chautauqua Sun 4/10 7:30p, Mon 4/11 1:30a; Black Diamond Mine Sun 4/17 7:30p, Mon 4/18 1:30a; BARBECUE AMERICA Augustus Hawkins Sun 4/24 7:30p, Mon 4/25 1:30a Going Whole Hog Sun 4/3 11:30a; On The Sauce Sun 4/10 11:30a; Texas Brisket Sun 4/17 11:30a; CELTIC TENORS: NO BOUNDARIES Competition BBQ Sun 4/24 11:30a Tue 4/19 12:00a BAY AREA VISTA CHANGING SEAS Every Tue 6:30p Sinking The Vandenberg Sat 4/2 8:30p, Sun 4/3 2:30a BEAUTIFUL WORLD WITH JIM BRICKMAN Sun 4/17 12:00a CHESAPEAKE BAY BY AIR Wed 4/13 9:30p, Thu 4/14 3:30a, Mon 4/25 2:00a

CLASSICAL STRETCH: THE ESMONDE TECHNIQUE Every Sat & Sun 7:00a (Also See Daytime Programming) CLOSER TO TRUTH Is Mathematics Invented Or Discovered? Wed 4/6 11:00p, Thu 4/7 5:00a; Do Angels And Demons Exist? Wed 4/13 11:00p, Thu 4/14 5:00a; Why The Laws Of Nature? Wed 4/20 11:00p, Thu 4/21 5:00a; What Is God’s Judgment? Wed 4/27 11:00p, Thu 4/28 5:00a CONNECT Every Wed 8:30p, Every Thu 2:30a COOKING ODYSSEY Athens Sun 4/3 12:30p; Skiathos Sun 4/10 12:30p; Volo/Pylio Sun 4/17 12:30p; Trikala Sun 4/24 12:30p COSMETICS COP WITH PAULA BEGOUN Wed 4/6 12:00a CURIOSITY QUEST Every Sat 3:30p DAISY COOKS! WITH DAISY MARTINEZ Mexican Classics Sat 4/2 1:00p; Cocktail Party Sat 4/9 1:00p; Pasta Latino Sat 4/16 1:00p; Media Hora 2 Sat 4/23 1:00p; Spanish Classics (Chicken & Figs) Sat 4/30 1:00p DELICIOUS TV’S TOTALLY VEGETARIAN Grill It! Sat 4/2 11:30a; The Italian Bowl Sat 4/9 11:30a; Say Cheez Sat 4/16 11:30a; Breakfast Bonanza Sat 4/23 11:30a (Also See Daytime Programming) DESERT SPEAKS Desert Whales Sat 4/9 8:30p, Sun 4/10 2:30a; Bolivia: The Cold Desert Frontier Sat 4/16 8:30p, Sun 4/17 2:30a; Bolivia: Volcanoes, Flamingos, And Salt Lakes Sat 4/30 8:30p INTERNATIONAL MYSTERIES Maigret Maigret Has Scruples Mon 4/4 10:00p, Tue 4/5 4:00a; Detective Montalbano Turning Point (Giro Di Boa) Mon 4/11 10:00p, Tue 4/12 4:00a; Detective Inspector Irene Huss The Horse Figurine Mon 4/18 10:00p, Tue 4/19 4:00a; Van Veeteren Borkmann’s Point Mon 4/25 10:00p, Tue 4/26 4:00a EBERT PRESENTS AT THE MOVIES Every Fri 9:30p, Every Sat 3:30a & 5:00p ECHOES OF CREATION Thu 4/21 8:00p, Fri 4/22 2:00a EMOTIONAL FREEDOM NOW! WITH DR JUDITH ORLOFF Sun 4/24 12:00a ENNIO MORRICONE: A CONCERT FOR PEACE Sun 4/10 8:00p, Mon 4/11 2:00a ESCAPE FROM AUSCHWITZ: A PORTRAIT OF FRIENDSHIP Sun 4/3 10:00p ESCOLA DE SAMBA Thu 4/14 9:00p EUROMAXX Every Sun 6:30p FACE FACTS Mon 4/11 12:00a FROM MARKET TO TABLE Every Sat 11:00a GARDEN SMART Every Sun 4:30p, Every Sat 9:30a

GEFILTE-FISH CHRONICLES Tue 4/19 8:30p, Wed 4/20 2:30a GLOBE TREKKER South Atlantic Sat 4/2 9:00p, Sun 4/3 3:00a; Globe Trekker Special: Slavery Sun 4/10 3:00a; The Balkans Sun 4/17 3:00a; Antarctica Sat 4/9 9:00p; Barcelona City Guide Sat 4/16 9:00p; Nigeria Sat 4/30 9:00p GOOD MEAT Thu 4/28 9:00p HEALING QUEST Every Sun 7:30a HEALTHY BODY HEALTHY MIND Gaucher Disease: A Mysterious Genetic Disorder Sun 4/3 8:00a; The Science Of Multiple Sclerosis Sun 4/10 8:00a; Living With Migraines Sun 4/17 8:00a; Pseudobulbar Affect: Could This Be Happening To You? Sun 4/24 8:00a (Also See Daytime Programming) IDEAS IN ACTION WITH JIM GLASSMAN Cyber-Dissidents Wed 4/6 11:30p, Thu 4/7 5:30a; American Auto Makers Wed 4/13 11:30p, Thu 4/14 5:30a; The Cost Of Obesity In America Wed 4/20 11:30p, Thu 4/21 5:30a; Drones: The Changing Face Of War Wed 4/27 11:30p, Thu 4/28 5:30a INNER COMPASS Wikipedia: Internet Democracy Tue 4/5 11:30p, Wed 4/6 5:30a; Should Reporters Embed? Tue 4/12 11:30p; Pornography’s Destructive Path Tue 4/19 11:30p, Wed 4/20 5:30a; The New Face Of Evangelicalism Tue 4/26 11:30p, Wed 4/27 5:30a INNERVIEWS WITH ERNIE MANOUSE Ken Burns Wed 4/13 5:30a; Leslie Uggams Sat 4/2 11:30p, Sun 4/3 5:30a; Deepak Chopra Sat 4/9 11:30p, Sun 4/10 5:30a; Jean-Yves Thibaudet Sat 4/16 11:30p, Sun 4/17 5:30a; Mike Farrell Sat 4/23 11:30p, Sun 4/24 5:30a; Bruce Beresford Sat 4/30 11:30p INSIDE E STREET Living On The Edge Sun 4/3 9:30a; The Art Of The Scam Sun 4/10 9:30a; Priced Out Of America Sun 4/17 9:30a; The Graceful Exit Sun 4/24 9:30a INSIDE WASHINGTON Every Sun 6:00p JAN MULDER IN CONCERT Sat 4/2 12:00a, Tue 4/26 9:30p, Wed 4/27 3:30a JOURNAL Every Mon – Fri 6:00p KATIE BROWN WORKSHOP Easter Sun 4/3 8:30a; A Spring Celebration Sun 4/10 8:30a; Keep ‘Em Busy Sun 4/17 8:30a; Lady Luncheon Sun 4/24 8:30a KNITTING DAILY Kids Knit & Crochet Sun 4/3 3:30p; Tips & Tricks Sun 4/10 3:30p; Top Down Sun 4/17 3:30p; Luscious Sun 4/24 3:30p (Also See Daytime Programming) LA PLAZA - MARIA HINOJOSA: ONE-ON-ONE Antonio Gonzalez Fri 4/1 6:30p; Ricardo Chavira Fri 4/8 6:30p; Gioconda Belli Fri 4/15 6:30p; Willie Colon Fri 4/22 6:30p; Mari Carmen Ramirez Fri 4/29 6:30p LESSONS FROM THE REAL WORLD Wed 4/13 4:00a LIVING THROUGH PERSONAL CRISIS WITH DR. ANN KAISER Wed 4/13 12:00a, Wed 4/27 9:30p, Thu 4/28 3:30a, Fri 4/29 12:00a LOVE ME TENDER - THE LOVE SONGS OF ELVIS Sun 4/17 9:00p, Mon 4/18 3:00a MARTHA’S SEWING ROOM Collar Adaptations Sun 4/3 2:00p; Belt Loops By Serger Sun 4/10 2:00p; Embellished Piping Sun 4/17 2:00p; Satin Stitch Applique With Quilting Sun 4/24 2:00p (Also See Daytime Programming) MCLAUGHLIN GROUP Every Wed 6:30p

MEN ALOUD - LIVE FROM WALES Fri 4/22 12:00a MILLER CENTER FORUMS Alan Bjerga - “Food Security, National Security” Sun 4/3 11:00p, Mon 4/4 5:00a; E. D. Hirsch, Jr. - “How To Save The Schools” Sun 4/10 11:00p, Mon 4/11 5:00a; Jan Crawford - “The Fall Term Of The U.S. Supreme Sun 4/17 11:00p, Mon 4/18 5:00a; Nell Painter - “The History Of White People” Sun 4/24 11:00p, Mon 4/25 5:00a MOMENT IN TIME Thu 4/21 9:00p MONEYTRACK The Town That Got Taken Sun 4/3 11:00a; The Naked Truth About Investing Sun 4/10 11:00a; Whiz Kid - John Paul Pigeon Sun 4/17 11:00a; Real Estate Sun 4/24 11:00a MUSCLE CAR WORKOUT Every Sat 6:00p MUSIC & DANCE OF POLAND: MAZOWSZE Sat 4/16 12:00a MUSIC OF IRELAND - WELCOME TO AMERICA Thu 4/21 12:00a MUSIC VOYAGER Rajasthan Sat 4/2 10:30p, Sun 4/3 4:30a; DelhiSat 4/9 10:30p, Sun 4/10 4:30a; Beyond Bob Marley Sat 4/16 10:30p, Sun 4/17 4:30a; Roots, Rock, Reggae Sat 4/23 10:30p, Sun 4/24 4:30a; Dancehall Marathon Sat 4/30 10:30p MY GENERATION Connections Sun 4/3 9:00a; True Value Sun 4/10 9:00a; Human Spark Sun 4/17 9:00a; Heart Sun 4/24 9:00a MYSTERIES OF THE JESUS PRAYER Sun 4/17 8:00p, Mon 4/18 2:00a, Sun 4/24 8:30p NEW JEWISH CUISINE WITH JEFF NATHAN AND FRIENDS Unmentionables Sun 4/3 12:00n; New French Cuisine Sun 4/10 12:00n; Roasting And Braising Sun 4/17 12:00n; All “Souped” Up Sun 4/24 12:00n NEW RED GREEN SHOW III The Fishing Derby Fri 4/1 8:00p, Sat 4/2 2:00a; Lady In Red Fri 4/8 8:00p, Sat 4/9 2:00a; The Bachelor Auction Fri 4/15 8:00p, Sat 4/16 2:00a; Angel Fri 4/22 8:00p, Sat 4/23 2:00a; School Bus Blimp Fri 4/29 8:00p, Sat 4/30 2:00a NICK STELLINO’S FAMILY KITCHEN Every Sat 12:30p (Also See Daytime Programming) OFFICIAL BEST OF FEST Friendship Fri 4/1 10:00p, Sat 4/2 4:00a; Laughs Fri 4/8 10:00p, Sat 4/9 4:00a; Love I Fri 4/15 10:00p, Sat 4/16 4:00a; Love II Fri 4/22 10:00p, Sat 4/23 4:00a; Love VII Fri 4/29 10:00p, Sat 4/30 4:00a ONE STEP BEYOND Dead Ringer Fri 4/1 11:00p, Sat 4/2 5:00a; Lovers Mon 4/4 8:00p, Tue 4/5 2:00a; I Saw You Tomorrow Mon 4/4 8:30p, Tue 4/5 2:30a; Legacy Of Love Fri 4/8 11:00p, Sat 4/9 5:00a; Gypsy Mon 4/11 8:00p, Tue 4/12 2:00a; Delia Mon 4/11 8:30p, Tue 4/12 2:30a; Delusion Fri 4/15 11:00p, Sat 4/16 5:00a; Clown Mon 4/18 8:00p, Tue 4/19 2:00a; Who Are You Mon 4/18 8:30p, Tue 4/19 2:30a; Traps Fri 4/22 11:00p, Sat 4/23 5:00a; Make Me Not A Witch Mon 4/25 8:00p, Tue 4/26 2:00a; Justice Mon 4/25 8:30p, Tue 4/26 2:30a; The Aerialist Fri 4/29 11:00p, Sat 4/30 5:00a OUR SUMMER IN TEHRAN Thu 4/14 8:00p, Fri 4/15 2:00a OUT OF IRELAND - WEEKLY Every Thu 11:30p, Every Fri 5:30a, Every Sat 11:00p, Every Sun 5:00a

OVERHEARD WITH EVAN SMITH Chely Wright- Musician And Activist Tue 4/5 11:00p, Wed 4/6 5:00a; TBA Tue 4/12 11:00p, Wed 4/13 5:00a; John Mackey- Founder And Ceo, Whole Foods Tue 4/19 11:00p, Wed 4/20 5:00a; Lawrence Lessig -Director, Safra Center For Ethics Tue 4/26 11:00p, Wed 4/27 5:00a P. ALLEN SMITH’S GARDEN HOME Enclosure Sat 4/2 10:00a; Shape And Form Sat 4/9 10:00a; Framing The View Sat 4/16 10:00a; Entry Sat 4/23 10:00a; Focal Point Sat 4/30 10:00a (Also See Daytime Programming) PAINT THIS WITH JERRY YARNELL America’s Pride (Bald Eagle) And Broken Pots Sat 4/2 8:00a; America’s Pride (Bald Eagle) And Broken Pots Sat 4/9 8:00a; America’s Pride (Bald Eagle) And Broken Pots Sat 4/16 8:00a; America’s Pride (Bald Eagle) And Broken Pots Sat 4/23 8:00a; The Decision, Part 1 Sat 4/30 8:00a PAINT, PAPER AND CRAFTS Knitting Know How Sun 4/3 2:30p; Snap, Shot, Pop Sun 4/10 2:30p; Starry Style Sun 4/17 2:30p; Dazzled Diva Duds Sun 4/24 2:30p PASSOVER CELEBRATION Tue 4/19 9:30p, Wed 4/20 3:30a PATI’S MEXICAN TABLE Quesadillas Sun 4/3 1:00p; Foods Of The Mexican Revolution Sun 4/10 1:00p; Avocado Sun 4/17 1:00p; Tomatillos Sun 4/24 1:00p POUNCE FOR ALPHA WEALTH WITH KEN STERN Sun 4/10 12:00a PRIME SUSPECT Part 2 of 4 Mon 4/4 9:00p, Tue 4/5 3:00a; Part 4 of 4 Mon 4/11 9:00p, Tue 4/12 3:00a; Conclusion Mon 4/18 9:00p, Tue 4/19 3:00a; Part 1 of 4 Mon 4/25 9:00p, Tue 4/26 3:00a QUEST FOR SUCCESS Sat 4/23 12:00a QUILT IN A DAY Orion’s Star Quilt, Part 1 Sun 4/3 4:00p; Orion’s Star Quilt, Part 2 Sun 4/10 4:00p; Tennessee Waltz, Part 1 Sun 4/17 4:00p; Tennessee Waltz, Part 2 Sun 4/24 4:00p RICK STEVES’ IRAN Tue 4/5 12:00a ROAD TO PERFECT HEALTH WITH BRENDA WATSON Thu 4/7 12:00a ROAD TRIP Jamestown Sat 4/2 7:30p, Sun 4/3 1:30a; Weaverville Sat 4/9 7:30p, Sun 4/10 1:30a; Mother Lode Sat 4/16 7:30p, Sun 4/17 1:30a; Barstow Sat 4/23 7:30p, Sun 4/24 1:30a; Fillmore Sat 4/30 7:30p ROADTRIP NATION Every Sat 10:00p, Every Sun 4:00a RONAN TYNAN: MORE THAN MAGIC Wed 4/20 12:00a ROOTS OF HEALTH Thu 4/7 8:00p, Fri 4/8 2:00a SAFEGUARDING MEMORY: COMMEMORATING JEWISH MASS GRAVES IN POLAND Sun 4/10 10:30p, Mon 4/11 4:30a SCRAPBOOK MEMORIES Decorative Edges: The Revival Of Edging Sat 4/2 2:30p; Favorite Childhood Memories Sat 4/9 2:30p; Favorite Vacations Sat 4/16 2:30p; Holidays Sat 4/23 2:30p; Nature Sat 4/30 2:30p SECOND OPINION Diabetes Prevention Sun 4/3 5:30p; Art Of Diagnosis Sun 4/10 5:30p; Vitamin D Sun 4/17 5:30p; Celiac Disease Sun 4/24 5:30p SECRETS IN AMERICA: THE CRISIS OF ELDER ABUSE Tue 4/19 10:30p, Wed 4/20 4:30a

SEWING WITH NANCY Amish Quilts, Part 2 Sun 4/3 3:00p; Retro Hankies, Part 1 Sun 4/10 3:00p; Retro Hankies, Part 2 Sun 4/17 3:00p; Single Layer Jacket Sensations Sun 4/24 3:00p SEWING WITH NANCY 12 EASY SEW BAGS Tue 4/26 12:00a SIT AND BE FIT Every Sat – Sun 6:00a (Also See Daytime Programming) SNAP OUT OF IT NOW WITH DR. ADRIANNE AHERN Sat 4/9 12:00a SUN STUDIO SESSIONS Eli Reed Fri 4/1 9:00p, Sat 4/2 3:00a; Jakob Dylan And 3 Legs Fri 4/8 9:00p, Sat 4/9 3:00a; Jay Nash Fri 4/15 9:00p, Sat 4/16 3:00a; Amber Rubarth Fri 4/22 9:00p, Sat 4/23 3:00a; Grace Potter and the Nocturnals Fri 4/29 9:00p, Sat 4/30 3:00a SURVIVAL: LIVES IN THE BALANCE The Struggle To Breathe (Philippines) Fri 4/8 3:00a; Distant Places, Forgotten Lives (Nigeria) Fri 4/15 3:00a; The Plant That Cures Malaria (Uganda) Fri 4/22 3:00a; Fit For Life (Bangladesh) Fri 4/29 3:00a TASTE OF HISTORY Charles Thomson - Witness To History Sun 4/3 1:30p; The Powels - Friends Of The Washingtons Sun 4/10 1:30p; Surgery And Soda Pop Sun 4/17 1:30p; Escape To Deshler Morris House Sun 4/24 1:30p TASTE THIS! Bite-Size Food Cooked By The Top 10 Chefs Sat 4/2 1:30p; Chef Cooking With Their Niche Techniques Sat 4/9 1:30p; Restaurant, Architecture And Great Food Sat 4/16 1:30p; Small Bistro’s In A Big City Sat 4/23 1:30p; Celebrity Chefs’ In Central Park NYC Sat 4/30 1:30p TEENAGE WITNESS: THE FANYA GOTTESFELD HELLER STORY Tue 4/12 10:00p THE BAY TODAY Every Sat (except 4/2) 4:30p THEATER TALK The Book Of Mormon Fri 4/1 11:30p, Sat 4/2 5:30a; Peter Gelb: The Changing Face Of The Metropolitan Fri 4/8 11:30p, Sat 4/9 5:30a; Harvey Fierstein Fri 4/15 11:30p, Sat 4/16 5:30a; TBA Fri 4/22 11:30p, Sat 4/23 5:30a; TBA Fri 4/29 11:30p, Sat 4/30 5:30a TIM JANIS: AN ENCHANTED EVENING Fri 4/15 12:00a TIM JANIS: COASTAL AMERICA Sun 4/3 12:00a TOMMY EMMANUEL - CENTER STAGE Thu 4/14 12:00a, Wed 4/20 9:30p, Thu 4/21 3:30a TRACKS AHEAD G Gauge In Mesa Sat 4/2 3:00p; Ohio Central Railroad Sat 4/9 3:00p; Maine Narrow Gauge Sat 4/16 3:00p; Japan’s Meitetsu Railroad Sat 4/23 3:00p; Young Guns Of Steam Sat 4/30 3:00p TRAVELSCOPE Cruising Alaska’s Inside Passage Sat 4/2 7:00p; Germany’s Holiday Markets Sat 4/9 7:00p; Hidden Los Angeles Sat 4/16 7:00p; Taiwan - City And Culture Sat 4/23 7:00p; Taiwan - The Natural Side Sat 4/30 7:00p TURNING SETBACKS INTO COMEBACKS WITH WILLIE JOLLEY Fri 4/8 12:00a TWILIGHT ZONE Walking Distance Wed 4/6 8:00p; Escape Clause Wed 4/13 8:00p; The Lonely Wed 4/20 8:00p; Time Enough At Last Wed 4/27 8:00p WAI LANA YOGA Every Sat – Sun 6:30a

WALDEN - THE BALLAD OF THOREAU Sat 4/23 8:30p, Sun 4/24 2:30a WEIRD FLORIDA: ROADS LESS TRAVELED Mon 4/4 12:00a WHIZ KIDS Wed 4/6 9:30p, Thu 4/7 3:30a WINEMAKERS Table Top Display Sun 4/3 7:00p; Can You Sell It? Sun 4/10 7:00p; Food And Wine Pairing Challenge Sun 4/17 7:00p; Marketing And Label Design Sun 4/24 7:00p WITH THESE HANDS: THE STORY OF AN AMERICAN FURNITURE COMPANY Mon 4/4 4:00a WOLFGANG’S VAULT PRESENTS DAY ON THE GREEN 1977 Tue 4/26 8:00p, Wed 4/27 2:00a WOODTURNING WORKSHOP Postage Stamp Dispenser Sun 4/3 10:00a; Teaching Kids/Bonnie Klein Sun 4/10 10:00a; Ladle Sun 4/17 10:00a; Trent Bosh/Surface Decoration Sun 4/24 10:00a; Egypt After The Revolution - Jon Lamberton Mon 4/4 6:30p YOUTH CINEMA Every Fri 8:30p, Every Sat 2:30a, Sat 4/2 4:30p

DAYTIME PROGRAMMING AMERICA’S TEST KITCHEN FROM COOK’S ILLUSTRATED Rainy Day BBQ Pork Chop Wed 4/6 12:30p; Lemon Layer Cake Thu 4/7 12:30p; Italian-American Classic Fri 4/8 12:30p; Cookie Jar Favorites Mon 4/11 12:30p; Kansas City Barbecue Tue 4/12 12:30p; French Classics Wed 4/13 12:30p; Coffeehouse Treats Thu 4/14 12:30p; Asian Take-Out At Home Fri 4/15 12:30p; Holiday Beef Tenderloin Mon 4/18 12:30p; Pasta And Tomatoes Reimagined Tue 4/19 12:30p; Salted Turkey And Green Wed 4/20 12:30p; White Chicken Chili And Thu 4/21 12:30p; French Apple Tart Fri 4/22 12:30p; Chicken In A Skillet Mon 4/25 12:30p; Pizza Party Tue 4/26 12:30p; OldFashioned Breakfast Wed 4/27 12:30p; Bistro Steak Dinner Thu 4/28 12:30p; Lightening Up Chocolate Fri 4/29 12:30p; Classic Asian Appetizer Fri 4/1 12:30p; Turkey On The Grill Mon 4/4 12:30p; OldFashioned Fruit Desert Tue 4/5 12:30p AVEC ERIC Farm To Table Fri 4/1 1:30p; Dinner Social Mon 4/4 1:30p; A Dream Dinner Tue 4/5 1:30p (Also see Weekend Programming) BAKE DECORATE CELEBRATE! Geometric Designs Fri 4/1 3:30p; Candy Anyone? Mon 4/4 3:30p; Fashion Tue 4/5 3:30p; 3D Wed 4/6 3:30p; Brownies Thu 4/7 3:30p; Your House Or Mine Fri 4/8 3:30p; Chocolate Mon 4/11 3:30p; A Tisket, A Tasket Tue 4/12 3:30p; Pirates Wed 4/13 3:30p; Retro Thu 4/14 3:30p; Nuts To You Fri 4/15 3:30p; Seashore Mon 4/18 3:30p; Animals Everywhere Tue 4/19 3:30p; Faux Food Wed 4/20 3:30p; Nature Thu 4/21 3:30p; Beautiful Blossoms Fri 4/22 3:30p; Eat Your Fruit And Veggies Mon 4/25 3:30p; Just For Kids Tue 4/26 3:30p; Big Top Wed 4/27 3:30p; Silver And Gold Thu 4/28 3:30p; Funky Fondant Fri 4/29 3:30p BEADS, BAUBLES AND JEWELS Every Mon – Fri 11:00a BEST OF THE JOY OF PAINTING Majestic Pine Fri 4/1 2:00p; Winter Mountain Mon 4/4 2:00p; Mountain At Sunset Tue 4/5 2:00p; Mountain Challenge Wed 4/6 2:00p; High Chateau Thu 4/7 2:00p; Misty Forest Oval Fri 4/8 2:00p; Country Cabin Mon 4/11 2:00p; Emerald Waters Tue 4/12 2:00p; Roadside Barn Wed 4/13 2:00p; Quiet Inlet Thu 4/14 2:00p; Winter Oval Fri 4/15 2:00p; Mountain By The Sea Mon 4/18 2:00p; Mountain Stream Tue 4/19 2:00p; Warm Winter Day Wed 4/20 2:00p; Mountain River Thu 4/21 2:00p; Purple Splendor Fri 4/22 2:00p; Arctic Beauty Mon 4/25 2:00p; Winter Cabin Tue 4/26 2:00p; Mountain Oval Wed 4/27 2:00p; Lonely Retreat Thu 4/28 2:00p; Black Seascape Fri 4/29 2:00p BODY ELECTRIC Every Mon – Fri 9:00a CLASSICAL STRETCH Every Mon – Fri 10:00a (Also See Weekend Programming) CREATIVE LIVING Every Mon – Fri 7:00a CURIOSITY QUEST GOES GREEN Plastic Bottles Recycled Fri 4/1 4:00p; Glass Recycling Mon 4/4 4:00p; Tire Recycling Tue 4/5 4:00p; Construction And Demolition Wed 4/6 4:00p; Car Recycling Thu 4/7 4:00p; Milk Jug Recycling Fri 4/8 4:00p; Food Compost Mon 4/11 4:00p; Aluminum Can Recycling Tue 4/12 4:00p; Green Waste Wed 4/13 4:00p; Paper Recycling Thu 4/14 4:00p; Eco Station Fri 4/15 4:00p; Food Rescue Mon 4/18 4:00p; Green Toys Tue 4/19 4:00p; Algalita Wed 4/20 4:00p; Patagonia Thu 4/21 4:00p; Water Treatment Fri 4/22 4:00p; Backyard Composting Mon 4/25 4:00p; Big Toys Tue 4/26 4:00p; Covanta Energy Wed 4/27 4:00p; E World Thu 4/28 4:00p; Sport Turf Fri 4/29 4:00p

DELICIOUS TV’S TOTALLY VEGETARIAN Everything Eggplant Wed 4/6 1:30p; Portobello Paradise Thu 4/7 1:30p; Polenta Perfection Fri 4/8 1:30p; New Pasta Favorites Mon 4/11 1:30p; Beans And Greens Tue 4/12 1:30p; Fabulous Easy Breakfasts Wed 4/13 1:30p; Vegetarian Holidays Thu 4/14 1:30p; Soup And Salad Pizzas Fri 4/15 1:30p; Tempeh Cabbage Spectacular Mon 4/18 1:30p; Spice Sensational Tue 4/19 1:30p; Fantastic Fennel Wed 4/20 1:30p; Burger 911 Thu 4/21 1:30p; It’s All Greek To Me Fri 4/22 1:30p; Fast & Easy, Hot & Spicy Mon 4/25 1:30p; Sat 4/30 11:30a; Not So Ordinary Soup & Salad Tue 4/26 1:30p; Bloodroot Wed 4/27 1:30p; O-Me-Ga! It’s Tofu! Thu 4/28 1:30p; Appetize Me Fri 4/29 1:30p (Also see Weekend Programming) FONS & PORTER’S LOVE OF QUILTING Three Dimensional Leaves Fri 4/1 2:30p; Fabric 101 Mon 4/4 2:30p; Cottage Baskets Tue 4/5 2:30p; Amish Buggy Wheels Wed 4/6 2:30p; Serge Your Quilt Thu 4/7 2:30p; Christmas Memories Fri 4/8 2:30p; Bluebonnet Baby Quilt Mon 4/11 2:30p; Home To Roost Tue 4/12 2:30p; Twirling Triangles Wed 4/13 2:30p; Valiant Eagle - Part I Thu 4/14 2:30p; Valiant Eagle - Part Ii Fri 4/15 2:30p; Drunkard’s Path With A New Twist Mon 4/18 2:30p; Montana Hearth Tue 4/19 2:30p; Edge-To-Edge Quilting Wed 4/20 2:30p; Spring Poppies/Fall Foliage Thu 4/21 2:30p; Amish Triangles Fri 4/22 2:30p; Quilt It And Paint It Mon 4/25 2:30p; Fabric Weaving Fun Tue 4/26 2:30p; Argyle Stocking Wed 4/27 2:30p; Jazzy Stars Thu 4/28 2:30p; Perfect Flying Geese Fri 4/29 2:30p FOR YOUR HOME No Vacancy Fri 4/1 7:30a; Guest Quarters Mon 4/4 7:30a; Gardening In The Winter Tue 4/5 7:30a; Backyard Makeover Wed 4/6 7:30a; Finding Your Style Thu 4/7 7:30a; Vicki’s Kitchen Makeover Fri 4/8 7:30a; Victory Junction Mon 4/11 7:30a; Intro To Komen House Tue 4/12 7:30a; Building, Part 2 Wed 4/13 7:30a; Trim & Surfaces, Part 3 Thu 4/14 7:30a; Decorative Accents, Part 4 Fri 4/15 7:30a; Two Acres, Part 5 Mon 4/18 7:30a; Holy Faux, Part 6 Tue 4/19 7:30a; Dream Spaces, Part 7 Wed 4/20 7:30a; Gentlemen’s Quarters, Part 8 Thu 4/21 7:30a; Welcome To The Big Top, Part 9 Fri 4/22 7:30a; Revision House Mon 4/25 7:30a; Outdoor Spaces Tue 4/26 7:30a; Decorated Garden Wed 4/27 7:30a; Farm To Table Thu 4/28 7:30a; Rest And Renew Fri 4/29 7:30a HEALTHY BODY HEALTHY MIND Gaucher Disease: A Mysterious Genetic Disorder Fri 4/1 12:00n; The Science Of Multiple Sclerosis Mon 4/4 12:00n; Living With Migraines Tue 4/5 12:00n; Pseudobulbar Affect: Could This Be Happening To You? Wed 4/6 12:00n; Coping With Chronic Pain Thu 4/7 12:00n; Hope For The Alcoholic Fri 4/8 12:00n; Innovations In Liver Transplantation Mon 4/11 12:00n; Dyslipidemia: Getting Your Cholesterol Under Control Tue 4/12 12:00n; The Science Of Treating Atrial Fibrillation Wed 4/13 12:00n; Anaphylaxis: Allergies That Can Kill Thu 4/14 12:00n; Relieving Low Back Pain Fri 4/15 12:00n; Treating Insomnia Mon 4/18 12:00n; PostStroke Spasticity Tue 4/19 12:00n; Breakthroughs In Advanced Prostate Cancer Wed 4/20 12:00n; Type 2 Diabetes: New Hope New Treatments Thu 4/21 12:00n; Understanding Ulcerative Colitis Fri 4/22 12:00n; Stopping A Stroke: Limiting The Damage Done Mon 4/25 12:00n; The Dangers Of Neutropenia Tue 4/26 12:00n; Cushing’s Disease: Unraveling A Medical Wed 4/27 12:00n; Saving Lives With The Total Artificial Hear Thu 4/28 12:00n; Treating Dupuytrens Contracture: A Debilitating Hand Disease Fri 4/29 12:00n (Also See Weekend Programming) JOURNAL Every Mon – Fri 6:00p

KNITTING DAILY Go Global Fri 4/1 10:30a; You’re The Designer Mon 4/4 10:30a; Start Spinning Tue 4/5 10:30a; Blankets And Afghans Wed 4/6 10:30a; Stripes! Thu 4/7 10:30a; Gifts For Every Season Fri 4/8 10:30a; EcoFriendly And Green Mon 4/11 10:30a; Fearless Knit & Crochet Tue 4/12 10:30a; Fashion Forward Wed 4/13 10:30a; Knit & Purl Magic Thu 4/14 10:30a; All In The Finish Fri 4/15 10:30a; Natural Fibers Mon 4/18 10:30a; Fiber Tech Tue 4/19 10:30a; Wild About Wool Wed 4/20 10:30a; Crazy For Cotton Thu 4/21 10:30a; Creative Scarves Fri 4/22 10:30a; New England Knits Mon 4/25 10:30a; Think Thin Tue 4/26 10:30a; On The Edge Wed 4/27 10:30a; Trade Secrets Thu 4/28 10:30a; Ground Rules Fri 4/29 10:30a (Also See Weekend Programming) LA PLAZA - MARIA HINOJOSA: ONE-ON-ONE Antonio Gonzalez Fri 4/1 6:30p; Ricardo Chavira Fri 4/8 6:30p; Gioconda Belli Fri 4/15 6:30p; Willie Colon Fri 4/22 6:30p; Mari Carmen Ramirez Fri 4/29 6:30p MARTHA’S SEWING ROOM Ruffles And Ruching Fri 4/1 11:30a; Fancy Fabric Textures Mon 4/4 11:30a; Mexican Tucks Tue 4/5 11:30a; Hemming A Lined Garment Wed 4/6 11:30a; Couture Darts Thu 4/7 11:30a; Romancing Your Wardrobe Fri 4/8 11:30a; Bias Tubing Cathedral Windows Mon 4/11 11:30a; Vintage Couched Collage Tue 4/12 11:30a; French Bias Piping Wed 4/13 11:30a; Wing Needle Embellishment Thu 4/14 11:30a; Heirloom Flatlocking Fri 4/15 11:30a; Applique Mon 4/18 11:30a; Creative Circles Tue 4/19 11:30a; Texturing Fabric Wed 4/20 11:30a; Opulent Ornamentation Thu 4/21 11:30a; Blank To Beautiful Fri 4/22 11:30a; Embellishing With Scallops Mon 4/25 11:30a; Lump-Free Collars Tue 4/26 11:30a; Bridging Stitch Embellishment Wed 4/27 11:30a; Seminole Lacework Thu 4/28 11:30a; Folded Tucks Fri 4/29 11:30a (Also See Weekend Programming) MORNING CUP OF JAZZ Every Mon – Fri 6:00a NEWSLINE Every Mon – Fri 7:00p NICK STELLINO COOKING WITH FRIENDS Walter Pisano, Grilled Steak Fri 4/1 1:00p; Elise Wiggins, Chocolate And Cherry Mon 4/4 1:00p NICK STELLINO’S FAMILY KITCHEN Every Mon – Fri (except 4/1 & 4/4) 1:00p (Also See Weekend Programming) P. ALLEN SMITH’S GARDEN HOME Garden Party Fri 4/1 8:00a; Garden Home Lifestyle Mon 4/4 8:00a; Kids In The Garden Tue 4/5 8:00a; Color Inspirations Wed 4/6 8:00a; Giving Gardens Thu 4/7 8:00a; Longhouse Fri 4/8 8:00a; Rose Rebloom Mon 4/11 8:00a; Fall Vegetable Garden Tue 4/12 8:00a; Getting Crafty Wed 4/13 8:00a; Garden Home Construction Thu 4/14 8:00a; Retreat Elements Fri 4/15 8:00a; Structure At Moss Mountain Mon 4/18 8:00a; Not Easy Being Green Tue 4/19 8:00a; Room With A View Wed 4/20 8:00a; Garden Home Animals Thu 4/21 8:00a; Garden Glories Fri 4/22 8:00a; The Ties That Bind Mon 4/25 8:00a; From The Soil To The Sun Tue 4/26 8:00a; Kitchen Garden Wed 4/27 8:00a; Bigger’s Not Better Thu 4/28 8:00a; The Color Factor Fri 4/29 8:00a (Also See Daytime Programming) PIANO GUY Every Mon – Fri 5:00p, Every Sun 5:00p POWER YOGA: MIND AND BODY Every Mon – Fri 8:30a SCULLY/THE WORLD SHOW Hugh Hallward - Entrepreneurs/The Dobson Series Every Thu 6:30p

SIMPLY MING Flavors Of Hong Kong Fri 4/1 3:00p; Asian Mole Mon 4/4 3:00p; Cranberry Mango Vinegarette Tue 4/5 3:00p; Asian Tapenade Wed 4/6 3:00p; Kaffir Lime Avaocado Puree Thu 4/7 3:00p; Chocolate Mousse Fri 4/8 3:00p; Master Sushi Roll Mon 4/11 3:00p; Ginger-Kiwi-Jicama Salsa Tue 4/12 3:00p; Master Crepe Wed 4/13 3:00p; Kung Pao Sauce Thu 4/14 3:00p; Sesame Paste Fri 4/15 3:00p; Clementine Marmalade Mon 4/18 3:00p; Master Doughnut Recipe Tue 4/19 3:00p; Citrus-Mint Syrup Wed 4/20 3:00p; Tamari & Chipotle Chiles Thu 4/21 3:00p; Chinese Tea & Mint Fri 4/22 3:00p; Organic Rice Vinegar & Honey Mon 4/25 3:00p; Shiso & Tomatoes Tue 4/26 3:00p; Garlic Chive & Greek Yogurt Wed 4/27 3:00p; Fermented Black Beans & Ketchup Thu 4/28 3:00p; Chinese Rock Candy & Cranberries Script Fri 4/29 3:00p SIT AND BE FIT Every Mon – Fri 9:30a (Also See Weekend Programming) WORLD BUSINESS Every Mon (except 4/4) 6:30p CHILDREN’S PROGRAMMING BIZ KID$ Every Mon – Fri 5:30p CARTOONING WITH BLITZ Tue 4/19 – Fri 4/22 4:30p; Mon 4/25 – Fri 4/29 4:30p MARK KISTLER’S IMAGINATION STATION Fri 4/1 4:30p, Mon 4/4 – Fri 4/8 4:30p, Mon 4/11 – Fri 4:30p, Mon 4/18 4:30p TEEN KIDS NEWS Every Sat 4:00p

KCSM April 2011 A-Z Listings  

KCSM April 2011 A-Z TV Listings