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HOW CARING COUPLES COMMUNICATE Communication is the foundation of any healthy relationship, but it’s often the hardest thing for couples to do. Busyness and going in multiple directions distract us, and we fear that conflict is inherent in communication. Given the importance and challenge of maintaining healthy, respectful communication, it’s a miracle that it ever occurs, and that a little more than 50 percent of marriages survive. Since we’re not really taught how to effectively commu-


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nicate in loving relationships, I asked one successful couple I know, Mike and Fran, about how they communicate. They’re in their midthirties, have a growing family of three, and have known each other since high school. I asked, “What’s your secret relationship sauce?” and “How do you keep it all together between family, home, work, and the community activities you support?” It was pretty easy for Mike and Fran to answer. They are committed to mindful communication, purposeful connection, deep listening, offering gratitude, and a desire to understand each other. They also frequently stop to check in beyond the household duties and activities to support one another on an emotional level. Knowing that each day is different, they take the viewpoint of curiosity versus assumption. Here are some guidelines they offered for healthy partner communication.

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