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Keith Karpczuk

Type Rules 1. The points of the capital A,C,E,F,G,K all use the same spear point 2. The O and the Q are the same size and shape 3. The lower curved points with the circle in them are all the same size 4. The I and the L are both exactly the same, just reflected across the surface 5. The U,V,W,Y use all the same shape as the V, strokes are just added for the W and Y; the rouded shape on the U is edited to keep the U shape 6. The lowercase b,d,p,q are exactly the same in size and overall stroke, just flipped across the artboard 7. the m,n,u,v all start from the lowecase n; strokes are added and edited to form 8. The dots on the lowercase i and j are the only letters to use the circles as the dots 9. The lowercase c and e strated from the same stroke, but edited to form 10. The dots all stay exactly the same size 11. The rounded points on all the lowercase letters that hold the circle are the same shape 12. The lowercase m and w are the same width and used the same stroke, but the sounded part with the circle on the m was changed to a point on the w and the circle was moved to the other side.

The Devil's Broken  

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