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Watering your garden has never been so easy with the amazing lightweight non-kink Expandable Hose!

6 Flexible Garden Hose

Flexible Garden Hose from only £12.99 Main Features:

✓ No more kinks ✓ Expands 3x Length ✓ Makes Watering easy ✓ Compact ✓ Simple storage ✓ Lightweight ✓ On/Off valve to operate




This amazing expanding non-kink garden hose is ultra-lightweight and so easy to use without you having to fight against the twists & kinks you get with normal hoses. Ideal for watering your flowers and garden as well as patios, pathways, conservatories, cars and caravans. When you turn the water off the hose automatically retracts to original length as if by magic. It features a universal hose connector for standard connection to most hose guns and will fit any 3/4” tap. This incredible flexible garden hose is so compact & lightweight it is a breeze to store after use too. Hose nozzle not included. Is available in three expandable lengths; 25, 50 and 75 feet. Colour: Blue. H65237 Flexible Garden Hose 25ft £12.99 H65238 Flexible Garden Hose 50ft £19.99 H65239 Flexible Garden Hose 75ft £29.99

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Best of Brands


Welcome to the Premier Ofers Direct, Best of Brands Catalogue bringing you 64 pages of our best selling products, carefully selected from our biggest brands. Below is a guide to help make your selection easier.


Home Shopping Selections Innovative ideas to make your life easier.


Personal Choice: Helpful products for around the home.


Harrogate House: Beautiful furnishing for your home. Jean Patrique Professional Cookware: Quality kitchenware reasonably priced.

42 56

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The Stauer Collection: Luxury jewellery at affordable prices.

All orders are despatched from our location in the UK

Cobbled Stone Edging 6 SUPPLIED IN PACKS OF 10


Buy Two

Save £6

Create a neat, attractive border around your flowerbeds, lawns, trees, paths or shrubs. No back-breaking digging, cutting or preparation needed. Made from durable, weather-resistant plastic. Supplied in packs of 10, enough to make a 2.5m (8”) long edging.



Cobbled Stone Edging Buy Two Save £6

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£12.99 £19.98






Extenda ble 70 - 97cm


90 150 cm

4 Pce Extending Garden Tool Brass Garden Brush6 Set6


No more pain from bending and kneeling Whether you are working in the garden, planting pots or a window box, one twist of the telescopic handle adjusts the length from 70cm to 97cm to suit the job in hand, helping to avoid the pain caused from kneeling and bending. This quality 4 pce set consists of a trowel for planting bulbs and seedings, a fork for loosening soil and planting bulbs, a rake for levelling soil and a hoe/weeder for loosening and breaking up soil before planting... ideal for keeping flower beds free of weeds, lawns free of debris and clears rubbish collecting between plants with ease.

Custom-designed to do the job with minimal pressure, its robust solid brass bristles create a powerful cutting tip to effortlessly remove persistent weeds, grass, moss and dirt from between joints, gaps and cracks. Lightweight aluminium handle telescopically adjusts between 90 to 150cm to reach the ground, helping to avoid back aches and pain caused from bending or straining your back. So effective and quick to use, it’s a garden essential.

H65150 4 Pce Extending Garden Tool Set £19.99


Gardener’s Knee Pads 6

Garden Paving Scraper 6

Brass Garden Brush




PAIR Protect your knees in the garden this spring, summer or anytime during the year. These garden kneeler pads are lightweight, comfortable and are a firm favourite among gardeners. The soft thick foam cushioned pads protect you from the cold, rough ground and stones and make gardening not only enjoyable but also very easy. Adjustable hook and loop fastening straps ensure a snug fit for all sizes and gender.


Gardener’s Knees Pads (Pair)


Buy Two

Save £5

The Garden Paving Scraper contains two different scraping attachments for quick and easy removal of dirt, soil and weeds in your garden, on your footpaths and patio. An adjustable telescopic handle made of lightweight, robust aluminium makes for easy use without kneeling or bending down, so preventing back or knee strain. The hook shaped attachment works as an effective scarifier, whilst the tail feather shaped attachment cleans even the broadest gaps.


Garden Paving Scraper Buy Two Save £5

£9.99 £14.98

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Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support4

Protect yourself for back pain

Buy Two

Save £6

Great relief for yor back! Protect yourself from back pain caused by prolonged periods of time sitting in uncomfortable office chairs! This universal, comfortable cushion is inflatable so you can take it with you wherever you go! Perfect for the car, office chairs, TV chairs and more. Sitting area: 52x35cm, Back area: 49x42cm


Seat Cushion with Lumbar Support


Spec Tabs 6

Buy Two Save £6


“ Keep your glasses in place” Stop your specs from sliding once and for all with these comfortable soft elastic Spec Tabs. Fitted on to the arms of your spectacles, reading glasses and sunglasses, they hold them securely in position. For men, women and children, they are comfortable to wear, discreet and fit most sizes.


Folding Magnifying Reading Glasses4 Reading glasses that let you see fine print...fold to take anywhere! Compact glasses ease eye fatigue and help reduce strain from close up work. Lenses are the same quality you find in optical stores, 2x, 3x and 4x strengths. Lightweight, goldtone metal folding frames fit men and women! Includes protective vinyl pouch.

W76827 Folding Glasses 2x Strength W76828 Folding Glasses 3x Strength W76829 Folding Glasses 4x Strength Buy One Get One Free


£12.99 £12.99 £12.99

Spec Tabs Actual




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3Joint Support Range The Joint Support Range have been professionally developed and designed to give soothing support and relief to those who suffer joint and muscular discomfort such as arthritis, tendonitis or sports injuries.The unique fabric contains ceramic particles and it designed to absorb body heat and reflect it back into the muscles and joints. The neoprene / polyamide material is designed to give balanced support and soothing heat distribution. Lightweight and discreet, the supports stay snugly in place whilst in use, so noone knows you are wearing them. One size fits all.




H60956 H60957 H60958

Ankle Support Wrist Support Elbow Support

Sheet Suspenders 6


£7.99 £7.99 £7.99

H60959 H60960 H60961

Neck Support Back Support - Men’s Back Support - Ladies

£9.99 £9.99 £9.99

6Mattress Stain Remover

Keep your bed sheets in place Buy Two


Save £1

Remove even old stains easily and effortlessly. Simply spray and wipe with a soft cloth and those unsightly, embarrassing stains on your mattress will disappear. Removes stains caused from coffee, tea, wine, food, blood, vomit, urine, faeces and even pets. No need for rubbing, scrubbing or agitating as stains are bio-degraded leaving your mattress cleaner, freshened, sanitised and lightly scented, in a very hygienic state. Which just evaporates away. Organic, non toxic and biodegradable, it’s safe for use all around the home. Supplied in 500ml with spray head.

Buy Two

Save £3

Keep fitted sheets where they belong! Clip these on, and your sheets won’t ride up, no matter how much you toss and turn! Set of 4 fits all mattresses... even water beds.



Sheet Suspenders  £4.99 Buy Two Save £1£8.98


Mattress Stain Remover Buy Two Save £3

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£9.99 £16.98


Miracle Knee Strap 6 Buy One Get One



No more suffering - the Knee Strap Works!

We asked an independent research company to test out Knee Strap. The results were fantastic and now benefits of the Knee Strap speak for themselves - as ordinary, everyday, people confirm what we already knew! The Knee Strap Works! The independent research company asked a panel of men and women, who suffer from knee pain to try our Knee Strap. When asked “Did you feel relief around the knee while using this product?” 70% gave a resounding YES! When asked “Did you feel support around the knee area whilst using this product” 86% said yes and 76% said that they felt ‘instant support’. The Knee Strap is so effective because it helps support the patella. It is comfortable and lightweight and virtually undetectable under clothes. In fact 95% of our respondents agreed that the Knee Strap is “lightweight”. 70% agreed that “ Knee Strap gave relief from joint pain” and, finally, 68% said “The relief I get from using this product is so appreciated”. So there you have it – conclusive independent research proves that the Knee Strap provides immediate relief from knee pain! So you’ll be back climbing stairs and walking pain free.


Miracle Knee Strap Buy One Get One Free

Anti Limescale System 6

Jumbo Storage Bag 6 Need a place to store clothing and bedding? These incredibly capacious storage bags are the perfect solution. They’re zipped on 3 sides for instant, easy access and have two handles on top. Transparent front panels enable you to see exactly what’s in each one and they’re made from Neotex – a tough breathable material that protects from moths, damp, mildew and dust. The jumbo storage bags are 68.5 x 58 x 25.5cm each and are supplied as a set of three. In this unbeatable and exclusive offer, you will also receive a pair of breathable storage chests FREE! (chests: 51x26x26cm).

Buy Two






Jumbo Storage Bags Buy Two Save £6


£12.99 £19.98

Banish lime and limescale build-up from your main water pipes in an instant!

No tools or messy chemicals required - simply click onto your main pipes. Limescale build up can have a dramatic effect on your waterpipes.Your taps become unsightly and clogged, shower heads become blocked and inefficient, kettles become furred and leave deposits in your hot drinks and the element on a washing machine can get furred and breakdown leading to expense and hassle. But at last there is a simple solution to all these problems. Using simple magnetic technology, fasten the magnetic semi shells to your main water pipes. No need for tools, they simply click on. Now when water flows through your pipes the magnetic field that is generated dissolves the lime structures and helps prevent build up in pipes and on surfaces. It’s a low cost solution to limescale build up. Suitable for all water pipes and a double pack is suitable for a 4-person household.


Anti Limescale System Buy Two Save £6

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£12.99 £19.98

Deluxe Toilet Safety Support6 EASY GRIP FOAM PADDED HANDLES

Need an extra hand when getting on and off the toilet? Then the Deluxe Toilet safety Support could make your life much easier. Need an extra hand when getting on and off the toilet? Now with the Deluxe Toilet Safety Support you can get all the support and safety you need! The Deluxe Toilet Safety Support gives the user support when sitting or rising from the toilet seat. The safety rail features easy-to-grasp handles with comfortable foam padded grips, that allow you to easily help your self up. The base supports slip resistant padding which grips any type of flooring giving you the confidence you need. The safety support also has a handy magazine rack on the side. Made of sturdy tubular steel and supports up to 300lbs. Measures 51x48x65cm.

H51212 Deluxe Toilet Safety Support £39.99

Nightvision Glasses 6

Magic Jewllery Clasp 6

These scientifically designed BEFORE clear spectrum lenses have the amazing ability to lessen the effects of harsh, blinding glare caused by low level sun rays, oncoming headlights, road lamps, electrical signs, rain slick AFTER pavements and snow banks – all the things that make driving in certain conditions miserable and dangerous! Eye straining light dispersements caused by sun haze almost completely disappear. With Anti-glare, you’ll feel so comfortable driving, that you’ll wonder how you ever got by without them. Designed in a sleek, hi-fashionable frame suitable for both men and women, can be used all year round. Each pair comes complete with a one year money back guarantee.

H04182 H04183

Nightvision Clip-on Glasses Nightvision Standard Glasses

£8.99 £7.99

Never struggle with any necklace again!

Our Magnetic Jewellery Clasps contain super strength magnets, guaranteed to grip and never slip, so even your heaviest necklaces are perfectly secure. They are available in silver or gold to complement all of your jewellery. They even come with a three-inch extender, so you can add a little extra length to your necklaces or make your jewellery more comfortable around your neck. Each set includes: Two gold tone & two silver tone magnetic clasps and one of each 3” extender chain.


Magic Jewellery Clasp

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3Wireless Headphones

Buy Two


Do you love to listen to music or the TV but hate cords? Now you can listen to music, TV, radio or DVD without being tied down or tangled up! The Wireless headphones feature integrated volume control and Super Bass for superb sound quality all around the home. Simply plug the receiver unit into your stereo, MP3 player, TV or computer and the sound is transmitted to the headphones so you are free to enjoy your music up to 15m from the transmitter (even through walls). The advanced Chip & Core technology gives ultra strong signal and reception quality with stereo option for suitable sources (i.e. TV). The headphones have soft comfort rings for a secure, comfortable fit and built in volume, reset and scan controls. Can also be used with a standard headphone cable if required. Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included).


3Sat Nav Mat

Wireless Headphones Buy Two Save £6 4x AA Batteries

£17.99 £29.98 £2.76

Car Dent Puller6

Special gripfast rubber that sticks to the dash board. Buy Two


Easily interact with your GPS while driving. Turn your windscreen mounted Sat Nav into a convenient dashboard mount. Simply lay flat and attach your windscreen mount onto it. Made of a special grip-fast rubber it sticks to the dash and stays firmly in place as you drive. Measures L20xW16cm.



Sat Nav Mat Buy Two Save £4

£19.99 £35.98

More cars... more dents... more expense? Not neces­ sarily if you use this car dent puller. Minor dents can be repaired using the vastly improved suction on this model. Just place the cup over the dent, click the handles shut and pull gently. The puller automatically creates a vacuum to grab the panel tightly. Open the handles to release the vacuum and it’s done! Can also be used to carry sheets of glass, metal and mirrors safely.


Car Dent Puller

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New Formula Spray ‘N’ Seal 6 Stop leaking joints instantly with Simply Spray ‘n’ Seal Imagine being able to repair a leak in seconds without hiring expensive specialists.With Spray ‘n’ Seal you can - simply clean the area to be Gutter & Down pipes sealed, apply the spray and that’s it, you have a watertight seal in seconds - it’s as simple as that. Formulated in the UK and used by respected DIY enthusiasts, it is great for repairing leaks in pipes, gutters, drains, roofs, windows or other areas where water has been seeping through. It can also be used as a sealing coat over watermarks or graffiti before redecorating. Long term water damage can cost hundreds of pounds to Waste Pipes put right, don’t let that leak or seeping water damage your home or car, put it right now with Spray ‘n’ Seal. Keep a can around the house and be prepared for the next little emergency. Now available in Black,White or Clear. Leaks in Loft Areas Repair, pipes, gutters, drains, roofs, any

areas where water has been seeping through. Now in black, white or clear sprey!

Shed Roofs

H04184 H04184W H04184C

Spray ‘N’ Seal - Black Spray ‘N’ Seal - White Spray ‘N’ Seal - Clear Buy One Get One Free

£14.99 £14.99 £14.99

Buy One Get One


Frost Free Spray and Anti-Frost Mat 6 Defrost your freezer in just Before minutes with Frost Free Spray. Once, defrosting a refrigerator and freezer was a messy and time-consuming chore requiring hours of chipping away at frost and ice. Now a simple spritz of this magical defrosting mist does the job instantly  and perfectly. Just spray into the refrigerator or freezer, and watch ice melt away. Safe and odourless. Comes in handy 8 ounce spray can! (300ml).


Never again defrost your freezer with the Anti Frost Mat

Buy Both


Save time, food & money!

The innovative Anti-Frost Mat prevents the icy build up in your freezer. Don’t chip and hack away at layers of ice to get to your frozen foods. Instead place this anti-frost mat on the bottom of your freezer and frost won’t be given the chance to form. With no frost build up in your freezer, the anti frost mat will help minimize blockages in freezer drainage tubes that can lead to “icebergs”. This great product also ends the drudgery of manual defrosting as well! Measures 47x23cm.

H04788 H63575 ZFROSTSET

Frost Free Spray £7.99 Buy Two Save £1 Anti-Frost Mat £7.99 Buy Two Save £3 Buy Both Frost Free and Anti-Frost Mat Save £3

£14.98 £12.98 £12.98

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Self Coil Hoses6

Forget bulky hose reels that are difficult to manage and kinking pipes

The Coil Hose takes up less than half the space of a traditional hose reel and is far easier to use. No twists or kinks to block the water flow or difficult winding and storing, in fact it’s so compact you could even store it in a drawer or cupboard. The Coil Hose is the easiest way to get water to your car, garden, patio or caravan, available in 50ft or 100ft lengths the hose stretches to where you want it and automatically coils up neatly when you are finished. The hose comes complete with connector and 4-function variable spray head for precision spray to suit any task.

H63126 H63127

Self Coil Hose - 50ft Self Coil Hose - 100ft

£14.99 £19.99

3Soft Close Toilet Seat

Fed up with the toilet seat slamming down onto the toilet basin with a noisy thud? Well now you don’t have to anymore introducing the fabuous soft-close toilet seat with practical soft close hinges that simply means the toilet lid folds down in slow motion. Ideal for ensuites so you don’t disturb others. Made from easy-wipe clean plastic for maximum hygiene. Will fit most toilets. Easy to assemble and comes with all fixtures & fittings. Colour: White.



Soft-Close Toilet Seat

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3Insect Repeller Plug In

Protect your home from unwanted insects & pest with the Plug-in Insect Repeller

Buy Two

Rid your home of annoying insects and pests with the easy to install & plug-in insect repeller. Simply plug it into any electric socket & it will emit changing ultrasonic waves that create a noisy and hostile environment which repels insects & pests, whilst remaining safe for humans and household pets such as cats, dogs, birds & reptiles. Ideal to ward off rats, mice, ants and spiders. Environmently friendly so no insecticides, no traps & no poisons. Perfect for an average size room in the home or office. Has a built in LED night light that lasts up to 100,000 hours. For indoor use only.


✗ ✗ ✗


Insect Repeller Plug in Buy Two Save £5

£9.99 £14.98

Insect Screens 6

Helps keep rooms cool whilst keeping annoying bugs out.

If you’re plagued by flies, mosquitoes and other insects during those hot summer months, why not follow the example of the Americans and fit these highly transparent screens over your doors. Ideal for home, caravan, conservatory etc, they’re made from durable polyester, which absorbs the sun’s heat and helps keep rooms cool whilst keeping annoying bugs out. Easily put up or taken down in minutes with the VelcroTM strips supplied, which self-adhere around the window frame. The Door Screens come in 2 pieces each 200cm x 76cm, which overlap to cover the door whilst allowing entry.


Insect Screen - Door


3Spider Stayway

Natural spray that harmlessly repels those unwanted visitors.

Ideal for preventing spider infestation and spiderwebs the humane way, Spider StayAway is a natural spray that harmlessly repels those unwanted visitors. Using Chestnut oil, a fragrance disliked by spiders, once the area is sprayed, they won't come near. Simply spray around doors and windows and spiders are deterred from entering. Also perfect for camping, caravans, basements and sheds. Effective outside and inside, it leaves no residue or discolouration. Safe to use and harmless to animals, adults and children. Each application can last up to 1 month. Supplied in a 500ml child resistant bottle, with spray head.


Spider Stayaway


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Seal Fix instant Waterproof Seal 6 Seal fix is a permanent elastic compound and is an instant waterproof seal. It is effective both indoors and out and can be applied in rain, sun, snow or frost (-50c to +380c). The easy paint on formula is UV resistant and can seal virtually any surface and even bridge tears up to 10mm.

Immediately watertight no matter the weather


Outdoors Asbestos free. Seals: Roofing felt, Brick, Slate, Cast Iron, Wood, Shingle, Pond Liners, Polythene, Plastic, PVC, Acrylic, Tar, Aluminium, Copper, Lead, Zinc, Welded sections... And more!


Seal Fix Instant Waterproof Seal


Buy Two Save £6


Pelvic Back Pain Belt 6 “I’m a semi-retired executive who will start decade of life next year. Last year I was in such back pain I could not walk ten feet without not bend over to tie my shoelace… that’s how bad my lower back pain was. I was recommenda famous and very expensive doctor, but I would paid anything to get some relief.

my ninth lower agony. I could incredibly ed to see have

Buy Two


From that doctor’s visit I discovered the Pelvic Back Belt. Now I want to share my story with you. I discovered that the real cause of most back aches does not come from the back! It actually starts below the waistline, in your pelvis. That’s where pressure from standing and shock waves from walking, jolt and inflame the nerves of the pelvic area and stab upward to the muscles of your back. To relieve the strain on your pelvis and soothe these spinal nerve endings he advised me to try something totally new and different from anything I had ever seen or heard of before. I wore the belt just below my waist on the hips and now I call this Pelvic Back Belt my miracle belt. Now I wear this wonderful invention every day, and it has returned me to a fully active, normal life after years of lower back pain. I walk the golf course again… take long car trips… lead a normal active life, free of lower back pain. Best of all, the back belt is so easy to wear I don’t even know I’m wearing it, and neither does anyone else”. So wrote Mr. Geller to one of our staff at 24 Seven Healthcare. With his testimonial and absolute recommendation we decided to try the belt here in the UK - and the results have been amazing!

One size fits all suitable for both men & women


Pelvic Back Pain Belt


Buy Two Save £6

12 Visit us online:


Easy Ear Cleaner 6

Buy O Get ne One

A brand new way to safely clean your ears.


No more blocked ears and muffled hearing, without the risks associated with using cotton buds or other implements. A small, gentle vacum that removes troublesome and unsightly earwax gently and completely. No more messy drops or stained pillows, just clean, wax free ears. Includes 3 interchangeable soft cleaning nozzles so that each family member can hygienically use their own. It’s silent, simple to use and comes with a brush to clean the filter as required. A new advance in personal body care - cut out the risk of using other objects in you delicate ears. Requires 2x AA Batteries.


Easy Ear Cleaner 2xAA Batteries £1.38


Buy One Get One Free

Glow In The Dark Alarm Clock4 Check the time without turning on the light

One Buy ne Get O


The best of both worlds - traditional numerals and hands coupled with modern technology that enables the luminous, phosphorescent clock face to glow ‘gently’ in the dark. You can check the time without switching the light on or disturbing others. The key is that they glow ‘gently’ unlike some other digital clocks that give off such a strong light you’d think you were in a nightclub and so disrupts your sleep or even wakes you up. The high quality clock is compact enough not to clutter your bedside table and also ideal to take away on holiday or business. It also features a temperature display so you can check the ambient temperature at a glance. Requires 2xAA batteries. Buy One Get One Free.


Glow In The Dark Alarm Clock Buy One Get One Free 2x AA Batteries

£14.99 £1.38

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Super-Comfy Bra 6





Regardless of your age there are inevitable hang ups with wired bras. Say goodbye to lifeless lift and discomfort, say hello to Super Comfy Bra.This design is seamless, breathable, constructed with nylon and spandex, and provides unrivalled comfort and support all day long. Ideal for everyday use. With its wider shoulder straps and expandable fabric, the bra conforms to the body’s shape and cup size, giving amazing all round comfort and unrivalled support. Super Comfy Bra is fully machine washable and tumble dryer safe, returning to its original shape every time. Pack Includes all three colours as shown; White, Black and Natural.


Super Comfy Bra (Set of 3)

Carpet Wizard6


42 Pce Storage Set 6 CARPETS



Buy Two

Save £5


Using the latest in micro fibre technology Carpet Wizard keeps your carpets looking like new. Just one wipe is all it takesto remove dirt and dust - so no need for chemicals or cleaning products – all you need is water. How does it work? The micro fibre cleaning pad is made up of millions of highly absorbent micro fibres. Using capillary action, each and every one of these millions of micro fibres instantly absorb the dirt and dust on contact as the roller passes over the carpet. Great on upholstery, curtains and sofas, it has a telescopic handle that extends from 70 to 120cm, so you don’t need to bend or stretch. Supplied with two micro fibre cleaning pads that just need to be rinsed under the tap to use time and time again.



Carpet Wizard Buy Two Save £5

£14.99 £24.98

Makes searching easy and stores food quickly. These are the best containers for your fridge that will keep food fresh longer, minimize space and accommodate just about anything - from leftovers, fruit slices and chopped veggies to sandwich fillings and garnishes. These vibrant colours brighten up any occasion. They are compact, versatile and stylish and are also ideal for storing snacks, cookies, sandwiches, sliced fruits, salads or just any packed lunches to go mobile. Bring these Tupperware products along with easy take-away meals to the office or for family and friends.


42 Pce Storage Set

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GPS Road Watch Driving Recorder 6 This device saves your no claim bonus!! Superb protection from uninsured drivers and fraudulent lawsuits. Records a video of your journey, plus a complete log of speeds and locations – it’s one of the most advanced driving recorders ever seen. Constantly alert - dual cameras record the road ahead in crystal clear high definition plus inside your car (if required) - simply fit to your windscreen/dash and as soon as you turn on your engine it starts filming and recording. If you have an accident, simply play back your recorded footage, with the cutting-edge inbuilt GPS global positioning and gravity-force G-sensors technology recording speeds/ map locations which can be reviewed on PC after any incident. Equally capable in low light conditions (such as a lit nighttime road), power is provided by long life lithium ion rechargeable battery (full charge gives 3 hrs recording) or by 12v cigar socket (lead supplied) and video is recorded to a micro SD memory card.


GPS Road Watch Driving Recorder

6Hug Light

Good Luck Bracelet 6

Buy Two

Bring good fortune into your life

Save £6

Ultra-bright white light, exactly where you want it - that’s why the Hug Light is so popular in the USA. Brilliantly simple, it consists of two very powerful flashlights at either end of a super-flexible foam-covered stem - a total of 4 LEDs (2 wide angle and 2 spots). Wear it comfortably around your neck for reading and hobbies, hang it conveniently for tricky DIY jobs or coil it into a free-standing desk light. Also great for camping or working under the bonnet of the car. With controls to turn on 1,2,3 or all 4 LEDs, it’s powered by 2xAAA batteries (included). Length: 57cm.



Hug Light Buy Two Save £6

£12.99 £19.98

Fashioned from centuries old semi-precious gems and ancient Chinese ‘Good Fortune’ symbols,this unique bracelet has been said to change the lives and good fortunes of all who wear it. Beautiful addition to your jewellery collection. Here in this exquisite, finely crafted bracelet are all 5 of the ancient Chinese sacred gemstones, with the corresponding ‘good fortune’ symbols next to each one - plus the Sung Dynasty special symbol for an eternal blessing of every aspect of your life.


Good Luck Bracelet

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3Windproof Umbrella

Vents control the wind to stop blow outs

Innovative airflow vents allow gusts of wind to pass straight through its 94cm canopy, preventing it from blowing inside out. Even in the strongest winds the exceptionally strong, sturdy and durable frame will ensure it retains its shape. Features include a comfortable rubberised handle with press button automatic open and matching umbrella sleeve with convenient shoulder strap. Folds to a compact 38cm, ideal for taking with you wherever you go. Choose from 4 colours. Black, red, blue, or pink.


Save £5 Was





Windproof Umbrella


Was £19.99

Now £14.99

Aluminium Wallet6 A heightened level of security for your cards.


Save £5


For years, leather was considered the best material for wallets. Not anymore. Now these slim, sleek, stylish aluminium versions have stepped into the spotlight. Much more durable then leather, the lightweight (70g) aluminium case is waterproof and practically indestructible: easily protecting your credit cards from scratches, bending snapping and demagnetisation. It will shield your cards data from RFID scanners ­­increasingly being used by fraudsters. Lined with a resin interior, it features 6 expandable pockets and a one-touch pop open clasp. Available in red, silver, black or blue.






Aluminium Wallet




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Door Canopies 6

Your home and dry with one of these clever canopies over your front or back door. Made from ultra-durable transparent UV stabilised polycarbonate -so it won’t block natural light - comes in a choice of either black or white brackets, it will protect your doors from the effects of the weather and you and your visitors from rain, sleet and snow. A single canopy measures overall H24xW120xD78cm. With aluminium front and rear profiles, it’s complete with wall fixings supplied. Please specify colour when ordering.


Door Canopies


Light Angel 6

Dummy Security Camera 6 MAKE YOUR HOME SAFER

Walk past this stylish outdoor/indoor light and it switches on automatically. And the brilliant white beam stays on until 30 seconds after movement has ceased. The light is easy to direct thanks to a 360o rotating base and an independently pivoting cluster of 7 LEDs. Weather- resistant, it’s useful for outdoor and indoor use - in dark corridors, garages and sheds. Fitting is reassuringly easy, there’s no wiring required and the mounting bracket and fixings are included. Powered by 4xAA batteries (not included) which won’t need changing for approximately 100,000 hours (that’s more than 11 years) of constant use. Base diameter 12.5cm, light and base height 16cm. Available in white or silver. Please specify colour when ordering.


Light Angel 4xAA Batteries

£19.99 £2.76

With a sensitive infra-red motion detector to see in the dark, this Dummy CCTV Security Camera will keep guard 24 hours, helping to deter intruders and vandals without the high cost of a complete security system. Authentic styling and features make it impossible to tell apart from the real thing. Sensing movement to 5m, it pans 90 degrees with authentic motion sound and flashing red light that simulates recording. Works at any angle as both camera head and detector are tilt adjustable. Giving increased peace of mind, its perfect for both home and office use. Powered by 2 x AA batteries (not included), or mains charger (not included). Plastic measures H18xW8xl17cm.


Dummy Security Camera 2xAA Batteries

Call us to order: 0871 426 1444

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£17.99 £1.38


Miracle Scratch Vanish Pen 6 No more costly scratch repairs The miracle vanish pen is the perfect solution to everyday scratches and marks that devalue and cheapen the look of your car. But it doesn’t just cover up scratches it helps to eliminates them! The specialist formula fills scratch marks seals them and protects them from corrosion. Whats more miracle vanish pen UGLY SCRATCHES can be used on any vehicle APPEAR TO and any colour. If returning your car to its former glory wasn’t enough incentive not only does the genius device cost just £14.99 we will give you another miracle vanish pen absolutely “VANISH” FROM VIEW free.


Miracle Scratch Vanish Pen Buy One Get One Free


Alpine Army Watch 4 Ideal for outdoor activities For the first time ever, an Alpine Army watch is now being made available to the public - not for the £100 you might expect but for a very special price of only £12.99, Ideal for outdoor activities it features all the latest advances in cutting edge technology including quartz movement for split-second accuracy; night vision dial with large, easy to read numbers; luminous hand and sweep second hand; light as a feather, scratch proof crystal; and a leather-reinforced wrist strap. Includes presentation box.

¥Scratch-Proof Crystal ¥Water-Resistant ¥Shockproof ¥Precision Quartz Movement ¥Weighs Less than 57g ¥Nightvision Dial H50181


Alpine Army Watch



Buy Two Save £6

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3Hair Growth Stopper - Face A long lasting solution for unwanted hair growth on the facial area, the growth stopper reaches down to the roots of the hair slowing down the regrowth process. Suitable for all skin types and any irritations are soothed and eased thanks to the nice cooling effect after each treatment.

Buy Two

Save £5


upto 50% less hair growth

Hair Growth Stopper - Face Buy Two Save £5

£14.99 £24.98

Spikey 6 Protect your property from animals or intruders Help stop unwanted animals or intruders from entering your property with the Spikey. Constructed of rugged strips of closely arranged spikes that are difficult to grip or walk on, they offer discreet yet effective protection for your property. Made from robust UV and weather resistant ABS plastic, Spikey can be screwed or glued to walls, fences and both wooden and metal gates. Supplied in a pack of 10 strips, each strip measures 50cm.





Magnifying Sheet 6 Great for people with poor eyesight The magnifying sheet is a great help for anyone with poor eysight who has difficulty reading small print. Great for use with newspapers and books, the sheet can be held at just the right height for any individual. Keep it with the books and magazines and you will find reading small print easier and more enjoyable.


Magnifying Sheet


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3Lift and Renew Serum


Helps you look years younger Wrinkles, fine lines and puffy dark bags around the eyes can betray your real age. Makeup, concealers and moisturisers only disguise the problem. Simply apply Lift And Renew around the delicate eye area and start to see an amazing improvement in the appearance of the puffiness, bags and fine line wrinkles that give your age away. Your friends and family will notice a difference. Your appearance will look younger and brighter and you will feel more confident with your younger look. Lift and Renew serum, is a scientifically advanced poly-peptide complex embedded within a topical serum called Arigeriline. Do you want lines, wrinkles, crows feet and eye bags to appear reduced! Do you want smooth, younger looking skin? Lift And Renew serum helps you look years younger.


Buy One Get One



Lift and Renew Serum


Buy One Get One Free

Mighty Shaver Pro 6

US Army Torch 6

Rechargeable, fully waterproof and cordless, the electric wet and dry Mighty Shaver is smaller than a credit card yet delivers an amazing 9000rpm. Working 5 to 7 days on a single charge, shave anywhere, anytime even in the shower. Because of the size and independent Buy Two floating head system, it manoeuvres well around the face following the contours for a cleaner, closer shave. Used wet or dry, this compact and portable shaver features two rows of stay-sharp high speed stainless steel blades to get the job done in half the time. Have the power of Mighty Shaver in the car, office or when travelling.

There’s strong, then there’s US Army Strong! Nine super-bright LED bulbs in this pocket sized torch which lights objects much further away than an ordinary torch. The Aluminium torch is powerful, strong and above all, reliable. Energy saving LED bulbs, which last around 100,000 hours. Measures only L10cm, it uses 3xAAA batteries which are included.



Save £6


Mighty Shaver Pro Buy Two Save £6

£17.99 £29.98

US Army Torch

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Wheeled Grass Seed Spreader 6 Ideal for evenly spreading seed, feed and any other fine to medium grained solid dressings to your lawn.

This large, 12 litre capacity, lightweight (just 1.57kg/3.45lbs) wheeled spreader with 10 variable distribution settings for optimum distribution is ideal for evenly spreading seed, feed and any other fine to medium grained solid dressings to your lawn. For best results apply once you’ve removed the moss and thatch by scarifying and aerating. It’s manufactured from tough Polypropylene, an aluminium handle and two large (18.5cm/7 ¼”) diameter wheels so it’s easy to push or pull along. er Spreading width 46cm / 18”. Far smartthan doing the job by hand!



Analogue Alarm Clock 6

Wheeled Grass Seed Spreader


Triple Safety Grip Handle6 Extra help where you need it most



Analogue alarm clock with a metal case with a mirror polished finish to suit any bedroom. It has large and easy to read figures that glow in the dark and a large bell alarm. Height 12cm.


Analogue Alarm Clock


This Triple Safety Grip Handle will give you extra help where you need it most. The powerful suction cups will instantly lock the handle on the side of your bathtub or shower wall. This helps you get a good firm grip and added security whilst getting in and out of the bath tub, showering or even getting on or off the toilet. With NO fixings of any kind, anybody can quickly, conveniently and easily attach the handle securely.


Triple Safety Grip Handle

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Buxton Wallet 6 The ultimate compact wallet for him or her! What good is a compact wallet if it can’t hold everything you need? With Buxton’s® stylish and innovative Zip ‘N Go Palm Sized Wallet, the new accordion-fold interior gives you plenty of room for 11 credit cards or more plus photos, business cards, driver’s license, bills, coins, receipts and more. Best of all there’s no searching for the card you need, as the accordion folds open, everything you carry is organized and clearly visible. The outer wallet is crafted of leather with the Buxton® assurance of quality, it’s the perfect gift for men and women who hate lugging around a big, heavy wallet.


Buxton Wallet Buy One Get One Free


Leather Car Seat Cushion6 This luxurious leather cushion is designed to fit snugly againt our back when seated. Buy O Get ne One

A luxurious Leather Cushion that provides the sort of orthopedic support found in top-of-the-range cars. Ergonomically cradling your body it encourages better posture and helps relieve driver fatigue. With a raised lumbar panel it is ideal for use in car, home or office. The car seat is exquisitely well crafted in 100% segmented genuine leather. Easy to fit with elasticated straps. Measures 50x54x44cm.



Leather Car Seat Cushion Buy One Get One Free



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Knee Pillow 4 The Knee Pillow eases pressure from the knees

If you prefer to sleep on your side but find your legs and knees are uncomfortable then try the Knee Pillow. The knee pillow is specially designed to help alleviate knee discomfort for more restful, undisturbed sleep. The Knee Pillow gives soft gentle cushioning to your knees all night long, keeping your knees apart to allow your legs to stay naturally aligned with your pelvis. Simply attach the Knee Pillow to either leg with the adjustable strap using the Velcro fastenings for a secure, comfortable fit. Made from super-comfortable high density foam, measures approx. 19x12.7x12.2 cm.


Knee Pillow


Sturdy Step Stool 6

Memory Foam Pillow 6


The Memory Foam Comfort Pillow uses revolutionary visco-elastic foam which is weight and temperature sensitive, continuously moulding to your body shape and position. The result is a pillow that provides proper support to correct sleeping posture & helps eliminate painful pressure points for a comfortable and peaceful night’s sleep. The Memory Foam Comfort Pillow has been specially designed for use all over the body to support and soothe for better rest and relaxation.


Memory Foam Pillow


Reach higher with this sturdy foldaway Step Stool add almost a foot to your height with this sturdy reinforced plastic step stool which locks in the open position to hold up to 130kg safely. Use it for higher tasks around the house, then fold away to just 5cm to slide into the narrowest of spaces-next to the fridge or stove, under the sink or inside a cupboard. With moulded-in carry handle it measures H37xW32xD5cm when folded. With non-slip feet it’s safe, solid and sturdy.


Sturdy Step Stool

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Churchill Anti-Fraud Wallet 6


The ultimate compact wallet for him or her! With the Churchill stylish and innovative Zip ’N’ Go Palm-Sized Wallet the new accordion fold interior gives you plenty of room for 11 credit cards or more plus photos,business cards, driving license, notes, coins, receipts and more. Best for all there’s no searching for the cards you need - as the accordion folds open, everything you carry is organised and clearly visible. Crafted from an outer of coated leather with synthetic internal dividers and Churchill assurance of quality, it’s the perfect gift for men & women who hate lugging around a big, heavy wallet. Measures zipped up 1¼” thick by 4½” long & 3” high! Features a cordion pocket to hold more cards and cash… Keep items visibly organised and easy to get at 12 inner sleeves. Available in classic black.


Churchill Anti-fraud Wallet Buy One Get One Free



Buy One Get One



Anti Dustmite Cloths 6

7Pce Kitchen & BBQ Set 6

Dust mites are microscopic animals related to other mites and ticks. Dust mites are currently placed in the order Astigmata, family Pyroglyphidae, and genus Dermatophagoides (translates to “skin-eater”). The two most common species are: North American house dust mite, Dermatophagoides Farinae and European house dust mite, Dermatophagoides Pteronyssinus. They both occur where human beings live and where the humidity is optimal for their life cycle. Dust mites are know for causing allergies in millions of Americans. To paraphrase a famous sportcaster: “You can’t stop dust mites, you can only hope to contain them. There is more in the statement than you think”. Dust mites don’t live very long anyway, but they are durable, reproduce rapidly and are widely dispersed inside the average home.

This extremely useful kitchen set has everything you need for barbeques or al fresco cooking, it is also ideal for camping and caravaning or as a gift for a budding chef. Presented in a tough plastic carry case the set comprises of a chopping board, barbeque fork, bottle opener, fish slice, kitchen scissors, serving / stirring spoon and chef’s knife.




Anti Dustmite Cloths


7Pce Kitchen & BBQ Set

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The super strong safety handle will give you extra help where you need it most. The powerful twin suction cups will instantly lock this handle on the side of your bathtub or shower wall. This ensures you get a good firm grip and added security whilst getting in and out of the bath tub, showering or even getting on or off the toilet. With no fixings of any kind, anybody can quickly, conveniently and easily attach the handle securely. A helping hand whenever you need it securely attaches instantly with a flick of a switch! Absolutely ideal for the elderly or the disabled. With the simple flick of a lever, the handle can be effortlessly unlocked and relocated as many times as you wish. This simple but stable locking system makes the super strong safety handle ideal for holidays, family visits etc.


Safety Grip Handle


Napkin Chains6

ID Protection Stamp 6 Buy Two

Save £1


Conceal your address, bank account or other details on personal documents you throw away with the ID Protector Stamp. No need for expensive, bulky shredders. Simply stamp over the relevant data and the specially designed permanent ink pattern renders confidential information completely illegible. Ideal for bills, credit card statements and junk mail. Includes ink cartridge.

H64795 H64796

ID Protection Stamp £7.99 Buy Two Save £1 £14.98 Refills ID Protection Stamp £3.99

Protect your shirts and tops from spills and spots. The Napkin Chain converts any cloth, towel or napkin into an instant bib to provide complete bib-like protection. Elegantly made from silver coated brass with two discreet crocodile clips (set of 2). The chain is 21” long and slips into a pocket or purse easily.

H65032 H65155

Silver Napkin Chains Pearl Napkin Chains

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£12.99 £14.99


Modesty Panels 6


If you’re fed up with gaping tops or other clothing that shows a little too much cleavage, these pretty modesty panels will save your blushes. Modesty panels easily clip onto your bra straps for a quick and simple way to cover up and it creates the instant effect of a neckline without the bulk of wearing an extra layer or camisole. Great for low-cut tops and V-necks, our pretty lace design in easycare polyester comes in a pack of three or five different colours to ring the changes. Pack of three comes in black, white and cream. Pack of five comes in silver, gold, black, white and cream.


Modesty Panels - Pack of 3




Modesty Panels - Pack of 5


Bosster Cushion6 Made with spring-back polyester filling that plumps back into shape after use and are beautifully finished in durable cotton fabric. JADE


Buy Two





These practical new Booster cushions bring a new level of comfort to armchair or dining chair. With an extra 10cm and 8cm lift respectively, getting on and off is so much easier. Made with spring-back polyester filling that plumps back into shape after use and are beautifully finished in durable cotton fabric. Finished with piping and buttons, both top and bottom, they respectively measure 51cm and 38cm square and are available in a choice of jade, cream, terracotta and brown to blend with virtually any suite. State colour required when ordering.





Armchair Cushion Buy Two Save £4 Chair Cushion Buy Two Save £4

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£17.99 £31.98 £14.99 £25.98

Chiro Cushion 6

Buy One Get One


If you suffer the constant discomfort of nagging pains in the lower area of your back and if sitting comfortably is almost impossible then here is a new way of ensuring constant relief. The Chiro Cushion is designed to remove the pressure from the coccyx whilst gently tipping the pelvis forward to create the spines natural lumbar curve. This has the effect of easing pressure from the spine and will relieve the aches and pains associated from sitting for long periods. Ideal for home, office or car.


Chiro Cushion Buy One Get One Free


Solar Tiffany Style Lamp 6 The lamp battery is powered by the sun in the daytime to give your lamp a warm glow in the evening. Enjoy wireless “enlightenment” with this Tiffany-Style Solar Powered Lamp. This amazing lamp has a rechargeable battery using no electricity. The lamp battery is powered by the sun in the daytime to give your lamp a warm glow in the evening. Simply place the lamp in a sunny position near a window and leave the lamp to “soak up the rays”. The lamp then switches on automatically at night using a built-in light sensor and provides a lovely warm, multi-coloured glow through the Tiffany-style glass. What a beautiful way to light your home. Measures H19xW15cm.


Solar Tiffany Style Lamp


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Adaptor Sockets 6 Just plug in to any standard socket to have 4 or 5 individual sockets instantly!


HOME OR Instantly convert one standard socket into OFFICE multiple independent sockets with the innovatively designed, cable-free, Plug Multiplier. With no trailing wires it’s safe and easy to install, all you need do is simply plug it in. Each socket has its own on/off switch so you’re in control at all times. Ideal for use around the home or office where there are many electrical items, but simply not enough sockets. For use in the kitchen, bedroom, lounge, study or office, it’s fitted with a built-in safety fuse to avoid overloading and is suitable for all UK 13amp 3-pin sockets. With built-in Surge Protection, it will also help protect your electrical equipment from costly and irreparable damage BUILT IN SURGE caused from power surges, electrical spikes and lightning PROTECTION strikes.

H64413 H63187

Below 5-Way Adaptor Below 4-Way Adaptor

Bounce Back Pillows 6

£24.99 £14.99

Anti-Burn Gloves 6

Enjoy the same comfort night after night with our bounce-back pillows

Buy Two

Save £5

Unlike feather and down pillows that tend to lose their shape, these are filled with a special bounce back hollow fibre, so you can sink your head into a luxuriously soft 6.5” loft that will never flatten out during the night. Machine washable, each pillow measures 29”x19” to it standard pillowcases.



Bounce Back Pillows (Pair) £19.99 Buy Two Save £5 £34.98

These remarkable burn-proof gloves, originally developed for fire fighters, are suitable to use as oven gloves, removing hot items from cookers, grills and microwaves. Also excellent for moving hot coals on barbecues and bonfires. These ‘one size fits all’ gloves are soft, flexible and hand washable, and are tested to British Standards. Outer composition: 90% Nomex, 10% Kevlar, Inner lining composition: 100% Cotton.


Anti-Burn Gloves

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3Comfort Shoes As comfortable and relaxing to wear as a pair of slippers, you’ll never want to take these off. Available in Black or Red

Memory foam soles cushion and envelope your feet, moulding to their contours to provide support & pressure relief, whilst being snug, warm and breathable. With non-slip rubber soles, they can be worn outside as well as indoors.


Comfort Shoes Buy Two Save £5


£19.99 £34.98

Tumble Dryer Converter6

Multi-Function Flashlight 6

This may just save your life!

If your kitchen or utility room seems to turn into a Turkish bath every time you use the tumble dryer, use our easy-to-fit Tumble Dryer Converter, which does away with the need for wall vents or open windows. Simply attach the 1.5m exhaust hose (supplied) to the steam outlet on your tumble drier and add some ice and water to the unit. The steam is collected and condensed in the special re-usable container which is simply emptied after each use.


Tumble Dryer Converter


This amazing tool could be the difference in a life and death situation, in a car crash or an accident. Functions: Seat belt cutter: This added safety feature allows the driver to cut the seat belt off in the event of an accident or emergency situation.Magnetic base: Attach to any steel surface of the vehicle in emergencies for hands free operation. Emergency glass hammer: The steel spike feature allows the driver or the occupant to be able to shatter the window and escape the vehicle. Weatherproof: This unit is weatherproof under normal usage 360 degrees flashing beacon: the high intensity flashing red led’s allow other drivers to see the beacon from a distance of up to 500 yards in all directions. Flashlight: The 3 in 1 emergency beacon provides a high intensity white led flashlight or can be attached to any steel surface and you never have to change the bulb. 2 AA Batteries not included. You wont regret buying this little lifesaver.


Multi-Function Flashlight 2xAA Batteries

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£5.99 £1.38


Juice Booster6

Create delicious soups, cocktails mixers and energishing drinks The Juice Booster gives you pure, natural and healthy juice in seconds! Create delicious soups, cocktail mixers and energising drinks with no mess or fuss, just pure fruit. What a great way to get your daily recommended amount of 5 different fruit and vegetables! So simple to use - place fruit or vegetables into the shoot and press down, then enjoy your juice. Easy to clean too! Extremely versatile - create fruit juice drinks, vegetable drinks and even impress guests with mouth watering cocktails and dips! The powerful Juice Booster has 600 watts of power and twin speed function designed to juice virtually any fruit or vegetable!


6 4-Step Genius Ladder




With so many practical uses around the home, from decorating inside to cleaning windows outside, even pruning in the garden, it is so helpful. The two side rails are complemented by oversized 38x26cm (15”x10”) non-slip rubber trim steps and an extra-high front safety rail which reaches 61cm (2ft) above the top step or holding or leaning against. With maximum standing height of 95cm (3.1ft) from the floor, it measures H155xW56x D84cm when open and folds to H169xW56xD8cm. Maximum user weight 150kg (23.5st).



4-Step Safety Ladder

Juice Booster


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Sofa Savers 6 Give ageing armchairs and sofas a new lease of life Give ageing armchairs and sofas a new lease of life and bring back that ‘just like new’ comfort and posture.Seat Saver is an ingenious and effective solution to the problem of sagging seat cushions.100% non-slip cotton, Seat Savers slat like construction folds as necessary to provide a perfect fit. The foldable panels are 48x50cm and allow size flexibility to fit sofas or armchairs. A practical and inexpensive method to provide maximum seating comfort to your home. Measurements: Single Seat Saver approx 50x48cm, 2 Seat Saver approx 117x48cm, 3 Seat Saver approx 170x48cm.

H50807 H50806 H50805

Single Seat Saver 2 Seat Sofa Saver 3 Seat Sofa Saver



£8.99 £12.99 £17.99

Shaver Sharpener 6 Buy One Get One


Has your rotary shaver lost some of it’s edge? This scientifically designed Shaver Sharpener will bring your rotary shaver back to it’s original sharpness in just seconds. Not only that, you’ll save money on replacement blades. By using just once a month you can ensure that your old worn heads provide clean comfortable shaves again. Quick, simple and guaranteed to work with all rotary


Shaver Sharpener £9.99 Buy One Get One Free

Roll up Puzzle Mat 4 Move puzzles easily without disturbing a single piece. Don’t have half finished puzzles cluttering up your table or floor. Move your puzzles wherever you want without disturbing a piece. You might even like to relax with your puzzle in the garden or take it away on holiday with you. This ingenious puzzle mat can be laid out on any flat surface and rolled up again with an unfinished puzzle still on it. You’ll be amazed when you unroll it again and every piece of the puzzle has remained perfectly in place. It even comes with a roll up tube to make it easier to transport! Standard Mat (up to 2000 pieces 30” x 49” approx)


Roll Up Puzzle Mat


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Magno Massager Seat6 Turn those long back breaking drives, long days at your desk, and time in front of the TV into a positively soothing experience with this new therapeutic seat cover. The padded cushioned seat fits easily over virtually any seat and provides support and stimulation to the parts of your back that need it the most. Specially arranged cushioning helps ease muscle and joint stiffness and relieves fatigue. What’s more the seat includes strategically placed magnets that in ancient Chinese tradition are believed to ease a variety of different aches and pains.

Buy One Get One


Watching TV


Magno Massager Seat Buy One Get One Free




Fleecy Back Rest 6 Sometimes we could all do with just a little extra support Perfect for chairs and beds

Buy Two

Save £10

Sometimes we could all do with just a little extra support.This Fleece Back Rest is designed to help cradle the spine, giving you the support where you need it. The built in lumbar section also makes this cushion perfect for chairs and beds alike. Machine washable and measures H50xW70xD20cm.


Fleecy Back Rest Buy Two Save £10

Handy Key Turner6 Giving you extra leverage for stiff locks or weakened wrists or hands This key turner provides that extra leverage for stiff locks or weakened wrists or hands. Can hold 2 keys which fold into the handle when not in use for easierstorage. It has a large, curved and easy to use handle.



Handy Key Turner Buy Two Save £1

Buy Two

Save £1

£4.99 £8.98

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£24.99 £39.98

Super Mini Ear6 So Small

Buy Two

Save £10

Enhance your hearing instantly

Since 2000 the Mini Ear has been the U.S. No.1 selling hearing amplifier. With nearly 750,000 units sold all across the United States Mini Ear has proven itself to be one of the best, most reliable hearing amplifiers in the world today and as always Under £18! The engineers at Mini Ear have developed an ALL NEW top of the range digital hearing amplifier, appropriately named the Super Mini Ear. All new digital circuitry and the digital enhanced capacitor amplifies sound like never before! YES! The Super Mini Ear is 100% adjustable , fits both men and women and is nearly invisible in your ear.

H02645 H60011

Super Mini Ear Buy Two Save £10 Super Mini Ear Batteries

£17.99 £25.98 £4.99

Magnetic Knee Sleeve4

Explore the amazing benefits of magnetic theraphy... Insulating Thermal Fabric + 32 powerful 600 Gauss Magnets go to work for you. Lightweight, amazingly comfortable and effective! The extra benefit of warmth due to the perfect custom fit, the insulating nature of the material captures your body heat and provides an inner layer of soothing warmth – which is essential for easing the pain of sore or stiff joints.

The Amazing Benefits of Magnetic Therapy? The power of magnetic therapy has been used for centuries, what overall effect this has on general health no one really knows, but generations have been convinced that they help improve circulation, reduce swelling, relieve stiffness and ease pain. For this reason, 32 small magnets have been strategically placed inside the knee support – feel how effective they are for you!


Magnetic Knee Sleeve


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Retro Music Player & Recorder 6 BLACK



In this one super-stylish 1950’s music machine from GPO you can once again enjoy your 33/45/78 rpm records, CDs and favourite FM radio station, plus, simply insert a digital SD memory card or USB memory stick to convert your old analogue collections to digital – without the use of a computer! With twin stereo speakers (2 x 1.5watt RMS) not only does it look terrific but sounds great too. Available in glossy red, or black with a chrome trim and speaker grill, a backlit LCD display and symmetrical front panel, surely no other system looks and sounds this good! Additional smart features: remote control; belt drive turntable, built-in amplifier and speakers (2 x 1.5w RMS output power), repeat function, LCD display with blue backlight. Analog digital readout tuning for FM radio, bass boost function, 3.5mm jack plug to plug in iPod/iPhone/MP3 player. Measures: 15” (38cm) x 7” (18cm) x 13 ¼” (35cm).

H65255 H65256

Retro Music Player & Recorder - Red Retro music Player & Recorder - Black

£179.99 £179.99

Winchester 1950's AM/FM Radio 6 Bring the best of past design back in to your home with the new General Post Office Winchester 1950s Style AM and FM Radio. Providing all the retro appeal of the original 1950s style transistor radios, it features a rich grained veneer wooden cabinet with gold detailing a woven cloth speaker grill, backlit display, FM / AM tuners and separate ivory coloured tuning and volume dials for that truly authentic feel. Search for your favourite station the old fashioned way, and enjoy excellent quality sound too from the speaker (max power usage 9watts). It sits on four feet to protect surfaces and will grace any kitchen, dining room, lounge or bedroom. Features: Frequency range MW 530 - 1600 KHz FM 88-108 MHz; light switch; built-in antenna for MW and external antenna for FM. Measures 7 ½” (19cm) x 11 ¾” (30cm) x 5 ½” (14cm).



Winchester 1950’s AM/FM Radio

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3Detox Foot Pads Many of the toxins are excreted through the kidneys but you can give the natural processes a helping hand by using these Detox Foot Pads Modern living brings us in touch with harmful toxins through our diet and in many other ways. These will gradually build up to affect the body’s natural balance leading to feelings of fatigue and irritable digestion, even weight gain and insomnia. Many of the toxins are excreted through the kidneys but you can give the natural processes a helping hand by using these Detox Foot Pads. Applied to the feet overnight they contain various ingredients including dried tree sap that help draw toxins and waste mater from your body. This safe and well regarded Japanese pratice will leave you feeling refreshed and cleansed. Supplied in a pack of 10 patches.

Buy Two



Dextox Foot Pads Buy Two Save £5

£14.99 £24.98

Microwave Fat Free Fryer6

Save £5




Microwave Fryer, designed to achieve the extra high temperatures needed to sear and brown meat or crisp pastry Ideal for grilling, browning or roasting steaks, chops, sausages, burgers, frozen pizzas, chicken, complete meals and more. Microwave food which you normally fry with our Microwave Fryer, designed to achieve the extra-high temperatures needed to sear and brown meat or crisps pastry. The Microwave Fryer has a domed splatter guard cover, insulated base for tabletop protection and measures 12” in diameter.


Microwave Fat Free Fryer


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Wessex Nest of Tables 6

Essential item to brighten up your living room! A nest of tables is one of those essential items for any living room. This simple and stylish collection is made from veneered stained willow wood. Measurements: Small = (19”x10”x12”) Medium = (21.5”x15”x12”) Large=(24”x12”x20”). Weight 14.84k



Wessex Nest of Tables


Wessex Coffee Tables 6

Brighten up your living room with this Wessex coffee table A coffee table is one of the most essential items for any living room making this a lovely addition to your home. This simple and stylish collection is made from veneered and stained willow wood. Measures H48.5 x W55 x L110cm.



Wessex Coffee Table


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Alder Nesting Table 4 These lovely tables can be used in almost any room, making them invaluable for drinks, remote controls, magazines These nesting tables made of ash wood, and finished in alder-stained veneers, are both elegant and practicle. Alder is an attractive fine-grained hardwood similar to cherry, birch and maple. These lovely tables can be used in almost any room, making them invaluable for drinks, remote controls, magazines or as display plinths for plant pots and onraments. The three nesting tables measure H62xW62xD41cm (largest), H55xW51xD40cm (medium) and H50xW40xD37cm (smallest). Supplied fully assembled.


Alder Nesting Table


Alder Sideboard 4

Two spacious cupboards and two handy drawers provide ample space Graceful and elegant with clean straight lines and minimalist detail, it’s immaculate as either a hall dresser or a dining room sideboard. Two spacious cupboards and two handy drawers provide ample space for hallway clutter or a busy dining room. Perfect for both traditional and modern tastes it’s made from alder and wood veneer. Made of ash wood, and finished in alder-stained veneers. Alder is an attractive fine-grained hardwood similar to cherry, birch and maple, making it a lovely addition to your home. Supplied fully assembled. Measures H83xW86xD46cm. Drawers L45xW32xH13cm.


Alder Nesting Table


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Cavendish CD and DVD Cabinet 6 Store away your CD’ DVD’s and Bluerays in this beautiful piece of furniture


If you need somewhere to store all of your music and movies but would rather have a beautiful furniture piece than shelves then try the Cavendish CD & DVD Cabinet. This beautiul unit makes a useful side table or display shelf and ingeniously stores away up to 250 CDs, 102 DVDs or Bluerays or 60 Videos - or a combination of all four. Finished in a rich mahogany stain the cabinet has fully adjustable shelves to perfectly suit your requirements. Measures approx: H97xW30xD30 when closed. Requires simple home assembly.



Cavendish CD and DVD Cabinet


3High Vision Reading Lights Energy saving near daylight lamps to relieve eyestrain and headaches. Flexible arm adjustment provides optimum light direction for reading and hobbies. High frequency 40000Hz transformer (better than a normal 50-60Hz fluorescent tube) with these benefits: 1. Constant light reduces eye strain, 2. Savings from reduced power consumption with increased light output efficiency and extended tube life to 8000 hours.




Supplied with special light tube for maximum working comfort with these benefits: 1. Kelvin colour temperature rating of 6500 (close to daylight at noon), 2. Flood light effect tube to cover maximum working area, 3. Daylight tube supplied has a wide colour spectrum which gives better colour reproduction and glare free reading.

H64580 High Vision Reading Light - Table £49.99 H64579 High Vision Reading Light - Floor £69.99

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T.E Automatic Watch6


Thomas Earnshaw (17491829) was the master English watchmaker who simplified the process of marine chronometer production. His chronometers travelled the world on notable voyLEATHER CASE ages including HMS Bounty and HMS Beagle which carried Charles Darwin to the Galapagos Islands. This latest generation ‘Automatic’ Thomas Earnshaw timepiece converts SILVER the movement of your wrist into electricity to constantly recharge the built-in battery. It’s also water resistant to 5 ATM (50metres), features a solid stainless steel case, hardened domed mineral crystal glass face, 24hour display, plus it’s supplied in a matching Thomas Earnshaw gift box with a full history of the man himself. Available with a Silver or 18ct Rose Gold plated case, both with black dial, crocodile pattern genuine leather straps and exposed balance wheel and pendulum.

H65243 H65244

Thomas Earnshaw Automatic Watch - Silver Thomas Earnshaw Automatic Watch - Gold

£99.99 £99.99

Hawker Hurricane Watch6

Radio Controlled Talking Watch6

In honour of the famous British designed Hawker Hurricane monoplane fighter which was Britain’s last line of defence during WW2, these new, exclusive timepieces are designed and engineered to exacting standards and carry the iconic roundel of the RAF on the dial face. Housed within a waterproof (5ATM), robust stainless steel case and bezel and with a genuine leather strap, choose between a piano black or royal blue face with luxurious padded leather gift box and collector card. High spec features include: Japanese Quartz movement; 3-dial chronograph stopwatch – seconds, minutes, 1/10 seconds; scratch resistant mineral glass; water resistant to 50M (5ATM); 2-year guarantee. Case dimensions: 44 x 50mm dia.

Accurate to one second in a million years! Ladies & Gents Radio Controlled Watch Radio Controlled technology gives 100% timing accuracy. One of the most precise time keeping devices on earth is the atomic clock and thanks to the very latest radio controlled technology, the accuracy of the atomic clock is now brought straight to your wrist with these incredibly priced radio controlled timepieces.They guarantee accuracy by automatically receiving daily time and date radio signals sent by the UK atomic clock itself - they even self-adjust for Daylight Time Saving (March and October) so you don’t have to remember or fiddle about changing the time. Finished with a padded black PU leather strap with white detail stitching, a robust, chromed metal case, and an easy to read clear white face with numerals and luminous hour/ minute/second hands, plus they are 30m (3ATM) waterproof. Radio signal check indicator;AM/PM indicator; manual time setting for international travel. Cases measure: Gents 43mm dia. x 13mm deep; Ladies 35mm dia. x 13mm deep.

H65245 Hawker Hurricane Watch - Black £99.99 H65257 Hawker Hurricane Watch - Blue £99.99

H65246 Radio Controlled Talking Watch - Gents £39.99 H65258 Radio Controlled Talking Watch - Ladies £39.99

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Speedshaper - Super Deluxe 6



Based on the tested dynamics of isotonic and isometric exercise. To obtain firm, toned muscles the muscles must be contracted (Isotonic) and lengthened (Isometric). Speedshaper uses both principles in a system called Synometrics WAIST BOTTOM HIPS BUST to promote muscle toning. Speed-shaper is the perfect exercise regime that will fit in to your busy lifestyle. The Ingeniously designed speed-shaper is amazingly compact. You can take it everywhere because it simply folds and slips into a purse, handbag or briefcase. Used for just 7 mins each day the Speed-shaper will start to tone, trim and firm up your muscles. Men and women of all fitness levels will benefit from the Speed-shapers regime, beginners, intermediate and advanced. Stomach, Waist, Hips, Bust, Bottom, Thighs, Flabby Underarms all these areas will benefit from the firming and muscle toning qualities of the Speed-shaper. H00601 Speedshaper - Super Deluxe £17.99

3Total Physique Total physique regain your fitness today!

A complete workout.Total Physique tones and exercises your thighs, buttocks, legs, stomach, chest, shoulders, back and arms simultaneously, meaning Total Physique could save you up to 2 hours in the gym.Total Physique also gives you a complete aerobic workout, so it’s good for your heart too. Total Physique concentrates on four areas giving you five different exercises.The Oblique Stretch, the Seated Shoulder/Bicep Stretch the V-Hamstring Stretch both left and right side plus the Seated Inner Thigh Stretch.You get a full workout in just 5 minutes. It is designed for anyone (male and female) aged 12 and above. How does it work? Just push out as far as you can go from a kneeling position.The high tension spring in the Total Physique rolls you back.Your body gets a very quick concentrated total workout.

Mini Trainer 6


Total Physique


A complete workout for both arms and legs Quick and uncomplicated the Mini Trainer can be used almost anywhere. A space saving, practical alternative to an exercise bike. Easy to transport and install, Includes a built-in training computer that displays training time,distance, speed and calorie consumption.



Mini Trainer

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Half Crescent Mat 6


Long-lasting and heavy weight construction The appealing half-moon design mat is great for any home; with a long-lasting and heavy weight construction it removes heavyweight dirt and moisRECTANGULAR ture and has excellent scraper qualities. Made from dense coir tufts sealed in a sturdy rubber backing. The rectangle tuff door mat is another superb item for use in the home or outside. With excellent scraper qualities, long lasting and its heavyweight construction the mat is a handy helper for everyone. The mat also removes heavyweight dirt and moisture thanks to its dense coir tufts sealed in a sturdy rubber backing. Note: design may vary.


Half Crescent Mat



Rectangular Mat


Road Watch Driving Recorder 6

If you’ve ever been in a road traffic accident, you’ll know how upsetting it can be – with the last thing on your mind being to appeal for a witness to help your insurance claim. The new Neostar Road-Watch driving recorder is that witness – the perfect witness! In just seconds, fit the Road-Watch to your windscreen/dash with the powerful suction cup, and as soon as you turn on your engine Road-Watch starts filming the road ahead of you in up to 10 min recorded loops (individual 10 minute segments are stored to SD card - once the card is full it will start to record over older recordings) – all in crystal clear high definition clarity. If you were to have an accident, you simply stop recording and you have your footage! Power is provided by long life lithium ion rechargeable battery (full charge gives 3 hrs recording) or by 12v cigar socket (lead supplied).


Road Watch Driving Recorder


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Spoon Rest 6 Avoid messy worktops in the kitchen with the large Spoon Rest - This handy spoon rest is a must for every kitchen so you can avoid messy worktops whilst cooking your favourite meals. Perfect for resting your measuring spoons, your teaspoon or can even be used to place eggs in before cracking them. Made from easy clean white durable stoneware for a great practical addition to your kitchen. Dishwasher safe. Even has a handy hole at the end so can be hung up when not in use. Length 11” (28cm).


Microwave Egg Cooker6

Spoon Rest


Now you don’t need to spend time in the drive-thru line waiting for a breakfast sandwich! Make a healthier version at home in minutes with the Microwave Egg Cooker. Simply crack 1 or 2 eggs into the maker, then add sausage, bacon, ham or vegetables if you like. Cook in your microwave for 45 seconds. In less than the time it takes to toast an English muffin or bagel, you’ll have a fully-cooked egg patty ready to be made into a delicious and nutritious breakfast sandwich. Great for kids and parents on-the-run and easy to use, too!


Microwave Egg Cooker

Ultra-Slim Spatulas 4 Safe to use with non-stick surfaces and hot pans Safe to use with non-stick surfaces and hot pans, this handy narrow spatula can easily reach into narrow jars to scrape out the last of the contents and for scraping out smaller bowls and jugs so you don’t waste any of your ingredients. Dishwasher safe, heat-safe to 500 degrees, hygienic and durable (and so much better than its perishable rubber forebears that our grannies used to wield!). 24cm long with white handle.

JP0976 Ultra-Slim Spatulas (Set of 3) £3.99


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Incredible Can Opener 6

Simply place the Incredible Can Opener on the top of Opening a can has never been easier! any sized tin. Then press Whether it be a tin of beans, tomato the button. sauce or cherry pie filling, simply place the fully-automatic can opener on any sized tin, press the button and the can The Fully-Automatic Incredible Can Opener opener does all the work for you. By does all the work, ingeniously cutting away ingeniously cutting from the side of the from the side of the can so you never have can, and a clever built-in magnet ensures to deal with razor-sharp edges again. the lid stays put, once it’s removed, delivering mess-free opening. Excellent A clever built-in magnet ensures the lid for both right and left-handed users, and stays put once removed, delivering messan ideal gift for the elderly, disabled or free easy opening! anyone suffering RSI or Arthritis.






Incredible Can Opener Was £29.99 2xAA Batteries £1.38

Save £15 Save £15




3Set of 2 Strainers A fine mesh strainer is a necessity in the kitchen - a set of two is indispensable. Combined, their uses are endless: straining small portions of tortellini, filtering silky smooth fruit purees, soups and sauces, washing small bits of fruit, and even sifting flour and dusting sugar on cakes and pastries. Heavy-duty stainless steel construction means they are made to last. Set of 2 includes: one (L) 24cm strainer and one (L) 21.5cm strainer.

Save £10 Was



Set of 2 Strainers Was £19.99 Save £10 £9.99

Stainless Steel Peelers with Ceramic Blades 4 “Heavy-duty” ceramic swivel blades ensure these peelers will never dull or rust, and will always glide smoothly and effortlessly around the contours of your fruit and vegetables, making peeling easier - and safer. Durable stainless steel, ergonomic handles have been exquisitely balanced to provide a comfortable grip making light work of all fruits or vegetables. Set comprises a Curled Single Peeler which glides over carrots, courgettes and cucumber, and a Warped Single Peeler, which allows you to peel the most delicate of fruit and vegetable, without damage.

JP0934­­ Stainless Steel Peelers with Ceramic Blades Was £24.99 Save £15 £9.99

Save £15 Was


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Giant-Sized 38cm (15-inch) Italian Pizza Stone6

Save £35 Was

Have you always wondered why your homemade pizza, or re-heated supermarket pizza never tastes like the real thing. It’s because the ‘real thing’ always gets cooked on a flat stone surface inside the pizza oven. This does two things, firstly, it makes sure the bottom is properly cooked without drying it out, and secondly, it prevents the toppings from making the base soft and soggy. Just pop the pizza stone into the oven, preheat to 250 degrees, then place your pizza on top. In just 10 minutes you’ll get a true Italian-style pizza with a delicious golden-browned base, which is not dried out or crispy.You can then pop the pizza stone with pizza on, into the stainless steel serving rack and take directly to the table to serve. This not only creates a wonderful impression at the table, but the retained heat in the stone keeps the pizza hot. It’s also great for warming and cooking baguettes, pastries and flat breads such as pitta or naan bread.

£49.99 JP0078

Giant-Sized 38cm (15-inch) Italian Pizza Stone Was £49.99

Save £35


Twins Ice Cream Maker 6 Makes two separate pots of scrumptious, home-made ice cream in just 90 minutes Simple to use, programmed operation, automatic start and stop feature and easy-clean design. Makes two separate pots of scrumptious, home-made ice cream in just 90 minutes – start to finish! And it tastes so good,you’ll eat the lot in 90 seconds! Great for family desserts or creating unusual tastes for dinner parties ...or just because you love ice cream! This Ice Cream Maker is battery operated and requires 4 x AA batteries (Not Included)



Twins Ice Cream Maker 4x AA Batteries £2.76­

Save £27 Was

£39.99 Was £39.99

Save £27

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27cm Non-stick Cast Iron Griddle Pan6 The true professional’s healthy choice for achieving that mouth watering char-grilled flavour! Perfect for both indoor and outdoor grilling, stove top frying or broiling in the oven, nothing surpasses the superiority of cast iron’s even heat distribution and retention. Whether you’re grilling steaks, fish, veggies or juicy chicken fillets, cast iron’s ability to heat to a very high temperature allows you to seal in the juices, without the need for added oils or fats, making it a very healthy way to cook. Robust and ultra solid, the pan features a ribbed non-stick interior, a durable wooden handle which is easily removed to go into the oven, and for peace-of mind, a 10-year guarantee. Diameter: 27cm.

Save £10 Was


JP0644 27cm Non-stick Cast Iron Griddle Pan Was £24.99

Kitchen Towel Holder 6

Perfect for every Kitchen!

Save £7 Was


What a handsome and practical addition to your kitchen. Made out of the highest quality brushed 18/10 stainless steel, with a spring loaded arm which allows you to use just one hand to tear off each new sheet. Assembled measures H32 x L15 x D15cm.

Kitchen Towel Holder Save £7 £12.99


Commercial Kitchen & Bathroom & Window Glass and Tile Squeege6 Say good-bye to streaks, soap and water residue, or smears on shower doors, household windows, kitchen or bathroom tiles, kitchen countertops and fridge/freezer glass shelves with this new glass and tile squeegee. Made of brushed stainless Was steel with a durable £14.99 soft rubber cleaning edge, it is attractive enough to put on display. It comes supplied with a hanging clip that can easily stick to most surfaces so that it can be kept close to hand. It is also ideal for wiping the ‘steam’ off your mirrors after showering. Wiper blade: 25cm.

Save £5

BG0238 JP0266 Was £19.99

Save £10

Kitchen & Bathroom Squeege Was £14.99 Save £5 £9.99 Buy One Get One Free

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Professional Stainless Steel Eco Whisk 6 Create the fluffiest meringues, tastiest scrambled eggs, creamiest sauces, and smoothest of batters and homemade sweets by masterfully blending air into every creation with this ultra long professional chef’s whisk. Constructed of sturdy and durable stainless steel, the innovative spring-loaded design of this whisk means no batteries or electrical cord required – simply push it down and it springs up again, rotating the wire head which mixes and blends ingredients to a professional level every time. Length: 35cm. Dishwasher safe.


Professional Stainless Steel Eco Whisk


Marble Salt & Pepper Mills 4 Add a touch of elegance to your dining experience Add a touch of elegance to your dining experience with this salt and pepper mill set. Very useful when cooking and stirring, and always a talking point at the table. The white marble colour goes well with any home.


Marble Salt & Pepper Mills


Utensil Caddy 6 Keep all your essential kitchen utensils at arms reach

Keep all your essential kitchen utensils at arms reach with the Giant Kitchen Caddy. Using this giant yet elegant white stoneware kitchen caddy you can now keep all you essential kitchen implements at hand & all in one place in your kitchen. No more rummaging around the kitchen drawers or cupboards trying to find the whisk, can opener or other utensils. Just turn around and grab your utensils with quickness and ease from the caddy. Made of tough durable stoneware so resists chipping & scratching. Dishwasher safe, so ideal for easy cleaning too. Height: 7” (18cm), 6” (15cm) in Diameter.



Utensil Caddy

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Toasted Sandwich Maker 4

Save £7

Make the perfect toasted sandwich everytime!



This can make the perfectly sized and perfectly formed sandwiches almost every time. This is aluminium and can be used over gas, electric or ceramic hobs as well as over an open fire! Not only is this dishwasher safe it can fit perfectly into your kitchen drawers. No mess, no plug, no problem! Dimensions - 13 x 6 x 1.5cm.

JP0538 JP0705



Silver Toasted Sandwich Maker Black Toasted Sandwich Maker

Was £19.99 Save £7 Was £19.99 Save £7

£12.99 £12.99

Slate Serving Board and 3pce Cheese Knife Set 6 Ideal for cocktail parties, wine tastings, picnics and even as a daily menu board

Save £50 Was


Sophisticated slate paired with gleaming stainless steel makes any presentation look sensational! Be it decadent petit fours, bite-sized gourmet canapés, or a premium selection of rich creamy cheeses paired with fresh figs and wine, this elegant board provides a truly distinctive backdrop. Label items right on the board using chalk (not supplied). Ideal for cocktail parties, wine tastings, picnics and even as a daily menu board, each 20cm x 30cm piece of slate is hand-crafted with natural edges and sealed for easy care. A 26cm traditional cheese knife ensures slices of Swiss and Gouda fall elegantly away when being sliced; whilst the 18cm cheese ‘shaver’ makes slicing graceful and refined; the 18cm ‘mini cheese cleaver’ makes easy work of crumbly hard cheese, such as parmesan.

JP0914 Slate Serving Board and 3pce Cheese Knife Set Was £69.99 Save £50 £19.99

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6 Classic Culinaria Individual Pot Pie Casserole 6 Good-bye crushed, mashed flaky crust from a main serving dish – now you can enjoy your very own perfectly presented individual pot pie, every time! Thick ceramic walls provide superior heat retention whilst baking, and rich, vibrant colours with a high gloss finish provide a lively and colourful presentation for your individual cremé brule and pot pie, casseroles, sweet or savoury puddings, mini-soufflés, mousses and even dips, custards, condiments, puddings and morning granola with yogurt. Set of six is comprised of two butterscotch, two pistachio and two cranberry dishes. Diameter: 12cm. Dishwasher safe.

Save £7 Was


JP0454 6 Classic Culinaria Individual Pot Pie Casserole Was £19.99 Save £7


Set Of 4 Vintage Scalloped Dessert Plates6

Delightful creamy off-white ceramic dessert dishes are sure to sweeten-up the end of any meal.

Save £7 Was


Coupling vintage style with modern durability, functionality and versatility, these delightful creamy off-white ceramic dessert dishes are sure to sweeten-up the end of any meal. Fanciful scallops adorn the rims, making them an exquisite presentation for even the most decadent of dessert. And at a generous 22.5cm in diameter, with a clever bowl-like centre, they are especially ideal for desserts with sauces and glazes, puddings, mousses, trifle, and even salads and pasta. Set of 4. Dishwasher safe.

JP0714 Set of 4 Vintage Scalloped Dessert Plates Was £24.99 Save £7


Square White Baking & Roasting Dish 6

Save £7 Was



Classic, timeless and elegant! This gorgeous, generously-proportioned stoneware roaster goes straight from the oven to table, saving you time and energy. With exceptional strength and durability, stoneware’s even heat distribution cooks vegetables, roasts, casseroles, and desserts beautifully. The creamy off-white smooth non-porous surface resists scratches, odours and stains, keeping it fresh-looking for beautiful presentations for years to come. Oven, dishwasher and microwave safe. 28cm square.

JP0712 Square White Baking & Roasting Dish Was £19.99 Save £7 £12.99

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4 Pce Colour-coded Chopping Boards Set 6 Save £5

Save £20







Intelligent, innovative and super-trendy, this colourful set of four chopping boards is every chef’s solution to food preparation safety! A simple, clever, colour coding system which can be distinguished at just a glance helps prevent cross-contamination of different food types: red for raw meat, blue for seafood, green for fruits and vegetables, and white for cooked foods. Each board has a symbol on its tab indicating its use, which, when stored in the durable stylish storage case, makes them highly visible and easily accessible - ideal for smart chefs with small workspaces! Made of dishwasher safe polypropylene, these chopping boards are a must for every kitchen. Dimensions: 30cmx 7cmx22cm.

JP0935 JP0936

4x Coloured Chopping Boards In Wooden Board 4x Coloured Chopping Boards In Perspex Station

Was £44.99 Was £24.99

Save £20 Save £5

£24.99 £19.99

Country Rose Ceramic Kettle 6 Bring a touch of traditional charm to your kitchen. This pretty teapot-shaped electric kettle will bring a touch of traditional charm to a kitchen. The kettle has a one-litre capacity and a practical cordless design with a 360°-rotating base, as well as a concealed element to help protect against the build-up of limescale, plus an auto shut-off device.

Save £20 Was

£49.99 JP0816

Country Rose Ceramic Kettle

Was £49.99

Save £20


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Classic Provencal Rectangular 6

Save £13 Was


This platter is beautiful and elegant You’ll love the quality, beauty and classic timelessness of this elegant white porcelain serving platter. Beautifully present tea sandwiches, antipasti, beef Carpaccio, devilled eggs, canapés, sweets, salads, shish kebabs, sautéed asparagus and even an entire fillet of grilled fish. Sleek lines create a unique, modern elegance, whilst the durable porcelain resists chipping and cracking. The non-porous surface also does not absorb food odours, flavours or stains. Dishwasher-safe. Length: 35cm; width: 13cm.


Classic Provencal Rectangular Was £22.99 Save £13 £9.99

24-Pce Athena Cutlery Set6 Sophisticated simplicity that will complement virtually any dinnerware or place setting. The classic design of our new Athena cutlery is equally at home in modern or traditional surroundings and has a sophisticated simplicity that will complement virtually any dinnerware or place setting. Crafted from quality stainless steel, Athena cutlery feels substantial in the hand and will last for years to come. Each 24-Pce Set is comprised of six place settings of: dinner knife, dinner fork, table spoon and teaspoon. Dishwasher safe.

JP0356 24-Pce Stainless Steel Athena Cutlery Set ­­­­Was £79.99 Save £30 £49.99

Baguette Board & Bread Knife 6




Baguette Board & Bread Knife



Slicing guides makes cutting safe and easy This professional bread knife has a blade that is 25cm long and 4cm deep that allows you to make long clean cutting strokes, which stops the bread from tearing, and is essential for thin slices. You do not need to apply a lot of pressure as the knife is exceptionally sharp, which means you’ll never have to squash the loaf. Just cut off a few slices as you need them, keeping the rest of the baguette tasting fresh throughout the whole meal. The board’s slicing guides make doing this safe and easy.

Save £41 JP0204

Save £30

Was £60.99

Save £41

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Stainless Steel Cafetiere 6 Make fresh coffee or tea that stays hot till the last drop Make fresh coffee or tea and enjoy it like they do in the finest cafes and tea houses - hot until the last drop - with this classy new polished stainless steel cafetiere. Its double-walled design provides an insulating layer between two walls of stainless steel to ensure your favourite cuppa stays deliciously hot. One of the most remarkably stylish products we’ve seen in a long time, it is sure to add style and elegance to your home.

JP0539 Double Wall S/Steel Cafetiere


3Le Croisette French Coffee Press

Save £20

Legnoart is one of the most prominent Italian companies in the field of design for the house, kitchen and wine cellar. Their pieces are regarded as true objects of desire, as well as indispensable tools for the enjoyment of everyday Was domestic life. Legnoart’s signature is its discrete elegance, £39.99 impeccable function and profound uniqueness. Designed by Robin Levien, the Croisette French coffee maker is no exception. It is constructed of sturdy Pyrex glass and stainless steel. It features a micro mesh technology filter system, so the grounds stay in the beaker, instead of your cup. A soft-grip handle makes handling the coffee maker secure and comfortable. Beautiful stainless steel maker spiral design. Dishwasher safe. 8 cup capacity.

JP1034 Le Croisette French Coffee Press Was £39.99 Save £20 £19.99

2-Cup Coffee Butler 4

Ideal for small spaces, our new Coffee Butler brews two cups in just minutes!

Save £20 Was


Ideal for small spaces, our new Coffee Butler brews two cups in just minutes! Making your mornings a doddle – skip the lines at your local cafe and smell the delicious bold aroma of gourmet flavour freshly brewing for you – before you leave the door! This clever compact system comes complete with two sturdy coffee mugs, so just add water, coffee and voila! Your Personal Coffee Butler serves you delicious piping hot coffee in minutes!


2-Cup Coffee Butler Was Save £20 £29.99


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Grill Master’s Circular Grill & Shake Basket and Grill Toppers 6




Just hear that sizzle and smell that mouth-watering charcoal flavour! And say goodbye to the days of ‘fishing’ stray asparagus spears and kabab bits out of the bottom of your grill. Now, with our new range of grill toppers, grilling has never been easier! Enjoy crunchy freshly grilled veggies and zesty prawns tossed and grilled to perfection in the non-stick Grill & Shake Basket. Or grill your favourite steak or chicken breast with a side of mushrooms and onions – all at the same time with the Dual Surface Grill Topper. Or cook an entire salmon fillet, whole corn on the cob, flatbread or burgers for a family of six -- all at once on the Grill Master’s Rectangular Grill Topper. Professional grade non-stick surfaces on all three grills makes clean-up a doddle and are made to last.

JP0944 Rectangular Grill Topper 43x29.5x4.5cm Was £19.99 £12.99 Save £7 Buy 2 £21.98 Save a further £4 JP0943 Dual Surface Grill Topper 45x32.5x3.5cm Was £19.99 £12.99 Save £7 Buy 2 £22.98 Save a further £3 JP0942 Circular Grill & Shake Basket 32x28x6.5cm Was £19.99 £9.99 Save £10 Buy 2 £17.98 Save a further £2

Jean-Patrique 3pce Chefs Ultimate BBQ Set 6

25cm Square Cast Iron Grill Pan6

Save £10 Save £15 Was

£34.99 Forged from durable and stylish brushed stainless steel, this set is comprised of the three essentials: a generous 43cm long, pronged fork, a pair of extra long (43cm) tensioned cooking tongs with a sure-grip edge. a 3-in-1 slotted lifter. Extra-long handles on all three tools keep your hands safely protected from the grill’s heat. This set makes an impressive gift. Set of 3.

JP0417 Jean-Patrique 3Pce Chefs Ultimate Barbecue Set Was £34.99 Save £15 £19.99



£39.99 Just hear that delicious sizzle now! This pre-seasoned, heavy- guage cast iron grill pan conducts and retains heat beautifully, which means you achieve consistent, professional grill marks every time! Sear in all the juices of tender chops, succulent salmon fillets, chicken breasts, mouth-watering steaks, seafood and sautéed fresh vegetables. Even grilled sandwiches have never looked or tasted so good. The ribbed bottom conveniently drains away unwanted fat or oil when cooking bacon and burgers. And with three coats of enamel, the beautiful hand-polished blue porcelain enameled exterior is scratch-resistant and virtually indestructible with normal use. Broiler, cooktop, induction, and oven-safe to 800°C. Will last a lifetime.


25cm Square Cast Iron Grill Pan Was £39.99 Save £10 £29.99

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Wooden Salad Bowl & Stainless Steel Salad Sever Set6 Now your freshest greens, fruits and vegetables, and even bread will look more appetising than ever presented in this deep rich wooden bowl. And no more fumbling or dropped leaves! The generously-proportioned contemporary design of the stainless steel salad servers are specifically rounded to snuggle the sides with flat heads so you can scoop the smallest spring onions, cherry tomatoes or pasta swirls, or even use for lifting dressing. Each set includes a 26cm wooden bowl and a stainless steel salad serving spoon and fork.

Save £30 Was


JP0363 Wooden Salad Bowl & Stainless Steel Salad Sever Set Was £49.99 Save £30 £19.99

6Classic Provencal Grande Oval Serving Plate

This elegant ceramic platter is ideal for serving everything from roast beef or turkey to canapés in the garden. With a classic design and generous proportions, this elegant ceramic platter is ideal for serving everything from roast beef or turkey to canapés in the garden. Creamy off-white durable stoneware is oven, microwave and freezer-safe. It also resists chipping and cracking, and the non-porous surface does not absorb food odours or stains. Dishwasher-safe. Length: 40cm x width: 28cm.

Save £17 Was

JP0458 Classic Provencal Grande Oval Serving Plate Was £29.99 Save £17 £12.99


24cm Round Glazed Stoneware Casserole Dish & Lid4 Liven-up your families meal time with the vibrant colours and curvaceous shape of these stunning glazed stoneware casserole dishes. Saving you time by going directly from oven to table, and perfect for formal and informal occasions alike, these generously-proportioned casserole dishes are ideal for roasting, baking and serving a wide range of foods, including golden potatoes au gratin, crisp roast vegetables, hearty chilli, decadent coq au vin and a classic favourite shepherd’s pie. Bold, durable and heavy-duty, the tight-fitting domed lids ensure juices stay in the pan, keeping foods moist and delicious. Dishwasher safe.

Save £5 Was


JP0715BK 24cm Round Glazed Stoneware Casserole Dish & Lid - Black Was £24.99 Save £5 £19.99

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614-Pce Stainless Steel Cookware Set All the professional features that chefs demand! Oven-proof, generously-sized with deep sides, and constructed of the finest quality stainless steel, Jean-Patrique Professional cookware has self-basting lids which keep juices inside and prevent flavour from escaping. The handles are constructed out of thick tubular stainless steel, and are extremely strong being firmly secured by large heavy-duty rivets with stainless steel caps. They will never work loose no matter how much use, or years you give them. They’re also extremely comfortable and extra long, enabling you to use both hands when dealing with heavy loads. Encapsulated stainless steel bases provide exceptionally even heat distribution, ensuring food cooks and simmers evenly, preventing sticking or hot spots. It also makes the cookware more energy efficient and economical, allowing you to cook using lower temperatures. Suitable for gas, electric, ceramic and solid plate hobs, every item is completely dishwasher safe. This new exclusive 14-piece set (14 including lids) sells individually for £399.56, but by buying direct from this special offer you save £219. Jean-Patrique, one of Europe’s largest suppliers of cookware, embrace the best of modern cooking technology and manufacture. We therefore certify this professional cookware for demanding use, and fully guarantee it for 25 years for any manufacturing defects.

This NEW cookware set includes 14cm Milkpan £29.95 16cm Saucepan with Lid £39.95 18cm Saucepan with Lid £44.96 20cm Saucepan with Lid £49.95 20cm Open Frypan £34.95 20cm Low Casserole Pan with Lid £39.95 28cm Saute pan & lid £79.95 22cm colander £34.95 24cm Saute Frypan £44.95 Total purchased individually £399.56 Special Offer Price £179.95 You Save £219.61


Save £10 Was


JP1076 14-Pce Stainless Steel Cookware Set £179.99 Was £399.56 Save £219.61

Energy Saving Multi-Use Grill, Toaster and Snack Maker 6 Using far less energy than a full size oven, thus multi-use Gourmet Grill & Toaster is ideal to cook au gratin, reheat, toast, grill & bake. Grill fish, bacon, chops and sausages even fried eggs, and at the same time brown toast in the variable controlled, cool-wall pop-up toaster. No larger in size than most conventional toasters, the energy efficient 700w oven has two rapid heating elements, above and below, the dishwasher-safe non-stick metal 26x16cm tray & grill rack, controlled either separately or together. Finished in brushed stainless steel, inside and out, it measures H18xW36xD23cm. Enjoy the convenience of making tasty snacks like cheese on toast or pizza.

JP0428 Energy Saving Multi-Use Grill, Toaster and Snack Maker Was £99.99 Save £50 £49.99


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33cm Chef’s Cast Iron Griddle Pan4 Bringing the outdoor grill experience indoors, nothing beats the superior heat distribution and retention of cast iron! Featuring a heavy-duty ribbed non-stick interior which delivers those signature appetizing grill marks, this pan is ideal for grilling fish, chops, chicken fillets, steak, vegetables or juicy burgers. Cast iron’s renowned ability to heat to a very high temperature means you seal the juices in, every time – without the need for added oil, making it a healthy and delicious way of cooking. And at a generous 33cm, this robust pan will accommodate the grilling needs of the whole family, at once. Handle folds flat for efficient storage. Oven safe. 10-year peace-ofmind guarantee.

Save £15 Was


JP0795 33cm Chef’s Cast Iron Griddle Pan Was £39.99

Save £15


42cm Double Oval Roaster/ Steamer/Fish Kettle4

Save £60 Was


Part of every French kitchen for over a century, and also the standard pan for roasting in the US for the last thirty years. Both the top and the bottom have their own handles, and a large heat distributing base. This means you can separate them and cook in both the top and bottom.

JP0023 42cm Double Oval Roaster/Steamer/ Fish Kettle Was £129.99 Save £60 £69.99

49cm Double-Sided Griddle & Hot Plate6 You really get tremendous value with this versatile, over-sized griddle. Use the ribbed side to sear in the flavor and juices of your chargrilled steaks, burgers, fish, sausages, chicken, vegetables, seafood and even Panini sandwiches. And use the smooth side for cooking eggs, tomatoes, mushrooms, fried breads and flat cakes. Absolutely ideal for breakfast or lunch when used on two rings of your cooktop, or on your barbecue or in the oven for dinner. This griddle heats quickly and evenly for optimal results and comes with a full drip tray on both sides and large side handles. 49cm x 26cm.

Save £15 Was


JP0440 49cm Double-Sided Griddle & Hot Plate

Was £44.99

Save £15


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Action Action Heroes Heroes Wanted Wanted Stauer TAC-7 Stainless Steel Watch 6 If you’re the man we’re looking for, then you probably already know how to fight on top of a moving train.You can likely leap from rooftop to rooftop without thinking twice. And odds are good you know that the key to surviving a jump from a moving car is all in the shoulder roll. We’ve been looking for you. Good news: We found your watch. The Stauer TAC-7 Watch craves adventure. This watch wasn’t designed for board meetings or antique shopping. It was born for a part in a blockbuster movie. Fire balls. Car chases. Expertly choreographed hand-to-hand combat against ninjas, pirates and thugs. The TAC-7 isn’t afraid of anything and this thrill-seeking timepiece needs an equally fearless co-star.Yes, my friend, the Stauer TAC-7 needs you. And for a limited time, you can bring it home for our exclusive low price! The TAC-7 is one tough timepiece. The hands and markers are luminescent for clear viewing even in dim light. And when every second counts, the accurate quartz movement inside keeps precise time. Saving the world from ultimate destruction and foiling the evil schemes of a criminal mastermind are up to you. But with the Stauer TAC-7, you get to do it on time... and in style!



Stauer TAC-7 Stainless Steel Watch


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6Stauer Corso Blue Dial Watch How to Outsmart a Millionaire Mr. Bigshot rolled up in a roaring high-performance Italian sports car, dropping attitude like his £22,000 watch made it okay for him to be rude. That’s when I decided to roll up my sleeves and teach him a lesson. “Nice watch,” I said, pointing to his and holding up mine. He nodded like we belonged to the same club. We did, but he literally paid 110 times more for his membership. Bigshot bragged about his five figure purchase, a luxury heavyweight from the titan of high-priced timepieces. I told him that mine was the Stauer Corso, a 27-jewel automatic classic now available for only £199.99. And just like that, the man was at a loss for words. Think of Stauer as the “Robin Hood of Watchmakers.” We believe everyone deserves a watch of uncompromising precision, impressive performance and the most elegant styling. You deserve a watch that can hold its own against the luxury classics for a fraction of the price. You’ll feel the quality as soon as you put it on your wrist. This is an expertly- crafted time machine... not a cry for attention. Wear a mechanical masterpiece for only £199.99! We surveyed our customers. As intelligent, high net worth individuals, they have outgrown the need to show off. They have nothing to prove; they already proved it. They want superb quality and astonishing value. And that’s exactly what we deliver. The Stauer Corso is proof that the worth of a watch doesn’t depend on the size of its price tag. Peer through the exhibition back to see the 27-jeweled automatic movement in action and you’ll understand why we can only offer the Corso in a limited edition. Our specialty is vintage automatic movements. The Corso is driven by a self-winding design, inspired by a 1923 patent. Your watch will never need batteries. Every second of power is generated by the movement of your body. The black dial features a trio of date complications including a graphic day/night display. The Corso secures with a two-toned stainless steel bracelet and is water-resistant to 3 ATMs.


Stauer Corso Blue Dial Watch


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After failing in his bid to purchase a true collector’s timepiece, our chief watch engineer decided to just build his own.

5 The Stauer Atlas Automatic Watch The watch at auction ended up selling for over £658,000, but Roger knew that he could design a face and a complex automatic movement in a timepiece that would capture the beautiful design and grand date functions for a much more reasonable price. Not many collectors were trained to build watches at the best Swiss factories or have access to our Swiss built machinery, but the 8 wheeled precision movement with a 100-year calendar proved difficult to master. This being no easy feat, it took Roger and his genius of a brother, Matthew 30 months to create the grand date design and the 27 jewelled complex automatic movement for the Atlas. With a vintage automatic self winding movement, the watch runs without batteries - it just needs the normal movement of your body. The magnificent blue feuille hands measure day, date, year and even display a sun/moon AM/PM indicator. The true sign of a collector’s watch is the smooth sweep second hand. The sweep sets this limited edition “Atlas” apart from the mass produced watches. The golden satin face has raised gold plated numbers and markers, a tachymeter and the exhibition back gives you a view of the 27 jewelled movement.



The Stauer Atlas Automatic Watch


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How to steal a watch from the toughest men alive

The Stauer Quatermain Watch 5 The room smelled like history. Pipe smoke and old leather. Snifters of scotch and a smouldering fireplace. All mixed with a faint must from centuries of damp London days. I remember breathing it in and thinking, this is how it smells in heaven. I found myself in the library. Its walls were crowded with horned trophies that stared back with black eyes. Grand cabinets full of artifices stood like shrines to decades of adventure. Faded photographs. Tribal masks. Ceremonial swords. But still, in that room of odd and fantastic objects, wouldn’t you know it was the clocks that caught my eye. Each told the time in some remote part of the world. One in particular caught my eye. “That’s the Quartermain clock,” my host said. “It tells the time in Northern Zimbabwe.” You can set the Stauer Quartermain Watch for whatever time zone your next adventure finds you in. Inspired by that historic clock face, our watch boasts vintage details framed in a handsome, brushed rose gold-finished case. Consider it your unofficial membership card for the historic, members-only club. In its heyday, the club was a haven for Britain’s great adventurers, a place where they could reunite to tell wild stories and compare scars. Today it stands as a museum of unapologetic manhood. And I’m big enough to admit that I wanted to stay there forever. I can’t, of course, but at least every time I glance at this watch, I have something in common with the toughest men alive.


Stauer Quatermain Watch £149.99

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How to tell time with a British accent?

The Stauer Kensington Watch 5 The one thing that the British have always done well is watchmaking. They were the undisputed masters of crafting time for centuries and lost their title only after refusing to change the way they worked. While Switzerland and America embraced the machine age, the British preferred slow and steady. By hand. One watch at a time. And that stubbornness paid off. Finely-crafted British watches are irresistible to serious collectors. That’s why I love nothing more than exploring the tiny watch shops of London. I never know what I’ll find or when. The Stauer Kensington is based on a black-dialled beauty I spotted in the crowded display case of a vintage watch shop on Kensington High Street. I was running late for a flight home, so my decision came quick. The shop owner couldn’t remember exactly where it came from, but it was clear that the watch had been someone’s faithful companion. It had the scuffs and scratches of a world traveller. I felt the face that striking wasn’t for retirement just yet. I brought it along for one more hop across the Atlantic, so that it could have a second chance...on your wrist!Stauer designers have recreated the original watch’s bold dark face and oversized numerals and added a trio of complications including a day, date and 24-hour dial. The dial is protected by a stainless steel case and a sturdy disc of Cotswold™ Crystal. The Kensington features an extra wide stainless steel bracelet that secures with an integrated butterfly clasp. Inside, this watch keeps impeccable time with a precision quartz movement and is water-resistant to 3ATMs.



Stauer Kensington Watch Watch


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Amazing Amazing New New Hybrid Hybrid Runs Runs Without Without Fuel Fuel

The Stauer Compendium Hybrid Watch 5 Innovation is the path to the future. Stauer takes that seriously. That’s why we developed the Compendium Hybrid, a stunningly-designed hybrid chronograph with over one dozen analog and digital functions that is more versatile than any watch that we have ever engineered. New technology usually starts out at astronomical prices and then comes down years later. We skipped that step to allow everyone the chance to experience this watch’s brilliant fusion of technology and style. We originally priced the Stauer Compendium Hybrid at £409 based on the market for advanced sports watches... but then stopped ourselves. Since this is no ordinary economy, we decided to start at 88% off from day one. That means this new technological marvel can be yours for only £129.99! Welcome a new Digital Revolution. With the release of the dynamic new Compendium, those boxy, plastic wrist calculators of the past have been replaced by this luxurious LCD chronograph that is sophisticated enough for a formal evening out, but rugged and tough enough to feel at home in a cockpit, camping expedition or covert mission. The watch’s extraordinary dial seamlessly blends an analog watch face with a stylish digital display. Three super-bright luminous hands keep time along the inner dial, while a trio of circular LCD windows track the hour, minutes and seconds. An eye-catching digital semi-circle animates in time with the second hand and shows the day of the week. The watch also features a rotating bezel, stopwatch and alarm functions and blue, electro-luminescence backlight. The Compendium Hybrid secures with a rugged stainless steel band and is water-resistant to 3 ATMs.


Stauer Compendium Hybrid Watch


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Ladies Woven Leather Sandals 6 Step into style with these beautiful leather sandals GENUINE LEATHER


100% Natural Leather upper with a slight wedge heel plus a cushioned footbed for extra comfort and support. Also, an elastic and flexible ankle strap for a perfect fit every time! Wear any time and with any outfit for that light, fresh summer look which is perfect at home or on holiday. These woven leather sandals are probably the most comfy shoes you’ll wear this Summer!


Available in sizes 4-9 in Red, Black, Natural or White. Please specify required size and colour when ordering.


Save £3 Was



Woven Leather Sandals Was £20.99 Buy Two Save £10 £25.98

Now £17.99

Save £3

Cubist Nest of Tables 6

Simple and stylish collection for your home.

A nest of tables is one of the most essential items for any living room. This simple and stylish collection is made from veneered and stained willow wood.



Cubist Nest of Tables


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Lattice Garden Border 6

Slots Together in Seconds

Enhance the look of your garden in seconds with the Lattice Garden Border!

Save up to £8

Keep your lawn, flowerbeds & patio neatly separated with this new 4 piece white lattice garden border set. Not only will this stylish garden edging protect your borders & enhance the look of your garden, but the plastic panels slot together in seconds, which means you can transform your garden hassle free. Give your garden a touch of individuality & be the envy of your neighbours! Panel measures 8.5”high x 23”wide with 2x 4” grounds spikes. (Set of 4x panels = 92” wide).


4pce Lattice Garden Border Set £9.99 Buy Two Sets Save £2 £17.98

Buy Three Sets Save £5 Buy Four Sets Save £8

6 Stone Cleaner Keep all stone work looking like new



Keep all of your stone surfaces looking pristine year-round. Stone surfaces really can pick up dirt and grime over the years, now you can remove this build up with this Stone Cleaner Concentrate. Supplied in either 500ml or 1000ml spray bottles it will make up to 20-40 litres of solution and treat up to 200-400sq m of stone surfaces.Ideal for paths, patios, steps, headstones or garden ornaments. Keep all of your stonework looking good all year round!

H93589 H93590


Stone Cleaner - 500ml Stone Cleaner - 1000ml

£9.99 £12.99

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£24.98 £31.98

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