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Unit 2

Sophie Karin Clark

Francesca Woodman Woodman uses idea that can link to a variety of different meanings, the certain objects that symbolize or suggest something more sinister. Woodman acts like a wraith within her work, she doesn’t appear in much of her work visually but spiritually is. The crooked angles that she presents preserve a moment of rush and panic. The Lily within on of her pieces symbolise death and she doesn’t know what awaits around the corner. At a young age woodman committed suicide showing her fragile state of mind. The shadows present within the photos show her own ghost present within her.

lauren e simonutti

Lauren E Simonetti suffered from a mental illness and isolated herself away from the world, she locked herself inside her small home where she produced her photographs. In these photographs the distress that is being maximized by the isolation is shown within her work.

paulina otylie surys

Lisa Elmaleh Lisa Elmaleh portrays how the darkening shadows are slowing lurking towards the tranquil photographs. The contrast of the dark and sinister and the pure whites add a sense of the unknown danger. The damage to the photos suggest distress towards a certain location. That maybe a place has hidden ghosts from the past. The contrast of the delicate white and the suffocating black portray the sinister smoke damaging the fragile mind.


The Kelvedon secret nuclear bunker was built in case of a nuclear explosion, and intended for the aftermath. The hatch was built in 1952 and made to fit up to 600 personnel's. The bunkers even to today is kept at a low key from the public, these quality of the photo portrays this, the blurry edge added by the lack of light in the bunker. The disguise that fills the bunker has a sinister feel.



For the first set of photographs I visited Kevedons Secret Nuclear Bunker in a location nearby, which until recently was unknown to me. Over the ground the bunker appears as a small bungalow in the middle of fields and trees. However within the trees and small bungalow a tall metal satellite appears growing above the leaves. Under the ground it is a completely different story, the trapped air gasping for the wind and the continuous menacing shadows around every corner. The corridors left useless to the past. The beds that never had a purpose and the phones that never heard an echo. The small amount of light being seeped in produced blurry images on my film camera, only showing movements scared into the camera. The unknown of what lays within the mist and what lays in front of the eye disorientated. The blurry shadows create another world unknown to the naked eye. The bunker is almost like visiting the past that never happened and left forgotten. The bunker was very secretive both above and bellow ground, many of the doors closed to the publics eye, only know by a few what lays behind the wooden doors. The tree and green covering the bunker like a blanket. The second set of photographs I visited a place called Lasscos, it is a small oasis surrounded by moat of road. It sells vintage products from different time periods Each item full of memories and reminders from the past. The windows showing the split world between the past and the present. The blurry tower blocks hovering over the small shadow of the extinct time. The echoes from the past filling the room with a smog of dark fog. My aim of the project was to show the hidden placed within the modern world and the unknown secrets that ley within the walls.