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Fusing creative direction, dynamic concepts and customized client aesthetics, kbydesigns are pioneers in the worlds of event production, at once defining unforgettable trends and setting new standards within the ever-evolving realm of design. With over a decade of experience in conceptualizing and executing momentous events for both private and corporate clientele, the company has mastered the art of interpreting their clients’ dreams into momentary living realities. kbydesigns creative mission begins with incorporating the clients’ vision throughout the design process, and tailoring each event to adequately reflect their style and personality, which uniquely poise the company to consistently create moments in time that speak to the essence of their clients’ aesthetic ideals. The evolution of their inimitable designs are based in a strong tradition of presentation, which begin with mood boards to evoke the chromatic, textural and overall atmospheric character of the event in question; and sketches and renderings are also employed to help the client visually understand the design intention before the event takes place. With unyielding commitment to precision, meticulous attention to detail, and budgetary criteria, kbydesigns create events that somehow appeal to all the senses. From distinct culinary concepts to audio-visual elements, their design objective is to create environments for guests that are at once chic, all encompassing and uniquely special.

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Colonial Retreat



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Couture Dining

A Night at The Plaza Vineyard Romance

The Hay Bale


The Summer of Love

The Weekend Wedding


Urban rose garden


118 The 42nd Street


The French Connection

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Natural Luxury



Mirror Mirror on the Wall

A Room with a View


Turning Back Time


Awaken Your Senses

Baroque Drama

Opulent Masquerade


294 A Family Affair

Eclectic Chic 326

302 Paint My Sky


Lifes’s Simple Pleasure




La Vie en Rose


Fields of Barley



My Greek Taverna


Urban Rose Garden This dynamic 500-person wedding unfolded in two locations. The ceremony took place at the Hilton Hotel in Tel Aviv, overlooking the splendor of the Mediterranean Sea, with a chuppa covered entirely in white flowers, lending a softness to the heart of the ceremony, which itself popped against the crispness of the bright blue daylight. Later guests were transported in shuttle buses to Hangar 11 (a nearby venue in town) for a sleek wedding cocktail reception with a design scheme of clean whites, and a party boasting an urban rose garden theme. There guests encountered the mingling aromas of fresh pink and magenta peonies, roses and hydrangeas, all of which were arranged throughout the venue using jars, vases, and topiary shapes, in both symmetrical and haphazard formations—the whole room seeming to burst force with a lush sense of candlelight and floral romance. Roses literally dripped out of some of the centerpieces, and even the cake was decorated in a scheme of white roses. The room was also filled with massive trees and two-sided shelving from floor to ceiling, giving the space another kind of dimension. The seating and furniture was selected in all white, using various shapes and sizes, mixing retro, classic and modern designs, from ottomans and stools to chaises and rocking chairs, with white itself being the only common denominator. Photography: Lovka Lev and Ilan Mor

Desert Dream Fantasy This birthday party took place in a mystical desert area near the Dead Sea in Israel. The unique spectacle for the 600 attendees kicked off with a light and sound show against the ruggedness of the mountains, with bursts of flames shot by machines strategically hidden in the crevices of the canyon, creating 16-foot high fountains of fire. Three trumpets and fire dancers then emerged from one side of the mountain, while drummers on the dance floor underscored the moment with the heartbeat of rhythm, and a sense that something epic was about to unfold. An oriental harem was erected amid the 60-foot canyons, and the mountains themselves were illuminated, creating a sense of added drama to the already breathtaking panorama. Elaborate ethnic patterns were also screened on the mountain facades, where some of the fire acrobats and drummers were intermittently located, accentuating the whole area with theatrical intensity. A 24-piece philharmonic orchestra took the performance to a whole new aural crescendo, their music penetrating the profound acoustics of the desert air. Fare was cooked to order in bustling open kitchens, creating a decadent feast fit for kings, queens, sheiks and princesses alike. Photography: Lovka Lev

A French Toast The pink-walled façade of the Ephrussi Rothschild Villa was the breathtaking setting for this 250-guest wedding ceremony in Cap Ferra along the French Riviera, where a chorus of gospel singers punctuated the couple’s special moment; and where giant stone urns with massive bouquets of white roses lined the wedding ceremony aisle. Later, guests were shuttled to a nearby beach, where an elegant reception was underscored in a white and frame-like structures around the perimeter served almost as “invisible walls,” giving the illusion that this magnificent room was somehow suspended somewhere in the middle of a postcard. The earthiness of the mountains in the distance and the water views throughout juxtaposed brilliantly against the luxurious chic of the “floating white party room.” The natural synergy between the interior and exterior flavors of the décor provided a visual and ambient foundation and direction for the overall aesthetic: romance, purity, transparency and lightness. Pictures Taken by Susan Stripling

The English Garden For this wedding celebration near Herzelia, Israel, 300 guests were privy to a backdrop that was the stunning Ronit Estate, a unique garden property, where guests were privy to 360-degree vistas of flowers. This was accomplished by creating arrangements of mixed flowers in gradients of deep fuchsias to light pinks all together in massive urns, known as Marco Polo urns, which overflowed with unexpected varieties of flowers, such as peonies, roses, hydrangea and lisianthus, and thus created a constant sense of abundance and fertility. The venue, which overlooked a tranquil lake, was the ultimate scenario for private corners and secret gazebos from which spray roses “grew�, tiny enclaves of mystery where guests could wander off and mingle on their own. These mini-structures were covered with green vines and roses, draped throughout for a soft and lyrical ambience. White wrought iron seating and tables were ideal for this type of affair, where it was the green foliage and crimson palette of the flowers that brought out a sense of natural color to the scene. Later, the guests were led to the dinner dance, where a semi-circle was created to level the seating formation that faced the lake. White tablecloths were topped with forged urns, which were filled with floral arrangements in a palette of white and green hydrangeas. Here, guests could partake of the delicacies being cooked in open kitchens, allowing the aromas and visuals of the fare to play in as part of the atmospheric elements. The event was taken into the evening with the addition of torches, chandeliers and large candles, which all upped the drama and created an almost entirely new event Photography by Beni Sahar & Tamar Matsafi

The Summer of Love This quirky wedding that took place in a hangar exhibition venue in Tel Aviv was entirely underscored by a sense of retro-fused whimsy and all-out sixties fun. Totally inspired by the design aesthetic of the era, the party space fit for 1000 guests came alive with signature furniture pieces from renowned designers, along with the use of shag rugs, inflatable lamps, and psychedelic, Pucci-inspired fabrics on cushions and server uniforms. Walls were decorated with large-scale black and white photos of scenes that could have easily taken place at Woodstock or some other sixties affair. Another key highlight of this party was the creation of five distinct restaurants, each one serving up its own cuisine on small plates, giving guests the chance to indulge their senses with variety and flavors. There was even Vespa-themed ice cream parlor, where guests could enjoy a sweet cone while relaxing on the back of a pop-colored scooter. Photography by Tamar Matsafi

Couture Dining The old port in Tel Aviv was the venue for this 70-guest wedding, where high-end elegance and classical motifs came together to create a traditional, stately and regal affair. Overlooking the sea, the ceremony and open-air cocktail reception took place on a gorgeous elevated terrace beneath a giant full moon. The sounds of the waves crashing against the rocks swirled together with the scents of red roses, and the chuppa, which was topped with an actual cupola, was covered entirely in white roses. Crystal chandeliers, black baccarat pieces and carpets of red roses gave the evening a grown-up sense of sophistication; while Michelin-style cuisine was served from open kitchen counters, followed by a lounging cigar bar, where three world famous tenor singers gave quite a show. Photography: Lovka Lev

The Weekend Wedding This chic weekend wedding kicked off with a Friday night dinner along the port of Monaco, right on the terrace of the Hermitage Hotel, where a chromatic palette of silver shades glimmered against the green of the flowers and leaves, stamping the area with a natural elegance. The synagogue for the weekend was at the Sporting d'Hiver and featured a 10-meter high ceiling, which was covered with light bluish-gray silk curtains, from which glass tubes of white hydrangeas were hung. On the Saturday night before the Sunday wedding, a sea lounge party was held for the bride and groom as a final countdown to their big moment, right on the beach front, replete with fire pits, chains of sea shells and percussive music to set the mood for the following day’s nuptial celebration. From there guests walked through a tunnel filled with the vapors of dry ice smoke, and into an elegant white space where the actual wedding took place, and a stunning rainfall of orchids graced the chuppa as the couple took their vows. Hydrangea arrangements in various colors, such as magenta, green and blue, were used throughout the different events of the weekend, giving each moment its distinctive personality. Fire pits blazed up the evenings with warmth, color and a bold sense of passion. Photography: Lovka Lev

Vineyard Romance At this intimate 60-guest birthday celebration, the Cabernet grape was the guest of honor. As the sun began to make its initial descent, guests were invited to what appeared to be an empty green field in the middle of nowhere. Massive lights dramatically came up onto the vast expanse of lush vineyard that sprawled out into the distance. The lights were attached in a row formation at the top of the gazebos, and were used to light up the field dramatically, allowing the gazebos to serve as structures to house the seated dinner, but also as rigs to illuminate the vineyard. Garlands of lighting were also used throughout the aisles of the vineyard itself, adding whimsy and enchantment to the harvests scene. Each person was then given a basket, a pair of suede gloves and gardening scissors, and was then invited to stroll through the aisles and freely explore through the great sea of purple, and reap from the bountiful crop of tiny, ripened, juice-filled grapes. Guests were invited to enjoy dinner in the middle of the path, against the backdrop of a romantic, vintage aesthetic, and an easy, farm-chic atmosphere. There were no flowers, except for accents of fuchsia bougainvilleas, and instead wild vines and the ivy intertwined all throughout the gazebos, giving the space a raw and pastoral essence. Simple, white wooden bistro chairs surrounded the elongated tables, which were also set in a palate of whites and cream. The repetitive pattern via the table settings created a sense of deeper visual perspective, but also gave the affair a more modern, even architectural touch. The event closed with a lounge dance bar, where everyone could enjoy the fusion of wine, music and the decadent joy of the celebration. Photography: Ilan Mor & Erez Harodi “Ossim Tzilum�

A Night at The Plaza This decadent affair, which took place in New York City’s infamous Plaza Hotel, was aptly inspired by the chic and glitz of the twenties—perfect for a venue that was actually built during that era. Fusing aviator chic with Gatsby glamour, two main scenes for the 300-person wedding emerged: a masculine cocktail party that featured vintage leather sofas among green palm tress, sultry jazz music, Latin sounds and live music; followed by a clean white wedding ceremony replete with long-hanging strands of orchids and crystals, and a “roaring twenties” follies vignette, where art deco patterns, drawn figures on mirrors and art books of the times were laid out on lounge tables for guests to peruse. The cake, too, boasted an art deco, tuxedo-like design in black, white and hints of gold; and the tables, which were covered with massive arrangements of magenta orchids, were dressed with an eclectic scheme of black and gold with bright dashes of popping fuchsia. Photography: Ira Lippke Studios

The French Connection Unfolding in a raw, simple hangar space in a hangar on Tel Aviv’s fairgrounds, the inspiration and intention for this 300-guest bar mitzvah celebration was to bring forth a little slice of France’s rustic soul. Vintage flea market artifacts, such as old bicycles and terracotta urns, and sacks of spices in bold colors helped bring forth the feeling of a typical South-of-France food market, along with hung garlands of garlic, peppers and an abundance of fresh herbs and wild flowers everywhere. From perfectly crisp, freshly baked baguettes to the finest of cheeses, each station boasted distinct delicacies for guests to enjoy. The objective was to bring to life a dynamic experience of degustation to the celebration, inspired by a high-end European standard of fare. The use of casual wooden patio furniture and wicker baskets added to the earthy atmosphere, and a favorite highlight among guests and hosts alike was the infamous Pomme Fritte (French Fry) station, where perfectly fried potatoes were served up in simple paper cones. Photography: Erez Harodi “Ossim Tzilum”

The Hay Bale This wedding had an air of quaintness, despite being held for 800 guests, perhaps because it unfolded on a private citrus grove and farm estate in Israel. Set against the vivid green of the surrounding landscape, the use of white and earth tones throughout became perfect chromatic accents to bring the design scheme to life. The idea was to keep the aesthetic as earthy and natural as possible, allowing nature itself to be the star of the show. Tree trunks were painted white, to bring a sense of uniformity to the celebration area, and bales of actual hay accented with white cushions were used haphazardly as seating options. The furniture was a mix of white, romantic pieces with lots of throw pillows—the whole scene meant to elicit comfortable lounging on an easy afternoon. Chairs with intricate wrought iron patterning were also employed to amp up a touch of elegance, and chunky white candles in various sizes were intermittently placed along tabletops. To culminate this farm-chic experience, a massive bonfire blazed through the night, around which guests could dance, laugh, and enjoy the natural warmth of the whole affair. Photography: Ilan Mor

Colonial Retreat This wedding took place in the Yakum Lake, in Israel, among massive palm trees and overlooking a stunning waterfront view. The distinctive inspiration was born from the idea of a traditional African lodge, a feeling that was brought to life through the use of earth tones, varying wicker furniture, bamboo, and pergolas with canopied cotton fabrics and leather straps to simulate the sense of tent life. Wild bougainvilleas added the necessary dash of popping color, along with magenta orchids wrapped in green bamboo leaves. Bar fronts were designed with intricate patterns of wicker and wood and wooden paths throughout the space gave a sense of travel and adventure. A chuppa erected on a special construction on a lake, fire dancers, a chorus of young African boys, and open kitchens featuring cooks preparing the fare were all part of the dynamic, safari-like vibration that pleased the senses of all 800 guests. Photography: Lovka Lev

Thend 42 Street This glamorous bar mitzvah took place at New York City’s renowned Cipriani on 42nd Street. The design objective was to seamlessly fuse a sense of old-world charm with an eclectic black and white lounge bar, which was accented and given a distinctive personality and identity through the use of orange Hermés accents. The venue’s Italian marble columns wrapped the leveled lounge, which itself was comprised of graphic patterns against white lounging sofas. Dramatic arrangements of white calla lilies leaned uniformly in vases that also boasted black and white graphic patterns, in keeping with the motif throughout. An air of nightclub fun emerged for the 250 guests, through the saucy performance of a talented R&B group, while disco balls of various sizes hung at different lengths from the ceiling above. Photography: Lovka Lev

A Private Island This birthday party in the Antara Spa Resort in the Maldives Islands was a unique dÊcor and production highlight that required 14 containers of transported material, 6 landing craft boats, 75 Israeli workers, and 70,000 wild Thai orchids—just to name a few design and production elements. The weekend for 160 guests was full of eclectic surprises, starting with a welcoming reception featuring local performers, followed by a full-scale iron-chef brunch, later a mojito party, and a gala dinner that was designed as a private yacht club, which included white phalnopsis orchids that emerged from oak wood tables. Cream-colored linen sofas were nestled among the white powder sand floor, and ethnic ornate lampshades in bright, playful colors gave the fete an air of unexpected whimsy. Bamboo runners were laid out on tables, which were also draped with orchids, and even the drinking glasses were bejeweled, each item on the table sparkling with glints of light somehow in the night. The synagogue itself was situated on a balcony that faced the holy city of Jerusalem through the gleaming turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. This shade of turquoise blue was a recurring hue throughout, as well on the chaises benches, for example, and on the hanging blue paper lamps that swayed overhead. Photography: Ilan Mor

Natural Luxury For this private affair that took place in Tel Aviv’s iconic Hilton Hotel, the laws of gravity were actually defied through the use of hot pink phalenopsis flowers that hung from the chandeliers down to the tabletops. Accommodating 300 guests, the overall setting of the space was white, hinted with accents of translucent plexi glass and strategic illuminations, which almost made the room feel as if it were floating in a giant bubble underwater. Clear oval tables lent an organic chic aesthetic to the layout, and white lampshade centerpieces with crystal fringes were wrapped with magenta orchids, for a pop of color in an otherwise crisp white set. Photography: Ilan Mor

Mirror Mirror on the Wall r

This bat mitzvah that took place at the Landmark Hotel in London elicited the challenge of what to do with a space that is 50 meters long and ten 20 meters wide. In order to make the energy of the room flow properly and within the confines of these daunting measurements, the seemingly disadvantageous proportions of the space were consciously transformed into advantages. This was accomplished by creating an “infinite screen� on which one long photo was projected through the use of special computers, becoming the veritable center point of the whole event. This choice made for no bad seats for any of the 350 guests, and allowed the screen itself to serve as the event emcee, as a video clip was aired, featuring hundreds of faces wishing their celebratory congratulations to the bat mitzvah girl. There was a metallic motif throughout, using the iconic disco ball as a recurring theme. Disco ball textures, for example, were used on tabletops, and disco balls themselves were used as flower vases. The metallic theme even carried over to the Yakamas, which were done in flashy silver. Photography: Jamie Gordon

Awaken Your Senses For this large-scale private party, which took place at Hangar 1 on Israeli fairgrounds, the design objective was to meld a chic lounge setup for 2,000 guests with the most state-of-the-art technology on which to screen 360 degrees, while a 60-person philharmonic orchestra performed their own special piece. The evening’s talent showcase also came alive with well-known theatrical vignettes from Fiddler on the Roof, along with bits of La Traviata, replete with 80 professional opera singers—just enough theatricality to make for a fun, dynamic (yet not overwhelming) array of entertainment. Six renowned chefs created their very own private kitchens, where each designed small plates of delicacies for guests to enjoy—the real high-point of the night being that it was all for a charitable children’s cause. To create a backdrop to match the drama of the night, giant silver urns were filled with playful topiary shapes made with levels of green apples and bold purple flowers. Elaborate crystal chandeliers hung on the ceilings, and despite it being for a children’s charity, dark, masculine seating arrangements gave the space a grown-up allure. Thanks to the sheer generosity of the client, the whole setup was left intact for a full day after the event, and opened to 1200 children who also received a matinee performance by the Israeli Idol winners, and who were also given full backpacks complete with everything they would need to begin a new school year. Photography: Ilan Mor

Fields of Barley

The design scheme for this award-winning wedding, which took place in the pastoral setting of Neot Kedumim, a barley field in the foothills of Israel, was almost an absence of design, a sense that nature and the color white came together to create a rustic tableau on which the 500guest affair could occur. Because the event took place just after the harvest, the owners of the property were asked to leave the field intact and just before the building of the event a special tractor cleaned the field in a specifically defined area, the effect being an event right in the middle and surrounded by the crops. Buses transported guests to the event, and parked directly in front of a pathway leading to a rustic, yet elegant cocktail setup based on yellow and brown tones. This helped to differentiate from main wedding ceremony and party and create a contrasting statement. The focal point of the event was a very long brown wooden bar that was covered with an orange geometric pattern that served as a bar counter and tapas bar. To match the design, tall wooden brown barks topped with sunflower topiaries were groups together to create splashes of color. As the sun went down, torches were lit to create a new path leading to the wedding ceremony. As the cocktail reception took place remotely, near the wedding ceremony a unique gray wooden pergola was built with a white lounge and draped with white chiffon fabrics for the bride and her friends. This sacred lodge was nestled between the trees, again a nod to the merging of design and natural environments. The venue was built on different levels with easy access and wide stairs creating a good flow and no bad view as a general motto. Arches surrounded the main event, where we also hung similar chandeliers and white plisse lampshades, which gave the lighting designer additional anchors to hang spots for the tables. Five distinct culinary approaches were offered, and dinner was served as to guests as if they were actually sitting in a chic restaurant. Colorful candies, jellybeans and gummies were also featured in jars and small containers, adding a certain playfulness to the overall scene. Photography: Ilan Mor & Noa Tumarkin

A Room with a View Israel’s southern desert area brings a natural sense of mysticism to any experience—so add to that the chic and elegance of a private party for 80 guests, and you are left with an affair that they will all surely remember. For this party, a clean white lounge terrace (in Hebrew referred to as a “ketem”) was built on a cliff 400 meters above the sacred waters of the Dead Sea, the balcony seeming to hover in the midst of all of that numinous wilderness. The use of upscale white furniture, such as sofas and bar stools, was a quirky juxtaposition against the raw beauty of the surrounding desert expanse. Guests were escorted from this “ketem” to a Bedouin tent that featured a lush, canopied fabric ceiling, for a 1001-Nights themed oriental feast, replete with belly dancers, percussionists and other musicians; as well as food served on stretchers. Hanging oriental lanterns and florals in bright crimson shades gave accents of unexpected boldness to the tent interior, and helped to forge the ethnic-chic ambiance that prevailed through the night. Photography : Lovka Lev

Turning Back Time One of the most inspiring themes to work with is the concept of time, and the idea that each era brings with it its own slew of aesthetic possibilities. With this in mind, for this 200-guest 50th wedding anniversary party, which took place in a hangar on Israeli fairgrounds, we were asked to literally recreate the fifties in Tel Aviv. For this affair, details were everything—from the use of newspapers from a specific date during that era, to the recreation of an old family bakery that used to belong to the client’s family—this event was a classic example of how research, nuances and visuals can all combine to create a literal “slice of life.” To really revive the sense of time and place, costumed actors and props were used strategically, along with old products from the time, such as a vintage red Chevy truck hauling watermelons, old-school street food vendors, and even strings of laundry hanging from clotheslines to elicit that classic bygone feeling of old Tel Aviv. Photography: Ilan Mor & Erez Harodi “Ossim Tzilum”

Opulent Masquerade      By fusing various elements, such as the urban backdrop of New York City and the dramatic flair of a Venetian masquerade, and by taking advantage of the existing infrastructure—an antiquated theatre—a totally unique experience was conceived for the 300 guests that felt simultaneously playful, dramatic and focused on the bat mitzvah girl. This festive award-winning event took place in Manhattan at the Studio Center in the Hammerstein Ballroom. Because the event serendipitously coincided with the festive holiday of Purim, the date naturally lent the affair a built-in reason to celebrate, so a unique atmosphere was created to seamlessly depict the pageantry and jubilation inherent to this holiday.       To punctuate the celebratory air, props and object details were used that included fabric butterflies, ostrich feathers, boas and masks— which infused the evening with intentional theatrics and encouraged guests to “vamp it up” and really have fun.            The cocktail reception and children’s activities all took place in one area, while the opening of the theatre curtain leading to the ground floor of the theatre, became the setting for a unique seated dinner. Here, black lacquered tables with matching gold chairs in different sizes enhanced the sense of elegant whimsy, and a black dance floor helped to maintain a “noir” characteristic in the space.       Dinner was served by foremost caterers, with intermittent dancing, much to the surprise of the guests, who had no idea what the evening’s program would entail.  After a series of performances, yet a new curtain was revealed on stage left, where a massive and eclectic dessert counter awaited beneath fifty hanging lampshades, all adorned with vibrant colorful feathers. In the main entrance of the Hammerstein, as the party progressed, guests were also able to partake from the gigantic candy bar/sweet counter; and as the kids departed for the night, they were given customized hoodies inspired by New York City graffiti.  Photography: Lovla Lev

A Family Affair Romance, simplicity, freshness, elegance and lightness were the key words for the design motto for this event, a small 200-person wedding that took place on Ronit Farm in Israel. The objective was to create a natural, intimate feeling, which was accomplished through the use of whitewashed wood, wild white orchids and spray garden roses—a combination that naturally lent itself to a sweet and delicate character for the space. Along the white brick façade walls, hyacinth plants in rounded white ceramic pots were hung in pairs from intricate white wrought iron sconces. African lace tablecloths were also used, which also added layers of soft femininity to the simply classical nuptial scene, and seating varied from the indoor space to outdoors—the former featuring elegant, quilted white chaises and bistro chairs, while outside elicited more of a romantic garden sensibility. Here, votive candles in tiny white wicker baskets detailed the tabletops with yet another dimension of sweet, feminine aesthetics Photography: Lovka Lev

Drama Baroque Cipriani Wall Street in Manhattan is a vision unto itself, so the real challenge of creating an event in a venue such as this was to work with the space symbiotically, without eclipsing its natural splendor, and instead working with the built-in decadence of the room. For this bat mitzvah for a pair of twin sisters that hosted 350 guests, the use of lighting projections and illuminations on the interior walls and ceiling gave enough accent and drama, without overpowering the design scheme. Hints of crystal and candlelight forged an air of elegance throughout, and plush deep red ottomans helped create the feeling of a palace. To personalize the production even further, performers wore outrageous headdresses and masks. Photography: Lovka Lev

La Vie en Rose 350 guests from all corners of the globe arrived to attend this special wedding in the holy old city of Jerusalem, where the bride and groom took their vows in the face of one of the world’s most sacred monuments—The Wailing Wall. This event was a classic example of less is more, with the use of old olive trees as the design stars, and a simple “Talit” creating the roof of the chuppa. The scent of pine trees wafted through the entire ceremony, while guests watched along with the total awareness that each stone on the wall meant something culturally, historically and most of all, spiritually. From there, a fleet of shuttles transported guests to the David Citadel Hotel, where carpets of deep burgundy roses covered the tables, over gold matte tablecloths. The party room was lit up with sheer crystals and candles, and lampshades were adorned with simple green ivy, all in keeping with the minimalistic approach to the scene. Photography: Ilan Mor

Eclectic Chic The beauty of this wedding, which took place in Tel Aviv’s Hilton Hotel, was its ability to interweave various themes and approaches, giving multiple tastes and sensibilities to the 450 guests who attended. A daytime ceremony unfolded beneath a vast cloudless sky and overlooked the sea, which appeared to the attendees like an infinite pool of blue. A choir of children gave a sonic blessing to the day, while a Provencal-themed cocktail party featured fields of sunflowers and fresh lavender plants, as French Bohemian music played in the background. The party itself was white-on-white, with the use of illuminations and projections for accents, and vivacious pink florals throughout. White and clear plexi glass chairs kept the scene fresh and easy, and long communal tables made the seating conducive to easy mingling and socializing. Photography: Erez Harodi “Ossim Tzilum”

My Greek Taverna The spirit of the Mediterranean reigned supreme at this Greek-themed fete, which unfolded in a hall overlooking a lake on Ronit Farm in Israel. The 600 guests were temporarily transported to the feeling of a cozy Greek tavern, where wooden blue tables and intricate white wrought iron birdcages hung overhead, and white box lanterns like mini-houses held candles that also hung haphazardly in the space. Simple furniture, such as small round bistro tables and basic wooden chairs help create a pastoral country vibe, where folk charm and easiness ran the show. The bar and coffee stations featured stacked ceramic dishes in recurring patterns, accented with candles and flowers in small vases. Bottles of Ouzo, the national drink of Greece, lined the shelves as a patriotic salute to the inspiration for this event. The use of color emerged organically by selecting floral arrangements in vibrant colors, such as yellow, violet, magenta and orange— all of them placed in rustic, no-fuss containers, such as baskets and old buckets, which brought to mind a sense of ease and casualness. A white wooden trough of potted flowers was set up in the middle room, again speaking to the bucolic direction of the design choice, and the commitment to keeping the room lit entirely with charm. Photography: Lovka Lev

Life’s Simple Pleasures Resourcefulness and an organic sensibility characterized this 400-guest wedding, which took place on a private farm estate in Israel, where the bride opted to hold the affair on actual soil, rather than use the elegant grassy lawn that was also a possibility. Her desire to stay connected to the earth for her special moment was resonant for the whole event, where guests were able to enjoy the majesty of old olive and avocado trees as they partook of the couple’s celebration. The objective here was to maximize a design scheme by staying as raw as possible, without any grandiose attempts of going over the top. Tables and food counters, for example, were created with stacked unpainted wooden crates, and glass sheets or slabs were placed as their tops. Metal stools and white wooden benches were selected as seating. The chromatic selection for flowers was also minimalistic, with the use of whites and shades of light green—all of them arranged in various sized jars, wooden boxes, old wine bottles and simple enamel cups. Small votive lanterns hung from the treetops, lighting up the night with an easy sense of charisma. Wooden trays hung by thick rustic strands of rope held various sizes of candles in glasses, and the menu itself was typed on small white cards, which were attached to a simple chicken-wire trellis with basic wooden clothespins. Photography: Ilan Mor











Paint My Sky This product launch event took place at the Hilton Hotel in Tel Aviv, accommodating 100 guests for a press conference and 700 guests for an evening launch event. As they mingled along one side of the cocktail foyer hall, a huge canvas was built in real-time, where a famous German pixel painter created a work of art inspired by the icons and apps of the cellular phone, which related to cars and mobility. The guests literally got to see a piece of art created right in front of them without really knowing what its purpose was. They were invited to the terrace where we built a large tent (it was winter) draped completely in black with black chairs, and installed a large projection screen. At the end of the presentation, two famous stand-up comedians appeared from backstage, and caught the corporate crowd completely off guard by riffing off of the phone features and creating a short but hilarious stand up routine around the subject. Later, guests were invited into the main hall, where a large room was decked out as a lounge and bar. A black Mercedes outfitted with the new cellular phone was placed in the room, while 20 custom-made stands throughout the room gave the guests the full experience of the new phone while they ate and drank. While the reveal of the product took place, the pixel painter continued his work. Ultimately, this art pixel concept connected all of the guests to one giant painting, as each guest received a part of the painting, which itself is an abstract work signed by the artist and packed in a white box similar to the white box of the telephone console packaging. The culinary concept was based on twelve different stations, each one representing a different genre of cuisine, all on small plates designed and mounted in front of the guests. From a ceviche bar to an eclectic falafel bar, guests were offered a global sampling of flavors and tastes Photography: Ilan Mor

Acknowledgements We know that each and every one of our events is a testament to many things: creativity, innovation, a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and desires—but also very much an homage to the sometimes challenging, yet always beautiful, art of collaboration. With this in mind, we would like to take a moment to sincerely thank all the entities and individuals who have somehow or another joined forces with us to create unforgettable moments for people celebrating some of the most landmark chapters of their lives. Thank you for helping us to transform dreams and fantasies into living moments.

Production & Design: Kbydesigns Catering: Le Notre Entertainement: Dov Amiel Orchestra Lighting Design: Imagine Lighting & Sound: Alles Bros Logistics: Alles Bros Location: Cap Ferra - France

A French Toast The Weekend Wedding

Production & Design: Kbydesigns Floral Design: RVH Rob Van Helden Catering: SBM & Paul Assenheim (culinary consultant) Entertainement: High Sky Band, Philarmonic Club, Shablul DJ Lighting Design: Imagine Lighting & Sound: Alles Bros Logistics: Alles Bros Location: SBMm Monaco

Production & Design: Kbydesigns Catering: Meggi & Tuli Entertainement: Shablul DJ, Groovatron Lighting Design : Imagine Sound: Zilerbuim LightingL Gil Teichman Location:Meggi & Tuli Private Estate, Israel

The Hay Bale

Production & Design: Kbydesigns Catering: Mazal Tale Entertainement: Shablul DJ,Tanto group, Afifon Orchestra, Philarmonic Club. Lighting Design: Imagine Lighting & Sound: Mazuz Group Location: Ronit Farm - Israel

The English Garden Production & Design: Kbydesigns Catering: Ran Shmueli & Meggi & Tuli Entertainement: Shablul DJ, Voca People Lighting Design: Imagine Lighting & Sound: Zilerbuim & Gilboa Top Location: Vineyards, Israel

Vineyard Romance Colonial Retreat Production & Design: Kbydesigns Catering: Mazal Tale Entertainement: Shablul DJ, Tararam Lighting Design : Imagine Lighting & Sound: Mazuz Group Location: Yakum Lake, Israel

Urban rose garden Production & Design: Kbydesigns Catering: Mazal Tale Entertainement: Vision Orchestra, Philarmonic Club Lighting Design: Imagine Lighting & Sound: Zilberbuim Location: Hangar 11 & Hilton Tel Aviv

The Summer of Love Production & Design: Kbydesigns Catering: Cuisine- Paul Assenheim Entertainement: Lighting Design: Imagine Lighting: Gil Teichman Sound: Zilberbuim Location: Dome The Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center

A Night at The Plaza Production & Design: Kbydesigns Catering: CPS Events at the Plaza Entertainement: Stuart White Productions Lighting & Sound: Bentley Meeker Location: The Plaza New York

The 42nd Street

Production & Design: Kbydesigns Catering: Foremost Catering Entertainement: Dj X Ray , Day 26 Lighting & Sound: Star Group Location: Ciprianni 42nd street, NYC

Production & Design: Kbydesigns Catering: Mazal Tale Rentals: Logistics for Events Entertainement: Shablul DJ, Philarmonic Club Lighting Design: Imagine Lighting & Sound: Zilberbuim Location: Desert -Dead Sea

Desert dream fantasy Production & Design: Kbydesigns Catering: Cuisine- Paul Assenheim Entertainement: 3 Tenors, Raanana Philarmonic, Dj Shablul Lighting Design: Imagine Lighting: Gil Teichman Location: Arca- Tel Aviv Old Port

Couture Dining Production & Design: Kbydesigns Catering: Meggi & Tuli Entertainement: Shablul DJ, Tararam Lighting & Sound: Zilerbuim Location: Hangar, The Israel Trade Fairs & Convention Center

The French Connection

Production: Tim Team Logistics & Design: Kbydesigns Catering: Anantara Resort & Mazal Tale ( culinary consulting) Lighting & Sound: Zilberbuim Lighting Design: Imagine Location: Anantara Resort & Spa ,Maldives

a Private Island

Natural Luxury Production & Design: Kbydesigns Catering:Hilton Tel Aviv & Yoram & Dalia Entertainement: Russian Georgian famous performers Lighting Design: Imagine Lighting & Sound: Zilberbuim Location: Hilton Tel Aviv

A Room with a View Production & Design: Kbydesigns Catering: Shiraz Entertainement: Shablul dj Lighting :Gil Teichman Sound: Gilboa Top Location: Dead Sea- Israel Production & Design: Kbydesigns Catering: Foremost Catering Entertainement:New Century Dance Company, Shablul Dj Lighting Design: Imagine Lighting & Sound: Star Group Location:Ciprianni Wall Street -NYC

Baroque Drama Production & Design: Kbydesigns Catering:Paul Assenheim- Cuisine Entertainement:Dror Dj Lighting Design: Imagine Lighting & Sound: Zilberbuim Location:Private Farm - Israel

Lifes’s Simple Pleasure

Production & Design: Kbydesigns Catering:Tony Page Entertainement: Shablul dj Lighting Design: Imagine Lighting & Sound: Hamburg show technik Logistic & Rentals: Alles Bros Location: The Landmark ,London Art Video: Studion - Insight

Mirror Mirror on the Wall Production & Design: Kbydesigns Catering: Foremost Catering Entertainement: X-Ray Dj , SJE Productions , Jay Sean, BongarBiz, Shirdance Lightng Designer: Imagine Lighting : BML Location: Hammerstein Ballroom- NYC

Opulent Masquerade La Vie en Rose

Production & Design: Kbydesigns Catering:David Citadel Entertainement: Vision Band, Philarmonic Club, Lighting Design: Imagine Lighting & Sound: Zilberbuim Location:David Citadel Hotel & Davidson Center- Jerusalem

Paint My Sky

Production & Design: Kbydesigns Catering:Hilton Tel Aviv & Mazal Tale Lighting Design: Imagine Lighting & Sound: Zilberbuim Location:Hilton Tel Aviv

Awaken Your Senses

Production & Design: Kbydesigns Catering: Mazal Tale Entertainement: Israeli Opera,Philarmonic Raanana , and Famous Muiscals performances Lighting Design: Imagine Lighting: Gil Teichman Sound Producer: Lior Tevet Musical Producer:Koby Oshrat Location: Hall 1 -Israeli fair grounds Video & Media Producer: Gilli Itach Techincal Mgr: Elad Meinz

Production & Design: Kbydesigns Catering: Mazal Tale Entertainement: Shablul dj Lighting Designer: Location: Ronit Farm - Israel

A Family Affair Production & Design: Kbydesigns Catering:Hilton Tel Aviv & Paul Assenheim Entertainement: Avi Barak Choir,Vision Band, Philarmonic Club, Lighting Design: Imagine Location: Hilton Tel Aviv

Eclectic Chic

Fields of Barley

Production & Design: Kbydesigns Catering:Mazal Tale Entertainement: Vision Band & Shablul DJ Lighting Design: Imagine Lighting & Sound: Zilberbuim Location: Neot Kedumim - Israel

Production & Design: Kbydesigns Catering: Meggi & Tuly Entertainement:Gruvatron, Shablul dj Entertainement & Cast Producer: Jacky Bachar Lighting & Sound:Zilberbuim Props Building: Custom Made Ltd Location: Hangar -Israeli Fair Grounds

Turning Back Time Production & Design: Kbydesigns Catering: Mazal Tale Entertainement: Eran Barnea - Dj Lighting & Sound: Zilberbuim Location: Ronit Farm - Israel

My Greek Taverna

Tammy Mor Topel - Production Mgr. Estee Ben Benisti - Designer Lior Parnas Samsonov - Production Mgr. Vered Chait -Designer Inbal Elkeslassy - Administrative Mgr. Ronen Elyakim - Logistic Mgr. Aharon Yaffe - Warehouse Mgr. Yaron Lousky- CEO ,Co Partner Koby Bar Yehuda - Co Partner

kbydesigns Team 

There's a story in everything  

a collection of special events produced and designed by kbydesigns

There's a story in everything  

a collection of special events produced and designed by kbydesigns