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Winners’ Corner


CONGRATULATIONS Sheila Judkins from Belper who has won a bottle of Champagne.

Competitions & Puzzles Prize crossword – Win a 2 Course Sunday Lunch for 2 people at The Kedleston Country House 6 Children’s Puzzles 68 Champagne Sudoku 70 Friendship Blooms – FREE FLOWERS! 73

CONGRATULATIONS Susan Heeley from Belper who has won a 2-course Sunday lunch for 2 people at The Kedleston Country House.

Business & Professional 2 Lifestyle 12 Food, Drink, Entertainment 16 Motors 21 Health, Beauty, Fitness 25 Home & Garden 32 Children & Education 66 Community 70

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Hello readers

Welcome to the Christmas and New Year issue of All Things Local! Well, what a year. Is it just us, or has it flown by? It feels like we’ve had a bit of a ‘blink and you’ve missed it’ situation going on!

football legend, Sir Bobby Charlton, and king of interviewers, Michael Parkinson. These stars, amongst others, will be fondly remembered and their legacies live on.

2023 has been the first full year since 2019 to be totally free of any kind of COVID restrictions in the UK, and it’s been good to get back to being able to travel, see friends and relatives, and basically do as we please! We’ve certainly been making the most of this and enjoying all the experiences we can – amongst the highlights of 2023 for Team ATL have been dolphin watching off the coast of Cornwall, being serenaded in Barcelona, and saying hello to a friendly turtle in Turkey! We’re very lucky to have the freedom to travel and will be forever grateful of this privilege. Our freedom is a stark contrast to the atrocities that some people are having to endure in war-torn countries across the world and our thoughts go out to all those affected.

So, what will 2024 have in store? Well, as the last few years have certainly taught us, we have no idea – we couldn’t even hazard a guess! But whatever life throws at us, we’ll enjoy the highs and ride out the lows. By sticking together and supporting each other – as our wonderful local community does so well – we’ll make 2024 another good year! We’d like to say a huge ‘thank you’ to all our readers and advertisers for your continued support and kind words about our little magazine. Your positive feedback is always hugely appreciated and, as we enter our 17th year and approach our 100th issue, we’re proud to still be your independent community magazine, successfully connecting local people with local businesses.

As we look ahead to the festive season and all the excitement that brings, it’s also a good opportunity to reflect on the year that’s passed. While the COVID pandemic now seems to be behind us (despite the virus still being very much around) it’s not been the easiest year with spiralling costs taking effect in just about every area of life, making day-to-day more difficult for many. However, 2023 hasn’t just been defined by rising prices, strikes and unprecedented industrial action … there have been many positive memorable moments too, from sporting successes (notably in women’s football as the Lionesses reached the Women’s World Cup Final in June) to Elton John rocking the Glastonbury stage for a final time, and the coronation of our new monarch, King Charles III.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

We’ve said a sad farewell to a number of famous people who we’ve lost in 2023 including the much-loved entertainer and renowned dog-lover, Paul O’Grady, international superstar Tina Turner,

With very best wishes, Team ATL

Pictured l to r: Karyn Milner (Publisher/Editor), Ruth Brown (Advertising Sales), Helen Young (Editorial Copywriter & Coordinator) Advertising Enquiries: Ruth Brown E: T: 01332 883140 or 07545 261034 W: AllThingsLocalMagazines

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Prize Crossword

Win a 2-course Sunday roast for 2 people at The Kedleston Country House, Kedleston Road, Quarndon, Derby DE22 5JD. Drinks excluded. 1







8 9



12 13







20 21




Across 1 3 9 10 11 14 16 17 18 21 22 23 24

Down 1 2 4 5 6 7 8

Effortless (4) Ghosts (8) Kill (7) Part of a helmet (5) Current (12) Winter sport (3) Sports competition (5) Used for listening (3) Amazing (12) Heart beat (5) Simplest (7) Pirate’s hoard (8) Procedure (4) Keep fit (8) Severe (5) Garden tool (3) In spite of (12) Watch carefully (7) Certain (4) Self service stores (12)

12 13 15 19 20 22

Playing field (5) Intimidate (8) Implicate (7) Perfect (5) Blemish (4) Make a mistake (3)

Just complete the simple crossword, cut out and return to: Prize Crossword, All Things Local, 74 Woodhouse Road, Kilburn, Belper, Derbyshire DE56 0NA. Remember to provide your name, address and telephone number. Closing date: Tuesday 12th December 2023. All entries are destroyed after the closing date and no information is given to any third party.

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BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL Business & &&Professional Professional Business Legal Matters Business & Professional Shacklocks Solicitors Whilst the idea that the someone abroad The difficulty is that CETV travelling for one scheme

Legal Matters: Legal BreakdownMatters: of a Marriage Trusts

In each edition legal advisors from Shacklocks deal with important legal topics. This month Marion Vesey Cassandra Worton, Partner with Shacklocks (pictured) invites us to think about LLP and a member of the Society of Trust and making a decision that will benefit Estate futurePractitioners, generations.explains some of the

Buyers on or Civil Relying Partnership: ‘Bank of the MumPensions and Dad’ Dividing mystery behind Trusts.

Making Will isand a serious business. It isrelying a It seems more people are When aamarriage ormore a civil partnership time which gives many people cause on the ‘Bank ofconsideration Mum and Dad’ due to be Trusts are a very well established part of to English breaks down, needs to stopbut and aboutnot how they want to be law, arethink generally available in many housing Billions ofunion pounds per given to affordability. how the assets ofare thethey, remembered when they are gone. European countries. So what and are to year in the UK are being loaned by parents be divided. Assets can include the home, how did they come about? Many attracted by the idea ofalso to helppeople family members with their house savings, cars are and other valuables but doing something to help others less Put as simply according as possible, to a Trust arise where purchases, the will Institute of a pensions. fortunate than themselves passname person transfers property or after assetsthey into the Fiscal Studies. away, particularly if their family are

of theirthe chosen Trustees, forthe themost Trustees to hold Indeed pensions canfor be valuable adequately provided or for if they have noasset that property orbethose assets certain purposes and care has to exercised in how they are treated Data from LegalWhilst & General andstill thelike Centre for close family. some the idea and how on certain terms, for the benefit of specific they are divided. Usually, pensions are Economics and Business Research indicates the of supporting major national there persons orina one group of people. dealt with of the followingcharities, ways: amount of these varies, depending onlocal where are many who loans prefer to benefit more you live in the UK, with the ofcan England causes orunderstand causes close toisEast their heart, possibly 1. Pension sharing. This where one To better Trusts we takepension areceiving look is where they have had a personal involvement the most and the West Midlands receiving the least. divided to create essentially two pensions, reduced back to the times of the Crusades. Trusts afirst or received support lifetime. pension the member of thetheir pension scheme began tofor take shape induring medieval England when and Whilst thesetravelling loans usually given best of a newwere pension for are theabroad other person. men to joinwith the the Crusades. Something thatis our team with 2. Pension attachment. This is discuss where court intentions, there a myriad ofwill potential and They would transfer their property to issues a atrusted clientsfor inthe thisunwary. situation is the ideaofof setting makes an order directing that some the pension pitfalls friend them to look after, manage and protect up their trust which payable toown one charitable person is paid to until their return, which may notthe beother. forcan many 3. Offsetting. This is where thefor pensions arefriend left continue provide support charitable years. The obligation imposed on the A Loan orto amoral Gift? untouched but the share of long other assetswhich are adjusted causes ofthe their choosing after they have is oneofofthe earliest forms of a Trust, over One most important questions is whether the to take into account the value ofown pensions. passed away. Creating your charity the centuries has become embedded in our legal money being given is a gift or a loan. Situations can means that your trustees can provide system. occur where the terminology used indicates that a Before you think about dealing with support toeven those who need help most.pensions gift is being made, but the understanding between you need to know their value. The starting point There canforward be a great sense of satisfaction in is Ifeveryone we fast to the present day, reasons shows it to more akin to a the loan. often the provision ofbe a Cash Equivalent Transfer knowing that your trustees will carry out to use(“CETV”). a Trust are This broadly thetosame as in medieval Value be provided in your wishes after youneeds havetypes gone and that England; there are different ofhave Trusts anda all cases. Whilst the CETV is important, further Even if the understanding the parties is that your name will be associated with such good there are many different types of situations information is often needed in terms ofbeen benefit gift is being has sufficient given deeds evenmade, you areterms nothought longer around. which may create Trusts. Trusts may be set up in a statements soafter that the full of the pension to the long term implications of this? Parents may lifetime, or through a Will following death. Trusts can be considered. be to gift money to their children but what At happy Shacklocks we have setinup a number of may provide circumstances which beneficiaries happens further line? awe charitable overthe the 150 years or be so It is important todown understand theThere difference between will becometrusts absolutely entitled to themay Trust Fund, have been in business and we still look after tacit understanding that should anything happen different pension types. Some pensions are pots or they may provide flexibility by allowing for toof thosechild trusts today. One of the their the gift will revert tocharitable theshould parents, money which canexercised sometimes be converted into but cash discretion to be asback to who trustsif we look for example, what the doesn’t include thewas gift in atheir (subject to recipient tax). after, Other pensions simply give person benefit. established by will in the to provide the right to ifreceive an income from a particular date Will? What thearecipient faces1940’s challenging financial accommodation until their death. for elderly residents.

may theircompletely property indifferent Trust topension be managed mightleave produce circumstances? Theseisin are allvery questions need to benefits to the another scheme. You whilst they areCETV away still usefulthat today, be discussed before any decision is made about 70 years later the trust is still might share a particular pension equally but thethe Trusts may be used closer to home to protect andgift or loan.inproperty providing that accommodation. reality terms of what you might each receive in manage or money in other circumstances your pocket could be significantly different. Thein too. For example, a parent may set up a Trust Another ofisthe wetheir look Romance Dead? courtlifetime is generally concerned about their or trusts through Will the for aeffect child,ofor after set up by a client a pension sharing order, especially when people What happens if the borrower, or recipient of atogift, for anwas adult son or daughter who is not able who to help people mightwanted have been together for a long time. decides to marry? Consideration needs to beofgiven manage their own affairs perhaps because with medical to theparticular possibility thatcapacity someoneissues. new could be added disability or mental A married The CETV by pension conditions. Her kindness has to the title, gaining property rights andtheir the benefit of person mayprovided provide in atheir Will scheme for surviving might not be a true representation of the value enabled her trustees to provide spouse to have a life interest in their half of the the loan or gift. What happens if the parties split up of that pension. In some cases, especially some financial support to aprotecting gifted family home thereby that of sold the or or onesector party dies, and the property hashalf to be public pensions, the CETV provided young musician who has experienced acanbe home for the next generation. A Trust may transferred to the survivor? significantly understate the true worth of a pension. number of health issues that have interfered used where someone receives damages as a result with her education, toclinical enable that child to of a personal injury or negligence claim. Protecting a Loan There are obviously many different pension be educated inset the most appropriate A couple may up a Trust to keep their family in existence. willthen probably be Ifschemes the evidence points toEach a loan, the correct environment. assets in the bloodline case of changes in different toshould the next. Itinisinto very important you protection be put place. Therethat arefamily and marital arrangements may take the receive the right advice andwhich that the true value different ways of protecting a loan, ranging from Aassets Trust can be setand up shared either of the or someone with aa loan ofCharitable eachout pension isfamily, understood restrictions registered against a property, tofairly. during lifetime with savings and Often ityour is necessary to involve other experts, second family may set up a Trust to make special agreement being drafted. investments built up already, or alternatively for example pension actuaries, who will produce arrangements for their two families. A person through a specially prepared that will in comprehensive reports to assist in the division of with Charitable intentions mayWill set up a Trust Buying with Mum and Dad only take effect following your death and pension assets. information above is their lifetime or The on death for thegiven benefit of those will therefore notor deprive you capital or in Rather thanparticularly gifting loaning money, what about necessarily general and cannot beofrelied who they wish to help in theupon future, income during your lifetime. buying with Mum and Dad? In these situations, any particular case. and by doing so leave a lasting legacy: many ofathe declaration trust might behave the more charities weofsee now may been appropriate set up in this Our team at are Shacklocks have a particular At Shacklocks LLP we are committed option, detailing the understanding betweento the way. These all types of Trust. helpingRelying you toon understand true speciality in preparing arrangements of this parties. the bank of the Mum andworth Dad is not of pensions and to helpas receive a fair kind and of acting always as also straightforward asyou itprofessional may seem.with Shacklocks LLP havewhich been dealing Trusts financial settlement will meet your trustees to years, enablethough wishes not to be fulfilled and for many quite as far back needs. Shacklocks LLP family law team instructions to in bethis followed. The information is general in nature and as Crusades! Ifarticle you like toanknow arethe currently offering all would new clients more about Trusts and they be help of should not behalf relied upon. Tohow find out howmay we can initial free hour appointment. To Ifhelp you in areyour thinking of supporting charities circumstances contact you inout yourmore, particular circumstances, contactCassandra either find contact Ben Stubbins and through your Will or Farmer during your lifetime Worton or atemail Shacklocks Jordanna Smedley or why Christalla Betts at Shacklocks LLP his team onRichard 01773 822333 or with a lump sum, not talk to us about LLP on 01773 822333 or 01623 626141 or or on 01773 822333, 01773 743513 orcan 01332 559281, the different ways in which we help you email or e-mail benefit those good causes, and how to make the most of the tax rules that enable a charitable cause to benefit. Call us at Shacklocks to talk about how we can help you to help your favourite local causes. Telephone Shacklocks on Ben Stubbins 0845 602Smedley 2344 or email me at Jordanna Cassandra Worton


68 72 8

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Business & Professional

Matters Money Matters:

Business & Professional So, Years it’s thatof time of the year toOur writeFirst another article 10 Belper IFS: Decade

for our favourite local magazine, All Things Local. I am

Money Matters:

10 years ago, Belper Independent Financial wondering what I should be writing about. Not an easy Solutions was formed founder (me, job given the word countafter limits,itsbeing topical and the Kevin Glover) was redundant The many restrictions onmade Financial Advice infrom printed journals 10 Years of Belper IFS: Our First Decade without having numerous caveats and risk warnings! Derbyshire Building Society. 10 years ago,has Belper Financial Since seenIndependent the loss of are The Derbyshire, I couldthen, writeBelper about your up to(me, date and Solutions wasensuring formed afterWills its founder Woolworths, Somerfield, Thomas Cook and Britannia the best practice of having Powers of Attorney in place Kevin Glover) was made redundant from Building Society to name but a few long-standingThe regardless ofthat your age. these to legal documents are Derbyshire Building Society. institutions are nowThat confined history. not required of until you are oldbeen … but I won’t write and tell Generations people have served Since then, Belper has seen the loss of or Thebeen Derbyshire, you that. That would be a myth and dull. customers of these organisations. You are probably Woolworths, Somerfield, Thomas Cook and Britannia one. State Pension has changed times and Building SocietyAge to name but a fewseveral long-standing soare again. least interest rates have will likely do Or, Imost could explain about the At Inheritance Tax Thresholds institutions that now confined to history. not changed Rubbish then and not much better Generations of people have been or been available for amuch! married couple being upserved to £1,000,000 of these organisations. Youassets are probably today. if you customers have a house and children to leave to. I one. State Pension Age has changed several times and could will write about other toAt reduce/stop such taxes. most do the soways again. least interest rates have Consider this –likely joining EU was considered the right Should I tell you of the benefits of making use of your Gift not changed much! Rubbish then and not much better decision once upon a time. Allowances today. such as the £250 Small Gifts and £3,000 per year Annual Gift room Allowance? I thought that might be a tad From my dining in 2009, to an office in Heanor, Consider this – joining wasofconsidered the right boring, talking about gifts to atthe thisEU time the year. much back to Belper and now the present location, decision once upon a time. has changed including the greyness of my hair and the size ofFrom my waistline! Now asallowances a team wenew have seen As for using your unused ISA and current my dining room in 2009, to of an 8office in Heanor, the client base expand the years. ‘Generous’ back to Belper andover now to the present location, much tax-year improved Annual Pension Allowance of £60,000 successive Chancellors introduce new of legislation hasI changed including the my hair and of the … well, figured you knew thisgreyness already. The benefit impacting the and signposting theofneed size of mypublic waistline! Now as a team 8 wefor have seen tax-relief on pension contributions meaning every £100 theadvice. client base expand over the years. ‘Generous’ financial saved successive can be instantly revalued at £125? brother! Chancellors introduce newOh, legislation impacting the public and signposting the need What about you – what has changed in your livesforover financial advice. All of these things IHow considered. the last 10 years? many jobs have you had? Has your family extended or tragedy struck? How many What about you – what has changed in your lives over times have you moved house? How many pension Givingthe youlast an economic forecast now there’s 10 years? How manyfor jobs2024 have–you had? Has schemes have you been a or member of and simply left, an idea. Explaining that the interest receive your your family extended tragedyyou struck? Howonmany through onehave reason or certainly another? How many bank account is almost still below thecars, rate of times you moved house? How many pension partners other lifebe events haveto occurred? schemes have you been a member of and simply left, inflation –and who would bothered read about that? through one reason or another? How many cars, “It’s risk-free, innit?” I could hear you say. (Really?). How many investments have you made and when partners and other life events have occurred?

were they last reviewed and looked at? My point is

How many investments have you made and when were they last reviewed and looked at? My point is

Then, to the UK. Some public listed companies are that need foreyes financial advice and a solution should doingthe well in the of their accountants – profit & loss, one-off. Financial and solutions not be seen as afull balance sheets, order books andproducts innovation etc. Why were probably right at the time, but just how much has would you want to know about the opportunity that if changed since their inception? their share prices are trading low this means the potential of longer-term if advice bought ininaapension ‘buyer’s market’? or Investment funds (whether held that the need forsuccess financial and solutionwrappers should You may want wait such until share prices higher before alternative structures as Stocks andare Shares ISAs), Financial products and solutions not be seen as atoone-off. are mostly runyou by know fund managers are were probably right at the time, ‘buy butwho just much has you buy? But about lowhow andalso sell human high’, since their beings. they retire, defect to other Ichanged reckon.As Ashumans we areinception? nearmay the January sales you would companies, orarun out ofI am luck! Solutions maywriting have already know bargain, sure. So, notthat worth Investment funds (whether held in pension wrappers been right at the start may no longer be suitable oror about. alternativeLeading structures such as Stocksin and Shares ISAs), effective. fund managers 2009 may no longer areleading mostly fund run bymanagers fund managers are also2020. human be as wewho approach beings. As in humans they may retire,rate defect to–other Reduction inflation and interest cuts how can that companies, orBoring! run out of luck! Solutions that may have impact you? In April 2015, pension regulations changed. been right at the start may no longer be suitableThey or will almost certainly again. Pensions from effective. Leadingchange fund managers in 2009 may noprior longerto Protecting your income in the event onewould of this time may no longer or be suitable – but just of how be leading fund managers as family we approach 2020. you So, asevents? you sit “Do munching your turkey over the life’sknow? unexpected me a favour!” Of course, festive period, consider how many of these questions They will In April 2015, pension regulations changed. those reasons to insure probably won’t happen to you and almostto certainly again. Pensions prior to a apply you take andchange see may benefitfrom from having you’d rather yourwhat chance. this time may no longer be suitable – but just how would review. you know? So, as you sit munching your turkey over the

Retiring in 2024? Yawn. No oneatwould bequestions interested in festive consider many of these Is 2020period, the time to takehow a look your financial apply to their you and see again what may benefit from learning options on that arrangements once andeither. get them fit having for a review. purpose? No, I decided not to bother about writing on any of these Is 2020 the time to take a look at your financial Wishing you aonce happy 2020 prosperous things. Instead, I thought I’dand just write arrangements again and get athem fitand forsay:next 10 years. purpose? “Have a very Merry Christmas, health, peace and a great Wishing you a happy 2020 and a prosperous next 10 2024”. years.

By Kevin Glover, Belper IFS This information is general only and is not intended

to address your particular By Kevin Glover, Belper IFS requirements. The data

above should not be relied upon in its entirety and

shallisnot be deemed to beisornot constitute This information general only and intendedadvice. to Byindividual Kevin Glover, Belper IFSact upon such information No company should requirements. The data above should address your or particular without receiving appropriate professional advice after a not relied upon in of itstheir entirety shall not betodeemed Thisbe information is general onlyparticular andand is not intended thorough examination situation. toaddress be or your constitute advice. No individual or company should requirements. The data above should particular act suchupon information without receiving notupon be relied in its entirety and shall not beappropriate deemed professional adviceadvice. after aNo thorough of their to be or constitute individualexamination or company should act upon such information without receiving appropriate particular situation. professional advice after a thorough examination of their particular situation.

10 Chapel Street Belper DE56 1AR 10 Chapel Street Belper DE56 1AR

84 10 84

To contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: To advertise advertise contact Ruth: M: 07545 07545261034 261034 To advertise contact Ruth:T:T:01332 01332 883140 883140 M: E: E:


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Pull Your Socks Up December the 4th marks the celebration of an overlooked hero in our daily lives – socks! National Sock Day originated in the US. It is a tribute to those rare champions of the sock world: the socks that have successfully navigated the perils of the washing machine, the ones that have braved the spin cycle, been pegged on the line and still remained as a pair. December is the season of gift-giving and, let’s be honest, socks rush to our rescue every year. What on earth would we do if we didn’t have the option of socks for Uncle Andrew or Grandpa George? Now, let’s delve deeper into the drawer of sock trivia: • Did you know that Albert Einstein was not a fan of the humble sock? As a young man he became frustrated with his big toe creating a hole in them so he simply lived his life without them. Perhaps that means we can be cleverer if we give them up. • Socks were once considered as a status symbol. The richer you were, the silkier your socks would be. These days, they have transformed into a means of expressing our personality.


• The Romans were particularly cool and dared to wear their socks with sandals. Apparently, it was very fashionable in those days. The current trend of socks with sliders clearly harks back to this ancient tradition. • The world’s top sock producing location is in China. Datang is known as ‘Sock City’ as it produces 40% of the world’s socks. It makes 22 billion pairs every year. I wonder how many of them remain a pair? • There are superstitions related to socks. Always put on your left sock before your right to bring you luck. Also, if you accidentally put on a sock inside out, it’s best to leave it that way. National Sock Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the surviving pairs in your sock drawer. So, on December the 4th, put your best foot forward and raise a toast to the unassuming sock. They are our daily companions in every step we take.

By Jessica White

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Just a Thought...

May you be warm, sheltered, fed, safe, hydrated, cosy and comfortable. May you be with the friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances you wish to in the spaces and places where you feel seen, heard and understood.

Comfort and Joy

I am sure you are familiar with the carol ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’, especially at this time of year. I have always liked it and I put that down to the feeling of nostalgia it gives me. Instantly it transports me to the Christmas times of childhood. That palpable excitement on Christmas Eve, laying out mince pies. The wide-eyed wonder of waking up on Christmas Day to the rustle of a stocking packed with presents. Now I think on it though, I believe it has more to do with the sentiment of the song.

Those 18th century folk certainly had the right idea about prioritising comfort and joy for us and each other. So, this winter, I extend the wish of glad tidings of comfort and joy, not just to the merry gentlemen but to you all, however you identify and however you feel.

As adults, we usually feel less festive and more stress-tive at this time of year. It is understandable, with a to-do list longer than Santa’s and an expectation of the resplendent roast dinner weighing heavier than a sooty chimney stack. So, if I could wish anything for you this winter it is simply this: comfort and joy.

❄ ❄

May your mental and emotional health be well supported and cared for. Though there will not always be happiness, may you be able to salvage joy from a tiny moment, comment, thought or object.

Go gently through the festive season and I hope 2024 brings you strength, courage, and kindness.

By Fliss Goldsmith of Belper



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Travel Film Locations Around the World While there isn’t a way to magically transport yourself into your favourite movie or series, you can see the real-life locations where they were filmed. Whether you’re looking to get behind the scenes of Hollywood’s greatest productions or simply seeking a unique travel experience, here are six fantastic film or television sets to visit around the world. Dubrovnik, Croatia (Game of Thrones) Game of Thrones fans won’t take long to recognise Dubrovnik’s cobblestone roads and Gothic architecture as King’s Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms. To photograph some particularly iconic spots, head to the UNESCO-listed Old Town and the Walls of Dubrovnik. Wander past the ancient city walls and baroque buildings, soaking up the sunshine and the shimmer of the Adriatic, to experience the magic of Westeros for yourself. Matamata, New Zealand (Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies) The cosy town of Hobbiton may have been created specifically for The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogies, but the storybook-like set remains to this day. Venture to the lush, rolling hills of Matamata in New Zealand’s North Island to take a guided tour of the set, including the Hobbit Holes and the Mill, and stop at the world-famous Green Dragon Inn for a pint of specially brewed Hobbiton beer! Skopelos and Skiathos, Greece (Mamma Mia!) A toe-tapping compilation of ABBA’s greatest hits, with a star-studded cast to match, Mamma Mia! immediately became a box office hit after its release in 2008. But of course, the gorgeous Greek islands of Skiathos and Skopelos steal the show.


Want to see the highlights? Take a bus tour and cruise past several iconic filming locations, including the Agios Ioannis Chapel and Kastani Beach. Koh Phi Phi Leh, Thailand (The Beach) Ko Phi Phi Leh’s heavenly combination of white sand and turquoise shores was so tantalising that it caused an unprecedented spike in tourism after starring in The Beach. This led to Maya Bay’s temporary closure in 2018, to help it recover from the damage caused by millions of tourists. The beach has now reopened but will close for two months each year for conservation. Salzburg, Austria (The Sound of Music) Salzburg wasn’t just the filming location for The Sound of Music; it was also home to the real Trapp family, and over 300,000 visitors head to the city each year. Stop by Mirabellgarten, where Maria and the children sang ‘Do-Re-Mi’, or stay at the magnificent Schloss Leopoldskron, which served as the lakefront façade of the Trapp family home. Angkor Thom, Cambodia (Lara Croft: Tomb Raider) Believe it or not, the stone palace Angelina Jolie’s character travels to in Lara Croft: Tomb Raider wasn’t a piece of set design. In fact, this ethereal structure is part of an ancient temple complex in Cambodia called Angkor Thom. Originally built in the late 12th century, the UNESCOlisted Buddhist temples of Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom and Bayon Temple are collectively the world’s largest religious structure.

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How to Stop Your Dog Chewing It’s very common for puppies to chew, and it helps them to relieve the pain of teething. They also use their mouths to explore the world and its contents but, when your clothing and shoes become the target, you’ll probably feel it’s time to take action. Separation anxiety and boredom are common in dogs left alone for a period of time, so what can you do to prevent complete devastation when you return home? • Provide safe, tough items for your dog to focus on. You can buy a range of age-appropriate durable toys and chews from pet stores and other outlets. • Restrict their access to your possessions, or limit them to a couple of rooms in the house. • Make sure they get enough exercise – this is especially important if you’re leaving them for a while, as tiredness will reduce their need to chew.


et Portraits to o! Dog Walks • Pet Sits & Visits

at your bark and call

DBS checked • Insured Canine First Aider Dogs, Cats, Hens & most pets

Could it be attention-seeking? All dogs need quality time with their owner, and it’s possible they could be chewing simply to get your attention. If you give them plenty of play time and attention in short bursts, you should soon see a difference. Positive reinforcement Reward your dog when they chew on appropriate items and redirect their attention when they chew on something they shouldn’t. Consistency is the key here. Your dog will respond to rewards for chewing its own toys, and also to the negative response, e.g., withdrawing your attention for a while when your shoes are the target.


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The Duffield Dressmaker ALTERATIONS & REPAIRS Over 40 years’ experience, offering a comprehensive range of clothing alterations and repairs. From simply mending beloved but damaged garments, shortening of sleeves and trousers, to restyling, resizing and refitting. This includes outfits for special occasions Curtains and creation of new garments.

Please call Sandra 07554 193352


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Short Story Chas and Dave “I don’t see why it’s us who’ve got to stay in just because your Alan’s gone on a cruise,” Debbie grumbled, hurrying to keep up with Gary as he strode up his mum’s driveway. “Can’t someone else look after his pets?” “Mum’s been taking care of Chas and Dave all week,” Gary said. “She deserves to let her hair down.” “Fancy calling your dogs that!” Debbie snorted. “Surely they’ll be fine on their own for a few hours?” “Normally yes,” Gary nodded, “but it’s New Year’s Eve and there’ll be fireworks. They get nervous.” “I know it’s New Year’s Eve,” said Debbie as they reached the front door. “There’s a band on at the Nag’s Head.” “That’s where Mum’s going.” Gary wiped his feet on the mat. “But who wants to spend the night in a noisy pub anyway?” Debbie wouldn’t have minded. She’d found a gorgeous dress in the Boxing Day sales. It seemed a shame to wear it just sitting in front of Cath’s television all night. “Only me!” Gary called, opening the front door. “And Debs.” “I’m just doing my finishing touches,” Cath shouted from the bathroom, “be down in a minute.” “Did Alan leave his games console here, like he promised?” Gary called from the bottom of the stairs. “Have you plugged it in yet?” “It’s in that box by the telly.” Cath looked over the bannister. “You’ll have to sort it out yourself.” Debbie followed Gary into the lounge. “Where are Chas and Dave then?” “Don’t worry about them.” Gary lifted the console out of the box. “Awesome, he’s left some games as well.” “Surely the whole point of us being here is to worry about them?” Debbie said. “Otherwise, we’d be out partying like everyone else.” “But look, we’ve got ‘Call of Duty’!” Gary untangled the power lead. “Surely that’s more fun?” “For you, maybe,” Debbie groaned. She might have known Gary would spend the evening playing video games; he’d been talking about Alan’s new console for weeks. The last thing she wanted to do on New Year’s Eve was watch Gary shoot zombies.


“There’s stuff in the fridge, just help yourselves.” Cath walked into the room struggling with her necklace. “Just give me a hand with this will you Debs?” “Are Chas and Dave in the back garden?” Debbie said, fixing the clasp behind Cath’s neck. “Will they need walking?” Cath gave her a strange look. “Don’t be silly Deb.” Gary jumped up and ushered Cath towards the front door. “Hadn’t you better get going, Mum?” “Don’t call me silly.” Debbie blushed angrily. “I’ve always been very good with dogs.” Gary froze. “Chas and Dave aren’t dogs, sweetheart.” Cath paused and studied the pair of them. “What’s Gary been telling you now?” “To be fair to me, I never said they were dogs,” Gary stuttered. “I just said they were Alan’s pets.” “Did you really?” Cath raised her eyebrows. “That’s true I suppose.” “You said we had to stay in because the fireworks would make them nervous.” Debbie suddenly felt very suspicious. “Didn’t you, Gary?” “Wow!” Cath laughed. “That’s very considerate.” “I thought it would be romantic to have a quiet night in.” Gary clutched the gaming controller to his chest. “Just the two of us.” “Which two?” Debbie put her hands on her hips. “You and me, or you and ‘Call of Duty’?” “You could keep Chas and Dave company while I played?” Gary suggested feebly. “Wouldn’t that be nice?” “What exactly are Chas and Dave?” Debbie frowned. “They’re stick insects,” Cath said. “Come on girl, get your coat – we’re going out.” By Jackie Brewster

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Recipe Slow-cooked Golden Turkey legs An alternative way to enjoy turkey this festive season! This dish is perfect for feeding a crowd – and the slow cooking takes the rich, dark meat of the turkey legs to another level. Serves: 8 Preparation time: 25-30 minutes Cooking time: 2½-3 hours Ingredients: • 50g butter • 3 tbsp rapeseed oil • Sea salt and black pepper • 8 small (around 600g each) Golden Turkey drumsticks • 2 large onions, peeled and diced • 3 cloves garlic, peeled and crushed • 8 sprigs fresh thyme • 2 bay leaves • 500ml Madeira wine • 1.5 litres chicken or turkey stock • 150g smoked bacon lardons • 250g wild mushrooms, wiped • 150ml double cream • 1 tbsp wholegrain mustard • 1-2 tbsp white truffle paste • 250g Chantenay carrots, roasted Method:

Preheat the oven to 130°C / fan 110°C / gas mark ½.

Place 40g of the butter and 2 tbsp of the oil into a large, lidded, ovenproof pan and heat gently. Season the turkey drumsticks and, in batches, place them skin-side down in the pan. Cook slowly until the skin starts to crisp and turn golden brown. Turn the turkey drumsticks over and repeat on the other side. Remove from the pan and set aside. Add the onion and garlic to the pan and cook slowly over a low heat until they start to go slightly brown. Remove any excess fat from the pan and return the drumsticks to the


pan, together with the thyme and bay leaves. Add the Madeira wine, bring to the boil and reduce until it starts to glaze the meat. Add 1 litre of stock to the pan and bring to the boil again. Place a tight-fitting lid on the pan and cook in the preheated oven for around 2½-3 hours until the meat starts to come away from the bone. Meanwhile, fry the lardons in the remaining oil. Remove from the pan and then fry the mushrooms in the same pan until lightly coloured. Return the lardons to the pan and remove from the heat. Now, make the sauce: place the remaining stock in a pan and boil until it reduces to approximately 200ml. Add the double cream and bring to the boil again. Stir in the mustard and remove from the heat. When cooked, remove the turkey from the oven. Take the legs out of the pan and set aside. Pass the braising liquid from the turkey legs through a fine sieve. Place the liquid in a pan with the remaining butter and reduce the liquid down to a light glaze. Add the truffle paste and set aside. To serve, place the turkey legs on a serving dish, cover in the truffle liquid, and top with the mushrooms, lardons and roasted Chantenay carrots. Serve with the mustard sauce separately. Recipe created by TV chef and food campaigner Rachel Green ( for Golden Turkeys ( Photography © Michael Powell.

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ROOSTERS Bar & Restaurant Open Daily from 11am

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Christmas Wreath Workshops • Sing Along with Santa • Tractor Run Kedleston’s Annual Festive Cheer event • New Year’s Eve Glitter Ball More details: Kedleston Road, Quarndon, Derby, DE22 5JD • 01332 982838

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Beer: Shandy & Radler With the dark nights well and truly setting in, the allure of a warming beer is very much the order of the day. Typical styles such as old ales, strong milds, stouts, porters and barley wines are brewed for this season; beers which emphasise the dark malts with a slightly higher abv have depth of flavour that can be savoured whilst sitting next to a roaring open fire. Durham Brewery Imperious (Barrel aged series) Imperious always starts life as Temptation, brewed in January and split into 2 different types of spirit barrels – half matured in Islay barrels and half in rum. As a very general rule, the higher the strength and the darker the beer, the better it gets with age. After 2 or 3 years it smooths out and becomes richer and fuller, if you can resist drinking it this year, that is. Tynt Meadow – English Trappist Ale The UK’s first and only Trappist ale, courtesy of Leicestershire’s Mount Saint Bernard Abbey monks.

Word on Wine

With winter upon us and the need for something warming after those walks on a cold day, what about a glass of mulled wine? Mulled wine is simply any wine that is heated with sugar, honey, herbs and spices and sometimes has sliced fruit added along with brandy, port and any spirit or liquor. Mulling of wine appears to have been around for a number of years. Some of the first records are from Egypt from around 300B.C., with people like Cleopatra and the Greek philosopher, Hippocrates, using it as a medical remedy. In the 1590s, mulled wine appears in English journals, where honey was used to sweeten heavy red wines from Bordeaux. Later, the aristocracy would use cane sugar to show their wealth. The technique of heating wine was used to compensate for any shortcomings of the wine quality and make a strong red or white wine drinkable. As the wine is stored in barrels after being made, its quality can deteriorate the longer it is kept. Recipes vary and virtually any sugar, honey and spice combination can be added. Slow heating of the mixture means that the alcohol is not lost. Some old recipes called for the wine to be heated with a hot poker straight from the fire. Sugar and honey are added to make the wine sweeter while citrus fruit and peel can impart bitterness.


This beer has all the boozy malty and yeasty hallmarks of a Belgian Trappist ale, while being unmistakably English due to the home-grown ingredients used. It’s dark with nutty tobacco flavours and hints of dry fruits, and has a bitter depth to it, making it a perfect cold weather sipper. Elusive – Imperial Morrisman A Double Dry Chocolate Stout amped up with more chocolate. To create this special edition, a portion of the 2021 release aged in a Heaven Hill Bourbon barrel was blended with the 2023 release to give it subtle notes of bourbon. By Sean McKeown Twitter/X: @belperbeerclub

Over the centuries, different cultures and countries have derived their own variations. Ancient Romans called their heated wine ‘Piment’, France called their version ‘Vin Brule’. In Spain what we now know as ‘Sangria’ was served warm and called ‘Vino Caliente’. Portugal had ‘Vinho Quente’, Hungary ‘Forralt Bor’ and Bulgaria ‘Greyano Vino’. The French immigrants to Quebec in Canada created ‘Caribou’, using maple syrup and Canadian whiskey. However, we better know of the mulled wines from the Nordic countries ‘Glogg’ and the German ‘Gluhwein’, from the Christmas markets. For recipes from around the world visit: wine-blog/8-delicious-mulled-wine-recipes-from-aroundthe-world – or, if you prefer, call in at your local supermarket to buy a ready-made bottle! If you like wine and would like to learn more, please visit our website for our 2024 programme. By David Savidge, Kilburn Wine Circle

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Motoring How to Get More Range from an Electric Car Electric cars have received criticism for their real-world ranges being less than claimed values, with a shortfall of up to 30 per cent according to a recent study by What Car?. So, here are some top tips to maximise the range of an EV: Reduce your speed To get more miles, you should reduce your speed. EV ranges are less at motorway speeds, especially for any period of time. Electric cars are generally far more efficient at between 50mph and 60mph, so driving more slowly can result in shorter journeys than going faster and having to charge more frequently. Make the most of regenerative braking All EVs on the market feature regenerative braking, where the electric motor can be used as a generator to send energy back to the battery when you lift off the accelerator or brake. Regenerative braking can help add charge to your battery as well as saving the regular brakes, meaning they won’t need changing as often. Turn off the heater and air conditioning when not needed Some EVs are badly impacted by having the air conditioning or heating on, so switch this off where possible, as well as any other unneeded ancillary features. Most EVs offer an ‘Eco’ setting for climate control that requires less energy, but won’t cool down the cabin as

quickly. To warm up, plenty of new EVs feature heated seats, which is less energy-intensive than heating the whole interior. Choose a more efficient route Many navigation services, including popular Google Maps, provide several route suggestions and even highlight those using the least energy – ideal if you’re in an electric car. Pre-warm or cool your car before setting off If your car is plugged in at home, preconditioning allows you, via a smartphone app, to heat or cool the car’s interior to get it to the right temperature. Preconditioning also benefits your car’s range, as the car cools or heats while plugged in, thus preserving battery power for driving. Correct charging Many manufacturers recommend only charging an EV to 80 per cent capacity, where possible. This is because the last 20 per cent of charge is particularly energy-intensive. Over time, and with constant 100 per cent charges, it could degrade the battery and its ability to maintain range. Pick your EV carefully If you’re doing a lot of motorway runs and racking up high mileage, a small EV (such as a Mini Electric, for example), is not recommended as you’ll struggle to get a long range from it. Choose smaller alloy wheel size options (if available), as this can add up to around 20 miles of range compared to the largest rims. Consider an EV fitted with a heat pump or optioning one if not fitted as standard. A heat pump takes excess heat from the battery and electrical systems, plus warm outside air, which can be used to heat the cabin. It’s a much less energy-intensive process than a traditional heater.

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Little Eaton


Replacement and Repair of Keys for Cars and Vans

Car key programming / cloning spare car keys


Your local friendly garage

Locked out? No problem

Est. 2009

Call Ian 07597 105950

Service Centre MOTs - Cars & Light Vans NHS workers - 10% discount Brakes & Suspension Air Conditioning service & repair

Belper based •


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SPECIALISTS IN CAR BODY REPAIRS Maintenance & Repair of Motor Vehicles Garage also specialises in: • Repairs • Bringing your car to MOT standard

• Air Con • 4 wheel checking /alignment

Established 45 years run by Brian Kelf

Church Lane, Horsley Woodhouse, DE7 6BB

01332 780662

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Derbyshire Walking: Ilam from Blore Pastures

Distance: 4.5 miles / 7.3 km Ascent: 700 feet / 212 metres Time: 3 hours Grade: Easy Author: Lou Johnson Map: Ordnance Survey Explorer OL24; Anquet OS Explorer OL24 Start: Blore Pastures car park, Ilam-Moor Lane, Ashbourne DE6 (grid ref. SK136497) This issue’s walk takes us to Derbyshire’s border with the neighbouring county of Staffordshire, namely the picturesque village of Ilam. This is a great walk exploring the village of Ilam, the Manifold Valley, and surrounding countryside. A lovely section following the Manifold upstream leads to Rushley. From here, the route crosses pastures before climbing up to cross the shoulder of Hazelton Clump before returning to the start.

8. Just past the farm, bear left off the track and follow a path with a wall on your immediate left. Ignore the path on the right and continue ahead on a rising path through a gap in a hedge. The path heads up the field to a gate. The path continues with a wall on your right before swinging right to reach the ruin of Upper Musden (grid ref. SK123504). 9. Just before the ruins, turn sharp left along a clear track. This is followed around Hazelton Clump (on your right) to Ilam Moor Lane. 10. Turn left and at the first finger post on the left, cross a stile into a field. Continue down the field to another stile with the car park opposite.

The Route

Walk supplied by Walking Britain (no. 2259). For GPS file or other walks visit

1. The walk starts from the Blore Pastures car park (grid ref. SK136497). After parking walk to the end of the car park and continue through the picnic area. The path briefly passes through trees before exiting onto open grassland. 2. Follow the path to reach a lane. Turn right and follow the lane with a fine view of shapely Bunster Hill ahead. 3. Continue along the lane to cross the River Manifold into the village. Keep to the left-hand pavement, pass a phone box and where the road bends right, continue ahead towards Dovedale House. 4. Take the next signed path on the right at a fingerpost and kissing gate (grid ref. SK134509). You are now on the Manifold Way. Follow the path to pass the Church of the Holy Cross (on your left). 5. Just past the church, turn left and continue to the river. Do not cross the bridge and turn right. The path follows the river for two kilometres passing Hamps Springs where underground water returns to the surface. 6. Stay on the path and exit onto Lodge Lane (grid ref. SK129518). Turn left and continue across Rushley Bridge over the Manifold. Cross a cattle grid and continue to Rushley. 7. Where the lane turns left, continue ahead. The lane bends left and then right to pass Musden Grange Farm on your right.

It is advisable to carry the relevant OS map when walking the route, and wear appropriate clothing/ footwear. The publisher accepts no responsibility for any injuries caused to readers whilst following the walk

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relaunch on 26th October!

THURSDAYS at 7pm St Joseph’s RC Church Hall, Ripley, DE5 3LW Tel: Carl 07478 276432

I like All Things Local magazine because….. It is a fantastic way to hear about good local services and trades people in the Belper area. J.B from Belper


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Mobile Foot Health Practitioner • Nail Trimming / Filing • Corns & Callus (Hard Skin) • Thickened Nails • Fungal Nail Management

• Diabetic Foot Care • Cracked Heels • Ingrowing Nails • Verruca Management

Helen Murby


FULLY INSURED Also Clinical Reflexology Available

Phone: 07860 750783

As an experienced masseur, I believe that massage should be a key element in maintaining your health and well-being I work across a range of conditions including:

I offer the following therapies:

• Pain Reduction • Increased Mobility • Muscle Recovery • Stress/Anxiety Relief • Deep Relaxation

• Remedial Massage • Hot Stone Massage • Head Massage • Foot Massage

I look forward to hearing from you to discuss how I can help. To book an appointment please call 01332 883461 • 07882 930525 41 Main Road, Smalley DE7 6EF • Easy parking To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E:


Strictly by appointment only. All measures possible will be taken to protect the safety of our patients with the guidelines provided.

28 28

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Osteopathy Derby Osteopathy Derby is celebrating 14 years of excellence as they welcome a new star to their practice. Over the past 14 years, Osteopathy Derby has been dedicated to health and wellness in Allestree, Derby. The clinic reflects on its journey and the countless people it has worked with, sharing their story with pride and gratitude. Since its inception, their mission has remained unwavering: to provide holistic, patient-centred care that enhances the wellbeing of all who walk through their doors. Over the years, they have treated a wide range of conditions, from back pain and sports injuries to arthritic pain and frozen shoulders. Osteopathy’s gentle, hands-on approach has empowered them to address the root causes of these issues, promoting healing and lasting relief. What sets Osteopathy Derby apart is their commitment to ongoing education and innovation. The team of dedicated Osteopaths continually refines their skills, staying at the forefront of this dynamic field, allowing them to incorporate the latest techniques and research into their practice, ensuring that patients receive the highest quality care possible. Today, Osteopathy Derby is thrilled to introduce a new practitioner who will, along with Mike and Claire, help carry their tradition of excellence forward. Daniel, as a new graduate, brings fresh perspectives and a wealth of knowledge to the team, having worked with a wide and diverse range of people, from elite athletes including Team GB boxers, to desk-based office

workers and the elderly. Daniel has a strong sporting background with a love of Thai boxing and interests in mountain biking, squash, and functional training. With his passion for osteopathy and commitment to patients’ well-being, Osteopathy Derby is confident that he will make valuable additions to their practice. As Osteopathy Derby looks to the future, their commitment to their patients remains stronger than ever. They will continue to evolve and expand their services, providing comprehensive care that meets the unique needs of each individual. Their goal is to not only treat symptoms but also to empower their patients to live healthier, more fulfilling lives. Osteopathy Derby wants to express their heartfelt gratitude to their patients, staff, and the community for their unwavering support: ‘Thank you for choosing Osteopathy Derby as your partner in health.’ You can view their website at or contact them on 01332 556293.

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“Shiatsu is a physical therapy that supports and strengthens the body's natural ability to heal and balance itself. It works on the whole person - not just with the physical body, but also with the psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of being.” (Shiatsu Society 2023) Treatment Benefits • Deeply relaxing • Helps aid sleep • Relieves tension and stress • Provides long term benefits and preventative care

All Things Local would like to wish all our readers and advertisers a Merry Christmas and a Happy & Prosperous New Year!

Alan Hatton-Perkins MrSS Shiatsu Shin Tai Diploma • Zen Shiatsu Diploma Located in Belper

Tel: 07450 065275 Registered and Insured Professional Practitioner

In total, there are 27,000 copies of All Things Local distributed across 2 editions – Village Edition and Belper Edition (13,500 copies per edition).

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Fitness Matters The Big C…

Many of us fear getting a cancer diagnosis; it can be our first concern when we type our symptoms into Doctor Google. Often, it thankfully turns out to be something else and we can breathe a sigh of relief. However, there are more than 200 different forms of cancer, breast being the most common, and over 40 million people are living with cancer. I am always looking to challenge myself, both physically and mentally, and enjoy learning new things for the benefit of my clients, hence why I signed up to do the CanRehab course, about exercise and cancer. Before I began this course, I didn’t know the extent of the trials and research that show how much being active can help. I advocate being active all the time but mostly that’s simply because I know how good it makes you feel. Research is now showing that doing an exercise programme before starting treatment can help with preparation for surgery, aid recovery and benefit mental health. Once treatment has begun, it is important to keep active in a way that’s been professionally tailored to meet your needs during this phase. Even 5 minutes of exercise is shown to have massive positive benefits.

Sometimes I think people forget the mental health benefits of just walking outside, meeting friends to exercise, gardening, playing a sport, or learning something new like Pilates or Yoga. It doesn’t have to be full on or high intensity to feel the benefits. In fact, when you’re dealing with a long-term treatment plan, the whole idea of physical exercise is ‘energise not exhaust’, which means it should not make you feel worse. Over the next few years, I can see hospitals introducing this as part of the treatment plan; it’s already happening in some. For many people it’s about gaining back some control over their life and body. There are some red flags to not exercise, so I’d always recommend getting a programme from a qualified professional, but hopefully more will be available in hospitals as well as privately. Hopefully by the time you read this I will have passed the course, but as I sit looking at the figures for the massive advantages of doing some physical activity 3-5 days a week, it’s a No Brainer! By Alex Robinson Level 4 Personal Trainer with additional qualifications in GP referrals – Pre- & post-natal exercise. Personal Trainer for over 15 years, supporting and helping people to meet their goals in fitness and lifestyle changes, from losing weight to running marathons. 01773 512410 • 07817 337861

ARR - Personal Training

ARR-Training Alex Robinson PT

‘If you have been thinking about improving your fitness or want to lose weight, I can help’.

Hatton Boxing For Fitness Classes at

Ripley School Of Boxing A fantastic class to help get you fit while having fun! Suitable for all fitness levels Tuesday 7.30pm Thursday 7.30pm Booking is essential as places are limited

• I have been a Personal Trainer for over 15 years, supporting and helping people to meet their goals in fitness and lifestyle changes, from losing weight to running marathons. • Over the years I have competed in various amateur sports to a high standard, including 24 hour endurance running to cross training events. • I am a Level 4 Personal Trainer with additional qualifications in GP referrals - Pre & post natal exercise Master Trainer in corrective exercise Hatton Boxing for Fitness - Boxercise Master Trainer CIMPSA & NRPT registered. • Menopause Specialist.

Call me on 07817 337861 I can help you change for the better!

Level 4 obesity and diabetes specialist

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10 Ecclesbourne Meadows Belper Derbyshire DE56 4HH

Dear Sir / Madam,

Re: Would you like to sell your house this month? Hi, my name is Amanda. I am a local property investor. I am buying properties in your area as I am regularly asked by tenants for properties in this area. The differences between selling your house to me and using an estate agent:

• There are no “viewings” - with lots of people visiting your home, invading your privacy • I specialise in buying properties very quickly, around 28 days is my normal purchase period • I can buy with cash so that you don’t get messed around by mortgage lenders slowing things down • I pay all your estate agent and solicitor fees - the price I pay is actually what you get • There is no board outside or advert in the paper, just a fast, smooth, relaxed confidential sale • Find out more visit

Call me for a guaranteed offer on your property. If you accept my offer before the end of the month then I will either give you £250 cash in advance or pay your mortgage for you until we complete the purchase of your property! This could get the mortgage company off your back immediately! If you would like to sell your house quickly? If you are keen to sell within a month with no hassle from agents charging you fees, viewings that waste your time and buyers offering and then backing out, then I can definitely help. I offer a guaranteed purchase of any property which means that all you have to do is give me a call and I’ll give you a price that I guarantee to buy your property at. If you decide to sell to me you could have the money in your account within a month. If you want to sell quickly then give me a call today 01332 289572 I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

Amanda Amanda Doyle, Ethical, Local Property Investor

Quote the code below when you call and I will pay you £250 cash in advance if you decide to sell ATL250

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Top Quality

Painter & Decorator Reasons to choose me: ◘ I am experienced in ALL ASPECTS of painting

and decorating and am HAPPY TO GIVE ADVICE.

◘ I can carry out all of your INTERIOR OR EXTERIOR

decorating needs - domestic, commercial or industrial.

◘ I offer a CLEAN and RELIABLE service

which is why people RECOMMEND ME.

◘ I employ an experienced FEMALE decorator

to offer PEACE OF MIND in certain situations.

◘ I’ve been established SINCE 1986 so you can be rest assured of a PROFESSIONAL JOB.

◘ I CARE about my customers and RESPECT their property. ◘ I offer a friendly FREE estimate with NO OBLIGATION.

(01332) 882882 or 07980 254 050

‘Based in Kilburn’


Call Now for a FREE, no obligation quote,

07970 860460 or 01332 781832 Email: Proprietor: Dean Bennett

Recent New Build - Horsley Woodhouse

A LOCAL BUSINESS WITH A GREAT REPUTATION To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E:


We have over 16 years’ experience - you can be assured of quality work

All aspects of heating and plumbing including

Emergency Gas & Oil Boiler Breakdown Specialist Boiler Broken Down?

Appointment usually within 24 hours

Boiler Needs Replacing?

Replacements usually within 24 hours

Boiler Needs Servicing?

Appointments usually within 24 hours

12 year warranty available on new boilers

New Boilers • New Central Heating Oil Boilers Installed / Serviced Service and Repairs • Landlord Certificates


Worcester Bosch Accredited Installer Fully Insured

Based in Duffield we are polite, friendly, clean & tidy

Please call 07974 314280 Office 07873 107620 9am - 5pm

0% boiler finance available



To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E:

All Taps Fitted Radiators, Thermostatic Valves Shower Replacements & Pumps, Toilets Bathroom Installations, Walk-In Shower Enclosures Heating System Power Flush, All General Plumbing Call Mark: 07794 368614 or 01773 459049 No job too small! Your local & reliable plumber


JUST REPLACE THE DOORS AND WORKTOPS Transform your kitchen with a makeover by Dream Doors, Derbyshire’s locallyowned, family-run business with the reassurance of a national brand behind it. It’s so easy! Not only will a Dream Doors makeover save you £1,000’s, you’ll also miss the stress, upheaval and mess that comes with a traditional refit. Changing as little or as much as you like, from a simple door swap to a complete new kitchen, we offer everything you need to make your kitchen dream a reality. Made-to-measure doors and cabinets. Fully fitted and guaranteed.

Visit the Derby Kitchen Showroom at 20 The Strand, Derby DE1 1BE. or let us bring the showroom to you!

Call Steve for your FREE survey and quotation on 01332 290600 Visit

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E:



If you can't use your conservatory all year round because it's too hot in summer and too cold in winter, you need an equinox roof! By replacing the current roof with a thermally e cient, fully insulated Equinox Warm Roof, your conservatory will instantly become a comfortable, quiet and enjoyable living space that you can use every single day – whatever the weather or temperature.

We will transform your conservatory and turn it into a delightful home extension which you’ll be able to enjoy every season come rain or shine. We also o er: • Double and Triple Glazing • Misted Glass Replacement • Optional Spotlights • Plastered Vaulted Ceilings • So ts and Fascias • UPVC Window and Door Replacements / Repairs Super energy e cient • Retro install on most conservatories Choice of roof windows or xed panels We can also replace old conservatories with new energy e

Call us to book a




01773 782 381 07852 983 226 07929 206 777

cient materials.

Registered Eurocell tters

Sit back and relax in the room you always wanted

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E:

T: 01773 829 222 M: 07973 506 053

2 Burbage Close Belper, Derbyshire DE56 0DW

Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Style Combi

Thinking about extending your living space or building a new house? Call us on

01332 830313 07974 438575 for more inspiration visit find us on

W: E:

• Gas / Oil Boiler Installations • Gas / Oil Boiler Replacements • Gas / Oil Boiler Servicing & Repairs

• Central Heating Installations • Gas Safety Inspections • Landlord Safety Certificates • Under Floor Heating



LOCAL BUILDER TDB Building Over 20 years experience For all your building needs including:

■ Extensions ■ Loft Conversions ■ Roofs ■ Joinery ■ Renovations ■ Property Maintenance

Call Derek - Waingroves based 01773 302222 / 07812 995634

STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH! “I have found All Things Local to be fabulous. I’ve tried other publications with little or no results but All Things Local has been great - I’ve had calls more or less from day one! It’s a well respected publication and a really cost effective way of advertising.” Pete Newby – GutterPRO

Advertising in All Things Local REALLY WORKS. To advertise contact Ruth on

01332 883140 or 07545 261034

or send an email to:

Reliable, Local, Fast and Friendly City & Guilds professionals with over 40 years’ experience • Domestic and Commercial • Interior & Exterior • Insurance Work • Fully Insured • Maintenance Contracts Available

• Free Quotes and Advice • Local/national, evenings, weekends and night work


Mob 0780 555 00 90 Email duf www.duf

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E:




07939 725991 No obligation quotation

10 years warranty on all Worcester Boilers

McPherson-Davis & Sons

Electrical & Plastering Services

Door Maintenance Repair UPVC Doors

With over 35 years experience

Here are just some of the services we offer • Full re-wire • Additional sockets • Electrical vehicle charging • Hot-tub electrics • New fuse boards • Underfloor heating • All plastering works Family run business based in Denby Village

Call 01773 742038 or 0779 304 6896

Email -


To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E:

Gutters Cleared Removal of leaves - moss grass - growth & debris

No Problem

Based in Belper

No Call Out Charge


The Handyman

From dripping taps to new bathroom suites fitted My services also include: Flat pack furniture assembled • Locks changed Electric sockets/Light fittings replaced Interior/Exterior painting • Gutter clearing Landlord tidy ups between tenants.. and much more! COMMERCIAL AND DOMESTIC No Job too small • Free quotes 07957 287687 Based in Duffield

TTimed Ti ime medd appo ap appointment poin poin intm ntm tmen entt en Caame mera r ra Camera surv su survey rvey ey

Also Gutter / Fascia Conservatory Cleaning

Before Befo Bef Be fore fore r aand ndd after af teer ph pphotos hot otos os os after for pe fo eac ace ce for peace of m innd of mind

Damp & Mould Can be caused by blocked gutters

Pay on Pa Pay comp co mple letitition le o on completion Fulllly Fu Fully innsu sureed insured

Hello, I’m Pete, I own & operate GutterPRO across East Derbyshire. Because it’s my business, you’ll get a personal service and be certain I’ll clear up thoroughly after the job.

Get an instant price

01332 899 598

or online To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E:


CREATE YOUR OWN BATHROOM AND RELAX We o er a comprehensive range of furniture and accessories to design your perfect bathroom • Wet rooms • Baths and showers • Furniture • Radiators • Accessories 123a Old No ngham Road, Derby, DE1 3QQ

01332 292911

Visit our showroom

40 40

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E:

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E:


Simon Owen Response


NO JOB TOO SMALL Call Simon for a FREE no obligation quote

01773 824458 07810 898413 10% discount for Gold Card holders



Derek Bonser 07812 995 634 • 01773 302222

Kev Property Services Brickwork • Small building work Repointing • Patios • Painting Please call 07840 928946 • 01159 032883 Locally Based

I have been in business since 2006. All works are carried out by myself (no subcontractors) ensuring the very best in personal service from start to finish. My reputation has been built on my high quality work

Services include: Pitch Roofing of all types - Slating/Tiling Roof Repairs including leaks • Ridge Work Please feel free to call me on 07960 820978 Darren Harris. Based in Belper

42 42

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E:

• Conservatories • Replacement glass & locks • Windows & doors • Fascias, soffits Specialist in uPVC & Aluminium Est 2005

• Porches

& guttering

• Repairs

• Bi-folding aluminium doors

• Flat roof solutions

• uPVC Garden rooms & Greenhouses • 10 year insurance backed guarantee • Warmer roofs

Thinking of changing your

FASCIAS, SOFFITS & GUTTERING? We have our own scaffold so no need to pay out any extra cost on using another scaffold company. We take off all the existing rotten timber. (We never go over the existing wood that leads to even more future rot.) Licensed waste carriers so the majority of the time there is no need to have any skips on the drive. Our under tiles fascia system is designed to stop birds going in your roof Variety of colours to suit different styles of property.


These beautiful new roofs will flood your home with natural light and bring your home a new contemporary feel. There’s excellent energy efficiency too, not to mention a wide choice of colours.


warm in winter and cooler in summer

NEW scan our QR CODE for our full range of composite doors Call us for a free no obligation quotation and free advice 01332 780125 E: Based in Denby Great customer care is a priority. Realistic quotations

Smart883140 Choice’ M: 07545 261034 E: To advertise contact Ruth: T:‘The 01332


Hilltop Builders

Over 12 years experience


Small Building Works Over 20 years' experience My work includes:

Walls & stone work specialist Small extensions • Conservatories Brickwork • Patios • Pointing up Groundworks • Fireplaces • Lintels

For a friendly reliable service call Paul 07882 086037



TOO SMALL Tel: 07811 182358


Roof/Gutter Repairs Fencing Drainage Issues Power washing

• • • •

Brickwork Re-pointing Garden Maintenance Plumbing Repairs Plastering

Alfreton Road, Coxbench •

44 44

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E:

Introducing the new Hybrid range of Wood Burning and Pellet stoves from Piazzetta. Hand finished majolica ceramics boasting beautiful colours, constructed to the highest standard with amazing attention to detail. These stoves are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also boast high efficiency ratings, ensuring that you get the most heat output with minimal wood/pellet consumption. This superb Piazzetta range is available to view now in our extensive showroom. We also have a range of accessories to complement, you're sure to find everything you need. Goods Road, Belper DE56 1UU 01773 820940 Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm, Sat 9am - 4pm

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E:


46 46

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E:

L Tansley Joinery


Solar Panel Installa ons

including Ba ery Storage Systems • Reduce your household energy bills • Generate and store any excess energy • Zero VAT on Solar Panel installa on • We provide an es mate of system performance and payback • Insurance backed guarantee

● Specialist in renovation and conservation ●


All types of joinery work undertaken including internal & external doors – windows – stairs – gates – garage doors

Sash window repair, double glazing, re-cording & more – remove the need for secondary glazing or replacement windows


Wood, UPVC, composite & aluminium


Tel: 07813 900781 e-mail:


NAPIT (Part P approved contractor) • Over 30 Years’ Experience • Full & Part Rewires • Security Systems & Data Points • New Extensions, Fully Wired • Small Jobs Welcome • Free Quotes, No Obligation • Fully Insured

Call 07973 366445 07956 356553 E:

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E:


Our services include: New roofs Roof repairs Tiles & slate Flat roofs Chimney & leadwork UPVC fascia boards, sof ts & guttering Walls built

Repointing & rendering General building work Supporting & none supporting internal wall removal Gutter cleaning

10 YEAR GUARANTEE ON ALL WORK Please call 07515 826858 for a free no obligation quotation

48 48

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E:

Bethell’s Joinery Quality Joinery and Much More!

All aspects of joinery and building work offered An established and friendly service from a trusted tradesman Bespoke work and refurbishments a speciality

No job too big or too small! Free no obligation quotations Tel: 01773 540883 or 01773 302221 Mob: 07958 769277 email:

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E:


DRIVEWAYS & SURFACING SERVICES Experienced and reliable driveways, paths and road surfacing contractors Trackways, drainage & groundworks

Residential to commercial Based in Duffield and covering the whole of the East Midlands

TO FIND OUT MORE CALL US ON 07817 208837 mountpleasantcontractors

50 50

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E:

Our Seasonal rustic plank pine furniture *SALE starts 21st December

Happy Festive Season Everyone!

*Plank pine furniture - standard sizes only as per product description

Great savings!

Browse our website for all information

New Year - Beautiful New Kitchen? Painted oak solid wood carcass handcrafted to CAD specification in our Draycott Derbyshire workshop

Incite Interiors Ltd Draycott Mills By The Courtyard Off Market Street Draycott DE72 3NB tel: 01332 870 296

View our Kitchen Gallery online

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E:


Visit the BIGGEST home improvement showroom in Derby

T VISIT US A oad, London R erby D , n Alvasto A W 8 4 DE2


Request a Quote

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E:


54 54

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E:


PAINTING AND DECORATING Friendly and reliable Interior and exterior Domestic and commercial

NEED A PROPER LOCAL HANDYMAN? “I really must get around to that job!”

Ring any bells?? To Do List Fix dripping tap

Paint the lounge

Change bulb on outside light

Lay a patio

Re-grout the bathroom tiles

All these jobs sorted & lots more. One man = One bill!!

Free quotation with no obligation Fully insured and DBS checked

call 07955 743124 or 01773 825226

Re-stain the garden furniture

David Grey’s

Property Maintenance

Domestic and Commercial 01332 881 801 - 07724 500 204 A tried and trusted local tradesman

Fully insured and CRB checked

Flooring by Ian Wilson Carpets est. 1979

“Our choice is hard to beat and so are our prices” Supplier and fitter of top quality carpets, laminate flooring, vinyls, and decorative vinyls. • Massive range in stock • Quick turn around • Excellent service • Covering all of Derbyshire • Free samples • Choose from our excellent range at home • Own team of dedicated fitters for carpets and hard flooring

Free Estimates/quotes

Contact: Mob: 07971 437901 10 Openwoodgate, Belper DE56 0SD Tel: 01773 880398 14c Town Street, Duffield DE56 4 EH Tel: 01332 843989

"We're not satisfied until you are" To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E:



Garden Services

Worcester Bosch Accredited Installer Up to 12 years guarantee

City and Guilds qualified with 25 years' experience

All types of plumbing and heating work undertaken including • Boiler changes and servicing • Gas central heating systems • Unvented hot water systems

Tree work • Fencing Gutter clearing • Jet washing Hedge cutting • Shed / garage clearance

FOR A FREE QUOTATION PLEASE CALL 07498 954708 / 01773 409648

Painter & n Joh Handyman the

Roller Garage Doors – Industrial Shutters – Awnings – Retractable/Fixed Grills

Mature and experienced Pain�ng & decora�ng, interior, exterior & wallpapering Many years in the building trade Reliable with own tools

No Job too small

‘If you need a handyman I can turn my hand to most things’

Please call John 07966 765785 Based in Ripley

• High Security • High Quality • Wide Range of Colours • Fully Insulated • Quiet, Smooth Operation • Remote Controlled • Emergency Override



SINGLE £799.00* DOUBLE £1150.00*

We also supply sectional garage doors and composite front doors.

* Subject to VAT

56 56

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E:



Artificial grass now available


fitting and underlay on selected carpets where shown

Established since 1964

Independent Carpet Retailer

Open Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri 9am - 5.30pm Thur 9am - 7.30pm & Sat 9am - 5pm

spondon_carpets To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E:


Bathtime Heanor Limited

Fo F or all yoyour ur Batdream hroom Nbathroom eeds Making a reality

AAfamily for years familybusiness business b for over oveer 30 years

C t & Traditional Contemporary & Traditional TBathrooms diti di i and l Bathroo B Showers th h ms andd Sh Showers Contemporary ! design and fitting service or supply only •"Full " W •"Wet rooms and special needs adaptations of wall and tiles •"Selection floor •VSelection of wall / ceiling panels & Karndean flooring ! quotations Free given Open Mon, Tues, Thur & Fri 10am - 4pm T T 01773 768805 or By appointment only

Tel: 01773 768805 or email: Monday to Friday 10-4pm, Saturday 10-2pm 10 Church Street, Heanor DE75 7AH Wednesdays and Sundays

58 58

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E:

STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH! “We have been advertising with All Things Local since 2014 and have been very pleased with the results. Ruth is a delight to deal with and we would not hesitate to recommend advertising in this publication.” Leeva Plumbing & Heating Ltd

Advertising in All Things Local REALLY WORKS.

KILN DRIED LOGS Top quality and ready to burn All Sizes Small handy bags

To advertise contact Ruth on

1.2m³ bulk bags, kindling & flamers

or send an email to:

Delivery or collection

01332 883140 or 07545 261034 Goods Road, Belper DE56 1UU

01773 820940 Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm, Sat 9am - 4pm

All aspects of building works including: • Extensions • New Builds • Refurbishments • Commercial Works • Loft Conversions • Conservatories

Semi-detached new builds, Abbotts Bromley

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E:


Local & Reliable Domestic Cleaning Lady

General house cleans Deep cleaning Spring cleaning Holiday let etc

The HomeSafe cleaning system puts the health and safety of you, your family and our team of maids at the core of how we work. • Uniformed and professionally trained staff • 100% guaranteed and fully insured • Regular and occasional cleans • Free in home estimate • All materials supplied

Whether you need a one-off clean or a more regular service Call me for a chat about your requirements

07876 232621

Keeping your home Healthy

• No contracts

Call us today to learn more about HomeSafe and why you can trust MOLLY MAID in your home.

01283 351770

Please call: or email: See what our customers say at




We are a small family business giving a friendly & reliable service

No job too big or small For a free no obligation quotation please call us

01773 436407 or 07799 301501 ‘’We look forward to hearing from you, Mick & Michele’’

60 60

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E:


• Best value for money • Free design and planning service • Quality 18mm colour co-ordinated cabinets • Extensive door styles to choose from • Granite, solid surface and laminate worktops • Latest CAD 3D design software • No pressure selling • Large car park • Experienced friendly designers

Established in 1985

SALE STARTS 2nd JANUARY See in-store for details

Christmas & New Year Opening times: Closed 24th, 25th, 26th Dec Open Dec 27th, 28th, 29th & 30th 10 - 4pm • Closed 1st Jan • Tues 2nd Jan onwards, normal opening times

From our family to yours

As a family run, independent business with over 30 years’ experience we pride ourselves on being able to provide a fully personalised and expert service which is unrivalled by larger retailers. Our extensive showroom boasts an impressive range of kitchens, worktops, bedrooms, tiles and accessories. Our team of highly experienced designers and installers are here to help create the kitchen or bedroom of your dreams.

‘A trusted family business built on a solid reputation’

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M:&07545 261034 * Terms Conditions apply E: (ask in store for details)


Homes & Gardens

Gardening December in the Garden The Government has committed to a 100 per cent reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2050, compared with emissions during 1990. This can be achieved through a combination of emission reduction and emission removal, and one of the best ways to help towards net zero, as it has become known, is by planting and maintaining trees and shrubs. Planting now If you are tempted to wait until spring, you’re missing out on a great opportunity. Winter is ‘bare root season’ and dormant, woody plants can be purchased at a much lower price than you’ll see in spring. You can plant a hedge in the garden or add some native shrubs to your borders for the price of a box of Christmas crackers. Jobs in the garden this month • If you have free-standing fruit trees such as apples and pears, this is a great time to prune them. Not only will you be able to control their size and shape, but you will encourage them to be productive. You want an open centre so that a good airflow can be achieved. Try to prune yearly rather than severe pruning when the tree has become a tangled mess. Hard pruning causes the growth of multiple small shoots, known as water shoots, as the tree tries to replace some of its lost growth.

• Protect your pots and tender plants from freezing conditions. Use horticultural fleece as a wrap or move pots into a sheltered position. • Mulch around the base of your favourite shrubs and perennials to keep the roots a little warmer. Take care not to allow the mulch to touch the stem, as this can cause rotting. • Check stakes and ties to ensure they are not too tight but also to ensure that strong winds are less likely to damage your plants. • Clear leaves from pathways for safety reasons, but allow them to stay on your beds. They provide valuable cover and shelter for many garden creatures and act as bird larders. • Consider positioning your bird feeders over your beds and borders, particularly near roses and other plants that might suffer from aphids. The birds will help clear your plants of pests. • In the kitchen garden, harvest vegetables for the festive season, including parsnips, leeks, Brussels sprouts and cabbages. Pick sprouts from the bottom upwards, allowing the ones at the top to develop. They can be blanched for around three minutes and then frozen if you prefer. • Keep off your beds as much as possible because it squashes the air out of the soil. If you tread on a board instead of the ground, this helps to spread the load. • Turn to your garden for Christmas decorations rather than plastic. You can make a door wreath using evergreens like yew and holly, and plants with beautiful berries. By Caroline Knight

62 62

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E:







01332 413602

74 Mill Lane, Belper To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E:


64 64

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E:

Homes & Gardens

Book Reviews Season’s Readings!

Whether you’re looking for a stocking filler for a young relative, a gift for a friend or a Christmas classic to read yourself over the festive break, we have it wrapped. FESTIVE Francesca Stone

Brimming with ways to have a magical, budget-friendly and more sustainable Christmas with your own personal touch, this is a book you’ll reach for year after year, crafting, cooking and styling your way through the festive season. Alongside classic festive recipes with a twist, discover styling tips covering how to dress your front door and tree, crafty ideas and much more, to make your celebrations meaningful and beautiful without the big spend.

were from Father Christmas and told wonderful tales of life at the North Pole. This centenary edition is published to celebrate the first-ever letter from Father Christmas in 1920 and promises to be a festive feast for Tolkien fans of all ages.

The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie’s seasonal Poirot and Marple short story collection is bound to appeal to the latest generation of Agatha Christie fans and book lovers. First, a sinister warning to Poirot not to eat any plum pudding… then the discovery of a dead body… next, an overheard argument that led to murder… the strange case of the dead man who altered his eating habits... and the puzzle of the victim who dreamt his own suicide. What links these five baffling cases? Hercule Poirot, of course!

The Haunting Season Featuring eight best-selling authors

Eight best-selling authors – master storytellers of the sinister and the macabre – bring you a spine-chilling wintry collection of ghostly and Gothic tales. Authors include Bridget Collins, Elizabeth Macneal and Andrew Michael Hurley. The ultimate read to send shivers down your spine and to serve as your indispensable companion to the long winter nights.

A Christmas Carol Charles Dickens

When Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol was first published in 1843 it was an overnight success, following the fortune of miserly, penny-pinching Ebenezer Scrooge who views Christmas as ‘humbug’. With its heartrending characters, rich imagery and evocative language, the hopeful message of A Christmas Carol remains as significant today as when it was first published. This version is part of the Macmillan Collector’s Library – beautiful books that make perfect gifts or a treat for any book lover.

Letters from Father Christmas J. R. R. Tolkien

Every December, an envelope bearing a stamp from the North Pole would arrive for J.R.R. Tolkien’s children. Inside would be a letter in strange spidery handwriting, and a beautifully coloured drawing or some sketches. The letters

We Wish You a Merry Christmas and Other Festive Poems Chris Riddell

This is the perfect stocking filler for poetry lovers of all ages, mixing old favourites with brand-new festive verse, all chosen and illustrated by Chris Riddell. Gloriously entertaining and full of those unique Christmassy vibes – a treasure trove of cheer and the ideal Yuletide gift.

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E:


Children & Education

Parenting: Fussy eaters Ah, fussy eaters. Don’t you just love them? And don’t you just love those parents who gloatingly tell you that their child eats whatever they’re given, or goes to bed hungry? (Obviously these people have never been woken up at 3am by wails of, “I’m so hungry. Please can I have breakfast?”) Remember the days when your kids would eat most things, as long as it was blended with carrot? Or when you smiled smugly because your nine-month-old would happily chew on broccoli? It’s like they hit two and then develop taste buds that despise anything other than pasta, bread and sweets. Forget five a day, sometimes you wonder whether your child has eaten so much as a grape-sized portion of fruit and veg all week. If you’re at your wits end trying to get them to eat some vegetables, these tips might just help. We know it’s winter, but there are few kids who’ll refuse ice-cream or lollies, even if it’s snowing outside. Try blending two small frozen bananas with a couple of handfuls of frozen raspberries or mixed fruit, and about a third of a cup of yoghurt. It makes a great ice-cream and uses up those bananas the kids have been turning their noses up at. Or, even simpler, buy a ready-made smoothie, pour it into lolly moulds and freeze. While too much fruit juice isn’t great for a child’s teeth, one glass is fine. Ideally, give it to them with a meal. Keep an eye out for mixed juices and smoothies too. (Some even have added multivitamins.) Contrary to popular belief, not all kids like tomato-based sauces. Most do however. Cooked tomatoes are even healthier than raw, so try whizzing up a batch of sauce with a few hidden veggies. Cook a couple of cans worth of chopped tomatoes, along with some salad peppers, carrots, leek and any other vegetables you have languishing in the fridge. You can add a tiny bit of sugar if you want. Blend until smooth if your kids are particularly fussy, then use it as a pasta sauce, or add it to mince

66 66

to make bolognaise, or cottage pie. Freeze what you don’t use – it’ll keep for months. You can also disguise veggies in other ways. Cauliflower mixes well with potato for example. Or try finely slicing a sweet potato, tossing it in olive oil and roasting it to make ‘intergalactic orange crisps.’ (It’s all in the name.) Kids often prefer raw vegetables to cooked. You could offer them raw carrot, cucumber and salad pepper crudities as a side dish or snack. Some kids will surprise you by loving quite strong flavours. (Mine go mad for olives, for example.) And strong flavours can be great for masking the taste of vegetables. So, try pesto, garlic or mild curry. Children also like having some control. You could give them a list of five vegetables and ask them to choose two for dinner, or start a reward chart where they get a sticker for each type of vegetable they eat that week. Try getting them involved in chopping and preparation, or setting out various raw veg with tortilla wraps and letting them make fajitas, or doing the same with pizza bases. When all else fails, my fussy five-year-old will eat most things if I pretend it’s a fish that doesn’t want to be eaten, and he’s a shark. The things we do as parents… By Kate Duggan

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E:

Children & Education

The Diary of a Local Mum

Christmas Through the Ages Christmas is always a special time, but with kids it’s extra-special. The magic, excitement and wonder all go up a notch (or several) when children are involved. However, Christmases are distinctly different at various ages throughout childhood… Let’s start at the start: baby’s first Christmas. You’re uber-excited, but it can turn out to be a bit of a damp squib. Depending on their age (anywhere between 0 - almost 12 months) baby’s unlikely to have much awareness of what the heck is going on. Instead, they’re probably a bit freaked out by the fact that everything has changed – their routine has gone out of the window, there are lots of strange visitors, and Mum keeps insisting on putting daft hats on them and trying to take photos. They may feel slightly discombobulated, but they can still take in the bright lights, decorations (always tempting to try and have a munch on), music and general seasonal merriment, as they gurgle and watch in wide-eyed amazement. When it comes to gifts, baby won’t know the present from the paper but they’ll be inundated nonetheless, as excited friends and relatives want to mark their first Christmas. Prepare for the inevitable onslaught of brightly coloured, flashing, noisy toys and enough festive baby-grows to save you doing any washing until at least New Year. Fast forward to the toddler and young child years … and this is the really fun bit, when kids understand Christmas and ‘look forward’ to it each year (clearly this is a huge understatement – there’s a real possibility they might burst with excited anticipation!). Younger kids truly embrace the festivities and, bar exhausted tantrums and the standard refusal to go near the bearded man in red, they often bounce from one exciting event to another on a wave of Christmas spirit (fuelled by half their bodyweight in sugar). Kids’ eyes light up in wonderment and parents get a warm, fuzzy feeling as they watch their offspring

relishing every aspect of the celebrations. Presents can be pretty much anything from a wrapped-up bar of chocolate to that season’s must-have toy; much of the thrill is in the anticipation of what’s beneath the tree, and the frantic ripping off of the meticulous wrapping. So then, we come to teens. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still magical – they still love it, and we love that they love it – but it’s different. They’re masters at concealing their excitement, for a start (we know it’s there, somewhere). They no longer want to leave a mince pie out for Santa (poor guy could starve, given his work schedule!) and nor do they want to go and see him at a garden centre; the festive trips dwindle. There are certainly still Christmas parties, but now you don’t accompany them to supervise pass the parcel and take photos; no siree! You’re allowed to wait in the car when you pick them up, but preferably at the end of the street. Instead of sending letters to the North Pole they send links in text messages. Christmas Day once involved a toy tsunami and endless building of Lego, but now they slope off to their rooms to plug into the latest electronic gadget. However, while it’s all different, you can celebrate the festive season with them on a more adult level. You don’t have to worry about babysitters for Christmas parties – your kids may come with you, or even be able to taxi you (payback!). Festive family time is less frantic as the hyped-up chaos is in the past; now time together is more about enjoying festive films, food, drinks, silly games and each other’s company. And, while your older kids pretend that they’re ‘totally over’ the Christmas traditions they used to enjoy, just wait until younger relatives or friends arrive … within minutes your teens are fully immersed in playing the part, all for the sake of the ‘kids’. It’s come full circle; now it’s their turn to pass on the magic.

By Helen Young

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Who beats his chest and swings from Christmas cake to Christmas cake? Tarzipan

What did one cranberry say to another at Christmas? ‘Tis the season to be jelly!


Hidden in the Christmas cards are 12 ordinary words of three, four or six letters. How many of them can you find?

Did you know?

What do mice have for Christmas dinner? Cheese and crackers

Early mince pies used to be much larger and contained anything from rabbit to mutton or pigeon to pheasant!



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Poem: Promise Another year is left behind as the new one rushes in What will the next months bring us as the January days begin? Let’s hope for positivity, for promise and for peace Let’s hope for reassurance, resolution and release Let’s hope there’s lighter, brighter days ahead for everyone And we’ll all be in a better place when the next twelve months are done Let’s hope the future shows new promise for our families and friends And our hopes and prayers are realised by the time the next year ends

By Carol Brewer

Come and have a look at our School.

Scargill Primary School, Beech Lane West Hallam, Ilkeston DE7 6GU

If you’re looking for a School for your child to be happy and cared for in a learning environment which stimulates them to learn and develop to achieve their best, then contact us. Call 0115 932 0005

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Serving Belper & The Surrounding Areas - Established over 100 years • We offer Modern & Traditional Services • Private Chapel of Rest • 24 Hour Personal Service • Professional, Friendly & Caring Service • Here to guide you every step of the way

Pre-paid Funeral Plans with

We are delighted to be hosting our annual Christmas Carol & Memorial Service at The Lion Hotel Belper Tuesday 13th December 2022 at 6:30pm (Doors Open at 6:00pm) To Reserve Your Place Please Call Us on 01773 822059

35 Bridge Street, Belper DE56 1AY Tel: 01773 822059 |

70 70

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Local & national deliveries. Established for over 35 years. Now taking orders for Christmas 14 King Street, Belper DE56 1PS T: 01773 825772 E:

Open Mon to Sat 8.30am to 5pm

Community Diary December 2023 / January 2024 December 2023: 2nd: Ship of Fools stand-up comedy at No.28 Market Place, Belper DE56 1FZ. 7.30 for 8pm, BYO drinks. £10 book online at E: 3rd: Belper Winter Food and Gift Fair, 10am – 3pm Belper Town Centre (slow shopping from 9.30am) 6th: Belper Historical Society “Where was Belper’s Medieval Manor House & Roman Settlement and is it all about the Nailers?” by Denise Grace. 7:30pm, Strutts Community Centre, Derby Road. Members free, visitors £5 5th: Arts Society Derby lecture: “In the Kingdom of the Sweets” The Nutcracker by Nigel Bates. 7.15pm (doors 6.30pm) at Landau Forte College, Fox St, Derby DE1 2LF. Free parking; 1st visit free. Info: 10th: Gong Bath, 7-8.30pm, No.28 Market Place, Belper DE56 1FZ. £15. Booking: Rachel 07816458784; 9th: Belper Organ and Keyboard Club concert: Brett Wales. 2pm, Congregational Church, Church Walk, Belper DE56 1DB. £10 admission. Refreshments available. 17th: Willow Workshop: Solstice celebration. 10am – 4pm at No.28 Market Place, Belper DE56 1FZ. £90pp, all materials included, booking essential. Contact Emma: or 22nd: Belper Welcome Meal 12-2pm at No.28 Market Place, Belper DE56 1FZ. Soup/bread & pudding, No need to book, pay what you can. Welcome Meal Project volunteers supported by Unite, Belper Town Council, Co-op. January 2024: 9th: Arts Society Derby lecture: “Fashion, Fur and Feathers – Women’s Fight for Change” by Tessa Boase. 7.15pm (doors 6.30pm) at Landau Forte College, Fox St, Derby DE1 2LF. Free parking; 1st visit free. Info: 13th: Belper Organ and Keyboard Club concert: Tim Flint. 2pm, Congregational Church, Church Walk, Belper DE56 1DB. £10 admission. Refreshments available. 18th: Belper Historical Society “Policing in 19th Century Derbyshire” by Robert Mee. 7:30pm, Strutts Community Centre, Derby Road. Members free, visitors £5. Please check events with the venue/organiser as the publisher accepts no responsibility if events are changed/cancelled following publication. If you have a one-off event or special excursion for February / March 2024 please email it to Deadline is Tuesday 19th December 2023.


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Friendship Blooms Show your appreciation for a fellow member of the community; it may be a friend, a family member or maybe someone you’ve come into contact with who provides a wonderful service or who works hard to make a difference. Let All Things Local surprise them with a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Rachael Collins from Fleur Florist

All Things Local has joined forces with Rachael Collins (pictured) from Fleur Florist of King Street, Belper to offer readers the chance to show their appreciation for a fellow member of the community. The recipient of this issue’s bouquet is Linda Beresford from Kilburn. She was nominated by her daughter Sarah Lonsdale also from Kilburn. Here’s what Sarah wrote: “I’d like to nominate my mum Linda Beresford for the flowers because quite simply she is amazing! She is the most selfless, kind, caring, crazy, outgoing mum, Nannar, wife and friend there is! Whether it’s walking lots of dogs, joining me on dog rescues on a Saturday night in her pjs, DIY, doing school pick-ups in the rain or just helping a stranger, there is nothing she won’t do! Everyone in Kilburn knows Linda. She’s always got a smile and is happy to chat. She’s had a tough time of late so I wanted to put a smile on her face with your flowers. Linda you are a legend and Kilburn loves you!” Sarah Lonsdale Nominate someone to receive the next bouquet. All you have to do is state, in no more than 100 words, who you are nominating. Include their address and the reasons why you are nominating them. You can nominate more than one person if they are living/ working at the same address… and remember, flowers don’t just have to be for women! The only rule is that the person receiving the flowers must live or work in the distribution area of All Things Local Village Edition (listed on front cover). Just write your nomination on a piece of paper and send to Friendship Blooms, All Things Local, 74 Woodhouse Road, Kilburn, Belper, Derbyshire DE56 0NA or e-mail your nomination to putting ‘Friendship Blooms’ as the subject. Please include your full name, address and daytime telephone number on your nomination.

Linda Beresford (left) receiving the bouquet from her daughter Sarah Lonsdale.

Closing date for nominations for the next issue is Tuesday 19th December 2023. All nominations are kept on file and you will be contacted if your nomination has been selected. Contact information is only used by All Things Local; no information is given to any third party.

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Local History Something from Strutts: Strutts School Reunion

The Strutts Community Centre plays host to numerous classes and events throughout each year and most visitors are aware of the educational history of the building. However, there have only been a few occasions when former Strutts students have had an opportunity to meet and there have been no Middle School reunions in the building. In order to remedy this the centre opened its doors to around 80 former Grammar and Middle School students for the September 2023 School Reunion Event. It has been a number of years since the last Grammar School reunion so we were very pleased to find such a high level of interest. Visitors were welcomed by Dr Nick McLeod, Chair of the Guardians of Strutts, who is always happy to talk about the current restoration project and the considerable improvements which have been made to the building since its acquisition; they were then

invited to participate in tours of the old school, much of which is still recognisable to those who studied in its classrooms. The four-hour duration of the event provided ample opportunities to peruse the many items of memorabilia which have been collected since the departure of the final students in 2008. These include a range of documents, numerous photographs and some items of school uniform which have somehow – miraculously – survived! Sadly, although the Grammar School is well documented, we have very little evidence of Middle and Primary School life and would really appreciate donations from these periods in the educational life of Strutts. There was much to discuss as old friends were reunited and memories were shared. Names and dates helped with identification and there were some animated discussions concerning lessons, classrooms and teachers. Feedback after the event was positive and many people expressed their pleasure at seeing the old school again, even though there is still much to do if we are to restore it to its former glory. A buffet lunch was enjoyed by all, with an appropriate and accomplished musical backdrop provided by pianist Alan Doyle. As the event progressed the visitors were invited to share their reminiscences of school days by writing down memories and experiences. These are to be collected as part of the Strutts archive and will undoubtedly be of interest to future generations. Many thanks to all who attended, and to the Strutts volunteers who made everything run so smoothly. If you have anything to add to our archive of memories please get in touch; we are always on the lookout for new materials. By Joan Hardy Strutts Society Committee


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TRUSTED CARE IN YOUR OWN HOME Keeping you and your loved ones safe during this challenging time Our services include: • Companionship • Meal Preparation • Personal Care • Light Housekeeping • Dementia care • Respite Care • Shopping • Medication Reminders • Running Errands • 24-Hour Live-in Care We follow Public Health England guidelines around the use of Personal Protective Equipment* and all of our CareGivers are trained in COVID-19 infection prevention and control.

Contact us today for more information:

* Photography taken before COVID-19 outbreak

01332 91 32 32

Bereavement Matters You don’t normally put funerals and Christmas together, but this is undoubtedly our favourite time of year, because it’s an opportunity to get to know our families better. On November 18th we launch our Christmas Appeal, when we erect a tree in our reception for relatives to come and leave a message of remembrance for a loved one on its branches. We invite anyone who has lost someone during the year, or maybe from years back, to come and leave their message then stay around for some nibbles and maybe a glass of wine. Before long there’s a jolly atmosphere inside our funeral home which would understandably be unexpected at any other time of the year. It definitely helps on the night that we are wearing our Christmas jumpers instead of usual work suits; it’s an opportunity for us to show that we are not the austere people visitors might expect to see. I really appreciate such opportunities. We had another recently, when we attended a monthly Death Café event at Heanor Community Centre. We were on hand to answer whatever questions customers had about our

industry or maybe bigger questions about what will lie in store for them. Believe it or not, I have been asked many questions of this nature down the years and I am always willing to answer as best as I can because, having worked in the industry for most of my career, I know how much of it is shrouded in mystery. It’s also a great opportunity for people to think about what arrangements they would like for their own funerals, even down to the music they’d like, or how they would like others to remember them. If funerals are to be personal and unique, then having this opportunity to talk to us is important. Funeral firms are now guides through the whole process, not just the people who make the arrangements, as we spend much of our time making plans for the future, not just the here and now. That way, families will be able to rest assured that their loved ones have the send-off they would have wanted and I know that I have fulfilled my duty to everyone – not a bad result for popping on a Christmas jumper once a year and throwing open our doors for Yuletide visitors. By Anthony Topley Funeral director, Gillotts Funeral Directors, Abbott Street, Heanor

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Upbeat: Don’t Give a Cyber-criminal a Gift This Year It’s that time of year when bargains are all around… but, unfortunately, so are fraudsters. Protect yourself if you’re buying online with these simple steps: 1. Choose where you shop: Do your research by reading online reviews about the company or the user if you’re shopping on selling sites. 2. Payment method: Avoid paying by bank transfer unless you know and trust the person or company, as these payments do not offer protection if you become a victim of fraud. Most major credit card providers insure online purchases. 3. Securing your account: Use a strong, separate password and two-factor authentication (2FA) for your email account. Criminals can use your email to access your other online accounts. 4. Take care with links in emails or texts: Links may take you to fake websites, designed to steal your money and personal details. Instead of clicking the links, type the shop’s website address manually into your browser, or find it through a search engine. 5. Keep up-to-date: Keep your software and apps updated, as criminals use weaknesses in software to attack your devices and steal information, such as your payment details.

6. Turn on two-factor authentication (2FA): 2FA is a way for the service you’re using to double check that you really are the person you claim to be, when logging in, therefore providing additional protection. 7. Use a password manager: Avoid using the same password repeatedly with a password manager. Save the passwords in your browser, or use a secure third-party password manager application (research highly reviewed providers). These systems remember all your login details and create strong, complex passwords for each of your online accounts. The only password you’ll need to remember is the master password for the manager itself. 8. Don’t give away too much information: You shouldn’t need to give out your mother’s maiden name, or the name of your primary school, in order to buy something. Be cautious if an online store asks for more details than required for your purchase. Scams can be incredibly convincing so, if you think you, or someone you know, has been a victim of online fraud, in the first instance contact your bank to report that fraud has taken place and follow their advice. Then report the offence to Action Fraud via their website For further advice, contact us via, phone 101, or direct message on Facebook or Twitter.

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Our Heanor Funeral Home, located just off Ray Street, serves families throughout a wide area. 1a Abbott Street, Heanor DE75 7QD Tel (24 hrs):01773 713921 Our dedicated team, including Funeral Directors Anthony Topley and Helen Ellis, and Funeral Arranger Amanda Outram, are available to meet with you to discuss funeral arrangements or funeral planning either at our premises or in your own home.

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The Old Church, Main St, Kimberley NG16 2LL Tel (24 hrs): 0115 938 6720

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Get cosy this Winter, with a range of chairs made right here in Derbyshire.

Made to order, or available for next day delivery, come and see how we can help you sit comfortably.

Need something a little more specialist? Arrange a home demonstration with one of our Seating Experts to find the right chair for you.

- Pressure Care - Trendelenburg Position - Lateral Supports - Portering - Bariatric Options Express options available within 1 week of order. 27 Causeway Lane Matlock Derbyshire DE4 3AS 01629 706767

88 Derby Road Ripley Derbyshire DE5 3HT 01773 513235

Unit C The Glass Yard Sheffield Road Chesterfield Derbyshire, S41 8JY 01246 383000

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Or for more information, visit our website:


Is your current conservatory too hot or too cold? Then Abbey Glass have the solution for you. Founded in 1972, we have been your glass & double-glazing company to trust in Derby and surrounding areas for over 50 years.

ABBEY GLASS Wetherby Road, Ascot Drive, Derby DE24 8HL 01332 371883 A B B E Y- G L A S S . C O . U K

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