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Internet Graph ic Il lustrat ion Domin ik Hei l ig w w w. k a z m o n a v t . c o m

Address Germany

D om i n i k Hei l i g

Heldenbergweg 9 73550 Waldstetten Germany


30/10/1974 Mutlangen

Mail addres Website Mobile Germany

dominik.heilig@web.de www.kazmonavt.com +49 (176) 78 33 47 46

05. 2010 – 07. 2010


05. 2010 – 06. 2010

SupercoolSchool.com Design Consultancy at the internet startup SupercoolSchool Redesign the Website, Web-application, Corporate Design At the moment on Hold.

06. 2010 –

I Founded this online education platform to teach kids and professionals about comics.

AC A DE M IC E DUC AT ION 04. 2002 – 06. 2003

Animation School Hamburg , Germany

Hamburg Animation Award for best script

Majors: Scriptwriting, character design, storyboarding Exam: Voodee, 3”20, main character design, script, storyboard Soundcop, 3”50, background– and objectdesign, animation, compositing, editing Degree: Animation designer

and best design.

04. 1993– 06. 1995

10. 2003 – 02. 2010


06. 2007 – 02. 2010

Rosinter Restaurants , In-house Department Leader, Moscow, Russia Rosinter is the biggest casual dining provider in Russia and the CIS with over 300 restaurants. • Art direction / Redesign of the key brand websites: • Il Patio, Planeta Sushi, Rosinter Holding, 123 Cafe, ... • Permanent development and maintenance of advertising materials, menues, billboards, ... • Redesigning Aneko, the mascot of Planeta Sushi.

Design College , Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany SK IL LS Mac/PC, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Final Cut Pro German, English, Russian Art-direction, Webdesign, Branding, Illustration, Storyboarding, Calligraphy

06. 2008 –

Schlachthof Gmünd Logo, Posterdummy and Website (in Progress)

03. 2010 –

F R E E L A NC E WOR K , Moscow 01. 2009 – 07.2009

World Trip Sketchbook Domino’s Pizza, Moscow

Habited Island , Comic Coloring the 160 page merchandise comic Habited Island for Fedor Bondarchuk’s equally named science fiction blockbuster movie

Drawn diarry of places I traveled this year 07. 2010 –

Brandy White LLC , Design Director, Co-Founder, Strategy & Design, Moscow ( Brandy White LLC, a symbiotic Spin-off agency of Rosinter’s creative department) • New Logo for Next FM • Website redesign of Domini’s Pizza • Logos, Packagin, Campaigns, ...

G e r man y 2 . 0 07. 2010 –


01. 2003 –

Baners and online advertising material

Flammable Beats , DJ Crew, Moscow Website, logo, flyers and shirts, ...

01. 2008

Flammable Camp , Moscow/Bali Website, logo, flyers, shirts, dvertising materials for Snow& Surf Camps

07. 2008

DMC Moscow, International DJ competition, Moscow

Illustrations for: 4DK Consulting, Aeroflott, Aeromobil, Afisha, Alfa Bank, Art Lebedev Studio, Bosco Sport, Cosmopolitain, Daewoo, GQ, Fanta, IM Bank, Ingostrakh Insurance, Maxim, MDM

Visual Style, website, logo, flyers, shirts and advertising materials 04. 2007

07. 2006 – 03. 2007

CSK A Moscow, Football club Redesign of the new logo of Moscow’s football club CSKA at Firma Style

Bank, Mens Health, Microsoft, Phillips, Playboy, Rolling Stones Magazine, Samsung, Seventeen Mag, Strike Chips, Yandex, Zyxel

Soyuznick Bank , Moscow

Animation and Motion concepts: • Christmas cards for AlfaBank , • Roman Trachtenberg music video, • MTV Russia clip, • Storyboard and script for Daewoo ad clip, ...

Branding and corporate design, Art direction and brand developing campaigns, new looks, bank cards, website redesign, POS, videos, presentations, advertisements, .... 12. 2006

MDM Bank , Moscow Concept and creation of a video advert to be shown in shopping malls and other POS.

08. 2006


08. 2005 – 08. 2005

08. 1998 – 09. 2003

HB Laser, Stuttgart

Svet Vokrug , Moscow, Music festival Visual Style, website, logo, flyers, shirts and advertising materials

Planing and animating the ILDA award winning cartoon laser show Walk like an Egyptian,

Doski, Snow- and Skateboard Magazine, Moscow

Noisy Stylus DJ Crew, Cologne, Permanent production of record covers

Redesign and developing new content framing- and organization, headline typeface, set of abstract illustrations.

C.O.N. , Berlin, Animation for shopping mall anniversary

L M A Snowboard Apparel , Moscow

Rrooaarr, Berlin, Interactive animations, Illustrations for the web

Warsteiner Beers, Berlin, Interactive animations for promocampaign

T-shirts and Flyers 10. 2003 – 02. 2007

2005 – 2006

Alaska.de , Berlin, Storyboard for a German cinema feature film

A r t L e bedev S tudio, Moscow Illustration, graphic design, animation, art-direction lectures in Adobe Illustrator and storyboarding


WOR K I NG E X P E R I E NC E – G e r man y

08. 1998 – 09. 2001

ID-Media , Berlin, Germany T-Mobile , Art direction and creation for two flash animations

Sekundochku , Moscow, corporate design, art direction and develop-

Phatform , Art direction and creation for an online music portal

ment of the corporate design, logotypes, corporate icons, stationary, POS, website.

Yello Strom , Art direction for animated web entertainment

Soyuznick Bank, Moscow

LOEWE , Consumer electronics, Illustrations and animations

corporate design, art-direction, development of the brand’s visuals, logotype, corporate font, mascot, visa-cards, website, ATM menus, stationary, lamps, forms, accessories, POS, advertisements, ...

SAP, Storyboards for 3D animated videos

Swatch , Large series of info illustration for the Olympic games 2000.

on m y self Since the moment I got in contact with skateboards and record covers, I developed a great love for type and illustration. I always love to connect these abilities and talents in tasks. The Soyuznick project surely was the biggest chance yet to pull all the triggers at once. But that’s rare I guess, so am I am thankfull and spread my passion between smaller tasks. At Rosinter was a great mentor, who showed me a lot about marketing, branding and ways to think in a more strategical and longterm way for the client.

A rtdir ection As an Artdirector I believe in a team that communicates with each other, integrates and inspires each other. This sounds so obvious. Cortesy, patience and mutual respect sometimes fade away in the hectic work life, yes it’s rough out there, luckily a :-) and a sorry can make it so much more worth it. Pressure is a fine method for a quick sprint, but in longterm daily inspiration and personal passion should be the motivator.

G r aphic D esign As a Graphic Designer, I create not trust into my clients world by creating visual atmospheres and communicating the relevant and proper prioritized information.

I llust r ation and C omic Illustrations and comics can sometimes define situations on a very emotional and subconscious layer. They can grasp the Zeitgeist easily and often they are faster and less expensive then photo and film.

C ON T E N T Websites Supercool School Domino’s Pizza Il Patio Rosinter Restaurants Planeta Sushi Other G raph ic a nd C or porate Next FM Others Planeta Sushi, DesignRolls Soyuznick K a z monav t Work s Mixed DMC Habited Island Kazka I l lu st rat ions Noisy Stylus Aneko Vector Illustartions Travel sketches 2010

Websites Supercool School The knack at SupercoolSchool was, to find the fastest way to convince the visitor to sign up. The other point was to find a style, that reminds of the actual trends, but is still individual.

in Process

Websites Domino’s Pizza The brief for the Domino’s website was basically to transport fun, freshness and offering an easy to use platform for new campaigns or offers that permanently happen at each Domino’s base throughout Moscow. A good part of the fun is in the unusual and slangy but never rude copy. Also did we search hard to find oddish image material, as for example the world pizza or the helicopter delivery.

The Client asked not to have the usual checkbox menu order precedure. So we developped a more playful in-box order flow that got very well received by customers.

Fixed bannersizes throughout the whole site and easy templates make it easy to keep everything fresh and offers updated.

Besides there was lots of pizza in the meetings, Domino’s really was a dream client to work with. Their expectations of fun and readiness for experiments really came along our way.


Almost every item or animation is clickable and has a good surprise. Pump up the volume, for the great soundscape, that puts you right into a sunny and mediterranean marketplace. Have you ever wished one of these tourists to get abducted by aliens? Did you click on the seagulls? Aren’t you hungry now?

Websites Il Patio As an Italian and very emotional Brand, the folks from Il Patio which sounded to us more like a carte blanche then a brief. The site of course had to advertise all the tasty products but also be fun to click through, with colorful surprises and just like a trip through the various land and city scapes of Italy. I was so happy to put in my illustration and animation talents and we couldn’t stop each other from coming up with hilarous side–gags.


Websites Rosinter As Rosinter went IPO, they needed of a completely new corporate website that reflects the caretaking friendliness and hygene among all their brands.

The biggest part of the site is a strict B2B part where (future) stockholders, frenchisee or suppliers have to find their information or contact person as easy as possible.

Rosinter was ready to break the corporate stiffnes by using image material with even black humor, like here on the site for potential suppliers.

As the their catering department is developing into an independent entity, I sepreated it a bit from the motherbrand by using more of its green.

The more consumeroriented approach offers all the informations about jobs, delivery, certain entertainment actions and a very useful restaurant locator.


Websites Planeta Sushi Planeta Sushi , the Japanese chain of Rosinter had to be very light, healthy and feminine and have the right balance between Japan and what people actually associate with it. That’s why I picked only three elements: the chopstick for the menu, the famous fishskin pattern for the background and a brushy and scalable texture for important information bubbles. A great focus was also put on big product pictures and a way to promote the one or other hero from the huge and permanently changing menu with all its nutrition info and categories.

The easy to handle design and templates, give Rosinter the posibility of making spontaneous updates and not beeing to dependend from other agencies for changes or extensions.


1. Soyuznick Bank , including new cards and new styles, 2006, Draft, offline since 2008 2. Nadra Bank , Ukraine, 2008, Draft 3. Exect Partners Group , Moscow, 2009, Draft

G r aph ic & C or por ate Next FM

Draft #1 Moscow Metro This drafts resembles the styles of urban transport and allows to display different

One of Brandy White’s first jobs was to create a new logo for Next FM , Moscow. Next FM plays only black and urban music and closely cooperates with important Russian musicians such as Noggano.

shows under a different “metroline” The Shape around the N shas a form that shows forward.

Draft #1 Moscow Star Part map, part sporty car rim and part evolved Kremlin Star, which shows into a new direction of international glamour and nightlife.

Draft #3 The Next Star // NextMan , 2009 This random doodle, that we just gave to the client for fun made it. NextMan made it immediately to the hearts of the radio crew and is now the new logo of Next FM.

G r aph ic & C or por ate ЦСК А or CSK A is one of Moscow’s big football clubs. As it became more international, they had to have an adequate and strong emblem. I developed it while freelancing for Firma Style , and put the toppest oak leaf back that got lost in the 80ies. 2007

The old Schlachthof or Slaughterhouse has now turned into a club. The graphics that were needed should reflect the history and the future of the property at the same time. 2010

Shikari is Planeta Sushi’s own beer brand that is only sold in the restaurants. 2007

Draft for Sky Venture , an indoor parachute place some Russians planed to install in Miami before they were hit by the crisis in 2008 Logo for my online Moscow Comic School , that i founded in 2010

G r aph ic & C or por ate Planeta Sushi, Design Rolls Menu For this avantgardistic menu design I used and distorted Japanese images and associations. For me these abstract illustrations show the modernity and progressiveness of Japan which seem to coexist in perfect harmony for our western eyes. We used a very matte and thick paper. We coverd the food images with a glossy varnish to enhance the focus and bring out the freshness. 2007

Pattern based on the logo. Business card containing the pattern made of the exclamation mark which stands as an additional logo.

1234567890abcdefghijklmn opqrstuvwxyzйцукенгшщзх ъфывапролджэёячсмитьбю

G r aph ic & C or por ate Soyuznick Soyuznick is a Russian bank for young people. It is a sub brand of Bank Soyuz , one of Russia’s largest retail banks. 2006

The corporate typeface Rundgang contains all Cyrillic and Latin letters, as well as German Umlauts and a lot more special charchters

Application form with very unusual copywriting

Glamorous and poetic ATM Displays Urban Science, be so nerdy

Glamorous, Nerdy and Rude Visa Cards, Desklamps for the office and POS

according to the styles, that also reflected in the website copy and the ATM user interface

Rude and entertaining but never offending ATM UIs got the loughs

Button for retail staff.

G r aph ic & C or por ate Kompas Gid

Компас Гид or Compase Guide is a Russian organization that gathers information about foreign culture centeres and Embassy activities mainly for Russian speaking students, who are interested in studying in another country or learn about another culture.

Enlarged pattern elements can become distinct graphical elements as here in the web and cd design.

The pattern, made from the element sof the logo symbolize the friendly exchange between countries and cultures.

Kazmonavt works w ho o r W h at i s K a z m o n av t ? Kazmonavt is my artist name or pseudomnym for more lifestyle, music or sport oriented works. The word Kazmonavt comes from the Russian equivalent word Kosmonaut was the Soviet term for Astronaut.

Style and illustration for the Flammable Camp Bali in 2010

Another Kazigraphy for the Flammable Camp on Bali, 2008–2009

Kazigraphy for the Flammable Dombai Snowboard Camp 2008

F l ammabl e Camp s The wokrs for Maxim Gankin’s sport camps contain usually flyer, poster, website and t-shirts.

Logo for the Flammable Camp Dombai in 2010. The top part of the diamond shape displays the shape of Mt. Elbru s in the Caucasus mountains, the flame inside is part of the original Flammable Family Logo.


D M C 0 8 i n M o s c o w // R u s s i a n f i n a l s DMC (Disco Music club) is an international organization that organizes DJ championships every year. In 2008 Russia voted for their champion to send to the European battle.

The client’s final choice

Flyers, ticket, staff shirt, website

The Flammable Beats logo and its elements.

F l a m m a b l e B e at s The Moscow based DJ crew Flamable Beats and is the Flammable Family’s musical offspring. The Noisy Stylus DJ crew from cologne, Germany was our mutual friend and then it all started off with a flyer for their first shows. later I designed their log and website among other flyers and stickers.


Some of the many flyers

Website, shitrs, and stickers with familiar slogans

C o m ic ÂŤ H a b i t e d i s l a n d Âť For the comic Inhabited Island that is based on the book (1968) and feature film (2008) Inhabited Island , by Fyodor Bondarchuk i was asked to do the coloring. Together with the Russian illustrator Steerpike we created a 156 pages. Published in 2009

C o m ic ÂŤ K a z k a Âť This is my own comic that I was working on five years. My limits were to create a comic that doesnt have speechbubbles and is only hblack and white. It should be published in 2010/11

I l lu st r at ions Noisy Stylus Noisy Stylus is an award winning DJ Crew from Germany, Cologne. To create their vinyl covers was always a great pleasure and honor. Unfortunately they sepperated after their last album Table Manners in 2007.

Websites Planeta Sushi Planeta Sushi , the Japanese chain of Rosinter had to be very light, healthy and feminine and have the right balance between Japan and what people actually associate with it. That’s why I picked only three elements: the chopstick for the menu, the famous fishskin pattern for the background and a brushy and scalable texture for important information bubbles. A great focus was also put on big product pictures and a way to promote the one or other hero from the huge and permanently changing menu with all its nutrition info and categories.

Posters for that advertised the different brunch styles at some of Rosinter’s cafes 2008

I l lu st r at ions Vector

The last Battle , advertisment illustration for Zyxel modems. 2005

Planeta Sushi , the Japanese chain of Rosinter had to be very light, healthy and feminine and have the right balance between Japan and what people actually associate with it. That’s why I picked only three elements: the chopstick for the menu, the famous fishskin pattern for the background and a brushy and scalable texture for important information bubbles. A great focus was also put on big product pictures and a way to promote the one or other hero from the huge and permanently changing menu with all its nutrition info and categories.

Small collection of ahuge amount of vector illustrations that were created in my time at the Lebedev Studio. Some of them were for ads, magazines, web or just my own free artwork. 2003-2007

Bali, Kintamani, View on the volcano Mt. Batur and its craterlake

Bali, Moko’s surf rental

Bali, Lovina

San Francisco, Goldengate Park


I l lu st r at ions Travel Sketches 2010 2010 has been a great year so far. Lots of big and small trips came a long my way. With a yellow Stabilo Fineliner, I roughly sketch the scenery, a black Pelikan Stenography fountain pen is great for smooth lines and the shadows or thicker lines come with a Pentel Caligraphy Brush . Once in a while I use a refillable Pentel brush , filled with deluted black ink from the pen. Bali, a friend from Moscow

Tokyo, view on Sumida river






2 010 –

Look ing for ward to new chal lenges

Thank you Domin ik Hei l ig w w w. k a z m o n a v t . c o m

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