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Classical Dressage Master Arthur Kottas in Georgia


Passion for Horses on Canvas... and in Life

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The Trick Train Brain

Atlanta Horse Connections' goal is to share the inside stories of Georgia based equestrians. You will see narratives from various disciplines, breeds, equine based businesses, human and horse fashions and all things equestrian! Our goal is to unite the local equine community and build relationships so that we can work together not only to promote our industry but to jointly share our passion that we are all so proud of – our horses. We want to hear your ideas and understand what is important to you in the local equestrian world. Please feel free to write to us via email and give us your input – we value our readers, advertisers and sponsors. We are excited to be a part of the Georgia horse community and look forward to building the Atlanta Horse Connections together. Happy Riding!


Fashion and the Equestrian Founded by an Atlanta native Noelle King - Style My Ride seeks to creatively mix innovative and classic trends in equestrian fashion with the hottest looks in high, vintage and commercial fashion, becoming the go to source for what is hot inside the show ring, show grounds and beyond. Whether English or Western apparel, for horse or rider, we aim to generate excitement about the products the industry is showcasing each season, engaging our followers to envision these items on themselves or their horses in new ways. You won't find standard Catalog looks here. Our goal is to be

different and have fun pushing the envelope as we walk the line between the restrictions of show attire and fashion in and outside of the show ring. Our highly interactive following atJudge My Ride tell us what they love, what they want and what they need. Our Style My Ride design contests, seek out the personal style and creativity of our International audience of equestrians! "At Judge My Ride, our favorite subject is you and your horse!" At Style My Ride, "our favorite subject is you, your horse and ways to express, inspire and talk about equestrian style!"

About the President and founder of Judge My Ride and Style My Ride - Noelle King Horses are just one of many passions for Noelle. Her passion for fashion came later, but only slightly! Before she was even a teenager, she asked her mother for a subscription to W magazine. Her loving mother indulged her daughter's request, but never failed to be amused at the ensuing mail offers for European real estate, yachts and luxury cars that came addressed to her youngest daughter! Apparently, that's what happens when one subscribes to society fashion magazines that feature gorgeous and fashionable equestrians like Corneila Guest, Charlotte Casiraghi and Paige Johnson! Alternately, the pages of W, Harpers Bazaar, Vouge and of course, The Chronicle, Practical Horseman, etc. came with her to school, much to the chagrin of her teacher's. She and her best friend were constantly being called out for caring more about the pages of fashion magazines than their studies! Noelle always retorted that was "untrue" and that she "cared more about horses first, then fashion, then maybe studies!" She may have raided her sisters closets from the time she was a pre-teen, but they had - and still have - such great taste! Shopping with her sisters Roxanne and Val, her mom, her best friend and her family the Flagg's, will always remain among her influences and a favorite sport. Her fascination with all those subjects formed a perfect storm in Noelle's imagination, and sparked an idea that would later develop into Style My Ride.

Noelle King

At dinner one evening with friends Kim and Taylor Land, Noelle started to tell them about the idea she was batting around. She mentioned to Taylor how she loved the way Taylor changed up her look at the end of a show day. Taylor said she'd even throw a tulle skirt over her breeches sometimes just for fun after the show day, then enjoy the reactions as she walked the grounds. Reflecting on that conversation a few days later, Noelle was thinking to herself, Taylor is not only a great rider, the girl can style a fun riding look too! At that moment, as she was driving out to the barn, the idea merged in her mind, much the same way it happened with Judge My Ride: "Style My Ride - that's it!" She called Taylor and her sister Frances about the idea. Over lunch Noelle asked them to model, as she wanted to feature the looks on real riders, who are out competing and known in the equestrian community. From there we asked Taylor and Frances' friends from International Young Rider's competitions, Mavis Spencer and Jessie Drea from Great Britian. When Noelle's friend Caitlin Beadles moved back to Atlanta from LA, she asked Caitlin if she would model for Style My Ride as well. Jessie was featured in the Spring 2012 shoot with Taylor, Frances and Caitlin Beadles and we are hoping to coordinate with the beautiful talented Mavis Spencer to shoot this fall. The First 2013 shoot also features Noelle's new business partner in Style My Ride, the gorgeous and talented SMR VP, Courtney Westmoreland Rider. Other equestrians who have been featured in our shoots, are Leigh Anne Hartrampf, Ridley Warren and for this shoot, our first Event rider, Lynssay Sexton. Join us at to see additional photos and videos of our talented SMR models in the saddle, as well as equestrians from all over the world. At Judge My Ride, riders the world over have the unique opportunity to submit their videos and photos for commentary from some of the top International Grand Prix riders and USEF Judges in the Equestrian world.

Potential Equestrian Plan

Information believed accurate but not warranted. Offer subject to errors omissions changes and withdrawals. Equal Opportunity Housing. Each Keller Williams Realty office is independently owned and operated

Classical Dressage Master Arthur Kottas in Georgia This month Georgia Dressage & Combined Training Association (GDCTA) was thrilled to offer a three-day classical dressage and in-hand clinic with Mr. Arthur Kottas, former First Chief Rider of the Spanish Riding School, Vienna, Austria. Having retired from the Spanish School in 2006, he is in demand all over the world for his clinics and lectures that follow his philosophy of classical training. During this clinic, he emphasized the importance of classical training: balance, seat and coordination. His motto is ‘a good seat of the rider is paramount for effectiveness of the aids’. He has authored Kottas on Dressage, in which he clearly describes basic and advanced dressage movements, detailing the rider’s seat and aids that are necessary to accomplish them. Mr. Kottas was very interactive with the auditors and everyone found this clinic

highly educational and motivating. We are fortunate to have access to this contemporary dressage master who is vastly knowledgeable yet equally open and accessible. Consistency and discipline are keys to success. Because of his commitment to his riders and desire to see results, Mr. Kottas will return to Shannondale Farm in March 22-23 and again in July of 2014 to teach amateurs and professional trainers in preparation for competitions as well as helping all riders with the basic skills of correct riding and training. Join us as a rider or auditor for a unique opportunity to train and learn from a true master.

About the Clinician A unique clinician, Arthur Kottas is equally well versed in both the classical and competitive sides of dressage. Arthur Kottas was a member of the Spanish Riding School from 1960 to 2002 and became not only the youngest person to be named to First Chief Rider, but the longest member to hold that position in the school's 400 year history. Having competed most successfully at the international level for the Austrian Team, Arthur brings an extremely rare opportunity to train with someone who not only has an in-depth classical background, but also an understanding of what it takes to be successful in the national and international world of competition dressage. He is a trainer and instructor of the highest international repute and currently travels world-wide teaching both amateur and international level professional riders. The depth of his knowledge is unparalleled. In addition to his skills as a rider and trainer, Mr. Kottas is one of only a few masters of the "in-hand" work—a skill which is extremely helpful in the pursuit of collection and the training of piaffe and passage.

He is also thoroughly familiar with the competitive aspects of dressage; he is a recognized judge who has trained and ridden competitively since childhood. Fittingly, one daughter is a former winner of the European Young Rider Championship. Both daughters now run the training stable he operated during his tenure at the SRS. Ticket information for 2014 clinics will be on the GDCTA website and watch Facebook for updates. Testimonial Every once in a while a rider needs their passion for this sport refreshed. It is very easy to get into ruts when you are riding and training every day. Every rider knows what it is like to have a plateau in their progress, or worse to encounter one of the many setbacks that occur when working to improve your horse or your riding. I recently found myself in a bit of a lull in my riding and in need of inspiration. Well, thanks to a clinic held at the farm where I am currently a working student, I received enough inspiration to last a lifetime. In three days my love for the discipline of Dressage and my faith in the slow and steady process required to ride correctly were restored. In fact, in the five years that I have been a serious rider I have never felt this excited about hopping in the saddle. ~Jessica Elsey

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A Dressage Horse Joins the Police Force A Big Boy Called Oreo Cookie Written by previous owner of Oreo - Jd Sosa In the fall of 2006 I found myself a bit down after some equine-life setbacks. So, I had an impulse to start all over again and my first thought of a new beginning began with me finding a new horse. The only pre-requisite that I could think of, beside the standard ones, was that he/she had to be a very young horse. I felt that a very young horse would present the biggest challenge, which was a need my soul was seeking. After some research online and asking around I found Oreo, a big Spotted Percheron/TB cross. Oreo was bred and brought up by a family in South Carolina. I trusted my instincts and decided not to go all the way to Jacksonville, SC, knowing that somewhere deep down he was the right choice. I hired a local vet who did the pre-purchase exam and a horse transporter from the area. One week later Oreo arrived to West Cobb, GA at a farm where I boarded him.

Officer Steve and Oreo at Atlanta Mounted Patrol Unit

The moment Oreo came out of t horse trailer I almost sat on the c to cry. He was four scrawny legs and all ears. He had no muscles and only sharp bones protruding from a dingy coat. He was 17 hands tall and only 28 months old. All I could think was, “What in the world was I thinking?� A challenge was what I sought, and here it was. A rather large, rather unpredictable challenge.

that curb s s g

Jd Sosa and Oreo

From the very first day Oreo came into my world my whole life changed. For the next 7 years, my “little� challenge took me on some of the greatest adventures of my experience on horseback. Ambitiously, I entered my newly established partner and I into a Hunter Pace just four weeks after his arrival. I believe he was the youngest horse ever involved in a Hunter Pace, not to mention the tallest and greenest. That day I remember a couple of ladies at the barn telling me that I was completely out of my mind. They did not know that I really was, and at a point in life where I was welcoming challenges, and Oreo was destined to be my comrade for exploration. Twice every year we continued participating in these Hunter Pace events. Oreo and I had great times and great adventures in the open fields as we expanded ourselves and our trust for one another.

In 2007 and 2008, almost every week we would leave the homestead for the hills to explore the trails of Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. During this time I converted our property into a horse-friendly home for Oreo and his brother Cookie Dough. I built a trail around the property and rode him around the neighborhood every day since I did not have an arena. Oreo and I always found ways to stretch our legs even when space was limited. In 2009 I moved Oreo and his brother Cookie (Cookie is another store for later) to Wilson Farm in Milton. Along with his physical transition came a disciplinary transition as well. Yet another challenge that Oreo and I were eager to face together. While at Wilson, Oreo was introduced to dressage and fences by trainer and eventer Lauren Weil. Oreo was successful in the show ring, but a respiratory problem kept him from the high demands of intensive training.

Throughout the years of our partnership Oreo became a very strong horse full of muscle, well proportionated with the shiniest, most beautiful coat I have ever seen on a horse. My beautiful “challenge” had grown from a stick legged colt into a proud statuesque steed, sparkling on the outside the way he always had within. He was a sensation among all the attendees everywhere he went. He was quite the eye catcher with his tremendous presence paired with a distinctive black and white coat with markings that stood out as if to say, “Yeah, get a good look, I’m unique.” Even with his fantastic physical attributes, it was his personality that often left the strongest impression on those who met him. Oreo was a gentle soul despite his size, with a comedy streak a mile wide. He brought smiles to the faces of adults and children alike because of his accepting, warm and relatable energy.

In 2010 we bought the farm next door to Wilson Farm. This time Oreo showed us the way and we made the move for him. Oreo traded in his show bridle for trail riding gear and we continued to find paths to suit where we were, always exploring new directions. A new direction led me to a new discovery that competition was to be my next track. That journey with Oreo led me to an understanding of my desire to pursue an intensive and competitive show schedule with one of Oreo’s barn mates. With the time and energy demands of my new competition endeavor it was difficult for me to budget time to take Oreo out on the trails. He expressed his boredom by breaking fences. A once a week trip to the feed store now became a ritualistic stop at Home Depot to buy boards. I felt bad for my body and bad for my Oreo. Even though he was out of work he still kept me smiling with his jokes and occurrences from morning to evening.

One day I got a call from a gentleman from the Atlanta Police Mounted Squad. They asked me about Oreo and inquired about meeting him. I spoke to my wife Cristina about the prospect of our Oreo in law enforcement and she convinced me that it could be an interesting job for our big boy. This was to be the final “challenge” in my relationship with Oreo. As difficult as it was to see him move on, I trusted

that he would go on to work where he could be the hero that he had always been to me. Oreo has been now more than 3 months living in Atlanta at the police’s stable. We receive frequent reports about his training progress and visit our boy at his new office whenever we get the chance. Oreo has a job, is busy, happy and making a lot of people smile every single day.

Atlanta Horse Connections visited Oreo and his new partner Officer Steve Overstreet in the Mounted Patrol Unit in Atlanta. We asked Officer Steve to tell us a little more about Oreo’s new job as a police horse. Steve said that Oreo is enjoying his new job and his life in the police barn. He is still in training and learing how to adapt to the unpredictable situations on the streets of Atlanta, but he is gaining his confidence every day. Steve has been a horseman since early age. He has a farm on his own raising Swedish Warmbloods. It is not a requirement for the job to have prior horse experience having the knowledge of horses is very helpful to assist equine partners in transition to accept new responsibilities and to learn new skills.

Officer Steve and Oreo at Atlanta Mounted Patrol Unit

There are 15 horses in the Mountain Police Barn. Oreo is a part of a group of 4 new comers. Mounted patrol units are a critical component of law enforcement and are the best method of crowd control for festivals, parks and major sporting events. Mounted Patrol Unit offers a lot of educational programs to the community as well. They visit local schools and create educational programs for children and residents of Atlanta to educate people about these gentle giants. If you would like to find out more about Atlanta Mountain Patrol Unit please contact Officer Steve Overstreet for more information. MountedPatrol-20

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Passion for Horse on Canvas... and by Sally Phillips Buffington USEA Certified Instructor

Sally Phillips Buffington

I am a Certified Instructor with the USEA and compete my thoroughbred horse, Absolut IV, at the Intermediate Level in the sport of eventing. The love of horses encompasses me! My other love is portraiture and fine art. I have a BFA in Commercial Art. I spent many years exclusively doing commissioned portraits. My waiting list remained upwards of 95 commissions every year until I took a hiatus to train and compete in eventing. We made a move across the country to Georgia six years ago and built a farm and training facility that we love. Now I can paint and still compete which is a dream come true!

I am inspired by the use of color to bring my subjects alive. The aquas and faint lavenders mixed in with the red, yellow ochre and light gray basic skin tone, make the skin around the temple area of a person appear real! At the same time if I am working on a horse the mixture of Prussian blue and burnt sienna in a dark bay can also bring the horse to life. The application of color is paramount to a painting that stirs the soul of the onlooker. It is what gives the subject life. I also enjoy playing with abstract color when not working on a commissioned painting requiring the end result to be an accurate representation of a person, or a horse. Mastery of color is everything in portraiture.

I offer a wide range of options price wise to make my work affordable to all. From a $600.00 entry level graphite to a $20,000.00 complex portrait commission. Artist direct pricing makes this possible. I ask for copyright free photographs as reference material and like to meet with the subject to makes notes as well. Most photographers are happy to release their photographs as I free hand these paintings.

I have a personal website that shows many of my commissioned paintings and portraits as well as some of my Limited Edition prints. These prints all are from award winning originals and some have been featured in Southern Living and Coastal Living Magazine. The website is:

One other area of portraiture that is so meaningful is the posthumous portrait. Whether a person, or a beloved animal, it is always special beyond words. That is a gift , I feel, from above and to be able to share that so that you are almost able to give back the lost loved one is very moving. I still hear from so many past clients saying what these paintings mean to them, and their families.

To give someone the gift of a portrait is priceless. When that portrait includes their horse, then it is truly priceless! I have a life size oil of Absolut hanging in my living room and it is like he is coming through the wall. It is simply stunning.

es in Life

Title: 'The Sentinel' Medium: European Pastel Size: 25" X 37" Price: $5000.00

Sally Phillips Buffington and her horse, Absolut IV

Hoofclix Photography

Brant Gamma Photography

Hoofclix Photography

Brant Gamma Photography

The technology today has given new meaning to reproducing fine art in print form. The other website I have is One is able to go through my gallery and choose an award winning painting and have it reproduced in print on canvas in various size options. These make amazing gifts and are very afforable. They now offer gift cards and cell phone covers using whatever image you choose. People from every continent have browsed my online gallery and many have ordered canvas reproductions, just amazing!

My studio is in cute Madison, Georgia. I welcome anyone who would like to come see these originals in person. I accept private commissions and just delivered a beautiful polo painting commission to Zambia in August of this year. I am just a phone call away also if anyone has any questions! When your work leaves someone speechless then you know you have indeed stirred their soul and that is a priviledge I treasure. Please call for more information 210-421-1534

I feel so lucky to have the option to ride and train as well as paint. The best of both worlds! To watch a horse come to life on canvas gives me chills! I am currently working on an International Polo Series and have just started the fourth oil and the second American player. The first two were South African players. We have plans to expand to Argentinian and French polo players as well. The opportunities are endless. The action, the athleticism and speed exhibited in these horses is thrilling!

Equine website is:

Title: Absolut IV Medium: Oil On Canvas Size: 36 X 46 Lifesize Private Collection Of The Artist

International Polo Series by Sally Phillips Buffington

International Polo Series USA # 1 Title: ‘Number 8’ Medium: Oil On Canvas Size: 30 " X 40" Price: 8500.00 USD

International Polo Series Zambia #3 Title: 'Lubombo Open' Medium: Oil On Canvas Size: 28" X 34" Price: 2500.00 USD

International Polo Series Zambia #1 Title: 'The Race For The Goal!' Medium: Oil On Canvas Size: 30" X 42" Price: Sold

International Polo Series Zambia #2 Title: 'Lubombo Open' Medium: Oil On Canvas Size: 28" X 34" Price: 2500.00 USD

Title: 'Turf War!' Medium: European Pastel Size: 20" X 24" Price: 1250.00 USD

Slow your pace and enjoy life in your well-appointed country home. Built to last, the refined, sophisticated architecture of this custom 10,000 s/f home features long leaf heart pine with brazilian cherry floors throughout, gourmet kitchen, finished basement with home theatre, wine cellar and much more. Surrounded by beautifully tended gardens, ponds and nature walks, you will never want to leave your 269-acre estate. Friends, family and associates will enjoy the three-bedroom, two-bath guest cottage and parties in your entertainment barn, complete with large office, workshop, walk-in refrigerator, canning kitchen, dinner/dance area, bar, and much more. Antique shops, horse farms and new friends are just down the road. Just outside of Camden SC, Easily Accessible Yet Worlds Away!

Jimmy Cantey James W Cantey & Associates LLC 803-600-5380

From Herd Bound... To Human Bond Introduction By Ryan Traditionally, horses have been "broken in" or "started" using methods that took weeks involving long driving reins that left the horses tired and ready to give up. Fear and intimidation were instilled in the horses using these methods. The core of this "breaking in" method was to simply wear them. This resulted in a physically fit horse, but one who never learned to fully accept the human as a partner. This left such horses wary and often uncooperative for the rest of his or her life. I knew there had to be a better way for horse and human to come together. Working with and studying many fine horsemen over the years led me to learn and embrace the natural horsemanship methods. We all know you can't just whisper to horses to get them to do something, but the book/movie Horse Whisperer, Buck, and Cavalia has brought a lot of positive attention and understanding to the natural approach to horsemanship. This type of horsemanship involves communication through body language, facial expression and methods of pressure and release which leads to the TLCs of Ryan Garner Horsemanship: Trust, Leadership, and Communication.

How it began... I was raised in a small Georgia town, and horses have always been an important part of my life. The Southern Cross Ranch gave me my first opportunity to start colts and gain experience riding many different breeds of horses. In my early teens working with these horses was captivating and I would ride and work horses at every chance I could get. I knew very little about horses at this stage of my horsemanship journey. I would work and ride horses using a variety of ranch jobs, and through my work with each horse became more gentle and easier to ride. I have had many opportunities to further my horsemanship, which I am very thankful for. I am especially grateful for the help and guidance Ed Dabney and Monty Roberts have offered me through their horsemanship and colt starting clinics. Having Ed & Monty's help, I discovered a whole new world of

JOIN US FOR AN OPEN HOUSE December 7th • from 12-4 pm RG Horsemanship 111 Folsom Road Adairsville, Georgia 30103 For more information, please visit Ryan’s website: or call: 678-895-2409

Photo credits are: Paul Purdue and Gwen Sage

horsemanship. I will never forget the first lesson and clinic I attended helping me to secure the bond and to develop a mutual communication with my horse. It completely changed the way I thought and communicated with my horses. I have realized there is always something more to discover and improve on, and that horsemanship is a lifelong journey. I believe you never stop learning as long as you are willing to keep the energy and hunger up for more knowledge. I feel very fortunate for the many opportunities i have been given and especially thankful for the people who have helped me. It is a great gift to be able to work with these amazing animals and I strive to make a difference in each horse's life by using a gentle consistent program that combines, Trust, Leadership, & Communication.

Steve with Poppie

Combat veterans returning from war would never imagine


that the challenge of learning to ride a horse would help


them to recover from post-traumatic stress disorder,


depression and severe anxiety. A program called Horses


for Heroes, however, is helping the wounded warriors do


just that.


sio Leslie Olsen, program director, developed the idea to


provide horseback riding opportunities for wounded


warriors. The program began with a few wounded warrior

Juan is side walking Cindy leading Poppie, er. and Harry is the rid erapy. Their doing hippo th

riders, and currently expanded to large group of veterans


who participating in the horseback riding sessions.

rel of

Why use horses for therapy? One reason is that horses


need a lot of care. A veteran can put aside his or her own


troubles in the immediate job of caring for the horse.


Horses are large and strong, which challenges a person


to overcome fear in order to work with the animal. Horses

Corey riding Royal

irror moods; they react poorly to negative emotions,

aching the veteran that their behavior can affect others.

ause and effect necessitates behavior modification to

ork successfully with the animal. Animal-assisted

erapy has demonstrated evidenced-based efficacy in

articipants including war veterans with PTSD, depres-

on, anxiety, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder,

onduct disorders, dissociative disorders, and other

hronic mental illnesses.

he families of those who are suffering from combat

lated stress often feel like they have to shoulder much the burden. For a soldier deployed for many months,

oming home can be a difficult transition for both the

oldier and family members. Equine assisted activities

elp open up communication and assist in reintegrating

e family.

Matt giving Ro yal a hug afte r his ride

Stan riding Royal (Stan is a Desert Storm veteran)

g Royal Seth ridin

Juan leading Jade (the horse), Cindy is side walking and Dan is the rider. He's doing exercises to strengthen his vision.

Atlanta Horses for Heroes, located on the banks of the Chattahoochee River at River Run Equestrian at Huntcliff in Sandy Springs, offers therapeutic horseback riding and other equine assisted therapies for our wounded warriors. All activities are conducted by PATH and EAGALA certified instructors and mental health professionals. River Run Equestrian provides a beautiful outdoor setting that is ideal for those suffering from combat injuries, both physical and emotional. For more information about our program please contact: Leslie Olsen, RN Program Director Atlanta Horses for Heroes 770-330-0506 Please visit our Atlanta Horses for Heroes Facebook page. Atlanta Horses for Heroes is part of the Rising Star Equestrian Foundation.

group of our lady wounded warriors and ride and then meet for a support who come group meeting.

by Laurie Wilson

I started trick training my horse Spur about 5 years ago because I was looking for something to help with his A.D.D. behavior. He would never stand still, he put everything in his mouth and had no personal space boundaries! Spur now knows over 23 different tricks and has performed at various clinics and demonstrations. He has the perfect personality for trick training. He is what Parelli folks call a “Left Brain Extrovert” – “this horse is a playful character that needs interesting things to do. They are obsessed with learning and need variety and new things to keep it fun!”

As I trick trained Spur and several other horses, I began to notice a unique style of learning that resulted from the trick training process. I call it the “Trick Train Brain.” Through proper trick training methods, these horses began offering “more try” on their own in every area of our training. They started looking at their world through the eyes of what they could “offer” rather than what I would “make” them do. In essence, they became more “Self-motivated.”

JLM Photography

JLM Photography

I continued to use well timed verbal cues and

Trick training your horse comes with a big caution

praises along with food reward for all aspects of

disclaimer though. Without proper knowledge and

our ground training and riding and the results have

excellent leadership skills, your horse can become

been amazing. I can ride my horses half as much

very disrespectful and disobedient. Instead of

with twice the results. Another amazing benefit of

learning cool “tricks� your horse could learn skills

trick training is that it is a huge confidence builder

and behaviors that could hurt you or someone

for the nervous horse.

else. Make sure to evaluate your relationship first and do your homework before you decide to begin

My little QH Champ, who was afraid of his own shadow, has now become one of my top students. He feels compelled to put his nose or hoof on most everything that he used to think would kill him! Trick training has transformed his world from monsters to motivators.

JLM Photography

the trick training process!

Laurie Wilson is a horse trainer in West Cobb who focuses on the art of establishing proper foundation training using natural horsemanship and dressage principals. For more information or to schedule a trick training clinic at your barn, contact Laurie Wilson at or by phone 404-518-4844 .

Rather Be Riding Photography

IN THE SPOTLIGHT Owning a horse like San City has been a dream come true for me.

My mom and my biggest supporter (Linda

Crabtree) purchased him site unseen through Britta Johnston as a weanling. We all remember the day he came off the trailer after his flight from Germany, he was the muddiest, ugliest foal we had ever seen and for years we called him the “ugly one”. Boy has he proven us wrong. San City is a gentle giant that has the ability to touch your soul, putting a permanent stamp on your heart when you meet him. Not only is he stunning to look at and full of capability, he is kind and honest with a heart of gold. He is so incredibly willing to do anything you ask of him. Julie Richards, former Olympian (who competed him this past year while I was in foal) always tells me, “He’s just so honest isn’t he? He’s always going to jump, he may take a trot step but he will ALWAYS jump.”


Rather Be Riding Photography

Rather Be Riding Photography


He gave me a lot of confidence as I ran my first Intermediate on him, just 5 months after having my 2nd child. Going Intermediate was a long awaited goal for me that I had worked years and years to reach. Prior to Cross Country the nerves had me in tears I was even a little shaky in the warm up but as we headed out of the start box and I felt him strong and confident beneath me and we flew over the first few jumps the fear dissipated and I felt tears of joy and gratitude fill my eyes, how did I get so lucky to own such an amazing horse? He had stunned everyone with his brilliance in the dressage ring as well, and now with each question that we faced I could feel him say “I got this!” and breeze through it. He has always made everything feel so easy and that’s exactly what he did to that Intermediate course. We ended up in 3rd place out of 17 Starters I was ecstatic. He makes me feel like I can do anything, all my dreams and goals become a reality every time I put my foot in that stirrup and pull myself up on his back. I look forward to earning my USDF Gold Medal on him one day as well as running around my first Advanced course on him. I know he has the ability to do it all successfully. He has already accomplished so much in his 7yrs and I look forward to what the next 7yrs have in store for me on this extremely talented young stallion. San City has had success in both the dressage world and the eventing world and as a breeding stallion. San City was the 2011 USDF Markel 5yr Old Reserve Champion and received the highest score ever given of an 89.9% on the Preliminary Day. • Won 2013 CIC 1* Division at Red Hills International • 4th 2013 CIC 2* Division at Chattahoochee International • 5 Finishes at the Intermediate Level all in the top 3 with no XC Jump Penalties. • 2 San City Colts were Champion Colts in the DSHB Region 3 Finals in their divisions • Sired 3 Premium Foals out of 7 that have been presented





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