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MEMBERS ENJOY: • Over 100 Group Exercise Classes. • Use of Cardio, Strength Training, & Cycle Equipment. • Free Weights, 5-Lane Pool, & Conference Center. • FREE Child Care while you workout. • Nationwide Access. • A spacious community room for parties and events. • Brand new pickleball classes for all experience levels. • Awesome programs, camp for kids, & so much more!

Are you ready for the BEST.SUMMER.EVER? Sign-up for summer camp today! YMCA Fairfax County Reston offers traditional camps, sports camps, travel camp, aquatics, and so much more!


Irish Proverb

Irish Proverb A good friend is like a four-leaf clover: hard to find andA lucky to have. good friend is like a four-leaf clover: hard to find and lucky to have. AROUND RESTON FACEBOOK COLLAGE – Winter/Spring 2020 Join the conversation –

EDITORIAL A Conversation with Nicole Gustavson…..… 16 BGR Restaurant Review…..…..…..…..…..…..… 34 Book Report …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…. 44 Catchin’ Toads…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 74 Catering to the Kids …..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 36 Cooking with Reston Community Center…..… 48 Dissecting the Dish …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…. 38 In the Know! …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…. 46 Ireland …in Reston …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…. 28 Kalypso’s 10 Year Anniversary…..…..…..…..… 32 Letter from the Chamber …..…..…..…..…..…. 6 Making an Impact …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…. 70 Making Herstory in Virginia …..…..…..…..…. 12 Making Music in Reston …..…..…..…..…..…. 76 Meet Judd Winstanley…..…..…..…..…..…..…. 50 Metro Update…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 91 Miracle of 26 …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…. 82 OmMade with Love …..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 52 Once Upon a Chef …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…. 42 One of the Best Untold Stories …..…..…..…. 26 Raised Reston…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 64 Real Estate Report …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…. 58 Reston, an Open Community…..…..…..…..… 10 Reston Community Center 40 years…..…..… 68 REWIND…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 84 Rise Against Hunger…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 80 Scout & Molly’s Fashion Spread …..…..…..… 14 SLHS Sentinel…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…. 81 The Peacock Lady…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 72 Wake Up to Breakfast …..…..…..…..…..…..…. 40 Walker Nature Center 10 Year Celebration …..…..…..…..…..…..…. 22 What DO Firefighters eat?…..…..…..…..…..… 54 What’s New at Reston Hospital Center…..… 8 Words to Live By …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 24

KEEPER COMMUNITY INFO! Events Page …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…. 2 Get Involved …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…. 87 Good Eats …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…. 30 Metro Map…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 90 Public Art Reston Map…..…..…..…..…..…..…. 88 Shopping Centers…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 86 Welcome to Reston …..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 4

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AutoScandia …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… BC Eyewear Gallery, The …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 15 Generations Medical Aesthetics…..…..…..…..….. 20 Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce …..…..…. 7 Imperative Dimensions…..…..…..…..…..…..…..….. 21 InForm Fitness…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..….. 17 Integrated Dermatology of Reston…..…..…..…..… 23 Jazzercise …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 19 Just Cats Clinic …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 29 Koko FitClub …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 19 Melone Law, P.C. …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..….. 13 NextStop Theatre Company …..…..…..…..…..…..… 18 Northwest Federal Credit Union…..…..…..…..…. IBC n’used Consignment Shop…..…..…..…..…..…..….. 19 Reston Hospital Center…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 9 Rowan Tree Coworking…..…..…..…..…..…..…..….. 19 Scout & Molly’s Boutique …..…..…..…..…..…..….. 15 Scrawl Books …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 15 State Farm—Kyle Knight Insurance Agency …..… 11 Sunset Hills Automotive …..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 57 Sunset Small Business Park …..…..…..…..…..…..… 19 UPS Store South Lakes…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 11 YMCA Reston…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..….. IFC


100 Bowls of Soup …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 19 BGR Burgers Grilled Right …..…..…..…..…..…..….. 35 BRX American Bistro…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..….. 39 Cantina D’Italia …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 37 Carrabba’s Italian Grill …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 41 Dante Ristorante …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..….. 39 Flippin Pizza …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 35 Great Falls Restaurants…..…..…..…..…..…..…..….. 39 Kalypso’s Sports Tavern …..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 33 La Ong Thai Bistro …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 41 Mookie’s BBQ…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..….. 39 Old Brogue Irish Pub…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..….. 39 Our Mom Eugenia …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 39 Weird Brothers Coffee…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 19 Zamarod Afghan Cuisine …..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 39


Adams Group, Coldwell Banker …..…..…..…..…..… 47 Care of Trees, The …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 49 CertaPro Painters…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..….. 51 Denny + Gardner Remodeling…..…..…..…..…..….. 61 Foster Remodeling Solutions, Inc. …..…..…..…..… 56 Holly Weatherwax, Momentum Realty…..…..….. 65 Huntington Electric…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 60 Independence Landscape & Lawn Care …..…..… 53 Interstate Movers…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…. 57 JL Tree Service, Inc.…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 63 M.E. Flow …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 66 My Reston Handyman …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 60 Nova Junk Removal…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 63 Reston Glass …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 18 Roofing & More, Inc. …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 55 Sky Marble and Granite…..…..…..…..…..…..…..….. 67 Tim Finefrock, Keller Williams …..…..…..…..…..… 59 Trademasters…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 62


Barrett Suzuki Music Studio …..…..…..…..…..…..… 77 Childtime Learning Centers …..…..…..…..…..…..… 78 Foley Academy of Irish Dance…..…..…..…..…..….. 77 Goldfish Swim School …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 69 Great Day Learning Center…..…..…..…..…..…..….. 79 Lopez Studios Performing Arts School …..…..….. 75 Marcus Dental Care …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..….. 27 Pal Family Dentistry …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..….. 25 Principal Ballet …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 78 Reston Community Center…..…..…..…..…..…..….. 69 Reston Montessori School…..…..…..…..…..…..….. 79 Smile Reston Heights …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…..… 17 Tall Oaks Assisted Living …..…..…..…..…..…..…..…. 1

It’s hard to believe that six years have gone by since I started Around Reston; time certainly flies. During this time, I have met many amazing people. I’m honored to live in and publish a community resource for such a generous community.

Kat Toussaint Publisher

It’s interesting the paths that life takes one on. When I moved to Reston 10 years ago, I would not have predicted that I would be publishing a Reston magazine. In so doing, I get to work with such cool people, most of whom are volunteering their time to contribute to Around Reston and give back to the community. I want to give a big ‘shout out’ to them!

CONTRIBUTORS Elena Carver / Chuck Cascio / Stacia Datskovska Shannon Dilles / Ashleigh Dorfman / Lyda Gould Drayerly Dulles Corridor Metrorail / Helen Ehrlich / Tim Finefrock Marc Goldstein / Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce Nicole Gustavson / Yvonne Johnson / Ericka La Madrid Lauren Magnussen / Samantha Marshall / Radhika Murari Bebe Nguyen / Ken Plum / Laura Poindexter Public Art Reston / Reston Historic Trust & Museum Chris Rooney / Dianne Rose / Reston Hospital Center Michael Scheurer / Scout & Molly’s Boutique / Jenn Segal Katie Shaw / Holly Weatherwax COVER PHOTOS Left: Dr. Elizabeth Arguelles Middle: Childtime Right: Holly Weatherwax

Proud to be 2016 GRCC ACE Small Business of the Year


AROUND RESTON PUBLICATIONS 11654 Plaza America Drive, #133 Reston, VA 20190

P: 571-313-0229

In my early days living in Reston, as I met people and got more involved, I decided I wanted to see what I could do to help connect the community even more through a local print magazine. I had a publishing and marketing background. At the time, print was becoming new again. I wasn’t sure what the response would be. Six years later, I think I got my response! Sharing our local stories makes an impact and allows us to appreciate the diversity and strengths within our community. Around Reston would not be possible without the advertising sponsors we showcase. Please be sure to contact them when you need a service they provide. They’re great people and will do their best job for you! By reaching out to our sponsors, you are helping to ensure Around Reston Magazine can continue to share the stories in our community.

~ Kat Toussaint

row With Us! Come G For Advertising Information, email

Around Reston Magazine is a community magazine distributed quarterly through direct mail to 25,000+ Reston/Herndon/Great Falls homes. The acceptance of material, advertising or contributions does not constitute an endorsement of the information or products. We reserve the right to accept, edit or reject any material submitted. All rights reserved. The content of this publication cannot be reproduced in whole or part in any media without written permission of the Publisher.

Affordable and E legant

Private Studios Explore our spacious studio apartments with newly remodeled, private bathrooms. You will find striking forest views, exceptional care (with nurses available 24 hours a day), and affordable monthly rates starting at just $4,095 for our private studio. Needing more space? Inquire about our One Bedroom Deluxe with kitchenette! Call today to schedule your personal visit.









30 Y

R R 3 0 YEA

703.834.9800 12052 N. Shore Dr. Reston, VA 20190 RISING TO NEW HEIGHTS

Coordinated Services Management, Inc. Professional Management of Retirement Communities Since 1981



! E T A D Multiple Dates February 20 – March 15, 2020 • Weekends

Ordinary Days presented by NextStop Theatre Company

MAMA MIA presented by Reston Community Players

Reston Community Center - Center Stage Set on a Greek island paradise and inspired by the story-telling magic of ABBA’s timeless songs, Sophie’s quest to discover the identity of her father brings three men from her mother’s past back to the island they last visited 20 years ago.

FEBRUARY Fri, Feb. 21, 2020

269 Sunset Park Drive, Herndon This musical asks, is it possible that the smallest acts can have the most profound effects on your life?

Family Passport to Fun

February 28 – March 14, 2020

The Diary of Anne Frank presented by Reston Community Players Reston Community Center HW Center Stage This powerful new adaptation captures the claustrophobic realities of the daily existence while Anne’s transcendent spirit is revealed as she voices her belief, “in spite of everything, that people are truly good at heart.”

March 1 – 30, 2020

Youth Art Exhibit Month

RCC – Lake Anne - Jo Ann Rose Gallery and the 3D Gallery Reception: Sunday, March 8, 2:00 – 4:00 pm Reston elementary school children have created a special exhibit of original artwork that will be displayed in the Jo Ann Rose Gallery and the 3D Gallery at RCC Lake Anne.

April 2 – 26, 2020 • Weekends

‘Noises Off’ presented by NextStop Theatre

269 Sunset Park Drive, Herndon Uproarious play within a play follows on the on and off stage antics of the members of a touring company as they blunder through a bad dress rehearsal and a disastrous performance.


April 17 – May 9, 2020 • Weekends

Herndon Community Center / 6:30 - 9:00 pm / Small Fee This annual family event is designed for children to share the fun with a caring and significant adult in their life.

MARCH Sat, March 7, 2020

Wed, March 11, 2020

Reston Museum History Program RCC Lake Anne / 7 - 9 pm

Sat, March 14, 2020

GRACE Family Day

12 – 3 pm Free day of family art making and exploration in the gallery and park celebrating the Moira Dryer exhibition! Sponsored by Reston Community Center

Sun, March 15, 2020

Reston Community Orchestra’s Annual Spring Family Concert

4:00 p.m. / RCC Hunters Woods Maestro Dingwall Fleary puts the spotlight on talented young musicians, either a composer or an instrumental soloist. / Free, donations welcome

Fri, March 27, 2020

Environmental Film Series— Just Eat It

7:00 – 9:00 pm / Walker Nature Center Feature length documentary for adult RCC Hunters Woods / 9:00 am – 12:00 pm audience co-presented by Friends of Reston Shop for small appliances, books, jewelry, / Reservations recommended clothing, tools and toys while supporting neighbors and our environment.

Spring Flea Market

Sat, March 7, 2020

Wine Dinner

Morton’s The Steakhouse, Reston Town Center / 6:30pm / Fee 4 course meal paired with the finest Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars wine.

Sun, March 8, 2020

The Reston Chorale presents Mendelssohn’s Elijah

Saint Luke Catholic Church, McLean, VA / 4:00 pm Mendelssohn’s powerful oratorio Elijah, with soprano Lisa Eden, mezzo-soprano Kristen Dubenion-Smith and baritone James Martin. / FEE

Around Reston is not responsible for date changes, cancellations or errors. Please check websites for event date and time verifications.


Sat, April 4, 2020

Reston Kids Trout Fishing Day

8:00 – 12:00 / Snakeden Branch Stream, Reston Volunteers will teach your children how to bait, cast, hook and cook their freshly caught dinner. Necessary equipment provided. Registration required.

Sat, April 4, 2020 (rain date April 11)

Eggnormous Egg Hunt

10:00 am – 11:30 am - Sunrise Valley Elementary School, 10824 Cross School Road, Reston Hunt starts promptly at 10:30. Bring a basket to carry eggs. Infants – age 8 / Free

Sun, April 5, 2020

7th Annual Runners Marathon & Half Marathon of Reston / Relay option 7:30 am / South Lakes High School


Sun, April 5, 2020

Walk MS 1 & 3 mile routes

8:30am – 2pm / Walk begins at 10 am / Reston Town Center Walk follows scenic trails. Supporting the National Multiple Sclerosis Society / All ages / Fee

Mon, April 13, 2020

Reston’s Arbor Day

Walker Nature Center 9:30 – 12 pm / Ages 5 – adult Reston is a Tree City USA as certified by the National Arbor Day Foundation. Join us as we plant native trees and shrubs in Reston locations.

Sat, April 18, 2020

Founder’s Day / Lake Anne Plaza

11-4pm / Free Celebrate Reston and its founder Robert E. Simon Jr. during this special day full of family friendly activities and entertainment!

Sat, April 25, 2020

Nature Center 5K Run & Walk

8:00 am / Walker Nature Center, 11450 Glade Drive, Reston Fun for all ages. Awards! Door prizes!

MAY Sat, May 2, 2020 (rain date 5/3)

Reston Association Community Yard Sale

8:30 am – 12:30 pm / 1900 Campus Commons Drive, Reston Shop for hidden treasures! Vendors must pre-register with payment.

Sat, May 2, 2020

Spring Festival at Walker Nature Center 1:00 – 5:00 pm / Walker Nature Center, 11450 Glade Drive, Reston / FREE All Ages. Rain or Shine. Fun for the whole family.

Sat, May 2, 2020

Pet Fiesta!

10:00am – 4:00pm / Reston Town Center / Free Animal rescue groups, activities, demonstrations and entertainment. Pet Adoptions. Rain or shine.



Greater Reston Arts Center 12001 Market Street, Reston 703-471-9242


Public Art Reston


Residents may fish from RA-owned property, which includes the dams on each lake. Anglers 16 years and older must have a Virginia fishing license.

Reston Association


Reston Community Center

Reston National Golf Course

Visit for permit information


12001 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston 703-435-6530

Hidden Creek Country Club

Hunters Woods 2310 Colts Neck Road, Reston, VA 703-476-4500


Four man-made lakes (Lake Anne, Lake Thoreau, Lake Audubon and Lake Newport) cover 125 acres. Swimming and ice skating are not permitted. Fishing, boating, wildlife watching and lakeside picnicking are available to RA members and their guests.

Lake Anne location 1609A Washington Plaza, Reston, VA 703-476-4500

Reston District Police Station


1801 Cameron Glen Drive, Reston Non-Emergency Phone Number – 703-691-2131 Emergency – 911

Fire & Rescue Non-Emergency 703-691-2131 Emergency – 911

Reston Hospital Center

15 pools—Amenities include a 20 foot slide, 50 meter pool, interactive play fountains, diving boards, designated lap swimming lanes, heated spa pools and spacious decks. Two heated pools offer an extended season.

TENNIS 52 Tennis Courts—8 clay courts, 44 hard courts; 26 lighted courts; 6—smaller sized children’s QuickStart courts; 3 practice walls; Hard courts open year round / Clay courts open April–October

1850 Town Center Parkway, Reston, VA 703-689-9000

Reston Post Office—Main

11110 Sunset Hills Road, Reston 703-689-9874

Lake Anne Contract Postal Unit

11426 Washington Plaza West (inside Chesapeake Chocolates) 703-620-0082

Reston Regional Library

11925 Bowman Towne Drive 703-689-2700


Walker Nature Center


11450 Glade Drive, Reston 703-476-9689 4

Dogs four months of age or older must be licensed. Dog license tags are $10 / Free of charge for service dogs. 4500 West Ox Road, Fairfax, VA 703-830-1100




Great Falls Youth Rugby

Aldrin Elementary School 11375 Center Harbor Road, Reston 703-904-3800

Herndon Reston Softball Herndon Reston Youth Field Hockey Herndon Reston Youth Lacrosse Reston Herndon Little League Reston Raiders Hockey Club


Armstrong Elementary School 11900 Lake Newport Road, Reston 703-375-4800 Dogwood Elementary School 12300 Glade Road, Reston 703- 262-3100 Forest Edge Elementary School 1501 Becontree Lane, Reston 703-925-8000

Reston Soccer Reston Swim Team Association

Hunters Woods Elementary School 2401 Colts Neck Road, Reston 703-262-7400

Reston Youth Association

Lake Anne Elementary School 11510 North Shore Drive, Reston 703-326-3500

Reston Youth Basketball Reston Youth Club

Sunrise Valley Elementary School 10824 Cross School Road, Reston 703-715-3800 Terraset Elementary School 11411 Ridge Heights Road, Reston 703-390-5600


UTILITIES SETUP Dominion Virginia

(888) 667-3000

Washington Gas

(800) 752-7520


(800) 266-2278 or (888) 266-2278

Herndon Middle School 901 Locust Street, Herndon 703-904-4800 Hughes Middle School 11401 Ridge Heights Road, Reston 703-715-3600


(800) 837-4966

Cox Communications

(703) 378-8422


Fairfax Water

(703) 698-5800

South Lakes High School 11400 South Lakes Drive, Reston 703-715-4500

This information was current at time of printing. Please contact us to edit or add your information. We appreciate your assistance in ensuring that Around Reston includes correct information for all organizations that serve our community.

Herndon High School 700 Bennett Street, Herndon 703-810-2200


A Message from the Chamber Chamber In Motion Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce saw 2019 as a seminal year of change. We bid farewell to Mark Ingrao, who provided a decade of leadership as the Chamber’s CEO. I am humbled and proud to have been appointed as GRCC’s new CEO and President. I am also proud that, amidst all this change, the core values of Reston Chamber, and its role in our community, has not changed. The Reston Chamber strives to be a Chamber with a social conscience. This tradition continues through several events in 2019 which highlight the unique culture and spirt of the Greater Reston community. In April, we continued our partnership with Cornerstones to present the annual Best of Reston Gala. This event is a major fundraiser for a bedrock organization of our community that also recognizes the individuals and organizations whose selfless deeds help make Reston a better place to live, work and play. In June, the Chamber hosted our annual Taste of Reston, a weekend festival that celebrates local restaurant and hospitality businesses, many of which are local and family-owned. In November, the Chamber partnered with South Lakes High School for the 27th annual Ethics Day. This event brings together the SLHS senior class with dozens of local volunteers for a day-long seminar presenting these young adults with a series of ethical dilemmas for them to review and discuss. We ended our year with the 12th Annual First Responders Holiday Luncheon. Bringing together members of our local police, sheriff, fire and rescue squads, we celebrate their service and recognize stories of exceptional performance in duty. In 2020, Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce will continue to uphold its tradition of advocacy for all members of our great Reston community. We look forward to a wonderful year ahead..

Charles Kapur President and CEO Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce

For more information about the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce, visit




Chip McCrea Photography

Reston. Ready for business. Joining a Chamber is an investment in your business and the community.

Chip McCrea Photography

Welcome! Learn more and meet our staff at our new Reston Station location: 1886 Metro Center Drive, Suite 150, Reston 20190

Join today!

Connections • Advocacy • Programs • Education WINTER/SPRING 2020 7

What’s new at Reston Hospital Center? CONTRIBUTOR: Todd McGovern

Reston Hospital Center continues to grow and evolve to meet the needs of the Reston community. The 231-bed, advanced care hospital provides care to over 100,000 patients annually across its’ inpatient, outpatient, surgical and emergency care service areas and centers. In 2019, Reston opened a new 18-bed, private room inpatient rehabilitation center, a stateof-the-art, 24-bed intensive care unit (ICU), a 4-bed antepartum unit for high-risk OB patients, a second cardiac catheterization lab, and a 400-space parking garage for patients and visitors. Reston also welcomed Children’s National Hospital neonatologists (ranked number one in the nation by U.S. News & World Report) to cover the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) 24/7. This outstanding collaboration brings world class access to care, close to home and is a wonderful addition to a maternity service that delivers well over 3,000 babies annually. Reston has also obtained several significant accolades from national organizations in 2019 including: • Top General Hospital Award from The Leapfrog Group—1 of only 3 Top General Hospital Award winners in the Commonwealth of Virginia • “A” grade patient safety award from the The LeapFrog Group 8

• Patient Safety Excellence Award for the fourth consecutive year from Healthgrades • Verified Level II Trauma Center by the American College of Surgeons • Center of Excellence in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery by the American College of Surgeons Additionally, the hospital continues to lead the region in the advancement of minimally invasive surgical capabilities. To date, Reston has invested nearly $9M dollars in robotic surgical technology and has performed well over 6,000 robotic surgical procedures across a variety of specialties including complex spine, joint replacement, weight loss, gynecologic, urologic, and general surgery to name a few. During the first quarter of 2020, Reston Hospital Center will focus on the renovation of the main entrance and hospital lobby including the finalization of a new visitor-centric corridor that will help to provide easier navigation between the main entrance, west wing entrance, pavilion I and II entrances and the emergency department. The hospital will also be making an additional investment into the modernization of several patient care areas to elevate the entire facility to a consistent level for a best-in-class patient experience. Further, Reston will also be enhancing and expanding its’ radiation oncology and neuroscience/stroke services and will bring new capabilities on-line in the first half of 2020. AROUND RESTON MAGAZINE

Learn more at


Reston, an Open Community By The Reston Historic Trust & Museum

In 1964, Reston was one of the first integrated housing developments in Northern Virginia at a time when Virginia was resisting desegregation. Robert E. Simon Jr., Reston’s founder, wanted Reston to be a home for everyone. Despite Reston’s founding dedication to inclusivity, Reston was not without racial discrimination. Housing discrimination on the basis of race was common before, and even after, the Fair Housing Act, Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act, was passed in 1968. Artifacts in the Reston Historic Trust & Museum’s collection attest to the fact that integrated housing and laws, although beneficial, did not end racial discrimination. In the spring of 1969, Restonians came together to discuss how they could combat discrimination that members of the community were experiencing. Several stated that they had encountered discrimination within Gulf Reston’s sales office and were disappointed at the lack of integrated materials in schools. Many believed that Gulf Reston was not doing enough in its advertising to stress that Reston was an open community.

It was out of these meetings that the “Welcome to Reston—An Open Community” poster and accompanying brochure were created. These were handed out by the community to prospective residents, outlining how Reston was an open community, welcoming all. 1969 would also be the first year of the Black Focus Festival which occurred annually for many years. The poster and artifacts of the Black Focus Festival and Reston, an Open Community initiative are in the collection of the Reston Historic Trust & Museum.

By Alexandra Campbell, Executive Director of the Reston Historic Trust & Museum. The Reston Historic Trust & Museum is a community organization that preserves the past and informs the present. The Trust offers community exhibits, archives, walking tours, and public events.



Home-field advantage. Kyle Knight Ins Agcy Inc Kyle Knight, Agent 11736 Bowman Green Drive Reston, VA 20190 Bus: 703-435-230 ACROSS FROM RESTON TOWN CENTER


I understand you work really hard for your home and car, and I’m here to help protect them. Stop in or call me today.

State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company, State Farm Fire and Casualty Company, Bloomington, IL

PRINTING PACKING & SHIPPING MAILBOXES Shredding / Passport Photos / Notary Services We offer services that make life easier and help keep businesses running smoothly.

RESTON (South Lakes) 11160 C1 South Lakes Drive, Reston, VA 20191

703-476-9200 MCLEAN 1350 Beverly Road (Ashby Building) McLean, VA 22101 703-448-8044 CHANTILLY 14383 Newbrook Drive, Suite 300 Chantilly, VA 20151 703-378-4000

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Making Herstory in Virginia Delegate Kenneth R. “Ken” Plum

Virginia just concluded a year-long celebration of its 400-year history recognizing that a forerunner of its legislative body known now as the General Assembly first met in Jamestown, that the first enslaved Africans were brought to the colony as were the first women. All that history happened in 1619! The 401st year is starting off to be eventful as well. While some focused on the flip of the General Assembly from red to blue in partisan control, the more important and meaningful story may be flipping control of the legislature from men to women. This year is a major step in the herstory of the Commonwealth! The House of Delegates elected a woman as its first ever Speaker of the House of Delegates. Many consider the Speakership to be the second most powerful position in state government. Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn of Burke made her way to controlling the gavel in the House of Delegates as Madam Speaker in about a dozen years while men who preceded her took more than twenty years. Madam Speaker is also the first person of Jewish faith to be Speaker. Assisting her in running the House will be the first ever woman as Clerk of the House and Keeper of the Rolls of the Commonwealth. On the floor of the House, the new Majority Floor Leader is a woman for the first time ever. Not only is Delegate Charniele Herring the first woman Majority Floor Leader, but she is the first woman floor leader of either party. In addition, she is the first person of color to hold the position. Over in the Senate of Virginia, Senator Louise Lucas was elected President of the Senate, the first time ever for a woman who is also a woman of color. For years there have been bumper strips on vehicles proclaiming that the “A Woman’s Place is in the House!” meaning the House of Representatives or House of Delegates. It seemed for a time to be but a faint hope. In 2018 Virginia voters sent three women to the US Congress for the first time ever, and in 2019 voters elected 41 women to the Virginia General Assembly surpassing multifold the number that had ever been elected before. For anyone who thought that the place of women was to clean the house, they would not be disappointed. Already under Madam Speaker’s leadership, the rules of the House of Delegates were rewritten to replace all “his” pronouns with “her” pronouns. The greatest number of women committee chairs ever have been appointed. The Equal Rights Amendment has been ratified. Virginians have already been proud of their history with many of the Nation’s founders being men from Virginia. We can be equally as proud of our herstory as it is unfolding with Virginia women as leaders! Delegate Kenneth R. “Ken” Plum represents the 36th District, including all of Reston, in the Virginia House of Delegates




Planning for Your Family’s Future

Contact us for a free phone consultation when you mention this ad.

703-995-9900 What does an “estate plan” actually look like? Most often, estate planning involves a lot more than writing a simple will or trust. Clients are frequently taken aback at the level of detail that goes into an initial estate planning consultation; which includes a thorough evaluation of their assets, liabilities, family structure, and how property is currently titled. Oftentimes, we use beneficiary designations and transfers of ownership for certain assets as part of the larger “estate plan.” As part of the process, reaching out to other professionals involved in your financial plan can be essential. The proper use of beneficiary designations on bank accounts, investment assets, retirement accounts, and insurance policies can help your estate to avoid tax liability, the cost and time of probate, and it can provide the smoothest transition to your loved ones in the event of tragedy. Of course, every estate plan should include a Will, Power of Attorney, and Advance Healthcare Directive as well. The attorneys at Melone Law P.C. will help you analyze all aspects of your estate plan to make sure every piece works together cohesively. Contact us today for a free estate plan evaluation. — Rebecca L. Melone

Melone Law, P.C. 703-995-9900

12110 Sunset Hills Road, Suite 600, Reston, VA 20190 WINTER/SPRING 2020 13

FASHION SPREAD PRESENTED BY SCOUT & MOLLY’S BOUTIQUE (located in Reston Town Center between Bow Tie Cinema and Ted’s Bulletin)

1) Tina Goad, Retail Property Manager, Reston Town Center (wearing Joseph Ribkoff snake skin print dress and emerald cut rock crystal earring by Dina Mackney)


2) Ashley Hardy, Retail Property Management Coordinator, Reston Town Center


(wearing Hudson distressed jeans, Kerisma sweater, Paris Love silver necklace, Brighton earrings and Dolce Vita mules)

3) Ladan Madresehee, Owner, Leave it to ME (wearing Clara Sunwoo palazzo slacks and top along with Dolce Vita mules)

4) Julie Burton, Sales Associate, Scout & Molly’s Boutique, Reston Town Center (wearing white BB Dakota moto jacket paired with Spanx ponte slim pants and cropped black/white Dex sweater)


5) Linda Graziano, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Candidate for Woman of the Year


(wearing Joseph Ribkoff red jumpsuit, Second Daughter gold neck collar and Dolce Vita pumps)

6) Elsa Hasa, Sales Associate, Scout & Molly’s Boutique, Reston Town Center

(wearing beige Dex cardigan paired with Black Tape tank top and Dex black/beige checked button skirt)

7) Kay Cachine, Sales Associate, Scout & Molly’s Boutique, Reston Town Center (wearing Joseph Ribkoff Blue/ White stripe swing jacket and straight black pants)




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A Conversation


Nicole Gustavson Founder, InForm Fitness—Reston/Leesburg

Q Hi Nicole, How long have you been involved in fitness? A Intently? Eleven years ago. Ten years ago, had you told you told me that my career would be dedicated to the health and fitness of others, I would have laughed. After graduating from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland with an MA in economics and business management, my first life revolved around global financial markets. After eight years in Europe, I returned home to attend the University of San Francisco’s School of Law. After several more years of corporate sector roles, I walked away when I realized I was not truly following my heart. I am now doing the work I feel I was destined for.

How did you choose the InForm Fitness format?

surrounding Beltway localities. I also have a location in downtown Leesburg.

In 2009, I moved to Northern Virginia and set out to start my own business. I read every book available about high-intensity strength training and sought out many of the authors face-toface. With practical education and required certifications in hand, I parlayed my diverse and unrelated skillset into a fitness venture.

Do you offer nutrition education?

I wanted to help people change their physiology, in a safe, efficient way, getting stronger, physically and mentally. I believe it’s all about education and that when people know better, they do better.

I cannot stress enough the importance of proper nutrition. I’ve worked tirelessly to expand our breadth of reach to include a growing Integrative Nutritional Counseling and Health Coaching practice. We focus on food, exercise and lifestyle as a whole.

What makes InForm Fitness different?

The top three barriers we face to achieving ideal health are time, injury (or risk thereof), and lack of knowledge, I chose the InForm Fitness approach because it offers a sustainable, safe solution. We implement a focused technique on specialized equipment, with one or two 20-minute sessions a week.

For one, we’re not a traditional gym. We’re a private, strength training studio offering an individualized approach. Our team is comprised of educated, full-time strength training professionals. InForm Fitness provides a semi-private, controlled environment with specialized, medical-grade, retrofitted equipment conducive to our client’s success.

How did you select Reston for your location?

Who is the ideal client for InForm Fitness?

Reston has a high concentration of corporations who value investing in the wellness of their people. Our niche market mirrors the Reston demographics and

Our ideal client is someone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle, doesn’t have a lot of time and wants professional guidance to help them reach their goals.



20 MINUTES FOR YOUR BEST BODY AND LIFE! InForm Fitness offers a protocol of slow-motion, high-intensity strength training that is safe, efficient, and suitable for all ages. With just one or two private 20-minute sessions a week, you can: • • • • • •

Build STRENGTH Fight the Aging Process Prevent & Combat Metabolic Disease Protect Yourself from Injury Improve Energy & Endurance Live the Life You Want!

Ask about our Corporate Wellness & Mobile Gym Programs Today!

“As a Client of InForm Fitness for over 5 years, I know building muscle tone is the best way to maintain my health and quality of life. With an incredibly demanding schedule, I get the most bang for my buck with one-on-one, personal attention and the benefit of medical-grade equipment, in a private environment. My twice-a-week sessions at InForm Fitness have proved one of my best investments yet!” ~ Barbara Bridges

Visit to Book Now, or simply email/call Nicole at or (703) 791-1717

Smile Reston Heights Our team of dedicated and experienced dentists will help you love your smile!

Dr. Levine

Dr. Chand

11800 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 200 Reston, VA 20191 703.972.5020

General Dentistry • Emergency Dental Care Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry Invisalign Serving all your dental needs! Flexible scheduling No Insurance?—No Problem! Our membership plan has you covered.






Intimate Musical

Tickets starting at $40


Noises Off

In the Heights


May - June

Backstage Farce

Hip-Hop Musical

Summer Theatre Adventure Camps

June - August

269 Sunset Park Drive, Herndon / 866-811-4111


Celebrating over 40 years serving our area! Family Owned & Operated


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133 Spring Street, Herndon, VA (Sunset Business Park)

8 Mobile Units Always Ready To Serve You


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Sunset Park Small Business Center

conveniently located right off Spring Street, Herndon


The Coffee Bar at the Roasting Factory 321 Sunset Park Drive • Herndon VA 20170

The Coffee Bar at Worldgate Metro Plaza 12825 Worldgate Drive • Herndon VA 20170

703-657-0941 •

A collaborative work community focused on women but open to all.

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Located in Herndon’s Sunset Business Park

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Jazzercise is a pulse-pounding, beat-pumping fitness program that gets you results…fast! It’s a calorie-torching, hip-swiveling way to incinerate up to 800 calories per hour in one 60 minute class. Our Dance Mixx, Interval, Fusion, Core, Strike, and Strength classes will leave you breathless, toned and coming back for more!

Sunset Business Park, 279 Sunset Park Drive, Herndon, VA 20170. • 703 466-5130


3 months of UNLIMITED Jazzercise classes for $129! 297 Sunset Park Drive, Herndon, VA • 571-246-6527

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A nourishing meal in every bowl Soups & Bone Broths made from scratch using fresh, local, organic ingredients • Gluten free, dairy free and vegan options Hot soup available daily for lunch • Take Out


Koko Fitclub—Digital Personal Trainer Studio SIMPLE, FAST & EFFECTIVE

Women’s Upscale Consignment Shop Fun to Fine Clothing • Jewelry • Accessories 286 Sunset Park Drive, Herndon, VA

703-437-8733 • •

With our proven Koko Smartraining System, all it takes is 15-45 minutes, 2-3 times a week. It’s fun and simple to get started. We coach you every step of the way. Works for all ages!!

Try Koko Fitclub and fall in love with fitness.

281 Sunset Park Drive • Herndon, VA 571-612-2331 •


A More Youthful You 25% OFF Laser Facials First Time Visit. May not be combined with any other offer. Expires April 30, 2020

Services: • Anti-Aging • Laser Facials • Botox • Fillers • Laser Hair Removal • Tattoo Removal • Sun Damage Correction • Skin Care Products • CoolSculpting Generations Medical Aesthetics 12040 South Lakes Drive, Suite 206 Reston, VA 20191 703.390.9343


The Facts About Melanom


Now that the sun is out in full force, we want to remind you to protect you r skin! Exposure to the sun causes premature signs of aging AND can cause melanoma. Here are some facts about melanoma:

Melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer • It can develop anywhere on the body— eyes, scalp, nails, feet, etc. • Melanoma is the second mos t commonly diagnosed cancer in ages 15-29. • Nearly 90% of melanomas are thought to be caused by exposure to UV light and sunlight. • It takes only one blistering sunburn to more than double a person’s cha nce of developing melanoma later on in life. • Exposure to tanning beds befo re the age of 30 increases a person’s risk of developing melanoma by 75%.

Help prevent melanoma by seeking shade, wearing protective clothing, and using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher eve ry day.


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Experience Brené Brown’s Groundbreaking Research and Best-Selling Books in a Two-Day Workshop in Reston! Perhaps you’ve seen Brené Brown’s Netflix special or her TEDx talks. Or, you’ve read her books. Now, you can attend workshops based on her groundbreaking research—in Reston! As a Certified Daring Way™ and Dare to Lead™ Facilitator—one of only several hundred such facilitators in the world— I bring Brené Brown programs to organizations and community spaces. Come explore key concepts from Brené’s work, including her approach to vulnerability, courage building, shame resilience, and more!

Rising Strong™— Learn tools and strategies to get back up after a “fall,” own your story, and write a daring new ending. DATES: March 6-7. LOCATION: The Lake House. COST: $795 (includes materials, lunch, and snacks). Limit: 12.

The Gifts of Imperfection™— A Women’s Soul Retreat. Develop superpowers: the strength to let go of perfectionism and cultivate wholehearted living. Two options: DATES: April 2-4. LOCATION: Reston Association, Rm 124. COST: $795 (includes materials, lunch, and snacks). Getaway Retreat Also Offered! DATES: November 13-15. LOCATION: The Refuge Inn, Chincoteague, VA. COST: $500 (materials, lunch, and

snacks). (Overnight accommodations separate; single/double rooms available). Call for details!

Daring Greatly™—Examine thoughts,

emotions, and behaviors that hold you back; identify options for transforming the way you live, love, parent, and lead. Two options: DATES: April 30-May 2. LOCATION: Reston Association, Rm 124. COST: $795 (includes materials, lunch, and snacks). Limit: 12. Getaway Retreat Also Offered! DATES: April 24-26. LOCATION: The Refuge Inn, Chincoteague, VA. COST: $500 (materials, lunch, and snacks). (Overnight accommodations separate; single/double rooms available). Call for details!

It’s All About Relationships…

The longer I am on this earth, the more firm my conviction that being successful really is all about relationships. And, it’s not just about who you know; rather, it’s about how we treat each other. In other words, it’s about the quality of our interactions with others. Whether in a check-out line, setting limits and boundaries with children, or trying to get along at work: the relationship we have (or don’t have) with others really impact the outcome of our life experiences. Thus, tending to those interactions with care and consciousness is mission critical to achieving optimal feelings of well-being. Simple but not easy. These workshops deliver tools and strategies to help improve your relationships.

For information or to register, please call 703-232-9673, email, or online at WINTER/SPRING 2020 21

Celebrating 10 Years at Nature House By Katie Shaw, Walker Nature Center Manager

Nestled in a 72-acre woodland at the Walker Nature Center on Glade Drive, Nature House is a year-round, nature education building that first opened its doors in November 2009. Since then, more than 206,000 people have visited. Although mostly Reston residents, Restonians have brought friends and family members from 32 states and 19 countries. International delegations have also visited to learn how Reston conserves its natural resources and educates its residents to be good environmental stewards. Nearly 2,400 programs have taken place at Nature House for people of all ages from toddlers to seniors as well as popular family programs and special events such as the Spring Festival, Halloween House and Holiday Open House. School field trips to the Nature Center go off rain or shine, and a team of naturalists is on-site to answer questions and interact with drop-in visitors. In summer, Nature House is the home-base for enrichment camps such as Nature Tots, Walker’s Rangers and new this year, Young Naturalists.

Intended to provide all the comforts of home, Nature House is a great place to relax, create special memories, gather for meetings or events, see some natural history treasures, grow, learn and have fun. Visitors enjoy checking in on the animal ambassadors who call Nature House home—a native box turtle, cornsnake and fish. 78 species have been observed through its wildlife observation windows—a Red Fox making tracks in the winter snow, Monarch butterflies nectaring on summer blooms, and 67 bird species, many of which come to dine at the feeders. While Nature House connects people to outdoor experiences through bird walks, stream sloshes and campfire programs, the building has also made indoor programming possible. A multipurpose room is the stage for nature puppet shows, environmental film nights, workshops and classes. A cozy resource room is equipped with a nature library, children’s nook and fireplace. Each February, Nature House hosts the Audubon Photography Awards Show exhibition. Nature House has received the distinction of being LEED Gold Certified by the U.S. Green Building Council (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). It’s the spot where Reston Association’s Environmental Advisory Committee discusses environmental impacts to the community and where residents learn to appreciate and protect our natural resources. So raise your binoculars, and toast to a new decade like the Robins that sing, “cheerup cheerily.



“At Integrated Dermatology of Reston, our goal is to provide our patients with the best medical and cosmetic care possible in a welcoming and professional environment.”—Dr. Morgana Colombo


PROFOUND Skin Tightening

What is Ultherapy?

What is Profound Skin Tightening?

How Does Ultherapy Work?

How Does Profound Rejuvenate Skin?

Ultherapy Reston is an FDA-approved treatment designed to address skin laxity and tighten the neck, chin, brow, and décolletage. It is completely noninvasive, and an excellent option for women and men of all skin types who are not ready to undergo a surgical facelift. It can also help maintain firmness following a facelift and may be paired with other cosmetic treatments, including dermal fillers and laser skin resurfacing. Ultherapy Reston is an innovative technology that delivers focused ultrasound energy deep into the dermis. In doing so, it creates controlled thermal damage, initiates a wound-healing response, and stimulates the production of new collagen and elastin.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Depending on the treatment area(s), an Ultherapy treatment usually takes 30-90 minutes.

What is Unique About Ultherapy Skin Tightening?

Using ultrasound imaging, Ultherapy provides a detailed view of each patient’s underlying tissue. This feature allows the practitioner to precisely apply energy and customize treatment for optimal outcomes.

Does it Hurt?

Sensitivity and pain threshold can vary from person to person. With that being said, most patients report a brief stinging sensation as the ultrasound energy is delivered. If you are concerned about discomfort, we offer Pro-Nox for painless cosmetic treatments.

Profound skin tightening is a revolutionary skincare solution that can rejuvenate the face, lips, eyes, and jawline without incisions, anesthesia, or downtime. The nonsurgical skin tightening procedure is performed in the comfort of our office and takes less than 60 minutes. Immediately after the treatment, patients are free to return to work and resume all normal activities. Profound Reston combines the effects of microneedling and radiofrequency energy to tighten, lift, add volume, and contour the face and neck. During the procedure, a handheld device, containing a small applicator of radiofrequency electrodes, is applied to the treatment area for thorough and even coverage. The device’s needles are used to create microscopic injuries in the skin and deliver radiofrequency that heats underlying tissue. In doing so, Profound initiates a wound healing effect and triggers the production of new collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid.

What Are the Benefits of Profound?

Profound is an excellent option for healthy women and men who want to revitalize their skin and refresh their appearance. After only one session, the treatment is able to restore youthful contours and fullness to cheeks, eliminate marionette lines and jowls, sculpt the jawline and tighten the neck, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and improve the appearance of cellulite.

How Many Treatments Are Needed?

Is There Any Downtime?

One of the key advantages of this treatment is that it can achieve dramatic skin tightening, firming, and lifting in a single treatment. Depending on the degree of laxity and desired results, some patients may benefit from multiple sessions.

Unlike a surgical facelift, which usually involves a painful and lengthy recovery, Profound Skin Tightening requires absolutely no downtime. Accordingly, after Profound, patients are able to go about their day as they normally would, without any restrictions.

When Can Patients See Results?

How Quickly Can Patients See Results from Profound Skin Tightening?

This treatment rejuvenates skin through collagenesis. As such, results occur gradually and can be noted within 2-3 months. Tightening and firming continues to improve for up to 6 months.

Is There Any Downtime? Ultherapy Reston is a zero-downtime procedure, and patients are free to resume all normal activities immediately after.

Most patients are able to see noticeable improvement within 2 weeks. In the coming months, tightening, lifting, contouring, and volume restoration will become more evident. Maximum effects are achieved at 6-9 months, and results can last up to 4 years.

10% off Profound or Ultherapy treatment May not be combined with other offers. Expires April 30, 2020

Other Medical Procedures include:

Cosmetic procedures include:

Comprehensive skin exams • Skin cancer treatment Biopsies • FIT test (Food Inflammation Test).

Fillers, Kybella, Botox, and a variety of Laser Treatments

Treatment for conditions including Hair loss, Acne (Accutane), Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema, Wart removal, Nail fungus, and Dry scalp


The American Academy of Dermatology recommends annual skin exams to prevent skin cancers. 1886 Metro Center Drive, Suite 650, Reston, VA 20190 / / WINTER/SPRING 2020 23

Answers can be found on page 60. Photo: Joe Henson

XX 24


Dr. Monica Gendi

Dr. Sandhya Pal

Dr. Roopa Gulati-Rao

SAME DAY CROWNS In the past several years, new dental advances have changed the way that dental care is delivered. This is great news for patients and dentist alike. Chief among these new technologies is 3D milling. Over the past several years, Cerec 3D milling has quickly become the preferred method that dentists use to actually make crowns in one visit. No more sending them off to the lab and delivering your crown at the next visit. The result is that patients can be diagnosed and treated with their new crown on the same day.

Gentle care is our art and giving you a comfortable experience is our passion

Not every dentist has this technology; in fact, less than 15% have the ability to mill crowns in their office while you wait. Make sure your dentist is using the most modern technologies to improve your dental experience. WE MOVED! ...Just around the corner

General Dentistry • Same Day Crowns Implants • Cosmetic Dentistry • Invisalign Sedation Dentistry

FREE whitening kit for new patients. ($75.00 Value) *Limit one per client. May not be combined with other offers. Expires April 30, 2020.

Please visit our brand NEW state-of-the-art location!

Thank you to our patients for our 5 star rating!

Contact us for an appointment today! 703-437-8337 11711 Bowman Green Drive, VA 20190 |


Lake Anne Fellowship House rendering

One of the Best Untold Stories in Reston CONTRIBUTOR: Michael Scheurer, Fellowship Square board member

In 1921, John Scherzer arrived in America from his native Germany with sixty-five cents in his pockets and a suit of new clothes tailored by his brother. Within the space of twenty years, Scherzer had graduated with honors from Capital University in Columbus, Ohio and was ordained a Lutheran Pastor. In 1960, Dr. Scherzer was instrumental in the founding of the Fellowship Square Foundation whose mission since that time has been working to provide affordable housing opportunities and services to low income seniors in Virginia and Maryland. Today, the Fellowship Square Foundation owns and operates 464 units of senior housing in Robert Simon’s town, Reston, Virginia. The operations at the Lake Anne and Hunters Woods Fellowship Houses makes the Foundation the largest owner and operator of senior housing in Reston. It has been called one of the best untold stories in our community in that it provides needed affordable rental housing for low income seniors. In addition, the Foundation facilitates a variety of social services for the elderly in cooperation with its network of community partners such as Cornerstones, Inc. The Foundation also owns and operates senior housing in Woodbridge, Virginia and Largo, Maryland. As the Foundation enters a new decade in 2020 and celebrates its 60th anniversary, it is proud

to announce our enthusiastic rededication of the mission of the Foundation in Reston with two exciting projects. First, in partnership with the Community Preservation and Development Corporation, a leader in affordable housing, the Foundation is undertaking the complete replacement of the 240 affordable senior units at Lake Anne. This $84 million dollar project will entail the building of 240 new senior units, the demolition of the existing obsolete and deteriorating buildings, and the addition of 32 new market rate townhouse developments that will add to the revitalization of the Lake Anne area bringing new residents and vitality to the birthplace of Reston. Also, this spring, the Foundation will begin a $28 million dollar renovation to its Hunters Woods Tower that will include exterior enhancements, significant unit and common space improvements to make the senior facility a state of the art “home” for its residents and will complement improvements that are taking place at the Reston Community Center, again making it an important activity center. As Mr. Carl Jenkins, President of the Fellowship Square Foundation states “the Foundation is exceedingly proud to be serving Reston and making valued contributions to Dr. Scherzer and Robert Simon’s shared community principles.”

Hunters Woods Fellowship House



Our family is focused on you!


Serving Reston for over 30 years!

Marcus Dental Care 703-435-3030

1875 Campus Commons Drive, Ste 202 Reston, VA 20191 WINTER/SPRING 2020 27

Ireland …in Reston

By Shannon Dilles

Anne-Lise Quinn and her family have lived in Reston for many years, however, she grew up in Belfast, Northern Ireland. While growing up in Ireland, some of Anne-Lise’s favorite childhood foods were Irish stew, potato bread, soda farls, wheaten bread, “bangers” (Irish sausages), ham/gammon, fish and chips (with freshly caught cod), and scones. While Reston is over 3,000 miles from Anne-Lise’s hometown, she has found a strong connection to Irish culture in Reston, “Everywhere I turn I meet someone who has some Irish ancestry, so I am always reminded of home!” She discovered a local Irish dance school, Foley Academy, for her daughter to take lessons, as well as several Irish pubs that have good Irish food. She was delighted that the grocery stores around Reston carry Kilkenny Cheddar and other foods that she grew up with in Ireland; however, she has yet to find any food that tastes better than “small “new” Irish potatoes in the spring!” Each year, Anne-Lise and her children return home to Belfast to spend time with family. While in Ireland, her soul is reinvigorated with familiar foods, sights, sounds, and people that strengthen her experiences and memories that she brings back to share with her Reston community. When Anne-Lise came to the United States, she was pleasantly surprised to see the great pride that Americans have for the Irish culture and the effort that goes into celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. On her first St. Patrick’s Day in the U.S., she remembers eating American-style corned beef for the first time with her friends, “They presented an enormous dish of corned beef and cabbage and looked at me with the expectation that I had just seen manna from heaven!” remembers Anne-Lise. While she recognized the cabbage, she had never seen corned beef before that did not come out of a can! She now loves corned beef, but when it comes to cooking for friends and family on St. Patrick’s Day, she sticks to the traditional foods that she knows from her childhood in Ireland. To have a conversation, meal, or a drink with Anne-Lise at an Irish pub around Reston is like being instantly transported to a quaint village in Ireland. The aromas of warm Irish Stew and freshly baked Irish Soda Bread conjure treasured memories of time spent by the Irish Sea and gazing at the rolling green glens and mountain ranges. Anne-Lise recognizes a tune that the musician begins to play on his fiddle, and she hums along knowing all the lyrics. She claps to the upbeat tune as her daughter dances a jig and remarks on how lovely it is to have found Irish culture in Reston. She is everywhere at home. Recipe for Irish Champ: • Boil potatoes for mashing • Melt butter in a wee bit of warm milk and add a few chopped scallions/green onions • Mash the spuds and then add the butter/milk/scallion mixture • Salt and pepper to taste • Tip – an extra knob of butter on top “makes this side dish taste just gorgeous” – as they say in “Norn Iron” (Northern Ireland)



® ®

703.520.2702 •

A full service feline exclusive veterinary practice in Reston offering: Exam and vaccines • Disease management • Full range of diagnostics Digital X-Ray • Dental cleanings and extractions • Acupuncture • Laser Therapy Luxury Boarding • Longer appointment times and drop off appointments available Quiet and Comfortable environment • Travel Health Certificates

Why choose a ‘Cat On

ly’ clinic?

Lake Anne Plaza 1601 N. Washington Plaza Reston, Virginia 20190



s! Year e F iv

» Comfortable environm ent tailored specifical y to feline ne eds » Veterinarians who foc us on feline health and care » Staff who are pa ssionate about cats and understand feline sensitivities » Quieter environment, less stress on your cat and you » No smells and sound s of other animals » Boarding facilities designed to meet cat specific needs

15% off first visit for a new client Lake Anne Plaza 1601 N. Washington Plaza • Reston, VA 20190 703.520.2702 •

*Limit one per client • may not be combined with other offers. Expires April 30, 2020. WINTER/SPRING 2020 29

AFGHAN Zamarod Afghan Cuisine – $$ 10123 Colvin Run Road, Great Falls 703-757-9300 Please see our ad on p. 39 AMERICAN BRX American Bistro – $$-$$$ 1025 Seneca Road, Great Falls 703-433-9050 Please see our ad on p. 39

Capital Burger – $$-$$$

11853 Market Street, Reston

Clyde’s of Reston – $$-$$$

11905 Market Street, Reston

Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant – $$-$$$

12130A Sunset Hills Road, Reston

Crafthouse – $$ 1888 Explorer Street, Reston Founding Farmers – $$-$$$ 1904 Reston Metro Plaza, Reston Glory Days Grill – $$ 1420 N. Point Village Center, Reston Fox Mill Shopping Center, Herndon Jackson’s Mighty Fine Food – $$-$$$ 11927 Democracy Drive, Reston

Local VA – $$-$$$

1633 Washington Plaza N, Reston

Morton’s The Steakhouse –

Hunan Cafe – $

2254 Hunters Woods Plaza, Reston

Santini’s NY Style Deli – $-$$ 11804 Baron Cameron Ave, Reston

La Ong Thai – $$

Sweet Leaf – $

2521 John Milton Drive, Herndon 703-429-4056 Please see our ad on p. 41

1908 Reston Metro Plaza, Reston

sweetgreen – $ 11935 Democracy Drive, Reston

Lakeside Asia Café – $$ 11130 J South Lakes Drive, Reston


Mandarin – $

12100 Sunset Hills Road, Reston 571-313-1021 Please see our ad on p. 35

1675L Reston Parkway, Reston

My Home Thai Bistro – $-$$ 11830 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston Nikko Sushi & Hibachi – $$ 11730 Plaza America Drive, Reston Poke Hub – $-$$ 11990 Market Street, Reston CAFÉ/DELI

BGR Burgers Grilled Right – $

Buffalo Wing Factory & Pub – $$ 2260D Hunters Woods Plaza, Reston

Counter, The – $$

11922 Democracy Drive, Reston

Famous Toastery – $-$$

12100 Sunset Hills Road, Reston

Bobby’s Bagel Café – $ 1484 N. Point Village Center, Reston

Five Guys Reston – $-$$ 11674 Plaza America Drive, Reston

Brown Bag – $ 11692 Plaza America Drive, Reston

Grill Kabob – $$

CAVA – $

honeygrow – $-$$

11688 Plaza America Drive, Reston

1815 Fountain Drive, Reston

12100 Sunset Hills Road, Reston

Chick-fil-A, North Point Village – $

Lake Anne Coffee House & Wine Bar – $-$$

1494 N. Point Village Center, Reston 703-481-1725

Eat in, take home, drive-thru or use the CFA Mobile App 6:00am-10:00pm (Closed Sundays). Have an event? Email Catering@ and we would be happy to serve.

1612 Washington Plaza N, Reston

Le Pain Quotidien – $-$$

11909 Democracy Drive, Reston

Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls – $$

11939 Democracy Drive, Reston

$$$-$$$$ 11956 Market Street, Reston

Community Canteen – $

11950 Democracy Drive, Reston

12120 Sunset Hills Road, Reston

Not Your Average Joe’s – $$-$$$

Einstein Brothers Bagels – $

Mookie’s BBQ – $-$$

Red’s Table – $$-$$$

Honey Baked Ham & Cafe – $-$$

Ted’s Bulletin – $$

Jersey Mike’s Subs – $


King Pollo – $ 2254G Hunters Woods Plaza, Reston

1845 Fountain Drive, Reston

11150 South Lakes Drive, Reston 11948 Market Street, Reston

Ariake – $$

12184 Glade Drive, Reston

Bento House – $-$$

11790 Baron Cameron Ave, Reston

Big Bowl Asian Kitchen – $$ 11915 Democracy Drive, Reston

Finn Thai Restaurant & Bar – $$ 1466 N. Point Village Center, Reston

House of Mandarin – $

2303 Soapstone Drive, Reston


Good Eats

1825 Fountain Drive, Reston

1480 N. Point Village Center, Reston

2254 Hunters Woods Plaza, Reston

Midtown Kabob – $ 1862 Explorer Street, Reston Pica Deli – $

11864 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston

Pollo Peru Restaurant – $ 1675D Reston Parkway, Reston Potbelly Sandwich Works – $

Mezeh Mediterranean Grill – $-$$

1141 Walker Road, Great Falls 703-759-2386 Please see our ad on p. 39

Nando’s PERi PERi – $-$$ 12120 Sunset Hills Road, Reston Noodles & Company – $ 11648 Plaza America Drive, Reston Silver Diner – $-$$ 11951 Killingsworth Avenue, Reston Willard’s Real Pit BBQ – $-$$ 11790 Baron Cameron Ave, Reston Zoe’s Kitchen – $ 11690 Plaza America Drive, Reston

12150 Sunset Hills Road, Reston 11919A Freedom Drive, Reston


around FRENCH


Cafe Montmartre – $$

bartaco – $$ 12023 Town Square Street, Reston

La Madeleine – $-$$ 1833 Fountain Drive, Reston

California Tortilla – $

Melting Pot Restaurant – $$-$$$

Chipotle Mexican Grill – $ 11913 Freedom Drive, Reston 12150 Sunset Hills Road, Reston 11160 South Lakes Drive, Reston

1625 Washington Plaza N., Reston

11730 Plaza America Drive, Reston

Mon Ami Gabi – $$$ 11950 Democracy Drive, Reston GREEK Kalypso’s Sports Tavern – $$ 1617 Washington Plaza N, Reston 703-707-0660 Please see our ad on p. 33 Our Mom Eugenia – $$-$$$ 1025 Seneca Road, Great Falls 703-870-7807 Please see our ad on p. 39

INDIAN Bombay Velvet – $$-$$$

12100 Sunset Hills Road, Reston

Pista House – $$

2316 Hunters Woods Plaza, Reston

IRISH Old Brogue Irish Pub – $-$$ 760 Walker Road, Great Falls 703-759-3309 Please see our ad on p. 39

1470 N. Point Village Center, Reston

On the Border – $$

11880 Spectrum Center, Reston

Senor Ramon Taqueria – $

11790A Baron Cameron Ave, Reston

Taco Zocalo – $

1810 Michael Faraday Drive, Reston

Uncle Julio’s – $$ 1827 Library Street, Reston PIZZA &pizza – $

1826 Library Street, Reston

Domino’s Pizza – $

2303 Soapstone Drive, Reston

Flippin Pizza – $-$$

11130 South Lakes Drive, Reston 571-323-7820 Please see our ad on p. 35

LEDO Pizza – $ 2254A Hunters Woods Plaza, Reston MOD Pizza – $

11642 Plaza America Drive, Reston

Paisano’s Pizza – $


12050 North Shore Drive, Reston

cafesano – $$ 11130M South Lakes Drive, Reston

Pizza Boli – $ 1675M Reston Parkway, Reston

Cantina D’Italia – $$-$$$ 150 Elden Street, Herndon 703-318-7171 Please see our ad on p. 37 Carrabba’s Italian Grill – $$

12192 Sunset Hills Road, Reston 703-464-7909 Please see our ad on p. 41

Dante Ristorante – $$-$$$

1148 Walker Road, Great Falls 703-759-3131 Please see our ad on p. 39

Gregorio’s Trattoria – $$

1428 N. Point Village Center, Reston

North Italia – $$

11898 Market Street, Reston

SEAFOOD McCormick & Schmick’s – $$-$$$ 11920 Democracy Drive, Reston

PassionFish – $$$

11960 Democracy Drive, Reston

SPANISH Barcelona Wine Bar – $$-$$$

12023 Town Square Street, Reston

Restaurant list is for informational purposes only based on our current database information. We advise readers to visit restaurant website for additional information, changes, menu pricing, closings or other. Some restaurants offer multiple cuisines not indicated here. If your Reston restaurant has changes to this information or would like to be added, please contact us.


Kalypso’s Celebrates 10 Years at Lake Anne By Laura B. Poindexter

Johnny For Kalypso’s Sports Tavern owner Vicky Hadjikyriakou, it’s hard to believe the restaurant is approaching its 10th anniversary. She still remembers the day in 2010 when she saw the commercial sales listing and thought, “there’s a restaurant on a lake in Reston?” She drove to Lake Anne and immediately fell in love. And that’s how Kalypso’s came to occupy the biggest commercial space on the Lake after it had remained empty for almost two years. “Restonians are wonderful people who believe and take part in Reston’s motto “Live, Work and Play.” Everyone made us feel so welcomed from day one! We have come to love it here so much that we now own a residential unit at Lake Anne as well.” Kalypso’s ( is a unique restaurant in the variety of spaces it offers: a formal dining room, a cozy and contemporary cocktail lounge, a sports bar, and weather permitting, a lakefront patio including an outdoor bar, café seating, and comfortable couches. Kalypso’s has also expanded to include delivery and catering. Kalypso’s Sports Tavern offers a Mediterranean, Italian and American menu, along with a wide selection of beer, wine, and cocktails. All the food is delicious, but the kitchen really shines with the authentic Greek (to reflect the owner’s heritage) dishes offered. The grilled lamb on Easter and Orthodox Easter is an annual favorite! You may have heard, “There’s always something happening at Kalypso’s.” And it’s true. Along with 31 HDTVs throughout the 32




restaurant, there is nightly entertainment including live bands on Fridays, trivia and salsa dance lessons on Thursdays, and karaoke on Wednesdays and Saturdays. There’s even an occasional comedy show. Hadjikyriakou learned the restaurant business from her father, who had a Greek and Italian restaurant in Alexandria for 37 years. But Vicky attributes the restaurant’s success to her customers. “We are very fortunate to have a loyal clientele who supports our business even during wintertime because the challenge of Lake Anne is the winter season.” Kalypso’s is very supportive of the Lake Anne community, and Reston area in general, through sponsorship of annual events like the Virginia Polar Dip, the Jazz & Blues Festival, and the Cardboard Regatta. It’s also common to stumble into a fundraiser for a local nonprofit when visiting Kalypso’s. “It takes a diverse team of businesses and individuals working together to address the challenges facing our community. Kalypso’s is a leader and an invaluable partner when it comes to giving back to our community. Their support significantly magnifies the work we do here in Reston,” Doug Bushée, founder of the CORE Foundation. Hadjikyriakou and her staff look forward to another decade and beyond at Lake Anne. Save the date for Friday, July 3, which is the official 10th anniversary. Kalypso’s is planning a big party! Photo credit Charlotte Geary AROUND RESTON MAGAZINE


BGR Reston—burgers & more Restonians are spoiled—spoiled for choice, that is.

By Lauren Magnussen

We live in an area that offers both quality and quantity, with a flavorful eatery in every nook and cranny around town. From long-serving local staples such as Lake Anne’s Cafe Montmartre or nearby Herndon’s Enatye, to new classics cropping up around the Reston Metro, our choices for dining out (or ordering in) have reached a new high. BGR Reston ( occupies a sweet spot between the town’s venerable culinary institutions and the fresh spins on contemporary, casual dining that has boomed with the expansion of Reston Town Center. BGR (Burgers Grilled Right) is located in the new arm of RTC, Town Center West, which caters to a professional crowd in search of tasty lunch and happy hour haunts. While BGR may look like the best of “new Reston” on the outside, the food itself tastes and feels refreshingly homemade. The chopped potatoes, grilled onions, minced garlic, and hearty toppings could be straight out of one’s own kitchen, but the inspired creations—such as the Wellington burger with its rich textures—are singularly unique (and a little trickier to mimic at home). Like any good burger joint, BGR has selections for everyone: gluten-free and vegetarian options dot the menu, and customizable burgers are great for food sensitivities of all stripes. The Beyond Meat burger is a welcome inclusion on the menu, and is a must-try even for carnivores. Luxe ingredients like truffles, pickled ginger, and bacon onion marmalade will appeal to the connoisseur in your group, and the sides of asparagus—served before the vegetable goes limp—and garlic French fries will satisfy any craving for a savory crunch to round out the meal. The wide, spacious counter separating cook from customer feels like a nod to the vintage diners of years past, while the booths nestled against the walls lend a little bit of intimacy to the atmosphere. The aesthetic will be familiar to anyone who eats out in Reston: metal and wood accents are the dominant motif, with rustic highlights taking the edge off the modern setting. BGR, situated right on the border of Reston and Herndon, exemplifies just how far Reston has expanded in the last few years alone. That RTC has developed an entirely new wing is a testament to this explosion. A diverse field of restaurants has followed in due course, with BGR joining a tradition that Reston embraces more and more with every passing year: great food, anywhere. CONTRIBUTOR: Lauren Magnussen is a writer, researcher, and activist in Northern Virginia. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in English at George Mason University.



RESTON 11130 S Lakes Drive, Ste F - (571) 323-7820 FALLS CHURCH 800 W Broad St, Ste 103 - (703) 752-8672

! s l a e D Tasty

FAIRFAX 9548 Main St, Ste C - (571) 418-3547


FREE SLICE with Purchase of Slice&Drink

20% OFF Orders of $100 or More

Valid Mon., Tue., Wed. Only. Dine in only. One per customer. Not valid with another offer. Must present print coupon. Offer expires 04/30/2020.

Valid All Day Every Day. One per customer. Not valid with another offer. Must present print coupon. Delivery charges may apply. Offer expires 04/30/2020.

Valid Mon., Tue., Wed. Only. One per customer. Not valid with another offer. Must present print coupon. Delivery charges may apply. Offer expires 04/30/2020.

Grilled to Temperature—Made

to Order!

20% off Your Order! May not be combined with any other offer / One per person / Must present print coupon / Valid at Reston location only / Expires April 30, 2020

ALSO OFFERING: Beyond Meat Burger / Ahi Tuna / Salads / Kid’s Meals / Hand Spun Milkshakes

Award Winning Burgers Grilled Over an Best Burger in D.C. & The Daily Meal

#1 Burger in Washington D.C.

Washingtonian Magazine & Business Insider

#1 French Fries in Washington D.C. Washingtonian Magazine

#1 Burger Patty Washington Post



12100 Sunset Hills Road, R7, Reston, VA 20190



Trattoria Credit: Gregorio’s

Catering to the Kids CONTRIBUTOR: Lyda Gould Drayerly

Bartaco—Reston Town Center

coloring Bartaco lets kids pick out a full-size a and ol— Patr Paw book—from Dora to u men kid’s The ons. cray ola Cray handful of ons. opti of ty varie a has

ial. Visit on Tuesday for Kids Eat Free Spec kid’s free 2 s Herndon location only offer l from meals with purchase of an adult mea with table ities activ kid’s ial 4-9 pm. Spec something different each Tuesday.

PJ Mulligan’s—Herndon

from Kids eat for free on Sundays all day pub Irish al ition trad this 11 am–Midnight at t. uran and resta

Big Bowl—Reston Town Center

Silver Diner—Reston

Founding Farmers—Reston Station

Ted’s Bulletin—Reston Town Center

Does your child like noodles or stir fry? lar Check out the kid’s menu at this popu t. uran family resta Founding Farmers offers a free buffet 6 years brunch every Sunday for kids under with $16 for eat old s old, kids 7-12 year adult meal purchase.

Glory Days Grill—Reston/Herndon y Free face painting from 6 to 9 pm ever er Cent ge Villa t Wednesday at North Poin Mill Fox at sday Thur y in Reston and ever in Herndon. The kid’s menu features ds options from burgers and tacos to sala and salmon.

Gregorio’s Trattoria—Reston

At Gregorio’s, every child receives pizza their dough to play with while waiting for ons opti with u men ren’s child ial Spec l. mea like ons opti thier from cheese pizza to heal grilled salmon and broccoli.


IHOP Herndon

ive a With Silver Diner’s Kid’s Club, kids rece ry enta plim com free meal every five visits, e ctibl colle and e, shak birthday entree and ts. even y rterl Qua . visit y pin with ever Ted’s, How about breakfast for dinner? At al ition trad of the kids have the choice menu kid’s the from ons lunch/dinner opti t! kfas or Mr. Brea

The Melting Pot—Reston

Fun-Due for the Kids any night of the


Uncle Julio’s—Reston Town Center With fun names like Kidsadilla, Lotto u, Enchilada, & Nino Nachos on the men t. resis kid a how can


before visitin Please confirm special with restaurants e. chang to ct subje Specials can be

of two Local resident Lyda is a wife and mom life children and two dogs. They have loved in Reston for 10 years and counting. AROUND RESTON MAGAZINE


Can �


Fam�� Ow�e� si��� 1993

150 Elden Street, Suite 185 Herndon, Virginia 20170


Uniquely different, Cantina D'Italia promises food enthusiasts a truly enjoyable dining experience. Our menu features fresh and flavorful dishes to satisfy even the most discerning palates. An extensive wine list completes your dining experience.

Din� wi

us to�� .

Buy One Entree, Get One Free Cantina D’Italia D'Italia Herndon Herndon — - LUNCH Cantina LUNCHOR ORDINNER DINNER Maxvalue value$14.00 $14.00/ /Good GoodSunday Sunday thru thru Thursday Thursday // Must Max Mustbring bringininthis thisoffer. offer. Expires other offer offer//Limit Limit- -33per pertable table ExpiresOct. April31, 30,2019 2020/ /May Maynot notbe be combined combined with other WINTER/SPRING 2020 37

Dissecting the Dish!

The Falooda

Experience a trip across the world at The Dessert Lounge, Herndon, VA The Falooda, a popular liquid dessert you can eat, mixes the fragrance of rose petal, enjoyed fresh on the palate, with creamy ice cream, chia, falooda noodles, chopped almonds and flavored syrups. The dish is beautifully decorated with diverse textures and vibrant colors, topped by a light wafer cookie. Depending on the recipe, you might see almonds and pistachios sprinkled on top as well as a variety of other Indian toppings. The foundation of the falooda goes back to Iran, where a similar dessert, faloodeh was popular. 38

The dessert came to Medieval India with the many Muslim merchants and dynasties that settled in the Indian subcontinent in the 16th to 18th century. There is so much history, culture and love in this delicious and festive dessert that I want to go back soon for more. See you there?! CONTRIBUTOR: Ericka La Madrid. Founder and organizer of Tours in Virginia. Delectable Virginia. VirginiaToursDMVevents/ AROUND RESTON MAGAZINE

GREAT RESTAURANTS in Great Falls, VA .....right around the corner!

Just 15 minutes from Reston!

Family Friendly — Dine In — Carry Out Catering for all your events!



Dine in only. Exp. May 15, 2020. Limit one per group per visit.

Serving the Local Community for over 39 Years. *Open 7 Days a week*

1141 Walker Road Great Falls, VA 703-759-2386

703-759-3309 760 Walker Rd. Great Falls, VA


Sunday thru Thursday. One per table. Not valid with any other promotion. Exp April 15, 2020. Not Valid on March 17th.

Our Mom Eugenia Tel (703) 870 7807


1148 Walker Road Great Falls, VA 22066

$5.00 off any check over $25.00

1025 Seneca Rd, Great Falls, VA 22066

Enjoy fine Italian cuisine at the historic Leigh House.

Authentic Greek comfort food in the heart of Great Falls.

Reserve a private parlor for lunch or dinner at (703) 759-3131.

Open Tuesday through Sunday, 11AM to 10PM. Reservations available on OpenTable.

Catering • Pick Up • Corporate Events

703-757-9300 10123 Colvin Run Road, Great Falls, VA Colvin Run Shopping Center


Authentic Afghan Cuisine



BRX American Bistro 1025 Seneca Road, Great Falls, VA 703-433-9050 •


WAKE UP TO BREAKFAST around RESTON Famous Toastery 12100 Sunset Hills Rd, Reston VA Traditional with an amped up design! Breakfast, Lunch & Brunch, all at once. The homemade cornbread and apple butter is an extra delicious touch. Open every day 7am – 3pm.

La Madeleine 1833 Fountain Dr, Reston, VA Handcrafted dishes with a quaint atmosphere. Feels like home near hearth fireplaces and wooden French country décor. All day breakfast.

Passion Fish 11690 Democracy Drive, Reston, VA Upscale brunch with $3.00 mimosas. Sunday Brunch Special—Pick any 2 courses for $19.00. Build your own bloody mary. CONTRIBUTOR: Samantha Marshall,


Red’s Table 11150 S Lakes Dr, Reston, VA Artful dishes and beautiful views of Lake Thoreau. Sat & Sun 11-4. Outdoor patio. Get any kid’s brunch entree for free (for children 12 & Under) with any brunch entree you order.

Stone’s Cove Kitbar 2403 Centreville Rd, Herndon, VA Very welcoming with unique menu options that delight the tastebuds! The drunken johnnie cakes are a must for anyone to try! Sat & Sun 10-2

The Breeze Restaurant and Sports Bar 781 Station St, Herndon, VA Hearty, delicious options with a Greek twist …all at a great value. Breakfast pizzas are a popular selection. Sat & Sun 11-4. AROUND RESTON MAGAZINE

Let's see your restaurant here!

Ciao and welcome to Carrabba’s Italian Grill where you can enjoy a casual dinner in a warm, festive atmosphere. Discover a variety of fresh, handmade Italian dishes cooked to order in our lively kitchen.

Two for One Lunch Deal! Buy One entree, get one free.

elivery Spe c eD

l! ia


$12.00 max value. Offer expires 4/30/2020. May not be used with any other offer. One per table. Must present coupon.


OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK – PLENTY OF FREE PARKING! Catering | Private Dining available | Carside Carry-Out | Call-Ahead Seating Gluten-Free Menu | Amici Member Club | Happy Hour Specials | Wine Dinners Carrabba’s Italian Grill •


12192 Sunset Hills Road, Reston

703-464-7909 •

Include your restaurant in our Summer issue. Contact us today - 571-313-0229

703-429-4056 Fox Mill Shopping Center 2521 John Milton Drive, Herndon, VA

Friendly Service, Authentic Thai, Modern Décor

20% off one entrée dine in or carry out (Monday – Thursday)

May not be combined with any other offer. Expires April 30, 2020. Must present coupon.


By Chuck Cascio

Once Upon a Chef Jenn Segal

Pity the husband and two teenage children of former Reston resident Jenn Cohen (now Jenn Segal of Potomac, MD), author of the Washington Post and Publisher’s Weekly bestselling book, Once Upon a Chef. Jenn says, “I usually test my recipes about five times, which means my poor family often eats the same dinner five nights in a row!” In other words, her family has to “suffer” through recipes that have landed Jenn on countless TV shows and magazines, including The Oprah Magazine, The Hallmark Channel, Entertainment Weekly,, and many others. These are the food creations that generate more than five million page views monthly on her website,, and keep Jenn constantly “making sure my recipes are foolproof and restaurant-quality. For me, a recipe can’t just be good; it has to be good enough to write home about.” Or to serve at home, apparently. So how did this 1991 graduate of South Lakes High School become a worldrenowned foodie? Jenn’s family moved to Reston when she was two years old and, ironically, they lived on Turkey Wing Court! Okay, perhaps that street name did not influence her, but given the varied route she has taken to her success, who knows? About her school years in Reston, Jenn says, “I’m embarrassed to say that I wasn’t involved in many activities outside of my schoolwork and friends. I guess I was a late bloomer!”


But bloom she did! After high school, Jenn attended the University of Vermont as a history major and spent her sophomore and junior years studying abroad and working as an au pair in France where “I lived with French families and both of my host mothers were wonderful cooks. I spent a lot of time in the kitchen with them, and I developed a keen interest in French cooking.” Jenn completed her bachelor’s degree at George Washington University in DC, and then, “As soon as I graduated, I enrolled in a French culinary school in Maryland called L’Academie de Cuisine. I’ve been working in the restaurant/ food industry ever since.” That work was certainly not always at the level of fame where she now finds herself. As a line cook at the prestigious L’Auberge Chez Francois in Great Falls, Jenn worked under enormous pressure helping to prepare the elegant dishes featured there. She describes Chez Francois as “a very special place…but I found out pretty quickly that working there wasn’t quite as romantic as dining there. It was a large, European-style brigade kitchen… If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to cook in a restaurant kitchen, imagine trying to juggle multiple orders in your head, cooking on four different burners with food in the oven at the same time, flames, sharp knives, hot pans and the incessant stream of orders coming in and going out. It was terrifying!” But not terrifying enough to frighten Jenn out of the food business


altogether. Instead, she applied her culinary experiences and creativity to blogging about food, which “allowed me to work from home and gave me a platform to share my passion for cooking with others. It also helped me discover my inner teacher, which I didn’t even know existed. I love the creative side of developing new recipes—that’s why I got into this field—but over the years, I’ve found that I enjoy teaching just as much. I think the format of my website, which includes detailed step-by-step photos and a lively Q&A section, reflects this.” At first, Jenn’s blog struggled to attract readers. But fueled by Jenn’s conversational writing style and unique recipes, it eventually “reached enough traffic to transition from a hobby to a business. After about four years of blogging, I was getting enough readers to monetize the site and earn a living.” Jenn’s blog attracted so much attention that publicity grew steadily and then

erupted in 2018 when Once Upon a Chef was published. Requests for interviews boomed and a book tour ensued. She admits, “As an introvert, it was terrifying at times, but it was so rewarding to meet readers face to face and hear how my recipes impacted their daily lives.” She still has to overcome nervousness before interviews, but Jenn steadies herself with this core belief: “Good food is one of life’s greatest pleasures; having reliable recipes for delicious family meals is really valuable to people. It makes me happy to know that my work is improving their lives in some small way.” Especially important to Jenn is hearing from readers who tell her “that my recipes are now part of their family traditions. I feel so lucky to be able to contribute something that brings families around the table to connect in a joyful way.” And that, no doubt, includes her own.





Jenn Segal grew up in Reston, VA and now lives in Potomac, MD with her husband, two children, and two chocolate labs. She is the founder of Once Upon a Chef, the popular cooking blog showcasing easy, family-friendly recipes from a chef’s point of view. Her parents, Lynne and Gary Cohen, still live in Reston on Lake Thoreau and Jenn visits them often. Her kids (and pups) love going out on the pontoon boat over the summer just as much as Jenn does, especially on the 4th of July. Jenn’s fondest Reston memories include skating at the Reston roller rink, hanging out at the Reston pools during the summer, and going to South Lakes High School football and basketball games. She is still close with her dear childhood friends, most of whom she’s known since she was a student at Terraset Elementary School (where one of her old friends is now the principal and another is a kindergarten instructional assistant!). Though Reston has grown a lot since Jenn grew up here—for her, it still has the same unique charm. Learn more about Jenn in Chuck Cascio’s article on page 42.

secrets, plus sidebars sharing tricks of the trade Jenn learned from both cooking school and working in a restaurant kitchen, The Once Upon a Chef Cookbook shows readers how they can become better and more intuitive cooks, one recipe at a time. Recipes include: • Breakfast favorites like Maple, Coconut & Blueberry Granola and Savory Ham & Cheese Waffles

ONCE UPON A CHEF By Jenn Segal © 2018 In this Washington Post best seller cookbook, popular blogger Jenn Segal shares 100 of her tested and perfected recipes, as well as a never-before-seen look into the why and how behind her flavorforward food. The Once Upon a Chef cookbook shows busy home cooks how to make everyday meals their families will love. Using commonly found ingredients and the skills she developed as a professional chef, Jenn creates recipes that satisfy kids while still being sophisticated for adult palates. Packed with hundreds of pro tips and sourcing 44

• Simple soups, salads, and sandwiches for ideal lunches (try the Fiery Roasted Tomato Soup paired with Smoked Gouda & Pesto Grilled Cheese Sandwiches) • Entrées the whole family will love like Buttermilk Fried Chicken Tenders • Tasty treats for those casual get-togethers like Buttery Cajun Popcorn and Sweet, Salty & Spicy Pecans • Go-to sweets such as Toffee Almond Sandies and a Classic Chocolate Lover’s Birthday Cake Can be purchased at Scrawl Books-Reston Town Center.


Spaghetti with Kale & Walnut Pesto

Springtime Sautéed Asparagus & Peas

Heads up—You’ll need some of the pasta cooking water for the sauce, so be sure to reserve some before you drain the pasta. It’s easy to forget, so I always put a liquid measuring cup right next to the colander as a visual reminder.

1 cup tightly packed fresh basil leaves

THERE’S A USEFUL ADAGE: what grows together goes together. In other words, if fruits and vegetables grow in the same season and region, they’ll taste great together. Think tomatoes and basil, strawberries and rhubarb, bananas and coconut, and—in this case—peas and asparagus. Plus, I always think combining vegetables in a side dish dresses them up and makes them so much more interesting. Buttered peas, for instance, are a little boring served on their own, other than perhaps to children. But the addition of asparagus, cut into pretty bite-sized lengths, transforms them into a company-worthy dish. Serves 4

1 tsp salt, plus more for boiling the pasta

2 Tbsp unsalted butter

1/4 tsp freshly ground black pepper

1⁄4 cup minced shallots

1/4 tsp sugar 1/2 cup extra-virgin olive oil

1 bunch thin asparagus spears, ends trimmed and cut into 11/2‑in pieces on a diagonal

1/3 cup walnuts, toasted if desired (see Pro Tip)

1⁄4 tsp salt

2 medium garlic cloves, roughly chopped

Freshly ground black pepper

1/2 cup grated pecorino romano cheese

1 cup frozen peas, thawed

FOR THE TOPPING 1/3 cup shredded pecorino romano cheese 1/2 cup chopped walnuts, toasted, if desired (see Pro Tip)

1 tsp honey

IF YOU LIKE KALE—OR EVEN if you’re on the fence—you’ll love this modern and healthy twist on pesto pasta. It’s one of my go-to dinners on Friday nights. Michael loves it and I can have it on the table in 20 minutes. And if we’ve got a bottle of white wine chilling in the fridge, all the better to unwind after a long week. Serves 4 1 lb spaghetti 2 cups packed, torn kale leaves, stems removed

Pro Tips

Cover the top of the food processor with plastic wrap before securing the lid; that way, you won’t have to clean the top. Toasting the walnuts isn’t essential, but it brings out their flavor and makes them crunchier. Preheat the oven to 350°F [180°C]. Arrange the walnuts on a baking sheet in a single layer. Bake, checking frequently, until lightly toasted and fragrant, 6 to 10 minutes. Transfer immediately to a plate and let cool. 1. Bring a large pot of salted water to a boil. Add the spaghetti and boil until al dente, about 10 minutes, or according to package instructions. 2. Meanwhile, make the pesto: In the bowl of a food processor fitted with the steel blade, combine the kale and basil; process until finely chopped. Add the remaining ingredients (except the extra cheese and walnuts for the topping) and pulse until smooth. 3. Reserve 1 cup of the cooking water, then drain the spaghetti in a colander. Add the spaghetti back to the pot and toss with the pesto and ½ cup of the cooking water. If the pasta seems dry, add more of the water. Taste and adjust the seasoning, if necessary, then serve topped with the grated pecorino romano and chopped walnuts.

1. In a medium saucepan, melt the butter over medium-low heat. Add the shallots and cook, stirring frequently, until soft and translucent, 4 to 5 minutes. 2. Add the asparagus, salt, and a few grinds of pepper. Continue cooking over mediumlow heat, stirring frequently so the shallots don’t burn, for about 5 minutes, or until tender-crisp. 3. Add the peas and honey and cook for about 1 minute more, until the peas are warmed through. Taste and adjust the seasoning, if necessary. Transfer to a platter and serve.

Pro Tip

When you bend an asparagus spear, it snaps at exactly the spot where the tough stalk meets the tender spear. Test one spear to see where it breaks; then, keeping the rest of the bundle together with the rubber band, cut the ends off all at once at the same spot with a sharp knife. This saves you from having to chop each one individually. Reprinted from Once Upon a Chef by Jennifer Segal with permission by Chronicle Books, 2018


In The Know explores the “hidden gems” of Reston—people, places and things known to few people—and shares their stories with Reston newcomers so that everyone is “in the know.”

IN THE KNOW! Reston’s Food Scene

For more than 50 years, the Reston food scene has been changing and evolving. Many of the restaurants that we enjoy today were either other restaurants or nonexistent in the past. For example, in the early 70’s, Burger Chef and Jack in the Box were the go-to fast food chains. Today, Burger Chef is Popeyes near International Center and Jack in the Box is the sit-down sushi restaurant, Ariake, near Hunters Woods Shopping Center. As various neighborhoods developed and shopping centers were established, new restaurants were added. Long-time Restonians may remember… • Marie’s at South Lakes Shopping Center, which is now cafesano; • Blue Channel Inn, also in South Lakes, which became Lakeside Inn before Red’s Table; • Sgt Peppers BBQ at Plaza America, which is now Ann Taylor LOFT and Starbucks; • Calvert Gourmet at Lake Anne Village Center, which is now Lake Anne Brew House; • Quay Club, Jasmine Cafe, and, most recently, Il Cigno at Lake Anne Village Center, which became Tavern on the Lake and is now Kalypso’s Sports Tavern. Unfortunately, some ‘fan-favorite’ restaurants no longer exist. Ask any neighbor, who lived here in the 80’s, for their favorite restaurant and they will fondly respond “Fritzbes”. Part of the Great American Restaurants (including Jackson’s Mighty Fine Food and Lucky Lounge), Fritzbes was located at Hunters Woods Shopping Center and known for good food and a cool vibe. People still crave their mozzarella sticks with raspberry dipping sauce. Other honorable mentions include Big Daddy’s restaurant and Just Like Mom’s Bakery at Hunters Woods; Bob’s Big Boy all-you-can-eat weekend buffet at Hechinger Center, which is now Home Depot; Friday night fun at the Red Caboose, The Roman Cave and The Islander, all located at the former Tall Oaks Shopping Center; and two Lake Anne originals—coffee and conversation at Common Ground and burgers with fries at the Pharmacy lunch counter. This list would be incomplete without the Tortilla Factory. Though technically located in Herndon, this was THE go-to place for Mexican. (The family salsa recipe is circulating on Facebook). Restaurants come and go. At least, we still have McTacoHut—the affectionally named block of fast food restaurants at the corner of Wiehle and Sunset Hills. Well, no; that’s changing, too. Pizza Hut has been purchased and will become a neighborhood pizzeria called Pupatella. I guess years from now we’ll be talking about good times and fast food at McTacoPup. Thank you to the many Restonians, who responded to my Reston, Remember When Facebook post, and contributed to this article. Ashleigh Dorfman is a long-time Reston resident who enjoys exploring as well as writing about our community.



Recent Market Activity in Reston ADDRESS



1531 Poplar Grove Dr



12623 Bridoon Lane



11709 Blue Smoke Trail



1443 Park Garden Lane



12009 Tallesin Palce # 33



1867 Crescent Park Dr, # 116A $458,000 $1,135,000


1129 Round Pebble Lane





2075 Amberjack Ct

Top 20% of Sales Agents for Coldwell Banker in the Greater Washington DC metro area.


2056 Beacon Heights Dr

(c) 2018 All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage fully supports tje principles of the Fair Housing act and the equal Opportunity Act. Operated by a subsidiary of NRT LLC. Coldwell Banker and the Coldwell Banker Logo are registered service marks owned by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC.

This coupon must be presented at the time of executing a written Buyer’s Agency or Listing Agreement. Certain restrictions may apply.


Cooking with Reston Community Center CONTRIBUTOR: Bebe Nguyen

Creative cakes. Cuisines from foreign lands. Stocking your pantry with healthy foods for optimum wellness. These are just some of the topics for food lovers to explore in classes, camps and programs at Reston Community Center. RCC Hunters Woods has a full kitchen, which serves as the center of catering operations for RCC’s rental patrons. The kitchen also serves as a classroom where patrons of all ages can indulge, learn, create and, of course, taste. For the youngest foodie, RCC has programs such as Storybook Cooking, where preschoolers and a caregiver make a dish that relates to a popular children’s story, such as Blueberries for Sal. School-age children can earn scout badges including Scouts BSA Cooking, Brownie Snack or Cadette New Cuisine badges. Teens and tweens discover the world of chocolate candy making at one-time sessions devoted to preparing delicious peanut butter cups, rocky road and more. Seasonal offerings include hands-on fun learning to create a haunted gingerbread house or spooky chocolate cobwebs. At Reston Community Center’s Summer Camps, kids immerse themselves in week-long food fun. Cooking camps are a popular pick! Throughout the summer, the RCC kitchen is filled with children stirring, baking, frosting and learning. Among the offerings for summer 2020, there are Cake Creations, where kids ages 7 to 9 will learn to bake and decorate confections; Literary Cooking, where campers 8 to 11 will make recipes inspired by dishes mentioned in Little House on the Prairie and Harry Potter, among others; and Teen Cuisine, where teens will be introduced to Asian cooking. RCC’s Lifelong Learning department is proud to offer a number of food-related programs, including demonstrations in the kitchen and lectures on wellness through food. There are monthly Indian cooking demonstrations on the Winter/Spring 2020 slate. Are you committed to improving nutrition as part of a wellness plan? Check out the learning options at RCC! Popular offerings have included Cooking for One, Getting the Most from the Farmers Market, and Food and Nutrition for Older Adults. Have fun exploring Reston Community Center’s programs for delicious food experiences. Bon Appetit!



THRIVE FOR THE BEST Let our team help your trees flourish.

From pruning and removal, to storm service and plant health care, our arborists can help you prepare your property to ensure it will thrive throughout each season. Maintaining proper fertilization and keeping trees and shrubs free of pests is also imperative to the long term health of your landscape.

Dulles 571-392-5555 Full Service Tree Care 路 Plant Health Care 路 Fertilization SoilCareSM 路 Cabling & Bracing 路 Consultations The Care of Trees | WINTER/SPRING 2020 49


Judd Winstanley

Assistant Manager at Mon Ami Gabi By Chuck Cascio

Walk into Mon Ami Gabi French Bistro at the Reston Town Center and you immediately experience a genuine Parisian vibe: There’s its comfortably open dining area, where you can spot friends and converse with them. There’s the cozy bar with special small plates and discounted happy hour prices. There’s the authentic French menu featuring specialties like steak frites prepared as you choose—au poivre, bordelaise, roquefort, béarnaise; there’s onion soup au gratin and mussels mariniere and other French-inspired delicacies. And then there is the friendly, attentive staff led by assistant general manager and former South Lakes High School student Judd Winstanley. “I love meeting people,” says Judd, whose enjoyment shows as he chats with diners, checks on their experience, and helps members of his staff as needed. If ever there was a person who learned business from the inside out, Judd is that person. While attending SLHS as an exchange student from South Africa at age 14, he worked various jobs: “I had three paper routes, vacuumed a store at the Town Center, worked as a gardener on weekends.” Returning to South Africa a couple of years later, he worked at a mission in Madagascar. When Judd was about 20 years old, a friend from Reston contacted him about job opportunities at Clyde’s at Reston Town Center, so he returned “with $60 in my pocket” and worked there “as the worst waiter ever!” However, “I kept at it and did any job anybody there didn’t want. I worked lunches, dinners, parties. I even slept in the restroom at times because I worked so late and started so early.” He emphasizes that this was by his own choosing, and his work ethic eventually paid off as he was offered a “shadow manager” shift and then management roles at the Town Center Clyde’s, the Willow Creek Clyde’s in Ashburn, and then back to the Town Center Clyde’s. Working from the ground up, he says, helped him “graduate from the ‘College of Life.’ It was hard but also fun; I loved the work.” Three years ago, Judd accepted an offer for his current position at Mon Ami and is clearly happy with his decision. On one typically busy night, he observes the busy dining room and bar with obvious satisfaction: “I love the different style of food here and our super cool menu. People really enjoy our unique dishes and the atmosphere. This is what makes my day.”




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My peanut butter-making journey began years ago when I was looking for a natural peanut butter for my son. After looking through many natural peanut butters, we found them to be gritty and oily and also found that many brands had fillers like palm oil. After a lot of trial and error, I came up with a way to make creamy, delicious peanut butter that was all-natural and had only a few, select ingredients. I always kept a jar of my homemade peanut butter in the snack drawer and my son and his friends gobbled it up! Fast forward to January 20, 2017. I was hosting a fundraiser for the ACLU and Tina, one of the volunteers, said she was hungry. Rather than take a break from working, I offered some of my homemade peanut butter with apple slices. Her face lit up when she tasted it and she said that she had never tasted such creamy, delicious peanut butter in her life! She told me that I should start selling it because I was “sitting on a goldmine.” And so, OmMade Peanut Butter was born. My mom suggested the name “OmMade” since it is a nice combination of both my culture and process. I started selling OmMade Peanut Butter in local farmers markets like the Lake Anne Farmers Market and the market at St John Neumann Catholic Church. Since Reston is a safe, close-knit community, my son and his friends take turns running the OmMade Peanut Butter stand to earn pocket money. The experience these kids get talking to customers, setting sales targets, and managing the sales is incomparable. Today, we sell OmMade Peanut Butter ( in Whole Foods stores around the area and ship our peanut butter to customers across 29 states in the US. We have even sent peanut butter to fans in Norway! We have 9 varieties, all of which are naturally gluten-free and vegan: Bee Cosmic (many vegans eat bee pollen and honey), Chai Nirvana, Coconut Bliss, Chocolate Delight, Crunchie Munchie, I Dream of Creamy, Mint Magic, Espresso Ecstasy, & Vibrant Turmeric

OmMade with

Love…from Reston By Radhika Murari

What’s our secret ingredient, you ask? Besides using the best grade Virginia peanuts …… LOVE!




What DO Firefighters eat?! By Elena Carver

I am a Firefighter/Paramedic at Fairfax County Fire Station #431 in Fox Mill and have been working in the Reston area for my entire career. Whether I’m helping put out a house fire, running a medical call, or picking someone up off the floor, I enjoy helping the community. Being a firefighter is the “best job in the world,” as many of us like to say! Aside from running calls or training, my favorite time of the day is dinner because we make every attempt to sit and eat together. For 24 hours, the firehouse is our home away from home, and our co-workers are our second family. I am sometimes referred to as “Chef” Elena—which pretty much means I am willing to step up to cook. As you may expect, making dinner at a firehouse comes with many challenges — everything from running calls, the budget, calls, who is eating low carb, calls, who can’t eat dairy...and of course more calls. And then there is that one shift member who is a vegan! Eating dinner at a firehouse, you will frequently come across such staples as hamburgers and tater tots, chili, and what is known as “tired old” spaghetti. I, however, like to scroll Pinterest looking for something that piques my interest. I specifically look for budget-friendly meals, ease of preparation, and whether it’s dairy-free (or can be made so easily). We have a 7-member shift, and everyone who eats will pay $6. The more people I can get to eat, the easier it is for me to stay in budget. I like meals that use fresh ingredients. Some favorites are Jalapeño Popper Meatloaf, Buffalo Chicken Sloppy Joes, and Blackened Salmon with Avocado Salsa. A busy call day can severely impact when or how we get dinner. Many days, we are away from the station so much that we can’t make it to the store to buy ingredients. Usually, by 5 o’clock, if we can’t make it to the store, “dinner on your own” is declared, and everyone fends for themselves. Running calls did let me discover the best way to cook rice, though. I had just gotten the water to boil and had thrown the rice in when we got called out for a house fire. I put a lid on the pot and shut off the stove. An hour or so later, I came back to perfectly cooked rice! No article about the fire department and cooking would be complete without a safety message. Many of our dispatched calls for fires are what we call “food on the stove.” Food left unattended while cooking can burn and create large quantities of smoke. Please do not leave your stove unattended while cooking! You do, after all, want to eat that dinner don’t you? 54


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May not be combined with any other offers

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EXPIRES 6/15/20



Winter/Spring Real Estate Market It will soon be Spring in Reston. It’s the busiest time of year for our real estate market. I’m convinced we will see tight inventory and bidding wars again. Buyers will gladly take advantage of low interest rates. Reston continues to grow at a rapid pace and housing prices will continue to rise faster than surrounding Fairfax.

Closed Sales: 1,309 homes sold in Reston in 2019. That’s virtually the same as last 2018. This is the first year without an increase in the last 6 years. Most of the new construction in our area consists of luxury rentals, which are not for sale. This graph shows the number of Closed Sales by month.

Home Type Sold: What’s the most popular type of home in Reston? Condos (Blue) and Townhomes (Red) were equally popular last year with 514 Townhomes and 520 Condos being sold. Detached Homes (Green) represented just 21% of the total homes sold.

Medium Home Value: So how much does it cost to buy a home in Reston? Detached Homes (Red) typically sold for $704,500, Townhomes (Green) sold for $450,000 and Condos (Yellow) sold for $294,000. The Median price for Detached Homes increased 1%, Townhomes 0% and Condos 5% year over year.

Reston is comprised of many unique neighborhoods and home styles. If you would like to know how your home value compares to Reston overall, then simply contact your local Realtor. We can provide these statistics for your home and neighborhood specifically.


CONTRIBUTOR: Tim Finefrock with Keller Williams Realty Reston


What's my Reston home wor th?

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Tim’s Tips

5 Tips to sell your home for more money in 2020



1. CREATE GREAT CURB APPEAL. Make a great first impression. Clean up the yard and add seasonal flowers. It gets dark early in the Winter. Consider adding landscaping lights and leaving on exterior lights. 2. REMOVE CLUTTER. Buyers typically want more space so be sure to remove clutter inside and outside. A good rule of thumb is no more than 3 items on any surface. 3. DON’T TAKE IT PERSONAL. Buyers need to imagine themselves in your home so be sure to remove personal items. This includes personal collections, memorabilia, keepsakes and family pictures. 4. ELIMINATE ODORS. A smell can trigger memories and influence moods. It sets the tone while a buyer looks at your home. Strong odors should be eliminated at the source, not simply covered up. 5. REMEMBER TO BE FLEXIBLE. Be flexible when it comes to showings. Have an emergency plan in place for kids and pets so everyone knows what to do if a buyer shows up with little or no notice. KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY RESTON

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‘Raised Reston!’ Kurt Rose

business partner there when he was 18 (1985). In 1993, the two opened Aspen Jewelry Designs (, which they still own and operate today. Kurt met his wife, Dianne in the ’80s. At the time, she lived in Fairfax and was working for an architecture firm owned by Kurt’s best friend’s parents. The two started dating in 1993, marrying in April 1994. For a brief period, Kurt and Dianne moved out of Reston but soon learned their mistake! They returned, first renting an apartment and later settling into their current home on Salt Kettle Way, where they raised their two children, both graduates of South Lakes High School. Dianne is the head preschool teacher for Hunters Woods Cooperative Preschool.

Kurt Rose moved with his family to Reston in 1974 to Newbridge Court. He and his sisters, Kris and Karen quickly settled into growing up with all that Reston had to offer. “Newbridge Court was an ideal place to be a Reston kid. All I had to do for fun was walk out my back door, says Kurt. I had tennis courts, a pool, a basketball court, a golf course and a bike path that could take me to any friend’s house in Reston.” Kurt attended Dogwood Elementary, Terraset Elementary, Langston Hughes Middle School and South Lakes High School. During his sixth grade year at Terraset, he had Mrs. Wiggins, who was his favorite teacher growing up, ‘hands down.’ As a child, Kurt played Reston Soccer and Reston Tennis and while at South Lakes, he ran track and played tennis. When he was 16 looking for a part-time job, Kurt saw a classified ad in the Reston Times for a jewelry engraver and store helper at Reston International Jewelers. He applied and got the job. There, Kurt learned how to engrave jewelry, sell and assist the goldsmiths. He met his current


These days, you will usually find Kurt at his store, Aspen Jewelry Designs in Herndon or volunteering in the community. He is very active with the Reston Museum Historic Trust. He recently was the chair of the popular Lake Anne Cardboard Boat Regatta held in August. Kurt is a board member of Kids of Reston, a local organization that works to raise funds from those who have benefited from the Reston experience. Funds are donated to Cornerstones to help provide a home for a family in need. He is also actively involved with Kids R First, and the Herndon Rotary Club. These are just a couple of the organizations and charities for which Kurt volunteers. One of Kurt’s fondest adult Reston memories was seeing his kid’s band, Catchin’ Toads, play at Robert E. Simon’s 100th Birthday and Reston’s 50th Anniversary. As he said, ‘that was a treat.’ Kurt is a ‘Kid of Reston’ who raised his Reston kids here, too, and continues every day to celebrate the community. Do you want to share your ‘Raised Reston’ story? Contact Holly at

CONTRIBUTOR: Holly Weatherwax Reston resident since 1970 Momentum Realty Real Estate agent


People move for all kinds of reasons!

MOVING YOUR DREAMS FORWARD Helping you move to the next chapter A wedding, a baby, a child leaving for school, a retirement, a job change— whatever the reason for your move, I can help you get there! Whether you plan to sell your Reston home or are in the market to buy one, call me. I know the local market! Call, text or email me today and let’s get a plan put together.



A Great Real Estate Experience My philosophy is simple. I work hard to make sure that your effort to buy or sell a home is a success! Call me for a

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Reston Community Center —Celebrating 40 years! By Bebe Nguyen

As Reston has grown and changed over the years, so has Reston Community Center. RCC has expanded programs and facilities, attracted generations of enthusiastic users, and cemented its reputation as a place to gather with friends, learn a new skill, become immersed in the arts and more. Reston Community Center began with a resident referendum in 1975, which created Small District 5, a special tax district to fund the community center. Given this local source of revenue, the governance of RCC is provided by nine Reston residents who serve on the Board of Governors, and who are selected based on a community-wide preference poll each year. In May 1979, Reston Community Center Hunters Woods opened the doors to a new facility, which featured an indoor pool, the CenterStage theatre, conference rooms, an expansive Community Room and much more. Twenty years later, RCC expanded to a second facility at Lake Anne Plaza, which holds the Jo Ann Rose Gallery, fitness and wellness space and fine arts studios. After 40 years, the mainstays of RCC have been fine-tuned to meet patron demand. Summer camps offer unique full and half day experiences for children and teens. Older patrons are engaged year-round in Lifelong Learning programming, as well as enriching trips and tours. RCC’s Professional Touring Artists Series brings to the CenterStage national and local artists representing a variety of cultures through song, dance, comedy, poetry and more. As RCC enters its fifth decade, changes are ongoing to better serve Reston’s growing community. In early 2020, Reston Community Center celebrated the reopening of the Terry L. Smith Aquatics Center, which includes two completely new pools: a 25-yard lap pool and a large warm-water exercise pool. The renovation project also includes locker room improvements, a new roof and infrastructure replacement. For extended programming, the center is proud to offer Creative Connections and Fun Around Town, two series that bring hands-on fun to offsite locations. In the summer, RCC presents family-friendly activities and live music at Reston Town Square Park, Lake Anne Plaza and Reston Station.

All photos courtesy of Reston Community Center


“As Reston grows, we appreciate that our programs and services should grow and adapt to people’s lifestyles and demanding schedules,” said Leila Gordon, RCC’s executive director. “We are spreading the wealth of the arts, enrichment options, engagement with other community partners and special projects to places where it will be easy for people to enjoy them. The future is upon us, and we are eager to continue our role of enriching lives and building community for all of Reston.” AROUND RESTON MAGAZINE

UNDERWATER EGG HUNT Saturday, April 4 • 12:45 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. Terry L. Smith Aquatics Center at RCC Hunters Woods




6 months – 3 years old 12:45 p.m. – 1:00 p.m. #643200-0A

4 – 6 years old 1:15 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. #643300-0A

7 – 9 years old 1:45 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. #643400-0A

Each participating child will receive a goody bag upon completion of the event. Registration Required. A parent/adult is required to accompany each non-swimmer in the water and to participate in the activity. Participating children must be registered. RCC will have a limited number of lifejackets available for optional use. Personal lifejackets approved by the United States Coast Guard may also be used. To request reasonable ADA accommodations, call 703-476-4500, TTY 711.

Ask Us About a FREE Trial!

Year-Round Swim Lessons!

4 months - 12 ye ars of age 4:1 student-to-tea cher ratio 30-minute week ly lessons

Swim Lessons at Goldfish Swim School! classes and other programs for children 4 months to 12 years of age. Our swim lesson swim lessons coupled with an experience you can’t get anywhere else. Call us at 703.348.3261 to register!

Goldfish Swim School — Reston 12340 Pinecrest Rd., Ste. 150 Reston, VA 20191 LIKE US! FOLLOW US! @goldfishswimschool



Making an IMPACT By Chuck Cascio

Tara Coleman Known globally as “Nutrition Tara,” her friends from Reston still remember her as Tara Coleman, a 1995 graduate of South Lakes High School who played softball, worked on the yearbook staff, and had a smile for everyone. It may not surprise them when Tara, who now lives in San Diego, says what motivates her in her work as a nutritionist is this: “When I was younger, I thought you can take care of yourself OR take care of others, you can be successful OR you can be kind, you can reach your goals OR you can help someone reach theirs. Now I understand that one enhances the other. The more you consider and are kind to others, the more success you actually have.” And success has certainly been achieved by Nutrition Tara, whose work has been featured on NBC, CBS, Fox, ESPN radio, Dr. Oz The Good Life, Cosmopolitan, People, Forbes, and many other shows and publications. However, she emphasizes that she measures success in a very personal way: “The longer I am in the nutrition field, the more I realize that there needs to be a huge shift in the way we relate to our nutrition. A lot of people are overwhelmed or get frustrated; they can’t seem to stick with anything. The most rewarding part is helping them see things in a way that makes everything click. All of a sudden, things make sense and they become so confident.” Tara’s career path did not come easily. She graduated from James Madison University with a degree in Integrated Science and Technology and a dual concentration in biotechnology and information knowledge management. For six years she worked as an analytical chemist and database developer, but her interest in genetics was fueled by very personal life events. When Tara was 11 years old, her mother died of heart disease at the age of 36. Years later, Tara says, “I got some lab results back essentially saying that I was also going down the path of heart disease. My doctor told me to watch my diet. I thought I could just read some books and figure it out, but I was overwhelmed by all of the conflicting and often incorrect information.” She returned to school, this time to the College of Naturopathy in Encinitas, CA, and launched her own career. As a clinical nutritionist, Tara has influenced thousands of 70


lives. In addition to the clients she meets with regularly, she reaches participants through “The Hunger Solution,” a sixweeks, online course at nutritiontara. com that focuses on nutrition science, sustainability, and support. “The course allows me to help those people who feel overwhelmed by conflicting information or who struggle to stick with a plan,” she says. Tara estimates that between her clients, her course, social media, and traditional media she distributes “free content to about 5,000 people per week.” She says of those she reaches, “I hope they share what they learn. I believe both that nutrition is very important and that it doesn’t need to be as complicated as it may appear.” When pressed, Tara will mention commercial achievements such as being selected the National Spokesperson for Salada Green Tea and being featured in Dr. Oz, The Good Life in detail on Mother’s Day, where she spoke in depth about the impact her mother’s illness had on her own life. But she always returns to comments like this, which are clearly her priorities: “The highlights of my career mostly revolve around little interactions with people. Getting a note from someone who has read one of my blogs that really resonated, or having someone come up to me and say that they saw me speak and found it helpful, or a long-time

client who contacts me to say ‘thank you’ and to let me know they are still doing great. The bigger, showy stuff is cool, but those little notes are the things that make you smile and feel like you are really helping people.” Tara credits “the freedom and safety that Reston provided” for allowing her to “be outside, navigating the labyrinth of paths, streets, and sometimes even icy lakes to explore and to visit friends” with influencing her seemingly divergent life choices. The same is true, she says, of her varied activities at SLHS, which “put me in situations with people I wouldn’t normally meet and may not be like me.” So learning that Tara has climbed Mt. Ranier and plans to hike Patagonia is not all that shocking given her emphasis on the importance of doing things “that may seem uncomfortable but are ultimately so rewarding. That is still something I make a huge priority.” In other words, it is all part of what makes Tara Coleman, Nutrition Tara.

CONTRIBUTOR: Chuck Cascio, author of The Fire Escape Stories, Volumes I, II & III. For more information on Chuck, visit


“I was once known as the Peacock Lady.”

By Yvonne Johnson

Imagine driving down West Ox Road in your minivan and your young son says, “Mommy, why is Mrs. Johnson running down the road.” Mom replies, “That can’t be Mrs. Johnson. Why would she be doing that?” Yes, that was me, and I was trying to get ahead of a pea hen. The errant fowl was quickly corralled and returned to her pen with the peacock. You never really know what your day will hold when you come to work at Frying Pan Farm Park ( Anyone who has pets is full of tales about their critters. From cute anecdotes to I can’t believe my cat, dog etc., did this, to sad stories of illness and/or loss of a pet that became a member of the family. Take that and multiply it 50 times, and you can get a sense of how having so many animals as part of your work life keeps it fun, surprising and challenging. Just this summer, the billy goat repeatedly broke fence boards to escape. He stood not 10 feet away, just hanging out, and of course, the females all joined him. The poor farmer must have replaced 20 boards on that fence this summer. The horses, sheep, goats, pigs, cows, chickens, turkeys, ducks and cats are essential to our mission of “Preserving a 1930s to 1950 farm, agricultural process and rural community life and landscape…” But we do it for the people -- for the over 700,000 park visitors each year. The animals, farm, and natural and cultural resources make our work interesting and engaging; however, it’s working with all the visitors and staff that make it meaningful. The mission concludes with “for the cultural, recreational and educational enrichment of the citizens and visitors of Fairfax County.” No one works at the parks for glamour and riches. Dedicated employees come in all weather; in 100-degree heat to harvest hay, on windy, 10 degree days to check animal water multiple times, removing the ice and making sure all the animals have accessible water. During those three-foot snowstorms, when the whole county is shut down, park staff is at work, clearing roads and getting food and water to the animals. I have a vivid memory of a farmhand, the day after a big storm while it was still sharply cold, but the clouds had cleared out. The sun was shining in the barn door, and he was sitting on a hay bale, taking a break, elbows on his knees, head resting in his hands, physically, deeply tired. It was only nine in the morning, but he had been at work for hours. Some of his many layers of insulated clothing were peeled back, and he was actually steaming, just a bit.



Transplanted from New Jersey in 1989 for my husband’s job, I’ve had the honor of working at Frying Pan Farm Park, Herndon, for over 30 years. From volunteer to part-time staff to full-time staff, I’ve filled many roles, including park manager for the last six years. I’ve learned the true meaning of public service and how it enriches the lives of both the staff and visitors. Memories from September 12, 2001 still tighten my chest and move me to tears. Yes, it was the day after 9/11. As the world, the country and our community were reeling from the shock of 9/11, the public servants of Fairfax County ran the government, staffed the offices and opened the parks. The schools stayed closed, and many people took the day off from work to be with their families. It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day, and thousands of visitors came out to the parks. Hundreds were at Frying Pan that day, which would usually have made for an energetic, fun feeling in the farmyard. That day, September 12, was different. The tone was quiet, even soft. The crowd felt more like a community, neighbors finding solace in time together after tragedy. The world would never be the same, but at least this small part of their world, the farmyard at their local farm park, was still the same. Although the most poignant, this is just one of the hundreds of examples of community connections, family tradition building and personal memory making that I’ve witnessed at our little farm park. After 30 years, the kids I talked with at their first-grade field trip are now bringing their children to the park. The parents of those kids are rediscovering Frying Pan and all it has to offer for adults and making the most of their empty nest status. Serving the visitors who are enjoying Frying Pan Farm Park has made my thirty-year career of public service fulfilling and meaningful.


Catchin’ Toads By Dianne Rose

Reston natives Jeremy Nachison, siblings, Kamron and Julia Rose, and Zach Schwartz, who grew up in Herndon, have been writing music and jamming together for more years than seems possible given their ages. Kam (21) sings and plays bass alongside his sister Julia (19), who blasts her baritone saxophone. Zach (21) shreds guitar and adds vocals to the mix, and Jeremy (18) drives the beat on drums. They are all members of the popular local band, Catchin’ Toads. While all the band members were involved in theatre programs like Young Actors Theatre at the Reston Community Center, and in music classes since their elementary school days, Reston Music was the birthplace of Catchin’ Toads. It was there that tweenaged Kamron, Julia, and Zach were inspired by their music teachers to venture beyond their half-hour, daytime lessons to join a late-night rock band development program called Larry’s Loud Noises. The group started out playing cover songs, where each was encouraged to step up to the mic, and finally to perform on the stage at Ned Devine’s. They were hooked. The band set off on their own with big musical aspirations. The band’s name was inspired by lead guitarist Zach when he was late for rehearsal in their early days. When asked where he was, he replied that he was out ‘catchin toads with his sister.’ Somehow, everyone thought that would be a great band name. They fooled around with other names but always came back to Catchin’ Toads. To Zach, “the best part of being in the band is that we all believe in each other.” The band’s collective dream is to become rock stars traveling the world and performing for huge crowds. But until that happens, Catchin’ Toads will keep playing local gigs at night and stay in school by day. Kamron and Zach are both in music programs at George Mason University. Julia is studying art at Northern Virginia Community College. Jeremy is finishing his senior year at South Lakes High School and will soon be deciding on his next step. The band released their first music video in summer 2018. Produced by fellow South Lakes grad turned filmmaker Brandon Miller (, Cold was filmed in Richmond and premiered simultaneously with Catchin’ Toads winning performance at the Jammin’ Java Mid-Atlantic Band Battle. The band’s album, Thinkin’ About Space, is available for listening on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon Music and everywhere one finds good music. 74


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Making Music in Reston Dr. Carolyn Barrett, 39 year Reston resident is founder and owner of the Barrett Suzuki Studio of Reston ( The studio serves all students beginning at age 3. She also founded Suzuki studios in Lagos, Nigeria and Seoul, Korea. The Reston studio presents recitals and has performed throughout the Washington D.C. metropolitan area since 1992. Students have soloed with the Washington Symphony, performed at President’s Park and participated in concerts at Wolf Trap, Constitution Hall, and the Kennedy Center. The students have also given recitals at the Reston Community Center, Lake Anne. Often musicians from the Loudoun Symphony join in accompanying performances of concertos and trisonatas with student soloists. “I heard a performance of a Vivaldi Sonata on WETA which sounded exactly the same as a live Barrett Suzuki studio performance I recently attended!” comments one audience member. A favorite activity of the studio is presenting a Holiday Program each year at Ashby Ponds Retirement Community in Ashburn. This past year, the Studio presented its 11th Holiday Concert at Ashby with a SingAlong accompanied by visiting guitarists, a String Orchestra rendition of Jingle Bells with surprise bell accompaniment from students in the audience, and exquisite performances of movements from three Vivaldi concertos with string orchestra accompaniment. Dr. Barrett currently performs as a violist with the Loudoun Symphony Orchestra. She has performed as violinist and violist with the Loudoun and Washington Symphonies, and the Reston Community Orchestra. In addition she has performed at the White House, President’s Park and the Executive Mansion. Dr. Barrett has studied with Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, founder of The Suzuki Method who endorsed her book on the Suzuki Method, The Magic of Matsumoto: the Suzuki Method of Education. She is a past president of the Suzuki Association of The Greater Washington Area and was Director of the 1998 Suzuki Centennial Celebration at Constitution Hall. Needless to say, Dr. Barrett is an accomplished musician and educator! Barrett Suzuki Studio was selected for the 2019 Best of Reston Award in the Music School category by the Reston Award Program. “We felt honored to receive this wonderful award. Reston is our much-loved home. ” comments Dr. Barrett. Dr. Barrett and the studio members were touched to be among recipients who are described as exceptional local companies that enhance the positive image of small business and help make the Reston area a great place to live, work and play.



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Beginning at age 3 “I am pleased that you have profound understanding of my method.” —Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

Dr. Carolyn M. Barrett, Director Author of The Magic of Matsumoto: The Suzuki Method of Education

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Rise Against Hunger Reston Rotary Foundation, Student Rotaract Club of South Lakes High School and local community recently came together to help the hungry. On January 11, the Reston Rotary Foundation, the fundraising and grant-making arm of the Reston Rotary Club and the Student Rotaract Club of South Lakes High School teamed up to benefit the Rise Against Hunger organization. Their mission—packing 10,000 meals for the needy and unfortunate. The Reston Rotary Club is a volunteer organization dedicated to actively making Reston a better place to live through community service. The organizations partnered with the local Apex Leadership Co. branch to facilitate the Anython program, an online-based fundraiser that allows students, youth groups, sports teams and more to reach greater potential. By raising funds with the help of technology and the internet, groups can expand their reach, making a more significant impact through their donations both within the local community and afar. The Rotary Club of Reston and South Lakes High School’s goal was to pack 10,000 meals for kids and families. The meals would be distributed to schools in poverty-stricken areas around the world and places hard hit by natural disasters. Dina D’Ambrosi, Area Director for Apex Leadership Company’s Northern Virginia branch states, “They not only met that goal but also raised $6,464.00.” Sixty community volunteers came out to help—well over the number of volunteers that pre-registered. “Apex, along with supporting organizations, is working to raise funds to support our 2020 programs with a big emphasis on children’s well-being and education,” says D’Ambrosi. “Through our partnership with Rise Against Hunger and the help of dozens of volunteers, we are so proud that we met our goal of packing 10,000 meals in Reston.” Once the $10,000 goal is met to fund the Rise Against Hunger program, additional funds are used to support the Foundation’s ongoing community efforts including: • Aldrin Elementary Band of Brothers program, Aldrin Reads and a partnership with Riamukurwe Primary School In Nyeri, Kenya • Scholarships for students at Reston’s South Lakes High School • Support for youth programming with the Reston Community Orchestra • Operation Warm (provides coats for Reston children in need)



thesentinel sentinel satellite edition Articles contributed by South Lakes High School Journalism Class

South Lakes Food Pantry Makes a Difference Catherine Ries

Helen Ehrlich, News Editor, SLHS Junior The South Lakes High School Food Pantry has been providing food and toiletries to the South Lakes community since March 2017. The pantry has won awards, grants and formed collaborative relationships with local organizations and businesses in the DC area. 30% of the students at SLHS receive free or reduced lunch, and the Food Pantry works tirelessly to ensure each student has access to toiletries and nutritious food at home during the school year, during breaks and on snow days. According to the nonprofit, Feeding America, “More than 37 million people struggle with hunger in the United States, including more than 11 million children.” During the winter, time off from school prolongs the lack of stable meals that students struggle with on a weekly basis. The SLHS Food Pantry recognizes the urgency of this problem and has programs in place to help. The Food Pantry is open the week before winter break with extra food for families to stock up on and is also open to provide necessities in the midst of the break. South Lakes’ Leadership Program held a “warm drive” recently to collect warm clothing items that were distributed on December 30, 2019. “We know it is difficult for families to access food while school is not in session, so we like to be open at least once,” Food Pantry Director Amy Shaw shared, “We had around 50 people come to the Pantry on Dec. 30. Upon return from break, we had a wonderful donation from a fundraiser sponsored by Lake Anne Brew House & Long and Foster, Lake Anne.”

Meet the South Lakes High School Basketball Coaches Marc Goldstein, Sports Editor, SLHS Sophmore The South Lakes boys’ basketball team has a reputation for being competitive and talented. They have accumulated many awards over the last few seasons. None of this, though, is possible without the coaches. Headlined by first year head coach Mike Desmond, the Seahawks are working to replicate previous success. Coach Desmond was an assistant under Coach Duggan, who stepped down following last season. Desmond has been at South Lakes for 12 years, and he is grateful for the opportunity to be head coach. “It didn’t really hit me that I was the head coach until recently,” he shared, “The community support was incredible. Players I had never coached or talked to reached out to congratulate me; it’s been incredible.” Desmond preaches getting better every day and just generally improving. He sees this team’s potential but refrains from putting too much emphasis on the team’s success. Coach Desmond is known for his encouragement of competition. However, this competition refers to more than just competing against other teams. “The inner-team competition is really what drives teams to greatness,” he expressed. A head coach is nothing without the support from assistant coaches. Dan Cincinnati and Herb Lansdowne are the assistant coaches. Cincinnati, also known as Coach Cincy, is a teacher at South Lakes whom Coach Desmond calls “the enforcer.” “I see these kids at school, I make sure they stay in line and do the right thing,” Coach Cincy shared.

According to The Washington Post, Reston is one of the higher poverty sects of Northern Virginia, with a poverty rate of 38.4 percent. The South Lakes Food Pantry provides important amenities to those living in Reston, when they most desperately need it.

Coach Lansdowne is the ‘liaison to the players,’ “I connect with these guys because I know them. I’ve been watching them play for years, and I’m one of the coaches they’ll talk to first if they have an issue,” Coach Lansdowne explained. Lansdowne thinks the team has “limitless potential” but is hesitant to use that word. “The thing about potential is that we need to tap into it. If we don’t tap into it, what good does it really do?” he expressed.

If you would like to contribute, drop off your donations in the donation boxes located in SLHS main office. The most needed items are dried beans (lentils, garbanzos, kidney), oatmeal, cooking oil and sanitary pads. For more info, contact

The South Lakes boys’ basketball team carries a legacy of winning, competing for championships and hanging banners. The coaches are at the forefront of the success. Although the Seahawks have a new head coach this season, don’t expect them to slow down when it comes to winning. If anything is for certain, the team will do one thing consistently—improve.


The Miracle of 26—Sunrise Scribes By Stacia Datskovska

Kristin Clark Taylor, former Director of Media Relations for the White House, published author, and veteran journalist, organized the “Sunrise Scribes” writing group at Sunrise Senior Living Center Reston less than a year ago. She finds that the value reaped is felt not only by the writers, but by witnesses of their writing. “Being able to emote through the written word is a gift for the Scribes, but they are also leaving behind lasting memories and feelings. It’s truly an honor to tap into and celebrate the members’ wisdom,” Kristin elaborates.


my pictures,” Margaret said, “but joining the group encouraged me to write even more. I’m still discovering the gifts that I have.”

Being part of this collaborative group of writers means something different to each participant.

Like Margaret, Joan Allen, a former nursery school teacher, realizes the group has opened her eyes to her own unexplored potential. “Seeing the other members participating in this group and sharing their work made me think that I could also do something like this,” Joan says. Meeting with the Scribes on a regular basis has served a special purpose for Joan. “My husband, who also lives at Sunrise, has Alzheimer’s. This writing group has been a great escape for me,” Joan says appreciatively.

Margaret Raymond, who is not a resident of Sunrise, is continually inspired by the Scribes’ knowledge, feeling it expands her thoughts with each meeting and challenges her in a positive manner. “In the past, when I was a technical writer and photographer, I occasionally put short poems next to

Michael Horwatt, former practicing attorney for over 50 years, has also found a unique benefit from joining the group. “I have some serious health challenges, but keeping my focus on writing really helps to keep my spirits up!” Michael says. What also drew him to the group was the hope that


he would learn how to write his own memoirs. He says he found that joining this group “has quickly become one of the most meaningful things he has done in his life and helped him discover more about what he thinks and feels.” Pat O’Dwyer, a former special education teacher, shares that the main reason she joined the group was to be stimulated by something. “It’s not always easy in a place like this, but I wanted to be challenged creatively and have something to look forward to, alongside some very talented people!” Pat says. Her favorite prompt to this day has been about family. “Writing about the house where I lived or the people who visited brought back wonderful things that I haven’t felt for a long time, almost 60 years,” Pat remarks. John Beach, a former executive at the Department of Defense and Scribe whose favorite genre of writing is poetry, says the group reinitiated his strive to write, which lay dormant for the last fifteen to twenty years. “I was looking for a group of people with which I could have an almost spontaneous conversation, similar to what I used to do in college,” John says. He is happy to have found just that with the Scribes. John realizes that for many people, the hardest part of writing might be simply starting. “Beginning to write is like building a tower. Any gust of wind can knock your progress over. So it’s important to start slow and have a solid foundation,” John suggests to any hesitant beginner. Anna Anderson, like John, has been a founding member, who humbly thinks that she is more of a passive observer in the group (although her fellow members know better). She describes herself as a “survivor,” which is also a theme for her works. “When Anna shares her writing, and when the other Scribes share

their own,” Kristin mentions, “They are sharing their strength with all of us.” Anna appreciates the face-to-face aspect of the group and believes it encourages a greater connection than simply reading someone’s work in a written format. She is a firm believer that hearing someone else’s story takes you back to “how things were” and slows down the fast pace of life. When I asked about her favorite prompt, Anna’s answer was simple. “Life, I guess. Living.” All the members can agree on one thing: no two writers are alike. Solidifying your own outlook on life through words, no matter your skill set, can help other people live vicariously through your experiences and learn valuable lessons in the process. Kristin calls it “The Miracle of 26.” “With those 26 letters in the alphabet, you can take yourself to any place and create any world that you like,” Kristin says.

The Miracle of 26. Something to think about.

Stacia Datskovska is a high school junior who is passionate about journalism, especially bringing awareness on happenings in the local area. She hopes to one day be a foreign correspondent, covering the world’s most pressing issues.


XX 84



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Safeway Starbucks Subway Truist Bank UPS Store, The US Tae Kwon Do VA ABC Visionworks SPECTRUM AT RTC Best Buy Bubbles Capital One Bank CAVA citibank Container Store Doubletake! Salon Einstein Bagels Harris Teeter HSBC Bank La Madeleine Men’s Wearhouse My Eye Doctor Mynd Spa and Salon Navy Federal Credit Union Not Your Average Joe’s Office Depot On the Border Pet Smart Ravel Dance Studio Robek’s Starbucks T-Mobile United Bank Verizon Wireless RESTON STATION Bank of America Founding Farmers Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce Integrated Dermatology of Reston Kaiser Permante Nordine Salon & Day Spa Orange Theory Pure Joe Pilates Reston Copy Center SPACES Starbucks Sweet Leaf United Wellness & Sports Rehab Wells Fargo Bank RESTON TOWN CENTER &Pizza Allen Edmonds Anthropologie Apple ArtInsights Gallery Athleta at&t Balducci’s Food Lover’s Market Banana Republic Barcelona Wine Bar Bartaco Ben & Jerry’s Big Bowl Asian Kitchen bluemercury Bow Tie Cinemas Capital Burger Charles Schwab Chico’s Chipotle Mexican Grill Cigar Town Clyde’s of Reston Community Canteen Counter, The Crafthouse CRUNCH Fitness CVS Pharmacy

Davelle Clothiers Eyewear Gallery, The FedEx Office francesca’s collections Hyatt Regency Reston Glossary Nail Salon Greater Reston Arts Center J. Crew J. McLaughlin Jackson’s Mighty Fine Food Joseph A. Bank Clothiers Jouvence Aveda Lifestyle Salon Kendra Scott L’Occitane Le Pain Quotidien Lou Lou Boutiques lululemon Madewell Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls Mayflowers at RTC McCormick & Schmick’s Midtown Jewelers Midtown Kabob Mon Ami Gabi Morton’s The Steakhouse North Italia One to One Fitness Paddywax Candle Bar Paper Source PassionFish Peet’s Coffee Pitango Gelato PNC Bank Poke Hub Potbelly Sandwich Shop Potomac River Running Store PR at Partners PR Barbers Prime Cleaners Roosters Men’s Grooming Center Scout & Molly’s Boutique Scrawl Books Sephora Smiles Dentistry South Moon Under Starbucks Coffee Subway sweetgreen Talbots Ted’s Bulletin Uncle Julio’s Rio Grande Cafe Wells Fargo White House Black Market RESTON TOWN CENTER WEST Cooper’s Hawk Wine Bar BGR – Burgers Grilled Right Bombay Velvet Carrabba’s Italian Grill Chick-Fil-A Chipotle Famous Toastery honeygrow Infinity Spa & Nails Mezeh Mediterranean Grill M&T Bank MVB Nando’s Peri Peri Potbelly Sandwich Shop Solid Core Starbucks Tiki Thai YMCA Reston These lists are subject to change. If you know a business who should be added or removed on our next update, please contact us at We appreciate your help!



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LOCAL COMMUNITY! Public Art Reston

Public Art Reston seeks to inspire an ongoing commitment to public art and create a new generation of artworks in Reston.

RCC Rides ArtSpace Herndon

A gallery and performance venue created and supported by art lovers in the greater Herndon area providing opportunities for local artists and photographers to exhibit their art, teach classes, and offer workshops


Nonprofit organization that promotes self-sufficiency by providing support and advocacy for those in need. Year round volunteer opportunities.

Friends of Reston

Established in 1999, Friends of Reston for Community Projects, Inc. is a not-forprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Its mission is to support Reston Association in performing charitable, educational and scientific purposes.

Friends of Reston Regional Library

Developed in association with NV Rides, a network of service providers currently operating volunteer driver transportation programs for non-driving older adults.

Reclaim Reston

Grassroots community organization committed to reclaiming the Reston vision.

Rescue Reston

Catalyst for business growth and entrepreneurship in the Dulles Corridor.

League of Reston Artists & Photographic Society

An active and enthusiastic group of diverse visual fine artists, photographers, and supporters of the arts.

Founded in 1997 as a community based non-profit organization to sustain the unique history of the award-winning, innovative, planned community of Reston.

Reston Rotary Club

Rotarians use their knowledge of local issues to identify areas of need, then apply member’s expertise and diverse perspectives to find a solution.

RBC is a volunteer, non-profit club with over 750 members. Weekly bicycle rides and social events for all levels and abilities.

Greater Reston Arts Center (GRACE)

Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce

Reston Historic Trust

Reston Bike Club

Reston Runners

Reston Chorale

GRACE provides a year-round program of contemporary visual art exhibitions, education programs for all ages, and special events.

Committed to excellence in community theater. Productions are performed at the Reston Community Center Hunters Woods Center Stage.

A grass-roots organization comprising community volunteers who oppose redevelopment of Reston National Golf Course into residential housing or any site development other than a golf course or comparable open space.

Independent non-profit, all volunteer 501(c)(3) organization supporting the library and its programs.

Reston Community Players

Our mission is to promote community interest and participation in, and enjoyment of, choral music.

Reston Citizens Association

Founded in 1967, RCA is a community-wide, non-partisan, and action-oriented organization in which everyone that lives, works and plays in Reston has a voice.


Reston Community Orchestra A non-profit organization supported by grants from the Virginia Commission for the Arts, The Arts Council of Fairfax County and the donations of members and supporters. Their mission is to share quality music with the community.

800+ members of all ages and athletic skill levels who share the enjoyment of running, walking and staying fit. An affiliate of the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) and a chartered 501(c)(3) organization.

Reston Masters Swim

Adult swim team. Meets regularly for swim practice to improve swimming technique, endurance, and overall fitness. All levels of competitive and fitness swimmers welcomed.

Reston U.S.E.

The Useful Services Exchange of Reston is a time-trading barter system that originated 35 years ago. Membership is open to all who live or work in Reston or Herndon, VA.

Reston 20/20

An independent Reston citizens committee dedicated to sustaining Reston’s quality of life through excellence in community planning, zoning, and development.

If you would like your organization included on this list or would like to make edits to your information, please send information to for review.

NextStop Theatre Company

Professional, not-for-profit theatre company producing theatrical performances and educational programs.


LAKE ANNE VILLAGE CENTER 1. The Pyramid, 1965 James Rossant Washington Plaza

Untold Stories, 2004 Zachary Oxman Washington Plaza The Pulpit, 1965 James Rossant Washington Plaza Plaza Fountain, 1965 James Rossant Washington Plaza Decorative Pieces, 1965 Whittlesey & Conklin Washington Plaza 2. Untitled, 1967 Olin R. Russum, Jr. Moorings Drive Underpass 3. Sun Boat, 1965 Gonzalo Fonseca The Wooden Horse, New version realized by Marco Rando, 2016, based on Gonzalo Fonseca’s original work realized in 1965. The Lookout Tower, 1965 James Rossant Van Gogh Bridge, 1965 William Roehl Crossing to Waterview Cluster townhouses 4. North Shore Drive Underpass, 1965 Gonzalo Fonseca North Shore Drive Underpass Pylon, 1965 Gonzalo Fonseca North Shore Dr. Underpass 5. Duck, Duck, Goose, 2018 Penny Hauffe Lake House 11450 Baron Cameron Ave 6. September 11 Memorial, 2002 Kathy Walden Kaplan Freedom Grove at Browns Chapel Rd

7. Restosauria, 1990 John Parker Lake Newport Pool 11601 Lake Newport Road

RESTON TOWN CENTER 8. Reston Rondo, 2014 Mary Ann Mears Hyatt Park

Weathervanes, 1990 RTKL, Inc. of Baltimore Market and Presidents Streets intersection Orb, 1990 RTKL, Inc. of Baltimore Market and Presidents Streets intersection Mercury Fountain, 1990 Saint Clair Cemin Fountain Plaza, Market St. 9. Fidelity of Form, c. 2005 Dennis Heimbach Reston Town Square Park Basket of Flowers, 2014 Stephen Robin 12025 Town Square St. Iris, 2006 Daniel Goldstein Reston Town Square Park Vascular Form III, 2007 Foon Sham St. Francis Street at Market St. Midtown Community Community Mural, 2013 Dana Ann Scheurer New Dominion Parkway 10. Wakan, 2007 Richard Lew Market Street at Crescent Park 11. Trolls, 1990 Mary LaRue Wells Bowman Towne Ct. Mutual Understanding/Mutual Respect, 2016 m.l. duffy North County Governmental Center 1801 Cameron Glen Dr. 12. Untitled, 1992 David S. Holland Reston Regional Library 11925 Bowman Towne Dr.

Book of Love, 2008 Anne Nagy Reston Regional Library 11925 Bowman Towne Dr. 13. Nokomis, 2017 Danny Lane Signature Park 14. Harmony Ridge, 1996 Robert Lobe US Geological Survey 12201 Sunrise Valley Dr 15. Flux, 2013 Valerie Theberge Dogwood Pool 2460 Green Range Dr. 16. Thoreau’s Ensemble, 2019 Ben Volta Colts Neck Road Underpass 2222 Colts Neck Rd 17. Emerge, 2010 Valerie Theberge and Hunters Woods Elementary School students Glade Drive Underpass

HUNTERS WOODS ELEMENTARY 18. Stabile, 2006 Kevin Reese and 4th Grade Students

WALKER NATURE CENTER 20. Pileated Woodpecker, 2018 Dana Ann Scheurer 11450 Glade Drive Woodland Garden, 2008 Kathy Walden Kaplan and Katie Shaw (poem) 11450 Glade Drive 21. Cadmiosaur, 1990 John Parker South Lakes High School 11400 South Lakes Drive 22. Lake Thoreau Spillway Project, Annual South Lakes High School STEAM Team New temporary artwork installed each summer Lake Thoreau Spillway 23. Viewer for the Age of Reason, n.d. Greg Shelnutt 10780 Parkridge Blvd 24. Berlin Wall Fragment, c. 1973 Bundeswehr Command Headquarters 11150 Sunrise Valley Drive


Tessare, 2009 Bonnie Fitzgerald and 6th Grade Students

25. Convergence, 2017 Zachary Oxman Aperture 11410 Reston Station Blvd.

Outdoor Wall Mural, 2008 Michael Pilato and 6th Grade Students

The Force of Nature, 2018 Lorenzo Quinn Wiehle – Reston Station Plaza

Tile Mural, 2011 Alfredo Ratinoff and 6th Grade Students Note: Several new works have been realized on this site since 2011.


19. Horseshoes, 2018 David Showalter and Alexandra Stambaugh Steeplechase Dr & Triplecrown Rd

For more information on Reston’s public art collection, please visit Public Art Reston seeks to inspire an ongoing commitment to public art and create a new generation of artworks in Reston. With the generous support of donors like you, Public Art Reston is able to continue our work of commissioning public artworks and offering engaging programs. To donate, visit or contact info@publicartreston. org. Public Art Reston is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization. © Public Art Reston 2019





Updated January 2020


20 22 WINTER/SPRING 2020 89

TRAVELING TO/FROM DULLES AIRPORT AND WIEHLE-RESTON EAST METRO STATION The Silver Line Express Bus provides connections between Dulles› Terminal and the Wiehle-Reston East Metrorail Station. The trip takes about 15 minutes.

$5.00 each way. Cash or credit card only; SmartTrip Cards NOT accepted. FREE for children under 2 years of age. Boarding at the Airport—Purchase tickets at the counter located inside Arrival Door 4 in the Terminal, on the Baggage Claim Level. Boarding at Wiehle-Reston East Metro station—Exit to north side of the station. Board the bus. Once the bus arrives at the airport, purchase tickets on board. FOR ADDITIONAL INFORMATION VISIT WWW.FLYDULLES.COM Above content was taken from Dulles Metro and WMATA websites. Please check Metro website for most current information and travel time tables. Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority—




n Statio


Reston Town

Center Statio

n Courtesy of Amanda Scarangella, Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project

METRO CONSTRUCTION UPDATE Submitted by Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project


“It’s a matter of safety,” according to several whose job it is to keep the station areas free of visitors as finishing work continues.

Take a look at the new transit stations along the Dulles Corridor from Wiehle-Avenue to Ashburn.

Until the line is completed, passes a host of inspections and is officially opened, rail officials are quick to tell the public to “read the signs and stay away.”

They look like they are ready to open any day. Look more closely. These stations near Reston Town Center, Herndon, Innovation Center (Route 28), Dulles Airport, Loudoun Gateway and Ashburn in Phase 2 of the Silver Line may look enticing and ready for customers, but they are not open and won’t be for months.

Meanwhile, project officials and contractors, along with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority which will eventually take over the system from the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority that is building the system, are working together to resolve several issues that have led to a delayed opening.

The fact that they are closed, waiting for some problems to be resolved and finishing touches to be complete, hasn’t kept everyone from trying to take a closer look. Some confused folks have tried to enter the stations even though entrances and exits are clearly marked to keep lookers out.

Both contractors—Capital Rail Constructors (builders of the main rail system) and HenselPhelps (builders of a 90-acre rail yard and maintenance facility) have missed their contract-scheduled completion dates.

Some would-be visitors have been lured by signage that can lead one astray. Crews are working to make sure that those signs remain covered as heavy winds blow. They also are trying to ensure that a sign informing motorists about a newly opened roadway that had been under construction near a station is not misleading commuters who are looking for better ways to get avoid congested roads. The project opening date will not be set anytime soon, according to rail project officials who are anxious to let eager, would-be riders know the stations and related facilities are not open.

One of the biggest challenges facing the completion is tying in the new second phase to the first phase, which opened in 2014 and serves passengers from East Falls Church to the Wiehle-Reston East Station. Project officials explained that WMATA has to shut down service at the Wiehle station for necessary testing, which requires a lot of cooperation between WMATA and the Airports Authority. That means bus services must be provided between the Wiehle station and Spring Hill Station in Tysons, and the public must have advance notifications when that happens to minimize impacts on current rail users.

In the coming months, check Around Reston Magazine and for close-ups of other Phase 2 stations. WINTER/SPRING 2020 91

Lake Anne

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