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A welcome note from Katharina Reimer, Executive Director, Karen Leung Foundation Dear Friends, Supporters, and Art Lovers: I am thrilled to welcome you to this second iteration of The ExtraOrdinary Exhibition and truly hope that you will enjoy what the team has created. More importantly, I hope that you enjoy the art pieces that form this extraordinary show and celebrate the experience and message that we strive to imbibe with it. Please allow me to say a few words on the Karen Leung Foundation’s mission first. Since its inception in 2013, the Foundation is the first and only registered charity in Hong Kong that is solely dedicated to reducing the impact of gynaecological cancers. I’ve been at the helm for almost six years, and despite the up and down of the last 18 month still very much enjoy the aspect of pushing the envelope and challenging the status quo especially when it creates social change and better conditions – in our case for women’s health. But it really all starts with awareness, one of the Foundation’s core pillars alongside Prevention and Care & Support. The Exhibition has become one of our flagship programmes and really is a health awareness campaign, that’s aims to educate and impact peoples’ attitudes, perspectives and behaviors towards gynaecological cancers, yet through the transformative nature of the arts. Due to both conservative culture and social stigma, many women in Hong Kong feel uncomfortable or ashamed to even talk about gynaecological health, let alone seek the resources they deserve. That led me well over two and a half years ago to reimagine our approach towards creating awareness around the topic. The overarching theme of the show is the celebration of the female body and last year’s Exhibition include 18 contributing artists, 40 artworks, and was shown across three physical locations in Hong Kong. This year’s show’s sub theme is “the B.O.D.Y.s Language; well-being starts with understanding” and we are supported by 22 artists working across various genres. The Exhibit will travel across 4 locations this year and all art is for sale. Every piece sold will yield 50% percent of the proceeds in funding for KLF’s programmes to address the needs of Hong Kong women. I invite you to savor the art and buy passionately. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for your support and generosity. 2

China Club Soft Launch

September 10, 2021

Eaton HK Capsule Collection

September 14-29, 2021

Soho House Full Exhibition

October 1-30, 2021 • Private “Meet the Artist” Event for Soho House Members • KLF x Leanne Claxton Designer Face Mask Workshop • KLF x “Word-Up!” Poetry Night

The Hari Capsule Collection

September to January, 2021






Basil PAO Hong Kong

BASIL PAO began his photographic career in 1980 on his

return to Hong Kong after ten years in the United States,

where he was art director for recording companies Atlantic and Polygram in New York and Warner Brothers Records in Los Angeles. His work during that time included the

book for the Monty Python film Life of Brian, where he first

worked with Michael Palin. They have since collaborated on ten illustrated books based on the BBC travel series

Pole to Pole, Full Circle, Hemingway Adventure, Sahara, Himalaya and New Europe. He is the author of Hands, China Revealed and most recently, Yi’Jing-Book of Changes, which accompanied his The Great Walls of China Series

exhibition. He has also created the limited editions AMAN,

Bhutan and AMAN2 for Amanresorts, and OM-Ordinary

Moments, CMYK | China and Shan Shui for Printer Trento. Basil’s travel essays and other assignments, including his photography for Bernardo Bertolucci’s The Last Emperor and Little Buddha, have appeared in publications and exhibitions all over the world.


A special collaboration between the Karen Leung Foundation and the Hong Kong Ballet. Strength & Grace: Featuring a series of five ballerinas, limited first-edition and artist proofs available.

Strength & Grace: Reina Sawai PHOTOGRAPHY // 1 signed framed original & 7 signed unframed prints available 88 x 60cm



Strength & Grace: Venus Villa PHOTOGRAPHY // 1 signed framed original & 7 signed unframed prints available 80 x 60cm


Strength & Grace: Gao Ge PHOTOGRAPHY // 7 signed unframed prints available 88 x 60cm

USD2,500 (SOLD) - 1 signed

framed original


Strength & Grace: Ye Feifei PHOTOGRAPHY // 1 signed framed original & 6 signed unframed prints available 80 x 60cm


Strength & Grace: Chen Zhi-yao PHOTOGRAPHY // 6 signed unframed prints available 67x 60cm



Bobby Yu Hong Kong

Bobby Yu s a Hong Kong visual artist who now based in Oslo. Her practice is focused on body culture in different

contexts through the filter of her own experience. In recent years she has been examining the topic of human genetic

engineering, looking at how this technology shapes our

cognition and understanding of the body. Through the media of performance, text, installation, sculpture , and video, she aims to create scenarios that engage, and eventually, the audience become participants in her work.

Bobby received a BA from Hong Kong Baptist University.

She is currently graduating MFA at Oslo National Academy of Fine Art (2021). She has exhibited her works at Listhus Gallery (Iceland); A Place Gallery & Studios (Florida); Youkobo Art Space Gallery (Tokyo); Swatch Art Peach

Hotel (Shanghai); Parasite,100ft. Gallery, starprojects, 1a Space, Tomorrow Maybe Gallery (Hong Kong). Bobby has completed residencies at 3331 Art Chiyoda (Tokyo), 435

Art Studio (Taiwan), Listhus Space (Iceland), and Athena Standard Residency (Athens).



9.5 x 9.6 x 2.5cm each (100 pcs)

US$10,000 for 100 USD$100 for 1 piec





The artist commodifies her own body by applying the size of her breasts to produce

silicone sex toys. Her breasts have lost their character when they are no longer unique to herself. Anyone can own them. They become as banal as a product. The

material silicone, as an artificial substance, suggests the nature of a counterfeit. They are certainly phony, inauthentic. When “China” became an adjective, the recognized identity can be as deceptive as imagination.

0 pieces, ce


Bowie Ho Hong Kong

Bowie is inspired by spiritual reflection, human sensation,

and the particularity of materials. Under the constant torture of living a life with mental illness and hallucinations, she

fell into a manic exploration of creation and art. She is also

obsessed with mixed media that uses various techniques and materials, actualising works that are free from the

restraints of logic and the constant experimentation of craft.


Hold Tight and Stare SCULPTURE // Ceramic 10 x 10 x 12cm

USD$2,500 for set of 5, USD$500 for 1 piece

I use the female breast as a container, so that the user can feel the weight and drape of the female breast when holding it.

In the past, women have often been symbolised as objects,

objects to be played with. I hope that when people who own

these cups use them, their mindset changes from looking at them erotically and shamefully to embracing them and appreciating them.


Clair CHAN Hong Kong

Chan Ka Kiu (b.1995 Toronto, Canada) is a Hong Kong

based artist, graduated in 2021 from City University of Hong Kong, School of Creative Media (MFA). Chan’s previous ex-

hibitions include solo exhibition with Parasite, “Don’t come so fast, darling” (Art Basel 2019, Hong Kong), and group shows “Very Natural Actions” (TaiKwun, Hong Kong, 2020),

and “Tree Fall in the Woods and No One’s There” (Power Station of Art, Shanghai, 2018).

Focusing on intangible mundane bizarreries of secular lives,

Chan Ka Kiu romanticizes daily scenarios into playful puns

and honest confessions. In the equal power of sneers and tears, her practice penetrates through humor leaving its bit-

ter aftertaste. Reflecting on accumulating personal experi-

ences, and pointing to the absurdity and paradoxes hidden within routine, Chan playfully juxtaposes seemingly unrelated scenarios in everyday life, reenacting the commonly missed.


Fear, nailed SCULPTURE // Mixed media 30 x 20 x 10cm

USD2,000 It is where I think fear is,

hoping by nailing it and locating it, it would help us concquer the fear a bit.

Death, in my palm SCULPTURE // Mixed media 33 x 13 x 7cm


It circles out the spots where my bone tumors are located in

my palm, something that has been with me since aged 8.


Claudia CHANHOI United Kingdom Bowie is inspired by spiritual reflection, human sensation,

and the particularity of materials. Under the constant torture

of living a life with mental illness and hallucinations, she fell

into a manic exploration of creation and art. She is also obsessed with mixed media that uses various techniques and materials, actualising works that are free from the

restraints of logic and the constant experimentation of craft.

Everyone is a Gallerist PAINTING // Acrylic on canvas 60 x 60 x 3.8cm


You own your gallery and

decide what to display to particular visitors


My Background PAINTING // Acrylic on canvas 50 x 70 x 3.8cm


Growing up in a Hong Kong Chinese Catholic family, she was

taught female sexuality is passive and vulnerable. Sexual behaviour is almost sinful outside marriage. After leaving all-

girls Catholic school (and Sunday school) at the age of 12, sex was widely introduced everywhere.

Female bodies have been broadly used as a sex object to

sell everything because of gender inequality. However, some

modern women or celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj

objectify and sexualise themselves as “an expression of their mpowerment over men”. Also, some female artists use their

female body to celebrate female sexual power in order to

receive more sexual freedom from our society and to push the perceived gender boundaries. “I am just so fascinated

by the shifting perspective and the shifting power. Since the start of modern feminism, we have gone a long way towards

liberating women’s sexuality. Younger women have, to an

unprecedented extent, been empowered to believe they can be as sexual as they like and to voice out and to express their desires as they wish.” 19

Scenery Series

“Instagram censored my works showing female body parts even though the style was

far from explicit. I then played with the boundaries of the censorship algorithm, adding flying. birds or sceneries into the images, finding these details would keep the post

from being deleted. I went on to question societal views of women’s bodies, where sexualisation is openly abundant while nudity is taboo. My practice became a process

of reclaiming ownership of my own sexuality. Lighthearted and playful images with clean lines and candy colours, bare raw empowerment.”

Birds Flying to the Moon

Huts and Birds at High Altitude

DIGITAL PRINT // On archival paper,

DIGITAL PRINT // On archival paper,

unframed, edition of 20, signed and dated by

unframed, edition of 20, signed and dated by

the artist

the artist

50 x 50cm

50 x 50cm




Mountain Glory

Canyon Fly Through

DIGITAL PRINT // On archival paper,

DIGITAL PRINT // On archival paper,

unframed, edition of 20, signed and dated by

unframed, edition of 20, signed and dated by

the artist

the artist

50 x 50cm

50 x 50cm




Irving CHEUNG Hong Kong

Irving Cheung was born in Hong Kong in the early 80s, she

has studied in Belfast, Berlin and London since the age of 11. Graduated from University of the Arts London, Chelsea

College of Art with a fine art degree then further completed

a MFA with distinction in RMIT University in 2017. Over the years, Cheung has been working as a film art director and costume designer, she was nominated four times in Hong Kong Film Award for Best Art Director and Best Costume &

Makeup Design with the films, “Rigor Mortis”, “The Empty

Hands” and “Tracey”. From 2016, she has been doing more directing work on music videos and short films, in the past

few years, she has been writing her first feature film, looking forward to start shooting in 2021.


Warm Currents INSTALLATION // Hand-Tufted Tapestry 85 x 180 cm

After 3 major spinal surgeries, Cheung was lucky to have a

healthy child. The miracle of a female reproductive system has amazed her.

It is an organ we should cherish and embrace.

USD25,000 23

Henrik DELEHAG Sweden / United Kingdom

Henrik Delehag was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1973. He lives and works in London, his studio perched up in

the bell tower of a 18th century church bell tower. As well

as his personal art practice, he is one half of the artist duo Benrik.


PAINTING // 24K Gold Paint and Acrylic Paint 70 x 101cm




Untitled PAINTING // 24K Gold Paint and Acrylic Paint 70 x 101cm



Jenny LAM Hong Kong

Jenny Lam is a talented artist based in Hong Kong originally

from Belgium who provides beauty through art for her patrons. Growing up and moving around a lot meant a constant change of environment, she struggled with verbal communication which gave her a unique view on how to

express herself artistically, and her artworks are a beautiful consequence.

It forced her to develop a keen eye in observing people and her surroundings and in particular how people express themselves without words their feelings of joy, pain, love,

sadness, anticipation, loss and passion. She also comes from a sports background. Her inspiration comes from her

ability to interpret her own and other people’s feelings and express them in her paintings.


Let it burn PAINTING // Acrylic on canvas 83 x 63cm

USD8,000 “The subject’s nudity reflects the strength of her foundation, intact while the world around her burns.”

Won’t back down PAINTING // Acrylic on canvas 83 x 63cm

USD8,000 Inspired by the Tom Petty song that is the

piece’s namesake, the character displays

her conviction; standing chest out with pride in the face of the chaos around.


Karen CHAN Hong Kong

As the Creative Director of CeeKayEllo (CKL) and HKCRAFTS, Karen is born and bred in Hong Kong, cultured in London,

Paris and New York with a master degree at Parsons. She

has been passionate about promoting the museum and art culture in Hong Kong.

Her previous work with emerging contemporary British

artist Henry Hudson in London has aspired her interest in contemporary art and had been working at Lafayette

Anticipation (Art foundation of Galerie Lafayette) in Paris as

their new media intern and Art Projects and Digital Solutions Manager at 3812 Gallery for their exhibitions and commercial art projects in Hong Kong and Macau.

With her strong background in set design and quality

of attentive to designs from her visual merchandising

work experience at a luxury brand, Karen is now focused on exhibition design with multimedia and interactive

installations, and has been organising and curating different

commercial exhibitions and non-profit passion projects such

as #BotoxTempleStreet at a clay pot rice restaurant on Temple Street, ``Step Ink Side``, a designed Tilt Brush artwork and

VR installation for Chloe Ho’s solo exhibition, Ascendence at Hong Kong Arts Centre, multimedia installations for Peter Yuill’s solo exhibition, Absurdity of Meaning at KONG Art Space, Androgy:Nous at Tai Pan Row, IFC and My Light, My Hood at KONG Art Space.


Every body is a beach body As the only female neon practitioner in the male-dominant Neon tube, xenon glass Approximately 40 x 25 x 5cm


and dangerous neon industry, I hope to empower and

enhance female capability. With a collective of international women’s bodies images collected amongst my friends, I

wish to feature their bodyscapes and express the idea of “Every body is a beach body” through an organic heart shape achieved from neon blowing and bending. The work celebrates all kinds of female bodies

despite the shape and skin colour. The heart shape also

illustrates self-love and the courage from those women who submitted their images on different level of self confidence in their bodies.


Kim Robinson Hong Kong

An inspirational Hong Kong success story, the name Kim

Robinson has become synonymous with style and is known

across Asia and far beyond by some of the world’s most beautiful women.

In a career spanning almost four decades, Kim’s journey has

taken him from the catwalks of the world’s fashion capitals to the pages of Vogue, earning a cavalcade of devoted A-list clients which have included Princess Diana, Kate

Moss, Cindy Crawford, Michelle Yeoh, Anita Mui, Sandy

Lam, Zhang Ziyi, Gong Li, Rosamund Kwan Chi-lam, Carina Lau Kar-ling, Cherie Chong Chor-hung and Vicki Zhao Wei.

Blooming Hot PAINTINGS // Oil on canvas 120 x 160cm



Wild Flowers 17 Mixed media on canvas 55 x 120cm


Spice Garden 2 Mixed media on canvas 55 x 120cm



Leanne Claxton Hong Kong

British artist and designer Leanne Claxton graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design class of

2006 alongside Mary Katrantzou. Claxton went on to train in Paris under Christian Lacroix where she discovered haute

couture and the relationship between art and fashion. Over the last 15 years she has worked as a practicing artist and freelance print designer, exhibiting and collaborating with

major brands in London, Paris, Spain, New York and Hong Kong.

Leanne Claxton began printing her abstract floral designs

onto scarves as a way of making her artwork more accessible. Each design starts life as a detailed graphite sketch, which is

then interpreted into a traditional oil painting, digital painting or often a combination of both. Uniting art and fashion as one, she embraces the concept of wrapping the body in

vibrant, painted brush strokes. Claxton is an artist with a passion for the outdoors, delighting in natural light, alfresco

painting and the rainbow of colours and intricate details that nature offers. The paintings and accessories she creates are inspired by these elements at home and on her travels.

In 2019, in light of the global pandemic Leanne Claxton

pivoted into a part-time role as Artist in Residence at Harrow International School in Hong Kong. She continues to work

as a practicing artist and freelance print designer, exhibiting her art, running innovative workshops and producing exciting new products that have more of an emphasis on sustainability and the environment.


FlowerChildren of Our Cosmos PRINT // Limited Edition of 50 (46 unframed prints available) 29.7 x 42cm US$200 As an exclusive offering that is part of The ExtraOrdinary Exhibition,’ KLF partnered with artist, Leanne Claxton, to bring

together a special activation that combined family, design, and giving back.

The activation was introduced as an auction experience at KLF’s 2021

Annual Luncheon. The winners of this

experience received the opportunity to

work with Leanne on an art piece in the

making. Buyers will also receive the first print of the final design, which will be

featured throughout the duration of ‘The ExtraOrdinary Exhibition.’

Leanne will donate 100% of the proceeds to the Foundation.


Lily SO Hong Kong

Lily So (Painter. Born in 1993)

I am a self-taught artist born in Hong Kong. I love passionately. I suffer tremendously. I embrace human emotions to their full

immensity, articulate them through art, and communicate them with others. Since discovering art, I paint my everyday

life, through endless cycle of ups and downs. Essentially

art enables my pursuit of inner peace. Art-­becomes the essence of my life and an integral means of self-expression. While one may feel awkward to discuss his vulnerabilities in public, art grants us a means to explore and exchange

views on these topics openly. All of us have a life in the light and in the dark. I think it is important to look at our bruises

and embrace them as they are. Hardships shall not feed our

hatred towards life, instead they shall motivate us to strive harder. I want to share my deepest fears and insecurities with the world, and especially with people who experience pain and heartbreak, because no one should face these emotions alone. My work is with them and so am I.

I used to hide all negativities from others and myself, yet I realized that my dark side is as valuable as my bright side; both of which I pour into the canvas, raw and unfiltered. Be

it painful or powerful, I hope my art would inspire others to face themselves honestly and to stand up for values they believe in.


Vulnerability DRAWING // Ink on paper 24 x 31.5cm

USD3,500 (SOLD) Vulnerability




disappointment and fear, but a birthplace of everything we are hungry for.

Committing to a life of vulnerability and



seem like a scary proposition but

it is also a courageous way to live authentically. Freedom DRAWING // Acrylic and oil on canvas 30 x 40cm

USD3,200 A honest conversation makes

us feel connected. The same deep connection with ourselves

is possible by wholly accepting who we are and acknowledge our pain. Let it surface and spill over. Give ourselves permission

to make an uncomfortable mess. Healing can happen, so can emotional freedom.



We all suffer unfairly, or experience loss. We may come to

feel that there must be something inherently wrong with us, or someone did something to bring the situation upon us. The important step in forming the meaning of our pain is

understanding that it’s not about deserving. Pain is not a

zero-sum game. If somebody hurts us, hurting them back doesn’t make it better.

Nobody deserves trauma. While our problems may not always be our faults, we’re the only ones in charge of self-care. And the only thing we can control is the meaning we ascribe to our pain.

Bravery DRAWING // Oil marker on paper 79 x 109cm

Bravely accept, change or let go.

USD4,500 (SOLD)


Polo BOURIEAU Hong Kong

Born in 1968 in Nantes, France, Polo studied art at the

Academie of Nantes before joining the French stonemasons

guild Compagnons du Tour de France. By formation,

inclination and ability, Polo focuses a great measure of his creative effort in re-kindling the natural relationship between sculpture and architecture through large site-specific commissions.

Collaborating directly with architects and developers, Polo create monumental sculptures for the new agora of the

21st century. He believes that the monumental presence in public space confronts and creates dialogue, and it ignites our curiosity to explore the space we’re living in; It interacts with the community and contributes to understanding

our concept of individuality, before defining our collective memories.

Polo is fascinated by memories and identities; the way they’ve been built, the way they function and the place they

occupy in the intent to regenerate the city. It is in this context that Polo aim to resolve the impossible equation that arises between international pop culture and local identities, and

tries to find continuity between architectonic and urban fabric, with always an element of fun.



INDULGENCE is a stone sculpture which shows a body in an act of glitching indulgence.

55 x 40 x 83cm

USD29,000 39

Sophia HOTUNG Hong Kong

Sophia Hotung is a disabled, Eurasian artist and writer based

in Hong Kong. She is best known for The Hong Konger collection, in which she adapts New Yorker magazine covers for Hong Kong. She creates her art entirely on an iPad

and uses her work as an opportunity to explore, subvert, and challenge the ways we think and talk about disability,

gender, race, and socio-economic disparities locally and internationally.


Half the Sky PRINT // Archival pigment print on AWAGAMI - Bamboo Paper (170g/m2) 84 x 65cm Comes signed, numbered, framed, and with a watermarked authenticity certificate & holographic seal

SOLD Business tycoons, modelling the International Finance Centre, Lippo Centre, Central Plaza, and the Bank of China

as hats, assemble among Hong Kong’s skyscrapers. Based on the November 8, 1999 New Yorker magazine cover, “High Fashion” by Danuta Dabrowska-Siemaszkiewicz

Crossing Over PRINT // Archival pigment print on AWAGAMI - Bamboo Paper (170g/m2) 84 x 65cm Comes signed, numbered, framed, and with a watermarked authenticity certificate & holographic seal

USD2,000 Women workers from various years of Hong Kong’s past and future cross Des Voeus Road. Based on the November

24, 2014 New Yorker magazine cover, “Time Warp” by Richard McGurie.


Simon BIRCH Hong Kong

Simon Birch is a British-born artist living and working in Hong

Kong who is renowned for the kinetic, cinematic quality of

his paintings which have been exhibited in solo shows in Beijing, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Miami and Singapore, and in group shows at the Hong Kong Museum of Art, Haunch of Venison, London, and the Museum of Contemporary Art,

Tokyo. Birch’s work has been featured and reviewed in many international publications, including The Guardian, The New York Times, The International Herald Tribune, ArtForum, DAZED and VICE.

In recent years he has become renowned as the conceptual

and creative force behind visionary, large-scale projects involving collaborative work with filmmakers, musicians,

performers, designers, architects and makers to deliver ambitious site-specific projects in specifically configured

spaces. Major projects to date include the celebrated Hope & Glory: A Conceptual Circus (Hong Kong and Beijing,

2010), Daydreaming With… The Hong Kong Edition (Hong Kong, 2012). and The 14th Factory (Los Angeles 2017).


Doom Hey Blue PAINTING // Oil on canvas 75 x 75cm



Tanya BENNETT Hong Kong

Pirate is a Hong Kong based fashion illustrator committed to the celebration of fashion, and art, offering premium fashion illustration, portraiture, and creative content services globally.

Since graduating with a degree in Clothing Design and Manufacture, specialising in Illustration and fashion

advertising, Tanya aka Pirate, has been working in the field of art design and marketing for over a decade.

“The world is suspended there, and I in it”, 2020 (Triptych) PAINTING // Watercolour, pastel and coloured pencil on paper 29.7 x 42cm; 42 x 59.4cm; 29.7 x 42cm



It is atop the mountains of my home in Hong Kong that I find strength in movement and exploration, for I am cradled by nature, and soothed by the softness of sounds that

surround me there. Using the lense of self portraiture, each drawing is an intimate and vulnerable mirror of these experiences


Toby SUN Hong Kong

SUN Yuen Yi is a media and illustration artist. She has

been interested in ACGN(anime, comic, game, and novel) since she was young. ACGN culture and her background

influenced her artworks a lot. Digital painting is one of the

main media that is used in SUN’s works, but not the only one; Her early works are mainly based on mixed media.

All works of SUN Yuen Yi are inspired by daily experience, therefore her works focus mainly on family and relationships.

She likes to create a sense of story and atmosphere through the combination of light, shadow, and colors in order to express the story through her works.


PRINT // Ink

118.5 x 69.5



This is never the experience of a certain female, but a group of them.

kjet print

5cm each

In this work, I want to describe their attitudes and reactions under various constraints.



Tomorrow Girls Troop Japan

We are fourth-wave feminists whose genders and

nationalities vary. Our social art projects are Internet-based, focusing on gender inequality issues in East Asia. Tomorrow Girls Troop was established in April 2015.

Our collective comprises about 50 members worldwide, and

is consistently growing. Our collective is non-hierarchical and participatory. As young feminists from diverse

backgrounds, we represent students, mothers, part-time workers, the underemployed, and the unemployed reflecting

on the sexism and racism we experience. Although we may miss out on opportunities as individuals, the mutual support of our collaborators allow us to accomplish impressive

projects together. Our goal is to create a sustainable feminist movement in East Asia driven by our artistic practice while

introducing contemporary East Asian feminism to the English-speaking world.


No Means No PRINT // Limited edition of 5 (3 unframed prints now available)) 59.4 x 42 cm


“No Means No” is a message of self-empowerment and selfdetermination, and a pronouncement against sexual assault.

In 2017, with the Believe Campaign, Tomorrow Girls Troop conducted a series of actions to reach young generations

about the issues of sexual abuse through art, design, and performance. This campaign focused on national legislation

regarding sexual violence in Japan and encouraged women

to participate in the conversation. Versions of this poster were held as protest placards in the Believe March in Tokyo,

as well as in the Women’s Marches in Los Angeles and Tokyo as an international message of solidarity.


Vox Vanguard Hong Kong

Founded in London in 2015 by Matthew Tosca, Vox Vanguard

is an international classical art design and production company committed to breaking down the barriers between artist and audience.

Since its inception, Vox Vanguard has designed for and

collaborated with a multitude of designers, artists, brands, individuals and institutions, including: Tatler Hong Kong, the World Wildlife Fund, The BRITS, Fabergé, Amanda Wakeley,

Boodles, choreographer Liam Scarlett, couturier Nicholas Oakwell, fine artist Oli Epp, conceptual engineer Moritz Waldemeyer, Tempus Magazine, White & Case LLP, BNP Paribas, the Earl & Countess of Derby and more.

Vox Vanguard designs and produces experiences and

installations that enliven the sentiments and historical

contexts of classical music and art for a broader audience, by collaborating with other art forms, such as: fine art, dance, fashion, film, literature, technology and more.

Vox Vanguard has an extensive international collective of

artists and industry professionals and it is our mission to promote these world-class, emerging talents by creating bespoke and unique environments, where interaction between artist and audience is not hindered by concert

hall seating or continuous musical performance. Our programmes intersperse artistic collaboration throughout an evening or space to produce a storyline that promotes artistic interaction with a contemporary relatability.





is a bespoke experiential performance that re-invents a











styles of dancing and fashion all combine to evoke the

strength and power of the feminine energy.

Alluding to the libretto, The

Creatures of Prometheus, Olympia (Simone Meuser,

dancer) and Homer (Matthew Tosca,




sculptures that come to life as the music progresses. History’s most famous ancient poet, Homer, was said to have been blind. Vox Vanguard uses this detail to exemplify how the muse Olympia exudes her energy to give sight to Homer and enlighten his pursuits.

Vox Vanguard will integrate this Baroque and electronic-fused track, arranged, created, and produced by Matthew Tosca, Zaj Williams (NYC), and Laci Olah (London) with future technologies, such as; 360 videography, green-screen, 3-D modeling, and more to bring to

life a truly unique and imaginative Audio/Visual Track. This digital creation and collaborative art piece represent a new path for the presentation of the classical performing arts.

By purchasing this work, the buyer becomes one of the producers of this innovative Audio/

Visual creation and will be invited to filming and production/rehearsal sessions to experience

and be immersed within the creative process. For more information, please speak with the Vox Vanguard team. USD20,000


Wing Po SO Hong Kong

Wing Po So, born into a family of a 3rd generation Chinese

medicine doctor, spent all her childhood in her father’s pharmacy playing cartoon cards with other kids from the grocery store next door. Graduated from Washington

University in Saint Louis, her profound connection with the

place where she grew up turns into a distant feeling upon the rapid city change.

As a kid, she used to write on walls with white cuttlefish bones, and put steamed roots on her feet to make black

footmarks on the street. Growing up she becomes aware of natural resources, and decides to create her own imaginary space with Chinese herbs to reflect her interpretation of the traditions. The origin of traditional Chinese medicine is an observation, sensitivity and imagination towards nature.

Changing States

INSTALLATION / SCULPTUR Plaster on wood 122 x 170cm each (3 panels)

USD9,000 for 3 USD3,000 for 1



“Changing States” is a body of artworks delicately carved out from a layer of plaster on board. It is a depiction of the metamorphosis of corn silk - one of the most common of Chinese medicinal ingredients. A male genetic cell travels down the corn silk to reach a single egg and fertilizationoccurs.

So Wing Po studied and processed corn silk consistently for two months by manually

dismantling and weaving the material. The soft and painting-like works record the germination of new life, meditate on revitalization and the way we perceive living and nonliving.


Ka Ying WONG Hong Kong

Wong Ka Ying (b. 1990) is an artist and writer based in

Hong Kong. She received her BFA degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2013. A keen observer of the art community and society, Wong critically reflects on the

various social, cultural, and gender issues today through

using a wide range of media, from polaroid photography, collage, screen printing, painting, performance to social

media platform. In 2016, she formed the first female artist duo “COME INSIDE” with Hong Kong artist Mak Ying Tung as a way to attack the art world.

Around the World in 80 days PHOTOGRAPHY // Color printed in individual frames 180 x 240cm on wall



The work is inspired by a question from the artist’s friend, “Do your friends remember your face they saw with their naked eyes, or the face you post on the social media?”

The artist created hundreds of typical travelling photos with similar composition, hence edited her faces in the photo according to the unified standards provided by the

big data of the digital beauty apps to create a virtual body that is close to reality but never exist in reality. This work questions the current phenomenon of which people are

preaching to post perfect pictures on various platforms and thw authorship of women’s self image.


Yiska WONG Hong Kong

Wong Ka Yu, Yiska uses drawing as a means to explore

the relationship examination in her life. She grew up with domestic violence. The series is predominantly used as a means of dealing with her pain and healing herself. She

used human figures and the pulling motion of plastic as a vehicle for expression. The tension of the plastic wrap

created an unseen force to depict that she struggles with her relationship between her family and friends.


Suffocation 1 PAINTING // Oil on Canvas 170 x 130cm


Suffocation 2 PAINTING // Oil on Canvas 70 x 80cm



A Word from our Partners "Our mothers, our wives, our sisters, our friends, Twentycinco would not exist without the energy of the women around us. They have given us the strength to achieve our goals.

They are the ones by whom inspiration comes to us every day. Urban art is the expression of free artists. Of men and women too. This freedom, it first passes by the insurance of a good health. Twentycinco is therefore very honored to be able to accompany the remarkable work of KLF and to be able to fight against this terrible

scourge that are gynecological cancers so that all women can live free!"

- Gil Bourgeois & Jeremy Weltmann, Co-Founders, TwentyCinco “Vox Vanguard is built on the ingenuity of its women leaders, with

operations director, Caitlin Alba and visual director, Eugina Song leading our charge for almost a decade towards a more accessible and fulfilling artistic future for all.

When I met Katharina Reimer and the Karen Leung team, I knew

these passionate persons were the innovators and partners we wanted to collaborate with here in Hong Kong.

Cancer has always been an issue close to my heart, having lost my

brother to neuroblastoma at the age of 3. But, to also be able to

support and champion the health of women, while fighting cancer, I can think of no better way to share Vox Vanguard’s art.

The ExtraOrdinary Exhibition has purpose and meaning and Vox Vanguard is proud to stand alongside the Karen Leung Foundation, finding that ‘more ExtraOrdinary you’.”

- Matthew Tosca - Founder & Artistic Director, Vox Vanguard 58

Contact & Enquiries +852 2847 7765

Terms & Conditions *50% of all proceeds will go towards Karen Leung Foundation *The Buyer will pay the Artist directly and will be responsible for all handling fees including collection from the venue at the conclusion of the exhibition, and any packing, logistics and insurance fees.


THE B.O.D.Y.’s LANGUAGE 集•體 之聲 Well-being starts with understanding | 健康由理解出發 THE ORIGIN In 2020, the Karen Leung Foundation launched The ExtraOrdinary Exhibition, a health awareness project levering art to promote women's well-being. Due to both conservative culture and social stigma, many women in Hong Kong feel uncomfortable or ashamed to even talk about their gynaecological health, let alone seek the resources they deserve. By curating an Exhibition that celebrated the female body, the Foundation sought to educate and impact people's attitudes, perspective and behaviors towards gynaecological cancer. This year, kicking off on 14 September 2021, The Extraordinary Exhibition is back, bigger and better! From sculptures and three-dimensional installations to texturized paintings and freehand sketches, the Exhibition will open up a whole new dimension; one designed to push the boundaries of creativity and interactivity. Featuring artists, both local and international, the Foundation is delighted to welcome you back for a series of events aimed to spark interest, ignite conversations, and leave a lasting impression.

梁愷昍婦癌基金會於 2020 年創立「普通不過...展覽」,期盼以藝術推動及提高大眾對婦女健康的關注及意識。 有鑑於現今社會對婦科健康的態度相對保守,及因一貫的謬誤而產生的污名尚未完全去除,許多香港女性至今仍羞於談 論自己的身體狀況,更不會主動尋求實為應得的婦科資源協助。本基金會以之為契機,策劃一個歌頌女性身體的原始之 美的展覽,希望藉此教育及改變大眾對婦科癌症的認知及態度。 今年「普通不過...展覽」將於 9 月 14 日載譽而歸,揭幕一場比往年更盛的慶典!從雕塑藝術和立體裝置,到細膩畫作 和隨意豪邁的速寫,展覽將超越至一個嶄新的維度——一個突破既定創意及互動框架的藝術展覽。 聯同多位本地及國際知名的藝術家,本基金會現誠意邀請及期待您再度參與這一系列引起關注、燃起討論的一系列 活動,在你我當中留下清晰且深遠的印記。

Learn more by scanning the QR code 請掃以下二維碼 以探更多展覽詳情



Basil Pao Bobby Yu Bowie Ho Clair Chan Claudia Chanhoi Irving Cheung Jenny Lam Chankalun Kim Robinson Lily So Polo Bourieau Sophia Hotung Simon Birch Tanya Bennett (Pirate) Toby Sun Tomorrow Girls Troop Wing Po So Yiska Wong

Genavieve Alexander, Founder & Director Genavieve.Co, PR Brand for Hong Kong

HOSTING ORGANISATION KAREN LEUNG FOUNDATION Katharina Reimer, Executive Director Karen Leung Foundation


Gil Bourgeois & Jeremy Weltmann, Co-Founders, TwentyCinco Tarane Ali Khan, Founder & Managing Director, Linear Arts Cheryl Leung, Independent Practitioner Katie De Tilly, Owner, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery Matthew Tosca, Founder & Artistic Director, Vox Vanguard

PROGRAMME PARTNERS Creative Consulting Group Eaton HK Hologic Kiara Naturals Malca-Amit Narcisa Pheres Vox Vanguard Wine Brothers WomanBoss


Essential Mind Coaching Leanne Claxton LUÜNA Naturals Nutrilicious Talika Word-Up!

Arts for Good Foundation HandsOn Hong Kong Hong Kong Youth Arts Foundation Time Auction


Eaton HK The Hari Hong Kong Soho 189 // TwentyCinco Soho House WomanBoss

Branding Records

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