Around Concord - Summer 2019

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Stepping Out of Comfort

STEP INTO THE UNKNOWN TO BUILD RESILIENCE AND SELF-WORTH My heart was pounding in my chest and I thought it was going to burst. But I knew I still had to do it. And so, I stepped into the void. The world swirling dizzily 10,000 feet beneath me, what little I had in my stomach threw itself up into my throat, blocking my screams of fear and terror, but also exhilaration and the extraordinary sensation of YES! I had done it—


W W W. A R O U N D C O N C O R D . C O M

jumped out of an airplane strapped to this person I didn’t know, giving up all sensibility in order to meet once again, face to face, my fear of heights. It was a challenge I was determined to take on so that I wouldn’t be crushed by some unknown determinant of what I could or couldn’t do. In order to get more comfortable, I had to get uncomfortable.

Courage is living from the heart and embracing your dreams, pushing yourself to step beyond rote simplicity into experiencing life on a richer level.

BECOME VULNERABLE We spend a lot of our life trying to stay in a zone of comfort. Why not? It feels good and safe to be there. We know and understand the landscape, all the scents and textures,