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LET'S BUILD YOUR SCHEDULE! KCPAs purpose is to provide an encouraging environment, giving dancers and artists the tools to FIND THEIR THRIVE in every opportunity and each phase of their lives. Season Starts July 18th, 2022

How To Read Our Schedule...


Light teal = Kaiser Kids Dance: Classes for Ages 2-7.

Red = Performance and Technique classes: Leveled classes for ages 7+

Dark teal = Assembly classes: Rehearsal classes for our audition-only Assembly competition team.


If a class is labeled “perf”, that means that class will be performing in the end-of-year recital; tentatively in June 2023 These classes will be learning and preparing to perform and will require the purchase of a costume for the recital If a class is labeled “tech’, that means that they will be working on refining their technical skills within the style While they may learn combinations to practice their performance, they are not preparing to perform in the recital There is no costume requirement Tech classes will have the opportunity to choose to perform if the class agrees as a whole


Level 1: Dancers learn and apply introductory techniques for style specific movement and performance

Suggested 0-1 years of experience

Level 2: Dancers continue learning new techniques but begin to better understand and execute with acuity Suggested 2-3 years of experience

Level 3: Dancers have a strong foundation with their technical skill and are starting to apply various concepts to improve their capabilities and execute complex movement patterns.

Suggested 4-5 years of experience

Level 4: Dancers understand their bodies, They understand technical requirements within the style, and can self-correct but are continually working with teachers to refine their skills, to learn new advanced concepts, and to develop a broader movement vocabulary by continuing to explore beyond their capabilities

Level 5: Dancers have a clear understanding of their bodies and technique and are exploring beyond their capabilities Suggested 8+ years of "focused" experience


We offer our Kaiser Kids Dance classes everyday Monday through Friday giving each family the opportunity to find the class that best fits their family schedule

We believe dancers should be versatile and be able to explore the various styles without having to come to the studio everyday so we ’ ve structured our schedule for dancers to attend multiple classes back to back

Performance & Technique classes are based on level, not on age When scheduling, our Customer Care Champions will be mindful of the students registered in each class so that their aren’t any extreme age gaps By offering classes based on level, dancers receive instruction that is geared for their level so they can reach their goals!

Ready to enroll? Go to: wwwdancestudio-procom/online/kcpadance ClickHEREtoviewacopy/pastespreadsheetofourschedule. FULL

Ready to enroll? Go to: wwwdancestudio-procom/online/kcpadance

ClickHEREtoviewacopy/pastespreadsheetofourschedule. FULL
to enroll?
Click here to learn more about Jasmine's Beat!
copy/pastespreadsheetof ourschedule.
Go to: wwwdancestudio-procom/online/kcpadance
To view our KCPA Parent & Student HANDBOOK ClickHere! ClickHere!


Did you know that all (12 teachers to be exact!) of our KCPA instructors are degreed or working towards their degree and/or are industry experienced? These days it's hard to find quality instructors and know that you ' re going to get your money ' s worth At KCPA we don't just hire anyone to work with your dancers Our instructors are carefully chosen, background checked and have extensive training in their fields of expertise We also believe in higher education so most of our teachers are college graduates or working towards a college degree We are a goal-oriented education facility and we want to make sure that all dancers are given the opportunity for growth no matter the teacher or class they've chosen With our KCPA Instructor Squad, your dancer will be able to find their thrive!

Clickheretolearnmoreaboutourteachers: KCPA TEACHERS

When your dancer is dancing, we know you want to watch This is mportant to us as well which is why we are partnered with Spot TV where can either observe your dancers class on the televisions provided in the lobby, or your can observe your dancers class(es) on your mobile device through our Spot TV app ombine this with our studio location and a variety of retail and dining within ing distance or a short drive, you can still watch your dancer while handling your day to day errands or simply "getting away " for a minute.

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SPOTTV & LOCATION Businessesat544&MurphyRoad Cristinas Mexican Restaurant Dunkin' Donuts Nothing Bundt Cakes Chick Fil A Einstein Bros Bagels Chipotle Sprouts Karate For Kids Michaels Country Burger Ninja Nation Golden Chick BoomerJacks Jason's Deli Firehouse Subs Cinnaholic - coming soon 24-Hour Fitness Palm Beach Tan Foxii's Backyard Murphy Sweet Water Coffee & Tea Lowe's Pho 544 Whataburger La Flor Sticky Rice Play Street Museum McDonalds Taco Cabana Wayback Burger Yard Dawgs Freebirds - coming soon Club 4 Fitness Boba Lush Pure Barre Sonic Jersey Mikes Pie Five Pizza Proper Wing Raisin' Canes Hobby Lobby Starbucks Walmart Massage Envy Panda Express Jack In the Box Two Hands Corn Dogs Panera - coming soon
, with Spot TV, you can guarantee that
dancer is in a safe environment footage is recorded If for
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to reference up to 45 days prior



At KCPA it's important that dancers are learning in the proper format and order Just like you wouldn't learn cursive before learning the alphabet, the same goes for dance class We want to make sure dancers are learning their foundation before they begin learning exercises that can tend to be unsafe if not learned correctly and without the skills needed to execute

As our core values state, we believe in compassion and honesty Our teachers and staff will guide dancers and families through a safe dance journey making sure they are honest and compassionate in their direction and their orrections, This allows dancers to know where they are in their skills so they can create a plan to get where they want to go and find their thrive

At KCPA we encourage growth and working towards your goals with safety and proficiency in mind


We are dance family, focused on our dancers!

A dance studio can give your dancer so much more than just dance skills It provides a community where dancers build relationships with other dancers, their teachers and families The moment you walk in the door, you'll notice the friendly energy that circulates the lobby and beyond Our Customer Care Team is there to welcome you and help you if you need any help and you will find friendly faces sitting along side of you watching the classes on the observation tv ' s You'll notice families bonding and connecting at different levels In our lobby, you can choose to have your personal quiet time, or you can engage in casual conversation with your fellow KCPA families.

Students feel comfort within the KCPA community as we are all focused on our mission to create a welcoming and encouraging environment that allows dancers to find their THRIVE!

don't learn cursive before you learn the alphabet!

port, dance alone has an inherent risk for injury on the body and make sure you are protecting your dancer as much as possible dance floors are essential in that at KCPA we believe in lifelong and dancing Without proper flooring, dancers have potential in odies in the near and far future, sometimes not even realizing it late At KCPA all dance floors have a concrete foundation with a b-floor for energy absorption "Without the support of a sprung movements can cause stress to the feet, ankles and legs which over time can evolve into more serious injuries that could impact a dancer’s ability to perform Sprung floors also offer support to dancers by returning some of the energy from leaps, jumps and energetic movements, which can reduce fatigue in the legs" (Harlequin, Europe) All floors are then layered on

top with Stagestep
all dance styles offered at
wherever you ’ re
performance potential " (Danceinformacom) SAFE DANCE FLOORS Did you know the importance of a properly built dance floor? DANCEINFORMACOM AUSDANCE.COM STAGESTEP.COM ROBSONFORENSICCOM DANCE-TEACHER.COM THEBALLETBLOG.COM Formoreinformationaboutproperdancefloors, checkouttheselinks:
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