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Our office is located at: 2400 West 75th Street, Suite 120 Prairie Village, KS 66208 • 816.471.2800 The Independent is on newsstands at Barnes & Noble and Dolce Bakery. All editorial photos were submitted by the event’s sponsoring organization, unless otherwise stated.

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s a way to honor the unique philanthropic spirit of Kansas City, we have created Give KC as a celebration of National Philanthropy Day and Giving Tuesday. We want to encourage people to volunteer, give, donate, and sponsor many of the non-profit organizations throughout our community. Give KC is sponsored by Saint Luke’s Foundation which supports Saint Luke’s Health System. Saint Luke’s has been at the heart of Kansas City health care since 1882, and they have a reputation for innovation, quality, and compassion. Their system includes 18 hospitals and campuses across the region and is the area’s largest, faith-based, non-profit health care system. Among many of their programs is one of the nation’s top 50 cardiology and heart surgery programs, the nation’s leading stroke reversal program, a nationally-recognized children’s behavioral health center, and four neonatal intensive care units. The beautiful Give KC cover was designed by Michelle Spigarelli of Painting Petunias. Michelle was born in Our Town, but raised in Darien, Connecticut. She attended Lynchburg College and The Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Michelle lives in Lee’s Summit. You can find more of Michelle’s work on Instagram @paintingpetunias. We hope that Give KC will help you find ways to share your time, talents, and treasure with the organizations you love, and lead you to new organizations that need your love. Give KC will also be digitally formatted and sent out on Giving Tuesday, December 3rd, to everyone who subscribes to our e-newsletter, The Insider. Please join us in our salute to Kansas City’s impressive spirit of giving.

Give KC Proudly Sponsored by Saint Luke’s Foundation | 3

816-561-5269 bbbskc.org Little Sister Jay and Big Sister Ashley

Big Brother Maurice and Little Brother Malachi

Volunteer bbbskc.org/beabig Help ignite and defend the potential of children in Kansas City by becoming a Big Brother, Big Sister, or Big Couple. Bigs are matched in a one-to-one friendship with a child who wants and needs a mentor in their life.

Give bbbskc.org/donate-clothes Used clothing • Shoes • Household items • Books • Small appliances

Donate bbbskc.org/give Your financial support helps us provide our programs to children in our community who need it the most! Your donation helps us develop more college grads, community leaders, and entrepreneurs.

Sponsor bbbskc.org/partners Our work at Big Brothers Big Sisters wouldn’t be possible without the support of our generous partners. By committing to a partnership you will be defending the potential of kids in our community, one life-changing friendship at a time.

4 | 2019 Give KC |

816-932-2183 saintlukeskc.org Volunteer volunteers.saintlukeskc.org/pages/home Saint Luke’s Health System offers a variety of volunteer opportunities at several hospitals and programs throughout the Kansas City region. Positions vary by entity but could include patient assistance, visitor greeters, and office assistance. Contact: John Marshall • 816-932-2183 • slhvolunteer@saintlukeskc.org

Donate saintlukesgiving.org/donate Funds donated to Saint Luke’s Health System will support innovative health care solutions through charitable gifts for research, education, new technology, and the pursuit of excellence in patient care. Contact: Jennifer Kraenzle • 816-932-1664 • jkraenzle@saintlukeskc.org

AFPKC ADVANCING FUNDRAISING EXCELLENCE Quality Programming—From National Philanthropy Day, to our FRED Talks series, Fundraising 101 and more, AFPKC empowers you and your organization to achieve growth and success. Value-based Membership&%$#"! # !!$"!$# International Headquarters, combined with unique and substantial perks $$"$  Professional Relationships—Shared learning, encouragement and   $        ! $$$ $!! $!!$  $   !!  "!    $    $" !   SUBSCRIBE | FOLLOW ON SOCIAL | ATTEND A PROGRAM | JOIN $ $ !"$ $ 


Greater Kansas City Chapter

Give KC Proudly Sponsored by Saint Luke’s Foundation | 5

Volunteer btllf.org

816-276-7555 btllf.org

We’re looking for friendly volunteers to register clients for Sight & Sound, our new outreach program for seniors, which covers the entire cost of hearing aids and an eye exam and glasses. Volunteers also are needed to survey seniors about our program and the changes in their quality-of-life due to improvements in their vision and hearing. Contact: Lynette Jones • 816-276-7514 lynette@kcmedicinecabinet.org

Donate btllf.org/contribution Contributions support Kansas City’s Medicine Cabinet, which provides low-income individuals with access to prescriptions, dental care, eye exams and glasses, durable medical equipment (including hearing aids), and diabetic supplies. Contact: Beth Radtke • 816-276-7515 • beth@btllf.org

816-753-0774 teachforamerica.org/where-we-work/kansas-city Volunteer teachforamerica.org/where-we-work/kansas-city Volunteer to read in a school, mentor a teacher, participate in a career day experience, or help a school refresh its building or garden.

Give teachforamerica.org/where-we-work/kansas-city School supplies (books, paper, pencils, pens, etc.) • Dry erase markers • Teacher appreciation gifts

Donate bit.ly/tfakcdonate Contact: Nora Freyman • 816-753-0774 • nora.freyman@teachforamerica.org 6 | 2019 Give KC |

816-842-5500 follytheater.org

Volunteer follytheater.org/volunteer The Folly Volunteers support the theater in numerous ways. The most needed volunteers serve as ushers at concerts, handle retail sales for food and merchandise, and help out in the administration office with paperwork and other projects. Contact: Joan Hubbard • 816-768-6883 • joan@follytheater.org

Give follytheater.org/contribute Auction and raffle items (wine, sports memorabilia, gift cards, etc.) Volunteer recognition items (company branded swag, gift cards, gift items, etc.) Contact: Linda Bowlen • 816-768-6881 • linda@follytheater.org

Donate follytheater.org/contribute Contact: Brian Williams • 816-768-6886 • brian@follytheater.org

Sponsor follytheater.org/contribute Contact: Brian Williams • 816-768-6886 • brian@follytheater.org Give KC Proudly Sponsored by Saint Luke’s Foundation | 7

Volunteer capacares.org/get-involved/volunteer

816-252-8388 capacares.org

Volunteers are needed for a variety of activities and outdoor projects like garden preparation, seasonal decor, and playground maintenance that help keep CAPA a safe and comfortable place for children to heal. Volunteers also serve on CAPA’s fundraising committee to help with events and collection drives throughout the year.

Give capacares.org/get-involved Washable paint • Modeling clay • Diapers and wipes

Donate capacares.org/get-involved/donate Contact: Megan Campbell • 816-252-8388 • mcampbell@capacares.org

Volunteer victorykc.org

913-387-3400 victorykc.org

Volunteer for The Victory Project at the following fundraising events: The Victory Lap, an annual 5K walk/run at Children’s Mercy Park, the Victory Gala & Sporting Invitational, the annual dinner/auction and golf tournament, and The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Holiday Party at Children’s Mercy Park. Contact: Lexi Brady • 785-371-6738 • thevictoryproject@sportingkc.com

Give victorykc.org Crafts • Hygiene products • Activity books Contact: Ashley Green • 913-951-3535 • thevictoryproject@sportingkc.com

Donate victorykc.org/donate Contact: Ashley Green • 913-951-3535 • thevictoryproject@sportingkc.com 8 | 2019 Give KC |

816-931-4277 saintlukeskc.org/locations/saint-lukes-bishop-spencer-place Volunteer saintlukeskc.org/locations/saint-lukes-bishop-spencer-place Bishop Spencer Place is in need of volunteers to assist in resident social and recreational activities, to provide visits to residents, and to help organize holiday and social celebrations. Contact: Helen Ravenhill • 816-595-5015 • hravenhill@saintlukeskc.org

Donate saintlukesgiving.org/donate Contributions to Bishop Spencer Place provide financial assistance to qualified residents unable to afford their monthly service fees. Contact: Laura Berger • 816-932-3411 • lberger@saintlukeskc.org

Give KC Proudly Sponsored by Saint Luke’s Foundation | 9

Volunteer childrensplacekc.org/ways-to-help/volunteer

816-363-1898 childrensplacekc.org

Healing from complex trauma requires more than just expert treatment and therapy, it also takes the unconditional love of caring, safe adults. Volunteers are needed in the classroom, on service/work days, as food/supply/gift card drivers, and special events. Contact: Hannah Brockway • 816-363-1898 brockwayh@tcpkc.org

Give childrensplacekc.org/ways-to-help/wish-list Baby wipes • Non-perishable foods • Sizes 3 to 6 toddler’s pull-on pants/underwear Contact: Hannah Brockway • 816-363-1898 • brockwayh@tcpkc.org

Donate childrensplacekc.org/ways-to-help/donate Contact: Polly Howard • 816-363-1898 • howardp@tcpkc.org

Volunteer americanroyal.com/get-involved/volunteer Whether helping with the setup of the World Series of Barbecue awards ceremony or the livestock exhibitor’s social, operating a tack taxi or handing out ribbons during the horse shows, volunteers are at the heart of everything we do.

816-221-9800 americanroyal.com

Give americanroyal.com/give Bottled water • Individually wrapped food items Hand sanitizer • Paper plates • Napkins Cutlery • Disinfectant wipes

Donate americanroyal.com/give Contact: Jessica Wright • 816-569-4030 • donate@americanroyal.com 10 | 2019 Give KC |

816-581-5700 kcscholars.org

Volunteer kcscholars.org As a community asset with many stakeholders, KC Scholars invites community members to be reviewers of scholarship applicants’ essays and recommendations. Reviewers say it’s the most impactful volunteer service they’ve experienced. Contact: Valerie Salazar • 816-406-1641 • vsalazar@kcscholars.org

Donate kcscholars.org Contact: Beth Tankersley-Bankhead • 816-406-1622 • btankersley-bankhead@kcscholars.org

Sponsor kcscholars.org Contact: Beth Tankersley-Bankhead • 816-406-1622 • btankersley-bankhead@kcscholars.org

Give KC Proudly Sponsored by Saint Luke’s Foundation | 11

816-765-6600 saintlukeskc.org/locations/ crittenton-childrens-center Volunteer saintlukeskc.org/locations/crittenton-childrens-center Crittenton is in need of volunteers to serve as mentors to the teens in residential and foster care. These volunteers provide emotional support and act as role models through weekly visits, homework help, outings, and more. Contact: Sherry Ott • 816-767-4124 • sott@saint-lukes.org

Give saintlukesgiving.org/donate New, medium-sized stuffed animals • Diapers and wipes • Athletic shorts, sizes XS-2X Contact: Katie Hall • 816-932-3714 • katiehall@saintlukeskc.org

Donate saintlukesgiving.org/donate Contact: Katie Hall • 816-932-3714 • katiehall@saintlukeskc.org

Volunteer ickc.org/volunteer

913-839-8735 ickc.org

Bring your company group (or just yourself) to help PawsAbilities young adult trainees make dog treats and other pet-related products. It’s fun! If you have other special talents or interests, let us know. (IT, teach an art class, etc.) Contact: Laura Zatorski • 913-839-8735 lzatorski@ickc.org

Give ickc.org Paper goods • Art supplies • Gently used t-shirts Contact: Laura Zatorski • 913-839-8735 • lzatorski@ickc.org

Donate ickc.org/donate Contact: Laura Uzzell • 913-839-8735 • laura@ickc.org 12 | 2019 Give KC |

816-523-5550 rosebrooks.org

Volunteer rosebrooks.org/how-to-help/volunteer Program volunteers work directly with individuals and pets living at Rose Brooks Center. Other opportunities include a variety of projects, and are ideal if your company, social group, or faith community wants to get involved. Join us today! Contact: Joan Dougherty • 816-605-7121 joan@rosebrooks.org

Give rosebrooks.org/in-kind-needs Women’s fall and winter clothes Twin sized blankets and sheets • Boys and girls underwear Natural/textured hair care and ethnic products Dry dog and cat food Contact: Katy McCoy • 816-605-7114 • inkind@rosebrooks.org

Donate rosebrooks.org/how-to-help/donate Contact: Marla Svoboda • 816-605-7110 marla@rosebrooks.org

Sponsor rosebrooks.org/events/all-events Contact: Kerry Schmittling • 816-605-7114 kerrys@rosebrooks.org

Give KC Proudly Sponsored by Saint Luke’s Foundation | 13

816-931-2232 kcballet.org

Volunteer kcballet.org/donate/volunteer Kansas City Ballet is looking for volunteers to assist during The Nutcracker season with poster rolling/distribution, staffing the Nutcracker Boutique, souvenir photos, and more! On average, we need 10 volunteers for each performance. Individuals or teams of five to 10 employees can volunteer at the Nutcracker Boutique during a select performance. Contact: Grace Lewis • 913-216-5589 • volunteer@kcballet.org

Donate kcballet.org/donate Contact: Jennifer Wampler • 816-216-5585 • jwampler@kcballet.org

816-361-5900 firstcallkc.org Volunteer firstcallkc.org/donate • Speakers Bureau: Get trained in all of the quality services First Call provides to the community, and represent First Call at seminars, events, and conferences. • Special Events: Volunteer before, during, and after special events such as the annual Community Gratitude Luncheon, Celebrity Golf Tournament, or the Celebration Evening. • Office Help: Be available to help out around the First Call office doing anything from answering the phones to labeling envelopes. Contact: Michelle Irwin • 816-800-8046 • michellei@firstcallkc.org

Donate firstcallkc.org/donate Contact: Emily Hage • 816-800-8052 • emilyh@firstcallkc.org 14 | 2019 Give KC |

816-761-8151 waysidewaifs.org

Sheila Sigman and Shamrock

Anthony West and Henry

Volunteer waysidewaifs.org/volunteer Enrich the lives of homeless animals at Wayside. Volunteer opportunities include dog walking, cat socializing, special event support, office support, and more! Contact: Lauren Stumbo • 816-986-4441 • volunteer@waysidewaifs.org

Give waysidewaifs.org/give Dog training treats • Cardboard cat scratchers • Cat toys • Kong toys • Adaptil collars Contact: Casey Waugh • 816-986-4417 • cwaugh@waysidewaifs.org

Donate waysidewaifs.org/give Contact: Andrew Starr • 816-986-4410 • astarr@waysidewaifs.org

Sponsor waysidewaifs.org/events Contact: Megan Harding • 816-986-4419 • mharding@waysidewaifs.org

Give KC Proudly Sponsored by Saint Luke’s Foundation | 15

816-502-8900 saintlukeskc.org/locations/ saint-lukes-hospice-house Volunteer saintlukeskc.org/locations/saint-lukes-hospice-house Volunteers are needed for many programs, including patient and family assistance, home visitors, Dogs on Call, clerical and office support, and more. Contact: Melissa Tinklepaugh • 816-502-8901 • mtinklepaugh@saintlukeskc.org

Give saintlukesgiving.org/donate Gift cards to Target, Walmart, CVS, and Visa Cards to help with expenses incurred by families of patients in Hospice care. Contact: Laura Berger • 816-932-3411 • lberger@saintlukeskc.org

Donate saintlukesgiving.org/donate Contact: Laura Berger • 816-932-3411 • lberger@saintlukeskc.org

Volunteer horizon-academy.org/volunteer

913-789-9443 horizon-academy.com

Horizon Academy needs volunteers for the 16th Annual Bayou Bash on February 29th. This event is Horizon Academy’s largest fundraiser benefiting students with diagnosed learning disabilities. Contact: Joy Branch • 913-789-9443 jbranch@horizon-academy.com

Give horizon-academy.org/donate Recess equipment • Technology • New library books Contact: Trish Arnold • 913-789-9443 • tarnold@horizon-academy.com

Donate horizon-academy.org/donate Contact: Trish Arnold • 913-789-9443 • tarnold@horizon-academy.com 16 | 2019 Give KC |

913-764-2887 kidstlc.org

Jarod and Laura

Kamalani and Paige

Volunteer kidstlc.org/volunteer Opportunities include activity nights, childcare during parent education, fundraising events, campus dances, and more. Complete an online application, attend a training, and let KidsTLC help you find the right match to transform lives in our community! Contact: Elizabeth Hall • 913-324-3801 • ehall@kidstlc.org

Give kidstlc.org/donate-items QuikTrip gas cards • Non-spiral notebooks/journals • Construction paper Feminine hygiene products • Healthy, non-perishable snacks Contact: Elizabeth Hall • 913-324-3801 • ehall@kidstlc.org

Donate kidstlc.org/donate Contact: Jen Simpson • 913-324-3612 • jsimpson@kidstlc.org

Sponsor kidstlc.org/events Contact: Rojanae Williams • 913-324-3610 • rwilliams@kidstlc.org Give KC Proudly Sponsored by Saint Luke’s Foundation | 17

Volunteer firefoundation.org Keep FIRE’s flame burning brightly by volunteering to assist at a fundraising or education event. FIRE hosts a fall gala (FIRE Ball), a spring golf tournament (Play with FIRE) and a summer girls’ night out event (Purses with Purpose). Invest your time and talent as a committee member or on-site volunteer in our special mission. Contact: Susan Williams • 816-756-1858 swilliams@diocesekcsj.org

816-756-1858 firefoundation.org

Give firefoundation.org/about/for-donors Technology for students • Amazon gift cards Contact: Lynn Hire • 816-756-1858 • hire@diocesekcsj.org

Donate firefoundation.org/about/for-donors Contact: Carol Riesmeyer • 816-756-1858 • criesmeyer@diocesekcsj.org

Volunteer kcwen.org/volunteer

816-822-8083 kcwen.org

Support WEN by working with women on-site or remotely to help create or strengthen their résumés. Conduct mock interviews with women to help build their confidence, offering positive feedback, and suggestions for improvement. Work alongside WEN board members on committees such as fund development, finance, and marketing committees. Contact: Ashley Williamson • 816-595-1299 • awilliamson@kcwen.org

Give kcwen.org/donate Padfolios/Résumé portfolios • Flash drives • QuikTrip gas cards Contact: Ashley Williamson • 816-595-1299 • awilliamson@kcwen.org

Donate kcwen.org/donate Contact: Erin Cole • 816-595-1297 • ecole@kcwen.org 18 | 2019 Give KC |

Little Sisters of the Poor Home for the Elderly

816-761-4744 littlesistersofthepoorkansascity.org Volunteer littlesistersofthepoorkansascity.org/volunteer Make a difference in the lives of the elderly poor by volunteering at our home. We currently have a need for drivers (Commercial Driver’s License required), bed-makers, and people to interact with our residents by visiting, reading to them, and helping with activities. Contact: Brittani Wheeler Rhoades • 816-203-8046 volkansascity@littlesistersofthepoor.org Resident Helen and Sister Gonzague

Give littlesistersofthepoorkansascity.org/donations Acrylic craft paint • Colored pencils • Postage stamps Gasoline gift cards • Elmer’s glue Contact: Sister Michael Teresa • 816-203-8012 clkansascity@littlesistersofthepoor.org

Donate littlesistersofthepoorkansascity.org/donations Contact: Carrie Rojas • 816-203-8015 dvkansascity@littlesistersofthepoor.org

Sponsor littlesistersofthepoorkansascity.org/donations Contact: Sister Michael Teresa • 816-203-8012 clkansascity@littlesistersofthepoor.org Resident Leticia

Give KC Proudly Sponsored by Saint Luke’s Foundation | 19

816-932-3832 saintlukeskc.org/locations/ saint-lukes-hospital-kansas-citychildrens-spot Volunteer saintlukeskc.org/locations/saint-lukes-hospital-kansas-city-childrens-spot The Children’s SPOT is in need of volunteers to help plan School Night Out for The SPOT, a fun, festive celebration in honor of the SPOT’s 40th anniversary in 2020. Volunteers will help raise funds, create fun activities, decorate, and much more. Contact: Jennifer Kraenzle • 816-932-1664 • jkraenzle@saintlukeskc.org

Give and Donate saintlukesgiving.org/donate Children’s books • Diapers • Puzzles Contact: Katie Hall • 816-932-3714 • katiehall@saintlukeskc.org

Volunteer thesewinglabs.community

816-379-0682 thesewinglabs.community Give thesewinglabs.community

Projects range from sorting donations, mentoring in the classroom, and marketing and social media support, to donor development and event planning, along with many other opportunities to support our mission. Volunteer time commitments are flexible, starting at one or two hours, or up to 10 per week, as available. Contact: Linnca Stevens • 816-286-3097 operations@thesewinglabs.community

Fabric • Notions • Gently used sewing machines Contact: Linnca Stevens • 816-286-3097 • operations@thesewinglabs.community

Donate thesewinglabs.community Contact: Eileen Bobowski • 816-379-0682 • director@thesewinglabs.community 20 | 2019 Give KC |

913-262-1515 lls.org/mid

Man & Woman of the Year Class of 2019 Candidates

Jeanette and Kevin Prenger

Volunteer lls.org/mid LLS has countless ways to engage. From fundraising to providing patient support, our volunteers are helping us change the landscape of cancer. LLS has opportunities for a variety of skill sets and to accommodate a wide-range of time commitments. Contact: Janeane Werner • 913-262-1515 • janeane.werner@lls.org

Give lls.org/mid Kid prizes for holiday party • Wine for auction • Silent auction items • Experience packages Contact: Amy Michale • 913-262-1515 • amy.michale@lls.org

Donate mwoy.org/kc Contact: Morgan Hicks • 913-262-1515 • morgan.hicks@lls.org

Sponsor blacktieball.org Contact: Robin Levine • 913-262-1515 • robin.levine@lls.org Give KC Proudly Sponsored by Saint Luke’s Foundation | 21

Volunteer gotrkc.org/volunteer Coach • Charity athlete • 5K volunteer • Committee member Contact: Victoria Patrick • 913-424-4516 victoria.patrick@gotrkc.org

Give gotrkc.org/support-us

913-766-1728 gotrkc.org

Markers • Index cards • Pencils Contact: Madison Gavornik • 908-455-0307 madison.gavornik@gotrkc.org

Donate gotrkc.org/donate Contact: Krystal Pittenger • 816-217-6580 krystal.pittenger@gotrkc.org

Volunteer urckc.org We need volunteers to serve on our board of directors and to serve on various special event planning committees. Contact: Carol Johnson • 816-769-7534 • carol@cjvbs.com

Give urckc.org

816-333-6455 urckc.org

Riding lawnmower • Weed eaters • Garden implements Contact: Erik Dickinson • 816-333-6455 erik.dickinson@urckc.org

Donate urckc.org Contact: Erik Dickinson • 816-333-6455 erik.dickinson@urckc.org

22 | 2019 Give KC |

816-920-7181 healinghousekc.org

Reclaiming Lives, Restoring Hope, Transforming Communities

Founder Bobbi Jo Reed, Healing House

Volunteer healinghousekc.org Volunteers are needed in the areas of: general education development tutoring, computer skills, job interviewing, money management, nutrition, family counseling/parenting classes, meditation/yoga, arts and crafting, basic sewing, anger management, relapse prevention, and smoking cessation. Contact: Stephanie Hafner • 816-920-7181 • stephanie.m.hafner@gmail.com

Give healinghousekc.org Personal hygiene products • Men and women’s undergarments • Socks Twin-size bedding • Body towels Contact: Chris Walker • 913-633-6789 • contactus@healinghousekc.org

Donate healinghousekc.org Contact: Terri Bratcher • 816-920-7181 • terri@healinghousekc.org

Sponsor healinghousekc.org Contact: Jesse Ibarra III • 913-633-6919 • jesse@healinghouseinc.net Give KC Proudly Sponsored by Saint Luke’s Foundation | 23

Volunteer alsa-midamerica.org/how-you-can-help

913-648-2062 alsa-midamerica.org

We host two major events each year: The Walk to Defeat ALS and A Night of Hope gala. We always need volunteers to help with both events. Contact: Paige Seidel • 913-648-2062 pseidel@alsa-midamerica.org

Give alsa-midamerica.org/how-you-can-help Airline miles • Restaurant gift cards • Donations that can be used as auction items Contact: Erin McNamara • 913-648-2062 • emcnamara@alsa-midamerica.org

Donate alsa-midamerica.org/how-you-can-help Contact: Lyndy Elmore • 913-648-2062 • lelmore@alsa-midamerica.org

jcym.net Volunteer jcym.net Members of JCYM support the Darol Rodrock Foundation, Evergreen Living Innovations, Growing Futures Early Education Center, Johnson County Christmas Bureau, KidsTLC, Safehome, and the Shawnee Indian Mission. Members hands-on volunteer activities result in more than 20,000 hours annually. One hundred percent of proceeds from fundraising events and donations are distributed to these philanthropies.

Join jcym.net Our dream is to directly impact the community through the philanthropies we support by giving scholarships and charitable gifts, and by our fundraising efforts.

Donate jcym.net 24 | 2019 Give KC |

816-561-8784 thrivehealthkc.org

Laura Saturansky and Eyra Betancourt

Arnold Manuel and Rebecca Stern

Volunteer thrivehealthkc.org/get-involved/#volunteer Thrive Health Connection needs you. For 35 years, volunteers have been the heart and soul of our organization helping to educate, empower, and enrich those we serve in meaningful ways. Volunteer opportunities range from front desk greeter, prevention assistance, event hosts, and other helpful projects as needed. Contact: Kelsey Connelly • 816-659-9349 • kconnelly@thrivehealthkc.org

Give thrivehealthkc.org/get-involved/other-ways-to-give Toilet Paper • Toothpaste • Laundry detergent • Dish detergent • Deodorant Contact: Azell Amsinger • 816-778-0781 • aamsinger@thrivehealthkc.org

Donate thrivehealthkc.org/get-involved/#otc Contact: Brian Williams • 816-778-0786 • bwilliams@thrivehealthkc.org

Sponsor thrivehealthkc.org/get-involved/other-ways-to-give Contact: Brian Williams • 816-778-0786 • bwilliams@thrivehealthkc.org Give KC Proudly Sponsored by Saint Luke’s Foundation | 25

855-479-2867 happybottoms.org Volunteer happybottoms.org Volunteers help us wrap diapers for distribution to our partner agencies. They also help prepare monthly orders for our partner agencies. These are group activities, needing at least eight volunteers to make a shift and capping at 30 volunteers. Contact: Andrea Babbit • 855-479-2867 • volunteer@happybottoms.org

Give happybottoms.org Diapers in sizes 4, 5, 6 • Pull-Ups • Open packages of diapers if children are sizing up and out Contact: Leighann Prothro • 855-479-2867 • info@happybottoms.org

Donate happybottoms.org Contact: Susan Belger-Angulo • 855-479-2867 • susan@happybottoms.org

913-432-9300 safehome-ks.org Volunteer safehome-ks.org There is no shortage of opportunities to get involved in our lifesaving work. Visit our website to explore volunteer opportunities, ranging from court advocacy to childcare, from administrative support to event planning, and much more. Contact: Kimberly Paul • 913-378-1520 • kimberly.paul@safehome-ks.org

Give safehome-ks.org Toilet paper • Shampoo and conditioner • Lotion Contact: Erin Best • 913-432-9300 • erin.best@safehome-ks.org

Donate safehome-ks.org Contact: Brielle Kratz • 913-378-1551 • brielle.kratz@safehome-ks.org 26 | 2019 Give KC |

816-237-2026 alphapointe.org

Jim Fettgather, Alphapointe; with client Randy

2019 Youth Beep Baseball Clinic Volunteers Don Woody, Angela Bryan, Emily McNeill, Jaime Bluma, Nathan Baldwin, and Danny Jackson

Volunteer alphapointe.org/volunteer Volunteers are needed to support Alphapointe’s special events, youth activities, summer camps, Audio Reader program, and Low Vision Clinic. Groups or individuals are encouraged. Contact: Sharon Brown • 816-237-2026 • sbrown@alphapointe.org

Donate alphapointe.org/donations Contributions are requested to fund individuals living with blindness or low vision. Your donation ensures people receive access to life-altering programs and services, regardless of their ability to pay. Funds will expand job training and placement opportunities and allow older adults with age-related vision loss to receive training on how to use magnifiers, read Braille, and use other technology. Contact: Diana Castillo • 816-237-2099 • dcastillo@alphapointe.org

Sponsor alphapointe.org/events Contact: Sharon Brown • 816-237-2026 • sbrown@alphapointe.org Give KC Proudly Sponsored by Saint Luke’s Foundation | 27

913-588-2793 reachoutandreadkc.org Volunteer reachoutandreadkc.org Looking for area book lovers! Volunteers are needed to read with young children in a clinic waiting room or planning one of our three signature events. Contact: Jenny Horsley • 913-945-6577 • jhorsley@kumc.edu

Give reachoutandreadkc.org New children’s books: birth to 5 years old • Gently-used books: birth to 10 years old Contact: Janice Dobbs • 913-588-0295 • jdobbs@kumc.edu

Donate kuendowment.org/rorkc Contact: Jenny Horsley • 913-945-6577 • jhorsley@kumc.edu

Volunteer villageshalom.org/ways-to-give/volunteer

913-317-2600 villageshalom.org

Volunteers are needed to read or play games with residents, download music to iPods for our Music & Memory program, deliver dinner meals Monday through Friday between 4:45-6 p.m., or volunteer as a front porch visitor to share conversations with residents on most mornings and afternoons. Contact: Lorena Williams • 913-266-8431 lwilliams@villageshalom.org

Give villageshalom.org/ways-to-give/charitable-giving Hand lotions • Non-skid socks • Eye glass cleaner Contact: Lorena Williams • 913-266-8431 • lwilliams@villageshalom.org

Donate villageshalom.org/ways-to-give/charitable-giving Contact: Nikol Terrill • 913-266-8119 • nterrill@villageshalom.org 28 | 2019 Give KC |

816-304-2327 bagsoffunkansascity.org

Volunteers Samantha Shively, Elyse Makar, Olivia Townsend, and Maddie Anstoetter prepared several Bags Of Fun to send to the hospital.

“Captain Awesome” Lenny gave his Bag Of Fun a double thumbs up!

Volunteer bagsoffunkansascity.org/make-an-impact/ Our mission is to bring the healing power of play to children fighting cancer and other long term, life threatening illnesses by delivering a bag of fun to them. Volunteers can help in our office, fundraise, or sponsor and deliver bags of fun. Contact: Sandy John • 816-616-2947 • sandyj@bagsoffun.org

Give bagsoffunkansascity.org/make-a-donation/ We pick our toys and games specifically for each child based on personal interests and needs. The best way to donate is to sponsor a bag of fun and then help us pick out the toys and games! Contact: Louisa Weinrich • 816-304-2327 • louisaw@bagsoffun.org

Donate bagsoffunkansascity.org/make-a-donation/ Contact: Louisa Weinrich • 816-304-2327 • louisaw@bagsoffun.org

Sponsor bagsoffunkansascity.org/event-sponsorship/ Contact: Louisa Weinrich • 816-304-2327 • louisaw@bagsoffun.org Give KC Proudly Sponsored by Saint Luke’s Foundation | 29

Volunteer wonderscope.org/get-involved/volunteer

913-287-8888 wonderscope.org

Individual volunteers can help Wonderscope provide a vibrant, orderly, and safe environment for children to learn, play, and grow by restoring exhibit rooms and assisting program staff. Large groups of volunteers can help inside and outside with landscaping, painting, organizing, and other helpful projects.

Donate wonderscope.org/get-involved/support Support the Wonder Fund, a 100 percent donor-supported fund which pays for field trips for Title 1 schools and annual memberships for qualifying families. Contact: Caroline Hammond • 913-287-8888 • chammond@wonderscope.org

Volunteer harmonyprojectkc.org/volunteer

816-231-7738 harmonyprojectkc.org

Join the chorus! Help our program shine bright by making snacks, accompanying children to class on campus, assembling music folders, and tending to the Northeast Community Center’s beautiful campus!

Give harmonyprojectkc.org/donate Gently-used string instruments • Gently-used woodwind instruments • Bulk snack items

Donate harmonyprojectkc.org/donate Contact: Kyla Pitts-Zevin • 816-231-7738 • kyla@necc-kc.org 30 | 2019 Give KC |

816-472-7997 jdrf.org/kansascity

Volunteer jdrf.org/community/volunteer Help JDRF's mission to find a cure for type 1 diabetes through volunteering at our events: JDRF One Walk, JDRF Dream Gala, and other events throughout the year. Committee and ongoing office volunteer opportunities are also available. Contact: Jenai Collison • 816-472-7997 • jcollison@jdrf.org

Give jdrf.org/kansascity Natalie Hughes and Stephanie Burns

Children’s activities and snacks for outreach events Contact: Marlo Martin • 816-472-7997 • mmartin@jdrf.org

Donate jdrf.org/kansascity Contact: Sherri Lozano • 816-472-7997 slozano@jdrf.org

Sponsor jdrf.org/kansascity Contact: Jackie Feeney • 816-472-7997 jfeeney@jdrf.org

(Front row) Lynox Ellis and Amelia Schaefer (second row) Dylan Fansher, Hannah Spencer, Luke Hoffman, and Abria Mackey (back row) Natalie Grant, Kalli Pfeifer, and Ashley Nunez

Give KC Proudly Sponsored by Saint Luke’s Foundation | 31

816-561-0304 thewholeperson.org Volunteer thewholeperson.org/get-involved/volunteer There are many ways that we can put your talents and skills to work. Individuals, groups, or corporations can participate in our annual yard clean-ups, annual events, or in our adaptive sports programming. There is something for everyone! Contact: Kelly Grooms • 816-627-2232 • kgrooms@thewholeperson.org

Give thewholeperson.org/givingcan Personal hygiene products • Auction items for our Gala and Art Exhibit • Items to use for bingo prizes Contact: Terri Goddard • 816-627-2220 • tgoddard@thewholeperson.org

Donate thewholeperson.org/givingcan Contact: Terri Goddard • 816-627-2220 • tgoddard@thewholeperson.org

913-433-2100 catholiccharitiesks.org Volunteer catholiccharitiesks.org/volunteer Join us for an interactive group bus tour to learn about the more than 20 different programs and service opportunities, or volunteer on a fundraising committee to support our annual events: Snow Ball or The Ben & Betty Zarda Family Golf Classic. Contact: Denise Ogilvie • 913-433-2012 • dogilvie@catholiccharitiesks.org

Give catholiccharitiesks.org/give-hope Non-perishable food • Gently-used clothing • Personal hygiene items Contact: Denise Ogilvie • 913-433-2012 • dogilvie@catholiccharitiesks.org

Donate catholiccharitiesks.org/donate Contact: Kelly Kearney • 913-433-2030 • kkearney@catholiccharitiesks.org 32 | 2019 Give KC |

816-472-4289 unitedwaygkc.org

Ivanhoe Neighborhood volunteers

LAUNCH Student Engoma Fataki and his younger brother

Volunteer unitedwaygkc.org/get-involved/volunteer When our community is generous, everyone wins. One way to empower the work we do is to volunteer in support of our partner agencies. Regardless of your interests, we have volunteer opportunities to fit your needs. Contact: Brandon Calloway • 816-559-4769 • brandon.calloway@uwgkc.org

Donate unitedwaygkc.org/get-involved/individual-giving Your involvement helps us provide support to neighbors in our community who need it the most. With your help, we can continue delivering on the promise of true change in Kansas City. Contact: Hilda Caballero • 816-559-4608 • hilda.caballero@uwgkc.org

Sponsor unitedwaygkc.org/get-involved/corporate-giving Sponsoring a United Way of Greater Kansas City event is a great way to get involved, make connections, and demonstrate your organization’s commitment to the community. Contact: Jason Miles • 816-559-4623 • jason.miles@uwgkc.org Give KC Proudly Sponsored by Saint Luke’s Foundation | 33

Give mchekc.org Office supplies • Three executive chairs Desktop printer/copier/scanner

Donate mchekc.org

913-327-8192 mchekc.org

Donations help Midwest Center For Holocaust Education provide programs and resources for school and community audiences, including films, lectures, educational materials, and our Second Generation Speakers Bureau.

Contact: Jean Zeldin • 913-327-8191 • jeanz@mchekc.org

Volunteer thefarmershouse.org/volunteer

816-640-3276 thefarmershouse.org

Volunteering is highly satisfying and rewarding, especially here at The Farmer’s House, where the results are tangible and immediate. Volunteer opportunities include assisting with retail market activities, office tasks, and special projects or events. Contact: Suzanne Zimmerman • 816-853-0164 suzanne@thefarmershouse.org

Give thefarmershouse.org/donation-form Art supplies • Cleaning products • Paper towels Contact: Dana Chatlin • 913-706-5803 • dana@thefarmershouse.org

Donate thefarmershouse.org/donation-form Contact: Dana Chatlin • 913-706-5803 • dana@thefarmershouse.org 34 | 2019 Give KC |

816-474-4652 winforkc.org

Volunteer WIN for KC exists because its volunteers and contributors believe in the mission. WIN needs coaches and volunteers for Camp WIN in June, volunteers for the Women’s Triathlon & Duathlon in July, and volunteers for other events throughout the year.

Donate Help girls and women in the Kansas City community by supporting WIN for KC. Donations help send girls to Camp WIN, provide leadership opportunities for young women, and contribute to WIN for KC’s programming.

Sponsor Support the mission by sponsoring one of the many events. Join us at the annual Sports Awards Celebration in February, support youth through Camp WIN, empower women at the Triathlon and Duathlon, or contribute to any of the other events put on by WIN for KC. Contact: Stephanie Lankford • 816-474-3491 • slankford@sportkc.org Give KC Proudly Sponsored by Saint Luke’s Foundation | 35

Volunteer welcomehousekc.org

816-472-0760 welcomehousekc.org

Opportunities for lay counselors/mentors/ coaches to provide support to residents as they mend personal and family relationships, stay clean and sober, and secure employment; training provided. We are also in need of workshop instructors and board members.

Give welcomehousekc.org Men’s cold-weather clothing • Denim jeans • New socks • New underwear • Men’s shoes • Hygiene items Contact: Scott Saylor • 816-472-0760 • scottsaylor@welcomehousekc.org

Donate welcomehousekc.org Contact: Jamie Boyle • 816-472-0760 • jamie@welcomehousekc.org

Volunteer jacksoncountycasa-mo.org CASA Volunteers receive training to advocate for children who are in the family court system due to parental abuse or neglect. Volunteers are also needed to help with short term projects like our holiday gift drive and our school supply drive.

816-984-8200 jacksoncountycasa-mo.org

Give jacksoncountycasa-mo.org QuikTrip, Target, and Kohl’s gift cards Nonperishable food items Personal hygiene products

Donate jacksoncountycasa-mo.org Contact: Tahir Atwater • 816-984-8204 • tatwater@jacksoncountycasa-mo.org 36 | 2019 Give KC |

816-929-3000 harvesters.org

Volunteer harvesters.org/givetime Volunteers are needed to sort and repackage donated food at our warehouse or assist with offsite events and food drives. In addition, volunteers can sign up to volunteer at one of our partner agencies. Contact: Logan Heley • 816-929-3090 getinvolved@harvesters.org Monica Soto received apples from a Harvesters’ food distribution.

Give harvesters.org/give-food Nonperishable food like soup, canned meat, or canned fruits and vegetables • Cleaning supplies Personal hygiene products Contact: Logan Heley • 816-929-3090 getinvolved@harvesters.org

Donate harvesters.org Contact: Stacy Mayer • 816-929-3283 smayer@harvesters.org

Sponsor harvesters.org Contact: Stacy Mayer • 816-929-3283 smayer@harvesters.org

Give KC Proudly Sponsored by Saint Luke’s Foundation | 37

816-346-1300 childrensmercy.org Volunteer givemercykc.org/volunteer Volunteers are needed as guest services and hospitality volunteers to greet our patients, families, and visitors; to provide resources to parents and caregivers; to provide customer service at our information desks, resource center, gift shop; and to work behind the scenes assisting staff. Contact: Rande Couch 816-234-3496 • volunteer@cmh.edu Jeannie, Sammy, Johnny, and Kory Riederer

Give givemercykc.org/donategoods Hot Wheels • Children’s board books • Coloring books • Adult coloring books/colored pencils Card games (Uno, Go Fish) • Traditional playing cards • New underwear sizes 3T to adult Contact: Volunteer Services Department • 816-234-3496 • donategoods@cmh.edu

Donate givemercykc.org Your donation fuels the advancements available at Children’s Mercy for children today and tomorrow. Contact: Philanthropy Department • 816-346-1300 • giving@cmh.edu

Sponsor givemercykc.org Contact: Events Department • 816-302-0202 • events@cmh.edu

38 | 2019 Give KC |

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Give KC  

Let’s make a difference, Kansas City! Give KC is The Independent’s first annual guide to your charitable giving this #GivingTuesday. Take a...

Give KC  

Let’s make a difference, Kansas City! Give KC is The Independent’s first annual guide to your charitable giving this #GivingTuesday. Take a...