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WHAT Medway IF... mattered Next year is a real opportunity for Kent Union to make a difference in Medway with the disbanding of UMSA and a creation of a new association between Kent Union and Greenwich Student’s Union. I have a proven track record with the LGBT campaign in increasing presence in Medway, becoming the first liberation committee to have a Medway member on it, had a presence at freshers and refreshers fayre as well as organising our first LGBT event at Medway.

If elected I will ensure Kent union has a greater presence on the Medway campus. Firstly I will ensure that freshers and refreshers fayre’s on the two campus’ don’t clash so that there can be a sabbatical presence at Medway. I would also ensure that as President I will make a weekly visit to Medway, to ensure the needs of students at Medway are met. Kent Union can deliver for Medway students and a Union under my leadership would make sure Medway was not forgotten about.

The c4 building should be a hub for student activities and help create a better community on the Medway campus- this is why I will redouble efforts to get the building open and for the use of students. • The Medway shuttle bus introduced last year has brought the two campuses of the University of Kent closer together, this should be the start of greater unity, not the end.. We have to ensure that the university keeps to its word and makes sure every bus is accessible. Furthermore I would like to see changes to the bus service such as ensuring their is a bus that leaves after Venue closes, a limited weekend service and opening it up to Greenwich and Christ Church students so everyone from a society or sports club can come down to Canterbury. • Their are still too few card facilities in Medway- with only 1 cash point on campus I will ensure that all Union outlets are card friendly and lobby for other outlets on campus to be too.





I will work at looking at how Coopers can be a safer night out especially how to get back home late at night. • Despite the Drill Hall being of a high standard I will lobby the University to make similar changes to the library in Medway that they are making in Canterbury. I will lobby for improved heating in the Drill Hall as well as the continuation of extended library hours and greater food provision when the cafe is closed. • Liberty Quays in Medway does not offer Medway students the flexibility or the quality of accommodation that new students need, I will work with Medway students and the University towards looking at ways accommodation in Medway can better cater for all needs.

Medway Manifesto (Karl Lewis #1 Union President)  

My Medway specifice manifesto for the upcoming Kent Union elections. Don't forget to Vote Karl Lewis #1 Kent Union President! #karl4pres #ke...

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