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Lessons Learned... and Still Learning

By Liz Hartford, Executive Director


ollege can be a wonderful and unique opportunity to invent, reinvent, experience and challenge yourself in ways that you’ve never done before. It’s a chance to explore, experiment and try new things. For many of you it’s the first time that you will be making the decisions of your life from what classes you’ll take, to whether you’ll actually go to class, doing your own laundry or sharing space with someone. It’s impossible not to take something away from that time. For me, my time in college and being a part of this sorority has taught me so many things. All of this has helped shape the woman I am and I continue to learn something new every day. I wanted to share with you some of the things I’ve learned along the way: 1. Make an effort to be the person who says “hello” to people even if you don’t know them. 2. Be good to your body. You are in your prime so, while it’s easy to binge drink, completely overeat at the dining hall, and sit on your computer instead of doing something active…sometimes just don’t. Your health and wellness matter. 3. A clean email inbox is the easiest way to prevent unnecessary stress. At work we refer to this as “white at night”. 4. Invest in a good interview outfit. 5. Politeness is a lost art. Hold the door open for others; say “please” and “thank you”.

6. The only thing you can change about your past is how you feel about it. Whether those things become regret or a lesson is totally up to you. 7. Music can get you through a lot: studying playlists, workout playlists, break-up playlists, rainy day playlists… Make them all. 8. It’s less important to have more friends and more important to have real ones. 9. Handwritten notes (and “thank you” notes, in particular) never go out of style. 10. If every conversation with a friend involves talking badly about another friend, chances are they’re probably talking badly about you too. 11. Sometimes it’s okay to say “no” without having an excuse as to why. 12. Sleep is important, there’s no such thing as making up for lost sleep. 13. Cramming doesn’t actually work. Take the time to space out your studying. You will perform so much better when you do. 14. Don’t drink beer if you don’t like it. Don’t wear heels if you’re not comfortable. Don’t pretend to like bands you actually hate. You do you. It’s always better in the end. Enjoy enjoy this time while you’re in it as it will be over before you know it. One lesson I’ve learned the most from is that time only seems to speed up as the years go by. Make the most of it!


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Mission Statement The purpose of Kappa Delta Phi National Affiliated Sorority, Inc. shall be to promote academic achievement, to encourage community involvement through philanthropy, and to cultivate the everlasting bonds of sisterhood. We shall fortify the values of leadership, generosity, charity, and integrity within our sisters through guidance at both the chapter and national level.

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Founders Day December 6,2014

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Get to know the

National Executive Board Name: Liz Hartford What chapter are you from? Kappa Iota chapter How many years have you served on the Board? 10 years What positions do you currently hold on the Board? I am the Executive Director and currently chair the Expansion Committee, the Legal Affairs Committee and the IJC Committee. When did you Affiliate? I was initiated in Spring 2002. What is your favorite memory as an Active? Making some really amazing friends with women I never would have met if it hadn’t been for Kappa. What is your hometown? I am from Turners Falls, Massachusetts. What is your current profession? I am the Programming Coordinator in the Office of Residential Life and Learning at Tufts University. What positions did you hold as an active? I was the Social chair my first year and then President my second year. What position would you have liked to have held? None that I can think of as I’m pretty happy with my active experiences.

Name: Sara Hauser What chapter are you from? Kappa Alpha Iota chapter How many years have you served on the Board? 4 years What positions do you currently hold on the Board? President, Director of Graphics, and Chair of the Media Materials committee and Inter-Sorority/Fraternity Relations committee When did you Affiliate? Spring 2006 What is your favorite memory as an Active? Making some really amazing friends with women I never would have met if it hadn’t been for Kappa. What is your hometown? Pottstown, Pa What is your current profession? I just started a new job as a Communications Specialists with Chloe and Isabel. What positions did you hold as an Active? Secretary, Public Relations chair and Public Relations chair or the local Panhellenic council. What position would you have liked to have held? I always wanted to be Affiliate Educator.

PAGE 04 Name: Danielle Young What Chapter are you from? Kappa Alpha Gamma How many years have you served on the Board? 5 years What positions you currently hold on the Board (if any)? VPA, Director of Insignia, Webmaster, Merchandise Chair. When did affiliate? Spring 2003 What is your favorite memory as an Active? There are honestly too many great memories for me to pick one. What is your hometown: New Hyde Park, NY What is your current profession? Graphic/Web Designer What positions did you hold as an Active (if any)? Social Chair, Rush, Historian, Public Relations, United Greek Council Rep, Associate Greek Council President, Assistant Pledge Mistress, Pledge Mistress, Secretary, and Sergeant-at-Arms What position would you have liked to have held? President

Name: Meagan Koskinen What chapter are you from? Kappa Alpha Alpha How many years have you served on the board? Almost 3 What positions you hold on the Board? Vice President of Membership What year did you Affiliate? 2009 What’s your favorite memory as an Active? Pledging! It was frightening and exciting at the same time! What is your hometown? Hope, Maine What’s your current profession? Retail Production Associate for Camden National Bank What positions did you hold as an active (if any)? Chaplain/Historian, Vice President and President What position would you have liked to have held? I think Affiliate Educator would have been fun!

Name: Jennifer Shipp What Chapter are you from? Kappa Upsilon How many years have you served on the Board? 5 years What positions do you currently hold on the Board? Treasurer, Fundraising chair, and Awards chair When did Affiliate? Spring 2006 What is your favorite memory as an Active? My favoring memory was putting through my first pledge class after I had crossed into sisterhood. The first pledge class that I watched crossover was when I had my first ‘little’ and the day we gave her pledge class their 3rd degree was the most special time I had while being Active. What is your hometown? North Andover, MA What is your current profession? I work at The Lowell Five Cent Savings Bank as a Compliance Analyst. What positions did you hold as an Active? President, Affiliate Educator, and Secretary What position would you have liked to have held? I would have liked to try out Treasurer as an Active, but being the current National Treasurer has made up for lost time.

PAGE 05 Name: Jessica Moran What Chapter are you from? Kappa Alpha Gamma Chapter How many years have you served on the board? I've been on the board for 7 years, since I graduated in 2007. What positions you hold on the Board? Secretary When did you Affiliate? Spring 2005 What is your favorite memory as an Active? My favorite memory as an active was my very first convention. It was such an amazing experience meeting Sisters from other chapters and experiencing Kappa on a much larger scale. What is your hometown? Yonkers, NY What is your current profession? I am a corporate compliance staff leader at North Shore LIJ health system. What positions did you hold as an Active (if any)? President, Vice President, Affiliate Educator, Historian, Fundraising Chair, and Rush Chair What position would you have liked to held? Treasurer or Chaplain

Name: Carrie Jaquith Bailey What Chapter are you from? Kappa Sigma Phi Chapter How many years have you served on the board? 7 years What positions do you currently hold on the Board? Member-at-Large, Philanthropy chair When did you Affiliate? 1994! What is your favorite memory as an Active? The fun we used to have and how close we were. It wasn’t always perfect and we went through difficult times but the bonds we had were so tight! What is your hometown? Falmouth, MA What is your current profession? Massage Therapist and Mom of three What positions did you hold as an Active (if any)? President What position would you have liked to held?: AE and Treasurer

Name: Amanda Roberge What chapter are you from? Kappa Iota How many years have you served on the Board? This is my third year What positions do you currently hold on the Board? Member-at-Large, Kappa Lambda Field Rep, and Meetings chair When did you affiliate? Fall 2010 (Dec. 4, 2010 was my crossing date) I was a Junior. What is your favorite memory as an Active? There were so many epic times, probably the senior farewell dinner when I realized what an impact I made on the chapter. What is your hometown? Hollis, Maine What is your current profession? Pursuing my Master’s degree in Teaching, and working retail currently to pay the bills What positions did you hold as an Active (if any)?: I held Sergeant-at - Arms and Big Sister What position would you have liked to have held? I would have like to been President and Affiliate Educator.

| Elec



Eligibility & Position Requirements:

There are three voting Board positions up for election at Convention 2015.

The Board of Directors shall be composed of seven members, and they shall be alumnae members of the Sorority, including graduating seniors at the time of elections. (See Article VIII, Enactment, Section A)

Interested in joining the Board of Directors? Submit your letter of intent to Executive Director Elizabeth Hartford no later than February 16th. Below are the eligibility requirements per the constitution. Election will be held during the Business Meeting on April 18th. Location: TBD

Members of the Board of Directors will be elected at the National Convention and will serve terms of two years or until successors are elected. (See Article VIII, Enactment, Section A)

Board of Directors Elections

Any alumnae member who is eligible and in good standing must submit her declaration of candidacy and state her objectives to the Executive Director sixty (60) days prior to the National Convention at which members of the Board of Directors are to be elected.

Greetings from your Brothers,


his year promises huge things for the Brothers. We had a very productive Summer Leadership workshop hosted by Lambda chapter at Husson University last July. Phired Up! productions spent the day working with our chapter leaders showing them how to successfully recruit high quality men to further our vision. This was the third year we have used them and continue to see chapters grow and expand. We look forward to a banner year in terms of recruitment. In November we will be meeting in New Paltz at Alpha Gamma during their 20th anniversary reunion. Our President/Treasurer meeting is always a high point and we look forward to being able to share ideas on recruitment, philanthropy, and fundraising. Sharing these ideas between chapters really helps us improve where we are lacking.

We are really looking forward to our National Philanthropy project this year with Homes for Our Troops. As you know we more the doubled our goal last year and from what we hear the chapters are ramped up to outdo each other once again this year! We look forward to seeing all of you once again at convention this coming April. If last convention was any indication of what can be done working together we expect this year to be bigger and even better if that is possible! Best of luck to all of you in your studies and all things Kappa! Fraternally, Kappa Delta Phi National Board of Directors

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We are family...

I've got all my Sisters (and Brothers) with me.


onvention 2014 saw the joyous reunion of Kappa Delta Phi NAS and Kappa Delta Phi. For the active membership this was the first time both organizations held a joint meeting in over four years. The weekend was an immense success, and was the result of many hours of handwork by the Members of the Intersorority/Fraternity Committees, Meetings Committee Chair Carrie Bailey, and Fraternity Chairman Jon Kadel. Over 400 Sisters and Brothers traveled to the beautiful Cape Codder Resort in Hyannis, MA! After productive business meetings in the morning and early afternoon, both organizations participated in Alumni Cocktail Reception hosted by the Alumnae Association, and the Black and Gold Awards Gala Dinner and Benefit Dance in the evening. Both organizations presented checks to their respective organizations. Kappa Delta Phi NAS is proud to have raised $7,800 for The Make a Wish Foundation, our 2013-2014 National Philanthropy. Convention 2015 planning is well underway. Both organizations are currently working together to secure a location that is equipped to handle a group our size. Keep an eye out for all of the exciting details to come. MTSND!

The following awards were presented during the evening's festivities: Susan M. Dyer Golden Scholastic Award: ΚC Jeannette M. Collette Kindness Award: KAG Sorority Highest GPA Award: Jenna Heath, ΚC Angela K. Jacobs Scholarship: Jordan Shea, ΚAM Κ∆ΦNAS Victoria E. DeMambro Leadership Award: Lora Merhi, ΚC Κ∆ΦNAS Yellow Rose Award: Estlin Loparto, ΚS Κ∆ΦNAS Field Consultant of the Year Award: Carrie Bailey



How to land an intership By Linda MacDonald, former Associate Board Member


ollege is a time of growth, learning, and preparing for “the real world”- you are taking four years to prepare for your career! A great way to ready yourself for post-grad life and get a feel for your dream job is to apply for an internship. Through an internship, you are able to gain work experience, get out into the field, make yourself more marketable! There are all different types of internships available and it is important to find the one that best fits you and can help benefit you the most in the long run. How can you do this?

Ask your advisor! Your advisor is not just there to

help you plan out courses each semester, but also help you be as successful as possible- they want you to be an expert in your major! If you major in Hospitality or Tourism Management, you can intern with Hershey for example. If you are a Sports Management or Sports Journalism major, see if your school’s athletic teams have internship opportunities available. Biology major? Take a trip to Australia for the summer and intern with wildlife reserves. Studio Arts or Culinary majors can look at local bakeries to help design, bake, and sculpt wedding and birthday cakes. If you are unsure of your career path, the Walt Disney Company offers an internship for you too! If your advisor is unsure, try talking to a professor or asking friends within your major if they have any suggestions.

Take a trip to the Career Counseling Center! Your school may have a Career Counseling Center available to students. Stop by one day and ask if they know of internships, and if they can help guide you in the right direction and prepare you for applying. Many schools’ Career Centers host job fairs throughout the school year, too, and it is always a good idea to stop by - you may just find what you are looking for there!

Talk to your sisters! You have a strong, driven group

of women surrounding you each day in your chapter. Your sisters may be able to give you information on where they interned, how they discovered opportunities, and advice on the application process. Take a few minutes to reach out to alumni, too; they may have a business or a professional connection that is hiring interns, and you could be just the person they are looking for!

"Every day, I am so thankful that I took a few minutes to look into internships, as it led me to the most amazing, life changing work experiences of my life."

Get yourself on LinkedIn! We live in a Social

Networking age. LinkedIn is a professional social networking site, connecting you to hundreds of people in your major or career field. Create a professional, detailed profile for yourself, then search for internships! Even if you do not find an internship immediately, you can still connect with professionals who could give you some great pointers for the future!

My personal internship experience. My junior

year of college I found myself in a bit of a rut. I had declared my major as Art History, but I had no idea what I wanted to really do for a job. I knew I had to get myself out into the professional world, but I was not sure of what to do or where to go. So, I grabbed my laptop, opened up Google, and searched for an internship. This led me to the Disney College Program. I learned that this internship was open to any major, could help me gain work experience, and meet people from all over the world. So, I applied. I went through the interview process and a month later, I received word from Disney that I was offered a spot. At first I was working as an “Attractions Operations Hostess” while also taking courses offered through Disney. Here, I learned how to job search, how to perfect a resume and cover letter, how to network appropriately, how to conduct myself professionally during the interviewing process, and what the term “business casual” actually means. Every day, I am so thankful that I took a few minutes to look into internships, as it led me to the most amazing, life changing work experience of my life. So, what are you waiting for?!

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2014 Outstanding Chapter Winner Kappa Lambda Chapter


appa Lambda Chapter took home the Outstanding Chapter Award at Convention 2014. The winner of this award is presented to the Chapter that exemplifies what it means to be Outstanding in various areas of our beloved Sorority. This is one of two awards that are nominated by a Field Representative.

Former Field Representative Casey Webster shared her insight into the Chapter’s outstanding success: During the Fall 2013 semester the Kappa Lambda made a goal to improve recruitment and worked with their Field Rep to develop a yearlong recruitment plan that extended recruitment beyond rush week to the entire year. Recruitment is constantly on the minds of the Sisters, and they are continuing to hold many informal and formal recruitment events. Their recruitment effort extends beyond the college to the community, as a whole. Sisters have joined groups on campus to help build community bonds between the college and the surrounding towns. Through leadership positions within these groups, the Chapter brainstormed action steps on how strengthen these relationships. Every fundraiser, every philanthropy, and every time they attend an event on or off campus, sisters think about how to best represent the sorority and Greek Life as a whole. They not only created a new plan, but they also created a new way of thinking. They changed the entire view of recruitment from a one-week stint, into something that is now part of the core culture. The Chapter also exceeded their philanthropy goal of three philanthropies per month.Sisters not only held three philanthropies per month, but they exceeded that amount during most of the remaining months of the school year. Kappa Lambda also exceeded their financial goal to have $200 cushion in their savings account after

paying dues. After paying over $4,000 in dues each semester, they were left with a $500 surplus. In order to reach their goal, the Chapter developed a new fundraising plan. Sisters paired up and each pair planned, and implemented a fundraiser during their assigned week of the year. This not only helped to raise money, but it also helped to strengthen their sisterly bonds. "Winning the Outstanding Chapter Award at Convention 2014 was an amazing honor to receive," says current Chapter President, Megan Morris. " It is such a rewarding feeling to have 33 incredibly motivated women come together and work towards goals that are much larger than themselves. It has made not only me, but the rest of my Chapter see that hard work and determination really does pay off, and what you put into it is exactly what you will get out!." Congratulations to the hardworking women of Kappa Lambda for winning this prestigious award!


Kappa Alpha Iota man fundraiser, educational fundraiser stand, and a car wash! With each event the sisters have been hands on and motivated to make a contribution to a worthy cause, and have had fun doing it together as a chapter. As the semester continues we have several other events planned both to bring us together and to encourage community service, such as; a family day, a walk to end Alzheimer’s, Kings Kettle soup kitchen hours, camping and sisterhoods. Our goal this semester is to keep the good energy flowing and to bring out philanthropic values out full force!


Alpha Iota is also happy to officially introduce our new affiliates! This semester we were honored to welcome five new girls known as the Tau class; Allyssa Krick, Lisa Kelly, Carly Chronister, and Kailee Hirschbock, Emily McGinn! We hope you will join us in welcoming these beautifully unique women into our nest, and send them love from all corners! As a chapter we would like to stress our appreciation for our sorority and hope that every chapter is thriving and would like to welcome all the new Kappa babies out there! Fly high my sisters!

an you believe how fast this year is going sisters? The sisters of Kappa Alpha Iota sure can’t! This year has already seemed so eventful that we can’t wait to see what is in store! We want to send out a praise and hug to all of our fellow sisters wherever you maybe and we hope you are all doing well and are ready to make this year another great one! So far as a chapter we have made strides to become more involved by organizing fundraisers and services. We have hit the pavement canning with fellow Greeks to raise money for charities such as the ALS organization and Alzheimer foundation. With Kappa Love and Spirit, We also have organized and completed a Pizza Kappa Alpha Iota

Kappa Alpha Mu Hello from Kappa Alpha Mu!


brothers of, Phi Mu Delta. We continue to do Kappa Hours every week, to maintain the strong bond that we have with each other. we are also very excited to announce that we will hold a study session with our Academic Adviser Kittie Weber. This study session will consist of a mandatory one-hour study session in the library, once a week. Our academics are very important to us as a Chapter. We are looking forward to participating in the NAMI walk to raise awareness for Mental Illnesses, along with face painting during Music on Main Street, which we have been participating in since our Chapter started.

his semester is off to a great start, with four new ,strong-minded and passionate affiliates. We held a two-week recruitment that ended in a big success! We are very excited to watch these women grow into beautiful roses and keep the spirit of Kappa alive. So far the Chapter has volunteered their services, along with a fraternity on campus, to help first-year students move into their dorms. We also hosted Messy Twister along with tie-dye to help the first years feel more welcome to campus. We have created a stronger bond not only with each other, but also with the Have a great rest of their semester!


Kappa Chi


his Fall, Kappa Chi has been doing exceptionally well. Our year started off with Rush, which was a huge success. We currently have 17 affiliates, which is the biggest pledge class we’ve ever put through. Our Chapter just held our annual Breast Cancer Awareness event called Passionately Pink. We co-sponsored the event with CAPE, and had

bingo, fun prizes, and pamphlets about Breast Cancer. This year’s event definitely was our biggest turnout. For philanthropy, we participated in Give a Little, Fed a Lot, Trunk or Treat, and the National Brain Tumor Society walk. We’re also continuing our successful Yankee Candle Fundraiser. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the semester has in store for our Chapter!

Kappa Eta


appa Eta has been hard at work this semester making new connections with the locals. This year we have paired with the One Community Center and the Beehive Collective to make farm fresh food readily available to those who can't always afford it. Every Monday, Thursday and Sunday we work with one of the local farms around the area and help them with whatever they need done for the exchange of fresh produce to donate to the food pantry. This process is called Gleaning. The Farmers who cannot harvest all of their crops in time and cannot afford to hire someone to do it for them call our chapter for help. We donate 2/3 of what we harvest back to the farmers and take 1/3 back with us to hand out to those in need. This form of philanthropy has grown into almost 20 volunteers who go out with us each week to help the local community.


Kappa Iota Hello Kappa Sisters!


e hope that everyone is having a productive and wonderful semester so far! We just wrapped up our weeks of rushes. We are happy with the turnout of girls and we are expecting thirteen amazing quality girls to be coming to our Preference night. We currently have sixteen actives this fall and we have been very busy being involved on and off campus. Sisters volunteered in the Insane Inflatable 5k that took place in Scarborough, Maine. It was a fun event and proceeds raised from it went to Camp Sunshine. One of our Alumnae sisters helped out Coastal Maine Popcorn. We recently received for part of the day and we also ran into some of our our composites, this is the first composite Kappa other Alumnae who were participating in the run. Iota has done in many years, so we are very excited to finally have the finished product! Over the summer we sold t-shirts and raised over 200 dollars. We are currently working on We wish you all the best this semester!! two fundraisers which involve Yankee Candle and With love, Kappa Iota

Kappa Mu


appa Mu has been very busy this semester. We have been part of a few philanthropies including: a Color PI 5K run, coloring book making for local children, blood drive and Make-aWish walk. Our top three philanthropies included a benefit car show for a local child, a serve-a-thon for Heidi’s Hope and Pie-a-Kappa. The car show was for a child who was born without an immune system and we helped by working the car show to raise funds for her upcoming trips to Boston. Heidi’s Hope is to help raise money for scholarships for local high school students who are going off to college. We helped by working in the homeless shelter. During our Homecoming weekend, we did Pie-a-Kappa to

raise funds for an alumnae sister’s family. The sister, whose family we raised money for, passed away this unexpectedly in June of this year. This rush week, we broke it up and tried a different events. We made coloring books for local children, a movie night, craft night and history night. We have also been improving our relationship with our alumnae. Over the summer, Jessica made nine dozen brownies for the annual Mu Reunion. She asked that everyone make a donation to raise funds for the semester. Jessica also wrote an article for the university’s newspaper U-Times. The article talked about common myths and how Kappa Delta Phi, NAS is different from these myths. We hope that everyone has a successful semester on campus.


Kappa Rho Hi Ladies!


o far this semester, the Kappa Rho sisters have participated in the University of Maine at Fort Kent Club Fair, Alzheimer’s Walk, Out of Darkness walk, assisted with hayrides, catering set up with Aramark dining services, and we have started volunteering at one of our local nursing homes. Kappa Rho and Rho Chapter participated in the 2014 Scarecrow Festival/Homecoming Parade and created a joint float. Together the two Chapters successfully hosted our famous biannual Black Light Party! Other events we are co-hosting are Pie-a-Greek, Turkey Raffle, Kappa Karnival, and Duct-tape a Brother to a Sister fundraiser. Working together and creating bonds with our brothers is one of our top goals for this semester! Recruitment has been a big area of focus this semester. Some events we have sponsored

include a cookie decorating event, movie night, an informational night, and “campus connections". Other events we hope to complete this semester are Glow in the Dark Night, Spa event, and a bring a friend night. We look forward to seeing everyone at PT and Convention! We hope you all have a great year!

Kappa Sigma Hello from the sisters of Kappa Sigma!


ur sisterhood hopes that your summer was a nice, relaxing break for all of you! We had an awesome summer; we definitely took in some rays and enjoyed the nice weather. We still managed to remain busy by working together to plan our recruitment strategy and develop fundraising ideas for the upcoming semester. We worked with NASCAR again this summer, and in the Fall as well, which helped us raise a lot of money for our philanthropy. Our confidence was boosted by how well we consistently work with each other and with NASCAR every year. This also motivated us to find new things to participate in each week in order to help out our community. So far this semester, we have volunteered at the local Food Pantry, the Senior Center, and the Pemi Youth Center.

us unwind, have some fun, and become closer with one another! We are also working on maintaining close bonds with the Greek community and the school through cohosting mixers and community service days. We are looking forward to the holiday season, where we will hold This semester we are working to build stronger relationships our annual Kappa Thanksgiving and our Sister Secret Santa. within our sorority by making time for Sisters. We carved pumpkins, went on haunted hayrides, had movie nights, Overall our chapter is extremely pleased with the successful and girls’ nights. Planning these Sisterhoods has helped semester and we look forward to what is to come.


Kappa Tau teamed up with the Sigma Delta Chi fraternity on campus, for a car wash and raised money for ALS. The boys even helped us with the ice bucket challenge afterwards. Later in the month, we volunteered in Rutland for the Prevent Child Abuse Walk, we helped check walkers in and handed out shirts. Our President signed us up to help recycle with the freshman every Wednesday. We plan on continuing the recycling program next semester.


he Kappa Tau ladies have been using their time wisely this semester for their philanthropy hours. By the end of September we will have already completed fifty hours. With only five girls in the colony, we’re making it our goal to reach at least 100 hours by the end of the semester. The first weekend of school, we

Not only are we making it a goal to do well with philanthropy, but we’re also trying to make ourselves more known on campus. Being on a campus that doesn’t accept Greek life has prevented us from really growing as a colony. This semester we decided to hand out informational cards with lollipops which persuaded girls to attend our rushes. We quickly learned that many girls on campus don’t even know that we exist and we were excited to learn that some of them were very interested in pledging.

Kappa Upsilon


appa Upsilon currently has 30 actives for the Fall 2014 semester. We have 11 amazing affiliates that embody the Kappa Delta Phi NAS spirit and morals. This semester we have participated in many different fundraisers and philanthropies. We helped out with NASCAR and did a combined Greek fundraiser at Gillette Stadium with a fraternity on campus. Kappa Upsilon has been extremely busy with philanthropies. We participated

in the Breast Cancer walk and the Diabetes walk in support of an active sister. We are also participating in the St. Jude Up ‘til Dawn event, which is sponsored by the Greek Council. All of the money will be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. We also participated in campus Greek Week, the Club Fair, and various Open Houses. Kappa Upsilon is constantly active around campus and is having a very successful Fall semester.



Catherine Fortuna

Dawn lives in NH. For the last 15 years, she has been teaching special education at Laconia High School. She has 2 children – Aaron 15, and Meghan 12. She enjoys coaching middle school softball with her daughter.

Catherine is a recent Nursing graduate. She is going to work in Massachusetts most likely. She also enjoys skiing and being outside.

Kappa Mu

Sahara Baker (Doane) Kappa Iota

Graduated May 10th, 2014 with a degree in Social Work! Recently moved back home to Sanford, ME with her husband Brett.

Morgan S. Davis Kappa Lambda

Graduated from Husson University with a degree in Hospitality Tourism Management.

Kappa Lambda

Katie Gagne Kappa Lambda

Graduated from Husson University on May 2014 with B.S. in Marketing and an MBA. She will be moving to her family home in Belgrade Lakes and pursue employment in Augusta, ME.

Kayla Guerrette Kappa Lambda

Graduated with a Bachelors in Kinesiology and is going to graduate school for her Doctorate of Physical Therapy.


Cassandra Heines

Andrea Nagy

Cassandra is awesome! Living the dream in Dracut, MA and traveling wherever the wind takes her.

Graduated from New England School of Communications. Degree for Sports Journalism/ Broadcast. Working for Carnival Cruise Line as a host.

Kappa Nu

Kappa Lambda

Chelsea Husson Kappa Lambda

Graduated with two degrees in Criminal Justice and Psychology and recently became engaged.

Amelia Kendall Kappa Alpha Mu

Amelia welcomed a beautiful baby girl into this world on May 23th, her name is Emma. She was 6lbs 9.3oz 18 1/4in long. Amelia says "She is my world."

Kristi R. McAtee

Melissa Pelletier Kappa Iota

Graduated with a Recreation and Leisure Studies degree and is currently living in Portland, ME.

Jody Phillips Kappa Mu`

Jody is teaching kindergarten @ Lisbon Elementary School. She is a mom to 2 beautiful children, Hunter, age 13 and Madison, age 10. She live on a lake, so all are welcome to visit for summer drinks. MTSND!

Kappa Mu

Kristi run a restaurant in Houlton, ME. She also volunteers at a local animal shelter and just loves spoiling her 8 godchildren.

Amanda Nadeau Kappa Lambda

Amanda is a proud Kappa Sister working for her brother Jeff Corey at Day's Jewelry as a Marketing Assistant. She is also an active member of the Kappa Lambda Alumnae Association as Memberat-Large.

Diana Redman-Matroni Daniel Kappa Upsilon

Diana welcomes any sister to give her a call if they're in the area. She works weekdays in her home office for Cigna doing IT work, but can always fit in lunch, or a late afternoon walk in the state park behind her house, a leisurely kayak ride (She has seating for 4) nearby, or even just a glass of wine on the deck. Well wishes to all. MTSND


Bettina Rubendall (Gay)

Robin Walker

Bettina was recently married. On September 13, 2014, Bettina and Joseph Rubendall were married at the Tewksbury Country Club in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. After both graduating from Southern New Hampshire University, they moved to San Diego, California and have resided there since. The happy new couple are back in San Diego now, and hoping to choose a honeymoon destination for the month of May 2015.

Robin is still living in DC working for Animal rights.

Kappa Chi

Kappa Iota

Rebecca Wing Kappa Rho

Rebecca currently lives in Bangor, Maine, and is working at AT&T.

Virginia Tatakis-Calder Kappa Mu

Virginia teaches PE and drives a school bus on Chelseague Island. She owns her own business .. Calder's Clam Shack which is open from May – August. She also have three children: a 19 yearold going to SMCC, a 16 year-old son, and 13 year-old daughter.

Jaci Del Viscovo Kappa Xi

Not only did Jaci start a brand new job at TomTom North America, a mapping company in Lebanon, NH, she is also recently engaged! On April 23, KDF Fraternity, Xi Chapters ‘birthday’, Xi Brother David Gamache - her boyfriend of over 4 years popped the question. They are planning a massive Kappa bash this coming May with brothers and sisters making up their bridal party, one brother is catering and another is DJing. Best of all, one brother has been kind enough to host the wedding in his backyard! "Not only am I lucky to have met Dave 8 years ago, but I am honestly blessed to have such an amazing group of men and women to call my brothers and sisters. Without them there wouldn’t be an us."

Mackenzie Wyman Kappa Rho

Mackenzie is an Evening Operations Manager for Hanna Ford, and is moving to Florida.


Build Personal Relationships: People join organizations because of the members in them, not because of how they look or what events they host. Build personal relationships with your potential new members, invite them out to lunch and get to know them on a 1-on-1 basis. This also means meeting new people! You cannot recruit sisters that you have not yet met.

Starting Recruitment off on the right foot


By Amanda Roberge, Executive Board Member

aving a successful recruiting strategy is an important component to running a successful chapter. Without new members coming in to fill the shoes of graduating sisters, your chapter will eventually dwindle away. However, there are many chapters that struggle to some aspects associated with recruiting new members, so I have put together this resource for chapters to use to help strengthen their recruitment strategies.

them, or giving them your contact information in case they need assistance acclimating to their new lives at college.

Know Your Audience:

Many students do not know or understand what Greek life is, let alone what the letters on your shirt stand for. You need to be better than the stereotypes. You want the recruitment process to be mutually beneficial for both the potential new members and the organization. We always strive for quality over quantity. Also, gearing your rush Don’t Be Shy: You cannot meet new people if you do not put efforts to the needs of the community, campus yourself out there. Be willing to introduce yourself and potential new members is a well rounded to new students, invite them to a meal get to know approach to finding outstanding new sisters!


K is for Kindness The Jeannette M. Collette Kindness Award is presented to the Chapter which best exemplifies acts of philanthropy performed by the local Chapter for an individual, for their college, community, an organization, and/or notable cause. The 2014 winning Chapter was Kappa Alpha Gamma. This Chapter completed a total of 878 philanthropy hours which averaged out to 79.77 hours per Active sister.

2014 Kindness Award Winner Kappa Alpha Gamma


ast year’s Chapter President, Kimberly Baldeo always enjoyable. Whether we were covered in some thoughts on philanthropy and the legacy she paint at Habitat for Humanity, being slobbered on hopes the Chapter continues. by dogs, or elbow deep in flubber at a local chil-

dren’s home, we were always doing something Receiving the Kindness Award at Convention we loved. was like a dream come true. Seeing the awards that our alumnae received in the past really mo- Current Chapter President, Tara Butler, said "I tivated us to strive for greatness. The amount of was deeply proud of our Chapter upon hearing we hard work and dedication they put in towards our had won the Kindness Award Through our many Chapter and philanthropy is without bounds and acts of philanthropy this past semester, we were we hope to someday serve as that inspiration for able to lend a hand to our community and build future sisters. Seeing all that our sisters in other stronger bonds with one another in the process. Chapters do, and being able to leave Convention To me, kindness is selflessly reaching out to those with the Kindness Award was a reaffirmation of in need. This may not always come in the form of why we joined this sorority. a grand gesture of community service; it is also simply being present and available to your sisters. The amount of service that we as an entire orga- Our Chapter, though small, retains its strength nization dedicate is because of a genuine interest through the kindness we demonstrate towards in a better tomorrow. This past year the number one another." of hours that each sister completed on average was higher than recent years. This was in part due Congratulations to Kappa Alpha Gamma Chapter to everyone taking on a more vocal part in what on receiving this prestigious award. Keep up the we did. Because of this, our experiences were good work!

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Kappa Rose Fall 2014