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Provost Rick Ostrander explains why higher education cannot reduce costs. It is the same reason tablets won’t replace laptops in the future – QWERTY.


A West Michigan family found a new family member through the help of WCSG and prayers of listeners. BY KELLI COTTRELL

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Pastor Craig Trierweiler shares his humbling journey from scrubbing floors full-time to preaching full-time at a large church in Traverse City. BY TOM RADEMACHER



Cornerstone alum, Jessica Taylor, shares the road that led up to her recent appointment to the Commission on Community Action and Economic Opportunity by Governor Rick Snyder. BY ANN BYLE




Cornerstone University has a growing emphasis on multi-cultural experiences for faculty and students. Read where faculty members traveled in 2013 to enhance their global perspective. BY ANN BYLE





The entire campus of students, faculty and staff will read the same book throughout the academic year. Which one will it be?


On Sept. 21, 2013, the CU community gathered to celebrate the opening of the new residence hall and baseball stadium. PHOTO BY: MEGAN TRACY (CU ‘13)




I LOVE TO TELL PEOPLE THAT I HAVE THE BEST JOB IN THE WORLD. I have the privilege of getting up every morning knowing that I am serving an enterprise that is intentionally focused on raising a new generation that will be impassioned and equipped to influence the cultures of our world for Christ. Given how desperately the world needs Jesus, sending out well-equipped graduates to impact their spheres of influence for the Kingdom is no small thing. Our two core values – Christ-centeredness and graduating cultural influencers – are the driving force for all we do here at CU. Obviously, as an academic institution, we are focused on the intellectual growth of our students and on preparing them to become distinguished in their callings and careers. And, our mission statement makes this rigorous academic experience more than the mere transfer of knowledge. Implementing our core values means CU students are encouraged to move beyond knowledge to become wise in the application of that knowledge. Wise according to the wisdom of Christ, as Colossians 2:3 says, ‘…in Christ are hidden all the treasures of wisdom.’ In short, our goal is not first and foremost to build a great university, but rather to build great people who can positively impact our world. I can tell you first hand that I see that goal coming to fruition in the lives of our students.



I’m grateful to report that the major dynamics of life at CU are thriving! CU staff and faculty continue to build into our students lives and to make outstanding resources available to them. The sense of community that only happens in dorms, on campus and in classrooms is alive and well. The growth of students in every phase of their lives is a pleasure to watch and their interest in global realities that are stretching their perspectives is rewarding. To say nothing of the marvelous addition of our new, state-of-the-art baseball stadium and dorm facility on campus. Thanks for taking an interest in the mission and vision of Cornerstone University. We could not be successful in our work here without your support. We covet your prayers as we actualize the privilege of preparing a new generation to distinguish themselves both professionally and personally…all for the advance of the cause of Christ! All the best,

Dr. Joe Stowell President of Cornerstone University




EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF MARKETING AND COMMUNICATIONS BOB SACK PROJECT MANAGER JORDAN SHEPHERD MANAGING EDITOR KELLI COTTRELL ART DIRECTOR CAROLINE CAHOON (CU ‘03) GRAPHIC DESIGNER KARMEN LOW WEB DEVELOPMENT COORDINATOR JACLYN VISBEEN (CU ‘13) VIDEOGRAPHER JOEL GEERTSMA CONTRIBUTING WRITERS ANN BYLE KELLI COTTRELL STEVEN LISTER (CU ‘08) RICK OSTRANDER, PROVOST TOM RADEMACHER CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS DAN & MELISSA PHOTOGRAPHY KELLY GAMPEL (CU ‘13) AIMEE LUURTSEMA MLIVE.COM RYAN PRINS PHOTOGRAPHY HALEY SCOTT MEGAN TRACY (CU ‘13) SYDNEY TREMAINE (CU ‘15) Cornerstone Annual is a publication produced by the Marketing and Communications Office at Cornerstone University. Approximately 20,000 copies are distributed to friends of the university. IDENTITY Cornerstone is a Christ-centered university with a passion for global influence through the transforming power of the gospel. MISSION We exist to empower men and women to excel as influencers in our world for Christ by offering a studentfocused learning community where Jesus Christ is central. VISION We aspire to create a thriving community of fully devoted followers of Jesus in a spiritually contagious, academically excellent, richly resourced and culturally diverse learning environment that attracts outstanding students, faculty and staff who influence our world for Christ, his church and his kingdom.

Observers from President Obama on down have raised questions about the high cost of college education. Like other higher education professionals, I have struggled at times to explain clearly why it is that we don’t provide a more efficient (i.e., cheaper) product. Help came in a recent article by Joshua Kim in Inside Higher Education, “Ten Dubious Claims About Technology and Learning.” In one of his sections, Kim attempted to explain why he believes that tablets won’t replace laptops in the future. The answer, Kim claims, lies in an overlooked innovation, the keyboard. He states: “The QWERTY keyboard, that 1878 invention, has proved more durable than almost any other aspect of communications technology over the past 135 years. We have learned to express our thoughts by typing. Physical typing remains superior to voice-to-text systems as re-writing (an essential element of writing) works much better with a keyboard.” Of course, tablets and laptops will continue to become thinner and lighter. But, Kim concludes, “there is a physical limit to how small technologies designed for creation can shrink. The keyboard needs to be big enough to fit our hands.” In other words, until the human hand shrinks in size (perhaps after another million years of natural selection working on texting thumbs), the clunky old QWERTY

keyboard represents a certain irreducible size necessary for the human being to convert thoughts into words on a page. Kim’s insight got me thinking about higher education. At a private Christian institution such as Cornerstone University, our goal isn’t simply to fill students’ heads with knowledge or give them a toolbox of skills for career success. Rather, we seek to transform our students intellectually, spiritually and morally. We want to awaken their imaginations, to inspire them to desire the right things, and to form them into mature, reflective Christians who see their world as an arena for loving and just moral action. This kind of education can’t be accomplished in a lecture course of two hundred students, much less a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). It requires small classes with face-to-face discussions and hours of personal interaction between a professor and a student. It means seeing each student as an individual person with unique needs, talents, and passions. Such education only happens through relationships between persons. And – to borrow from Kim – there is a certain minimum “size” to a human soul that cannot be reduced indefinitely or subjected to economies of scale. So if you’re wondering why we don’t streamline higher education and reduce the cost, just look down at your QWERTY keyboard. The answer is right at your fingertips.


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by kelli cottrell

Josh Crooks receives his diploma last May from Dr. Joe Stowell, president of Cornerstone University.


THE LARGEST NUMBER OF GRADUATES RECEIVED DIPLOMAS DURING THE 2013 COMMENCEMENT. Cornerstone University conferred a total of 706 diplomas, the largest amount in the history of the university, during its three commencement ceremonies the first weekend in May. The Class of 2013 (with 245) is the largest undergraduate class. The historic commencement featured keynote speaker Dr. Amy Black, associate professor of political science and politics and chair of the International Relations Dept. at Wheaton College in Wheaton, Ill. Grand Rapids Theological Seminary graduated 71 students, including the first Urban Cohort group, and



the Professional & Graduate Studies Program conferred 261 undergraduate degrees and 109 graduate degrees. The Asia Biblical Theological Seminary graduated 20 students. The commencement speaker for GRTS was former GRTS President, Doug Fagerstrom, who currently serves as senior vice president at Converge Worldwide and resides in Florida. Rev. Royce Evans, GRTS alum and director of the Urban Cohort and Ministry Residency Program, received the highest honor during the May GRTS commencement – the Obadiah Award. The Obadiah Award is the seminary’s

recognition for achievement and outstanding service in Christian ministry and service. It is given to individuals and organizations whose life and contribution evidences authentic service to Jesus Christ and commitment to the principles of biblical Christianity. Rev. Evans, who also serves as associate pastor of worship ministries at Messiah Missionary Baptist Church in Grand Rapids, received his bachelor’s degree through Cornerstone’s Professional & Graduate Studies Program and a master’s degree in interdisciplinary studies through GRTS.


by kelli cottrell

The sound board in Cornerstone University’s Studio A control room where students gain hands-on audio production experience.


CORNERSTONE UNIVERSITY CONTINUES TO MEET THE DEMANDS OF THE CHANGING WORKFORCE WITH ADDED MAJORS THIS YEAR THAT ALLOW STUDENTS THE BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME IN FINDING A JOB. “We want our graduates to not only be well educated but prepared to enter professions or graduate study in fields where the demand is high,” said Rick Ostrander, provost at Cornerstone University. “Therefore, we continually review our degree offerings and explore new programs that will equip our students to be successful and to bring the values of the Kingdom to bear on their chosen professions.” New majors include: • Bachelor of Science – Journalism, Public Relations, Digital Media and Mission Aviation • Bachelor of Arts – Photography, Audio Production The new bachelor of arts in digital media is in partnership with Kendall College of Art and Design and will enhance employment opportunities and expose students to a wide range of media practices. “This major is the best of our film, the best of our audio, the best of our

photography and the best of Kendall’s graphic web design,” said Pete Muir, chair of the Communications Division and associate professor of media at CU. Unlike CU’s film and video production or audio production majors which are highly specialized, this major will offer a little of each. “The goal of the degree is to be a more generalist media degree,” Muir said. “The ones we have now are very focused.” In addition to the new majors, the state of Michigan approved Cornerstone University’s Teacher Ed program to prepare teachers for early childhood general and special education (ZS). These are two new certifications offered by Cornerstone University. Division Chair and Associate Professor of Education at Cornerstone University, Kerisa Myers, believes this endorsement will help students

become well-rounded educators. “Classrooms today are becoming more diverse and inclusive,” she said. “A general education teacher may have students in their class in various special education categories.” Thanks to the new endorsement, students studying early childhood education will now be able to graduate with a bachelor of arts in elementary education and a minor with the ZS endorsement for general and special education. “If they teach in a lower elementary classroom, they will have a broader knowledge for the special education students in their course,” said Myers. The new endorsement qualifies students to teach in both general education and special education early childhood classrooms. For more information about CU degrees, visit academics.


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Pastor Craig Trierweiler doesn’t skip a beat when asked to describe his odyssey from the ranks of janitor to that of a pastor. “Humble beginnings,” he says with a chuckle. Cliché, maybe. But literally true. This Cornerstone University graduate knows not only what it’s like to minister, but also wash walls, vacuum carpet, swab floors – and deal with the, um, flotsam and jetsam of our lives. Trierweiler was fresh from graduating Moody Bible Institute in Chicago in 1999 when a phone call came from a pastor in Traverse City, where Trierweiler had served two years earlier as an intern. “He said he wanted to hire me,” Trierweiler recalls, “But there was this nervous laughter at the other end, and he finally told me that the position open was that of church custodian.” A moment passed. “I was waiting for the punch line,” says Trierweiler. “It never came.” Trierweiler was a big proponent of the church. After all, he’d been raised in it, the New Hope Community Church where his parents and many of his friends worshiped. He was on sterling terms with the pastor there, Dave Standfest. Still…as janitor? Trierweiler and his wife, Kori, prayed about it. For days. “I didn’t call him until a week later, and I told him we would



accept the position,” says Trierweiler. Two weeks later, Trierweiler showed up ready and willing to work. And discovered that basically there was nobody there to show him the ropes. In his head, he heard something like this: “You’re on your own, kid.” A native of Rochester, Trierweiler moved to Traverse City when he was an infant, the son of a Michigan State Police trooper and his wife. Early on, he dreamed of following in his father’s footsteps and imagined himself graduating from Traverse City Central High School in 1995, then serving in the military, and then, with luck, aboard the Federal Bureau of Investigation. “I’d already visited the FBI building in Washington, D.C., and met with local FBI agents in our town,” he remembers. But then Our Lord intervened. It was a cold and snowy night at the Lake Ann Camp, located not far from his hometown. Trierweiler was there in February of 1993, for a retreat during his junior year in high school. He was reading from the Book of Philippians, the words illuminated by a street lamp. His eyes fell on Chapter 3, verses 7-14, where we’re encouraged to consider all things lost for the sake of Christ. Trierweiler was moved, subtly, but assuredly. “There was no sensationalism. No voices. Nothing like that. But it was suddenly very clear in my head that I was getting the call to make ministry my life. I wasn’t even quite sure what

that meant. But I knew I was meant to do it.” After high school, he eschewed a life in law enforcement and enrolled at Moody, where he majored in pastoral studies. His first day as custodian at New Hope, he spent sweeping up a roomful of sand, then cleaning toilets. There was no blueprint or instruction sheet, just a bevy of brooms and brushes and vacuums. “I’d never really cleaned a toilet in my life,” he says. “Learning as I go. I tried hard, but in hindsight, I really don’t think I was ever a good custodian.” Good enough to hang in there for 13 months, though, until September of 2000. And good enough to hang in there for another 13 years, serving New Hope in a variety of roles. He led the college-age ministry, the small group ministry and he was supremely challenged by serving as chief administrator for the better part of three years.

for 10 hours to the restoration of a nursery that was flooded by a water pipe that had frozen and then burst. A month later, on Christmas Day, wife and baby in the same hold-down position, Trierweiler was called back to the same site. Same nursery. Same water pipe. Same 10 hours trapped at work. “I remember sulking,” he says. “I wondered, ‘God, did I really hear you clearly? Is this really the calling I’m supposed to be doing?’” His mind reeled. This is hard. This isn’t fair. I’ve got no one to help me. But he kept returning to the reason he was there. The reason we’re all here. Who are you doing this for? Pastor Standfest announced his retirement from the Traverse City congregation in the summer of 2010, setting up a search for his replacement that lasted two years, and included Trierweiler as a candidate. During the interim, Trierweiler decided to pursue a dream that he had put off due to the time commitment. He began

Craig Trierweiler credits his education at GRTS for propelling him to the top of the candidate list at New Hope Community Church.



“That was a tough role,” he says, “giving me a huge appreciation for the amount of structural detail a church has to attend to. I call it ‘the dumptruck’ of the church because everything gets dumped to the administrator.” “That was a hard time in my life, really overwhelming.” Not that he wasn’t challenged during his time as the clean-up guy. Trierweiler recalls two moments in particular. The first occurred Thanksgiving weekend of 2000. Wife Kori was home with the first of four children they’d have, waiting for her husband to arrive and celebrate with family. Instead, Trierweiler was handcuffed

taking online classes at Cornerstone in 2011, enrolling it its Master of Arts Ministry Leadership (MAML) graduate program. “It was perfect timing,” he said. “Dr. (Joe) Stowell (Cornerstone’s president) came up to Traverse City and talked to some of us in the area about starting a Grand Rapids Theological Seminary cohort online. I was reinvigorated to pursue a degree.” Trierweiler was self-motivated to become a better church leader. “It was the beginning of a new season and I knew it was essential for my next season of leadership,” he said. “I wanted to be the best leader I could be.” Through interaction with faculty

members and his GRTS classes, Trierweiler became confident he had what he needed to fill the senior pastor position. “It was one of the best things I could’ve done in my life,” he said, referring to waiting to go to seminary after being in ministry for 14 years. “The education was intensely practical. Dayto-day I have been able to use my new knowledge in leadership.” On May 3, Trierweiler was one of 71 GRTS students receiving a degree. Trierweiler received his Master in Ministry Leadership degree diploma in person. Today, Craig Trierweiler is no longer janitor at New Hope Community Church. He’s its senior pastor overseeing 13 staff members and seven pastors. It was a journey that lasted more than a dozen years. But it’s testament to the way Our Lord both summons and tests us, especially when we’re confronted by roadblocks, be they broken water mains or bathroom floors that need to be scrubbed. CORNE RSTONE U NI V E RS I T Y

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by kelli cottrell

Cornerstone University women’s soccer team gathered to pray with the National Haitian women’s team after the game in August.



But, it’s not just about the money. The games have been mutually beneficial.

organizations that sent support to the devastated country.

“We’ve got a very tough conference,

“This is our chance to celebrate the

and you need a game like this under your

work of everyone who responded to the

belt to get ready for the season,” said

crisis,” said Bob Sack, executive director

Strawser. “We won’t play anybody that’s

of marketing and communications at

better than them through the season, and


it gives them great experience.” The pre-season games are part of several warm up matches for the Haitian team as they prepare for their FIFA

Cornerstone hopes that this event will display Christian hospitality and share Christ to the Haitian team. Last year as part of the event,

World Cup qualifying matches. And, the

Cornerstone made a donation to the

CU women’s team gets practice with a

International Women’s Opportunity

competitive team.

Foundation (IWOF), an organization tied

“I’m very excited to be working with

to the FHF whose goal is to fund re-

Cornerstone to both help us prepare

development of women’s soccer and other

for our upcoming World Cup qualifiers

opportunities for the women of Haiti.

and help this worthwhile cause,” said

Through the two games played the past

Shek Borkowski, FHF women’s director.

two years, relationships have been formed

“It’s a fantastic experience for us. It will

amongst the teams.

take years to recover fully from the

It was obvious there was a bond after

earthquake and it will take years to

this year’s 1-0 victory for Haiti; the two

change the attitude of people, but this

teams held a post-game prayer in a circle

“This is a great opportunity for the

goes a long way. Being able to come to

with their arms around each other.

Cornerstone women’s team to play a

a city like Grand Rapids, being able to

national team and help them financially,”

represent Haiti and meet Haitian fans and

us and supported us and the things

said Randy Strawser, Cornerstone

missionaries, it’s great.”

the university has done for us, it’s

women’s soccer team head coach. The Haitian women’s team is still

And, CU students and the community made since 2010 when the university

earthquake that devastated the already

rallied around the country. After the magnitude 7.0 earthquake

players and their families were affected by

that struck Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince,

the disaster.

Cornerstone was one of many local



immeasurable,” said Borkowski.

are able to see the progress that has been

struggling from the effects of the 2010 impoverished nation. Many of the team’s

“The way (Cornerstone) has treated

To catch the latest on the Golden Eagles women’s soccer team, visit

INTELLECTUAL COMMUNITY. CHRIST-CENTERED WORLDVIEW. At our core, we are compelled and inspired by Jesus Christ. Of all the relationships you’ll walk away with from Cornerstone, your relationship with Him rises above the rest. Academic excellence, accessible resources and a culturally rich community are building blocks to help you attain a rewarding education, fulfilling career and a meaningful life. Our students rise to the high standards put before them with the help of a supportive community surrounding them. We invite you to visit our campus and experience a day at Cornerstone. We offer individual and group visits throughout the year where you can hear great chapel speakers, visit classes, meet professors, tour the residence halls, attend an athletic event, explore opportunities for overseas trips and ask as many questions as you want. To schedule a visit or for more information, visit


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by kelli cottrell

AUDRY YONGE WAS ONE MONTH AWAY FROM GRADUATING WITH A DEGREE IN MARKETING FROM CORNERSTONE UNIVERSITY AND SHE NEEDED A JOB. Yonge had a few job interviews lined up in Grand Rapids after she returned from an Enactus Regional Competition in Kansas City. She Audry Yonge (CU ‘13) was offered a job on had participated the spot at an Enactus competition this year. in giving an award-winning presentation with several other students from Cornerstone University in April at the competition. Before she left Kansas City and the regional Enactus competition…she had one. A job, that is. After the CU Enactus presentation, Yonge remembers walking around the onsite job fair. “I decided to do an onsite interview with Aramark,” said Yonge. “After I was interviewed, I was hired on the spot. I knew this was a great opportunity for me, and I took it.” Audry Yonge, 22, of Three Rivers, Mich., started her new job in June with Aramark at the Dallas headquarters of the $13 billion company. Yonge recently completed her first 11 weeks with the company and was promoted to account executive in early September. “It’s been awesome to see how God has worked through everything to get me here,” said Yonge, who joined Enactus four years ago when the chapter started at Cornerstone University. “Enactus really prepared me for this job. Every year I was involved I learned new skills that I have used in my job today.”



Enactus, previously known as Students In Free Enterprise (SIFE), is an international non-profit organization with chapters around the world and more than 48,000 university students in chapters across the United States. Each campus chapter participates in projects throughout the academic year to help better their community. “Enactus provides an opportunity for students to apply their business skills to projects that help our campus and local and global communities,” said Shawn Newhouse, assistant professor of business at Cornerstone who served as the faculty advisor for the CU chapter last year. “Additionally, it builds their professional skills as they plan and implement projects, network, communicate and compete on the regional and national level.” Last year 40 students were involved with Enactus at CU. During her senior year with Enactus, Yonge led the Sustainability Team that was charged to raise funds for the chapter. She also served on the Social Media Workshop Team that educated non-profits about social media at no charge. Yonge credits Enactus with teaching her interview skills, resume building and giving her the opportunity to develop confidence as a communicator. “Every year I was in Enactus, my confidence grew,” she said. “The chapter works as a team and that makes you want to put your best foot forward. I learned professionalism, leadership and was introduced to resources for entrepreneurs. My skills were built through every presentation

that I was a part of.” At the end of every academic year, each Enactus chapter prepares presentations to compete in a regional competition followed by a national competition. CU has earned several awards over the past four years, including their most recent Champion designation in the 2013 Regional Competition. Added benefits of competing at the annual competitions include the top companies across the country attending to recruit future business leaders into leadership training programs and key entry-level positions. “Enactus provides significant job opportunities with many large multinational corporations,” said Newhouse. Even before students graduate they are working with successful companies. Last summer Yonge interned at Sam’s Club as a result of interviewing with the company at an Enactus event. Other students at CU have found internship opportunities through the chapter events. “Being apart of Enactus at Cornerstone has been a launching pad for my career,” said Yonge, who encourages freshmen to get involved and stay involved in the CU chapter. “This job market is very competitive and I am thankful Enactus helped me to stand out from the crowd.” For more information about hiring an Enactus member or how to become involved in an advisory role, visit

Education matters. CU Online offers seven degree programs sure to boost your career and certain to help you Build a Life that Matters. • • • • • • •

Bachelors of Science in Ministry Leadership Master of Arts in Ministry Leadership Master of Arts in Biblical Studies Master of Arts in Education Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages Master of Business Administration Master of Science in Global Trade

For complete details and registration steps, visit today!


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Elya Nauta, 16, was the last Russian to be adopted in Michigan in 2012.

Elya Nauta is greeted by her new family after arriving at the Gerald R. Ford Airport in December, 2012.

Photos courtesy See the full slide show at:

Seven hours can change your life…it did for Elya Nauta, a Russian teenager. It meant the difference between a life of struggle and possibly being human trafficked and a life of safety, security and a future. It started two years prior when Greg Yoder, executive director of Mission Network News (MNN), a Cornerstone University radio mission news service, and John Balyo, morning radio personality for CU’s radio station WCSG, took a group of West Michigan Christians to minister to orphans in St. Petersburg, Russia. Yoder, who lives four doors from John Nauta and his wife, Sheryl, had asked John before leaving to check out his photos of his trip online while he was gone. Nauta, a father of four adult children, perused the photos one day and says,



“I was overcome by the Holy Spirit when he saw Elya.” He didn’t know anything about her. When Yoder returned from the trip Nauta asked him to find her photo and pray for her. “Her eyes looked so sad,” he said, recalling the photo online. “At first, Greg and I couldn’t find the picture of her, but after looking through 300 photos we found her. Her sadness just really touched me.” A year later Nauta had forgotten about her until he received a phone call from Yoder. “I picked up the phone thinking Greg needed me to do something for him since he was in Russia,” said Nauta, 55, a Hudsonville resident. “He said ‘Elya wants to be adopted.’ Would you adopt her?” Nauta had planned to retire that year

from the Wyoming Fire Department, travel and enjoy an empty nest, but he promised Yoder he would pray about it for a week. After asking his family to pray about the possibility, it was clear they wanted to make Elya, 14 at the time, part of their family. “We had no reason not to do it,” he said. “God was calling us.” But, they needed to proceed quickly because after a child turns 16 in Russia they are not allowed to be adopted. After beginning the process with an adoption agency in Dallas, the Nautas were approved to meet Elya a year later in June of 2012. They picked up Elya from a summer camp near St. Petersburg and used a borrowed laptop to translate through Google to communicate with her. While there, the Nautas were required to have physicals,

by kelli cottrell


psychological evaluations and had to fill out numerous forms for the adoption process. “We began to develop a relationship while she stayed with us in the hotel,” said Nauta. “There were a lot of hugs and tears when we had to say goodbye because we didn’t know for sure if we would ever see her again.” The next step would not come for several months when they would have to be approved by a judge. During this time, there were rumors that Russian President Vladimir Putin was going to outlaw American adoptions. They returned on Dec. 16 to get Elya’s Russian visa that would allow her to leave the country and finally come home to Michigan. They traveled to Moscow, where the American Embassy was located, on Christmas Eve, to

apply for the visa. They waited anxiously with nine other couples from various countries wanting to adopt before the adoption ban went through. On Thursday, Dec. 27, Putin ratified the ban on adoption that would go into effect Jan. 1. They just needed one more thing – a visa to leave the country by the deadline. visas typically take three weeks, they were told. It did not look like they were going to make it. “All we could do was wait and pray,” he said. “We knew everyone back home and our family around the world were praying with us. If we didn’t get the visa by 5 p.m. Friday we couldn’t take her home. During that time, Balyo had been asking WCSG listeners to pray for the Nautas. He posted updates on Facebook. Since Balyo had met Elya on

one of the trips there, he prayed for her on the air several times. At 10 a.m. Friday, Dec. 28 the doorbell rang and the visa was delivered with seven hours to spare. The Nautas were the last couple in Michigan to adopt a child from Russia. “There were several families who didn’t make it,” said Nauta. “WCSG was so instrumental in sharing our story with West Michigan and rallying prayer support. It was such a blessing.” The morning they received the visa, the Nautas and Elya were on air sharing the good news. “WCSG will always be a part of Elya’s story,” he said. “We felt total peace so many times, and we know it was because we were the recipients of prayers from WCSG and its listeners.”


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But this grandmother with a wealth of experience and juggling two jobs did just that… receiving both her B.S. in business administration (2006) and her MBA (2008) from Cornerstone University via its satellite campus in Troy, Mich. “I was looking for colleges when somebody told me about Cornerstone,” said Taylor, who lives in Midtown Detroit. “It fit my lifestyle and was what I needed as far as class structure, and, it is a Christian school.” Taylor attended CU – first at the Detroit satellite campus and then at the Troy campus – while working full time as Director of Training and Senior Consultant for T.J. Adams & Associates, a full-service human resources firm based in Detroit. She also worked as an executive director of Chance for Life Organization, a nonprofit that provides prisoners with longterm life training skills. She had earned a secretarial degree and had cosmetology training but realized she needed a business degree when she began working for T.J. Adams. “I was always self-conscious about not having a degree; I just made up my mind to go back to school. It was a challenge, but it worked out because I was determined to do it,” she said.

provides oversight to the Detroit Police

they’re doing and to help the men in

experience and education came

Department. She’s a volunteer, but had

mentoring others,” she said.

recently when Gov. Rick Snyder

to be appointed to the position.

The culmination of her years of

appointed Taylor to the Commission

“My Cornerstone education gave me

Taylor is indeed busy. Her jobs at T.J. Adams & Associates and Chance

on Community Action & Economic

a lot of confidence, especially because

for Life, along with her volunteer work,

Opportunity. The commission,

I went abroad. I was doing things in

intersect the crossroads of offering

established in 1981, “is designed to

my job but I didn’t understand why.

those in need a strong helping hand.

identify things wrong in the low-income

My education helped me understand

Yet she has time to enjoy her four

sector; to see their needs, work with

what I’m doing and why I’m doing it,”

grandchildren ages eight to 20, take

them, and empower them to move

said Taylor. She credits Cornerstone’s

the occasional vacation, and participate

ahead on their own,” according to

emphasis on teamwork with helping

in Little Rock Baptist Church in Detroit.

Taylor. She is appointed to a three-year

facilitate her many roles, saying “I bring

Her advice to others: “Go and do it. If


that with me in everyday life.”

you start thinking about all the things

“I’m honored; this puts me in a

Part of her job with Chance for

that can stop you, you’ll end up not doing it.”

position to be able to do better some

Life is going into prisons and training

of the things I’ve always done,” said

core groups of prisoners, who

Taylor. “Sometimes I don’t understand

then train other men. Taylor calls it

fulfilling life: “God has led me on one

the magnitude of the appointment. It’s

transformational training, helping

of the best adventures, starting with

really an honor to have the governor

prisoners think differently about the

Cornerstone University. My education

think you’re worthy to be in this

choices they make and life in general,

disciplined me, then I let God direct


then acclimating back into society. She

me and open doors,” she said. “There’s

“Jessica has shown exceptional

visits eight prisons around the state,

no way in the world I would have said

commitment to improving lives of

working with 25 men in each prison

the governor would appoint me or that

Michiganders through community

who help with prisoner mediation

I would go into prisons every night. I

service,” said Snyder. “She is a great

and building into the lives of other

follow God’s lead, and this is the best

addition to the commission.”


life I could have asked for.”

Taylor is also chair of the Board of Police Commissioners in Detroit, which

Taylor has this to say about her busy,

“I go into the prisons to oversee the program, to visit and to check how



201 4



INDIA. ECUADOR. GERMANY. GHANA. KOSOVO. LITHUANIA. All were recent destinations for Cornerstone University faculty

Ecuador thanks in part to a Faculty Travel Grant. The first week

eager to learn and add depth to their teaching and the lives of

she spent connecting with the Director of the Living and Learning

their students.

program, with which CU already partners to send students to

For Emily Gratson, Instructor of Spanish, her two weeks in

Ecuador for a semester. Gratson’s goal is a program geared

Ecuador were about beginning to develop a semester-long

specifically for Spanish majors. She toured facilities, met with

program in Quito for students majoring in Spanish. For Philip

students and host families and met with language instructors.

Bustrum, Professor of Christian Education, his trip meant teaching

The second week Gratson toured Quito to get a feel for the

at Hindustan Bible Institute/College and discovering whether

city, visiting malls and supermarkets, museums and cultural

India might be a place for CU students to study abroad. For

events, riding public transportation and visiting a town in the

Brad Stamm, Professor of Economics, teaching and deepening

nearby Andes Mountains.

relationships at LCC International University in Lithuania were key to his visit.

“The visit reignited my passion for what I’m teaching,” she said. “I can read about Ecuador and know facts, but experiencing it

All reflect Cornerstone’s growing emphasis on multi-cultural experiences and a global perspective that deepens learning across disciplines. Toward that end, the university recently

in an authentic way is unique. I’m excited to take what I learned back into the classroom.” At home, Gratson is a volunteer interpreter at Health

implemented the Faculty Travel Grant program, which awarded

Intervention Services and is involved with Spanish language

grants to six faculty members in 2013. Those six receiving the

programs at an area church.

grant were among a number of faculty members who traveled abroad in recent months.

“I stress in the classroom getting involved with the Latino population here in West Michigan, so I’m leading by

“We want to see fruit – in terms of perhaps leading

example,” said Gratson. “Once you go abroad and have that

international study trips and bringing that cross-cultural and

transformational experience, you come back with a passion to

global perspective into the classes they teach,” said Martin

work within that community at home.”

Hughes, dean of undergraduate education. “The more our faculty

Stamm was also a Faculty Travel Grant recipient, visiting

are citizens of the world, the more our students benefit from

Lithuania for the third time. “I go to teach International

those experiences.”

Economics at the LCC International University, but also to talk

Gratson, who teaches all levels of Spanish, spent two weeks in

In 2014, the following faculty-led trips will allow Cornerstone students the opportunity to experience other cultures while earning credits: • • • •

South Africa Ireland Netherlands N. Ireland •

Kosovo Oxford Greece

For more about study-abroad trips at Cornerstone University, visit



about my faith, tell my story and make a difference,” he said.


“The world is becoming incredibly homogeneous. The students in Lithuania are not so different from students in the United States. I love to talk about those students in my classes here, how the job market is more challenging so they have to work harder, be more astute, and be opportunists to move ahead in their careers.” Stamm is delighted by Cornerstone’s commitment to providing international experiences to both students and faculty. “We’re much more conscious of the global environment in terms of missions, business and economics. Dr. Stowell continues to bring to the forefront the necessity of going out to all the world with a vocation, but also with the heart and mind of Christ.” Bustrum likens a trip abroad for students or faculty to “a physician dissecting a cadaver or a biologist collecting insects. It takes us from theory and the purely academic experience of the classroom into the real world where people live and work and where practical learning takes place. Imagine a doctor performing a surgery after only reading textbooks. That would be a Cornerstone education without study-abroad experiences.” For Hughes, part of his job is seeing that Cornerstone offers students and faculty chances to study and learn abroad. He also wants Cornerstone to host students from other countries and enroll third-culture students (children of missionaries, for example). “We have quite a few faculty who have seen parts of the world,” said Hughes. “When we can get American teachers overseas, that can really season the education they bring to students. The more multiple perspectives we can provide, the more powerful the learning experience.”

In June, eight Cornerstone University alumni, my wife Lonnie, and I arrived in Frankfurt, Germany for an eight-day educational tour of a region of southeastern Germany known as Franconia. Lonnie and I lived there in 2004 with our four children while I taught at the University of Wurzburg. We fell in love with the bustling cities, historic charm and natural beauty of this region dotted with picturesque villages whose residents still keep time by the church bells that toll every quarter-hour. Since then we have taken several groups of college students on study trips of Germany. This year, however, we decided to take a group of Cornerstone alumni instead, promising to show them not only famous German sites, but also “the Germany that tourists rarely see.” Home base for the trip was Margetshochheim, a German village downstream from Wurzburg. Instead of staying in hotels and using tour buses, we resided in a couple of old restored farmhouses. Wurzburg, a university town that celebrated its 1,300th birthday in 2004, was the first stop. The group experienced a Roman Catholic Mass in Wurzburg Cathedral, built in 1100 AD , and then hiked to Marienberg Fortress, a castle dating back to the early Middle Ages. One of the best-preserved and most impressive churches in Germany, Bamberg Cathedral, was explored on day two. The next day the group visited Nurnberg, one of the most beautiful and historic cities in Germany, which unfortunately was co-opted by the Nazis in the 1930s for their party rallies. The quaint cobblestone streets are the same ones seen in grainy film footage of Nazi parades. Nurnberg’s main square is also home to one of Germany’s most famous Glockenspiels. The last experience of the Middle Ages is Rothenburg, a charming, immaculately-preserved medieval village. The group climbed the Town Hall tower, toured St. Jacobs Cathedral and enjoyed the beauty of Castle Gardens. That evening we visited Folkenberg Chapel, a small shrine perched in the woods atop “Falcon Mountain.” The next day we biked the Main River Valley that connected villages and ended with a swim and a picnic. The last two days we visited Heidelberg Castle and Wurzburg. In Wurzburg, we toured Residenz, a magnificent 18th century palace modeled after Versailles that was home to the Prince-Bishop of the region. As Cornerstone University’s first-ever alumni trip, the experience connected a diverse group of alumni. Graduate years at Cornerstone ranged from the 1960s to 2012. But we were united by our Christian faith, our desire to experience the incredible variety of human cultures that God has created and our devotion to Cornerstone University. Hopefully it will be the start of many more alumni trips in the future. See the full story and photos at CORNE RSTONE U NI V E RS I T Y

201 4



ON SATURDAY, SEPT. 21, Cornerstone University celebrated our newlycompleted baseball stadium and residence hall. With the union of athletics and student residential life, we hope to fan the flame of community on our campus. We celebrated this monumental completion not just with Cornerstone students, but with alumni, families and the Grand Rapids community, as well. More photos can be seen at

Director of Alumni, Nate Clason, introduces baseball alumni prior to the start of the game. Behind him President Joe Stowell sits with his wife, Martie; Jack and Mary De Witt and members of the CU trustees and staff.

Cornerstone students hold the American flag during the singing of the National Anthem by the CU Chorale, pictured behind the flag.

After the dedication ceremony, the CU baseball team played a doubleheader against Spring Arbor University.

Cornerstone University welcomed alumni back to campus for Heading Home. Baseball alumni took the field for mid-day batting practice and joined the baseball team for a pregame clubhouse session before being honored on the field. Softball alumni supported the current CU team in their exhibition doubleheader sweep against Grand Rapids Community College.

Cornerstone alumni, back row, and the current baseball team were honored during the De Witt Field and Central Hall dedication followed by a prayer.

Thirty one baseball alumni gathered to be honored on the field during the De Witt Baseball Stadium dedication ceremony.

Steve Hawks (CU ‘81), chairman of the CU board of trustees, shakes hands with the Cornerstone catcher after he throws the first pitch.

Students, employees and guests of Cornerstone enjoyed a festival that heightened the day with food from various local vendors, inflatable games, music by Cornerstone University radio station, WCSG and appearances by former major league stars Brian Doyle, Sid Bream and Lee Guetterman.

The day was full of activities for family members of all ages.

Families enjoyed games, including the dunk tank where students, staff and faculty took turns being the target.

CU alumnae, Laura Hilp (CU’07), enjoys frozen yogurt from The Pump House, one of the vendors at the Heading Home celebration.

Cornerstone student volunteers helped with games and food during the Heading Home festival prior to the baseball game and dedication ceremony.

DESIGNED TO ACCOMMODATE THE SPECIFIC NEEDS OF BUSY, WORKING ADULTS, CORNERSTONE UNIVERSITY’S PROFESSIONAL & GRADUATE STUDIES (PGS) DIVISION OFFERS YOU FLEXIBLE AND CONVENIENT PROGRAMS TAUGHT FROM A CHRIST-CENTERED WORLDVIEW. Associate, Bachelor and Master degrees feature courses that have immediate and practical application in the workplace. Cohorts are enrolling now in Grand Rapids, Lansing, the Lakeshore, Kalamazoo and online!




by kelli cottrell

The Cornerstone Business Breakfast “Called to be an Entrepreneur” was moderated by Dr. Brad Stamm. Panelists included (left to right): Dr. Marvin Sapp, Jeremy Bergwerff (CU ‘04), Lola Audu and Mick McGraw.



In September, four successful business leaders in the Grand Rapids area served as panelists to speak about their journey as entrepreneurs. The discussion, themed “Called to be an Entrepreneur” was moderated by Dr. Brad Stamm, professor of economics at Cornerstone and chair of the business division. “We live in a hotbed of entrepreneurship and we’d like to add our faith into this discussion,” said Dr. Stamm, who serves on the committee that organizes the breakfasts. Panelists included: gospel artist, Dr. Marvin Sapp; Mick McGraw, president and CEO of Eastbrook Homes; Lola Audu, founder and president of Audu Real Estate and Jeremy Bergwerff (CU ‘04). Bergwerff, a senior business analyst for growth initiatives at Steelcase, was the first Cornerstone graduate invited to be on the panel. “It’s about who am I first,” said Bergwerff, who earned an MBA from the University of North Carolina. “First thing every morning I have to orient myself to who I am. Whose calling am I following? I am a Christ follower who happens to work at

Steelcase. First of all, I am a child of God.” Other panelists addressed the difficulty of being an entrepreneur. “It’s not for the faint of heart,” said Audu. “You must be in daily connection with God who gives you the ability to discern which critics to listen to.” The panel advised entrepreneurs to find a mentor in the area they are looking to venture into, be persistent, passionate and patient. And, don’t be afraid to fail. “It’s like jumping off small cliffs,” said Bergwerff, who lives in Hudsonville, Mich., with his wife and four children. “It’s typical to fail. There are learning cycles and you have to figure out what you are supposed to be learning.” But, don’t give up, Sapp said. “Keep going in spite of what people say,” said Sapp, nominated for numerous Grammy Awards. “If people tell you ‘it’s impossible’ or ‘it’s never been done before’ they don’t understand that is why you are doing it.”


201 4









Cornerstone University junior Tanner Ward (CU ’15), a resident assistant in Crawford Hall, says his biggest struggle when it comes to diving into God’s Word is deciphering the many passages, which are difficult to understand. “It’s easy to read passages like Romans 5 or Proverbs that are positive, uplifting, easy to digest passages. It’s more difficult for me to study a passage like Matthew 10, where Jesus says ‘I have not come to bring peace, but a sword.’” Given these issues, it is no wonder young people are reading less of the Bible. Professors at Christian colleges around the country are having to adjust curriculum based on the fact that many students are simply unaware of what is actually in the Bible. In addition, many students read Scripture in short bursts, rarely ever putting the pieces of Scripture narratives together to understand the larger story. Matthew Westerholm, dean of the chapel at Cornerstone University, recognizes this issue. “Students entering college know less and less about the Bible every year, so we really felt like we needed a way to help them make connections between all of the individual pieces.” In the mid-2000s, Randy Frazee and Max Lucado, ministers

at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas, noticed the same problem and created The Story. The Story is a novelized version of Scripture, taking carefully selected verses from both the Old and New Testaments and ordering them chronologically to create a vivid, flowing narrative from beginning to end. The book is presented in chapter-bychapter form, with rising action and climactic suspense just like any popular Twilight or Hunger Games book – except it’s the Bible. For 2013-14, the staff at Cornerstone University are using The Story to invite students to read through the Bible story together. This new program is offered to enhance students’ biblical literacy. The program, supported with funds raised by students’ families and through a reduced deal from Zondervan, will be the first of its kind, according to the Grand Rapids publisher. To initiate the program, CU started a pilot program last year, consisting of 50-60 students who all participated in the reading program. The idea behind the pilot program was to get students excited about doing it, so that the momentum for making it university-wide would come from the students CONTINUED


201 4



Juniors Bryce Sack and Mitch Systma discuss “The Story” during a small group last year that piloted the program.

and not just from the staff. “We wanted students to interact with others who actually did it, so they’d be able to hear from them about what they think it would do for the campus as a whole. We thought it would work better if we ran it a little more like a grassroots campaign,” says Westerholm. The “grassroots” campaign was effective, and the CU staff decided to bring The Story to the entire university. Copies of the book were handed out to all students at the beginning of the year, and the version of the book CU students will be using is a custom print featuring eight pages of CU-themed material. Most students participating in the reading will be in small groups going through the material and discussing it together. These groups, ideally, will be led by students who participated in the pilot program last year. Much of the methods of study, however, will be left up to the students themselves. “There really are as many ways to study the material as there are leaders who want to do it. There will be women’s studies, men’s studies and basically studies for every demographic,” says Westerholm. Though the methods and groups will vary, the timetable will be consistent. Students will read one chapter of the book per week, taking them straight through to graduation in 2014. As an RA in Crawford Hall, Ward sees the upside, but has concerns about the program catching on. “Having everyone in your immediate circle of friends studying from the same Bible facilitates discussions.



Leah Van Boxel and Juliana Love participate in a discussion about “The Story” last year.


However, I’m not sure everyone will be willing to switch from their Bible of choice to The Story. That could undermine the success of the study.” Though there are concerns, Westerholm believes there will be tremendous benefits and transformation for students who participate. “I think the benefits are pretty obvious. Every step toward the Bible is a step toward God. And if our community can discover what He said and discover the stories and how they apply to our lives, I think that’s a great way to spend an academic year.”

Little Shop of horrors nov. 15-23, 2013

Little women

feb. 7-16, 2014

black comedy

april 4-13, 2014

616.516.0000 •


201 4


travel with cu alumni Germany • june 6-15, 2014 yellowstone • june 14-20, 2015 34



201 4


DEAR FRIEND OF CORNERSTONE, The financial statements presented in this report represent a summary of the financial position of Cornerstone University as of our fiscal year end on May 31, 2013. I am pleased to report that our financial position continues to remain strong. Cornerstone University’s vision statement is “We aspire to create a thriving community of fully devoted followers of Jesus in a spiritually contagious, academically excellent, richly resourced, and culturally diverse learning environment that attracts outstanding students, faculty, and staff who influence our world for Christ, His church, and His kingdom”. This vision drives and defines all that we do. The decisions we make regarding our finances are no exception to this. We are committed to providing a strong financial base in order to see this vision become a reality. At the same time, we are committed to keeping a Cornerstone education as affordable as possible. In order to accomplish this, we constantly analyze our budgets to assure that we are operating as efficiently and effectively as possible. We also pay close attention to maximizing financial aid for our students. The balance between strong financial performance and maximizing affordability is difficult, but we work very hard each year to achieve this optimal balance. Some highlights from our financial performance for the past year are as follows: •


Net tuition and fees grew approximately 9%. Our 2012-2013 fiscal year saw near-record enrollment in our traditional undergraduate population. The incoming class and retention remained strong. Grand Rapids Theological Seminary also saw continued strong performance. Cornerstone University Radio experienced a 4% increase in revenue from contribution income.


• • • •

Our residency rate remained strong which attributed to a 7% increase in revenue from room and board. We were at overflow capacity, which necessitated converting our rental apartments into residence halls. Projections of a continuing strong residential population will be met with the addition of our new residence hall, which was completed in August 2013. Operating expenses increased 7%, which is slightly lower than our rate of increase in our revenue. Investment returns averaged 15.3%, which produced strong investment income. We continued to invest in our physical assets, most notably with the construction of our baseball complex and new residence hall. Net assets increased approximately $6,000,000. Contributions to the university continue to remain strong. The majority of these contributions represent giving to our student fund, our baseball facility project and our chapel project.

Cornerstone University is driven to see our vision accomplished! Our commitment to maintain a strong financial foundation to assist in achieving this vision is unwavering. It is with grateful hearts that we give glory to God for allowing us to serve the students of Cornerstone University and prepare them to influence the world for Christ, His church and His kingdom!

Nancy Schoonmaker Chief Financial Officer Cornerstone University


201 4






OPERATING EXPENSES Education & General Institutional Support Physical Plant Operations Auxiliary Services Other Expenses Net Asset Transfers – Current Year TOTAL OPERATING EXPENSES Increase (Decrease) in Net Assets from Operations NON-OPERATING ACTIVITIES Contributions Investment Income (Loss) Other Income (Loss) Other Academic Expenses Other Non-Academic Expenses Depreciation Expense Net Asset Transfers INCREASE (DECREASE) IN NET ASSETS


29,914,529 $ 968,447 (313) 6,737,627 1,394,105 39,014,395



- $ 3,055,078 474,815 570 3,530,463

- $ -

- $ -

29,914,529 4,023,525 (313) 7,212,442 1,394,675 42,544,858

22,601,644 5,646,741 3,161,783 2,712,853 1,048,093 2,280,801 37,451,915

51,107 2,686,536 24,460 37,947 2,800,050



22,601,644 5,646,741 3,212,890 2,712,853 1,048,093 2,280,801 40,251,965



87,773 156,248 398,901 (1,293,265) 331,387 (2,819,049) 7,070,865 $


5,495,340 $


(6,196) -

3,364,555 803,860 346,190 (4,734,580)

724,217 $

136,153 (17,537)

(219,975) $


118,616 $

3,588,481 960,108 745,091 (1,293,265) 325,191 (2,819,049) 2,318,748 6,118,198


Other Contributions 2.5%

Auxiliary Services 17.3% Other Income 3.6%

Net Asset Transfers 3.6%

Auxiliary Services 7.2%

Physical Plant Operations 8.4%

Institutional Support 15.1%

Net Student Tuition & Fees 76.6%

Education & General 60.3%


201 4




Cash Receivables, Inventories and Prepaid Expenses Investments Fixed Assets Other Assets TOTAL ASSETS LIABILITIES AND NET ASSETS Accounts Payable and Accrued Expenses Defered Revenue and Deposits Notes Payable Long-Term Debt Other Liabilities Net Assets TOTAL LIABILITES AND NET ASSETS

Other Grants and Scholarships 0.4% Funded Scholarships 1.7%





9,904,634 7,912,002 11,309,193 37,954,101 126,387 67,206,317

3,427,276 2,884,219 1,006,000 13,080,130 1,504,573 45,304,119 67,206,317


Athletic Scholarships 10.8%

FINANCIAL AID AMOUNT Funded Scholarships Other Grants & Scholarships Athletic Scholarships Incentive Scholarships Academic & Need-Based Grants TOTAL FINANCIAL AID




219,747 53,056 1,416,987 1,799,264 9,617,152 $ 13,106,206

Incentive Scholarships 13.7%

Academic & Need Based Grants 73.4%


201 4




INDIVIDUALS Diane Abbadusky Sally Abbott Ralph and Mary Abuhl * Perry and Lori Ackerman Gerard and Kay Ackley Elizabeth Adams Susan Adams Sydney Adams William and Stacey Adams Joshua Aderholdt * Steven and Debra Agin Eric and Michelle Alber Charles and Ruth Alber * Lori Alberda Connie Albricht David and Janet Albright Eric and Lynette Albury Cleo and Nelladele Aldrich * Mark and Beth Aldridge Marion Alexander Brian and Katherine Algie * Elizabeth Alia Robert and Susanne Alicea Lila Alkema Louise Allen Steve and Allison Alles Harvey Alley Gregory and Deborah Alley * Garland Allison Ramon Alvarez * David and Carol Anderson Grant and Patti Anderson Lonna Anderson Steve Anderson Earl and Joyce Andree Kenneth and Diana Andrews Alberta Andrus Dennis and Jackie Anweiler David and Karen April Allyn and Susan Arendsen Frank Arkfeld Carlos and Irene Armesto Gary and Mary Arnold Kevin and Barbara Arnold Mark and Joan Arnoudse William and Edna Asher Deanne Ashley Stella Atkins Judith Atkinson Gaylan and Roberta Attema Glen Attema David and Sharon Attenbrunn Peter and Gail Atwood Danny and JoAnn Atwood * Jill Auger Leonard and Joanne Austin Richard Axdorff Heather Aylsworth Jeff and Emilie Azkoul * John and Frederica Baab Brian and Karen Baars Blanche Babers Larry Baer * Barbara Bailey Alberta Baker Chad Baker Gary and Karen Baker John and Diane Baker Rebecca Baker Sharon Baker William and Agnes Baker Gloria Baker *

42 UIL D A LIF E THAT MATTERS * denotesBCornerstone University alumnus

John and Joyce Baker * Mitch and Chris Bakker Jorge and Cindy Ballivian * Mark and Amy Bane S Mark and Donna Barineau Raymond and Marquita Barlow * Gary and Rhonda Barnett Donald Barsuhn Patty Bartaway Jeff and Julie Bartels Michael and Patricia Bartels * Steven and Roberta Bartz Linda Bateman Troy and Linda Bateson Rebecca Bathe Opal Batson James and Deborah Baumler Diana Bautista Stan and Ellen Beach * David and Marlene Beachy Tim and Cheri Beals * Patricia Beard Phillip and Lois Beard Genevieve Beattie Keith and Vicki Beauchemin * Joseph and Anita Beaudette Michael and Christine Beaudoin Bob and Gayle Becker Autumn Beckner Rolf and Roberta Beerhorst Greg and Liz Beers Kenneth and Vicki Behr * Jeffrey and Gaye Beisel Dennis and Nancy Bekken Todd and Rhonda Belden E Lois Bell Lindsey Bell Gayle Beltman Anna Bengtson Ed Bennett Thomas and Lynn Bennett Tim and Sally Bennett Allen Benson Mary Benson Karen Benson * Gary and Judith Berens Patricia Berens Dorothy Berkompas Brian Berrier Hal and Diana Berrier David and Linda Berrios Jennifer Berryhill * William and Jodi Besaw Roger and Bertha Best * Eric and Samantha Beuker * Eddie Bevill Carol Bibighaus * Steve and Susan Billings Johnny and Ginger Bills Donald and Josette Bingman Rebecca Binkley Gerald Binning Brandan Bishop Ron and Naomi Bistline M. Billy Blackmon Ruth Blahnik Pauline Blakely Alan and Helen Blanchard Douglas and Debra Blanker Edward and Debra Blews James and Linda Blocker * Jim Blodgett

Sarah Blossom * Branell and Paula Bode Ron and Phyllis Bodtke Thomas and Arlene Bodtke Jeffrey and Jodi Bodtke * Stacey Boender Gary Boersen Glen and Nancy Boersen Laura Boersen Paul and Melody Boersma Thomas and Brenda Boersma Arlyn Boesl Aron and Rose Boesl Bob and Sally Boeve Wayne and Judy Bohl Ida Bolt Roy and June Bolthouse James Bond Bond Bruce and Pearl Bonnell Ray and Marilyn Boonstra * James and Carole Bos Lawrence and Rose Bos * Lorna Bosch * David and Joyce Bosgraaf Allan and Jan Bosscher Janice Bosscher Ashley Bout Larry and Sharon Bouwense Douglas and Christina Bouwer Tom Bouwman * Cynthia Bowditch Rick and Lorie Bowerman James and Tamara Bowser Zachary Bowser Helen Boyle Mike and Rebecca Bradley * Allison Bradshaw Dan and Nancy Bradshaw Martin and Susan Bradshaw * Joy Brainer Thomas Branch * Bobby and Judi Branche Jim and Mary Brander James Braswell Lisa Braswell Mary Braswell John and Vanetta Bratcher * Carol Bratt Buddy and Debbie Brault Justin Breckan Karl and Louise Breckan Kyle Breckan Mark and Laurie Breckan Anna Breckenridge Clare Breckenridge Larry and Kelsey Bredow E Mark and Brook Breed III David and Cindy Breederland * Edward and Karen Breitenbach * Dan and Karen Breuker William and Nan Brew * Wilma Brewer Robert and Suzanne Brice John and Susan Briggs Brooke Bright James and Karen Brinks Jeff and Vicki Brinks Joseph and Brenda Brizzolara * Nate and Jennifer Brock Carol Broderick Aleshia Brooks L Randolph Brooks

Scott and Kathy Brouwer * Gail and Linda Brovont * Ben and Jennifer Brower * Annette Brown Charles Brown Charles and Jenean Brown Chris and Gloria Brown Clayton and Charlotte Brown Todd and Kate Brown Tom and Tamara Brown Doug and Elizabeth Brown * Mark and Dawn Bruderick Roger and Marty Bruins Richard and Beverly Brumm Amy Brummel Jerry and Joyce Brunsink * Evelyn Brus Julie Brusie * Caleb and Raquel Bryant Delaina Bryde George and Mary Brzezinski William Bucknemeyer Louis and Mary Buffham Norman and Diana Buffum Jack and Marge Buist Sherry Buist Paul and Carolyn Buiten Chris Buitenhuis Hendrik and Gerda Buitenhuis Sue Buitenhuis Margaret Bullock Lucas Bultema Joan Bundas Sanders Burcham Ralph Burchart Jeffery and Renee Burget * Everett Burkey Shannon Burmaster * Nathan and Karen Burnell Dave and Lynette Burner Jessica Burner Jim Burner Paul Burner David and Jacqueline Burns * Lynda Burns * Doug and Crystal Busch * Gordon and Fay Bush James and Janice Bush Philip and Bonnie Bustrum * Harold Butler King and Margaret Butler John and Susan Butt Kathaleen Butt Stephanie Byrd Dorothy Byrne Ed and Christy Byrne Jodi Byrne * Wayne and Diane Bytwerk Courtney Bytwerk * Kimberly Bytwerk * Gregory Bytwork Kim Cagle Anthony and Sandra Cairo Suzanne Callahan Ively Camacho Michael Cameron * Lori Campagna David and Kathleen Campbell Melissa Campbell Mark and Marty Campbell * William and Virginia Campbell * Shirley Canfield

// Greg Capsel Richard Caretto Nola Carew Ryan Carley * Steven and Sheryl Carlisle * Muriel Carlson Gregory and Lorelei Carlson * Daniel and Mary Ann Carlton David and Carol Carlton David Carpenter Gary Carpenter Gary and Carol Carpenter * Shirley Carroll * Jeffrey and Linda Carrothers Delores Carter * Duane Miedema and Sherrie Carter Miedema * Albert and Doris Cary Stewart and Jean Casterline Santos Castillo Trent and Emily Casto Caroline Catt David Chabinec Dan and Roxanne Challa Jim and Amy Chamberlin John and Corrin Chamberlin Paul Chamberlin Taylor Chamberlin Willard Chamberlin Shirley Chambers Susan Chambers Bernard and Bobbie Chandler * Breanna Chapman Donald and Janice Chapman * Shirley Chase * Perry and Karen Cheathem Christine Childers Larry Childs John Chitester Ronald and Frances Christensen Carma Christensen * Bonnie Christiansen Melvin and Debbie Christiansen John and Linda Christman Carol Christou Christopher and Cynthia Cimaglio Steve and Maria Citko Michael and Shannon Clancy Derek and Becky Clark * Nathan and Erin Clason * Lori Claypool * Charles Clemence * Marc and Beth Clevenger Eugene and Karen Cline * Steve and Susan Cochlan Jeff and Karol Cochran * Tom and Jean Coffey Thomas and Laura Coffey Jr. Aaron Cole Arthur and Ilene Cole Kris Collins Steven and Stephanie Collins Susan Collins Frank Collins * (Deceased) Cecil and Bernita Colthorp Thomas and Sally Combs Daniel and Randy Comden Laura Commins * William and Sharon Commons * Mark and Michele Cone * Ronald and Lori Cook Donald and Vickie Cooper * denotes Cornerstone University alumnus

Larry and Dawn Cooper Rayburn and Sharon Cooper Darrell and Vicki Coplen Cyle and Dyan Cornish Paul and Salome Correa * Amber Cory George Cosby * Sherman and Karen Couk Bruce and Becky Coutchie Alison Covello John and Terri Cox * Mike and Colleen Cox * James and Marvel Craft Anna Craighton LaJeanne Craighton Vic and Deborah Crater * Victor and Sandra Craven Ronald and Robin Crawford Frank and Cathy Creed Donald and Deborah Crepeau Jeff Criger Joyce Crimm Mike and Linda Crimm Brandon and Deborah Crompton Robert and Shirlene Cropp Robert and Cheryl Crosby Jerry and Gina Cross Robert Crouch George Crutcher * Cameron and Amanda Currie * Kevin and Meg Cusack William and Arda Cushman Brant and Julie Cuthbert * SL Cutshall Margy Cyphers Sergio Da Silva Robert and Grace Dakin Troy and Shannon Dale Jean Dalman Wayne and Diane Dalman * Dale and Patricia Dalrymple Cecil and Sandy Daly Megan Daly Sarah Damaska Cynthia Damstra Wesley and Irene Danley Joanne Darcy Carl and Neida Darley Paula Darling Jeffery and Jennifer Dashner Steve Davenport Marge Daverman Robert and Diane Davies * Alma Davis Harlan Davis Lozia Davis Mark and Sandra Davis Bob Dawson Jack and Marcy Dean Mark Dean Anita Deanes William DeBoer Donald and Judith DeBoer * Keith and Cheryl DeBoer * Donald and Leona DeBruyne David and Nannette DeCook * Nakisha DeJong Keith DeJonge * George and Kathleen Deloff Anthony and Carol DeMarti Timothy and Marietta den Dulk Robert and Kathryn Dennis *

Daniel Denton Don and Nancy Denyes * Jason Denyes * Bruce and Elaine DePree Susan Derbecker Joyce Derhammer David DeRoo Brian and Victoria DeRoos Elizabeth DeRoos Mike and Kerri DeRuiter Larissa Deshetsky Ralph Deshetsky Laurence and Kimberly Deskin Timothy and Sally Detwiler Vicki Deur James and Christy Deutsch Daniel and Brenda Deveau Bob and Vicky DeVore Bruce and Darla DeVries Edward and Ruth DeVries James DeVries Jeffrey and Lora Devries John DeVries John and Deanna DeVries Don and Linda DeVries * Douglas DeVries * Rob and Marcia DeVries * Jack and Mary DeWitt Gary and Mary DeYoung Jess and Alma DeYoung Ted DeYoung Earl Dick Jon Dickinson Eric and Heather Dickinson * Scott Dieleman Leela Dillard * Mike Dillenbeck Lawrence and Brenda Dillon * Dan and Marian Dinsmore Tara Dinsmore JoLynne Dobson Mary Dodd Mary Ann Doetschman Al and Karol Dogger Michael and Diane Doherty Christina Dohm Richard Dollinger Jimmy and Catherine Dolson Mark and Rose Donker Dennis and Rhonda Donovan Shayne Doorn Kenneth and Betty Dornbrook David and Kelly Dorrough John Douglass * Peter Draigh William and Carrie Dranow * Esther Draper John Drees John and Karen Drexel * John and Linda Drobish Linda Dudley Carl and Karen Dufendach Blanca Duivenvoorde James and Linda DuJardin David and Rebecca Dull * Margaret Duncan Kenneth Dunkley Linda Dupuie John and Lori Durling * Sherwood and Kathleen Dusterwinkle Priscilla Dutcher Scott Dwyer

Chad Dybowski Raymond Dyck Alice Dygert Jim and Brenda Dykema George and Anita Ebert Lee and Karyn Eck Dale and Stella Ecklid Jim Edewaard Leroy Edwards Michael and Judith Edwards John and Debra Egerer Richard and Jean Eggleston David and Shirley Egner * Evelyn Elder Kim and Holly Elders Marjean Eldridge Brian Eldridge * Mona Ellard Tom Ellinger Kenneth and Sharon Elliott Dean and Kristine Ellison Eric and Cheryl Elmer * Daniel and Lorna Elve Philip Elzinga * Daniel and Heidi Enck * M A English Ed and Diane Enloe Daniel and Betty Ensing Nancy Erhard Brian Erickson Dale Ermshler Darryl and Kathy Ernst Wray and Linda Ertle * Don Eversmann MaryBeth Eyestone Victoria Eyubov Larry Faber Matthew and Victoria Fagerstrom Erik and Lynne Fahlen Lisa Fairbanks Kelley Faler Dean and Therese Faletti Jim and Sandi Fallon Sue Farlin Dan and Jean Farnsworth David and Marilyn Farrell * Jim and Shari Farrell * Julia Fay Joan Fehrman Ryan Ferrand Carl and Virginia Ferwerda Paul and Barb Field Roger Fields Niki Finney John and Kim Fitzgerald Leon and Nancy Fitzgerald Frank and Donna Fitzgerald * Frederick and Shirley Fleischmann Ron and Carla Fles Chip and Kelly Flietstra William and Esther Flora Kenneth and Sharon Floyd Lori Floyd James and Kimberly Flynn Dave and Kay Lynn Folkerts Wayne Foote Wendy Forester Anthony and Ann Forrester Larry and Juli Forsyth Ronald and Dianne Fotland Bruce and Terri Fowler T Marc and Sheila Fowler


201 4



Garrett Fox Hubert Fox Jimmie and Debbie Fox * Martha Frahm Ellen Frazee Fredrick and Lynda Frazee * Thomas Frederick Vernon and Laurie Fredericks James and Faye Fredricks Dennis and Barbara Freeland William and Joyce Freeman Jim and Sharon Frews George and Bernadine Fritz Paula Fromm Mary Fry Tamara Fry * Jim and Marcy Fryling James and Mary Fuchs Carole Fueslein Todd and Cristine Fuhrman Terry and Carolyn Fulk James and Naomi Fuller Spencer and Sonya Galloway * Larry and Sheryl Galmish Diana Galmish * Rae Gambler Kathleen Garber Dave and Julie Gardenour * Andrea Gardner William Gardner Sheryl Garlick * Megan Gates Raymond and Carol Gates Norman and Donna Gates * Tim Gearin Torfe and Molly Gedraitis Michael and Susan Geerling Betty Geerts Jack and Julie Geerts Justin Geerts Andrew and Madelon Gelder Greg and Tammie George * Timothy and Lori Gerard Linda Gerke * Druvis and Rachel Gerrits James and Michelle Gewin James Gibbs Matt and Jan Gilbert Greg Gildner Jane Gildner Charles and Kathlyn Gilfillan Judy Gill * Michael and Kathleen Gilleece Geo and Ruthmary Gillespie Dave and Jennifer Gilman * Edna Gilstrap Frank and Frances Giordano Natalie Gittus * Fred and Sybil Giust Debra Glaser Patricia Glass Charlotte Glearin Jane Glover Mike and Nancy Golds Michael and Sharon Good Dan and Esther Gordon Dorothy Gordon Jane Gordon Sydney and Harriett Gordon Charles and Helen Gordon * Richard and Tammi Gordon *

44 UIL D A LIF E THAT MATTERS * denotesBCornerstone University alumnus

Wayne and Lucy Gort Amanda Gorter Al and Bethany Gortmaker * Mark and Sharon Gotshall Gene and Ruth Goulooze Sarah Goupil Donald Graczyk Michael and Christine Grano Gena Grant Bradley and Shallon Gray * Shirley Greathouse Donald Green Joel and Melissa Green Lynn and Dana Green Sharon Green Martin and Ruth Green * Helena Greenfield Dennis Gregory Kristin Grek Andrew and Laura Grenier * Joshua Gress Paul and Janet Grewe * Alena Grieser * Thomas and Sherri Griffioen Dave and Carol Groat Lawrence Groat * Thad and Meredith Groat * Amy Groen * Joan Groenhout Blake Groll Patrick Grone Karen Grooters Frederick Gross * Tami Grotenhuis Ian Grotenhuis * Isaac Grotenhuis * Matthew and Traci Grover David and Debra Grube * Ralph Guarracino Norman and Molly Guillaume Ed Guthrie Gerardo and Lillian Guzman Rick and Sue Gyebnar Benjamin and Audrey Habeck * Harry and Alice Haboian Paul Hageman Paul and Lee Hageman * Lindsay and Vonda Hager * Phillip and Diane Hale Robert and Margaret Halka * Brett Hall David and Kathy Hall Kevin and Bethany Hall Sandy Hall Matthew and Caitlin Haller * Tom Halsey Arlen and Darlene Halsne Jeff and Robin Halsted * Dennis and Lynda Halulko Martha Hamilton Purcell and Mary Hamming Todd and Katherine Hammond Mary Hankins Chris and Michelle Hanlon David and Grace Hannon Larry and Judith Hansen Ralph and Lois Hansen Rex and Linda Hansen Heidi Hansen * Onilee Hansen-Mills * Peter Hanson

Wendy Hanson-Borgman * James and Judy Harbeck * Christopher and Julia Hardy Kenneth and Beverly Harger * Shirley Harkness * Evelyn Harmon Michael and Suzanne Harmon Richard and Cynthia Harrell * Jeffory and Sandra Harris Troy and Michele Harris Denise Hart * Lois Hart * Sara Hartman Alfred and Sandra Harzewski Arthur and Betsy Hasse James Haveman * Terry and Linda Haveman * Carol Haverdink Fritz and Vicki Hawes Steve and Annie Hawks * Judy Hayes Sharon Hayes * Andy Hayton * Kenneth and Joyce Haywood Stephen and Colleen Hebert Edward and Betty Hebner Scott and Stacy Hecker Jennifer Heckroth * Randall and Molly Heemstra Gregory and Becki Heeres Craig Hefright Mike and Wendy Heinen Kristy Heitzman Margo Heitzman Brian and Bonnie Heller Roger Helmick Thomas and Madeline Helmstetter Verna Hemingway M J Hemming Todd Hemmingson Arlene Henderson Steve Henderson Diana Henderson * Becky Hendricks Michael and Sharon Henes Terry and Sandra Henning Ruth Hennink Mary Henson * Kelly Herbst Karen Hertel Ed and Nellie Hertenstein Ken and Maria Hertenstein Lonnie and Betty Hertenstein Susan Herzog Ralph Hetchler * Rick Heuvelman Maxine Hewett Gregory and Sharon Hewitt * Ricky and Lori Heys Josh Hibbler Patricia Hicks * Traci Higgins Larry and Kathy High Abraham Hill Hannah Hill * Jack and Rona Hillaker Brian and Janet Hilliker * Joseph and Laurie Hilyard * Joseph and Sharon Hilyard * Doug and Debra Hinken Judy Hissom

Danny and Karen Hobbs Scott and Mary Hodges Aaron Hoekstra Donald and Lola Hoes Maria Hoezee Ross Hoezee Dale and Renee Hoffer Kurt Hoffer Marta Hoffer Karen Hoffman Mark and Sandra Hoffman Gertraude Hoffmeyer John Hollander Philip Holmes Jack and Judy Holsem * Ron and Julie Holtrop June Holtvluwer Mark and Wendy Holtvluwer * Richard and Sandy Honholt Laura Hoogerhyde * Phyllis Hoort Jerry Hop Hazel Hopkins Timothy and Marcia Hopkins * James and Virginia Hoppes Marilene Horner Richard Hornick Bill and Marilyn Horton Pam Horton Julia Horton * Debra Houghton Todd and Peggy Housenga Laura Hubbard * Terry Huber Anthony and Erin Huckaby * Shawn Hudak Michael and Teri Hudson Elaine Hughen Thomas and Karen Hughes Ken and Val Huisenga Edward and Cheryl Huisman J C Huizenga Shelli Huizenga Katharine Hultquist * Leatha Humes Michael and Rebecca Humm David and Ellen Hunt Robert and Susan Hunter Ross and Mary Hunter John and Lisa Hurff Bobby and Jackie Husband Luan Hutchinson * Bea Idema Eric and Suesan Ihssen Joseph Irvine Jason and Darci Irwin * Patricia Irwin * John and Sandra Isaacson * Thomas and Anita Isenga * Silvio and Becky Iung * Morris Jackson Brian and Kathy Jackson * Carolyn Jacobsen David and Carolyn Jacobsen Bryan Jager Bruce and Catherina Jager * Coleman James Derek and Natalie James Donald and Elizabeth Jamison John and Linda Jane Brenda Jansen

// Charles and Carole Jansen Dorothy Jansen Kenneth and Suzanne Jarvis Carol Jeffreys Gary and Nancy Jennings * Todd Jensen * Randy and Virginia Jesberg Nathan and Jennifer Jessee * Jack and Laurie Jipping Mary Sue Jobe Brad and Kathy Johnson Bruce and Margie Johnson Daniel and Beth Johnson David and Janet Johnson Dean and Barbara Johnson Denis and Emmy Johnson Donald and Lisa Johnson Lysle and Carm Johnson Marilu Johnson Marilyn Johnson Paul and Pam Johnson Ray Johnson Robert and Loistine Johnson Brendon and Rachel Johnson * Cynthia Johnson * Deborah Johnson * Lewis and Betty Johnson * Mark and Jane Johnson * Sharlene Johnson * Timothy and Kimberly Johnston James Jones Keith and Marilyn Jones Richard and Carol Jones Ruth Juergemeier Susan June Lee and Shirley June * Karel and Becky Justian Edward Kaczuk Robert and Karen Kaiser Kelli Kammer Michael and Marcy Kanitz Thomas and Linda Karas Shawn Karczewski Tina Karlsen Tara Kasey Jo Ellan Katagi John Katagi Wesley and Kellee Katagi Russell and Mary Kaufman Emma Kehler Michael and Lynn Kehoe Phil and Carrie Keith Bill and Juanita Kellaris * Brad and Darcia Kelley * Brian and Mary Kelly Kaneitha Kelly * Mike and Sherry Kendrick David and Coila Kennedy Stephanie Kennedy Ryan and Lindsey Kerstetter * William and Rosemary Keys Sam and Lisa Kibler Emerson Kidd Linda King Steve King Burnell and Brenda King * Brent and Kerri Kingshott Lavonne Kinney Dean Kitchen Greg Kitchen Ross and Mary Kittleman * denotes Cornerstone University alumnus

Brent and Jennifer Kladder Brandy Kline Brian Klingel Harold and Carolyn Knickerbocker * Joel Knierim Carrie Knobloch Patricia Knobloch Bill and Pam Knott Greg and Leslie Koczan Sally Koning Steve and Joanne Kooi Arlan and Laurie Kooiman Ronald and Patsy Kooistra Rick and Carolyn Koole * Michael and Carol Korpak * Stephanie Kosidowski June Kosten Alan Kostrzewa Paul and Jody Koutz * Margaret Kraft Shirley Krass Liz Krause Donald Kregel Jerry and Wendy Kregel Jim and Kathleen Kregel Jonathan Kreiser * Mark and Lisa Kresge * Mary Krieger Don and Mona Krise * Linda Krok Derek and Melissa Kronemeyer Ronald and Marilyn Kronemeyer Kendra Krueger Donald and Brenda Kruger Hildegard Krusch Jack Kryger * Sandra Kuipens Dean and Lisa Kuiper Steve and Patti Kunnen Robert and Melanie Kuntzman Chester and Renee Kuryliw Jan Kuzma Mary Lachmann Stanley and Joann Lachowicz Jodeea LaCombe Glenn LaCosse Glenn and Carolyn LaCosse Scott and Victoria LaCosse James and Mary Lago W Mark and Susan Lake Kristi Lambert Lee and Linda Lambert Gregory Lambert * John and Florence Lamberts Dan and Laura Lamore Joseph Lampen * Ross and Pamela Landhuis David and Jessie Landrum Curtis Lange Marlin and Glynda Langeland Steve and Gwen Lanser David and Heidi LaPlante Charles Larsen Brian and Donna Larson Kenneth Larson Robert and Jean Larson Todd Lassen Doug and Debbie Laughlin Bernard and Gladys Lauritzen Joel Lautenbach Phil and Marcia Lawrence

Joel and Amanda Lawrence * Lee and Diane Lawrence * Neil and Kellie LeClere Dennis and Marguerite Ledsworth * William Lee * Paul Leece Loretta Leggett * Gary and Dana Lehmann Norma Lemmon * Alison Lentz Lisa Lentz Timothy and Debra Lentz * Robert and Shirley Lenz * David and Verna Leo Norman and Bonnie Letsinger Arden Levering Matthew Lewis Sue Lewis Terrence and Kelly Lewis Ella Lilley David and Wendy Lilly Mildred Lilly Steven and Katherine Lilly Susan Lim Agnes Lina John and Lorinda Lindemulder Gordon Lindsay * James and Lisa Line James and Lisa Link * William and Cynthia Lipa Douglas and Judith Lipinski Jeff and Betsy Lipinski Scott and Debra Liston * Kara Long Gerald and Beth Longjohn Gerald and Marj Longjohn Billy and Pam Longshore Scott and Tammy Looman * Doug and Michele Loper Gary and Ruth Lopez Tom and Nancy Lothamer Jeff and Christie Lothamer * Annie Love Charlene Love Karmen Low Chad and Jane Lubbers * David and Barb Lund Arden and Kathryn Lundin * Alan and Carol Lust * Jonathon and Linda Luttenegger Robert and Martha Lutz Bill and Wanda Luurtsema * Terry and Sandra Luxford Gregory and Margaret-Mary Luzny David and Sharon Lycklama Gary and Tammy Lyons Tim and Katie MacBrien * Jamie MacLennan Rebecca MacNeill Vernon and Evaline Macy * Tricia Magrames * Ann Maguire Jean Maguire * John and Jean Maguire * Todd and Theresa Mairn James and Lena Malloy Kelly Malone * Jose and Dolores Mancilla George Manion Gary and June Mankey Eileen Markovicz

Steve and Trish Marlow Terry and Debra Marquardt Marty Marra * Jordan Martin Michael and Patricia Martin Walter Martin Gilbert Martin (Deceased) Darryl and Kimberly Martinek Jack and Kathy Martinez David and Judy Martyn * Janet Marvin Robert and Carolyn Mason Dawn Massey Tim and Alma Mast Gilbert and Margaret Masterson Megumu Masuda * Todd and Mary Masula * John and Ruth Matazel Thomas and Cynthia Matelic Lucille May Ronald and Charlotte Mayers * Bart and Cheryl Mayforth * Lois Mayhew * Richard and Pamela Mayo Jim and Marcia Mc Kinney * Daniel and Renee McAllister Virginia McCaleb * (Deceased) Gregory McClelland William and DeAnna McClintock * Michael and Sarah McClish * Lisa McConnell Betsey McCormack Dudley and Libby McCready James and Cheryl McCrum Roger McCulloch Robert and Shirley McCullough Robert and Maureen McCurren Matthew and Nicole McDonald * David and Kay McFarlane * Greg and Elizabeth McGinnis Mark and Michaelene McGinnis Melvin McGrady McGrady (Deceased) Carl and Pam McHenry Gerald and Patrice Mcinaw Jack and Karri McIntyre Megan McKenney John and Laura McKinney * Neva McLaughlin Richard and Pamela McLeod Gary McManus Geoff and Catherine McManus Rachel McManus Bruce McNees Lisa McNees Ronald and Lauren McNees Jay and Karen Mead Steve and Sue Meeuwenberg Susie Mehari * Cathy Meilstrup Melody Meneses Al and Kay Meredith * Alfred Mersman * Doug and Judy Mesman Mike and Janelle Metzger Albert and Margie Metzger * Wayne and Phyllis Meulendyk * Michael and Carmen Meurer Jeff and Della Meyer Joseph Meyer Ken and Tracy Mick Josh Mick *


201 4


// Kim Miedema Ted and Gloria Miedema Pamela Mikle Barbara Miles Karl and Jean Millard * C John and Reva Miller Craig and Janet Miller Daniel and Sabrasue Miller Daniel and Maris Miller Lynn Miller Mark Miller Olga Miller Robert Miller Shirlee Miller Kelly and Debra Miller * Randy and Beth Miller * Wellington and Mary Miller * Duane and Linda Millering Andrew and Peggy Miller-Zelinko Rachel Miller-Zelinko Ruthette Mills Glenn and Tina Mitcham Teigan Mitcham Ariana Mitchell Steven and Mary Mitchell David and Linda Mitroff John Moes Michelle Mogg * Dale and Marilyn Mohr Ed and Kris Mol Robert and Cheryl Mol * Mona Molenkamp Brent Montgomery Everett and Jeanell Montgomery Stuart and Vicki Montgomery Jeff and Renae Moore Jim and Joyce Moore * Lynette Moore * Stephen and Lori Moreland Victor Morella Dora Morgan Harry Morrison Julie Morrow Scott and Deb Morter * Dale and Marilyn Mosher Harry and Mary Ann Mosher Mark and Carolyn Mossing Rick and Sandra Motz * Marilyn Mouw Robert and Pam Mouw * William Mowery Mark Bell and Catherine Mueller-Bell Mark and Wendy Mulder Greg and Shannon Mulder * Jonathan and Sherry Mundinger Shirley Mundinger Harry Munson Doug and Margaret Murphy Patrick and Sara Murphy Robert Murphy Roger and Janet Murphy Randy and Kelly Murphy * Christine Mutch Ken and Kerisa Myers * Paul and Kimberly Nadur Dorothy Naerebout John Nagy William and Bonnie Nanninga Howard and Dodie Nash Caryn Navis Bob Nederveld

46 UILD A LIF E THAT MATTERS * denotesBCornerstone University alumnus

Karen Neff Kristin Nelson Marietta Nelson Mary Kay Nelson Rod and Nancy Nelson Kristen Nelson * Laurence and Christine Nelson * Michael and Debby Nelson * Ann Newhouse Peter and Shawn Newhouse Kim Nguyen Bruce and Vicki Nichelson Ronald and JoEllen Nickels Steven and Joy Nieboer Gordon and Dawn Niedermayer Kathleen Niemerowicz Javier and Judy Nieves John and Carol Nixon Lisa Nixon Mathew and Cynthia Nixon Charlotte Nolan Thomas and Janice Nork Isaac and Lisa Norris Brian and Kellie Norton Ellen Norton Doug Notman Jason and Melissa Novak Ted Noyes Eric and Lindsey Nozal * Paula Nsubuga Karen Nunham William and Sharon Oatman Jeff Oberlin Lyle and Kathleen O’Boyle Frances Obrecht Betty O’Connell Edward O’Droski Andrew and Maria Oleson Martin and Elayne Olsen Sandra Olsen Carlton and Vicki Olson * Wally and Midge Olsson Sean O’Riley John and Laurie Orner Janelle Orozco Gary and Lynn Osantowski Kenneth and Betty Osbeck Michael Osborn Yvonne Osborn Verma Osburn * (Deceased) Aaron Oskey * Bruce and Sue Osterink * Rick and Lonnie Ostrander Dave and Julie Oswald * Alan and Gail Overway Jim and Diana Overweg Karen Owens Jerry and Karen Owens * Steven and Barbara Packard Jeannemarie Padovano Carl and Cathy Paganelli Richard Palmer Barry and Jean Palmerton * Ethel Palmore Victor and Carol Palomino Tim and Gwen Pamer Ron and Lorna Parker Robb and Patty Parmelee Bill and Janice Parris * Bruce and Jean Parsons Jake Partridge

Rose Partridge David and Anne Pasquale Michael and Monica Pasquale * Thomas and Mary Ellen Passingham Greg and Nancy Patera Margie Pattee Charlie and Velda Patten Cecil and Penny Patterson * Joel and Michele Paul Martin and Susan Paula Christian and Agnes Paylay Christopher and Stephanie Payton David and Kathy Peachey Louise Peacock (Deceased) Donald and Julie Pearson * Jerry and Mary Pekel Dean and Lisa Pelkey John and Rebecca Pellett John Penning Jeff and Shari Pepper Jean Perrini * Brandie Perry Tom and Crystal Perry * Fred and Gail Persenaire Peggy Petersen Wilma Petersen Gene and Mary Peterson Allison Petriella Anthony and Melissa Petriella George Petriella Thomas Petty David and Judy Pherson Brian Phillips Jim Phipps Allen and Kathy Pick * Rex Pickar Diane Picklo Kathleen Pieper Roger Pietras Michel and Kristen Plante Conrad and Wilma Plantenga Patrick and Jodi Plite Paul Ploeg * Carla Plogycia Rob and Amy Pohutski Paul and Heidi Pollock Stephen and Lori Popp * Eric and LaDonna Porter Jeffrey and Lauren Post John Post Mark and Wendy Postema Charles and Marianne Postma John and Lorene Postma Rich and Ruth Postma Shannon Pothoven * Stephen and Carol Potts Geraldine Poux Edward and Dona Powell Justin and Cathi Powell * Eugene and Donna Praschan Matthew Praschan Donald and Vicki Pratt * David and Mary Pray * Thomas and Cynthia Prell Janet Price Michelle Price Nathan and Myrna Price Harold and Bonnie Price * Isaac and Armittie Price * Fred and Annette Prichard Terry and Jean Priestap

Jeffery and Debra Prosapio Eric and Darla Proseus * David and Linda Provost Gary and Sue Pruden Bob and Marsha Pulz Gary and Bonnie Pyles * Pat and Judith Quinn Carlos Quintana Hector and Aida Quintana Nelson and Irma Quintana Victoria Quintana James and Jayne Quist Denny Ragland AJ and Martha Ramsey Debora Randsdorp * Tim and Kay Ransom Lia Ratering Agnes Ratzlaff James and Jayne Rauwerda Bruce and Debra Rawlins James and Norma Ray * John and Tammy Raymond * Peter and Martha Rea Alice Rea * Denise Reder * Bruce and Catherine Reed David and Lisa Reed Ron and Shirley Reed Charles and Bonnie Reed * Charles and Elizabeth Reeves Matthew and Dana Reeves * Kristen Reick Paul Reuteler William and Patricia Rexford * Gloria Reyer Lydia Reyes-Pabon Richard and Karen Reyhl Elizabeth Rhoades Dale and Caroline Ribble * Charles and Charlene Richards Jerome and Beryl Richards Janice Ricketts Cathy Rider Kevin Ridlington * Keita Rieckhoff Randon and Jeri Riegsecker * Jane Riker * Troy and Rachel Rimel Daniel Rinzema Henry and Arlynne Ritsema Larry and Brenda Ritsema Michael and Jane Ritsema Randall and Mary Ritsema Geetha Rivera Andrew and Cheryl Rivers Samuel and Patricia Roach * Ken Roath William and Constance Robart Leah Roberson Sidney and Carol Roberts James and Genevieve Robeson Jacie Robinson Myrtle Robinson Brian and Grace Robinson * Andrew and Dawn Robotham Kathryn Rocha Jack and Charleen Rock Bruce and Susan Roede Ray and Stephanie Roerig John and Mary Rogan Thomas and Anne Rogan

// Ernest and Yvonne Rogers Thomas and Wendy Rohlwing * Thomas Rohrer * Kris and Emily Rolls * Ronald and Linda Roloff Roger Roode David Root Briana Rose David and Debra Rose William and Vicki Rose Carolyn Rosekrans Aaron Rosema Carl and Marilyn Rosema Matthew and Debbie Rossman Nicole Roush Timothy Routhieaux Ben and Karen Rowan Clair Rowland Rowland Leslie and Karen Rowsey Robert and Christine Rozelle * Richard and Barbara Rozema Everett Ruben Bill and Gloria Rudd * Edith Rudolph James and Theresa Rue Michael and Sheila Ruggiano Marty and Joyce Ruiz Ronald and Vickie Rumrill * Dixie Runnels Richard and Dawna Runnels Douglas and Sharon Rusch * Jon and Katie Ruse * Marvin Ruspakka Steve Ruspakka Bill and Sheila Russell Dave and Alicia Rusticus Eilof and Harriet Rusticus Michael and Joyce Ryan Kelly and Karen Ryan * Greg and Sharon Ryer Steve and Vicky Rynkar Edward and Linda Ryzenga Bob and Debbie Sack * Larry and Suzanne Sal Mike and Martha Sample Luba Samrick Scott Sanders Kyle and Terri Sass Forrest and Marilyn Sattler * Susan Savignac Edward and Becky Sayers Mark and Nancy Scarantino Don and Carol Schaafsma Jacqueline Schaefer Sarah Schaefer Scott and Kelly Schaefer Brian and Karen Schankat * Robin Schanz * Blake Scharine Victor and Jan Scheffler Jeff and Tricia Schildhouse * Robert and Sandra Schilz Darrell Schlabach Barbara Schmidt Ken and Karen Schmidt Maurice Schmidt Rudite Schmidt Karl and Jill Schmidt * John and Judith Schneider Rita Schnitzer Kevin and Janet Schnyders * * denotes Cornerstone University alumnus

Eric and Tamara Schock Brad and Linda Schollaart Renny and Nancy Schoonmaker * Leigh Ann Schoultz Tim and Pamela Schram * Shirley Schriber Ron and Becky Schroeder * Ryan and Nancy Schubring Norman and Elvira Schuen * Burton and Beverly Schultz Kevin Schultz * Stefanie Schumacher James and Porta Schut * Carolyn Scott Gregory Scott Ron and Robin Sdano Jerome Seitz Charlie and Valerie Selmon * Bill and Kristil Semrau * Jessie Seven Daniel and Grace Severn Michael and Amy Shane Joan Sharda Dan and Linda Shaw Bryan and Kathryn Shaw * Joanne Sheldon William and Deborah Shelley * Joshua and Hannah Shevel * Leroy and Darlene Shively * Angie Short Andrew and Michele Shrout Raymond and Helen Shuptar Thomas and Wendy Siefert * Glen Siegel Gerald and Mary Siegel * Greg and Sherry Siemasz Bill and Leighann Sikkema * John and Rose Simmons Eric Simonton * Joe and Kathy Sindorf * Wendy Sinicki Jessica Slater Kimm and Tammy Slater Nyla Slater Joe and Sandra Slaughter * Glenn and Jayna Small Jim and Donna Smies Bruce Smith Burt and CIndy Smith Dudrey and Marty Smith Howard and Holly Smith James Smith James and Donna Smith John Smith Kendall and Joan Smith Max and Elaine Smith Sarah Smith Terry and Susan Smith Tracy Smith Arthur Smith (Deceased) Andrew and Nancie Smith * Colleen Smith * Nathan and Cheyenne Smith * Dwight and Dawn Sneden Brandon and Amy Snellink Brittany Snellink James and Dorothy Snellink Kenneth and Shelly Snellink Tom and Pat Snellink Brice and Kim Snellink * David and Peggy Snellink *

David and Nancy Snider William and Bonnie Snook Jennifer Snouffer Brook and Anna Snyder * Patricia Soddy * Clifford and Alice Soer Louise Solheim Bob Solomon Dave Sorrell Sara Sowerwine Bruce and Darlene Spaanstra Patrick and Diana Spaulding * Robert Specht, Jr. Merrill and Judith Spencer Terry and Sherry Spencer Roger and Barb Spencer * Dennis and Marsha Spickenagel * Timothy and Susan Spivey Roger and Jan Spoelman Paul and Lori Spoelstra Douglas and Lauri Sporte * Alvin Sprague Jim and Jody Sprague * Ross and Rojean Sprague * Tony Sprehe Eda Sproull Carol Squires Arie and Mary Staal * David and Judith Staats Mark and Karen Stacy Jeff and Kelley Stafford Julie Stahl Brad and Tami Stamm Mark and Carol Stanik Hank and Ann Steede Michael and Karen Steele * Daniel and Carmella Steen Charles and Mary Steiner * Chris Stephan John Stepleton Frank and Verlyn Sterk John and Julia Sterk Michael and Linda Stevens Angela Stevenson Gary and Judy Stewart Jeff and Theresa Stewart Richard and Karen Stewart Scott and Sheila Stewart * Bob and Audrey Stiles Linda Stiteler Matt and Lena Stob Michael Stoddart Lynn and Rachelle Stoepker Richard and Rebecca Stone * Neale and Sharon Storms Joe and Martie Stowell Amanda Stowitts Barbara Stowitts Jeff and Sulayne Stowitts Muriel Strickland Cathy Strube Phillip and Andrea Struckmeyer * Kelley Stuart Sue Stuit Kim Stuk David Stults Roy and Marguerite Sturgeon Tom and Louanne Summerfield * Brent and Michelle Swan Clyde and Rosemary Swanson Jean Swanson *

Tom and Jo Swedberg * Michael and Cindy Sweeney Fred and Marsha Sweet * Barbara Swift Ned and Kathy Swift Michael and Deborah Swinger Donald and Joyce Swinney Nicole Swinney Douglas Swoope * Charles Swope Phil Symonds Marcus Syriac Todd and Darla Sytsma Kris Szymanski Sharon Taggart * Mike and Carol Takas Joyce Tanis Rick and Linda Tarantowski Catherine Taylor Dallas and Tammy Taylor DaLonna Taylor Shanice Taylor Tom Taylor Benjamin and Joanna Taylor * Rob and Amanda Teis * Brian and Becky Telzerow Marion and Susannah TenHoor * Jeff and Connie Tennapel Gerrit and Robin TerLaan Susan Terpenning George and Leah Tesar Michael Tesch Stephen and Penny Tessler * Brian and Frances Thomas Fritz Thomas Christopher Thomas * Bob and Stacy Thompson Larry and Cynthia Thompson Lyle and Naomi Thompson Robin Thompson Scott and Nancy Thornton Karen Throckmorton Robert and Gale Tidd Robert and Nancy Tienvieri Dorothy Tierman Roger Tierman Donald and Wendy Tinsch * Margaret Tolosa * Herb and Jean Tomer Tina Tong Donald and Josephine Tosi Gracia Tower Deborah Townsend Ken Traxler Mark and Leah Tremaine James and Denice Trombley James and Beth Troxell Glenn and June Troyer * Paul Troyer * Daniel and Jerelyn Truex Barbara Tubbs Ryan Tubbs Jerry and Marcia Tubergen Gregory Tucker * Art and Joan Tuls Philip and Jane Tuls David and Beverly Turner David and Beverly Turner Milton and Betty Ubbink * Paul Unger Robert and Marcea Ustler * CORNE RSTONE U NI V E RS I T Y

201 4



Douglas and Ellen Van Artsen Jean Van Laan * Elaine Van Regenmorter * Kris VanAndel Marie Vanator Paul and Crystal VanBeek David and Barbara VandeBunte Michael and Laurie VandenAkker * Leone VandenBerg Robert and Andrea Vandenberg Tom Vander Molen * Scott and Jill Vanderberg * William and Sondra VanderGeld * Larry and Chris VanderHeide * Mark and Tammy VanderHeide * Stuart and Linda VanderLaan David and Allison VanderLinden Nelson and Joyce VanderLugt David VanderMeer Ann VanderMey James VanderMoere John and Barb VanderMolen Henry and Sharon VanderMyde Kristin Vandermyde Nicholas VanderMyde Gary and Mary VanderStel C Dennis Vanderstelt Jenna VanderStelt Henry and Joyce VanderWerp Ken and Nancy Vanderwier * Donald and Wilma VanDerZwaag Robert VanderZwaag Peter and Kathy VanDessel Adriana VanDongen Dewey and Debra VanDyke Scott and Susan VanDyken Brian and Luella VanHaren Lloyd and Helen VanHorn Robert and Nelda VanHorn Jody and Ronda VanHuisen Leta VanKlompenberg * Timothy VanLaan * Michael and Mary VanLaar Aaron VanManen * Eric and Kim VanNamen Randy and Lori VanOss Paul and Elaine VanPutten Tom Frazier and Carol VanRandwyk Tim and Cindy Vanschaik David VanSolkema James and Barbara VanStensel David and Renee Vasicek * Steven and Charmaine Veenman * Samuel Vega Krista Veine * Bill and Nancy Veldhuizen Linda Velding Dawn Veldman Stanley and Yvonne Veldt * Marvin and Ruth Veltkamp Karen Velzen John Veneman Gregory Vermeesch Betty Vernier Charlene Verral Jovencio and Teresita Victor Sally Vince * Carl Vinson * Wayne and Marcia Visbeen Jaclyn Visbeen *

48 UIL D A LIF E THAT MATTERS * denotesBCornerstone University alumnus

Larry Visser Carolyn Vittorio Kenneth and Steffanie Vlasity Joseph and Bonita Vloedman Kathleen Vogel Mark and Marjorie Vogel Scott and Robin Vogel Ronald and Irene Vogelpohl Ted and Eleanor Vonk Harold and Lori Voorhees Glenn and Johanna Voorhorst Kirk and Marie Vredevelt * Arie and Corrie Vreugdenhil David and Mary Vreugdenhil Chris Waddell Scott Wagenmaker Jennifer Wagler Christine Wagner Adam and Jenny Wainwright Daniel Wait Barry and Denise Walburg Kenneth Walcott John and Linda Waldo Scott Waldron Mark and Melody Walker Diana Wallis * James Walsh Bill and Kate Walter Curtis and Sue Walters Kent and Candy Walters Michael and Bonnie Walters Richard Walters Susan Walters William and Dorothy Wambach Thomas and Judith Ward Duane Wardell James and Sheila Ware Adrian Warford Bryan and Sandra Warner John and Kristin Warren Peggy Warren Robert and Marian Wass * Hugh and Lois Waterton Wayne Watkins Tim Wauben Jackie Weaver Jean Weaver Laura Webb Sharon Weed Kathy Weidmann Judy Wekenman Craig and Mary Welch Dr. Welch Welch Skot and Barbara Welch Steve and MaryJo Welch Meryl Welch (Deceased) Ned and Lynne Welder * Donald Weldy Steve and Gina Wells Thomas and Paula Wenger Ed and Char West Ronald and Jan Westendorp * Nate Westrate Garry and Judith Whaley Susan Whaley * Gerald and Vicki Wheat * Larry Wheeler Sarah Wheelock * Chris and Chelle Whetstone Robert Whipkey

Jason and Melissa Whitaker * Dennis White Jack and Priscilla White Ray and Jane White Howard and Lois Whittemore Steven and Kathryn Wideen * Dan and Deanna Wielhouwer * Dave and Linda Wierenga Jim and Sheila Wierenga Brian Wierenga * Gerritt Wiers Bruce and Tammy Wiers * Tim and Amy Wiersma Timothy and Elizabeth Wiersma Scott and Heather Wiersma * Mary Wieser David Wietsma Gertrude Wietsma-Austhof James and Joyce Wilcox Richard and Adrene Wilford Bernadette Wilk Mark and Janet Willard Charles and Pam Williams Henry and Doris Williams Irene Williams John and Barbara Williams Marilyn Williams Robin Williams Ronald and Joyce Williams Lucinda Williams * Cynthia Willman * Rick and Andrea Wills David and Deborah Wilson Lillian Wilson Doug and Jill Wilson * John and Lois Wilson * Sam and Cynthia Wiltheiss * William Wilton Danny and Carla Winder Chris Winter Marge Winter * Doris Wise Jonathan Wise Kenneth Wise Margaret Wise Scott Wise David and Kristen Wisen * Mark and Julie Withrow Todd Witkowski Jasen and Heather Witt Steven and Wendy Witter * George Wixom Joseph Wojie * Rosadell Wolf Samuel and Nancy Wolfe * Richard and Donna Woodall David and Margot Woodall * Dana Woods Vincent Woods * Linda Woodward David and Marilyn Woodworth Doris Woolard Christina Woolard * Nancy Woolworth Michael and Dianne Workman * Rodney and Anita Wortley * Lawrence and Becky Wright Tom and Alice Wright Douglas and Rose Wrung * Tom and Arloa Wychers

Marvin and Suzanne Wynalda Steven and Susan Wyse Gerald and Connie Wysocki Hannah Yankee Larry and Kathleen Yankee Leola Yankee Keith Yates * Brian Yeates Harvard and Darla Ykema Paul and Jolynn Ymker * Barbara Young Roger and Elizabeth Young Millicent Young * Ken and Nicole Zaagman Patrick and Magan Zawacki Jim and Kathy Zboncak John and Linda Zeien Mark and Sarah Zichterman * Cindy Zickus * Tom and Kimaley Zimmerman * John and Amanda Zimmermann William and Linda Zinke James and Mary Zuidema Lee and Karen Zuidema Katelynn Zuiderveen Carol Zuverink Richard Zwiernikowski David and Bea Zylstra

CHURCHES Ada Bible Church Auburn Hills Christian Center Blythefield Hills Baptist Church Calvary Baptist Church – Holland Calvary Baptist Church – Greenville Calvary Baptist Church – Ludington Christian Fellowship Community Reformed Church Crossroads Bible Church Curtis Baptist Church Eastport Baptist Church First Baptist Church – Ft Lauderdale First Baptist Church – Charlotte First Baptist Church – Bear Lake First Baptist Church – Bowling Green First Baptist Church – Lowell First Church of God Ministries Grabbing Life by the Cross Ministries Grace Church – Normal Immanuel Baptist Church Kent City Baptist Church Ottawa Reformed Church Pleasantview Family Church Rocky Knoll Baptist Church Royal Oak Missionary Church South Church United Evangelical Free Church West Lansing Church of Christ

BUSINESSES ABWE Aggressive Tooling Inc All-Flo Plumbing LLC Alticor Corporate Enterprises, Inc. Applebees Arista Truck Systems


Atlantic Coast Dentristry for Children Auto Owners Insurance Baker Book House Company Bessemer Trust Company Bouma Corporation Busy Bee Farms, LLC C2AE Calvin College Capital Area United Way Inc CCCU Country Clipper Credo Communications LLC Data Strategy DDM Marketing and Communications DeWitt Commercial Dunhill Tuxedo East Coast Wholesale Eastern Floral Excel Office Interiors Excell Services Family Christian Stores Corp. FC Joga Bonito LLC Ferris Coffee & Nut Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund Fifth Third Bank Fillmore Equipment Inc Flex Administrators Inc. Flier’s Quality Water Systems, Inc. GB Russo and Son Gospel Communications Grand General ABFS Insurance Grand Rapids Right to Life Grand Valley Automation Grandville- Jenison Chamber Commerce Great Clips Great Lakes Fasteners & Supply Hackbardt Farms Heys Fabrication and Machine Co Home Builders Assn. of Greater Grand Rapids Hyperion Electronics Accessories Image Builders Marketing, Inc Integrity Business Solutions LLC Interphase Office Interiors J & K D Forever PTL, INC Jimmy Johns Jordan Exploration Company LLC JP Morgan Chase Bank JRB Marketing Services LLC K & H Concrete Cutting Inc Klein, Stoddard, Buck and Lewis, LLC Landscaping with Perfection LeTourneau University Lighthouse Insurance Group Lumbermen’s Inc Luurtsema Sales Inc M Daverman 2007 Charitable Remainder Trust Mainstay Data Services LLC Maple Hill Golf Course Mathesie Chiropractic Life Center Merrill Lynch Mika Meyers Beckett & Jones Milon Muir Insurance Agency Inc MLive Media Group / Grand Rapids Press Monroe Evening News Nationwide Truck Brokers Nederveld, Inc. NETech Corp Noodles & Company

* denotes Cornerstone University alumnus

Northern Michigan Review, Inc Notions Marketing Nucraft Furniture Co OCM Development LLC Omni Computer Consulting PBG Michigan LLC Pepsico Foodservice Pepsi-Cola Company Plastic Mold Technology PNC Bank Prairie Farms Dairy Pregnancy Resource Center Premier Christian Cruises Quality Inn Raymond James Raymond James & Associates Red Hot Inn Republic Services Request Foods Inc River City Mechanical Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Sandberg Investment Management LLC ScripTex Inc. SHA Energy Inc Spartan Stores Inc. Spoonlickers Stafford Media Solutions Starr Image Beauty Salon Stoney Creek Fisheries SVC Swanson’s Inc Synergis Education Tender Lawn Care The Blanchard Group The Christman Company The Cochlan Group, Inc. The Leelanau Enterprise The Pioneer Group Thomson Reuters My Community Program Tom Harrison Insurance Agency Inc Total Marketing Associates, Inc Treetops Resort Tri-unity Christian Twisted Rooster Valley City Linen Van Dyken Mechanical, Inc Virginia McCaleb Trust Visbeen Architects Visbeen Associates Inc W.g. Grinders Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC Wendy’s Windemuller Electric Co Inc Wood Wealth Management Yee Enterprises Zaagman Memorial Chapel Inc

Grand Rapids Community Foundation JCT Foundation Jerry and Marcia Tubergen Foundation Kalamazoo Community Foundation National Christian Foundation National Christian Foundation National Christian Foundation West Michigan PNC Foundation Renaissance Charitable Foundation Inc Sullivan Scholarship Fund Trust The Albany Foundation The Douglas and Maria Devos Foundation VanderWeide Family Foundation

MATCHING GIFT CO. American Electric Power Kellogg’s Corporate Citizenship Fund P & G Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Seaboard Corporation YourCause, LLC

FOUNDATIONS Barnabas Foundation Christian Evangelical Foundation Cornerstone Trust Daniel J. & Ardith A Koster Foundation DeVos Foundation Foglia Family Foundation Frank & Doris Gordon Foundation GE Foundation Grand Haven Area Comm Foundation CORNE RSTONE U NI V E RS I T Y

201 4


GRAND RAPIDS THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY DONORS INDIVIDUALS Ralph and Mary Abuhl * Charles and Ruth Alber * Louise Allen Harvey Alley Janet Alley (Deceased) Beulah Anderson Elaine Andrews Peter and Gail Atwood Larry Baer * Gloria Baker * Stephen and Martha Beals * Michael Belth Ronald Biller Richard Blumenstock Dennis and Joyce Boonstra * Karl and Nancy Boukma * Robert and Pamela Braam * Doug and Elizabeth Brown * Conrad and Helen Built Mary Calandro Mark and Marty Campbell * Ray Cassada Richard and Sally Coles Cecil and Bernita Colthorp Bruce Comers * Marge Daverman Thomas and Susan Day * Donald and Leona DeBruyne * Jon and Vonda DeKleine Elwyn and Sandra Draper * Carl and Karen Dufendach Donald and Donna Ecklesdafer Paul and Karen Edwards * David and Shirley Egner * Daniel and Doris Ehnis Timothy Farley * Dan and Joan Farnol * David Fath * Mark and Anne Fifer * Tim Friend David and Marlene Gaffner Alfred and Rosalie George Lee and Jan Geysbeek * Robert and Doreen Grier Jill Hailpern Jeff and Robin Halsted * Robert and Kaylyn Hamlin Roger and Dianne Hansen * Billy Harris Ricardo and Connie Hernandez David and Jean Heyd Charlotte Hilber Robert and Jane Hilgenberg * Laura Hoogerhyde * Larry Hoover Thomas and Amy Hutchison * Patricia Irwin * John and Sandra Isaacson * Robert and Deborah Jeffers * Betty Johnson Noel Johnson Lee and Shirley June David and Coila Kennedy Burnell and Brenda King * Gerb and Pat Kingma Colette Kirby Harold and Carolyn Knickerbocker * Homer and Delores Kohn * Sally Koning

5 0 BCornerstone UILD A LIF E THAT MATTERS * denotes University alumnus

Ronald and Patsy Kooistra Donald Kregel John and Cheryl Kresge * Mark and Lisa Kresge * Mary Krieger Don and Mona Krise * Leslie and Patricia Kroemer * Wilfred and Darlene Kuhnell James and Nancy Lacy * Dan and Laura Lamore G. Rodney and Barbara Lane * Richard and Amy Langton * Arlyn and Marcia Lanting Gentry and Elise Ledbetter Dave and Linda Livermore * Bob and Jan Mackie Herbert and Elaine Marsman Allan and Janice Martin Robert and Amy Martin Tom Martin Lois McCaleb * Phil McCaleb * Virginia McCaleb (Deceased) John and Irene McCracken Thomas and Shirley McCracken Katrina Meyer * Larry and Susan Miller Phyllis Miller Miller Roy and Myrtle Miller Robert and Cheryl Mol * Vincent Morton * David and Deborah Nemitz * Peter and Karen Osborn * Bruce and Sue Osterink * Peter and Patricia Pell Jean Perrini * Fred and Gail Persenaire * Laura Petroelje Stephen and Janice Pinkous * Michael Pollitt * John and Mary Powell * James and Adrienne Reese * Eleanor Roggow Edward and Linda Ryzenga Joan Smart Colleen Smith * Roger and Barb Spencer * William and June Spitsbergen * James and Ruth Stewart Dallas and Joyce Stratman Glenn and Pat Swartzlander Richard and Jan Taylor * Ruth Taylor Daniel and Amy Treier * Caleb Tseng Jerry and Marcia Tubergen David and Beverly Turner Thelma Vandehoef Steve and Laura VandeLune * John and Lesa VanderMeer * Ken and Rhonda Vanderwest * James and Cherry VanderZee * Brian and Luella VanHaren John and Kelly VerBerkmoes * Paul Ware W David and Pat Warren Robert and Marian Wass * Ellen Wells Howard and Lois Whittemore Wendy Widder * John and Lois Wilson *

// David and Jane Yankey James Young * Randall and Elisabeth Zylstra

CHURCHES Berean Baptist Church Blythefield Hills Baptist Church Evangel Baptist Church First Baptist Church – Blanchester First Baptist Church – Ft Lauderdale First Baptist Church – North Adams First Baptist Church – Williamston Five Points Community Church Highland Hills Baptist Church Kent City Baptist Church Maranatha Bible Church Peace Reformed Church South Baptist Church South Church

BUSINESSES ABWE Baptist Bible College GTI Travel Marie Clark Photography Michigan Association of Regular Baptist Churches River City Mechanical ScripTex Inc.

FOUNDATIONS DeVos Foundation The Douglas and Maria Devos Foundation Kern Family Foundation Inc Lanting Foundation Gordon V and Helen C Smith Foundation Jerry and Marcia Tubergen Foundation Jack and Wynnita Joy Westerbeek Family Foundation

MATCHING GIFT CO. Steelcase Foundation

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