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Mission Possible Annual Report 2007

Mission Possible Caring



The YMCA of Tacoma-Pierce County made great strides in accomplishing priorities of the Good to Great Strategic Plan – 2008 is the year we launch into an even more aggressive 2020 Vision for the next 12 years.




The YMCA of Tacoma-Pierce County provides Christian leadership and

Dear Friends, at strides -Pierce County made gre The YMCA of Tacoma mission possible. 2005 – 2008, making its

od to Great priorities of

in accomplishing its Go

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encourages the development of Christian values for children and adults of all ages by developing physical, mental, spiritual, and social well-being through its programs.

Christy Stolz e Chair, YMCA of Tacoma-Pierc rs ecto Dir County Board of

Bob Ecklund President and CEO, YMCA of Tacoma-Pierce County

Leading Our YMCA from Good to Great

Programs for Stemming the Epidemic

Fundraising – Annual,

Membership Programs that Enhance Quality of Life


of Childhood Obesity

Capital, Endowment

Mission Accomplished!

Support Programs like Families Get Fit

And Special Events

Care for people like Brian Bocott

Experience Stories like…

The YMCA of Tacoma-Pierce County developed a four-year Good to Great plan, spanning 2005 through 2008, to guide the organization’s energy and resources. The Good to Great plan built on the YMCAs proven heritage of over 125 years of being a force for good in the community and focused efforts in six areas.

“I love to dance!” admits ten-year-old Blayne Fujita. Throughout the hour and a half Pierce County Families Get Fit class Blayne is as upbeat as the music he loves. You would never guess from his boundless energy that he is concerned about obesity and weight loss. “Blayne has become a real leader, often encouraging other participants to work harder and have fun. His parents are also learning about small nutritional changes they can make at home,” says program coordinator MoMo Pulliam. “If they as a family can sustain small lasting change, it can have a significant impact on Blayne’s future health.” Volunteer and Staff Development

Meet people like Ray and Deanna Dally Ray and Deanna Dally’s financial generosity continues to grow with our Association. They have given to the YMCA in every way possible – Annual, Capital, Endowment and Special Events – at some of the highest giving levels known to our Association. They were catalysts for the Mel Korum Family YMCA, as both Capital Campaign Major Gifts co-chairs and supporters of the previous campaigns for facilities on Pioneer Avenue and Valley Avenue. For Ray, the YMCA is more than a place to volunteer in his community: it’s a place he remembers fondly from childhood. Ray grew up in the South Hill/Puyallup area and attended a YMCA day camp and overnight camp in Lake Tapps. In high school, Ray remembers boarding a bus in South Hill and riding to the downtown Tacoma YMCA to swim.

Contribute to youth like Darren

Brian Bocott was in a car accident nine years ago and is now a paraplegic. Brian’s parents have spent those years seeking the best doctors to care for Brian, including a recent trip to Lima, Peru. With the opening of the Gig Harbor Family YMCA they found help in their own backyard. Brian and his father use the exercise equipment every couple days to help with Brian’s upper body strength. Later this spring they hope to use the warm water, zero entry pool for therapy. Brian’s parents are confident that the continued therapy and the YMCA community support will allow Brian to walk again.

Three years ago, 16-year-old Darren DeLeon was awarded one of the first Late Nite college scholarships to attend Running Start, a program that allows youth to attend community college while in high school. Darren’s parents had emigrated from the Philippines, did not have the opportunity to graduate high school and only knew work as the way to achieve a better life. They did not understand his desire to go to college. Darren, now 20, is a University of Washington Tacoma graduate with a Business Administration degree, a personal banker with Wells Fargo and a mentor for the Running Start program. He credits the Y for giving him hope and confidence.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Create Partnerships that make Big Winners Losing 60 pounds during Biggest Winner improved everything in my life, from my sleep to my energy at work. Learning about dieting the right way was really a benefit. Just being aware of my intake of proteins, fruit and vegetables, and making them an enjoyable part of eating – rather than dieting for a treat. My goal is to make the one-year mark maintaining my weight. I’m almost there! -Aaron Stewart, 2007 Biggest Winner


2007 was another successful year at the YMCA of Tacoma-Pierce County with membership, financial aid and fundraising numbers reaching record levels. We proved again this year that we are good stewards of your investments. The real success, however, is not in these outstanding numbers but in the personal stories, like those in this report, of YMCA members and participants.

Average Monthly Assoc. Membership 65,000 60,000

2007 Statement of Activities & Changes in Net Assets (Unaudited)

Revenue Contributions, General Contributions, Capital Campaign Contributions, Endowment United Way Government Grants Joining Fees Membership Fees Program Fees Facilities Use Investment Income Miscellaneous Net Assets Released from Restrictions Total Revenue

Unrestricted $ 816,628

Temporarily Restricted

Permanently Restricted




937,670 21,376 101,268 28,433 747,341 16,877,930 5,135,413 94,172 349,881 1,034,033 26,638,509

21,376 11,844 28,433 747,341 16,877,930 5,135,413 94,172 349,881 1,034,033 1,532,387 26,628,062


(1,532,387) (10,929)



48,000 45,000 40,000 38,000 35,000







Total Operating Revenue (Unrestricted) by Year $25,000,000

3,985,636 1,601,596 3,449,181 5,783,191 2,207,679 1,588,635 2,979,787 2,773,928 357,730 23,065 24,750,428 1,877,634 35,851,792

(10,929) 670,618

21,376 656,974

3,985,636 1,601,596 3,449,181 5,783,191 2,207,679 1,588,635 2,979,787 2,773,928 357,730 23,065 24,750,428 1,888,081 37,179,384

Net Assets, Ending





Andy Johnson OEM Sales Manager Motion Industries

Robert Ketner President R-K Real Estate Services

Ronn McMahon Vice President of Financial Development and Marketing

Annie Casey Owner Enumclaw Wellness Center

Bruce Martin Retired

Charlie Davis Vice President of Operations

Bill Matthaei Board Executive Secretary President/CEO Roman Meal Co.

Loren Johnson Morgan Family Branch Executive Director

Jim Cash Retired

Franko Fountaine Retired

19,000,000 17,500,000

Jamie Gregory President K-12, Inc.

16,000,000 14,500,000

Kitty Hess Retired

13,000,000 11,500,000 2002






Michael Ketcham Executive Vice President of Finance and Administration

Blake Bolton Partner McGranahan Architect

Bob Dalton Retired



Bob Ecklund President/CEO

Ray Dally Retired


Morgan Family Branch Tacoma Center Branch Lakewood Family Branch Mel Korum Family Branch Gig Harbor Family Branch Camp Seymour Branch Child Care Branch Management and General Fundraising Foundation Total Expense Change in Net Assets Net Assets, Beginning

Mike Bitterling Owner/Principal BCE Engineers, Inc.

Tim Daly Vice-President Finance/ Steve Milligan Administration Partner Stellar Industrial Supply, Inc. Encore Sales & Marketing



Association Staff

Eric Boles Randy Johnson Partner President Diversified Learning Partners Apple Physical Therapy




Association Board of Directors

Chris Spivey Tacoma Center Branch Executive Director

Todd Silver Co-President J.L. Darling Corporation

Rollin Mills Lakewood Family Branch Executive Director

Christy Stolz Board Chair InFlight Company: Alaska Airlines

Phil Carter Mel Korum Family Branch Executive Director

Tom Taylor President Tom Taylor Insurance Brokers, Inc.

Darcy Celletti Gig Harbor Family Branch Executive Director

Charlie Walters President Gensco

Geoff Ball YMCA Camp Seymour Executive Director Kacie Nesby YMCA Child Care Executive Director


Gig Harbor Auburn

Federal Way



Tacoma Fife


University Place

Bonney Lake Puyallup




Branch YMCA Child Care Site


YMCA of Tacoma-Pierce County Association Office 1614 South Mildred, Suite 1 Tacoma, WA 98465 253-534-7800

Gig Harbor Family YMCA Roy 10550 Harbor Hill Road Gig Harbor, WA 98332 253-853-9622

Mel Korum Family YMCA 302-43rd Ave. S.E. Puyallup, WA 98374 253-841-9622

Tacoma Center YMCA 1144 Market St. Tacoma, WA 98402 253-597-6444

John O. Morgan Family YMCA 1002 S. Pearl St. Tacoma, WA 98465 253-564-9622

Lakewood Family YMCA 9715 Lakewood Dr. S.W. Lakewood, WA 98499 253-584-9622

YMCA Camp Seymour 9725 Cramer Rd. KPN Gig Harbor, WA 98329 253-884-3392

YMCA Child Care 1614 South Mildred, Suite 5 Tacoma, WA 98465 253-534-7840

YMCA Annual Report 2008  

Kari Hilderbrand Designer

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