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The Court Reporter Fall/Winter 2018 Kings County Museum

The Kings County Museum is

closing for the season Kings Historical Society President - Kelly Bourassa Vice President– Vacant Secretary - Jean Gibson Collins Treasurer—Dave Ritcey Curator - Bria Stokesbury Office Manager - Kate MacInnes Adams

A small exhibit was set up to commemorate the centenary of the Armistice. The exhibit featured the newly donated Kings Canadian Hussars Officer Badge donated by Gordon Hansford which had belonged to Lt. Col George Henry Terry Ruffee (1893-1964) who served in the First World War and commanded the Kings Canadian Hussars at Camp Aldershot from 1935 until 1940. The exhibit also featured a recently donated photograph of a World War One Trench preserved at Sanctuary Wood, Flan-

ders taken by photographer Justine MacDonald in 2017.


December 14th, 2018 Re-opening Early April, 2019

For Remembrance Day Kathrin Grace (Chair of Facilities) created a moving tribute to Canadian soldiers (past and present) on the front lawn of the museum. While the display was short lived due to our early bout of wintery weather it did call to passers-by to stop and consider the sacrifices made by generations of service men and women.

‘Spirit of Somerset’ plaque pays

homage to community’s founding father Matthew E. Fisher Kirk Starratt - Kings County News

SOMERSET, NS - The last wish of a long-time Somerset resident to have the final resting place of the community’s founder acknowledged for perpetuity has been fulfilled.

He is thankful to everyone who worked toward having the plaque erected and said the level of support was fantastic. Fisher was pleased to see so many people turn out for the unveiling and then filling the Somerset Community Hall for the reception that followed.

Fisher said he thinks it’s very important for communities to preserve and celebrate their heritage and it seems more and more are doThe “Spirit of Somerset” plaque was unveiled in ing so these days. Continued page 3 the Pleasant Valley Cemetery on Nov. 4. It pays homage to the founder of the community, Matthew E. Fisher (1758 – 1814), and several families integral to Somerset’s history. Those surnames include Fisher, Best, Morse, Morton, Parker, Pierce, Steadman and Woodworth. It was the last wish of the late Kenneth Morton, a long-time community resident and a descendant of Fisher’s, to have Somerset’s founder recognized. Allison Fisher, the great, great grandson of Matthew E. Fisher, said it’s very nice to see Matthew honoured as the founding father of Somerset after 210 years. “I’m very proud that my great, great grandfather was the founder of Somerset and named it Somerset after Somersetshire, England, where he came from,” Fisher said.

Allison Fisher the great, great grandson of Matthew E. Fisher and Joan (Fisher) Butt, the great, great , great granddaughter of Matthew E. Fisher following the ceremony.

Kings County Museum Curator Bria Stokesbury, Kings County Museum Office Manager, Kate MacInnes Adams, Adams’ grandson Rudo Scoggins Adams, Rick Pineo, Kings County Councillor, Brian Hirtle, Harry Morse, Allison Fisher, Joan Butt, Earle Fuller, and Jim Morton at the unveiling of the Spirit of Somerset plaque unveiling ceremony. 2

Joan (Fisher) Butt, the great, great, great granddaughter of Matthew E. Fisher, said future generations would see the plaque and hopefully this will provoke a sense of interest in learning more about the community’s history and preserving it.

“This occasion is something that I have hoped for and wished would happen all my life,” Morse said.

Morton built a house on the Pleasant Valley Road, close to Fisher’s grave site. In 1972, he planted a spruce tree to mark the location. In She said Fisher arrived in Habitant, now Can2014, at the age of 91, Morton swore an affidaning, in the 1770’s. He and five brothers had set vit regarding the location of the grave. sail from England “to seek adventure in faraway Morse approached Brian Hirtle, Kings County lands” but sadly Matthew was the only one to councillor for the Somerset area, about having survive a shipwreck. In the following years, he Fisher recognized. Hirtle was enthusiastic about purchased several pieces of land from the the idea and approached the staff at the Kings Pineo’s and he married Mary Pineo in 1776. County Museum, curator Bria Stokesbury and They went on to have several children. office manager Kate MacInnes-Adams, about it. Fisher sold his land in Habitant in 1808 and Hirtle said the museum staff was instrumental in moved to West Cornwallis after purchasing a procuring the plaque and he thanked the Pleasgrant from William A. Chipman. Fisher was the ant Valley Cemetery committee for allowing the first person of European descent to settle there. monument to be erected there. He built a log cabin and worked for more than a year to clear the land, founding the community Speaking at the reception, Kings-West MLA and of Somerset. Communities, Culture and Heritage Minister Leo Glavine said it’s important to have Fisher and his The home where Butt and her husband, Doug, foundational contributions to the community of live with her father – the house her father was Somerset recognized and brought back to life. born in - is part of Fisher’s original land purchase. They are “the only family living on an Glavine said the occasion would perhaps inspire original piece of property cleared and founded members of other families recognized on the by Matthew E. in the Hamlet of Somerset”, on plaque to delve deeper into their own genealo14 of the original 233 acres. gy. Harry Morse read the plaque aloud after he and Allison Fisher unveiled it at the cemetery. Morse said that as a child growing up in Somerset, the late Kenneth Morton would sometimes look after Morse and his brother while their parents were away. Morton was historically minded and told him many stories about Fisher. Morton wanted to see Fisher recognized as the community’s founder and this also became a passion for Morse.


Coming Soon to The Kings County Museum

Due to the cancellation of our event “Founding Cultures Founding Foods” we will be serving dishes representing the following culturesat our social following Jenny Osburn’s talk on n November 27 M I ' K M A ' K I , ACADIE, THE BRITISH ISLES and AFRICA Volunteer Andrew Clinch hard at work on cataloguing new donations to the permanent collection of photographs at the museum. Andrew can be found at the museum (usually on Thursdays) diligently researching historical photographs which are donated to the museum.

Andrew Clinch


Laurie Levy delivering our Christmas trees. Laurie has donated trees for our tea every year for the past decade.

Kate MacInnes Adams beading the chandelier in the Victorian Parlour.

Kathrin Grace “candelling “ the windows!

Anna Osburn decorating our tree in the Victorian Parlour. Anna has been sharing her collection with us every year for the past 5 years!

Yuletide decorations are appearing at the museum with thanks to our Holiday Elves Harold Redden, JoAnne and Ron Bezanson, Kathrin Grace , Anna Osburn and Kate MacInnes Adams. 5

Ruffee Badge Donation — Ruffee Cap Badge donated by Gordon Hansford and now on display in the Kings County Museum Gordon Hansford in conversation with Bria Stokesbury: I’m a badge collector and many years ago at the old Tabernacle building in Wolfville (it was bought by the Royal Canadian Legion Branch #74), I saw a box of odds and ends and found an officers badge of the Kings Canadian Hussars. Col. Henry Ruffee, of Wolfville, had worn it when they were converted to artillery early in WWII (the 87th and 88th Batteries of the Royal Canadian Artillery).

Col Ruffee asked him, as a favour, if he would bring his horse on parade, since officers could be paid for bringing their horses on parade. so Dad did so. It was a very hot day. The horse laid down on the parade square and refused to get up. Everybody laughed! (Except Dad)

With regard to the 2 Artillery batteries to whom the KCH had been converted the 87th Battallion went to the third division and landed on “D” Day, while the 88th was made a light anti aircraft battery and went to Italy with the fifth armoured division, and then Col. Ruffee’s son, George, served with the N.W. Europe (France, Belgium, Holland and th 14 field regiment in North-west Europe in Germany.) So, finally, the First Canadian ArWWII, and later in Korea with the R.C.H.A. my was together at last, (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, While in Europe, he married a young Dutch and 1st and 2nd Armoured Brigades.) Also, Nurse. While in Korea, he contracted a French, Belgium, Dutch, and Polish Bristrange disease, and was shipped back to the gades. Each division had approximately 20 Vancouver military hospital. His wife, being thousand men. What a mob! a nurse, suspected spinal meningitis, and was later confirmed. The army allowed him to work at a desk job for a few months, so that he could retire on a pension. Col. Ruffee had served in WWI with the 85th Nova Scotia Highlanders in France and Belgium. On one occasion I played the pipes for Bud Gertridge and he had an 85th Nova Scotia Highlanders sporran which Col. Ruffee had worn. Bud Gertridge had served with him and he gave me the sporran! I later gave the sporran to the son of an old 85th Battallion piper. I appreciated the gift from Bud, but thought it should go to an 85th piper’s son. Just as comic relief Dad had joined the KCH for summer camp as sergeant instructor on the Lewis gun (his own weapon in WWI). 6

Kings Historical Society Soldiers Social leaves guests wishing they could Rewind and start the evening all over again. Next year’s date October 25th! Pictures by Paull Illsley. See more

Couples take to the dance floor.

Guests fill up their Coat Check Volunteer Gary Hillier

Centre Stage actors Kenzie Melanson , Kiera Melanson and Kaitlyn Tompkins

“Air Raid Wardens “ Kelly Bourassa and Ron Bezanson


“Concierge” and “ Time Machine Captain “ Ian Jarvis


French Designer Yves SaintLaurent once said, “Fashions Fade, style is eternal.” Museums strive to keep historic textiles from fading so that the style they represent will be “eternal” for future generations to admire, enjoy, and learn from. There are many resources at hand to help with caring for historic textiles. Many can be found on-line by visiting the Canadian Conservation Institute but in some cases it is important to consult with knowledgeable collectors and conservators. We are lucky at the Kings Historical Society to have both a president who is a trained conservator (Kelly Bourassa), and a hardworking textile committee (Ruth Butler, Helen Seymour and Susan Cargill), who look after our collection of textiles. The textile committee has also called on outside individuals to get guidance and advice. Recently Kathy Browne (The Linen Lady) LinenPavilion/ stopped by to answer some questions about cleaning linens. We also learned recently that Textile Conservator Bonnie Elliott (the former curator of the Randall House Museum) has also started a local business specializing in the care of textiles: the link to the website is

Honouring the Centenary of the Armistice The Armistice was signed at 5:00am on 11th November 1918 and came into effect five hours later, bringing about the cessation of hostilities in the First World War. Canada’s Role in the First World War The armistice of November 11, 1918, brought relief to the whole world. Never before had there been such a conflict. For a nation of eight million people Canada’s war effort was remarkable. More than 650,000 men and women from Canada and Newfoundland served — over 66,000 gave their lives and more than 172,000 were wounded. It was this immense sacrifice that lead to Canada’s separate signature on the Peace Treaty. No longer viewed as just a colony of England, Canada had truly achieved nation status. This nationhood was purchased by the gallant men who stood fast at Ypres, stormed Regina Trench, climbed the heights of Vimy Ridge, captured Passchendaele, and entered Mons on November 11, 1918.

*Information courtesy of


The Fall/Winter issue of Library and Archives Canada periodical. Our own Canada 150 chair makes an appearance as a "quirky discovery."

Hey we'll take "quirky" in a national magazine any day. The accompanying photograph was taken by our own Anna Osburn .



Take your bottles and cans to New Minas Recycling Depot and let them know you are donating the proceeds to THE KINGS COUNTY MUSEUM. It is IMPORTANT that they know this before they begin the count! HELP US BUILD OUR GARDENS All monies raised will go towards. developing our 2019 gardens. The Kings County Museum was honoured to be the recipient of the David White Visions of Kentville Award for our 2018 garden and we are planning big things for 2019!

Community Garden * Shade Garden * Tea Garden * Fairy Garden * Victorian Garden


Mack Frail is interested in receiving information concerning a very early settlement that was located near the area where he lives in Centreville, Kings County. Mack’s Request: “I have gathered information over the years from local residents of the community. I write articles for the community paper the Centre-Post and for Canadian Stories magazine. After writing a book titled The History of Centreville Kings County, I am recognized by some as a historian. The people that settled here in Centreville and Sheffield Mills (under the north mountain) were either French Acadian or Irish and possibly both at different times or together. The evidence of an early settlement are the rock foundations, an old cemetery and objects which have been dug up over the years (such as wood and clay tiles for water). The name of the road leading from Banes Road to the base of the North Mountain (where rock foundations are located) is Lyons Branch Road. Lyons is a common Irish name. I live on Banes Road in Centreville. It is the road that goes through to Atlanta and where an old cemetery is located. The cemetery is documented on a topography map. Modern instruments used for such purposes have located 40 unmarked graves. I don’t believe the name Atlanta was the original name for the community. It was a name give to the community by the New England Planters when they took possession of the land. I have done research and have documented my findings in an effort to solve some of the mysteries concerning Atlanta. I have had no success in viewing any of the items that were found. Most of those with knowledge of Atlanta are now deceased and it is difficult to find information. I know that artefacts were found and I understand they were turned over to the Museum of Natural History. If my information is correct I would appreciate knowing what the items are and information about them. I appreciate and assistance or information that you may have concerning this request. Sincerely, Mack Frail” Contact info: 84 Banes Road Centreville Kings County NS B0P 1J0 Telephone 1-902-679-5274

KHS Welcomes Kathrin Grace as Chair of Facilities Like Father Like Daughter Over 20 years ago Bev Sawler became involved with the Community and Family History Department at the museum because of an interest in genealogy. As the decades rolled by Bev took on many tasks at the museum and wore many “hats” including treasurer, member of the Board of Directors, member of the Facilities Department, and resident computer IT expert. Zoom ahead to 2018 and the family tradition continues with his daughter Kathrin who started out with an interest in helping boost gardens for curb appeal for the museum and is now following in her father’s footsteps by taking on the chairmanship of the Facilities department, joining the Board of Directors, and helping with exhibits. Well there might be one thing that she does not appear to have mastered yet...computers, but there is still time. Join us in welcoming Kathrin when you see her buzzing about the museum as she begins to make her own mark at the Kings Historical Society.

In Memoriam: Since the publication of our last newsletter we have lost several individuals who were friends of the Kings Historical Society. On behalf of the membership of the Society condolences are extended to the families of: Ruth Keddy (passed away in November 2019) Our deepest sympathy is extended to Larry Keddy at both the loss of his son and his wife during the month of November. Please no cards at the request of the family. Brent Fox (1952-2018) In October I joined family and friends who were deeply saddened to learn of Brent’s passing for his funeral in Kentville where he was honoured by the Royal Canadian Legion, by his

family, and by his co-workers from “The Advertiser.” Clearly Brent had many “families” and Wendy Elliott captured his personality so well when she spoke so movingly for all of his friends from the paper. His obituary mentioned the important contributions that Brent had also made as a local historian and author. Following his graduation from Acadia University he worked here at the Kings County Museum with then Curator Art Pope and researched and authored countless papers, articles and later books on military history which are still used on a regular basis by researchers to this museum. Later as a reporter Brent still covered events at the museum and could always be counted upon to give historical background on a variety of topics when I called for opinions or guidance. He will be missed.


Books for Sale

A Craftsman Remembers, by Gordan Hansford - One man recounts his personal view of serving in the Second World War as a “craftsman” – a soldier who worked behind the front lines at various tasks to keep everything running smoothly. These soldiers acted as engineers, electricians, and mechanics, among other jobs, and Hansford’s account captures what it was like for him and other craftsmen. $15.00 plus 10. S&H, only 1 copy left. Gone Fishing by Ed Coleman— A Chronicle of stories from the river banks in Kings County NS. A must read for the fishing fanatic, or those interested in Kings County rivers and landscapes. $20 plus $7 S&H

Ordering Information Books and CDs may be ordered by e-mail or by phone, (902) 678-6237. or on line If you wish to mail your order, our address is: The Kings County Museum, 37 Cornwallis Street, Kentville NS, Canada, B4N 2E2. Payment will be received by cash, cheque, money order, Master Card ,Visa. And Pay Pal. If you are making payment by credit card please enclose the credit card number and the expiry date. Please add the appropriate shipping and handling fees. As Ever, by John Bishop Grant– A collection of WWI letters written by Harold Fletcher Bishop from 1915-1919 while he was overseas during WWI. The book also includes a historical context for the areas Harold was stationed, and a condensed Bishop family tree. $20 plus $10 Shipping. Affairs With Old Houses—This very readable and highly enjoyable book chronicles the experiences of an eclectic selection of owners and older houses around Nova Scotia. $20 plus $12 shipping and handling. Burnt Lands, Lockshoes, Shivarees – Historical Sketches on Kings County, by Ed Coleman. This book is a collections of historic sketches that Ed wrote for local newspapers over the past 20 years. The book, 193 pages covers a variety of topics and includes a number of local postcards. Cost is $21.99 plus S&H $8.00. Building for Justice - In this beautifully illustrated volume, James W. MacNutt, Q.C. has succeeded in compelling us to look at courthouses in a different way. Building for Justice is a celebration of a monumental architecture that, along with the buildings of church and state, forms one of the cornerstones of our society. The cost is $32.00 and includes shipping. Comfort Me with Apples— A book chronicling the history of the Nova Scotia Fruit Growers’ Association starting from 1863-2013, and stories from apple growers. $20 plus $10 S&H Verses From The Valley by Gordon Hansford. Gordon has a keen sense of humour and a talent for seeing beauty and interest in everything from a ugly earwig to his military experience. These interests are reflected in this book of Gordon’s poetry and sketches. Cost is $12.99 plus S&H $6.00. Grist From The Mills – a History of Sheffield Mills by Sheffield Mills Women’s Institute. This book was originally printed in1967 and printed again in 2012. This interesting history of the village of Sheffield Mills, Kings County has been a popular book. Cost $25.00 plus S&H $8.00. From the Brow to the Bay - This book chronicles the family and community history of Woodlawn, Burlington and Viewmount on the North Mountain, Kings County, Nova Scotia. Settled in the early 1800’s, these Fundy shore communities have seen vast changes in the landscape and way of life. $40.00 plus $18.00 S&H.

Gaspereau: A River Runs Through It, by L. Ross Potter - This book with its authentic stories, its many pictures, and genealogical data, gives an excellent view into the past, and preserves so much for posterity. Its easy styles and entertaining, informative content will appeal to the interests of a wide range of readers. $40. plus $12. S&H. Oxen: Their Care Training and Use - An intensive guide concerning caring for, training, and using Oxen. The book is written by a long time oxen caregiver, Carmen Legge, and reflects his high level and knowledge and expertise. $25 plus $7 S&H The Union Street Café Cookbook— Tested and true recipes from the kitchen of the Union Street Café, guaranteed to make your next event a hit. The Kitchen Party Cookbook, Recipes for Potlucks, Shindigs and Good Times in the Maritimes - A collection of recipes that come from the heart. Jenny Osburn complies a selection of delicious recipes that we are sure you will love! $26.95 plus $7 S&H Growing up in Cape Breton— A Memoir by Marilyn Jones about her childhood in Cape Breton 1940’s-1950’s. A wonderful read for anyone who’s interested in Cape Breton. Planter Nova Scotia: 1760-1810. The year 2010 marked the 250th anniversary of the arrival of the New England Planters in Nova Scotia. Follow the history of these people who played an important role in Nova Scotian, and Canadian history. There are four different books in the series, all by Julian Gwyn. Each one is on a different township, Horton, Cornwallis, Newport, and Falmouth. $7.00 plus $3.00 shipping ($8.00 for 4 books). If all four volumes purchased at same time $25.00 plus $8.00 S&H. Hannibal Hoops - Hannibal Hoops follows the story of a young slave boy born on a plantation in South Carolina. During the American Revolution he ends up in Nova Scotia where he chases his dream of returning to his people’s homeland, Sierra Leone. By: Gordon M. Haliburton. $20.00 plus $7.00 S&H. The Nova Scotia Eatons - A genealogical record of the local Eaton family that dates back all the way to the year 1640. By: Charles Ernest Eaton. $5.00 plus $14.00 S&H. Small Communities, Big Dreams - The Annapolis Valley Apple Blossom Festival celebrates a unique way of life that relies on the tenets of hard work, good fun, faith, and rural values. This book celebrates 75 years of Apple Blossom history, a local festival that has a special place in the hearts of many. $21.00 plus $4.00 S&H. Nova Scotia’s Golden Age of Sail - This map of Nova Scotia shows where important ports were, lighthouse locations, where pirate’s treasures were buried, and even sea monsters and a ghost ship sighting happened! $1.00 plus $2.00 shipping. Second Chance - Life in Nova Scotia during the American Revolution by Glenn Ells. $20.00 plus $5.00 S&H. Starting Over - Acadians and New England Planters in Nova Scotia in the 1760s by Glenn Ells. $20 plus $5.00 shipping. Kings County Schools. A brief history of schools and school sections in


Township Books of Kings County - Contains data for Aylesford Township, Cornwallis Township, and Horton Township. Over 7500 names, indexed, 157 pages.$25.00 plus $10.00 S&H. Also available as a CD. The information on the CD is in two formats: access database and a text file that can be converted to a word program, spreadsheet or data base program. $25.00 plus $2:00 shipping. Memories of Coldbrook, N.S. - Marie Bishop writes about her early years in Coldbrook with write-ups on 50 Coldbrook families; 356 pictures, maps, 270 pages. $30.00 plus $10.00 S&H. Gypsum Royal Fleet by St. Clair Patterson A history of the transporting of gypsum from the quarries of Hants County and other parts of Nova Scotia to the manufacturing facilities in the United States $25 Churches of Kings County. Compiled by Linda Hart and Nelson Labor of the Community and Family History department. A brief history accompanies pictures of kings County churches $25 CDs Lineage linked database of "The History of Kings County" (Eaton). This CD merges all the families mentioned in Eaton's book and shows the connecting links between individuals and families. $25:00 plus $2:00 S&H. Kings County Church Records. - over 10,000 records of births, marriages and burials taken from microfilm and put on 1 CD. These records are from many of the early churches in Kings County. .$25:00 plus $2:00 S&H. Kings County Vital Statistics. Produced by the Kings Historical Society, the CD contains the following statistics with instructions included. (1) Kings County Census 1871 - 1881, 1891 - 1901. (2) Kings County Cemeteries Records. (3) Kings County Marriages 1864 - 1909. (4) Annapolis Valley Births & deaths 1864 - 1877. (5) Kings County Deeds 1764 - 1951 (6) Kings County Probate Records 1785 - 1950. $99.00 plus $2.00 S&H .

Evangeline: a Tale of Acadie - The “Expulsion of the Acadians” or “le Grand Dérangement” is one of the saddest chapters in the history of the colonial struggle between Britain and France. This is the story of Evangeline and Gabriel, two young Acadians who were cruelly separated on the very day in which they were to be wed. Evoking both the geography and the spirit of “La Belle Acadie,” Longfellow’s sweeping tale takes us from the tide-washed shores of Nova Scotia’s Minas basin, across the the vast breadth of 18thcentury America, from the Louisiana bayous to the foothills of the Ozarks, to its final, heart-wrenching conclusion in the plague-ridden poorhouses of Philadelphia. The cost is $23.00 plus S&H. Witness to a New Nation - a collection of homes of various shapes, styles, and sizes that saw confederation

Our KHS documentary Be transported back in time through re-enactments of wrecked sailors slogging through the Minas Mud, and a riveting courtroom sequence filmed at Ross Farm. Join the documentary’s narrator, Kelly Bourassa as he searches the banks of the Canard River for evidence of the 1760 wreck of the brigantine The Montague. $20.00 West Novas– Thomas H. Raddall This well-written 326 page hard covered book required detailed collaboration with West Nova war veterans to arrive at a true picture of what happened inside the Regiment during WW11. Almost every chapter provides examples of the battlefield bravery of individual soldiers and officers by name. Included are 42 pages of wartime photos and maps. First published 1947. $30.00 plus shipping. Aunt Toni’s Diary– Excerpts from the diary of Toni Musial (1947-1951) who was diagnosed with tuberculosis at age 13. Written and compiled by her niece Marilyn Jones, the book also gives a brief history of the Nova Scotia Sanatorium in Kentville, Nova Scotia. $15

Births, Deaths 1864-1877, Annapolis Valley. $25.00 plus $2.00 S&H.

Clara’s Rib– The true story of a young girl growing up in an Ontario tuberculosis hospital in the 40’s and ‘50’s. Readers of all ages will be drawn into the evolving seasons of Clara’s life of courage, faith, pranks, laughter, first love, despair and hope. $25.00 plus shipping.

Cemeteries of Kings County, NS. - All 100 Kings County cemeteries with complete inscriptions - a zipped CD for PC or Mac. $25.00 plus $2.00 S&H. Census of Kings Co. -Census data for 1871, 1881, 1891 and 1901 (on one CD). $25. plus $2. S&H. Marriages in Kings County, NS - 1864-1909 5,964 records giving bride, groom, age and parents. $25.00 plus $2.00 S&H Probate Records for Kings Co. - 1784-1949 - Over 25,000 records. $25.00 plus $2.00 S&H. Index to Kings County deeds 1764 - 1951 - $25.00 plus $2.00 S&H.

Berwick– A wonderful collection of pictures, clippings, and information on the history and families of Berwick Nova Scotia. Compiled by Ron Illsley $25 plus shipping. The Harbourville Connection-This book covers Harbourville, and heads along the shore in both directions to Morden and Black Rock, then down into the Valley to Somerset. There are lots of pictures, tales of pirates on Isle Haute, the infamous Robinson murder case, ships sinking –“more on the shipping of apples and potatoes, farm produce – everything,” $15.00 plus shipping. Times to Remember– Major R.G. “Bill” Thexton CD Some recollections of four and a half years of service with the Nova Scotian Regiment. $20 plus shipping

Acadian Church Records 1680-1757 and Acadian Census 1671-1758 $25.00 plus $2.00 S&H. Township Books of Kings County - Contains data for Aylesford Township, Cornwallis Township, and Horton Township. Over 7500 names, indexed, 157 pages. The information on the CD is in two formats: access database and a text file that can be converted to a word program, spreadsheet or data base program. The cost is $25.00 plus $2:00 S&H (Also available as a book - see above) Acadian Church Records 1680-1757 and Acadian Census 1671-1758 - plus many Acadian maps. $25.00 plus $2.00 S&H.

Glenn’s Life According to Glenn -Glenn S. Ells Glenn describes the life of a poor farm boy born in the 1930s, his fortunate choice of parents, his education, his years with his wife Leta and his family, his forays into politics and writing and some of his observations on life. $20 plus S&H A Place to Belong– Lind Hart .A history of Brooklyn Corner Kings County Nova Scotia $20 plus S&H

Vital Stat CD. Contains all the above information $99 Township Books of Kings County - Contains data for Aylesford Township, Cornwallis Township, and Horton Township. Over 7500 names, indexed, 157 pages. The information on the CD is in two formats: access database and a text file that can be converted to a word program, spreadsheet or data base program. The cost is $25.00 plus $2:00 S&H (Also available as a book).


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