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Hello readers

Welcome to the April/May issue of All Things Local! Spring is definitely in the air now (well, sometimes, at least!) with signs of life popping up all over the place. It’s a wonderful season as we emerge from winter and begin to enjoy the lighter nights and warmer days, as well as the beautiful colours that are reemerging in nature after the winter slumber. It really puts the proverbial ‘spring’ in your step, doesn’t it!

It’s a great time of year to get out and about and enjoy some walks in our stunning local area. This issue, we feature a circular walk from the village of Brassington to Carsington, enjoying scenic views over the reservoir. Easter falls early this year, on 31st March, so a nature walk is a great way to spend time together as a family during the Easter holidays and work off some of the chocolate you may well have indulged in!

Talking of Easter chocolates, what’s your preference? Are you a milk, white or dark chocolate lover? Maybe you prefer to get creative with your chocolate and turn it into something else instead, such as cake, cheesecake, brownies … or even blondies! While chocolate in all forms is delicious, dark chocolate is said to have excellent health benefits (in moderate quantities!) including being a source of antioxidants, with positive effects on memory, cognition and heart function. Chocolate that’s good for you is always a win-win in our book!

We’ve had news that some unusual visitors will be coming to Derbyshire in late April … Jurassic Earth will be stomping into Derby Arena on the 28th! If you’re looking for something different to do with the kids, read all about the show on page 15. It’s a fabulous, fun, unforgettable family experience which really brings the Jurassic era to life with many

dinosaurs including the world’s largest walking T. Rex, a big-hearted Brontosaurus and a tricky Triceratops amongst others – all ‘supervised’, one way or another, by a team of brave rangers.

As always, we have two chances for you to win prizes in this issue, with our Champagne Sudoku on page 29 and our Prize Crossword on page 6 where you can win a 2-course Sunday Lunch for two, courtesy of The Kedleston Country House. Get your entries in by 10th April to be in the draw and you could be one of our next lucky winners!

We hope you enjoy all that this issue has to offer –from articles to advertisers. Remember, if you use a local business that you found within these pages, please do mention that you saw them in ATL! We’ll be back in a couple of months with the June/July issue as summer approaches but, in the meantime, have a lovely spring!

All the best,

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20 Taking small bites (8)

21 Solely (4)

23 Distributed (6)

24 A capital city (6)


1 Fasteners (4)

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3 Young children (7)

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Just complete the simple crossword, cut out and return to: Prize Crossword, All Things Local, 74 Woodhouse Road, Kilburn, Belper, Derbyshire DE56 0NA. Remember to provide your name, address and telephone number. Closing date: Wednesday 10th April 2024. All entries are destroyed after the closing date and no information is given to any third party.

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Shacklocks Solicitors

Legal Matters:


Legal Matters:

Breakdown of a Marriage or Civil Partnership:

Legal Matters: Peace of Mind in an Uncertain World

In each edition legal advisors from Shacklocks deal with important legal topics. This month Marion Vesey (pictured) invites us to think about making a decision that will benefit future generations.

70 years later the trust is still providing that accommodation.

Dividing the

Cassandra Worton, Partner with Shacklocks LLP and a member of the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners, explains some of the mystery behind Trusts.


Spring brings thoughts of long summer holidays and happy times ahead with the family. It is also a time when thoughts may turn to the ‘What Ifs’.

Making a Will is a serious business. It is a time which gives many people cause to stop and think about how they want to be remembered when they are gone.

Trusts are a very well established part of English law, but are generally not available in many European countries. So what are they, and how did they come about?

When a marriage or a civil partnership breaks down, consideration needs to be given to how the assets of the union are to be divided. Assets can include the home, savings, cars and other valuables but also pensions.

The difficulty is that the CETV for one scheme might produce completely different pension benefits to the CETV in another scheme. You might share a particular pension equally but the reality in terms of what you might each receive in your pocket could be significantly different. The court is generally concerned about the effect of a pension sharing order, especially when people might have been together for a long time.

The CETV provided by a pension scheme might not be a true representation of the value of that pension. In some cases, especially some public sector pensions, the CETV provided can significantly understate the true worth of a pension.

Put as simply as possible, a Trust will arise where a person transfers property or assets into the name of their chosen Trustees, for the Trustees to hold that property or those assets for certain purposes and on certain terms, for the benefit of specific persons or a group of people.

What if something happens to you, or your loved ones, while you or they are away? What if – perish the thought – there is a world event which impacts on the whole family? It is not unusual for families to travel and holiday together. We are all used to preparing for holiday contingencies, such as delayed flights, car breakdown, or illness on holiday. But how do you prepare for something more than that?

Another of the trusts we look after was set up by a client who wanted to help people with particular medical conditions. Her kindness has enabled her trustees to provide financial support to a gifted young musician who has experienced a number of health issues that have interfered with her education, to enable that child to be educated in the most appropriate environment.

Indeed the pensions can be the most valuable asset and care has to be exercised in how they are treated and how they are divided. Usually, pensions are dealt with in one of the following ways:

Many people are attracted by the idea of doing something to help others less fortunate than themselves after they pass away, particularly if their family are adequately provided for or if they have no close family. Whilst some still like the idea of supporting major national charities, there are many who prefer to benefit more local causes or causes close to their heart, possibly where they have had a personal involvement or received support during their lifetime.

1. Pension sharing. This is where one pension is divided to create essentially two pensions, a reduced pension for the member of the pension scheme and a new pension for the other person.

2. Pension attachment. This is where a court makes an order directing that some of the pension payable to one person is paid to the other.

To better understand Trusts we can take a look back to the times of the Crusades. Trusts first began to take shape in medieval England when men were travelling abroad to join the Crusades. They would transfer their property to a trusted friend for them to look after, manage and protect until their return, which may not be for many years. The moral obligation imposed on the friend is one of the earliest forms of a Trust, which over the centuries has become embedded in our legal system.

A Charitable Trust can be set up either during your lifetime with savings and investments built up already, or alternatively through a specially prepared Will that will only take effect following your death and will therefore not deprive you of capital or income during your lifetime.

Spring is a good time to review your affairs and make sure they are in order. It’s a good time to make that Lasting Power of Attorney that you have been putting off for so long, and to ensure your financial planning is in place. It’s a good time to review your Will, to make sure it is up to date, to arrange who would deal with your estate upon your death and how your estate will reach the people who you want to benefit. It’s a good time to consider the impact Inheritance Tax may have on your estate and see if there is anything that can be done to minimise it, to appoint guardians for your children and choose the age for them to inherit, and to declare any wishes you have regarding your funeral. It’s a good time to think through how you might deal with divorce, bankruptcy, or estrangement in the family, and how vulnerable or disabled beneficiaries might be protected.

There are obviously many different pension schemes in existence. Each will probably be different to the next. It is very important that you receive the right advice and that the true value of each pension is understood and shared fairly. Often it is necessary to involve other experts, for example pension actuaries, who will produce comprehensive reports to assist in the division of pension assets. The information given above is necessarily general and cannot be relied upon in any particular case.

Something that our team will discuss with clients in this situation is the idea of setting up their own charitable trust which can continue to provide support for charitable causes of their choosing long after they have passed away. Creating your own charity means that your trustees can provide support to those who need help most. There can be a great sense of satisfaction in knowing that your trustees will carry out your wishes after you have gone and that your name will be associated with such good deeds even after you are no longer around.

Before you even think about dealing with pensions you need to know their value. The starting point is often the provision of a Cash Equivalent Transfer Value (“CETV”). This needs to be provided in all cases. Whilst the CETV is important, further information is often needed in terms of benefit statements so that the full terms of the pension can be considered.

Whilst the idea that someone travelling abroad may leave their property in Trust to be managed whilst they are away is still very useful today, Trusts may be used closer to home to protect and manage property or money in other circumstances too. For example, a parent may set up a Trust in their lifetime or through their Will for a child, or for an adult son or daughter who is not able to manage their own affairs perhaps because of disability or mental capacity issues. A married person may provide in their Will for their surviving spouse to have a life interest in their half of the family home thereby protecting that half of the home for the next generation. A Trust may be used where someone receives damages as a result of a personal injury or clinical negligence claim. A couple may set up a Trust to keep their family assets in the bloodline in case of changes in family and marital arrangements which may take the assets out of the family, or someone with a second family may set up a Trust to make special arrangements for their two families. A person with Charitable intentions may set up a Trust in their lifetime or on death for the benefit of those who they particularly wish to help in the future, and by doing so leave a lasting legacy: many of the charities we see now may have been set up in this way. These are all types of Trust.

3. Offsetting. This is where the pensions are left untouched but the share of other assets are adjusted to take into account the value of pensions.

If we fast forward to the present day, the reasons to use a Trust are broadly the same as in medieval England; there are different types of Trusts and there are many different types of situations which may create Trusts. Trusts may be set up in a lifetime, or through a Will following death. Trusts may provide circumstances in which beneficiaries will become absolutely entitled to the Trust Fund, or they may provide flexibility by allowing for discretion to be exercised as to who should benefit.

It is important to understand the difference between different pension types. Some pensions are pots of money which can sometimes be converted into cash (subject to tax). Other pensions simply give a person the right to receive an income from a particular date until their death.

Spring is a good time to do something about the ‘What Ifs’. What if you became unable to manage your day-to-day finances: have you given someone else the legal authority to do that for you, or would someone need to apply to the court to get that authority? In the event of your death, who would sort out your estate? We often rely on a spouse or a son or daughter. What if something happens to the very person you are relying on: do you have a back-up plan, and have you given your back-up person the legal authority to do what needs to be done? Have you made proper provision for those who are dependent on you or others you would want to look after? What if something happens to the people who you would want to benefit under your Will, have you made fall-back arrangements, so that your estate does not fall into the wrong hands?

At Shacklocks we have set up a number of charitable trusts over the 150 years or so we have been in business and we still look after those trusts today. One of the charitable trusts we look after, for example, was established by a will in the 1940’s to provide accommodation for elderly residents.

Our team at Shacklocks have a particular speciality in preparing arrangements of this kind and also of acting as professional trustees to enable wishes to be fulfilled and instructions to be followed.

Shacklocks LLP are both Solicitors and Independent Financial Advisors. We have been looking after clients in our communities for more than 100 years. With spring around the corner, take the time to make an appointment to see one of our Solicitors or our Independent Financial Advisor, and we will take the time to help you plan for the ‘What Ifs’.

At Shacklocks LLP we are committed to helping you to understand the true worth of pensions and to help you receive a fair financial settlement which will meet your needs. Shacklocks LLP family law team are currently offering all new clients an initial free half hour appointment. To find out more, contact Ben Stubbins and his team on 01773 822333 or email

If you are thinking of supporting charities through your Will or during your lifetime with a lump sum, why not talk to us about the different ways in which we can help you benefit those good causes, and how to make the most of the tax rules that enable a charitable cause to benefit.

Shacklocks LLP have been dealing with Trusts for many years, though not quite as far back as the Crusades! If you would like to know more about Trusts and how they may be of help in your circumstances contact Cassandra Worton or Richard Farmer at Shacklocks LLP on 01773 822333 or 01623 626141 or email or

Contact our team on 01773 822333 (Belper), 01332 559281 (Allestree), 01773 743513 (Ripley), or 01623 626141 (Mansfield), or email Cassandra Worton on

Call us at Shacklocks to talk about how we can help you to help your favourite local

Telephone Shacklocks on 0845 602 2344 or email me at

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Cassandra Worton
8 Business & Professional
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Business & Professional

Money Matters:

Business & Professional

10 Years of Belper IFS: Our First Decade

Money Matters: Thinking Ahead – Are you Failing to Plan or Planning to Fail?

10 years ago, Belper Independent Financial Solutions was formed after its founder (me, Kevin Glover) was made redundant from The Derbyshire Building Society.

Money Matters: 10 Years of Belper IFS: Our First Decade

Saving for the future is an ideal most of us aspire to, but it can be difficult. There are lots of ways to spend money and a cost-of-living crisis has made the last 3 years especially challenging as we combat increased costs with mortgages, loan rates, utilities and most household items.

Since then, Belper has seen the loss of The Derbyshire, Woolworths, Somerfield, Thomas Cook and Britannia Building Society to name but a few long-standing institutions that are now confined to history

10 years ago, Belper Independent Financial Solutions was formed after its founder (me, Kevin Glover) was made redundant from The Derbyshire Building Society.

Generations of people have been served or been customers of these organisations. You are probably one. State Pension Age has changed several times and will most likely do so again At least interest rates have not changed much! Rubbish then and not much better today

Since then, Belper has seen the loss of The Derbyshire, Woolworths, Somerfield, Thomas Cook and Britannia Building Society to name but a few long-standing institutions that are now confined to history

There is much to be said for planning your savings and getting an early start. Not only is this a good habit, but the numbers improve and accelerate due to the power of compound growth over time.

that the need for financial advice and a solution should not be seen as a one-off. Financial products and solutions were probably right at the time, but just how much has changed since their inception?

afford to take it. Risk. It’s an evocative word which usually evokes an immediate reaction. Most identify with the feeling of potential loss and consequence with potentially some or all of their savings. Different types of risk include market, legislation, inflation, currency, liquidity, sequential and bravery, amongst others.

that the need for financial advice and a solution should not be seen as a one-off. Financial products and solutions were probably right at the time, but just how much has changed since their inception?

Accepting risk is not a black and white position. There are differing levels of risk associated mainly around volatility. A saver may be defensive by nature, or very adventurous. More risk is usually more volatility and less risk, less volatility. Carefully managed volatility can be beneficial, as this example demonstrates:

Investment funds (whether held in pension wrappers or alternative structures such as Stocks and Shares ISAs), are mostly run by fund managers who are also human beings. As humans they may retire, defect to other companies, or run out of luck! Solutions that may have been right at the start may no longer be suitable or effective. Leading fund managers in 2009 may no longer be leading fund managers as we approach 2020.

Investment funds (whether held in pension wrappers or alternative structures such as Stocks and Shares ISAs), are mostly run by fund managers who are also human beings. As humans they may retire, defect to other companies, or run out of luck! Solutions that may have been right at the start may no longer be suitable or effective. Leading fund managers in 2009 may no longer be leading fund managers as we approach 2020

In April 2015, pension regulations changed. They will almost certainly change again. Pensions from prior to this time may no longer be suitable – but just how would you know? So, as you sit munching your turkey over the festive period, consider how many of these questions apply to you and see what may benefit from having a review.

Consider this – joining the EU was considered the right decision once upon a time.

As examples, with monthly contributions of £500 and an assumed annual interest rate of 5% for 10 years you will earn a total of £77,641, over 15 years this totals £133,644 and in 20 years, £205,517*. Simple maths.

Generations of people have been served or been customers of these organisations. You are probably one. State Pension Age has changed several times and will most likely do so again. At least interest rates have not changed much! Rubbish then and not much better today

The falling unit price in February allows more units to be bought at a cheaper price. Unit price then recovers in March and there are more units to recover. This could work in reverse if unit prices increase each month; fewer units are bought as prices are higher. So, think on and make a start as climbing that mountain becomes easier if you give yourself more time.

From my dining room in 2009, to an office in Heanor, back to Belper and now to the present location, much has changed including the greyness of my hair and the size of my waistline! Now as a team of 8 we have seen the client base expand over the years. ‘Generous’ successive Chancellors introduce new legislation impacting the public and signposting the need for financial advice.

Consider this – joining the EU was considered the right decision once upon a time.

However, instilling the discipline to save over such a long period is a challenge. Why save for tomorrow when you want to live more for today? Speak to anyone over the age of 50 and they will tell you how time flies. Save a little and live a lot is not a bad ethos, but saving more and getting the balance right is hard.

From my dining room in 2009, to an office in Heanor, back to Belper and now to the present location, much has changed including the greyness of my hair and the size of my waistline! Now as a team of 8 we have seen the client base expand over the years. ‘Generous’ successive Chancellors introduce new legislation impacting the public and signposting the need for financial advice

Achieving a 5% net return on your money after charges and taxation is not easy, either. Since early 2022, bank rates on cash have been in excess of 5% if you do a bit of shopping around. However, the return on cash between 2008 and 2022 was nothing like the numbers available in 2022 and 2023. Interest rates are expected to fall in 2024 as Central Banks respond to reducing inflation rates and therefore likely (albeit not guaranteed, of course).

What about you – what has changed in your lives over the last 10 years? How many jobs have you had? Has your family extended or tragedy struck? How many times have you moved house? How many pension schemes have you been a member of and simply left, through one reason or another? How many cars, partners and other life events have occurred?

What about you – what has changed in your lives over the last 10 years? How many jobs have you had? Has your family extended or tragedy struck? How many times have you moved house? How many pension schemes have you been a member of and simply left, through one reason or another? How many cars, partners and other life events have occurred?

In April 2015, pension regulations changed. They will almost certainly change again. Pensions from prior to this time may no longer be suitable – but just how would you know? So, as you sit munching your turkey over the festive period, consider how many of these questions apply to you and see what may benefit from having a review.

Is 2020 the time to take a look at your financial arrangements once again and get them fit for purpose?

Is 2020 the time to take a look at your financial arrangements once again and get them fit for purpose?

Wishing you a happy 2020 and a prosperous next 10 years.

*The calculation is based on compound interest, capitalised on an annual basis and does not take into account taxation. Savings and Investment can result in complete loss of capital and future investment returns are not guaranteed. The above are only illustrative examples to demonstrate mathematics.

Wishing you a happy 2020 and a prosperous next 10 years.


Belper IFS

To achieve a 5% net return on their £500 per month (or whatever they can afford to save) may involve a saver looking to take some additional investment risk, if they can

How many investments have you made and when were they last reviewed and looked at? My point is

How many investments have you made and when were they last reviewed and looked at? My point is

This information is general only and is not intended to address your particular requirements. The data above should not be relied upon in its entirety and shall not be deemed to be or constitute advice. No individual or company should act upon such information without receiving appropriate professional advice after a thorough examination of their particular situation.

This information is general only and is not intended to address your particular requirements The data above should not be relied upon in its entirety and shall not be deemed to be or constitute advice No individual or company should act upon such information without receiving appropriate professional advice after a thorough examination of their particular situation

This information is general only and is not intended to address your particular requirements. The data above should not be relied upon in its entirety and shall not be deemed to be or constitute advice. No individual or company should act upon such information without receiving appropriate professional advice after a thorough examination of their particular situation
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10 £500 Per Month Saved in Unit Price Amount Saved Accumulated Units Bought in the Month Number of Units Accumulated Value of Accumulated Units January £1.00 ➡ £500 500 500 £500 February £0.50 ⬇ £1,000 1000 1500 £1000 March £1.00 ⬆ £1,500 500 2000 £2000 Business & Professional
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The Potential of a Paperclip

Did you know that the paperclip, an often overlooked but essential office supply, has its own designated day?

Of course it does! National Paperclip Day is an annual celebration on the 29th of May. It’s a day that helps shed some light on the intriguing history of these iconic metal companions.

In the late 19th century, Samuel B. Fay introduced the concept of a bent wire paperclip. It was originally intended for attaching tickets or tags to fabric without leaving any holes. It was a modest start, yet this little tool has gradually evolved into the sleek, functional design we know today. It has undergone various modifications over time. Norwegian creator, Johan Vaaler, developed a more streamlined and practical version of the paperclip that we recognise today.

The most common material used to create them is steel, but plastic or plastic-coated paperclips are increasingly common. You can also find various different shapes in use, aside from the standard double loop design.

And paperclips might hold much more value than you first imagine. Have you heard of the story of Kyle MacDonald? The Canadian blogger had an idea to swap his modest red paperclip for a fish shaped pen. The following series of swaps over the course of a year eventually culminated in an entire house!

Admittedly, I typically lean towards the use of staples to connect documents, however, I find it fascinating that paperclips offer various uses beyond this. Paperclips can also act as emergency key chains, zipper tabs, DIY fish hooks, bookmarks. They can be used for pressing tiny buttons to reset your technology, hanging items, as decoration, to demonstrate the science of magnetism or even as lock picks. One article I came across had a total of 134 uses for paperclips. I bet you can’t name them all!

When you observe National Paperclip Day, consider taking a moment to ponder the mystique surrounding these fascinating office artifacts. You could also watch Kyle MacDonald’s TEDx talk to gain some inspiration about what you could trade your paperclip for. Who knows what you could end up with!

13 Lifestyle To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E:
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Just a Thought... Shoy Division!

Time for some maths today – but fear not, a grasp of algebra or trigonometry is not required (cue relieved sighs!). This equation is all about allowing you to stop comparing yourself to others and start feeling better about your life ASAP.

Let me start with two concepts you need to engineer this one, both were coined by clinical psychologist Catherine Chambliss and her team.

The first is Shoy – and Shoy is simply the act of sharing in the joy of someone else’s success. For example, when Wendy announces she’s getting promoted, rather than just paying lip service to her, actively listen, ask follow-up questions and genuinely be part of her joy. The second concept is Bragitude – which just oozes 90’s double denim cool! Bragitude requires you to celebrate the contribution someone else made to your success. So, when you bake the perfect banana bread, give Bea a social media shout out with thanks for her tip about not over-whisking the batter.

Why are they important though? Good question, and how do they form part of our ‘feeling better equation’? When you practice Shoy and Bragitude you actively improve your concept of yourself, your sense of connection and community and you reduce the likelihood of comparing yourself to others. Rather than feeling envious of Emma because she’s off to the Maldives, you get curious about her trip and find joy in the beautiful pictures. Your positive mindset carries through to your own holiday plans for the year – even if they only extend as far as the British coast, you’ll still feel a sense of achievement and contentment.

Shoy + Bragitutde = Emotional Positivity > Comparison

Don’t believe me? Give it a go! You could end up at the top of the class, or with an A* for effort – not that we are comparing.

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Calling all budding Rangers! Prepare to go on a JURASSIC adventure!

Jurassic Earth is stomping into DERBY ARENA on SUNDAY 28th APRIL 2024 with a huge cast of the biggest and best Dinosaurs that ever walked the earth in this extraordinary realistic show!

Meet the bravest of rangers as they take you on a journey through Jurassic Earth, introducing their herd of the most incredible dinosaur species to have ever lived! Bring your biggest ROOAR and your fastest feet as you take Ranger Danger’s masterclass to become an Official Dinosaur Ranger – gaining the skills you need to come face-to-face with the World’s largest walking T Rex, a bighearted Brontosaurus, tricky Triceratops, uncontrollable Carnotaurus, vicious Velociraptors & sneaky Spinosaurus.

Feel the EXCITEMENT of watching a dinosaur egg hatch in front of your eyes and the THRILL of meeting the cutest Ankylosaurus, Pterodactyl and baby hatchlings...

We spoke to Head Ranger, Doctor Bones and asked a few questions:

So, Doctor Bones, what is your role at Jurassic Earth?

“It’s me that unlocks the action, feeds and cares for the dinosaurs, and sends the Jurassic team on the road to theatres around the country. Every day is an adventure here.”

There are other Dinosaur Shows out there, what makes yours different?

“We were the first UK company to bring dinosaurs to the stage and remain the largest touring dinosaur show. Hundreds of 5-star reviews speak for themselves! Our show features the most realistic dinosaurs – we really bring these extinct creatures to life – just ask Holly

Willoughby and Ashley Banjo who both were scared witless by our Raptor during Dancing on Ice! Also, this is not just a show – it’s an experience that starts as soon as you enter the theatre, with animatronics, props and giant Dinosaur Eggs for photo opportunities.”

Is Jurassic Earth safe?

“If you follow Ranger Danger’s survival training, you should be almost, absolutely fine.

A few additional survival tips for visitors:

• Don’t put your hand inside a dinosaur’s mouth.

• Don’t pull a dinosaur’s tail.

• Say hello, take a photo, then run for your lives.

• Bring meat to distract the flesh-eating predators.”

Can children help feed the dinosaurs?

“No, please do not feed your children to our dinosaurs. This is not a service we provide. Although we have been inundated with enquiries.”

Expect a fun-filled 75-minute family show suitable for all ages, featuring astounding animatronics and excitingly REALISTIC performances.

Get ready to laugh, scream, sing and ROOOOARRR as we welcome you to the greatest dinosaur adventure on Jurassic Earth...

So ROARSOME, you’ll never want it to end!

Ticket prices start at £21 and can be booked via:

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 15


Arts at The Folly

Arts at The Folly is always a very popular local event and 2024 sees it returning stronger than ever.

The exhibition takes place at The Folly in Lea (DE4 5GJ) on 17th, 18th and 19th May and is a relaxed and friendly event with the artists present to chat about their work and techniques. Light homemade refreshments are available (including gluten free and vegan cakes) with any donations made for them going direct to Mid Derbyshire Badger Group. This is always a well-attended exhibition with guests returning year after year so make sure it is in your diary!

“It is always one of my favourite events. Being in someone’s home within that wonderful creative and talented community makes it all the more special for me.” DF

The artists taking part this year are as follows:

Frances Daunt – animal artist who works in a variety of media. She will also have her very popular map art on show.

Kate Beinder – Kate will have her pebble pictures which make fantastic gifts and will also be unveiling her new line of work.

Silver Silkie – Jewellery. Jane’s speciality is working with ancient techniques including Keum Boo – the Korean practice of fusing 24K gold to silver – and all of her jewellery is hand made in her Derbyshire studio.

Jenny Neale – photography, including intentional movement images and cyanotype prints

Lynn Hazel – renowned British wildlife sculptor.

Jeanette Hallam – hand-crafted paper flower displays.

The Folly can be found on Main Road, Lea – next to Lea Green (opposite The Coach House and close to the Jug and Glass). Visitors are encouraged to also visit Lea Gardens which will be in full bloom.

Arts at The Folly, 17th - 19th May, 10am – 4pm. Other times by appointment, please contact with any questions.

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Charity: 203644

Pets: Seasonal Allergies in Dogs

Spring is in the air, and it’s not only humans that react to high pollen levels. If your dog has been itching, scratching, biting or licking itself more often than usual, it could be a seasonal reaction.


Itching: particularly after a period outside, excessive scratching and rubbing their body or face against textured surfaces

Hives: swollen and red patches, which will be more noticeable in areas with less hair, such as the belly and inside the top of the legs.

Eye discharge: this may be the only sign related to eyes, or may be seen along with eye puffiness or redness.

Ear irritation: Shaking of the head, flinching when being stroked and an unpleasant smell.


Exactly as with humans, the trick is to avoid contact

with allergens. Steer clear of fields and parks, particularly where there is long grass, and after a walk, wipe your dog’s body and paws with a moist cloth.

Make sure their bedding is regularly washed. You could use towels on the bedding to enable an easy daily changeover.

A bath in a gentle anti-itch shampoo could help treat irritated skin and remove pollen from their coat.

Further treatment

If, despite these measures, your dog won’t stop licking, scratching and chewing, and has red and irritated skin or hair loss, make an appointment to see your vet. Depending on the seriousness of the problem, a professional can provide more intensive treatments such as antihistamines, steroids or allergy shots (also known as immunotherapy).

An amazing life, deserves the best end of life care.
17 Lifestyle To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: Disease Management Vaccinations Ear, Eye & Skin Care Senior Pet Care Treating Pets as Family 01773 302220
be one of the toughest decisions that you will have to make when owning a pet. We aim to make the process as stress-free as possible. Specialists in end of life care.
services include...

Travel Visiting the Alps in Summer

For many, the Alps are synonymous with powdery snow and warm glasses of gluhwein. However, if skiing isn’t your idea of fun, you’ll be happy to hear that the Alps offer plenty of reasons to visit in the summer months too.

With Europe’s traditional summer resorts becoming notoriously hot and crowded, the prospect of escaping amidst the fresh mountain air is appealing. To top it off, while winter holidays in the Alps can be pricey, come summer prices tumble on everything from flights and accommodation to a huge range of activities. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Chamonix, France

In Chamonix, pair soulstirring walks at high altitudes with lazy lakeside days, white-water rafting and family-friendly thrills. The resort also has the facilities and scenery to enjoy some of the best hiking in the Alps, thanks to its position between two steep valleys with cable cars rising up each side.

Spend a day sunbathing by Lac Blanc, famous for its views of the Mont Blanc massif, and don’t miss a ride on the Luge – Chamonix’s very own Alpine roller coaster.

The Matterhorn, Switzerland

Perhaps the world’s most recognisable mountain, the Matterhorn is so iconic it inspired the Toblerone. However, the region offers much more than vistas alone.

Surrounded by flower-strewn meadows and steep gorges, not to mention insanely good cheese, there are plenty of adventures to be had here. Start your trip with the scenic train journey from Geneva, hike the Five Lakes Trail and polish it off with a picnic by the shores of Lakes Leisee and Grünsee.

The Dolomites, Italy

The Dolomite mountains are some of the most spectacular parts of the Alps for stretching your legs. What’s more, thanks to the rolling, green

meadows of the main plateau, you don’t need to exert yourself too much.

The Dolomites’ Alta Badia region is quickly becoming one of the top gastronomic spots in the mountains, with four Michelin stars within an area of 10 miles. Top off your trip with a Vins Alaleria wine-tasting tour, in the company of waterfalls, mountainside chapels and a local sommelier.

Bavaria, Germany

Germany doesn’t stake a large claim to the Alps, but its mountainous Bavarian region is well worth a visit. Boasting a unique culture, fantastic hiking and biking opportunities and breathtaking natural landmarks, this alpine state is a dream come summertime.

Neuschwanstein Castle is one of Bavaria’s most popular attractions, a princess-worthy palace straight out of a storybook. Then there’s the region’s lake district, home to cosy lakeshore inns and water that’s pure enough to drink.

Tyrol, Austria

Stretching along the western side of Austria, the state of Tyrol is known for its rugged peaks, picturesque valleys and rolling mountain pastures. The most memorable sights in Tyrol are all Mother Nature’s creations, but the region’s sensational mountain scenery truly steals the show.

Tyrol’s mountain-framed capital, Innsbruck, is a popular base for exploring. Take the cable car up to the Nordkette range, and check out the old town with its winding alleys and traditional restaurants.

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To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 19 Come and see us at: BELPER: The Lion Hotel, 24 Bridge St, Belper DE56 1AX on Tues 16th, Wed 17th & Thur 18th April 11am - 2pm or call 07724 473810



BELPER: The Lion Hotel, 24 Bridge St, Belper DE56 1AX on Tues 16th, Wed 17th & Thur 18th April 11am - 2pm or call 07724 473810 PAID FOR SILVER, BANKNOTES, COINS ETC ..

Beer Unlocking Flavour: Thiolised Beer

Thiols, also known as mercaptans, are sulphurcontaining organic compounds found naturally in hops. They play a crucial role in beer flavour and aroma. Although they constitute less than 1% of the essential oils in a hop cone, their impact is significant.

The presence of thiols has long been known, but often remained ‘bound’, limiting their impact on beer flavour. A handful of new products, including ‘Hop Unlock’ yeast, are armed with an over-expressed enzyme that liberates thiols.

The result? A more robust aroma, featuring mango, guava, passion fruit, blackcurrant, rhubarb and white wine notes, adding another level of complexity especially to hazy, hoppy beers. This breakthrough not only pushes the boundaries of yeast and brewing methods but also holds environmental promise. By tapping into previously hidden flavour compounds, brewers may reduce hop imports and champion local, sustainable hops.

Track Brewery – Dance First 4.9% (Pale)

By harnessing bound thiols and leveraging their house yeast alongside standard dry hopping techniques, they’ve unlocked intriguing flavour

Word on Wine

I would like to introduce a wine to you that is normally associated with the slopes of Germany and Austria. However, this wine is made 6000 miles away in Washington state in the USA.

Washington state is on the west coast of the USA, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, just south of the Canadian border and north of California and Oregon states. Wine is made in all the states that border the Pacific Ocean. All states of the USA make wine to a varying degree of success. California leads the way with 4,807 wineries (2018) with Washington state second with 1,073 wineries (2018).

Washington state has a special affinity with Riesling and organised the first international conference on Riesling. Riesling growing fell out of favour in the 1980s, however it has since risen to become an important wine to the state in the 21st century. The grape produces a whole range of wine styles from very dry to sweet wines and in Canada is used to produce sweet dessert ‘ice wines’, where the grapes are picked when frozen and, when pressed, produce a sugary juice leaving the frozen water behind.

The Riesling wine that I have found is Ancient Lakes ‘Eight Thousand Lakes’ 2019 Riesling, from the Columbia Valley in Washington State, made specially for Majestic Wines. The grapes are grown in the Columbia Basin in the foothills of the

profiles. This version is hopped with Motueka, resulting in the expected bright and zesty lime notes as well as some unique characteristics not typically associated with a Track Pale Ale.

Phantom Brewery & Pipeline –Interdimensional Narwhals 5.2% (Lager)

In the brewing process, Phantasm powder is added to the whirlpool. It’s then fermented using a thiolised yeast strain, along with generous amounts of Hallertau Blanc, Nelson Sauvin, and Citra hops. The resulting beer has a flavour profile more reminiscent of a pale ale than a lager.

Stewart Brewing – Project 7 Thiol be back 4.9% (Pilsner)

This new world pilsner is teeming with aromas of rushed grape skin, sweet tropical lychee and passion fruit. Showcasing two new-to-market yeasts, a classic German Pilsner malt base is co-fermented with Novalager and Hop Unlock to bring fruity white wine notes to a crisp lager finish.

Cascade Mountain range, producing an off-dry style with notes of lemon, white flowers and honey.

Technical Details:

Grape: 100% Riesling

Appearance: Clear, white wine

Characteristics: Wet stones, lemon, lime and stone fruit with a fresh, elegant finish Alcohol by Volume: 11.5%

Food match: Any Asian and fish dishes, tangy cheese or just on its own.

Available from: Majestic store, Ashbourne Road, Derby. £12.99 per bottle or £7.99 as part of a box of 6.

For more information, visit,, or visit the Majestic Wine store in Derby.

If you like wine and would like to learn more, please visit our website for our 2024 programme.

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To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 23 WE’RE A PUB & WE DO GREAT INDIAN FOOD £3 ALL BEER & HOUSE WINES WEEKDAYS 4-6PM SATURDAY 12-5PM LIVE MUSIC SUNDAYS April 14th: Jasper Malone 28th: Cain Paisley May 12th: Saskia Searle 26th: Gabe Newton Wild Reservations 01332 300818 Email Derby Road, Milford Belper DE56 0QW Takeaway also available Opening Times Tues to Fri - 4pm to 11pm Sat to Sun - 12pm to 11pm

Recipe Spring Lamb Stew

A hearty all-in-one dish, this stew can be cooled and kept in the refrigerator for up to 24 hours, then reheated slowly until piping hot. Perfect for supper on a chilly spring evening!

Serves: 6

Preparation time: 20-25 minutes

Cooking time: 1 hour 30 minutes


• 1kg lean boneless lamb shoulder, cubed

• 2 bay leaves

• 4 sprigs fresh thyme

• 1 onion, peeled and cut into quarters

• 1 leek, roughly chopped

• 3 cloves garlic, peeled and crushed

• Salt and freshly ground black pepper

• 1.2l cold water

• 200g baby carrots, scraped, and halved if large

• 200g baby turnips, scraped, and quartered if large

• 200g baby onions or shallots, peeled

• 200g baby or small leeks, halved

• 200ml white wine (dry or medium)

• 200ml good, hot lamb stock

• 200g dwarf or French beans, trimmed

• 200g frozen peas or petit pois

• 2 tbsp freshly chopped flat-leaf parsley or chervil


Place the lamb into a large pan with the bay leaves, thyme, onion, leek, garlic, seasoning and water, to cover.

Bring to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer over a low heat for 1 hour, skimming regularly, if required. Remove from the heat and cool slightly.

Transfer the lamb to a large, ovenproof casserole dish and strain the vegetable liquor over the lamb. Discard the vegetables and herbs.

Add the baby carrots, turnips, onions or shallots, leeks, white wine and lamb stock. Bring to a boil, reduce the heat and simmer for 15 minutes.

Add the dwarf or French beans and cook for a further 3-4 minutes, then add the frozen peas or petit pois and cook for a further 2 minutes, or until the vegetables are cooked.

Season and garnish with the herbs and serve with plenty of crusty bread to soak up the juices.

For more recipe inspiration, cooking tips, nutritional information and more, visit

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Did you know…? The Government’s Chief Medical Officer and the NHS recommend adults should exercise for a minimum of 150 minutes per week, at least 60 of which should be resistance training.

While 90 of those 150 minutes can be achieved for free outdoors through walking, jogging, cycling or other aerobic activities, many people (especially women) miss out on the resistance training element, which strengthens muscles, improves bone density and has great long-term health benefits. Building resistance training into your weekly routine can help to maintain a healthy weight, reshape your body, manage health conditions, improve balance and coordination, promote mobility and independence, safeguard future fitness … and help you to look and feel great, too!

Many women wouldn’t feel confident enough to weight train in a traditional gym, but Gymophobics ladies-only gym offers a different approach. There’s no need for long, gruelling sessions pumping iron! Simply follow a personalised half-hour circuit programme that’s specifically designed for you using the smooth and easy to operate air-resistance machines. They are much less stiff and clunky than gravity-driven machines, but just as effective.

Owner of Gymophobics Belper, Sara Stainsby, explains: “In our friendly, welcoming, ladies-only environment you can feel confident and supported while enjoying the benefits of

Health, Beauty & Fitness

resistance training. Whatever age, size or fitness level you are, developing a new habit will make a massive difference to your body now, and for the future. As long as you bring the commitment, we provide the on-going support, advice and regular reviews you need to help you achieve your goals, avoid plateaus and keep your fitness progressing in the right direction.”

Gymophobics member

Linda joined in July 2023 and is astounded by the difference regular attendance has made in such a short time: “In a little over 7 months I am no longer diabetic, my BP is normal, I’ve reduced my body fat, my visceral fat is down, my muscle mass is increasing and I’ve lost over 16 inches. My mental health is so much better and I feel happier than I have in years.”

JS Aesthetics isn't just a clinic; it's a sanctuary within the Vintage 1924 building. With our medically trained staff delivering personalised treatments, we offer the ultimate destination for those looking to enhance their natural beauty in a relaxed and chic setting.

What could you achieve in as little as 30 minutes, 3 times per week? Find out more at, call 01773 689300 or pop in to 54 Bridge Street, Belper DE56 1AZ We

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 27
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specialise in
Anti Ageing Injectables
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BB Glow - Semi Permanent Foundation
Semi Permanent Makeup: Brows and Lips
Skin Boosters
Campbell Street,
DE56 1AP
your consultation visit
• Fat Loss Injections •
The 1924,
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Gymphobics Belper Owner, Sara Stainsby
28 To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 28 As an experienced masseur, I believe that massage should be a key element in maintaining your health and well-being To book an appointment please call 01332 883461 • 07882 930525 41 Main Road, Smalley DE7 6EF • Easy parking I work across a range of conditions including: • Pain Reduction • Increased Mobility • Muscle Recovery • Stress/Anxiety Relief • Deep Relaxation I look forward to hearing from you to discuss how I can help. I offer the following therapies: • Remedial Massage • Hot Stone Massage • Head Massage • Foot Massage
To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 29 Acupuncture Treatment The Treatment Room Scan QR code for website 15 High Street, Codnor DE5 9QB Please call 07753 179377 Matthew McGuire MBAcC. Est. 15 yrs Relaxing consultation room, zoom or mutual setting Are you suffering in silence? Find support and healing through talking therapy for grief and bereavement For more information visit Take the first step today, call Sophie 07466 969304 E: Starting up a new business? Let All Things Local give you the exposure you need To nd out more, contact Ruth 07545 261034 for a chat and advice. No pressure selling. E: Delivering to 27,000 homes & businesses every 2 months Win a bottle of Champagne courtesy of All Things Local! Just complete the Sudoku grid above, cut out and post to Sudoku Competition, All Things Local, 74 Woodhouse Road, Kilburn, Belper, Derbyshire DE56 0NA. Closing date Wednesday 10th April 2024. Remember to include a piece of paper with your name, address and contact telephone number. The winner will be notified by telephone initially. Entrants must be aged 18 or over. All entries are destroyed after the closing date and no information is given to any third party.

Derbyshire Walking:

Carsington Circular from Brassington

Distance: 4.5 miles / 7.3 km

Ascent: 650 feet / 197 metres

Time: 2 hours 50 minutes

Grade: Easy

Author: Lou Johnson

Map: Ordnance Survey Explorer OL24; Anquet OS Explorer OL24

Start: Village of Brassington – some on-street parking available

The village of Brassington is situated just outside the boundaries of the Peak District National Park but still retains the characteristics of the White Peak with dry stone walls and stone built cottages. This walk combines a variety of paths and quiet country lanes to explore the area between the village and the High Peak Trail and includes a visit to nearby Carsington. There is some on street parking within the village (grid ref. SK230543) by the church. However, do be considerate when parking and ensure that you are not causing inconvenience for residents.

The Route

1. After parking and with your back to the church, walk down the street opposite with the Miner’s Arms pub on your right. Reaching the main road through the village, Town Street, cross the road, and take the signed footpath opposite. This leads into fields and climbs almost immediately on a clear path to reach a wall (grid ref. SK234542).

2. Turn right here and follow the clear path or track as it contours around the hillside offering a grandstand view of Brassington. This path leads to a crossing with a farm track (grid ref. SK238539).

3. Continue ahead climbing slightly. The onward path is clear and begins to descend into Carsington village. There are views over Carsington Reservoir on your right.

4. Joining the tarmac lane in Carsington, continue ahead to a road junction (grid ref. SK251534). At this junction, go left up a lane lined with cottages. There is a footpath sign.

5. This path leads onto the open hillside and the path climbs steeply with views to the right over the village. The path initially trends towards a wall on the opposite side of the field before bearing left to complete the ascent beside this wall.

Nearing the top, you will pass a limestone outcrop on the other side of the wall called the King’s Chair. Away to your left is a recently constructed wind farm.

6. The path continues more easily to a lane. Turn right for a few yards and then cross the road and join the High Peak Trail.

Our route is going left (west) along the Trail but it is worth walking a short way right (east) to see one of the former inclines on the Cromford and High Peak Railway.

7. Heading west along the High Peak Trail you will notice that there is evidence of former and current industry, perhaps the reason for this area’s exclusion from the National Park. After about one kilometre you reach a factory on the left-hand side of the trail. On your right can be seen Harboro Rocks, a popular venue for climbers.

8. Just before the factory there is a signed footpath on the left (grid ref. SK242550). Turn left down this path to a road. Bear right along the road, Manystones Lane, for a short way to locate a footpath on the left (grid ref. SK239549).

9. Take this clear footpath which makes a dog leg to reach another lane (grid ref. SK237546). Turn right along this quiet almost traffic free lane into Brassington.

10. On reaching the main road, turn left, and walk downhill into the village.

Walk supplied by Walking Britain (no. 1137). For GPS file or other walks visit

It is advisable to carry the relevant OS map when walking the route, and wear appropriate clothing/ footwear. The publisher accepts no responsibility for any injuries caused to readers whilst following the walk

30 To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 30 Health, Beauty & Fitness
To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 31 THURSDAYS St Joseph’s RC Church Hall, Ripley, DE5 3LW 5:30pm & 7pm Tel: Carl 07478 276432 F O L L O W U S O N S O C I A L M E D I A @ G L E N D A I R D E N T A L P R A C T I C E @ G L E N D A I R F A C E S I N F O @ G L E N D A I R D E N T A L . C O . U K C A L L 0 1 7 7 3 8 3 2 1 6 4 L I M E S A V E N U E , A L F R E T O N , D E 5 5 7 D W D E N T I S T R Y A N D F A C I A L A E S T H E T I C S A T G L E N D A I R W W W . G L E N D A I R D E N T A L . C O . U K

Fitness Matters


Many of us don’t realise just how much stress can impact the body. You can’t fool it; you may think you’re ok, but your body may tell you different!

When you’re stressed, in any situation – even being stuck in traffic, running late – your hypothalamus, a tiny control tower in your brain, releases stress hormones which trigger your body’s “fight or flight” response. Your heart races, your breath quickens, and your muscles prepare for action. This response is designed to protect your body by preparing to act quickly but, when the stress response keeps firing, day after day, it could put your health at serious risk.

Everyone suffers stress from time to time, from everyday responsibilities like work and family to serious life events. It’s a natural response and for immediate, short-term situations, can be beneficial by helping you cope with potentially serious situations. However, if this stress response doesn’t stop firing and the levels stay elevated it can massively impact on your health.

There are different types of stress: Acute Stress, Severe Acute Stress, Episodic Acute Stress and Chronic Stress, which range from the body’s immediate reaction to a situation (which can be beneficial and soon returns to



normal), right through to high-stress for extended periods which can have a negative impact on your health, contributing to anxiety, cardiovascular disease, depression, high blood pressure, a weakened immune system and frequent ailments such as headaches, upset stomach, and sleep difficulties.

You will never get rid of stress completely, and some stress can be healthy, but managing it is important for your longterm health and helping you feel better on a daily basis, too. Identify the things that cause stress, or your triggers. Work out which of these can be avoided then find ways to cope with those you can’t avoid.

There are some basic ways to manage stress, including: maintaining a healthy diet, aiming for 7-8 hours of sleep each night, exercising regularly (boxing is amazing for stress release), minimising caffeine and alcohol intake, staying socially connected, making time for rest, relaxation and self-care, learning meditation techniques such as deep breathing.

If you can’t manage your stress, or if it’s accompanied by anxiety or depression, see your doctor, or consult a therapist or other mental health professional. These conditions can be managed with treatment, as long as you seek help.

Personal Trainer with additional qualifications in GP referrals – Pre- & post-natal exercise. Personal Trainer for over 15 years, supporting and helping people to meet their goals in fitness and lifestyle changes, from losing weight to running marathons. 01773 512410 • 07817 337861

32 To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 32 Health, Beauty & Fitness Level 4 obesity and diabetes specialist Call me on 07817 337861 I can help you change for the better!
ARR-Training Alex Robinson PT ‘If you have been thinking about improving your fitness or want to lose weight, I can help’.
I have been a Personal Trainer for over 15 years, supporting and helping people to meet their goals in fitness and lifestyle changes, from losing weight to running marathons.
ARR - Personal Training
have competed in various amateur sports to a high standard, including 24 hour endurance running to cross training events.
• Over the years I
I am a Level 4 Personal Trainer with additional qualifications in GP referrals - Pre & post natal exercise Master Trainer in corrective exercise
Boxing for Fitness - Boxercise Master Trainer CIMPSA & NRPT registered.
Specialist. Hatton Boxing For Fitness Classes at Ripley School Of Boxing A fantastic class to help get you fit while having fun!
for all fitness levels
is essential as places are limited

Strictly by appointment only. All measures possible will be taken to protect the safety of our patients with the guidelines provided.

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 33

Book Reviews Poetry in Motion!

To mark International Haiku Poetry Day on 17 April, we round up a selection of poetry reads.

A Beginner’s Guide to Japanese Haiku

Compiled by William Scott Wilson

Haiku is a Japanese verse form most often composed, in English versions, of three unrhymed lines of five, seven, and five syllables, and often featuring an image, or a pair of images, meant to depict the essence of a specific moment in time. Compiled and with commentary by William Scott Wilson, this is a comprehensive introduction to Japan’s best-loved haiku poets.

The Waste Land and Other Poems


Arguably the most influential and important book of poetry produced in the 20th century, with The Waste Land (published in 1922) the most revolutionary poem of its time. In addition to the title poem, this selection includes The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock and Ash Wednesday.

Poems on the Underground

Selected by Judith Chernaik, George Szirtes & Imtiaz Dharker

Poems on the Underground brings poetry to a wider audience by displaying various contemporary and classic poets on the London Underground three times a year.

This paperback edition features poems exploring such diverse topics as love, London, exile, family, dreams, war, music and nature.

The Best Ever Book of Funny Poems Brian Moses

This hilarious anthology of the most giggle-worthy children’s poems is by one of the nation’s most celebrated poets, Brian Moses. Featuring a fab line-up of poets, discover rib-tickling poems about pets, school, family, dinosaurs and dragons –and just plain silly poems!

365 Poems for Life: An Uplifting Collection for Every Day of the Year

Allie Esiri

Whether you’re searching for wisdom or looking to boost your well-being, this nourishing poem-a-day collection, by award-winning poetry curator Allie Esiri, is a perfect read for poetry lovers and newbies alike. Explore a wide range of poets including Maya Angelou, and Dylan Thomas.

The Forward Book of Poetry 2024

Various poets

Bringing together the best new works published in the UK and Ireland over the last year, including the winners of the 2024 Forward Prizes, this anthology offers a perfect introduction to contemporary poetry. The Forward Prizes are the most coveted awards in British poetry.

34 To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 34 Health, Beauty & Fitness
36 To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 36 Service Centre MOTs - Cars & Light Vans NHS workers - 10% discount Brakes & Suspension Air Conditioning service & repair Your local friendly garage Est. 2009 Open 8am - 5pm Mon - Fri 4b Old Hall Mills Business Park, Alfreton Road, Little Eaton DE21 5EJ T: 01332 830996 E: Little Eaton GarageLTD Car key programming / cloning spare car keys Locked out? No problem Call Ian 07597 105950 Belper based • Replacement and Repair of Keys for Cars and Vans TO DO 1. Find more local customers 2. Sort out advertising 3. Ring RUTH at All Things Local 01332 883140 07545 261034 SORTED! NISSAN ACCIDENT APPROVED REPAIRER • Repairs • Bringing your car to MOT standard Motor Vehicle Repairs Established 56 years run by Brian Kelf BA KELF BODYWORKS SPECIALISTS IN CAR BODY REPAIRS Garage also specialises in: Merlin Lane, Horsley Woodhouse DE7 6PZ 01332 780662 • Air Con • 4 wheel checking /alignment


The New Renault Clio

Renault has made changes to its popular Clio and Jack Evans has assessed their impact. Is the new Renault Clio the hatchback to beat?

What is it?

The well-known Renault Clio has provided reliable, relatively low-cost transport for years. But things aren’t quite as easy for this popular French hatch as they once were, due to the rise of the SUV and crossover, plus price, with Dacia and MG providing cars that undercut most of the market.

What’s new?

This latest Clio uses the same CMF-B platform as the previous car, but the exterior design is far sharper and inside there’s more technology. A range-topping ‘Esprit Alpine’ trim level has also been added for the first time.

What’s under the bonnet?

The Clio will be available with a ‘standard’ petrol engine or – as tested – a hybrid setup, pairing two electric motors with a four-cylinder 1.6-litre petrol engine. With 143bhp and 144Nm of torque, it’s efficient rather than powerful. Renault claims up to 67.4mpg, low emissions of 96g/km CO2, and that you can travel on electric power for up to 80 per cent of the time while city driving. 0-60mph takes 9.1 seconds, with a top speed of 112mph.

What’s it like to drive?

The steering is light but accurate, while the powertrain has pleasant immediacy from the electric motors. It feels brisk and the six-speed gearbox is smooth. However, there’s tyre roar at speed and wind noise too. At slower speeds, the Clio is unsettled by larger bumps.

How does it look?

The look is sharper and there have been plenty of tweaks to distinguish it from the car it replaces. The new

signature lighting setup gives a distinctive ‘face’, while brushed-satin chrome accents create a more premium feel. Techno or Esprit Alpine trim levels include an F1inspired ‘aerofoil’ style diffuser beneath the front grille.

What’s it like inside?

Up front, the view is nicely unobstructed with good visibility, but rear space is a little tight, though there’s a decent amount of headroom for this size and shape of car.

To help boost its green credentials, the Clio now has no leather inside, with surfaces coated in a fabric made from bio-sourced and polyester fibres. There’s a usable 254 litres of boot space.

What’s the spec like?

The Clio is now available from £17,795 for the entry-level petrol version, making it one of the cheapest cars currently available in the UK. Equipment levels are good, with a full suite of driver assistance systems, alloy wheels and full LED headlights. Both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay are included.

Top-notch Esprit Alpine models get 17-inch diamondcut alloy wheels, Alpine badges and a larger 9.3-inch infotainment display. This increases the price to £20,595 for the petrol model or £24,095 for the hybrid.


This is a hefty revision of a successful original. The ‘new’ Clio feels improved due to its in-car technology, while the hybrid version should prove cheap to run. It’s smooth to drive.

At its new base price, the new Clio feels good value, particularly considering the amount of standard features. But it feels a little too compromised in terms of space at higher spec levels.

38 To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 38 Motoring

Top Quality

Painter & Decorator

Reasons to choose me:

◘ I am experienced in ALL ASPECTS of painting and decorating and am HAPPY TO GIVE ADVICE.

◘ I can carry out all of your INTERIOR OR EXTERIOR decorating needs - domestic, commercial or industrial.

◘ I offer a CLEAN and RELIABLE service which is why people RECOMMEND ME.

◘ I employ an experienced FEMALE decorator to offer PEACE OF MIND in certain situations.

◘ I’ve been established SINCE 1986 so you can be rest assured of a PROFESSIONAL JOB.

◘ I CARE about my customers and RESPECT their property

◘ I offer a friendly FREE estimate with NO OBLIGATION

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 39 (01332) 882882 or 07980 254 050 ‘Based in Kilburn’
For all your building needs ... A LOCAL BUSINESS WITH A GREAT REPUTATION Call Now for a FREE, no obligation quote, 07970 860460 or 01332 781832 Email: Proprietor: Dean Bennett EXTENSIONS ALTERATIONS MAINTENANCE NEW BUILDS SMALL WORKS Recent New Build - Horsley Woodhouse
40 To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 40 10 years warranty on all Worcester Boilers Call James 07939 725991 No obligation quotation FOR ALL YOUR PLASTERING & HOME MAINTENANCE UPVCDoors Door Maintenance Repair Withover 35years experience Here are just some of the services we offer • Full re-wire • Additional sockets • Electrical vehicle charging • Hot-tub electrics • New fuse boards • Underfloor heating • All plastering works McPherson-Davis & Sons Electrical & Plastering Services Family run business based in Denby Village Call 01773 742038 or 0779 304 6896 Email -
To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 41 Based in Belper ’ AJS Grounds Maintenance Over 15 years' Experience We specialise in regular maintenance schedules for commercial and domestic gardens Mowing • Strimming • Hedge Cutting Pruning • Weeding • Planting Friendly and reliable service Call Adam 07773 876524 Gutters Cleared Removal of leaves - mossgrass - growth & debris Hello, I’m Pete, I own & operate GutterPRO across East Derbyshire. Because it’s my business, you’ll get a personal service and be certain I’ll clear up thoroughly after the job. Get an instant price 01332 899 598 or online T Tiimed a appppoinntment Caamera r s suurvey B Beffore r a d nd a affteer r ph photos os f foor r peeacce o of f minnd P Pay y on c coompletion o F Fuulllly y innssureed No Problem No Call Out Charge Also Gutter / Fascia Conservatory Cleaning Damp & Mould Can be caused by blocked gutters
42 To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 42 Simon Owen Response BUILDING SERVICES & PROPERTY MAINTENANCE Over 30 years' experience NO JOB TOO SMALL Call Simon for a FREE no obligation quote 10% discount for Gold Card holders 01773 824458 07810 898413 Derek Bonser 07812 995 634 • 01773 302222 20 YEAR WARRANTY RIPLEY RUBBER ROOFING Brickwork • Small building work Repointing • Patios • Painting Kev Property Services Please call 07840 928946 • 01159 032883 Locally Based I have been in business since 2006. All works are carried out by myself (no subcontractors) ensuring the very best in personal service from start to finish. My reputation has been built on my high quality work Services include: Pitch Roofing of all types - Slating/Tiling Roof Repairs including leaks • Ridge Work Please feel free to call me on 07960 820978 Darren Harris. Based in Belper
To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 43 Call us for a free no obligation quotation and free advice 01332 780125 E: Based in Denby ‘The Smart Choice’ Thinking of changing your FASCIAS, SOFFITS & GUTTERING? WARMER ROOF warm in winter and cooler in summer SKY PODS NEW scan our QR CODE for our full range of composite doors These beautiful new roofs will flood your home with natural light and bring your home a new contemporary feel. There’s excellent energy efficiency too, not to mention a wide choice of colours. We have our own scaffold so no need to pay out any extra cost on using another scaffold company. We take off all the existing rotten timber. (We never go over the existing wood that leads to even more future rot.) Licensed waste carriers so the majority of the time there is no need to have any skips on the drive. Our under tiles fascia system is designed to stop birds going in your roof Variety of colours to suit different styles of property. Specialist in uPVC & Aluminium Est 2005 • Conservatories • Windows & doors • Porches • Repairs • Flat roof solutions • Replacement glass & locks • Fascias, soffits & guttering • Bi-folding aluminium doors • uPVC Garden rooms & Greenhouses • 10 year insurance backed guarantee • Warmer roofs Great customer care is a priority. Realistic quotations
123a Old No ngham Road, Derby, DE1 3QQ 01332 292911 CREATE YOUR OWN BATHROOM AND RELAX We o er a comprehensive range of furniture and accessories to design your perfect bathroom • Wet rooms • Baths and showers • Furniture • Radiators • Accessories Visit our showroom Summer Outdoors We stock all you need for outdoor living this summer, our range of products are suitable for pizza ovens, fire pits and BBQs Delivery service available 01773 305777 01773 747027 Unit 1, Derwent Works, Matlock Road, Ambergate DE56 2HE 4444
123a Old No ngham Road, Derby, DE1 3QQ 01332 292911 browns_bm Browns Builders Merchant • Porcelain paving • Decora ve concrete paving • Block paving • Sleepers • Decora ve aggregates • Tools and workwear • Fencing • Trellis • Ar cial grass • Top soil • Kerbs • Natural stone paving Expert advice on hand We stock a wide range of garden and landscaping products to help get the job done 45
46 To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 46

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 47 Solar Panel Installa ons including Ba ery Storage Systems
Reduce your household energy bills
Generate and store any excess energy
Zero VAT on Solar Panel installa on
We provide an es mate of system performance and payback
Insurance backed guarantee FREE QUOTES FOR A GUARANTEED FRIENDLY RELIABLE SERVICE Call Andy Mobile 07833 684981 Email L Tansley Joinery ● Specialist in renovation and conservation ● Sash window repair, double glazing, re-cording & more – remove the need for secondary glazing or replacement windows All types of joinery work undertaken including internal & external doors – windows – stairs – gates –garage doors Wood, UPVC, composite & aluminium Tel: 07813 900781 e-mail: L L Call 07973 366445 07956 356553 E: NAPIT (Part P approved contractor) DEVENPORT ELECTRICAL • Over 30 Years’ Experience • Full & Part Rewires • Security Systems & Data Points • New Extensions, Fully Wired • Small Jobs Welcome • Free Quotes, No Obligation • Fully Insured
48 To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 48 Contact Richard 07854 449709 CHIMNEY SWEEP NACS REGISTERED STRAIGHT FROM THE HORSE’S MOUTH! 01332 883140 or 07545 261034 or send an email to: Advertising in All Things Local REALLY WORKS. “I have found All Things Local to be fabulous. I’ve tried other publications with little or no results but All Things Local has been great - I’ve had calls more or less from day one! It’s a well respected publication and a really cost effective way of advertising.” Pete Newby – GutterPRO E: BOOK YOUR FREE B ESPOKE GARDEN CONSUL T ATION T: 01773 317 432 A specialist gardening and landscaping company, committed to maintaining and creating gardens to be proud of. Garolla’s new range is strong, secure and durable Transform the look of your home... • Unlock 25% more garage space • 100,000+ doors installed in the UK • The UK’s No.1 recommended • Expertly fitted by a local Garolla engineer 4.7 out of 5 / 6,000+ reviews 9.8 out of 10 We survey, manufacture and fit... 01773 650 045 NEW & IMPROVED GAROLLA PRODUCT RANGE FREE 5 YEAR WARRANTY CALL TO ARRANGE A FREE SURVEY
To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 49 Reliable, Local, Fast and Friendly City & Guilds professionals with over 40 years’ experience • Domestic and Commercial • Interior & Exterior • Insurance Work • Fully Insured • Maintenance Contracts Available • Free Quotes and Advice • Local/national, evenings, weekends and night work Mob 0780 555 00 90 Email duf www.duf Made to Measure Curtains and Blinds Joy ClarkeSOFT FURNISHINGS LTD We also offer a great decorating service Please call Joy 01773 530985 / 07985 160176 Free no obligation measuring service Professional made to measure curtains and blinds, including roman, Venetian, roller and vertical Fitting service
50 To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 50 Bethell’sJoinery QualityJoineryandMuchMore! Allaspectsofjoineryandbuildingworkoffered Anestablishedandfriendlyservicefroma trustedtradesman Bespokeworkandrefurbishmentsaspeciality Nojobtoobigortoosmall! Freenoobligationquotations Tel:01773540883or01773302221 Mob:07958769277 LOCAL BUILDER TDB Building 01773 302222 / 07812 995634 Call Derek - Waingroves based Over 20 years experience For all your building needs including: ■ Extensions ■ Loft Conversions ■ Roofs ■ Joinery ■ Renovations ■ Property Maintenance Your All Taps Fitted Radiators, Thermostatic Valves Shower Replacements & Pumps, Toilets Bathroom Installations, Walk-In Shower Enclosures Heating System Power Flush, All General Plumbing No job too small! Call Mark: 07794 368614 or 01773 459049 Your local & reliable plumber 10 YEAR GUARANTEE ON ALL WORK Please call 07515 826858 for a free no obligation quotation New roofs Roof repairs Tiles & slate Flat roofs Chimney & leadwork UPVC fascia boards, sof ts & guttering Walls built Repointing & rendering General building work Supporting & none supporting internal wall removal Gutter cleaning Our services include:

Dear Sir / Madam,

Re: Would you like to sell your house this month?

Hi, my name is Amanda I am a local property investor I am buying properties in your area as I am regularly asked by tenants for properties in this area.

The differences between selling your house to me and using an estate agent:

• There are no “viewings” - with lots of people visiting your home, invading your privacy

• I specialise in buying properties very quickly, around 28 days is my normal purchase period

• I can buy with cash so that you don’t get messed around by mortgage lenders slowing things down

• I pay all your estate agent and solicitor fees - the price I pay is actually what you get

• There is no board outside or advert in the paper, just a fast, smooth, relaxed confidential sale

• Find out more visit

Call me for a guaranteed offer on your property. If you accept my offer before the end of the month then I will either give you £250 cash in advance or pay your mortgage for you until we complete the purchase of your property! This could get the mortgage company off your back immediately!

If you would like to sell your house quickly? If you are keen to sell within a month with no hassle from agents charging you fees, viewings that waste your time and buyers offering and then backing out, then I can definitely help

I offer a guaranteed purchase of any property which means that all you have to do is give me a call and I’ll give you a price that I guarantee to buy your property at If you decide to sell to me you could have the money in your account within a month.

If you want to sell quickly then give me a call today 01332 289572 I’ll look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,

P.S. Call me on 01332 289572 TODAY and have the money for your property in your bank account in only 28 days!

P.P.S Don’t delay take advantage of my special offer accept my offer before the end of the month and I can start paying your mortgage for you IMMEDIATELY!

Don’t miss out, CALL NOW on 01332 289572 RIGHT NOW!

Ecclesbourne Meadows Belper Derbyshire DE56 4HH
Quote the
you call and I will pay
code below when
you £250 cash in advance
you decide to sell ATL250

• Best value for money

• Free design and planning service

• Quality 18mm colour co-ordinated cabinets

• Extensive door styles to choose from

• Granite, solid surface and laminate worktops

• Latest CAD 3D design software • No pressure selling

• Large car park • Experienced friendly designers

From our family to yours

As a family run, independent business with over 30 years’ experience we pride ourselves on being able to provide a fully personalised and expert service which is unrivalled by larger retailers. Our extensive showroom boasts an impressive range of kitchens, worktops, bedrooms, tiles and accessories. Our team of highly experienced designers and installers are here to help create the kitchen or bedroom of your dreams.

‘A trusted family business built on a solid reputation’

Established in 1985 * Terms & Conditions apply (ask in store for details)

The collections of MAX & LUUK give a new dimension to the concept of 'outdoor/indoor living' thanks to the combination of handcrafted, sustainably made pure materials, unparalleled comfort, a contemporary look and collections that can be perfectly combined with each other.

MAX & LUUK products are known for their high-quality and are quickly available from stock.

Upgrade your outdoor/indoor living experience with MAX & LUUK parasols & outdoor furniture, a brand known for its craftsmanship, durability and style.

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 53 Goods Road, Belper DE56 1UU 01773 820940 Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm, Sat 9am - 4pm

We welcome calls, emails and visits from both retail and trade customers, so get in touch with us today – you can even stop by and see your order in production.



Whether you’re looking for new windows, doors, or conservatories, we’ll help you nd the perfect styles, colours and designs for your home, with a focus on exceptional quality and service. Because we manufacture here at Ashfen, we’re in control of ensuring excellent quality every time.

From large-scale renovations to smaller-scale improvements, we’ll take care of the whole process for you, from manufacture and delivery right through to tting and follow up. And if you’re only looking for supply, whether DIY or in the trade, we’ll simply deliver an excellent quality product.

Unit 15, Dunstall Park Road, Derby DE24 8HJ
To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 55 Pest Control CALL: 07753 326451 PROTECH SERVICES OAP DISCOUNTS • WASPS • MICE • RATS • COCKROACHES • FLEAS • BEDBUGS Thinking about extending your living space or building a new house? Call us on 01332 830313 07974 438575 for more inspiration visit EXTENSIONS NEW HOUSES BARN CONVERSIONS COMMERCIAL find us on Transform your kitchen with a makeover by Dream Doors, Derbyshire’s locallyowned, family-run business with the reassurance of a national brand behind it. It’s so easy! Not only will a Dream Doors makeover save you £1,000’s, you’ll also miss the stress, upheaval and mess that comes with a traditional refit. Changing as little or as much as you like, from a simple door swap to a complete new kitchen, we offer everything you need to make your kitchen dream a reality. Made-to-measure doors and cabinets. Fully fitted and guaranteed. Visit the Derby Kitchen Showroom at 20 The Strand, Derby DE1 1BE. or let us bring the showroom to you! Call Steve for your FREE survey and quotation on 01332 290600 Visit JUST REPLACE THE DOORS AND WORKTOPS NEW LIFE FOR OLD KITCHENS!
To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 56 3417 A family business established in 1968, we provide services from full central heating and boiler installations, gas appliance annual servicing and repairs, to boilers and central heating systems. Fireplace installations. Landlord servicing. All our central heating installation engineers are Gas Safe registered engineers. You can have peace of mind that all our work is carried out to very high standards. 80 Derby Road, Heanor DE75 7QJ Reliable, Friendly, Clean & Tidy Call us for a FREE quote 01773 714804 / 01773 714900 Email: Boiler warranties range from 5 to 12 years Full bathroom installations or bathroom upgrades, including tiling. Why Choose Us? •Over 56 Years’ Experience •Gas Safe Registered •All Work Carried Out To A Very High Standard •Highly Trained Engineers •Heating & Gas Services •FREE Quotations •Exceptional Service •Licensed APHC member BOILERS & CENTRAL HEATING SERVICES BATHROOMS & PLUMBING
To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 57 New Boilers • New Central Heating Oil Boilers Installed / Serviced Service and Repairs • Landlord Certificates 209764 Worcester Bosch Accredited Installer Fully Insured E: 0% boiler finance available We have over 16 years’ experience - you can be assured of quality work All aspects of heating and plumbing including Boiler Broken Down? Appointment usually within 24 hours Boiler Needs Replacing? Replacements usually within 24 hours Boiler Needs Servicing? Appointments usually within 24 hours 12 year warranty available on new boilers Emergency Gas & Oil Boiler Breakdown Specialist Based in Duffield we are polite, friendly, clean & tidy Please call 07974 314280 Office 07873 107620 9am - 5pm
58 To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 58
To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 59 • Extensions • New Builds • Refurbishments • Commercial Works • Loft Conversions • Conservatories All aspects of building works including: Semi-detached new builds, Abbotts Bromley B your l a or athtim F B Ct l C family b A ontemporary W TdiilBh s Nee oom h a Lim Heanor e t r d & Traditional Bathroo for ove business ited years r ms an Wednesdays and Sundays Monday to Friday 10-4pm, Saturday 10-2pm 01773 768805 or T V www.bathtimeheanor • Full design and fitting service or supply only • Wet rooms and special needs adaptations • Selection of wall and floor tiles • Selection of wall / ceiling panels & Karndean flooring Free quotations given Open Mon, Tues, Thur & Fri 10am - 4pm By appointment only Tel: 01773 768805 or email: 10 Church Street, Heanor DE75 7AH A family business for over 30 years Making your dream bathroom a reality Contemporary & Traditional Bathrooms and Showers
60 To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 60 HIGH SECURITY | HIGH QUALITY | WIDE RANGE OF COLOURS | FULLY HIGH SECURITY | HIGH QUALITY | WIDE RANGE OF COLOURS | FULLY INSULATED | QUIET, SMOOTH OPERATION | REMOTE CONTROLLED | INSULATED | QUIET, SMOOTH OPERATION | REMOTE CONTROLLED | EMERGENCY OVERRIDE  EMERGENCY OVERRIDE  ROLLER GARAGE DOORS Single From Only £799.00* Remote Controlle Remote Controlled Insulated | Fully Insulated | Fully IInstalled nstalled We also supply Sectional Garage Doors! *Plus 20% VAT Prestige Security Solutions Call today to arrange a FREE quote on:  0116 2785278 Industrial Shutters - Awnings - Retractable/Fixed Grills Industrial Shutters - Awnings - Retractable/Fixed Grills Worcester Bosch Accredited Installer Up to 12 years guarantee All types of plumbing and heating work undertaken including • Boiler changes and servicing • Gas central heating systems • Unvented hot water systems TMS Landscapes FOR A FREE QUOTATION PLEASE CALL 07498 954708 / 01773 409648 City and Guilds qualified with 25 years' experience Lawn mowing • Hedge cutting Tree pruning • Fence and shed painting Waste removal Goods Road, Belper DE56 1UU 01773 820940 Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm, Sat 9am - 4pm KILN DRIED LOGS Top quality and ready to burn All Sizes Small handy bags 1.2m³ bulk bags, kindling & flamers Delivery or collection
To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 61 • Gas / Oil Boiler Installations • Gas / Oil Boiler Replacements • Gas / Oil Boiler Servicing & Repairs Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Style Combi • Central Heating Installations • Gas Safety Inspections • Landlord Safety Certificates • Under Floor Heating T: 01773 829 222 M: 07973 506 053 2 Burbage Close Belper, Derbyshire DE56 0DW W: E: For a free no obligation quote call Ciaran on 01332 881 975 or 07717 18 18 66 Year round garden services Local, fully insured and RHS qualified Lawnmowing & lawncare Hedge trimming & reductions Tree pruning All types of fencing & gates supplied & fitted Waste removal services; green waste, soil, wood, rubble and hardcore This is just a small selection of the services we offer
To advertise contact Ruth: T: 62 Visit the BIGGEST home improvement showroom in Derby | 01332 755 551 • WINDOWS • COMPOSITE DOORS • BIFOLD & PATIO DOORS • CONSERVATORIES • ORANGERIES VISIT US AT London Road, Alvaston, Derby DE24 8WA Request a Quote
Baxi 30kw Platinum 400 Combi 2 Includes: Full installation 5 year warranty 5 year warranty remote programmable stat Inhibitor to system Includes: Full installation 10 year warranty 5 year warranty remote programmable stat Inhibitor to system *800 SERIES INCLUDING 825 AND 830. EXCLUDES 836 SERIES NO TRVS | HORIZONTAL FLUE ONLY | GAS PIPE UPGRADED IF TOO SMALL BOILER MUST BE IN THE SAME LOCATION AS EXISTING *NO TRVS | HORIZONTAL FLUE ONLY | GAS PIPE UPGRADED IF TOO SMALL BOILER MUST BE IN SAME LOCATION AS EXISTING TRUST US TO REPLACE YOUR BOILER

Homes & Gardens

Short Story Finch Pinching

“It’s him from next door.” Jean shuffled into Gladys’s conservatory, bin bags on her feet. “He wants a word.”

“Mr Bertle?” Gladys put down her coffee cup. “Let him in if you must, but don’t forget I’ve just had the parquet flooring polished.” She knew exactly what this was about. The cheek of the man.

It all began when Gladys observed a flock of goldfinches visiting Mr Bertle’s garden. Lovely, colourful birds, more exotic than her drab sparrows. Something was wrong with the world. Bertle’s garden was just a sorry patch of weedy lawn and he was forever going at his crazy paving with a pressure washer on Sunday mornings, which was a nuisance when she liked peace and quiet. Gladys’s garden had been landscaped by professionals, it was serene, the goldfinches would complement her planting scheme. She’d sent her ‘assistant’ Jean next door on a fact-finding mission.

“Just enquire casually as to what he’s putting in his bird feeder,” she instructed Jean. “You know, as one keen ornithologist to another.”

Jean had fretted over the responsibility of the mission, but had gone on the promise of chocolate hobnobs, and miraculously returned ten minutes later with the necessary information.

“I said what you told me to, one keen proctologist to another.” She brushed biscuit crumbs onto Glady’s wool rug, which didn’t go unnoticed. “And he said goldfinches like sunflower seeds so that’s what he gives them.”

“Ah, I knew it!” Gladys declared, powering up her laptop. “Operation goldfinch is underway.”

Gladys had sent Jean out to install an ornamental wrought iron bird table she ordered online from a reputable company. She furnished it with the best sunflower seeds money could buy. Then she played the waiting game.

This morning, she was rewarded. The whole flock of goldfinches flew straight over Bertle’s garden and alighted in hers. She’d been enjoying them with her morning coffee. Beautiful creatures, they were now hers to keep. Of course, Bertle wouldn’t like it. Gladys sat up straight and smoothed her hair. She

would deal with this sore loser in her trademark brisk fashion. Bertle strode in wearing two supermarket bags over his shoes, closely followed by Jean.

“I know what you’re up to!” he declared. “You’re after pinching my finches.”

“Pinch finches!” Gladys laughed, throwing her head back, “How could one possibly steal a flock of wild birds? Really Mr Bertle, are you taking the right tablets?”

“You sent this lady round,” he continued, gesturing at Jean, “specifically to get intelligence.”

The very idea that Jean could acquire intelligence amused Gladys no end.

“If the birds prefer my garden that’s entirely up to them,” she scoffed, removing an imaginary piece of lint from her skirt. “Perhaps they just have impeccable taste.”

“Did she tell you everything I told her about the finches?” He grinned, much to Gladys’s surprise.

“I bet she didn’t”

“What else did he tell you, Jean?” Gladys shot a look at Jean.

“He said they like sunflower seeds.” Jean scratched her head and looked around the room for a means of escape. “And that’s what he gives them.”

“And what else?” Gladys persisted impatiently.

“He said he hopes you’ve got a decent pressure washer and some ear plugs,” she added, quickly stuffing a hobnob into her mouth so that she wouldn’t be expected to say anything more.

“What on earth can you mean?” Gladys objected, bewildered.

“You’ll see soon enough,” Bertle laughed, just as the first splash of bird poo hit the conservatory roof and a riotous squawking broke out around the bird table.

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Gardening Stop and Stare

It’s a great time for gardeners and there’s no time to waste now that things are stirring underfoot. But, before you make haste towards the greenhouse, the kitchen garden or the garden shed, don’t forget to stop and stare before the spring flowers fade away.


The UK is home to more than half of the world’s bluebells. They favour ancient woods, but you can plant them in your garden, too. Give them a slightly shady spot in moist but well-draining soil and be sure to choose the native Hyacinthoides non-scripta variety rather than the rather invasive Spanish bluebell, Hyacinthoides hispanica.

Keep your eyes peeled for wood anemones too. Anemone nemorosa enjoys growing in the shade and shelter of deciduous trees, where their pure white, low-blooming flowers with golden anthers are as beautiful as just about any bloom you could wish to see.

Cultivated bulbs, including tulips, provide magnificent colours, from the purest of whites to the darkest purple. Not all tulips will come back each year, and they are often treated as an annual. If you want to leave them in situ, give them feed and mulch, and leave the foliage to die down naturally after flowering so that the bulb energy stores are replenished.

The spring flower that most people would never be without is the daffodil. They light up the spring like sunshine. They all belong to the Narcissus genus, but we generally refer to those with larger trumpets as daffodils and the slightly smaller flowers as narcissi. Then there is the jonquil, which has clusters of small, fragrant daffodil-like flowers.

Homes & Gardens

Flowering cherry blossom

Look up towards the treetops to enjoy the delights of flowering cherries. Some are covered in blousy blossom during April, whilst others celebrate the season more subtly. Prunus ‘Kanzan’ displays pink fluffy clouds of double blossom, while Prunus ‘Pink Perfection’ is slightly smaller, and its delectable candyfloss flowers last slightly longer than most. Some regard ornamental cherries as ‘one-trick-ponies’ as the blossom is fleeting – but what a trick to have up your sleeve!

If you are considering planting a flowering cherry, bear in mind that the spread of most Prunus varieties is almost equal to the height. You need to give it room to grow naturally because if you prune it too much, the shape will be distorted. Far better to consider one of the upright, fastigiate varieties such as Prunus ‘Amanogawa’, suitable for small gardens because of its upright shape. Expect it to grow to a height of up to seven metres but with a spread of only two or three.

If you look at your spring garden and feel it is bereft of colour, this is the perfect time to remedy the problem so that you’ll have something much more joyful next year. Gardening is all about thinking ahead whilst enjoying the moment. Just remember that any trees or shrubs you plant now will need watering throughout the drier months ahead.

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70 To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 70 We are a small family business giving a friendly & reliable service No job too big or small For a free no obligation quotation please call us 01773 436407 or 07799 301501 ‘’We look forward to hearing from you, Mick & Michele’’ M BATES PAINTING AND DECORATING INTERIOR & EXTERIOR SPECIALISTS Established in 1994
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Quirky Britain A Social Event That’s Murder to Attend

We all love an excuse to get together with likeminded people, have a chat, a nice meal and maybe a few drinks.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? So, what if we added another element to this cosy, social gathering? Let’s say, a bloody murder? How about dividing the partygoers up into victims, suspects and detectives and spending the rest of the evening trying to fathom out the motives and methods that led to the terrible crimes the guests have witnessed?

Welcome to the world of Murder Mystery events, where, over the course of an evening, every budding Sherlock Holmes or Jane Marple has the opportunity to solve a grisly murder or two, following a trail of clues carefully laid down by the organisers.

‘After Dark’ is the only murder mystery company in the world officially licensed by Agatha Christie Limited (who manage the literary and media rights for Agatha Christie’s works). They perform hundreds of murder mysteries a year, travelling up and down the country. The company’s most popular format is the ‘criminal cabaret’, a dinner floorshow usually accompanied by a three-course meal. “Guests are invited to watch scenes of evidence in between courses and then, as dinner is served, they can question and interrogate the suspects to discover who committed the deed!”

From ‘Carry On’ film themed scenarios to murder on board the Titanic, After Dark’s varied programme caters for public events and private functions, including birthdays, hen nights and corporate functions, and their work is typical of the many murder mystery companies – both large and small –that operate across the UK.

Whodunnit? The inventor of the Murder Mystery

In 1981 – almost one hundred years after Sherlock Holmes first appeared in print – Liverpool businesswoman Joy Swift had a brainwave.

Joy owned a small chain of hotels and was looking for an idea to entertain her guests in the evenings. The rest, as they say, is history. Hiring local actors to play the main characters, Joy came up with an interactive entertainment that would allow her guests to act as sleuths in a murder mystery scenario.

Her plan was so successful that three years later she found herself travelling across the Atlantic to stage her first murder mystery weekend in New York. She has since helped to develop the genre on TV and in different parts of the world.

It’s easy to see why a social gathering that involves dressing up, drama, teamwork and a bit of fine dining might be popular. But back in 1981, when Joy Swift had her revolutionary idea to entertain bored hotel guests, she couldn’t possibly have imagined that her simple Murder Mystery game would go on to achieve such long lasting national and international success.

72 To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 72

Parenting Creative Writing

Whether they’re slaying dragons or discovering new worlds, children’s imagination knows no bounds. When it comes to creating stories with characters and plots though, it can be difficult to get started when faced with a blank page. So, how can you help your child to write their own stories? A few props and story prompts can really help to get those creative juices flowing.

Creating characters

Fill a cloth bag with accessories, such as perfume and aftershave samples, a silk tie, an old pair of glasses, a toy, a brooch, a hat, a watch and other personal items. Try to avoid things that your child already associates with someone they know. Scour your local charity shops and ask friends for donations. You could also add a few fantastical items to the bag, like a pirate hat, fairy wand, bottle of witch’s potion, toy spaceship and so on.

Ask your child to choose two or three items from the bag, without looking. Then ask them to create a character based around the items. Ask questions to help. What does the character look like? Are they male or female? How old are they? What do they like doing? Where do they live? And so on. Your child can then write about their character, or draw a picture of them, or both.

Creating stories

If your child is struggling to think of a story, creative prompts can help them to get started. You could come up with a scenario and ask them to think about what might happen next. For example, ‘Your character finds a door hidden behind a bookcase. It’s only two feet high, so they have to crawl through it. What do they find when they do?’

Alternatively, you can write short story prompts on pieces of paper. Here’s a few to get you started:

• Goes to space

• Gets lost

• Makes a new friend

• Invents something

• Has their wish come true

• Goes on holiday

• Discovers they have a superpower

• Finds a hurt animal

• Discovers a secret door

Fold each story prompt up so it can’t be read, and ask your child to choose one or two. They can then use the prompts as the basis for their story. Don’t be too rigid. If they don’t like the prompt, let them pick another. If they have a different idea for a story, even better!

Telling their story

Storytelling isn’t just about writing. Your child could:

• Tell you the story

• Act it out

• Make puppets and put on a show

• Create a comic strip

Extra resources

There are lots of free online resources to help you. A good place to start is, which offers downloadable workshops and activities.

If your child needs a bit of motivation, they could enter a competition. Libraries and literacy organisations often organise or advertise children’s creative writing competitions, as do Young Writers ( or simply search online to find a host of young people’s writing competitions to enter, for various age groups.

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The grid on the right is divided into four sections. Fill each square with the name or image of each of the four animals. No animal can repeat in any section, row or column.

When do monkeys fall from the sky?

During Ape-ril showers.

What did the tree say saw spring? What a re-leaf!













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The Diary of a Local Mum What’s For Tea?

Three little words, uttered daily, which can fill a parent with dread. Obviously, I realised before I had children that keeping them fed and watered would be an essential part of caring for them. I’m not that daft. But I hadn’t quite appreciated just how relentless and difficult a chore this would become!

Everyone eats every day, right? Numerous times, usually. But when you’re suddenly responsible for several small people’s daily sustenance it seems to become really hard work … especially when those small people have vast, varied and ever-changing likes and dislikes.

Yes, I can hear you. ‘Don’t give them the option! Make them eat what they’re given! If they’re hungry enough, they’ll eat it.’ I thought the same. I was going to be a no-nonsense parent and my kids were going to eat whatever we ate. Ha! That lasted all of 5 minutes. When you’re faced with a small child that won’t eat anything they’re being offered, you naturally begin to accommodate. Just slightly. I mean, what harm can it do? Anything for a quiet life. A small tweak to this recipe here, a little alteration to the menu there, and they’ll eat it! Joyous! A calm and happy mealtime with clean plates. You can relax in the knowledge that your child’s nutritional needs have been met for today at least, and they’ve got half a chance of growing up strong and healthy. Hurrah! But then, the next meal comes around and there are more subtle tweaks.

Johnny doesn’t like his peas touching his sweetcorn. Jenny likes grated cheese at the side of her spaghetti bolognaise, not on top. They’re simple changes, so again, you accommodate. But, it’s a slippery slope!

Before you know it, these small alterations result in you creating several slightly different meals every time you cook. And this situation can go unchecked for years and years. You get to know their unique likes and dislikes and, without thinking, you automatically adjust to each of their foibles.

Until one day, it all changes. Their reliable, staple favourites are no longer their favourites. Johnny’s pretty

much lived off baked beans for his entire life but, all of a sudden, he declares ‘I’ve gone off them.’ Great. To be fair, he’s probably overdosed on legumes.

Tea time is, by far, the most difficult meal. It’s the end of a long day. Everyone’s tired and hangry. You want to provide your family with a hot, nutritious meal but what, on earth, to cook? It’s a triumph when you find something that everyone eats (albeit with their own little adaptations) but you can’t eat that every night! When you’re met with the inevitable daily question ‘What’s for tea?’ you know full well that whatever answer you give, someone will be as happy as Larry and devour their meal without pausing to chew, while someone else will push their food around the plate endlessly before declaring they’re ‘full’ after precisely two mouthfuls. The cooking part is a doddle in comparison to deciding what to make each day. The old adage ‘You can please some of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time’ has never been truer than at a family mealtime.

‘It’ll get easier as they get older’, you tell yourself. Well, I’m afraid that’s not always the case. They get bigger, and hungrier … so they want more food, but not necessarily more variety. The challenge just grows as their appetites do!

And, just when you think you’ve just about got it sussed – you understand the flavours and textures that each child loves and hates, and what they will and won’t entertain eating – they throw you a total curveball. ‘I had curry at my friend’s house last night and I LOVED it! Why don’t we ever have curry?’ ‘BECAUSE LAST YEAR, I SPENT 4 HOURS DILIGENTLY FOLLOWING A HOMEMADE CURRY RECIPE AND NO-ONE ATE A SINGLE MORSEL, THAT’S WHY!’

‘Oh, right. Well, I like it now. What’s for tea? Please don’t say pasta, I’ve gone off that.’


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Join our exceptional

Nursery and Reception classes September 2024

‘Children in the early years get off to a flying start’ Ofsted 2023

William Gilbert Endowed C of E Primary School and Nursery, Duffield

At William Gilbert School we can provide your child with rich, memorable and engaging learning opportunities.

Our Aim

is to see every child flourish in all areas of their development; spiritually, mentally, physically and academically.

We are proud to share

Musical excellence – opportunities to sing in the school choir, take part in whole school productions or play a variety of musical instruments.

Our ‘Eco-Schools’ Green Flag award recognises our commitment to a more sustainable future driven by our pupil Eco Committee.

School Games Gold Award - recognising our ethos and commitment to ‘Sport for all’.

High and sustained academic results across the whole curriculum –consistently above the National average and in the highest 20% of schools.

We warmly welcome prospective parents to come and see us and take a personal tour with the headteacher Mrs Helen Britten.

For more information, please call or email the school on:

Tel: 01332 840 395

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Ofsted Grade:

Outstanding –November 2023

Scan the QR code to read the full report.

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Local History

Something from Strutts: Volunteers

The dictionary definition of a volunteer is ‘a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise.’ The word might also describe a willing and versatile person who is ready to embark on a rewarding and fulfilling volunteer journey.

Every town has places where volunteers are needed and valued and Belper provides several of these opportunities. However, in this article, I am referring to those who are responsible for opening and maintaining Strutts Community Centre on a daily basis.

Ever since the beautiful Strutts building was handed over to a small group of Guardians in 2009 – one hundred years since the school had been gifted to Belper – the enterprise has been opened, facilitated and maintained by volunteers. The room hire system has been developed, fundraising events have been organised and essential repairs are ongoing. The Community Centre opens its doors day after day only because someone is there with a key.

Various skills are required of a volunteer, ranging from using computer skills, spreading the word about events, catering, gardening and carrying out repair work. Reception staff are needed throughout the working week and training is available for this essential job. At Strutts there is always something which needs to be done and every volunteer makes a valuable contribution to our project.

Volunteering is socially enjoyable. There are frequent occasions when, at Strutts, we work as a team to achieve goals, especially for large events such as the Annual Autumn Market, The Railway Day or The Arts Trail. All these activities are positive events which both enhance our Belper Community and provide much needed funding for

the maintenance and renovation of the building. However, it isn’t all work because we also have the opportunity to meet socially on a monthly basis to share experiences, drink coffee and chat. An additional highlight is our now legendary Christmas Party with food, games and general hilarity. (And if anyone enjoys untangling Christmas lights…)

Cynthia Maddock, currently one of the Guardians of Strutts, has been actively involved with the project since it began. She said ‘We started with a handful of volunteers who worked hard to establish the system of room hire which is still providing essential income towards the upkeep of the building. We are grateful to all these people.’

Volunteers may not be able to manage every week and can volunteer during different hours each week (depending on the work being done). Whatever you can manage will be appreciated. There is also a particular need at the moment for help with maintenance around the building, if you have those skills.

Pat McLeod is the current volunteer co-ordinator. She said ‘If you are interested in joining our team, we look forward to meeting you. Please contact me by email on or leave your contact details at Strutts reception.’

78 To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 78 Community
To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 79 Homecare you can rely on
our help, clients are able to stay in their familiar surroundings that they have spent their lives shaping. Our visiting and live-in care professionals adapt and work to support you in your own home, so you can keep your independence, possessions, family and pets around you regardless of your situation. From 30-minute visits to round-the-clock live-in care, GoodOaks’ care professionals help people in their own homes with:
Personal care
Preparing meals
Shopping and escorting
Medication administration to appointments
And much more! To find out more call or visit 01332 215394
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Friendship Blooms

Show your appreciation for a fellow member of the community; it may be a friend, a family member or maybe someone you’ve come into contact with who provides a wonderful service or who works hard to make a difference. Let All Things Local surprise them with a fresh bouquet of flowers.

All Things Local has joined forces with Rachael Collins (pictured) from Fleur Florist of King Street, Belper to offer readers the chance to show their appreciation for a fellow member of the community.

The recipient of this issue’s bouquet is All Things Local’s very own Ruth Brown! Ruth was nominated by the rest of the ATL team, Karyn Milner and Helen Young. This is what they wrote:

“Ruth is an amazing lady celebrating not only a special (undisclosed!) birthday but also a special work anniversary. She’s been working on All Things Local for 15 years and is a crucial cog in the ATL wheel! The team at ATL and our readers and advertisers are so lucky to have Ruth; she is kind, considerate, thoughtful, friendly, and will always go the extra mile to help. In the past 15 years she has helped so many local businesses to find local customers and in doing so has made a difference to many people’s lives and livelihoods. She has no idea how special she is - as both a colleague and a friend - so it’s about time we told her!” Karyn & Helen

Nominate someone to receive the next bouquet. All you have to do is state, in no more than 100 words, who you are nominating. Include their address and the reasons why you are nominating them. You can nominate more than one person if they are living/ working at the same address… and remember, flowers don’t just have to be for women!

The only rule is that the person receiving the flowers must live or work in the distribution area of All Things Local Village Edition (listed on front cover). Just write your nomination on a piece of paper and send to Friendship Blooms, All Things Local, 74 Woodhouse Road, Kilburn, Belper, Derbyshire DE56 0NA or e-mail your nomination to putting ‘Friendship Blooms’ as the subject. Please include your full name, address and daytime telephone number on your nomination.

Closing date for nominations for the next issue is Wednesday 17th April 2024.

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Rachael Collins from Fleur Florist

Upbeat: Keeping Burglars Out Together

For most of us, home is a sanctuary. A place we feel safe and can shut the door on the outside world. That’s why burglary has such a devastating impact on those affected and can make us feel afraid in our own homes.

We have two specialist teams in Derbyshire dedicated to

But there are things you can do to help us. Burglars are often opportunistic thieves who seek out any opening that they can take advantage of, specifically doors and windows that are left open or unlocked or are easy to force. Make sure you always close and lock windows when you’re going out, even if it’s only for a few minutes.

You might not think garden landscaping has much to do with burglary, but it can be an effective tool for keeping intruders out. Burglars don’t like to be seen or heard, so noisy gravel paths and low hedges which keep your property visible to your neighbours can help.

There is lots of advice on keeping your home secure on our website. Search ‘burglary’ to find out more – and together, let’s keep burglars out.

You can also sign up to receive emails from us through Derbyshire Alert. We use Derbyshire Alert to send out local updates and appeals – you never know, one day you might have information which helps us catch a burglar. You can even let us know if your property has CCTV, so we can contact you when we need footage from your area. Sign up at

Community Diary April / May 2024


9th: Arts Society Derby lecture: “The Scoliotic King: Reconstructing the real Richard III” by Tobias Capwell. 7.15pm (doors 6.30pm) at Landau Forte College, Fox St, Derby DE1 2LF. Free parking; 1st visit free. Info:

13th: Belper Organ and Keyboard Club concert: Lewis Scott. 2pm, Congregational Church, Church Walk, Belper DE56 1DB. £10 admission. Refreshments available.

18th: Belper Pop-up Art School: Contemporary approaches to watercolour. 1-day course at No.28 Market Place, Belper DE56 1FZ, 10.30-3.30pm, £40. Booking/info:

20th: Sitwell Singers concert: Birthday Boys - 200 years of Bruckner & Cornelius. 7.30pm at St Nicholas’ Church, Allestree Lane, Derby DE22 2PE. Tickets £15 (u18 £5).

20th: Ship of Fools stand-up comedy at No.28 Market Place, Belper DE56 1FZ. 7.30 for 8pm, BYO drinks. £10 book online at E:

21st: Belper Jazz Co. presents Dennis Rollins MBE, one of Britain’s finest trombonists. 7 for 7.30pm at No.28 Market Place, Belper DE56 1FZ. Booking essential via Tickets £18 (likely to sell out)

24th: Ancient Way Buddhist Talk at No.28 Market Place, Belper DE56 1FZ. A Tibetan Buddhist wisdom talk of the Sakya Order by Thupten Rabgay. 7pm (doors 6.30pm). No admission charge, all welcome.

26th: Belper Welcome Meal 12-2pm at No.28 Market Place, Belper DE56 1FZ. Soup/bread & pudding, No need to book, pay what you can. Welcome Meal Project volunteers supported by Unite, Belper Town Council, Co-op.


7th: Arts Society Derby lecture: “The Ship Burial at Sutton Hoo” by Imogen Corrigan. 7.15pm (doors 6.30pm) at Landau Forte College, Fox St, Derby DE1 2LF. Free parking; 1st visit free. Info:

11th: Belper Organ and Keyboard Club concert: Matthew Bason. 2pm, Congregational Church, Church Walk, Belper DE56 1DB. £10 admission. Refreshments available.

16th: Language Soirée 7-9pm at No.28 Market Place, Belper DE56 1FZ. Conversation in a different language at each table. All languages welcome, fluent to beginners. £6 on the door (no booking req’d). BYO drinks & language-themed nibbles.

17th – 19th: ‘Arts at the Folly’ 10am – 4pm daily, The Folly, Main Rd, Lea, DE4 5GJ. Exhibition & sale of art, jewellery, photography, sculptures, gifts and more. Refreshments available. Info:

18th: Spring Market at Christ Church, Belper DE56 1BA 11am - 2pm. Over 30 stalls including local crafters, jewellery, bags, cards, food, toys, plants, tombola & prize draw. Refreshments including hot drinks, cobs & soup. All welcome.

18th: Ship of Fools stand-up comedy at No.28 Market Place, Belper DE56 1FZ. 7.30 for 8pm, BYO drinks. £10 book online at E:

19th: Garden Party by The Heage Committee of Action Medical Research, 12.30 – 4pm at 57 Ripley Road, Heage, DE56 2HU. Free entry. Stalls, BBQ, games, golf ball race to end the afternoon! Info: 07443 464619 or 07975 905156. Cash only please (no card readers available).

24th: Belper Welcome Meal 12-2pm at No.28 Market Place, Belper DE56 1FZ. Soup/bread & pudding, No need to book, pay what you can. Welcome Meal Project volunteers supported by Unite, Belper Town Council, Co-op.

Please check events with the venue/organiser as the publisher accepts no responsibility if events are changed/cancelled following publication. If you have a one-off event or special excursion for June / July 2024 please email it to Deadline is Wednesday 17th April 2024.

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To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 83 Call today for a free assessment 01332 91 32 32 Because you deserve the best care in your own home. Serving Belper & The Surrounding Areas - Established over 100 years• We offer Modern & Traditional Services • Private Chapel of Rest • 24 Hour Personal Service • Professional, Friendly & Caring Service • Here to guide you every step of the way For help and advice please call us today 35 Bridge Street, Belper DE56 1AY Tel: 01773 822059 | Pre-paid Funeral Plans with

Bereavement Matters

When the Competitions and Marketing Authority introduced transparent pricing into the funeral industry in 2021 it was widely welcomed as a boon for buyers.

Through its Funerals Market Investigation Order 2021, the CMA required funeral firms published a standardised funeral price list in their branch and online so families could rest assured there were no hidden costs.

We published our charges at the earliest opportunity and our standardised package details a set price to cover everything we provide as part of the agreed activity. This includes looking after the deceased, providing a basic coffin and taking them to the agreed crematorium or cemetery. Costs such as burial charges are not included, but we offer guidance on how much families should expect to pay.

It is good value and meets a growing need for basic funerals, however we now face a new challenge, because many families can find the standardised funeral restricting at times and we are often having to explain that the package does not allow for bespoke touches.

The best comparison for this is a set menu at a restaurant, which stipulates what diners are allowed to choose. Set menus are usually priced to give good value, but the drawback is that there is not as much choice as on the à la carte menu and diners cannot swap in one dish for another and expect to pay the same.

This is a delicate matter because, as a company, we are focussed on service for our families and offering them choice. We have never baulked at people coming in repeatedly to visit their loved ones, we handle the charity donations on their behalf and we happily organise other small touches that can make a huge difference. And, of course, we’re there to spend time talking to them, helping them come to terms with their loss.

Welcome as it is, the limitations of the CMA standardised package does not take this into account, which means we are now looking at developing new packages that bridge the gap between standardised and bespoke arrangements. This ensures we can continue to give families financial peace of mind without eroding our service to them in their hour of need.

84 To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 84 Community Useful Numbers Doctors & Hospitals, Emergencies Alcoholics Anonymous, Belper 07403 871064 Appletree Medical Practice 01332 842288 Arthur Medical Centre 01332 880249 Amber Pharmacy 01332 985950 Crimestoppers 0800 555111 Drug Helpline (FRANK) 0300 1236600 London Road Community Hospital 01332 265500 NHS 111 Out of Hours (24 hour helpline) 111 Police (non emergency) 101 Ripley Hospital 01773 743456 Ripley Medical Centre 01773 303591 Riversdale Surgery 01773 822386 Royal Derby Hospital 01332 340131 RSPCA Emergency 0300 1234999 Samaritans (24 hour) 116123 Severn Trent Water 0800 7834444 Social Care Services - Call Derbyshire 01629 533190 Water Floodline 0345 9881188 Whitemoor Medical Centre 01773 880099 Post Offices Belper (Strutt Street) 01773 820108 Duffield 01332 840105 Kilburn 01332 880444 Little Eaton 01332 832780 Sawmills 01773 852060 Smalley 01332 882222 Stanley 0345 7223344 Stanley Common 0345 6112970 Travel Birmingham Airport 0871 222 0072 East Midlands Airport 0800 083 8759 East Midlands Trains 03457 125678 Manchester Airport 0808 1697030 National Rail Enquiries 03457 484950 Roads - to report a fault 01629 580000 Traveline – public transport info 0871 2002233

Our Heanor Funeral Home, located just off Ray Street, serves families throughout a wide area.

1a Abbott Street, Heanor DE75 7QD

Tel (24 hrs):01773 713921

Our other Funeral Homes:

Eastwood Selston

154 Nottingham Rd, Eastwood

NG16 3GG

Tel (24 hrs): 01773 713484

133 Nottingham Rd, Selston

NG16 6BT

Tel (24 hrs): 01773 306909


The Old Church, Main St, Kimberley NG16 2LL

Tel (24 hrs): 0115 938 6720


136 Derby Rd



Tel (24 hrs):

0115 949 1534

To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 85
Anthony Helen Amanda
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To advertise contact Ruth: T: 01332 883140 M: 07545 261034 E: 87 Make Your Dream Home a Stunning Reality Superb new homes in Amber Valley Show Homes viewing by appointment Derwentside Belper DE56 1RB - 01773 432 057 Buttercup Fields Belper DE56 2UJ - 01773 432 082 Outseats Farm Alfreton DE55 7QQ - 01773 432 042 The Standings Crich DE4 5FX - 01773 432 022 Stylish properties in great locations with convenient commuter & transport links Derwentside Belper Buttercup Fields Belper The Standings Crich Outseats Farm Alfreton
YOUR HOME Founded in 1972, we have been the glazing company to trust in Derby, Burton and the surrounding area for over 50 years. We design, manufacture and install the finest quality products with outstanding levels of service. Contact us to book your FREE CONSULTATION and start planning your dream project today. CASEMENT, FLUSH & SLIDING WINDOWS SPLASHBACKS & HEATPROOF GLASS BI-FOLD, FRENCH, PATIO & RESIDENTIAL DOORS DOUBLE GLAZED UNITS CONSERVATORIES, GARDEN ROOMS & ORANGERIES GLASS & MIRRORS CUT TO SIZE ABBEY GLASS Wetherby Road, Ascot Drive, Derby DE24 8HL 01332 371883 A B B E Y- G L A S S .C O.U K
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