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“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate.” ― Linda —Linda Grayson

“There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with choc

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2019 a Noteworthy Year!

By Delegate Kenneth R. “Ken” Plum

Four-hundred years ago was a noteworthy time in the colony of Virginia. Some historians call 1619 a “red-letter” year for Virginians because of three historic events that happened that year. As there will be programs and activities this year highlighting what went on four centuries ago, there is an opportunity to consider the past as we plan for the future. As we consider events that happened in the past, we need to remember that future generations will be judging the actions we take this year. Representatives of the various plantations that had sprung up around Jamestown since the first Englishmen had arrived in 1607 came together in the wood and mud-daub church to discuss and act on common interests. As the years went by, they and new settlers continued to meet in what is known as the first representative government in the hemisphere now known as the General Assembly. Having representative government at the time was a really big deal rather than having a monarch. It took a war and a break with the Mother Country to keep the democratic republic in place. In 1619 the first women were brought to Virginia to establish a permanent colony with families that could keep it going. Some women gladly took up the offer for which they got a husband, a new life, and for many an escape from the hard life they had in England. Not by invitation but by force the first Africans were brought to Virginia in 1619 to provide workers to grow the noxious weed tobacco that had caught on in popularity in England to smoke or to chew. The consequences of using slave labor led to a civil war and continued racial strife. We can speculate what we would have done had we been alive in 1619 to make the outcome of history different, but we can have a real role in establishing the direction by which we start off the next year, decade and century. We have a democratic-republic form of government as the Founding Fathers wondered “if we can keep it.” Too little citizen involvement has let ideologues and special interests dominate our government, but citizens have the solution if they remain as active as has been the case for the last year. Women came to Virginia to be housewives four hundred years ago, and there continues to be numerous inequities that keep women in subordinate roles. Women in the recent year have seen a surge in political involvement that can move them forward as equal in society. For a start, the Virginia General Assembly can ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Businesses can pay women equal to men in the same jobs. There can be a purge of the laws that keep women and others regardless of sex in a lesser role. We of course got rid of blatant slavery, but we continue to have people who view African Americans and other immigrants as lesser persons with fewer rights. Laws must change now to eliminate inequities in our society. Equal pay for equal work and a living wage for all needs to start now. We must all make a commitment to eliminate racism in our society and to ensure social justice. It was all very interesting what happened in Virginia in its beginning; let’s make this year the most noteworthy yet for justice and equality. Future generations will note our achievements and salute our leadership! Delegate Kenneth R. “Ken” Plum represents the 36th District, including all of Reston, in the Virginia House of Delegates



George Winters

Kat Toussaint Publisher

CONTRIBUTORS Janelle Arrighi / Ha Brock / Alexandra Campbell / Chuck Cascio / Dulles Metro / Erin Echelmeyer / Kristin English / Tim Finefrock Shannon Foley / Susann Gerstein / Arthur Hass / Mark Ingrao / Jim Kirby / Taralyn Kohler / John Koss / Kathleen Lanfear Florence Lehr / Lauren Magnussen / Samantha Marshall / Gamela Arpa-Mullins / Delegate Ken Plum / Rescue Reston / Chris Rooney Scout & Molly’s Boutique / Kristen Soller / Victoria Stuppy / Danielle Watson / Holly Weatherwax / George Winters / Rachel Wood

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COVER PHOTO CREDITS: Left: Just Cats Clinic Center: Little Hands Music Right: Paul Abhamongkol

One of the benefits of my job is meeting so many wonderful people. When one meets George Winters, Tall Oaks Assisted Living Executive Director (pictured above), you know you’re meeting someone special. He’s an obviously caring person who welcomes the newest stranger as a friend. I first met George at an event Tall Oaks Assisted Living was hosting for the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce. Where else would you find the Executive Director of an Assisted Living Community event, but helping out where needed, and at this picture taking, as the acting bartender for 150 guests! See more of his story on p.60. Enjoy reading about other local leaders around Reston like Susann Gerstein, Andy Sigle, Rachel Wood, Alexandra Campbell and more inside! Reston is a community of leaders! Feel free to suggest your favorite leader so we can include their story in Around Reston!

~ Kat Toussaint

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Greater Reston Arts Center 12001 Market Street, Reston 703-471-9242


Public Art Reston


Residents may fish from RA-owned property, which includes the dams on each lake. Anglers 16 years and older must have a Virginia fishing license.

Reston Association


Reston Community Center

Hidden Creek Country Club

Visit for permit information


12001 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston 703-435-6530

Reston National Golf Course

Hunters Woods 2310 Colts Neck Road, Reston, VA 703-476-4500


Four man-made lakes (Lake Anne, Lake Thoreau, Lake Audubon and Lake Newport) cover 125 acres. Swimming and ice skating are not permitted. Fishing, boating, wildlife watching and lakeside picnicking are available to RA members and their guests.

Lake Anne location 1609A Washington Plaza, Reston, VA 703-476-4500

Reston District Police Station


1801 Cameron Glen Drive, Reston Non-Emergency Phone Number – 703-691-2131 Emergency – 911

15 pools—Amenities include a 20 foot slide, 50 meter pool, interactive play fountains, diving boards, designated lap swimming lanes, heated spa pools and spacious decks. Two heated pools offer an extended season.


Fire & Rescue Non-Emergency

52 Tennis Courts—8 clay courts, 44 hard courts

Reston Hospital Center

26 lighted courts; 6—smaller sized children’s QuickStart courts; 3 practice walls; Hard courts open year round / Clay courts open April–October

703-691-2131 Emergency – 911

1850 Town Center Parkway, Reston, VA 703-689-9000

Reston Post Office—Main

11110 Sunset Hills Road, Reston 703-689-9874

Lake Anne Contract Postal Unit

11426 Washington Plaza West (inside Chesapeake Chocolates) 703-620-0082

Reston Regional Library

11925 Bowman Towne Drive 703-689-2700


Walker Nature Center


11450 Glade Drive, Reston 703-476-9689 2

Dogs four months of age or older must be licensed. Dog license tags are $10 / Free of charge for service dogs. 4500 West Ox Road, Fairfax, VA 703-830-1100




Great Falls Youth Rugby

Aldrin Elementary School 11375 Center Harbor Road, Reston 703-904-3800

Herndon Reston Softball Herndon Reston Youth Field Hockey Herndon Reston Youth Lacrosse Reston Herndon Little League Reston Raiders Hockey Club


Armstrong Elementary School 11900 Lake Newport Road, Reston 703-375-4800 Dogwood Elementary School 12300 Glade Road, Reston 703- 262-3100 Forest Edge Elementary School 1501 Becontree Lane, Reston 703-925-8000

Reston Soccer Reston Swim Team Association

Hunters Woods Elementary School 2401 Colts Neck Road, Reston 703-262-7400

Reston Youth Association

Lake Anne Elementary School 11510 North Shore Drive, Reston 703-326-3500

Reston Youth Basketball Reston Youth Club

Sunrise Valley Elementary School 10824 Cross School Road, Reston 703-715-3800 Terraset Elementary School 11411 Ridge Heights Road, Reston 703-390-5600


UTILITIES SETUP Dominion Virginia

(888) 667-3000

Washington Gas

(800) 752-7520


(800) 266-2278 or (888) 266-2278

Herndon Middle School 901 Locust Street, Herndon 703-904-4800 Hughes Middle School 11401 Ridge Heights Road, Reston 703-715-3600


(800) 837-4966

Cox Communications

(703) 378-8422


Fairfax Water

(703) 698-5800

South Lakes High School 11400 South Lakes Drive, Reston 703-715-4500

This information was current at time of printing. Please contact us to edit or add your information. We appreciate your assistance in ensuring that Around Reston includes correct information for all organizations that serve our community.

Herndon High School 700 Bennett Street, Herndon 703-810-2200



! E T A D MULTIPLE DATES March 1-16, 2019— Weekends

‘Time Stands Still’ presented by Reston Community Players Reston Community Center— Center Stage Play examines the lives of a couple making a living out of documenting the horrors of war.

Mar 7-April 4, 2019

“In like a Lion” Art Exhibit Reston Art Gallery—Lake Anne Plaza Opening Reception, Sun, March 10 / 2:00-4:00 pm

March 14-April 7, 2019— Weekends

‘Fallen Angels’ presented by NextStop Theatre 269 Sunset Park Drive, Herndon Hit comedy about rivalry between two housewives awaiting the arrival of their former lover.

April 25-27th & May 2-4th, 2019

South Lakes High School Theatre Arts Spring Musical, Les Miserables, School Edition Show times vary / Ticketed Event

April 26-May 18, 2019— Weekends

ANNIE presented by Reston Community Players Reston Community Center— Center Stage Annie tells the story of a little orphan who ends up in the lap of luxury. Around Reston is not responsible for date changes, cancellations or errors. Please check websites for event date and time verifications.


FEBRUARY Wed, Feb 20, 2019

Staying Alive: Surviving Disasters and Emergencies 6:00-8:00 pm / Speaker Kathleen Koch, / Presented by Tall Oaks Assisted Living Reston Lake House, 11450 Baron Cameron Avenue / Free / RSVP@

Sat, March 16, 2019

GRACE Family Day 11:00 am-3:00 pm / Greater Reston Arts Center RTC / Celebrating Youth Art Month. Sponsored by RCC.

Sat, March 16, 2019

Wed, Feb 20, 2019

Common Ground – Candice Bostwick and friends Jazz & Swing 7:00-9:00 pm / ArtSpace Herndon / 750 Center Street, Herndon

Fri, Feb 22, 2019

The Reston Chorale presents: Reflections 4:00 pm / Saint Luke Catholic Church, McLean / FEE

Panel Discussion: Journeys to Reston 7:00-9:00 pm / RCC Lake Anne Jo Ann Rose Gallery

Environmental Film Series—Bird of Prey 7:00-9:00 pm / Walker Nature Center

Fri, Feb. 22, 2019

Family Passport to Fun 6:30-9:00 pm / Herndon Community Ctr Celebrate the Kids At Hope motto– All Children Are Capable of Success– No Exceptions.

MARCH Tues, March 5, 2019

ReelAbilities Film Festival RCC Hunters Woods–Center Stage 7:30 pm / Presented in partnership with

Fri, March 8, 2019

1st Annual International Women’s Day Celebration 7:30-9:00 pm / Lake Anne Plaza, Reston Community Center Celebrating the women who helped make Lake Anne Plaza what it is today. Weekend activities/specials.

Wed, March 13, 2019

Panel Discussion: Women Playing Reston: The Effect of Title IX on Women’s Sports 7:00-9:00 pm / RCC Lake Anne Jo Ann Rose Gallery

Sun, March 17, 2019

Sun, March 17, 2019

Reston Community Orchestra’s Annual Spring Family Concert “Once Upon a Time”—Princesses and Lollipops! 4:00 pm / RCC Hunters Woods— Community Room

Tues, March 26, 2019

South Lakes High School Pyramid Concert 7:00 pm / Featuring the South Lakes Honor band (local elementary all-stars), LHMS Symphonic Band and South Lakes Wind Ensembles

Sat, March 30, 2019

Cabaret—The Sterling Playmakers present—On That Note 7:00-9:00 pm / ArtSpace Herndon / 750 Center Street, Herndon / Fee

APRIL Sat, April 6, 2019

Founder’s Day / Lake Anne Plaza

Sun, April 7, 2019

7th Annual Runners Marathon & Half Marathon of Reston / Relay option 7:30 am / South Lakes High School


Wed, April 10, 2019

Movie: Another Way of Living: The Story of Reston, VA 7:30-10:00 pm / Center Stage— RCC Hunters Woods

Sat, April 13, 2019

Nature Center 5K Run & Walk 8:00 am / Walker Nature Center, 11450 Glade Drive, Reston

Fri, April 26, 2019

12th annual Empty Bowls Fundraiser 5:30-8:00 pm / Floris United Methodist Church

Sat, April 27, 2019

Healthy Kids Day YMCA Reston 10:00 am-1:00 pm / Reston YMCA

Sat, April 27, 2019

Reston Association Community Yard Sale 8:30 am-12:30 pm / 1900 Campus Commons Drive, Reston Shop for hidden treasures!

MAY Wed, May 1, 2019

Washington West Film Festival 7:30 pm / RCC Hunters Woods— Center Stage Join us as we screen one of WWFF top selections.

Sat, May 4, 2019

We are the World: Songs of Peace and Justice 2 Shows—4:30 pm and 7:30 pm / RCC Hunters Woods Performances by The Reston Chorale and guest artists from Mosaic Harmony.

Sat, May 4, 2019

Pet Fiesta! 10:00 am-4:00 pm / Reston Town Center

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Enjoy local craft beer, wine, and specialty drinks plus the best in live musicals, plays, and comedy shows.


MARCH 14 - APRIL 7, 2019


TIMELESS FARCE Acclaimed British playwright Noel Coward’s smash hit comedy about the rivalry between two housewives awaiting the arrival of their exotic former lover. Tickets starting at $35.


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Sunset Business Park

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Fai r



SUMMER THEATRE ADVENTURES NextStop’s Summer Theatre Adventures are week-long theatre classes for rising 1st through 12th graders which follow a process-based curriculum to foster a life-long love of the performing arts. Sessions booking now! *New this summer* Be part of Peter Pan, Jr., High School Musical, Jr., or the NextStop Teen Company!


or call OvationTix:


NextStop Theatre 269 Sunset Park Drive Herndon, VA 20170 (703) 481-5930

NextStop's 2018/2019 Season is sponsored by:

Reston Target

Dulles Toll Road

NextStop is made possible by: The Nelson J. & Katherine Friant Post Foundation, The Hal and Ruth Launders Charitable Trust and: NextStop Theatre Company is a trademark of The Elden Street Players, Inc, a 501(c) non-profit company.

$7 OFF


*While supplies last. New purchases only. Cannot be combined with other offers.



Jim Kirby—

Celebrating Reston in Pictures

When my wife Carolyn and I moved to Reston in 1981, the “New Town” was still a sleepy bedroom community with few good restaurants and little in the way of nightlife. The joke at the time: “We’re not dead, just Reston.” But with all the trees, lakes, pools, and pathways, we felt Reston had great potential. Twenty years earlier, Robert Simon had set out to develop a community with a focus on quality of life, where residents could live, work, and play. Reston continued to grow, and even as other developers took the reins from Simon, his dream became a reality. When the Reston Town Center opened in 1990, the new town was complete with shops, entertainment, and good restaurants. We’ve been living in Reston ever since, raising our family here. Both of our kids graduated from South Lakes High School. I began my career as a photographer working for The Reston Times. A few years later, I started freelancing. As corporate Reston grew, so did my business. The developer at the time, Reston Land, became a client, as did Reston Hospital when their doors opened in 1986. The hospital remains a client, along with many other Reston clients.

Working as a photojournalist with a small newspaper was a good way to start my career. It allowed me time to hone my skills as a visual storyteller, and in the process, win nine Virginia Press Association Awards for Excellence in Photography. In 1984, I started freelancing, shooting advertising and editorial assignments for magazines and corporations. The same year, I photographed and designed the book Reston, The First Twenty Years. This was a volunteer effort with other Restonians, including writer Tom Grubisich. The proceeds from the book helped found the Reston archive at George Mason University Library. The book has become a collector’s item. In 2009, I published my first solo book, Harpers Ferry, A Crossroads in Time. Published by Mountain Trail Press, the book tells the remarkable story of the historic West Virginia town with photographs and words. It is available on Amazon. Carolyn and I enjoy all the amenities that Reston has to offer, from the RTC to the RCC, and of course Lake Anne. At times, Reston can feel like a travel destination. All year long, we walk, run, and bicycle the pathways. My wife loves the pools. I like paddling the lakes. And with miles of natural surface trails running through Reston’s stream valleys, l do my share of trail running and fat tire biking, stopping only in winter to ski. Most of the time I have my camera with me. So in 2012, as the 50th anniversary of Reston approached, I decided to shoot a collection of contemporary photographs of this beautiful place we call home. Two years later I published Reston at Fifty, A Celebration In Pictures, available as an ebook through Apple and a print-on-demand book through Blurb.


Jim Kirby—Celebrating Reston in Pictures (cont)

The Nature Center 5K Run and Walk is run on Reston pathways to raise money to support Nature House.

As a photographer, I look for the everyday stories that are unfolding around us all of the time. I work to make these stories mine by deciding at what moment and from what perspective the narrative is best told. For me, the art of photography is capturing moments of pictorial harmony that run parallel to reality in ways that others can appreciate and enjoy. In an interview, cellist Yo-Yo Ma said, “the whole point of culture [is to] define the thing that is personal and living and intimate and worth preserving, worth sharing with somebody.” In that spirit, I humbly offer my photographs as a tribute to Reston. These are but a handful of moments in the life of a community that I feel are worth preserving.

In good weather, the sidewalks and cafes at town center fill up with shoppers and diners. Athletes in Lake Audubon at start of the Reston Triathlon stand at attention during the national anthem.

A golfer takes his best shot from a fairway on the Hidden Creek course.



Performers entertain the crowds at the annual tree lighting ceremony at RTC.

A young man lights Tiki torches on an evening cruise of Lake Thoreau aboard a dock boat.

Bike racing at the Reston Town Center.

Dog walkers take to the Reston pathways in large numbers most mornings.

The son of an Emerald Society Pipe Band before the start of the RTC holiday parade.


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A Message from the Chamber Amazon Effect—the Impact on our area With the expansion of Amazon coming to Northern Virginia there will be big impacts on our area and the Commonwealth as a whole. We will see an increase in jobs, spending and tax revenues. And yes, we will be feeling the changes here in Reston, not just in Crystal City.  In 2019 Amazon is expected to have roughly 400 jobs in the Crystal City area. This number will more than double in 2020 to just under 1600. In 2021, an additional jump to over 3,500 is expected, and so on with an estimated 25,000 jobs by 2030. For the Reston area, there will be secondary and tertiary companies that will be locating here that will be supporting Amazon. Our easy metro access and housing inventory make Reston a prime location to live and for supporting organizations. The true economic impact of the Amazon Effect will have ripple effects as well. There will be an increase in capital expenditures and ongoing operations, but also indirect and induced impacts from the spending of suppliers and employees. Chmura Economics & Analytics is estimating in 2019 the numbers to be a little over $2 million and increasing to over $8 million in 2020. In 2030 the estimated number is more than $14 million in spending that can be attributed to the Amazon Effect for the state. Tax revenues will see an exponential increase. Chmura is estimating a $3 million direct impact with an additional almost $2 million ripple effect in 2019. In 2020 we should see a large increase to $13 million and an additional $7 million ripple effect. By 2030, numbers are estimated to be $223 million with a ripple of $122 million.  These extra dollars equal a great investment for Northern Virginia and the Commonwealth and will assist with local education systems, higher education institutions, and transportation infrastructure. 

Mark S. Ingrao President and CEO of the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce

For more information about the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce, visit



Reston. Ready for business.

Joining a Chamber is an investment in your business and the community. Studies show that when people know a business is a member of their local chamber, there is an 80% increase in patronage for those companies.

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Leaders Around Reston

Andy Sigle

Alexandra Campbell

President, Reston Association Board of Directors

Executive Director, Reston Museum

After spending almost 30 years in the telecommunications industry, finishing that segment of his career as a global vice-president at the data center giant Equinix, Andy Sigle entered the next phase of his work-life focusing on our Reston community. Originally from Chicago, Andy came to Reston in 2006 after spending 6 years in London with his family (wife, Kim, and 4 children) as an ex-pat for MCI/Verizon.

Alexandra Campbell was raised in Chantilly, Virginia. She attended George Mason University, receiving a BA in History with a minor in Women & Gender Studies. She earned a Masters degree in the History of Decorative Arts through a George Mason partnership with the Smithsonian, a program now held through George Washington University/Corcoran Gallery.

After serving a 3 year term as an at-large director on the Reston Association (RA) board, Andy was selected in 2014 to join the Southgate Community Center Advisory Council, where he continues to lead today. Andy served as president of the South Lakes High School (SLHS) Parent-Teacher-StudentAssociation (PTSA) from 2015-2017, and cofounded the SLHS PTSA Food Pantry. In 2017, Andy was invited to join the Reston Historic Trust board. As a self-declared evangelist of our planned residential community, he jumped in with both feet to support the organization’s mission of promoting Reston’s founding principles. You may have seen him over the last two summers as he emceed the Trust-sponsored Lake Anne Cardboard Boat Race Regatta. Andy can also be heard singing with The Reston Chorale; and he has sung the National Anthem to start the last three Reston holiday parades. A proud recipient of the 2018 Best of Reston award, you can catch up with Andy Sigle at the moment practicing at Homegrown Power Yoga, brewing beer and pouring pints at Lake Anne Brew House, or presiding over meetings as current president of the RA Board of Directors.

Alexandra has been in the museum field in various capacities since 2009. Having always had a love for history, as a college student, Alexandra began giving tours at local historic sites in Fairfax County, Sully Historic Site and Gunston Hall. It was sharing her knowledge and passion for history with the public that helped her determine that she wanted to pursue a career in the museum field. Her specialty is American/Local Virginia History, museum collections management, as well as furniture. She wrote her thesis on the history of early American knife boxes. After more than a year as Executive Director at Reston Historic Trust & Museum (RHT), Alexandra is excited to add Reston history as a specialty. She is a member of the Virginia Association of Museums and the American Alliance of Museums. She has given presentations about her work at several conferences and has published an article in White House History. When asked what makes a good leader, Alex shares, “A good leader is someone who takes initiative, communicates well, manages priorities, and understands the strengths of one’s self and team.” These skills will lead one to success in most industries as well as one’s personal life.

CONTRIBUTOR: Samantha Marshall, 14



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Reston Hospital Center—Trauma, Care, Expertise CONTRIBUTOR: Erin Echelmeyer Dallas Ta ylor

Northern Virginia’s newest Level II Trauma Center, Reston Hospital Center received its full verification status in 2017. Since its launch, the trauma program has grown tremendously and added a new level of clinical expertise to the team at Reston Hospital Center. As a Level II Trauma Center, RHC is able to assess and stabilize all patients with traumatic injuries upon arrival, no matter how severe. Currently, Reston Hospital Center is the only hand injury center with preimplantation capabilities in Northern Virginia. The Trauma Program is led by Dallas Taylor who brings over a decade of experience in the Virginia Trauma arena. Taylor has overseen multiple Level 3 Trauma Center programs and previously served as the Trauma Performance Improvement Manager for a Virginia Level I Trauma Center. Taking a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach, the Trauma Team consists of case managers, physical, occupational, and speech therapists, nutritionists and trauma nurses who review each patient daily with the trauma surgeons and nurse practitioners, ensuring individualized treatment plans and goals are met.


The team has board certified trained trauma surgeons and specialists available 24/7 to care for injured patients. The Nurse Practitioner group is vital in the assessment and treatment plans for trauma patients. Trained with the American Colleges of Surgeons Certification for Advanced Trauma Life Support, Elizabeth Kurt, Maria “Cita” Read and Ruben Perez have been welcomed additions to the trauma program. They bring invaluable experience in the fields of neurosciences, pulmonary medicine, community and family medicine and critical care to the trauma team. The team at Reston Hospital Center continues to expand on its services to accommodate the needs of our growing community. In addition to its Level II Trauma designation, the facility progresses with its latest construction project—most recently opening an 18 Bed Inpatient Rehabilitation Center that enables a continuum of care for trauma patients. The new center was specially designed to fit the needs of those requiring additional rehabilitation in an inpatient setting before transitioning to home life. Opening in December 2018, the center offers numerous services to patients and their families as they embark on the journey to full recovery. In addition to the new Inpatient Rehabilitation Center, the facility will be opening an expanded Intensive Care Unit located just above the Emergency Room and construction of the 2nd Catheterization lab is currently underway. The team at Reston Hospital Center continues to expand its services to provide this community with the highest level of care—close to home.


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Community Generosity Awards Student Scholarships By Kristen Soller

Scholarship season is underway, and the Northwest Federal Credit Union Foundation is set to award thousands to local students in both merit and needs-based scholarships. Open for applications now through March 29th, 2019, the scholarship program awarded $150,000 last year to 26 recipients in its largest disbursement to date. The Foundation has awarded a total of $1.2 million to 284 recipients since the inception of the program. Many generous local donors contribute to the Foundation’s mission to empower youth to achieve their goals through the scholarships and other initiatives. This year donors and the public alike are invited to participate in the 4th annual Drive for the Driven golf tournament on May 13th at Chantilly National Golf and Country Club. Proceeds from this exciting event directly fund the scholarship program, and the success of the event in years past has allowed the Foundation to dramatically expand the number of scholarship recipients. Chantilly National’s Ed Ault-designed golf course sits on 214 acres in Centreville, including its newly renovated grounds and club where the Foundation will host the tournament’s luncheon and awards ceremony for attendees. The tournament brings together many local small business leaders for networking, sport, and community giving. Last year’s Drive for the Driven tournament net $70,000 for the scholarship program, supporting the academic goals of many young adults in the community. Those interested in applying for a scholarship, or finding out more about supporting the Foundation by sponsoring or playing in the golf tournament, are encouraged to visit to learn more. The Foundation also offers year-round opportunities to support youth through volunteering, mentoring and outreach, often partnering with local organizations and schools. Find more information online about how to get involved with their efforts and make a difference in the lives of local children. During their 15th anniversary in 2019 there will be more opportunities than ever to support and empower youth in our community! 18




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Launched in the grand opening last October, the “Rejuvenate Reston Y” renovations transition the Y into the 21st century in meeting the needs of the diverse community it serves. The expanded Wellness Floor now includes web and app connected exercise equipment and a dedicated cycling studio with enhanced ride technology. The renovated locker rooms feature numerous upgrades and lighting. A significantly expanded Child Watch activity area and Kids’ Adventure Zone provide a wide range of STEM-related activities and opportunities for children of various ages. The redesigned open lobby puts the Member Service Desk at the center of a spacious, two-story atrium with sitting and gathering areas, complimentary coffee and wi-fi access. Additional multi-purpose rooms include a conference room, a large community room with audiovisual equipment to host gatherings, and versatile space for teens. The refinished gymnasium has been revised to include both basketball and pickle ball courts. Modernization is visible in the bright 20

wall colors and shiny, new finishes on the flooring, stair railing, and ceiling accents, as well as sleek, contemporary furniture upgrades throughout. “It’s a wonderful thing to see—the changes and evolution at the Y,” says Konrad Huppi, a Reston Y member since 2013 along with his wife Rebecca, whose children have been in various Youth Development programs at the Y. Rebecca adds that the renovations emphasize the Y’s welcoming environment as a place to gather. “It makes me feel that I would love to be here more often.” According to David Rodriguez, the Reston Y’s new Executive Director, “the rejuvenated Reston Y is a community centering place reflective of the diverse David Rodriguez population that it serves; it is the ‘core and essence’ of who we are as an organization. The changes are geared towards enhancing a community experience at the Y and making it a place where families can gather, feel welcome and enjoy a sense of belonging.” AROUND RESTON MAGAZINE

YMCA Photo Credit: Mindy Moore and Mark Soriano.

Major renovations and a new leadership team over recent months are generating major changes at the YMCA Fairfax County Reston that promise to propel it further as a forerunner in the mission to “build strong communities.”

According to Associate Executive Director Nick Dorazio, “the ‘Rejuvenate Reston Y’ project reflects our community-focused YMCA, beginning with the gathering spaces that provide a wide range of communitybuilding opportunities.” For the kids, offerings include youth conditioning classes, sports programs, youth leagues, interactive games and board games. Membership Director Josh Askew states, “Our vision is to create a better everyday life for our community by creating an engaging environment – not just staff to member but also member to member.” Michael Kelloff, a young professional and Reston resident who has been a Y member for the past year, says that with the new gathering areas, he can see the Y as a hub for young people who have outgrown the teen center. “There really isn’t a place right now to hang out in before or after a workout. With the renovations, the Y might be the place,” he says.

Already, the rejuvenated Reston Y has shifted to high gear in its outreach. Community organizations that have used its new multipurpose rooms include Reston Historic Trust & Museum, Leadership Fairfax, and Richey Property Management & Metrowest Realty. Revitalized programming has seen the Y widening its doors at events such as Halloween at the Y Parade, YMCA Chili Cook-Off, Breakfast with Santa, and more. Exciting rejuvenation continues as more new equipment and features are being installed. Meanwhile, David and his team are staying on course as they pursue various avenues to “work collaboratively with individuals and organizations to open our doors to community events. We hope people will see the Y as a resource and place to gather for a wholesome, lifeenriching experience.”


Transitioning into Spring! Fashions presented by

Scout & Molly’s Boutique Reston Team (located in Reston Town Center next to Bow Tie Cinemas)

1) Jane Abraham, Co-Owner

(wearing Joseph Ribkoff royal sapphire dress, Dolce Vita black pumps and Banx earrings)

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(wearing Joseph Ribkoff patterned crop pants and black jackets with pearl buttons and a Clara Sunwoo black tank)

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Reston Town Center 11944 Market Street 571.526.4185 Reston, VA 20190 Check out Scout & Molly’s Website:

Locally owned independent bookstore.

Readings, signings, storytimes, book clubs and more 11911 Freedom Drive Reston Town Center 703-966-2111 Free delivery in Reston & Herndon





It all started years ago, when local business owner, Len Forkas learned that his nine year old son, Matt had leukemia. Forkas immediately began searching for a way to help Matt, now an adult, cope with the debilitating loneliness and isolation that occurs to all children during treatment. At a time when webcam technology was still in its infancy, he pioneered a way for his son to connect digitally to his classmates. In 2003, Len founded Hopecam, a non-profit dedicated to providing the same connectivity for cancer-stricken children around the world. Len’s unrelenting dedication to Hopecam compelled him to accept a daunting fundraising challenge. In 2012, he competed in one of the world’s toughest endurance events: Race Across America, a 3,000-mile, coast-to-coast solo bicycle race that participants must finish in 12 days. Len finished in 11 days and raised over $350,000 for Hopecam. His strength and perseverance, along with an inspiring support team, allowed him to finished 10th overall and 1st in his age group, an amazing feat. On June 25th, 2017, Len Forkas again successfully completed the Race Across America, and raised $1 Million for Hopecam.

What Spins the Wheel: Leadership Lessons From Our Race for Hope (2014) What Spins the Wheel is an engaging and honest story of Len’s RAM experience. Len describes the management challenges and what he learned as he fought through the scorch of deserts and the jointwrenching cold of 11,000-foot mountain elevations, propelled by an all-volunteer team that supported him around the clock. What Spins the Wheel is a true story about fatherhood and fortitude, business grit and growth —and the power of combining the right mission with the right team to help others. Len has been asked to share these lessons in speeches across the United States. He has appeared on CNN Anderson Cooper, Fox and Friends, Wharton Sirius XMRadio and Baltimore/Washington DC affiliates of ABC, FOX and NBC.

Profits from the sale of his book are donated to support Hopecam’s work connecting children with cancer with their friends at school. In addition to his writing and speaking, Len Forkas is the founder and President of Milestone Communications, which develops wireless towers in the Mid-Atlantic and is based in Reston, Virginia. Copies of ‘What Spins the Wheel’ may be purchased through Scrawl Books in Reston Town Center or online.



A Conversation


Rachel Wood Owner, Scrawl Books Reston

Q Are you from the area? A

I grew up in Ohio and have lived in Iowa, Minnesota, Indiana, and Charlottesville, Virginia. We moved to Reston twelve years ago. We came to the area for my husband Stephen’s job.

How long have you been a ‘book’ person? I started reading on my own when I was four. I had a bookcase in my room with the books carefully arranged in alphabetical order. I read a lot, especially science books. I had a summer job at a bookstore when I was in college.

What made you decide to open an independent book store? When we moved to Reston, there were three bookstores here, Reston’s Used Bookstore, plus Books a Million and Barnes and Noble. I thought maybe if one of the larger bookstores closed, I might consider opening a children’s bookstore. When both chains closed, the Reston indie bookstore dream became something I knew I had to do.

What career field were you in before opening the store? I was a public librarian. I’ll always be a children’s librarian at heart.

How has the internet changed book shopping? Social media makes it easier for people to share what they’re reading with their friends and connect with authors, publishers, and other readers. They can see everything that’s available, and what’s coming out. We stay on top of the newest releases and our website

lets people pre-order books as well as see what’s on our shelves now and what we can get in quickly. We offer free local delivery and work with local schools to make sure we have required reading on hand.

Do you offer events and reading/book clubs? We have a packed schedule of author readings, book clubs, and storytimes at the store. We also get out into the community meeting authors at libraries and schools, and doing book fairs. Independent Bookstore Day in April, and Small Business Saturday in November are the biggest days of the year for us, and we fill the day with local authors and fun events.

Why do you think independent book stores have become popular again? People are looking for community connection and a change from the chains. We choose books that speak to our readers that reflect the diversity of the world and that offer new ideas and windows into the inner lives of others.

What are a few of your favorite books? Some of my all-time favorites are A Wrinkle in Time, Middlemarch, Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi, Meg Medina’s Burn Baby Burn. I love historical fiction and I love children’s books.


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Banish the Winter Blues with Massage Around this time of year many people like myself are experiencing the winter blues. While symptoms vary in degree, the winter blues are generally characterized by depressed mood and low energy levels, often accompanied by mild anxiety as well as disrupted sleep patterns. While not a cure, massage therapy can help support people who experience these symptoms and more. Research has shown that massage can help to: • Improve mood

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you’ve always wanted!


In addition to weekly runs, Reston Runners programs include: ø Hosted in April ÷ Runners Marathon of Reston— features a full 26.2 mile marathon, a half marathon, a 4-person marathon relay and a 2-person half marathon relay. The race has drawn runners from more than 20 states. Registration is open for the April 7, 2019 race! ø Begins in April ÷ Women’s Training Program— Program is geared towards Women’s Beginning Fitness through Advanced Beginner. The program ends with the popular Seize The Day 5K. ø Begins in June ÷ Interval Training Program— Helps runners develop speed, strength, and cardiovascular fitness. ø Begins in July ÷ 10 Weeks to 10K— Men’s and women’s training program that helps runners or run/walk athletes move from 5K distance to 10K or 10 mile race distances and/or improve speed. ø Summer Program ÷ Youth in Motion— Promotes running and fitness for children ages 4 to 13 years old. The program provides coach-supervised and agegraded fitness/running activities and culminates in a race and party. The program has been recognized as the best youth running program in the country by the Road Runners Club of America. 28

Encouraging Fitness Reston Runners is a community of runners and walkers of all levels and abilities. The club started in 1980 with local runners hosting a running clinic focused on women and children, and presently numbers over 800 members. The club offers numerous year-round and seasonal programs led by experienced coaches. There are frequent social events, and members value the friendships they form and camaraderie they share with other fitness-minded individuals. The core of the program is the year-round Weekly Run and Walk Schedule, featuring routes on various Reston courses. There are Saturday am 5-mile runs/3-mile walks and Sunday am 10-mile runs/3-6 mile walks that attract between 20-60 participants with highest attendance on Saturday. Smaller groups meet on Tuesday mornings and evenings and Thursday evenings. Meeting locations and times, maps and course directions can be found on the Reston Runners website. There is a small annual membership fee, however non-members are welcome to join the weekly runs. Reston Runners gives back to our community through the Reston Runners Community Fund, a fund used to grant scholarships and donations to local students, schools and community organizations. The Club has also adopted a section of the W&OD trail, and performs periodic litter pick-ups. Make friends! Have Fun! Increase Fitness with Reston Runners!



WORLD-CLASS PERSONAL TRAINING Amazing specials and packages available! ED LIMIT FFER! O E M I T



Designed to get you moving, shaking and burning in every way imaginable.


ALL VISITS TO THE CLUB INCLUDE VALIDATED PARKING. Free Pass valid for 3 days from activation date. Must be first time guest. 18 years or older and a local resident please. Offer good at Reston Town Center location only, please. Other restrictions may apply.




11951 Freedom Dr • Reston, VA 20190


In the fall of 1991, several gay men living in the Reston area came up with the idea to create a social group that would bring gay men and women together “out in the suburbs.” In December of that same year, they organized the first Holiday party to gauge community interest and over 80 people attended! The initial name of the group was “Suburbanites United” but 4 months later the name was changed to the “Dulles Triangles” and has been so ever since.

One of the largest all-social and nonpolitical LGBTQ groups in the DMV, 28 years later the group has grown to an organization with a Board, weekly happy hours, and seven main events throughout the year consisting of picnics, pool parties, and Halloween and Holiday events. Additionally, members sponsor smaller events that can include pretty much anything someone has an interest in. These range from camping trips, theme parks, movie nights, hiking, bar nights and more.

Dulles Triangles hosts a weekly happy hour at the Reston Sheraton (11810 Sunrise Valley Drive) every Thursday night (except holidays) from 7 p m to 9pm in the Cosmopolitan Lounge. It’s free and open to anyone. www.


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Do you suffer from severe acne scarring, deep wrinkles, sun damage, age spots or discoloration? Then the CO2 laser might be right for you. The CO2 laser is the gold standard for facial resurfacing. Newer fraxel technology allows less down time, with easier recovery time. Results are significant after just one single treatment. The CO2 laser requires fewer treatments than other ablative lasers on the market. Call our office today to see if you are a good candidate for the CO2 Laser.

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Other Medical Procedures include: Comprehensive skin exams • Skin cancer treatment Biopsies • FIT test (Food Inflammation Test). Treatment for conditions including Hair loss, Acne (Accutane), Rosacea, Psoriasis, Eczema, Wart removal, Nail fungus, and Dry scalp

Cosmetic procedures include: Fillers, Kybella, Botox, and a variety of Laser Treatments

703-437-7744 The American Academy of Dermatology recommends annual skin exams to prevent skin cancers.

WE MOVED! We are on the corner of Sunset Hills Road and Metro Center Drive! 1886 Metro Center Drive, Suite 650, Reston, VA 20190 / / 30


Dr. Roopa Gulati-Rao

Dr. Sandhya Pal

SAME DAY CROWNS In the past several years, new dental advances have changed the way that dental care is delivered. This is great news for patients and dentist alike. Chief among these new technologies is 3D milling. Over the past several years, Cerec 3D milling has quickly become the preferred method that dentists use to actually make crowns in one visit. No more sending them off to the lab and delivering your crown at the next visit. The result is that patients can be diagnosed and treated with their new crown on the same day.

Gentle care is our art and giving you a comfortable experience is our passion. General Dentistry • Same Day Crowns Implants • Cosmetic Dentistry • Invisalign Sedation Dentistry

Not every dentist has this technology; in fact, less than 15% have the ability to mill crowns in their office while you wait. Make sure your dentist is using the most modern technologies to improve your dental experience. WE MOVED! ...Just around the corner

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Making new Friends in the Reston area CONTRIBUTOR: Danielle Watson, The Danielle Daily

Single? Looking to get out of the house and involved in new adventures? Try joining one of the many Reston based social groups! Many people are hesitant to attend Meetups because they confuse a Meetup with the term hookup, however isn’t a dating website. Meetups are simply about creating community by connecting people with common interests. Sure, some Meetups (like NOVA Singles) are organized to help singles meet other singles. When you go to, you will find Meetups organized around dating are easy to identify. However, if you’re not ready to date or just looking to meet people who share your interests, you’re sure to find a Meetup for that where local couples and singles alike want to spend their time doing the same things you do! If you’re looking for fitness friends, how about joining the Reston Runners ( at one of their weekly run/walks? Are you a Maker? Join NOVA Makers Meetup group, located in Isaac Newton Square, Reston for crafting, gaming, socializing and more ( Enjoy dance? Check out the weekly Reston/Herndon Swing Dance Meetup. Movie fan? Reston Cinema Sociables meets each Tuesday for HH and a movie in Reston Town Center. Parlez vous francais? The French Conversation group meets on Wednesday evenings twice a month at La Madeleine, Spectrum Center. Interested in making friends while volunteering? Check out the Reston based Barbera Foundation meetup ( Over 50? Meet other baby boomers at the Reston Explorers 50+ group! As you can see, there are many things to do in Reston, and the activities are a lot more fun if you have someone to do them with. If you’re single and want to meet new friends and enjoy more adventures—take the initiative, get out of your comfort zone, and try some different things. You’ll be glad you did! Meetups provide a great way to meet people and create lasting relationships while enjoying experiences near and far. Go to to view all the Meetup groups and events happening in the Reston/Herndon area. Single doesn’t mean alone. Have fun!

The Danielle Daily is the host of The Suddenly Single Show: The inspirational podcast for people who find themselves Suddenly Single. 32


Your Smile ...  priceless!


Serving Reston for over 29 years!

Marcus Dental Care 703-435-3030

1875 Campus Commons Drive, Ste 202 Reston, VA 20191 WINTER/SPRING 2019 33


Making an IMPACT Galvin Morris Galvin Morris recalls that as a child growing up in Reston, what he enjoyed most are the people he befriended and emulated. “I am so fortunate,” he says, “for the people I met then and know today.” Galvin has shown his appreciation by returning to Reston after graduating from college with a degree in special education to teach for the past 22 years at his alma mater, South Lakes High School (Class of 1990), the place where so many friends and role models emerged for him. “I was extremely fortunate to have people in my life who guided me along the way,” Galvin says. “It taught me to always remember where you came from, and that has stuck with me.”

memories: “Hanging out at Hunters Woods Plaza; Just Like Mom’s Bakery; Fritzbe’s Restaurant; playing football, baseball, and basketball as a kid and at the high school; and, of course, seeing my boy Grant Hill play ball.”

Galvin now returns that good fortune as an instructor in South Lakes High School’s unique Secondary Transition to Employment Program (STEP), a post-graduate initiative that helps special needs students aged 18 to 22 with “their life skills, like developing resumes, doing internships, applying for apartments, getting insurance, opening bank accounts, and more,” Galvin says.

During his many years as a student and teacher at SLHS, Galvin says he has seen numerous changes, some of which concern him as he thinks about his students: “In today’s society, with social media, kids can easily steer off in the wrong direction. Once you send that text, tweet, Facebook message, etc., it’s out there, and you can’t get it back.”

He and five other teachers spend their days with the STEP students who check in at SLHS and then leave at 8:45 AM to go to various sites often with Galvin and/or another instructor accompanying them. At 2:45 PM, students and instructors return and review what has been learned that day and plan essential follow-up activities.

To counter those potential problems, Galvin urges students and adults alike to make their own positive impact: “I would say, get into coaching or, if you have the time, volunteer at the school or at the Reston Community Center...anything that deals with kids. Be that role had them as a kid, now YOU be a role model, to a young man or young woman.”

The big message Galvin hopes to convey to his students is “If you’re passionate about something, regardless of what it is... do not let anyone burst your bubble.” As a child, Galvin lived in various Reston clusters, and he treasures many fond


CONTRIBUTOR: Chuck Cascio, author of The Fire Escape Stories, Volumes I, II & III. For more information on Chuck, visit



Home Organization Solutions Purposeful transformation of your home Whether it’s adding a custom closet to organize your wardrobe, a garage system for your passions, a useful pantry, or a tidy and productive home office, we work with homeowners to build solutions that allow them to take command of their household.

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Good Eats Reston

Big Bowl Asian Kitchen – $$ 11915 Democracy Drive, Reston

Panera Bread – $ 1825 Discovery Street, Reston

Great China – $ 1484 N. Point Village Center, Reston

Penn Station East Coast Subs – $ 11652 Plaza America Drive, Reston

Hibiscus Thai – $$ 11790 A Baron Cameron Ave, Reston

Pica Deli – $ 11864 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston

House of Mandarin – $ 2303B Soapstone Drive, Reston

Pollo Peru Restaurant – $ 1675D Reston Parkway, Reston

Founding Farmers – $$-$$$ 1904 Reston Metro Plaza, Reston

Hunan Cafe VII – $ 2254 Hunters Woods Plaza, Reston

Glory Days Grill – $$ 1420 N. Point Village Center, Reston Fox Mill Shopping Center, Herndon

J-Petal – $-$$ 2260 Hunters Woods Plaza, Reston

Potbelly Sandwich Works – $ 12150 Sunset Hills Road, Reston 11919A Freedom Drive, Reston

AMERICAN American Tap Room – $$-$$$ 1811 Library Street, Reston Clyde’s of Reston – $$-$$$ 11905 Market Street, Reston Cooper’s Hawk Winery & Restaurant – $$-$$$ 12310A Sunset Hills Road, Reston

Jacksons Mighty Fine Foods – $$-$$$ 11927 Democracy Drive, Reston

Lakeside Asia Café – $$ 11130 J South Lakes Drive, Reston

Mortons Steakhouse – $$$-$$$$ 11956 Market Street, Reston

La Ong Thai – $$ 2521 John Milton Drive, Herndon Please see our display ad on p.43

Not Your Average Joe’s – $$-$$$ 1845 Fountain Drive, Reston

Nikko Sushi & Hibachi – $$ 11730 Plaza America Drive, Reston

Outback Steakhouse – $$ 150 Elden Street, Herndon Please see our display ad on p.39

PokeHub – $-$$ 11990 Market Street, Reston

Red’s Table – $$-$$$ 11150 South Lakes Drive, Reston

Singh Thai – $$ 1633 Washington Plaza N. Reston CAFÉ/DELI

Sully’s Pour House – $$-$$$ 754 Elden Street, Herndon Please see our display ad on p.43

Brown Bag – $ 11692 Plaza America Drive, Reston

Tasting Room Wine Bar – $$ 1816 Library Street, Reston

Einstein Brothers Bagels – $ 1825 Fountain Drive, Reston

Tavern 64 – $$$ 1800 Presidents Street, Reston

Community Canteen – $ 11950 Democracy Drive, Reston

Ted’s Bulletin – $$ 11948 Market Street, Reston

Honey Baked Ham & Cafe – $-$$ 1480 N. Point Village Ctr, Reston Please see our display ad on p.39

Vinifera Wine Bar & Bistro – $$$ 11750 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston

King Pollo – $ 2254G Hunters Woods Plaza, Reston

Crafthouse – $$ 1888 Explorer Street, Reston

Le Pain Quotidien – $-$$ 11909 Democracy Drive, Reston


Mezeh Mediterranean Grill – $-$$ 12120 Sunset Hills Road, Reston

Ariake – $$ 12184 Glade Drive, Reston Bento House – $-$$ 11790 Baron Cameron Ave, Reston



Midtown Kabob – $ 1862 Explorer Street, Reston

Santini’s NY Style Deli – $-$$ 11804 Baron Cameron Ave, Reston Sweet Leaf – $ 1908 Reston Metro Plaza, Reston sweetgreen – $ 11935 Democracy Drive, Reston CASUAL Boston Market – $ 1492 N. Point Village Center, Reston BGR the Burger Joint – $ 12100 Sunset Hills Road, Reston Buffalo Wing Factory & Pub – $$ 2260D Hunters Woods Plaza, Reston CAVA – $ 1815 Fountain Drive, Reston Counter, The – $$ 11922 Democracy Drive, Reston Five Guys Reston – $-$$ 11674 Plaza America Drive, Reston honeygrow – $-$$ 12100 Sunset Hills Road, Reston Lake Anne Coffee House & Wine Bar – $-$$ 1612 Washington Plaza N, Reston Mason’s Famous Lobster Rolls – $$-$$$ 11939 Democracy Drive, Reston Nando’s PERi PERi – $-$$ 12120 Sunset Hills Road, Reston Noodles & Company – $ 11648 Plaza America Drive, Reston Silver Diner – $-$$ 11951 Killingsworth Avenue, Reston


Willard’s Real Pit BBQ – $-$$ 11790 Baron Cameron Ave, Reston

Tacos & More – $ 1810 Michael Faraday Drive, Reston

Zoe’s Kitchen – $ 11690 Plaza America Drive, Reston

Uncle Julio’s – $$ 1827 Library Street, Reston



Cafe Montmartre – $$ 1625 Washington Plaza N., Reston

&pizza – $ 1826 Library Street, Reston

La Madeleine – $-$$ 1833 Fountain Drive, Reston

Domino’s Pizza – $ 2303 Soapstone Drive, Reston

Melting Pot Restaurant – $$-$$$ 11730 Plaza America Drive, Reston

Flippin Pizza – $-$$ 11130 South Lakes Drive, Reston

Mon Ami Gabi – $$$ 11950 Democracy Drive, Reston

Jerry’s Subs & Pizza – $ 1432 N. Point Village Center, Reston


LEDO Pizza – $ 2254 Hunters Woods Plaza, Reston

Kalypso’s Sports Tavern – $$ 1617 Washington Plaza N, Reston Please see our display ad on p.41 INDIAN Pista House – $$ 2316 Hunters Woods Plaza, Reston ITALIAN cafesano – $$ 11130M South Lakes Drive, Reston Carrabba’s Italian Grill – $$ 12192 Sunset Hills Road, Reston Please see our display ad on p.42 Gregorio’s Trattoria – $$ 1428 N. Point Village Center, Reston Vapiano – $$ 1875 Explorer Street, Reston

MOD Pizza – $ 11642 Plaza America Drive, Reston Paisano’s Pizza – $ 12050 North Shore Drive, Reston Pizza Boli – $ 1675M Reston Parkway, Reston Pizza Hut – $ 1821 Wiehle Avenue, Reston SEAFOOD McCormick & Schmick’s – $$$ 11920 Democracy Drive, Reston Passion Fish – $$$-$$$$ 11960 Democracy Drive, Reston SPANISH Barcelona – $$-$$$ 12023 Town Square Street, Reston

MEXICAN/SOUTHWEST Bartaco – $$ 12023 Town Square Street, Reston California Tortilla – $ 1470 N. Point Village Center, Reston Chipotle Mexican Grill – $ 11913 Freedom Drive, Reston 12150 Sunset Hills Road, Reston 11160 South Lakes Drive, Reston On the Border – $$ 11880 Spectrum Center, Reston

Restaurant list is for informational purposes only based on our current database information. We advise readers to visit restaurant website for additional information, changes, menu pricing, closings or other. Some restaurants offer multiple cuisines not indicated here. If your Reston restaurant has changes to this information or would like to be added, please contact us.


Local Charity marks 15 years of Giving HOPE CONTRIBUTOR: Victoria Stuppy 2019 marks the 15th anniversary of Reston based Giving Circle of HOPE. To think it all began with a yard sale to benefit one Reston family and has grown to over $1.25 million dollars granted to 63 local nonprofits with 148 grants invested in Northern Virginia since 2004. The founders—Joan Kasprowicz, Diana Katz, Mary Narayan and Linda Strup—had such a good time working to raise money for the family that they decided to do something more permanent. At the time, giving circles were becoming a national movement, and they realized it would be perfect for the Reston community. They paired collective giving with hands-on service and the local Giving Circle of HOPE was born. Giving Circle of HOPE is an all-volunteer, collective giving organization. All contributions go directly to funding grants selected, reviewed and voted on by the membership. Made up of residents from Reston and the surrounding areas, it’s all about neighbors coming together. For those that aren’t familiar, a giving circle is a form of participatory philanthropy where groups of individuals donate their own money or time to a pooled fund, decide together where to give funds away to charity or community projects and, in so doing, seek to increase their awareness of and engagement in the issues covered by the charity or community project. One of the key events Giving Circle of HOPE hosts is the annual Empty Bowls fundraiser which will again be held at Floris United Methodist Church on April 26, 2019 from 5:30 to 8 PM. For the 12th consecutive year, volunteers, artisans and local businesses will join to make this a stand-out community event. As a major fundraiser for Food for Others, Empty Bowls raises awareness that thousands of our neighbors face empty bowls throughout the year. Empty Bowls is an international project started in 1990 as a way to fight hunger, personalized by artists and organizations at the community level. Locally, this event has raised more than $300,000 for the working poor who are unable to make ends meet and need to supplement their inadequate food supplies. For a donation of $25, guests enjoy an evening of fellowship and an array of chowders and soups, wholesome breads and dessert cakes donated by local businesses and take home a uniquelydesigned artisan bowl. 100% of the ticket price goes to Food for Others, one of the largest food pantries in Northern Virginia serving 400-600 families every day. 38


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Bloomin Onion or Cheese Fries

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150 Elden Street Herndon 703-318-0999

Make any spring occasion a special one!


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Valid through 5/31/19. Only valid at participating retail locations. Must present coupon at time of purchase to receive offer. May not be combined with any other offer. One coupon per person, per visit. While supplies last. No cash value. Valid on purchase only. Not valid on gift card or gift certificate purchases.


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half boneless ham or turkey breast



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lunch combo: sandwich, chips & drink

Valid through 5/31/19. Only valid at participating retail locations. Must present coupon at time of purchase to receive offer. May not be combined with any other offer. One coupon per person, per visit. While supplies last. No cash value. Valid on purchase only. Not valid on gift card or gift certificate purchases.

Valid through 5/31/19. Only valid at participating retail locations. Must present coupon at time of purchase to receive offer. May not be combined with any other offer. One coupon per person, per visit. While supplies last. No cash value. Valid on purchase only. Not valid on gift card or gift certificate purchases.

Reston • 1480 North Point Village Ctr. • 703-733-3860 • Visit WINTER/SPRING 2019 39

Everyone is a little Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, so don your green and celebrate Irish heritage! St. Patrick’s Day occurs on March 17 in observance of the death of St. Patrick (c., A.D. 461), the patron saint of Ireland. This year, St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Sunday, and there’s no need to travel to the Emerald Isle to experience Irish culture. You can find traditional Irish food, drinks, music, and dancing all around the Reston area. Mark your calendars now!

St. Patrick’s Day Social

RCC Hunters Woods and Reston Association will be hosting a traditional Irish lunch and entertainment from 12-2:30PM on March 13. Bring a friend and wear your best Irish-themed attire to win the Best-Dressed contest. FEE. Ages 18+.

Kalypso’s Sports Tavern

5 Things You Might Not Know About St. Patrick’s Day 1. The Shamrock is not the symbol of Ireland The Irish harp is the official emblem of Ireland, and is used on coins, passports, and official seals.

Enjoy traditional Irish cuisine and festivities at Kalypso’s the whole 2. Legend says St. Patrick drove all the snakes from Ireland weekend. The menu features Corned Beef & Cabbage, Guiness There is no evidence of snakes ever existing in Lamb Irish Stew, Shepherd’s Pie, and other classics, as well as your Ireland. Modern scholars believe the “snakes” St. Patrick drove away were metaphorical. favorite Irish beverages. Bring the family to Lake Anne Plaza for Irish-inspired activities, including games, face painting, and Irish 3. The Shamrock was used to teach the Dance demonstrations at 4PM. As you dine, DJ Cris Panic will be Holy Trinity playing Irish Tunes from 12-7PM, and then Reston’s own Sam Saint Patrick used the three-leafed plant to teach the Holy Trinity when he was first introducing Gunderson & Cactus Groove playing blues and rock from Christianity to Ireland. 8PM-12AM.

Sully’s Pour House

4. “Sláinte” [SLAHN-chə] translates as “Health”

This Irish Gaelic word is commonly used as a St. Pat’s Day specials run the week leading up to March 17, with drinking toast in Ireland. It can be heard live music starting Friday, March 15. On Sunday, come in at 7AM throughout the pubs on St. Patrick’s Day. for a traditional Irish Breakfast. Early diners can win St. Patrick’s 5. Corned Beef & Cabbage is a popular Day prizes and receive free t-shirts. The Irish menu continues meal made on St. Patrick’s Day through lunch and dinner with an entertainment lineup, including There is no corn in Corned Beef. The name refers a variety of live bands and step dancers, that will keep your toes to the large grains of salt historically used to cure meats, which were also known as “corns.” tapping all day.

Irish Dancing at Reston Library

The Foley Academy Irish Dancers of Reston will perform at Reston Library on Saturday, March 16 from 12-1PM. More St. Patrick’s Day celebrations This free family event also includes a short lesson for the around Reston audience. Learn to jig with Foley Academy! Clydes of Reston - Ned’s Irish Sports Pub, Herndon - P.J. Mulligans, Herndon - Lucky Leprechaun 5K Paddy Barry’s, Tysons Corner - “Run Like a Leprechaun” in the annual Lucky Leprechaun The Old Brogue, Great Falls - 5K at Reston Town Center at 8AM on Sunday, March 17. Participants dress in festive St. Patrick’s Day outfits. Pre-registered runners receive race swag and a medal. Also, there is a free Kids Fun Run at 9AM. Afterward, enjoy tasty refreshments, music, Contributor: and great awards. Shannon Foley Dilles Reston Resident & Owner of Foley Academy of Irish Dance



Team Trivia - Tuesdays Karaoke - Wednesdays Free Salsa Lessons - Thursdays Live Music - Fridays Karaoke- Saturdays Brunch - Saturdays & Sundays

Kalypso’s Caters: Corporate Events (Happy Hours & Presentations) Holiday Parties & Small Party Private Dining Wedding Rehearsals & Receptions Off-site or On-site at our beautiful Lake Anne location

There’s always something happening at Kalypso’s St. Patrick’s Day Weekend

Valentine’s Day Weekend

Foley Academy of Irish Dance Performing Saturday & Sunday

Feb. 14th - Feb. 16th

DJ Cris Panic - Sunday 12pm-7pm

SAM GUNDERSON & The Cactus Groove

Mardis Gras Party March 5 Traditional Greek Easter Lamb April 21 & April 28

Sunday 8pm-12am


ONE FREE LUNCH OR DINNER ENTREE when a second LUNCH OR DINNER ENTREE of equal or greater value is purchased Up to $15 Maximum Discount

May not be combined with other offers - Max 1 coupon per table (DINE-IN ONLY) Must present coupon Mon - Thur only - Expires April 30, 2019 WINTER/SPRING 2019 41

Ciao and welcome to Carrabba’s Italian Grill where you can enjoy a casual dinner in a warm, festive atmosphere. Discover a variety of fresh, handmade Italian dishes cooked to order in our lively kitchen.

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OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK – PLENTY OF FREE PARKING! Catering | Private Dining available | Carside Carry-Out | Call-Ahead Seating Gluten-Free Menu | Amici Member Club | Happy Hour Specials | Wine Dinners Carrabba’s Italian Grill • 12192 Sunset Hills Road, Reston

703-464-7909 •



703-429-4056 Fox Mill Shopping Center 2521 John Milton Drive, Herndon, VA

Friendly Service, Authentic Thai, Modern Décor

20% off one entrée dine in or carry out (Monday – Thursday)

May not be combined with any other offer. Expires April 30, 2019. Must present coupon. Two per party.


We Care About Your Trees... Did you know that an attractive landscape with healthy trees and shrubs can account for as much as 20% of a home’s property value? Whether you are protecting your investment, improving your property value, or planting a tree for someone special, call The Care of Trees to help ensure long and healthy lives for your trees and shrubs.

TREE TIPS · Inspect Your Landscape: Prune away dead, diseased or unsafe, weak branches. · Deep-Root Fertilization of trees and shrubs provides the nutrients needed to deter insects and diseases, promoting overall health.



Tree and Shrub Pruning • Insect and Disease Management SoilCareSM - Our Organic Soil and Root Management Program Fertilization and Nutrient Management Programs • Cabling and Bracing 44



‘Raised Reston!’

SUSAN (HYMAN) SATHER One of Reston founder, Robert E. Simon’s original goals was, ‘That it be possible for anyone to remain in a single neighborhood throughout his life, uprooting being neither inevitable nor always desirable.’ Susan (Hyman) Sather is an example of how well this concept can work.

Front row L-R: Violet, Susan, Lilly Back row L-R: Alec, Bill, Kyle

Susan’s parents purchased their home, designed by renowned Reston architect, Ken Bonner, on Drop Forge Lane in 1968 when Susan was one year old. She was raised there with her sister and brother.

It was an idyllic childhood in the way that many Reston childhoods were; children from the neighborhood hanging out and playing games long into the evening. Days were spent exploring the woods, swimming at the local pools and riding bikes along the trails. Susan attended Hunters Woods Cooperative Preschool, founded by her mother, Janet Hyman, then continued through the Reston tier schools, graduating from SLHS in 1985. After leaving for a short period, Susan returned to Reston, living near Lake Anne for a time and then Herndon. After getting married in 1990, Susan and her husband, Bill moved to Chantilly, then Manassas after welcoming their first child, Kyle. As Kyle approached preschool age, the young family was drawn back to Reston and the preschool that Susan had attended. The only concern was that they owned a house in Prince William County and thought it would be too expensive to move back. Susan’s parents offered to let them move in with them so their son could attend Hunters Wood Cooperative Preschool and allow time for her husband to finish his education with lower living expenses. It seemed like an ideal, temporary solution, one that would get them through a couple of years. That was over 20 years ago! The multi-generational family continues to enjoy their lives and each other in their Drop Forge Lane home. In that time, the home has nearly tripled in size, having gone through 14 renovation projects (2 designed by Ken Bonner, Jr.) as the family grew to 4 children and 4 adults. Two of the children have since moved on, and the most recent home addition created a second master suite so each couple has their own private space. Through the years, Susan has been very involved in the community as a Girl Scout leader, a PTA President and on the Board of Herndon-Reston FISH (Friendly Instant Sympathetic Help). The FISH organization is very important to Susan and her family, and her current mission is to attract fresh volunteers to FISH as many of the current volunteers are retiring and moving away. Seeing the vision that Robert E. Simon had for Reston come vividly alive with this wonderful family is heartwarming. I know that Mr. Simon would look fondly on the many years of cooperative family living! 46

Do you want to share your ‘Raised Reston’ story? Contact Holly at

CONTRIBUTOR: Holly Weatherwax Reston resident since 1970 Momentum Realty Real Estate agent


COLD WEATHER HOME TIP Does your house feel drafty? Outlets are a big source of cold air leaks. Use a combination of electrical outlet insulation under the outlet plate (available at home improvement stores) and child safety plugs to keep the cold air from getting in to your home this winter.

MOVING YOUR DREAMS FORWARD Helping you move to the next chapter HOLLY WEATHERWAX,


A Great Real Estate Experience My philosophy is simple. I work hard to make sure that your effort to buy or sell a home is a success!


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Serving the Reston area for over 27 years, Trademasters offers exceptional services in heating, air conditioning and plumbing! Our priority is to provide excellent customer service while keeping your family in maximum comfort! Ask about our Mission Program and how we give money to a charitable organization or school of your choice when you purchase a qualifying service! Restrictions may apply—please call for details. Call Now!


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*Our Energy Saver Agreement (ESA) provides one spring inspection and one fall inspection, exclusive discounts, priority scheduling & more! Online Scheduling Available! |



Envision. Design. Build. Enjoy. Turn Your Vision into Reality Home Remodeling: From Concept to Construction Denny + Gardner has earned its reputation as a top remodeler in Northern Virgina through integrity, craftsmanship and respect for our customers.

• Familiar with all Reston home styles • Reston Family Owned & Operated • Over 40 years of local experience

As Reston natives, we understand the Design Review Board regulations. We help you navigate through DRB and your Association to ensure your remodel is completed 'in code' and on time.

We manage every aspect of your home renovation, from generating creative designs to finishing touches. No detail is too small to escape our attention. Contact us today for a free consultation.

571.220.1628 | Denny + Gardner Chrysalis Award Winner As seen in Home and Garden Magazine



Recent Market Activity in Reston

Top 20% of Sales Agents for Coldwell Banker in the Greater Washington DC metro area.




11529 Wild Hawthorn Ct



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(c) 2018 All Rights Reserved. Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage fully supports tje principles of the Fair Housing act and the equal Opportunity Act. Operated by a subsidiary of NRT LLC. Coldwell Banker and the Coldwell Banker Logo are registered service marks owned by Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC.

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Service done right the first time at a fair price! Every job is backed by Marines Plumbing’s two-year warranty on services, with a lifetime waranty on craftsmanship.

Plumbing Repair Water Heaters Garbage Disposals Valves Sump Pumps

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Service fee ONLY $30.00 Service fee waived if service is performed on the same visit.

“When you call Marines Plumbing, your project will be done right each time, every time, all the time. We know what services is!” Ray Toz, Owner/USMC Veteran

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Winter/Spring Real Estate Market The holidays are over and Reston is preparing for the Spring real estate market. Housing inventory is low and many buyers are anxiously waiting for the right home. Absent an influx of homes for sale, waiting will surely carry a heavy price tag with both home values and interest rates increasing steadily for the foreseeable future.

Closed Sales: 1,311 homes sold in Reston last year. That represents about 5% of the available housing units. We have seen more closed sales year-over-year for the past five years.

Home Type Sold: Let’s break that down further to see how many of each home type sold last year. The most popular type of home sold in Reston was the Townhome (Yellow) at 42%. The next most popular home type was the Condo (Green) at 38%. The remaining 20% was the Detached Home (Red).

Median Home Value: How much does it cost to buy one of these homes in Reston? In 2018 Detached Homes sold for about $700,000, Townhomes sold for about $450,000 and Condos sold for about $278,000. That’s approximately 5% more than 2017. Reston is comprised of many unique neighborhoods and home styles. If you would like to know how your home value compares to Reston overall, then simply contact your local Realtor. We can provide these statistics for your home and neighborhood specifically.

CONTRIBUTOR: Tim Finefrock with Keller Williams Realty Reston



What's my Reston home wor th?

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Tim’s Tips

5 Tips to sell your home for more money in 2019



1. CREATE GREAT CURB APPEAL. Make a great first impression. Clean up the yard and add seasonal flowers. It gets dark early in the Winter. Consider adding landscaping lights and leaving on exterior lights. 2. REMOVE CLUTTER. Buyers typically want more space so be sure to remove clutter inside and outside. A good rule of thumb is no more than 3 items on any surface. 3. DON’T TAKE IT PERSONAL. Buyers need to imagine themselves in your home so be sure to remove personal items. This includes personal collections, memorabilia, keepsakes and family pictures. 4. ELIMINATE ODORS. A smell can trigger memories and influence moods. It sets the tone while a buyer looks at your home. Strong odors should be eliminated at the source, not simply covered up. 5. REMEMBER TO BE FLEXIBLE. Be flexible when it comes to showings. Have an emergency plan in place for kids and pets so everyone knows what to do if a buyer shows up with little or no notice. KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY RESTON

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DOING GOOD MADE MORE POSSIBLE Living in Reston, you may have volunteered or participated in the Reston Sprint Triathlon, Amy’s Amigos Be AMYazing! Reston Youth Triathlon, or the Reston Superhero Splash and Dash. Perhaps you have heard the buzz about Kids of Reston, attended a festival run by the Friends of Lake Anne, or have seen the Swim Team Dads in action in our community. What you may not have realized is that these groups are all fueled and sponsored by CORE Foundation, a Reston based 501(c)3, entering its 14th year of helping others to be the change they want to see in the world. CORE Foundation launched by Restonian, Doug Bushée, enables an individual or group with a big idea, sometimes called a social entrepreneur, to “do good” through the CORE Cause model. The CORE Cause model currently includes supporting cancer research, veterans, the homeless and providing athletic opportunities for at-risk youth. Many people are familiar with the famous quote, attributed to Mahatma Gandhi: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Doug recognized that this can be easier said than done. Doing good can come at a financial cost, and there are blind spots in the process. Launching a 501(c)3 could cost upwards of $5,000 minimally for operational and set-up costs along with many hours of paperwork. CORE Foundation takes the administrative burden off of the social entrepreneur so that they can focus on making a difference. Under the CORE Cause model, the Foundation serves as the backbone


and enables groups to translate ideas quickly into action. The CORE Foundation infrastructure, administrative resources, and mentoring ignite their community service project for social good. The CORE leadership team assists in incubating those big ideas and bringing them to life in a supportive environment, thus assisting the group in achieving their mission. CORE Foundation provides a number of features to each CORE Cause to enable success. These include but are not limited to: business strategy and coaching expertise, thought leadership, a professional fundraising platform, tax preparation and filing, bookkeeping, donor management tools, email management system, access to local storage facility, Google Ads advertising, liability coverage for leadership, online banking set-up, use


Taralyn Kohler and Doug Bushée

of the CORE mailbox and storage unit, and social media from CORE Foundation. CORE also encourages the Causes to participate in the President’s Volunteer Service Award program, which recognizes volunteers for their awesome personal contributions. Leslie Kane, CEO of Kids of Reston, says “CORE Foundation allowed Kids of Reston to take an idea that we had been talking about for years and turn it into reality without paperwork and politics. Within a month, we had a logo with t-shirts, banner, and vision and were carrying out our mission quickly raising $2000.00 with very little effort. We can’t wait to see what we can accomplish in 2019 with further focus.” So how does it work? After receiving a qualified CORE Cause request, CORE Foundation leadership sets up a meeting to understand the vision of that social entrepreneur or social problem that the group hopes to address. Once approved as a CORE Cause, Mary Cackling, CORE’s Operations Director, works with the Cause’s leadership to onboard and integrate them into CORE Foundation’s infrastructure. This ensures the chance of success.

Each CORE Cause runs their organization as a mini non-profit with its own leadership structure. John Brennan, founding member of the Swim Team Dads, a group of dads that combine fitness, friendship, and philanthropy, says “Without Core Foundation’s Core Cause model the Swim Team Dads would never have had the inspiration and direction to start our little foundation here in Reston. The guidance and leadership from Doug, along with the support and encouragement from Tara and Mary has made the setup and initial stages quite smooth. We always wondered “What if..”, but Core Cause made it a reality in 2018!” To date, the Foundation has given back more than $650,000 to those who need it in our community to organizations such as Cornerstones, The Childhood Brain Cancer Foundation, and YMCA. The CORE Cause model works. By joining forces and talents, we can address multiple issues, develop leaders and strengthen our community which, in turn, will cause a ripple effect of goodness in Reston and beyond. CONTRIBUTOR: Taralyn Kohler, Executive Director of CORE Foundation


Step Back in Time—Colvin Run Dance Hall

According to Great Falls historical records, the Colvin Run School (now Dance Hall), at 10201 Colvin Run Road, Great Falls, was built in 1885. The original structure burned down, and the current building was built in 1908. Sometime prior to 1931, the Board of Education determined that due to low enrollment, the school building was no longer needed for educational purposes, and in 1931, a group of local citizens, under the leadership of resident, Joe Wheeler, formed Colvin Run Citizens Association, Inc., and purchased the abandoned schoolhouse property from Fairfax County at public auction for $2600.00. The Colvin Run Citizens Association became a 501(c)(3) public charity in 2010. Its mission is to preserve, maintain and manage the historical Colvin Run Dance Hall and to serve as a community center for instructional workshops in social dance and dance related activities, as well as the arts in general and for the education and betterment of area residents, visitors, and the general public. For over 86 years, the Colvin Run Citizens Association, a volunteer run organization, has remained dedicated to the preservation and upkeep of the historical Colvin Run Dance Hall. The original school bell has been kept in operating condition and is rung every New Year’s Eve.

“The floor is excellent for dancing on and the people are exceptionally warm and welcoming,” states Sommer Gentry, a regular at Colvin Run. Babs McClendon adds, “Colvin Run is a great place to dance! The beautiful large oak dance floor is great.” In addition to social ballroom, a mix of classic and contemporary West Coast swing, hustle, waltz, cha cha, rumba, country, and foxtrot are enjoyed with a DJ on Tuesdays and the second and fourth Saturdays. Recently added is a California Mix Dance on third Sundays. Argentine Tango dances are held in months with a fifth Saturday. Colvin Run Dance Hall attracts dancers from throughout the region. Dancers of all ages and levels of dance are welcome. Free dance lessons are offered prior to all dances. If you want to experience dancing in a magical, historic dance hall with a welcoming and friendly community, visit Colvin Run Dance Hall, a vintage gem that will have you swinging!

Open Dances are held at Colvin Run every Tuesday and Saturday nights year round with live dance bands playing social ballroom music on first Saturdays and DJs on third Saturdays.



Nothing is as Beautiful as Spring! Bloom to Life at Tall Oaks Assisted Living

Affordable Junior Studio Assisted Living Apartments Starting at Only $3,995!* Quality Assisted Living Care + Countless Amenities

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approx. 283 square feet









30 Y

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Call 703-834-9800 and discover just how wonderful worry-free senior living can be!

703.834.9800 12052 N. Shore Dr. Reston, VA 20190 RISING TO NEW HEIGHTS

Coordinated Services Management, Inc. Professional Management of Retirement Communities Since 1981



George Winters Passionate about Resident-Centered Care I am the Executive Director at Tall Oaks Assisted Living, Reston, VA. I started my career in senior living by accident. I was working with a company assisting individuals with special needs from 2003–2006 as the Director of Operations when they asked me to relocate to Tennessee for a Regional Director of Operations position. At that time, my wife and I had just purchased a home in Ashburn. After much discussion, I decided to pursue a position with one of the Assisted Living providers locally as an Executive Director for a small 52 bed community in Fairfax. I was hired, and once I started in this role, I was hooked. The environment was wonderful. It was and still is very rewarding both personally and professionally. Interacting with seniors in an environment they call home is both unique and challenging at the same time. Allowing people to come in and provide personal care is hard to understand until you personally go through it because we all see ourselves as being independent. After serving as the Executive Director at this community for 18 months, I was able to create a dynamic team focused on resident-centered care. The community was awarded a multi-year license and received the “Most Improved Community� for the entire company beating out over 200 communities nationwide. I was approached to relocate to a larger community in Vienna that was experiencing similar challenges with the culture and approach to resident care. This community was almost double in size and had a dedicated memory care neighborhood for seniors with dementia. I was at the Vienna community for a year before being asked to take a promotion to a Senior Executive Director position within the organization. This would allow me to visit communities throughout the state and eventually the East Coast to assist with creating a culture focusing on resident-centered care. While in this role I visited communities in Virginia, Florida, Maryland, Georgia, Louisiana, and North Carolina. Understanding the different perspective of communities operating in various states allowed me to assist residents in an expanded range.



In April 2010, I underwent a major spinal surgery and was totally incapacitated for several weeks. Being completely dependent on another person is an eye opening experience, but one that I would not take back because it gave me a personal perspective of how life is lived for residents in Assisted Living Communities. I took that experience and adapted it to my approach at work. Continuing to focus on resident-centered care with a new appreciation for the resident is something that everyone should experience. Making the experience personal and visualizing that the resident is your family member allows you to be more empathetic. A couple years passed, and I was approached by a company out of Atlanta to open new Assisted Living communities in Northern Virginia. This was one skill set that I hadn’t had the opportunity to explore, and it was exciting. I was working with contractors, inspectors from different trades, developing operating budgets, dealing with investors, and all the while still having a focus on resident-centered care. Fast forward three years—I was able to successfully open three large assisted living communities in Prince William and Loudoun County. The company then wanted me to move to Maryland to open two more communities before heading north to New Jersey. I took a hard look at my work life balance and realized that I needed to focus on my family, being a father, being home every night, and bettering myself personally. I contacted Coordinated Services Management (Management Company for Tall Oaks Assisted Living and 27 other communities in VA, MD, & DC) inquiring if there was any opportunity to work with their organization. I had worked with this provider in the past for a couple of years so I knew that it

would be a great fit again. After an extensive interview process, I was hired as the Executive Director. I started at Tall Oaks in September 2017, at which time I began to review the operations and evaluate the team at the community. When someone is creating a culture of resident-centered care, there can be growing pains along the way, but developing the management team that bought into my vision can prove even more challenging. After a year and a half, multiple changes within the management department and considerable growth, I am proud of the team in place now who places residents first. A clear understanding that we are guests in our resident’s home must be a priority. Tall Oaks prides itself on being an expert in senior care services by providing a wide range of activities not only for the residents, but the community at large as well.


100 Bird Species Recorded at Hidden Creek Country Club The 164 acres of Hidden Creek Country Club are part of Bob Simon’s vision for consolidating large tracts of open space for recreational as well as visual relief for all who pass by. It is no surprise that developers wish to build housing on this open space. Fortunately, the County stands firm that the land use designation is golf course open space. Dave Young, a volunteer birder and trip leader at Great Falls’ Riverbend Park, shares another reason to keep this open space. He has been birdwatching from his home bordering Hidden Creek for over 38 years. He considers himself fortunate to have purchased a home adjoining designated open space that provides an opportunity to do backyard birding and survey the daily avian goings-on in Reston.

Male Yellow-bellied Sapsucker

Barred Owl

Since 1980 he has recorded the birds that he has observed on, above and breeding at Hidden Creek Country Club or on his bordering property on North Shore Drive. Some birds are year-round residents and others are seasonal migrants, including flyovers who soar above on the thermals. Open spaces such as Hidden Creek CC provide a brief resting and safe cover area during these yearly migrations, which are often over distances of a thousand miles or more. It cannot be overstated how valuable this open space is as a vital stop during their migration. Most important, perhaps, are those birds that make this jewel of open space their year-round home and the neo-tropical migrants who annually travel here to breed. The tree canopies and areas along the margins of the golf course are established territory for these birds, providing essential food and cover. In his list of 100 species, Dave has indicated with an asterisk those birds that have bred here between 1980 and 2018.

Male Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Dave shared his list with Rescue Reston and our community in hope of inspiring more involvement in Reston’s winter bird count, which occurs on the first Saturday in January. He also asks the community to stand united that there be no housing on Hidden Creek so that his list does not become a historical record of what was lost. To see the complete list of 100 species, go to All photos taken in Reston by Arthur Hass, Over the last ten years Hass has photographed 105 species throughout Reston.



All Photos by Arthur Hass, Reston, VA

Pileated Woodpeckers

White-throated Sparrow

Female Belted Kingfisher Female Wild Turkey

Cedar Waxwing

Male Northern Flicker


“The demands of the modern age require new concepts in the development of new communities.” First Sentence—Reston Master Plan

The Beginning—A Master Plan

(Reston Master Plan of cluster housing)

(Village Center Concept)

(Village Center Concept)

Reston is known, locally and internationally, as the first successfully planned community of the 20th century in the U.S. How did Robert E. Simon Jr. create this new town from 6,750 acres of wooded farmland he purchased in Northern Virginia in 1961? Working with master planners and architects Conklin & Rossant, Bob Simon’s ideas for Reston were carefully laid out in 1962 in a 35-page document called the RESTON MASTER PLAN. This document is preserved by Reston Historic Trust & Museum along with over 3,000 additional Reston related artifacts. The Reston Master Plan covers all topics from infrastructure, water supply, transportation, educational needs, governing documents and recreational facilities including green space, trails, and cultural activities. The Reston Master Plan called for seven village centers, each serving 10,000 people projecting that 70,000 people could live in Reston by 1980. The village centers, clearly planned in written word and drawings, were laid out as dense clusters of housing interwoven with retail, schools

and walkability. Open green space and trails were prevalent. While this community design is common these days, in 1962, the concept was unique and special approvals from Fairfax County were required. Five village centers and the planned for Town Center were completed. Lake Anne Village Center was Reston’s first village center and is heavily portrayed in the Master Plan. Long time Restonians remember Lake Anne as the Reston hub for many years—a bustling area with frequent events and activities. Simon had imagined that with “modern automated technology, shorter work days and work weeks” there would be a “greater emphasis on leisure.” The Master Plan called for “parks, lakes, golf courses, and tennis courts, riding stables, and bicycle paths, archery field and countless other outdoor sport grounds… to be provided for every resident.” While technology has not necessarily led to less work, we certainly appreciate Simon’s incorporation of recreational facilities and opportunities to take advantage of these resources when time allows.

The Reston Historic Trust & Museum celebrates Robert E. Simon Jr. and his founding ideas with an annual Founder’s Day event. Join us on April 6, 2019 for the 55th Founder’s Day. In addition to family-friendly activities including performances, an art tour, children’s crafts, the new Lakeside Pharmacy icon exhibit will be unveiled. Founder’s Day is a free event presented by the Reston Historic Trust with support from Reston Community Center and co-sponsored by Reston Association and Public Art Reston. It is hosted by Lake Anne Plaza.

(Concept for Lake and location of cluster housing) 64

By Alexandra Campbell, Executive Director of the Reston Historic Trust & Museum. The Reston Historic Trust & Museum is a community organizati on that preserves the past and informs the present. The Trust offers community exhibits, archives, walking tours, and public events. AROUND RESTON MAGAZINE

It’s not just about golf courses... It’s about... ...our planned open green space ...our wildlife and walking paths ...why we chose to make Reston our home

And now it’s political... ...2019 is a critical election year for all Fairfax County Board of Supervisors ...confirm that your choices will keep the Green Open Space at Reston National and Hidden Creek golf courses ...your vote will matter - mark your calendar for 6/11 primary, 11/5 general election

Check often to learn which candidates support preserving open green space in Reston and across Fairfax County. If we exercise our power at the ballot box, we can prevent our dwindling green space from turning into this...





Dr. Laura

Just Cats Clinic Celebrates Five Years in Reston!

Dr. Amanda

By Kristin English

From the moment Just Cats Clinic opened its doors in April 2014, the Reston community embraced Dr. Elizabeth Arguelles and her vision for feline care with open arms. While not a native, Dr. Elizabeth has always admired Reston for its abundant green space, friendly community, and rich local history. When the location at Lake Anne became available— it was an easy choice to open Just Cats Clinic there. Lake Anne Plaza is the original backbone of Reston and is home to numerous women owned businesses that support community and each other. Dr. Elizabeth grew up with a love for all things feline, but it was a very special cat, Mr. Bear, who helped her decide to make caring for cats her career and lifelong passion. When Elizabeth nearly lost Mr. Bear to an incorrect medical diagnosis when he was just ten, she realized how much of a difference she could make. Making a simple diet change and taking care of his teeth allowed Mr. Bear to live nine more happy years. This experience drove Dr. Elizabeth to become a vet, focusing on feline care and opening Just Cats Clinic with the mission of helping more cats live beyond nine lives through preventive medicine and client education. Dr. Elizabeth graduated from VirginiaMaryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine in Blacksburg, Virginia. Prior to becoming a veterinarian she received an undergraduate degree in Political Science and Economics from Wellesley College. After graduation, she spent four years working with Dr. Marcus Brown at NOVA Cat Clinic in Arlington. She is grateful for his extraordinary mentorship and for the


Dr. Elizabeth

excellent staff that taught her about all things cat. When people ask why a ‘cat only’ clinic, Dr. Elizabeth explains, “Cats are unique animals and have different needs from canines. A feline only clinic means everything in the practice is designed for cats including lighting, cat shelving, places for timid patients to hide, pheromone diffusers, and longer appointment times so patients can acclimate to their new surroundings.” “But the real difference is our staff. Our team members go through extensive training and continuing education on cat behavior and low stress handling.” adds Dr. Elizabeth. “All our staff are cat lovers who share a common passion for helping cats.” Just Cats Clinic is a certified goldstandard cat friendly practice from the American Association of Feline Practitioners and certified by the American Animal Hospital Association. In five short years, Just Cats Clinic has grown to include three veterinarians, a nine member support team, and expanded services including acupuncture and laser therapy. Their luxury boarding condos are popular with cats and parents alike! Just Cats Clinic maintains partnerships with local rescue groups helping cats find forever homes. For fun, take a walk by the clinic windows and check out the cats playing in the adoption center—feel free to go in and pet them!


® ®

703.520.2702 •

A full service feline exclusive veterinary practice in Reston offering: Exam and vaccines • Disease management • Full range of diagnostics Digital X-Ray • Dental cleanings and extractions • Acupuncture • Laser Therapy Luxury Boarding • Longer appointment times and drop off appointments available Quiet and Comfortable environment • Travel Health Certificates

Why choose a ‘Cat On

ly’ clinic?

Lake Anne Plaza 1601 N. Washington Plaza Reston, Virginia 20190

»» Comfortable environm ent tailored specifical y to feline ne eds »» Veterinarians who foc us on feline health and care »» Staff who are pa ssionate about cats and understand feline sensitivities »» Quieter environment, less stress on your cat and you »» No smells and sound s of other animals »» Boarding facilities designed to meet cat specific needs

15% off first visit for a new client ®

Lake Anne Plaza 1601 N. Washington Plaza • Reston, VA 20190 703.520.2702 • *Limit one per client • may not be combined with other offers. Expires April 30, 2019. WINTER/SPRING 2019 67

Reston Rising:

Youth Volunteering in Action You don’t have to be a superhero to change someone’s life—all it takes is a big heart and a willingness to work hard. Reston is the proud home of many volunteer efforts undertaken by everyday people, and no one embodies the generosity of giving back more than 14-year-old Aaron Letteri. As a lifelong Reston resident, Aaron was raised in a climate where public service was not only encouraged, but nurtured. His projects around the community are a testament to his dedication and enthusiasm, as well as to a town that fosters such acts of goodwill. From volunteering for the CORE Foundation and raising money for the Embry Rucker Shelter, to collecting bikes and participating in fundraising efforts for the Reston Youth Triathlon, Aaron is finding ways to make a difference that are accessible to all people, no matter where they come from or what limitations they may face. All of these efforts have not necessarily been easy. Aaron attends The Lab School of Washington to accommodate for his dyslexia, and the environment that champions him there is just as crucial as the support he gets from his family and hometown. Not one to let a learning difference stop him, Aaron has embraced the challenges it can bring, and has found wisdom in the process: “I want to show people that they don’t need to have any special talent to make a difference in their community. As someone with a learning difference, I’m trying to show that everyone can help their community.” Aaron’s definition of service is inclusive and open to all people, even those with hurdles to overcome; his projects and fundraising initiatives can be carried out by anyone. Believing that you can volunteer no matter what disability or hindrance you have, Aaron’s down-to-Earth attitude comes from a deep empathy for other people. In this way, he hopes to “…inspire other people by showing that they can gain valuable life experience in helping others…the more people that volunteer, the better and closer our community will be.” Aaron seems to know, almost intrinsically, that collective compassion is the key to a healthy neighborhood. Turning obstacles into launching pads, he uses his head and his heart to turn words into action. As someone invested in and tied to his community, Aaron knows that bettering the lives of those around us starts on the ground—and in our own backyards. CONTRIBUTOR: Lauren Magnussen is a writer, researcher, and activist in Northern Virginia. She is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in English at George Mason University. 68


Award Winning Dental Care Many Dental Insurances Accepted

Gentle Laser Dennstry Trained in the care of Children with Special Needs

Dr. Rishita Jaju & Dr. Anh Dang Board CerrďŹ ed Pediatric Dennsts

(571) 350-3663 11790 Sunrise Valley Dr #105, Reston, VA 20191 WINTER/SPRING 2019 69

SUSANN GERSTEIN Serving our Community for 40 years The Lake Anne neighborhood of Reston has been the heart & soul of Bob Simon’s New Town since the plaza cornerstone was installed in 1964. And it has certainly been the center of my life since we arrived from New York forty years ago, with 2 little boys in tow, with our third son arriving a few years later. My husband and I had managed to break free from a realtor who was attempting to plant us in traditional suburban tract housing, totally disregarding our determination to explore Reston, which I had studied in college, and where my husband had often traveled for work. The very code words that this agent was using to try to persuade us to move elsewhere were the reasons we wanted to make Reston home—Bob Simon’s foundational principles of diversity and inclusion, his passionate belief in green space common areas, his dedication to miles of walking paths, community pools, tennis courts, sports fields, acres of garden plots, to public art and music, progressive schools, and to curated architecture and design. We first walked onto Lake Anne Plaza on a sunny fall afternoon in 1978. It was filled with families of every demographic. There was a charming used bookstore run by the dear Sues (Schram & Wensel) that looked like it had been there forever, but was just a year old (now run by Susie & Bud Burwell); Greater Reston Art Center in the 1st floor of Heron House. (where Reston Art Gallery now resides); a wonderful oldfashioned pharmacy & lunch counter (now New Trail Cycling studio); and a Safeway (now RCC). We realized we could live within walking distance of the elementary school and this beautiful village center—pretty important logistics for a 29-year-old mom whose vision has never been good enough to drive. We were hooked!  Within a day or two of moving in, I met new neighbors, Kathy Paolini & Margaret Johnson, and about three years later, in fall 1981, we opened small change consignments which I continue to operate today. Over time, the store became established as a neighborhood institution, spreading the gospel of recycling, winning a Best of Reston award at the first gala thrown by Reston Interfaith (now Cornerstones) and the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce in 1992 celebrating community service. This prompted me to join the Reston Interfaith Board and find more ways to help this remarkable social service non-profit, originally housed near the plaza (the food pantry & Laurel Learning Center still are). I started to become more involved on Lake Anne Plaza…taking the helm of the Merchants Committee for much of the nineties. The merchants (along with Priscilla Ames & Embry Rucker) worked to keep the tiny Carter Glass Library at Lake Anne open by marshaling students to send letters to congressman and renegotiating the



lease. We brought our Hunter Mill board supervisor to the monthly merchant meetings for a solid year, which eventually led to a public-private initiative with the Lake Anne Condominium Association, The Lake Anne Merchants Association, the Reston Association and HUD to repair the deteriorating sticks and bricks of the village center. Our small but mighty merchants committee threw its wholehearted support behind the fledgling group ‘Friends of Tomato’ that wanted to bring a farmers market to Reston which became our beloved Reston Farmers Market. The group also strongly backed the concept of a storefront museum that Sarah Larson and I put on the agenda at one of the meetings. The Reston Historic Trust & Museum ultimately launched in the old Carter Glass library, with the backing and involvement from longtime Reston stalwarts, including Chuck Veatch, Jim Cleveland, Kurt Pronske, and Bill Nicoson. My years on the boards of the Reston Museum and of Reston Interfaith, the Merchant’s Committee, and the PTA have been gratifying. However, as my partners in the shop retired (Kathy in 1989, Margaret in 2002), my focus returned full time to small change and its generations of consignors and shoppers. Many are still taking their sentimental journeys through the shop. Not a day goes by that we don’t hear a parent tell a child “I used to come here with my grandmother when I was your age.” We greatly expanded our supply of new Melissa & Doug toys, a community favorite, soon after we moved into our current location exactly 20 years ago. As many of our customers know, Doug had called us to see if we were interested in selling their first batch of wooden puzzles, and Melissa personally handled our account in those early years!  Reston is incredible and has allowed me to thrive as a small business owner. Entrepreneurial women who have wanted to create businesses and build community have always found a home on Lake Anne—and still do. I’m proud to be a part of this amazing legacy, now as a 70-year-old grandma of five and the owner of small change consignments!


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Year-Round Swim Lessons!

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Swim Lessons at Goldfish Swim School! classes and other programs for children 4 months to 12 years of age. Our swim lesson swim lessons coupled with an experience you can’t get anywhere else. Call us at 703.348.3261 to register!


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gr 8 ea 0% ts o pr ff in wi g nt in e ve r, nt or y

& a & t s! iss ys if el to g M ug fted Do cra nd ha

Tell us Your Story!

Providing upscale clothes, baby gear, hand-crafted gifts and new toys for babies through teens and mothers-to-be since 1981

LOCALS ARE READING AROUND RESTON! We share the stories of people, businesses, events and organizations around our community. Share your story!

1629 washington plaza, reston, va lake anne plaza | 703-437-7730 |

FAMILY FUN ON ICE! SkateQuest is a twin sheet indoor ice skating center in Reston. Open year round, SkateQuest has been home to recreational skaters, figure skaters, and hockey players since 1993.


April 15-19th $300


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CAMPS Come join us this summer and experience our Award Winning Performing Arts Camps! Broadway is now in your back yard! Schedule a tour today by calling (703) 787-0071 or visit us at: WWW.LOPEZSTUDIOSINC.COM


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Barrett Suzuki Music Studio Violin, Viola, Cello & Piano NOW REGISTERING

Learners of All Ages Beginning at 3 “I am pleased that you have profound understanding of my method.” —Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

Dr. Carolyn M. Barrett, Director Author of The Magic of Matsumoto: The Suzuki Method of Education

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703-631-2046 Weekly classes at Brown’s Chapel Wednesdays or Thursdays Registration open now!

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Classes for Ages Infant through 7 Years Infants, Toddlers, Preschoolers and Early Elementary



Emerging Visions at GRACE By Florence Lehr

For over 20 years, the Emerging Visions program, initially organized by the Reston Community Center (RCC), and now by the Greater Reston Arts Center (GRACE), has provided opportunities for local students to engage directly with contemporary art through a curriculum that connects a GRACE exhibition to art they create in their own classrooms. This year the program is focused on the 2018 Fall exhibition, Green is the Secret Color to Make Gold. The exhibition featured new work by DC-based artist Caitlin Teal Price who explored themes of motherhood and making. Known for her photographs of people, the artist’s newest body of work depicts arrangements of objects, primarily those collected by her young sons on walks they regularly take together, in their consideration of value and systems of classification. From the exhibit’s booklet and description by GRACE’s Executive Director and Curator Lily Siegel, “‘Green is the secret color to make gold,’ the title of [the] exhibition, is a phrase repeatedly recited by the artist’s 5-year old son to his younger brother to convince him that green should be his favorite color. Note the alchemical allusion to the possibility of the ordinary becoming extraordinary.” Emerging Visions students are using the exhibition as inspiration to create art in any medium reflecting ideas such as Self, Family, Community, Identity, or The Journey of Finding. Each grade’s curriculum was tailored to grade-specific themes which align with FCPS standards, and give students access to expanded information placing the exhibition in its art historical, social, and interdisciplinary context. For example, the kindergarten and first grade students may make collage and assemblage works based on the theme of self and family. As the grade levels progress, the themes become more complex (journey, identity, transformation, juxtaposition, etc.), and the lessons more open ended with no limitations on medium. Working directly with FCPS Art Educators, GRACE created an educator’s packet with an over-arching theme and supporting concepts to integrate into classroom curriculum at each stage of schooling, K-12. For the first time, elementary and middle schools were invited to participate, to truly represent “emerging” local artists-encouraging involvement in contemporary visual arts at the earliest stage of public education and continuing to support the art student up to graduation from high school. In addition to the three originally participating FCPS high schools: Herndon High School, Oakton High School, South Lakes High School; Emerging Visions welcomes five new schools: Dogwood Elementary School, Hunters Woods Elementary School, Hutchinson Elementary School, Rachel Carson Middle School, and Langston Hughes Middle School.



In November 2018, teachers and students were invited to view Price’s GRACE exhibition and meet the curator and artist. In February 2019, student artwork, will be selected by GRACE staff, to be exhibited as part of the Emerging Visions exhibition at Greater Reston Arts Center from March 2 to March 30, 2019. The exhibited artwork is selected based on criteria similar to other competitive art programs, such as Scholastic-originality, technical skill, personal voice, and interpretation of the theme. The exhibition also brings important recognition to Fairfax County’s exceptional art teachers, their programs, and the schools and communities that support them. Past Emerging Visions students have gone on to study art at prestigious universities and earn scholarships and awards from the Commonwealth and private organizations like Scholastic. Several previous Emerging Visions participants have maintained strong relationships with the gallery, returning during summer breaks for internships that continue to bolster their professional development.

The opening reception for Emerging Vision will be held at GRACE in Reston Town Center, on March 2, 2019, from 5–7pm. On Saturday March 16, GRACE and RCC will host a Family Day featuring a selection of student performances in response to the exhibition at the gallery. The Emerging Visions program is supported by ARTSFAIRFAX, Fairfax County’s designated local arts agency and ARTriculate, a college consulting service for creative students.

The Greater Reston Arts Center strives to increase understanding of different cultures through art, brings diverse audiences together around a common interest, and ensures access and opportunity for engagement in the arts to all residents, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, or income. It is the only 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in Reston Town Center, and is the largest non-profit in the community devoted solely to the visual arts. Admission to the GRACE gallery is always FREE, as are most programs.

Photos: Charlotte Geary


An Education for Life By Kathleen Lanfear

My introduction to Montessori came when I was in my late teens. I was a student at the University of Minnesota, the daughter of a professor at the same university and the youngest of five children all of whom were at the university when I started my freshman year. Kathleen Lan

fear, After two years at school, I had the opportunity to go owner of Reston Mo founder and ntessori School to Ghana, West Africa to help educate children. I was there for six months and ended up working with a wonderful Montessori teacher. I had read about Montessori before going to Africa. I loved to watch the children so intently involved in their work. They were happy as they worked and were considerate of their classmates. Montessori is an education for life. That is what these children were working on.

Back in Minnesota during my student teaching I found myself face to face with 30 children and realized I had to teach them all to read and all at the same time, no matter what their backgrounds were. I read more about Montessori and learned that Montessori worked with children individually and that it instills a life-long love of learning in children. I knew then that I was going to become a Montessori teacher. I finished my degree in 1970 and then went to Palo Alto, California for my Montessori training. My teacher was Lena Wackramarante, who learned from Montessori herself. While I was in Palo Alto, I met my soon to be husband. We came back East to accept jobs in Northern Virginia. We had heard of Reston, Virginia, but who would live that far out in the country?  We have raised three children in Reston and have been involved in many of the activities that the community has to offer. About 10 years after we arrived in Reston, in 1986, I started Reston Montessori School, Reston’s first Montessori school. The school’s first campus was the old “roundhouse,” the original Reston Visitor Center. We started as a part-time school, then expanded to full-time care and then added an elementary program, which offers an award-winning French program beginning at Pre-Primary. I was the director for our first 25 years. I then hired a wonderful Director, Eliana Jaoude. She is continuing the mission of the school and of Montessori. To be able to give a child the love of learning that will carry them into adulthood is a true gift.



Thank you for five great years! Around Reston Magazine, a quarterly resource publication is a local direct mail marketing opportunity designed to help connect our community.


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Reston Montessori School 30 years of Excellence

“Free the child’s potential, and you will transform him into the world” — Maria Montessori

• Advanced academic curriculum • Award winning French program • STEM • Music, Art • PE/Yoga Ages 3 month—6th grade 1928 Isaac Newton Square W, Reston, VA 20190 703-481-2922 | WINTER/SPRING 2019 79

Answers can be found on page XX. 92. Photo courtesy of The Reston Historic Trust and Archives.

XX 80


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Each day brings something new to smile about, because each day we encourage our children through engaging curricula, dedicated teachers, and an environment that inspires growth, wonder, and development. • Infant and toddler care • Preschool and Pre-K • Before- and after-school clubs • Full- and part-time enrollment

TOUR TODAY. 11511 Sunset Hills Rd. • Reston, VA • 703.796.9663 12550 Ox Trail • Fairfax, VA • 703.620.1800 • This institution is an equal opportunity provider. ©2018 Childtime Childcare, Inc.


CONTRIBUTOR: Janelle Arrighi

Local Boy Keeps Us Smiling Northern Virginia is known for its growth and opportunity—bringing new residents to the area year after year—so the anomaly of meeting a successful, local business owner who is truly “born and raised” in Reston definitely makes you pause. No one is a better example of this than Dr. Zach Casagrande of Northern Virginia Orthodontics.

After high school, Dr. Casagrande went on to graduate from James Madison University in 1999, and then moved to Richmond to attend the Medical College of Virginia for dental school and his orthodontic residency. After finishing in 2006, Dr. Casagrande and his wife both felt it was time to come home and set their sights on creating a life in Northern Virginia.

Dr. Casagrande was born in Washington, D.C., and grew up in Reston, where he attended local schools—Terraset Elementary, Sunrise Valley Elementary, and Langston Hughes Intermediate. He played baseball for and graduated from South Lakes High School in 1995.

In 2008, Dr. Casagrande opened Northern Virginia Orthodontics in the emerging community of Brambleton, and although the practice only saw two patients its first day, it has grown in the past 10 years to now treat over 100 patients each day.

“I have many fond memories of growing up in Reston—the regular stuff like youth soccer and little league baseball—but what I remember most, and what I came to appreciate as I got older that other areas don’t offer, were the lakes, paths, parks and everything to do outside. Nothing was better than RHOA Camps in the summer,” Dr. Casagrande recalled, “Anyone who grew up in the 80’s in Reston remembers those.”


With the success of NVO in Loudoun County continuing to grow, Dr. Casagrande felt that it was time for a new challenge, and knew that his hometown of Reston would be the perfect area for his second location. “I always wanted to come back to Reston and be a part of what you could argue is the hub of economic growth in Northern Virginia,” stated Dr. Casagrande. “The


patients are great, and there is a huge need for adult Invisalign treatment in this area.” NVO’s Reston office opened in the up-and-coming RTC West development in December of 2016, and stands as a testament to Dr. Casagrande’s life coming full circle. The town where he realized his true passion of helping others is now the town where he is able to help patients of all ages love their smiles day after day. What started with two team members and two patients on that first day in 2008, has grown into over 50 employees treating over 150 patients per day between two locations, and the opening of a third location, an Invisalign retail store, in 2018. Northern Virginia Orthodontics has been able to transform over 15,000 smiles along the way and has treated the 2nd most Invisalign patients in the country, but what prides Dr. Casagrande the most is the impact he and his team have helped make on the Northern Virginia community. “To make an impact on the Reston community is a must,” said Dr. Casagrande. “It’s something I feel that I need to do, and I enjoy it. After all, I grew up here!” A crucial component of NVO’s work has always been giving back to local communities and now that NVO is building roots in Reston, Dr. Casagrande and his team are very much looking forward to getting more involved with the organizations that help make this

community special. In the past 10 years, NVO has donated over $1.2 million to local schools, charities and the fight against pediatric cancer, and was named one of D.C.’s most charitable companies by Washingtonian magazine in 2018. Recently Northern Virginia Orthodontics has supported Reston initiatives such as the Giving Circle of Hope and the 2018 PSV Race to Make It All Better, and is the presenting sponsor for the Sunrise Valley Elementary School PTA’s 40th anniversary campaign. Dr. Casagrande’s passion for giving back inspired the company to launch its own non-profit in 2018, The NVO Foundation, with a mission of supporting the community and life-saving cancer research efforts. His Ashburn office boasts an in-house Starbucks aptly named the Cup for a Cure Café. The first of its kind in an orthodontic practice, Dr. Casagrande and his team serve free drinks to all of their patients and their guests AND donate $1 for each drink poured to The NVO Foundation. Currently 100% of the proceeds from the Foundation are benefitting the INova Schar Cancer Institute. “With the creation of our very own foundation, we are taking our giving to the next level all over the D.C. area. Reston will always have a huge place in my heart, and I’m excited to help this community continue to flourish.”


XX 84



METRO CONSTRUCTION UPDATE Submitted by Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project

With construction of Phase 2 of the Silver Line reaching the 92 percent completion mark, the magnitude of the Reston Town Center Station has been the scene of numerous activities in recent months. Now it’s easy to see how the station and its connecting pedestrian overpasses will connect to the pavilions on the north and south sides of the toll road corridor.  While Reston Town Center itself is not immediately adjacent to an entrance pavilion, it seems a lot closer through a camera lens. The pedestrian bridges to the station and across Sunset Hills Road bring focus to the connectivity of existing town center structures and adjacent buildings that are home to a variety of companies, including Bechtel Corp. New construction coming to the area adds to the pedestrian-friendly conclave developing near the station. Capital Rail Constructors, a joint venture of Clark Construction and Kiewit Corp., is building the station, tracks and supporting facilities. Here’s a breakdown of ongoing work at the station:

At Reston Town Center Station—North The Reston north pavilion. The concrete pavement is part of the bus bays adjacent to the pavilion. The pedestrian bridge is on the left side of the photo.

Concrete work around the Reston Station pavilion is complete. Ongoing work is still scheduled along the north side of Sunset Hills Road.

The shaft for the pedestrian bridge pier is complete.

Widening of Sunset Hills Road continues.

Signal work surrounding the Boston Properties site wrapped up in January.

PHOTOS CREDIT: Phil DeLeon/Dulles Corridor Metrorail Project



Reston Town Center Station—South •

Utility relocations are ongoing.

Work continues to progress on a roundabout.   

The Reston Town Center Station looking westerly along the Westbound Dulles Toll Road. The pedestrian bridge connects to the north pavilion.

When the station opens—at the same time five other Phase 2 stations open— the Reston stop will include: •

Pedestrian bridges and station entrances from both sides of the Dulles Airport Access Highway/Dulles Toll Road

Bus drop-off/pickup (both entrances)

Kiss & Ride (both entrances)

28 bicycle racks, 6 lockers on north side; 10 racks and five lockers on south side

The purpose of Dulles Metrorail is to provide high-quality, high-capacity transit service in the Dulles Corridor and to provide a transit connection between the corridor and downtown Washington.

From the Reston Town Center station looking northerly towards Town Center. The north pedestrian bridge is on the right. Sunset Hills Drive is in the bottom foreground.

From the Reston Town Center south pedestrian bridge looking westerly along the eastbound lanes of the Dulles International Airport Access Highway. The Dulles Toll Road eastbound lanes are to the left and the end of the Station is on the right. The new tracks are in the median of the DIAAH.


GET INVOLVED WITH VOLUNTEER RESTON By Ha Brock, Volunteer Reston Manager Habitat Heroes Volunteers

Housed under the Reston Association, Volunteer Reston is a network of community members who come together to complete various projects to improve our surroundings and bring the Reston community together. Volunteers play a critical role in helping Reston grow. Reston Association volunteers bring a mixture of ages, skill levels and personalities, but they all have one thing in common—they are helping to make Reston a better place to live, work and play. Some events happen frequently, whereas others happen on an annual or even one-time basis. There are several ways to get involved.

ENVIRONMENTAL WORK Work may include removing weeds, identifying invasive vegetation, planting seedlings, clearing trails, collecting trash and handling tools. With training, volunteers might be tasked with using wheelbarrows, brooms, trowels, shovels, rakes, pruning shears, gardening tools, hand picks, pitchforks, weed wrenches and hand saws. Workdays range from two to eight hours on any given day. Training is provided onsite by RA staff.

JOIN THE COMMUNITY! Reston Association frequently hosts community events throughout the year. These events allow Reston locals to meet, network, and work together with camaraderie and stewardship. Events include the Multicultural Festival, Halloween House & Trickor-Treat Trail, Community Events and Spring Festival.

CORPORATE SERVICE PROJECTS Volunteer Reston offers expertise in community service to corporations by creating customized projects that complement team building, leadership development and philanthropy initiatives. Opportunities for support are numerous. Get involved in Volunteer Reston! or Girl Scout Troop 525 Stream & Natural Area Cleanup

Jennifer Blackwell


Ha Brock

SPRING 2019 OPPORTUNITIES Free the Trees from Oriental Bittersweet Saturday, March 23 / 10am –Noon The heavy vines of Oriental bittersweet strangle trees and take over shrubs in the natural area at Stone Throw Drive. Oriental bittersweet is one of the most invasive and vigorous weeds in Reston. Let the Sun Shine In­—Take out Bush Honeysuckle Saturday, April 27 / 10am– Noon Celebrate Earth Day and help restore Reston’s natural areas by yanking out bush honeysuckle and garlic mustard from Sunrise Valley Rec Areas. Reston’s Arbor Day Friday, April 5 (Rain or shine) All ages are welcome. Reston is a Tree City USA as certified by the National Arbor Day Foundation. Join us as we: • Help plant native trees, shrubs, ferns and wildflowers. • Learn about Reston’s trees and shrubs, including proper planting and care • Show our appreciation for trees A special Arbor Day presentation and flag raising ceremony will take place at noon followed by a free pizza lunch for volunteers. Special guest will include Jim McGlone of the Virginia Department of Forestry.  Nature Center 5K Run & Walk Saturday, April 13, 8 am at Walker Nature Center, 11450 Glade Dr., Reston 7:30 am–9:30 am Volunteers must be at least 14 years of age.  Volunteers needed to help marshal and cheer runners/walkers along the route. 31St Annual Potomac River Watershed Cleanup (Ad) Saturday, April 13 / 9 am–noon (rain or shine) Volunteers must be at least 13, but all ages are welcome with adult supervision. Free pizza lunch afterward at Reston Community Center at Hunters Woods at noon. Join thousands of volunteers in a multi-state effort as we do our part in cleaning up the Potomac Watershed. Reston Association is hosting several sites along Snakeden Branch and Colvin Run, two tributaries to the Potomac River.   AROUND RESTON MAGAZINE

ArtSpace Herndon

A gallery and performance venue created and supported by art lovers in the greater Herndon area providing opportunities for local artists and photographers to exhibit their art, teach classes, and offer workshops


Nonprofit organization that promotes self-sufficiency by providing support and advocacy for those in need. Year round volunteer opportunities.

Friends of Reston

Established in 1999, Friends of Reston for Community Projects, Inc. is a not-forprofit 501(c)(3) organization. Its mission is to support Reston Association in performing charitable, educational and scientific purposes.

Friends of Reston Regional Library

Independent non-profit, all volunteer 501(c)(3) organization supporting the library and its programs.

Greater Reston Arts Center (GRACE)

GRACE provides a year-round program of contemporary visual art exhibitions, education programs for all ages, and special events.

Public Art Reston

Public Art Reston seeks to inspire an ongoing commitment to public art and create a new generation of artworks in Reston.

RCC Rides

Developed in association with NV Rides, a network of service providers currently operating volunteer driver transportation programs for non-driving older adults.

Reclaim Reston

Grassroots community organization committed to reclaiming the Reston vision.

Rescue Reston

NextStop Theatre Company

Professional, not-for-profit theatre company producing theatrical performances and educational programs.

Founded in 1997 as a community based non-profit organization to sustain the unique history of the award-winning, innovative, planned community of Reston.

Reston Rotary Club

Rotarians use their knowledge of local issues to identify areas of need, then apply member’s expertise and diverse perspectives to find a solution.

RBC is a volunteer, non-profit club with over 750 members. Weekly bicycle rides and social events for all levels and abilities.

Reston Chorale

Reston Citizens Association

An active and enthusiastic group of diverse visual fine artists, photographers, and supporters of the arts.

Reston Historic Trust

Reston Bike Club

Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce

League of Reston Artists & Photographic Society

Reston Runners

Committed to excellence in community theater. Productions are performed at the Reston Community Center Hunters Woods Center Stage.

A grass-roots organization comprising community volunteers who oppose redevelopment of Reston National Golf Course into residential housing or any site development other than a golf course or comparable open space.

Our mission is to promote community interest and participation in, and enjoyment of, choral music.

Catalyst for business growth and entrepreneurship in the Dulles Corridor.

Reston Community Players

Founded in 1967, RCA is a community-wide, non-partisan, and action-oriented organization in which everyone that lives, works and plays in Reston has a voice.


Reston Community Orchestra A non-profit organization supported by grants from the Virginia Commission for the Arts, The Arts Council of Fairfax County and the donations of members and supporters. Their mission is to share quality music with the community.

800+ members of all ages and athletic skill levels who share the enjoyment of running, walking and staying fit. An affiliate of the Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) and a chartered 501(c)(3) organization.

Reston Masters Swim

Adult swim team. Meets regularly for swim practice to improve swimming technique, endurance, and overall fitness. All levels of competitive and fitness swimmers welcomed.

Reston U.S.E.

The Useful Services Exchange of Reston is a time-trading barter system that originated 35 years ago. Membership is open to all who live or work in Reston or Herndon, VA.

Reston 20/20

An independent Reston citizens committee dedicated to sustaining Reston’s quality of life through excellence in community planning, zoning, and development.

If you would like your organization included on this list or would like to make edits to your information, please send information to for review.



DIRECTORY Thank you to the businesses that support Reston Resource Directory! Our mission is to provide area residents with a convenient referral source that allows them to quickly locate local businesses providing the services they need. List your business in our upcoming issue! 571-313-0229 /


DANCE Foley Academy of Irish Dance 703-375-9369 Reston, VA Please see our display ad on p.72



AutoScandia 703-471-4494 134 Spring Street, Herndon, VA Please see our display ad on BC

Marcus Dental Care 703-435-3030 1875 Campus Commons Dr., Ste 202 Reston, VA Please see our display ad on p.33


Generations Medical Aesthetics 703-390-9343 12040 South Lakes Drive, Reston, VA Please see our display ad on p.26


Pal Family Dentistry 703-437-8337 11711 Bowman Green Drive, Reston, VA Please see our display ad on p.31

Smile Wonders 571-350-3663 11790 Sunrise Valley Drive, Reston, VA Please see our display ad on p.69

ELDER CARE SERVICES Assisting Hands Home Care 703-556-8983 11890 Sunrise Valley Dr., Ste 105, Reston, VA Tall Oaks Assisted Living 703-834-9800 12052 N. Shore Drive, Reston, VA Please see our display ad on p.59

FINANCIAL SERVICES Northwest Federal Credit Union 703-709-8900 200 Spring Street, Herndon, VA Please see our display ad on p.19 Sunrise Tax And Bookkeeping PLLC 703-870-7399 13630 Salk Street Herndon, VA Please see our display ad on p.15

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CHILDCARE Childtime Learning Centers 703.796.9663 11511 Sunset Hills Rd., Reston, VA Please see our display ad on p.81 Great Day Learning Center 703-787-6900 11155 N. Shore Drive, Reston, VA Please see our display ad on p.81 TLC 4 Kids Children’s Center 703-787-0560 1603 Washington Plaza N, Reston, VA

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HEALTH & WELLNESS Connective Touch Therapeutic Massage 703-568-2010 1712 Clubhouse Rd, #102, Reston, VA Please see our display ad on p.27 CRUNCH Fitness Reston Town Center 571-267-5000 11951 Freedom Drive, Reston, VA Please see our display ad on p.29 Meg Donnelly LMT, LLC 908-514-8149 464 Herndon Parkway, Suite 116 Herndon, VA

YMCA Reston 703-742-8800 12196 Sunset Hills Road, Reston, VA Please see our display ad on IFC

HOME SERVICES 180 Closet Design 703-980-8264 Serving the metro area Please see our display ad on p.35 A Step In Time of Northern Virginia 703-722-1300 Serving the Northern Virginia area Please see our display ad on p.53 Care of Trees, The 571-392-5555 Serving the metro area Please see our display ad on p.44 Denny + Gardner Remodeling 571-220-1628 Serving the metro area Please see our display ad on p.50 Independence Landscape 703-887-1834 Serving all of Northern Virginia Please see our display ad on p.45

Roofing & More, Inc. 703-467-0206 Serving Northern Virginia Please see our display ad on p.48


Trademasters 571-267-3293 Serving Northern Virginia Please see our display ad on p.49

Barrett Suzuki Music Studio 703-295-0659 Reston, VA Please see our display ad on p.75



Kyle Knight Insurance Agcy Inc 703-435-2300 11736 Bowman Green Drive, Reston, VA Please see our display ad on p.15

Town Center Orthopaedic Associates, P.C. 703-435-6604 1860 Town Center Dr. # 300, R  eston, VA Please see our display ad on IBC



Goldfish Swim School 703-348-3261 12340 Pinecrest Road, Reston, VA Please see our display ad on p.72

Lopez Studios Performing Arts School 703-787-0071 11425 Isaac Newton Square, Reston, VA Please see our display ad on p.74

Little Hands Music 703-631-2046 Reston, Ashburn, Centreville and more Please see our display ad on p.75

NextStop Theatre Company 703-481-5930 269 Sunset Park Drive, Herndon, VA Please see our display ad on p.6


Reston Community Players 703-476-4500 2310 Colts Neck Road, Reston, VA Please see our display ad on p.11

Marines Plumbing 703-331-2100 Serving all of Northern Virginia Please see our display ad on p.52

Integrated Dermatology of Reston 703-437-7744 1886 Metro Center Drive, Ste 650, Reston, VA Please see our display ad on p.30

NOVA Junk 571-432-8162 Serving the metro area Please see our display ad on p.53

Reston Hospital Center 703-689-9000 1850 Town Center Parkway, Reston, VA Please see our display ad on p.17

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PERSONAL SERVICES A Second Me Errand Service, LLC 703-830-3996 Serving Northern Virginia Please see our display ad on p.11



REAL ESTATE SERVICES Dave and JoAnne Adams Group —Coldwell Banker 703-963-4491 11911 Freedom Drive, Reston, VA Please see our display ad on p.51 Finefrock, Tim—Kilpatrick Realty Group 703-828-4846 11700 Plaza America Dr., Ste. 150, Reston, VA Please see our display ad on p.55 Weatherwax, Holly—Momentum Realty 571-643-4902 Specializing in the Reston area Please see our display ad on p.47

RECREATION Escape Room Herndon 571-306-2279 404 Elden Street, Herndon, VA Please see our display ad on p.10 Pinot’s Palette 703-796-0616 12976 Highland Crossing Dr., Herndon, VA Please see our display ad on p.10 SkateQuest 703-709-1010 1800 Michael Faraday Ct., Reston, VA Please see our display ad on p.73

PET SERVICES Just Cats Clinic 703-520-2702 1601 N. Washington Plaza, Reston, VA Please see our display ad on p.67

PHOTOGRAPHERS Sweet Memories Photography 571-210-5367 Serving the metro area


RESTAURANTS / FOOD SERVICES Carrabba’s Italian Grill 703-464-7909 12192 Sunset Hills Road, Reston, VA Please see our display ad on p.42 Honey Baked Ham–Reston 703-733-3860 1480 N. Point Village Center, Reston, VA www Please see our display ad on p.39

Kalypso’s Sports Tavern 703-707-0660 1617 Washington Plaza N. Reston, VA Please see our display ad on p.41 La Ong Thai Bistro 703-429-4056 2521 John Milton Drive, Herndon, VA Please see our display ad on p.43 Outback Steakhouse 703-318-0999 150 Elden Street, Herndon, VA Please see our display ad on p.39 Sully’s Pour House 703-464-0522 754 Elden Street, Herndon, VA Please see our display ad on p.43

RETAIL Scout & Molly’s—Reston Town Center 571-526-4185 11944 Market St., Reston, VA Please see our display ad on p.23 Scrawl Books 703-966-2111 11911 Freedom Drive Please see our display ad on p.23 small change consignment 703-437-7730 1629 Washington Plaza, Reston, VA Please see our display ad on p.73

SCHOOLS Reston Montessori School 703-481-2922 1928 Isaac Newton Square W, Reston, VA Please see our display ad on p.79

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ORTHOPEDIC AFTERHOURS WALKIN CLINIC Open Monday through Friday except holidays 5pm–8pm

703-435-6604 1860 Town Center Dr. Suite 300 Reston, VA 20190

AVAILABLE SERVICES Providing convenient orthopedic care for the following orthopedic needs:

• • • • • • •

Foot & Ankle Hand, Wrist & Elbow Hip Knee Shoulder Spine Sports Medicine

We participate with most insurance plans. Please call our office to find out more.

Standing left to right: James D. Reeves M.D., Jeffrey H. Berg M.D., David R. Miller M.D., Gauray Bhatia M.D., Dhruv B. Pateder M.D., George Kartalian M.D. Sitting left to right: Thomas B. Fleeter M.D., Stephanie Clop M.D., Raymond Thai M.D., Aaron Carter M.D.


ou nd P U B L I C AT I O N S

11654 Plaza America Drive, #133 Reston, VA 20190 in Around Reston! aw them Tell our a dvertisers you s

European, Asian & Domestic Automotive Specialists

$35 OFF Any repair or service with this ad!

AutoScandia offers Award-Winning Service at great prices, factory-trained technicians and one of the longest warranties available in the automotive industry. Located near Reston Town Center, outstanding European & Asian Car Service & Repair can be yours at an affordable price. Go to our website at and read our customer testimonials. You'll see why so many of our customers come back year after year. AutoScandia is a proud sponsor of NextStop Theatre.

(703)471-4494 134 Spring Street Herndon, Virginia 20170

Hours: Mon-Fri: 8:00am — 6:00pm Sat: 9:00am — 1:00pm

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Around Reston Community Winter/Spring 2019  

Around Reston Community Winter/Spring 2019