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Memories;  altering  and  fading  the   past.  

lauren  e  simonu,   Simonu6’s  work  creates  an  eerie  effect  and  has  shadows  creeping  into  the  image.  Her  work     strips  things  down  to  their  core.  It  takes   reflects  on  her  state  of  mind  at  the  >me,  ‘’  Madness   everything,  and  in  exchange  offers  more  madness,  and  the  occasional  ability  to  see  things  that   are  not  there.’’    Simonu6’s  mind  allows  her  to  see  and  believe  in  things  that  are  not  there  but   at  the  same  >me  her  work  also  shows  distress  and  panic.  The  work  has  an  unseGling  feel  to  it.   The  colours  and  shades  used  are  very  limp  and  lifeless,  giving  off  a  cold  feel.  ‘’Sequestered  in  the   house  that  I  had  made,  a  madhouse  in  its  own  right’’,  This  seems  that  she  feels  trapped  inside   her  own  home  and  that  her  home  is  the  inside  of  her  mind,  not  knowing  what  is  real  or  what  is   not.     Her  chosen  techniques  show  results  different  from  a  lot  of  modern  photography,  they  produce   vintage  effect  photography.    ‘’Chemistry  does  not  always  react  the  same;  water  does  not  always   run  in  the  same  direc>on.  I  have  been  known  to  spill  things.  Each  print  is  different.  ‘’  She  does   not  try  to  perfect  her  work,  it  is  the  mistakes  that  make  the  photos,  the  natural  mistakes  that   occur.  The  mistakes  add  an  edge  to  the  images.     Her  photography  contains  a  ‘mist’  effect  that  makes  us  wonder  what  is  going  through  her  mind   and  what  reality  is  to  her.  Her  work  suggests  being  contained  and  being  out  of  control.  Towards   the  end  of  her  life  due  to  complica>on  with  her  illness,  she  turned  the  camera  onto  herself  and   show  us  what  isola>on  is  like,  being  leK  with  just  your  own  thoughts.  "Over  (five)  years  I  have   spent  alone  amidst  these  8  rooms,  7  mirrors,  6  clocks,  2  minds  and  199  panes  of  glass.  And  this   is  what  I  saw  here.  ‘’  

•  Bleach  develop/  nail  varnish  remover  

MaGhew  Brandt  

Preserving  memories  in  photography.   •  Iden>fy  what  you  want  to  do  

Chen  Wei   idea  2  

Emily  Joy  

Andy  Warhol   Andy  Warhol’s  work  creates  a  parallel    world   for  reality.  The  colours  chosen  are  deliberately   wrong  compared  to  reality.  For  example  his   interpreta>on  of  ‘blondie’  the  colours  chosen   for  her  hair    is  not  the  ordinary  blonde  but   bright  pink,  taking  away  her  edge.  Making  a   fake  world.  

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