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Title: Saltwater

Species #: 5

Common Name: Peacock Flounder Scientific Name: Bothus lunatus Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Actinopterygii

Order: Pleuronectiformes

Family: Bothidae

Geography / Habitat: Flounders live in the West Atlantic Ocean in both tropical and subtropical regions. They a found off the coasts of Florida, Bermuda, and down the coast of South America to Brazil. They live in clear ocean waters on sand and rock bottoms, including coral reef environments.

Life Strategy: One male mates with multiple females. On average, one male mates with 6 females. Males are defen of their territory and the females within their territory, denying access to other males. Many small eggs are produ at once, and the survival rate is very low.

Food / Feed Strategy: They are predators, mostly feeding on other fish. They also eat mollusks, aquatic crustacea other marine invertebrates, and algae

• • •

Body Form or Style: Compressiform Swim / Locomotion Style: Carangiform Mouth Position: Terminal


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