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For over 40 years, we at KAS have prided ourselves on being one of the industry’s leading suppliers of innovative, trendy and fashion-forward rugs.

KAS was founded in 1981 by Rao Yarlagadda and his wife Kas. We started as a small importer and quickly became known as a forerunner in color and design trends. Our team is committed to every relationship and provides personal attention to each and every customer that has joined us on our journey in innovating home design. Longstanding relationships and extensive product growth defines KAS’ leading market position.

KAS is headquartered in Somerset, New Jersey with permanent showrooms in High Point and Las Vegas. KAS services customers worldwide in every category of floor coverings and all channels of distribution including brick & mortar, e-commerce & hospitality. We have created the 6 collections in this book with brick & mortar stores in mind. Keeping in line with today’s buying trends, we have curated this assortment to provide a unique offering that is available exclusively to retail storefronts and interior designers.

Thank you for being a partner in our success and continued growth!

ARTISAN 2 AURA 4 BIRCH 8 DUNE 12 GENERATIONS 16 PHOENIX 24 We have 6 top selling rug collections Exclusively for Stores & Designers HOW TO ORDER Contact your sales representative or email info@kasrugs.com By Phone: 800-967-4254 By Fax: 800-527-7847 M-F, 9-5pm EST To find a retailer, visit www.kasrugs.com To shop online or check inventory, click the person icon on the top right of our homepage. TABLE OF CONTENTS


Get lost in the multi textured look and feel of these hand-tufted transitional rugs. They truly are beautifully crafted artwork for your floors, and bring an element of dimension to any room. Made in India of wool and viscose. 1/2” dense pile height.

2 www.kasrugs.com
Available Sizes: 3’3” x 5’3” 5’ x 8’ 7’9” x 9’9” 8’6” x 11’6” 2151 Beige Illusions
KAS 800.967.4254 2153 Taupe / Blue Natura 2159 Sand Natura 2160 Grey / Ivory Illusions 2161 Grey Geode 2155 Blue Wonder


A collection of machine woven abstract traditionals with pops of metallic. These unique designs are sure to make a statement no matter what room they are in! Aura has a low 1/4” pile height and is made in Turkey of polypropylene with shrink polyester.

Available Sizes:

3'3" x 4'7"

2'2" x 6'11" Runner

5'3" x 7'7"

6'7" x 9'6"

7'10" x 10'10" 9'10 x 13'2"

4 www.kasrugs.com
7200 Grey Highland 7201 Ivory
Grey Contra
7202 Grey Serenity 7204 Grey / Teal Timeless
6 www.kasrugs.com
7205 Grey Whisper 7203 Grey / Brick Wonder 7206 Grey / Brick Skyler 7207 Grey Breeze

Create casual elegance at home with these multi-textured wool and viscose rugs. The combination of a neutral color palette and a cut and loop pile gives this collection a gorgeous rich texture perfect for any home. Handloomed in India with a ¼” pile height. Available Sizes: 27” x 45” 3’3” x 5’3” 5’ x 7’ 8‘ x 10’ 9' x 13'

KAS 800.967.4254 9
9257 Denim Blue Montauk 9254 Ocean Landscape
9256 Ivory / Grey Elements
9251 Ivory Heather

What is PET Yarn?

Pet Yarn is made from recycled PET plastic bottles. Single use plastics, such as water bottles, are a worldwide environmental hazard.

In India, more than half of PET bottles are recycled into other products, especially polyester fibers used in manufacturing textiles.

Kas is proud to be at the forefront of creating products from recycled plastic fibers that prevent PET plastic bottles from being buried in a landfill.

easy-to-clean rugs made of recycled plastic bottles

Perfect for today’s families…cleanable and fashionable handmade rugs that will stand up to the wear and tear of everyday living. Whether your style is casual, modern or traditional, these abrash solids make decorating a breeze giving you the ease of styling your home as you please! Dune is handloomed in India of PET yarn with knotted backing and has a 1/2” pile height.

Available Sizes: 2'3" x 8' Runner 5' x 8' 8' x 10' 9' x 12'

1952 Charcoal Villa

1950 Grey Landscape

KAS 800.967.4254 13 DUNE
1953 Sand Villa 1951 Grey Villa


Stunningly beautiful and luxurious, it is no secret that our Generations collection is unique and like nothing else. Exquisite colors, sheen and texture in these modern-day vintage rugs will create a focal point everyone strives for. These rugs are machine-woven in Turkey of polyester and viscose with a hi/lo textured effect, the pile height is 1/4”.

Available Sizes:

2'2" x 7'11" Runner

3'3" x 4'11"

5'3" x 7'7"

7'7" Round

7'7" x 10'10"

8'9" x 13' 12' x 15'

KAS 800.967.4254 17
7000 Ivory / Beige Antiquities
7004 Pewter Biltmore 7007 Ivory / Blue Grace
7001 Grey Antiquities
18 www.kasrugs.com 7013 Grey / Blue Landscape 7014 Grey Horizon 7005 Ivory / Grey Windsor 7015 Silver Watercolors
KAS 800.967.4254 7019 Ivory / Grey Maison 7020 Blue Maison 7017 Ivory / Grey Watercolors 7021 Grey Austin 7010 Pewter Imperial
Grey / Blue
Luxe 7026
KAS 800.967.4254 7032 Ivory Aiden 7034
Ivory / Teal Charlotte
www.kasrugs.com 7038 Grey Marble 7031 Ivory Expressions 7030 Grey / Beige Inspire
7035 Grey / Gold Illusions
Blue / Ivory Illusions
Blue / Gold Illusions

Super Plush Pile!


Who wouldn’t love 2” of plush softness underfoot? Nothing but good vibes this collection will bring! These super soft plush rugs are made of subtle patterns and color hues to create the perfect oasis in any living space. Phoenix is machine woven of polypropylene in Turkey.

Available Sizes:

2'2" x 7'7" Runner 5'3" x 7'7" 7'10" x 9'10" 8'10" x 13'

KAS 800.967.4254 25
6960 Ivory / Grey Global
KAS 800.967.4254 27 6961 Ivory / Grey Diamonds 6962 Ivory / Blue Diamonds 6963 Grey Landscape 6964 Blue Landscape
6966 Ivory / Slate Blue Phases 6965 Ivory / Slate Blue Soho
KAS 800.967.4254
6968 Ivory / Grey Tiles
6967 Ivory / Slate Blue Tiles


• How do I see KAS at a tradeshow?: We have our Corporate Headquarters & Showroom in Somerset, NJ. We have permanent showrooms in High Point and Las Vegas, which are only open during Market or by appointment.

• How do I get in touch with a KAS Sales Representative?: We have KAS sales representatives that can assist you throughout the U.S., Canada and Mexico. Email us at info@kasrugs.com or call us at 800-967-4254, and we’ll be more than happy to connect you with your local KAS sales rep. You can also visit the Contact Us page on our website.

• How can I receive high resolution rug and lifestyle images?: Please email info@kasrugs.com or call 800-967-4254 with your full name, Company name and KAS Account #, and we will be happy to share our photo-sharing site information with you.


• How do we ship?: We ship small parcel shipments via UPS or FedEx Ground. Any rug that is 8’ x 11’ or larger must be shipped by LTL carrier. If you have a preferred carrier, please mention at time of order placement.

• Drop-Ship Orders: It is our pleasure to drop ship any of your orders. Please remember that we must receive all dropship orders in writing or electronically.

• How do I cancel an order?: Please give us a call at 800-967-4254 OR Fax 800-527-7847 with your KAS Account number, Purchase Order number and items you’d like to cancel. Cancellations are not final until confirmed by KAS.

• Our Return Policy: Please call us at 800-967-4254 to process a return. We have a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty that covers Damages & Defects. Returns for other reasons will be processed on a case-by-case basis. Return shipping costs may apply.


• Setting up a New Account: Email info@kasrugs.com or call 800-967-4254 to receive a new account application. Let us know whether you would like to open a Storefront, Drop-Ship only or Internet Account. You can also visit the Contact Us page on our website.

• Existing Accounts: Call 800-967-4254 to place orders over the phone OR Fax your orders to 800-527-7847. You will receive a same-day order acknowledgement.

• Product Availability: You can find Product Availability at all times on kasrugs.com OR Call 800-967-4254 to speak one-on-one with our Customer Service department.

Note: You can also place orders online directly with KAS on our B2B portal. Please email info@kasrugs.com for more information.


Just like everything else today, rugs need special care to prolong their beauty and provide years of use. Regular cleaning and adequate treatments will help extend the life of your rug. Use a rug pad specific to the type of surface on which you will be placing your rug. This will help protect your floor or wall-to-wall carpeting and will extend the life of your rug and prevent slippage.


Wool will look great for a long time just by vacuuming regularly.

• Use only cold water when cleaning to avoid shrinkage.

• If spills occur, blot immediately, then clean with mild soap and cold water.

• Do not use oxygen cleaners on a wool rug.

• Avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading.

• For best results, periodic professional cleaning is recommended.


Natural fibers are highly absorbent and need to be cleaned regularly to keep them looking good long term.

• Vacuum regularly to keep dirt from getting trapped in the fibers.

• DO NOT steam clean or wet as natural fibers are highly absorbent and may cause shrinkage.

• Vacuum regularly WITHOUT the beater bar turned on or on the highest pile setting.

• Avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading.

• For best results, periodic professional cleaning is recommended.


Polyester is dirt and stain resistant and will look great for a long time just by vacuuming regularly.

• Use only cold water when cleaning to avoid shrinkage.

• If spills occur blot immediately.

• Use rug/carpet cleaners that are safe on synthetic fibers.

• Avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading.

• For best results, periodic professional cleaning is recommended.


Your faux silk/viscose rug will look great for years to come with proper care and vacuuming regularly.

• Never saturate or soak your faux silk/viscose with water—this will damage the fibers and potentially your floor.

• Use only cold water if necessary to avoid shrinkage.

• If spills occur blot immediately then with mild soap and cold water.

• Do not use oxygen cleaners on your silk fibers.

• Avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading.

• For best results, periodic professional cleaning is recommended and encouraged to protect rugs.



If your rug contains 100% or partial twisted fibers, turn the beater bar off or set the vacuum to a high pile setting to keep loops intact long term.


If your rug contains 100% or partial loop or hi/lo construction...

• Set the beater bar to the off position or on a high pile setting to keep loops intact long term.

• If a loop does not stay intact at any point, simply use scissors to trim to the height of other loops.


Natural fiber rugs have many weave types but in general appear to be knitted...

• If a knit or edge finishing frays due to wear at any point, use scissors to trim.

• Set the beater bar to the off position or on a high pile setting to keep the knits/weave intact long term.

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