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Pg. 03 Chapter Reports Find out what your fellow chapters were up to this past semester and get inspired for the spring!

Pg. 13 NEW FEATURE: Alumnae Spotlight A spotlight of an alumnae sister who shares how being a part of KDPNAS made a difference in her life. This semester's issue features Kappa Iota alum, Deb Flint Wheaton. Pictured: Deb Flint Wheaton, KI '78 and Karin Taylor, KI '78


Important Dates Kappa Convention 2018 April 13-15, 2018 Hilton Boston/Woburn Woburn, Massachusetts Spring Board of Directors Meeting June 1-3, 2018 Marlboro, VT Summer Leadership Retreat August 10-12, 2018 Silver Bay YMCA Silver Bay, NY

Letter from the Executive Director Dear  Sisters and  Friends of Kappa Delta Phi N. A.S. Fall is once more upon us and with it comes real excitement! It signals the return to campus, the crisp air and seasonal activities (apple picking anyone?) which has had us all fall in love with this time of year, but for Kappas, we have even more to love about this season. Fall is the time when we warmly welcome home the next generation of eager, talented young women who will shape the future of our organization. Fall is also the season where we, as alumnae, gather at our alma maters for reunions and reminisce about our memories from college while cherishing our lifelong friendships with Sisters. You see, while fall is typically a season where nature is preparing to hibernate for the winter, fall for Kappa Delta Phi, National Affiliated Sorority is a time for growth, change and possibilities. Speaking of possibilities, in case you haven't heard, Kappas will be gathering in Woburn, MA this spring to celebrate our Sisterhood, elect new Board members, vote on Constitutional Amendments and participate in leadership development sessions. If you haven't made your way to a National Convention, I encourage you to join us in Woburn! It’s a truly inspiring and reaffirming experience. I know I can't wait!

In Kappa,

Liz Jason Executive Director


Mission Statement The purpose of Kappa Delta Phi National Affiliated Sorority, Inc. shall be to promote academic achievement, to encourage community involvement through philanthropy, and to cultivate the everlasting bonds of sisterhood. We shall fortify the values of leadership, generosity, charity, and integrity within our sisters through guidance at both the chapter and national level.

National Founders Pat Ouellette Angie Parker Kathy Luciano Dee Tzovarras Tricia Crosby Laurie Beckwith Joanne Lobozzo Becky Ritter Joyce Welch Renie Mountain Bridgett Burtchell Bonnie Griener

Nancee Brearly Debbie Therriauly Barbie Richard Eileen Coombs Karen Kulikowski Kathi Gleason Jan Spaulding Sharon Soles Sue Caron Leslie Vartabedian Mimi McBride

Media/Materials Committee Liz Jason Sara Hauser Christina Rose Danielle Young Brittany Baldwin Amanda Roberge Kate Montelione Melissa Ngo


Kappa Chi


he sisters of Kappa Chi have had an extremely strong start to the Fall Semester. Less than one month into our academic year at Southern New Hampshire University, we have already held and participated in four recruitment events, held a successful fundraiser, and participated in many different philanthropic initiatives. This semester’s recruitment revolved around a 90’s theme, which made the events, attire, and company all the more enjoyable! We utilized the tagline: “Keeping it Fresh Since 1972” and the season has proved extremely successful. We hosted events such as Sister Speed Dating, Tie Dye and Pizza, as well as a joint recruitment event with our Kappa Delta Phi brothers. We are so lucky to have given out 15 bids! We kicked off the school year with our biannual “Pie a Chi” fundraiser. This year we made the event even more noticeable by having a Pie a Chi board made, where sisters put their faces in the holes to get pied, rather than just standing. This event was very successful for us, as we raised $87 for the Alzheimer’s Association. We are in the process of coming up with different fundraising events for the upcoming year, and super excited to continue our fundraising for the year! This year, the majority of the sisters stated that we wanted to increase our sister bonding and sister support system, and we have accomplished that thus far through a fantastic sister bonding brunch, as well as volunteering at the SNHU Gearhead’s Car Show that one of our talented sisters put on. We plan on maintaining these efforts throughout the semester by working together, participating in more philanthropy events as a group, and having fun and inclusive sister bonding events.


The sisters of Kappa Chi are extremely optimistic and motivated for the upcoming year, and can’t wait to see everyone at Convention, and what the rest of the year has in store for us! May the Spirit Never Die! In Kappa, The Sisters of Kappa Chi

Kappa Iota


appa Iota has been quite busy this semester thus far! We recently volunteered and participated in Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in Portland. With ten active sisters and four alumnae participating, we contributed 38 hours of service to this cause, one that is very dear to our hearts and has affected us deeply. While we walked in honor of three Kappa Iota sisters who have passed away from breast cancer, we also walked in memory of all those we have known who have battled the disease. The chapter raised $200 for the American Cancer Society through individual donations and a special Kappa breast cancer t-shirt sale. We also had a great turnout for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s walk this past month. A few sisters got together to craft shirts as we walked in remembrance of those taken by Alzheimer’s, as well as those currently suffering. The chapter raised a whopping $400 towards Alzheimer’s Association!!

at checkout during their dinner hours on that day. Our second fundraiser will be selling purple bracelets in honor of the Alzheimer’s Association. As we surpass the halfway mark of the semester, we are eager to see what the rest of 2017 has in store for Kappa Iota. May The Spirit Never Die!

We have three amazing affiliates who are very eager to cross the bridge to sisterhood. They are making amazing progress and learning quickly. We are so excited to soon call them our sisters! Kappa Iota has two big fundraisers coming up, both of which we will be giving funds to our national philanthropy. We will be partnering up with Chipotle as they have so generously offered 50% of sales to be donated to the Alzheimer’s Association for every time our chapter is recognized


Kappa Lambda


appa Lambda has been dedicating the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year to getting back to the roots of what make us proud to be sisters. Three of our active sisters were able to attend the 46th and 65th anniversary celebration of Kappa Lambda along with many of our founding sisters and other alumnae. Not only did the actives learn more about the traditions that we hold close to our hearts, but they were able to bring back valuable information and forgotten traditions that we cannot wait to resurrect and pass on! The Kappa Lambda sisters have also come together to help out an alumnae, Jen Gagnon Rotella from Spring 1997, who was recently diagnosed with stage two breast cancer. Together the sisters raised money for Jen and her family to help cover the cost of their bills and are overjoyed to help out a sister who has helped make our chapter so great! In coordination with Husson University’s Student Activities Director, our sisters and other sororities and fraternities on campus were able to bring a comedian to Husson who had previously been involved with Greek life. Our sisters had the largest presence of on-campus Greeks and were able to talk to many students about the work we do for philanthropy and fundraising. This was a great opportunity for us to meet some potential new sisters and speak about how accomplished Kappa Delta Phi N.A.S. is! Something we are looking forward to for the remainder of the semester is our Kappa Costume Run, where the sisters will be costumed along with the runners to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association. As one of our largest fundraisers


of the semester, we are looking at a good turnout and are excited to spread the word about this incredible organization the proceeds will be donated to. The sisters of Kappa Lambda look forward to sharing more of our efforts this year with all our sisters as we continue to strive for chapter growth and success!

Kappa Omicron


e have been having a great semester so far! We have had great sister bonding and community services. We went apple picking after we went on a Suicide Prevention walk. Both opportunities were great for us to hang out and share emotions. One of the sisters even went up to give a speech at the Suicide Prevention walk. We also had a great movie night where we all came in our pajamas and watched a movie and ordered food. We decorated a table where every sister got a box and drew something in it, so we could always remember each sister. We are also having Kappa Thanksgiving before we head off for Thanksgiving vacation. Each sister is bringing a dish and then we all watch a movie and eat while we say what we are thankful for. We have had a lot of great bonding activities this semester and we have all had great times doing them. Hopefully when the weather starts to get nicer next semester we could do more outdoors activities like hiking, going for ice cream, going to the beach, etc. Kappa Omicron wishes everyone a great Thanksgiving and Holiday!!

Kappa Rho


appa Rho has been very busy this semester! We have been working on numerous fundraisers, including Yankee Candle. We are also proud to announce that we four amazing affiliates who are eager to become sisters of Kappa! Kappa Rho is excited for Convention in April! We wish all of our sisters a successful year and we can’t wait to see you at Convention! Love your Kappa Rho Sisters 07

Kappa Sigma


he sisters of Kappa Sigma have been hard at work to raise money for our philanthropy this year, The Alzheimer’s Association. Over the past couple of months, we have raised $128 at a bake sale, where all the sisters got together to bake some delicious desserts. We also raised $253.45 at our Chipotle fundraiser in Concord, NH and support was shown by brothers, alumnae, and families and friends. We also volunteered at NASCAR over the summer and in September where we raised $592.50! We participated in tabling on campus during the Prospective Students Activities Fair, as well as the Greek Carnival to further advocate for Greek life to current and future students and to share our love for Kappa. We started the semester off with an amazing turnout of alumnae during Homecoming Weekend and hope to share this experience with them for many years to come! We also welcomed fourteen new sisters into our chapter at the beginning of November, and we are very excited to have new sisters to call our lifelong friends and to also be expanding our chapter, as we have nearly doubled in size just during this semester. For the holidays, we are planning a Thanksgiving dinner together where we each bring some food and spend some quality sister bonding time with one another. We will also be delivering Thanksgiving Baskets to those less fortunate in Plymouth. The fall semester has been kind to us, and we hope that it has treated everyone else kindly as well! In Kappa, Kappa Sigma Chapter


Kappa Upsilon


rom being named Greek Organization of the Year at the University of Massachusetts Lowell to completing nearly one thousand hours of philanthropy over the course of several months, the sisters of Kappa Upsilon have truly proven themselves to be individuals embodying kindness, devotion, and pride. With eleven newly accepted affiliates and twenty active sisters, Kappa Upsilon is growing faster than ever and we are expected to have a massive presence on campus this year through the various events and activities already planned!

crucial that we take the time out of our weeks to wind down and reconnect. With an average GPA of a 3.52, our sisters understand the importance of hard work and our commitments to the sorority. Nonetheless, we are eagerly waiting for Spring Convention where we can wind down and reconnect with all of our fellow sisters and alumnae and we hope that all our fellow chapters are excelling with their events and processes as well! In Kappa, The Sisters of Kappa Upsilon

Philanthropy has always been a number one priority and fundraising for the Alzheimer’s Association has already begun with having approximately $800 already donated directly to the cause from the participation of sisters in the Cambridge Alzheimer’s Walk! We also have been actively leaving a donation box at all our events to further encourage our fellow students to donate to our great cause and we actively look forward to raising even more money as the year goes on. Our annual event, RAINN Day, was also a success fas we took part in the educating of students around campus in the sexual assaults that occur on college grounds across the country every day. Thanks to our wonderful philanthropy chair, students had the opportunity to learn about RAINN day through interactive activities and discussions that took place during the event. Additionally, we participated in the Boston Cystic Fibrosis Walk for one of our beloved sisters this past summer and we plan on doing it for many years to come. Sisterhood means everything to us and we always make it a point to support each other in every way that we can. Furthermore, our relationships have been strengthened through the act of adding a sisterhood chair to our positions. Sister bonding meetings are held weekly and we are more unified than ever. With hectic schedules and meetups for the several other organizations our sisters belong to, it is


Kappa Alpha Alpha


e’re springing into fall with enthusiasm and great spirits! We not only rushed into our semester ready for our second year in our university’s Formal Recruitment but we also got a new Chapter Room! So with our spirits high and with one year under our belts, we stepped up our game and really gave it our all! We also did some informal recruitment and gained new amazing affiliates into our chapter and we couldn’t be happier! We are so excited to be able to call these amazing girls sisters soon and embrace them into the bonds of our sorority! Along with these wonderful ladies, we would like to send a shout out to our new sister from Kappa Lambda! We are so happy to have her with us and she’s already bringing so much to our chapter. We can’t wait for what this semester holds! Speaking of Kappa Lambda, we are excited to be planning events with our sisters down the road from us! We can’t wait to get to know all of our Lambda sisters. We are hoping we can arrange events with the other Maine chapters soon! As an added bonus for our chapter, we are getting back out into our community by painting faces at Riverfest, a local festival in Old Town, where we raised over $150! We are turning to our local soup kitchen and animal shelter


to volunteer this semester. We are also currently raising money and participating in the Walk to End Alzheimer's at the end of this month and spreading awareness! We’re keeping ourselves pretty busy and we aren’t slowing down! We’re so excited for what this semester has to offer and we want to wish everyone a good Fall semester! Good luck in classes and for all of your events to come! In Kappa With Love, Kappa Alpha Alpha

Kappa Alpha Iota


his semester has been an exciting one for our sorority. Not only do we have an all new E-Board and exciting events coming up, but we’ve also made changes to the Constitution to better Kappa Delta Phi N.A.S.’s image around campus. Affiliates: This semester, we’ve taken on 7 new girls who have become the pledge class of Alpha Beta. Their Big-Little night was on October 10th.

SIS fair/Greek campus fair, Friends and Family day October Events: Canning began and future dates are set, Panera Fundraiser event, Aroogas Fundraiser event, Joe Corbi’s Fundraiser event, Yankee Candle Fundraiser Future Events: Date Party on December 2nd

Philanthropy: Our philanthropy cause for this year is Alzheimer’s Association and all profits made during canning sessions will go to this organization. September Events: Dash for Diabetes, Tabling at campus

Kappa Alpha Nu Colony


he Kappa Alpha Nu Colony of Kappa Delta Phi National Affiliated Sorority currently has 27 sisters with 7 affiliates working to complete the affiliate process and join the sisterhood. So far this semester sisters have participated in a number of community service events. This includes the local Pine Hills Clean Up, walks for Alzheimer's, walks for suicide prevention, fundraisers at restaurants for our philanthropy, and programs on campus. Our main goal of the year is to officially charter and become a chapter of Kappa Delta Phi National Affiliated Sorority. We are work-

ing hard towards this goal and hope to successfully charter at convention in the Spring. Our sisters are also proudly involved in a number of different clubs on campus. Our colony puts a huge emphasis on sisters bringing their different hobbies, talents, interests, and learned skills that they practice in other clubs on campus into our sisterhood so that everyone's uniqueness gets to show in our colony. We make sure to have at least one sisterhood dinner or brunch with another planned activity organized per week in order to keep closeness and the spirit of sisterhood alive within each other. MTSND!


Letter from our Brothers

Greetings Sisters, We have had a wonderful year thanks to the hard work and dedication of our Brothers, Board of Directors and volunteers. We held a very successful joint Convention with Kappa Delta Phi NAS in Conneticut last April 2017. By all accounts it was a great experience for a number of reasons. The national philanthropy, Homes for Our Troops, received a check from the Fraternity for $23,244.26, which brought our 3 year total to HFOT to $73,968.95. This year the Brotherhood has set it’s goal at $30,000 in order to top $100,000 in total donations to Homes For our Troops! After a very successful Summer Leadership Workshop held at the Grappone conference center in Concord NH, our chapters set recruitment goals. PhiredUp! provided an outstanding workshop to get our chapter fired up and ready to recruit quality members to move our Fraternity forward in a positive direction. Presentations were also provided specifically for chapter officers to assist them in performing their duties. A workshop for field consultants was also provided to set expectations for the position. The Fraternity continues to look into possible expansion and recolonization opportunities. A number of possible opportunities await us. We look forward to working with a variety of colleges and universities in New England and the mid-Atlantic area that have expressed interest in becoming a part of our Fraternity. If there are any of our Sisters Chapters that would like to see a Brother Chapter expanded to your school please contact us at and we will work with you to see if we can make this a possibility. We will once again be joining the National Affiliated Sorority Board this December in Atlanta Georgia for the national meeting of the Association of Fraternity / Sorority advisors. We look forward to fostering relationships and learning as much as we can to better our Fraternity. We began the year with fewer active members then we had ended the year, as we had 73 Brothers graduate this past year. Our Fall 2017 Rush numbers look to be right on track to replenish our membership, and we look forward to an equally productive Spring semester. We wish all of our members a very successful year in all you do. Live Kappa values everyday of your life. Lead by example. May The Spirit Never Die! Jon Kadel Chairman of the Board Kappa Delta Phi National Fraternity


KDPNAS Alumnae Spotlight The Power of Sisterhood & its Impact on my Life I pledged into KDPNAS, Inc., back in the spring of 1978 in the first class of sisters of what was then called Kappa Iota Colony. There were seven wonderful women in that class, and each and every one of them will tell you that the bond we formed during our “pledge period” is one that can never be broken and one that has had a powerful impact on all of our lives. Why you ask? We call it the Power of Kappa – the Kappa Family. I think for me, during my undergraduate years, it brought me places I would not have gone (various President/ Treasurer Meetings at other Universities and Boston). It also showed me the power of kindness while doing various fundraisers and philanthropies. Immediately after graduation I found myself serving on the National Board as Northern Field Rep. This brought about meeting some of the people I now consider family as well as sisters and brothers. Both living in Portland, Maine, Susan Dyer Taylor (then Executive Director of the National Sorority) and I worked on the Kappa Rose (now known as the Kappa Quill) together, traveled to

Jeannette and Paul Collette’s home in the Summer for Summer Workshop (now known as Summer Leadership Retreat), where we created and named the Jeannette M. Collette Kindness Award, the Susan M. Dyer Golden Scholastic Achievement Award, to name just a few. I guess what strikes me the most is we were really in the infancy of the Sorority. I went on to serve on the National Alumnae Board as well and continued to meet people that shared the same commitment and love for Kappa that I have. The bottom line when I think back on nearly 40 years of sisterhood of Kappa Delta Phi National Affiliated Sorority, Inc., and its impact on my life is that no matter where I go, the strength and perseverance of being a Kappa allows me to face challenges and adversity I never thought possible, because I know, if I fall, or I am in need, there will be a Brother or a Sister there to help me. Yours in Kappa, Deb Flint Wheaton Kappa Iota Chapter, Spring 1978

Cooking with Jeanette Fresh Blueberry Pie

This past summer was the best ever for blueberries on Prudence Island. I started thinking about making something that I had never made before. I decided on this Fresh Blueberry Pie.


2 pre-made pie crusts 4 c. fresh blueberries 6 tbsp. granulated sugar 5 tbsp. light brown sugar 5 tbsp. sifted cornstarch 1 tbsp. butter 1 egg, beaten


Set oven at 400 degrees. Put pie crust in a 9” pan. Place berries, sugars, and cornstarch in your bowl. Toss together and pack into the pie shell. Dot with butter. Moisten edges of pie crust with water and carefully lay the second crust on top. Pinch edges shut. Make slits with knife on top. Brush top of pie with beaten egg. Bake 40 to 50 minutes. Let pie cool a bit before you slice it. This will thicken the blueberry filing. Slice and enjoy!


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Kappa Quill Fall 2017  
Kappa Quill Fall 2017