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Get ready for Summer! Summer 2023 Office Hours June 19-August 18 MONDAY 8 AM – 5 PM TUESDAY-FRIDAY 9 AM– 12 PM + 1-4 PM

2023 Class Offerings

Private Swim by appointment $37

Semi-Private Swim (2+ people) by appointment $53

Private Family Sail (1.5 hours) by appointment tidal $236

Private Family Sail (2 hours) by appointment tidal $263

Private Family Sail (2.5 hours) by appointment tidal $289

Private Family Sail (3 hours) by appointment tidal $315

Sailing: Laser 3 days/wk R $216

Sailing: Opti Race 3 days/wk R $263

Sailing: Race Team MTuTh R $289

Sailing: Sea Fleas 4 days/wk R $79

Teen Night

Tween Night

Woodworking/begin W $49

Woodworking/boat TuTh $105

Woodworking/model TuTh $105

Yoga (adults) W or F $17

How to register for 2023 programming • Online through Daxko at KBIA.net or in person at the KBIA Office during summer office hours. • By email at registration@kbia.net. PLEASE NOTE: All registrations are processed beginning Saturday, March 25, at 9 AM EST. If you email registration, they will be processed by Office staff at that time and in the order they are received AT THE SAME TIME that online registration is open to all. 2 | KBIA PROGRAM DAYS TIDAL FEE Adventures, full-day M-F $197 Adventures, half-day M-F $121 Art Electives TuTh $95 Basketball W $21 Bundle (Reading) M-F $352 Bundle (Swim) M-F $347 Creative Arts MWF $79 CIT 2 days/wk $126 CIT Sailing WF R $158 CIT Tennis W — Drama M-F $90 Golf MTuW $110 Island & Seaside Exploration 1 day/wk $116 Jewelry WF $110 Kayaking 2 days/wk R $53 Kayaking Trip W R $79 Leathercraft F $48 Marine Biology 1 day/wk R $53 Movie Night M or W $11 Nature M-F $121 Pool: Swimming M-F $68 Pool: Diving M-F $68 Pool: Jr. Lifeguarding M-F $95 Pool: Water polo MWF $42 Pool: Lap Swim (2x) TuTh $32 Pool: Lap Swim (3x) MWF $47
Critter Cruise 1 day/wk R $95
Fishing Th or F R $95
Island Picnic W R $116 Powerboating: Power Squadron MTuW R $179 Reading M-F $90 Toddlers & Tales M-F R $37 Sand Castle Building Tu R $35 Sand Creations M or Tu R $35 Surfing 1 day/wk $85 Sailing: Cruisin’ with a Crew W R $63 Sailing: Gollywobblers
Pottery / Sculpture
$63 Powerboating:
3 days/ wk R $174
Sailing: Topsails 3 days/wk R $216 Standup Paddleboarding
days/ wk R $79 Starfish
$352 Tennis (half-hour)
$59 Tennis (full hour)
$92 Tennis Walks
Th $32
Tu $32
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 101112131415 + + ages ages PROGRAM DAYS TIDAL FEE


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Registration opens at 9 AM EST Saturday, March 25


Starfish for ages 4 and 5 is a weekly morning drop-off program designed for preschool age children. The program meets daily from 8:30 to 11:30 AM. A Starfish morning includes a 30-minute swim lesson, story time, nature time and a craft project. The Starfish program is staffed at a 4-to-1 ratio to ensure appropriate supervision of children at all times.

We will again offer the option to add a tennis lesson, which would extend to 12:30 PM and includes walking to Edgcomb with KBIA staff to be picked up by a caregiver after the lesson. To add this option, members will need to register for Starfish IN ADDITION to the 11:30 AM Tennis Walk to Edgcomb and the 12 PM Tennis Stroke Development class.

Class Requirements: Please bring a snack, drink, and a swimsuit and towel.

Please arrive in a swimsuit for 8:30 a.m. swim lesson.

Starfish is a program for ages 4 and 5.

WEEKS CLASS DATES TIMES DAYS FEE/WEEK 1-8 Starfish June 19-Aug 18 8:30-11:30 AM M-F $352
4 | KBIA

Back by popular demand, specific classes are bundled together to give children a 3-hour (or, with tennis, 4-hour) period of KBIA programming with supervision included between classes. Parents drop off their child at the first class and pick them up at their last class. Continuous supervision is provided by KBIA, led by our Bundle Coordinator throughout the day. Drop off for all Morning Bundle children should be in the location of their age group’s specific class as indicated in the box below. If a child takes the 12:30 tennis class as part of the Bundle, parents should drop off their child at 9 AM at KBIA and pick their child up at Edgcomb at 1 PM. KBIA staff will supervise children changing clothes, eating lunch, and walking them to Edgcomb for their lesson.

If you wish to add Tennis, members will need to register for the Bundle IN ADDITION to the 12 PM Tennis Walk to Edgcomb & 12:30 PM Tennis class (AM Bundle) OR 12 PM Tennis class & 12:30 PM Tennis Walk to KBIA (PM Bundle)

Pickup & Dropoff

locations for Bundles

Creative Arts

Smith Cottage

Pottery & Sculpture

Smith Cottage, second floor


Strong Cottage, first floor


KBIA pool


Strong Cottage, second floor


Edgcomb courts, Boothby Road


Morning Bundle, plus tennis Afternoon Bundle, plus tennis

If a child takes the 12:30-1 PM tennis class as part of the Bundle, parents should drop off their child at 9 AM at KBIA and pick their child up at Edgcomb at 1 PM. KBIA staff will supervise children changing clothes, eating lunch, and walking them to Edgcomb for their lesson.

Class Requirements: Bag lunch, water bottle, sunscreen, swimsuit (if in the Swimming Bundle), Tennis whites and a racquet (if in Tennis).

Bundled schedules: We offer either a Swimming or Reading bundle. The Swimming Bundle includes a half-hour swim lesson and a half-hour of supervised time to change clothes, have a snack, and play. The Reading Bundle has a 1-hour reading class at the same time the swim classes occur. NOTE: KBIA cannot provide supervision for children outside of class time or transport them to classes unless they are enrolled in the Bundle OR KBIA Adventures.


AM Swimming Bundle $347

AM Reading Bundle $352

PM Swimming Bundle $347

* prices do not include tennis

Bundle classes offer continuous programs for three or four hours.

kbia.net | 5
TIME Ages 4-6 Ages 7-8 12-12:30 12:30-1 1-2 PM Nature M/W/F Creative Arts; Tu/Th Pottery & Sculpture 2-3 PM M/W/F Creative Arts; Tu/ Th Pottery & Sculpture Nature 3-3:30 Change for Swim Change for Swim 3:30-4 Swim Swim TIME Ages 5-6 Ages 7-8 Ages 9-10 9-10 AM M/W/F Creative Arts; Tu/Th Pottery & Sculpture Nature Swimming or Reading 10-11 AM Nature Swimming or Reading M/W/F Creative Arts; Tu/Th Pottery & Sculpture 11-12 PM Swimming or Reading M/W/F Creative Arts; Tu/Th Pottery & Sculpture Nature 12-12:30 12:30-1 Optional tennis class; drop off at Edgcomb Snack, walk from Edgcomb to KBIA Lunch, change and walk to Edgcomb Optional Tennis class for ages 4-10


Swim Lessons – Ages 2+

Following the American Red Cross standards, featuring six levels of training, lessons are conducted from pre-beginner to advanced swimmer. Progress is charted, and level completion rewarded. NEW this summer, the KBIA swim staff will be charting and saving each child’s level completion in Daxko to provide continuity for future years of swim instruction beyond age banded classes. Many of our instructors hold WSI Certification and are aided by Counselors and CITs, for a low student-teacher ratio. Class levels are age- and skill-appropriate. The pool is heated to 78 degrees.

Class Requirements: Children must be potty-trained — swim diapers are not permitted for sanitary reasons.

Diving – Ages 5+

Learn the art and grace of diving. Covered dives include the pike, back dive, flips and more. WSI-certified instructors supervise and model appropriate techniques, with emphasis on technique and safety. Class levels are age- and skill-appropriate. Children must be able to comfortably swim in the deep end.

Free Swim – Ages 5+

KBIA is excited to welcome back the ever-popular FREE SWIM! This supervised activity is offered daily, Monday through Friday, from June 27 – August 19. These halfhour free-swim sessions are available for children ages 5+, from 12 to 12:30 PM and 4 to 4:30 PM. Free swim is available to children currently enrolled in KBIA classes.

Swim Team – Ages 9+

KBIA will again offer a Swim Team for those who want to compete against area swimmers. One-hour daily instruction will also help swimmers refine their strokes and help keep them in shape. Children under 9 may only register with the Pool Director’s permission and, therefore, would need to contact the KBIA Office directly.

Water Polo – Ages 9+

This fun class is all about play for our older students! NOTE: This class will only be offered weeks 3, 4, 5, and 6 this summer!

Jr. Lifeguarding – Ages 13 & 14

Open to our older students and following the American Red Cross standards, progress toward lifeguard certification is charted, and level completion rewarded. Children, as young as age 11, may only register with the Pool Director’s permission and, therefore, would need to contact the KBIA Office directly.

Participation in this class is free to those also crossregistered for the CIT program in the same week. For registered CITs – please contact the Office to register for this class at no charge by emailing registration@kbia.net.

Private Lessons

Private swim lessons are arranged in conjunction with the Pool Director and the KBIA Office. Rates are for a single day of instruction and are as follows:

Private lesson (1 child; 30 minutes): $37

Semi-Private Lesson (2 children; 30 minutes): $53

6 | KBIA
Got questions? KBIA.net
Free swim!


The pool is heated to 78 degrees

Pool schedule, Page 8

kbia.net | 7

2023 Pool Schedule

START END DAYS CLASSES 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15+ 7:00 AM 7:45 AM MWF Lap Swim for Adults X $47 7:00 AM 7:45 AM TuR Lap Swim for Adults X $32 7:45 AM 8:30 AM MWF Lap Swim for Adults X $47 7:45 AM 8:30AM TuR Lap Swim for Adults X $32 8:30 AM 9:00 AM M-F Swimming for Ages 5-6 X X $68 8:30 AM 9:00 AM M-F Starfish ONLY for Ages 4-5 X X N/A 8:30 AM 9:00 AM M-F Swimming for Ages 7-8 X X $68 9:00 AM 9:30 AM M-F Swimming for Ages 3-4 X X $68 9:00 AM 9:30 AM M-F Swimming for Ages 9+ X X X X $68 9:30 AM 10:00 AM M-F Swimming for Ages 3-4 X X $68 9:30 AM 10:00 AM M-F Swimming for Ages 9+ X X X X $68 10:00 AM 10:30 AM M-F Diving for Ages 5-8 X X X X $68 10:00 AM 10:30 AM M-F Swimming for Ages 7-8 X X $68 10:00 AM 10:30 AM M-F Swimming for Ages 3-4 X X $68 10:30 AM 11:00 AM M-F Diving for Ages 9+ X X X X $68 10:30 AM 11:00 AM M-F Swimming for Ages 7-8 X X $68 10:30 AM 11:00 AM M-F Swimming (Parent/Child) for Ages 2-4 X X X $68 11:00 AM 11:30 AM M-F Diving for Ages 5-8 X X X X $68 11:00 AM 11:30 AM M-F Swimming for Ages 5-6 X X — 11:30 AM 12:00 PM M-F Diving M-for Ages 9+ X X X X $68 11:30 AM 12:00 PM M-F Swimming for Ages 5-6 X X $68 12:00 PM 12:30 PM M-F FREE SWIM X X X X X X X X X X — 12:30 PM 1:00 PM M-F Diving for Ages 5-8 X X X X $68 12:30 PM 1:00 PM M-F Swimming for Ages 7-8 X X $68 1:00 PM 1:30 PM M-F Diving for Ages 9+ X X X X $68 1:00 PM 1:30 PM M-F Swimming for Ages 5-6 X X X $68 1:30 PM 2:30 PM M-F Jr Lifeguarding for Ages 13+ X X $95 1:30 PM 2:00 PM M-F Swimming for Ages 9+ X X X X $68 2:00 PM 2:30 PM M-F Swimming for Ages 3-4 X X $68 2:00 PM 2:30 PM M-F Swimming for Ages 5-6 X X $68 2:30: PM 3:30 PM M-F Swim Team for Ages 9+ X X X X $95 3:30 PM 4:00 PM M-F Swimming for Ages 5-6 X X X X X X X X X X $68 3:30 PM 4:00 PM M-F Swimming for Ages 7-8 X X $68 4:00 PM 4:30 PM M-F FREE SWIM X X X X X X X X X X — 4:30 PM 5:00 PM M-F Swimming for ; Ages 9+ X X X X $68 5:00 PM 6:00 PM TuR Lap Swim for Adults X $32 5:00 PM 5:30 PM MWF Water Polo for Ages 9+ X X X X $42 WEEKLY COST 8 | KBIA ages *Weeks 3, 4, 5, 6 only
kbia.net | 9


Our tennis program is organized into skill and age-appropriate classes. All classes are held at Edgcomb Tennis Club, a 10-minute walk from KBIA.

Tennis Class Requirements: Participants must bring their own tennis racquet and wear proper tennis whites (all items of clothing need to be 90% white) and tennis shoes (non-tennis shoes are not permitted on courts as they cause damage). Participant will not be allowed to enter the courts unless properly dressed. Please bring your own water bottle.

Tennis Stroke Development – Ages 4-10

• Ages 4-6: This introductory tennis class uses a smaller court and smaller balls and will focus on fun hand-eye skills, teaching all the tennis fundamentals — emphasis on FUN!

• Ages 7-10: This quick-start program uses a smaller court and different tennis balls to make the game accessible to all players. This class further develops fundamentals while kids have fun playing interactive games. Further work on fundamentals come from playing fun games, as well as net volley and base line challenges.

Game Play – Ages 9+

This class is designed for tennis players who love playing tennis games. Throughout the week, players

will have the opportunity to play a wide variety of fun, fast-paced games to work on their tennis skills and fitness. The class is designed for players who know how to consistently hit a forehand, backhand, and volley.

Match Play – Ages 9+

For children who have solid strokes, the ability to maintain a rally and want the challenge, this class will allow participants to play competitive games while getting pointers from the tennis staff.

Tennis Walks – Ages 4-10

We offer supervised walks to/from Edgcomb for classes. We recommend that you sign up for the walk that leaves 30 minutes prior to your scheduled Tennis class to have your child arrive on time.

WEEKS CLASS TIMES DAYS FEE/WEEK 1-8 Stroke Development Ages; 4-10 12-12:30 PM M-F $59 1-8 Game Play; Ages 9+ 12-1 PM M-F $92 1-8 Stroke Development; Ages 4-10 12:30-1 PM M-F $59 1-8 Stroke Development; Ages 7+ 1-2 PM M-F $92 1-8 Match Play; Ages 9+ 1-2 PM M-F $92 1-8 Stroke Development; Ages 4-10 2-2:30 PM M-F $59 1-8 Tennis Walks varies M-F $16
10 | KBIA


kbia.net | 11
Edgcomb Tennis Club hosts our court classes nearby on Boothby Road.

Art Classes

From general Creative Arts to advanced techniques in painting and jewelry design –KBIA has an art class for every age and skill level!

Creative Arts – Ages 4-10

Students will explore art concepts such as shape, color, line and texture. They will create nature-themed art projects that require multiple steps. Projects may take two to three class periods to complete. Some classes will begin with reading a children’s story that makes a connection to the art project.

Sample projects may include a hermit crab house, a bird feeder made from recycled materials, paper mache sea creature, batik ocean wall hanging, garden gazing ball, plaster casting in a mold or model magic fish sculpture.

2023 Creative Arts Schedule

Jewelry: Beyond Beads – Ages 7-10

This two-day beginner jewelry class will explore a variety of sustainable materials as well as traditional metals to create original art to wear! Using basic hand tools and traditional fabricating techniques, students will be inspired by examples from around the world of new directions in jewelry making. (There will still be some beads!)

Jewelry Design – Ages 11+

This two-day class will introduce students to more advanced jewelry and metalworking techniques. We will learn mold making and cast lead-free pewter into sand and plaster molds. A variety of “cold connections” such as riveting and tabbing will be explored as well as the texturing and finishing of metal. Students can create jewelry or small sculptural work.

2023 Jewelry Schedule

Pottery & Sculpture – Ages 4+

Children will explore a variety of clays while creating various one-of-a-kind pieces daily/weekly. The children will take part in a clay journey where the sky is the limit, imagination nurtured and curiosity encouraged! The children will learn about design, pattern, texture, line and colour and at the same time experience various handbuilding techniques such as; how to knead, roll out and join clay together. We will focus on having fun while creating unique clay treasures to remember KBIA.

2023 Pottery

& Sculpture Schedule

Leathercrafts – Ages 7+

Learn to make decorative or useful leather items such as a miniature canoe, a game board, wallet, pouch, wristband, drum or backpack. With a little imagination, the possibilities are endless.

2023 Leathercrafts Schedule

WEEKS AGES TIMES DAYS FEE/WEEK 1-8 5-6 9-10 AM MWF $79 1-8 4-6 2-3 PM MWF $79 1-8 7-8 11 AM-12 PM MWF $79
7-8 1-2 PM MWF $79
MWF $79
1-8 9-10 10-11 AM
WEEKS CLASSES TIMES DAYS FEE/WEEK 1-8 Jewelry: Beyond Beads Ages 7-10 12-2 PM WF $110 1-8 Jewelry Design Ages 11+ 2-4 PM WF $110 WEEKS CLASSES TIMES DAYS FEE/WEEK 1-8 Leathercrafts 8-9:30 AM F $48 1-8 Leathercrafts 9:30-11 AM F $48 12 | KBIA WEEKS AGES TIMES DAYS FEE/WEEK 1-8 5-6 9-10 AM TuTh $63 1-8 4-6 2-3 PM TuTh $63 1-8 7-8 11 AM-12 PM TuTh $63 1-8 7-8 1-2 PM TuTh $63 1-8 9-10 10-11 AM TuTh $63 Get social with us!

Art Classes

kbia.net | 13
Pottery & Sculpture Creative Arts Creative Arts

Art Classes

Woodworking – Ages 7+

Beginner – Ages 7-10

Each week, this class will create a new project using wood and a variety of tools, along with your creativity and imagination. Participants will complete and bring home a new project every week.

Model Making – Ages 9+

Designed as a two-day class for older students, each week the class will create a new project using wood and a variety of tools, along with your creativity and imagination. Participants will complete and bring home a new project every week.

Model Boatbuilding – Ages 9+

There are many different types of boats that can be constructed on a smaller scale. This class gives students their choice on what to create week to week on a small scale that can be taken home and admired for years to come!

WEEKS CLASS DATES TIMES FEE/WEEK 1-8 Beginner Wednesdays 9-10:30 AM $49 1-8 Beginner Wednesdays 10:30-12 PM $49 3-6 Beginner Wednesdays 12:30-2 PM $49 1-8 Model Boatbuilding Tuesdays + Thursdays 9-11 AM $105 1-8 Model Making Tuesdays + Thursdays 11:30 AM -1:30 PM $105 14 | KBIA
Boat building Beginner woodworking

Art Classes

2023 Woodworking Schedule Art Electives (for ages 9+)


This class will serve as an introduction to water-based painting techniques, including color use, light and dark, and how to create an interesting composition using unusual found objects.


Drawing is the most basic course that enhances every artistic activity. Instruction covers basic volume, light and shadow. Mediums include pencil, ink, pastel and some watercolor wash. Learn to quickly capture the world at large!


Explore the art of printmaking. Lessons will cover printing techniques such as collagraphs, gelatin prints, and stamping. These techniques will be used for lots of fun projects including designing fabric, embellishing sketchbooks, and creating works of art.


Learn the ancient art of mosaic! In this class, students aged 9 and older will design and create a tile out of a variety of mosaic components (beach glass, shells, driftwood, pebbles, etc).

Cardboard Sculpture - NEW

Create art through architecture with cardboard as your foundation. The sky’s the limit to what you can dream up and build in this new art elective offering!

Metalwork - NEW

Go beyond jewelry to discover other ways to create art pieces and sculptural designs with metal.

Fashion Design - NEW

Explore the world of fashion in this hands-on class where students will design and create one of a kind fashions to take home with them!

WEEKS CLASS TIMES DAYS FEE/WEEK 1 Drawing 9-11 AM TuTh $95 1 Mosaics 11 AM-1 PM TuTh $95 2 Painting 9-11 AM TuTh $95 2 Printmaking 11 AM-1 PM TuTh $95 3 Drawing 9-11 AM TuTh $95 3 Metalwork 11 AM-1 PM TuTh $95 4 Painting 9-11 AM TuTh $95 4 Mosaics 11 AM-1 PM TuTh $95 4 Fashion Design 1:30-3:30 PM TuTh $95 5 Drawing 9-11 AM TuTh $95 5 Cardboard Sculpture 11 AM-1 PM TuTh $95 5 Fashion Design 1:30-3:30 PM TuTh $95 6 Painting 9-11 AM TuTh $95 6 Metalwork 11 AM-1 PM TuTh $95 7 Drawing 9-11 AM TuTh $95 7 Mosaics 11 AM-1 PM TuTh $95 8 Printmaking 9-11 AM TuTh $95 8 Cardboard Sculpture 11 AM-1 PM TuTh $95
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Being Curious, Getting Creative

Nature – Ages 4-10

Join us for age-appropriate science experiences intended to increase knowledge of biology, geology, and chemistry and teach an appreciation of nature. Weekly themes include Seashells and Sea Glass, Trees of Maine, Insects & Spiders, Wildflowers, and Sea Birds.

2023 Nature Schedule

Reading – Ages 5+

Budding readers begin their journey in reading and writing. Fun, hands-on literacy activities such as readout-loud, shared reading, songs, poems and much more. More experienced readers have fun integrating reading while they create a project. Watch their creativity blossom as the story comes to life through their work.

Toddlers & Tales – Ages 2-4

Developed with our youngest participants in mind, Toddlers & Tales is designed to introduce new stories and all-time favorites to toddlers in a fun, inclusive environment. Parents are invited to join but are not required.

Titles & Tidepools – Ages 5-6

This class is a stimulating combination of reading and marine biology. Explore our cove to learn about the plants and animals that live there, collect shells and sea glass and then use these beautiful treasures to develop a story. Illustrate and write your own book or journal to take home as a lasting reminder of your summer at KBIA.

Class Requirements: Closed-toe water shoes or old sneakers are a must, suncreen, a water bottle, and bring a beach pail!

Word Wizards – Ages 9+

An interactive reading and storytelling class for ages 9+ that incorporates fun and challenging word games as well as other interactive ways to create and engage in literary fun.

2023 Reading Schedule

Drama – Ages 5+

Drama class returns – geared toward all levels of experience and fun! Beginner Drama is a class where emerging actors act out their favorite nursery rhymes and explore movement through traditional circle games and songs. Pantomime and imagination games are also played.

Drama Class (ages 7+) helps up-and-coming actors explore vocal expression and emotions while acting out character play and improvisation.

Improv (ages 7+)

The first rule of improv is to say “yes!” Dive into the fun world of improvisational theater games and scenes- the perfect class to let your creativity soar!

Puppets (Ages 7+)

Jump into the world of make believe with puppets! This class will explore performing with puppets of all kindshand puppets, sock puppets, and more!

Play in a Week (Ages 7+)

Join the fun and work toward a presentation for the final day of class for the week! Students will engage in character building and scene work, creating a performance for friends and family to view on Friday during the last 30 minutes of class!

2023 Drama Schedule

WEEKS AGES TIMES DAYS FEE/WEEK 1-8 4-6 1-2 PM M-F $121 1-8 7-8 2-3 PM M-F $121 1-8 9-10 11 AM-12 PM M-F $121 WEEKS CLASS/AGES TIMES DAYS FEE/WEEK 1, 3, 5, 7 Toddlers and Tales; Ages 2-4 3:30-4 M-F $37 1-8 Reading; Ages 5-6 11 AM12 PM M-F $90 1, 3, 5, 7 Titles & Tidepools; Ages 5-6 2-3 PM M-F $90 1-8 Reading; Ages 7-8 10-11 AM M-F $90 1-8 Reading; Ages 9-10 9-10 AM M-F $90 1-8 Word Wizards; 9+ 1-2 PM M-F $90 WEEKS CLASS/AGES TIMES DAYS FEE/WEEK 1-8 Beginner; Ages 5-8 2-3 PM M-F $90 1-8 Drama; Ages7+ 3-4 PM M-F $90 1, 4, 8 Improv; Ages 7+ 4-5 PM M-F $90 2, 5, 7 Play in a Week; Ages 7+ 4-5 PM M-F $90 3, 6 Puppets; Ages 7+ 4-5 PM M-F $90 16 | KBIA

Being Curious, Getting Creative

Drama class in Smith House Drama class Nature class This year Reading is movinto the second floor of Strong Cottage Reading class
kbia.net | 17

Outdoor Sports

Golf – Ages 5+

We are happy to partner with Webhannet Golf Club to offer weekly golf lessons to our KBIA community. Overall Program Mission – Create and maintain a fun and safe environment for all our junior golfers who participate, while incorporating the core values that golf has to offer – honesty, integrity, sportsmanship and respect.

Ages 5-8: This class will teach the juniors the basic fundamentals of the golf swing which includes – grip, balance and good foot work. It will also focus on improving motor skills through various activities, for example, kicking a soccer ball, hopping, and skipping.

Ages 7-10: This session will continue to teach the basic fundamentals of the golf swing for both pre-swing and in-swing, while continuing to focus on improving motor skills. This class will also begin to introduce the golf course and teach junior golfers terminology, various formats and the rules of golf.

Ages 9+: This age group will continue to focus on preswing fundamentals while introducing more in-swing fundamentals based on individual experience and ability. This class will have access to the golf course to learn more about the rules of golf, terminology, and begin to learn the individual component of the game.

Class Requirements: Collared shirt, sneakers and clubs, at least a wood, 6 or 7 iron, and a putter.

2023 Golf Schedule

Basketball – Ages 7+

Come and join our FUN and fundamental basketball class at KBIA’s own basketball court. This one-hour weekly class teaches techniques but also emphasizes games and team dynamics.

2023 Basketball Schedule

Surfing – Ages 9+

Aquaholics provides our surfing lessons each week –located at Gooch’s Beach. All wetsuits and boards are provided!

2023 Surfing Schedule

WEEKS TIMES DAYS FEE/WEEK 1-8 8:30-10 AM W $85 1-8 10:30 AM-12 PM W $85 1-8 8:30-10 AM Th $85 1-8 10:30 AM-12 PM Th $85 1-8 8:30-10 AM F $85 1-8 10:30 AM-12 PM F $85 18 | KBIA Get social with us! WEEKS AGES TIMES DAYS FEE/WEEK 1-5 & 7-8 7-10 8-9 AM MTuW $110 1-5 & 7-8 9+ 10-11 AM MTuW $110 1-5 & 7-8 5-8 11 AM-12 PM MTuW $110 6* 7-10 8-9 AM MTu $72 6* 9+ 10-11 AM MTu $72 6* 5-8 11 AM-12 PM MTu $72
*In Week 6, Golf will be a 2-day class due to the Member Guest at Webhannet
WEEKS TIMES DAYS FEE/WEEK 1-8 1-2 PM W $21 1-8 2-3 PM W $21

Kids loved our new basketball court in 2022!

Outdoor Sports

Catch a wave in our surf classes

Aquaholics teaches our surf classes at Gooch’s Beach

Webhannet Golf Course hosts our greens classes

Three levels of golf classes

kbia.net | 19
Standup Paddleboarding

Beach & Cove Classes

Whether you only have a morning or want to spend all day, KBIA has a variety of classes that facilitate play and learning on the beach and in the Cove!

Sand Creations – Ages 4-10

Learn how to build and play games using sand, sticks, rocks, shells and other fun objects. We’ll make sand sculptures of animals, fish – even ourselves! We’ll also create and play on a miniature golf course and hopscotch court.

2023 Sand Creations Schedule

Marine Biology – Ages 5+

Explore the cove between Lord’s Point and Strawberry Island at low tide with KBIA’s marine biologist and visit tide pools with clams, lobsters, snails and more, while learning about the ecology and history of this unique area. Please wear water shoes.

Class requirements: Closed-toe water shoes, a water bottle, and arrive with sunscreen applied.

2023 Marine Biology Schedule

Ages 5-8

Sand Castle Building – Ages 7+

This class is for older children who want to build HUGE structures at Mother’s Beach!

2023 Sand Castle Building Schedule

Island and Seaside Exploration – Ages 7+

Each trip explores one or more of the islands in Stage Harbor, have time at the Cape Porpoise pier, and visit either the Wells Reserve at Laudholm or the Rachel Carson National Wildlife Refuge.

Class requirements: Towel, hat, sweatshirt, a bag lunch, water bottle, closed-toe shoes (water shoes or sneakers), and a bathing suit. This class requires parents to drop off AND pick up their child at a separate location; not on the KBIA campus.

2023 Island & Seaside Exploration Schedule

Ages 7-11

Class descriptions listed at kbia.net

WEEKS DATES TIMES DAYS FEE/WEEK 1 June 27 10:30 AM-12 PM Tu $35 3 July 11 10:30 AM-12 PM Tu $35 5 July 25 10:30 AM-12 PM Tu $35 7 August 8 10:30 AM-12 PM Tu $35
WEEKS DATES TIMES DAYS FEE/WEEK 1 June 28 11:30 AM-4:30 PM W $116 3 July 12 11:30 AM-4:30 PM W $116 5 July 26 8 AM-1 PM W $116 7 August 9 8 AM-1 PM W $116 WEEKS DATES TIMES DAYS FEE/WEEK 1 June 27 12-2 PM Tu $53 2 July 7 8-10 AM F $53 3 July 11 1-3 PM Tu $53 4 July 20 8-10 AM Th $53 5 July 25 9-11 AM Tu $53 6 July 31 3-5 PM M $53 7 August 8 9-11 AM Tu $53 8 August 14 3-5 PM M $53 WEEKS DATES TIMES DAYS FEE/WEEK 1 June 29 June 29 11 AM-1 PM 1-3 PM Th Th $53 $53 2 July 6 July 7 8-10 AM 10 AM-12 PM Th F $53 $53 3 July 11 July 13 11 AM-1 PM 1-3 PM Tu Th $53 $53 4 July 21 8-10 AM F $53 5 July 25 July 27 11 AM-1 PM 11 AM-1 PM Tu Th $53 $53 6 August 4 8-10 AM F $53 7 August 8 August 10 11 AM-1 PM 1-3 PM Tu Th $53 $53 8 August 15 3-5 PM Tu $53 20 | KBIA
WEEKS DATES TIMES DAYS FEE/WEEK 2 July 3 3-4:30 PM M $35 4 July 18 3-4:30 PM Tu $35 6 August 1 3-4:30 PM Tu $35 8 August 15 3-4:30 PM Tu $35

Beach & Cove Classes

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Marine Biology Marine Biology Island & Seaside Exploration Sand Castle Building Sand Creations

Sailing is a signature KBIA program. Join our experienced Waterfront staff and set sail with us! Class Requirements for all sailing classes: Participants must bring their own life jacket and closed-toe water shoes.

Sea Fleas – Ages 4-6

In row boats, with instructors, children are taught to be comfortable on the water. Class includes a visit to nearby Strawberry Island, where they pretend to be in search of buried treasure! Each class is 4 days a week (3 days are 45 minutes long and the last day of the week is 1.5 hours).

2023 Sea Fleas Schedule

Gollywobblers – Ages 7 & 8

This course focuses on teaching basic sailing skills and principles. The curriculum includes learning basic nautical terms, parts of the boat, rigging and unrigging, finding wind direction, learning to steer with a tiller, practicing tacking and jibing, water safety, and knot tying.

Topsails – Ages 9+

This course is designed for young sailors who may have some previous sailing experience. The curriculum allows sailors to further develop their understanding of sailing fundamentals, including rigging, boat handling, landing and departing the dock, points of sail, reading the weather, seamanship, water safety, basics of racing and sportsmanship.

Laser Sailing – Ages 11+

This class is designed for both sailors who have mastered the fundamentals of sailing and are ready for more independence and for older novice sailors who are comfortable on the water and eager to jump into the sport. Instruction focuses on boat handling skills, including sail trim and boat speed, so that each participant can become proficient and confident in solo sailing. Both games and drills will be integrated into the class for guaranteed fun and learning! The class will sail in the cove and will also venture into the ocean when conditions allow. This is not racing class but would serve as a precursor to racing, and a great stepping stone onto the race team. The Laser sailboat is meant for one person who weighs over 100 pounds and/or is five feet tall. As Topsails will be run concurrently, if in the opinion of the staff the student is more appropriate for the Topsails class, the child will be reassigned to that class.

Schedule on Page 24

2023 Gollywobblers Schedule
WEEKS DATES TIMES DAYS FEE/SECTION 1 June 27-29 & 30 June 27-29 & 30 8-8:45 AM & 10:30 AM-12 PM 9-9:45 AM & 9-10:30 AM TuWTh & F TuWTh & F $79 $79 2 July 4-6 & 7 July 4-6 & 7 2-2:45 PM & 2-3:30 PM 3-3:45 PM & 12:30-2 PM TuWTh & F TuWTh & F $79 $79 3 July 11-13 & 14 July 11-13 & 14 8-8:45 AM & 10:30 AM-12 PM 9-9:45 AM & 9-10:30 AM TuWTh & F TuWTh & F $79 $79 4 July 18-20 & 21 July 18-20 & 21 2-2:45 PM & 2-3:30 PM 3-3:45 PM & 12:30-2 PM TuWTh & F TuWTh & F $79 $79 5 July 24-26 & 27 July 24-26 & 28 3-3:45 PM & 3-4:30 PM 4-4:45 PM & 9-10:30 AM MTuW & Th MTuW & F $79 $79 6 August 1-3 & 4 August 1-3 & 4 1-1:45 PM & 1-2:30 PM 2-2:45 PM & 11 AM-12:30 PM TuWTh & F TuWTh & F $79 $79 7 August 7-9 & 10 August 7-9 & 11 3-3:45 PM & 3-4:30 PM 4-4:45 PM & 9-10:30 AM MTuW & Th MTuW & F $79 $79 8 August 14-16 & 17 August 14-16 & 17 12-12:45 PM & 12:30-2 PM 1-1:45 PM & 11 AM-12:30 PM MTuW & Th MTuW & Th $79 $79 WEEKS DATES TIMES DAYS FEE/SECTION 1 June 26 & 27 & 28 2:30-4:30 PM & 4-6 PM & 8-10 AM M & Tu & W $174 2 July 5-7 12-2 PM WThF $174 3 July 10-11 & 14 3:30-5:30 PM & 10:30 AM-12:30 PM MTu & F $174 4 July 19-21 12-2 PM WThF $174 5 July 24-25 & 27 2:30-4:30 PM & 8-10 AM MTu & Th $174 6 August 2-4 10:30 AM-12:30 PM WThF $174 7 August 7-8 & 10 2:30-4:30 PM & 8-10 AM MTu & Th $174 8 August 14-16 9:30-11:30 AM MTuW $174 22 | KBIA Sailing

Sailing requires all hands on deck!


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2023 Topsails and Laser Schedule

(classes occur at the same time but registrations are separate)

Race Program – Ages 9+

Parents of all Race Team participants are expected to be able to and willing to drive to off campus competitions.

Opti Race Team – 9+

This racing-focused class utilizes Optimist Class dinghies and will travel to select MIRC Regattas on Wednesdays.

2023 Opti Race Schedule

Cruisin with a Crew – Ages 11+

Children are invited on a journey to set sail on a Precision sailboat. Teamwork and communication will be emphasized as the crew works together to sail along the Kennebunk coastline. This is a perfect class for new sailors starting on the water at an older age or for more experienced sailors to enjoy a fun outing with friends and work as a team.

2023 Cruisin with a Crew Schedule

Race Team – Ages 11+

This class will address the needs of our most experienced racers in a three-day a week racing course. Participants will train at KBIA and travel to competitive, often multi day, off-site regattas. NOTE: Regattas and MIRCs do not occur every week but a schedule will be available in advance.

WEEKS DATES TIMES DAYS FEE/SECTION 1 June 26 & 29-30 4-6:30 PM & 8-10:30 AM M & ThF $216 2 July 5-7 2-4:30 PM WThF $216 3 July 12-14 8-10:30 AM WThF $216 4 July 19-21 2-4:30 PM WThF $216 5 July 26-27 & 28 3-5:30 PM & 8-10:30 AM WTh & F $216 6 August 2-4 1-3:30 PM WThF $216 7 August 9-10 & 11 3:30-6 PM & 8-10:30 AM WTh & F $216 8 August 14-16 12-2:30 PM MTuW $216 WEEKS DATES TIMES DAYS FEE/SECTION 2 July 5 2-4:30 PM W $63 3 July 12 8-10:30 AM W $63 4 July 19 2-4:30 PM W $63 5 July 26 3-5:30 PM W $63 6 August 2 1-3:30 PM W $63 7 August 9 3-5:30 PM W $63 8 August 16 9:30 AM-12 PM W $63 WEEKS DATES TIMES DAYS FEE 1 June 26 & 29-30 3:30-6:30 PM & 8-11 AM M & ThF $263 2 July 3, 4, 6 11 AM-2 PM MTuTh $263 3 July 10 & 13-14 3-6 PM & 8-11 AM M & ThF $263 4 July 17, 18, 20 11 AM-2 PM MTuTh $263 5 July 24-25 & 28 2:30-5:30 PM & 8-11 AM MTu & F $263 6 July 31, Aug 1, 3 10 AM-1 PM MTuTh $263 7 August 7-8 & 11 2:30-5:30 PM & 8-11 AM MTu & F $263 8 August 14, 15, 17 9:30 AM-12:30 PM MTuTh $263
24 | KBIA


2023 Race Team Schedule

Individual and Semi-Private Sailing

Every week there are defined times for young sailors to sign up for private lessons, either as individuals or in a semi-private setting (2 people maximum per time slot). All times are booked online through Daxko and confirmed with the Front Office staff. Sailboat selection (Optis or Lasers) is up to the discretion of the Waterfront Director and KBIA Sailing instructors. Pricing are based on a 2 hour lesson; shorter times are pro-rated.

Private lesson (Opti): $185 (1 person/boat) $265 (2 people/boat) Private lesson (Laser): $235 (2 laser)/$367 (2 Lasers)

Family Sailing

For an exciting adventure at sea, schedule a family sailing trip at a time convenient to you! Set sail on one of our Precision sailboats with an instructor for a family of up to four for a guideed trip on weekends, when tides cooperate. Please inquire at the Office for scheduling.

Prices are as follows:

1½ hours: $236

2 hours: $263

2½ hours: $289

3 hours: $315

Open Sail Weekends

We will offer two Open Sail days on weekends this year. More details on Page 38.

Sailors start on Opti boats, then move to these larger laser boats.

WEEKS DATES TIMES DAYS FEE/WEEK 1 June 26-27 & 29 9 AM-12:30 PM & 11:30 AM-3 PM MTu & Th $289 2 July 3-4 & 6 2-5:30 PM & 8-11:30 AM MTu & Th $289 3 July 10-11 & 13 9 AM-12:30 PM & 12:30-4 PM MTu & Th $289 4 July 17-18 & 20 2-5:30 PM & 8-11:30 AM MTu & Th $289 5 July 24, 25, 27 9 AM-12:30 PM MTuTh $289 6 July 31, Aug 1, 3 1:30-5 PM MTuTh $289 7 August 7, 8, 10 9 AM-12:30 PM MTuTh $289 8 August 14, 15, 17 1:30-5 PM MTuTh $289
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Powerboating Classes

Open to students ages 9+, our Powerboating classes are taught by a certified Coast Guard Captain who infuses fun into every outing! Class Requirements for all powerboating classes: Participants must wear closed-toe water shoes; a TYPE 1 PFD is provided on site.

Critter Cruise – Ages 9+

In this catch and release class, students will participate in the excitement of hauling up Lobster Traps, baiting them and dropping them back to sea! This unique excursion also includes experiencing other local “critters,” such as Harbor Seals, Porpoises, North Atlantic Sunfish, Birds and every once in a while, the elusive Minke Whale. 2023 Critter Cruise Schedule

2023 Fishing Schedule

Island Picnic at Sea – Ages 9+

On this 3-hour trip, students will enjoy a trip to historic Goat Island Lighthouse. They will have the opportunity to experience going into the lighthouse, meet the Lighthouse Keeper and explore the Island after a delicious lunch with friends! En route, they will enjoy a casual coastal cruise which includes a trip to Walkers Point — summer home of the George Bush family.

2023 Island Picnic at Sea Schedule

Power Squadron – Ages 11+

Classes include instruction on safe boating and coastal navigation. Participants will learn about outboard motors, hull design, anchoring and the rules of the road. GPS and other navigational tools will be introduced. Instruction on how weather impacts boating and the Coast Guard’s rules and recommendations. This class also empahsizes fun, by allowing students to get behind the helm while being closely supervised.

2023 Power Squadron Schedule

Fishing – Ages 9+

Trolling, live bait and bottom fishing are just a few of the techniques that we’ll explore, with an emphasis on catching Atlantic Mackerel, Striped Bass and Pollock. Open water, near shore, river, and bay fishing are addressed. Participants learn about proper rigging, rod set-up and local fishing areas. Fishing rods are provided.

WEEKS DATES TIMES DAYS FEE 2 July 3 July 4 9:30-11:30 AM 9:30-11:30 AM M Tu $95 $95 3 July 13 9-11 AM Th $95 4 July 17 July 18 10 AM-12 PM 10 AM-12 PM M Tu $95 $95 5 July 24 July 25 2-4 PM 2-4 PM M Tu $95 $95 6 July 31 August 1 8-10 AM 9-11 AM M Tu $95 $95 7 August 7 August 8 2-4 PM 2-4 PM M Tu $95 $95 8 August 14 August 15 11 AM-1 PM 12-2 PM M Tu $95 $95 WEEKS DATES TIMES DAYS FEE 1 June 29 June 30 8:30-10:30 AM 9-11 AM Th F $95 $95 2 July 6 July 7 12-2 PM or 2-4 PM 1-3 PM Th F $95 $95 3 July 14 July 14 8-10 AM 10 AM-12 PM F F $95 $95 4 July 20 July 21 12-2 PM or 2:30-4:30 PM 12-2 PM or 2:30-4:30 PM Th F $95 $95 5 July 27 July 28 4-6 PM 8-10 AM Th F $95 $95 6 August 3 August 4 11 AM-1 PM or 1-3 PM 12-2 PM or 2-4 PM Th F $95 $95 7 August 10 August 11 4-6 PM 8-10 AM Th F $95 $95 8 August 16 August 17 12:30-2:30 PM 11 AM-1 PM or 1-3 PM W Th $95 $95 WEEKS DATES TIMES DAYS FEE 2 July 5 11 AM-2 PM W $116 4 July 19 11 AM-2 PM W $116 6 August 2 12-3 PM W $116 WEEKS DATES TIMES DAYS FEE 1 June 26-28 4-6 PM MTuW $179 2 July 3-4 & 5 12-2 PM & 2-4 PM MTu & W $179 3 July 10-11 & 12 4-6 PM & 8-10 AM MTu & W $179 4 July 17-18 & 19 12-2 PM & 2-4 PM MTu & W $179 5 July 24-26 4-6 PM MTuW $179 6 July 31, Aug 2 & 1 10 AM-12 PM & 11 AM-1 PM MW & Tu $179 7 August 7-9 4-6 PM MTuW $179 8 August 14 & 15-16 9-11 AM & 10 AM12 PM M & TuW $179
26 |

Powerboating Classes

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Powerboating Fishing Island Picnic at Sea Critter Cruise

2023 Kayak & SUP Schedule

Kayaking & SUP

Calling all paddlers! KBIA offers both kayaking and stand up paddleboard instruction (SUP)! Both classes are taught by certified guides and incorporate small class instruction in the Cove!

Class Requirements for all kayak/SUP classes: Participants must bring their own life jacket and closed-toe water shoes.

Kayaking – Ages 7+

A fun class that teaches the basics of kayaking while stressing safety. This class will provide kayakers with the necessary skills to paddle safely, efficiently and with confidence. Participants will learn how to enter, exit, and maneuver their kayak. Once the kayaker has learned the basic skills, they will continue to strengthen their abilities through water games and races in the Cove.

Kayak Trip – Ages 9+

An exciting class for our more experienced paddlers, participants are guided on a long paddle outside the Cove. Enjoy three hours of paddling in the open ocean to a destination where kayaks will be beached for a snack break. Great ready for an adventure!


Kayak Trip Schedule

SUP – Ages 9+

In the protected Cove, participants will learn the basics of this popular sport that combines a surfboard and a long paddle.

WEEKS KAYAK SUP TIMES DAYS KAYAK SUP 1 7+ 7+ 9+ 9+ 3:30-4:30 PM 4:30-5:30 PM MTu MTu $53 $53 $79 $79 1 7+ 7+ 11+ 9+ 9+ 9+ 8-9 AM 9-10 AM 10-11 AM ThF ThF ThF $53 $53 $53 $79 $79 $79 2 11+ 7+ 7+ 7+ 11+ 9+ 9+ 9+ 9+ 9+ 9:30-10:30 AM 10:30-11:30 AM 11:30 AM-12:30 PM 12:30-1:30 PM 1:30-2:30 PM MTu MTu MTu MTu MTu $53 $53 $53 $53 $53 $79 $79 $79 $79 $79 2 7+ 7+ 7+ 11+ 11+ 9+ 9+ 9+ 9+ 9+ 12-1 PM 1-2 PM 2-3 PM 3-4 PM 4-5 PM ThF ThF ThF ThF ThF $53 $53 $53 $53 $53 $79 $79 $79 $79 $79 3 7+ 11+ 9+ 9+ 3:30-4:30 PM 4:30-5:30 PM MTu MTu $53 $53 $79 $79 3 7+ 7+ 7+ 11+ 9+ 9+ 9+ 9+ 8-9 AM 9-10 AM 10-11 AM 11 AM-12 PM ThF ThF ThF ThF $53 $53 $53 $53 $79 $79 $79 $79 4 11+ 7+ 7+ 7+ 11+ 9+ 9+ 9+ 9+ 9+ 9:30-10:30 AM 10:30-11:30 AM 12-1 PM 1-2 PM 2-3 PM MTu MTu MTu MTu MTu $53 $53 $53 $53 $53 $79 $79 $79 $79 $79 4 11+ 7+ 7+ 7+ 11+ 9+ 9+ 9+ 9+ 9+ 11:30 AM-12:30 PM 12:30-1:30 PM 1:30-2:30 PM 2:30-3:30 PM 3:30-4:30 PM ThF ThF ThF ThF ThF $53 $53 $53 $53 $53 $79 $79 $79 $79 $79 5 7+ 7+ 7+ 11+ 9+ 9+ 9+ 9+ 1:30-2:30 PM 2:30-3:30 PM 3:30-4:30 PM 4:30-5:30 PM MTu MTu MTu MTu $53 $53 $53 $53 $79 $79 $79 $79 5 7+ 7+ 11+ 9+ 9+ 9+ 8-9 AM 9-10 AM 10-11 AM ThF ThF ThF $53 $53 $53 $79 $79 $79 6 11+ 7+ 7+ 7+ 11+ 9+ 9+ 9+ 9+ 9+ 8:30-9:30 AM 9:30-10:30 AM 10:30-11:30 AM 11:30 AM-12:30 PM 12:30-1:30 PM MTu MTu MTu MTu MTu $53 $53 $53 $53 $53 $79 $79 $79 $79 $79 6 11+ 7+ 7+ 7+ 11+ 9+ 9+ 9+ 9+ 9+ 10:30-11:30 AM 11:30 AM-12:30 PM 1-2 PM 2-3 PM 3-4 PM ThF ThF ThF ThF ThF $53 $53 $53 $53 $53 $79 $79 $79 $79 $79 7 7+ 11+ 9+ 9+ 3-4 PM 4-5 PM MTu MTu $53 $53 $79 $79 7 7+ 7+ 11+ 9+ 9+ 9+ 8-9 AM 9-10 AM 10-11 AM ThF ThF ThF $53 $53 $53 $79 $79 $79 28 | KBIA
8 11+ 7+ 7+ 7+ 11+ 9+ 9+ 9+ 9+ 9+" 9-10 AM 10-11 AM 11 AM-12 PM 12-1 PM 1-2 PM MTu MTu MTu MTu MTu $53 $53 $53 $53 $53 $79 $79 $79 $79 $79 8 11+ 7+ 7+ 7+ 11+ 9+ 9+ 9+ 9+ 9+ 10:30-11:30 AM 11:30 AM-12:30 PM 12:30-1:30 PM 1:30-2:30 PM 2:30-3:30 PM ThF ThF ThF ThF ThF $53 $53 $53 $53 $53 $79 $79 $79 $79 $79
WEEKS AGE TIMES DAYS FEE 2 11+ 11 AM-2PM W $79 4 11+ 11 AM-2PM W $79 6 11+ 10 AM-1 PM W $79 8 11+ 10 AM-1 PM W $79

Kayaking & SUP

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Kayak and SUP classes start and finish at the KBIA dock

Kids at Night!

Movie Night – Ages 5-12

Back by popular demand, we will offer two Movie Nights per week; G-rated movies on Mondays and PG-rated movies on Wednesdays. Due to capacity limits, we suggest you register early! Walk-ins are NOT accepted. Maximum enrollment is 40 children.

Movie Nights are held inside Smith House every Monday and Wednesday night, except July 4.

WEEKS MOVIE NIGHTS DAYS TIMES FEE 1-8 G-Rated; Ages 7-12 Mondays 6-8 PM $11 1-8 PG-Rated; Ages 5-10 Wednesdays 7-9 PM $11
30 | KBIA
Night Schedule

Kids at Night!

2023 Tween & Teen Night Schedule

Tween Night – Ages 11 & 12

A night of entertainment designed to build friendships and keep the Jr. Teens active. Activities include pizza, beach games, music, bonfires, crafts, and more. Jr. Teens will help select their own activities and design other events throughout the summer. KBIA Staff provides support for these events.

NOTE: There will be no Tween Night on Week 2 because it falls on July 4.

Teen Night – Ages 13 & 14

Teens get together for some fun and to connect with their peers in an informal setting. Activities may include pizza, campfires, concerts with local musicians, casino night, barbecues, beach games and more. Teens help select their own activities and design events throughout the summer.

WEEKS TW/EEN NIGHTS DAYS TIMES FEE 1, 3-8 Tween Night; Ages 11&12 Tuesdays 6-8 PM $32 1-8 Teen Night; Ages 13&14 Thursdays 6-8 PM $32
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CIT Programs

General CIT Classes

In order to participate in the General CIT program, a child must enroll in the class. The General CIT program for ages 13 to 14 emphasizes on-the-job training, supervised instruction, and lessons in CPR and First Aid. CIT classes will be divided between 13- and 14 year-olds. We offer a combined 13/14-year-old afternoon CIT class for those who have a schedule conflict with the morning classes. Each CIT will be assigned 12 or more flexible hours of service activities per week. CITs are required to register for the General CIT class, as well as complete a CIT Interest Form. CITs must enroll in at least two consecutive weeks, but are encouraged to take as many weeks as possible. General CIT gives experience and training in all KBIA classes EXCEPT for Tennis and Sailing. For CITs interested in Tennis, they must enroll in General and CIT Tennis classes. For those interested in being Sailing CITs, they need only register for Sailing CIT.

Tennis CIT

This half-hour weekly class is designed to give CITs interested in becoming Tennis counselors exposure to tennis teaching techniques and games. While designed for CITs, current counselors working at KBIA in other areas who want exposure to Tennis are also welcome to attend. Class Requirements: Participants must bring their own

tennis racquet and wear proper tennis whites (all items of clothing need to be 90% white) and tennis shoes (non-tennis shoes are not permitted on courts as they cause damage). Participant will not be allowed to enter the courts unless properly dressed. Please bring your own water bottle.

Sailing CIT

This course is designed for youth sailors who want to move into a Waterfront Sailing Counselor position. In addition to fine-tuning your own sailing skills, you will acquire new skill sets that will prepare you to teach sailing classes. With an overall emphasis on safety, students will practice knot tying, powerboating, rigging, running races, and will problem-solve live and fluid situations such as changing seas and weather conditions. Students are expected to spend two additional hours during the week assisting on the Waterfront, putting their skills to work. Two weeks of enrollment over the course of the summer qualify you as an incoming Waterfront counselor candidate.

Prerequisites: One season of laser sailing students can fulfill this prerequisite while taking the Waterfront sailing Counselor in Training Course. KBIA highly recommends all CIT Sailors cross-register for either Opti Race or Race Team. Class Requirements: Participants must bring their own life jacket and closed-toe water shoes.

WEEKS CLASS TIMES DAYS FEE 1-8 General CIT; Age 13 9-10 AM MW $126 1-8 General CIT; Age 14 9-10 AM TuTh $126 1-8 General CIT *Conflict class 3-4 PM TuTh $126 1, 5, 7 Sailing CIT 11:30 AM-3PM WF $158 2, 4, 6 Sailing CIT 8-11:30 AM WF $158 3 Sailing CIT 12:30-4 PM WF $158 1-8 Tennis CIT 2-2:30 PM W 32 | KBIA
*Conflict class is for CITs who are unable to make their regular age group time due to enrollment in other KBIA classes.

CIT Programs

What is the cost of CIT class?

$126 / week for the first four weeks, no charge after that.

Parents - only sign your campers up for four weeks, then contact the office if you want them to have additional CIT time. Parents cannot sign campers up for the “No Charge CIT” classes. Waterfront/ Sailing CIT is $158/week.

How many weeks can I be a CIT?

We recommend at least two, and up to all 8 weeks. Waterfront/Sailing CIT we require 2 weeks.

What does CIT class look like?

CITs meet with the CIT coordinator twice a week for an hour. We will review safety procedures, leadership qualities, team building, & communication skills,

FAQs on the CIT Program

just to name a few topics. We will play games, assist KBIA with projects, and have guest speakers. We hope to have a few “bonus” activities & get-togethers as well.

What do CITs do?

CIT’s assist KBIA faculty with their classes. You may play games with the Adventures campers, walk and talk with tennis classes on the way to the courts, help campers stand up on their paddleboards, all sorts of things! You are learning to be a junior counselor for KBIA.

Can a CIT still sign up for other classes?

Absolutely! You are welcome to sign up for any classes you still wish to take as a student (sailing, surfing, tennis, art

electives, etc). Your CIT class volunteer schedule will be adjusted around any classes you register for.

How many classes can I be a CIT for? We encourage you to sign up for about 12 hours of classes per week.

How do I sign up to be a CIT for classes?

Standard Classes: Sign up sheets, or possibly Google Forms will be available weekly for CIT’s to volunteer for classes

Sailing Classes: There is a separate CIT class for sailing that you must be registered for. You do not need to do both, but you certainly can! If you wish to CIT for classes other than sailing, you do need to register for both classes.

kbia.net | 33

KBIA Adventures

Our popular KBIA Adventures program keeps children ages 5 and older actively engaged in between their KBIA classes. This program allows you to choose classes a la carte. In addition to providing fun activities, the staff is responsible for dropping off and picking up children from their classes. The staff also ensures Adventures kids are properly hydrated and protected from the sun.

Full- and half-day programs


• Bag lunch and snacks



Full day: $197

Half-day: $121

Weekly enrollment in KBIA Adventures is available for full or half days. In order to participate, half-day children must register for a minimum of 3 classes that occur during their session, either 8 AM to 12 PM or 12 to 5 PM. Full-day children must register for at least 4 classes

Single day: $48

• Water bottle

• Swimsuit

• Towel

• Sunscreen

Half-day mornings: $27

Half-day afternoons: $32

* Above prices are the KBIA Adventure fees, not including the price of selected classes

Daily arrangements are available with permission of the Program Administrator at a cost of $48 for a full day or $32/$27 for half days. Enrollment is limited. For your child’s safety, supervisors can only release your child to adults designated by you in writing on the 2023 Contact Information & Release Form. IDs for pick-up are required. Late fees charged for late pickup at a rate of $10 for each 15 minutes or fraction thereof.

• Change of clothes

* We provide water but cannot offer refrigeratio n

Parents, please check your child in and out with the Tent Coordinator every day.

34 | KBIA
Adventures fills the gap for children between classes.

KBIA Adventures

Children are actively engaged under the tent or supervised around campus or on the playground.

kbia.net | 35

Adult Classes: Yoga, Lap Swim

We have some select classes that are set aside for adults only – yoga and lap swim are the regular weekly options, but adults are welcome to attend a Cove Walk as well (see Page 38). Also, we offer private boating lessons by appointment only as well. You could also buy out a Paint Night for a group of friends. Contact the KBIA Office if you would like to arrange any private experience!


Join our yoga class for adults age 15 and older, two days per week, on the lawn to take in the gorgeous views! Register in the office, at least one day prior to class, you can sign up for one day or more. Mats will be available to borrow or bring your own.

Lap Swim

The pool will be open mornings and evenings for lap swim. We offer registrations for either Monday, Wednesday, and Friday OR Tuesday and Thursday. Of course, you can also sign up for both and come all five days of the week!

At 25 yards long (75 feet), the KBIA pool offers four lanes and a small shallow area.

WEEKS CLASS TIMES DAYS FEE 1-8 Yoga 7-8 AM W $17 1-8 Yoga 7-8 AM F $17 WEEKS TIMES DAYS FEE 1-8 7-7:45 AM MWF $47 1-8 7-7:45 AM TuTh $32 1-8 7:45-8:30 AM MWF $47 1-8 7:45-8:30 AM TuTh $32 1-8 5-6 PM TuTh $32
2023 Yoga Schedule
36 | KBIA
2023 Lap Swim Schedule
Scheduling Worksheet kbia.net | 37 Monday WEEK #: DATES: Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday 8 am 9 am 10 am 11 am 12 pm 1 pm
pm 3 pm 4

Family Events

Weekly Campfire Beach BBQs

Every Wednesday at 6 PM (weather and tide permitting; there are occasional weeks when we have no beach), there is a KBIA family campfire BBQ at Mother’s Beach. Bring your own hot dogs and marshmallows to enjoy with friends.


When tides allow, we keep the fire on the beach going well after Movie Night starts so adults can be together – bring hors d’oeurvres to share. Dates marked below with an asterisk (*)

• June 28*

• July 5

• July 12*

• July 19

• July 26*

Family Swim

• August 2

• August 9*

• August 16**

**Final campfire, directly following Awards

Twice a summer we welcome KBIA member families to enjoy our pool and partake in some frozen treats!

• Sunday, July 16; 1-3 PM

• Sunday, August 13; 1-3 PM

Cove Walks

This summer join us for a Cove Walk, a great activity for families with kids ages 3+. Please register at the Office prior to the walk. Cost is $27 per family. All Cove walks are open to the public.

• Saturday, July 1, 2-4 PM

• Saturday, July 15, 2-4 PM

• Saturday, July 29 , 1-3 PM

• Saturday, Aug. 12, 2-4 PM

Open Sail & Kayak Schedule

We invite members of all ages to enjoy KBIA’s spectacular waterfront to sail or kayak during “Open Sail” sessions, which are available to all KBIA members (parents, grandparents, and children). This 4-hour session will offer both open sail to those who do not require instruction (at no cost to members) and private lessons for those who wish to take out a boat with instruction. Private lessons slots are limited and must be requested in advance with the Front Office; rates can be found under Private Sailing rates on Page 25. Those wishing to come for the Open Sail (no fee) options will be offered watercraft subject to availability as we operate on a first-come first-served basis. We highly recommend bringing your own Personal Floatation Device (PFD) because we may not have enough for all members on site. Closed-toed water shoes are required.

Saturday, July 15

• 8:30 AM-12:30 PM Open Sail & Kayak – no instruction; FREE to members, subject to watercraft availability, first-come first-served

• 9 AM-12 PM Private lessons available; limited spots; register and pay in advance

Sunday, Aug. 6

• 1-5 PM Open Sail & Kayak – no instruction; FREE to members, subject to watercraft availability, first come first served

• 1:30-4:30pm Private lessons available; limited spots; register and pay in advance

Awards and Family BBQs = Saturday, July 22 + Wednesday, Aug. 16

Join us at KBIA on Saturday, July 22, for watersports, a family barbeque, and awards ceremony. The Watersports schedule in the pool for various ages is as follows:

9:00 AM: Ages 3, 4, 5, 6

9:30 AM: Ages 7-8

10:00 AM: Ages 9+

10:30 AM: Free swim for all ages

At 11 AM, we will begin the awards portion of the day, handing out various KBIA “wedges” and traditional KBIA honors.

The awards will be followed by a barbeque of hot dogs, veggie burgers, hamburgers, chips and cake!

All members are welcome to attend this celebratory barbecue.

To accommodate our families leaving for the end of the summer, our August Awards and BBQ will be held on Wednesday, August 16. While we will not hold Watersports on this evening, there will be a barbeque! Just like our July event, we will serve hot dogs, veggie burgers, hamburgers, chips and cake beginning at 4:30 PM. Awards will be announced beginning at 5:15 PM. Following the Awards, we encourage you to walk across the street to Mother’s Beach for the final family beach bonfire of the summer!

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Family Events


Beach BBQs

KBIA hosts family campfires every Wednesday at 6 PM at Mother’s Beach, weather and tide permitting. All are welcome!

Family Cove Walks

Bring the family for a Cove Walk, a great activity for families with kids ages 3+. Please register online prior to the walk. $27 per family.

Open Sail & Kayak

Members of all ages may enjoy KBIA’s spectacular waterfront during scheduled times when sailboats and kayaks are available for use in the Cove. No instruction provided. Free to members.

Sailors and spectators are invited to the annual Reid Sacco Family Regatta on Saturday, Aug. 5.

KBIA Day at the Beach 5K/1K Road Race

Come run with us on a seaside course that begins and ends at beautiful Kennebunk Beach. Sunday, July 9.

Seaside Celebration

Enjoy cocktails by the Cove and celebrate the summer with friends. All are welcome (21 and older, please) Saturday, July 22.

Reid Sacco Family Regatta
| 39
A Day at The Beach 5K Road Race & 1K Fun Run Sunday, July 9 Scenic, oceanside USATF-certified course Free tech t-shirts to first 50 registered runners Chip timing and results by Granite State Race Services free post-race food and water race trophies in multiple divisions + new costume category! Lord’s Point at Kennebunk Beach 2023 (207) 967-2180 | kbia.net | Find us on Facebook 24th ANNUAL Proceeds to benefit Kennebunk Beach Improvement Association, a summer enrichment and recretional camp for children 2 to 17 CHECK IN 7:30 AM / same-day registration RACES START 8:30 AM 1K Fun Run 9:00 AM 5K Road Race PRE-REGISTRATION FEES 5K $30 / 1K $20 SAME-DAY REGISTRATION FEES 5K $35 / 1K $25 1K Fun RUn 5K Road Race Women & Men’s divisions 40 | KBIA

Seaside Celebration

6-8 PM

Saturday, July 22

Enjoy cocktails by the Cove and celebrate the summer with friends! This night unites the “older” members of this KBIA community (21 and older, please), and gives us a chance to catch up and enjoy the spectacular setting by the Cove. All are welcome, so invite your friends and family, partake in some cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, and have a good time!

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Reid Sacco Family Regatta

The Reid Sacco Family Regatta honors a longtime KBIA student and instructor who lost his battle with sarcoma at the young age of 20 in 2005. Sailors & spectators are invited.


Saturday, August 5 1 pm start / 12:30 skipper meeting Register at KBIA office • www.kbia.net 14TH Annual
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Our store is open!

Our KBIA store in Strong Cottage offers assorted apparel and merchandise for sale during regular summer office hours.

kbia.net | 43

Registration Policies & Expectations


We welcome everyone to join! In order to be eligible to register for KBIA classes for Weeks 2-8, you must be a KBIA member and pay the annual membership fee. One membership is required per family, which is defined as one or more generations living in the same household, with members of the younger generation being direct descendants of the older generation. Non-members are welcome to sign up for classes for Week 1 without paying a membership fee, however, class registrations do apply. Please note that KBIA memberships, once processed, are non-refundable as they are tax-deductible contributions to KBIA as a 501 (c) (3) (the membership is deductible with the exception of a $25 administrative fee). For more information, see the Membership page on our website here or email the Office at info@kbia.net.

inquire about alternate plans. Payments may be made by credit card through Daxko. Check payments may be mailed or brought to the KBIA Office during office hours. Cash payments are only accepted in person during Office Hours beginning June 19, 2023.


In order to attend classes, each child must be the specified age for their age group by June 15, 2023. Unless a child is enrolled in Adventures or the Bundled Class schedule, KBIA does not provide supervision of children outside of scheduled class time. KBIA has an open-campus policy. KBIA faculty and staff are not responsible for th supervision or accountability of children when they are not attending KBIA classes. KBIA assumes responsibilities for children once they arrive at class and for the duration of the class. At drop-off, parents or guardians can indicate to the class instructor the individual who is responsible for picking up the child (pre-approved and listed in your Daxko profile) or if they child is allowed to leave independently. Children arriving to class independently will be allowed to leave class independently.


Classes fill quickly! Memberships can be renewed/ acquired online here at any time. However, all class registrations are processed beginning on Saturday, April 2 at 9 AM EST. If you submit registrations electronically, they will be processed by Office staff at that time and in the order they are received AT THE SAME TIME that online registration is open to all.

WAITING LIST: If any of the classes you select are filled, you have the option to register for the waitlist. KBIA will notify you if you are moved from the waitlist to full enrollment. At any time, you can check your status on the waitlist through your online Daxko portal.

PAYMENT: In order to be processed, all required forms must be accompanied by complete payment of the annual membership and class fees at the time of registration. Alternative payment plans may be available if needed; please contact the Program Administrator at ProgramAdmin@kbia.net to

WEATHER WARNING: The weather on the waterfront can change quickly. Be sure your child has sun protection and appropriate clothing for all weather conditions. Some classes have specific physical, dress, and equipment requirements. Please read the online class descriptions carefully. If you need assistance meeting class requirements, please contact the KBIA at info@kbia.net or call (207) 967-2180.


KBIA encourages all student participants to be vaccinated against COVID-19 but does not require it.

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Click here to register for KBIA programs

Registration Policies & Expectations


*In 2022 we returned to our longstanding cancellation policy after two years of shifts for COVID-19.


Many classes are weather-dependent. KBIA’s primary concern is safety. KBIA makes every attempt to provide alternative opportunities in bad weather. Any classes that must be cancelled due to unsafe weather conditions of any kind – weather or otherwise – are not refundable.

WITHDRAWL FEES: All cancellations requested

2+ weeks prior to the schedule class(es) are fully refundable minus a $10 withdrawl fee per class ($3 for Movie Nights and Tennis Walks). All these cancellations can be processed independent of the KBIA Office by using your Daxko profile. For a tutorial on processing this request, see this handy guide. If a student withdraws the week prior to the week of a scheduled class, KBIA will refund 50% of the class charge(s). These requests must be made in person at the KBIA Office or by emailing registration@kbia.net. No refunds are offered after the close of the Office hours on the Friday before class begins. The Program Administrator must approve all refunds.

CLASS CANCELLATION: If KBIA cancels a class due to low enrollment, we will notify you and issue a refund in the form of your original payment.

ABSENCES: Once registered, unless an approved refund is granted, KBIA will not refund class fees if children miss class or choose not to attend. Absence does not trigger a refund unless it is for an approved medical condition and communicated to the KBIA Office staff.

OVERLAPPING CLASS REGISTRATIONS: KBIA has a large selection of classes, some of which conflict in times with others. For instance, Marine Biology can conflict with the Morning Bundle. Some parents sign their child up for so they can attend Marine Biology on the one day a week it is offered. In this scenario, the child will simply leave the Morning Bundle to attend the other class. No refund or proration of fees is offered. When members complete class registrations, they acknowledge that any overlap in classes is their intention.


We are committed to creating a safe, nurturing and inclusive environment. We aim to provide a positive learning climate where all members of our community – participants, parents, staff, volunteers, guardians and visitors alike – feel physically and emotionally safe, included and accepted.

With this commitment, the following Code of Conduct is expected of all of our community members (participants, parents, staff, volunteers, guardians, visitors, etc.) at all times. All members of the KBIA community shall:

• Respect yourself: Members are expected, per their age, to take appropriate care of themselves (follow Health and Safety policies and procedures, practice self-care and participate to the fullness of their capabilities and comfort levels).


In the event of student absences due to COVID-19 or a mandated closure, KBIA initiated quarantine or other exclusion by any governmental agency due to safety concerns with the COVID-19 Pandemic, any tuition or fees paid will NOT be refunded.

• Respect the community: KBIA members enjoy the privilege of being environmental stewards of the natural resource that is Mother’s Beach and the Cove. All community members shall treat KBIA property and its surrounding area with care and respect.

• Respect others: All members will work together and contribute to the well-being (physical, emotional, mental, environmental, social, etc.) of others to create a positive community. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion are promoted through a positive display of respect of all persons in speech, action and behavior, absent of violence, harassment, racism, intimidation and discrimination of any kind.

kbia.net | 45

Registration Policies & Expectations


KBIA is located next to the ocean, and many of our classes are on the water. Safety is of the utmost concern and we expect members of the KBIA community (children, counselors, staff, and parents) to abide by the following principles: care for self, care for others and care for one’s environment. We demonstrate these principles through the qualities of honesty, self-control, and responsibility. A child who exhibits inappropriate behavior will discuss the matter with the instructor, and other students if required, and together make a decision about the appropriate consequence. Instructors help students to understand the boundaries of appropriate behavior and we ask parents to support these efforts by reinforcing them at home.

In the case of a serious infraction, or repeated offense, the Executive Director will become involved and contact the parents to set up a meeting. Suspension or even dismissal from the program may be necessary when other solutions are exhausted or when a child’s behavior creates a dangerous environment or causes an undue disruption to KBIA operations. Such decisions are at the discretion of the Executive Director.


KBIA has a beautiful campus, and we encourage you to enjoy the unique surroundings. Tables, chairs, and umbrellas are for your use. However, if you would like to visit your child’s “classroom,” please contact the instructor or Executive Director to set up a convenient day and time. Sometimes parents drop in unannounced to chat with a teacher. While such practice may seem harmless and even friendly, it is often disruptive to the classroom routine. Under no circumstance should a teacher leave a class to have more than a cursory exchange, and under no circumstance should a parent initiate any kind of lengthy, intense, or negative interaction with a teacher, counselor, or counselorin-training (CIT) who is working with a class. Other than to drop off or pick up a child, please refrain from entering the docks, swimming pool, Adventures Tent, Smith House or classrooms in the Strong Cottage when camp is in session. Private boats are not allowed at any time on our docks – even if the boats are owned by KBIA members.


KBIA is not a special-needs program and is not equipped to provide individualized educational programs for students with severe physical, cognitive, or mental disabilities. KBIA will make reasonable accommodations for known disabilities to assist the child in meeting the behavioral performance standards of the program.

Scholarships: KBIA is a not-for-profit organization, and we’re proud to offer scholarships to children of the Kennebunk area who require financial assistance –ensuring everyone can benefit from and enjoy an inspiring, fun-filled summer. For information, contact Executive Director Mimi Fox at ExecutiveDirector@kbia.net.


KBIA is committed to supporting the goal of equal opportunity and does not discriminate based on race, color, sex, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability, religion, age, ancestry or national origin, status as a veteran, status as a whistleblower, or any other status protected by law in the hiring of counselors or staff or in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarships, and other KBIA-administered programs.


KBIA offers employment to young men and women starting at age 15. Typically, these teenagers have been campers at KBIA and have participated in the CIT program during the previous two summers. The CIT curriculum covers topics such as the basics of employment (being accountable, responsible and diligent), customer service, and safety. Any counselor, whether they have matriculated in the CIT program or are direct new hires, are expected to demonstrate these skills.

If an issue should arise regarding the performance of an employee under the age of 18, the Executive Director will attempt to resolve the issue directly with the employee. The KBIA views these incidents as opportunities to learn and develop. Yet should the problem persist, or is a major problem, the Executive Director will reach out to the parents of employees under the age of 18 to enlist their assistance with the matter. If an employee is over the age of 18, parents will not be contacted.

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Registration Policies & Expectations


We strongly recommend that you test your KBIA (Daxko) account well in advance of program registration start dates. The KBIA Office can assist you through the program registration steps to ensure you are comfortable with the process.

Access Your Profile

• Click on this link to take you to the Membership Login.

• Select Find Account.

• Search your email or phone number associated with your account. If you have problems, contact info@kbia. net

• Either renew your membership right away or click on My Account at the top right to View Account and make any edits you need to participants, billing, addresses, or contact information.

• Before you log off, make sure your membership is active!

*Can’t find yourself? We may need an updated birthday on file. Try to search with the birthday 1/1/1910.

How to sign up for a NEW membership online:

1. Visit this link

2. Select the level of Membership you desire and follow the prompts to complete your profile.

3. Keep in mind that the primary person setting up the account will be the default to receive all email communications from KBIA.

How to Register for programs:

• Log into your Daxko account using this link.

• Register for “2023 Required Contact Info and Health Forms” to get ready for registration to open. By completing this registration NOW all your answers to the health questions and emergency contact information will be saved for when registration for all programs opens on Saturday, April 2 at 9 AM EST.

• Locate all your classes in this Activity Guide – KBIA’s comprehensive source of registration information, class descriptions, and class times.

• Now, go to the online registration for programs here and locate your favorite class offerings in the Coming Soon tab and get comfortable searching for your selections! Hint – it’s really easy to sort offerings by your child’s birthday and the “locations” are actually all the types of classes (Art Electives, Sailing, Tennis, etc). Use the filters to find what you want when you’re browsing and then follow the same path when registration day arrives!

kbia.net | 47
(207) 967-2180 • Fax: (207) 510-8058 • info@kbia.net • registration@kbia.net
Aromando Program
| ProgramAdmin@kbia.net Laura Snyder Smith Communications
Communication@kbia.net Tim Beals Assistant
Vlachos Events
| Events@kbia.net
STAFF Mimi Fox Executive Director | ExecutiveDirector@kbia.net Phone:
CIT Coordinator

KBIA Covid-19 Protocols

The safety of our students, Members, and employees is our top priority and much thought and care has gone into protocols to protect the health and well-being of our community while maintaining the breadth and quality of experience that KBIA families have always enjoyed.

Some things are still different at KBIA these days—below is an overview of how the Member experience has evolved in response to COVID-19. All section protocols have been created with the safety of students, Members, and employees in mind and were developed from guidance from the CDC, American Camp Association, and the American Red Cross.

If you have any questions regarding an exposure or the proper protocol/ access to rapid testing, contact the KBIA Office for guidance. KBIA will provide rapid tests to families for purchase if participants are symptomatic.

*Subject to adjustment based on local, State, and Federal guidance from the CDC, American Camp Association, and American Red Cross.



· Do not come to the KBIA if you are feeling unwell. Participants who are ill must not attend programs or camps as they could infect other participants. If a child participant becomes ill while in a class, he or she will be temporarily cared for while a family member is notified for pick-up. Should a child become ill on the day of a class, notification should be sent to the KBIA Office a minimum of one hour before the start time of the class.


· KBIA encourages (but does not require) all age-eligible participants to receive all COVID-19 vaccine doses, including boosters (if eligible) in accordance with the most updated recommendations from the CDC.

· KBIA will require all STAFF, by the start of summer employment, to have received all COVID-19 vaccine doses, including boosters (if eligible) in accordance with the most updated recommendations from the CDC. Requests for medical exemption/reasonable accommodation to this requirement must be submitted to the Executive Director two (2) weeks prior to the staff’s expected start date and will be reviewed on a case by case basis in accordance with applicable law.


· KBIA will not require indoor masking at this time. We will monitor the landscape of the virus and we will follow

current CDC guidance on indoor masking should that shift.


· Should the virus change, KBIA may also require testing for regular class participation.

· At this time, testing is not required for regular participation UNLESS there has been an exposure or confirmed case of COVID-19. Please see the Exposures to COVID-19 section below for clarity.


· Hand sanitizer dispensers are available throughout the campus; you may wish to bring your own as well or we will have some for purchase in the KBIA Store.

· Cleaning and disinfection of high-touch surfaces (such as door handles) is performed frequently throughout the day.


In the event of mandated closure, KBIA initiated quarantine or other exclusion by any governmental agency due to safety concerns with the COVID-19 Pandemic, any tuition or fees paid will NOT be refunded.


**The below information is accurate as of the date of this publication and aligns with guidance from the CDC on exposures to a positive COVID-19 case and any resulting need for quarantine. For the most recent policy, please refer to the CDC website on this subject located here.

· All vaccinated participants exposed to a positive COVID-19 case will not be required to quarantine as long as they remain asymptomatic following an exposure · Any participant who experiences one or more symptoms of COVID-19 (see full list) will be required to provide a negative rapid test result (daily) or an alternative diagnosis from a medical professional to participate in programming until symptoms resolve, as advised by the CDC.**

· Should ANY participant or staff member test positive for COVID-19, please refer to the CDC for full guidance on the length of a required quarantine before returning to participate in KBIA classes.

**At the time of this publication, that timeframe is 5 days if returning to a class (and wearing a mask) and 10 days if returning to classes where the participant will be unmasked, though it is subject to change/revision with guidance if new details of the virus emerge.

48 | KBIA

Planning the perfect day at KBIA


To assist you in the registration process for your child, please use the following flow chart to help you begin your course selections. While we offer some full-day and half-day supervision options, spots in these programs are limited due to, primarily, the size of our indoor spaces which must be used in the event of bad weather. The bulk of our classes are “a la carte” and are offered with the expectation that either a parent or other caretaker will supervise the registrant before and after classes.

Full-day supervision? NO

Please view our a la carte options; classes are organized by area in this guide. See the index on page 3 in our Activity Guide for options. *Don’t forget your contact/ health info forms (required for all class participants)

For part-day supervision, there are 3 options:

You should register for our full-day Adventures Tent. The registration for an Adventures Tent spot only secures supervision before/between/ after classes during the hours of 8AM-5PM. All full-day Adventures Tent students must be registered for a minimum of 4 classes for the week (not per day) during the hours of 8AM-5PM to complete the Adventures Tent requirements for participation (i.e. swim, tennis, drama, pottery/sculpture)

• Students may be dropped off at the Tent as early as 8AM and checked in with the Director or Tent Assistant. They also must be checked out with a supervisor at pick up at the close of the day, no later than 5PM.

• The Tent provides engagement and supervision between classes.

• You do not need to register for any tennis walks if you are in the FULL DAY Adventures Tent.

• Students must bring a water bottle, lunch, towel, closed-toed water shoes, and sunscreen.

• More details on the Adventures Tent can be found on pages 34-35.

1. Bundle: Creative Arts, Pottery/ Sculpture, Nature, and either Swimming OR Reading (Morning only)

• Morning (Swimming or Reading Bundle)

9AM-12PM (ages 5-6, 7-8, and 9-10)

• Afternoon (Swimming only) 1-4PM (ages 4-6, 7-8) The Bundle can have tennis added to extend supervision by 1 hour.

• Morning: Tennis Walk: KBIA to Edgcomb 12PM Tennis 12:30PM

• Afternoon: Tennis 12 PM

Tennis Walk: Edgcomb to KBIA 12:30PM

2. Morning Adventures (8AM-12PM) (ages 5-12)

All morning Adventures Tent students must be registered for a minimum of 3 classes for the week (not per day) during the hours of 8AM-12PM to complete the Adventures Tent requirements for participation (i.e. swim reading, woodworking) Tennis does not count toward these classes as it starts at noon (at the earliest). If registered for the 12PM class AND Morning Adventures, then Adventures Staff will walk your child to the 12PM class but will not pick them up from the class.

3. Afternoon Adventures (125PM) (ages 5-12)

All Afternoon Adventures Tent students must be registered for a minimum of 3 classes for the week (not per day) during the hours of 12-5PM to complete the Adventures Tent requirements for participation (i.e. Swim, Tennis, Marine Biology)

You do not need to register for Tennis Walks if you are in Afternoon Adventures

More details on the Adventures Tent can be found on pages 34-35.



TO CREATE: Safe, supportive, and exciting Summers of Discovery for children and their families, through high-quality, affordable educational and enrichment programs taught by experienced and dedicated staff.

TO MAINTAIN: Our historical role since 1910 as Environmental Stewards of the unique and natural resource that is Mother’s Beach and The Cove, standing firmly behind limitations on commercial development.

TO BE TRUE: To our values of inclusiveness, integrity, financial stability, charity and the importance of tradition.

TO ENSURE: That KBIA endures and is a respected contributor to the Kennebunk Beach and Kennebunk area community for generations to come.