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Spring 2015 | Volume 38 | Issue 2

Kappa Quill

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Letter from the Executive Director

May the Spirit Never Die in Motion By Liz Hartford, Executive Director


ach April, Kappa’s gather to celebrate our Sisterhood at Convention. This is a time for us to gather together as a large group that includes newly initiated members, seasoned sisters and alumnae. It’s also a time to gather with the Brotherhood. This is a time for us to reflect on what makes our Sisterhood so special and how membership into Kappa Delta Phi National Affiliated Sorority bridges the gap between generations, distances and life experiences. All of our lives have been enriched by being a part of ΚΔΦ NAS and will continue to be impacted on our journey in life, even when we least expect it.

In this issue, you will read about the happenings of our Sisterhood across our chapters and colony. We will be able to share in the achievements of one another as we go through this adventure in different parts of the Northeast but all with a similar goal in mind. You will hear about what has been happening with our Brotherhood and what they have been doing over the course of the year. Take advantage of our time together at Convention. It is here that you can gain new friendships that extend beyond your own chapter or colony. It is here that you can find a renewed sense of pride of Kappa Delta Phi, NAS. It’s incredible to see the shared love, respect and friendship we all share through our common bond as Sisters. A bond that few Sororities can say they also share with a Fraternity. It is here that our motto “May The Spirit Never Die” is truly represented so make the most of your time with one another!


President/Treasurers Meeting A huge thank you to the sisters of Kappa Chi Chapter for hosting President/Treasurers Meeting 2014! Kappa Chi coordinated the meeting arrangements for the General Business Meeting, and organized a wonderful social event Saturday evening complete with pizza and sister bonding. Stay tuned for details for President/Treasurers Meeting 2015!


Table of Contents Letter from Executive Director....................1

Important Dates

Letter from the Editor..................................4

Founders Day December 6, 1971

Meet the Board............................................5

Summer Undergraduate Workshop June 5-7, 2015

Philanthropy/Summer Workshop.................7

Letters of Intent Due May 1, 2015

Letter from our Brothers..............................8

Spring Board of Directors Meeting May 16, 2015


Mission Statement The purpose of Kappa Delta Phi National Affiliated Sorority, Inc. shall be to promote academic achievement, to encourage community involvement through philanthropy, and to cultivate the everlasting bonds of sisterhood. We shall fortify the values of leadership, generosity, charity, and integrity within our sisters through guidance at both the chapter and national level.

National Founders Pat Ouellette Angie Parker Kathy Luciano Dee Tzovarras Tricia Crosby Laurie Beckwith Joanne Lobozzo Becky Ritter Joyce Welch Renie Mountain Bridgett Burtchell Bonnie Griener

9 Ways to Kill your Chapters Budget...........9 Student Leader, Ida Uko.............................11 Chapter Reports.........................................12 Alumnae Updates.......................................22 Things Change............................................24 03

Nancee Brearly Debbie Therriauly Barbie Richard Eileen Coombs Karen Kulikowski Kathi Gleason Jan Spaulding Sharon Soles Sue Caron Leslie Vartabedian Mimi McBride

Media/Materials Committee Sara Hauser Danielle Young Andrea Schiavo Cynthia Hutchins Danielle Young Jenn Shipp

Letter from the Editor

Greetings, Sisters!


his past year, the Media Materials Committee has been hard at work revamping our national publication. One of our key initiatives that came out of the May Spring Board Planning Meeting was to streamline and improve our processes. Part of which was clearly defining our highest honor, the Kappa Rose. In an effort to accomplish this, we've further defined the nomination process for the Kappa Rose Award, and renamed the Kappa Rose Newsletter to the Kappa Quill. We wanted to create a unique distinction between each of these key national traditions.

words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.” Remember, the journey of progress is never really complete. I hope you enjoy The Kappa Quill, and reading all of the amazing stories of kindness, devotion, and pride from our chapters. All of your achievements are a testament to our sisterhood and all it represents. MTSND! Yours in Kappa,

Why The Kappa Quill? Some of the most important documents in history, like the Magna Carta and Declaration of Independence, were written with quill pens. Fun Fact: Crow feathers are one of the types Sara Hauser of feathers used in production of quill pens in the United States. The goal of our national publication is to create a historical record of our sisterhood, and all we have accomplished year after year. It seemed only fitting to use the quill as representation of that theme of preserving our lasting legacy. We wanted to make sure the new name also tied directly to our sacred sisterhood, so we included Kappa. Our graphic design extraordinaire, Danielle Young, helped to give The Kappa Quill a polished look worthy of it’s noble purpose. It’s important to keep our honored traditions and history alive, part of which is making them their strongest and absolute best. As Benjamin Franklin said, “Without continual growth and progress, such


Meet the Board

2014-2015 Associate Board Members Name: Andrea Schiavo What chapter are you from? Kappa Sigma chapter How many years have you served on the Board? 4 years What positions do you currently hold on the Board? Associate Board member, Field Consultant, Philanthropy Chair When did you Affiliate? Fall 2005 What is your favorite memory as an Active? When my pledge class decided to enter a contest and race other groups of four to run around a police car and see how fast we could buckle in, I think we won! We were trying to slide across the hood of the car, didn’t work. What is your hometown? Carmel/Stormville, NY What is your current profession? I am an 8th grade Special Education Teacher in Math, and ELA. What positions did you hold as an Active? I was Vice President, and Sergeant-at-Arms What position would you have liked to have held? Affiliate Educator Name: Casey Swenson What chapter are you from? Kappa Iota Chapter How many years have you served on the board? This is my first year. What positions you hold on the Board? Chair of Women’s Issues Committee. What year did you Affiliate? Fall 2009 What’s your favorite memory as an Active? t’s hard to pick just one memory as I bonded and formed friendships with so many amazing girls. I think one of my favorite memories was when our chapter would hold an annual “lock-in” where alumni and actives would come together for the night and leave the cell phones at the door and do group bonding activities. We made dinner together, watched movies, played games, and had a giant sleepover. It was an overall great sister bonding activity where I was able to get much closer to my sisters. What is your hometown? Freeport, ME What’s your current profession? I’m an Assistant Coordinator at Shalom House Inc, a group home for those with mental illnesses. What positions did you hold as an active (if any)? Fundraising Chair, Social Chair, Pledge Mistress, Asst. Pledge Mistress/Recruitment Chair, Secretary, VP, Big. What position would you have liked to have held? I was lucky enough to hold every position I was passionate for. I would have liked to have been Pledge Mistress again as that was the most rewarding position I held.


Name: Mandy Breton What chapter are you from? Kappa Upsilon Chapter How many years have you served on the Board? 8 years What positions do you currently hold on the Board? Field Consultant When did you Affiliate? I was initiated in Spring 2002. What is your favorite memory as an Active? The moment I got my letters. I was exhilarated and overwhelmed. So exciting! What is your hometown? Bradford, MA What is your current profession? Fifth Grade Teacher What positions did you hold as an Active? Secretary, Chaplain/Historian What position would you have liked to have held? I loved the positions I held! I think they were a great fit for me, my personality, and the amount of time I had to commit at that point in my life.

Name: Amanda Cronin What chapter are you from? Kappa Chi Chapter How many years have you served on the board? 2 Years What positions you hold on the Board? Field Consultant and Asst. Treasurer What year did you Affiliate? 2010 What’s your favorite memory as an Active? Convention 2012 What is your hometown? Hudson, NH What’s your current profession? Partner Development Specialist- HP PSG at PC Connection What positions did you hold as an active (if any)? After I pledged in I was the Alumnae Relations Chair. My second year I was Treasurer, Philanthropy Chair, and Assistant Affiliate Educator. For my final year I was President. What position would you have liked to have held? Vice President. I would have loved to coordinate events!

Name: Allison Andrew What Chapter are you from? Kappa Alpha Mu Chapter How many years have you served on the Board? 1 year What positions do you currently hold on the Board? Associate Board Member When did Affiliate? Fall 2009 What is your favorite memory as an Active? My favorite memory as an active was when Kappa Alpha Mu received their charter at Convention 2012. I was part of the founding class of this colony and it was a very proud moment for all the active and alumni sisters of KAM. What is your hometown? Quincy, MA What is your current profession? Secondary Social Studies Teacher What positions did you hold as an Active? Vice President and Treasurer What position would you have liked to have held? Affiliate Educator.


Philanthropy New Year, New Changes


ith the New Year brings new updates from our Philanthropy Committee. A large focus for this semester has been streamlining and improving our philanthropy process – we rolled out our new guidelines and new presentation templates. As you know last semester we decided as an organization to move our National Philanthropy to run from Conventionto-Convention in an effort to maximize the amount of time to fundraise. We have received five philanthropy proposals for Convention, and we hope to have a sizeable check to give to Homes for Our Troops at Convention. In the spirit of brotherhood + sisterhood (and friendly competition!) we have a wager between the fraternity and ourselves. The stakes are high, with the losing team’s leaders wearing pink bunny suits (think a Christmas Story). We’re confident that the sisterhood will come out on top!

Summer Undergraduate Workshop


he Meetings Committee is excited to announce that Summer Undergraduate Workshop 2015 will take place Friday, June 5 through Sunday, June 7 at Camp Burgess & Hayward in Sandwich, MA. We hope to add in more of the feedback we received last year to improve your takeaways from SUW, while keeping the same camping experience. Keep a lookout for more information! We are looking forward to another fun and exciting SUW 2015!


Letter from our Brothers


e have had a wonderful year thanks to the hard work and dedication of our Brothers, Board of Directors, and volunteers.

We held a very successful joint Convention with Kappa Delta Phi NAS at the Cape Codder Resort in Hyannis, MA last April 2014. By all accounts, it was memorable for a number of reasons. The national philanthropy, Homes for Our Troops, received a check from the Fraternity for $11,000. This was after a pledging war broke out between Alpha Theta and Lambda chapters, and between the alumni association in attendance. In the end, the winner was Homes for Our Troops with a generous check that double the amount the Fraternity had expected. After a very successful Summer Leadership Workshop held at Lambda Chapter, our chapters set recruitment goals. PhiredUp! provided an outstanding workshop to get our chapter fired up and ready to recruit quality members to move our Fraternity forward in a positive direction. Presentations were also provided specifically for chapter Presidents and Treasurers to assist them in performing their duties. A workshop for field consultants was also provided to set expectations for the position. At our President/Treasurers meeting held at Alpha Gamma chapter this past November, Brother Mitch Cosgrove was elected by the active brotherhood as the undergraduate representative to the National Board of Directors. Iota and Nu chapters gave presentations on philanthropy and fundraising/dues respectfully. The polling body voted to hire PhiredUp! for a 3 year contract based upon the increased numbers of recruitment that has been recorded since we began having them present at Summer Leadership Workshop. The Fraternity continues to look into possible expansion and recolonization opportunities. A number of possible opportunities await us. We look forward to working with a variety of colleges and universities in New England and the mid-Atlantic area that have expressed interest in becoming a part of our Fraternity. We began the year with fewer active members then we had ended the year, as we had a large number of Brothers graduate this year, but after our Fall 2014 Rush, our numbers were back up over 200 active members. All indications point toward a successful Spring 2015 Rush season. We wish all of our members, and our Sisters a very successful year in all you do. Live Kappa values everyday of your life. Lead by example. MTSND! Tony DeMarco Jon Kadel Co-Executive Directors Kappa Delta Phi National Fraternity


9 Ways to Kill Your Chapter’s Budget By Allison Andrew, Associate Board Member

Managing finances for events, dues, sister bonding activities, and unexpected occurrences can be a difficult task. Here are some things not to do when trying to maintain a working budget. Not Having a Detailed Budget One of the most important things to have when working with money is a detailed budget. No matter how your chapter breaks it up each committee, event, or position, each should have their own allotted budget and stick to it. This detailed budget will show anyone who looks at it where money is coming from and going. It will help other sisters, field representatives, and sisters training for the position understand all of the transactions the chapter makes on a semester or annual basis. Not Having a “Rainy Day” Fund As with life, things happen. It is better to be prepared than to be caught off guard. If your chapter is able to set aside a portion of your budget to not spend, it will be helpful at some point over the course of the year. Whether it is for a last minute event, a sister falls on hard times, or items that were budgeted for came in higher than expected. No matter the situation or how much you prepare the unexpected can happen and a “rainy day” fund can make these unexpected occurrences a lot easier.

money can be allocated to travel, dues scholarships, national meetings, sister bonding events, or letters for the organization; however in order to do this a chapter needs to be in good financial standing. If your chapter is having difficulty maintaining their budget, fundraising funds, or paying dues it is time to scale back on the extra expenses.

Not Fundraising You need to spend money to make money. When a chapter does not fundraise it can make things very difficult and stressful on everyone. When it comes time to finance payment plans, make plans Frivolous Spending for chapter events, or national events and there is no Chapters have a lot of expenses throughout the school money to cover these expenses it can really hurt a year and keeping these expenses in check can be a chapter. Chapters should be fundraising as much as challenge. If a chapter is able to it is wonderful when possible.


Not Looking to Your Community for Assistance Fundraising is one of many options that chapters have to bring in funds for their budget. Sometimes it is not enough, and other resources are needed to make ends meet. Looking to the community around you is something every chapter should take advantage of, but not rely on. Reaching out to your school or university for additional funding is always a great option. Sometimes schools will have an additional funding board, or extra money set aside for student run activities. Community partners or business owners may be interested in sponsoring a chapter’s event, or donating supplies. Then there is always the chapter’s alumnae. Keeping alumnae in the loop and asking for help can be difficult. If managed effectively, alumnae love supporting their chapters. Keep in mind that these avenues may not always work, but it never hurts to ask.

more money and becoming stressed. If you know you need to pay dues, purchase items for an event, or make travel arrangements, plan as far in advance as you can – whether this is paying in installments, setting money aside for a later date, or setting a fundraising goal and working towards it consistently, it is crucial to have a plan. Not Sticking to Payment Plans Lastly comes a tricky situation. When a chapter is able and willing to offer payment plans for sisters to more easily pay their dues it is a generous offer. However, it is not always feasible for chapters. It is extremely important to adhere to the terms when payment plan offers are extended. If payment plans are broken, or payments are missed it can bring financial hardship to the chapter. Although personal finances can be uncomfortable territory, it is the responsibility of the treasurer to collect dues, and pay them in a timely fashion to keep the chapter in good financial standing. Payment plans are something every chapter should discuss and consider if they are in a good enough financial situation, before extending.

Not Knowing the Job Having a treasurer that knows the ropes is always a benefit when it comes to running an effective budget. This comes back to knowing the duties and responsibilities of the position, and doing them well. When transitioning treasurers it is important to train the incoming sister, and pass along every bit of paperwork. This will help ensure a seamless transition. Not Asking Questions Keeping a budget clear and concise can be a challenge, it is crucial that you ask questions when they arise. Keeping the executive board and chapter apprised of any issues is very important. Sometimes even having another sister go over the budget with the treasurer is all it takes. Another solution would be turning to your field representative or the national treasurer for assistance.


Not Planning Ahead Waiting until the last minute in terms of spending almost always leads to disaster – you end up spending


Student Leader

Ida Uko, Kappa Upsilon

We caught up with Kappa Upsilon sister Ida Uko to learn about her Kappa journey, and how she balances her various activities with her full course load.

Major: Psychology degree and a Minor in Criminal Justice Hometown: Shrewsbury, MA KQ: When did you initiate? IU: I initiated in the Spring 2013.

than a couple of more hours of sleep that I could always catch up on another day.

KQ: Why did you choose our sisterhood? IU: I originally did not even want to choose Greek life, but after spending just one night with the sisters, they not only debunked every single stereotype that I have ever had towards sororities with their bright personalities, they illuminated the light on all the opportunities I could attain to impact others with Kappa. Some opportunities they brought up were philanthropies and possibly becoming philanthropy chair, involvement in student activities on campus with Greek Council events and rush, and offers/ recommendations for internships and classes that I should take towards my professional career.

KQ: What accomplishment are you most proud of? IU: I am most proud of the women that we have added into the sorority. I feel like throughout the last two years, we have been promoting professionalism and service to others. Now, more than ever, I feel like I am surrounded by women who want to be involved in these inclusive events that the university offers, and will have the positive Kappa spirit while attending these events. I am proud of this, because I feel that I have helped promote this professionalism within the sisterhood with my recruitment at leadership conferences, leadership retreats, philanthropy events, etc.

KQ: What advice do you have fellow actives looking to get involved in their campus communities? • Kappa Delta Phi NAS (of course!) where I am the Public IU: For other actives that want to get involved on Relations Chair and Philanthropy Chair campus, I advise them to stay open minded. If you go to a • Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Honor leadership event, or any type of event for that matter, with Society (ODK) where I am the President for the U-Mass a close mind, then you will not take in the many lessons Lowell circle that are present within the presentation. The other leaders • Fermata Nowhere all female a cappella group where I am you meet, the positive messages, and the motivational/ the Public Relations coordinator • Psi Chi International Honor Society in Psychology inspirational pieces are all things that you can use for yourself and take back to your sisters to strengthen the • Hawkettes all female a cappella group • Campus Activities Programming Association bonds of sisterhood.

KQ: Tell us about the activities you’re involved in. IU: Some activities that I am involved with are:

(CAPA) • A Cappella Society Choir • Gospel Choir

KQ: What are you plans after you graduate? IU: After I graduate I plan to become a board certified behavior analyst for children with autism and related disorders. I plan to continue philanthropies, but attend more philanthropic events specifically geared towards the population of autistic children. I definitely want to continue relations with Kappa Delta Phi NAS as they are an honest community that has the ability to work, and achieve significant change towards populations/organizations that need it.​

KQ: Wow! How do you manage to find balance for all of your commitments? IU: I try to balance my commitments by always thinking of the betterment of others before I think of my personal time. If I promised Kappa Upsilon or ODK that I am going to plan a philanthropy event, then the dozens of people that the event could potentially impact is more important


Chapter Updates a scrapbook of memories



Kappa Alpha Gamma This semester, so far, we’ve had a lot of success with various philanthropic pursuits, as well as, sisterhood events within our chapter. The sisters of the Kappa Alpha Gamma chapter took part in Loaves of Love, where we went to the local Chabad in New Paltz, and made and delivered challah bread to the elderly. Additionally, we tabled for Alex’s Lemonade Stand, our chapter philanthropy, at a sustainable craft fair on campus. We also are proud to announce that not only did we send a sister to the National Greek Leadership Association conference, but this upcoming weekend, two representatives will be speaking to girls in Albany and Utica about starting their own chapters! Overall, this year has been one of immense growth in our chapter, not only in the strong presence we have built on our campus and in our local community, but through the respect and admiration we have for one another.

Attached is a photo from our most recent weekly sisterhood, where we got together on a snowy day and made chocolate chip pancakes together! Here’s to another great year for the Kappa Alpha Gamma ladies!


Kappa Alpha Alpha This year Kappa Alpha Alpha started out with asking the Darling’s Ice Cream Truck to come during September to benefit The Out of the Darkness Walk for suicide prevention on our campus. With our lovely sisters handing out various ice creams for donations, during three hours we managed to raise $584.04 for the walk, which we then participated in October. In the Fall, we welcomed five beautiful affiliates who are incredible, strong, passionate ladies who we are so lucky to call sisters. After winter break, we started to kick into full gear with our Spring planning. We are planning to participate in Bear Fest, a twelve hour dance marathon to benefit the Children’s Miracle Network as well as Relay For Life for the American Cancer Society. We are extremely excited to have these opportunities to participate in such meaningful events, as well as to bond with our sisters and our Greek community on the UMaine campus. Additionally, this Spring we welcomed a new affiliate class of three lovely ladies that are just as wonderful as they are unique. We are so lucky to have such wonderful sisters and affiliates sharing in our love for our sisterhood. Additionally this Spring, we are focusing on raising awareness and funding for our national philanthropy, Homes For Our Troops. In March, we will be hosting a gala dinner and silent auction to benefit this great cause. This year has been full of a lot of positivity and challenges, but we learned that we always have each other to lean on at the end of it all, and really, that’s what sisterhood is all about. With love, Kappa Alpha Alpha


F Kappa Alpha Iota Hello, Kappa sisters! From all of us here at Kappa Alpha Iota, we extend a warm hug and smile to our fellow sisters throughout the chapters. Hope you have all been staying warm and cozy these last couple of months; and will be ready to mingle this coming April at Convention! Here in good ol’ Shippensburg, the sisters of Kappa Alpha Iota have been staying busy to push forward with our philanthropy this semester, and are proud to say that the results have been rewarding. So far this month, we have held several fundraisers for Homes for Our Troops, and are filling up our March agenda with new events to get the cause moving! We have also spent this semester reaching out to other Greek organizations in the pursuit of better ties with our Greek community to help keep the image of Greeks on campus positive – bounded by friendship and leadership. Our chapter has also made strides to reinvent our programs to better suit the ideals of Kappa Delta Phi NAS for our upcoming new executive board and sisters, as well as, potential members of our superb sorority. taking our sisterhood’s ideals into the real world to do marvelous things. With the sad goodbyes however, I hope you will all join us in our bittersweet news of the come the sweet hellos! As we welcome our two new semester. We will be saying goodbye to three of our affiliates; Sierra Wagner and Adrianna Carboni! We all sisters, who all also happen to sit on our fine executive hope you will share in our excitement and wish them board; Meridith Fitzwater, the current President, luck as they continue on in their journey to become Amber Chidboy, the current Vice President, and Ali sisters. Stay beautiful sisters! Ramos, the current Sergeant-At-Arms. It is with heavy hearts that we see such amazing sisters leave, In Kappa, but we take comfort in the thought that they are The sisters of Kappa Alpha Iota


Kappa Alpha Mu Greetings from the sisters of Kappa Alpha Mu! This past year we have had a wonderful journey. We have done several fundraisers, and plan on conducting several more once we return from Spring break. These include the Kappa (Hershey) Kissing Booth, where the sisters of Kappa Alpha Mu set up a booth in the Simon Lobby of New England College and gave out Hershey kisses for each donation that went to our chapter. Once we return from Spring break, we plan on holding an Under The Stars movie night, where our plan is to bring the community together for a movie on the Simon Green. The sisters will sell snacks and drinks throughout the showing.

Troops. Since, New England College is one of the top military schools in our region, we plan to see great support through the school and local community. Finally, the sisters of Kappa Alpha Mu would like to send the very best wishes to all the graduating seniors that will be off to bigger and brighter things!

The Spring semester recruitment week featured all Disney themed events. The events included Tea with the Mad Kappa’s, where we introduced ourselves to the potential new members over tea and sandwiches. Another event included a Frozen themed Art for Autism Awareness – this event included Frozen themed music, crafts, and art that would be donated to children suffering with Autism at the Floating Hospital in Boston. The events were a success, but sadly there were no interested women. We plan to continue with more recruitment events upon returning from Spring break. Kappa Alpha Mu continues to strengthen the bonds of sisterhood through Kappa Hours. Kappa Hours consist of randomly pairing two sisters together to fulfill an hour of hanging out. During our general meeting, we also nominate a sister that has gone above and beyond in representing Kindness, Devotion, and Pride. This sister will be able to wear the necklace for a week and also receives bragging rights. The Kappa Alpha Mu chapter participates in monthly wellness meetings, in which we have a new topic each week to better our self-health, improve communications, and learn about women’s empowerment. We have also partnered with the Office of Student Involvement to co-sponsor a military awareness fundraiser for Homes for Our


Kappa Chi The Spring semester has been a fun-filled and snowy semester for Kappa Chi! After welcoming our seventeen new sisters last fall, they have been adjusting and learning about our chapter all semester. Despite all of our snow days, we had a successful rush period and currently have four affiliates. We cannot wait for our affiliates to become sisters. This semester, we have been working hard to raise money for Homes for Our Troops. We have many fundraisers planned, including a St. Patrick’s Day event, a gift basket raffle, a car wash, and our Kream a Kappa event! We have also been keeping busy with philanthropy this semester.

Our sisters have been working hard painting houses for underprivileged families, sorting clothes at donations centers, and being bingo callers for senior citizens! We just had our Love Yourself event in our student center, where we invited SNHUdents to “trash” their insecurities. Our wellness center helped co-sponsor the event, and the event got a lot of attention from our campus! We are currently planning a beach party for the end of March, and our alumni barbecue for April. Despite our busy schedules, we have a crafts and cookies sister bonding event planned, and we will also be going bowling for sister bonding this semester. The sisters of Kappa Chi can’t wait to see what the rest of the semester has in store for us! MTSND! In Kappa, The sisters of Kappa Chi chapter

Kappa Eta Hello Sisters! It is hard to believe the year is almost over. The Kappa Eta chapter has spent the semester focusing heavily on recruiting. We are very excited to say that we have two affiliates right now, and many perspectives for the future! For philanthropy our chapter has continued to work with the One Community Center providing the less fortunate with good food through the Winter. With their help Machias now has a community kitchen open to anyone who needs it. We are working with the local farmers to help keep the fridge full of food for those who are going hungry. Right now, we are also working with our brothers to gain sponsors for a polar plunge to donate money to Home for Our Troops. We hope everyone is having a great semester, and can't wait to see everyone at Convention!



Kappa Iota

Hello sisters! This year has been a very eventful year for the sisters of Kappa Iota. During the fall semester, we pledged in eight wonderful new sisters (our largest class in 15 years!), which brought our chapter total up to 24 amazing sisters! We have recently begun the affiliate education process with 3 new lovely ladies, and we are so excited for them to learn about our traditions and our history! This Spring, there will be five seniors who will make the transition from actives to alumnae, as they graduate from the University of Southern Maine. So far this year, we have helped participated in many, many philanthropies which include: the Insane Inflatable 5k, the Pelletier and Alzheimer’s Research, Flags for Hope, and we have also helped run, participate, and donate in four different Red Cross blood drives. We are looking forward to working together with the other Greek organizations on campus as we all participate in our annual All Greek Philanthropy - Relay for Life. Currently, we are preparing for our biggest fundraiser of the year, which is our Brother Sister Auction. We are also in the process of planning an active/alumni picnic for this summer, and we are all looking forward to the warm weather and relaxation that comes with the summer months. We have spent a large majority of this semester trying to better our chapter by going through and updating our bylaws. We have also been working on our alumni relations and trying to strengthen our bonds with them. Our goal is to keep our traditions alive, while having the opportunity to create new ones. We know that if it weren't for them, we would not be where we are today! We would like to wish everyone luck on any upcoming finals, and we would like to say congratulations to those who will be graduating in May! We hope everyone has a wonderful rest of the year and a safe summer! With Love, Kappa Iota


Kappa Lambda

May the Spirit Never Die

Twenty-two strong – Kappa Lambda is the biggest sorority on Husson University campus! We have taken in three tremendous new sisters in the Fall, and are about to gain five more wonderful women this Spring. From the affiliate process, to raising money for Homes for Our Troops, and volunteering our time to Manna Ministries, we have had an outstanding year thus far. Toward the last few weeks of December, we held a table in our campus center and had our annual “Letters to Santa” event and raised $500! Over 250 letters were written, and Macy’s donated $2 for every letter to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Students and faculty also bought snacks from our bake sale, raising $150 for Homes for Our Troops. In the Fall of 2014, our sisters collected $500 for Manna by having a donation jar to buy turkeys for families in need. We also made PB&J sandwiches for Manna, once again. By the end of the semester, as everything was winding down, a sister noticed a family was not going to have a proper Christmas celebration due to a young member being in the hospital in Boston. She brought it to the sisters, and we decided each sister would buy a gift for one of the three children, because the parents were not able to afford it. So far this semester, we have began weekly visits to Manna to serve food and converse with everyone. Manna also has done a huge pasta drive outside of different Hannafords in the area including Brewer, Bangor, and Ellsworth. Sisters stood outside of the Airport Mall Hannaford in Bangor and collected any boxes of pasta or pasta accessories that shoppers were willing to donate. Just in Bangor alone, they collected nearly 1700 pounds of pasta!

For each donation, sisters would do the signature “pasta dance.” We will continue our weekly Manna trips and other activities throughout the semester, but there are a lot more events coming up these next couple months, both philanthropic and social. We have our annual Mr. Husson Pageant coming up on March 25. Many sisters will help organize, run and MC the show. On April 12 we have our biggest fundraiser, our annual 5k Philanthropy at USA Gym to raise money for Homes for Our Troops. Sisters will volunteer time at tables for sign-ups, as well as, out on the track to direct runners. Our last big event will be our second formal on April 24. Our favorite tradition we have is called “Sister Superlatives.” All the members of our chapter vote on who in the organization best fits these superlatives, and the winners are given sashes at the formal event. Another tradition we have at formal is graduating senior gifts and letters. It’s our time to say goodbye to the six incredible ladies leaving us in May. They will go on to do great things, but we will forever hold close to our hearts the passion they have for Kappa. It has been a wonderful year and we will continue to thrive as it comes to an end. ΜΘΣΝ∆


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Kappa Mu Kappa Mu Chapter has been busy putting their name out on campus. We hosted a murder mystery night as part of our rush week. We also hosted a Jamberry fundraiser. We are focusing on Homes for Our Troops by selling “house”/raffle tickets. For each “house” that is purchased, their names are entered into a raffle. Other philanthropies we’ve participated in this semester include: volunteering at the animal shelter and helping the local Red Cross with installing fire alarms. We hope that all chapters are having a successful semester! With love, Kappa Mu

Kappa Omicron Hello ladies from us all in the Kappa Omicron Chapter! We hope everyone has had a successful Spring semester. This year we have experimented with some new fundraisers, like our Kappa Delta Fries, and we continued our famous Kappa Pizza Bagels. We have been working hard to become even more involved in community service with our campus, even though we are not recognized. We have sisters who are leaders in various campus organizations, and have recently become involved with our school’s Half Times program every Tuesday. By making these new connections, we are getting our name out in a positive way, and hopefully can become as involved on campus as we are in the Berkshire community. Also, by involving ourselves around campus it gives us a chance to meet more potentials who involve themselves in community service. Overall, Kappa Omicron is trying to stay motivated and reach goals, while preparing for the changes to come next Fall. Happy Spring! ~MTSND~


Kappa Rho Kappa Rho has participated in a number of philanthropies over the course of this year. Some events we have participated in include: a local food drive for the pantry, Project Linus (blanket making), volunteering at a local nursing home, making Christmas cards for the elderly, and facilitating a blood drive.

We have increased our Brother/Sister bonds as well by hosting family dinner nights, hosting events together, and meeting regularly to discuss what is going on in each chapter. We have introduced a new tradition, Sister of the Month, where one sister is recognized for their significant actions that played a positive role in our chapter. The Sister of the Month is given a $15 gift card of their choice and a customized Kappa Rho has focused a lot of time and energy mini paddle. into creating a fun and engaging recruitment week by adding fresh new ideas to the week of events. We look forward to Convention, and can’t wait to see Events included Letters to Soldiers, Mocktail Party, everyone and for everyone to meet our lovely new Informational Night, and Minute to Win It Game night. sisters! Participation from the student body increased, and Kappa Rho welcomed six lovely ladies into Affiliate Education process.


Kappa Sigma

Trivia Night at Biedermans

Hello from the sisters of Kappa Sigma! Dear Sisters, We hope everyone had a great New Years! The New Year has certainly given Kappa Sigma a lot of new opportunities. We have all been very busy with community service this semester – we have sister volunteering at the food pantry, senior center, Pemi Youth Center, and the Golden View Health Care Center. We have also been very busy raising money for our philanthropy. We hosted a Trivia Night at Biederman’s a local Pub in Plymouth and some of our alumni came and participated it was great to have their support. Recently we just started a Yankee Candle Fundraiser, and we plan to work with more local restaurants after Spring break to raise money for Homes for Our Troops. We have been hosting a lot of sister bonding activities to help build stronger bonds with one another. This semester we have had numerous movie nights, girls’ nights, and we have gone sledding together a few times to enjoy all this snow we have gotten this Winter.

We also hosted a recruitment event with the other nationally recognize sororities at Plymouth State University. This event went very well and allowed us to work with other Greeks to promote Greek Life on campus. Recently, we welcomed two new members into our chapter, we couldn’t be any more excited to have these two amazing woman apart of our sisterhood. With just over a month until convention we are excited to see everyone and hope to continue to get closer to other chapters at convention. See you at Convention! Love, The sisters of Kappa Sigma.

Kappa Tau Colony


With winter freezing the Kappa Tau sisters to their core, the women remain strong with their upbeat attitude, strong relationships, and big plans. This semester, the sisters of Kappa Tau plan to do as many philanthropy events as possible! We started with a kissing booth the week of Valentine’s Day. Not real kissing (of course!) just Hershey kisses. Next on the agenda, is a Shiver Me Shamrock 5K, which we’re either running in or volunteering at in Rutland, VT. Since the first Thursday of the semester, the sisters have been getting together during lunch, and collecting recycling around campus. Once the air warms up, and the snow melts, Kappa Tau plans to do more fundraisers with the other Greek life at Castleton. Aside from philanthropy, the Kappa Tau sisters still remain in contact with the one fraternity at Castleton, and are starting to build a relationship with the other sorority.

Kappa Delta Phi NAS Alumnae Association Dear Sisters of KDPNAS, Inc.,


want to express my sincerest appreciation for the lovely bouquet of roses that you sent following the death of my sister, Elizabeth Ann Dyer on December 8, 2014. Your thoughtfulness was evident in each and every blossom. I cannot thank you enough. She battled her Multiple Myeloma Cancer and the severe Rheumatoid Arthritis that riddled her body as bravely as anyone I have ever known. We thought we had a little more time with her, but it wasn’t to be and so I found her passing unnerving to say the least. She was ready, but I wasn’t prepared to say good-bye so soon. She had an indomitable spirit right to the end.

Again, I offer my sincerest thanks for your kindness, for your love, compassion and understanding. You make my world a beautiful place each time one of you smiles. May the Spirit Never Die! Kappa love, Susan M., Dyer Taylor Kappa Mu Chapter 1975 Executive Director Emeritus President KDPNAS Alumnae Association, Inc.

Betty never really understood my love of our Sisterhood especially as we grew older. She once asked me when I was going to quit going to meetings and functions and do the things that women my age do. I told her that while I look forward to a long and well-rounded life, I hope that I am doing the kinds of things that women from all walks of life will do not just in their early twenties, but well into their sixties and seventies…..perhaps even into their eighties. And why shouldn’t we. What we do as Sisters of Kappa Delta Phi National Affiliated Sorority, Inc. make a difference. We change the world around us in ways that are obvious even to those who sometimes don’t understand that age is only and number. Those ideals which lie within our hearts…Kindness, Devotion and Pride… are ageless. In reality, I do think that she understood. I’ll miss her.


Kappa Delta Phi NAS Alumnae Association A Note from the Vice President Dear Sisters,


hope that you've had as good a holiday season as I had – this year, I made fruitcakes infused with regular doses of brandy. I also made lot of candy including: Almond Bark, Peppermint Chocolate, and Almond Rocha – known as Kappa Candy that was distributed at KDP NAS National Meetings, back in the day. Where there is food, there are gatherings. We hosted one for the retired teachers, two family gatherings, and I made apple chutney for the members of the Prudence Island Quilters Guild Christmas Gathering. We also attended a community pot-luck gathering and historical presentation on Prudence Island.

Post Annual Meeting Activities Following the Annual Meeting, the Brothers and Sisters gathered together for lunch. Afterwards, we journeyed to explore Wickford, RI along with husbands, wives, and significant others. Our first stop was to visit Canvasworks, a cheery store, located in Wickford, owned by Vinny Mitchell, Alpha Alumnus and longtime member of the KDP Alumni Association. Vinny offered a 20% discount to those in our group, and his daughter Carrie was pretty busy waiting on customers. We all enjoyed seeing Vinny, and meeting Carrie. The group then went their separate way to visit the many boutiques, antique and other specialty store, as well as the waterfront area.

January is a time for us. Paul is preparing his newsletter The Crow for his Alumni Association. Sue At 6pm, Paul and I were please to host a soiree at Taylor, our President, is working on our newsletter our home. As has been the custom, we prepared a modest meal reflective of the local specialties, of the the Alumnae Gold. area. As the evening wound down, there were many Now the spring will soon be here – many of us, and opportunities to join in conversations that covered a I hope that includes you, will be attending Kappa multitude of topics. reunions of all kinds, including undergraduate functions. Convention 2015 will once again be a Next year, the Annual Meeting is scheduled for a combined function with the Fraternity. I'm sure that week later in order to avoid conflicts with chapter some of you will be there, and I will look forward to Homecomings. We are hoping that this change will free many of you so that you will consider joining us seeing you once again. next year. Until then, stay safe and enjoy every day. Stay tuned for more information. Yours in Kappa, Jeanette Collette


Things Change A lesson in stepping outside of your comfort zone By Amanda Roberge, Executive Board Member


hange is an essential part of life, a part of life that I always disliked. It only took me 25 years of life to realized that change is not a negative thing – yes change can at times be scary, it can be sad, but change can also be a happy thing, it can be exhilarating, and it is more certain an important part of our growth as a person. Up until recently I was the most change-averse person there is, just ask any of my friends. Six years ago, when I was getting ready to start college, I was terrified. I was leaving behind all my friends from high school, some of which I had since grade school. I was leaving behind the only home I had known in my eighteen years of life. I was moving to a school a whole two towns over, it was a huge deal. At least I thought it was, I did not want to go to school, I did not


want to leave my family. It did not matter that matter that my school was twenty minutes away from my house, it was something new, so I automatically did not like it. But it did not matter if I liked it or not, and no matter how much I fought it come hell or high water

" you remember the last time you stepped outside of your comfort zone at least a little bit?" that change was going to happen, especially if my mom had her way (In the end come to find out mother does know). The changed happened, eventually I got over it, and the sun continued to rise each morning, and I never looked back.

I don’t know at what point I started to enjoy school – I know it was a much more gradual change than starting school was, I tried different clubs and majors trying to find my fit, and in the fall of my junior year I found and pledged Kappa. The rest of my junior year and senior year flew by and before I knew it I was two months away from graduation – faced with another scary and life altering change. I think that graduating was more scary for me than starting college. I did not have a job lined up. I was still waiting to hear back from graduate schools. I was leaving all my friends, I was leaving my home for the last four years, and I was moving back home, two towns over. The last two months before graduation I was an emotional mess, you could not mention graduation in front of me without me breaking up. It felt like I had just started enjoying college – how could it be over? I had just found my comfort zone! That is my challenge, once I get in my comfort zone, I never want to step outside it, which I suppose is true for the majority of people. However, today as I am faced with another “major” life change I am filled with excitement and anticipation. I am leaving the only job I have had since graduating college, a mostly full time, slightly above minimal wage, job in retail. It is by far in no way my dream job, but it is not one I necessarily dislike either. I enjoy the people I have worked with the past 2.5 years, and I have gained some important life lessons. However, in spite of mostly enjoying my

simple retail job, I am looking forward to starting my next adventure, and stepping outside of my comfort zone. Looking back, there are a bunch of times I stepped outside my comfort zone, but they were much smaller steps than graduating or starting college – they were things like trying Indian and Thai food, taking up

indoor rock climbing, and adopting my dog Willow. These changes and steps have improved my life for the better. I enjoy a broader palette of foods, I have a healthy hobby, and a furry best friend. It only took me 25 years to learn that there is no reason for change to be a negative aspect of your life, at the very least it builds character and makes you who you are today. If nothing changed in the last six years of your life, it would make it pretty boring – right? As cliché as it is “everything happens for a reason” you just might not understand the reason until you look back. I leave you if this final thought – do you remember the last time you stepped outside of your comfort zone at least a little bit? If the answer is no, I challenge you to step outside your comfort zone, try a new food, take up a new hobby or exercise routine, try conquering one of your fears, whether it is a fear of spiders or heights. Whatever it is, just try to step outside your comfort zone – it might be one of the best things you ever did.


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