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The 1865 Trust


Former Knight Commander and current Director of Development Ben Satcher, 1865 Trust Founder and Former KAOEF Executive Director David Carico, current KAOEF Executive Director Larry Wiese, and Director of Development Erik Showalter with the NICF Award of Distinction.

NICF Award of Distinction Best Planned Giving Program 2009 & 2010 Congratulations to the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation and the members of the 1865 Trust. The Trust was named the overall best planned giving society in the fraternal world by the North American Inter-Fraternity Council for the second year in a row. Excellence is our Aim! If you have any questions about the 1865 Trust, or if you wish to join those KA brothers who have already become members, please contact Erik Showalter, Director of Development, at the National Administrative Office, either by phone, (540) 463-1865, or by e-mail,

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Knight Commander's Message

Dear Brothers, Where will KA be in 2020? It’s worth asking the question though it’s hard to think that far ahead. As we close out this decade, I definitely appreciate the opportunity to reflect on the success of the 2000s as this issue of The Journal will help us do. We’ve had a tremendous decade of excellence with so many things of which to be proud. I’m amazed looking back at how much progress we’ve made in so many areas. Having been involved with KA for many years now, I feel we are poised to have an even better decade kicking off in 2011. And here’s why . . . Because of our renewed emphasis and focus on academic performance, we have made huge strides in the direction of achieving what some might have previously thought impossible – a 3.0 GPA for the Order. Nothing is impossible for those who see clearly the success they want to achieve. And it starts with setting the right goals. With our cumulative GPA now hovering around 2.86, we are well within reach of hitting that mark in the next few years. Our society today is putting more emphasis on “giving back” and being involved in volunteer service – whether in your community, on campus, or at your place of work. If the Order is going to strive and thrive, it must cultivate and empower a culture of giving back. Those graduating from our military schools, such as the Virginia Military Institute, are prime examples. When they graduate, they know that giving back is not only a part of their experience, but is expected of them. Forever KA is an initiative currently in the works that we hope will accomplish this type of culture within the Order. Stay tuned for much more on this exciting initiative. Our purpose to build leaders among men is simple, yet profound. It must continue to be the driving force in all that we do. I believe that our leadership training is among the best available, and as long as we keep this our focus, we will continue impacting our members in a significant and lasting way. As the number of members who receive this training increases across the country, our success will continue to grow and bring to fruition achievements our founders would never have dreamed possible. I wish you the very best as we start a new year and want to extend my sincere thanks for your continued interest in, and support of, Kappa Alpha Order.


Mike Duncan Knight Commander

KA Journal


Winter 2010

EDITOR Matt V. Bonner Creative Design Todd Shelton CONTRIBUTORS Wendy Lovell, Rick Moore, Jay Langhammer, Erik Showalter, Jesse Lyons, Michael Wilson, Bob Tarlton EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Knight Commander J. Michael Duncan Senior Councilor William E. Dreyer Councilors King V. Aiken, Jr. Russell C. Brown Darren S. Kay Sam O. Leake, Jr. C. Douglas Simmons, III National Undergraduate Chairman Brook Sebren KA/KAOEF Executive Director Larry Stanton Wiese

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Journal 2010 submission deadline: Issue 1/Spring – Feb 15 Issue 2/Summer – May 6

Wow…what a decade it has been for KA. Looking back at that first Journal I did in 2000, I’m struck by a number of things. It was a bittersweet time as we looked ahead to a new decade. We had just lost KA giant and legend, Bill Forester. The Crusade was in its infancy, having just completed its first pilot year. I was off and running in my new role as Director of Communications and Editor of The Journal - at age 22 no less. Not in a million years would I have foreseen that I would also be closing out the 2000s with the decade’s last issue. To add further irony, it is a bittersweet time (for me at least) once again as this last issue of the 2000s will also mark my last issue with Kappa Alpha . . . and is my 20th edition. Life is full of surprises, and this circumstance of serving as the “bookends editor” of the decade for our magazine ranks up there for me. As you’ll read about in our cover story, the 2000s have been a magnificent time of development and achievement for the Order. One might call it the “Adventures in Educational Programming,” starring (fellow Epsilon Theta) brother Brent Fellows, who I’d like to point out has just celebrated his 10th year on staff with KA. Fellows has been a key player in the dramatic advancement of our educational programming. I’ve had the privilege of working with many talented and capable people over the years, and I’m just amazed at the caliber of people I am surrounded with at the national office - people who love and devote themselves to an ideal and an experience that really does make a difference in our nation and our world. As noted in my “farewell letter” in 2003, I’m off to life’s next adventure . . . once again. Like then, I don’t expect to return, but you never know what life has in store. In that spirit, I want to urge you – no matter your age or stage in life, or your level of membership in KA – to make sure you’re leaving a legacy you’d want to follow. My five-year “sabbatical” from KA in the mid 2000s gave me keen insight on how special KA truly is. As brothers, we are temporary stewards of an important vehicle for building leaders among men. I don’t have to tell you how critical it is to our nation’s future that we play a vital role in remaining steadfast in this, our ultimate purpose. We must realize that without leaders of noble character, strong conviction and authentic faith, America will not survive. Anyone with any historical context and a passion for this great nation understands how critical authentic servant leadership is in our present hour and beyond. Who will lead the next great spiritual awakening and resurgence of statesmanship in this sacred land of liberty? Why not you? Why not me? Why not the men of Kappa Alpha Order? As we look ahead to the next decade, let us ponder seriously the role we should play in developing and shaping leaders among men who may someday make all the difference . . . Excelsior!


Matt V. Bonner Editor

Issue 4/Winter – Oct 17


Issue 3/Fall – Aug 8

Dear Brothers,

Our Order Kappa Alpha Order surpasses 150,000 initiates Outstanding young gentleman at Drury University holds distinguished honor

Left: Councilor Kay with Brother Blackshear; right: Executive Director Wiese, Former Knight Commander Taylor, Councilor Kay, and Chiles Province Commander Schmuck with Blackshear and his new member class.

Kappa Alpha Order is proud to celebrate the milestone of 150,000 total initiates. Earlier this year, members of the national staff confirmed that on November 20, 2009, Drury student Steven R. Blackshear was initiated by Beta Iota Chapter at Drury University, and became the 150,000th initiate of Kappa Alpha Order. Upon review of records at the National Administrative Office, a timeline of specific initiation dates of all members

Connect with the Order and fellow brothers online: : : : : : Kappa Alpha Order Alumni Group : :

in the fall of 2009 was established. By tracking badge numbers issued to each initiate and used to identify membership, Blackshear was identified as the milestone initiate according to his badge number, O-5005. “I was shocked at first when I got the call. It caught me off guard and took me a while to realize what a big deal this was,” says Blackshear. “It makes me feel proud that I can be part of an Order that has become so big.” Hailing from Springfield, Missouri, Blackshear is a Pre-Med major, now a sophomore, with a 3.48 cumulative GPA. He serves his chapter as the Number VII and is also involved with the Drury Interfraternity Council. Andrea Battaglia, Director of Greek Life & Student Involvement at Drury praised Blackshear saying, “he is an essential member of our IFC on campus and we hope that he moves into major leadership roles in the chapter and Greek community in the near future.” A reception was held at Beta Iota’s chapter house on November 9th in Steven’s honor. Presiding there was Councilor Darren S. Kay (AH-Westminster ‘88) who presented a replica of an original badge that our founders wore in the 1860s. Each member of the initiation class that joined KA with Steven also received a

KA Journal


Winter 2010

special enlarged KA badge. Councilor Kay also presented Steven and the chapter with a framed proclamation designating their roles in initiating the 150,000th member. Reflecting on the honor, Blackshear says, “This is important to me because it makes me feel like I am part of such a huge brotherhood…I can call 150,000 people my brothers. This will impact my experience greatly by trying to get more guys to join KA.” In addition to Councilor Kay and Former Knight Commander Jack R. Taylor (AK-Missouri ‘49), others in attendance included Executive Director Larry S. Wiese (ΓΩ-Midwestern State ‘87), Chiles Province Commander James “Jim” Schmuck (AH-Westminster ‘69), Chiles Deputy Province Commander Thaddeus “Thad” Stubbs (AH-Westminster ‘96), Chiles Deputy Province Commander Chad E. Wagoner (ΔΠ-Missouri Southern State ’93), Director of Fraternity Services Michael P. Wilson (ΑΘ-Transylvania ’00), Drury University President Todd Parnell, Dean of Students Dr. Tijuana Julian, Director of Greek Life & Student Involvement Andrea Battaglia, Director of Retention and KA alumnus Chip Parker (BI-Drury ’80) and several local KA alumni.

Our Order

Western provinces consolidate

New Varlet published

In order to better serve the active chapters in what is considered the “western” region of Kappa Alpha Order, the Advisory Council, led by the Knight Commander, recently voted to reconstitute the John R. Berryman and Daniel R. Neal Provinces into one. Neal Province will include the two active chapters and one provisional chapter that were in Berryman Province. Because Berryman Province is the younger of the two, tradition called for it to become inactive and for Neal Province to envelope the former Berryman Province.

Not since 2003 has KA published a new edition of the Order’s membership manual, The Varlet. And not since 1997 has the Varlet undergone such a complete overhaul.

After a thorough review and evaluation of the Western provinces and chapters by the national administrative staff, it was determined that it was impractical to maintain two separate sets of volunteer leaders for so few chapters (five total with one provisional). Therefore, this reconstitution will allow for a restructuring of volunteer resources to properly allocate trained leaders throughout the western chapters as well as provide a single source of regional authority via one province commander. The Neal Province Commander will have specific performance responsibilities to enhance the western region, work with the national staff, and to support the active chapters. While the chapters are geographically disconnected, through current technology and the province reporting system, one province commander will be able to more effectively support, and ultimately benefit, the active chapters in the new boundaries.

The Order releases totally revamped 12th edition

“We’re very excited about all that the new edition has to offer. We think both active and alumni will be enthused about getting one,” says co-editor and Director of Educational Programming, Brent Fellows. Included in the new edition is a special “Historical Sites of KA” section of color photographs, a KA History timeline in the history chapter, a composite of the Order’s Knight Commanders and of course all new and updated information and images. One of the biggest changes is how the content is organized. The book is separated into three sections: New Member, Active Member and Alumnus. Each section is more geared toward its respective level of membership. This makes it more of a true membership manual - something all KAs will cherish and find useful throughout life. This is especially true for the alumnus section, which covers all of the ways alumni can stay connected, involved and ultimately giving back. “When you think about the significance of The Varlet, it is essentially the second most important publication of KA,” says

co-editor and Director of Communications, Matt Bonner. “The Varlet is much more accessible, and we encourage every member, no matter your age or stage, to consider ordering a copy of this very sharp and exciting 12th edition.” What better way to get up to speed on all things KA and to rekindle the KA spirit? Order your copy of the 12th edition today! Contact Anita Snyder at the National Administrative Office, 540-463-1865 or

Chapters contained in the newly reconstituted Daniel R. Neal Province Alpha Xi Alpha Pi

University of California at Berkeley – Active Stanford University – Active

Beta Sigma

University of Southern California – Provisional

Epsilon Tau

Northern Arizona University – Active

Epsilon Omega Arizona State University – Active Zeta Mu Gamma Delta Epsilon Gamma

San Jose State University – Dormant University of California at Davis – Dormant

Zeta Alpha

University of Colorado – Dormant

Zeta Delta

University of Nevada at Reno – Dormant

Beta Phi

University of New Mexico – Dormant

Beta Psi

University of California at Los Angeles – Dormant

Gamma Epsilon Gamma Iota

University of Arizona – Dormant San Diego State University – Dormant

Epsilon Epsilon

University of California at Riverside – Dormant

Epsilon Upsilon

California State University–Bakersfield – Dormant


The reconstituted Daniel R. Neal Province includes the following states: Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Oregon, California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico.

University of Washington – Active

Our Order Kappa Alpha Order’s Claim and Dispute Resolution Plan Beginning October 1, 2007 Kappa Alpha Order implemented a Claim and Dispute Resolution Plan. Since that time the plan has been made available to all members through mailings, email communications, via, The Kappa Alpha Journal, reviewed annually during visits from the national administrative staff and as a required read by all new members when completing their on-line membership card. The Kappa Alpha Order Claim and Dispute Resolution Plan binds members and the Order to handle problems through a series of measures designed to bring timely resolution. It is a process that allows claims and grievances to be objectively considered and resolved without forcing the Order or the member to resort to courts of law. By implementing this plan at large, Kappa Alpha Order joins the ranks of many other successful, diverse organizations that have developed similar programs. For more information, please visit

Stephen A Womack (EZ-Arkansas ’78) is awarded the Order’s Distinguished Public Service Award by the Executive Council, the Order’s second highest Alumni Award. The award was presented by former Councilor Harold Cornett, Jr. (ΓΨ-Northwestern State University ‘71) at a city council meeting in August of this year. The award is given to honor members who have pursued the KA tenet of excellence through a life of service to others. Brother Womack was recognized for his service in the Arkansas National Guard, as Chairman of the Arkansas Commission on National and Community Services, and his service to the city of Rogers, Arkansas as Mayor. As the award stated, “His countless contributions to his community have earned him the utmost respect and admiration from his family, friends and colleagues.” Womack was also recently elected to Congress (Arkansas 3rd District).

2011 Province Councils Feb. 4-5


University of Mississippi Oxford, MS

Feb. 5 Hardeman

Mercer University

Macon, GA

Feb. 11-13


University of Tennessee Knoxville, TN

Feb. 11-13


Stanford University Palo Alto, CA

Feb. 12


Washington College

Feb. 12


University of Kentucky Lexington, KY

Feb. 12 Locke Oklahoma State University Feb. 19


Feb. 25-26 Ammen/Hamilton/Smith Feb. 26

Indiana State University

Chestertown, MD Stillwater, OK Terre Haute, IN

Washington & Lee University Lexington, VA

Forester Rhodes College

Memphis, TN

Feb. 26 Dunwody Auburn University Auburn, AL Feb. 26


University of Texas-Arlington Arlington, TX

Feb. 26


Florida State University

Jan. 28-29


Feb. 26 Graves

University of Lousiana-Monroe University of South Carolina

KA Journal


Winter 2010

Tallahassee, FL Monroe, LA Columbia, SC

Our Order

Expulsions The following men have been expelled from Kappa Alpha Order since the last printing of The Journal as of November 1, 2010.

Kappa Alpha Order National Undergraduate Chairman Brooke Sebren (ΓΝ-Louisiana Monroe ’09) presents a check for $185,000 to MDA National Youth Chairman, Luke Christie, at the annual national MDA telethon, representing the Order’s total raised for MDA for the 2009/2010 school year. Since 1975, our chapters have raised $2.7 million for the Order’s national philanthropy.

Alpha Gamma, Louisiana State Univ. McClelland, Michael Gamma Omicron, Lambuth Univ. Fortner, Matthew Gamma Sigma, West Texas A&M Univ. John Braidfoot Smith, Zack Wright, Alex Delta Epsilon, Newberry College Harmon, Timothy Zeta Beta, Princeton Univ. Steiner, Benjamin


General Patrick O’Connell Adams (AK-Missouri ’65) receives his lapel pin and is recognized as a member of the Military Division of Kappa Alpha Order at the Advisory Council meeting in New Orleans in August.

Zeta Rho, Univ. of Arkansas at Fort Smith Do, Johnny Underwood, Brandon Warren, Preston Smith, Cody E.

Councilor Sam O. Leake, Jr. (BΞ-Oklahoma State ’61) is awarded a Knight Commander’s Accolade for his exemplary service to KA dating back to his work reactivating Beta Xi Chapter and serving on its AAC in the early 90s. He served as Commander for Locke Province for eight years until 2002 when he was elected to the Executive Council where he has served since.

Our Order

A Hilltopper quartet at Mulberry Hill Four Epsilon Theta Alums currently serve the Order’s staff

Nobody is really sure how it happened. Some say it’s a conspiracy from the blue grass state. None the less, four members of the current national staff hail from Big Red country at Western Kentucky University in Bowling Green, bringing the total Epsilon Theta alums to ever work for the Order to five. In order of hire, they are Scott Toncray (’91), Matt Bonner (’96), Brent Fellows (’98), Chris Woods (’03) and Jeff Moad (’06). Toncray, who served Epsilon Theta as Number I, worked on staff as an educational and leadership consultant (ELC) from 1994 through 1996. He then served in a volunteer role as the alumnus advisor for the chapter when Bonner served as Number I and Fellows served as Number VII. Toncray was instrumental in assisting the chapter when its 100 year old chapter house went up in flames in November of ’98. “It was not too long after we lost the house that Scott was really helpful in guiding me on my future plans and interest in working for KA...he even helped me practice and prepare for an interview,” says Bonner. No stranger to crisis, Toncray had dealt with a shooting on campus at the Sigma Nu house while he was Number I, which prompted encouragement from long time Greek Advisor Charley Pride and others to seek employment with the national office. Toncray is now in Orlando, Florida, newly married and working as the Director of External and Public Relations for the Wycliffe Foundation. Bonner was hired in January of ’99 and began his first stint with KA in June of that year as an ELC. After nearly a year in that role, he was promoted to Director of Communications and Editor of The Kappa Alpha Journal. He served in that capacity until January of 2003 when he moved back to his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. After working in corporate communications with Hospital Corporation of America, Bonner rejoined the staff in January of 2008 in his old position.

Top: Epsilon Theta brothers Moad, Bonner and Fellows; bottom left: Woods; bottom right: Toncray atop Mt. Kaabong in rural Uganda sporting the WKU towel

Fellows, who went on to serve the chapter as Number III, was first hired in 2000 while visiting Lexington and chapter brother Bonner with no intention of seeking employment. On his first ever trek to the Order’s birth place, Fellows had no idea he would head home with a job working for KA! “I had a wonderful

KA Journal


Winter 2010

experience in college with Kappa Alpha Order,” says Fellows. “The idea of working for my fraternity to make it better for future members was very exciting for me.” As fate would have it, the Order needed one more ELC to complete its team of field staff, and after meeting Fellows, Executive Director Larry Wiese

Our Order

(ΓW-Midwestern State ’87) asked him if interested in applying for the open spot. Fellows traveled for two years and was then hired as the Director of Educational Programming, the position he has held ever since. It was also fate that Fellows would meet his future wife, Lisa Burch, who was hired to work for KA around the same time. In January of 2009, Woods was hired as a Special Assistant to the Executive Director where he was responsible for event planning and special projects. In June of that year, Woods became an associate director for chapter development (ADCD) working with provisional chapters as they work to get chartered. Woods also served Epsilon Theta as Number I in addition to Number III, Recruitment Chair, and Council of Honor Chairman. He was

also the Candler Province Undergraduate Chairman. “I joined the KA staff because of my passion for the mission of the organization” says Woods. “I have the best job in the world because of the opportunity to provide young men with an experience that helped me make the most of my college career.” Moad joined the Order’s staff in June of 2010 as an ADCS after his participation in the E. Fleming Mason Memorial Internship program in D.C. While at Western, Moad served the chapter as Number III, V, Recruitment Chair, Phase III Commander and IFC Delegate. He was also the IFC President, IFC VP of Recruitment, and Relay for Life Co-Chair.

phenomenal,” says Moad. “No other job right out of school could allow me so much responsibility and so many opportunities to travel across the country...working on staff is like joining another active chapter full of dedicated, passionate individuals who work hard, but like to have a good time.” It’s rare indeed that within that “active chapter” of dedicated individuals who work for the Order, four members of the same chapter would find themselves on staff at the same time. And it’s not likely to happen again anytime soon. For the time being, however, these WKU Hilltoppers cherish their common roots and “rule the roost” at Mulberry Hill.

“My experience on staff has been


decade of excellence KA in the 2000s

by Matt Bonner

KA Journal


Winter 2010

It would be hard to identify a decade of greater progress and achievement for Kappa Alpha Order. The 2000s have seen more development, advancement, improvements and milestones than any other period in modern KA history. Some might point to advancing technology, but in reality it has been a sincere dedication and focus on improving the KA experience that made the 2000s a decade of excellence. Headlining this progress are the leaps and bounds our educational programming has taken over the past decade. With an increased size and scope of program offerings has come an increased accountability to producing an authentic KA experience. And along each step of the way, Active members have risen to the challenge, proving that with higher standards, a greater level of achievement can be attained. We’ve seen this manifested through scholastic achievement, increased recruitment numbers, a reduced number of risk management claims, and even such operational outcomes as much higher collection rates, compliance in filing tax forms and keeping legitimate chapter budgets. Much fruit has been harvested as a result of the seeds planted by the following advancements and developments, noted in chronological order.

Though birthed in 1998-99, led by Former Knight Commander Ben Satcher (ΔO-Clemson ’79), The Crusade program has been brought to maturity in the 2000s, ushered along by the RoundTable launched in 2000. An intensive and highpowered conference to train each Crusade Chapter’s program leader – the Crusade Commander – the RoundTable has become a successful and well-loved conference. There are 48 chapters participating in The Crusade program, which is designed as a total membership development experience created to provide an environment of ongoing learning and growing throughout the active member’s time in school. These members are excelling scholastically, increasing philanthropic service, managing their finances more effectively, and recruiting and retaining more members. Each year, most of our Awards for Chapter Excellence are earned by Crusade chapters, and since the program began, all of the George C. Marshall Award winners have been Crusade chapters. Another significant program initiated just prior to the turn of the century was Leadership KA, developed by Former Knight Commander Jim Estes (AKMissouri ’60). Leadership KA is an alumni training program piloted in 2001 and designed to recruit, educate and retain alumni volunteers. Held biennially at the Order’s Convention, this program provides in-depth workshops covering all aspects of the Order’s operations and the various


issues facing the organization today. Over 100 brothers have participated in the program since its inception. Established in 2002 by Former Knight Commander David M. “Dink” Warren (T-Wake Forrest ’78), Operation Crimson Gift serves as a critical component of our project outreach efforts, saving thousands of lives each year. Held annually throughout the year, Operation Crimson Gift provides an opportunity for brothers to donate blood through chapter and campus blood drives. To date, approximately 7,324 brothers have donated blood through Operation Crimson Gift. Launched in 2003, the Number I’s Leadership Institute has become the crown jewel of the Order’s exceptional educational programs. It is highly recognizable in the fraternity world, serving as a model for other similar officer training programs. Building on a solid KA tradition of officer training since 1946, NLI is the second oldest fraternity leadership school in the nation, originating as the Officer Training School. Since that time, officer training had taken place every summer, but without the structure of consistent election cycles. It became clear that the most efficient use of time and resources dictated a more focused approach with our chapter presidents in conjunction with a required election period consistent across the Order. Additionally, the vision for an expanded offering of educational

William A. Wood, grandson of founder, James Ward Wood, was initiated at the 70th Convention in 2003 and is seen here receiving a Knight Commander’s Accolade from Knight Commander Duncan.

Enhanced Province Councils now educate 30% of our Active members each spring

decade of excellence

programming to cover the remaining officers and positions has become reality. Now, NLI trains, equips and empowers every Number I in the Order, just after taking office. Since its restructuring in 2003 to focus solely on chapter presidents, the average attendance rate has been 95 percent, and 98 percent the last three years - a rate unheard of around the world of Greek programming. Knight Commander Mike Duncan, who was instrumental in the implementation of the “new” NLI, has also served as the Dean of the Institute since 2003. An important maturation of the organization occurred in 2003, when the Loyal Order was launched alongside a restructuring of The Kappa Alpha Journal subscription policy. Facing increased production and mailing costs, the Order was forced to alter the way it paid for the magazine and instituted the Loyal Order as a way to endow the magazine and create a new way for brothers to stay connected to and involved in Kappa Alpha. The Loyal Order is essentially a group of active and alumni brothers dedicated to the enduring bonds of our brotherhood and to the future success of KA. Over 2,400 brothers have joined the Loyal Order to date. To join, please log onto Outside of the programming realm, the Order experienced a unique event when William A. Wood, the grandson of founder, James Ward Wood, was initiated as a special initiate at the seventieth Convention in Tampa, Florida in 2003. Brother Wood has been instrumental in increasing our knowledge

Active members served MDA to the tune of over $1.7 million since 2000.

and understanding of his grandfather, providing a wealth of information and access to his grandfather’s life and legacy. As a result, the newest edition of The Varlet is dedicated to Brother Wood and that legacy that he carries from our principal founder, James Ward Wood. Created in 2004, the E. Fleming Mason Memorial Internship program is another stellar offering available to our undergraduates, providing a unique summer of learning and life experiences in Washington D.C. The program, instigated by KAOEF Trustee Bill Skipper (ΔΤ-Francis Marion ’80), is one of the most successful and highly sought after programs available to members. Each summer, five outstanding candidates are chosen to participate in this popular program. Through an ongoing partnership with our alumni, these men come back changed and empowered to achieve things they never thought possible. Thirty-one brothers have now taken part in this spectacular program. To learn more, visit

KA Journal


Winter 2010

One of the more prominent events of the 2000s was the Order’s move out of the historic Rockbridge County Jail in 2004 where it had been since 1992. Forced out of the building when the property was acquired by the county for expanding the courthouse and its facilities, the change was, at first, an unwanted one. Discovering the stately and historic manor house of Mulberry Hill changed the outlook, however, and the Order made the necessary arrangements to make it the Order’s new home. Sitting atop a beautiful eight acre property of rolling lawns with magnificent trees, the new home has proven to be a perfect fit – especially from a historical standpoint, with Robert E. Lee having stayed at the home just prior to taking over as President of Washington College. With room to grow, Mulberry Hill will be an outstanding headquarters for the Order for many years to come. On the chapter operational front, the Order took important steps to raise the overall standards of chapter achievement

pin and wallet card. The Conference is held annually, normally in conjunction with the Emerging Leaders Academy and the RoundTable in Lexington during the summer. To learn more, log on to our website,

Majestic Mulberry Hill, the Order’s home since our move in 2004

taking participants out of the classroom and into the streets and historical locations significant to our founding. Over 350 brothers have taken part in this registration based program which is significant in that brothers see the value in the program so much so that they pay their own way, and the attendance continues to increase. Most importantly, the goal of the academy is being achieved: brothers who attend are becoming the future leaders of their chapters as evidenced by successive officer elections.

Another impactful evolution in the realm of our educational programming this past decade was the Emerging Leaders Academy started in 2006. The academy targets our future chapter leaders and provides them an opportunity to increase their knowledge about basic chapter operations, leadership, and how to instigate positive change within their chapter. The conference is held in Lexington, Virginia and is intended to provide a different learning experience by

Also kicking off in 2006 was the Stewards of the Order conference designed as an interactive ritual-based workshop that focuses on the symbolism and philosophy of the ritual, production of the initiation ceremony and the origins of our fraternity. Developed by Councilors Russell Brown (DS- Houston Baptist ’82) and Bubba Simmons (BT-Mississippi State ’95), nearly 300 brothers have taken part in this unique program and become “Stewards” of the Order, passing an oral exam and receiving a certificate, lapel


Seeking to get an edge on our recruitment efforts on campus, the Order developed a totally new and dynamic recruitment tool in 2008 called “Brasstacks – the Modern Compass for the Modern Gentleman.” The initiative, started by Councilor Darren Kay (AH-Westminster ’88), caters to today’s students and is driven by a manual, website and a unique strategy that targets incoming freshman prior to, or immediately after arriving on campus. If executed properly, Brasstacks is designed to greatly expand a chapter’s recruiting pool of candidates for membership. It’s proving to be an effective and valuable tool with the chapters who are using it seeing a 33 percent increase in new members! Visit Brasstacks online at One of the more historic and far reaching developments of the 2000s was the re-establishment of the Theta Commission at the Citadel, modeled after the successful Beta Commission at the Virginia Military Institute. Working

and operation by creating and adopting the Active Chapter Minimum Expectations in 2004. Targeting five core areas of operations, chapters are expected to improve and excel in Ritual, Academic Performance, Membership Growth, Finance, and Membership Education. These expectations insure that our chapters are continually striving for excellence. Since their implementation, the Order has seen an overall improvement in chapter performance and their ability to achieve chapter goals and win awards.

One of the most vital and far reaching expansions in the educational programming realm came about through the building up and enhancement of our regional province councils in 2006. With more emphasis on training undergraduates, all nine chapter officers are required to attend. As a result, one third of our undergraduate members attend and participate in this training, which covers leadership, risk management, recruitment, The Crusade, Number IV Track, ritual, scholarship, member education, and personal development. Increased exposure to a larger body of undergraduates has improved the overall quality of the KA experience for our undergraduates.

decade of excellence in conjunction with the Beta Gamma Chapter in Charleston, South Carolina, five men who graduated from The Citadel were specially initiated in 2008. Shortly after, the Advisory Council unanimously supported the re-activation of Theta (Second) Commission to be known simply as the Theta Commission. James A.W. Rembert, one of the five special initiates, was named chairman of the Commission. Like the Beta Commission, all initiates are recently graduated alumni from the Citadel and begin their association with KA as alumni. To learn more about the Theta Commission, please contact Director of Chapter Development Jesse Lyons. In 2009, an idea originated from an undergraduate member of the armed forces, Mark Rogers (ΔΑ-Western Carolina ’04), and ultimately flourished into The Military Division of Kappa Alpha Order. Designed to formally recognize brothers who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces, the newly formed division bestows the brother with a certificate and a lapel pin. The pin features the Maltese Cross which features KA’s colors and has eight points which symbolize the chivalric virtues of loyalty, piety, frankness, bravery, honor, contempt of death, helpfulness towards the poor and sick and respect for the church. To join, or recommend a member, log on to our website. On the academic front, a steady increase in scholastic standards has been implemented by the Executive Council, beginning in 2003. Several phases of standards increases have ultimately raised our level of academic achievement. Part of this included the addition of a national Scholarship Officer in 2006, which has been chaired by Greg Singleton (ΓΓMemphis ’82). As a result of these steps, our chapters achieved the highest GPA in history with a 2.868 in 2009. Another outstanding achievement by our undergraduate brothers is the total amount raised for MDA, our national philanthropy. Since 2000, our

The Number I’s Leadership Institute – the Order’s premier leadership training conference

The Mason Internship in D.C. has now served 31 Active brothers

active members have raised a total of $1,734,745! This is an amazing figure that reflects high honor on the commitment our brothers make to MDA each and every year, especially throughout the 2000s. To put this in perspective, consider that our total giving to MDA since 1975 is $2.7 million. This means that for the first 25 years of our partnership with MDA, we raised roughly $1 million. The rest of that $2.7 million total has come in just the last 10 years! Over the course of the 2000s, we also recognized important staff service

KA Journal


Winter 2010

milestones with former Executive Assistant Dina Dudley and Press Operator Walter Lunsford, both at 20 years. We also recognized Executive Director Larry Wiese (ΓΩ-Midwestern State ’87) at 15 years and just recently Director of Educational Programming Brent Fellows (Eθ-Western Kentucky ’98) at 10 years. The 2000s hve also been an extraordinary decade for the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation, without which, little of the above advancements would have been possible. The KAOEF

Other notable accomplishments and milestones of the 2000s The Knight Commander’s Accolade Jewel designed and created, 2000 The first modern website launched to include online reporting, 2002-03 11th Edition of The Varlet completed, 2003 The passing of a new KA law providing for the initiation of fathers, 2003 125th Anniversary of The Kappa Alpha Journal, 2004 The modification and enhancement of the field staff program; became Associate Directors for Chapter Services, 2006 Creation of the William E. Forester Province, 2006 Establishment of the KA Traveler Alumni Travel Program, 2007 Knight Commander’s Medal commissioned, created and given, 2007, 2009 The graves of all four KA founders were marked and distinguished by plaques, 2008 First ever Digital Journal created and launched, 2008 Rededication of the Lexington Triad at 25th Anniversary with historic meeting of the Lexington Triad Fraternities, 2009 The Order initiates its 150,000th member, 2009 Guesthouse completed at Mulberry Hill, 2010 Twelfth edition of The Varlet completed, 2010 Expanded to our 165th campus (Arkansas-Fort Smith), and established our third commission, the second in operation today, 2010


Additionally, the Foundation’s annual Bid-For-Brotherhood auction reached a big milestone this past year: $500,000 in total funds raised from the event since its inception in 1998. One of the most prominent milestones and records of achievement for the Foundation since 2000 is the incredible amount of scholarship funds it has awarded to undergraduates: $1,061,366! This is a tremendous accomplishment made possible by the generosity of our alumni and we take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt gratitude on behalf of all the students who have been helped by these scholarships over the past decade. Without you, this simply would not have been possible. Reflecting back on this decade of excellence, it’s easy to begin pondering what lies ahead. What does the next decade have in store for Kappa Alpha Order? Though undetermined and unwritten, it is not without significant direction, mission and purpose. If the countless seeds of hard work, dedication and excellence being sown now are any indication of what the future holds, then it will indeed be bright, prosperous and successful. But we must also remember that now is not the time to sit back on our laurels. Though we pause at this juncture to celebrate a decade of excellence buttressed by a noble past, the future belongs to the active, the courageous and those who stand on conviction with clarity. The moral compass of the modern gentleman of Kappa Alpha must remain true. And finally, if our roots remain firmly planted in the sacred values and principles that bind us as brothers, then excellence will not only remain our aim, but our ever rising banner of achievement.

Successful alumni have served an invaluable role at our leadership conferences, sharing their experiences and life lessons learned as seen here in Lee Chapel for the Emerging Leaders Academy.

provides the lifeline for these principle achievements. Headlining these was the move to Mulberry Hill in 2004, which was made possible by the Foundation. The KAOEF also celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2007 and capped the celebration with the completion of the largest capital campaign in the Order’s history in 2009. Raising over $11 million, the “Honoring Our Past – Securing Our Future Campaign for Every KA” is creating permanent endowments for many of the leadership and educational opportunities provided to our undergraduates every year.

decade of excellence

decade entertainment KA's best of the in

by Jay Langhammer

KA Journal


Winter 2010

The first decade (2000-2009) of the 21st century has seen the continuing success of musicians, actors, TV hosts, directors, producers and screenwriters, along with some new entertainers currently making their mark. Listed in alphabetical order are brothers who have had major success over the last 10 years:

MOSE ALLISON (AΥ-Mississippi ’45) is now 82 and staying busy as a jazz/ blues pianist and singer. His songs have been covered by The Rolling Stones, The Yardbirds, J.J. Cale, The Who, The Clash, Leon Russell and Elvis Costello. His song “I Don’t Worry About A Thing” is played over the opening credits of 2000 film The Whole Nine Yards. The Blue Note record label released The Mose Chronicles: Live in London, vol. 1 in 2001 and Live in London, vol. 2 in 2002. Allison was inducted into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame in 2006 and recorded a new album/CD, “The Way of the World,” earlier this year.

BILL ENGVALL (Ξ-Southwestern ’76) continues as a major stand-up comic and member of the Blue Collar Comedy group with Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy and Ron White. His first album of the decade was Now That’s Awesome in 2000, along with a re-release of single “Here’s Your Sign Christmas.” Among recent movie and TV work were Blue Collar TV (2004); Blue Collar Comedy Tour: One for the Road (2006), Delta Farce (2007), The Bill Engvall Show (TBS, 2007-09), Bait Shop (2008), Country Fried Planet (2008), Celebrity Family Feud (2008) and Strawberry Wine (2009).

TAYLOR HACKFORD (BΣ-Southern California ’64) has been a leading film director since the early 1980’s. He directed and co-produced the 2000 film Proof of Life starring Meg Ryan and Russell Crowe, then received two Academy Award nominations for the 2004 blockbuster Ray Charles biopic Ray, starring Jamie Fox. In 2005, Hackford was recipient of the Film Society Award for Lifetime Achievement in Directing. He was elected President of the Directors Guild of America on July 25, 2009.


ROB HUEBEL (ΔΟ-Clemson ’88) has had a busy career this past decade as an actor, comedian, writer and producer. He worked as a segment producer on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart for several years and received an Emmy nomination for his work as a producer for Michael Moore’s Bravo series The Awful Truth. Huebel is also known for his sketch comedy work on MTV’s 2007-08 Human Giant series and has also had guest roles on such TV shows as Curb Your Enthusiasm, 30 Rock, The Office and Gary Unmarried. His recent films have included The Love Guru, I Love You, Man, Despicable Me, The Other Guys and Life as We Know It.

BILL LAWRENCE (AΖ-William & Mary ’87) has been the co-creator of major TV comedies Spin City (which ran until 2002) and currently running Cougar Town, in addition to creating Scrubs (2001-2010). He and the Scrubs show received a Writers Guild of America 2003 nomination for episodic comedy; Producers Guild of America 2004 and 2006 nominations for TV Producer of the Year; and Emmy Award 2005-06 nominations for Outstanding Comedy Series.

PAGE McCONNELL (BΛ-Southern Methodist ’83) has been a major rock instrumentalist and songwriter with Phish, beginning in 1985. The band toured extensively, playing to sold-out shows, despite minimal radio airplay. As this decade began, Phish took a hiatus

ZAC BROWN (ZK-West Georgia ’98) is lead vocalist for one of country music’s biggest groups, the Zac Brown Band, which was formed in 2002. Brown and his father opened restaurant/club “Zac’s Place” where the group played on weekends. After the club was sold, they bought a tour bus and hit the road full-time, playing rock and country music clubs. Their first album, Far From Einstyne, was released in 2004, followed by Home Grown a year later. The album The Foundation was originally cut in 2006 and eventually wound up on Atlantic Records, which released it nationwide. The first hit was “Chicken Fried,” which reached #1 on the country

charts in November of 2008, followed by #2 hit “Whatever It Is.” Two more big hits, “Toes” and ”Highway 20 Ride,” reached #1 during 2009 and the Zac Brown Band received four 2009 Country Music Association Award nominations for New Artist of the Year, Song of the Year, Single of the Year and Music Video of the Year. They also received three Grammy nominations for 2009 and won Best New Artist honors. The latest album, “You Get What You Give,” features guest performances by Jimmy Buffett and Alan Jackson.

decade of excellence and played 2000’s last concert in October. McConnell played on the debut album by Tenacious D in 2000 and was a founding member of rock group Vida Blue, which did three CDs and a DVD. Phish resumed playing late in 2002, then held its first summer festival in four years at the end of the 2003 summer tour. In April of 2004, the band broke up again, then released the album Undermind in late spring. McConnell debuted his own solo project at a festival in September of 2006 and released his self-titled debut album in April, 2007. He wrote and sang all nine tracks while playing 10 different instruments. Phish reunited for three shows in March, 2009, and went back into the studio. They released 14th studio album, Joy, in September, 2009 and also began appearing in video games.

MICHAEL NOURI (AΨ-Rollins ’65) has continued in leading film and television acting roles from 2000 to the present. During the decade, his film roles included Finding Forrester (2000), Lovely & Amazing (2001), *61 (2001), The Terminal (2004), Invincible (2006) and The Proposal (2009). His TV work included The O.C. (19 episodes, 2003-07), The Young & the Restless (2004-05), Brothers & Sisters (2007), Damages (17 episodes, 2007-09), NCIS (2008) and All My Children (2010).

CHARLIE ROSE (AΦ-Duke ’61) has hosted a night-time one hour television show for over two decades. His interview show, titled Charlie Rose, began in 1991 and the show has been distributed nationally by PBS since 1993. He was also a correspondent for 60 Minutes II from January of 1999 until the show’s cancellation in September of 2005. Rose

KA Journal


Winter 2010

also was a frequent correspondent on 60 Minutes during the decade.

NED VAUGHN (Φ-BirminghamSouthern ’83) has had a variety of recurring and regular acting roles in television during this decade. His resume includes Commander-in-Chief (7 episodes, 2005), Cane (8 episodes, 2007), 24, Cold Case, The Unit, The Riches, NCIS, Brothers & Sisters, Boston Legal, Mad Men and Desperate Housewives.

MARK WALBERG (ΔT-Francis Marion ’81) is best known as host of the Antiques Roadshow on PBS the last six years. The show received Emmy Award nominations in 2006-07 for Outstanding Reality Show. Additional shows hosted by Walberg include The Moment of Truth (on Fox), Russian Roulette, Make Me a Millionaire, Joe Millionaire, Friend or Foe, House Rules and On the Cover.

Alumni News Fun and games KA friendship leads to business partnership by Wendy Lovell

Clay Hilbert (Τ-Wake Forest ’93) and Joe Parrish (Τ-Wake Forest ’92) are more than Kappa Alpha brothers and college friends. Despite living more than 200 miles away and working in different professions, the two are business partners, specializing in fun and games. On a long car ride to a friend’s bachelor party seven years ago, the pair came up with a business idea, blending Hilbert’s financial knowledge and Parrish’s creativity. “During the ride, we reminisced about how our friendship was largely formed over a variety of home-grown competitions in the KA lodge,” said Hilbert, who is a senior vice president and head of business development for Davenport & Company LLC in Richmond, Virginia. “The more we remembered, the more we laughed, and the more certain we became about reuniting to form a company around our passion for fun, competition and play.” The concept became a reality over once-a-week meetings squeezed in between work and family. A year later, they finalized their business philosophy: everything they do must be TUBS (Totally, Unexpected, Brilliantly Simple) and their company, 5mississippi, was up and running.

the product can be found seasonally on WalMart and Target shelves. Since then, they have grown in their fields—Parrish is a partner at a WinstonSalem, North Carolina advertising agency—and so has 5mississippi. For the past two years, the KA brothers have built their own brand, tackling everything from manufacturing to sales, around Hookum, a product they view as having the best chance for long-term success. Hilbert and Parrish’s table-top game is based on the Bimini ring game played in the Caribbean, in which the player swings a ring suspended from a beam onto a hook. Hookum stands about two feet high and two feet across, allowing up to four people to test their skill on what appears to be an easy game that can be maddeningly difficult. “Hookum is unique in that it allows an 87-year-old grandmother to compete with her 7-year-old grandson,” said Parrish. “It’s a game that almost anyone can enjoy, and it can bring any gathering to life with action-packed, head-to-head battles


or group competitions. Best of all, it is ready for play out of the box—no parts, no assembly, no batteries required.” Since Hookum was introduced in January 2010, it has attracted the attention of Radar Online, which called it the “the breakout game of the decade,” and it was named one of the daily Top 5 toys by ToyDirectory at the International Toy Fair in New York. Hookum also can be found in Dillard’s department stores and in the Hammacher Schlemmer catalog. “If sales in the first six months are any indication, this game might just be the ticket for us to realize our goals, a path unknowingly set in motion back in a Kappa Alpha lodge more than 15 years ago,” said Hilbert. Hilbert and Parrish invite the Kappa Alpha family to receive a 30 percent discount on Hookum with free shipping. Go to, click Buy Now, and simply enter 30OFFCOUPON in the coupon code.

The company’s first success occurred in 2004 when they licensed the pool toy Submergency to Swimways, one of the nation’s largest pool toy manufacturers. Equipped with a timer and a beeper, Submergency is a ball that can be set to sink, float or hover in the middle of the pool. A spinoff of

Parrish (L) and Hilbert enjoy a game of Hookum, their breakthrough game now making huge waves in the game industry.

Alumni News

Former Tennessee Governor honored Winfield Dunn (AU-Mississippi ‘48) was recently honored by The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee with their Annual Joe Kraft Humanitarian Award for his leadership and dedication to the wellbeing of the community. “This recognition is undeserved and unearned, but certainly pleasing. I am fortunate to live in a great community where doing for others is engrained and for that I am eternally grateful,” says Dunn. Dunn became the 43rd Governor of Tennessee in 1970, and the first Republican governor in 50 years. The World War II Navy veteran, largely a political unknown before announcing his candidacy, worked during his four years as governor to overcome partisanship and advance the state through creation of public parks; publicly funded, statewide kindergarten; and properly maintained safe highways. Dunn’s leadership resulted in the creation of the Department of Economic and Community Development and the Tennessee Housing Development Agency.

In 1975, prevented by the state constitution from seeking a second term, Dunn joined the board of directors and executive department of Hospital Corporation of America. Serving on numerous corporate boards and Presidential Commissions over the years, including chairman of the Federation of American Hospitals and presidential appointment to the National Committee on Highway Safety, Dunn has also served the community through several civic and charitable organizations. He has been active with the Nashville Chamber of Commerce, Nashville Heart Association and Character Counts! Nashville, among many others, and continues to serve on the board of the YMCA Foundation. When asked how his KA experience shaped his future life as a citizen politician, Dunn says "My KA experience had a fundamental impact on my interest in helping others and coupled with my upbringing, gave me the urge when the opportunity was afforded me, to live a

Betty and Winfield Dunn (courtesy of The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee)

KA Journal


Winter 2010

public life. Still today, I am proud of what the Order continues to do for young men.” The Joe Kraft Humanitarian Award was created to perpetuate the memory of a remarkable person who contributed to the Middle Tennessee community with strength of character and unwavering integrity. Annually, The Community Foundation recognizes local leaders who share Kraft’s same philanthropic passion and commitment to making life better for others with the award, which includes the opportunity to recommend a grant from the Joe Kraft Humanitarian Award Fund be distributed to charities in which he or she believes. Because of Dunn’s dedication, like Joe Kraft, to improving the quality of life for Middle Tennesseans through hard work, dedication to service and strong faith in the human spirit, The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee has named him the 17th Annual Joe Kraft Humanitarian Award recipient.

Alumni News

Leading the way KA becomes President of Millsaps College by Wendy Lovell

Since its founding in 1865, the Kappa Alpha Order has produced many leaders. Brothers have served with distinction in the military; have led some of the largest businesses in America; have entertained on the stage, the screen and on television; and have competed in professional sports. KAs also have served presidents and in Congress and as governors; in high levels in churches and as college presidents. Robert W. Pearigen (ΑΑ – Univ. of the South ’73) joined the ranks of KAs at the helm of some of the nation’s colleges and universities when he became Millsaps College’s 11th president on July 1. The liberal arts college in the heart of Jackson, Miss., is associated with the United Methodist Church and has students from 27 states and 24 countries. It offers 34 majors, 40 minors, and a master of business administration and master of accountancy through the Else School of Management. Dan Bowling (ΑΜ – Millsaps ’74) is an attorney on the faculties of Duke Law School and the University of Pennsylvania. He was on the selection committee that chose Pearigen as Millsaps new president.

Upon his appointment, Pearigen said it was a distinct privilege to become part of the Millsaps community.

Pearigen is no stranger to liberal arts institutions. An expert in Constitutional law, he’s a 1976 Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Sewanee and earned his master’s and doctoral degrees in political science at Duke University. Following academic appointments at Virginia Tech and Hillsdale College, he returned to Sewanee in 1987 as dean of students and a member of the political science department, rising from assistant professor to vice president. As Sewanee’s dean, Pearigen reorganized and oversaw the student affairs division, served on various university committees, played a leading


role in the design and construction of several buildings on campus, and was a leader in the campus fraternity and sorority restoration project. “Millsaps has a strong fraternity and sorority program, and I'm pleased that the legacy of the KA chapter is one of academic achievement, leadership, and community service. I look forward to working with our students, staff and alumni to enhance an already meaningful Greek system," he says. In his role as vice president for university relations, Pearigen served as the university’s chief development officer and led its $180 million capital campaign, which met and exceeded its goal by $26 million. His experience will serve Millsaps well as it has just concluded a $160 million capital campaign and is now working on its next strategic plan. Pearigen’s wife, Phoebe, is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of BirminghamSouthern College and Southern Methodist University, where she received her master’s of fine arts degree. They have two children, Carolyn and Wesley.

“Rob was well and favorably known to several us through his work at Sewanee, but once he got in front of the search committee—a diverse and incredible bunch of people—it became clear he was the perfect choice for Millsaps,” said Bowling. “He combines humility with deep intellectual heft and gravitas, humor and warmth, and those combinations don’t always come in the same package. He also has a tremendous sense of honor and fairness, and although he doesn’t wear it on his sleeve, knowing he represents all Greek organizations at Millsaps, he is the perfect embodiment of a Kappa Alpha.”

“Millsaps has a history of bold and courageous leadership in higher education, and today it is known as an exemplar of liberal arts as preparation for life,” he said. “Millsaps makes a difference in the lives of students who grow to become critical thinkers and leaders throughout the country. The college’s stellar academic environment, provided by nationally acclaimed faculty and outstanding support staff, combines with the gifts of its students to create an ideal liberal arts college experience.”

Alumni News

Global Family KA Finds New Direction in Kenya by Wendy Lovell

A.B. Puckett’s grandmother insisted that his family gather once a year, a big feat considering his father is one of five children whose families are scattered across the country. Before she passed away, she suggested those annual gatherings include an element of service. The Puckett family trip to Kenya in 2005 was the first of such gatherings and a tribute to the family matriarch. For Puckett (Ι-Furman ’00) it was a trip that changed his life. “Twenty members of my family went to Kenya for two weeks,” said Puckett, a financial advisor with Edward Jones at the time. “You hear a lot about poverty, but it doesn’t sink in until you experience it firsthand—when you see it and smell it. These people are so full of life despite how little they have.” In the next year, Puckett made a few trips back to Kenya. Inspired by a couple who took in homeless children in their village, he decided to help on a full-time basis by founding Global Connections, a non-profit organization that arranges trips to serve and learn from the world’s most marginalized people. Since 2007, Global Connections has led more than 150 people on trips, giving them the opportunity to explore the beauty of Kenya as well as its poverty, and placing them in positions to help others during their stay. Puckett has assembled a small staff that’s making a big difference in the areas they serve. In addition to leading trips to Kenya, Global Connections supports the Limuru Children’s Centres, which provide food, basic education, health care and housing for children on the outskirts of Nairobi. The organization also is working to provide clean drinking water and food relief for Kenya’s most impoverished. Now that Global Connections has developed a solid staff, Puckett has scaled back his day-to-day work with the

Puckett with children who live at the Limuru Children's Centre, an orphanage about one hour north of Nairobi, Kenya.

organization. He spends part of his time with the Columbus Brick Company, his family’s business. As president of Global Connections, he continues to provide the big picture oversight for the nonprofit and build relationships with other organizations that serve the poor. Puckett also has spent time in Haiti exploring relief agencies, and he returned days after the earthquake in January. He found the devastation indescribable, and he said Americans can be more helpful with their donations rather than their time. “I was really blown away by how bad it is in Haiti,” said Puckett. “But, just because there’s a need doesn’t mean there’s an application for you to serve. Right now Haiti needs volunteers with special skills—city planners, construction workers and medical specialists.” He’s learned through founding and leading Global Connections that helping

KA Journal


Winter 2010

others in such impoverished areas isn’t always easy. The knowledge he and his staff have acquired in a few short years provides a good outlet for those unfamiliar with Kenya to help. Puckett’s learned that cultural differences can be a challenge in helping the impoverished in other countries, and he’s also discovered how to select the right people and other agencies to partner with in advancing Global Connections’ work. “I was never interested in working for a non-profit agency, but my initial trip to Kenya changed my life and my world view,” he said. “I’ve been fortunate to have a strong family. My experience at KA gave me another family, as well as my family at Edward Jones. The people associated with Global Connections have become my family, too, and it’s been enriching to see the world from another perspective and to befriend people from other cultures.”

Alumni News

KA Brother Brings Man’s Two Best Friends Together by Rick Moore

Left: Bark4Beer retractable dog collar bottle opener in action; right: Bark4Beer co-founder John Hornbeak selling his dog collars at the San Diego International Beer Festival.

Man’s proverbial best friend, as we all know, is his dog. And some guys’ best friend, for better or worse, is their beer. Now a KA brother has found a way to capitalize on an unlikely relationship that he realized those two can have with one another. John Hornbeak, (AΠ-Stanford ’00), is the co-founder of a company called Bark4Beer, whose product is a dog collar with a retractable bottle opener on it. So when a gentleman needs a beer, all he has to do is call Fido, and he doesn’t have to leave the comfort of the chair from which he’s watching the football game, catching some rays, or whatever.

The collar itself is made from a highstrength nylon that Hornbeak said will hold up under repeated use, although it’s hard to say how many people will actually use it a lot compared to the number that will simply buy it as a novelty or gag gift. The sale price online is $19.95, with a $5.00 fee for shipping.

Hornbeak graduated from Stanford in 2003 with a B.S. in management science and engineering, and then graduated from the MBA program at Oxford in the United Kingdom. He said that he had to write a business plan for his MBA thesis, and that he used the Bark4Beer model, which was soundly trashed.

Hornbeak said that, without having been a KA brother, he may not have had the drive and savvy to bring his business idea to life. “Being in KA instilled in me the dedication to work for a goal I really believed in,” he said. “I’ve worked really hard at this, and I know that’s part of who I am because of the people I was around, the examples and mentors I had to observe and follow.”

“My advisor at Oxford, to coin a British term, said the idea was ‘rubbish,’ and that ‘I’d never sell one.’ I actually took second place in the business plan competition, which seems kind of ridiculous,” he said, laughing.


For more information, go to

“Some other guys and I were joking about the idea one day, you know, the way people talk about all kinds of things that never actually get done,” Hornbeak said. “So we (he and an unnamed partner) spent about a year and a half developing it.”

“We actually started this in November of ’09, just before ‘Black Friday,’ and we sold over 1,000 units the first month,” he said. “So we figure this year we’ll do well at Christmas again.” Hornbeak said he didn’t have sales figures readily available, but he has sold “in the thousands” overall.

Alumni News Alumni Updates: Auburn University William D. Melton ‘62 – who has practiced law in Evergreen, Alabama for over 40 years, has been named president of The University of Alabama School of Law’s Law School Foundation for the 2010-12 term. The foundation provides stewardship over philanthropy and provides advice to the dean of the law school on policy matters facing legal education and the legal profession. Melton has accrued a long and distinguished record of leadership positions at The University of Alabama School of Law. He served on the steering committee for the law school’s “Campaign for Alabama” in 1992, as chairman of the law school’s Farrah Law Alumni Society from 1994-96, and most recently as vice president of the Law School Foundation from 2008-10. In 1995, Melton earned the law school’s Alumni Service and Leadership Award; and in 2007, he was honored with the Sam W. Pipes Distinguished Alumnus Award, the law school’s highest distinction for an alumnus.

Delta State University Rex Turner, Jr. ’69 – is a University of Georgia ANR (Agricultural and Natural Resources) agent in Terrell County, Georgia, filling a position that once would have been referred to as “county agent,” with responsibilities that these days include parts of Homeland Security, water rights leases and more.

Florida Southern College Ryan Young ’99 – was recently named assistant Director of Student Development & Campus Activities for Pace University's Pleasantville, New York campus.

Indiana State University Sean Buck ’99 – is currently employed with the Merrillville, Indiana police department as a First Class Patrolman, Field Training Officer, and Instructor. He and wife Jillian are expecting their first child on April 15, 2011.

Middle Tennessee State University Eric Stokes ’00 - and his wife, Erica, are celebrating the birth of their first child, William Jackson Stokes. Stokes is a financial advisor with Morgan Stanley Smith Barney in the greater Nashville area.

Beta Epsilon Cannon Restored The cannon located on the front lawn of the KAstle, Beta Epsilon’s chapter house at the University of Delaware, dates back to 1966. Having fallen into disrepair since its only restoration around 1980, brother Temple Carter took on the challenge of rebuilding it from the ground up. He began in November of 2009 and completed it in April 2010. After countless hours of hard work, the cannon was restored and returned home where it was enthusiastically received by the brothers of Beta Epsilon. To learn more about the painstaking restoration process, please contact brother Carter at

KA Trio Excels in Commercial Brokerage Thomas Melody (O-Clemson ’80), younger brother Michael Melody (O-Clemson ’82), and old college buddy Thomas Fish (O-Clemson ’82), have found themselves in high demand as major producers in the commercial property brokerage business, even in lean times. So much in demand that all three were recently hired away from their positions at CB Richard Ellis Group Inc., one of the world’s largest commercial real estate services firms, by rival company Jones Lang LaSalle Inc., a commercial property broker that earned more than $200 million in 2009 selling real estate and arranging financing for major real estate transactions. The three KA brothers grew up in Houston, and attended the University of Texas at Austin, where they were all active in KA as members of Omicron Chapter. The trio will be in charge of Jones Lang LaSalle Inc.’s real estate banking business and assume executive leadership roles within the company.

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KA Journal


Winter 2010

Alumni News

Top Trojan golfers honored Beta Sigma Alums inducted into Southern California Golf Association (SCGA) Hall of Fame by Bob Tarlton

Golf legends Al Geiberger (ΒΣ-Southern California ’58) and Dave Stockton (ΒΣSouthern California ’61) were inducted into the SCGA Hall of Fame on October 19, 2010. The duo, along with SCGA and The Los Angeles Country Club founder Joseph Sartori, were honored as some of the region’s most significant names in golf. Sartori was inducted posthumously, while Geiberger and Stockton, along with fellow KA brothers, friends and family, were present at the ceremony held at the Universal Sheraton Hotel. The SCGA Hall of Fame was begun in 2007 to recognize and honor those people who have shaped the game of golf in Southern California. Geiberger, 73, of Palm Desert, is known as “Mr. 59” for being the first player to shoot that score during a PGA Tour-sanctioned event. His amateur career, however, foreshadowed what his professional success would eventually be. Geiberger is a two-time winner of the SCGA Amateur Championship (1956 and 1959), both of which he captured as a player on University of Southern California's golf team. He turned pro soon after graduation, after winning 11 straight championships as an amateur, and would go on to win 11 times on the PGA Tour, including the 1966 PGA Championship. He was also a member of the 1967 and 1975 Ryder Cup teams.

It was during the second round of the 1977 Danny Thomas Memphis Classic at Colonial Country Club, however, that he

would do what had yet to be done: collect six pars, 11 birdies and one eagle to shoot a 13-under-par 59. As coincidence might have it, Stockton was keeping his score that day. “Dave and I are opposites, but we’re also a pair,” Geiberger said with a laugh. “Being inducted into this Hall of Fame is an honor, and brings back some great memories. It’s perfect,” he said. Stockton, 68, born and raised in Southern California and currently residing in Redlands, is the son of a golf pro— having grown up on the course, he was groomed for a career in the game. He followed Geiberger on the USC golf team, winning the Pacific-8 Championship like his father and turning professional in 1964. It began a whirlwind PGA Tour career of 10 wins, beginning in 1967 with the Colonial National Invitation and three years later, his first of two PGA Championships (1970 and 1976). He played on two Ryder Cup teams—1971 and 1977—and was the captain of the 1991 U.S. squad. The same year Stockton guided the U.S. Ryder Cup team to victory at Kiawah Island, he joined the Champions Tour and would go on to win 14 times, including three senior majors: the 1992 and 1994 Senior Players Championships, and the


1996 U.S. Senior Open. During his career, Stockton never lost sight of the importance of interacting with golfers of all skill levels, and has been known since the 1970s as the “King of Corporate Outings” thanks to participating in dozens of corporate and motivational days per year. Stockton’s putting prowess has created a successful and in-demand business of corporate outings, instructional videos and motivational speaking, but has equally helped him emerge as golf’s short-game guru. Among other players, Stockton has worked as Phil Mickelson’s putting coach, credited in part to snapping Mickelson’s two-year putting slump in 2009 to help him win the Tour Championship. “This is really special and it’s made me introspective into what my career has really been about,” Stockton said. “The memories of friends and family are wonderful…the special part is being inducted with Al.” The collection of memorabilia on display at the induction ceremony included three replica Wanamaker trophies, Stockton’s Ryder Cup souvenirs and Geiberger’s “59” golf clubs.

After health issues sidelined Geiberger in 1978, he returned to the PGA Tour in 1982 and was awarded the Golf Writers Association of America’s Ben Hogan Award for remaining active in golf despite a physical handicap. He would later win another 10 times while on the Champions Tour, finishing his career with 29 professional victories.

Beta Sigma (Southern California) brothers (from L to R), Mike Donohew (’56), Bob Tarlton (’55), Dave Stockton (’61), Al Geiberger (’58), Joe Jares (’56) and Bob Foote (’58).

Alumni News Missouri State University

Purdue University

West Virginia University

Dustin Mahurin ’06 – is now graduated with a degree in religious studies and living in Indiana, and is working his way towards his goal of attending law school.

Joshua Michael ’07 – is working in a protection and controls engineering position with American Electric Power in Abilene, Texas.

Scott Gadd ’06 – has gone on after graduation to work as a compliance analyst with Manhattan Insurance Group in the Houston, Texas area.

Presbyterian College

University of Arkansas Monticello

Western Carolina University

John Franklin Thames ‘55 – has retired after 50 years of teaching at Manning High School in Manning, South Carolina, where he was the boys’ baseball coach for 14 years and the football coach for 36 years. He continues to coach girls’ basketball, as he has for 43 years.

William C. Watson ’91 – is a professional pilot in Savannah, Georgia, where he lives with his wife and four children (and he says two are future KAs).

University of North Carolina Wilmington Brian Marshall Johnson ‘01 - has accepted a Senior Tax Advisor position with the American Petroleum Institute, representing over 400 oil and gas companies in Washington, D.C., following a three-year stint as an energy lobbyist for a non-profit entity in the nation's capitol.

University of Southern California Robert F. Padgett ’66 – has been named to USC’s Board of Trustees. A retired emergency room physician, Padgett served as president of the USC Alumni Association Board of Governors for 200910, and has a long and honored history as a physician and humanitarian.

Job opportunity at Drury University KA Fraternity House Director (Full-time) Oversees entire fraternity residence hall and coordinates activities with the Director of Greek Life & Student Involvement. Must maintain permanent residence in the fraternity house. Housing included as part of the compensation package. Other benefits include health, dental, life, and long term disability insurance, retirement plan, tax savings plan, and tuition remission for employees and dependents. To apply, send letter and resume or apply in person at Drury University, Human Resources, 900 N. Benton Ave., Burnham Hall – Room 107, Springfield, MO 65802 or apply on line at EOE/AA

University of Southern Mississippi Carland Holstead ’03 – is staying busy pursuing his MS in marine resources management at Texas A&M University, while working for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and conducting research for a professor on issues of flood management and debris management.

University of Tulsa Phillip Sheehan ’01 – along with two other TU alumni, formed Expert Message Group, a firm that provides publishing, branding, message refinement and bureau representation to authors and speakers. For more information, go to

Virginia Military Institute Robert Lee Allen ’10 – is an Ensign with the Unites States Navy, serving aboard the USS Higgins DDG76. Based in San Diego, Ensign Allen is an Electronic Warfare Officer, in charge of the division on board the ship that oversees electronic warfare.

KA Journal


Winter 2010

David L. Evans, Jr. ‘64 - was recognized this summer by the South Carolina Association of School Psychologists with one its highest honors, the Outstanding Contributions to the Field of School Psychology Award. Evans, a charter member of Delta Alpha Chapter, was honored for his significant work in establishing a new license for the field of School Psychology: the Licensed PsychoEducational Specialist (LPES). It is the only one like it in the Unites States and it accurately reflects the private practice of specialist level school psychologists. Nick Taylor ’65 – was the recipient of a WCU English Department Distinguished Alumni Award during homecoming weekend in Cullowhee, North Carolina, in recognition of his stellar career as an author. Some of Taylor’s works include In Hitler’s Shadow, John Glenn: A Memoir, and his latest book, American Made: The Enduring Legacy of the WPA.

Wofford College Joe Owens ’56 – recently reunited with Delta brothers Irvin Butler ‘57, Bob Penny ‘55, and Davis Green ’56 to commemorate the summer of ’57 when they hitchhiked to Wyoming and worked together in Yellowstone National Park.



Dear brothers and friends, Having just completed an outstanding 2009-2010 fiscal year on June 30, we have a lot to celebrate. Our successes can be measured both in the classroom and in the active chapters. The mission of the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation (KAOEF), “to raise funds for the benefit of the Order,” is a simple statement yet it profoundly affects our Order each year. KA’s founders more than 145 years ago had the vision that KA should provide a path for life for each young man who enters into our chapters and into the august mysteries of our brotherhood. After having gone through an outstanding decade of success to begin the twenty first century, KA now looks to its future with this same vision in mind. Over the past ten years, Kappa Alpha Order has transformed itself into one of the leading fraternities in the country. We have achieved this recognition based on the level of leadership education and values-based training that we offer to our undergraduate brothers, as well as our renewed focus on academics. These programs and opportunities for our undergraduates are the result of the outstanding efforts of our Kappa Alpha Order staff and volunteers, and the generosity of our alumni and friends. In ten short years, the KAOEF has grown from $6 million to $10 million in net assets. Over the years, thousands of our undergraduate’s lives have been touched by the KA experience, but by far, more have felt our involvement over the past decade. The KAOEF, because of your generosity, has had a direct impact. Kappa Alpha Order and KAOEF have many accomplishments to be proud of from the 2009-2010 year. First, our active chapters posted a high 2.85 overall Spring GPA. The foundation awarded 91 scholarships totaling $113,475 to assist recipients with their educational pursuits. The Board of Trustees again granted $150,000 in educational and leadership training support to Kappa Alpha that assisted in: (1) educating 126 chapter presidents at the Number I’s

KA Journal


Winter 2010

Leadership Institute (NLI); (2) training 2,000 undergraduate men at our enhanced Province Councils; (3) assisting (113) rising chapter leaders at the Emerging Leaders Academy, and (4) providing programming to 43 Crusade Commanders at The RoundTable. Additionally, five interns experienced an eight-week summer internship in Washington, D.C. for the sixth year in a row as part of the E. Fleming Mason Memorial Internship program. All of these wonderful leadership and educational opportunities were provided to the men of KA at little or no cost thanks to donations from alumni and friends and we can’t say thank you enough! The Honoring Our Past – Securing Our Future: the Campaign for Every KA which concluded on July 3, 2009 sought to create permanent endowments for many of the leadership and educational opportunities provided to our undergraduates like NLI, enhanced Province Councils, The Crusade, and the Washington internship program. The campaign increased our scholarship endowment by over $1 million and we exceeded our $10 million goal by an additional $1 million. This campaign truly honored KA’s past and ultimately will secure its future for the next 100 years. As a supporter of the KAOEF, you share in the reward of ensuring that future generations of young men will enjoy the same wonderful experiences and lifelong friendships that remain at the forefront of the KA experience. Again, thank you so much for your continued generosity and I hope you enjoy this 2009-2010 Annual Report. Fraternally yours,

Rock N. Houstoun (Ξ – Southwestern ’70) Chairman and President Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation

























LIFE TRUSTEES: Timothy K. Adams (E - Emory ’57) Tim is a partner with Attorney Jones, Cork, & Miller, LLP and lives in Macon, Ga. with his wife Julie. Frank L. Asbury III (E - Emory ’44) Frank is the retired Senior Vice President of Alexander & Alexander and lives in Atlanta, Ga. with his wife Betty. James L. Bowers (BW - Washington ’57) Jim is the Retired Executive Vice President of the Scripps Memorial Hospitals and is currently a Consultant for Philanthropy. He lives in La Jolla, Calif. Loren Q. Hanson (AK - Missouri ’50) Loren is a senior partner with Shannon, Gracey, Ratliff & Miller, L.L.P. and a former KC. He and his wife Beverly live in Fort Worth, Tx.

Properties GMAC Real Estate and is a former Knight Commander. He lives in Columbia, Mo. and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with his wife Sally.

Idris R. Traylor, Jr. (GC – Texas Tech ’70) Idris is a retired university Vice President and former Knight Commander. He lives in Lubbock, Tx.


Vernon W. Piper (BQ - Washington ’33)•

Larry Stanton Wiese (GW - Midwestern ’87) Larry is the Executive Director of Kappa Alpha Order and KAOEF. He lives in Lexington, Va.

John W. Nowell (T - Wake Forest ’37)•


James H. Sammons, MD (A - Washington & Lee ’46)• CHAIRMAN AND PRESIDENT Rock N. Houstoun (X - Southwestern ’70) Rock is the CEO of Insurance Alliance. He and his wife Tricia live in Houston, Tx. VICE PRESIDENT J. Coleman McDowell, Jr. (GC – Texas Tech ’78) Cole is President of Five Star Development Co., Inc. He lives in Flower Mound, Tx. TREASURER James R. Estes (AK - Missouri ’60) Jim is the President of Gaslight

J. Michael Duncan (DK – Stephen F. Austin ’69) Mike is a retired Senior Special Agent with the ATF. He and his wife Donna live in Arlington, Tx. TRUSTEES: George Patterson “Pat” Apperson (AA - Sewanee ’80) Pat is the owner of Apperson Management LLC, a soft commodities company. Pat lives in Greenville, S.C. Barry B. Donnell (BL – Southern Methodist ’58) Barry is the Chairman and co-founder of Cavalier Homes, Inc. He lives in


Wichita Falls, Tx. with his wife Johnelle. William E. Dreyer (AD– William Jewell ’57) Bill is the retired Senior Executive Vice President, SBC Communications Inc. and currently serves as Senior Councilor for Kappa Alpha Order. He lives in San Antonio, Tx. with his wife Linda. Gordon “Stumpy” Harris (BZ - Florida ’57) Gordon is an attorney with Harris, Harris, Bauerle, and Sharma. He and his wife Dorothy live in Orlando, Fla. Eugene M. “Gene” Julian (BE - Delaware ’63) Gene is the retired President of Eastern States Development Company. He lives in Wilmington, Del. with his wife Donna. Michael V. Paulin (BS – Southern California ’60) Mike is the President and CEO of Aqua Resorts & Hotels. He lives in Honolulu, Hawaii with his wife Aida. Todd D. Reaves (N - Auburn ’89) Todd is the President of Omega Financial Inc. He lives in Columbus, Ga. with his wife Storey.

Larry F. Robb (GL – North Texas ’63) Larry is a retired stock broker with Solomon Smith Barney. He lives in Wichita Falls, Tx. with his wife Gretta. Gerald W. “Jerry” Schlief (DK - Stephen F. Austin ’66) Jerry is co-founder and Senior Vice President of ATP Oil Company. He lives in Houston, Tx. with his wife Candy. J. William “Bill” Schulz (AK - Missouri ’60) Bill is the president of CNS Enterprises. He lives in Columbia, Mo. with his wife Jolene. William H. Skipper (DT - Francis Marion ’80) William is president and CEO of American Business Development Group. David M. Warren (T - Wake Forest ’78) Dink is a partner with Poyner & Spruill LLP and is a former Knight Commander. He lives in Raleigh, N.C. Richard B. Wilson, Jr. (AU - Mississippi ’58) Dick is a retired lawyer. He lives in Jackson, Miss. with his wife Lester.

Thomas G. Paulson II (AX - California-Berkeley ’49) Tom is a former Knight Commander and President of Paulson Investments. He lives in Orinda, Calif. with his wife Pat.

Jack R. Taylor (AK - Missouri ’50) Jack is a retired consultant and former Knight Commander. He lives in Columbia, Mo. with his wife Ann.

Dear brothers and friends, As a supporter of Kappa Alpha Order, you should take great pride in knowing that the 1865 Trust continues to grow in a way that I was convinced it would. For the second year in a row, the Trust received over $1.4 million in new estate gift pledges from alumni, and was recognized as the best planned giving society in the fraternal world by the North American Interfraternity Conference Foundation. In my years as Chairman of the 1865 Trust, I cannot remember a more exciting time; or a time when I have been more proud of our many accomplishments. As you may or may not know, the 1865 Trust recognizes the generosity and foresight of those who choose to embrace the vision of KA’s future by making a meaningful planned gift to the KAOEF. Their entrance into the ranks of the 1865 Trust bears powerful testimony to the charitable expressions of their values, ideals, and commitment to Kappa Alpha Order’s future. Membership in the 1865 Trust recognizes those who have made provisions for a planned gift of $10,000 or more to the KAOEF. Most of our alumni in the 1865 Trust will fulfill their gift through one of the most common, and perhaps easiest, ways of making a planned gift, by naming the KAOEF in their wills or as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or an IRA. As the 1865 Trust grows in membership, I feel that it becomes ever more important that our members are recognized for making Kappa Alpha Order their lifelong commitment. Therefore, all 1865 Trust members will be recognized in KA publications, and recognized at KA events such as Province Councils, Courts of Honor, and the 2011 Convention in Phoenix, Arizona. Of course, if you would like to request anonymity for your commitment, please let us know.

KA Journal


Winter 2010

In closing, I would be delighted if you would consider the 1865 Trust. I cannot emphasize more strongly how important it is that we are all committed. If you have any questions about the 1865 Trust, or if you wish to join the ranks of 138 other KA brothers who have already become members, please contact Erik Showalter, Director of Development, at the National Administrative Office, either by phone, (540) 463-1865, or by e-mail, Thank you for your continued support of the Order, and for making Kappa Alpha Order a lifelong commitment. My regards and very best wishes. Fraternally yours,

Idris R. Traylor, Jr. Former Knight Commander/ Chairman 1865 Trust

Col. William H. Hastings, USA (Ret.), B ’39* Mr. Gilbert I. Hayes, BH, ’68 Mr. Hugh Howard III, BH, ’48* Mr. Rock N. Houstoun, X, ’70 Mr. Harold J. Hudson, AK ’42 Mr. John R. Hutchings IV, Q ’77 Mr. Leland I. Hyer, DQ ’93 Mr. Perry S. Ivey, Jr., DR ’82 Mr. Kenneth W. Jackson, DT ’81 Mr. Darren S. Kay, AH ’88 Mr. Robert D. Kelly, DP ’73 Mr. Paul H. Kuhn, Jr., C ’62 Mr. Paul W. Lammers, EA ’80 Mr. Edward W. Lansing, AN ’43 Edward P. Leslie, BX ’32* Mr. Allen Payne Long, E ’55 Mr. Jeffrey W. Love, ER ’86 Mr. Todd P. Lowe, EQ ’79 SGM. E. Kent McMichael, B ’95 Mr. Frank W. Maresh, O ’58 Mr. Richard H. Marks, F ’88 Mr. John C. Martin, DW ’82 Mr. Michael C. Matthews, EH ’78 Mr. Michael D. McCaslin, AQ ’70* Mr. J. Coleman McDowell, GC ’78 Mr. Michael W. McDowell, GS ’90 Mr. J. Devin McClendon, DL ’94 Mr. Michael P. McManus, BS ’89 Mr. L. Jay Mehaffey, DQ ’82 Mr. John R. Milam, DL ’72 Mr. Kenneth R. Mitchell, AX ’32* Mr. Ronald R. Morgan, EI ’79 Mr. Ty G. Morgan, GB ’91 Mr. Frederick L. Munds, Jr., U ’48 Mr. David R. Murphey III A ’51 Mr. Bret R. Neathery, BI ’84 Mr. Michael K. Nikkel, GT ’78 Mr. John F. Ory, GU ’90 Mr. Julian A. Pardini, AX ’ 52* Mr. Robert A. Pugh, DL ’75 Mr. Michael V. Paulin, BS ’60 Mr. Thomas G. Paulson II, AX ’49 Mr. William T. Pegues III, AG ’32* Mr. Vernon W. Piper, BQ ’33* CPT Ronald C. Plunkett, Q ’09 Mr. Rufus C. Porter, BL ’38* Mr. Morris W. Pully, U ’45 Mr. Philip C. Rand, G ’68 Dr. Edwin P. Rather, P ’60

• deceased, bold denotes gift received


Mr. J. Guy Revelle, Jr., T ’52* Mr. Frank H. Robinson Jr. Z ’51 Mr. Louis W. Romigh, AD ’28* Mr. Edgar B. Rouse, Jr., BK ’ 37* Mr. Philip D. Rowe, Jr., C ’46* Mr. Ben W. Satcher, Jr., DO ’79 Mr. J. William Schulz, AK ’60 Mr. C. Edward Schmidt, Jr., BA ’62 Mr. Marc A. Scott GU ’84 Mr.Gary T. Scott, X ’63 Mr. Frank P. Sebastian, O ’44 Mr. Rufus W. Shivers, AE ’42* Mr. Gregory R. Singleton, GG ’82 Mr. David W. Smith, ZK ’96 Mr. Gregory B. Smith, EL ’85 Mr. Paul E. Snodgress, AE ’43* Mr. Nathaniel J. Spears, DU ’01 Mr. W. Reed Sprinkel, BS ’41 Col. William E. Steger, AI ’38 Mr. Robert T. Steinkamp, AD ’64 Mr. F. M. Stevenson, BX ’30* Mr. Thaddeus A. Stubbs AH ’96 Mr. Jack R. Taylor, AK ’50 Mr. Henry G. Tiller, Jr., AB ’47* Mrs. Virginia N. Toombs* Dr. Idris R. Traylor, Jr., GC Mr. Carl Trauernicht Jr. Mr. John E. Trotter, GU ’88 Mr. Robert M. Varn, C ’57* Mr. Chad E. Wagoner, DP ’93 Mr. Frank A. Walker Jr, C ’48 Mr. David M. Warren, T ’78 Mr. R. Gordon Watkins, DK ’73 Mr. Dan Webb, DL ’72 Dr. William A. Weinrich, M ’51 Mr. Roy H. Whipp, AR ’68 Mr. Larry S. Wiese, GW ’87 Mr. Warren E. Wilcox, Jr., A ’54 Mr. Richard B. Wilson, Jr., AU ’58 Mr. John T. Woodruff, BI ’75 Mr. Lewis H. Wyman III Anonymous

Mr. Timothy K. Adams, E ’57 Mr. William H. Angle, AH ’45* Mr. George Patterson Apperson III, AA ’80 The Honorable Paul C. Artman, Jr., DB ’70 Mr. Douglas D. Ashley; BG ’87 Mr. Lawrence E. Ault, DD ’71 Mr. L. Blair Bailey GH ’88 Mr. Carlton W. Baker, Z ’81 Mr. Robert H. Baker III, C ’71 Mr. L. Charles Banks Mr. Scott J. Berlin, BL ’72 Mr. John F. Bishop II, BE ’46 Mr. Raymond B. Bottom Jr. AT ’48 Dr. James L. Bowers, BW ’57 Mr. Harry J. Breithaupt, Jr., BR ’33* Mr. G. Allen Brown, Jr., F ’82 Mr. Russell Clay Brown, DS ’82 Mr. Wallace A. Brown, Jr., U ’40* Col. David M. Buie, USA (Ret.), BP ’39* Mr. E. Ken Cain Jr, D R ’82 Mr. Ely R. Callaway, Jr., E ’37* Mr. J. David Carico, E ’84 Captain David R. Cheney II, AK ’90 James H. Cochrane, Jr., EH ’78 Col. James C. Coleman, Jr. (Ret.), BD ’28* Mrs. Hugh M. Comer Mr. Troy W. Cooper, EI ’87 Mr. James M. Crews, GH ’52 Mr. M. Donald Davis Jr., EA ’77 Mr. Wayne E. Dawson, GE ’60 Mr. William S. Dinker II, DL ’74 Mr. M. James Donathan, Jr., AW ’72 William E. Dreyer, AD– William Jewell ’57 Mr. J. Michael Duncan, DK ’69 Mr. Walter J. Dunn, DH ’87 Mr. Valrey W. Early III, F ’80 Mr. James R. Estes, AK ’60 Mr. M. Woody Faircloth, K ’05* Mr. M. Tom Faircloth, K ’61 Dr. Richard T. Feller, AR ’37* Mr. Bensley H.L. Field, AZ, ’54 Mr. Charles Z. Flack, Jr., U ’55 Mr. W. Julian Foy, GY ’ 72* Mr. C. Randolph Gentz, GY ’68 Mr. Robert L. Graves, AK ’ 90 Mr. H. Lynn Greer, Jr., DL ’69 Mr. Robert W. Hagan, DR ’74 Mr. Lee A. Hardison III, GO ’68 Mr. Stumpy Harris, BZ ’ 57

Current Chapters: as of 6/30/10

Alpha, Washington & Lee Alpha Beta, Univ. of Alabama Alpha Delta, William Jewell College Alpha Epsilon, Rhodes College Alpha Eta, Westminster College Alpha Kappa, Univ. of Missouri Alpha Mu, Millsaps College Alpha Sigma, Georgia Tech Alpha Upsilon, University of Mississippi Alpha Xi, Univ. of California, Berkeley Beta Alpha, Missouri S&T University Beta Epsilon, Univ. of Delaware Beta Gamma, College of Charleston Beta Pi, Presbyterian College Beta Tau, Mississippi State University Beta Xi, Oklahoma State Univ. Beta Zeta, Univ. of Florida Delta Alpha, Western Carolina Univ. Delta Epsilon, Newberry College Delta Eta, Arkansas State Univesity Delta Pi, Missouri Southern St. Univ. Delta Rho, Valdosta State University Delta Theta, Georgia Southern University Delta Upsilon, Univ of TN-Martin Epsilon Alpha, Univ. of S. Alabama Epsilon Iota, Texas State Univ. Epsilon Kappa, Southeastern Louisiana Univ. Epsilon Mu, Elon University Epsilon Omega, Arizona State Univ. Epsilon Omicron, Virginia Wesleyan Epsilon Psi, Univ of NC @ Wilmington Epsilon Sigma, Univ. of West Florida Gamma Alpha, Louisiana Tech Gamma Chi, Texas Tech Gamma Eta, Florida State University Gamma Gamma, Univ of Memphis Gamma Nu, Univ. of LA-Monroe Gamma Omicron, Lambuth University Gamma Pi, Florida Southern College Gamma Rho, East Carolina Univ. Gamma Tau, Sam Houston State Univ. Gamma Xi, Lamar University Gamma Zeta, Univ. of Southern Mississippi Iota, Furman University Lambda, Univ. of Virginia NCSU_PC, North Carolina State Univ. Nu, Auburn University Pi, Univ. of Tennessee Rho, Univ. of South Carolina Theta, Univ. of Kentucky Upsilon, Univ of N. Carolina Xi, Southwestern Univ. Zeta Kappa, Univ. of West Georgia Zeta Mu, University of Washington Zeta Nu, University of North Florida Zeta Xi, Texas Wesleyan University Zeta Zeta, Wingate University

Pioneering a new path: Inaugural year for Foundation Chapters off to a fast start The Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation (KAOEF) has launched a new way to raise money and build affinity that is unique to the fraternal world. Once again, our foundation is on the leading edge of ideas and innovation. We’re very excited about this new program as it has enormous ramifications for the future of our giving and what it looks like. Here’s how we got it started… In January at the Number I’s Leadership Institute (NLI), sponsored by the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation (KAOEF), the foundation staff addressed all newly elected Number I’s. This year the KAOEF’s message was a call to action. Each Number I was asked if they were willing to make a $1 donation to the KAOEF as a token for all of the training and educational programming they had received during their weekend in Asheboro, North Carolina. Each Number I readily agreed. The staff then asked if each chapter president would solicit every brother in their respective chapter for a $1 contribution to the KAOEF as well. Once again the room was unanimous with its support of the idea. Three days following NLI, the Foundation followed up with chapter presidents via email and reminded them to solicit each

KA Journal


Winter 2010

chapter brother for a $1 contribution. If the entire chapter was in agreement to do so, the Number I was to simply reply with a “YES.” Those participating chapters would then be designated by the KAOEF as a “Foundation Chapter” for 2010. The Foundation is proud to announce that in its maiden voyage, the “Foundation Chapter” program captured 2,824 undergraduate donors, with 55 of our 128 active chapters participating at 100 percent. Each contribution goes towards continuing the award winning KAOEF sponsored educational programming that over 40 percent of our undergraduates receive and enjoy year after year. The KAOEF would like to personally thank each and every undergraduate member who supported us in this worthy cause. Please see the list of all undergraduate chapters who pioneered with us in this inaugural initiative and are now designated as Foundation Chapters for 2010 by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

The KAOEF Scholarship Program continues to be a primary focus each and every year, and it remains an important benefit to the members of Kappa Alpha Order. The overall goal of the KAOEF scholarship program is to improve the overall lives of numerous undergraduate and graduate students by providing academic support to aid their educational pursuits. In many cases, the support our young men receive through these academic, merit, and needs based scholarships serves an inspiration for academic excellence and oftentimes means the difference between attending undergraduate or graduate school or not. KAOEF donors can rest assured that the hundreds of thousands of dollars that have been awarded throughout the years have improved the lives of hundreds of students across the nation.

James Corey Faust, ZK Michael Jay Ferril, BT Brann William Fowler, I Trevor Lawrence Freburger, ZG Bryon Logan Gardiner, EW Humbert Joseph Giannaccini Jr., BW Elijah D. Glass, AQ Spencer Bradford Godfrey, GH Nathan Alexander Gordon, E Ernest Tucker Gore, AU Anthony Mark Graziani, ZP Daniel Scott Gupton, P Brian Patrick Gurucharri, K Christopher Chance Hale, GU Howard Vance Harrell, ZZ William Keith Harvey, AB Brandon Gregory Highfill, BX Ronald Christopher Hill, EW Daniel Bennett Honeycutt, AM Brian Alan Hinnicutt, ED Gabriel Thomas Isom, BA Luke Allen Johnson, Q Thomas Pace Johnston, AS Patrick Geary Keenan, X Sadeq Mohammed Khan, ZQ Mark Emmanuel Killingsworth, DH Thomas Gregory Knox, BC Alan Edward Kondo, GX Gregory Matthew Kurkis, A John H. Leech, EA Michael Swofford Leverette, DE Thomas Ashley Limehouse, R Matthew Lindeman, Q


Benjamin William Loomstein, AK John “Bo” Quentin Mantooth, DU Zachary Scott McDaniel, AH Charles Franklin McDowell Chase Matthew McNulty, EQ Justin Charles Mehalic, DP Steven Tyler Miles, R Wayne Bryan Miranda, O John Mohrmann, AT Richard Eric Mopas, AX Brent Christopher Morel, E Christopher Osterlund, N Sumner Riddick “Rich” Pugh, AT Kevin Nicholas Rowser, BU Michael Christopher Sardo, AZ Dustin Brook Sebren, GN Matthew Gybbon Spilsbury, ET Carter Anderson Still, M Houston Curtis Stokes, T Lewis Robert Stover, BP Alexander Joseph Szabo, AM Rutger Stone Theime, AK Christopher Rich Tompkins, C William Maury Vandervoort, AB William Henry Walker, BT Brent Richard Wilson, BX Gray Gribble Wiser, DL Colton Jacob Wright, O Mark Edward Wright, AH Baron Wayne Yarborough, ZX Johnathan William Zimmerer, ZE

Andrew Adams, EA Tyler Reed Allen, DH Brett Edward Anderson, E/EH Nicholas Vincent Anderson, ZL Brent Hamilton Arant, BP Jonathan T. Arndt, AD Andrew Bacdayan , GX Robert James Bechtel, DS David Thomas Berry, AH Alan Scott Biggs, GL Johnny Lee Blankenship, N Jordan Everett Bondurant, EO Philip Allen Cantwell, AD Brad Allen Carl, ZM Craven Randall Casper, U William Miles Cassady, AS Cameron Taylor Clark, Q Clint Michael Costanza, EB Jon-Mark Allen Craddock, DT David James Daniel, DQ Frederick McCracken Davis, A Dylan Ross Denslow, L Casey Domnick, BX Matthew Scott Doss, DH Justin Durrell, ZZ Cameron Michael Edson, ZM Adam Alexander Elam, GN Gavin Bryce Elster, ZM Tomas Ruben Engle, AR Danielle Erickson Sean Michael Evans, AZ William Evan Eye , E Brian Robert Farrington, AD

In May of 2010, the KAOEF scholarship committee was very pleased to award $68,325 in academic scholarships for the 2010-2011 year, to 91 deserving Kappa Alpha brothers. Applications for the 2011-2012 academic year are currently online at or and all materials must be received by February 4, 2011. For further questions, please contact Lisa Metivier at the National Administrative Office by phone at (540) 463-1865, or email These scholarships are awarded to full-time students. The awards are based on a combination of academic performance, leadership ability, character, and need. As such, the KAOEF board of trustees would like to congratulate and honor the following recipients:

Is the Order in your will??? Bequests are often a significant source of financial support for charitable organizations, and the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation (KAOEF) is no exception. Your gift to the KAOEF can help ensure the Order’s strength and continued success as we train tomorrow’s leaders today. As you create or revise your personal estate plans, please take a moment to remember the many lessons you learned from your undergraduate experience and consider including the KAOEF in your charitable plans. SAMPLE TEXT FOR YOUR WILL I give and bequeath to the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation (Federal Tax I.D. #75-1783690), a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) Texas corporation, the sum of $_________________ to be used by the KAOEF in fulfillment of its educational purposes as the KAOEF board of trustees shall determine. Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation P.O. Box 1865 • Lexington, VA 24450 (540) 463-1865 • •

Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation Condensed Statements of Financial Position June 30, 2010 and 2009 Assets: 2010* 2009 Cash and Cash Equivalents 106,203 950,306 Investment Income Receivable - 0 17,274 Prepaid Expenses 28,691 43,894 Receivable from Affiliates 6,722 23,147 Contributions Receivable 2,131,211 2,481,763 Land, Buildings, and Equipment 2,366,038 1,962,656 Long Term Investments 5,421,285 5,092,672 Assets Held in Trust -0 102,288 Other Assets 35,707 35,707 Total Assets 10,095,858 10,709,706 Liabilities: Accounts Payable 22,098 47,329 Notes Payable - 0 448,189 Accrued Expenses 18,295 18,817 Annuity Obligation 142,914 195,383 Payable to Affiliates 454,781 407,208 Deferred Revenue 5,000 5,000 Total Liabilities 643,088 1,121,925 Net Assets: Unrestricted Net Assets 951,000 1,214,467 Temporarily Restricted Net Assets 2,187,729 2,565,954 Permanently Restricted Net Assets 6,314,041 5,807,360 Total Net Assets 9,452,770 9,587,781 Total Liabilities and Net Assets 10,095,858 10,709,706


Comprehensive annual audited financial statements are available on written request to the Executive Director at the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation.

Larry S. Wiese (GW – Midwestern State ’87) A former Number I and II of his chapter, Larry Stanton Wiese graduated from Midwestern State University with a B.A. in Political Science in 1990. He graduated from Oklahoma City University School of Law in 1995 with a J.D. Larry served as an Educational & Leadership Consultant before attending law school. Larry currently serves as the Executive Director and General Counsel of Kappa Alpha Order and Executive Director for the KAOEF.

KA Journal


Erik T. Showalter (GA – Louisiana Tech ’02) A former Number III and IV of his chapter, Erik spent one year as an Educational & Leadership Consultant and as Western Regional Advisor for the National Administrative Office before joining the Foundation staff in January of 2006. He is a native of Shreveport, La. and received his B.S. degree in Marketing in 2004.

Winter 2010

Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation Condensed Statements of Activities For the years ending June 30, 2010 and 2009 Unrestricted Activities: 2010* 2009 Revenues: Contributions 551,642 306,079 Investment Income 77,472 80,367 Rental Income 38,532 37,116 Other Income -0 8,829 Restrictions Released 759,167 1,074,457 Total Unrestricted Revenues 1,426,813 1,506,848 Expenses: Program Support Awarded 479,752 377,131 Salaries and Benefits 245,588 269,429 Occupancy Expenses 135,495 139,429 Fundraising Expenses 353,361 272,723 Administrative Expenses 118,081 156,621 Professional Services 16,784 28,129 Scholarships Awarded 68,015 186,725 Total Expenses 1,417,075 1,430,188 Operating Revenue Minus Expenses 9,738 76,661 Non-operating Income / (Expenses) (373,135) (1,697,954) Change in Unrestricted Net Assets (363,397) (1,621,293) Temporarily Restricted Activities: Contributions 347,146 1,544,215 Investment Income 131,874 132,446 Restricted Released (759,167) (1,074,457) Change in Temporarily Restricted Net Assets (280,147) 602,204 Permanently Restricted Activities: Contributions 37,535 268,601 Change in Value - Split Interest Agreement (2,599) 5,588 Investment Gain / (Loss) 473,598 (34,134) Change in Permanently Restricted Net Assets (508,533) 240,055 Change in Net Assets Net Assets at Beginning of Year Net Assets at End of Year

Ben W. Satcher, Jr. (DO – Clemson ’79) Ben served as the 37th Knight Commander of Kappa Alpha Order. He volunteered for KA for over 23 years, having served as the John Temple Graves Province Commander from 1991-95 and a member of the Executive Council from 1995-2007. Ben spent 22 years in the automobile business prior to joining the Foundation staff in January of 2008. He is a native of Lexington, S.C.

(135,011) 9,587,781 9,452,770

(779,035) 10,366,816 9,587,781

Making a Gift Online: If you haven’t visited the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation (KAOEF) website lately, you’re missing out on a new and improved tool for charitable giving resources, updating yourself on fraternity and foundation news, or making an online donation. Your gift to the KAOEF goes even further when you make it online. Not only does it help your chapter, it saves the KAOEF funds in mail and administrative costs that could be used for educational and leadership programs of the Order! To make a gift online: 1) Go to and click on the red “Make a Gift TODAY” icon 2) Complete the form and enter your credit card information 3) Click “Submit Form/Make My Gift” 4) A thank you and confirmation for your records will follow shortly via email

Becky Moore Becky spent six years in retail prior to joining the Foundation in June of 2008. She is a native of Lexington, Va. and received her A.A.S. degree in Business Management in 2004. She currently serves as the Foundation Assistant, working with the Foundation on various projects and is the lead point of contact for the Loyal Order.


Current Chapter Endowment Funds

The following Chapter Endowment Funds have been established and endowed as of 6/30/10. Mu - Tulsa Upsilon - North Carolina Alpha Alpha - Sewanee Alpha Beta - Alabama Alpha Eta - Westminster Alpha Gamma - Louisiana State Alpha Kappa - Missouri Alpha Sigma - Georgia Tech Alpha Upsilon - Mississippi Alpha Phi - Duke Beta Alpha - Missouri-Rolla Beta Zeta - Florida Beta Eta - Oklahoma Gamma Gamma - Memphis Gamma Omega - Midwestern State (in the name of Larry F. Robb) Delta Upsilon - Tennessee-Martin The following Chapter Endowment Funds have been established as of 6/30/10. Gamma - Georgia Kappa - Mercer Nu - Auburn Alpha Delta - William Jewel Beta Xi - Oklahoma State Beta Sigma - Southern California Beta Tau - Mississippi State Gamma Alpha - Louisiana Tech Delta Epsilon - Newberry Delta Kappa - Stephen F. Austin Delta Omicron - Clemson Epsilon Delta - Texas A & M Epsilon Lambda - Miami

Any member or friend of KA may establish a chapter endowment fund (CEF) for educational purposes according to the following guidelines: · With an initial minimum gift of $1,000 or more, friends of KA, undergraduate or alumni members of a chapter may request that the KAOEF establish an endowment fund for an active chapter. The $1,000 initial gift may be a single gift or the total of a number of gifts provided at one time. · A percentage of each gift donated into the fund will be paid to the KAOEF for administrative expenses such as: · Document preparation fees · Draft of endowment agreement and associated fees · Annual accounting and auditing fees · Account distribution process and associated fees · The chart below shows the breakdown of percentages based on endowment level of the CEF: Fund Total

% of each gift to Principal of Fund

$0 - $25,000 $25,000 - $50,00 $50,000 - $100,000 $100,000 +

% of each gift to KAOEF Expenses

92% 95% 97% 99%

8% 5% 3% 1%

From the date of the initial gift(s), the CEF has five (5) years to reach the Boardapproved minimum endowment level of $25,000. When that level has been sustained for a full fiscal year (July 1 – June 30), distributions will be made from the return on the principle of the account. Should the minimum endowment level not be reached within five (5) years, or if no contributions are received for a period of five (5) years, the funds will revert to the KAOEF’s unrestricted funds to be disbursed at the discretion of the Board of Trustees.

KA Journal


Winter 2010

Distribution Policies In keeping with the KAOEF’s mission and obligations as a 501 (c)(3) charitable organization, distributions made from each CEF must satisfy the Internal Revenue Service Code and may be used only for educational purposes. When endowed ($25,000), the return generated by the account will be used to benefit the local chapter and/or active members by providing distributions for purposes in accordance with IRS regulations. Subject to change, distributions may be used for: • Purchase of chapter computer equipment, software and/or internet wiring • Resident advisor lodging/stipend • Established educational areas in chapter facilities • Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) travel expenses • Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute (UIFI) registration fees • Province Council travel expenses and registration fees • Scholarships (tuition payments) and academic expenses (books, study aids) Accounts are managed according to the provisions of the KAOEF’s “Endowment & Spending Policy.” Essentially, once the CEF has reached the minimum $25,000 endowment level, annual distributions (within a fiscal year) will be based upon five percent (5%) of the account balance over a three-year moving average of the fund, rounded to the next lowest $25 increment. Each CEF will be assessed an annual maintenance fee of one percent (1%) of the balance of the fund for ongoing accounting and administration. If distribution from a CEF is in the form of academic scholarships, recipients will be selected annually by the Scholarship Committee of the Foundation based upon applications received.

$1 million and above Mr. William E. Dreyer, AD (LO #12) Mr. Harry J. Breithaupt Jr., BR • $500,000 to $999,999 Mr. William H. Angle, AH • COL David M. Buie USA (Ret.), BP • Mr. Edward P. Leslie Jr., BX • Mr. William R. Williamson, AP • $100,000 to $499,999

Mr. R. Jack Alexander Jr., AS Mr. Lawrence E. Ault, DD (LO #167) • COL James C. Coleman Jr., BD • Ruth A. Elder Estate Mr. Bensley H. L. Field, AZ (LO #651) Mr. Andrew H. Heyward III, G (LO #16) Mr. Rock N. Houstoun, X (LO #961) Mr. Hugh Howard III, BH • Mr. Boone A. Knox, G Mr. Wyckliffe A. Knox Jr., G Mr. William L. M. Knox Jr., G Mr. Joseph C. McDowell Jr., GC (LO #516) Mr. S. Morgan Morton Jr., GG Mr. James L. Ostner, GO Mr. Thomas G. Paulson II, AX (LO #44) Mr. Vernon W. Piper, BQ • Mr. Vance E. Rule, AD Mr. Gerald W. Schlief, DK (LO #1214) Mr. Paul E. Snodgress, AE • Mr. F. M. Stevenson, BX • Mrs. Dorothy Tyree • Mr. John W. Walden Jr., G Mr. Theodore L. Weise, BA (LO #293) Mr. Clyde E. Williams, AD • Alfred I. duPont Foundation $50,000 to $99,999

Mr. Harold M. Anderson, A B Mr. Alvan S. Arnall, AA (LO #1054) Mr. Frank L. Asbury III, E (LO #751) Mr. L. Blair Bailey, GH (LO #84) Mr. Richard A. Barnes, DL Mrs. Paulina T. Beall Mr. Upshaw C. Bentley Jr., G Mr. Richard C. Beveridge, BH • Mr. Raymond B. Bottom Jr., AT (LO #687) Mr. W. Waldo Bradley, G Mr. Daniel G. Broos, G Mr. Wallace A. Brown Jr., U • Mr. Russell C. Brown, ED (LO #22) Mr. Eugene E. Brucker, BQ Mr. Derick S. Close, NCSU_PC Mr. James H. Cochrane Jr., EH (LO #804) Mr. La Fon C. Dees, D (LO #1852) Mr. Barry B. Donnell, BL (LO #1045) Dr. Richard T. Feller, AR • Mr. Max S. Flynt, Jr., BN • Mr. Robert D. Fowler, AA • Mr. W. Julian Foy, GY • Mr. William W. Francis IV, BI (LO #500) Mr. Michael R. Gonzalez, P (LO #174) Mr. H. Lynn Greer Jr., DL (LO #105) Mr. David B. Hagan, AO (LO #43) Mr. Hunter W. Henry Jr., BT Mr. Eugene M. Julian, BE (LO #1239) Mr. William W. Kidd, G (LO #744) Mr. Paul V. Kilpatrick Jr., G (LO #673) Mr. Robert E. Knox Jr., G Mr. Andrew H. Knox, G Mr. Jefferson B. A. Knox, G Mr. Sam O. Leake Jr., BX (LO #21) Mr. Robert W. Maupin, AK (LO #1591) Mr. William A. McRae, G Mr. David J. Middleton, GH (LO #180) Mr. Edwin R. Neel, G Dr. John W. Nowell, T • Mr. Michael V. Paulin, BS (LO #1623) Dr. J. Crayton Pruitt Mr. Larry F. Robb, GL (LO #66) Mr. J. William Schulz, AK Mr. Rufus W. Shivers, AE • Mrs. Mildred H. Street Mr. H. Grady Tiller Jr., AB • Mrs. Virginia N. Toombs Mr. David C. Wadlington, GG Mr. Charles L. Wallace, AS (LO #1829) Mr. Edward I. Weisiger Jr., NCSU_PC Mr. Larry S. Wiese, GW (LO #37) Mr. Raymond Wilkinson, H • Mr. Richard B. Wilson Jr., AU (LO #93) Mr. Lewis H. Wyman III, AK (LO #47) E D Chapter, ED Hugh Howard III Estate The Community for Greater Atlanta Foundation The Coca-Cola Foundation Matching Gift Program

$10,000 to $24,999

Mr. Clyde B. Anderson, AB Mr. G. Patterson Apperson III, AA (LO #266) Mr. Wogan S. Badcock, Jr., BZ • Dr. William R. Baldt, BE Mr. William G. Bean Jr., A (LO #661) Mr. B Terry W. Bennett, AG (LO #1133) Mr. Wayne T. Biddle, BH • Mr. Clayton P. Boardman III, BG (LO #1917) Dr. James L. Bowers, BW (LO #496) Mr. John H. Bryan Jr., AE Mr. Clayton E. Bunting, H (LO #204)

• denotes deceased; LO denotes Loyal Order membership


Mr. Paul R. Burns, AG (LO #46) Mr. Thomas H. Campbell, DL Mr. G. Anthony Campbell, G Mr. Red Cavaney CAE, USC_PC Mr. Lloyd P. Cornell Jr., AX • Mr. John H. Crawford IV, G Mr. Mark C. Cross Jr., G Mr. M. Donald Davis Jr., EA (LO #570) Mr. James E. Davis, AK (LO #1084) Mr. John B. De Nault, AP Mr. Alfred Diaz Jr., DI (LO #549) Mr. M. Allen Dickson, AI Mr. Gerald C. Down, AX (LO #2293) Mr. J. Michael Duncan, DK (LO #11) Rev. James L. Duncan, E • Mr. G. Walther Ewalt, AL (LO #77) • Mr. Douglas S. Ewalt, BW (LO #78) Mr. M. Tom Faircloth, K (LO #19) Mr. William W. Featheringill, C (LO #819) Mr. James L. Ferman Sr., E • Mr. James C. France, GP Mr. J. Rex Fuqua, G Mr. U. Edwin Garrison, BT Mr. Robert E. Graham Jr., D Mr. Rutledge A. Griffin Jr., G Mr. John L. Hall, T (LO #870) Mr. Loren Q. Hanson, AK (LO #883) Mr. Victor H. Hanson II, AB (LO #315) The Hon. Porter Hardy Jr., Z • Mr. Douglas B. Harris, DS (LO #873) Mr. Grant V. Harrison, H • COL William H. Hastings Jr. (Ret), B (LO #691) • Mr. Otis M. Healy, BS (LO #1518) Mr. Bruce B. Higton, AX (LO #683) Mr. Hugh M. Inman, G • Mr. John R. Jackson, G Mr. John D. Jones Jr., G (LO #989) Mr. George M. Jones III, AB (LO #385) Mr. Carl E. Jones Jr., AB Mr. Darren S. Kay, AH (LO #55) Mr. Paul H. Kuhn Jr., C (LO #2103) Mr. S. Wistar Lewis, G Mr. Samuel W. Magruder, C (LO #1406) Mr. J. Frank Mahoney III, USC_PC • Mr. David T. Martineau V, AU Mr. Kenneth A. May, GG Dr. O. Hunter McClung Jr., B • Mr. Robert W. McLean • SGM E. Kent McMichael, B (LO #251) Mr. Jerry L. Milligan, BH Mr. Kenneth R. Mitchell, AX Mr. Matthew G. Moffett, G Mr. William T. Morgan III, N Mr. Thomas C. Moxley, AB Mr. Frederick L. Munds Jr., U (LO #1890) Mr. James M. Ney, I (LO #2361) Mr. Ray P. Oden Jr., AG (LO #637) Mrs. Helen R. O'Mara Mr. Julian A. Pardini, AX • Mr. William T. Pegues III, AG • Mr. Anthony L. Polumbo, GT Mr. Jim Possehl Mr. Morris W. Pully, U (LO #189) Mr. J. Guy Revelle Jr., T • Mr. Carlton M. Rogers, USC_PC Mr. Louis W. Romigh, AD • Mr. Philip D. Rowe Jr., C (LO #697) Mr. Lewis L. Scruggs Jr., G Dr. March E. Seabrook, D Mr. C. Douglas Simmons III, BT (LO #179) Mr. George W. Simmons, G Mr. John E. Simpson III, GC Mr. John D. Smoot, Jr., AN

Mr. Timothy K. Adams, E (LO #326) Mr. Richard J. Arroll, G Mr. Robert J. Beckham, E • Mr. James W. Bowyer, AS Mr. Jack B. Carter II, N (LO #57) Mr. James R. Estes, AK (LO #10) Mr. James L. Ferman Jr., E (LO #185) Mr. Jerry B. Fussell, AS Mr. Henry C. Goodrich, P Mr. Stumpy Harris, BZ (LO #919) Mr. Hubert L. Harris Jr., AS Dr. Charles T. Hopkins Jr., DR Mr. Norman B. Kellum Jr., T (LO #1480) Mr. Frank W. Maresh, O (LO #14) Mr. David R. Murphey III, A Mr. Todd D. Reaves, N (LO #1315) Mr. Roy O. Rodwell Jr., AF Mr. Edgar B. Rouse Jr., BK • James H. Sammons, M.D., A • Mr. Ben W. Satcher Jr., DO (LO #17) Mr. C. Edward Schmidt Jr., BA (LO #294) Mr. William H. Skipper Jr., DT (LO #2380) Mr. Barry L. Storey, G Dr. Idris R. Traylor Jr., GC (LO #866) Mr. Harry A. Trueblood Jr., O Mr. Robert M. Varn, C • Mr. Harvey P. White, BC

$25,000 to $49,999

Mr. Charles M. Sours, AM (LO #640) • Mr. W. Reed Sprinkel, BS (LO #656) Mr. Thaddeus A. Stubbs, AH (LO #2009) Mr. James A. Todd Jr., AR (LO #1861) Mr. Stewart Turley, AY (LO #312) Mr. Robert D. Valdez, AP Mr. F. Brook Voght, AB • Mr. David M. Warren, T (LO #13) Mr. Donald W. Webb, Sr., BD Mr. R. Dudley Webb, BD Mr. Hugh P. Whitehead, AB Mr. Steven M. Williams, EX (LO #1631) Mr. Ernest G. Williams, AB • Mr. Eddie S. Wilson, DB (LO #228) Anonymous John Paul Foundation The Chapters of Irwin Province The McCall Trust

$5,000 to $9,999

Mr. Michael D. Abney, BZ (LO #933) Mr. William P. Acker III, C (LO #15) Mr. James A. Anderson, Jr., B Mr. Bennett P. Applegate, EL Mr. & Mrs. Charlie R. Ashford Jr. • Mr. Lewis T. Baker Jr., AI Mr. Harry R. Baker, GB (LO #964) Mr. David P. Barksdale, T (LO #156) Mr. Thomas M. Belk, U • Mr. Ross A. Berlin, T Mr. Richard M. Blades, O Mr. Robert A. Bowen, Jr., K Dr. Donald M. Bryan, BZ Mr. Stephen L. Burwell, BT (LO #1993) Mr. Robert W. Buskirk II, BU Mr. J. David Carico, E Mr. Henry R. Carr, Sr., BH • Mr. Kent T. Chapin, BX (LO #1258) The Hon. William P. Clements Jr., BL Mr. M.R. Buck Clements, Jr., GH • Mr. Bernard G. Cline Jr., H • Mr. Michael A. Costa, EE (LO #1622) Mr. John W. Cox Sr., E • Mr. George W. Culler Jr., BI • Mr. Millard L. Cursey Jr., BC (LO #537) Dr. Paul J. Davis, AH Mr. Franklin W. Denius, O Mr. William K. Dillingham, AD (LO #1425) Mr. Frederick W. Dismuke Sr., AS • Mr. M. James Donathan Jr., AO (LO #1144) Mr. W. Birch Douglass III, AT Mr. Ernest R. Eaton, Jr., BK Mr. Joseph M. Farley, F • Mr. Robert R. Feagin III Mr. Charles M. Fitts Jr., AB (LO #639) Mr. Charles Z. Flack Jr., U •

Mr. Henry J. Foresman Sr., B • Dr. W. McLeod Frampton Jr., BP • Mr. William Robinson Frazier, BZ • Mr. John W. Frost II, BZ (LO #1235) Mr. Francis E. Gardiner Jr., BE (LO #1941) Mr. John T. Glover, E Mr. James D. Goudge, O Mr. William T. Green, AI (LO #812) Mr. John R. Griffin Jr., U (LO #1675) Mr. Robert A. Gritton, BD • Mr. John G. Guerrant, A • Mr. George G. Guthrie, AF Mr. Robert W. Hagan, DR (LO #2150) Mr. William J. Hagenah, AP (LO #1155) Mr. Harry G. Haisten Jr., G Mrs. Virginia Hardesty Mr. Jack Y. Harrison, AF (LO #1481) Mr. George Keith Hatheway, M • Mr. Leland M. Hawes Jr., BZ Mr. W. Edgar Helms III, R (LO #985) Mr. George M. D. Hunt IV, G MG Richard Logan Irby, B • Dr. Larry A. Jenkins, EG Mr. Arthur F. Jones II, U Mr. James D. Kay Jr., N (LO #2147) Mr. Robert D. Kelly, DP (LO #25) Mr. E. Larry Kelly, AS (LO #1336) Mr. David A. Kimbell, BH (LO #1294) Mr. John F. Knight, G Mr. Paul W. Lammers, EA (LO #108) Dr. Burnell Landers, AD (LO #1885) Mr. Thomas M. Lane, R Mr. Todd H. Langley, GE (LO #1979) Mr. Lowell H. Lebermann Jr., O • Mr. Arthur L. Lenahan, AB • Mr. Malcolm H. Liles, G (LO #342) Mr. Clyde R. Littlefield, O (LO #860) Mr. Richard M. Lucas, O • Mr. Robert Ervin Luckie, Jr, F • Mr. Clarence M. Malone, Jr., O Mr. W. Fritz Maxwell, BT (LO #662) Mr. William M. McGee, GN (LO #987) COL John B. McKinney, P (LO #745) Mr. John B. McKinnon, AF Mr. Randolph W. McLaughlin, BZ Mr. John M. McNatt Jr., E Mr. Larry D. Meyers, GC (LO #790) Mr. Charles C. Mickel, DO Mr. John R. Milam, DL Mr. William A. Mitchell Jr., C Mr. Loy B. Moore, BL (LO #1212) Mr. James C. Musser, BU Dr. Garry L. Nall, GS (LO #929) Mr. Bret R. Neathery, BI (LO #972) Ms. Suzy Nelson Mr. William L. Nix, G Mr. Philip P. Noftsinger, EF (LO #208) Mr. David M. O'Dell, DG (LO #24) Mr. David T. O'Neal Jr., AK Mr. & Mrs. Travis M. Osborne Mr Stephen C. Owings, G Mr. Milton E. Pate, DO Mr. E. William Pautler Jr., AY Mr. Windsor Plaza Mr. Frank W. Podpechan, BX (LO #445) Mr. William S. Porter, P (LO #1083) Mr. J. Stephen Powell III, N Mrs. Frances M. Pruitt Mr. Nelson H. Puett, AA (LO #1485) Mr. James R. Purvis, GC (LO #678) Mr. John W. Ramsay, BT • Dr. Edwin P. Rather, P (LO #617) Mr. William B. Reed, N (LO #520)

Mr. Jerry J. Richardson, D Mr. Kenneth Rickli, AK (LO #922) Mr. Douglas W. Robertson, GA (LO #110) Mr. Nat S. Rogers, AM (LO #646) Mr. L. Lamar Rou, Jr., GP • Mr. William C. Routh, BH (LO #1418) Mr. Robert F. Sawyer, AP Dr. James M. Schmuck, AH (LO #1064) Mr. Gary T. Scott, X (LO #859) Mr. Leo W. Seal Jr., BT • Mr. J. Emmett Sebrell, U • Mr. Gregory R. Singleton, GG (LO #184) Mr. Thomas H. Sloan, U Mr. W. Godfrey Smith, BZ • Mr. Gregory B. Smith, EL Mr. W. Hunt Smock, Q Mr. Bruce D. Stafford, AM (LO #1280) Mr. William R. Stamler Jr., AA (LO #257) Mr. Steven M. Steele, DK (LO #1645) Mr. Dietrich H. Steffens, BW • Mr. John W. Stephenson, E Mr. Douglas C. Stone, AU • Mr. Curtis A. Sumpter, BR Mr. J. Frank Surface Mr. Jack R. Taylor, AK (LO #2022) Mr. Craig S. Thompson, AL Mr. Jeff Thompson, BH Mr. Hollis C. Thompson, Jr., AU Mr. Randolph William Thrower Sr., E • Mr. Kenneth A. Tipton, USC_PC (LO #1249) Mr. Carl Trauernicht Jr., AH • Mr. James C. Turk Jr., BR Mr. James T. Turner Jr., K (LO #963) Mr. J. Terry Turner, GU Mr. Joseph M. Van Name III, BW (LO #69) Dr. Chad E. Wagoner, DP (LO #32) Dr. Charles R. Walker, GK Mr. A. Curtis Walker, AF • Mr. Michael D. Wedlick, BE (LO #580) Mr. Warren B. Weeks Jr., BH (LO #805) Mr. Stephen R. Welch, BE (LO #1672) Mr. Samuel A. Wigley, GN • Mr. Warren S. Wingert, BL (LO #2116) Mr. Roger P. Wood, BU (LO #1681) Mr. Robert W. Woodruff, E • Mr. Edgar L. Woods, DE Mr. George T. Wootten, Jr., AK Mr. V. Charles Wyatt, U Mr. Delos H. Yancey III GH Chapter The Chapters of Graves Province State Mutual Insurance Company James Ward Wood Prov. Court of Honor Sumter & Ivilyn Lowry Foundation Overstreet Short Mountain Foundation KA Tenth Order Deloitte Services LP

• denotes deceased; LO denotes Loyal Order membership

KA Journal


Winter 2010


Donors Total ($)

Gamma 48 234,075.27 Delta Delta 8 151,240.78 Xi 29 122,053.50 Delta Kappa 17 57,127.38 Tau 28 51,803.90 Alpha Beta 30 39,809.30 Nu 29 35,646.40 Delta Rho 25 21,369.30 Alpha Eta 21 21,268.48 Epsilon 41 19,755.67 Alpha Delta 18 19,544.92 Delta 24 19,345.00 Beta Alpha 31 18,924.00 Omicron 25 17,660.00 Alpha Gamma 19 15,035.00 Beta Commission 101 13,693.93 Alpha Kappa 29 13,232.00 Delta Tau 2 12,800.00 Beta Epsilon 33 10,785.95 Alpha Upsilon 31 9,728.68 Gamma Omega 10 9,219.93 Gamma Eta 26 8,403.95 Gamma Chi 28 8,154.33 Delta Lambda 9 7,915.00 Alpha 17 7,545.00 Rho 38 7,401.95 Iota 17 7,184.65 Alpha Xi 19 7,045.00 Beta Tau 19 6,934.03 Beta Zeta 41 6,694.60 Delta Iota 13 6,689.45 Alpha Sigma 38 6,542.80 Alpha Pi 19 6,500.00 Eta 18 6,092.00 Alpha Alpha 16 5,765.00 Gamma Lambda 10 5,692.30 Delta Omicron 12 5,667.38 Epsilon Delta 9 4,763.50 Alpha Iota 15 4,327.30


Donors Total ($)

Epsilon Eta Beta Xi Beta Chi Psi Beta Pi Gamma Alpha Gamma Gamma Delta Phi Chi Theta Delta Beta Kappa Upsilon Delta Pi Epsilon Iota Beta Gamma Beta Upsilon Beta Eta Alpha Mu Lambda Pi Mu Phi Gamma Psi Alpha Phi Beta Omega Alpha Tau Delta Psi Alpha Lambda Alpha Rho Gamma Nu Epsilon Lambda Gamma Tau Gamma Sigma Gamma Beta Epsilon Tau Zeta Mu Beta Kappa Zeta

5 14 10 15 27 20 20 3 24 19 10 22 14 10 6 6 17 19 19 8 15 17 12 8 20 13 14 5 5 9 17 11 8 10 11 6 6 17 12

4,318.65 4,265.16 4,197.35 4,010.00 3,747.30 3,556.38 3,525.00 3,300.00 3,222.55 2,992.00 2,958.65 2,894.68 2,659.00 2,570.85 2,530.00 2,520.00 2,503.65 2,458.65 2,384.00 2,124.00 2,028.65 1,960.00 1,900.00 1,880.95 1,878.65 1,810.00 1,763.65 1,740.00 1,700.00 1,700.00 1,673.00 1,602.30 1,598.65 1,545.00 1,525.00 1,515.00 1,471.00 1,385.95 1,346.50


Donors Total ($)

Gamma Epsilon Gamma Omicron Delta Alpha Delta Mu Alpha Epsilon Beta Beta Delta Upsilon Gamma Upsilon Epsilon Xi Beta Iota Alpha Zeta Gamma Kappa Alpha Theta Delta Epsilon Delta Theta Gamma Rho Delta Xi Gamma Zeta Alpha Omicron Delta Gamma Sigma Delta Eta Beta Rho Epsilon Alpha Gamma Phi Epsilon Theta Gamma Iota Beta Delta Beta Theta Epsilon Phi Delta Omega Gamma Pi Beta Omicron Zeta Lambda Delta Nu Theta Commission Alpha Psi Gamma Theta Gamma Delta

12 6 13 10 9 4 6 4 2 8 13 8 11 6 6 13 5 10 4 8 12 10 8 5 10 10 1 8 7 3 5 5 4 2 5 3 4 5 2

1,345.00 1,307.00 1,291.35 1,287.65 1,264.00 1,240.00 1,171.00 1,121.19 1,050.00 998.95 986.35 982.30 970.00 933.19 926.65 911.00 883.65 857.00 850.00 825.00 786.65 755.00 682.50 679.00 668.65 636.65 600.00 589.79 586.00 580.00 567.30 474.00 450.00 400.00 375.00 375.00 290.00 253.65 225.00


Donors Total ($)

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An experience like no other in D.C. In addition to interning in the private or public sectors for two months, the five interns are included in special events and given tours of places including the United States Capitol, the White House, and the Senate Office Buildings. The interns have the opportunity to interact with influential members of congressional, legislative, and political staffs because these influential members are KAs that are willing to give of their time and resources. Each year’s program proves to be a well-rounded experience for all involved and this program punctuates our dedication to undergraduate growth and development. Each year’s class of men is selected by a committee from the KAOEF. Applications, available on the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation website, are completed and submitted by each interested undergraduate by January 14 each year. Following a review and scoring of the applications, phone interviews are conducted by the committee to select the final, five young men.


The E. Fleming Mason Memorial Internship Program was designed to assist undergraduates in their effort to further their education and understanding of our country’s government, the private sector’s relationship with government, and to assist them with a once in a lifetime opportunity. It offers an unparalleled experience for undergraduate KAs and is an exciting program that gives deserving undergraduate students the chance to live and gain professional work experience in the Washington, D.C. area at no cost to the undergraduate. With this cost burden lifted, our undergraduates experience our nation’s capital to its fullest. Kappa Alpha Order has selected five very qualified students to intern in Washington D.C. each summer since 2004. Each student’s selection has been based on his leadership within his own chapter and his college community, his academic performance and his overall interest in governmental issues.

The annual donor societies represent gifts made from July 1, 2009, through June 30, 2010. We are grateful to these loyal alumni and friends for their generous contributions.

gifts of $5,000 and above Mr. Timothy K. Adams, E (LO# 326) Mr. Clyde B. Anderson, AB Mr. Richard J. Arroll, G Mr. Lawrence E. Ault, DD (LO# 167) • Mr. L. Blair Bailey, GH (LO# 84) Mr. Richard A. Barnes, DL Mr. B Terry W. Bennett, AG (LO# 1133) Mr. W. Waldo Bradley, G Mr. Derick S. Close, AW State Mutual Insurance Company Mr. John H. Crawford IV, G Mr. Mark C. Cross Jr., G

gifts of $1,000 to $4,999

Mr. Michael D. Abney, BZ (LO# 933) Mr. G. Patterson Apperson III, AA (LO# 266) Mr. David P. Barksdale, T (LO# 156) Mr. Gary D. Barnes, AD Mr. Richard M. Blades, O Mr. Robert M. Boswell III, T Mr. Thomas E. Bradford Jr., A Mr. Lawrence S. Branch, BB (LO# 1262) Mr. J. Melville Broughton III, T Mr. Russell C. Brown, ED (LO# 22) Mr. Clayton E. Bunting, H (LO# 204) Mr. Paul R. Burns, AG (LO# 46) Mr. Stephen L. Burwell, BT (LO# 1993) Mr. Mark W. Buyck Jr., Rho Mr. Jack B. Carter II, N (LO# 57) Mr. Jack B. Carter III, N (LO# 1000) Mr. R. Craig Cass, DY Mr. David B. H. Chaffe III, Y (LO# 1778) Mr. James H. Cochrane Jr., EH (LO# 804) Mr. Thomas B. Coleman, AP Mr. Barry E. Cox, AS (LO# 1710) Mr. Zachary A. Diamond, EI (LO# 619) Mr. Alfred Diaz Jr., DI (LO# 549) Mr. M. Allen Dickson, AI Mr. William K. Dillingham, AD (LO# 1425)

Mr. La Fon C. Dees, D (LO# 1852) Mr. Barry B. Donnell, BL (LO# 1045) Mr. William E. Dreyer, AD (LO# 12) Mr. James L. Ferman Jr., E (LO# 185) Mr. J. Rex Fuqua, G Mr. Robert E. Graham Jr., D Mr. Rutledge A. Griffin Jr., G Mr. David B. Hagan, AW (LO# 43) Mr. Victor H. Hanson II, AB (LO# 315) Mr. Otis M. Healy, BS (LO# 1518) Mr. Andrew H. Heyward III, G (LO# 16) Dr. Charles T. Hopkins Jr., D Rho Mr. Rock N. Houstoun, X (LO# 961) Mr. John R. Jackson, G Mr. Carl E. Jones Jr., AB Mr. Eugene M. Julian, BE (LO# 1239) Mr. James D. Kay Jr., N (LO# 2147) Mr. Norman B. Kellum Jr., T (LO# 1480) Mr. Andrew H. Knox, G Mr. Boone A. Knox, G Mr. Jefferson B. A. Knox, G Mr. Wyckliffe A. Knox Jr., G Mr. S. Wistar Lewis, G Mr. Clyde R. Littlefield, O (LO# 860) Mr. Frank W. Maresh, O (LO# 14)

Mr. David T. Martineau V, AU Mr. William A. McRae, G Mr. Matthew G. Moffett, G Mr. William T. Morgan III, N Mr. David R. Murphey III, A Mr. Edwin R. Neel, G Mr. James M. Ney, I (LO# 2361) Mr. Michael V. Paulin, BS (LO# 1623) Mr. Todd D. Reaves, N (LO# 1315) Mr. Larry F. Robb, GL (LO# 66) Mr. Gerald W. Schlief, DK (LO# 1214) Mr. Lewis L. Scruggs Jr., G Dr. March E. Seabrook, D Deloitte Services LP Mr. George W. Simmons, G Mr. William H. Skipper Jr., DT (LO# 2380) Mr. Barry L. Storey, G Mr. Thaddeus A. Stubbs, AH (LO# 2009) Mr. John W. Walden Jr., G Mr. Theodore L. Weise, BA (LO# 293) Mr. Edward I. Weisiger Jr., AW Mr. Hugh P. Whitehead, AB Mr. Larry S. Wiese, GW (LO# 37) Mr. Delos H. Yancey III

Mr. Gerald C. Down, AX (LO# 2293) Mr. J. Michael Duncan, DK (LO# 11) Mr. Raleigh T. Elliott, D Rho Mr. James R. Estes, AK (LO# 10) Mr. Douglas S. Ewalt, BW (LO# 78) Mr. Darron E. Franta, GT (LO# 856) Mr. Francis E. Gardiner Jr., BE (LO# 1941) Mr. James D. Goudge, O Mr. M. Tyler Griffin, AD (LO# 114) Mr. William J. Hagenah, AP (LO# 1155) Mr. T. Heyward Hamilton, BG Mr. Buck Heard, DR Mr. Bruce B. Higton, AX (LO# 683) Mr. Larry W. Hill, DR MG James L. Hobson Jr., GG (LO# 2401) Mr. W. Winston Hoy Jr., C (LO# 2091) Mr. William C. Huff, G Mr. Alfred W. Jones III, G Mr. Darren S. Kay, AH (LO# 55) Mr. Paul V. Kilpatrick Jr., G (LO# 673) Mr. David A. Kimbell, BH (LO# 1294) Mr. John F. Knight, G Mr. William L. M. Knox Jr., G Dr. Burnell Landers, AD (LO# 1885) Mr. George G. Langston III, X (LO# 545) Mr. Ernest G. Lawhorne, R Mr. Sam O. Leake Jr., BX (LO# 21) Mr. Jeffrey G. Leigh, ZM Mr. Robert J. Lucas, BS (LO# 1683) Mr. William M. Matthews V, BP Mr. Robert W. Maupin, AK (LO# 1591) Mr. Norman D. McCollough, DR Mr. Gregory A. McCrickard, L Mr. Joseph C. McDowell Jr., GC (LO# 516) SGM E. Kent McMichael, B (LO# 251) Mr. Charles C. Mickel, DO Mr. W. Regi Mullins, AG Mr. Ray P. Oden Jr., AG (LO# 637) Mr. Donald R. O'Neal Jr. Mr Stephen C. Owings, G

Mr. Jeff A. Parker, DF (LO# 1358) Mr. Thomas G. Paulson II, AX (LO# 44) Mr. G. Allen Penniman Jr., B Mr. J. Stephen Powell III, N Dr. J. Crayton Pruitt Mr. Morris W. Pully, U (LO# 189) Mr. Christopher J. Puricelli, GB Dr. Edwin P. Rather, P (LO# 617) Mr. Frederick W. Renneker III, N (LO# 1860) Mr. Robert H. Reynolds, AL (LO# 1617) Mr. Kenneth Rickli, AK (LO# 922) Mr. Mark F. Rieger, AD Mr. Ben W. Satcher Jr., DO (LO# 17) Mr. Robert F. Sawyer, AP Mr. C. Edward Schmidt Jr., BA (LO# 294) Dr. James M. Schmuck, AH (LO# 1064) Mr. J. William Schulz, AK Mr. Marc A. Scott, GU (LO# 88) Mr. John B. Scovil Jr., AA Mr. C. Douglas Simmons III, BT (LO# 179) Mrs. Angela R. Smith Mr. Byron W. Smith, DL (LO# 757) Mr. Julian H. Smith Jr., B (LO# 712) Mr. William W. Sommers, X Mr. Steven M. Steele, DK (LO# 1645) Dr. Idris R. Traylor Jr., GC (LO# 866) Mrs. Elizabeth Tyree-Taylor Mr. Gordon S. Varnedoe, G Mr. David M. Warren, T (LO# 13) Mr. Michael D. Wedlick, BE (LO# 580) Mr. Harvey P. White, BC Mr. Eddie S. Wilson, DB (LO# 228) Mr. Richard B. Wilson Jr., AU (LO# 93) Mr. Roger P. Wood, BU (LO# 1681) Mr. Thomas M. Wright, GY (LO# 978) Mr. J. Larkin Wright Jr., DR The Jurenko Foundation GrandStand Sports, Inc. Wachovia Foundation Matching Gifts Program • denotes deceased

KA Journal


Winter 2010

Please also note that due to the costs of printing and mailing, we will not list annual gifts under $500 in next year’s annual report, except on the website.

gifts of $500 to $999

gifts of $100 to $499 Hon. William M. Acker Jr., F Dr. John R. Adams Jr., AE (LO# 1273) Mr. Hugh W. Adams, B (LO# 2073) Dr. William R. Adkins, BU (LO# 763) Mr. Joshua R. Akers, DK (LO# 2129) Mr. Robert E. Akeson, BW Dr. Wayne O. Alani, ED Mr. James G. Alderman, Jr., GH Mr. Glynn M. Alexander, R (LO# 1259) Mr. James K. Allbritten, DN (LO# 413) Mr. William H. Allen, AS (LO# 795) Mr. Michael J. Allen, AH Mr. Mark H. Allenbaugh, BS Mr. Jeffrey A. Allende, AR Mr. Matthew L. Anderson, DU Mr. Michael R. Andreoli, EA Mr. Bolivar C. Andrews, O Ms. Rosa Andrieu LTC Walter D. Archibald, BX (LO# 1032) Mr. Neil A. Archibald, ZI Mr. Dennis C. Arndt, DN Ms. Nancy Arsenault Mr. Frank L. Asbury III, E (LO# 751) Mr. Harris W. Asbury, E (LO# 1380) Dr. Russell P. Atchley , AM Dr. A. Rhett Austin, F Mr. James A. Baber IV, Z Mr. Roger J. Baccigaluppi, AX (LO# 1869) Mr. Robert E. Bachman, BZ Mr. William S. Baird, AB (LO# 1067) Mr. Carlton W. Baker, Z (LO# 335) Mr. Lamar F. Baker Jr., GY (LO# 1274) Mr. Robert H. Baker III, C (LO# 1647) Mr. William B. Bales, BU Mr. Allan W. Barber, G Mr. Mark O. Bardsley, M (LO# 318) Mr. David R. Barnard, AH Mr. Thomas W. Barnes Jr., AB (LO# 771)

• denotes deceased


Mr. D. Randall Barnett, GA Mr. John W. Barnhill Jr., O (LO# 1564) Mr. Thomas Barr IV, Y Mr. Jason R. Barrett, BT Mr. Thomas A. Barrow Jr., AF Mr. George D. Bassi, DB Mr. George P. Bates Jr., AS Mr. Giles D. Beal III Mr. Steve A. Beall , DR Mr. William G. Bean Jr., A (LO# 661) Mr. John G. Beasley, R Mr. Gerald W. Beatty, DG (LO# 2209) Mr. Henry H. Beckwith, BZ (LO# 346) Mr. Steven R. Bell, AF Mr. David G. Berg, BS (LO# 1728) Mr. Donald C. Berg, BO Mr. Wayne J. Bergeron Jr., EB (LO# 488) Mr. Joe E. Berry Jr., R (LO# 1449) Daniel A. Bertoch DDS, E Macky Beto Dr. Roger P. Bey, M Mr. Fred P. Bickley III, AB Mr. James S. Binder, BP Dr. Richard G. Birkins Jr., BB Mr. Paul C. Birney, BL (LO# 903) Mr. Marshall S. Bjerke, ZM Mr. Gregory T. Blackwood, GH Mr. Leonard W. Blanton Jr., GY (LO# 1190) Mr. Brian L. Blatt, R Mr. C. Ashton Blount III, BP Mr. Robert S. Bloxom, H Mr. Mark A. Bluhm, AP Mr. Mark A. Board, B Mr. Clayton P. Boardman III, BG (LO# 1917) Dr. John G.P. Boatwright Jr., A Mr. James W. Boeckman, AH (LO# 558) Mr. Joe M. Bohannon, BX (LO# 1203) Mr. John G. Bookhout, Sr., BL Mr. Joseph Boone, T (LO# 889) Mr. Terrill C. Bostwick, GN Mr. Raymond B. Bottom Jr., AT (LO# 687) Mr. Ronnie E. Bounds Jr., GA Dr. Lionel John Bourgeois III, Y Dr. Robert I. Bourne Jr., AE (LO# 1228) Mr. Robert A. Bowen, Jr., K Mr. William I. Bowen, G (LO# 1671) Hon. David R. Bowen Jr., AK (LO# 324) Mr. Robert W. Boxley, GR (LO# 1236) Mr. James E. Boyer, EF Hon. C. Howard Bozeman, P (LO# 1625) Mr. Daniel H. Bradley, AS Mr. Robert L. Brawner, K (LO# 1961) Celeste Bray Mr. Erik F. Breitinger, GS Mr. Ben F. Brian Jr., AS (LO# 470) Mr. S. Powell Bridges, S Mr. William H. Broaddus, Z Mr. John H. Broocks III, O (LO# 1446) CPT Ralph K. Brooks, AR (LO# 675) Mr. Kenneth L. Brown, AK (LO# 313) Mr. Eugene E. Brucker, BQ Dr. Donald M. Bryan, BZ Mr. Raymond F. Burfeind, AH (LO# 894) Mr. Peyton D. Burford Jr., N (LO# 715) Mr. Kenneth H. Burnette, GR Mr. Jay D. Burnside, BX Mr. Ethan J. Bush, DX (LO# 18) Mr. Edward C. Bush, Y (LO# 264) Mr. Kevin R. Buss, ZL Mr. D. Melson Butler, E (LO# 901) Mr. Matthew S. Byarlay, AQ (LO# 1953) Mr. Mitchell F. Byrd Jr., DL (LO# 503) Dr. Scott W. Calhoon, GK Mr. N. Gillis Cammack III, N (LO# 1199) Mr. Lawrence T. Campbell, BP (LO# 942) Mr. Thomas J. Campbell Jr., C Mr. Peter M. Candler, A Mr. Robert E. Canterbury, GN M. Paul Capp, M.D., BR Mr. Jerry D. Carlisle, BT Mr. Charles Carmichael, AX (LO# 2112) CAPT Frederick T. Carney (Ret), AU (LO# 950) Mr. C. Lance Carpenter, EL (LO# 1310) Mr. Stanley H. Carruthers, GG

Mr. George M. Adams Jr., DR Mr. King V. Aiken Jr., K (LO# 99) Mr. Mason G. Alexander Jr., AA (LO# 135) Mr. John A. Anderson Jr., X Mr. Bennett P. Applegate, EL Mr. Richard V. Armstrong II, BX (LO# 1632) Mr. Nelson B. Arrington Jr., AS (LO# 1878) Mr. Lewis T. Baker Jr., AI Mr. Gregory R. Barbosa, DI (LO# 2310) Mr. Derrick E. Barr, AR Mr. R. Randy Beard, BS (LO# 1148) Mr. Ross A. Berlin, T Mr. Thomas A. Bramlett, AA Mr. David A. Brandon, GS Mr. J. Robert Bray, AT (LO# 932) Mr. Stephen E. Carlin, EL Mr. Red Cavaney CAE, BS Mr. Charles E. Cotten, X MAJ Clifford A. Crittsinger, B Mr. James M. Croley, X (LO# 1561) Mr. Earnest W. Deavenport Jr., BT (LO# 1318) Mr. David K. Dere, GI (LO# 83) Mr. Marvin H. Dickey, DR Mr. Richard E. DuNah, AP Mr. Thomas B. Dunn, BC Mr. Gregory M. Eaton, AG (LO# 553) Mr. Gene Elder Jr., X Mr. Robert C. Friese, AP (LO# 1589) Mr. John C. Funderburk III, DR (LO# 1667) Mr. E. Bryan Gentle, X Mr. William M. Gilker III, X (LO# 557) Mr. Michael B. Gimbert, EH Mr. William T. Green, AI (LO# 812) Mr. Jared L. Gregory, BA Mr. Stumpy Harris, BZ (LO# 919) Mr. W. Thomas Hopkins, Y Mr. Richard L. Hudson Jr., EX (LO# 1846) Mr. Leland I. Hyer, DQ CSM G. Jeffery Jackson (Ret), B (LO# 1865) Mr. Mark F. Johnson, DR Mr. George C. Jones, X Mr. Robert P. Jordan, R Mr. Dwain P. Knight, DK (LO# 618) Mr. Shawn M. Kocher, EX (LO# 1424) Dr. Paul D. Kountz Jr., D (LO# 1843) Mr. Malcolm H. Liles, G (LO# 342) Mr. J. Stanley Lindgren, C Mr. W. Britt Lovett, DR Ms. Jeanne M. Ludwig Mr. Jesse S. Lyons, DA (LO# 39) Mr. William M. McGee, GN (LO# 987) Mr. Michael A. McHugh, DI (LO# 1520) Mr. John M. McNatt Jr., E Mr. W. Sutton Miley, AG Mr. Ronald R. Morgan, EI (LO# 295) Mr. William D. Morrison, E Mr. William L. Nix, G Mr. Hugo A. Pearce III, DE (LO# 506) Mr. Christopher D. Portmann, X Mr. R. Roland Ramsey, GW Mr. David E. Reemsnyder II, BC Mr. J. Kemp Richardson, BS CPT James S. Roberts, BE (LO# 1093) Mr. Nat S. Rogers, AM (LO# 646) COL M. Randall Scholze (Ret), DP (LO# 510)

Mr. Hugh F. Sharber, AA Mr. Erik T. Showalter, GA (LO# 884) Mr. Gregory R. Singleton, GG (LO# 184) Mr. G. Randy Smith, I (LO# 1635) Mr. Gordon M. Speed, R (LO# 797) Mr. David W. Spivey, BP (LO# 282) Mr. Bruce D. Stafford, AM (LO# 1280) Mr. J. West Summers III, D (LO# 1153) Mr. Collin B. Taylor, DM (LO# 2411) Dr. Andrew J. Thacker, B Mr. Ken D. Tidwell, AB Mr. Gerald D. Tinsley, X Mr. Timothy L. Trockenbrot IV, F Mr. Alexander C. Van Hook, AI (LO# 48) Mr. M. DeWayne Varnadore, X Mr. William J. Wagner, BZ Dr. Chad E. Wagoner, DP (LO# 32) Mr. Cullom Walker Jr., N Mr. Warren S. Wingert, BL (LO# 2116) LTC William E. Wray Jr., B (LO# 872) Mr. John H. Wright III, L Mr. V. Charles Wyatt, U Anonymous AU Chapter, AU Scitor Corp Matching Prog Graphic Cow Carneal-Drew Foundation

Mr. A. Temple Carter III, BE Mr. Adam W. Cartwright, DP Mr. Glenn A. Carus, C Mr. Stephen A. Caruthers, AU (LO# 532) Mr. Craig W. Casalou, ZZ Mr. F lip W. Caster II, BI Mr. Blas S. Catalani II, GC Mr. E. Grant Cattaneo , AX Mr. Robert M. Caudill, BO (LO# 622) Mr. Richard C. Cecil, BE (LO# 2191) Mr. Kent T. Chapin, BX (LO# 1258) Mr. Bobby K. Cheairs, GL (LO# 1928) CPT John B. Chenault III, Q (LO# 684) Mr. Charles C. Chesser, GC (LO# 2083) Mr. Kenton Chickering III, BH Hon. Benjamin M. M. Childers, AB (LO# 1285) Mr. Ronald S. Childress, GC Mr. Joel S. Chitwood III, BZ (LO# 2396) Mr. Christopher B. Churchill, DU (LO# 2225) Mr. Richard G. Clampitt, B Mr. Stephen L. Clark, X Mr. Jeffrey J. Claus, BA Dr. Henry T. Clay Jr., K Hon. William P. Clements Jr., BL Mr. C. Clay Clifton III, Y Mr. Ralph M. Clifton , DH Mr. T. Michael Cobb, BU (LO# 1542) COL Howard E. Cody (Ret), N Mr. Daniel J. Coe Jr. Mr. A. Eli Cohen, GE Mr. Guy D. Colado, GP (LO# 1832) Mr. John D. Cole Sr., Q (LO# 898) Dr. James K. Cole, Q Mr. William M. Comegys Jr., AG Jim Beam Brands Company Mr. Ceasar Cone III, AW Mr. C. Caleb Connor, AB Mr. M. Joseph Cook, BP Mr. Grady M. Cooksey, Jr., BZ Mr. James K. Cooper, GE Mr. Richard S. Copeland, AT 1LT Nat H. Copenhaver Jr., GH (LO# 459) Mr. J. Kirk Corbin, GC Mr. Bobby R. Cornelison, DP Mr. George H. Cornelson IV, AW (LO# 1247) Mr. J. Woody Cornwell, DE (LO# 784) Mr. Robert D. Cowan, GC Mr. William S. Cowart, DR Hon. Richard M. Cowart, DR Dr. C. William Cowles II, B (LO# 299) Mrs. Barbara P. Cox Mr. W. Gene Crafton, F (LO# 2019) Mr. James W. Craig, AR (LO# 1417) Mr. Russell L. Creason, AD (LO# 1288) Mr. James B. Cromartie, R Mrs. Barbara T. Cromwell Mr. Richard R. Crosier, A F (LO# 433) Mr. James M. Crunk, D L Mr. Levin B. Culpepper, T (LO# 1573) Mr. David F. Culverhouse, D RMr. William R. Cunningham, F Mr. Wayne W. Custer, B Mr. Hal N. Dabbs Jr., AU (LO# 1746) Mr. Stephen A. Dahlem Jr., EM (LO# 2004) Mr. Jon M. Daly, AT Mr. Robert M. Daniel Jr., AP (LO# 1135) Mr. William H. Daughtrey Jr., AT (LO# 392) Dr. Paul J. Davis, AH Mr. Nelse A. Davis, BL (LO# 1696) Mr. M. Donald Davis Jr., EA (LO# 570) Mr. Carl J. Davis Jr., E Mr. J. Harper Davis, GZ Mr. Preston T. Davis, E Mr. Wayne E. Dawson, GE Mr. John B. De Nault, AP Mr. Walter W. Dean, S Dr. James B. DeConinck, DA Mr. Gary A. DeLapp, G H Mr. Ted DeLaVergne Jr., GH (LO# 2348) Mr. Franklin W. Denius, O Dr. Edward G. Dewein Jr., BQ Mr. Richard J. Diak, B C LTC Mark W. Dick, B Mr. Harry G. Dickerson Jr., BD Mr. David R. Dillinger, G (LO# 1802)

Mr. Mark A. DiRienz, BE Mr. A. King Dixon II, R Mr. Kim Alan Domnick Mr. Richard E. Dotts, BS Mr. W. Birch Douglass III, AT Mr. Anderson W. Douthat III, B (LO# 1872) Mr. James H. Dowling Jr., BZ Mr. William K. Downey, Q (LO# 2219) Mr. Eric J. Doyal, ED (LO# 1186) Mr. Henry M. Drake Jr., DB Dr. Charles H. Duckett, T (LO# 1694) Mr. Bennie J. Dudley, GH (LO# 938) Mr. Joseph D. DuMontier, AM Dr. Thomas S. Dunavant Jr., GO (LO# 588) Mr. James E. Dunn, L Mr. Sebastian J. Durr Jr., AI Mr. E. Daniel Duzyk, Q Mr. William A. Dyess, GS Mr. Chris L. Ehrman, EL Mr. Harry C. Erwin, AO Mr. John O. Evans III, GC (LO# 668) Mr. John C. Everly, Z Mr. Robert P. Fahey, DB Mr. M. Tom Faircloth, K (LO# 19) Mr. Joseph M. Farley, F • Mr. Preston L. Farrior, BZ Dr. Jeffrey N. Faust, AK Mr. Elbert S. Felder, D Dr. John P. Ferguson, BI (LO# 758) Dr. J. Paul Ferguson, E (LO# 1370) Mr. Richard H. Ferguson, U Dr. C. Stuart Ferrell, BA (LO# 1289) LTC David S. Ferrell (Ret), BU (LO# 996) Mr. Fred C. Ferro, AP Mr. James B. Fincher, GL (LO# 1332) Mr. James E. Fischer , BA LTC Bruce M. Fisher, DP (LO# 541) Mr. John P. Fishwick, BR • Mr. Charles M. Fitts Jr., AB (LO# 639) COL Walter M. Fitts (Ret), U (LO# 1636) Mr. Robert D. Fletcher, DW (LO# 1317) Mr. John C. Fletcher Jr., GH Mr. Bryan M. Forbes, P (LO# 461) Mr. Stephen E. Foster, BC (LO# 2062) Mr. Stephen A. Fowle, AP Mr. Michael H. Fox, GC Mr. Bruce L. Frankenberg, C Mr. James D. Fraser, AX Rev. Fred M. Fraser, GY Mr. William T. Freeland, Jr., DO Dr. Donald R. Frey, AD Mr. Douglas K. Fridrich, AZ Mr. Rex A. Friedman, AH Mr. P.J. "Jack" Friou, G (LO# 638) Mr. David C. Fuller, AT Mr. Jamie S. Gage, T Mr. Charles R. Gahagan, X (LO# 2364) Dr. Mark E. Gannaway, GC Dr. Kent L. Gardner, GK Mr. Bartley S. Garey, GG Dr. Joseph H. Gaston IV, E (LO# 1382) Mr. Herschel A. Gentry, GN (LO# 2027) Mr. Joseph H. George II, AK Mr. Edmund J. Giering IV, AG (LO# 429) Mr. Charles L. Gilliam, AW Mr. James R. Gilreath, R Mr. William A. Givens, BA (LO# 2088) Dr. Donald H. Glaeser, BQ Dr. Edwin C. Glassell, AI Mr. Robert B. Glenn Jr., GG (LO# 1194) Mr. William K. Gooch, AE Mr. William F. Goodman Jr., AM Mr. Brian A. Goodsell, X Mr. Andrew C. Goresh, BB Mr. Thomas E. Gottwald, B Mr. Robert C. Graves, BD Mr. Clifford R. Green, BZ Mr. William A. Gregory, B Mr. John G. Gregory, AL Dr. Donald J. Greiner, D Mr. John R. Griffin Jr., U (LO# 1675) COL W. Benjamin Grimes III, AS Mr. Randal G. Grimme, DM Mr. Sidney E. Grisell, AR (LO# 945) Mr. J. Bruce Guignard Mr. James S. Guignard, AA (LO# 2072) Mr. Thomas B. Gurley, AS

Mr. Stephen A. Gustafson, GW (LO# 1948) Mr. Paul F. Haddock III, AW (LO# 408) Ms. Teresa T. Haddock Ms. Janice L. Hagan Mr. William G. Hagler, R (LO# 1521) Mr. Gerry D. Hall, GS Dr. E. Eugene Hall, BD Mr. William A. Hallett Jr., B Mr. Samuel L. Hancock, ET Mr. James M. Handy Jr., BE (LO# 643) Mr. Douglas W. Hanisch, ET (LO# 2217) Mr. Don H. Hanvey, GW COL J. Alton Harden, C (LO# 1697) Mr. Charles J. Hardwick, Q Mr. Steven C. Hardy, DM (LO# 1648) Mr. Martin R. Harris Jr., X Dr. D. Quillian Harris III, G (LO# 1462) Mr. William L. Hart Jr., I Mr. J. Stewart Harvey Jr., GW (LO# 20) Mr. James D. Harvey, DK (LO# 231) Dr. Steven E. Hastings, BE Mr. J. Madden Hatcher Jr., E (LO# 1372) Mr. David B. Hawkins COL John W. Haynes, N (LO# 502) Dr. A. Stacey Headley, F Mr. John B. Healy, ET (LO# 885) Mr. William S. Heaton Jr., BO Mr. Larry C. Hebert, GF (LO# 1197) Mr. Adam D. Hebert, GF Mr. James H. Heidelberg, GZ (LO# 1007) Mr. Michael D. Hendrickson, GC Mr. Ancel R. Hendrix, GO Mr. William V. Henry, AG (LO# 2384) Mr. David H. Herndon, Z Mr. William A. Hester III, AM Mr. Batson L. Hewitt, R Mr. Batson L. Hewitt Jr., R Mr. Joseph G. Heyck Jr., BZ Mr. Leroy L. Hidinger Jr., AU (LO# 1085) Mr. John A. Hillerich IV, T Dr. Martin P. Hines, AG Mr. Mark J. Hocker, GT (LO# 2383) Mr. Carroll F. Hoffman, BU Mr. Thomas B. Hogan III, AS Mr. J. Floyd Holland, BZ (LO# 785) Mr. G. Stevens Hollister, BT Mr. John D. Holt, BZ Mr. Calvin S. Hopkins III, G Mr. Stanhope F. Hopkins, Y Mr. Michael E. Hopper, GG (LO# 976) Mr. R. Craig Hopson, L Mr. Felix F. House, O Mr. D. Douglas Howard Jr., AI Mr. Charles A. Howell V, I Mr. Samuel W. Howell IV, AA Mr. Thomas L. Hubbard, DP Dr. Charles R. Hubbard Jr., R Mr. Kenneth R. Huckaby, I (LO# 2376) Mr. Arthur D. Hufford II, AS CPT John D. Hukill, BE Mr. Aaron B. Hunt, GO Mr. Colby J. Hunter, GE Mr. R. Gregory Hunter, DR Mr. Darrell D. Hurmis, X Mr. Leland L. Hurst, M Mr. Donald R. Iglehart, BL Mr. James I. Ingham, DG (LO# 1154) Mr. George M. Ivey, Jr., AF Mr. Joseph C. Jacobi, GC Ms. Lori Jacoby Mr. David M. James, AB (LO# 2139) Mr. Edward N. James, DU Mr. Robert D. Jennings, D (LO# 707) Dr. William R. Jerles, K (LO# 1756) Mr. Paul G. Johansing, BS Mr. W. Charles John, GN Mr. Blair M. Johnson Mr. E. Vernon Johnson, BS Mr. Henry A. Johnson, AF Mr. John R. Johnson, K Mr. Kenneth W. Johnston, BH CPT Clyde M. Jones, X (LO# 166) Mr. Charlie T. Jones III, K Mr. Melvin R. Joyner, GW (LO# 1364) Mr. Roderick W. Kallgren, B Mr. George W. Kauffman, BK Mr. Lawrence L. Keefer, I (LO# 959)

Ms. Jessica P. Keith Mr. E. Larry Kelly, AS (LO# 1336) Mr. Robert D. Kelly, DP (LO# 25) Mr. Jared A. Kennison, DX (LO# 1307) COL Richard B. Kent (Ret), BZ (LO# 2117) Mr. Christopher D. Kiesel, H Mr. David B. Kiker, O (LO# 808) Mr. Guion H. Kleinpeter, M Mr. Gerald Kluis, DG LTG John W. Knapp, B (LO# 501) Mr. Kevin M. Kneisley, X COL William E. Knight (Ret), GB Mr. Richard D. Knox, Jr. , AX Mr. Edward O. Koch Jr., GQ (LO# 1292) Mr. Frank H. Koers, M (LO# 543) • Mr. Adam A. Kreuter, AO COL Edward T. Ladd Sr. USAF, GG (LO# 1574) Mr. Stephen J. Lafollette, DF (LO# 2330) Mr. Robert G. Lambeth, BS (LO# 1614) Mr. Paul W. Lammers, EA (LO# 108) Mr. Caswell P. Lane, AQ Mr. Todd H. Langley, GE (LO# 1979) Mr. C. Randy Langston, BZ Mr. Jefferson B. Lanier, DR Mr. Russell J. Larkin, AK Mr. Terrell G. Latham, AB (LO# 428) Mr. Cuyler C. Lawrence, GC (LO# 64) Mr. Jim Lawson, DD Mr. James M. Lee Jr., DQ Mr. George R. Lee III, E (LO# 973) Mr. James M. Leggett, AF John D. Lentz DDS, N (LO# 753) Mr. J. Clifford Leonard, X Mr. Joseph F. Lester, GH (LO# 705) Mr. Fred W. Lewis, BK Mr. John B. Link IV, AM Mr. Larry D. Litle, BX Mr. Lewis M. Little Jr., G (LO# 362) Mr. Jack D. Lockridge, GG Mr. Gary S. Loffland, DI Mr. Allen Payne Long, E Mr. Gregory R. Long, BZ Mr. G. A. Looney, M Mr. Judson R. Lott, DR (LO# 880) Mr. Bradford W. Lowe, GE Mr. John D. Lowe , P Ms. Joy W. Lucke Mr. Joseph W. Lyman III, GN Dr. William F. Lynch Jr., AM (LO# 1876) Mr. Charles P. MacDonald III, B Mr. Louis A. Macey, O Mr. Clyde L. MacGowan Jr., AX Mr. Paul Maestas, GK Mr. Darren W. Mahaffey, AD (LO# 1472) Mr. Carlton A. Mallory, B Mr. John Q. Mantooth, DU (LO# 999) Mr. Echol S. Marshall Jr., L Mr. John C. Martin, DW (LO# 1272) Mr. Val F. Marz Mr. Ronald K. Mason, GH (LO# 1229) Mr. Dennis E. Mason, BA Mr. Richard J. Matte, GF Mr. Frederick N. Matthews, AH Mr. Reid W. Matthews, AS Mr. Littleton M. Maxwell, Z (LO# 568) Ms. Brandy Maxwell Mr. George W. McCall III, H Mr. Thomas E. McClain Jr., H CMDR James R. McClure, BS (LO# 728) COL Franklin J. McConnell Jr., B (LO# 1362) Mr. William B. McCormick, BH (LO# 1314) Mr. Charles Simon McCowan Jr., AG Mr. Gordon R. McDowell, GC Mr. Chadwick J. McFarland, ET Mr. J. Steven McFerron, DH J. T. McGaughey Jr. DDS, E Mr. George E. McGee IV, I Mr. Robin C. McGhin, D R Diane McGnee Mr. John S. McIntyre, Jr. , AU Mr. Kevin L. McKenna, BS Mr. Richardson B. McKenzie Jr., AB Mr. Stephen A. McLeod, AB Dr. W. Douglas McMillin, DX Mr. Gene C. McQuown, AG (LO# 1465) Mr. Larry H. Mealor, G Mr. Robert L. Medley, AO (LO# 1881) • denotes deceased

KA Journal


Winter 2010

Mr. Nickolas P. Popoff, ET Mr. Anthony J. Porter, DE (LO# 913) Mr. Larry R. Poteet, DP (LO# 31) Mr. Edmund L. Potter, AS (LO# 899) Dr. James A. Prentice, O (LO# 718) Dr. William T. Price Jr., AB (LO# 1680) Mr. Melbourne H. Pridgen, G RDr. William I. Procter, U Ms. Eileen M. Prufer Mr. James R. Purvis, GC (LO# 678) Mr. Terry L. Purvis, BR Mr. Carl S. Quinn, AK (LO# 926) Mr. M. Terry Ragsdale, H Mr. Richard T. Ray, Z Mr. Charles R. Rayburn III, S Mr. Ben J. Raymond, ED Mr. W. F l Reece, AS CPT LeRoy Reinburg Jr. USCG (Ret), AL Mr. D. Gene Renegar, BL (LO# 594) Mr. Merrill J. Reynolds Jr., BL Mr. Robert H. Rhyne III, AB Mr. J. Derrill Rice, BP Mr. Winston C. Rice, AG Mr. Jerry J. Richardson, D Mr. Sidney E. Richmond Jr., DB Mr. Alfred E. Rickli, AK Dr. Henry C. Ricks Jr., AM (LO# 781) Mr. Richard D. Riddle, AR (LO# 735) Mr. L. Pascal Roberts IV, B Mr. Hubel Robins Jr., H Mr. Richard B. Robinson, AP Mr. Greg D. Robinson, BK (LO# 131) Dr. James B. Roe, AP (LO# 2044) Mr. W. Bryan Roehrig III, DU (LO# 235) Mr. Richard J. Rose, BX (LO# 1216) John E. Ross III DMD, DO (LO# 677) Mr. John R. Rowe Jr., AS Mr David. R. Rozier Jr., DR Dr. Joe C. Rude III, O (LO# 679) Mr. L. Donald Rushing, BZ (LO# 703) Mr. Robert W. Russell, AD Mr. Jay F. Rutherford Jr., Q (LO# 1331) Mr. James M. Sabrsula, DK Mr. Dandridge L. Sale, Jr. , DD Mr. Allen R. Sandico, ZM (LO# 97) Mr. Travis L. Sartain, AH (LO# 214) Mr. Grover A. Sartin, DK Dr. Walter E. Saxon Jr., H (LO# 1173) Mr. John C. Scarborough, R David L. Schade DDS, X Mr. Joshua K. Schexnyder, DX Mr. Stephen G. Schulz Mr. Gary T. Scott, X (LO# 859) Mr. J. Richard Sewell, AY Mr. William B. Shearer Jr., B PMr. Henry F. Sherrod III, F Mr. Fred L. Shinn, M (LO# 1686) Mr. John L. Sibley Jr., AZ (LO# 1790) Ms. Paula Simm Mr. John A. Skelton, AK Mr. Clifton N. Small, GB Mr. A. Randolph Smith II, D (LO# 995) Ms. Debra L. Smith Mr. Stan L. Smith, BZ LTC Michael W. Smith, DQ (LO# 422) Mr. Curtis A. Smith, GC (LO# 595) Mr. J. Vereen Smith Jr., GH Mr. James W. Smith, R (LO# 807) Mr. W. Hunt Smock, Q Mr. Henry T. Snead, AS (LO# 1595) Ms. Anita E. Snyder Mr. Roger B. Souders, EI Mr. Lyle B. Sparkman, BI Ms. Mary E. Sparno Mr. H. Dean Spears, BE Mr. Matthew G. Spilsbury, ET Lydia Spinelli Mr. Ronald Clark Spradley, AK Mr. Arthur D. Spratlin Jr., AU Mr. Marc A. Sprouse, BU Mr. Chester J. Stachecki Jr., BE Mr. Ronald Stallings, U (LO# 1454) Mr. Robert B. Stamps, AB (LO# 1867) Mr. Gerald H. Stanley Jr., GH Mr. Thomas E. Stanton, M Mr. Russell D. Steagall, GS (LO# 1903) Ms. Kimberly N. Stearns

COL William E. Steger, AI Mr. William E. Steinkamp, BA Ms. Cindy H. Stellhorn, Dr. James A. Stephens, GH Mr. Allen D. Stephenson, R Mr. Neil A. Stewart, BA (LO# 1633) Mr. John F. Stewart, K Mr. William F. Stolhandske, O (LO# 2119) Mr. L. Don Stricklin, EI Mr. Howard M. Stroud, GZ (LO# 305) Mr. Kenneth E. Strumm, AD (LO# 2279) Ms. Jennifer L. Stump Mr. David Y. Stutts, DS (LO# 1556) Mr. Richard A. Sullivan, BK (LO# 1158) Mr. Russell D. Summers, AX (LO# 1269) Mr. James E. Sylvanus, BK (LO# 1751) Mr. John C. Talbott, Q LT James M. Tallman, MD, E (LO# 834) Mr. Neal A. Taylor, M (LO# 1619) Mr. James N. Taylor Jr., I Dr. Nelson S. Teague, A Mr. W. Emerson Teer, AW (LO# 1815) MG M. Bo Temple, B (LO# 1286) Mr. Mark A. Thalheim, Y Mr. John F. Thames, BP (LO# 1831) Dr. Pitchar Theerathorn, GG (LO# 1768) Mr. Albert J. Thomas, BS Mr. C. Maston Thomas, Sr., BD Mr. Joe F. Thomas, O Mr. Craig S. Thompson, AL Mr. I. Clay Thompson Jr., BZ Mr. Robert R. Thompson, AK Mr. Robert L. Thompson Jr., I (LO# 1022) Mr. Milton B. Thompson, BI Mr. Stephen A. Thrailkill, DE (LO# 550) Ms. Robin B. Timmins Mr. Peter A. Tolsma, AF Ms. Marguerite M. Tortorello Mr. Chason W. Trahan, AT Royster M. Tucker Mr. John H. Tucker, B Mr. James C. Turk Jr., BR Mr. Jon C. Turner, AU (LO# 971) Mr. Gardner L. Turner, Q Mr. Brett M. Turner, B Mr. George C. Turner, GR (LO# 1284) Mr. James T. Turner Jr., K (LO# 963) Mr. Ronald R. Updegraff, GA (LO# 1373) Mr. Lawrence J. Urrutia, BS (LO# 1590) Mr. William A. Usher Jr., Q Mr. George M. Van Meter Jr., AQ Mr. Joseph M. Van Name III, BW (LO# 69) Mr. William B. Vanneman Jr., BE (LO# 1245) Dr. Gus G. Vaughn, G Mr. Stanley J. Viner, AU (LO# 1376) Mr. Donald R. Vollmar, AX Mr. Wyman R. Wade Jr., GH (LO# 1071) Mr. Herbert M. Waesch, GE (LO# 1127) Mr. Hunter W. Wagstaff, EH Mr. T. David Wagster Jr., GO (LO# 1295) Mr. Kenneth C. Waldo Jr., BU (LO# 947) Mr. Harold D. Walker, BT Mr. Walter W. Walker Jr., E Mr. Gregory J. Wallace, BA Mr. Ronald L. Walsworth, BQ Mr. William A. Ward, GE (LO# 1873) COL M. L. Compte Waring Jr., B Ms. Laura Washnock Mr. William E. Watson, BC (LO# 1621) Mr. Stephen T. Weakley, ER Mr. Charles B. Webb, GK (LO# 2283) Mr. Bruce Weber Mr. Edgar W. Weeks Jr., AS (LO# 2253) Dr. William A. Weinrich, M (LO# 323) Mr. Michael R. Weir Jr., X (LO# 937) Mr. Stephen R. Welch, BE (LO# 1672) Mr. Timothy L. Welker, BD Dr. Steve C. Wells CPA CMA, AM (LO# 1960) Mr. Donald W. Wells, DM Mr. Cleveland M. Welsh II, BH Mr. Keith B. Werner, GA (LO# 2135) Dr. Jerry D. West, BH Mr. Andrew C. West, E Mr. David L. Westol Mr. Tony D. Whaley, DM (LO# 1630) Mr. Lynn E. Whatley, K Mr. William M. Wheless Jr., O

• denotes deceased


Mr. Stuart F. Whetsell, DY (LO# 2185) Mr. C. Albert Whitaker, Q (LO# 574) Mr. Mark F. Whitaker, GT Mr. James R. White, BZ Mr. William A. White, GD Mr. Richard P. White Jr., AI Ms. Hanna A. White Mr. Charles B. Whitney, AH Mr. C. Allen Wilkinson, N Mr. Thomas D. Williams, O Dr. H. Tom Williams, BT (LO# 839) Bunny S. Williams Dr. J. Richard Williams Jr., Y Mr. Christopher B. Williams, DH (LO# 463) LTC John M. Wills (Ret), DM Mr. D. Brady Wilson, EA (LO# 1741) Mr. Michael P. Wilson, AQ (LO# 40) Dr. Robert C. Wimberly Jr., R Dr. H. Grey Winfield III, S Mr. John T. Winkler II ARNG, EF (LO# 538) Ms. Margaret D. Wise Mr. Edward E. Witt Sr., BZ Mr. Allen C. Wohlwend, BZ Mr. William A. Wood, A (LO# 96) Mr. J. Walter Wood Jr., DB (LO# 881) Mr. Christopher P. Wood, DI (LO# 1952) CPT Sidney E. Wood Jr. USN (Ret), K (LO# 931) Mr. Donald G. Wood, AR Mr. Kenneth B. Wood, ZG Mr. Chris M. Woods, EQ Mr. Jeffrey L. Wootton, AX (LO# 438) Dr. James R. Wright, BW (LO# 1535) Mr. Larry G. Wright, DH Mr. Ronald K. Wright , BW Mr. James G. Wylie, BA Mr. J. Hunt Yancey Jr., AS (LO# 474) Mr. C. Robert Yates, BZ Mr. John A. Yearty, GH (LO# 1637) Mr. G. Smedes York, AW SGT Robert A. Young Jr., AI (LO# 659) Mr. M. Dennis Young, EQ Mr. Joseph M. Zimmerman, DH Coastal Alabama KA Order Alumni Chapter Washington National Capitol Alumni Chapter KA Order Dallas Alumni Chapter R Chapter AB Chapter AK Chapter G C Chapter N Chapter Stone Energy Corporation ZZ House Board Corporation of KKG Coca-Cola Foundation Matching Gift Program W. H. Hastings Foundation C. H. Robinson Foundation JK Group Inc. Recreational Equipment Inc. Spirit Recognition Inc. MJ Insurance Inc. Willis North America Inc. Coastal Tradition LLC

gifts up to $99 Mr. Vincent W. Abruzzese Dr. Riddick Ackerman III, D Mr. Samuel B. Adams, BR (LO# 664) Mr. Gareth S. Aden, A Mr. Lawrence M. Adler, GX Mr. George G. Aiken, AW Mr. Patrick J. Alderdice BG Thomas H. Alexander (Ret), BP • Dr. A. Rodney Allbright , GT Dr. Scott H. Allen, R Mr. Hillard H. Allen, BZ Dr. Clyde R. Allen, Jr. , AM Mr. John E. Alwood, Jr. , GN

Mr. James A. Anchors Jr., AE Mr. W. Travis Anderkin, EQ Mr. George M. Anderson, BA Mr. Michael B. Anderson, BA Mr. Michael A. Angell, DM Mr. Ben L. Angle III, B Mr. Ronald G. Applewhite, AU (LO# 786) Mr. Benjamin S. Arceneaux, GA Mr. James M. Armentrout, ED COL C. R. Armstrong (Ret), BT Mr. James A. Arnau, Jr. , AS Mr. F. Brooks Arnold, E (LO# 991) Mr. Donald R. Asbell, I (LO# 2092) Mr. Douglas D. Ashley, BG (LO# 284) Herndon Associates Mr. Robert E. Atwater Jr., E Mr. Danny B. Aultman, EL (LO# 382) Mr. David A. Austin, BZ Mr. James R. Austin, BK Ms. Tina Auten Mr. Bryan D. Babcock, BA Mr. H. John Badenhoop II, BK LTC Gordon Bailey (Ret), B Mr. Billy H. Barbee, GC Mr. Al R. Barbosa, DI Mr. D. Andrew Barker, EQ Dr. B. Lewis Barnett Jr., I (LO# 924) Mr. Willard A. Barr, AF COL John G. Barrett, T Mr. William P. Baskin III, D Mr. James E. Bates Jr., BH Ms. Gina R. Baucum Mr. Kenneth D. Baxter, BA (LO# 2138) Mr. Charles H. Bean Jr., BU (LO# 1092) Mr. Frank E. Beeson III, GF Mr. Richard A. Belford Jr., G COL Anthony B. Bell, DH Teresa L. Bell Mr. Jake M. Bellipanni Jr., DB Mr. Scott E. Belliveau, B Mr. John S. Bender, EH Mr. Clyde V. Bennett III , AU Mr. Frederick B. Benson, N (LO# 2280) Mr. John V. Berberich III, B Mr. G. Wogan Bernard, A Mr. Charles B. Bernhard III, F (LO# 1179) Mr. Robert K. Besley, BK Mr. Joseph A. Bethay, BT (LO# 2408) Mr. Victor K. Biebighauser, AZ Mr. Rex A. Black Jr., GT Mr. Christopher P. Blair, T Mr. Jamey G. Blalock, DA Mr. Marvin A. Blomquist, Q Mr. Robert E. Bodnar, ED Mr. F lip J. Boegner, BA Dr. Jules H. Bohnn Jr., GL Mr. Bradley J. Bond, BZ Mr. Carl D. Bonner, GA Ms. Terri L. Bonsall Mr. William J. Boone III, AM Mr. Richard B. Booth, BP Mr. William T. Borden, BO Ms. Michele Bosiljevac-Vaglia Mr. Brian H.M. Bowen, B Mr. Jesse M. Bowen, BP Dr. James L. Bowers, BW (LO# 496) Mr. G. Flynn Bowie, R (LO# 1810) Mr. Don C. Bowling, AR (LO# 1758) Mr. J. Milton Boyd Jr., BT Mr. Carl A. Boyle, G L Mr. James B. Boyle Jr., AP (LO# 1447) Mr. M. Douglas Braden, BA (LO# 2403) Mr. Willis A. Braden, GT Mr. Donald P. Bradley, P Mr. Zachary S. Brady, GC (LO# 1566) Mr. James J. Brandt, GS Mr. Randall P. Breaux, EB Mr. Daniel W. Bridges Jr., AF Mr. George C. Briley, GA Dr. Charles L. Brock, AF COL George M. Brooke III, B (LO# 1977) Dr. Milton P. Brown, Jr., F Mr. Anthony W. Brown, GL Mr. C. Larry Brown, K Mr. John C. Brown, AH Mr. Warren C. Brown, GB (LO# 352) Ms. Rebecca Brown Mr. David T. Brumby, G Mr. Frederic Buckley, AX Mr. Edmund T. Buckman Jr., T

Dr. Stuart B. Medlin, H Mr. William D. Melton, N (LO# 1204) Mr. Christopher Mercy, DI (LO# 560) Ms. Kari L. Merrill Mr. Ryan T. Merz, ZM (LO# 1856) Mr. Larry D. Meyers, GC (LO# 790) Mr. Archie R. Milam Jr., X Mr. David L. Miller, B Mr. Daniel H. Miller, Q (LO# 147) CPT Jon R. Milner, B Mr. Marvin L. Moncla, GA COL Thomas M. Moncure Jr., B Mr. Vincent A. Mongiardo II, AQ (LO# 863) Mr. John M. Moore, AI (LO# 1704) Mr. S. Kent Moore, DT Mr. William W. Moore, AA Mr. Lynn A. Morgan, DI Mr. Robert L. Morris Jr., BH (LO# 1057) Mr. Robert W. Morris III , AU Mr. John H. Morrison Jr., B PMr. William S. Morrison, AE Mr. S. Morgan Morton Jr., GG Mr. Thomas C. Moxley, AB Mr. Jonathan P. Mundorf, ZL (LO# 118) Mr. T. Sean Murphy, E Mr. Michael A. Murphy, AU (LO# 2231) Mr. James P. Myerson, AP Dr. Garry L. Nall, GS (LO# 929) Mr. Joseph A. Nastasi , BA Mr. Jeff P. Nedderman, DI Mr. Michael L. Neely, O (LO# 513) Dr. Peter J. Neidenbach, BP Mr. Jake L. Netterville, AG (LO# 1579) Mr. Ben E. Newcomer, BH Mr. Clinton B. Newton, AS (LO# 1061) Dr. Rob J. Newton, BS Mr. W. Gairy Nichols III, D Dr. John V. Nicholson Jr., D (LO# 969) Mr. Donald J. Nici, GY (LO# 981) MAJ Henry L. Nixon USAF (Ret), AB Mr. Philip P. Noftsinger, EF (LO# 208) Mr. J. Cameron Nokes, X (LO# 2332) Mr. Danny C. Noland, Q Mr. Richard J. Nozemack, AL Mr. David M. O'Dell, DG (LO# 24) Mr. John E. Oden, X MAJ Edward S. Oglesby, DI (LO# 1634) Mr. Lee P. Oliver III, K Mr. Lloyd H. Olson, BS Mr. Matthew D. O'Neal, GA (LO# 2228) Mr. & Mrs. Kevin M. O'Neill Mr. Miles R. Orndorff, AZ (LO# 1025) Dr. John A. Osborne Jr., GG Mr. Rich O'Toole, ED Mr. James J. Ouellette, GP Mr. James F. Ozment, F Dr. Roy C. Page, AE • Mr. C. Lee Page III, D Mr. Kriss Parikakis, DK (LO# 1825) Mr. Stanley Park Jr., AB (LO# 2287) Mr. Robert R. Park, M Mr. Bernard M. Parker, K Mr. Augustus M. Parker, K Mr. Edwin W. Parker II, GK (LO# 935) Mr. E. B. Borden Parker, U Mr. Robert S. Parker Sr., R Mr. Clay A. Parsons, N (LO# 1818) Mr. Bradley M. Patout, Y (LO# 1124) Mr. Howell B. Payne Jr., AG Mr. Robert M. Pedigo, B (LO# 277) Dr. William W. Peery, A (LO# 1328) Mr. Philip G. Perez, GC Ms. Jeanne Perkins Mr. John R. Perkinson Jr., T Mr. Mark J. Perzinski Mr. Ray Petty Jr., X Mr. C. Yates Pharr, DY (LO# 436) Mr. Alvin M. Phillips Jr., GA (LO# 2056) Mr. Harry H. Phillips Jr., H (LO# 1879) Mr. N. LaRon Phillips, GF (LO# 1215) Mr. W. Hugh Phillips III, AI Mr. Edward B. Pickett, O Mr. Howard C. Pickett Mr. James C. Platt Jr., AS Mr. Allan R. Plumley Jr., L (LO# 655) CPT Ronald C. Plunkett, (LO# 2241) Mr. Dale W. Polley, GG

Mr. James L. Budd, AA Mr. Richard H. Bundy, O Mr. W. Marsh Burckhalter Jr., DO Mr. Brian D. Burgoon, BZ Mr. Richard D. Burrows, GS Mr. James D. Burtin, BA Mr. Thomas C. Buss II, BZ Mr. Andrew G. Butterfield, DO Mr. Alvis J. Bynum, D Mr. William E. Bynum Jr., AF Mr. Benjamin F. Byrd Jr., D Mr. James E. Byrne Jr., GC (LO# 1109) Ms. Sharon Caldwell Mr. Henry N. Camferdam, GG Mr. Kent Campbell, DD Mr. L. Hunt Campbell, E Mrs. Nina B. Campbell Sara C. Cann Mr. Donald L. Cantrell, BH Mr. Ronald G. Carlson Jr., GA Mr. Calvin W. Carlton, GW Mr. Robert R. Carpenter, AF Mr. William A. Carpenter, AK Mr. Andrew P. Carr, EI Mr. James F. Carroll Jr., GA (LO# 641) Mr. John H. Carson, BI Mr. John M. Carter, BK Mr. Robert B. Carter, A Mr. W. Stewart Carter, AS (LO# 1177) Mr. Walton T. Carter Jr., AS Mr. Clinton M. Casey, DA Mr. James G. Caster, GK Mr. William C. Cavanaugh, DK Mr. Albert J. Cavenaugh Jr., AO (LO# 1120) Mr. Edward J. Cettina Mr. Stephen M. Chalmers, GE (LO# 818) Mr. John Charles Chambliss, G Mr. Howard R. Chapman, B Mr. J. Edward Chapman Jr., Nu MAJ John E. Chausteur USAF (Ret), BF Mr. Robert J. Cheaney, DK Dr. Donald G. Cheek, AW Mr. Robert E. Chenoweth, AD Carol R. Chesnutt Mr. Russell C. Chew Jr., B Mr. James K. Child Jr., AU Mr. John R. Childers, AG Mr. Timothy E. Chiodo, ZH Dr. Reid S. Christopher, N Mr. Mark J. Chustz, Y Mr. James W. Clark, BZ (LO# 2120) Mr. Johnny D. Clark Mr. Bradley R. Cluck, GC Mr. Glenn W. Cofield, AU COL James C. Coleman Jr., BD • Dr. Garry D. Coleman, EH Mr. Douglas R. Coley, DY (LO# 1065) Mr. G. Robert Collier Jr., GN Mr. William C. Collier, B (LO# 1342) Mr. Gormon Collins Jr., AQ Mr. Robin B. Collins, DM Mr. James H. Colmer Jr., AU Mr. Donald H. Combs, AQ Mr. Malcolm L. Comeaux, GF (LO# 1467) 1LT Robert S. Conner, AU Mr. Robert Joslyn Conner, AK Ms. Susan Cook Ms. Martha H. Cooper Mr. P. Jason Cording, BR (LO# 54) Dr. Denver B. Cornett III, S Mr. Louis B. Coryell Jr., BF Mr. Robert A. Costner Jr., AW (LO# 572) Mr. Justin H. Courtney, GY Mr. Charles P. Covington Jr., BW Mr. John W. Cowden , GB Mr. Lawrence H. Cowgill, AS Mr. Robert C. Cragon, AE Mr. Mark Stuart Crocker, R Mr. Wayne W. Crooks, BZ (LO# 1664) Mr. J. Charles Curry Jr., AS Mr. James T. Daly, GP Mr. John H. Dammeyer, BK Mr. Robert M. Danner III, K (LO# 1980) Mr. John W. Darden Jr., GH LT E. Hugh Daughtry III, B Mr. David G. Davies Jr., BP Dr. Thomas W. Davis, B Mr. Grady P. Davis II, T

Mr. Terry H. Davis Jr., B Mr. Crowell T. Dawkins Jr., A (LO# 1548) Mr. Richard C. Day, T Mr. Evan M. Dean, Mr. Roy M. Deblieux, GY Mr. F lip T. Deibel, T Mr. James R. Delcoure, GW Mr. Earl H. Dellinger, Jr. , I Mr. Roger L. Demik, H Mr. Henry M. Dennis Jr., AQ (LO# 2366) Mr. Michael C. Denton, Mr. Gregory A. Derwitz , BC Ms. Margaret Dickenson Mr. Robert L. Dickey III, G Mr. Jonathan L. Dieter, R Mr. Robert L. Dieter, R Mr. David C. Doane, BE Mr. F. Towers Dodd , C Ms. Linette J. Dodson Mr. Kyle A. Domnick, BX (LO# 2198) Mr. Robert J. Donnes , GF Mr. D. Stephen Donosky, AU Mr. Robert W. Dougherty, Z Mr. R. Dennis Dove, BE Mr. Walter L. Dowdle, BT Mr. Rick L. Dowell , DD Ms. Judy Downs Mr. F lip Drago, DK Mr. Robert L. Draper, B Mr. Jerry D. Dubose, DO Mr. Charles H. DuBose, Jr. , R Mr. Mark S. Dudley, EL (LO# 268) Mrs. Dina A. Dudley Mr. John V. Duley, AN (LO# 1383) Dr. Floyd H. Duncan, B Mr. J. Madison Dye Jr., D Mr. Jeffrey C. Dymott, DP Ms. Victoria Eardley Mr. W. Robert Eason, AT Mr. James W. Eckles, GB (LO# 2324) Mr. C. Wayne Edwards, GH Mr. David C. Edwards, AU Mr. James T. Edwards, AU Mr. K. Alexander Eichenberg, AK MAJ Stephen J. Eichenbrenner (Ret), DG Mr. John A. Eikner , BI Mr. Adam A. Elam, GN Mr. Stuart W. Elliott, AF Mr. Robert Anthony Ellis, DI Shelly T. Ellis Mr. Christopher M. Elwell, AA (LO# 1151) Mr. David L. Emerson, GB Mr. William N. Epps Jr., D Mr. Donald L. Erwin Jr., BZ Mr. William H. Everitt, DB Mr. William E. Eye, E Chong L. Fabery Mr. Harold Fairman Jr., BK Mr. William C. Farnsworth, AK Mr. William W. Featheringill, C (LO# 819) Mr. Bensley H. L. Field, AZ (LO# 651) Dr. Robert M. Fielding, BS Dr. Robert H. Filer, B Mr. Thaddeus M. Fine, EQ (LO# 1040) Mr. Darrell M. Fink, M Dr. John L. Fishel, U Ms. Donna R. Fitzgerald Ms. Colleen A. Flammia Mr. Martin A. Flannes, AP Mr. H. Maxwell Fletcher, BZ Mr. Spencer D. Flinn, R Hon. J. H. Flippen Jr., B Mr. Robert H. Fogwell, BS Mr. Eric A. Folk, AU Mr. Christopher L. Ford, DX Mr. James R. Foster, AT (LO# 998) Mr. Richard B. Foster, Y Mr. Walter N. Foster Jr., I Mr. Haywood G. France, B Mr. Ronald J. Francois, Mr. Frank E. Frawley Jr., M (LO# 1175) Ms. Diane Freeman Mr. David S. Friedrichs, GF Mr. Justin B. Friedrichs, H Dr. Gregory C. Frimel, GB Mrs. Margaret A. Fristick Mr. Tom H. Frye, O Abbott Fund Mr. Chris W. Furlough, GR (LO# 982) Mr. James E. F. Gammon, AN

Mr. Bryan S. Gantt, DA Mr. David H. Gantt, BG Kathie L. Garland Mr. Charles P. Garrison, AA Mr. Joseph Garrison Mr. Alex O. Gatewood, AM Mr. Roger C. Gault, GC Mr. Cecil C. Geddings, Jr., BP Mr. Frank J. Gerchow Jr., C Mr. William W. Gerecke, AP Mr. J. O. Gist, P Mr. Charles S. Glass, AA Mr. Todd D. Glisson, AM (LO# 2216) Mr. John S. Glover, T Mr. Spencer B. Godfrey, GH Mr. John H. Goff Jr., E (LO# 765) Mr. Hodges L. Golson, Jr., AS Ms. Mary D. Goodwin Mr. Eugene R. Goodwyn III, B PMr. Lee N. Gordy, BK Mr. Thomas D. Gottwald Mr. Denys Grant, AZ Mr. Donald E Grant, GH Mr. Raymond E. Grant, BK Mr. William K. Grasty Jr., DS Dr. Marion H. Gray, BT (LO# 1111) Mr. A. Dial Gray III, AW Mr. Tyler P. Gray, ZQ Mr. Murray C. Greason Jr., T Mr. Thomas B. Greene IV, BL (LO# 621) Dr. D. Tyler Greenfield, DW (LO# 2204) Mr. John H. Griffin, AW Mr. Paul S. Griffin, DO Mr. Steve C. Grimes, O Mr. George B. Gross, GC Mr. James M. Groves, AQ Mr. David R. Grubbs, P Mr. Reynolds G. Gruber, S Dianna Guidry Ms. Ellen O. Gumm Mr. C. Timothy Gundlach, B Mr. John S. Hackmann, BQ • Mr. Dwight T. Hafeli, BA LTC Thomas Hagler (Ret), P • Mr. William H. Hailey III, AH Dr. John D. Hall, AB (LO# 702) Mr. John L. Hall, T (LO# 870) Mr. Charles W. Hamaker, BZ Mr. Thelon A. Hamby III, B P Mr. Robert S. Hamel, AZ Mr. Harold Walker Hamlett Jr., H Mr. James B. Hammer, AK Mr. R. Dwain Hammons, GB Mr. Frederick J. Hampton, AS Mr. Francis D. Hand Jr., E (LO# 310) Mr. Niles E. Hanna, D Ms. Jill Hansard Mr. C. Lawrence Hansen, BS Dr. David M. Hardaway, S Mr. James E. Hardin, AF Mr. Dale W. Harding, BS Mr. James W. Harle, GC Mr. Russell L. Harlow Jr., B COL Benjamin F. Harmon III, B Mr. Thomas P. Harold, Z (LO# 1337) Mr. C. Lee Harrell Jr., ZE Mr. Edgar D. Harrington, BW Mr. David E. Harrison, BR Mr. David K. Hart, P Mr. Matthew L. Hart, C Mr. Fred B. Hartmann Jr., AU Mr. William R. Hartz, L Mr. William K. Harvey, AB Dr. W. Benjamin Hatcher, S Mr Chris M. Hatcher, DR Mr. W. Andrew Hautt, BL Mr. Daryl G. Hawkins, D (LO# 2203) Mr. Bryan A. Haws , BH LTC John R. Hayes Jr., B Mr. Roy W. Heatherly Mr. Hinkle P. Heidelberg III, GZ Mr. Douglas P. Heilman, ZM (LO# 858) Ms. Tina M. Henderson Mr. Lawrence B Hendrickson, BS Mr. David T. Henington, AI Mr. Leroy Hennings, GQ Mr. George F. Henry, R Mr. M. Heath Henry, DW Terri Henry Mr. Victor J. Herbert Jr., BB

Mr. Charles R. Herd, DC Mr. J. Ronald Herdman Jr., BS Mr. John L. Hermans, AY Mr. Carl F. Herring Jr., C Mr. Philip R. Herrold, BU Mr. Douglas J. Hibbits, GW Dr. John A. Hildreth, BE (LO# 1176) Dr. L. Brooks Hill, GG Mr. John B. C. Hill, B Ms. Emily B. Hill, Mr. Drake L. Hiller, GU Mr. Mark W. Hite, ZI (LO# 1922) Mr. Charles D. Hodge, GS Mr. Richard E. Hodges Jr., E Mr. Tucker M. Hogue, AK Mr. Robert N. Hoit Jr., N Mr. Roland Thomas Hoke, G Mr. Robert C. Holloman, T (LO# 1858) Mr. C. James Holloway Jr., BW Mr. Ryan W. Holloway, EL (LO# 1588) Dr. Daniel C. Holsenbeck, N Mr. Keith A. Hoogland, C Hon. George B. Hooks, N Mr. John W. Hooser Jr. Mr. Peter F. Hopkins, AX Mr. Kent G. Horner, BA Mr. Philip W. Horton, AY • Mr. Thomas A. Houf, AH Mr. Ralph Wallace Howard Jr., E Mr. Jonathan S. Howse, GH LTC P. Scott Hubacher USAFR, DQ (LO# 227) Hon. Tazewell T. Hubard III, B Dr. David S. Hubbell, AF Mr. James G. Hudson Jr., GR Mr. Stephen C. Hudson, ZG (LO# 845) Mr. J. Michael Huey, GH Dr. Archie V. Huff Jr., D Mr. Roy P. Huff Jr., O Mr. F lip R. Hunt, DH Mr. Clinton M. Hunter Jr., AS (LO# 583) Mr. Edward T. Hunter, BZ (LO# 1421) Mr. John P. Hunter, M Mr. Loren C. Huntley, BY • Mr. Richard L. Hurst, Q Mr. David A. Hutchens, DM Mr. Carl R. Inman, GG Mr. Robert C. Irby Jr., B Mr. William Irby, B Dr. E. Owen Jackson Jr., GB Dr. James R. Jackson, T (LO# 1255) LCDR Robert W. Jackson, BU Mr. John W. James, GN Mr. Stephen M. Jenkins , AG Mr. Richard D. Jenne , BF Mr. Jon D. Jividen, AW Mr. & Mrs. Steele Johnson Mr. Gregory A. Johnson, EQ Mr. Jason D. Johnson, DL Mr. Matt D. Johnson, GO Mr. Stephen M. Johnson, AT Mr. Christian W. Johnston, N Mr. Jay D. Johnston , GN COL Lee M. Jones (Ret), BZ Mr. Edwin R. Jones, DK Mr. Frank C. Jones Sr., E (LO# 454) Mr. R. Kevin Jones, B Ms. Karen Jones Mr. Kenneth M. Jordan, B Mr. Les M. Jordan, BS Mr. James R. Jorden Jr., M (LO# 563) Mr. D. Michael Joyce , DA Mr. Cary G. Justice, AH Mr. Lloyd M. Kapp Jr., AA Mr. Brad Karsh Mr. David T. Kastor, BL (LO# 1836) Mr. Charles L. Kazlow, DK (LO# 1965) Ms. Mary L. Keirns Mr. Carlton W. Kelley, BP Dr. William W. Kelly, B Mr. Carl L. Kenagy Jr., A D Mr. Arthur Giles Kennerly Jr., E Mr. Warner L. Kennon, S Mr. Joel R. Kern, E RMr. Hunter L. Kiely, A D (LO# 2096) Mr. Stavros A. Kikis, AK Dr. Paul Killian, T (LO# 2032) Mr. John R. Kimball Jr., BP Mr. Eric R. Kinch, AN (LO# 2260) Mr. Paul C. Kincheloe Jr., Z Mr. Samuel B. King, BP (LO# 734) •

Mr. Don D. Kinnett, AS Mr. Guy S. Kirby III, U Mr. Terry W. Knepper, C (LO# 1001) Mr. Owen K. Kraus, BS Mr. J. Scott Kreutzer, AQ Mr. Keith E. Kurtz, BX Mr. Richard A. Kurz , BL Mr. Thomas F. Kutz, GB Mr. Robert T. Laborde, GQ Mr. Ryan T. Lafferty, ZG (LO# 86) Ms. Darryl Laffitte Mr. David M. Laing, GL COL Michael L. Lakos, B (LO# 1037) Ms. Rhonda M. Lane Mr. John Harry Lange Jr., E (LO# 279) Mr. Gordon D. Langlois, BS Mr. William W. Larsen III, G Mr. David C. Layfield, BE Ms. Kathryn LeBlanc Mr. Cameron W. Lee Jr., PE, AW Mr. Michael W. Lee, ZI (LO# 1475) COL James J. Leech, B Dr. John S. Leigh, DW Mr. Lindsey L. Leonard, DQ Mr. Charles V. Letson, EL (LO# 2015) Mr. George C. Letton Jr., Q Mr. Michael E. Levverette Mr. W. Thomas Ligon Jr., BP Mr. Creighton E. Likes Jr., B PMr. Richard B. Liles, DR Dr. Lewis D. Lipscomb, C Ms. Nadine P. Lirette Mr. Sidney L. Livingston, BL (LO# 936) Mr. Mark L. Lobstein, DN Mr. Jack E. Lockledge , GE Mr. James M. Lombardo, BK (LO# 262) Mr. Cecil L. Long, GZ Mr. Stephen K. Long, GC Mr. G. Rob Longmire, DK (LO# 255) Mr. Richard T. Louis, Jr., BA Mr. Dan P. Lovelady, EZ Mr. James R. Lumbra, Jr. , GH Dr. T. Riley Lumpkin, AB (LO# 1096) Mr. Gregory A. Lyles, P (LO# 42) Mr. Roy E. MacDonald Jr., BW Mr. Gary L. Macey, AK Mr. Steve W. Machann , GT Ms. Rhonda Mahan LTC Eddie L. Maimbourg, GK Mr. Kristopher M. Malloy, BA Mr. John V. Manatis, AU CPT R. Lee Manteuffel, B Mr. Andrew F. Mapp , GN Mr. Leonard J. Maranto, GA Mr. C. Douglas Marechal, B Mr. Andrew B. Marion, Jr., C Mr. Peter S. Maroulis, BE Mr. Samuel M. D. Marshall Jr., BE Mr. Donald Thomas Martin Jr., BZ Mr. Jeremy M. Mason, EM Mr. William W. Mason, BU Mr. Charles D. Mattox Jr., H Mr. E. Stewart Maunsell II, Y Mr. C. Julian May, B Mr. Frank W. May, BQ • Mr. L. Fennell May, BZ Mr. Thomas M. Mayfield Jr., U Dr. James E. Mays Jr., C (LO# 2399) Mr. John F. McAfee, BP Mr. John B. McAlister, EQ Mr. G. Spruce McCain, R Mr. Charles F. McCallum III, B Mr. John N. McCarter Jr., DO (LO# 1414) Mr. Mark W. McClellan, BU Dr. Donald K. McConnell Jr., BX Mr. James W. McCurdy Jr., BW (LO# 1419) Mr. George T. McCutchen Jr., R (LO# 1184) Mr. R. Bryan McDaniel, U (LO# 1263) Mr. Matthew M. McDole, GE (LO# 2350) Mr. David M. McEwen, BS Mr. Donald D. McFarland, GA Mr. James E. McGinnis Jr., AU Mr. J. William McGuinn Jr., AF Mr. Kelly L. McGuire, AE COL I. Neill McInnis Jr., GZ Susan G. McInnis COL John B. McKinney, P (LO# 745) COL William J. McKinney, AB Mr. Raymond A. McKinney, AB Mr. Tullis B. McKnight, Jr. , AG • denotes deceased

KA Journal


Winter 2010

Mr. Nicholas S. Palmer, DL (LO# 1864) Mr. Robert R. Palmer, B Mr. Michael B. Parkinson, EL (LO# 2050) Mr. Prentiss C. Patrick, AU COL John M. Patton USAF (Ret), B (LO# 1043) Mr. Joseph M. Pazdan, DO Mr. John D. Peeples, DR Mr. Nathaniel W. Pendleton Jr., B Mr. Edwin G. Penn III, Z Mr. Curtis S. Perzinski, H Mr. Lawrence W. Pettiette Jr., GN Mr. Robert E. Petty, AD (LO# 603) Mr. Casey C. Phelps, EN Mr. Charles L. F llips, BZ Mr. James M. Pickens, R Mr. Daniel S. Pierce, AK Mr. H. David Pinson, EZ (LO# 63) Mr. William R. Piper, AH Mr. Kenneth L. Pipkin, K Mr. William W. Pippin , GN Mr. G. Leonard Pittman Jr., AW (LO# 850) Mr. John A. Plag, BI Mr. Anastasios Plevrakis, ZH Mr. Taylor M. Plier, BA Mr. Wright B. Poffenberger, BE Dr. Cleveland H. Porter Jr., AZ (LO# 1610) Mr. William S. Porter, P (LO# 1083) Mr. David A. Potter Jr., H Mr. Robert V. Powell , DG Mr. Townes G. Pressler Jr., A Mr. Roy E. Prestwood, AI (LO# 1826) Mr. David N. Price, GK (LO# 209) Mr. William H. Price, R Hon. J. Frederick Price, BE Ms. Molly Priddy Hon. William T. Prince, AZ Dr. Aaron Pulhamus, BC (LO# 1687) Mr. Frederick W. Quevreaux , AH Mr. Roy D. Quillian Jr., O LTC James L. Quinnelly (Ret), BT Mr. Norman D. Radford Jr., B Mr. Jerome P. Rakel, N Dr. Charles D. Ramser, GW Mr. J. Kirk Rankin Jr., C COL A. Allen Rasper, B (LO# 773) Mr. Christopher L. Ratte, GR (LO# 259) Mr. George L. Redheffer, GE Julie Redmon Mr. Josh H. Reed, DL Mrs. Laura Reed Ms. Gretchen Reeks Mr. George R. Reese, AR CPT W. Boyd Reeves, I (LO# 130) Mr. Walter L. Rehm, AK Mr. John W. Reid, DA Laruel W. Reidy COL James A. W. Rembert, (LO# 2245) Ms. Joanne Reuter Ms. Susan E. Revis Mr. Austin L. Rhodes, AU (LO# 320) Mr. Christopher D. Rhodes, DA Louis A. Riccardi DDS, G Mr. Robert J. Richardson Jr., AM Mr. Edward Doughty Ricketson Jr., E CPT Thomas P. Ridley II, B Mr. Thomas D. Riney , EG Mr. Matthew T. Roach, GH (LO# 862) Mr. Jon A. Roberson, A B (LO# 2356) Mr. Mark S. Roberts, T Dr. John M. Robertson Jr., B Ms. Rebecca Robertson Dr. T. Tydings Robin Jr., AS Mr. Frank H. Robinson Jr., Z (LO# 2378) Mr. Thomas J. Robinson Mr. Robert A. Robison, AK Mr. S. Lathan Roddey III, DO (LO# 2205) Mr. John . Rollins, BT Mr. Franklin D. Rosenblatt, ZQ COL John L. Rowe Jr., B Mr. Brian H. Rubenking, AZ Dr. Kevin C. Ruffner, AZ Mr. J. Harold Rule, BT Ms. Larraine Rushing Mr. Jeffrey C. Russell, BL Mr. Thomas J. Rutherford, BE Mr. Barry W. Sachtjen , S Mr. J. Pat Samter, BH (LO# 2367) Dr. Jack M. Sanders, GU Mr. Scott N. Sansom, DI Mr. Tim J. Sansone, GC (LO# 1895)

Ms. Amy Santaniello Mr. Emmett A. Sartor Jr., A Mr. Thomas A. Saunders Jr., H Mr. John M. Schattyn, BA Mr. Edward J. Schlifske, BF Mr. Charles W. Schmidt, BH Mr. Robert F. Schmidt, BA Mr. Dean Schneider, BS Mr. Peter W. Schoeningh, Jr. , AX Mr. John A. Scott, GY Ms. Candace Seabolt Mr. James E. Seale Jr., AU Mr. Walter E. Seastrom, BS Mr. Frank P. Sebastian Jr., O Mr. Richard B. Seely, BE Mr. Thomas W. Sellers, CMr. T. Anderson Sensing, AS Mr. Charles D. Shamel, AS (LO# 1943) Mr. Larry W. Sharer, GH Mr. Herbert L. Sharp, BC Mr. C. Ralston Shaver, E Mr. Myron K. Shelor, DA (LO# 970) Mr. Francis A. Shelton, AT Mr. Richard A. Shirley, BP Mr. Andrew G. Shockley, P (LO# 1222) Mr. James C. Showalter Jr., B Mr. David E. Shucart , AK Mr. Robert S. Siefers, EL Dr. William B. Simmons, AU Mr. John W Simmons III, MD, AT Mr. Ralph T. Simmons, GZ (LO# 431) Mr. John W. Simpson, BK (LO# 878) Mr. Gerald N. Sims, Y (LO# 1039) Mr. Thomas C. Singleterry, BX Mr. Charles G. Singleton, GZ (LO# 2193) Mr. Tommy W. Skinner, R (LO# 2402) Dr. John G. Slater , C Mr. Robert M. Sloan, B P Mr. Timothy A. Slocum, K Mr. Harry S. Smiley, AS Ms. Wynn R. Smiley, Dr. J. Ivey Smith, T LTC George T. Smith, H (LO# 1410) Mr. Darrell L. Smith, T Mr. David B. Smith, DH Mr. Haywood C. Smith, AW Mr. John N. Smith Jr., AF Mr. Locke W. Smith Jr., DA Mr. Robert J. Smith, AW Mr. Steven R. Smith, K Dr. Gary A. Sneed, Y Mr. Donald R. Snipes, DG Mr. Cubbedge Snow Jr., E Mr. Michael L. Snuggs, BT Mr. Martin H. Sours, AX Mr. T. Scott Spears, DH Mr. Joseph M. Spivey III, B Mr. Nicholas J. St. George, AZ (LO# 2369) LTC Donald H. Stallings, BU Mr. Robert J. Staniforth, BL Mr. Harvey S. Stanley, Jr., AU Mr. J. Marvin Starr, Sr. , I Mr. Charles F. Stauffacher, Jr., AX Mr. Robert F. Steidtmann Jr., AZ Raymond J. Steiner DDS, GF Mr. William R. Steinhauer, BE LTC William M. Steinkirchner, EE MAJ Robert D. Stemler, GH COL Chester O. Stephens Jr., N (LO# 1688) Mr. J. D. Stephens Jr., DB (LO# 1350) Mr. Edward L. Stewart, GQ (LO# 1902) Mr. Matthew T. Stith, EL COL William M. Stokes III, B Mr. William H. Stokes, DD (LO# 2327) Mr. Christopher A. Stone, GP Mr. Gary L. Strickfaden , AK Mr. Joseph D. Stroup Jr., DA Mr. Douglas G. Strugar, BS Mr. Jack R. Suggs, BX Mr. Kerry R. Sumner, DF (LO# 493) Mr. Barney A. Sutton, BD Mr. William W. Sutton, K Mr. Thomas C. Swanner Jr., G RMs. Marybeth Szabo Mr. James R. Talton III, DO Mr. John H Talton, Jr, AW Mr. James P. Taney, BR BG Hugh B. Tant III USA (Ret), (LO# 2244) Mr. Ryan P. Taylor, EW (LO# 1730) Mr. Samuel J. Taylor, GA

• denotes deceased


Mr. Carroll Thackston, B CPL Joseph B. Tharp IV, EQ (LO# 2212) Mr. Nicky H. Theodore, GL Dr. Charles B. Thomas Jr., R Dr. Jerry R. Thomas, I Mr. William R. Thomas Jr., G Dr. Oscar M. Thompson Jr., AG Mr. Frank F. Thompson III Mr. Charles M. Tomberlain, DK (LO# 2315) Mr. Andrew R. Townes, AM Mr. Roy G. Trafton, GG Mr. Marcus A. Treadway, Jr. , N Mr. William N. Trenor, ES Mr. H. Blair Trimble Jr., C Mr. Richard H. Truly, AS Mr. Sam G. Tsagalakis, BS Mr. Christopher J. Tsai, ER Mr. Paul H. Tucker, AF Mr. Wallace G. Tucker Jr., A Mr. Jack E. Tumilty, BH • LTC Gary M. Turner Sr., BA Mr. Frederick J. Turpin, Sr., AA LTC Richard Clark Tutwiler Jr. USAR (Ret), H Mr. John T. Tweedy, BC Hon. Frederick B. Tygart, U Mr. Donald R. Updegraff, GA Mr. Paschal G. Upton, AB Dr. Edwin B. Vaden, AT Mr. Henry L. Van Brederode, AX LTC James M. Van Hook (Ret), B (LO# 1270) Mr. Allen I. Vance, S (LO# 90) Dr. Kenneth L. Vandervoort, AB Mr. Rigo J. Vannucci , GG Mr. Michael L. VanWinkle, GG Mr. Mark D. Varwig, BA Mr. Hines S. Vaughan, GA Mr. James A. Vest, B Mr. Christiaan L. Volkert, EQ Mr. Robert A. Wahl, AK (LO# 1423) Mr. Curtis W. Walker Jr., AS (LO# 764) Mr. John B. Walker, Q Mr. Ralph C. Walker, C (LO# 1962) Mr. Wayne C. Wallace, GF Ms. Hellen M. Walterbach COL Edward T. Watling, B Mr. A. David Watson, AW Mr. Charles A. Webb, P Mr. R. Lee Webb, D L (LO# 1949) Mr. R. Andrew Wedaman, GG (LO# 1183) 1LT Timothy N. Weimer (Ret), AH Mr. Benjamin D. Weinstein Jr., AA Mr. Michael Weiss, BL Dr. John M. Wells, N Mr. Charles E. Wenzel Jr., BK Mr. Lawrence E. Wetsel Jr., B Mr. Steven A. Whatley Jr., AM Dr. F lip J. Whelan, BW Dr. Douglas W. Whetsell, Mr. Pat W. White, BU Ms. Linda R. White Mr. George N. Whiting, AW Mr. Steve G. Whiting, DD Mr. Lewis H. Whitson , N Mr. Kenneth Whittaker, AP Mr. Frank R Whittington, BT (LO# 2304) CDR Frank D. Whitworth III, AF Mr. Warren E. Wilcox Jr., A (LO# 250) • Mr. William S. Wilfong Jr., G Mr. F llip C. Wilks, BU CPT John A. Williams, GR (LO# 1008) CPT Robert J. Williams, DD Mr. Daniel N. Williams Jr., AS Mr. I. Kemp Williams, BZ (LO# 743) Mr. Rudy L. Williams, DE (LO# 62) Mr. Theodore S. Williams Jr., AY Dr. John K. Williford, Jr., T Dr. Clarence L. Wilson II, S Mr. James A. Wilson, F Ms. Bernadette R. Windle Mr. Timothy D. Wise, R (LO# 452) Mr. Gary G. Wiser Jr., DL (LO# 254) Mr. Robert J. Wittman Jr., E Mr. Robert F. Wood, BH Mr. Willis J. Woodham, D Mr. David A. Woody, B Mr. Allen O. Woody III, Mr. Walter W. Wooten, BU Mr. Robert B. Wortz, BE Mr. Justin Hayden Woulfe,

Mr. Cameron L. Wunsch , GN CPT Kenneth L. Yates, B Mr. Charles H. Yates Jr., E Mr. E.C. Yokley Jr., AS LTC James J. Yolda Jr., B Mr. Harvey L. Young, AO Mr. R. Stewart Young, DN Mr. Ryan R. Young, Mr. Zachary Zawarski, BE A Chapter AD Chapter AE Chapter AH Chapter AM Chapter AW Chapter AS Chapter AX Chapter BA Chapter BE Chapter BG Chapter BP Chapter BT Chapter BX Chapter BZ Chapter DA Chapter DE Chapter DH Chapter DP Chapter DR Chapter DQ Chapter DU Chapter EA Chapter EI Chapter EK Chapter EM Chapter EW Chapter EO Chapter EY Chapter E S Chapter GA Chapter GH Chapter GG Chapter GN Chapter GO Chapter GP Chapter GR Chapter GT Chapter GX Chapter GZ Chapter I Chapter L Chapter P Chapter Q Chapter U Chapter X Chapter ZK Chapter ZM Chapter ZN Chapter ZX Chapter ZZ Chapter Hamilton Province Court of Honor Duke Energy Foundation Travelers Foundation Crye-Leike Inc. Chevron Humankind Matching Gift Program Grainger Matching Gifts Program KD Sorority

Mr. Kevin P. M. McLafferty, EB (LO# 1015) Mr. Frank S. McLaughlin Jr., CMr. Jonathan M. McLean, B Mr. Charles R. McLendon Jr., D CLTC Ronald G. McManus Sr., B Mr. Donald C. McMenamin, B Mr. Richard E. McMurran Jr., E Mr. Gerald D. McPhail, BH Mr. Purnal L. McWhorter III, BE (LO# 1504) Mr. C. Alan Melton, BH Mr. Roger C. Melzer, AP Mr. Fred J. Merrell, AD Mr. Paul C. Merrill, Jr., AP Mrs. Lisa Lynn Metivier Mr. Adam P. Michel, C Mr. S. Tyler Miles, R Mr. Joseph J. Milich, BA Mr. David R. Miller, BQ Mr. Martin A. Miller, AH Mr. Thomas W. Miller, BH Mr. Walter J. Miller Jr., AF Ms. Stephanie G. Miller Mr. Thomas O. Milliken, R Mr. Joe F. Mills, M (LO# 260) Mr. John A. Mills III, B Mr. R. Daniel Mills III, AA (LO# 1716) Ms. Catherine W. Milton Mr. James A. Miner Jr., B Mr. Charles D. Mitchell III, AQ Mr. Mark R. Mitchell, BN Ms. Kathleen D. Mitchell Mr. Jeffrey S. Moad, EQ Dr. Thomas E. Moak, E Mr. John Monaco Mr. Calvin M. Moniz, M Mr. Allan Jim Moore, BI Mr. John A. Moore, DA Mr. Boyce S. Moore, Jr. , GR Mr. Richard S. Morgan , DG Mr. Kenneth A. Morley, BE Mr. Rick J. Morocco Ms. Cindy B. Morrill Mr. Harold M. Morris Jr., G Mr. Joe C. Morris, Jr., GQ Mr. Joseph L. Morris, AM LT Stephen V. Motylinski, B Mr. Jared B. Mullen, DI Mr. Andrew C. Murphy, BW LTC Thomas R. Murray (Ret), DN Mr. Richard S. Myers Jr., DB Dr. H. Lee Mynatt, GL Mr. G. Lewis Myrick, GZ Mr. Michael W. Nantz, DM Mr. Vincent J. Naples Jr., DR Dr. J. Robert Natoli Jr., GL Mr. Pieter F. Nauta, B (LO# 2123) Mr. Corey N. Neal, E Mr. Michael S. Neal, GN Mr. Robert T. Neely, BK Mr. Christopher R.W. Nelson, ED Mr. Oscar B. Nelson, ED (LO# 1653) Mr. William E. Neylans, K Dr. Charles W. Nichol, BL Dr. Paul Hooper Nichols Jr., E Mr. L. Dee Nix, GS Mr. William C. Noell Jr., B Mr. J. Robert Nolley Jr., B Mr. Bryce R. Noone, Mr. Allen M. Norris, R Mr. Jan D. Norris, GM (LO# 1871) Mr. M. Talbot Nunnally III, E Mr. C. Armel Nutter Jr., BE Mr. Donald Hilding Nyman, B Ms. Virginia O'Connor Mr. Brian M. O'Neil, AI Mr. Thomas M. O'Neill, EM Mr. Richard T. Onley, BE (LO# 1732) Mr. John F. Ory, GU (LO# 59) Mr. Richard J. Osborn, GD Mr. Grover C. Outland III, B Mr. James M. Outland, B Mr. Thomas R. Oves Jr., BE Mr Durward W. Owen Mr. B. Duke Owens Jr., BD (LO# 1626) Mr. Stephen L. Owens, GR Mr. Timothy B. Owens, D Mr. John T. Pace IV, B Mr. Jim E. Painter Mr. John B. Painter Ms. Karen Painter

The Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation (KAOEF), a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization, was created in 1981 to promote the education of undergraduate and graduate students in academic improvement, leadership, alcohol and substance abuse prevention and other general educational areas. The KAOEF receives no government funding but provides a vehicle for tax-deductible contributions from alumni and friends to be made in support of KA. With these gifts, the KAOEF helps underwrite a number of educational programs to the benefit of the Order. For more information, contact: KAOEF 115 Liberty Hall Road P.O. Box 1865 Lexington, Virginia 24450 (540) 463-1865 - office (540) 463-2140 – fax

The new field staff house at Mulberry Hill is an accomplished goal of the recent KAOEF capital campaign and was dedicated in May.

Ways of giving Cash Gifts The most convenient and frequently used method of supporting the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation (KAOEF) is a gift of cash – personal check, credit card authorization or money order – made payable to the KAOEF and mailed to P.O. Box 1865, Lexington VA 24450. Online donations can also be made through the KAOEF website ( Appreciated Securities A gift of your appreciated stocks, bonds or mutual fund shares is an ideal way to support the KAOEF. The educational programs of the Order will benefit from your support and you will receive a tax deduction for your contributions. In addition, transferring the securities prior to liquidation will help you to avoid capital gains taxes. Please contact the KAOEF for personal assistance with the transfer of assets of this type. Real And Personal Property Your real estate and other marketable personal items can be given to the KAOEF as an outright gift. For tax purposes, the contributor may deduct the fair market value of the real estate. Items of personal property must be related to the KAOEF’s purpose and function to be fully deductible. For example, a brother can donate a percentage interest in a building to the KAOEF that can be sold and the proceeds would be directed to the KAOEF.

KA Journal


Winter 2010

Matching Gifts Many corporations will match gifts to the KAOEF. If you or your spouse works for one of these organizations, your gift could multiply. Please ask your human resources office if your company provides matching gifts to charitable organizations. If so, please ask your employer for the proper form to include with your gift. You can also visit to find out if your company matches charitable gifts. Planned Giving The KAOEF has benefited greatly from planned gifts in its past from members of the 1865 Trust and beyond. Inclusion of the KAOEF in your will or trust should reference the KAOEF, P.O. Box 1865, Lexington VA. Please visit for further information. Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation (KAOEF) 115 Liberty Hall Road / P.O. Box 1865 Lexington, VA 24450 (540) 463-1865 - office (540) 463-2140 - fax


On Campus

Zeta Rho Chapter participates in a Greek week event on campus

Alpha Chapter Washington & Lee University The men of Alpha have been especially busy in the past few months, with captains on both the football and baseball teams and contributing members to the tennis and lacrosse teams. The chapter has begun a charitable program with the Boxerwood Gardens Daycare Center to provide additional educational programs that aren't currently available to the children there. Members of Alpha have also assumed leadership positions on the Student Judicial Council, the InterFraternity Council, and Mock Convention, a Washington & Lee University staple. Through community outreach, members of Alpha have also taken volunteer coaching positions at Rockbridge County High School and the Lexington Lacrosse League. The chapter also hosted a successful Young Alumni Weekend during the recent homecoming festivities, which saw many alumni from the past 10 years, reconnect with their chapter. Iota Chapter Furman University The brothers of Iota helped construct a playground at the A.J. Whittenberg Elementary School of Engineering in Greenville, South Carolina. This is a brand new elementary school in downtown

Greenville that had recently been constructed, but had run out of finances to complete the playground. The men spent a Sunday afternoon putting the finishing touches on the facility to make it usable for the school’s students.

and causes, including annual events for MDA, maintaining the chapter’s standing service to the Salvation Army and the Second Harvest Food Bank, and helping with the cleanup of the grounds of Bearden United Methodist Church.

Mu Chapter University of Tulsa

Upsilon Chapter University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

The gentlemen of Mu inducted 13 new members this fall, and also hosted a dinner benefiting MDA that raised $1,300. The Mu intramural team also made it to the quarterfinals in flag football. Pi Chapter University of Tennessee The brothers of Pi Chapter held the chapter’s Second Annual Parents Weekend in September, with a dinner at the prestigious Knoxville venue Club Le Conte and a tailgate on Saturday before the football game against University of Alabama at Birmingham. There were 141 total attendees for the dinner at Club Le Conte, including the families of active brothers and new members. The guest speaker for the event was Jim Lawson, current Province Commander for Feller Province and the chapter’s alumnus advisor. The men of Pi also continue to participate in several philanthropic events

KA Journal


Winter 2010

The men of Upsilon averaged 21 service hours per member this past spring by participating in the 2nd Annual Hoops for Hope Basketball Tournament and spaghetti dinner with a sorority to benefit MDA in which $2,400 was raised. Several brothers also managed and participated in the first annual Interfraternity Council Chick-Fil-A Challenge Run, and recently hosted The Crimson Gift blood drive on campus. Alpha Delta Chapter William Jewell College Last semester the men of Alpha Delta achieved a 3.30 GPA as a chapter, above the all-fraternity average and all-men’s average on campus. Alpha Delta also won the weeklong Homecoming competition between all Greek organizations on campus. In addition, the brothers presented a check worth $4,500 to MDA in August, part of it from a sand volleyball

On Campus tournament that they hosted on the William Jewell campus, and accumulated 1,200 hours of community service in the house this past year, which translates to about 40 hours per brother. Alpha Zeta Chapter College of William & Mary The men of Alpha Zeta are proud to have inducted 10 new brothers into the Order. Other highlights of the year include raising over $500 for MDA through a philanthropy event, and receiving the Inter-Fraternalism Award and the Scholarship Award for Greek Life Excellence from the College of William & Mary. Alpha Eta Chapter Westminster College The men of Alpha Eta started the intramural season off with a bang after playing the softball semi-finals and championship game in the same night. The gentlemen have been striving for excellence in academics, and have enjoyed two formal dinners and a Halloween party this fall.

Iota Chapter brothers help construct a playground at the A.J. Whittenberg Elementary School of Engineering in Greenville, South Carolina

Alpha Kappa Chapter University of Missouri The members of Alpha Kappa held their annual philanthropy, the KA Rose Bowl, in September. The Rose Bowl is a flag football tournament in which sororities compete, receiving points based on banners, serenades, and t-shirt sales. Strong participation by eight sororities with 13 teams resulted in more than $5,000 being raised for MDA. Beta Alpha Chapter Missouri University of Science and Technology

Beta Delta Chapter Georgetown College This semester the men of Beta Delta participated in the MDA phone-a-thon, in a “poop scoop” where 12 actives volunteered to follow horses in a small town parade called “Festival of the Horse” in Georgetown, Kentucky, and in Homecoming festivities. They also spruced up the chapter house by painting the bench in front, participated in Songfest where all the actives performed a skit, and cooked a large breakfast for the alumni who visited during Homecoming. The men held some rush events during the


fall semester, in addition to tailgating at every home football game. The brothers also meet weekly for poker night. Beta Zeta Chapter University of Florida The brothers of Beta Zeta have been busy working on two separate philanthropic events. The first is the 2nd Annual Rock Paper Scissors Tournament, will be benefiting MDA; the second is a can drive to benefit the Second Harvesters Food Bank in New Orleans, which helps support fisherman who are out of work after the oil spill, with the brothers collecting cans and driving them to New Orleans.

This year at Beta Alpha’s Homecoming celebration several members of the active chapter received scholarships from the Students’ Educational and Loan Foundation. Twenty-three scholarships were given representing a total of over $27,000, all made possible by the generosity of alumni, both as individuals and groups. The brothers also held a glassware auction with the actives, made possible by a large donation of historic glassware from Brother Mike Anderson. All proceeds from the auction were contributed to MDA.

Kappa brothers (L to R) Andrew Robinson, Robert Boswell IV, Jeremy Parker, and Karsten Derendorf visit a castle in France during their two-week trip to Europe this past year.

On Campus portrayed in the movie Black Hawk Down) spoke on behalf of the veterans in attendance. The barbecue raised a total of $4,000. Gamma Lambda Chapter University of North Texas The gentlemen of Gamma Lambda are proud to announce they recently took 19 new pledges, and raised over $5,000 at their MDA Golf Tournament last spring. Gamma Pi Chapter Florida Southern University

Epsilon Phi brothers pulled a 130,000 lb. airplane 12 feet in 7.8 seconds to raise $1,500 for the Special Olympics at the Dulles Day Plane Pull in September.

The brothers of Gamma Pi held their first annual pig roast to express appreciation for the instructors at FSU, and the event was a huge success, establishing new friendships and promoting an increased camaraderie among students and staff. The gentlemen are also having a weekly brother breakfast and participating in various community service projects. Gamma Sigma Chapter West Texas A&M University Gamma Sigma is celebrating more than 50 years at West Texas A&M, and has some of the highest grades on campus and the largest new member classes. Each semester, gentlemen of the chapter collectively donate more than 100 hours of their time to the local philanthropy, the Eveline Rivers Christmas Project, helping nearly 10,000 local children receive Christmas presents and providing approximately 4,000 children with warm winter coats. Gamma Chi Chapter Texas Tech University

Gamma Sigma brothers, West Texas A&M University

Beta Pi Chapter Presbyterian University The brothers of Beta Pi have been hard at work improving the house by re-finishing the floors and painting. October brought about another exciting rush season, when 11 new members began their pledge education. Also in October was another successful Homecoming, and quickly approaching in March is the Second Annual Alumni Golf Tournament benefiting MDA. The first event was a huge success, and the gentlemen would love to keep this new tradition going strong. If any Beta Pi alumni are

interested in participating, please contact Number VI, Lewis Stover, at lrstover@ Gamma Eta Chapter Florida State University The brothers of the Gamma Eta chapter hosted a barbecue to raise money and awareness for homeless veterans. It was a great turnout, with more than enough support from local veterans and alumni who were looking to help the cause. Brother Luke Murphy, who has endured numerous surgeries after being wounded by a roadside bomb in Iraq, and Colonel Danny McKnight (the captain

KA Journal


Winter 2010

Gamma Chi has had a very productive fall semester, raising funds for MDA with the chapter’s 30th annual Kalf Fry concert. The men also had a very successful fall rush and currently have 40 members awaiting initiation. Delta Omicron Chapter Clemson University The Delta Omicron chapter brought in a great group of 27 students during fall rush improving its already outstanding chapter. The fraternity also raised $2,000 for the Cavalry Children’s Home by competing and winning in a cardboard boat race at Lake Hartwell. The chapter welcomed its alumni the weekend of October 22 as the fraternity hosted a small get together the

On Campus night before the Tigers played host to the Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech.

participated in its first ever Operation Crimson Gift Blood Drive in October.

Epsilon Lambda Chapter Miami University

Zeta Zeta Chapter Wingate University

The brothers of Epsilon Lambda have been busy during the chapter’s 29th year. Over the summer, 13 of the men traveled to San Pedros Sula, Honduras for a week of service work in a garbage dump community, continuing work they had started the previous summer by planting trees in the grounds of the medical center and school, and digging a hole for a new septic system at the nursery.

The chapter experienced a tremendous loss with the passing of Alumni Brother Graham Gill, former Number 1, who passed away on Sunday morning July 25, 2010. Before the start of the fall semester many alumni and friends gathered to celebrate Graham’s life, where they honored and remembered him and what he stood for.

Epsilon Sigma Chapter University of West Florida

Zeta Iota Chapter Indiana State University The men of Zeta Iota have been involved in community cleanup and with

the Jerry’s Kids MDA Telethon, helping raise more than $30,000, and recently participated in Homecoming activities. The chapter is also proud to have 28 new pledges. Zeta Mu Chapter University of Washington The brothers of Zeta Mu inducted nine members in October, raising the chapter’s total to 27 members, the largest total since Zeta Mu’s founding 13 years ago. The men are also bolstering their efforts towards social and philanthropic events. Zeta Rho Chapter University of Arkansas Fort Smith The gentlemen of Zeta Rho completed

The brothers of Epsilon Sigma took in a fall pledge class of seven fine new men they believe will benefit the chapter in many ways. The brothers have also created new strategies to better their GPA, from a new scholarship plan to more regimented study hours.

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Epsilon Tau Chapter Northern Arizona University The men of Epsilon Tau have been focusing on community service, including showing support for some of the sororities on campus by participating in their philanthropy events. Participation by the men at the Tri Delta Watermelon Crawl and the Gamma Phi Beta Golf event were both high, as they helped raise money for the St. Jude Children's Hospital and Camp Fire USA.

Zeta Mu's Alpha Delta class with their I, II, III and Rose.

The brothers also completed their semi-annual cleaning of Plaza Way, a local street they have adopted in the name of Kappa Alpha. Also, the brothers hosted a family weekend gift basket auction at a local restaurant, raising $300 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Epsilon Phi Chapter George Mason University

Gamma Eta Chapter brothers host a barbecue to raise money and awareness for homeless veterans, and raised $4,000.


The Epsilon Phi Chapter had a successful Rush Week with the induction of 21 new members, the largest pledge class the chapter has seen it its 20-year history, and adding to the 35 currently active brothers. Twenty-five brothers participated in the Dulles Day Plane Pull in September, with the gentlemen pulling a 130,000-pound Boeing 757 plane 12 feet in 7.8 seconds and raising $1,500 for Special Olympics. The chapter also

On Campus

Kappa Alpha Order Spring 2010 GPA Report Total Chapter University/College


Total Chapter University/College

3.4100 Duke University Alpha Phi


3.4100 Princeton University


University of Missouri Alpha Kappa

Zeta Beta


James Madison University


Univ. of Southern California Provisional


West Virginia Wesleyan College


University of California - Berkeley Alpha Xi


Tennessee Tech University


Stanford University Alpha Pi


Western Carolina University Delta Alpha

3.2970 Emory University Epsilon 3.2968

Vanderbilt University


3.2700 Austin Peay State University Provisional

2.9600 Randolph-Macon College 2.9350

Washington College

Zeta Theta Beta Chi Zeta Epsilon Zeta Beta Omega

2.9330 Arizona State University Epsilon Omega


College of William and Mary Alpha Zeta


Millsaps College Alpha Mu


Transylvania University Alpha Theta


Centenary College Alpha Iota


University of Washington

Zeta Mu

2.8840 Hampden Sydney College Alpha Tau


University of Richmond Eta

2.8810 Arkansas State University Delta Eta


University of Virginia Lambda


3.2000 Drury University 3.1800

Wake Forest University


Beta Iota


Western Kentucky University Epsilon Theta

William Jewell College Alpha Delta


Wingate University

Zeta Zeta


University of Tennessee Pi


Nicholls State University Epsilon Beta


University of Georgia Gamma


Missouri State University Gamma Beta


Tulane University Psi


University of Tennessee at Martin Delta Upsilon

3.1520 Delta State University Delta Beta


Florida State University Gamma Eta


University of North Carolina


University of Tulsa


Washington and Lee University Alpha

2.8480 Louisiana State University Alpha Gamma


University of the South Alpha Alpha



University of Maryland

2.8300 Lambuth University Gamma Omicron


Furman University Omicron



Clemson University Delta Omicron

2.8100 Georgia Southern University Delta Theta


Beta Kappa


Texas A&M University Epsilon Delta Missouri University S&T

Beta Alpha

3.1100 Georgia Tech University Alpha Sigma


Birmingham-Southern College Phi



University of Kentucky

Texas Wesleyan University

Zeta Xi


3.1000 George Washington University Alpha Nu

2.8000 Purdue University Epsilon Rho


University of Delaware

2.7942 Oklahoma State University


Bethany College

Beta Epsilon Beta Beta


Indiana State University

Beta Xi Zeta Iota


Florida Gulf Coast University

Zeta Pi


University of South Alabama Epsilon Alpha


Miami University Epsilon Lambda


University of NC - Charlotte Epsilon Xi

3.0700 Davidson College 3.0658


2.7733 Auburn University


McNeese State University Delta Xi


Missouri Southern State University Delta Pi University of Louisiana-Monroe Gamma Nu


University of South Carolina Rho



Univ. of Arkansas-Fort Smith

2.7540 Presbyterian College


Southwestern University

Zeta Rho

Beta Pi



Newberry College Delta Epsilon University of North Texas Gamma Lambda


Wofford College Delta



Westminster College Alpha Eta

2.7220 Georgetown College


Beta Delta

Southern Illinois University Provisional


University of Alabama Alpha Beta

3.0100 Rhodes College Alpha Epsilon


Virginia Tech University Epsilon Eta

3.0100 Elon University Epsilon Mu


Texas Tech University Gamma Chi


West Texas A&M University Gamma Sigma


Stephen F. Austin State University Delta Kappa


University of Florida

Beta Zeta

Please note that all but one grade report (Omicron) was received. The chapters listed below meet the Kappa Alpha Order national 2.7 GPA standard. If your chapter is not listed, it did not meet the standard.

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Winter 2010

On Campus the third year in a row. The men are also planning the chapter’s 30th reunion in April 2011. North Carolina State University Alpha Omega (Smith Province)

Austin Peay State University Provisional Chapter brothers participate in their campus’ Mud bowl competition event.

the spring 2010 semester with the highest GPA of all Greek organizations, and higher also than the all-men’s average. The men were also awarded the Risk Management Reduction Award and were victors of Greek Week. Brother Ian Miller was crowned Greek God during the spring semester and Brother James L. Bauer was crowned Mr. UAFS 2010. In the most current semester, the chapter was recognized with a first place designation in Academic Week. Rush was also a success with a 12-man pledge class, making the active men count 30 strong. The brothers also worked with the local chapters of Susan G. Komen for the Cure in their annual “Paint the Park Pink” event, and have continued to contribute to the community through the “Adopt-aHighway” program.

PROVISIONAL: Austin Peay State University New Chapter (Forester Province)

Georgia College Epsilon Nu (Hardeman Province) The new chapter at Georgia College consists of approved former initiates of Epsilon Nu, former new members who remained loyal to the Order and have since rejoined and “brand new” members who were recruited this fall. This totals 32 members who have committed to restoring Epsilon Nu to full active status. To start the process of being re-chartered in spring of 2011, the chapter has already held many rush events and had its induction ceremony on September 30. In the past year, members of the chapter have been heavily involved in the Student Government Association at Georgia College, with several members serving as officers. Many of the brothers are involved with the school’s bass fishing team; two brothers, Joshua Futch and Jared Kutil, competed in the National Guard FLW College Fishing tournament on Lake Chickamauga in Hixson, Tennessee and took second place out of about 40 teams, receiving a check for $2,500. During a Kappa Kappa Gamma golf philanthropy event, four of the men took first place. In Greek Week, the Order won third place while winning basketball for

University of Southern California Beta Sigma (Neal Province) The brothers of USC provisional chapter continue to excel academically. This past spring the chapter posted the 3rd highest GPA of all fraternities on campus with a 3.40 achieved! The chapter continues to work towards further recruitment and this spring will see an increase in support locally and nationally. Alumni leadership is working with the school to continue housing discussions for the future. This remains the primary focus for success at USC. The Order is committed to long-term success at the University of Southern California. We anticipate a petition for chartering to be submitted in early 2011. Southern Illinois University-Carbondale New Chapter (Frampton Province) The brothers at SIU have continued to fine-tune their chapter operations. With a 3.02 spring GPA and number one on campus in grades, the men are well on their way to becoming an award winning chapter. Recruitment has picked up greatly, a petition to be granted a charter is almost completed, and the fervor to be installed as the newest chapter in the order is exciting in Carbondale. The chapter sent many members to Emerging Leaders Academy this past summer, and plans to send the entire membership to province council this spring. Approval for chartering should come no later than in early 2011.

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Kappa Alpha Order has been making great strides at APSU by becoming more visible on campus. From the beginning of the semester to the fraternity’s first formal rush, the chapter jumped from 12 members to 20 members in a six-week period. It has also been more active in campus activities as well, participating in the Mudbowl competition, the Austin Peay Leadership Series, and the organization and club fair. The chapter was also crowned intramural champions in the "B" Section of the AP Soccer League and had the pleasure of participating in its first set

of homecoming activities. Academically, they remain committed to exceptional results with this past spring’s GPA for the chapter totaling 3.27. While only organized for a few weeks, this GPA placed KA as the top fraternity on campus.

During the spring semester of 2010, the brothers of Alpha Omega held their first Convivium as well as their first Old South since returning to NC State. The 2010 fall semester saw a very successful rush, filled with great social events related to it. The chapter’s application for charter has been submitted and the brothers, forty members strong, are working hard to that end. Alumni support for the membership has been strong in the form of advising and support. If academic results increase then chartering should be around the corner in 2011.

On Campus

Kappa Alpha Order Risk Management Policy The Risk Management Policy of Kappa Alpha Order, adopted by the Executive Council pursuant to R16-118, mirrors that of FIPG, Inc., and shall apply to all entities and all levels of fraternity membership. It may be found as Appendix 401 of The Kappa Alpha Laws and includes the following provisions:

ALCOHOL AND DRUGS 1. The possession, sale, use and/ or consumption of alcoholic beverages while on chapter premises, or during a fraternity event, in any situation sponsored or endorsed by the chapter, or at any event an observer would associate with the fraternity, must be in compliance with any and all applicable laws of the state, province, county, city and institution of higher education, and must comply with either BYOB or Third-Party Vendor guidelines. 2. No alcoholic beverages may be purchased through or with chapter funds nor may the purchase of same for members or guests be undertaken or coordinated by any member in the or on behalf of the chapter. The purchase or use of a bulk quantity or common sources of such alcoholic beverage, for example kegs, or cases are prohibited. 3. Open parties, without specific invitation, where alcohol is present are prohibited. Open parties have been defined as those functions at which the guest-to-member ratio exceeds three-toone. 4. No chapter members, collectively or individually, shall purchase for, serve to, or sell alcoholic beverages to any minor (i.e., those under the legal “drinking age”). 5. The possession, sale and/or use of any illegal drugs or controlled substances at any chapter house, sponsored event or at any event that an observer would associate with the fraternity, is strictly prohibited. 6. No chapter may co-sponsor an event with a distributor of alcohol, charitable organization or tavern (tavern defined as an establishment generating more

than half of its annual gross sales from alcohol) where alcohol is given away, sold or otherwise provided to those present. This includes any event held in, at, or on the property of tavern, as defined above, for the purposes of fundraising. However, a chapter may rent or use a room or area in a tavern, as defined above, for an event held within the provisions of this policy, including the use of a third-party vendor and guest list. 7. No chapter may co-sponsor or co-finance or attend or participate in a function where alcohol is purchased by any of the host chapters, groups or organizations. 8. All recruitment or rush activities associated with any chapter will be non-alcoholic. No recruitment or rush activities associated with any chapter may be held at or in conjunction with a tavern or alcohol distributor as defined in this policy. 9. No member or pledge/associate/new member/novice shall permit, tolerate, encourage or participate in “drinking games.” 10. No alcohol shall be present at any member awaiting initiation/pledge/ new member program or activity of the chapter. This includes, but is not limited to, activities associated with “bid night,” “big brother/little brother” events or activities, “family” events or activities and initiation.

HAZING No chapter, student or alumnus shall conduct nor condone hazing activities. Permission or approval by a person being hazed is not a defense. Hazing activities are defined as: “Any action taken or situation created, intentionally, whether on or off fraternity premises, to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule. Such activities may include, but are not limited to, the following: use of alcohol; paddling in any form; creation of excessive fatigue; physical and psychological shocks; use of pledge books or signature books, quests, treasure

KA Journal


Winter 2010

hunts, scavenger hunts, road trips or any other such activities carried on outside or inside the confines of the chapter house; wearing of public apparel which is conspicuous and not normally in good taste; engaging in public stunts and buffoonery; morally degrading or humiliating games and activities; and any other activities which are not consistent with fraternal law, ritual or policy or the regulations and policies of the educational institution.”

SEXUAL ABUSE AND HARASSMENT The fraternity will not tolerate or condone any form of sexist or sexually abusive behavior on the part of its members whether physical, mental or emotional. This is to include any actions, activities or events, whether on chapter premises or an off-site location which is demeaning to women or men, including but not limited to verbal harassment and sexual assault by individuals or members acting together. The employment or use of str ippers, exotic dancers or similar, whether professional or amateur, at a fraternity event as defined in this policy is prohibited.

FIRE, HEALTH, AND SAFETY 1. All chapter houses shall, prior to, during and following occupancy, meet all local fire and health codes and standards. 2. All chapters must have posted by common phones and in other locations emergency numbers for fire, police and ambulance and should have posted evacuation routes on the back of the door of each sleeping room. 3. All chapters shall comply with engineering recommendations as reported by the insurance company or municipal authorities. 4. The possession and/or use of firearms, archery equipment, incendiary devices such as fireworks or explosive devices of any kind within the confines and premises of the chapter house are prohibited.

On Campus

SPECIAL EVENTS Special events are defined as any event/function (1) where alcohol will be present, and the guest-to-member ratio exceeds three-to-one; (2) involving athletic events or competitions; or (3) that involves any activity that is deemed to be potentially hazardous by the Alumnus Adviser, the Alumni Advisory Committee, the Province Commander, the Executive Director, or the Order’s insurance broker. Any chapter wishing to host a special event must do the following: 1. Complete a comprehensive, written description of the event and forward it to the Province Commander and the Executive Director for review and approval. This information must be received by the Executive Director at least 60 days prior to the event; and 2. Secure a Special Events Insurance Policy (“Policy”) or pay a risk management assessment fee in an amount to be determined by the Order’s insurance broker. If the Policy option is selected, the Policy shall be in the amount of $1,000,000 available through the Order’s insurance broker and shall name Kappa Alpha Order, a Virginia Corporation, as an additional insured.

EDUCATION Each student member, associate member and pledge shall be instructed annually on the Kappa Alpha Order Risk Management Policy. A copy of the Risk Management Policy shall be available on the fraternity website.

Southern Methodist University Beta Lambda (Mikell Province)

and another future chapter in the Order’s ranks!

The new chapter at Southern Methodist has a similar path of reintroduction into the campus and the great Kappa Alpha community. Initially eight former initiates, now numbering nine, along with a large handful of upperclassmen new members have formed the young SMU provisional chapter. Interest among freshmen to join KA has been extremely high, which should yield a formidable sized spring new member class. One factor to our success has been a values-based, dry approach to recruitment. The alumni advisory committee is chaired by former national staff member Randy Beard (BΛ – Southern Methodist ’57) and has initiates from Beta Lambda from the past many decades. Along with a chartering petition to be submitted this spring, we look for the chapter to succeed in initiation. Finally, the goal is to re-occupy the house on campus by fall 2011.

University of Houston Gamma Mu (Walsh Province)

University of Tennessee-Chattanooga New Chapter (Feller Province)

The Order is proud to announce the approval by the University of Houston and their local IFC for Kappa Alpha Order to restore our dormant Gamma Mu chapter. Efforts are underway for planning of timeline and calendar. Alumni from the chapter and/or other alumni near the university are encouraged to contact the national administrative office for interest in recruitment, advising, and housing. Staff will be on campus in the spring to recruit and establish a provisional chapter. Do you have an idea for a location for a new chapter? Know a strong student leader attending a school where a KA chapter doesn’t exist? Want to lead a long-term effort to restore your chapter? To discuss these and to inquire more about the chapters listed above, contact Jesse S. Lyons, Director of Chapter Development at

National staff and alumni are currently recruiting students at UTC to form our newest provisional chapter. Goodwill from campus, administration, and the general Greek community has been overwhelming. All signs point to a successful project

Editor’s Note: An on campus report can be submitted at any time the chapter has news to report. To submit an update with photographs, please email the editor at Email notices are also sent to the Chapter Historian prior to each issue of the magazine to solicit news prior to submission deadlines. If you are an alumnus and would like to see your chapter report their news, please contact the chapter directly to encourage their participation.


Did you know that these standards have been in place since 1987 when KA served as a founding member of the Fraternity Insurance Purchasing Group? FIPG is now known as the Fraternity Information and Programming Group.

Alpha Omega Provisional Chapter brothers participate in NC State’s Hotdogs for Heroes

Sports Page

by Jay Langhammer

KA’s best of the decade in sports

During the first decade (2000-2009) of the 21st century, members of Kappa Alpha Order have continued the legacy of great KA athletes and coaches. Listed in alphabetical order are the brothers who have had the greatest success over the last ten years: DAVY ARNAUD (ΓΣ-West Texas A&M ’00) is KA’s all-time leading pro soccer star. As a college junior, he was his school’s first Division II AllAmerican, then was selected by the Kansas City Wizards of Major League Soccer. From 2003 through 2009, he played 150 games for the Wizards. His highlights include leading the team to the MLS Cup final in 2004; winning the team’s Heart Award in 2007-08; playing for the U.S. National Team in 2007-08-09; winning MLS All-Star honors in 2009; and

scoring his first international goal versus Haiti in the Gold Cup tournament. Arnaud is still with the Wizards and is now team captain. TONY AZEVEDO (AΠ-Stanford ’02) has been the world’s top water polo player for most of this decade. Over four years at Stanford, he set a career record with 332 goals; was an AllAmerican every year; won the Peter J. Cutino Award as the top male player all four years and led the Cardinals to NCAA championships in 200102. He was on the U.S. Olympic team in 2000 and 2004, then won a silver medal with the U.S. team at the 2008 Olympics while serving as team captain. From 2004 to 2006, he played pro water polo with Team Bissolati in Italy, where he was among the 10 highest paid pro players

KA Journal


Winter 2010

before returning to the U.S. national team at the Melbourne World Championships. BILLY BENNETT (Δ-Georgia ’02) kicked more field goals than anyone in the history of college football. He is the NCAA record holder for most field goals in a season (31), field goals in a career (87) and the highest season percentage on field goals over 40 yards (72.1% on 31 of 43). He also ranks fourth in NCAA career points with 409 from 2000 through 2003 as the Bulldogs played in four straight bowl games. Bennett kicked a longest field goal of 55 yards, was All-Southeastern Conference twice, served as 2003 special teams captain and played in the East-West Shrine Game and Village Gridiron Classic.

Sports Page DICK BIDDLE (AΦ-Duke ’69) is the winningest football coach in Colgate history and is now in his 15th season. His teams had a winning record nine straight years from 2000 through 2009 with four Patriot Football League Coach of the Year selections and six appearances in the FCS playoffs. In 2003, he was American Football Coaches Association National Coach of the Year after a 15-1 record and berth in the national championship game. DAVID BINN (AΞ-Cal-Berkeley ’92) has played in more National Football League games (256) and seasons (17) than any other KA player. During the 2000 to 2009 decade, he started 160 straight contests as the San Diego Chargers’ deep snapper on punts, field goals and extra points. Binn was chosen for the 2007 Pro Bowl Game.

MARTY BRENNAMAN (Z-Randolph-Macon ’61), who just finished his 46th season as a broadcaster for the Cincinnati Reds, earned numerous honors over the last decade. In 2000, he won the Ford C. Frick Award presented to a broadcaster for major contributions to baseball. He spoke during the Hall of Fame induction ceremony and had his name added to a plaque in the Hall’s library. In 2005, he was inducted into the National Sportscasters/Sportswriters Association Hall of Fame and the National Radio Hall of Fame. JARRON COLLINS (AΠ-Stanford ’00) was a two-time All-American basketball center who finished his career in the school’s top ten for career rebounds, blocked shots, field goal percentage and games played. The Utah Jazz of the

National Basketball Association drafted him second in the 2001 draft and he played 408 regular season and 25 playoff games over eight seasons with the club (2002- 2009). He was with the Phoenix Suns in 2010. JASON COLLINS (AΠ -Stanford ’00) was an All-American forward/center in 2001 and finished as the Cardinal leader in field goal shooting (60.8%) and fifth in blocked shots with 89. He was the 18th player picked in the NBA draft’s first round by the Houston Rockets in 2001, but was traded to the New Jersey Nets before the start of the season. He was with the Nets continued next page. . .


Sports Page and played 510 regular season games plus 75 playoff contests before being traded to the Memphis Grizzlies in 2008. He joined the Minnesota Timberwolves for 31 games in 2009 and played for the Atlanta Hawks in 2010.

2007 Visa U.S. National Championships all-around title then was an alternate on the U.S. squad that won a bronze medal at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He was a Stanford assistant coach in 2009 and is still on the Team USA gymnastics squad.

BEN CRENSHAW (O-Texas ’71), who was named the KA Sportsman of the Century in 2006, continued his high level of play during the first decade of the 21st century. After playing a few tournaments on the PGA Tour in 200001, he joined the Champions Tour and did well through 2009, earning more than $2,500,000 and ranking in the top 50 Champion money winners from 2006 through 2009. In 2001, he received the Payne Stewart Award and, in 2002, was inducted into the World Golf Hall of Fame.

TOM HAMMOND (θ-Kentucky ’63) has continued to be seen on a variety of TV events for NBC, including summer and winter Olympic coverage, the Kentucky Derby, the Breeders Cup, Notre Dame football and NFL playoff games during 2007-09. He has also been the chief play-by-play commentator for Lincoln Financial Sports coverage of Southeastern Conference basketball. Hammond has also hosted figure skating, gymnastics and harness racing events for the network.

HOMER DREW (AΔ-William Jewell ’63) continued as KA’s leading college basketball coach through the decade and is still head man at Valparaiso. After stints at Bethel and Indiana-South Bend, he took over at Valparaiso in 1989, retired for a year in 2003 then was back at the helm in 2004. His 2000 team (19-13) went to the NCAA playoffs, followed by a 24-8 mark in 2001. The 2002 club had a 25-8 record, earning him Mid-Continent Coach of the Year honors and another NCAA berth. His teams during the 2000-09 years won 165 contests and his career record is now 617-408. DAVID DURANTE (AΠ -Stanford ’01) was a 2002 AllAmerican gymnast and was on the U.S. Men’s Senior National Team for seven seasons. He won the all-around title at the 2005-06 Winter Cup Challenge meet and was on the 2006 World Championship team. He captained the squad to fourth place at the 2007 World Championship event. Durante won the

KEVIN HANSEN (AΠ -Stanford ’02) was a gold medal winner as a setter on Team USA’s volleyball team at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and has played professionally in recent years. A first team All-American in 2005, he was named to the U.S. team that went to the 2005 World University Games. From 2006 to this year, he has played and won medals in international competition, including the FIVB World League, Pan American Games (2007 silver medal) and NORCEA Continental Championships. His pro experience has included stints in Portugal, France and Russia. PAUL JOHNSON (ΔA-Western Carolina ’77) is one of college football’s most successful coaches and the current head man at Georgia Tech. In 2000 while at Georgia Southern, he won the NCAA Division I-AA championship and was AFCA Coach of the Year. Following a 12-2 record in 2002, he went to Navy and went to bowl games from 2003 to 2007 while earning Bobby Dodd Coach of the Year honors in 2004.

KA Journal


Winter 2010

Johnson took over the Tech program in 2008 and his 2009 squad was 11-3 with an Orange Bowl berth. He was Atlantic Coast Conference Coach of the Year in both 2008 and 2009. PETER MARSHALL (AΠ -Stanford ’03) was one of the top U.S. swimmers of the decade. He was NCAA 100 meter backstroke champion three times, earned All-American status 12 times and won the 2004 Biff Hoffman Award as Stanford’s most outstanding male senior athlete. Marshall is a former world record holder in the 50 meter and 100 meter backstroke events and excelled in international competition through 2008. At the Pan American Games (2003, 2007), he won two gold and one silver medal. At World Championships events in 2002, 2004 and 2008, he earned four gold, one silver and two bronze medals. TIM McCARVER (ΓΓ-Memphis ’62) may be better known now as one of baseball’s top TV broadcasters than as a four decade stellar big league catcher. TV Guide ranked him as one of the top ten sportscasters of all time and he has done more World Series games than any other broadcaster. McCarver was a color analyst for the New York Yankees in 2000-01 and has been part of the Fox Network baseball telecasts since 1996. He has also hosted a nationally syndicated sports interview program called The Tim McCarver Show. WILL MUSCHAMP (Γ-Georgia ’92) is one of college football’s top defensive coaches. He joined LSU as linebackers coach in 2001and was promoted to defensive coordinator for 2002. The next season, the Tigers’ strong defense helped them win the national championship. Following the 2004 season, Muschamp joined the NFL Miami Dolphins as assistant head coach

Sports Page in charge of defense, but just stayed two seasons. He joined Auburn’s staff and was a 2007 finalist for the Broyles Award as the top assistant coach in college football. He went to the University of Texas as defensive coordinator before the 2008 season. On November 18, 2008, the University announced Muschamp would eventually become head coach when Mac Brown retires. SHO NAKAMORI (AΠ -Stanford ’06) is a top U.S. gymnast currently training for the 2012 Olympics. He was an All-American in two events at the 2006 NCAA meet and was on the 2007 USA National Team at the World Championships. Nakamori was a 2008 AllAmerican in three events and was named to the USA Senior Men’s National Team. As 2009 captain, he led Stanford to the NCAA title while winning three All-American awards. A finalist for the Nissen-Emery Award as top male senior gymnast, he was MPSF male Gymnast of the Year, Pacific-10 Conference top senior male athlete and winner of an NCAA postgraduate scholarship. HUNTER OWEN (AM-Millsaps ’04) was KA’s top collegiate baseball player during the decade and was named to the AllDecade second team of standout players

from NCAA Division III schools. The hardhitting outfielder was named Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference Player of the Year in both 2007 and 2008. His career average was .382, with 201 hits, 41 home runs and 186 runs batted in. Owen played minor league baseball in 2009 and 2010 after finishing at Millsaps. MARKUS ROGAN (AΠ -Stanford ’03) was a 2004 Olympic silver medal-winning swimmer for Austria and world record holder in the 200-meter backstroke, first setting the mark in 2005 and re-setting the record (1:47.84) on April 13, 2008. Born in Vienna, he went to high school in Virginia and had his first international success in 2000, flying to Australia to compete at the 2000 Sydney Olympics. Rogan placed second in the 200 at the 2001 World Championships then went to Stanford. He was 2002 NCAA champ in the 100 and 200 meter events, placed second in the 100 and 200 events in 2003 then was All-American in five events at the 2004 NCAA meet. Following the Olympics, he was elected as Austria’s Sportsman of the Year. Now a resident of Italy, Rogan has since won a gold (200) and silver medal (100) at the 2007 World University Games; won the 2008 European Championships titles in the 100 and 200; won a gold medal at the 2008 World Championships; swam at the 2009 World Games; and won a silver in the 200 IM at the 2010 European Championships.

JAY SIGEL (T-Wake Forest ’63) has been a leading golfer on the Champions Tour since 1993 and has won seven tournaments. In this decade, he won the Farmers Charity Event in 2002, The Bayer Advantage Celebrity Pro-Am in 2003 and the 2006 Georgia-Pacific Grand Champions meet. After battling injuries most of 2000-01, he was the 2002 Champions Tour Comeback Player of the Year after ranking 24th with $843,526 in earnings. He ranked 29th in 2003 after winning $721,989 then was 34th in 2004 with $593,815 and six top-10 finishes. Sigel continued on the Champions Tour and earned an additional $844,311 between 2005 and 2009. BRANDT SNEDEKER (X-Vanderbilt ’00) won the 2003 U.S. Amateur golf title before playing on the Nationwide Tour from 2004 until 2006, when he won two titles and was ninth on the tour money list to earn his PGA Tour spot in 2007. In his first tournament, the Buick Open, he shot a course record 61 in the opening round and finished third. Snedeker’s earnings that year were $2,836,643 and won him PGA Tour Rookie of the Year honors. In 2008, he played on the U.S. team at the World Cup meet, tied for third at the Masters and earned $1,531,442. His 2009 earnings were $1,483,557 with a second place tie at the John Deere Classic.

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Foundation Today

Beta Commission leads the charge Brothers step up to close fundraising gap

Since 1866 Kappa Alpha Order has celebrated the success of one of its greatest partnerships, the Beta Commission at Virginia Military Institute (Beta Chapter through 1885). During their years at VMI, our initiated brothers exemplified the ideals of Kappa Alpha through their love of learning, commitment to excellence, leadership, and sense of public service. Upon graduation, they were selected by their peers to become one of “Marshall’s Men.” Last year, Kappa Alpha Order commemorated the 50th anniversary of General of the Army George C. Marshall’s death. General Marshall is one of Beta Commission’s most influential and distinguished brothers. The commemoration not only celebrated the life and achievements of General Marshall, but also recognized the Commission’s role in continuing to exemplify the ideals of the Order. As you know, this past year has been difficult for many organizations across

accepting defeat is never an option.

“It is not enough to fight. It is the spirit which we bring to the fight that decides the issue.” General George C. Marshall, Beta Commission 1901

the country, and the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation (KAOEF) is no exception. In these challenging times, it would have been easy for the Order to discontinue its leadership education and values-based training opportunities, but we know that these types of programs are more essential today than at any other time. Therefore, Kappa Alpha Order has remained aggressive in our approach to educational opportunities. When KA men are faced with adversity, the idea of

KA Journal


Winter 2010

Therefore, the KAOEF called on Marshall’s men to assist in helping the Order in its fundraising efforts, to bring about the kind of results needed to ensure our programming and scholarships could continue through uncertain times. Our Beta Commission brothers once again answered the call to duty without hesitation, and as a result the KAOEF was able to meet our fundraising objectives once again. With the spring rapidly approaching, our 2011 Beta Commission initiates will be able to see firsthand the level of support their alumni show the Order, and will understand why they were selected to carry on the KA legacy. Please join the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation in recognizing Marshall’s Men for their support in 2010. To send notes of thanks to these men, please send your emails to foundation@

Foundation Today Gifts in memory/honor of a brother or friend of KA are accepted by the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation. Recent gifts received as of October 31, 2010.

Gifts in Honor of: All Georgia Tech Alumni by George P. Bates Jr. Alpha Omicron Chapter University of Arkansas by Adam A. Kreuter Alpha Phi - Duke University by Charles B. Looper Beta Iota Chapter Drury University by Greater Springfield Alumni Association Board of Volunteers of the KA Mothers Club of the Epsilon Delta Chapter by Marilyn Smith

CPT Duke E. Huston by Sid B. Huston

Daniel M. Spinelli by Lydia Spinelli

Iota Chapter - University of Arizona by Stephen M. Chalmers

J. West Summers III by Erik T. Showalter

W. Larry Knox by Malcolm H. Liles Frank H. Koers by Dr. William A. Weinrich Robert E. Lee by Keith B. Werner Malcolm H. Lies by Erik T. Showalter Jean P. Martin by John C. Martin John McCarthy by Frank D. Sorrel

LTC George Mercer Brooke IV by COL James J. Leech

Thos. McCormick by Charles H. Yates Jr.

Karne Carney by Marilyn Smith

Alex J. Miller by Walter J. Miller Jr.

Andrew P. Carr by F. Michael Carr

Mothers of the Epsilon Delta Active Membership by Marilyn Smith

Delta Beta Chapter Delta State University by William H. Everitt

C. Ivan Munroe by Rosann F. Hooks

Jon Turner by Frank D. Sorrel J. Murray Underwood by James N. C. Moffat III Terrell D. “Terry” Watson Jr. by T. Draper Watson Dr. Travis S. Watson by T. Draper Watson Stuart F. Whetsell by Douglas W. Whetsell Harvey P. White by Erik T. Showalter Larry S. Wiese by Erik T. Showalter Eddie S. Wilson by J. Walter Wood Jr.

Gifts in Memory of: The Hon. Thurman Adams Jr. by CPT James S. Roberts

Peter H. Curry by Southwest Alabama Alumni Chapter Francis J. D'Autremont III by Jeff H. Benhard William S. Dunavant by Dr. Thomas S. Dunavant Jr. Ervin E. Dunn by William H. Magruder William Eye Sr. by William E. Eye Jr. James M. “Jim” Feagle by James C. Platt Jr. Helen F. Ferguson by Dr. John P. Ferguson Charles Z. Flack Jr. by COL Walter M. Fitts (Ret) William E. “Bill” Forester by Robert C. Friese Lloyd W. Fugate by Frederick W. Quevreaux J. Gordon Williamson by Frank H. Koers David T. Hagood by Walter W. Walker Jr.

Eric J. Doyal by Rich O'Toole

The Park Family Children by Arthur M. Park

All Beta Sigma Members of 1940's & 1950's by Glenn H. Nordskog

William E. “Bill” & Linda Dreyer by Erik T. Showalter

Melinda Ramsey by Marilyn Smith

Sidney W. Barge by John C. Funderburk III

Robert S. Hart by E. Stewart Maunsell II

Virginia Reinburg by CPT LeRoy Reinburg Jr. USCG (Ret)

Robert J. Beckham by John M. McNatt Jr.

Arbie G. Herring Jr. by Clayton W. Jones

John B. K. Bennett by B. Terry Bennett

James T. Hoey by CPT James S. Roberts

Blair Giles Benson by Frederick B. Benson

James E. Hooks by Rosann F. Hooks

Wayne T. Brooks by CPT Ralp K. Brooks

Jay B. Hubbell Jr. by Dr. David S. Hubbell

Dr. Benjamin D. Buster by Dr. John M. Wells by Mike Wells

Jim Hunter by Burton A. Richards III

M. Tom Faircloth by Allen R. Sandico Robert D. Fletcher by Dr. D. Tyler Greenfield Gamma Tau Chapter - Sam Houston State University by Charles L. Beckner

Rho Chapter - University of South Carolina by James R. Gilreath Larry L. Rogers by CPT W. Boyd Reeves Ben W. Satcher Jr. by Cynthia C. Satcher

Wayne C. Grabow by Sid B. Huston

Robert C. Satcher by Cynthia C. Satcher

William A. Hester III by Charles & Martha Turpen

C. Edward Schmidt Jr. by LTC Gary M. Turner Sr.

Carroll F. Hoffman by Franklin T. Brackman

Tom Scott by CAPT Frederick T. Carney (Ret.)

Tony & Kathryn Capici by Anthony J. Porter Dr. Douglas Carlisle by John T. Buckingham Warren G. Craig by James E. Byrne Jr.


Dr. Emmett L. Irwin by Paul K. Barsley Ernest A. Jetton by T. David Wagster Jr. Archie Jones by Edwin R. Jones

continued next page. . .

Spencer B. Godfrey by Jim Godfrey

Benjamin F. Hamel Jr. by Robert S. Hamel

Foundation Today Joe Jones by Edwin R. Jones The Hon. Wallace M. Jopling Jr. by LTC Rogers B. Holmes Sr. Christopher J. Kovarik by Bryan D. Babcock Dr. N. Bruce Kramer by Joe M. Bohannon M. Lyle Lacy III by J. Gordon Coleman Jr. Gretchen Lay by Thaddeus M. Fine Robert E. Lee by John D. Lentz DDS Quentin L. Mantooth by Frank W. Podpechan E. Fleming Mason by Lee S. Dixon James V. “J.V.” McCarthy by James M. Leggett Richard A. McClure by CMDR James R. McClure Stewart McKenzie by Richardson B. McKenzie

Dr. William W. Mears by SGM E. Kent McMichael by Larry S. Wiese

LeRoy Reinburg by CPT LeRoy Reinburg Jr. USCG (Ret)

William L. Meier by Kay L. Di Stefano

W. Roy Reece Jr. by W. Phil Reece

Coyle E. Moore Jr. by COL Jerry E. Merrill (Ret)

John P. Savolainen by Sam O. Leake Jr.

Thomas C. Neal by Clyde L. MacGowan Jr.

Keith A. Shelton by Donald R. Asbell by James N. Taylor Jr. by Robert L. Thompson Jr.

John T. Nixon by MAJ Henry L. Nixon USAF (Ret) James H. Overton by Nathaniel W. Pendleton Jr. Julian Pardini by Russell D. Summers Alfred “Bill” W. Perkins Jr by Robert Tull Dr. Ovid W. Pierce Jr. by Robert W. Boxley by Stephen L. Owens

Harold H. Smith by Frank L. Asbury A.C. Spotts III by Meade A. Spotts Jeremy L. Starns by James E. Boyer William A. Stroud by Howard M. Stroud

William A. Vaughan by Nathaniel W. Pendleton Jr. Robert W. Ward by John A. Scott Robert M. Watson by John B. League Jr. Gary D. Widmer by COL Henry L. Van Brederode Warren E. Wilcox Jr. by J. Carol Doyle by John M. Nabers by J. Patric & Karen Parish J. Gordon Williamson by Frank H. Koers Kevin P. Wilson by Joshua K. Schexnyder Dr. Henry M. Yonge by C. Lane Sartor

Bruce W. Taylor by Charles A. Bertalot

John D. Rather IV by Edwin P. Rather

Gregory C. Taylor by Nathaniel W. Pendleton Jr.

Richard G. Ray by John B. De Nault

L. Glynn Tubbs by Larry S. Wiese

Call for D.C. internship applicants Interested in an internship in Washington, D.C.? Interning for a congressman, senator, lobbying firm? Kappa Alpha Order is seeking undergraduates (who are at least 21 years of age as of May 30, 2011) that desire to have an unbelievable experience in our nation’s capital. Interns will be selected by a committee based on their submitted application. Applicants do not have to be political science majors or pre-law majors; the committee is looking to select members who seek an opportunity to gain professional work experience while living in Washington, D.C. The E. Fleming Mason Memorial Internship Program provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to any interested Kappa Alpha Order undergraduate. Please direct questions to Director of Educational Programming Brent Fellows at (540) 463-1865 or via e-mail,

Application Deadline: Friday, January 14, 2011. Application is available on our website.

KA Journal


Winter 2010

Chapter Eternal

Notable KAs lost since 2000

Editors Note: The following is a selected list of notable KAs that we’ve said goodbye to over the past decade. It is not a comprehensive list. In fact, according to our records, we have lost approximately 2,682 brothers since 2000. Thurman Adams, Jr. (BE-Delaware ’47), Delaware Senate President Pro-Tempore: June 23, 2009 Carl B. Albert (GH-Oklahoma’28), Former Speaker of the House: Feb. 5, 2000 Lawrence Ault (ΔΔ-East Tennessee ’71), Longtime volunteer: Dec. 21, 2009 Ely Callaway (E-Emory ’37), founder and CEO, Callaway Golf: July 5, 2001 Rt. Rev. James L. Duncan (K-Mercer ’31), Former Knight Commander: July 20, 200 Andy Eickhoff (ΓΟ-Lambuth ’71), Former Feller Province Commander and longtime volunteer leader: 2007 Charles Z. “Chuck” Flack (U-North Carolina ’55) Former Commander of Smith Province and member of the Executive Council: April 28,2010 W. McLeod Frampton, Jr. (BΓ-Charleston ’29), Former Knight Commander: July 18, 2003 Henry Joyce Foresman, Sr. (B-VMI ’41), Former Knight Commander: Dec. 28, 2000 William E. Forester (GG-Memphis ’49), Former KA Executive Director, Executive Vice President and Archivist: Feb 5, 2000 Julian Foy (ΓΨ-Northwestern ’72), Former Councilor: Nov. 23, 2003 George Grizzard (Y-North Carolina ’49), Actor: Oct. 2, 2007 John Hainkel, Jr. (Ψ-Tulane ’56), Louisiana State Senator: April 15, 2005

Delbert Mann (C-Vanderbilt ’41), Movie Director: Nov. 11, 2007

Arthur H. Richardson (BZ-Florida ’42), Former KA Journal Editor: April 27, 2000

G.V. “Sonny” Montgomery (BTMississippi State ’40), Former Congressman, recipient of Presidential Medal of Freedom, KAO Distinguished Achievement Award, author of the G.I. bill: May 12, 2006

Dr. James H. Sammons (A-Washington & Lee ‘46), former KAOEF Trustee & top executive of AMA: June 17, 2001

William J. Neely (BX-West Virginia Wesleyan ’50), Former Hamilton Province Commander: March 25, 2008 Dr. John W. Nowell, Jr. (T-Wake Forest ’37), Former Knight Commander: Nov. 21, 2000 Julian A. Pardini (AΞ-Berkeley ’52), Former Knight Commander: July 2, 2006 Norm Pearson, Jr. (BZ-Florida ’84), Former Alumnus Advisor of the Year: Jan. 12, 2010 Vernon Piper (BΘ-Washington ’33), An original trustee and first named Life Trustee, one of the Order’s largest donors: Nov. 20, 2003

Abe Lemons (GK-Oklahoma City ’57), Okla. Sports Hall of Fame basketball coach: Sept. 2, 2002

James Guy Revelle, Jr. (T-Wake Forest ’52), Former Senior Councilor: Aug. 22, 2005


Carl Trauernicht (AH-Westminster ’42), WWII Veteran and Knight Commander’s Accolade Recipient; large benefactor to the Order: Nov. 1, 2009 Billy Wireman (BΔ-Georgetown ‘52), former president of Queens college and national expert on higher education: July 16, 2005

September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks: Robert J. Maxwell (ΔI-Texas-Arlington ’68) Chris Mello (ZB-Princeton ’95) David Suarez (ZH-Penn State ’96)

continued next page. . .

Jim Hunter (BA-Missouri U. Science & Tech. ’62), Former Berryman Province Commander: Nov. 25, 2005

Floyd D. Spence (P-South Carolina ’50), Congressman: August 16, 2001

Chapter Eternal Editor’s Note: The Chapter Eternal section is limited to the deceased listing of brothers, and may only print an obituary of a former or current general officer per space constraints. This listing is current as of October 31, 2010.


Date of Death

Arizona State University William Carter Melcher



Auburn University William Vaiden Curry



Bethany College Richard J. Antioch Jr.



Centenary College John Horner Mobley II



College of William Mary August Robert Doll 1946 N/A Benjamin Franklin Hamel Jr. 1948 N/A Drury University Edward Lee McFarland


Duke University Samuel Bailey Glenn Jr. James V. "JV" McCarthy

1947 N/A 1962 N/A

East Carolina University Ben Judson Honaker Jr.

1982 N/A


Emory University James William Anthony John Edward Bolton Hugh Dorsey Butler Jr. John Carroll Moore Jr. Milledge Clark Newton William Vaughan Pentecost Jr., RPh

1956 N/A 1948 N/A 1963 N/A 1957 N/A 1949 N/A 1940 N/A

Florida Southern College James E. Allen

1974 N/A

Florida State University George H. Mason Jr.

1967 N/A


Date of Death

Lambuth University Larry T. Hazelwood


Louisiana State University Clyde Wayne Alexander Reginald Bryan Griffith Tandy Giddens Lewis Henry Clay Miller Jr. George Duke Moore

1957 9/9/2010 1945 10/8/2001 1948 N/A 1950 N/A 1960 2005

Marshall University Kenneth W. Jones

1941 N/A

Mercer University Dewey Cave Jr. Forrest Lee Hagan Jr. Richard Lawrence Hanberry Robert William Hurley Jr. Harry Frambes Orr Herbert Elmo Simmons Jr.

1949 8/7/2007 1950 7/5/2010 1942 N/A 1944 7/28/2010 1935 6/20/2007 1945 N/A


Missouri University of Science & Technology Ervin E. Dunn 1950 N/A Nicholls State University Nathan Scott Trepagnier



North Carolina State University Percy Clarke Blackman 1925 N/A Jerry M. Hux 1965 9/22/2010 Randolph-Macon College Grayson Hall Via


Rhodes College James Conover Jeffery Roy Calvin Page

1947 9/3/2010 1949 N/A

Roanoke College John P. Fishwick Clifford Shaw Jr.

1934 8/9/2010 1956 N/A

Georgia Institute of Technology Miner Welsh Bonwell Jr. 1946 N/A Houston L. Welch Jr. 1954 7/5/2010

San Diego State University Ralph E. Barber Vern O. Kettler

1950 1955

8/8/2010 3/10/2008

Southern Methodist University Gene E. Faires 1950


Hampden-Sydney College Matthew Lyle Lacy III

1966 N/A

Southwestern University Eric Karl Hanson

1975 N/A

John Hopkins University Richard William McClelland

1958 N/A

Spring Hill College Peter J. Curry

1967 N/A

Furman University Charles Brooks Johnson William Paul Martin Jr. William James McLeod

1947 N/A 1947 N/A 1937 N/A

KA Journal


Winter 2010


Chapter Eternal

Stanford University Dr. Hillel Sherwin Abel Richard Grayson Ray


Date of Death

1951 10/23/2010 1939 N/A

Stephen F. Austin State University Alexander Francis Celinski Jr. 1972 10/19/2010 William A. Goosby 1971 N/A Texas Tech University Gary P. Appling


University of Alabama Joel George Gochenour Walter Wyatt Shorter Jr. Darius Thomas Stokes

1946 8/26/2009 1979 N/A 1959 1/16/2008

University of Delaware James T. Hoey

1951 N/A

University of Florida Morris D. Anderson William R. Gunby Jr.

1953 4/14/2010 1949 N/A

University of Georgia Sidney Walter Barge Robert Houston Demere Jr. William Roy Reece Jr. William Henry Shaw Jr. Robert Herren Stanley Jr.

1971 8/15/2010 1967 N/A 1943 N/A 1957 7/10/2010 1962 N/A

University of Kentucky Charles Richardson Daniel John Thomas Shewmaker Buford Allen Short


1941 N/A 1965 N/A 1940 N/A

University of Louisiana at Lafayette Karl Joseph "Dizzy" Kramer 1965 James Dace Miller Jr. 1961 Walter Joseph "Wally" Romero 1976

12/14/2009 10/25/2008 9/4/2010

University of Louisiana at Monroe Horace Emory Smith Jr. 1959 N/A Luther Glynn Tubbs 1979 10/24/2010 1955 N/A

University of Miami Charles E. Reinke


University of Mississippi James Clark Cochran Paul Edward Gray

1945 N/A 1958 9/11/2010

University of Missouri Keith Lester Blackledge 1948 Edwin Frances Christman Jr. 1943



Harry Bert Hackethorn


Date of Death


University of South Carolina Douglas Hilton Carlisle 1950 8/26/2010 Herbert Bays Moore 1942 N/A Lemuel Harrall Walker 1947 N/A University of Southern California James F. "Jim" Wickser 1958


University of Southern Mississippi William A. Stroud 1957 N/A University of Texas Clayton Deward Baird


University of the South Robert Wallis Ward Jr.

1947 N/A

University of Tulsa Frank Harold Koers Bruce Wayne Taylor

1951 N/A 1960 N/A

University of Virginia John Girardeau Murray Jr.

1946 N/A

Valdosta State University Scott P. Thomas


Virginia Military Institute Dr. William Warren Mears Waller Garland Wills III

1956 10/11/2010 1957 N/A



Wake Forest University John Robert "Johnny" Flowers 1946 N/A Edward James 1940 8/2/2010 Washington & Lee University Warren Edwin Wilcox Jr. 1954 Henry Matthew Yonge 1939

9/1/2010 11/24/2009

Washington University Frank W. May



West Texas AM University Philip D. Clark Mark R. Sims

1983 1968

9/29/2010 9/27/2010

West Virginia Wesleyan University David W. Bassick 1952 N/A Jack N. Monack 1950 8/31/2010 William K. Saylor 1951 N/A Rex Lohan Smith 1939 10/24/2010 William Jewel College Arthur Vivion Peterson Jr.

7/5/2010 3/11/2010




University of Maryland BG Thomas B. Baker

From the Archives

The Kappa Alpha Vault by Michael Wilson, Director of Fraternity Services

The men who helped shape the pages of the Order’s history knew the importance of preserving it. Since our organization’s inception, our leaders and members have collected and compiled artifacts that tell the stories of our struggles, development, growth and accomplishments. Kappa Alpha’s archives are filled with accounts of the members who have succeeded on campus and beyond. In 2004, when the National Administrative Office moved to Mulberry Hill, there was not adequate space to house the correspondence, minutes, photographs, recordings, Kappa Alpha Journals and other items that make up the archives. Many of these items were temporarily stored in a secured room at the Rockbridge Area Free Clinic across town from Kappa Alpha’s new home. This short term solution became just that when the expansion of the clinic’s services included converting the remaining space into offices and exam rooms. Much like the grand plan that landed KA in its proper home following the threat of eminent domain by Rockbridge County, the archives would move at exactly the right time. When the news came that the space would no longer be available, the plans for building a home for the field staff were already under way. The now completed Guest House at Mulberry Hill, which is home to the associate directors, includes a 648 square foot vault in the basement. Protected by separate security, climate control and fire suppression systems, the vault is the perfect place to preserve the Order’s archives...especially behind its 988 pound door made of hardened steel. E. Kent McMichael (Β-VMI ’95), who has cared for the archives since joining the national administrative staff in 2001, served as the “clerk of the works” for the project completed early this past spring. Brother McMichael used his experience as the former Director of Museum for the George

The archives collection of the Order is sealed behind this 988 lb. hardened steel vault door and is protected by a high tech fire suppression system.

C. Marshall Foundation in the planning of the vault. The vault offers enough space to organize and catalogue all of the materials collected and donated to the archives through the years. This new space will

KA Journal


Winter 2010

allow for more thorough research of each chapter and the members and milestones throughout Kappa Alpha’s history – those that have been written, and that which our current and future membership will write.

Our Legacy

Family Ties Brothers’ Bonds Strengthen Through KA by Wendy Lovell

The University of Tulsa isn’t too far from the home Tim Dixon grew up in, but to his younger siblings, it seemed like he was far away when he went to college. Ironically, going to college has brought Tim and two of his younger brothers closer together. TU has been a good fit for Dixon (Μ-Tulsa ’06), who will graduate in December with a degree in applied mathematics. The oldest of five children, Dixon was drawn to the university because of its small class sizes, strong academic reputation, close-knit community and the people he met when visiting the campus. He found the Mu Chapter of Kappa Alpha appealing for many of the same reasons. “I was really drawn to KA by the values and the attitude of the guys who were recruiting me,” said Dixon. “Not only did they explain to me the values that KA looked for in potential members, but they also displayed those values in their actions. Many of the members were also very involved on campus, and I saw that as an opportunity to get myself involved in different organizations.” Dixon has been heavily involved in the chapter. Currently he’s Number IX, and he served two terms as Number I. He’s also participated in Convention, Province Councils, Stewards of the Order and the Crusade RoundTable.

Dixon brothers (from L to R) Phillip, Tim, Chris

was pretty cool, too. Having my younger brother as a new member now makes me stay involved with the pledge class and younger guys.” Chris Dixon has served as Number V, and has chaired its intramural and brotherhood committees. And he was just elected chapter president, following in older brother Tim’s footsteps. He will graduate next May with a degree in management information systems. “My brothers and I are all quite different, but we all share the ideals that KA conveys, which is why we are all so involved,” said Chris Dixon. “Tim and I both play intramurals, most notably doubles tennis, and we are both in the Future Alumni Council as well as Interfraternity Council. We all enjoy TU athletics; my brothers go to all the games, and I am the TU mascot, so I get to cheer from the field.”

“Tim was president when I joined, which made me want to take an active role in the house,” said Chris Dixon. “Being initiated by my brother

Chris Dixon added that sharing membership with his siblings will likely keep them all involved with the Order long after graduation. He looks forward


While Phillip Dixon is just getting acclimated to college life and the Order, he realizes he is fortunate to share his college and fraternity experience with his brothers. “Even though we’ve had our fair share of fighting and such, my brothers and I have been pretty close, and I’ve always looked up to them,” said Phillip Dixon. “TU isn’t too far from our house, but as my brothers headed off to college, the relationship between us became more distant. Now that I’m here at TU, I have already seen our brotherhood begin to take on a more mature form—they’re still my brothers, but now they are also my role models for being a man.”

His brothers Chris (Μ-Tulsa ’08) and Phillip chose to attend the small, private university, as well. Going to school together has strengthened the Dixons’ relationships, and for Dixon, the rewards of membership in the Order were made sweeter when Chris Dixon joined the Order. Now Phillip Dixon has pledged KA and will be the third Dixon to be initiated at Tulsa.

to returning to TU for alumni events and continuing the Kappa Alpha legacy in their future families.

Remembering the Reason

Once a KA Rose, always... Chattanooga Alumni Chapter serves KA widows by Matt Bonner

“These are very dear women who have been widowed for five, ten, even 15 years and yet they still come to Convivum...KA means a lot to them,” says Lewis who has been president of the chapter since 2007. “It’s much better to expend these chapter funds for something good like this, than to save it for a rainy day,” he adds. Ruth Wells, whose husband MG Thomas G. Wells, Jr. (U.S. Reserves) (BT-Mississippi ’36) has been gone for 15 years, has stayed connected to the chapter. “It means a lot...I really think they do too much for us,” she says. “It is mighty nice.” Wells, 92, enjoys attending Convivium each year.

Ruth Wells, widow of MG Thomas Graham Wells, Jr. (Ret US Reserves) (BT-Mississippi State ’36)

Since 2002, the brothers of the Chattanooga Alumni Chapter in Tennessee have been doing something unique to serve the widows of KA brothers. On Valentines Day each year, every widow of a brother from the alumni chapter receives a special gift from the chapter, normally in the form of flowers, cards, candy, or gift certificates.

“We have not heard of anyone else doing this,” says Wilson. “But we sure think it’s a good practice for other chapters to implement and we hope they will after reading this story.” The Chattanooga Alumni Chapter, consisting of around 40 brothers, has been active for years, meeting three times annually, including Convivium. “What makes this chapter unique is that they are

“The ladies are so appreciative and are elated over our gesture to them,” says Bill Wilson (AB-Alabama ’61), who is normally the one who makes the special delivery. Wilson has served the chapter for 20 years, first as president and currently as treasurer. Collaborating with brothers Brandon Lewis (ΔΦ-Jacksonville State ’99) and Argil Wheelock (ΔΔ-East Tennessee State ’66) who came up with the idea, the chapter treats each “KA Rose” every year once they become widowed. Six ladies were visited this past year. The ladies also attend the chapter’s annual Convivium celebration. Chattanooga Alumni Chapter

KA Journal


Winter 2010

one of the most active alumni chapters that doesn’t have a local active chapter,” says Former Knight Commander and current Foundation Development Director Ben Satcher (ΔΟ-Clemson ’79). That of course is changing with the provisional chapter now in the works at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga. “This upcoming Convivium will be the first to have undergrads in nearly 60 years,” says Lewis. The alumni chapter was originally chartered in 1916 and later re-chartered in 1953 by Dr. Harry Stone (AY-Mississippi ‘39), who led the chapter for years. Stone was the brother of Doug Stone (AY-Mississippi ‘41), former Irwin Province Commander and longtime member of the Executive Council serving from 1963-1989. To contact the chapter, please call President Brandon Lewis, (423)-235-1382.

Kappa Alpha Order’s Biennial Convention will take place in Phoenix, Arizona on August 4-6, 2011. Brothers and guests from across the United States will come together for fellowship and to conduct the business of the Order. Activities will include the installation of the Order’s 39th Knight Commander and the 36th Executive Council, the 14th annual Bid for Brotherhood, the Jim Hunter Memorial Golf Scramble, an exclusive reception for members of the Loyal Order and more. The Arizona Biltmore, a Waldorf Astoria Collection property, will play host to the 74th Convention. Known as the “Jewel of the Desert,” this 39-acre property is covered with lush gardens, glistening swimming pools and Frank Lloyd Wrightinfluenced architecture. Explore this breathtaking resort at

Convention registration and hotel reservations will be available soon. Please visit for more information.

Welcome our newest members: Mr. James K. Thompson • Mr. Francis E. Gardiner Jr. • Mr. O. Brad Freeman • Mr. James C. Young • Mr. Robert F. Evans Jr. • Mr. J. Chaz Garrett • Mr. James B. Harris • Mr. Justin D. Cochrane • Mr. William J. Ramming • Mr. Alex F. Avery • Mr. Matthew M. McDole • Mr. Bret E. Wier • Mr. Michael L. Warden • Mr. Ward W. Van Skiver Sr. • Mr. Michael J. Palermo • Mr. Daniel L. Rikard • Mr. Jon A. Roberson • Mr. Daniel S. Bowling III • Mr. Alex S. Carpenter • Mr. J. Cleve Freeman Jr. • Mr. Bradley J. Schmidt • Mr. James M. Ney • Mr. Townsend C. Bullard • Mr. Josiah Crudup III • Mr. Charles R. Gahagan • Dr. William L. Graham • Mr. Henry M. Dennis Jr. • Mr. J. Pat Samter • Mr. Brady L. Bell • Mr. Nicholas J. St. George • Dr. Phillip H. Cochran • Mr. Lucius H. Weeks Jr. • Mr. William R. Hopkins • Dr. Culver C. Craddock • Mr. J. Dylan Combs • Mr. Jerry L. Gwinn • Mr. Kenneth R. Huckaby • Dr. Peter C. Campbell Jr. • Mr. Frank H. Robinson Jr. • Mr. Keith N. Wewe • Mr. William H. Skipper Jr. • Mr. Richard L. Briseno • Mr. Jude C. Hilliard • Mr. Mark J. Hocker • Mr. William V. Henry • Mr. Jerry O. Price • Mr. William O. White • Mr. Hunter D. Habib • Mr. Robert K. Steinkirchner II • CPT David P. Easterling • Mr. William H. McKee • Mr. D. Brook Sebren • Mr. Richard H. Skipp • Mr. Matt Matthews • SGT Gerard M. LaBorde • Mr. Peter B. Cuderman • Mr. Joel S. Chitwood III • Mr. Chase M. Cromwell • Mr. Kenneth C. Gibbs • Dr. James E. Mays Jr. • Mr. Paul J. Park • MG James L. Hobson Jr. • Mr. Tommy W. Skinner • Mr. M. Douglas Braden • Mr. William S Granberry Jr. • Mr. James W. Fuller • Mr. David A. Bowling • Mr. J. Doug Henson • Mr. Joseph A. Bethay • Mr. James A. Pangman • Mr. John M. Davis • Mr. Collin B. Taylor • Mr. Josh R. McMichael • Mr. Marvin T. Westerman • Mr. Matthew R. Hollomon • Mr. John C. Ginder • Mr. Jason B. Simpson • Mr. David A. Cantrell • Mr. Eric D. Lewis • Mr. James K. Short • Mr. Robert M. Thomas Sr. (Ret) • Mr. Edward H. Underhill Jr. • Mr. James M. Groves • Mr. William W. Doar Jr. • Mr. H. Blair Trimble Jr. • Mr. Garnett M. Peters III • Mr. W. Hugh Phillips III • Mr. James N. Watson Jr. • Mr. Robert C. Davis • Mr. Burton K. Jordan • Mr. Jason G. Winfield • Mr. Cary G. Justice • Mr. L. Garfield Sager Jr. • Mr. Steven A. Heller • Mr. Christopher M. Beto • Mr. Charles L. Nowak • Mr. Adam D. Hebert • Mr. Rocky T. Sanders • Mr. J. Andrew Minton • Mr. T. Judd Spurlock • Mr. Cory D. Hebert • Mr. Michael R. Meads • Mr. R. Joe Stonecipher Jr. • Mr. Patrick S. Frame • Mr. Zachary P. Carlton • Mr. Taylor M. Watson • Mr. Evans M. Clements III • Mr. Thomas T. Anderson • Mr. Merrill C. Wautlet Jr. • Mr. Bryan D. Whorton • Mr. William K. Pou Jr. • Mr. William B. Gordon III • Mr. Clay A. Campbell • Mr. Woodrow Sapp • Mr. Raymond M. Warren III • Mr. Diptesh A. DeChoudhury • Mr. Frank D. Wilson Jr. • Mr. Rex A. Friedman • CPT Frederick R. Lickfold III • Mr. William C Virdon • Rev. George J. Fischer Jr. • Mr. Leonard R. Van Zandt • Mr. Terrill C. Bostwick • Mr. Norman D. Carter • Mr. G. Wendell Cathey

To sign up or for more information, visit: