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WHAT IF... ...our democracy made a difference and volunteers felt appreciated: • Give us more power to shape our union by

electing the priority campaign • Because democracy should be transparent I will reform Union council and the Zones to make sure they facilitate accountability. • I will look at ways in which KSCV award winners could be entered into a prize draw. • Make sure liberation is fully implemented and at the heart of our student union. was at the heart of the union: • Make sure that during the Templeman

redevelopment all students continue to have the fullest access possible to learning resources and study space. • I will work towards reducing and highlighting all hidden course costs for students and will lobby for all books found in the Core Text Collection to be available as E-Books. • I will work with the Kent Graduate School to ensure that Postgraduates have more space

...Kent Union wasn’t a barrier to sports and societies: • Consult clubs and societies on what kind of

space they need in a new Union building. • Increase the amount of front line staff in the Union and ensure staff are appropriately placed so they provide the most effective help. • Reform sports and societies funding system, ensuring ease of access to their funds. life was safer and more affordable • I will introduce a local price match promise on essential items like bread, milk and butter. Making sure Essentials is competing with alternatives like Sainsbury’s local and Londis. • I will speed up the Venue queue by ensuring every night has an optional prepay ticket service with queue jump. • I will ensure the Council and University resolve the safety issues with Tyler hill • Campaign for greater variation in the price structure of the University of Kent’s accommodation costs for all campus' so that accommodation is affordable for all.





Karl Lewis Manifesto  
Karl Lewis Manifesto  

Manifesto for Karl Lewis #1 Kent Union President