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Programs that exercise mind and body are an important part of feeling at home. Fun and fitness go hand in hand, thanks to your generous donations to our Feels Like Home campaign.

Help give back to the amazing people who spent their lives loving us by contributing to our Feels Like Home campaign today.


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Donate online at

Call the Donations Office at 250.658.3274

Mail us your cheque payable to Broadmead Care

Dave Sr. loves it when Sturgis visits Broadmead Care 4579 Chatterton Way Victoria BC V8X 4Y7 P: 250.658.0311 W:

Heather enjoys tea with friends at Veterans Memorial Lodge

It Feels Like Home Creating vibrant spaces where relationships flourish.

Broadmead Care Society is a registered charity. #129290383 RR0001

07/10/2019 11:13:45 AM

Your gift today supports those who call Broadmead Care home by helping provide a familiar, comfortable, caring environment that feels like home — their home.

Towel warmers — $52,000 Just $10

a month

will give the gift of warmth and comfort.

Where your donations will have the greatest impact:

We all love the feeling of a warm towel on our skin. At Beckley Farm Lodge, Rest Haven Lodge, and Veterans Memorial Lodge, towel warmers provide a feeling of calm and comfort.

Renovations — $400,000 Beckley Farm Lodge, Rest Haven Lodge, and Veterans Memorial Lodge will all benefit by creating vibrant spaces where the young and old connect and build friendships, and where people feel a sense of purpose.

For as little as $50

a month, you can help loved ones feel at home.

Giselle delights in making trifle at Beckley Farm Lodge

We need your help to build communities where people of all ages and abilities can experience wellbeing and happiness. At 100 years young, Giselle has a history that many have only seen in movies. While head of the French Red Cross, Giselle negotiated a 4-hour truce with German forces in order to evacuate civilians from an area active military engagement. Travelling over 80km, over mine-strewn roads, Giselle and the Red Cross women moved 30 civilians to safety. For her heroics and bravery she was awarded the Croix de Guerre and the Red Cross Gold Medal of Honour. As a retired army Captain she moved to Canada in 1950, where she married and raised three children. Giselle built a life in Canada teaching French, and being an integral part of her community. At the age of 93, when challenges of day to day living became too much Giselle moved to her new community at Beckley Farm Lodge. Loosing independence due to health and aging does not mean losing everything you have worked in your life to achieve, including having the comforts and warmth of being at home. You can help Giselle by making a donation to our Feels Like Home campaign, and give something back to those who gave so much for us.

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Those who live at Nigel House and Veterans Memorial Lodge are in need of electric beds, which offer the best in comfort and help to prevent pressure sores, and which provide important assistance for mobility issues.

$20 a month will help people live more comfortably.

Replacement slings — $130,000

$25 a month will help give staff the equipment they need to safely care for people.

Electric beds — $79,000

Nigel House and Veterans Memorial Lodge need slings replaced. This is an important part of day-to-day care that provides optimum comfort and safety for all.

Food service — $10,000 A taste of home! New kitchen areas and hot food carts at Rest Haven Lodge are needed. They will create a more home-like space where people can experience joy through the sharing of meals.

‘Boot Camp’ at Nigel House helps people regain mobility, strength, and greater independence

For just $5 a month, you can help people feel a sense of joy.

Your donation of $100 monthly will help the New Home for Nigel House campaign fund the balance of its goal. We need your help to raise $800,000 to provide a new home for adults with disabilities, affordable housing, and assisted living spaces.

07/10/2019 11:13:45 AM

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