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Becoming a Member Nottingham Partners is the network which has mobilised Nottingham’s businesses to champion our City as the best place to get business done and attract new investment. We share information across the local business community, facilitate collaboration, inspire the next generation of businesses and encourage inward investment to the city. Our role is to raise the profile of Nottingham and to help the local economy grow. We can do this by collectively working together, increasing investment in Nottingham through attracting new businesses, expanding local businesses, attracting new talent and retaining good people. We can all help to signpost businesses to the right place and act as a catalyst to make a real difference to Nottingham. Networking is a valuable part of what we do, but there is so much more we can do collectively.

Our members include Nottingham’s successful businesses, from global organisations to innovative start-ups, across Nottingham’s strong growing industries particularly digital technologies, with strengths in FinTech, Creative, Digital and Life Sciences. Being a member of Nottingham Partners will connect you to our strong network with a collaborative business culture and representatives from our two world-class universities and other sources of influence from across the city. As well as being part of our valuable business community we will also help to promote members’ successes, offer networking events and bring talks and panel discussions with high profile speakers. And we’ll give you the tools to help sell the city. Nottingham is an ambitious city that is moving forward fast and investing in its future – driving positive change and enterprise for everyone. Join our mission to raise Nottingham’s profile in becoming the best place to do business - Be Part Of It.

We are part of the Invest in Nottingham team who have a strategic aim to secure new investment and create employment for the people in Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. This is achieved through marketing of the city and its surrounds, targeting key markets and sectors, and the provision of a bespoke, free and confidential package of advice and assistance for potential investors. Find out more about the Invest in Nottingham team here.

How you can help As a member of Nottingham Partners you will share our aim to promote the city to all of your business contacts as the best place to do business. It is everyone’s responsibility to help the city grow. When you talk to your business contacts, you should be informing them about our fantastic talent pool, our thriving ecosystems, links to world class universities and our exceptional quality of life. We ask you to offer your support to the Invest in Nottingham team by proactively referring potential investors and offering your time and expertise of working in Nottingham to potential clients. You can help us to further shape the city into the perfect business destination by letting us know what events and opportunities you would like to see from Nottingham Partners, giving us ideas as to how to further promote the city or bring intelligence on opportunities that our national competitors are up to. For tools and information on why Nottingham is a great place to live, work and do business, visit the Invest in Nottingham site here.

What we can offer you Access to Invest in Nottingham services. Introductions to important figures from Nottingham City Council, the two leading universities and global companies amongst other large-scale organisations. We always encourage where possible our members to use a supply chain of businesses from within Nottingham. Nottingham Partners is a great opportunity for you to let other businesses know of your services. You will be one of the first to know about major regeneration sites and potential investment opportunities and perhaps even influence decisions on what these sites can become. Early and unique access to information about the city and county. Access to insightful events on the future of Nottingham on topics ranging from regeneration to innovation, funding options to the green agenda.

What we can offer you Access to Marketing Nottingham’s toolkit. It includes free resources aimed at Nottingham businesses and marketers to help you promote the city to investors, locals, visitors, students or anyone else. Whether you’re doing a recruitment drive, a presentation, a marketing campaign or just looking to learn a little more about Nottingham, the free toolkit contains information, images, facts and figures, graphic design assets, links to useful tools/ resources and much more.

Promotion of your company, services and successes via our network. Being part of a team of like-minded individuals and organisations passionate about promoting Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.

Becoming a Member Some of our speakers from previous events have included:

Becoming a Member Working Together As a member of Nottingham Partners, we want you to share our vision for Nottingham and help us to be a catalyst for making a difference in our area and helping with inward investment. If you agree with our vision of wanting Nottingham to be the best place to work, live and do business, we want you to be part of it. To join and find out more, contact Natalie Williams:

Pricing Annual Membership costs £500.00 + VAT. There is also a small charge for some of our events, namely our lunches, of £20.00 + VAT per person.

Becoming a Member

Marketing Nottingham We are proud to be part of Marketing Nottingham, the Place Marketing Organisation for Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. We help to champion our area on both the national and international stage with our colleagues at Invest in Nottingham, Visit Nottinghamshire and Meet in Notts. We all have something in common. We believe Nottingham is the best place to do business, to live and to visit. Find out more about Marketing Nottingham here.

Nottingham Partners Chairman Paul Southby Nottingham Partners is chaired by Paul Southby. Paul became involved in Nottingham Partners in 2011, just one year after we formed. Paul is also the Chairman of Marketing Nottingham and a partner at the Nottingham office of the law firm Geldards. He is a former regional director of the CBI in the East Midlands.

For more information or to answer any queries please contact Natalie Williams