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‘Born is the

plants – kalo, mai‘a – alongside forestry. ‘Ohana Hewahewa, Hökü Nui’s forester managers, have also served an essential role in executing the project’s goals. To date, they have hosted


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seeds’ By A. U‘ilani Tanigawa

Hālau Ke‘alaokamaile and Kumu Keali‘i Reichel have been formidable exponents of hula and cultural education for decades, but the lack of permanent access to ‘äina has kept the hälau from realizing the fullness of its educational programs. For po‘e hula, connection to land is not only important for practical purposes, but also integral to the cultural practice itself. But many kumu hula today “have to find, beg or borrow a space for us to practice our traditions and lineages,” Reichel comments. To change that, his hälau has embarked on a six-acre native habitat reforestation project that blends the line between culture, environment, and practices. This ‘äina, nestled below Pi‘iholo and adjacent to the Kalena ponds, was given to Hälau Ke‘alaokamaile by land management group Hökü Nui Maui. After pushback from the community against the previous developer, Hökü Nui Maui purchased 258-acres with the intention of revitalizing the land and creating a regenerative farming community. Agriculturally, Hökü Nui has been practicing non-selective rotational grazing

Bringing not only imb that m GRANTEE SPOTLIGHT > Hälau Ke‘alaokamaile’s “Hänau ka Ulu Lä‘au, Ola Mau nä Hua” received a two year, $240,697 programmatic grant from the Office of Hawaiian Affairs to begin reforestation of a six-acre native habitat alongside its first permanent hälau facility. The project, translated as “born is the forest, long live the seeds” is seated in a larger envisioned 30-acre Native Habitat Corridor at Hökü Nui Maui located in Makawao, Hamakuapoko, Maui. The first of its kind on Maui, the dedicated hälau facility will include a dance space, a resource center and an area to process practitioner crops. Together, this space culminates to form a modern-day kïpuka for cultural practices, pracitioners, education and native habitat; all of which are informed and guided by traditional ‘ike of the place.

Above, at right, Ka ‘Ohana Hewahewa explaining their style of planting, which they’ve dubbed “poly-forestry” (Polynesian Agroforestry). Below, right, planting day with the executive team from Westin Nanea hotel. - Photos: Starr Kahaku Ritte-Camara

with cattle, sheep and chicken to restore fertility where there were once pineapple fields. While many developers often find themselves at odds with the community, Hökü Nui Maui takes a unique approach, intending to build homes in order to fund agriculture and to create a cultural centerpiece within the development. Integrating cultural stewards and practitioners positions this community development in uncharted territory. The management of this ‘äina is a natural progression for this hälau and its partners. “Hula integrates just about every aspect of cultural practices,” Reichel notes. This project will nurture “practitioner crops” that can be processed within the hälau facility, such as Hālau Ke‘alaokamaile, led by Kumu Keali‘i Reichel, performing at Kukahi 2018 at the Maui wauke for kapa practitioners, ipu for ho‘opa‘a, Arts and Cultural Center. - Photo: J. Anthony Martinez Photography Maui and lä‘au for dying practices. The hälau will also train researchers to uncover mo‘olelo, numerous workdays, partnering with Pünana Leo, fellow mele and oli that reveal what once grew at this particular Maui hälau, küpuna groups and private and public schools. elevation – ‘öhi‘a, ‘iliahi, ‘a‘ali‘i and kukui, among others. Alongside his brother, Kepa, and father, Ka‘awa, Koa These not only include practitioner crops, but also canoe Hewahewa sees himself as a servant of the ‘äina, aiming to

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