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The Kappa Alpha Journal | Spring 2012

including: chapter installed at KA namesake university I am Ironman Who is the oldest living member?


Ole Miss Mourns loss of life

Musician Zac Brown joins exceptional KA’s in the pursuit of professional and personal excellence. Volume CXVIV | Number 1 | Published Since 1879

The 1865 Trust | Member Profile

Rock Houstoun

Xi – Southwestern ’71

hh KAOEF Chairman & President hh Son, Will, is an ’97 Xi-Southwestern initiate hh Knight Commander’s Accolade Recipient hh Xi Chapter Alumni Advisory Committee member Why is supporting the KAOEF so important? Money given to the Foundation helps support the award winning educational programs of the Order. Our support helps lower the cost to the chapters for all the services that National Administrative Office provides while, at the same time, maintaining the excellence of the programs. Hopefully keeping the costs low helps more deserving young men afford membership.

Don Miller D.A.M. Fine Photography

What ultimately helped you decide to include the KAOEF in your estate plans? Naming the KAOEF in my will is the natural outgrowth of supporting it while I have been living. KA has had a meaningful impact on my life. Supporting it while living is just a way of saying thanks for the experience and the friendships developed through the years. What message would you send to younger KA alumni about the importance of giving back? It is important that we give back. So much of our KA experience came from the effort and gifts of others who came before us. Giving back closes the loop – it is a way of thanking all those who came before us and paved the way for our experience.

What is the 1865 Trust? The 1865 Trust recognizes the generosity and foresight of those who choose to embrace the vision of KA’s future by making a meaningful planned gift to the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation (KAOEF). Their entrance into the ranks of the 1865 Trust bears powerful testimony to the charitable expressions of their values, ideals, and commitment to Kappa Alpha Order’s future. Membership in the 1865 Trust recognizes those who have made provisions for a planned

gift of $10,000 or more to the KAOEF. To date, 140 exceptional alumni have joined the 1865 Trust. Last year alone, the 1865 Trust received over $1.4 million in new estate gift pledges from alumni. Most of our alumni in the 1865 Trust will fulfill their gift through one of the most common and perhaps easiest ways of making a planned gift, by naming the KAOEF in their wills or as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or an IRA.

If you have any questions about the 1865 Trust, or if you wish to join the over 140 KA brothers who have already become members, please contact Erik Showalter, Director of Development, at the National Administrative Office, either by phone, (540) 463-1865, or by e-mail,

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The Kappa Alpha Journal


Spring 2012


Cover photo by C. Taylor Crothers

56 | Remembering the Reason

Knight Commander's Message

EDITOR Jesse S. Lyons Creative Design Tria Designs Inc. CONTRIBUTORS Russell C. Brown, Rick Moore, Erik T. Showalter, Stuart F. Whetsell, Michael P. Wilson, Nick Palmer, Trey Carroll, Shawn Palmer EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Knight Commander William E. Dreyer Senior Councilor Russell C. Brown Councilors King V. Aiken, Jr., David P. Barksdale, Darren S. Kay, Sam O. Leake, Jr., C. Douglas Simmons, III National Undergraduate Chairman W. Anderson Wasden KA/KAOEF Executive Director Larry Stanton Wiese

HOW TO CONTACT THE JOURNAL Editor, The Kappa Alpha Journal P.O. Box 1865 Lexington, VA 24450 (540) 463-1865 (540) 463-2140 - fax email: TO CHANGE AN ADDRESS Fill out Alumnus Update on the website or send both your new and old address to Lisa Metivier at the above mailing address or to:

Spring 2012


The Kappa Alpha Journal

Letter from the Editor

The Kappa Alpha Journal (ISSN #0888-8868, USPS #014-747) is an educational journal published four times a year by Kappa Alpha Order, 115 Liberty Hall Rd., Lexington, Virginia. Periodicals postage paid at Lexington, Virginia, and additional mailing offices. The Kappa Alpha Journal seeks to reflect the Kappa Alpha experience by presenting news of active and alumni chapters, individual members, and the national organization; by addressing current issues facing the Greek system and the Order; by educating and entertaining those interested in the welfare of Kappa Alpha; and by serving as a historical record. The Kappa Alpha Journal has been published since 1879. From 1883 to 1885 it was known as The Magazine of Kappa Alpha. Kappa Alpha Order was founded in 1865 at Washington College (Washington and Lee University) in Lexington, Virginia. Today, Kappa Alpha boasts 124 undergraduate chapters and over 30 alumni chapters across the nation. Volume CXVIV, Number 1 Spring 2012 POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Kappa Alpha Order, P.O. Box 1865, Lexington, VA 24450 Member of

Dear Brothers, I have been lucky to meet a number of famous folks. Not many, mind you. But a brush with stardom is always interesting. Aboard a flight once, I spied a comedic powercouple one row up. There was Steve Carrell of The Office fame, his kids and wife Nancy Carrell (Walls), from The Daily Show. Deplaning, they were managing many bags and two kids. His son jumped in front of me but Carrell told him to wait his turn, something I wasn’t expecting. In a personal attempt to score a laugh from man who plays Michael Scott, I said “looks like you’ve got two kids, I’ve only got one bag, please go ahead…” A nod, brief chuckle, and “thank you” were the replies— satisfying enough. One knows, it is quite more meaningful to engage a known friend, or fellow brother who has excelled in life. I’ve been lucky enough in my travels for the Order to meet dozens of, well, outright legendary alumni. Sports announcers, hall-offamers, Oscar winners, and Generals with stars from one to four. While this issue definitely does not purport itself as a comprehensive work of all current rising superstars, we showcase a handful of exciting brothers and their unique stories. They’re young and they are proving themselves; you may know them, you may not. But The Journal is betting that no matter where their immediate future lies, one thing is for certain – excellence is their aim. Enjoy their stories and this issue of The Kappa Alpha Journal. Fraternally,

Jesse S. Lyons Editor PS. I’m guessing you have a few names you think deserved to be in this issue? If so, then send them to us at and we’ll highlight them on our website and Official KA Blog.

Copyright © 2012 Kappa Alpha Order; KAPPA ALPHA® is a registered trademark of Kappa Alpha Order.

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The Kappa Alpha Journal


Spring 2012

Connections KappaAlphaOrder Over 10,000 of your closest brothers and friends of the Order.

In response to our recent post and video about American Idol contestant and KA brother, Kyle Crews (Alpha Xi – California ’11), users had, this to say: Marc Angus ”I saw this the

other night. Represents our Order well. Best male vocals so far.“ Ken Wood ”Best of luck Kyle!“ Brian Laughey ”You’re going

to have to lose the shirt“ (Ed—this was an actual quote from Judge Randy Jackson about Kyle's wardrobe) Zach Brom ”Wear a KA t-shirt Bro!“ KappaAlphaOrder

The service no one wants to join. But when they do, they quit everything else.

More social media comments about Kyle Crews’ (Alpha Xi – Berkley ’11) appearance on Americon Idol: @KennyMLay5 ”#americanidol

just had a #KA @ kappaalphaorder on and he killed it! #goKA“ @codymitchmoore ”Kyle

Crews is the man, way to represent @kappaalphaorder“

Check out the highly active “Kappa Alpha Order Alumni Group” on Linkedin for job, career, and networking.

Create your goKA account today at

Spring 2012


The Kappa Alpha Journal

Our Order

Left: Founders with Knight Commander Dreyer Below: Austin Peay's official portrait

Govs Become KAs Zeta Tau Installed at Austin Peay For the first time in the Order’s

Active Chapter Officers at Installation I. Jason Taylor II. William L. Hoekstra III. Kelvin E. Rutledge IV. Tahji R. Peebles V. Jesse A. Brewer VI. Thomas W. Carvell VII. Christian J. Pardue VIII. Justen W. Grubb IX. Thomas M. Head Letters of congratulations should be sent to the attention of current Number I, Christian Pardue: appa Alpha Order K 408 Martin Street Clarksville, TN 37040 ’93) presented the Active Chapter Officer Jewels and Senior Councilor Russell Brown (Delta Sigma – Houston Baptist ‘82) presented the men with the customary portrait of Robert E. Lee. Finally, Knight Commander Dreyer presented the Zeta Tau charter, bearing

The Kappa Alpha Journal


Spring 2012

the names of each of the men who founded the chapter. None of this hard work could have been accomplished without the efforts of alumni who advised the chapter through their provisional status. Andy Kean (Delta Upsilon – Tennessee-Martin ’78) served as Alumnus Advisor and saw both his sons initiated in the founding of the chapter. Jasin Wills (Zeta Tau – Austin Peay State ’11) was initiated as the faculty advisor and served the chapter well the past many months. Finally, Associate Vice President and Dean of Students Gregory R. Singleton (Gamma Gamma – Memphis ’82) was instrumental in the membership development and constant support for the chapter. His service as National Scholarship Officer has kept the men constantly reviewing their academic performance. The brothers were initiated the day prior, on November 18, 2011 by Delta Lambda Chapter at Middle Tennessee State University and Delta Upsilon Chapter at University of Tennessee at Martin at the First Christian Church in Clarksville, TN.

history, an Active Chapter exists on campus bearing the namesake of an alumnus. Zeta Tau Chapter at Austin Peay State University was officially installed on November 19, 2011 by Knight Commander William E. Dreyer (Alpha Delta – William Jewell ’57). This was Knight Commander Dreyer’s first chapter to install during his term. Austin Peay (Omega – Centre 1919) was a former Governor of Tennessee and is regarding by many as the father of higher education in the state. Fittingly, Peay’s granddaughter, though not in attendance at the ceremony, presented the Order with her grandfather’s Official Badge. This badge, along with a framed print of Peay, will be on display at the National Administrative at Mulberry Hill in Lexington, Virginia. At the installation ceremony, many exciting and unique presentations were given. Number I Jason Taylor (Zeta Tau – Austin Peay State ’11) delivered his address on the chapter’s ups and downs as the chapter grew to become a fully chartered chapter of the Order. William E. Forester Province Commander Aaron Hunt (Gamma Omicron – Lambuth

Our Order

Undergraduates Represent! At the 2012 Undergraduate Conference, convened by then National Undergraduate Chairman J. Martin Huff (Delta – Wofford ’09) the following men were elected to serve as National Undergraduate Chairman and Vice Chairman:

National Undergraduate Chairman W. Anderson Wasden, IV (Alpha – Washington & Lee ’10) Hometown: Savannah, Ga. Major: Physics/Engineering

National Housing Insurance Program The Fraternity Housing Corporation (FHC), a wholly owned subsidiary of Kappa Alpha Order, is involved in the fraternity housing business to assist with the continued development and improvement of chapter housing. In an effort to develop and improve resources available to local house corporations, the National Administrative Office has been in the process of collecting information from existing house corporations. Annually, the Order’s liability policy provides liability coverage to the Chapter and officers of local housing corporations. To be able to continue to provide this coverage, our records must be accurate and show that each corporation is in good standing in their respective state and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). An additional resource being offer in 2012 by FHC is group commercial general liability insurance (CGL) for all house corporations with a facility or property. This coverage has been offered previously to house corporations beginning at an annual price of approximately $4,326. By grouping the policy it can be offered for the much lower annual price. For FHC to secure the group rate it will require each house corporation to participate. The effective date of this coverage is April 1, 2012, house corporations have been asked to plan accordingly. Additional information will be forthcoming. Contact Michael Wilson, Director of Fraternity Services at h or 540-463-1865.

Spring 2012


The Kappa Alpha Journal

Anderson is currently a junior at W&L. He was Alpha Chapter’s Number I in 2011. On campus he is the current president of “Engineers Without Borders” and Vice President of the College Republicans. Anderson’s grandfather and uncle are both initiates from Gamma Chapter at Georgia and his father is an initiate from Alpha Alpha at University of the South.

National Undergraduate Vice Chairman Donald H. Combs, III (Alpha Theta – Transylvania ’09) Hometown: Pikeville, Ky. Major: Business Administration

Don has served as Social Chair and Philanthropy Chair. For three years he’s served on Transylvania’s SGA, and tries to stay as active as possible on campus. His interests include golfing, camping, and hunting. Don hopes to attend the University of Kentucky Law School, and possibly obtain an MBA there as well. Don’s father and uncle are both initiates from Alpha Theta at Transylvania. Knight Commander Dreyer plans to continue to invite both men to the scheduled Executive Council meetings throughout his term.

Our Order

New Field Staff

Four new graduates head to Mulberry Hill Joel B. Buck (Epsilon Nu - Georgia Coll. ’08) is a 2011 graduate of Georgia College & State University, where he earned a degree in Business Management. Originally from Douglasville, Ga., Joel served as Number VII and Social Chairman. In 20102011, he led the restoration of Epsilon Nu as Number I. He has served as a facilitator for Emerging Leaders Academy and Number I’s Leadership Institute. Outside of Kappa Alpha Order, Joel served as a Student Government Senator, Director of Greek Affairs, and Greek Steering Committee member. Joel joined staff in February, joining Andrew Carr (Epsilon Iota – Texas State ’01) as an associate director for chapter development. Daniel R. “Dan” Amato (Gamma Eta - Florida State ’08) graduates in May with degrees in both Accounting and Finance from Florida State University. Hailing from Orlando, Fl., he has served his chapter as the Homecoming Chair, Greek Week Chair, House Manager, and Number I. He also served as the Vice National Undergraduate Chairman in

2011. Dan is a member of both Phi Eta Sigma Honor Society and the Golden Key Honor Society. Thomas D. Grimes, Jr. (Delta Alpha - Western Carolina ’09) graduates in May with a degree in Entrepreneurship and a minor in Marketing. He is originally from Matthews, North Carolina. Thomas has served as Number V, Number II and Number VIII of his chapter. James M. Luck (Beta Rho – Roanoke ’09) graduates from Roanoke College in May with a degree in Sociology and a concentration in Information Analysis. He is a member of Order of Omega and Alpha Kappa Delta. He has served as Number IX, Number I, Recruitment Chairman, and IFC Representative to the Student Senate. He is originally from Charlottesville, Virginia. As associate directors for chapter services, Dan, Thomas, and James will all move to Lexington, joining Joel, this summer to begin working at the National Administrative Office at Mulberry Hill.

Looking to advance your education? Applying for graduate school? Want to continue to assist the Order? Check out the exciting potential Resident Advisor opportunities with the following schools where a KA chapter exists: San Diego State University University of Southern California Middle Tennessee State University University of Arizona If you’re interested in assisting a chapter, working towards a graduate degree and getting unique experience, then this might be for you. Contact Nick Palmer, Director of Chapter Development at npalmer@ or 540-463-1865.

Update: Omicron Chapter at University of Texas

The Kappa Alpha Journal


receivership committee composed of a group of loyal KA alumni. While the Order is seeking a judgment that allows for this to occur, the Order has no interest in owning chapter property or the house. It is the Order’s position that this property was purchased, accumulated and improved by and for KAs at Omicron chapter. As such, it should remain the property of a future Omicron chapter of Kappa Alpha Order. The national leadership, both past and present, deeply regret that this has occurred and that this unprecedented legal action is necessary. The Order will, however, take all steps necessary to preserve the interests and property of both the Omicron chapter and the national organization in every situation. Kappa Alpha Order will return to UT and continue the proud heritage and positive traditions of Omicron chapter. To this end, leaders of the Order, the receivership committee and the alumni and undergraduates who severed ties with the national organization have been in talks to settle and resolve this situation.

Spring 2012

The Omicron chapter of Kappa Alpha Order at the University of Texas (UT) was suspended on June 29, 2011 for violations of the Kappa Alpha Laws and the Kappa Alpha Risk Management Policy. Following the suspension some of the alumni and undergraduate members decided to sever ties with the national organization creating a local fraternity, “Texas Omicron.” The local house corporation also decided to support the new local chapter and sever its ties to the national organization. As a result, the Order on behalf of the Omicron alumni, past, present and future, has filed suit against Texas Omicron chapter and the Texas Omicron Educational Corporation, the alleged successors in interest to Omicron chapter and the K.A. Educational Corporation. The Order is seeking the return of all property belonging to both the chapter and house corporation. This property would be placed in the hands of a

Our Order

2012 NLI FACULTY William E. Dreyer, Knight Commander J. Michael Duncan, Former Knight Commander & Dean of the Institute

Programming/Logistics Brent Fellows, Director of Educational Programming

General Session Speakers Sam Wyche (Iota – Furman ’66), 27-year NFL career as player/coach Brad Karsh, President & Founder of JobBound, Inc. Above: Scenes from the 2012 NLI including Brent Fellows, Director of Educational Programming with Term Plan Competition Winner, PJ Orlandi.

Time to Take the Head Table Term plan competition hallmarks 2012 NLI

Dave Westol, Owner & CEO of Limberlost Consulting Russell C. Brown, Senior Councilor C. Douglas Simmons III, Councilor

by Don Combs, new Alpha Theta Number I and National Undergraduate Vice Chairman

Greg Singleton, National Scholarship Officer

The I’s Leadership Institute is a great

Larry Stanton Wiese, Executive Director

experience for the newly elected presidents of each chapter to come together and learn from one another and grow in a positive manner. This year the Number I’s were tasked with arriving at National Leadership Institute (NLI) with a written term plan for their individual chapter. They would work on this throughout the weekend, too. In this term plan, the requirements are to have an updated calendar, budget, scholarship plan and also an outline of goals for the year. Each category was evaluated for thoroughness and detail. The term plan from each Number I were entered into a contest for most outstanding plan. I was a runner up and my fellow Number I, PJ Orlandi (Theta – Kentucky '10), was the overall winner. Along with this, everyone met in smaller groups where individual discussions took place talking about how each group member’s current methods, new ideas, and strategies positively affect their chapter. NLI was great learning experience. Not only did I make friends from all over the nation, but I also learned that no matter where you are from, you will always have a connection with a fellow KA brother. During the weekend, we also experienced some great

speakers and break out sessions where we talked about situations that might come up during the year and how to properly handle the different situations. I know that through these sessions and individual discussions, I became better prepared for the rest of my term as president, and I am sure it helped prepare the other Number I’s as well. NLI is unique, because of the great diversity and different backgrounds but also come together for a common goal for the Order. I am positive that after my weekend at NLI, this year will be a better and an ever-improving year for the Order and it will be up to the future Number Is to move the Order even further. If you are considering about running for Number I someday, I would encourage each and every one of you to sign up for the Emerging Leaders Academy or The Crusade RoundTable. These programs are just as equally engaging and influential by getting you involved in the Order. My experience was great and truly a lasting memory. I hope to, one day, to be able to give back to the Order what I have been given. Don’s term plan for his chapter was a runner up h in the competition.

Spring 2012


The Kappa Alpha Journal

Jesse S. Lyons, Director of Communications

Muscular Dystrophy Association Presenters Brian Hunter, MDA VP for Business Development Luke Christie, MDA National Youth Chairman

Facilitators (Volunteer & Staff) Randy Beard (Beta Lambda – Southern Methodist ’57) Alumnus Advisor, Southern Methodist Joel Buck (Epsilon Nu – Georgia Coll. ’08) Re-chartering Number I and ELA peer facilitator Chris Cook (Delta Phi – Jacksonville State ’01) AAC member, George Washington Kyle Domnick (Beta Xi – Oklahoma State ’06) Former National Undergraduate Chairman

Our Order

Hagan Appointed Smith Province Commander First vacancy filled following 74th Convention Thad Doyle (Zeta Lambda – Bowling Green State ‘ 97), BGSU AAC member, Associate Director for Student Life, University of Akron Bobby Dunlap (Epsilon Lambda – Miami ’04), Elon Faculty Advisor, Assistant Director of Student Activities, Elon University Don Durham (Epsilon Tau – Northern Arizona ’99) Neal Deputy Province Commander Dwain Knight (Delta Kappa – Stephen F. Austin ’04) National Chaplain Matthew O’Neal (Gamma Alpha – Louisiana Tech ’06) Louisiana Tech Alumnus Advisor Jim Schmuck (Alpha Eta – Westminster ’69) Chiles Province Commander

Following a series of Active Chapter nominations and subsequent interviews, Knight Commander Dreyer appointed David B. Hagan (Alpha Omega – North Carolina State ’76) as the new Ed Chambers Smith Province Commander. Smith Province encompasses the 12 Active Chapters in the state of North Carolina. David follows David Barksdale (Tau – Wake Forest ’87) who was elected to the Executive Council at the 74th Convention. Hagan graduated from North Carolina State University. He founded Hagan Properties, Inc. in July of 1989. David has over 25 years of commercial real estate experience with an emphasis on industrial and office brokerage. He is involved in a number of Piedmont Triad Community Alliances including Downtown Greensboro, the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce, and the US Green Building Council. Brother Hagan is on the Board of Visitors for the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and is on the Board of Directors for the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro. David served as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation from 2004 until 2008. David is married to his wife Mary and is a proud father of two future KAs, Bo and Guy.

Greg Singleton (Gamma Gamma – Memphis ’82), National Scholarship Officer, Associate Vice President & Dean of Students, Austin Peay State University

KAOEF Acquires Property On December 20, 2011, the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation (KAOEF) acquired the white house at the end of Liberty Hall Road. The property located at 418 West Nelson Street, Lexington, Virginia adjoins Mulberry Hill and was part of the original plantation. The house itself is in disrepair and would need significant structural repair to meet any use. KAOEF plans to demolish the house along with grading and appropriately landscape the land.

Peter Winters (Gamma Epsilon – Arizona ’88) House Corporation, Arizona Dr. David Wood, CPCU (Delta Beta – Delta State) Faculty Advisor, Appalachian State Andrew Carr, Associate Director for Chapter Development Anthony Graziani, Associate Director for Chapter Services Jake Howse, Associate Director for Chapter Services Nick Palmer, Director of Chapter Development Curtis Perzinski, Associate Director for Chapter Services Stuart Whetsell, Director of Chapter Services

Michael Wilson, Director of Fraternity Services William Walker, Associate Director for Chapter Services

Are you or have you served in the United States Armed Forces? Know someone deployed or stationed around the world? Now we can all connect with our family, friends and brothers in one spot: www. Here you’ll be able to freely post pictures, stories of run-ins with other brothers, and connect with each other. Head there today to honor our loved ones and learn more about their sacrifices made to defend our freedom.

The Kappa Alpha Journal


Spring 2012

With the direction of the Executive Council, the national administrative staff undertook various efforts to redecorate the interior of the National Administrative Office at Mulberry Hill. An extra display case was reintroduced, multiple archival displays were displayed and grouped together, and all existing Knight Commanders’ portraits were hung. There is a continued effort to secure portraits or photos of all former Knight Commanders. The most recently completed portrait is that of Former Knight Commander J. Michael Duncan. Duncan served from 2007-2011.

Erik Showalter, Director of Development, KAOEF

Military Division now on Facebook

Redecoration Includes Knight Commander Portraits

Our Order

Brothers Around The Order

1. On the right, Preston Griffith (Gamma – Georgia ‘10) at the summit of the highest mountain in South America: Aconcagua (22,841 ft). 2. Brothers at the Gamma Omega Reunion: Hammond Cox, Bill Bone, Nick VanDeGiesen, Robert Hampton at their Alumni Reunion at Possum Kingdom Lake Tx. 3. Brothers at the Ole Miss Annual Alumni Hall of Fame Dinner: Jack Geary (former I & past Ole Miss Alumni Association president), former Tennesse Gov. Winfield Dunn (former I & ‘11 Ole Miss Alumni Hall of Fame Inductee), Sam Lane (Athletics Committee member), Jon Turner (past president), and Jim McClure (past president) 4. Brothers at OmegaFi’s annual Christmas Party: guest Matthew




Spring 2012


The Kappa Alpha Journal

Our Order

Taccone, OmegaFi President Todd Reaves, Graphic Designer Mike Jones, Vice President David Carico, and guest Bo Mantooth. 5. Brother at the Chamber Dinner Dance in Lexington, Va. (including Staff and other area alumni): Michael Wilson, Robbie Jones, Jesse Lyons, Steve Grist, Kent McMichael, Stuart Whetsell and Mitch Shaner. Kneeling, Alpha Members-Awaiting-Initiation Richard Nelson, Garret Paglia, and Peter Schubert. 6. Brothers at Jim and Margaret Gonders 50th wedding anniversary on October 15, 2011 at the Petroleum Club in Oklahoma City: 1st row, left to right: Dick Workman, Pat Samter, Charles Ward, Roy Matthews. 2nd row: Harold MacDowell, Bob Swateck, Jim Gonders, Don Symcox, Mike Mahood.




The Kappa Alpha Journal


Spring 2012

Spring 2012


The Kappa Alpha Journal

by Jesse S. Lyons (Delta Alpha – Western Carolina ’98) Our rolls of honor are long; our archives are

The Kappa Alpha Journal

Still more though are just are just coming off the blocks. And who are they you ask? They are next. He is the young brother working 12-18 hour days to perfect his craft. The KA toiling day-in, day-out with his values, conviction, and dreams to launch something new, something revolutionary. The gentleman who has a life’s work ahead of him that will bring peace or stability to our world. They know that hard-work, self-improvement, and strong conviction will take them to greater heights than anyone before. Why? Because, excellence is THEIR aim, too. Too ideological? We must remember, for all the misfires and stall-outs, this is still America, and this is still Kappa Alpha Order. And you better believe that in those two institutions, and the many more organizations cultivating positive values across our young folks, our future can only be brighter. Fraternity and sorority enrollment is growing at a pace perhaps unseen since post World War II. With the superb strides made by Greek organizations to return to their ritual teachings, incorporating real-world educational topics, and stress a valuesbased approach to the life, this becomes a winning combination. And we’re already seeing the results. Volumes of Kappa Alpha Journals could never contain the entirety of noteworthy brothers. Over the next few pages, we share with you a few young men who we embody the same spirit already shared. To them, to us, and to the rest of our future, let us all renew our own vows. May excellence continue to be our aim. Tell us which brothers we should keep an eye on; share with us our future leaders. Head over to and submit the names and stories today.


Spring 2012

filled with luminaries. Generals Marshall, Patton and Shepherd, along with Admiral Byrd sit atop the chain of command of our ever-growing mantel of warriors. Poets and authors such as Ovid Pierce and Ferroll Sams, leave a trail of crafted prose for legions of readers to forever enjoy. Industry icons John Fishwick, Robert Woodruff, and John deButts were responsible for our commerce, our Coca Cola and our communications. Carl Albert, Sonny Montgomery, Dean Rusk, Clark Clifford. All Statesmen of a preceding era and previously entrusted with some of the most extraordinary power in the United States. These men grace our walls and line history books. These brothers guide us with examples of leadership, arts, and courage. From the famous to the infamous; from the well-loved to the barely-known, these men and their accomplishments float through the Order’s history and and weave a tapestry of success. Still thousands more have lived out our values constantly with their families, friends, and communities. They echo in our halls just the same, if not sometimes louder—for they are likely ones we have known. They each have one thing in common. There is no doubt. Excellence was always their aim. Kappa Alpha Order is fascinated with improvement. Our motto screams: Never stop, keep going, always reach higher! Whether in one’s only life they get, or the Order’s entire history, constant development is paramount. Acquiring knowledge and improving character are the bedrock for success. There are, even now, sensational brothers strewn across our current spectrum of life. Many are hitting the finish line after a career of impactful work. Others are strike in the middle of the sprint of life.

Photo by C. Taylor Crothers

He doesn’t wear a cowboy hat and doesn’t bang out chords on a steel-string acoustic guitar. He wears a kind of funky crocheted beanie, plays a guitar with nylon strings like a classical player uses, and leads a band that’s big on a lot of vocal harmony. Among today’s country musicians he’s really as non-Nashville as anyone can be. But Zac Brown’s got a slew of Grammy and Country Music Television awards to prove that what he has brought to the entertainment industry is a freshness and originality that the public loves and the music industry hasn’t seen in a long, long time. Brown, is a 1998 initiate from Zeta Kappa chapter at the University of West Georgia. He

is known worldwide as the leader of the Zac Brown Band, an act that has taken the music industry by storm. Brown may well be one of the best-known Kappa Alpha Order members alive. But there’s a lot more involved here than show business, as Brown is first-rate example of how the values and ideals that a young man develops as a brother can change the lives of so many. Brown’s success, as with the success of anyone in any field, has been hard-fought in a business known for intense competition and no small amount of corruption. Brown toiled in obscurity for years, practicing, touring constantly and writing songs as he developed his talent and built a band that now includes some of the most respected players in America. But there’s a lot more to Zac Brown the man than just the superficial image of an entertainer. Service to others is a core vow of our fraternity, and Brown is taking that ideal to its furthest reaches with the construction of Camp Southern Ground, a 500-acre camp for children with various disadvantages and life obstacles. Located near Fayetteville, Georgia, the camp, according to its website, “…will

Zac with children on the land that will become “Camp Southern Ground.”

Spring 2012


The Kappa Alpha Journal

Photo by C. Taylor Crothers

soon become a state-of-the-art facility that practices cutting-edge programs to assist and rehabilitate children with neurobehavioral and learning difficulties (including ADD/ ADHD, Dyslexia, Tourette’s Syndrome, Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism Spectrum Disorders) as well as serve children with diverse backgrounds and socio-economic levels.” Brown, the youngest of 14 children and himself the father of four, no doubt understands how important it is for young people to be given the chance to experience everything that life has to offer, and he’s doing his part to provide them that opportunity. While Brown’s schedule may preclude him from having a round-the-clock hands-on involvement in Camp Southern Ground, he has a capable staff that includes Executive Director Jean Peck overseeing the development of the project. “Zac is a genuine person with a genuine heart,” said Peck, who has a long history of success herself as a military pilot and in business and real estate. “Zac is a man of his word and is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of others. He has carried this dream to build this camp for children who are in need since he was a teenage camp counselor himself.” Camp Southern Ground, when open in 2014, will be a model of an operation that is designed to help our less privileged children, offering rehabilitative and therapeutic activities designed to help stimulate the mind and body, and encourage development of special-needs children in a setting of nurture and nature. “The camp will be primarily used for summer camp during the months of May through August,” Peck said, “but we see many ways to utilize the facility to serve the needs of others. Offering retreats and special events during the off-season, we hope to serve many groups that would not otherwise have the opportunity to enjoy this type of recreational facility. In addition, Zac would like to offer programs with an educational backdrop for the parents of children with special needs.” “The desire to locate the camp in Fayette County was so that Zac and his family

Zac (front right, in black cap) was initiated in 1998 at University of West Georgia.

“My prediction is that Zac ... will be most well-known as the generous and kind man who founded and sponsored this wonderful camp for kids with special needs.”

The Kappa Alpha Journal


Spring 2012

could be very involved while not touring or recording,” Peck continued. “He and (wife) Shelly see the value and the rewards that come along with strong family values, and creating an atmosphere for their own children where they will be able to help in the camp is important to them.” Philanthropy aside, Brown has shown himself to be an astute businessman as well as a great artist and humanitarian. Brown launched his own Southern Ground Artists,

Photo by C. Taylor Crothers

Zac and his band members. They’re known to be down to earth and fantastic musicians.

Above: “She has two Dreamy Eyes of Blue: The 1998 ‘Songs of Kappa Alpha Order’” album was recorded with Zac on guitar and vocals. To purchase this CD contact the National Administrative Office at 540-463-1865.

Inc. record label in 2009, and his band’s latest album (You Get What You Give, with guests Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffett) was produced through that label in conjunction with Atlantic Records. Brown has signed Atlanta-based artists Sonia Leigh, Levi Lowrey and Nic Cowan to the label as well. And going beyond music, Brown is known as a guy who likes to cook, so he launched his own line of steak rubs and barbecue sauces under the Southern Ground label, and released his first cookbook, Southern Ground, in 2010. In the end, though, Brown’s passion for people, and his building of Camp Southern

Ground, speak to the kind of person he is. “My prediction is that Zac will be recognized for many years to come for his great talent as a country music entertainer,” Peck said, “but he will be most well-known as the generous and kind man who founded and sponsored this wonderful camp for kids with special needs.” Zac Brown is the personification of what a KA gentleman should be: Caring, industrious, successful, respected and loyal to his family and friends. He is a great role model for all of us, and sets the bar that much higher for the brothers of Kappa Alpha Order to reach.

Rich O’Toole (Epsilon Delta – Texas A&M University ’02), a rising star in the field of country music, has released his latest CD, Kiss of a Liar, on Nashville-based record label Average Joe’s Entertainment, featuring his original music as well as the songs of some notable Music Row songwriters and a duet with fellow Texan Pat Green. O’Toole has been a mainstay in the top 10 of the Texas country music charts for several years, working with a Grammywinning producer and Nashville songwriters who have composed for the likes of the Oak Ridge Boys, Steve Earle, Billy Currington and others. O’Toole has relentlessly traveled the highways of Texas and other states for the better part of decade while honing his craft, and can be seen with his band on just about any weekend in a honky-tonk or opening for the likes of Willie Nelson, Gary Allan, Dierks Bentley and others at a major performance event. Left: O’Toole is an up-and-coming performer in the world of country music.

Spring 2012


The Kappa Alpha Journal

never met. Long story short, her and I are now married and have a four-year-old son. Fittingly, we were lucky to have Zac play at our wedding atop a houseboat on Lake Lanier, right where we live today. The video for “Toes” was filmed there years later. I recall that Zac had this great idea that he wanted to live in California out of my orange 1974 VW Westfalia van. The song “Free” talks about him “living out in his old van,” when before hand it was actually my old van. This van is on the inside cover of his album. I remember he just had to have my van, and so one day I told him to come drive it. On the test drive, some kids in a Jeep drove by him and threw a frozen water balloon right through the front window, sealing the deal. I told him that I didn’t want it back after that. It was now, “his old van.” He eventually traded it for the orange Scout that you see in the “Chicken Fried” video. Zac is a kind-hearted person that will go to any length to make what he wants to happen, happen. He is very creative, and has taught me that there are not only two ways to skin a cat, there are about thirty

One night Zac introduced me to a girl ... we are now married and have a four-year-old son. After I graduated, I started to go see Zac play at Dixie Tavern, in Marietta, Ga. He had assembled “The Zac Brown Band,” although it was not the current line up. Every show got better, and better. Zac and I would hang out all day, then go to his show at night and while he played, I would hang out with the friends of the band. It was a lot of fun, and we did this for about a year. Then one night, my decision to stay in school and in Georgia finally made sense. Zac introduced me to a young lady that he knew from West Georgia, whom I had

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Spring 2012

ways, and they all get the cat skinned! He is not afraid to try things that most people would laugh at, and most of the time these things turn out to be very successful. Most of all, Zac loves his family. He has sacrificed a lot of time with them by being out on the road, and cherishes every moment he gets to spend with them when he’s not playing for the crowd. ~ Shawn (Bo) Palmer (Zeta Kappa – West Georgia ’97)

met Zac Brown on the front porch of our fraternity house in 1996 or 1997. He was playing his guitar on the porch, alone, sitting all by himself in the dark. I am a guitar player as well, so I was immediately drawn to him by my curiosity. I sat with him and he played me a few songs. I was a founder of Zeta Kappa Chapter at West Georgia and we had just gotten our charter. A few nights later, at the weekly meeting, one of our brothers encouraged that we all go show some support for Zac. A lot of us attended, and we were very proud to learn that he was so good! We thought we could sure use some talent like that to pull in some new guys, as we were still very small, but growing. Time passed, and Zac played the local bars, fraternity parties, and just about any event that he could. He would travel when he wasn’t playing in Carrollton. Music was, and is his whole being. It’s what makes him. He has a gift for it, and we have discussed many times that he has a photographic memory for music, if you will. He can hear something one time, and play it instantly, usually note for note. It is incredible. One day he told me that he was quitting

school to play music full time. I remember thinking to myself that it was going to be a mistake. I thought, what if he doesn’t make it? I remember being sad about his decision to quit school, because I knew he would not be active in the chapter anymore as well. Well, one night after a show Zac played in Carrollton he asked me if I would go out on the road with him and run his sound. I thought for about 5 minutes about how my Dad would kill me if I didn’t finish school. I politely explained that I couldn’t and have thought about it ever since. However, I think things happened that night for a reason.

“Proud KA”

Zac Brown discusses his Camp, what it means to be a KA, and his philosophy on life. by Jesse S. Lyons (Delta Alpha – Western Carolina ’98)

Spring 2012


The Kappa Alpha Journal

Photo by C. Taylor Crothers

to be a

n March 25th, I had the opportunity to meet Zac Brown. At the Zac Brown Band’s unconventional but widely lauded fan event dubbed an “Eat ‘n Greet” band members serve the food then dine with you like you’re family. While the food line formed, I snagged c50 m70 y80 k70

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a couple minutes with Zac. I was able to bring him a copy of his paper Report 2 (Induction) card from when he joined the Order in 1998. The dinner was amazing, as was the following concert with the band. The band is off to a great 2012 with a new album due out this summer. The next day, after the tour busses had taken the band home overnight to Georgia, Zac and I were able to connect via the phone. We had a great conversation about his appreciation for KA values, essential support an alumnus provided him, and his most important passion in life beside his family—surprisingly, not his music! Jesse Lyons, EDITOR: Did you make

it back to Georgia all right? Zac Brown: Yes! Hopped off the bus, threw the kids in the car, and we’re headed to the Lake. You’re likely the most well-known KA today. Brothers across the country are proud of you and want to know about your values and success. I know that I owe a lot for everything that I have. I owe a lot for my family, for my life, and for my career. And my way of giving back is to help build Camp Southern Ground. I worked at camps similar to what I’m trying to build in Dahlonega at Camp Glissen, at Camp Mikell in Toccoa. I’ve seen the impact it (a camp) can have in one kid’s life in one week. If you can plant a seed in a kid’s head, to give them something they can carry forward, it’s amazing that in one week you can change their perspective and the way they look at everything.

This camp sounds pretty special. How much effort are you personally contributing? This is my life’s work, and besides my family, it is the most important thing in my life, to get this camp built. This camp stands on all of the same standards that a KA would stand on – the way you treat other people, the way treat your lady, the way you’d be a servant unto your people in a gentlemanly fashion.

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Spring 2012

“I know that I owe a lot for everything that I have. I owe a lot for my family, for my life, and for my career. And my way of giving back is to help build Camp Southern Ground.”

[Editor’s note: The Mikell Camp and Conference Center was established in 1941 by the Right Reverend Henry Judah Mikell (Alpha Alpha – Univ. of the South 1904), Bishop of Atlanta—and Former Knight Commander.]

What are some of your aims for Camp Southern Ground? We want to help the kids with developmental disorders, including Autism, Asperger’s syndrome, even ADD and ADHD. We want them to understand that there is actually help now that can them improve their lives. That’s the primary function of my whole camp—to connect the kids with some of the smartest people in the world. We want to educate our kids and teach them the things that matter. Also, sometimes these kids don’t have the opportunity or resources to go do special things such as attend a camp. We want to help provide that by giving underprivileged scholarships for kids to attend.

The Camp will be located in Fayette County so Zac and his family can be close by.

“So that’s the basis of what I feel like a KA should be, dedicating your life to the service of others and doing things with good intentions.”

How can your fellow brothers help with Camp Southern Ground? It would be very welcome and very appreciated from the KA community, alumni and students, to come and be a volunteer. We also need donations. We need a lot of help to get it done and I’m helping to make sure we see it through. When do you hope to open Camp Southern Ground? April 2014 is the goal and we have a lot of fundraising to do between now and then. We’re in the architectural phase now. We’ve received zoning approval with the county. It is going to be state of the art—like something that’s never been built before. Why did you join Kappa Alpha Order? You know, the chapter at West Georgia, when I was in school there, was a group of guys that were all genuinely good people. They took care of each other and cared about being respectful, about opening doors, and really just

Spring 2012


understanding that the heart of a KA is a gentleman. That meant a lot to me as far as being a person. It’s a southern hospitality trait and after traveling all over the world and seeing everything that I’ve seen it’s so nice to come home where people have those qualities. I remember that the brotherhood that I found with KA instilled that. I remember that anytime there were ever problems with fraternities and girls at school whether it was a sorority or others, we were kind of the justice squad. They (the women) would come talk to us about any issues and we would actually go confront the people in the situation and try to, you know, defend the honor of the ladies—in a very respectful way. I just love the things that a KA should stand for. Proud to be a KA. As KA is a lifetime experience, do you still stay in touch with your brothers from the chapter? Yeah I am. Adam Chance [Zeta Kappa – West Georgia ‘98] sells us insurance

The Kappa Alpha Journal

for my whole company, for all my companies. Bo Palmer [Zeta Kappa – West Georgia ‘97], some people call him Shawn, I call him Bo. We’ve remained really close. Randy Green [Zeta Kappa – West Georgia ‘99] and Eric Warren [Zeta Kappa – West Georgia ’97] are a couple more. Justin Dial [Zeta Kappa – West Georgia ‘98] is actually out on the road working with one of my artists Nick Cowan, on my label [Southern Ground]. I’ve stayed in touch with a lot of them and I see a lot of from time to time out at the shows. I’ll reconnect with some I haven’t seen. We all still cross paths and help each other out when we can, its great. Do you ever see other KAs at your concerts, from time to time in the crowd? I do, yeah. Every once in a while I’ll see the [KA] flag out there. I’ll see somebody holding it up in the crowd.

can be to everybody in every possible scenario, the more that your life will be rewarded for it and the more that it will unfold for you. So that’s the basis of what I feel like a KA should be, dedicating your life to the service of others and doing things with good intentions. And, if you have to wonder whether or not you should do something, you probably shouldn’t do it. That’s been the guiding force for me and since I have been living my life with that law everything has been taken care of and beyond blessed. Thank you Zac, we sure appreciate your time and best wishes on your future. Thanks brother, come back to a concert and eat with us, hangout, and see us again. For more information on how to donate, h volunteer, or otherwise contribute to Zac’s h most important work, please check out: h

Are there any KAs that really helped you out or helped you get started? You know, one of the guys that believed in me when nobody else would and one that has been such a great friend to me when I was young was Dr. Richie Bland [Alpha Sigma – Georgia Tech ‘78] who lives in Carrollton and is a Radiation Oncologist. When I came to him hat in hand early on, and asked him to loan me some money, he did it. Without any guarantee of getting paid back, he did it. He took a chance on me. And later on, he did it again. He’s been nothing but a great friend. That’s a great example of a bond that started off as being a fraternity brother. I had a meeting with him and he believed in me enough to help me. I can attribute a lot of the beginnings of pulling together my success to Dr. Bland.

Proposed rendering for the layout of Camp Southern Ground, to be built from 2012-2014 in Fayette County, Ga.

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Spring 2012

I know you’ve got some time off with your family and I want to let you go. Is there anything you’d like to share with all KAs? The biggest thing I can say to them as a mentor, is you really do get what you give. So the better you can be as a person and the more gracious you

As a student at the University of South

Carolina, Allen Stephenson (Rho – South Carolina ’02) had given serious thought to becoming a doctor until his junior year. That’s when a six-month trip to Italy, where he was exposed to a world of men’s clothing that featured a design expertise and attention to detail completely different from what he was accustomed to, changed his mind about his career path. When he returned to the States he knew that he wanted to do something creative that would make a statement in the apparel industry. So, with virtually no experience in the clothing business, Stephenson decided to build a better polo shirt, and his company, Southern Tide, was born. Stephenson started out with the Skipjack polo, a shirt that featured a Skipjack fish emblem that started out as a drawing on a napkin. Less than five years later, Southern Tide designs, manufactures and markets a growing line of clothing for men, as well as a few women’s apparel items. Stephenson said that his initial idea for the Skipjack polo came from always, it seemed, being surrounded by people wearing polo shirts. “There were at least 80-100 guys in my KA chapter and we all wore polos like crazy,” Stephenson said. “And it seemed to me that there was always something with my polos that wasn’t quite right, something that needed to be improved. So I set out to see what could be done to improve the polo shirt.” Stephenson went from designing shirts in his dorm room to founding a company that, in August 2011, was ranked as the fastest growing apparel company, and number 73 overall, on Inc. magazine’s 30th annual Inc. 500 edition, an exclusive ranking of the country’s fastestgrowing private companies. Then, in November 2011, Forbes magazine ranked the company number 27 on the

Above: Southern Tide founder Allen Stephenson, wearing one of his company’s Skipjack polos.


Waves Southern Tide Founder Clothes Success in Kappa Alpha by Rick Moore

Spring 2012


The Kappa Alpha Journal

Forbes “Most Promising Companies in America” list of 100 companies. Today Southern Tide products are distributed in over 500 stores nationwide, and in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, as well as on the company’s website at www.southerntide. com. But Stephenson said that Southern Tide currently focuses its distribution through men’s specialty stores rather than department stores. “The way our stuff is sold is more of a traditional Southern gentleman way of doing business, if you will,” he said. “We cater to the type of store where people know your name and your size – the kind of store that your dad used to shop at.” Dianne Stephenson, Allen’s mother and partner, was a key supporter of her son’s endeavor, and has been a very active part of the company since the beginning. Stephenson said, “She’s a great designer and is our secret weapon as her sense of color and patterns is amazing,” Stephenson said. “In the early days my mom and I did everything since it was just the two of us.” They even ran operations out of the family dining room. Southern Tide has progressed from dorm room, to dining room, to a team of 30 people and nine outside contractors. As they approached the end of their

first year in business, Stephenson and his mother partnered with Jim Twining, who became the company’s CEO in early 2008. “Our growth is all part of our strategic plan – except that we are about a year ahead of where we planned to be,” Twining said. “Allen is extremely intuitive and has a sense of style and visual acuity beyond anything I’ve ever seen.”

the future. Being a KA was the best decision I could have made. I wouldn’t know many of the things I know that have helped me along the way if I hadn’t been a KA.” “So,” he continued, “I really need to say ‘thank you’ to Kappa Alpha for so many things, including helping me realize the connection between brotherhood and social image and style;

Stephenson went from designing shirts in his dorm room to founding a company that ranked as the country’s fastestgrowing private apparel company. Stephenson said that his KA experiences, and the values he learned being a KA brother, figure prominently into his success. “My time as a KA undergrad was one of the best learning experiences imaginable, and one of the best times of my life,” he said. “It’s hard to explain to some people how being part of the organization could have made such a difference, but it definitely helped put me in the right mindset for

The Kappa Alpha Journal


Spring 2012

One of Southern Tide's marketing photos.

it’s all interconnected. I want to thank all of my KA brothers for helping put me in a position to learn so many things that I’ve been able to carry forward into life.” Stephenson said that he expects to be doing what he’s doing long into the future, and that Southern Tide has plans for other products that he doesn’t want to discuss yet. “We’re just getting started,” he said. “And we don’t take any of this lightly. People like to wear our clothes and that’s a huge responsibility. We have to think ahead, think ‘What about next year, what about next season, what are they going to wear with whatever?’ We have to stay totally focused on being even better and not relax or start to coast. When people think about what they wear, what car they drive, whatever it is, when they go to buy another one they expect a lot. If expectations aren’t met they’re going to be disappointed. So we have a big job to do to meet those expectations.” “We recently sold our one millionth item and our customers have high expectations of us!” he said. “So we intend to exceed those expectations.” Onward and upward, seems the course for the Skipjack.

o t s e o G son

d u H . r M

? n o t g n i h s a W

by Rick


Kappa Alpha

Charlotte, and as a member at Epsilon Xi chapter, Hudson said he began to find his true calling in life. “I was very active in the chapter,” Hudson recalled. “I was new member educator my sophomore year and then was elected Number I; I was actually Number I both my sophomore year and again my fifth year. Being in KA absolutely shaped my life by giving me my first opportunities to assume a leadership role. Being a chapter president was the first time I had been in a position like that and it taught me a great deal about leadership. I was also student body president at UNCCharlotte in 93-94.” Hudson graduated with a double major in history and political science.

“In 2008 Richard called me to work on the Pat McCrory gubernatorial campaign, which he was managing,” Kocher said, “and it made me pay more attention than I ever had before to the issues and become more passionate about the political process. So when he called me a few months ago and said he was going to run for Congress and asked if I would be the treasurer, I said yes. I knew what kind of leader he had been in school and knew that I wanted to be part of what he’s trying to do.” Hudson said that his connection with KA didn’t stop when he left college, and that, besides Kocher, a number of fraternity brothers have been involved in his campaign. “There’s a handful

“I just began to feel like I could be doing more and decided to run for office myself.”

THEN: Hudson and his chapter treasurer Kocher. NOW: Hudson and his campaign treasur, still Kocher. Now

In the end, the skills Hudson developed as a KA leader have served him in good stead in political life. “Again, it’s about relationships, and I learned that in KA,” he said. “What you learn in KA are the same skills you use when you’re campaigning and seeking voters. So the experiences I had as an undergraduate in KA were invaluable to me.” Shawn Kocher (Epsilon Xi – North Carolina-Charlotte ’90) is Hudson’s campaign treasurer and longtime friend, and was also an Epsilon Xi Number I. Kocher was also the treasurer of Epsilon Xi when Hudson was Number I, and today is a CPA.

The Kappa Alpha Journal


Spring 2012

of us who have stayed in touch from school who are involved, and two or three current members of the chapter are even involved in the campaign,” he said. “And we’ve actually had a lot more men than that come out to support us when we’ve had events like parades. So it’s been great to reconnect with some guys and get them excited about the campaign and what we’re trying to do.” “One thing about KA is that we really respect our history and it means a great deal to all of us,” Hudson said. “Once you’re a KA you’re a KA for life, so a 19 or 20 year old active member and I are brothers forever.”

Order has a long history of members becoming involved in public service. Lately, there seems to be a rise in success for our brothers. Our past list of public servants is noble and long. Current Congressmen Richard Aderholt, Charles Boustany, and Steve Womack, along with U.S. Senator Roy Blunt are examples of men who decided to take the public service values a step further, devoting their time and energies to our country. Another brother now aspires to add his name to the long list of gentlemen who have enjoyed careers in public service. Richard Hudson (Epsilon Xi – North Carolina-Charlotte ’90), of Concord, North Carolina, is running for the Congressional seat of the 8th Congressional District. Hudson said that, even though he’s been involved in politics for years, he hadn’t necessarily envisioned himself running for office until recently. “When I was a younger man I thought I might run for office someday, but I never planned to run for Congress,” said Hudson, who has served as Chief of Staff for Congresswoman Virginia Foxx (NC) and Congressman Mike Conaway (TX). “But I’ve got real concerns about where our country is headed, so that’s why I’m doing what I’m doing. Working for members of Congress, I've found I've been able to be a problem solver. I've been really engaged in the work of improving the country by helping others. I just began to feel like I could be doing more and decided to run for office myself.” “I’m one of those guys who got into Ronald Reagan as a boy,” Hudson continued, “and I’ve always been real conservative and real interested in politics. I was inspired by the conservative values of my grandfather, who’s actually a Democrat, and Reagan. I got out of college and wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do so I got involved in a campaign for (former Charlotte mayor) Richard Vinroot, who was running for governor, and I really enjoyed it. I learned that campaigning is about building relationships, about meeting people and talking to them about the state and about the things you want to do.” During his years as a student at UNC-

Alumni News

Today Is Better Than Yesterday Joplin Brothers celebrate 40th Anniversary Top Left: LTC Bruce Fisher presenting Military Division Pin to CAPT Tom Williams – MAJ Sid Davis in background. Top Right: Number I Robert Day presenting Former Number I Jewel to Doung Tran who lost all his KA materials in the tornado. Above: Donnie Greenlee III (left) & Dr. Chad Wagoner (right) presenting the Joplin Area Crystal Excellence Award to Dr. John Knapp.

In the last issue of The Journal the story

of our brothers at Missouri Southern State University (MSSU) in Joplin and their plight following the disastrous EF-5 tornado dominated the theme. They each overcame their troubles and shared their thoughts with the readership. On October 15 they had plenty to celebrate. Delta Pi chapter turned 40 years old and brothers from all over gathered to reminisce, enjoy some fellowship and take a break from what has become the normal concerns of rebuilding a town and many lives. With 189 brothers and guests in attendance, MSSU President Dr. Bruce Speck commented it was the largest alumni event he’s ever attended. The event included a KAOEF silent auction, Spring 2012


raising $3000 for the Delta Pi Chapter Endowment Fund. Also after a number of fundraisers by the Active Chapter, $1000 was donated to MDA. The presentation was made to Shelby Shores and her family. Shelby has a form of muscular dystrophy and her family were guests of the chapter at the reunion. The brothers celebrated the entire weekend with receptions, golf, ladies events and a blacktie banquet. Also attending were Knight Commander Dreyer, Councilor Darren Kay, Chiles Province Commander Jim Schmuck and his wife Judy, along with Associate Director for Chapter Services Curtis Perzinski. Photos courtesy of Amie Harrison Photography.

The Kappa Alpha Journal

Alumni News California-Riverside Epsilon Epsilon Tom Cromer ’79, is the President of TMC Productions, tour management for major music performers. Cromer specializes in European tour schedules and spends 60% of his time traveling overseas. He can often be seen on broadcast interviews and national music awards (Grammys, CMAs, AMAs, etc). He also owns an architectural business as well but mainly focuses on the financials. He would love to hear from anyone from the Epsilon Epsilon Chapter at CaliforniaRiverside, especially anyone from 1979 to 1981 at his He has one child named Cameron, who is 22 and at UCR. Bowling Green State Zeta Lambda Jeffrey R. Raker ‘04, a former member of the national staff, earned a doctorate degree in Chemistry/Chemical Education from Purdue University in May 2011. His dissertation research was on improving teaching and learning in college-level organic chemistry courses. While at Purdue, Dr. Raker served on the Alumni Advisory Committee for the Epsilon Rho Chapter and served as the Deputy Province Commander for Academic Affairs in Frampton Province. Dr. Raker currently resides in Ames, Ia., and works as a postdoctoral research associate with the American Chemical Society’s Examinations Institute, Iowa State University.”

Duke of Gloucester as a Knight of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem.

Chairman of the Board

Emory Epsilon Gordon “Batman” Varnadoe ’57, recently won the World Championship Master’s Power Lifting Contest in his division. He also set three new world records in the Squat, Bench Press, and Dead Lift categories, totaling 650 pounds. He remains, “Proud to be a Kappa Alpha!”

Jim Goudge (Omicron – Texas ’73] is the newly elected chairman of the Texas Bankers Association. Goudge, chairman of the board and CEO, is the third TBA chairman to hail from Broadway Bank. Goudge joined Broadway when in 1989 where he managed the lending division. He was named CEO in 1998. Goudge and his wife Suzanne have four children, Sara Brouillard, Carrie Dyer, Cy, and Kate. “I am very honored to be able to represent the bankers of the State of Texas,” he says. The Order is honored as well and appreciates Brother Goudges support.

Florida Beta Zeta Bibb Allen ‘66, is a retired aerospace engineer and a registered professional engineer in Florida. Robin Olds ’93, has joined Dell as an outside sales specialist for their Major Public Accounts team. He will be responsible for their Force10 products in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia. Robin brings over 15 years of experience in information technology to Dell. He also had a son, Henry McGrath Olds in August 2010 and will be finishing his MBA at Charleston Southern University in May 2012. Georgia Southern Delta Theta Lee Hyer ’93, will be moving to Oregon soon to accept a new opportunity with the Boy Scout Council in Portland as the new STEM Executive. Lee is a sales professional and has also worked in many areas of politics and campaigns before heading to Portland. For the last several years, he has been an active volunteer with the Coastal Empire Council.

The Citadel Theta Commission Myron Harrington was invested by Her Majesty the Queen’s first cousin Richard,

Hampden-Sydney Alpha Tau Ruster Foster ’05, was named the Political Engagement

the kappa alpha Journal

Reprinted in part with permission from the Texas Bankers Association

Manager with SIGMA: America’s Leading Fuel Marketers, in Fairfax, Va. In addition, in February 2011, Rusty received the Gammon Medallion from HampdenSydney, which is given to a young alumnus that has given of his time and means in support of his alma mater. Memphis Gamma Gamma Kenneth May ’81, was named President and Chief Operating Officer of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inc. May will report to the CEO and will be responsible for all operating segments of Winston-Salem, N.C. company. May previously served as president and chief executive officer of FedEx Kinko’s Office and Print Centers, leading the 29

Spring 2012

integration of Kinko’s into FedEx. He was responsible for the strategic direction, growth and development for more than 1,800 retail locations and 22,000 employees in 11 countries, and $2 billion in revenue. Miami (OH) Epsilon Lambda Greg Smith ’88, is a former Number I and eventually led his family business. He is studying leadership and earned his MBA in Strengths Based Leadership from University of Nebraska and Gallup University. Greg also has certifications from Ken Blanchard in Situational Leadership, Anthony Robbins in NLP, 34 Strengths Coach and a certified trainer, speaker, and coach for the John Maxwell Company. One

Alumni News of his recent projects is www.

Oldest Living KA?

Newberry Delta Epsilon Jason Oswald ’97, recently moved to Spartanburg, S. C. He was married on July 21, 2007 to his sweetheart Miss Shannon Cooper. They have two children, Gracen Kennedy Oswald born May 7, 2009 and Ella-Kate Fraley Oswald born August 1, 2011.

Brothers of Kappa Alpha Order participated in a joint 100th birthday celebration for Alice Finch Lee and Nicholas Stallworth Hare (Nu – Auburn ’31), of Monroeville, Ala. both of whom are lawyers. The celebration was held on October 12, 2011 at Monroeville, in the Courtroom of the old Monroe County Courthouse, which was the inspiration for To Kill a Mockingbird, written by Alice Lee’s younger sister, Harper Lee. Proclamations and honorary resolutions were presented by the U.S. House of Representatives, the Alabama Legislature, the City of Monroeville, the Monroe County Commission, and the Alabama State Bar. Brothers of the Order presented Hare with an honorary proclamation from Knight Commander William E. Dreyer (Alpha Delta – William Jewell ’57) which recognized his 80 years of membership as a Kappa Alpha and his distinguished service. Hare is among the oldest living members of the Order, if not the oldest. The Kappa Alpha delegation also recognized Lee as an Honorary Kappa Alpha Rose, in appreciation for her long association, wise counsel, and friendship with numberous members of the Order, including her late brother, Edwin Coleman Lee (Nu – Auburn ’40), former Number I.

North Carolina-Charlotte Epsilon Xi Tim Klamert (’89) recently moved from England to Germany to take over a new as the Global Platform Manager for Process Control. North Texas Gamma Lambda Pat Boone ’55, recently sat down for many interviews with author Richard Kibbey. The results of those and much more research has been published in the book Pat Boone, The Hollywood Years. With interviews from fellow costars, in-depth film analyses, documentation of his family life, and a behind the scenes look, this thorough history of Boone’s film career is sure to delight anyone interested in the golden era of Hollywood. Check out www.PatBooneHollywood. com for more information.

Editor’s Note: Frank Wilson (Chi – Vanderbilt ’31) was listed in the last Journal as an 80-year initiate having been born in 1913. Brother Hare seems to be the oldest known living member of Kappa Alpha Order. If you know different, please alert the Editor at

Southern California Beta Sigma Russell Klosk ’88, is the new Vice President of Human Resources / Workforce Planning Leader - Americas for Hewlett Packard. He is responsible for workforce planning from Canada to Argentina and will be touching on occasion the other parts of the world (Oceana, Asia Pacific, Europe) where the majority of his international experience lies.

Hare, seated. (left to right) Hugh Blanton (Epsilon Alpha – South Alabama ‘ 81), John Barnett (Phi – Birmingham-Southern ’71), Milton Coxwell (Phi – Birmingham-Southern ’68) and William D. Melton (Nu – Auburn ’62).

Spring 2012


The Kappa Alpha Journal

Stephen F. Austin State Delta Kappa

Chuck Tomberlain ’83, a Longview, Texas resident and a 1984 graduate, is the new president of the SFA Alumni Association Foundation. Tomberlain, who graduated with a general business degree, is the owner of Tomberlain Insurance Agency. He has been a member of the SFA Alumni Association Board of Directors since 2000. He and wife Babette, a 1985 SFA graduate, are the parents of Morgan and Cole, both SFA graduates. Tomberlain said he will enjoy being chairman of the Foundation for the next two years and overseeing the $17,000,000 fund to ensure the scholarship legacy will continue. Tennessee Tech Zeta Epsilon Dan Beuerlein ’93 has spent eight years with Symbion Healthcare, developing and operating outpatient surgery centers and hospitals. He recently was recruited to be Chief Development Officer of Springstone. Springstone develops and operates hospitals focused on the treatment of mental health issues and addiction. Dan currently lives in Nashville, Tn. with his wife Sandy. Texas-Arlington Delta Iota George Niebling ’89, has opened a project management company called, The Lightbulb

Alumni News Moment Group which consults in a range of higher education issues. He is also an independent consultant of Ambit Energy in Texas. John White ’82, is currently the Head Properties Master at the Winspear Opera House in Dallas, Tx. Texas State Epsilon Iota Jacob Hooker ’01, married Johnna Christan Joiner on July 2, 2011. He is currently working in Alief ISD as the assistant baseball coach at Elsik High School and is head of baseball operations for Matt Hall Sports, a company that helps athletes excel on and off the field of play. Their goal is to help athletes achieve goals of playing in college and beyond. Texas Tech Gamma Chi Mark Hocker ’92, has been appointed by the Lubbock County Commissioners to be Judge of Lubbock County Court at Law No. 1. He will be filling the unexpired term

of the judge who passed away while in office. He will also be running in the March Primary and the November General Election this coming year. He plans to continue to serve as Alumnus Advisor to Gamma Chi Chapter.

Survive in a Global Hunter’s World by John Lowery (Nu – Auburn ‘48)

Virginia Military Institute Beta Commission Nelson Trinkle ’72, currently serves as the Grand High Priest of Virginia of Royal Arch Masons in Virginia.

If you are a serious outdoorsman— hunter, mountain-climber, explorer, nature-photographer, or hiker—you need this book. “I absolutely guarantee there's information herein that will one day save your life or your health," asserts John Lowery (Nu – Auburn ’48) in the preface of his new book The Global Hunter's Information Handbook. In Lowery’s new book you’ll find in-depth information on security, first aid, medications and inoculations, along with details on prevention of insect-borne diseases; how to protect yourself from the muzzle blast hazards of the large caliber rifles; insight into potential bush flying hazards, and special considerations when high stress hunting in intense environments. Lowery has lived in nine countries and hunted all over the world, in all sorts of environments. Throughout the 31 chapters, he offers vital information about evading and tackling possible dangers while hunting. Lowery ends every chapter with a summary of lessons to remember from that chapter. His overviews of each chapter make it easy for readers to remember Lowery's advice while in the field, which, ultimately, is the goal of the book.

Western Carolina Delta Alpha William Cooper ’87, works with Northwestern Mutual in Asheville, N.C., as a Financial Advisor and has been there ever since his graduation in August of 1989. He was the president of the alumni association at West Carolina University from 2005-2007. Billy is married to Angie Cooper and has four children, Caroline, Riley, Matthew and Olivia. He looks forward to re-connecting with his brothers.

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UNC law degree then three years later. A former member of the University’s Board of Visitors, the School of Journalism, and Mass Communications Board of Visitors, Hargrove served on the advisory committee of the Center for Media Law and Policy and the General Alumni Association Board of Directors. For the School of Law, he served as alumni association president. Hargrove's practice is concentrated in communications, antitrust, corporate, media, Internet, copyright, public utility law and Congressional representation. He regularly advises clients in mergers and acquisitions and has served as counsel in some of the nation's largest media transactions. He appears regularly before the Federal Communications Commission and other government agencies, as well as federal and state courts. He counsels clients on Congressional and state legislative matters.

Spring 2012

Wade H. Hargrove (Upsilon – North Carolina ’60), a corporate and national media lawyer and partner with Brooks, Pierce, McLendon, Humphrey & Leonard LLP, was elected chairman of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Board of Trustees on July 27. While at UNC, Hargrove earned the honors of being named a Jefferson Standard Foundation and Alumni Scholar. He was initiated into the Order of the Golden Fleece and was active in student government. He earned his bachelor’s degree with honors in 1962 and a

Alumni News

Brother Shares KA Principles With Over 500 Young Adults At Nation’s Top Youth Leadership Program After completing his Undergraduate

degree from Penn State University, Tony Granados ‘07 was hired as an Operations Manager for one of the nation’s top breweries right outside of New York City. This role gave the then 22-year-old “kid” responsibility for managing a workforce of over 15 unionized laborers. Granados accredits much of his success to his involvement with the fraternity. “I had the typical KA experience. I started as a Brother Awaiting Initiation – quickly assumed a minor leadership role within the Chapter – and then worked my way onto our Chapter’s Executive Board.” He continued, “At each stage of my journey within The Order, I honed a different perspective on leadership. I first learned how to influence my superiors; then how to lead my peers; and finally how to empower my subordinates. I was surprised to find that these fraternity skills transferred directly into my ability to manage my team.” After completing his MBA in 2010, Granados was then recruited as the Executive Director of The LEAP Foundation, an international not-forprofit that helps high school and collegeaged students get a “7 year LEAP on

success”. LEAP does this by inviting over 500 international students to the campus of UCLA for a week-long leadership program. “LEAP is a dream job. It taps into my passion for helping young adults realize their full potential.” Granados should know. He attended one of LEAP’s

“At each stage of my journey within the Order, I honed a different perspective on leadership.” programs when he was 15 years old. “The program changed my vision of true success and what it required. At LEAP, participants learn how goalsetting, effective communication skills, mentorships and several other simple techniques can be used to achieve great success at an early age.” Outside of his work with LEAP, Granados is active in the community. This January he co-founded the Lights Spring 2012


Camera Cure Hollywood Dance-aTHON which, in its 1st year, raised over $37,000 for families battling pediatric cancer. Along with fellow KA Franklin Keller (’08) and Capt. Brian Czarnecki (West Point ’08, Gen. Robert E. Lee Mathematics Award recipient), Granados founded Cards From Men. Cards From Men was created to solve a basic problem that all men have encountered – picking out the right greeting card. Granados explains, “You walk down the card aisle and are overwhelmed by options. You wade through the glitter, sarcasm and mushy cards and end up struggling to find something that doesn’t make you look foolish.” Cards From Men is the first brand that focuses on creating masculine greeting cards that any man would be proud to give, embodying the definition of a true gentleman. A final message from Granados: “I am very appreciative for all that Kappa Alpha has done for me. KA has provided me with life-long friends, amazing lifeexperiences, and a group of men who will continually challenge me to live up to the high ideals of The Order.

The Kappa Alpha Journal

On Campus

Editor's Note: Chapter updates are printed if received by the deadline. If your chapter is active and not listed, please contact them to urge them to submit an update for the next issue.

Left: Maryland brother celebrate raising over $32,000 for cancer research.

2011-2012 GOALS:  Obtain a 3.25 GPA, Become a Crusade Chapter  Have at least 20% of alumni actively communicating with chapter

University of Maryland

 Grow to be a 100 man chapter

Beta Kappa

 Create a Mom’s Club  Have brothers attend ELA and Stewards The Beta Kappa Chapter has developed into a chapter

the kappa alpha Journal


Spring 2012

that continuously strives for excellence. Through internal reforms and active participation in the community, we have become a leader in setting the standard at the University of Maryland. Many of the internal reforms focus on education. Thanks to the help of the Theta chapter, the brothers have developed a new academic plan to maintain our high scholarship and 3.18 GPA. The brothers have revamped the New Member Education program to focus on the strengths of the Gentleman and his service to country, community, and the Order. Beta Kappa has also started a Council of Honor aimed to enforce the understanding of the customs and laws in chapter officers. Beta Kappa aims to maximize efficiency and participation through many internal reforms. The creation of 12 new officer positions and a cabinet system based on collaboration are designed to get more brothers involved. The chapter formed a judicial committee that examines offences and recommends proper action, drafted a new set of bylaws to solidify and clarify the laws of the chapter, and created a Duty to the Order system that tracks brother’s participation and contributions to the community and Order. The brothers have also excelled in Project Outreach donating over 680 hours and $41,805.00 to the community. Over 1000 students, 31 Greek organizations, and 8 businesses joined the

brothers in celebrating the lives of those who have fought cancer at the Third Annual Breastfest of Champions. Beta Kappa raised more than $32,000 for Hearts for Cancer, an organization that funds breast cancer research, and the event has been voted the best IFC Philanthropy Event two years in a row. In addition, brothers are involved in the Adopt-a-road program, Habitat for Humanity, local volunteer fire departments, the SGA, the IFC, and many other campus and community organizations. Beta Kappa was fortunate enough to attend the induction of our brothers at the Alpha Nu chapter and look forward to assisting them in their initiation this year. Beta Kappa has accomplished many things in the past year and is calling out to their Alumni. With the centennial celebration of Kappa Alpha being at Maryland quickly approaching in 2014, the goal to form an active relationship with our graduated brothers has never been more real. Beta Kappa hopes any alumni will contact us with updated information so we may open up a line of communication with them to share in our chapter’s successes and build them to be even greater. We are very excited for the possibilities the future holds and the strong brotherhood that has grown within our house. ForeverKA. – Greg Waterworth, I

On Campus Alabama Alpha Beta The gentlemen of Alpha Beta are striving to increase the chapter’s community outreach activities, with a number of philanthropy events planned and a new chapter rule requiring each active member to complete a set number of community service hours in a state hard-hit by natural disasters in the past year. The brothers also want to build stronger ties with Alpha Beta alumni, believing that the chapter’s strength comes from its bond between past and current members, with events planned this coming year to strengthen the bond between the different generations. – Patrick Graham Appalachian State Delta Psi Along with the ladies of Kappa Delta, the brothers recently raised over $550 for Watauga Humane Society with their first “Bark in The Park” philanthropy event. The brothers also used this event as an informal recruitment event for the Fall 2011 semester, bringing out the best new member class on campus. The chapter also has many events planned, with a silent auction, street clean-ups, and other community service events in the works. The gentlemen of Delta Psi are looking forward to Convivium, Old South, and many other social events this upcoming semester. – John Hodge Arizona Provisional Chapter (Gamma Epsilon) With the election of a new I, II, and III, the leadership in the chapter is transitioning into their positions and working out the final details for the spring semester budget and social/ philanthropy calendar. The UA Provisional Chapter has been working incredibly hard towards chartering and is aiming to complete the national requirements by the end of March. Recruitment is going well and the chapter is ready to participate in the formal week of events at the beginning of February. Members of the chapter have been participating in brotherhood events, including hiking a mountain in Tucson, and a majority of the chapter took a ski trip to Telluride, Colorado with the Elevation Ski and Snowboard Club. – Tristan Whitaker

Arizona State Epsilon Omega All the gentlemen of Epsilon Omega are proud of the fellow members for helping out the less fortunate over this last holiday season. Brothers from Epsilon Omega participated in one of the chapter’s favorite traditions by bringing toys and gifts to children during school at a church in Guadalupe, Arizona. Epsilon Omega is also excited to be hosting host this year’s Neal Province Council. – John Spataro, I Arkansas-Fort Smith Zeta Rho Congressman Steve Womack (Epsilon Zeta – Arkansas Tech ’78) hosted a town hall meeting in Fort Smith, and the members of Zeta Rho attended the meeting to support Brother Womack in his visit. In addition, as scholarship standards are raised, Zeta Rho has decided to start the Zeta Rho Education Foundation to award scholarships. – Kip Teegardin, I Arkansas State Delta Eta The 2011 academic year has been very successful for Delta Eta, with the brothers of the chapter improving their GPA to 2.9 for fall 2011, the third highest among fraternities. The chapter also recently initiated 18 new members, maintaining the ranking as the largest chapter at Arkansas State University. The gentlemen participated in the MDA lockup in Jonesboro, raising $1,600, and have been highly involved with campus events including Homecoming, taking part in the President’s Cup at Homecoming and coming in third out of all organizations on campus. Brother Broc Arender was crowned Homecoming King 2011 as well. The gentlemen also participated in the annual Toys for Tots event, where they provided approximately 70 children with Christmas presents. The chapter is continuing to grow and increase its participation in campus and community events, with two members in charge of “Up ‘Til Dawn,” an event that raised more than $26,000 for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. – Broc Arender

Spring 2012


Appalachian State: The gentlemen of Delta Psi and the ladies of Kappa Delta, with canine friends, at Bark in the Park.

Auburn Nu The brothers of Nu are proud that, in March, Brother Breck Rogers will begin official training to become a Navy Seal. He has trained hard for the last three years and is ready to finally get underway. Rogers was also just recently voted on by the chapter as this year’s Definition of a Gentleman Award recipient at Convivium. In other news, fall recruitment was a great success, as 50 bids were extended and Nu was the only fraternity on campus to have a 100% bid acceptance rate. The chapter also initiated 98% of the new member class. Brother Richard Petty has just kicked off his campaign for Auburn SGA treasurer; a victory for him would be the second straight year a Nu brother has held an SGA executive position. The chapter also hosted its first annual “Stomp the Plains” dance competition that served as a fall MDA event, raising over $4,000. – Max Shoemaker Austin Peay State Zeta Tau The gentlemen of Zeta Tau are proud to have hosted a successful Convivium in January that was attended by more than 50 people, including several alumni and Province Commander Aaron Hunt (Gamma Omicron – Lambuth ’93). During the program the Number I, Christian Pardue, and the Number V, Max Helms, recognized several people within the Greek community that helped with Convivium, gave out chapter awards, and announced their new chapter rose. – Max Helms, V Bowling Green State Zeta Lambda For the fall semester the gentlemen of the Zeta Lambda chapter at BGSU were pleased to have an average GPA of approximately 2.9. There was an excellent turnout for Convivium, and

The Kappa Alpha Journal

On Campus

Arkansas-Fort Smith: Cliff Cabaness, left (Delta Eta – Arkansas State ‘88), a principal and commercial realtor with Trinity Multifamily in Fort Smith, gives Zeta Rho former Number I Kip Teegardin a contribution for the new Zeta Rho Education Foundation.

a special thank you goes out from the chapter to alumnus Brother Kevin Hughes for paying for the reservations. – Derek Brewer California-Berkeley Alpha Xi Boasting a 3.40 average GPA, Alpha Xi places among the top three fraternities on the UC-Berkeley campus, and higher than the campus all-gentlemen’s average. In addition, Alpha Xi has maintained great involvement in the community through activities such as mentoring and hospital volunteering, with over 1,500 total hours of community service in just the fall 2011 semester. Finally, the chapter outperforms even athletically, winning the IFC soccer championship two out of the last three semesters and reaching the finals in IFC softball and basketball. This strong record of achievement will only continue to motivate the chapter to excel onward, upward and higher! – John V. Ladd

Charleston Beta Gamma The Beta Gamma chapter has experienced a great period of growth in recruitment, as well as a substantial increase in both active and alumni support and involvement within the Charleston community. The chapter’s two most recent new member classes, the fall and spring of 2011, have either tied or exceed that of any other IFC group in size, while the chapter has upheld its selective nature. The gentlemen are looking forward to continuing this trend heading into the spring of 2012 with prospects of another substantial recruitment class, and also looking forward to a great Convivium celebration. Beta Gamma is also planning on renewing its tradition of Old South. – James Utt

the kappa alpha Journal


Spring 2012

Delta State Delta Beta The brothers of Delta Beta have been nominated to be Health Champions in Delta State’s Healthy Campus/ Community Initiative, based on their involvement with the community and Healthy Campus/Community Initiative projects, such as the year-long walking campaign Walk It Out Cleveland. The gentlemen’s photo has been displayed on a large poster around campus, and the chapter is part of the Health Champions Wall of Fame in the Wyatt Gym. – Michael Oleis, former Number I Drury Beta Iota After initiating a total of 11 members for the spring and fall semesters, the brothers are well on their way in recruiting a new class of fine gentlemen. Beta Iota is extremely excited in participating in Operation Crimson Gift, hosting its first ever blood drive with the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks. In addition, two brothers were elected as Vice President and Treasurer of the newly-restructured Interfraternity Council. Both gentlemen are committed to strengthening Drury’s Greek system

Centenary Alpha Iota During the start of the 2011-2012 school year the gentleman of Alpha Iota chapter once again significantly increased the number of new members, leading Kappa Alpha Order to become the largest fraternity on the campus of Centenary. With this large new class

of members the gentlemen started the year out with a bang with their annual Jungle Party and with over $48,000 in renovations to the chapter’s house. Renovations included a new roof, doors, windows and interior painting, as well as the beginnings of renovations to the bathroom. In what is shaping up to be a memorable year, the chapter also donated over $1500 to MDA from its annual Convivium event. – Colton Cowley, I

Davidson Sigma Recruitment was a success for the Sigma, who welcomed many bid acceptances. Plans have been made for charity and MDA events in the spring, including involvement in Relay for Life and Sigma’s 5th Annual Jay Chitty Memorial Tennis tournament to support MDA. Fall tennis showed great success for two KA brothers, Joe Schafer ‘13 and Calum Gee ’12, who reached as high as #19 in the collegiate nationals doubles rankings. The chapter also notes the accomplishments of brother Michael Brun ‘14, from Port au Prince, Haiti, who attended Culver Military Academy and has had great success as a DJ and music producer, being recognized by top-tier radio stations and labels as he tours occasionally alongside academics and service work. In addition, brothers coming back from studying abroad are taking up roles within student government, various service clubs, and other leadership positions outside of Kappa Alpha. – T.C. Stevenson Keller, V

On Campus

Austin Peay State: The Zeta Tau brothers believe this Convivium will be talked about in Clarksville for a while.

and improving relations with the university and non-Greek students. – Zachary Davisson, V Duke Alpha Phi The brothers of the Alpha Phi at Duke University would like to recognize Wes Roach, class of 2011, for qualifying for the Nationwide PGA tour. A former Webb School of Knoxville standout, Wes was a very successful golfer on Duke’s team. Wes narrowly advanced to the third stage of the qualifying rounds of the PGA qualifying tours after shooting a fantastic two-underpar 70 to continue his journey. From there, Wes successfully scored well enough to qualify for the Nationwide PGA Tour. The Alpha Phi chapter is extremely proud of Wes and his accomplishments, and the brothers are all excitedly awaiting his PGA tour debut. – John Battinelli East Carolina Gamma Rho The brothers of Gamma Rho are pleased to have initiated a total of nine new members in the fall. The gentlemen recently celebrated Convivium and had a huge turnout of alumni and active members, and are currently focusing on spring recruitment in hopes of furthering their strength on campus. The brothers are also currently working on planning their annual “Pig Pickin’ for MDA” and other social events for the spring semester. – Josh Ludwig

Eastern Kentucky Delta Mu Out of 17 fraternities in the Greek community, Kappa Alpha was ranked fourth in GPA standings with a 2.81 overall. Delta Mu will also be cosponsoring an EKU blood drive in the spring for the Operation Crimson Gift and will be looking forward to another great Old South Week and Miss Magnolia Pageant, where last spring Delta Mu raised nearly $1,800 for MDA. – Brody Collis Layton, V Elon Epsilon Mu The brothers of Epsilon Mu have had a strong fall and winter, making an impact both on campus and in the community. As part of the chapter’s commitment to community service, the gentlemen have made frequent trips to the local Boys & Girls Club, tutoring and mentoring the youth of Burlington, North Carolina. Service continued through a roadside cleanup of Haggard Avenue, the chapter’s adopted highway which runs through the town of Elon. Epsilon Mu has also made its presence known in Elon’s intramural athletics, with Epsilon Mu’s team of brothers capturing gold in the campus’s annual “Kick in the Grass” soccer tournament. Fall recruitment cycle brought new gentlemen of character into the Order, and the chapter’s recruitment efforts have the gentlemen looking forward to a bright and thriving class of gentlemen in the spring. – Ted Russell Spring 2012


Emory Epsilon During the fall semester of 2011, the brothers of Epsilon chapter had two main philanthropy events, a large donation of clothes and “Wish for Wendy.” Along with Kappa Alpha Theta, and other students at Emory the chapter collected over 350 items of clothing and raised an extra $200, all of which was donated to the Open Door Community. On November 6, 10 of the brothers of Epsilon chapter met with James “Coach” Edlen ’09 at the North Park in Alpharetta, Georgia, to volunteer at the 12th annual “A Wish for Wendy” charity softball tournament. The event, held every year at the park, helps to raise money for cystic fibrosis research. Wendy Lipman, for whom the event is named, died 16 days after her birth from complications arising from her cystic fibrosis. Her brother Andy founded the organization with his family in order to raise money and awareness for cystic fibrosis by partnering with the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. The brothers showed up bright and early to the tournament, where they kept box scores, collected home run balls, and also enjoyed a nice lunch, courtesy of Coach. – Victor Taylor Warren Florida Beta Zeta This past fall, Beta Zeta had one of its most successful recruitment weeks in decades, with a goal of between 15-20 new members that was wellsurpasssed. The brothers can also brag that they have five members on UFL’s Interfraternity Council, more specifically, that Brother Duncan Bryan is on that executive board. In addition to being involved in IFC, Brother Matt Mountjoy is high ranking in student senate and was recently inducted into Florida Blue Key, one of the most

George Washington: The brothers of Alpha Nu, which is rising again after several years of dormancy.

The Kappa Alpha Journal

On Campus were also recently recognized in several publications for our organic gardens and hen farm at the Iota lodge. – Caleb Hopkins

Georgia College: Dance Marathon check presentation by Number I Ross Sheppard, to Brother Austin Childers (his father, Brother Chris Childers far right), for Children’s Miracle Network with brothers and members-awaiting-initiation in background.

prestigious honors on campus. Along with great success on campus, Beta Zeta has been greatly improving internally as well. After several multithousand dollar renovations the chapter house now has a new roof, new bathroom, new downstairs flooring and brand new furniture. – Brandon T. Barger

Francis Marion Delta Tau As the gentlemen of Delta Tau look forward to another great year, they

Furman Iota The brothers of Iota chapter had a successful recruitment process, extending bids to 20 new members, including MDA National Youth Chairman Luke Christie. The chapter continues to have a GPA higher than all-gentlemen’s and all-fraternity averages, and can boast the highest number of brothers for any fraternity at Furman. In addition, Iota has varsity athlete members on the football, tennis, track, cross-country, golf, soccer, and club rugby and lacrosse teams and is the reigning all-sports trophy winner in intramurals. Brother Ben Green recently started a “Club Operation Smile” charitable group, and the gentlemen

the kappa alpha Journal


Spring 2012

George Washington Alpha Nu After a slip in membership and operations, Alpha Nu has, once again, made an impressive return to the spotlight at The George Washington University. In the fall of 2011, Director of Chapter Development Nick Palmer helped recruit a small group of principled young gentlemen as new officers and committee chairmen. The newly inducted brothers have assumed full responsibility for their own activities on campus. In just under four months, the chapter’s membership has grown to 30 gentlemen, all sharing the sacred ideals of integrity and chivalry that have long distinguished the Order. The gentlemen are looking forward to hosting spring recruitment as well as a variety of large-scale philanthropy and social events, and especially to their chapter retreat to Lexington and official initiation later in the semester. The brothers wish to thank the dozens of KA alumni who have helped foster their growth on campus as they look forward to following proudly in the footsteps of these gentlemen. – Trent Hagan Georgia College Epsilon Nu Twenty brothers of Epsilon Nu participated in Dance Marathon on February 4, 2012. The event raised over $25,000 this year, $1,230 of which was contributed by the chapter. This fundraiser, part of Children’s Miracle

Florida Southern Gamma Pi In the fall 2011 semester Gamma Pi chapter was able to earn an overall GPA of 3.00 and was ranked second among all the gentlemen’s fraternities. This past semester the chapter also gained two new brothers. In addition, the gentlemen are starting an initiative to connect more with their alumni and are starting a newsletter specifically for Gamma Pi chapter, but we need updated email addresses. The chapter is also compiling the stories of Gamma Pi alumni, and of how KA has affected their lives both while they were active members and since they have graduated. Please contact the Number V Kenneth Hafner via e-mail at for more information about the alumni initiatives. – Kenneth Hafner, V

continue to focus on their goal of fostering a positive and meaningful relationship between the chapter and the community as a whole. Number I Jeff Robinson has implemented a hands-on leadership approach that has directed the chapter toward the promotion of academics, spring recruitment, and philanthropic endeavors. With a solid scholarship plan in place, the chapter is positioned to make this its best semester to date. As always, the chapter continues to work closely with the local MDA office to raise both awareness and support for our national philanthropy. – Joel H. Ivey, V

George Mason Epsilon Phi Epsilon Phi chapter had a successful fall recruitment, initiating six new members into the chapter. For the second time, the Epsilon Phi brothers participated in the Dulles Day Plane Pull event and raised $2,879 for Special Olympics, ranking 7th overall in fundraising. The brothers also hosted another successful Operation Crimson Gift Blood drive with a large donor turnout. Brother Tom Gregan became the President of the IFC, and the chapter won the IFC Volleyball Championship. – Jason VonCanon

On Campus Network, is specifically for The Children’s Hospital in Macon, Ga. This year’s event was held in honor of one of our special initiate brothers, Austin Childers (Epsilon Nu – Georga Coll. ‘11), who has a mitochondrial disease, and has depended upon this hospital for the majority of his intensive medical care in recent years. Austin came to the event and shared his Miracle Story along with his mother and father Chris Childers (Epsilon Nu – Georgia Coll. ’82). Georgia Southern Delta Theta The Delta Theta chapter of Kappa Alpha Order has had an amazing year. With boosts to recruitment, community involvement, and alumni support, Delta Theta has grown tremendously. In the past two semesters, the chapter has initiated 26 outstanding new members who have greatly added to our brotherhood. They continually call for an ongoing commitment to recruitment and recruitment, which they believe to be the foundation of growing our brotherhood. The chapter house has undergone an extensive remodeling thanks to many dedicated brothers and alumni. As they start a new year, the brothers of Delta Theta would like to thank all those who have dedicated their time to aiding the chapter’s success. Houston Provisional Chapter (Gamma Mu) The UH Provisional Chapter had an exciting semester and made some great strides toward completing its requirements to regain the Gamma Mu charter. In its first full semester since re-colonizing, the chapter hosted a campus-wide event on sexual assault prevention and hosted the 1st Crimson Chili Bowl, a Greek-wide chili cooking competition, which raised $700 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The chapter also began to establish a social presence on campus, hosting mixers with Phi Mu and Delta Gamma. The chapter paired with Chi Omega for homecoming, where Number VII Matthew Conner was a member of the Homecoming Court. In January, the chapter hosted its inaugural Convivium celebration since returning to campus. Guests included Walsh Province Commander Doug Harris, members of the chapter’s alumni advisory

committee, parents, sorority women and Houston-area alumni from various chapters. Indiana State Zeta Iota Zeta Iota chapter is pleased to report its second consecutive fall semester of recruiting 20 new members. The gentlemen have also increased their community service in the Terre Haute area and worked to help re-elect Terre Haute mayor Duke Bennett. Several members attended the national conference in Chattanooga, with over five thousand college students in attendance, during Christmas break. This conference provided them with direction in becoming better leaders and positive influences on the entire chapter. – Dustin Corbin Lamar Gamma Xi Gamma Xi initiated 10 new members in the fall of 2011. They also made great strides in reconnecting with alumni from the 50’s and 60’s. The chapter was also selected as the best student tailgate for the 2011 football season. Louisiana-Lafayette Gamma Phi The gentlemen of Gamma Phi have been working hard to grow and improve their chapter. In fall of 2011 they held a fish fry fundraiser for the Jacob Crouch Foundation, an organization that speaks to college students about suicide and how to help prevent it. The chapter also initiated 15 new members. With the help of alumni the gentlemen have been doing some much needed repairs on their house. This spring the brothers are making a huge push to improve their grades, and plan to attend a run for MDA and host their annual golf tournament in March, which will raise some extra money for MDA. The chapter is continuing to grow and hopes to initiate a good group of young gentlemen this spring. – Matthew Posner Louisiana-Monroe Gamma Nu The gentlemen of Gamma Nu initiated 13 new members in the fall, and hope to add another 5 brothers this spring. The chapter finished first among IFC

Spring 2012


fraternities with a GPA of 3.035. The brothers also have several MDA philanthropic events coming up, including the MDA Walk-A-Thon. The brothers hosted Convivium at the Bayou Desiard Country Club with overwhelming support of alumni. Participation on campus has grown with the majority of the SGA members being brothers. – Zachary Lawrence Louisiana State Alpha Gamma Alpha Gamma chapter began the year with a successful recruitment and initiation of 28 new members from all over the nation. The high points of the semester included “cochon de laits” pig roasts at the chapter’s tailgates. Even with a disappointing loss in the national championship, the gentlemen still enjoyed an exciting 13-1 season for the Tigers. The fraternity house made improvements, with a new house dad and alumni house director helping to acquire new chairs and tables for the dining room, and making other improvements such as new pool sticks and a ping pong table. With 105 members active, Alpha Gamma continues to be strong and diverse with members from Louisiana, Texas, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Ohio and Florida. Alpha Gamma also achieved a 2.868 GPA in the fall 2010 semester. – Jamie Cummins, I McNeese State Delta Xi Last semester Delta Xi initiated five new members, and the gentlemen of the chapter participated in the “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” walk, the international gentlemen’s march to stop rape, sexual assault and gender violence, winning the award for most money raised. The gentlemen walked proudly alongside Lake Charles mayor Randy Roach in the very front of the crowd. The gentlemen also raised money for charity by raffling off an iPad 2 and selling catfish dinners. The gentlemen had an amazing homecoming float and a great Halloween party, and have rented the McNeese football stadium to stage a concert in March. – Jacques Benoit

The Kappa Alpha Journal

On Campus trees. Along with supplying manpower, the chapter donated to the disaster relief fund. This past fall the chapter held a 5K run benefiting the San Mateo Empowerment Project, raising over $15,000 for this project to build roads in Belize. This spring break, the chapter’s faculty advisor Dr. Tim Angle plans to take a group of members to Belize to assist in building these roads, as well as to see the impact of the chapter’s fundraising work. – Matthew Jones

Missouri S&T: The chapter held a “Dixie Stampede” which involved several members riding horses to formally invite one of the sororities over to our house one evening.

Miami (OH) Epsilon Lambda The gentlemen of Epsilon Lambda chapter are proud of their 2011 accomplishments and hope to continue their successes in 2012. Recently the chapter received the highest GPA on campus with an average of 3.31, nearly .4 points higher than the all-fraternity average GPA, and .5 points higher than the all-gentlemen’s average. Besides academics, the chapter is also very excited about its recent induction of 31 members awaiting initiation. – Michael Schrader, V

Millsaps Alpha Mu Alpha Mu is not only excelling academically, but in many other areas as well. Alpha Mu chapter at Millsaps College is the largest organization on campus with an active membership roll of 75. The chapter doubled freshman recruitment against every chapter on campus in 2011, where 31 gentlemen picked up bids. Also, the chapter raised $14,400 for MDA during 2011, putting it second in the nation for fundraising. The gentlemen of the Order also kept a 3.2 grade point average during the spring of 2011, and will strive to maintain this excellent achievement. The brothers of Alpha Mu chapter are hoping to receive a Samuel Zenas Ammen Award for Chapter Excellence for the 2011 year. – James McAuley, I Mississippi Alpha Upsilon The gentlemen of Alpha Upsilon spent part of last year involved in storm cleanup in an area near Oxford that was severely damaged by a tornado, doing everything from cleaning up brush to helping remove tree stumps of fallen

the kappa alpha Journal


Spring 2012

Missouri Alpha Kappa This past fall, philanthropy chairmen Blake Smith and Tad Schmidt put on Alpha Kappa chapter’s annual powder puff football game, the Rose Bowl, for the many sororities on campus. The event was a success, raising $2,500 for MDA through sorority participation, sponsorship dollars, t-shirt sales, and alumni and family donations. All members of the house participated, and six sororities participated by playing, buying t-shirts, donating and even serenading the brothers. Delta Delta Delta took first place in what was a very fun and positive event for all involved. – Tad Schmidt

Middle Tennessee State Delta Lambda Delta Lambda chapter has been in a rebuilding phase, with brothers of the active chapter earning a 3.04 semester GPA, our highest in over a decade and one of the highest on campus. The brothers participated in multiple service events in the community, including the Murfreesboro Half Marathon and the Fall Festival at John Pittard Elementary School, with over 85 percent chapter participation at all community service events. The chapter also held risk management, recruitment and chapter improvement educational programs with representatives from the national administrative office, all with over 90 percent chapter participation. The chapter’s new I, II, and III and fellow officers hit the ground running upon transition, and started the new year off

with an extremely productive officer retreat on January 1-3. The schedule, budget, and scholarship enhancement plan created on the retreat was rated the 8th best in the Order at the Number I’s Leadership Institute. – Eric Clements

Mississippi State Beta Tau During the fall of 2011, Beta Tau initiated 24 fine new brothers into the chapter. Through a new member education program, the incoming gentlemen were well-equipped for membership with the history and teachings of the Order. In addition, last fall, the active and new members served the community multiple times in a program called “Get Swept Up.” The gentlemen volunteered time by walking around the city of Starkville to pick up trash. The active and new members also donated their time to clean up the Noxubee Wildlife Refuge just outside of Starkville. Beta Tau also raised $6,800 for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, ranking 5th across the nation of Kappa Alpha chapters, by selling raffle tickets for an English bulldog last spring on Super Bulldog Weekend, and will host another raffle at the KA House on Super Bulldog Weekend of 2012. – Trey Renno

On Campus

North Carolina State: The brothers of Alpha Omega celebrate a successful Convivium.

Missouri Southern State Delta Pi Over the past year, Delta Pi has completed over 3,000 community service hours, most of them attributed to the May 22 tornado. Over the summer, the Delta Pi active members participated in many of the clean-up efforts in Joplin, ranging from search and rescue to working at many of the triage stations that were up in the town. In addition to the Joplin clean-up efforts, the Delta Pi chapter also participated in several community service projects such as, MDA Muscle Walk, St. Baldrick’s Day at Missouri Southern, MLK Day, and even hosted Pie a KA for MDA. North Carolina State Alpha Omega Alpha Omega chapter hosted a successful Convivium at the Dorothy and Roy Park Alumni Center on campus, with Brother Bob Orr (Upsilon – North Carolina ’66) a former North Carolina Supreme Court Justice, as a guest speaker, and many other Alpha Omega alumni present. In addition, the chapter had a combined chapter GPA of 2.95 for the fall semester. – Cody L. Evans, I Missouri S&T Beta Alpha In the spring semester of 2011, Beta Alpha had a less than acceptable GPA which the gentlemen of the chapter put at the top of their list for improvements. The chapter implemented a new study program that involved an advisor system. From this, Beta Alpha’s GPA for the fall semester of 2011 was a respectable 3.11. This was an increase of 0.321 points and placed the GPA as the third best on campus, and above

the all-Greek GPAs and all-men GPAs. Another positive change the brothers undertook was more productivity and involvement in their campus. Beta Alpha currently has all members involved in two campus organizations, some of which have Beta Alpha gentlemen as leaders of the organizations. – Jack Watts, I Nicholls State Epsilon Beta With accomplishments this past semester in academics, intramural, and recruitment, Epsilon Beta averaged third among IFC fraternities on campus. The chapter welcomed in seven new brothers to the Order while attaining a 2.86 GPA. In mid-December, the gentlemen came together and painted the grounds of a local church as a community outreach project. Brother Drew Foret has been elected to serve as the 2012 IFC President, and Brother Lewis Bonfanti was awarded with such honors as being named to the 2011 Nicholls Homecoming Court and being named to the Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, as well as being inducted into the National Greek Honor Society, Order of Omega. In addition, the 2nd annual MDA Bowling Tournament has been scheduled for March 3rd. Brotherhood events and alumni activities have also been planned for the spring semester that will keep our brothers excited about KA. – Rusty Bruce, V North Carolina Upsilon The brothers of Upsilon chapter had another excellent fall semester, initiating six brothers and maintaining a chapter Spring 2012


GPA of 3.22. Upsilon has continued its tradition of academic excellence on campus, with a chapter GPA exceeding both the all-IFC and all-campus averages. The chapter experienced an outstanding social semester, headlined by a phenomenal Parent-Alumni Weekend in October that was marked by the support of numerous area alumni, and included a bluegrass band and pigpickin’ after a Tar Heel football game. The gentlemen took part in a number of philanthropic events, including several Habitat for Humanity builds, with the brothers averaging over 29 community service hours per person for the fall semester. The chapter is looking forward to another successful spring recruitment, as well as to our annual basketball tournament and blood drive. Upsilon continues its reign as one of the longest continually-active chapters at UNC, and enjoys a reputation of chivalry and integrity within the Greek and campus communities. – Joshua Milian, V; Matthew Humphries, IV North Carolina at Charlotte Epsilon Xi The gentlemen of Epsilon Xi had a successful spring recruitment, and are still getting used to moving back into the first chapter house Epsilon Xi had in the 1980s and are continuing minor touch-ups on the property. The gentlemen are preparing for their annual blood drive and Greek Week, and are in the preliminary stages of planning some alumni events. – Michael S. Whitley, V North Florida Zeta Nu On January 28, 2012, the brothers of Zeta Nu celebrated the 10-year anniversary of their chapter. The 10-year anniversary was the biggest alumni event in the chapter’s history with about 150 in attendance, including the founding fathers of Zeta Nu and the former Number Is. This event was very important to the chapter, not only because it marks a milestone in the chapters history, but because it formed a stronger relationship between the active brothers of Zeta Nu and their alumni. During the event, Province Commander Blair Bailey (Gamma Eta – Florida State ’88) inducted alumnus and charter member, former Number I

The Kappa Alpha Journal

On Campus

Oklahoma: For Convivium, the chapter hosted a formal meal and hung a new portrait of Robert E. Lee.

Charles Jordan (Zeta Nu – North Florida ’02) into the Crawford Province Court of Honor and several brothers and alumni shared memories. – Eric Horton Oklahoma Beta Eta In the fall the Beta Eta initiated 34 new members. The brothers also assisted with the MDA Telethon by answering telephones for incoming donations. Beta Eta hosted a pumpkin carving mixer with Alpha Chi Omega, and wrote thank you letters and made care packages for the troops with Kappa Kappa Gamma. The gentlemen also participated in Homecoming with Alpha Omicron Pi, Sigma Lambda Gamma, and Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Along with their new member class the brothers hosted a dinner to honor their KA Roses. Beta Eta also toured the University of Oklahoma basketball facilities, watched the gentlemen’s team practice, and met the team’s head coach. – Cameron L. Horne

Randolph-Macon Zeta The gentlemen of Zeta are proud of their achievements in and out of the classroom. Number II Nicholas Lapres holds a representative position on the RMC Student Government Association. Brothers Justin Thorn and Tolson Musick are members of the college’s Interfraternity Council. Brother Andrew Rowe is working with MDA to plan fundraisers. The chapter also plans to play a major role in the school’s annual Relay for Life that is held in the spring. Chandler Weston, Andrew Farrell, and Matthew Musser, who play tennis, golf, and baseball, will be among those competing for a coveted Old Dominion Athletic Conference championship this spring. – Patrick Dugan Richmond Eta Eta Chapter inducted 23 new members, a record high for the chapter in the past decade. Additionally, the chapter is proud to have the captains of the varsity tennis, golf, and soccer captains among its membership. In fall 2011, Eta was a leading participant in the annual Trick or Treat Street, where brothers read ghost stories to children. This past fall, the event was replaced by URThankful, a Thanksgiving-based festival for the

the kappa alpha Journal


Spring 2012

Roanoke Beta Rho The brothers of Beta Rho made great strides in philanthropy, leadership ability, and academic achievement this past fall. Their activities included roadside cleanup with Adopt-aHighway, Southern Affair Week, where they raised $2,400 for MDA, and Salem Ambassadors, a local program that has garnered national awards that involves completing difficult tasks for at-need residents. In leadership, two Beta Rho brothers attended ELA and one brother attended The Crusade RoundTable. These gentlemen have been actively applying their expertise within the chapter. Finally, the chapter was the number two fraternity on campus academically, while beating the allmale GPA at Roanoke College. The brothers have also implemented a new scholarship system that will, among other policies, increase the incentives and penalties pertaining to academic work. This will hopefully further improve the chapter’s academic standing on campus, as everyone is striving to make this next semester even greater than the last. – Andrew Bernstein

Princeton Zeta Beta Zeta Beta chapter is proud to have continued to increase its participation in various philanthropic ventures on and outside of campus. The chapter has members in the Big Brother/Big Sister program, providing mentors to youths in need, and several brothers are coaching in a youth basketball league. This year the chapter encouraged participation in the Princeton Disabilities Conference,

with Brother Ross Powell acting as a group leader, working with children with Down syndrome. – Nick Cion

community where Eta brothers helped run a holiday hayride which the kids loved. In conjunction with the festival, Eta chapter teamed up with other campus organizations to raise almost 1,500 pounds of non-perishable items for the Central Virginia Food Bank. Operation Crimson Gift, the chapter’s fall blood drive, was highly successful, with the chapter collecting 102 good units of blood. This was the same collection as the successful spring 2011 blood drive, and the brothers of Eta thank Virginia Blood Services and Richmond Student Activities for their help. In addition to the chapter’s awardwinning blood drives, Eta donated to MDA through sponsorships for the Monument Avenue 10k race, and the gentlemen are gearing up to participate in and raise money for Relay for Life. The gentlemen of Eta are excited about another semester of social events, philanthropy, and brotherhood. – Austin Santoro, III; Colin Santoro, IV; Zachary Francis, Philanthropy Officer

On Campus

Eastern Kentucky: The brothers of Delta Mu have had a spectacular fall semester with one of the largest new member classes on campus, initiating 11 new members.

Univ. of the South Alpha Alpha This past semester the brothers of Alpha Alpha chapter helped sponsor and coordinate different projects within the school and neighboring communities. In the beginning of the year, the chapter sponsored an event for alcohol awareness for all freshman and other members of the Sewanee community, bringing in a guest speaker who talked about the dangers of drinking and driving. Another great experience the chapter got involved with this past semester was a community service project with Housing Sewanee. The entire chapter spent four weekends in the fall helping rebuild the interior of a house in the Sewanee community that had burned during the spring. This exterior of the house was saved by the Sewanee Fire Department, which had five KA’s on the initial house call. Additionally, four brothers earned Dean’s List recognition while many others qualified to join Sewanee’s academic honor society, the Order of the Gownsmen. Altogether, through hosting social events, participating in community service events, and bringing in inspirational speakers, Alpha Alpha chapter had a very eventful and successful fall semester. – Warren Snead South Alabama Epsilon Alpha Judge Don Davis, a Probate Court judge in Mobile, Alabama was a charter member of Epsilon Alpha chapter at

the University of South Alabama, and is being recognized as USA’s Alumni of the Year for 2012. Brother Davis was a part of the first new member class of Epsilon Alpha in 1977 and served as the Number VI and IV, as well as in the Number III position during his time as an undergraduate. He also served as the Providence Commander for the Dunwoody Providence from 19881993, and as a member of the executive council from 1993 until 1999. Brother Davis and his wife Beth established the Davis Leadership Award through the KAOEF, which provides for an active leader of Epsilon Alpha chapter and Phi Mu chapter at USA to attend a leadership training event. He served as Preceptor of the Dunwoody Province Court of Honor, and during his tenure he established and funded the DPCoH’s scholarship through the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation. Brother Davis is also a member of the Coastal Alabama Alumni Chapter. His son, Allen Davis, also was a member of the Gamma Chapter at the University of Georgia where he served as the Number III. – Joe Sicard Southeastern Louisiana Epsilon Kappa Epsilon Kappa and the Hammond Alumni hosted Convivium on January 21, and it was a huge success. The chapter hosted a blood drive for Operation Crimson Gift that had over 90 students participate, and also hosted Province Council. Epsilon Kappa is looking to build on last year’s Spring 2012


recruitment numbers this spring with a goal of 10 gentlemen signing bids, which would be the largest spring class in chapter history. – Kent Landacre Southern Methodist Beta Lambda The brothers of Beta Lambda are pleased that, in only the chapter’s second year of rebuilding, that they just took a new member class of 21 gentlemen. – Blake Palmer Stanford Alpha Pi Working hard to achieve the second highest chapter GPA in the Order with a 3.52, the brothers continually improve their grades in the hope to regain the top spot. Fall job interviews went exceptionally well as senior brothers earned offers from high-profile consulting and investment banking firms across the country. In the pool, 15 brothers competed on the Stanford University Gentlemen’s water polo team that finished fourth in the nation and compiled a 19-7 record. Another 15 brothers have recently begun their season on the hard court for the Stanford University gentlemen’s volleyball team that is currently ranked fourth, but hopes to repeat its success with another national championship in 2010 by competing in the NCAA finals in May. – James Balassone

The Kappa Alpha Journal

On Campus Stephen F. Austin State Delta Kappa The brothers of Delta Kappa came back from summer break rejuvenated and ended up this fall with 13 new initiates for the 2011 fall semester. The gentlemen also helped set up and took part in the SMU chapter’s fall initiation in Dallas, with the Texas Tech chapter helping out with the initiation. In addition, the chapter has purchased a couple acres of land to build a new KA House just a couple miles away from campus, near sorority row. It will be a replica of Texas Tech’s house in Lubbock. – Jordan Lane Tennessee Pi Pi chapter at the University of Tennessee initiated 22 brothers in the fall of 2011, and is set to move in to a new, $2.2 million house during summer semester of 2012. The 2010 Marshall Award-winning Pi chapter posted a spring 2011 GPA of 3.15, second highest on campus among fraternities. The Pi brothers were sixth in the Order in donating $3,500 to MDA for the year, thanks in large part to a KA cornhole tournament which raised over $1,300. The chapter will be dedicating two weekends this spring to volunteer at Habitat for Humanity as well as various MDA events, such as the “Muscle Walk.” The gentlemen also conduct a clean-up at a local church each semester, where they attend services as a chapter. – Steven Cook

the service front, the chapter organized a successful canned food drive for a Chattanooga-area food bank. Tennessee Tech Zeta Epsilon Zeta Epsilon is proud to spend Convivium together to honor our spiritual founder, Robert E. Lee. This year the celebration was held at Maddox Station in Cookeville, Tennessee, and was spent over a candle lit dinner with brothers, dates, faculty advisor, and rose, all of whom we toast. – Jordan Chitwood Texas State Epsilon Iota In fall 2011 Epsilon Iota initiated 23 new members who are already having active rolls in the chapter, many of them filling positions on various committees. The chapter also headed a university and city wide blood drive held in the middle of the Texas State campus that was very successful, and that success made the brothers decide to hold another one soon. The chapter has a member currently serving as Vice-President of Service on the Interfraternity Council of the Texas State Greek system, and is mentoring younger members in leadership roles which will need to be filled over time. – Alex LaButis Texas Wesleyan Zeta Xi Zeta Xi chapter has begun attending basketball games at TWU dressed in

the kappa alpha Journal


Spring 2012

blazers, khakis, and ties. The school is sometimes known for its alleged lack of enthusiasm about campus athletics, and the attendance of the well-dressed Zeta Xi brothers has greatly increased spirit among the student body and enhanced the atmosphere at the basketball games. School administrators have encouraged the gentlemen to continue to attend the games because they are the loudest fans in the gym! – Garry Jones, VI Transylvania Alpha Theta Alpha Theta began the fall semester by welcoming seven new brothers into the Order on the always-entertaining bid day of 2011. These young gentlemen have already brought a sense of renewed excitement and fascination to Alpha Theta as well as exemplifying upstanding leadership in the classroom and in the community. Current actives are dynamically involved in campus leadership organizations such as SGA, IFC, Young Democrats, and College Republicans. The gentlemen are also involved in varsity soccer, the trap and skeet club, intramurals, and the Transylvania University Choir. Last year, Kappa Alpha raised money for the MDA by holding their annual MDA walk from the capitol of Kentucky to the steps of Old Morrison, which raised $5,000 for the organization. The chapter also raised money by holding the “shamrocks” contest between Greek organizations to see who could purchase the most shamrocks to benefit

Tennessee-Chattanooga Provisional Chapter The UTC Provisional Chapter received its share of accolades recently while working to become the Order’s newest chartered chapter. The chapter continued to excel academically and capped the fall 2011 semester with a 2.95 GPA, the highest among IFC fraternities. Chapter members were also active outside the classroom. Among the highlights: Number I Harry Wolverton participated in a summer internship program in Washington, D.C. with the Department of Homeland Security, and Brock Oliver saw action on the gridiron for the Mocs football team, completing his collegiate career as a three-time member of the Southern Conference All-Academic Team. On

Tulsa: Mu chapter recently initiated 16 new gentlemen with high GPAs.

On Campus MDA. The gentlemen of Alpha Theta recognize that mere involvement is not enough, but that they need to be proactive gentlemen who strive to lead their peers toward a better world. Most recently, Alpha Theta held Rose Ball to honor the women of Rose Court and also to welcome in the newly inducted officers of the chapter. The brothers also took their annual Convivium trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee in February. – Will Malicote Tulsa Mu The gentlemen of Mu chapter are on their way to completing this school year as successfully as they began it. The chapter initiated 16 members last November, and their new member GPA was the highest on the row for the fourth consecutive semester. With the contributions of these new gentlemen, Mu chapter had the highest total GPA with a 3.137. The brothers also won the intramural volleyball and Kappa Kappa Gamma’s philanthropy dodge ball tournaments. Brother Tyler Gutschenritter was honored at the University of Tulsa’s Homecoming celebration as one of the school’s Top Ten Freshmen of last year. – Mike Kaucher Vanderbilt Chi The gentlemen of Chi at Vanderbilt are proud that the chapter’s GPA increased to a 3.47 for the fall semester, well above both the gentlemen’s and IFC averages. Chi chapter now has two members in high-ranking Vanderbilt student government positions, as both McArthur Gill and Teddy Kentor were selected in campus-wide elections to the Vanderbilt Senate and House, respectively. The chapter initiated six gentlemen last semester, and inducted 17 new members in early January. Finally in 2011, with its annual silent auction and a letter writing campaign, the gentlemen were able to raise over $9,000 for MDA, ranking 4th among all chapters nationwide. – Jarrod Hall Virginia Tech Epsilon Eta In January Epsilon Eta held its first Convivium celebration in the chapter’s history. With almost the entire chapter,

Washington College: The brothers of Beta Omega relax after a hard day’s work of highway cleanup.

several alumni, and several brothers from the national office in attendance, we praised our spiritual founder with a presentation by the Order’s Archivist, SGM E. Kent McMichael (Beta Commission – VMI ’95) on “The Life of Lee and his Influence on the Order,” and a toast. The night brought together four generations of KA brothers, making the celebration three hours of good food, great people, and great conversation. – Zak Kristofek Virginia Wesleyan Epsilon Omicron Heading into the fall 2011 semester, Epsilon Omicron was faced with an academic obstacle that, if not reached, could have led to the chapter’s demise. With the full support of the college deans, Greek advisor, a few key alumni and the NAO, the chapter worked diligently to achieve an acceptable academic standard and placed 2nd among IFC fraternities. Although the focus was on scholarship, the gentlemen grew as members. The chapter held a 24-hour Bike-A-Thon for MDA in cold early December that helped the chapter raise over $200 for MDA. Also this semester the gentlemen set a schoolwide blood drive record of 53 pints with Operation Crimson Gift. The

Spring 2012


chapter hopes to continue this focus on academics and increase alumni relations throughout the spring semester. The gentlemen want to thank all the alumni and members of the national administrative office for their continued help in developing the chapter. – John Parrish Wake Forest Tau The gentlemen of Tau chapter worked hard to put together one of their most fun and important events of last semester, the Hubie Poteat Memorial Golf Tournament. Poteat was a past brother who tragically died in an auto accident, and the gentlemen of Tau continue to honor him and his family through this annual golf tournament, with the field made up of current members as well as alumni. Following the “Captain’s Choice” tournament there is a banquet in which a senior is honored with the Poteat Brother award, and the event’s recipient was senior Luke Schwartz. The brothers participated in helping hundreds of freshman move into their dorm rooms at the beginning of the school year. The chapter had a successful year in the classroom by

The Kappa Alpha Journal

On Campus raising Tau’s cumulative GPA to a 2.9. Plans for the upcoming months include organizing a number of philanthropy events, including a canned food drive, a letter writing campaign to reach out to alumni across the country, and a walk for MDA, with a goal of $10,000. – Alex Roberson Washington Zeta Mu Zeta Mu chapter has been very successful in recent recruiting efforts, surging from an eight man chapter a couple of years ago to a thriving 30 man chapter today. The gentlemen are aiming to initiate at least eight new members in their next class. The chapter is placing a big emphasis on philanthropy this year as well, with a restoration project where the brothers are going to restore land at a nearby park and take care of it throughout the year, as well as hosting a badminton tournament called “The Gentlemen’s Cup” to raise money for MDA. – Johnathan Feuerstein Washington & Lee Alpha Brother John Straton, distinguished house manager for the 2011-12 academic year, was recently elected Secretary of the IFC, a great honor. Last fall, the chapter sold about $1,000 worth of tank tops for its biannual beach party, with the proceeds of the sale, and from the chapter’s ongoing letter writing campaign, going to MDA. The gentlemen are also proud to announce that former Number I Anderson Wasden has been elected to serve as the National Undergraduate Chairman. – Ben Ruffel

West Florida Epsilon Sigma Going into the fall Epsilon Sigma chapter received a strong new member class initiating eight. This brought the chapter total to 33 brothers, the third highest in chapter history. The chapter lost a heartbreaker in the intramural co-ed volleyball championship in October and is gearing up for basketball now. Convivium was a success and the gentlemen are working on their first ever alumni golf tournament for March. The chapter hopes to create a house corporation for the expansion occurring at UWF. – Christopher James Hill West Virginia Wesleyan Beta Chi Beta Chi chapter is proud to have an overall GPA of 3.1, with seven brothers who have earned the honor of being on the Dean’s list and one brother on the President’s list. The gentlemen are also pleased to announce that 11 new members are awaiting initiation. In addition, Brother Adam Neugebauer has been playing in a few All-American bowls in football. – Kyle McMahan Western Kentucky Epsilon Theta Epsilon Theta initiated a very promising new member class of 12 new members in the fall. The chapter is looking at new initiatives to implement a new alumni relations action plan, and held an alumni brunch on WKU’s homecoming day. This brunch brought the promise of a new support that will capture alumni by reaching out to them and reconnecting everyone. Epsilon Theta is currently serving a term of suspension until May 2012. Where some would see this as failure, the gentlemen of Epsilon Theta see this suspension as opportunity, and are working diligently to bring back a focus by adopting a new action plan that will ensure success for years to come. The gentlemen have spent their sentence

the kappa alpha Journal


Spring 2012

Emory: Brothers volunteered at the 12th annual “A Wish for Wendy Charity Softball Tournament, for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, at the North Park in Alpharetta, Ga.

committing themselves to community service, recruitment plans for the fall, and getting back in touch with ritual. This is a trying time for Epsilon Theta, but with support from alumni and a new executive council, the brothers believe the suspension will shape their future. – Aaron Remmers Westminster Alpha Eta After the Alpha Eta chapter house was damaged in a fire over the summer, the gentlemen were blessed and fortunate to have the assistance of alumnus Al Jenkins, who directed the repair of the house and restored it to living condition. The gentlemen are also proud to report that five members of Alpha Eta received a 4.0 GPA for the fall semester of 2011. The brothers are excited to have 13 new members awaiting initiation who will bring many outstanding qualities to the chapter. Many are from the Missouri area; however, one is from the Kingdom of Swaziland and another has lived in Belize much of his life. – Gregg Edwards

Washington College Beta Omega Beta Omega had a fall new member class of three initiates, welcoming brothers Alex Copibianco, John Marshall, and Chester Czuj. Brother Dan Danko finished off his term as IFC President, and Brother Andrew Tarantino was elected as his successor. A group of brothers made a trip to national headquarters in November, and brotherhood chairs John Marshall and Peter Wagner organized a brotherhood Thanksgiving dinner that was a great success. Brother Danko graduated a semester early

and was put on alumni status at the end of the semester, and Brother Marshall was twice published in the school literary magazine. Beta Omega finished off a great year of service with our highway cleanup project. – Peter Wagner, V

Sports Page

I am “Ironman”

Few tests of human endurance can

compare to the Ironman World Championship in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, where a select group of men swim 2.4 miles, bike 112 miles and run 26.2 miles, striving to do it all within a 17-hour time frame. Some competitors can’t complete the grueling event, but one who recently did was Kappa brother Anton Mertens ‘83. A graduate of Mercer College and Mercer Law School, Mertens, who recently turned 50, hadn’t been a particularly athletic person until he was in his late 40s. “I really only started (getting in competitive shape) about two years ago,” he said. “I used to run, did the L.A. Marathon in 1993, but I didn’t really think my body was made for it. Then my wife started doing triathlons about three years ago so I decided to get a bike and get with it myself.”

Spring 2012


Mertens decided to enter the lottery for the Kona Ironman and was selected out of a reported field of more than 7,000 applicants. To qualify one must have

“I’m swimming, watching what I eat…it almost becomes a way of life,” he said. completed an Ironman somewhere else, and Mertens was already in training for the Louisville Ironman, which he completed, when he learned that he had been accepted in Kona. Mertens said that his experience as a KA played a significant role in making him who he is today, both in helping him become a successful attorney, and in

The Kappa Alpha Journal

Sports Page

Fall Sports Review Football Alabama


William Vlachos ’08, Center Center Finalist, Rimington Trophy Started last 40 games of career North-American Interfraternity Conference All-Fraternity All-American 1st team Walter Camp All-American 2nd team All-Southeastern Conference 1st team

David Hankins ’08, Kicker

GA Tech

the kappa alpha Journal

Oklahoma State

Andrew Ratliff ’11, Offensive Tackle Started eight games

Will Muschamp ’92, Head Coach Led squad to a 7-6 record 24-17 win over Ohio State in Gator Bowl


Max Travis ’09, Offensive Tackle All-Big South 1st team

Spencer Benton ’08, Kicker 54 kick-offs, average of 64.7 yards. Taylor Ogle ’10, Wide receiver

Stephen F. Austin

David Damian ’11, Lineman

Princeton Tom Moak ’10, Wide Reciver Nine receptions, 86 yards and a TD

Furman Cameron Mason ’10, Tight End  Seven receptions, 118 yards, two TDs

Donny McElveen ’10, Quarterback Tyler Felt ’10, Offensive Guard

Arkansas State AJ Riels ’11, Deep Snapper

Vanderbilt Josh Jelesky ’10, Offensive lineman 10 games

Virginia Sean Cascarano ’10, Offensive lineman 6 games


Spring 2012



Blake Dowd ’11, Center Started every game


helping him make it through the Ironman competition. “When I think about the things I’ve done in my life and the things I still want to accomplish, I go back to thinking about my college years and Kappa chapter and what I learned there.” Another reason for Mertens’ resolve to complete the Ironman was that, in addition to the satisfaction of doing it, he was raising money for a worthy cause. “My wife helped with the raising of $10,000 through my competing for the American Cancer Society,” he said. “That’s another reason to be so determined to finish; I’m thinking, ‘Well, I can’t quit now because I’m raising money for cancer research.’ It’s kind of a selfish sport, but it’s not so selfish if you can dedicate it to something bigger than you. I remember the days in school raising money for MDA, and this was just something I needed to do.” The cause is a personal one for Mertens, whose own father died of cancer. And it’s not over yet for Mertens, who is now preparing to prepare for the Texas Ironman in May.

J.J. Hayes ’11, Wide Receiver All-Southland Conference 2nd team 53 receptions School record 951 yards 8 touchdowns School record 14 receptions, 189 yards versus McNeese

Justin Moore ’10, Kicker Led squad with 89 points, 11 field goals, 56 extra points 29 kick-offs for an average of 61.9 yards.

Michael Reichenstein ’10, Punter

Mertens cycled, swam and ran his way to the Ironman.


Sports Page Will King ’09, Wide Receiver & Punt Returner 12 punt returns for a 6.8 average Kevin Allman ’10, Wide Receiver

Wofford Jamie Chappell ’09, Tight End Played in eight games

Northwestern State Forrest Graham ’10, Fullback

West Virginia Wesleyan Adam Neugebauer ’08, Quarterback Lead team to 9-2 record 5th, Harlon Hill Trophy voting (Top NCAA Division II Player) NIC All-Fraternity All-American 1st team for Div. II/III WVIAC Offensive Player of the Year Led Division II: 353 completions, 521 attempts (67.8%), 4,111 yards, 40 TDs All-American Bowl in Mexico City MVP, Hansen Bowl small college all-star game. Mike Pruden ’09, Defensive Back Marcus Adams ’09, Linebacker

Delta State Will Kent ’11, Offensive Tackle

Washington and Lee (18 players)

Mike Palicz ’11, Linebacker 11 stops

John Fitzgibbons ’09, Offensive Tackle, Co-Captain Started all 41 games of his career All-American 1st team NIC All-Fraternity All-American 1st team

Luke Heinsohn ’10, Running Back All-ODAC 2nd team 142 carries, 900 yards, 78 points on 13 touchdowns.

Jake Pelton ’10, Defensive Back, NIC All-Fraternity 1st team All-ODAC 1st team 76 tackles, seven passes broken up, three fumble recoveries. Rob Look ’09, Linebacker, Co-Captain Led team with 95 tackles All-ODAC 1st team.

Alex Evans ’11, Tight End All-ODAC 2nd team 25 receptions, 470 yards, seven touchdowns. Peter Alston ’09, Kicker All-ODAC honorable mention list 66 points: six field goals, 48 extra points Mike Lombardo ’11, Quarterback 43 carries for 160 yards and four scores

Cody Parker ’11, Punter, All-Mid-South Conference East Division 1st team 59 punts, 41.4 average. Kaelin Ammons ’08, Quarterback 41 of 76, 536 yards, five TDs Jesse Gillham ’08, Fullback Chris Mullins ’88, Assistant Coach NAIA Assistant Coach of the Year

William Jewell (19 Players) Sean Shelton ’10, Quarterback Leading rusher 420 yards, four TDs on 124 attempts 181 of 325 for 1,727 yards, 10 TDs

Mike Hartford ’09, Defensive Back 40 stops

Sean Patwell ’10, Running Back 15 carries for a 9.8 average

Spencer Richards ’09, Punter 39 punts for a 34.2 average

Phillip Bassani ’09, Offensive Lineman Played in nine games

Nelson Windebank ’07, Linebacker Led defense with 97 tackles

Mike Stefaneli ’10, Offensive Lineman Played in nine games

Harrison Blue ’08, Wide Receiver 17 receptions, 169 yards, three scores


Warren Frevert ’11, Kicker Led the team with 42 points: 8 field goals and 18 extra points

Mitchell Thompson ’11, Lineman 39 stops Michael Unholz ’11, Lineman 32 tackles Kevin Travaline ’11, Lineman 28 tackles


Jake Rudolph ’11, Back 23 tackles

Nick Kinney’07, Kicker 34 points: 4 field goals, 22 extra points.

Doug Fraser ’10, Linebacker 19 tackles

Adam Schmitz ’10, Running Back All-Mid-South Conference East Division 1st team 255 yards, six TDs, 65 carries 27 receptions, 390 yards, two scores.


Matt Byrd ’08, Offensive Tackle All-Mid-South Conference East Division 1st team

Jake Hartley ’11, Center Dillon Besser ’10, Guard


Spring 2012


The Kappa Alpha Journal

Sports Page Scott Tipton ‘10, Tackle Jason Carmichael ’11, Linebacker 57 stops Jack Bissonnette ’11, Defensive Back 30 tackles Tyler Bullis ’10, Lineman 34 stops, team-high 4 sacks Tyler Owen ’10, Linebacker 21 stops Ben Roberts ’11, Lineman 14 tackles

Millsaps Jeb White ’10, Linebacker 97 tackles All-Southern Collegiate Athletic Conference 1st team


Greg Blasiar ’10, Defensive Back All-SCAC mention 22 tackles, two interceptions Semmes White ’11, Back 66 stops

South Carolina

Beau Brady ’11, Kicker Led team with 54 points: 11 field goals, 21 extra points 42 kick-offs, average of 58.7 yards

DeMarco Moorehead ’10, Defensive back Three interceptions 28 tackles Eight returns for a 15.2 average


Greg Edwards ’10, Defensive back 25 tackles

Murphy Walters ’10, Back All-SCAC 2nd team 54 tackles, picking off three passes Andrew Walters ’09, Lineman 38 stops All-SCAC honorable mention Andrew Keenan ’11, Wide Receiver Cyrus Wittig ’11, Quarterback Dorsey Dobias ’10, Lineman

Birmingham-Southern Sam Vermilya ’11, Wide Receiver 10 passes, 110 yards, two TDs Ran back 16 kickoffs, 20.7 average


Justin Grahl ’10, Wide Receiver 20 receptions, 282 yards Chris Starkey ’10, Running back 21 carries, 116 yards, two TDs

Nick Cannon ’11, Offensive tackle Ben Honeywell ’11, Offensive Lineman

Rhodes Tim Braun ’11, Offensive Lineman

Professional, Denver Broncos

Dersu Abolfathi ’10 Pac 12 All-Academic team 6 points Jason Dodson ’10 Pac 12 All-academic 2nd team 43 saves, 1.51 goals against average Hunter Gorskie ’10 Pac 12 All-academic 2nd team Tommy Ryan ’08

David Binn (Alpha Xi – California ’92), Deep Snapper 17-year NFL veteran, released by the San Diego Chargers just before the start of the 2011 season. Signed by the Denver Broncos as playoffs started and got into one game.


Taylor Amman ’08 Drew Hutchins ’11, Goalie Clayton Holz ’09 Cullen Wilson ’09

Richmond Houston Oldham ’11 Academic Atlantic 10 team 10 points Chris Grover ’11



Adam Jahn ’10 All-Pac 12 2nd team All-Far West 3rd team 10 points

the kappa alpha Journal

West Virginia Wesleyan

Allen Page ’09 Southern Conference All-Academic Team


Spring 2012

Ryan McDougall ’09, Goalie All-WVIAC 1st team 57 saves, 1.07 goals against average.

Hampden-Sydney Curran Blackwell ’10, Defenseman All-ODAC Virginia All-State 1st teams All-South Atlantic Region 3rd team. Second on team with 13 points, team best of six goals.

Transylvania Evan Sizemore ’11, Defenseman 11-4-4 HCAC champions Named HCAC Co-Defensive Player of the Year Chandler Ware ’10.

University of the South Stuart Maxey, ’09, Midfielder Started 12 games Four points

Georgetown Jordan Gregory ’10 Started nine games

Drury Dylan Corbett ’11

James Gladstone ’10, Wide Receiver Second with 21 receptions, 226 yards, four TDs

Texas A&M Commerce

Will McGinnis ‘11

Sports Page Westminster (8 players) Matt Shoults ’09, Tri-captain 15 starts All-St. Louis Intercollegiate Athletic Conference 1st team. Sean Peterson ’09, Tri-captain Seven goals All-SLIAC 2nd team DIII All-Central Region 3rd team. Adam Ross ’10 Started 18 contests SLIAC All-Academic 1st team All-SLIAC honorable mention Andrew Lock ’11 13 starts Chad Miller ’10 Seven starts, five points Graham Lloyd ’10 Five starts Tyler Cook ’11 Four starts

William Grbcich ’11 Three starts

Evan Javors ’11

Southwestern (14 players)

Matt Harrison ’11

Ryan Jensen ’10

Evan Perkins ’10, Forward 22 points, team-high 10 goals All-SCAC 2nd team Academic All-District 2nd team. Thomas Davis ’11 17 points, eight goals

Taylor Martin ’11

Millsaps (10 players) Christopher Lawrence ’11 Started 14 contests SCAC All-Sportsmanship Team Stephen Andrieu ’09, Goalie 58 saves, 2.97 goals against average

Timothy Eamma ’11 10 points, four goals

Dylan Broussard ’09, Goalie 26 saves, 1.46 GAA

Matt Landon ’11 19 starts

Drew Moroux ’09 14 starts

Forrest Baker ’10 14 starts

James Klugh ’10 11 starts

Daniel Poole ’11 11 starts

Alex Szabo ’09 11 starts

Steven Resnik ’11 10 starts

Chaz Ainsworth ’10 13 games

Andrew LaForge ’09 Ryan Kent ’08 Paul Rudolph ’10.

Cross country Furman Wilkerson Given ’10 4th (25:56), 8K Eye Opener Invitational 17th (24:58.17), Southern Conference meet 21st (24:54.31), Clemson Invitational


William Garrett Cooper ’11, goalie



Steve McAndrew ’11 9th 5K finish (17:53), Wingate Pre-Conference meet 6th place 8K finish (29:06), Wingate Invitational 61st (30:56.30), South Atlantic Conference event.

Jordan Archer ’10 Matthew Palma ’11 Thomas Palma ’09

Professional Soccer Davy Arnaud (Gamma Sigma-West Texas A&M ’00), Kansas City Wizards 10th season, limited to 16 games due to surgery Traded to the MLS expansion team, Montreal Impact. Bobby Warshaw (Alpha PiStanford ’08), FC Dallas Rookie season, played 17 games, started four.

Water polo Stanford (14 players) Forrest Watkins ’10 Second with 42 goals All-Mountain Pacific Sports Federation 1st team. Jacob Smith ’09, 47 goals All-MPSF 2nd team

Travis Noll ’09

West Texas A&M

Alex Crooks ’10

Spring 2012

Peter Sefton 09 Scored 30 goals All-MPSF honorable mention.

Noah Gordon ’09 42nd, Best 8K time (26:45.50), Southeast Cross Country Classic Competed, University Athletic Association meet


Brian Pingree ’08, goalie All-MPSF honorable mention 6.17 goals against average.


The Kappa Alpha Journal

Transylvania Jordan Evans ’09 & Jett Glass ‘09 Competed, Heartland Collegiate Athletic Conference

Drury Derek Ball ’11

Hall of Fame Brian Taylor (Beta BetaBethany ’95) Inducted with the 2011 class, Bethany College Athletic Hall of Fame Two sport standout in Golf and Tennis

Chapter Eternal

Brothers listed herein were reported and recorded as of Jan. 16, 2012.

The Official Badge of the Order is shown as worn on a “hatchment” (a crepe of piece of black ribbon 1/2" wide and 3/4" long). Brothers are to wear this arrangement during a period of mourning as set forth in the Kappa Alpha Laws (App. 103).” Alabama Alpha Beta Robert James Johnson, 1946, 11/3/2011 Robert Boxley Stamps, 1956, 10/7/2011 Arizona Gamma Epsilon Dominic Felix Ameche, 2003, 11/11/2011 Auburn Nu Samuel DeBose Nettles, 1939, 10/17/1998 John Flowers Watt Jr., 1953, 5/25/2009 Birmingham-Southern Phi William Columbus Farrell Jr., 1948, 10/2/2011 Dr. John Howard Yardley, 1947, 12/7/2011 California-Berkeley Alpha Xi Charles Samuel Gubser, 1936, 8/20/2011 Robert S. Watson, 1942, 2/28/2008

William Cook Brown, 1955, 2/26/2011 John N. Christie, 1923, 8/25/2011 Homer Maxwell Fletcher, 1947, 12/3/2011 Phil Carter Pendleton, 1936, 12/8/2004 Roy LaMance Turknett Jr., 1952, 9/27/2011 Louis Anthony Victor, 1966, 7/12/2011 George Washington Alpha Nu Dr. William Bryan Pollard, 1940, 11/6/2011 Georgia Tech Alpha Sigma Edmund Lysle Potter, 1942, 11/29/2011 John Philip Carley, 1952, 12/22/2010 Matthew M. Moynihan, 1978, 11/16/2011

Davidson Sigma Jerry Lamar Abernathy, 1960, 9/2/2010 Rev. Dr. Henderson Belk, 1943, 10/20/2011 Scott Alan Harbottle, 1975, 5/15/2009 Rev. Josh Tayloe MacKenzie, 1950, 2/3/2010

Georgia Gamma William Irwin Bowen, 1950, 9/5/2011 Clarence Henry Clay Jr., 1942, 10/21/2011 James Wayne Gosney, 1969, 10/21/2011 Henry Cleveland Shearer, 1966, 10/7/2008 William Weston IV, 1980, 10/7/2011 Jere Field White Jr., 1974, 10/3/2011

Drury Beta Iota Samuel Howard Grisham, 1972, 1/8/2012

Georgia Southern Delta Theta Walter L. Bell, 1974, 6/14/2011

Duke Alpha Phi Paisley Turner Hines Jr., 1946, 8/12/2008 Kevin Randolph Hoffman, 1961, 4/2/2009 Clarence C. Knotts Jr., 1951, 3/22/2010 Rev. Roddey Reid Jr., 1938, 9/14/2010 John Newton Smith Jr., 1950, 10/12/2011 Dr. George Thomas Wood III, 1953, 9/2/2010 John Charles Thompson, 1954, 10/24/2011

Hampden-Sydney Alpha Tau Robert Carroll Douglas, 1966, 12/31/2011

Florida Beta Zeta Hansford D. Beard Jr., 1947, 8/6/2011

Kentucky Theta Winford Bailey Thomas, 1943, 8/19/2011 Lambuth Gamma Omicron Rev. John C. Jagoditsch, 1966, 10/17/2011 Louisville Beta Omicron James P. Muldoon M.D., 1943, 5/30/2011 Mercer Kappa Floyd Don Bradford, 1946, 4/16/2011 Josiah Crudup Jr., 1943, 10/28/2011 Aurel Maner Erwin, 1934, 2/2/2010

Mississippi Alpha Upsilon Maurice Lyle Carroll, 1953, 9/9/2011 Charles Walker Kelly, posthumously 2012, 10/30/2011 Sam Clayton Kelly, posthumously 2012, 10/30/2011 James Beeman Strange, 1949, 11/19/2011 Bryant Mason Wilbanks, posthumously 2012, 10/30/2011 Joseph Evans Woodward Jr., 1957, 9/23/2011 Mississippi State Beta Tau Harrison Randolph Chilton, 1936, 3/8/2011 Julian Warren Gardner, 1942, 11/9/2010 Missouri S&T Beta Alpha Vernon T. McGhee, 1940, 1/4/2007 Missouri Alpha Kappa Parry Barnes Jr., 1951, 7/12/2011 New Mexico Beta Phi Peter C. Ley, 1944, 10/22/2011 North Carolina Upsilon Harry LeRoy Fremd USN, 1948, 7/5/2011 North Carolina State Alpha Omega Claude Everett Moon Jr., 1966, 1/9/2007 Northwestern State Gamma Psi Rangi Jason Lim, 1905, 5/16/2011 Oklahoma Beta Eta Richard Gilbert Webb, 1951, 7/30/2011 Oklahoma City Gamma Kappa Rolland Jerry Whitlock, 1962, 8/22/2008 Randolph-Macon Zeta John Clark Everly, 1953, 10/11/2011 Tucker Murray Scott Jr., 1939, 6/17/2011

the kappa alpha Journal


Rhodes Alpha Epsilon Harry Winfield Arnold, 1939, 11/13/1998 John Robertson Pepper, 1934, 11/20/2006 Richard Foster Rosenbrough, 1936, 9/26/2006 Univ. of the South Alpha Alpha William Trump Bird II, 1947, 6/11/2007 Thomas Richard Head III, 1989, 11/17/2011 South Carolina Rho Allan Owens Jackson, 1960, 12/18/2010 Page Pendleton Robinson Jr., 1944, 8/7/2011 Southern California Beta Sigma Glenn H. Nordskog, 1946, 9/2/2011 Carlton Mulcahy Rogers, 1936, 7/2/2011 Kenneth Amestoy Tipton, 1946, 11/19/2011 William H. Wesson, 1958, 10/20/11 Southern Methodist Beta Lambda Frank P. Carvey Jr., 1940, 1/2/2012 Southern Mississippi Gamma Zeta Steven H. Purdy, 1965, 7/11/2011 Southwestern Xi Dr. Billy Ira Dippel, 1952, 12/15/2010 Kenneth Lynn Garrett, 1952, 6/18/2010 Tennessee Pi John Timothy Bright, 1959, 11/7/2011 Ross Choate Butler, 1929, 1/8/1999 Henry Calvin Goodrich, 1941, 12/11/2011 Richard Houston Meschendorf Jr., 1955, 8/6/06 Munford Miller, 1938, 1/18/09 Texas A&M-Commerce Gamma Upsilon Kenneth Earl Little, 1970, 1/10/12 Texas Tech Gamma Chi David Mason Brownlow, 2010, 12/9/2011 Texas Omicron Robert Basil Baldwin, 1937, 5/3/2008 Hubert William Green Jr., 1944, 3/26/2011

Spring 2012

Louis Herbert Stumberg, 1947, 5/3/2011 Transylvania Alpha Theta William Robert Howard, 1946, 3/30/2011 Tulane Psi Harold Simon Grehan Jr., 1944, 11/14/2011 Ralph Kinne Hollister Jr., 1947, 8/29/2009 Norwood Spicer, 1930, 6/25/1996 Tulsa Mu Fred Lee Shinn, 1947, 11/23/2011 Vanderbilt Chi Lucas E. Burch, 6/25/1996 Dr. Joseph Claude Finney, 1945, 3/3/2011 Virginia Military Institute Beta Commission Dr. Robert Hoagland Filer, 1955, 4/24/2011 Wake Forest Tau John Sterling Gates, 1948, 3/15/2011 Robert Worrell Lancaster, 1946, 8/17/2011 Dr. Hugh Oliver Pearson Jr, 1951, 10/21/2009 Washington & Lee Alpha William Clarence Norman Jr., 1953, 11/3/2008 West Texas A&M Gamma Sigma John David Geer, 1966, 12/8/2011 Larry D. Wall, 1978, 10/29/2011 West Virginia Alpha Rho Dr. Ralph King Brooks, 1936, 7/1/2011 Richard Jeffers Payne, 1940, 1/8/2006 West Virginia Wesleyan Beta Chi Ronald Clark Kyger, 1945, 10/17/2011 Scott Patrick Stein, 2002, 10/10/2004 William and Mary Alpha Zeta Dr. Merritt Woodhull Foster Jr., 1937 10/15/2009 Dr. Robert Curtis Harper Jr., 1947, 10/19/2011 Dr. Vernon I’Anson Tillar, 1929, 7/5/2006 William Jewell Alpha Delta Robert Edward Freeman, 1932, 11/5/2006 Gary Kent Wilson, 1984, 11/16/2011

Emory Epsilon Dr. Wallace Norman McLeod Sr, 1941, 1/20/2011 Matthew Talbot Nunnally III, 1946, 3/22/2011 Dr. William Benjamin Spearman, 1956, 9/4/2011

Johns Hopkins Alpha Lambda John A. Hammond, 1963, 3/1/2011

Russell Reid Hanson, 1954, 8/1/2006 Thomas B. Kellam, 1946, 4/4/2005 Richard Francis Reid, 1951, 10/29/2011

“If you live the way we pledged to live and do the things we pledged to do as members of the Order, you’re going to live a good life.” ~ GEN Jack N. Merritt (Beta Eta – Oklahoma ’49) Loyal Order Member #2577

Ask any alumnus and he will likely tell you he had a great KA experience as an undergraduate. However, if you press him about his involvement today, he will probably tell you that, after college, career and family and other opportunities took precedent. These brothers are often not heard from again until perhaps their sons are ready to go to college, and the fabric of our organization, the brotherhood of Kappa Alpha Order suffers from their absence. “Forever KA” is an opportunity for our alumni to stay connected for life by supporting the Order and our individual chapters with a gift of as little as $18.65 a month. It also will make our Order stronger by tapping into our greatest resource, the more than 115,000 KA alumni. Working together, we will have a greater ability to help our chapters and our undergraduate brothers. Simply stated, here is how it works. If you are not

Spring 2012

a member of the Loyal Order, your first gift of $18.65 through “Forever KA” will automatically enroll you in the Loyal Order program, and you will immediately begin receiving the Kappa Alpha Journal. Once your contributions total $299, you will then receive your full Loyal Order membership and receive the Journal for life! As soon as you become a full member of the Loyal Order, or if you are already a member, your continuing monthly contributions through “Forever KA” will be divided equally among your preferred chapter, creating chapter endowment account for educational purposes, the KAOEF, and Kappa Alpha Order. Today is the day to remember what KA means to you. As brothers, we remain “Forever KA”. Please visit to hear testimonies from our brothers on what KA means to them, and their lifelong commitment.


The Kappa Alpha Journal

Foundation Today

Gifts in memory/honor of a brother or friend of KA are accepted by the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation. Listed are gifts received as of Jan. 16, 2012.

Donation In Memory of:

W. Julian Foy by John Michael Moore

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W. Christopher Cook by Ben W. Satcher Jr.

Clay M. Leveritt by Capital Group Companies

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Wayne E. Dawson by Erik T. Showalter

John I. Lumpkin by Dr. T. Riley Lumpkin

Florence C. Allen by Dr. Scott H. Allen

James W. Fulton by F. David Burgess

Robert D. Norris by Rex A. Friedman

Roy L. Turknett Jr. by Vincent Coyle Thomas E. Haddock Frances H. Turknett

Jesse S. Lyons by Willis North America Inc.

John Gerial by D r. H. Grey Winfield III

Dr. John W. Nowell by Vance E. Rule

Delta Chapter Wofford College by R. Scott Heath

William E. Glassell by Dr. Edwin C. Glassell

M. Talbot Nunnally III by M . Tom & Mildred O. Faircloth

S. Michael Allan by Dan P. Lovelady

Donald L. Barney by James F. Carroll Robert L. Beckmann Jr. by John W. Simpson Frank P. Bowden by The Hon. W. Gus Elliot Charles P. Bowles Jr. by The Hon. David F. McInnis Jr. Allen S. Brisson by Dallas O. Brisson 1LT Tyler H. Brown USA by Daniel J. Horn William C. Brown by I. Clay Thompson Jr. Donny Buster by Dr. John M. Wells Tony & Kathryn Capici by Anthony J. Porter J. Philip Carley by W. Phil Reece Oscar B. Carpenter by Carl L. Carpenter Hamlet R. Carter III by Edgar C. Carter Reynolds S. Cheney Sr. by Rev. Reynolds S. Cheney II John N. Christie by Vincent Coyle Clarence H. Clay Jr. by Timothy K. Adams Dr. Henry T. Clay Dr. Henry T. Clay Jr. Dr. William R. Jerles Cater C. Thompson Larry S. Wiese Gary L. Clayton by Hollis R. Downing Jr. The Hon. William P. Clements Jr. by Larry S. Wiese

Henry C. Goodrich by Thomas C. Moxley William R. Gunby Jr. by I. Clay Thompson Jr. Uly S. Gunn by Robert R. Gunn II Dwight L. Hafeli by Dwight T. Hafeli David T. Hagood by Walter W. Walker Jr. Rick Hargrove by W illiam G. Boatman Stephen D. Hopkins J. Richard Tamplin Dr. Jack M. Hawkins by Dr. Laurie N. Ervin Thomas R. Head III by W. Boon Bickerstaff W. Edgar Helms III by Graves Court of Honor David P. Hewitt by Baston L. Hewitt Jr. James T. Hoey by CPT John D. Hukill Jerry Hoff by James E. Byrne Jr. James E. Hooks by Rosann F. Hooks James D. Hunter by Dr. Edwin P. Rather Deceased Iota Chapter Brothers - Furman University by D onald R. Asbell LTC John R. Cassady II (Ret.) Charles A. Isaacs Jr. by C. Leonard Isaacs

Marvin G. Cotton by William A. Dyess

Robert E. Jennings by James A. Stuckey Jr.

W. Gene Crafton by Alex O. Gatewood

Robert W. Joiner by Eugene R. Goodwyn III

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C. Walker Kelly by J ohn S. McIntyre Jr. Pi Beta Phi Fraternity

Warren G. Craig Jr. by James E. Byrne Jr. Josiah Crudup Jr. by Ben W. Satcher Jr. John W. Cox Sr. by Barbara P. Cox Lionel T. Davis by LTC Thomas R. Murray T. G. DeGruy by Phil G. DeGruy W. Elliot Dunwody Jr. by C. Robert Yates Andrew R. Eickhoff Jr. by Aaron B. Hunt MAJ G. Scott Morris

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N. Pratt Secrest by M . Tom & Mildred O. Faircloth

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Blake Spencer by Bud E. Spencer

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William Chase Jr. by Ben W. Satcher Jr. Joshua L. Cihak by Paul J. Park

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Bob Tucker by Melvin A. Stahl

William E. Dreyer by Blas S. Catalani II Russell L. Creason Dr. Idris R. Traylor Jr. Mac Dunbar by Rho Chapter - University of South Carolina Columbia J. Michael Duncan by Dr. James L. Bowers Charles L. Kazlow Edward S. Oglesby Dr. Idris R. Traylor Jr. Gus Edwards by Glynn L. Grisham Epsilon Delta Chapter Texas A & M University by James M. Armentrout The Executive Council by Dr. Idris R. Traylor Jr. Douglas S. Ewalt by Francis E. Gardiner Jr. William R. Janney III Robert C. Friese by Larry S. Wiese James L. Ferman Jr. by Larry S. Wiese Gamma Eta Chapter Florida State University by Bennie J. Dudley Jonathan S. Howse Jr. 1LT Justin W. Golden by CPT Ronald C. Plunkett BG Hugh B. Tant III USA (Ret) GEN Mark A. Graham by R. Stewart Young COL Myron C. Harrington Jr. by BG Hugh B. Tant III USA (Ret)

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David Thornton G. Rob Longmire

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the kappa alpha Journal

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Gary B. Vickers by C. Langdon Cheves Jr.

COL Augustin H. Watt by M. Tom & Mildred O. Faircloth

Stanley L. Park by S tanley Park Jr.

Mike Kilpatrick by Reuben A. Warren

Dr. E. Carwile LeRoy by Dr. Robert F. Mann

Mayor Thomas N. Turner Jr. by Jon Crosby Turner


Spring 2012

Jonathan S. Howse by Jonathan S. Howse Jr.

John E. Irby by Dr. Edwin P. Rather KA Pledges of Ole Miss 2011 by Robyn M. Simpson Kappa Alpha Order’s Founding by COL Lee M. Jones (Ret.) The KAO Staff by Dr. Idris R. Traylor Jr. Dr. D. Wayne Whetsell The KAOEF Staff by Dr. Idris R. Traylor Jr. Dr. D. Wayne Whetsell CPT Edward T. Ladd by COL Edward T. Ladd Sr. USAF Jim Lawson by Aaron B. Hunt Todd P. Lowe

Marshall A. Martin by John C. Martin George W. McCall III by Ben W. Satcher Jr. COL H. Thomas McIntosh by BG Hugh B. Tant III USA (Ret) Tyler T. Moody by Heather P. Moody John Michael Moore by Erik T. Showalter Vincent J. Naples by Vincent J. Naples Jr. Newly Elected KA Number I’s by Philip R. Taylor Raymond D. Noah III by Tina Noah D. Tom O’Neal by Kenneth L. Brown CPT Ronald C. Plunkett by BG Hugh B. Tant III USA (Ret) COL James A. W. Rembert by BG Hugh B. Tant III USA (Ret) Hubel Robins Jr. by Ben W. Satcher Jr. Riley M. Rustad by Marcy L. Rustad Ben W. Satcher Jr. by Cynthia C. Satcher R.P. Schmidt by Robert M. Schmidt Erik T. Showalter by Dr. Thomas A. Pressly III Steven M. Steele by Larry S. Wiese Jacob G. Stringfellow by Darlene Stringfellow Dr. Idris R. Traylor Jr. by Cuyler C. Lawrence Stewart Turley by Larry S. Wiese Jon C. Turner by Perry E. Phillips J. Murray Underwood Jr. By James N. C. Moffat III Frederick M. Warden Jr. by Lewis G. Stephenson IV Merrill C. Wautlet by Erik T. Showalter Theodore L. Weise by Larry S. Wiese Stuart F. Whetsell by Jonathan S. Howse Jr. Larry S. Wiese by Willis North America Inc. Brad Karsh Dr. Idris R. Traylor Jr. Joseph M. Van Name III David L. Westol Eddie S. Wilson by Aaron B. Hunt Michael P. Wilson by Willis North America Inc. Richard B. Wilson Jr. by Stanley J. Viner John A. Yearty by Jonathan S. Howse Jr. James F. Young by Erik T. Showalter

Branan R. Elliot by Raleigh T. Elliot

Samuel Clayton Kelly by J ohn S. McIntyre Jr. Pi Beta Phi Fraternity

Irby Turner III by Jon Crosby Turner

Plaque from Antarctica

Spring 2012


Upon entering the entrance foyer of Mulberry Hill, one will find a composite of photos of Admiral Richard E. Byrd (Beta Commission – VMI 1906), a photo of Byrd receiving the Medal of Honor (a rare Tiffany Cross version), and this plaque. Byrd was the first man to lead an expedition that took him to the South Pole for the exploration of Antarctica, from 1928-1930. Byrd was 40 years old at the beginning of the first expedition. The featured plaque taken with him on his second expedition, reads:

“This plaque was secured to the wall at the head of my bunk during our 1933-35 Antarctic Expedition. I carried it in honor of my friends and brothers of the Kappa Alpha Fraternity.” — Richard E. Byrd Likely one of the most frequent men highlighted in The Journal, Byrd was a celebrity and hero of his time.

The Kappa Alpha Journal

Our Legacy

Fratres usque ad aram fidelis Coach’s life and lessons leave lasting legacy by Russell C. Brown (Delta Sigma – Houston Baptist ’87), Senior Councilor

and never stop working hard.” He also told him, “I am going to beat this cancer and when you are initiated, I am going to be standing right there with you. Count on it.” He went on, “I will get up every morning and do my best. You have to do it all the time. That is what men do. When everything is going against you, you keep your head up, bow your neck and move forward. That’s what I teach kids and that is what I’ve got to do.” Ken was there when Clay was initiated on November 12. As my son hugged his neck that evening, Coach Little said, “I told you that I would be here. Never forget this night and what KA teaches us about life.” I thanked Ken over the holidays and he responded, simply, “I promised. It was my privilege. Your Brother, Ken.” On Friday, January 13, 2012, my sons and I attended the funeral of Ken Little, along with over two-dozen brothers from Gamma Upsilon. He wore two items: his state championship ring and his Mikell Province Court of Honor Jewel. Clay wore his state ring along with his KA badge, as did I. You see, Clay made a promise at his own initiation. He promised Coach Little he would remain his brother, faithful to him … even unto death.

the kappa alpha Journal


Spring 2012

Above: Clay Brown (Delta KappaStephen F. Austin State) with two important influences. At left with his father Russell (Delta Sigma-Houston Baptist '87), and at right with his football coach, Ken Little (Gamma Upsilon-Texas A&M-Commerce '70).

This Latin phrase is inscribed on the top of the membership shingle of every member of the Order. It is translated, “brothers faithful, even unto death.” However, most of us never truly appreciate the impact of those five words. I want to tell you of a man who was a living testament to the motto on his shingle. I first met Kenneth Earl Little (Gamma Upsilon – Texas A&M-Commerce ’70) when he was a coach for Henderson High in 2008. With 37 years as a Texas high school football coach, he had advanced to the state playoffs over half a dozen times. He worked hard with my oldest son Clay to help him to earn an important position on the team. In 2009, Ken learned that he had an aggressive form of cancer. He thought that he had beaten it, but in October 2010, he was told that he had three to five years to live. He was urged to quit coaching yet refused, even though the treatments were excruciating. His team won the state title two months later. He then turned his attention to Clay, stating, “Now, we need to get a KA badge on that boy next fall.” Before graduation, Clay went to see Ken. Ken grabbed him by the shoulders and said, “look what you did, son. You worked hard and earned a key position. Remember that you can do anything that you want to in life. Never quit

Charles Walker Kelly

Samuel Clayton Kelly

Bryant Mason Wilbanks

See you soon, Brothers. October 30, 2011 is a day many Ole Miss brothers and those across the Order will never forget. Charles Walker Kelly, Samuel Clayton Kelly, and Bryant Mason Wilbanks died in a car wreck on the way to Oxford, Ms., to attend church that Sunday morning. by Trey Carroll (Alpha Upsilon – Mississippi ’10)

Spring 2012


The Kappa Alpha Journal


Losing Lifelong Brothers

here to even start; how can you really?

Three great guys have left the world years before the world deems it normal to leave; they were only kids. The chapter of Alpha Upsilon has hope, though, because we believe in the ideals we have been founded on: God, humility, Jesus, brotherhood, respect. We know Sam, Mason and Walker are in heaven, smiling down on us with red and blue pom poms in hand; they have always been Rebels. I had the privilege of guiding them into what it meant to be a KA. I got to explain the definition of a gentleman, demonstrate how to treat women, explain why KA means so much to me. I was teaching them, or so it seemed; but now its done I see, the men of Alpha Upsilon see, that we were the ones being taught, from the beginning. Beginning when Sam, Mason and Walker strolled through the front doors that sunny Sunday afternoon. They were together. You see, these three words, ‘they were together;’ this defines them, it is their gift to us. They began their lives as friends, and they have left it as friends: They were together. They needed no lesson on what true brotherhood is, they lived brotherhood every day; they could not be separated, not even through death and they now get to spend eternity together, praising the father. They did not need KA, we needed them. On a more personal level, there is one resounding character trait shared between the three of them: humility. This is a fundamental word so engraved in KA ideals we sometimes overlook it. What is the perfect Gentleman? It is a man that can enjoy “certain advantages over other,” yet chooses not to. Putting others in front of oneself is the test of a true gentleman, and Sam, Mason, and Walker did just that. Humility in friendship is what they have left behind, their legacy. Everyone who knew them recognized this about them. Their memory is still very much alive with everyone they touched, and for this reason they will never truly be gone. It is not “so long” to the three amigos, it is simply “see you soon.” Thanks for showing us how to love.

A fellow pledge brother, Craig Howard Kirkland (Alpha Upsilon – Mississippi ’12), shares his thoughts on our three Guardian Angels.

the kappa alpha Journal


Spring 2012

On January 27, 2012, the brothers at Alpha Upsilon Chapter posthumously initiated Charles Walker Kelly, Samuel Clayton Kelly, and Bryant Mason Wilbanks. To us all, they were and are brothers of Kappa Alpha Order. There has been an endowment established at the University of Mississippi Foundation. It is the “Charles Walker Kelly, Samuel Clayton Kelly and Bryant Mason Wilbanks Memorial Scholarship Endowment.” The award will be designated for a sophomore, junior, or Senior in Kappa Alpha Order. Any individual interested in giving can contact the University of Mississippi Foundation at (662) 915-5944. The Alpha Upsilon chapter is planning several fundraisers to add to the endowment.

Charles Walker Kelly and I grew up playing soccer together, going to the same elementary school, high school, college together, and church for a while. Walker is my KA pledge brother, and close friend. Walker is a kind of person that gets along with everyone, and everyone loves Walker. I remember when we first started college I asked Walker, “What is tomorrow going to be like?” Walker said, “I don’t know, but I guess it will be a new beginning, we are creating our futures.” Crazy curly hair with the biggest heart and smile is what I think of when I think of Walker Kelly. Walker was a man of God, family, and friends. Samuel Clayton Kelly and I met in middle school where we grew up together playing baseball. Sambo was one of his many nicknames. Sam Clayton was not the fastest on the baseball team but he sure could dive and slide in the dirt, any chance he got. Hunting is what Sam fell in love with, I know he would be in the deer stand everyday if hunting season was 365 days a year. Everyone would go to Sam for help with school work, or how to start a paper. A big smile, love, and joy is what I see when I think of Sam Clayton. A man of God, family and friends is what Sam was. Bryant Mason Wilbanks and I grew up in middle school together, but really got to know each other in high school, and in Kappa Alpha. Mason was the ultimate Rebel and loved Ole Miss more than anyone I know. Basketball was Mason’s second love. Mason loves the game of basketball, and could play it everyday. Mason was the best dancer out of anyone. He always had a smile on and was ready for anything thrown his way. Mason was the prankster out of the group. When I think of Mason I think of a kid ready at all time to go do something, dancing, playing basketball, smiling, and living life. Mason loved God and family more than anything.

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