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Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation

1865 Trust What is the 1865 Trust?

Who is the 1865 Trust? Join these recent members of the 1865 Trust who have the generosity and foresite to choose to embrace the vision of KA’s future.

The 1865 Trust recognizes the generosity and foresight of those who choose to embrace the vision of KA’s future by making a meaningful planned gift to the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation (KAOEF). Your entrance into the ranks of the 1865 Trust will be a powerful testimony to the charitable expressions of your values, ideals, and commitment to Kappa Alpha Order’s future. Membership in the 1865 Trust recognizes those who have made provisions for a planned gift of $10,000 or more to the KAOEF. To date, 140 exceptional alumni have joined the 1865 Trust. Most of our alumni in the 1865 Trust will fulfill their gift through one of the most common and perhaps easiest ways of making a planned gift, by naming the KAOEF in a will, or as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy or an IRA. If you have any questions about the 1865 Trust, or if you wish to join the over 140 KA brothers who have already become members, please contact Ben W. Satcher Jr., Chief Development Officer at the KAOEF, either by phone, (540) 463-1865, or by e-mail,

Jason Barrett (Beta Tau–Mississippi State ’98) Blake Benney (Gamma Lambda–North Texas ’86) Frank Robinson (Zeta–Randolph-Macon ’51) Bob Smith (Alpha Omega– North Carolina State ’52)

THE 1865 TRUST REGISTRY The KAOEF initiated a new tradition to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the founding of Kappa Alpha Order. The 1865 Trust Registry, unveiled in 2015, is a handsome, archival, leatherbound ledger that serves as a record to be treasured and celebrated. Only members of the 1865 Trust are invited to add their signatures in the Registry, symbolizing the power of personal philanthropy and perpetuation of our founders’ legacy. Members are invited to sign the 1865 Trust registry, by personal appointment, at Mulberry Hill in the very room where Robert E. Lee stayed while visiting Lexington and accepting the presidency of Washington College in 1865. In addition, throughout the year we will offer specific dates and times for members to sign their names in this remarkable ledger.

The 1865 Trust Registry is permanently housed at Mulberry Hill for display. Join today and add your signature to this roll of honor.

THE 1865 TRUST MAGNOLIA LEAF A bequest or testamentary trust of $1 million or more will secure your name to be permanently displayed on a bronze magnolia leaf at Mulberry Hill.

HANDSOME ETCHED BLOCK In appreciation of your commitment as a member of the 1865 Trust, you will receive a handsome block in which is etched the insignia of the National Administration Office at Mulberry Hill.

FALL 2014

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Table of Contents

16 features 6 | Constant production of Leadership


The Emerging Leaders Academy continues to shape new and current leaders

3 2 | Distinction, Excellence and Recognition

12 | Conferral of the Knight Commander’s Accolades


46 | Fifty Years and Counting Missouri S&T initiates from 1963 gather to make an impact

50 | Alumni News 32 | On Campus 76 | Sports Page 79 | Foundation Today 82 | Our Legacy 83 | From the Archives 84 | Chapter Eternal


Cover art by Bruce Tria, Tria Designs


86 | Remembering the Reason 87 | Housing 88 | 150 Years of History


52 | 2013-2014 Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation Annual Report

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3 | From the Editor 5 | Our Order

40 | National Awards for Chapter Excellence


2 | Knight Commander’s Message 4 | Connections

Westminster–Alpha Eta honored three times for banner year


FALL 2014

11/21/14 9:48 AM

Knight Commander's Message

Sesquicentennial Committee Councilor C. Douglas Simmons III (Beta Tau-Mississippi State 1995), CHAIRMAN Dr. James L. Bowers (Beta Omega-Washington College 1957) Stephen E. Foster (Beta Chi-West Virginia Wesleyan 1968) Douglas B. Harris (Delta Sigma-Houston Baptist 1973) Dr. James M. Schmuck (Alpha EtaWestminster 1969) Dr. Idris R. Traylor, Jr. (Gamma ChiTexas Tech 1970) Staff Liaisons Executive Director Larry Stanton Wiese (Gamma OmegaMidwestern State 1987) Asst. Executive Director for Alumni Affairs Michael P. Wilson (Alpha Theta-Transylvania 2000) Asst. Executive Director for Advancement Jesse S. Lyons (Delta AlphaWestern Carolina 1998) Asst. Executive Director for Chapter Services Brent W. Fellows (Epsilon Theta-Western Kentucky 1998) Archivist SGM E. Kent McMichael (Beta Commission-VMI 1995)

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Dear Brothers, We are quickly approaching the one hundred fiftieth anniversary of the founding of Kappa Alpha Order. Plans are in place, and continuing, for the largest KA celebration in our lifetimes. Those plans are detailed as feature articles in this edition of The Kappa Alpha Journal. One of the first ways we are celebrating is by sending this commemorative edition of The Journal to every KA initiate for whom we have a correct mailing address or electronic mail address. If you are aware of any brothers who are not receiving this edition, please advise us of their addresses so we can send it to them. As you may know, members of The Loyal Order receive The Journal for life. Because of rising costs, The Loyal Order was established in 2003 as a way to endow the production of our award-winning magazine. We thank The Loyal Order members for providing this issue to all our brothers. The Journal is the major way we keep in contact with our alumni, and is critical in meeting our Alumni Engagement objective. Alumni Engagement is one of my four objectives as Knight Commander. We know that the most consistently successful chapters have engaged alumni. No matter what role you take in the Order’s affairs or your chapter’s operations, alumni can and do make a difference every day. As we begin the celebration, please continue, or reconnect with The Order in some meaningful way. Enjoy this issue and join me in celebrating the Sesquicentennial, 150 years of excellence, throughout all of 2015.


William E. Dreyer Knight Commander

The Four Objectives of the Knight Commander are: Academic Excellence Risk Management

Housing Alumni Engagement

EDITOR Jesse S. Lyons CREATIVE DESIGN Tria Designs Inc. CONTRIBUTORS Ben Beall; Nick Bell; Dustin Brann; Andrew Carr; Martin Clagett; Jim Kirtley; Jay Langhammer; Kent McMichael; Rick Moore; Pat Samter; Ben W. Satcher, Jr.; Brianne Tillotson; Stuart Whetsell; Lawrence Yates. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Knight Commander William E. Dreyer Senior Councilor Darren S. Kay Councilors King V. Aiken, Jr. L. Blair Bailey David P. Barksdale Sam O. Leake, Jr. C. Douglas Simmons III National Undergraduate Chairman Jonathan B. “Brooks” Bishop KA/KAOEF Executive Director Larry Stanton Wiese HOW TO CONTACT THE JOURNAL Editor, The Kappa Alpha Journal P.O. Box 1865 Lexington, VA 24450 (540) 463-1865 (540) 463-2140 - fax email: TO CHANGE AN ADDRESS Fill out Alumnus Update on the website or send both your new and old address to Lisa Metivier at the above mailing address or to:

FALL 2014



11/21/14 9:48 AM

Letter from the Editor

The Kappa Alpha Journal (ISSN #0888-8868, USPS #014-747) is an educational journal published four times a year by Kappa Alpha Order, 115 Liberty Hall Rd., Lexington, Virginia. Periodicals postage paid at Lexington, Virginia, and additional mailing offices. The Kappa Alpha Journal seeks to reflect the Kappa Alpha experience by presenting news of active and alumni chapters, individual members, and the national organization; by addressing current issues facing the Greek system and the Order; by educating and entertaining those interested in the welfare of Kappa Alpha; and by serving as a historical record. The Kappa Alpha Journal has been published since 1879. From 1883 to 1885 it was known as The Magazine of Kappa Alpha. Kappa Alpha Order was founded in 1865 at Washington College (Washington and Lee University) in Lexington, Virginia. Today, Kappa Alpha boasts 129 undergraduate chapters and over 50 alumni chapters across the nation. Volume CXVVI, Number 2 Summer/Fall 2014 POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Kappa Alpha Order, P.O. Box 1865, Lexington, VA 24450 Member of

Copyright © 2014 Kappa Alpha Order; KAPPA ALPHA® is a registered trademark of Kappa Alpha Order.

Dear Brothers, When you joined KA; when you were given your first KA t-shirt; when you pinned your badge on for the first time; did your mind leap to the following aspiration: “I can’t wait until the year 2015 to celebrate the Sesquicentennial of Kappa Alpha Order”? Likely not. You probably thought about your present. A newfound brotherhood and related camaraderie excited your days. Concerns? Perhaps your reputation was important and so was making a good grade. Significant items on your daily to-do list included: learning to tie a tie or iron a shirt, dominating the intramural field, volunteering around town, running for campus office, or making it to lunch on time to sit with the brothers. Chapter meetings were the stage to recap and review, and game plan the week ahead. Simpler days, some say. Those early years of membership, although rife with ostensible unimportance, were undeniably formative and predictive of our own future. The present, in the past, also interested our founders and early members. Brothers planned celebratory dinners, debated bylaws, and appeared keenly astute to fraternal relations at Washington College. Evaluating their reputation, early members shifted our name from Phi Kappa Chi to K.A., which led to Kappa Alpha Order. Amidst their efforts, early leaders like Samuel Zenas Ammen had the future in focus. Without the Convivium, or an 1860s bylaw stating membership was to be for life, or a change in our name, we would not be inched to the edge of this historic precipice. As we prepare for the grand KA celebrations throughout the entirety of 2015, let us point our thoughts to the past. Recollect your collegiate years and brothers. Recall our founders and founding; their object is still ours. Each have played a starring, supporting, or recurring role in shaping our lives. May we be so lucky to affect our brothers’ futures for another century and a half. Fraternally,

Jesse S. Lyons Editor @jesseslyons @kappaalphaorder #KAjournal


THE KAPPA ALPHA JOURNAL 2013-2014 SUBMISSION DATES: Issue 1/ Spring – Jan. 25 Issue 2/Summer – April 13 Issue 3/Fall – July 2 Issue 4/Winter – Oct. 15

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FALL 2014

11/21/14 9:48 AM

Connections KappaAlphaOrder In September 2014, we asked brothers to share on Facebook the name of “the first KA” they ever met. 250 comments later, we’re still sure brotherhood lasts. Here are a few: Matthew McGuinness (Lamar): Justin Taylor. We served in the Army together and became brothers that way. When we were both in college, after the military, he told me he was a KA and I should look into it... a semester later we were fraternity brothers as well. Miles Campbell (Eastern Kentucky): Matt Ward was waiting in the lobby of my dorm helping new students move in. In shock from being away from home, this southern gentleman not only helped me move in, but offered to go fishing sometime. A day later, we went stream fishing and I was hooked from there. Landon Poorman (Middle Tenn. State): The gentlemen in my family got me to join. My brother Tristan Poorman, an incredible role model, and my father Robert Poorman, also an incredible role model, inspired me and pushed me to go out of my shell and try something new. Best decision of my life.

Thank you! I just saw the Spring 2014 Kappa Alpha Journal online, and noted that my father’s information was included in the Chapter Eternal section. (Duke, Alpha Phi, Willis C. Lindsey Jr., 1945, 1/22/12). Thank you very much!! Very impressive issue (they all are!). I know quite a lot of work goes into publishing The Journal! Patti Harris

Reconnected! I was pleased to see The Journal article “A High Seas Legend.” The “legend” is Stan Miller who was in my pledge class of 1944. I have tried numerous times to contact Stan in Oregon, Palm Springs, etc. but no success. Do you have an address, phone number or e-mail address for Stan? If so, I would appreciate your response.

Editor’s Note: We connected Stan and Otis. They had a wonderful time reconnecting. Fratres Usque Ad Aram Fideles.


Changes, Appointments

In the Sports section of the Spring 2014 issue, Furman’s “Cal Ryder” should have been listed as “Carl Rider.”

Eddie Raleigh (Washington College): Jon Beall and Peter W. Knox on a bus in Ocean City, MD the summer before I started college get the win, but Michael Manen gets the save for ensuring I joined Kappa Alpha Order.

Hamilton Province – Stephen E. Foster (Beta Chi – West Virginia Wesleyan ’68) and Dunwody – Stephen J. LaFollete (Delta Phi – Jacksonville State ’64)

KAJ_Fall2014_C1-C2_01-15_P4.indd 4

Knight Commander William E. Dreyer and his wife Linda are both alumni of William Jewell. This year, their support and success saw them named as the Honorary Event Chairmen of William Jewel’s Achievement Day. Achievement Day is a 70-year tradition honoring students and alumni. The honorees meet formally and informally with students to discuss their individual roads to achievement. Proceeds from the annual dinner are used to benefit the Jewell Fund, making education possible for many students. Many KAs, both undergraduate and alumni, have been recognized as honorees.

Otis Healy (Beta Sigma –Southern California ‘44)

Clark Sigmund (Indiana State): Ben Speicher as he handed out roses to the women at Indiana State University. That was 2 years prior to me going to college. Very classy gentleman Zeta Iota, 1996

Dreyer’s honored on Achievement Day

Following the resignation of William G. Oakes (North CarolinaWilmington - Epsilon Psi ‘12) as National Undergraduate Chairman, the National Undergraduate Vice Chairman, Johnathan Brooks Bishop (Delta State - Delta Beta ‘11) has automatically ascended to the office of NUC for the remainder of the current term.

In the Spring 2014 issue, the Editor mistakenly left out two province commander appointments. They are:

Kappa Alpha Laws Section 4, Article 213 state, “In the event of a vacancy in the office of National Undergraduate Vice Chairman, the Knight Commander shall appoint a successor to complete any unexpired term.” Thus, after soliciting recommendations for a successor, Knight Commander William E. Dreyer has appointed Calvin C. Mann (Oklahoma State - Beta Xi ’12), Number I of Beta Xi, as the National Undergraduate Vice Chairman. He will serve the remainder of the NUVC’s unexpired term until the Undergraduate Conference at the Number I’s Leadership Institute in 2015.

The two Stephens are understanding of this error and are very dedicated volunteers.

FALL 2014

Please join us in congratulating Brothers Bishop and Mann. 4


11/21/14 9:48 AM

Our Order

New Academic Standards Announced Term

Chapters Reporting

KA Average

All Men

All Fraternity

Fall 2012





Spring 2013





Fall 2013





Spring 2014

127 (as of 10/20) 2.9447




KAJ_Fall2014_C1-C2_01-15_P4.indd 5

we first embarked on raising the academic standards of the Order in 2007, we have continued to see new records set by our undergraduate brothers each semester.” At the most recent advisory council meeting in Charlotte, Singleton presented chapter and province academic comparison data and GPA numbers. Among the 19 provinces, the most recent data showed Wood Province to be the GPA leader, with a GPA for the Fall 2013 semester of 3.22, with Ammen, Neal and Chiles Provinces also exceeding the 3.0 mark. “Having now raised our minimum standards on two different occasions within the last seven years, Kappa Alpha Order has continued to set the standard for others to emulate,” Singleton said. “As a result of our efforts, we have seen an increased focus among our members on academics; have been more competitive among national fraternities when we are considering expansion opportunities; and are frequently regarded now as a leader within the Interfraternal community in regards to academic excellence.”



2.9 GPA is our standard » 3 .0 GPA will be our new standard at the conclusion of the Spring 2015 semester 2.7 GPA is the minimum GPA for the following: » E xtending a bid to a freshman and a college student with any prior college credit » 2.7 GPA for members to attend social functions »O fficers must maintain a 2.7 GPA every semester/ quarter If a chapter is below a 2.9 GPA, they must submit an academic enhancement plan. If below a 2.7, the chapter must submit both an academic enhancement plan and are placed on social probation for the semester.


have grown with the raising of minimum academic standards twice in the past seven years. Now, to ensure that continued growth, those standards have again been raised. The current minimum required chapter GPA is 2.9; however, a 3.0 GPA will be our new standard at the conclusion of the Spring 2015 semester. We have continued to set new academic records every single semester since Fall 2009 semester, and the goal is to continue that upward movement. Greg Singleton (Gamma Gamma – Memphis ‘82), William E. Forester Province Commander and National Scholarship Officer, said that the raising of the standards was the next logical step in the quest for continued academic and personal growth in the Order. “One of the core values of Kappa Alpha Order is the pursuit of academic excellence,” Singleton said. “We constantly strive to assist our members in meeting their full potential as students. Raising the academic standards of the Order was only a natural progression in continuing to strive for excellence. Since

New Academic Standards that are now in effect:

FALL 2014

11/21/14 9:48 AM

Our Order

Constant production of Leadership The Emerging Leaders Academy continues to shape new, current leaders By Dustin Brann (Alpha Omega – North Carolina State ’09) THIS PAST JULY, OVER 250 UNDERGRADUATE

brothers came to Lexington to participate in the Order’s summer leadership education programs. The Emerging Leaders Acadmey combines the best aspects of peer education, service and experiential learning, and operational development with regular participants, peer leaders, Crusade chapter representatives, and ritual training. 9th Annual Emerging Leaders Academy The Emerging Leaders Academy takes place on campus at Washington & Lee University with some time spent at the Virginia Military Institute. Recent initiated members, sophomores, juniors, and seniors participated, as the focus for

KAJ_Fall2014_C1-C2_01-15_P4.indd 6

this conference is to prepare future leaders. Outstanding leaders in our chapters were selected on an application basis, along with associate director staff, to serve as Mock Chapter Advisors. They facilitated small group discussions in “mock chapter meetings.” The mock chapters spent their time together developing the best plan of action to become an ideal chapter. Break out sessions focused on chapter operations, to compliment the mock chapter meetings taking place. Conference presentation topics included social media and reputation management, risk management, academics, and ritual.

FALL 2014


One of the highlights of the entire weekend was hearing from Kenny Davis (Beta Delta – Georgetown ’68), a member of the 1970 World University and 1971 Pan American team, who later was named the “Captain” of the 1972 U.S. Olympic team that competed for the gold medal in Munich, Germany. Brother Davis told his story of what USA Today called, “The most controversial sporting

event in the history of the Olympics.”

Davis’ story of the Olympic basketball game finals, and the actions of both the U.S. and Soviet teams, was as impactful as any classroom discussion. Dates and locations for next summer’s leadership education programs will be posted online at


11/21/14 9:48 AM

Our Order

2014 Mock Chapter Advisors

KAJ_Fall2014_C1-C2_01-15_P4.indd 7

During this year’s annual conference our 15th Crusade RoundTable took place as

Stewards of the Order The Stewards of the Order program is designed to teach active and alumni brothers of the Order the intricacies of our ritual in a uniform fashion and to reach out and assist our undergraduate chapters with the education and production of the initiation ceremony. This year, the program was held at Mountain City Masonic Lodge located in the downtown Lexington, Va. Over fifty brothers participated. The conference was led by Councilor C. Douglas Simmons III (Beta Tau - Mississippi State ’95) and Assistant Executive Director for Advancement, Jesse S. Lyons (Delta Alpha – Western Carolina ’98). The program included a final oral examination for each participant. Upon completion of the event, a reception was held at Mulberry Hill where the participants received a completion certificate, lapel pin, and wallet card identifying that the member is authorized to instruct in the esoteric work and direction initiations.



representatives participated in the Emerging Leaders Academy, with special breakout sessions designed to focus on the implementation of The Crusade. The Crusade is KA’s total membership development program.


Andrew York (Delta PhiJacksonville State ’12) Blake Berkbuegler (Alpha Eta-Westminster ’11) Bradley D. Williams (Zeta Pi-Florida Gulf Coast ‘12) Brandon Pang (Gamma PsiNorthwestern State ’11) Brent Buswell (Beta EtaOklahoma ’09) Calvin C. Mann (Beta XiOklahoma State ‘12) Dan Pitts (Zeta Tau-Austin Peay State ‘12) David Merrill (Zeta PiFlorida Gulf Coast ‘08) Greg Waterworth (Beta Kappa-Maryland ’10) Jacob Raney (ProvisionalTexas-Arlington ‘11) Jeremy Duke (Delta Lambda-Middle Tennessee ’09) Jonathan B. Bishop (Delta Beta-Delta State’11) Jonathan D. Duhon (Epsilon Kappa-Southeastern Louisiana ‘10) Nicholas Loper (Gamma Epsilon-Arizona ’14) Nicholas R. Mayeur (Epsilon Kappa- Southeastern Louisiana ‘12) Sam Mynhier (Zeta TauAustin Peay State ‘11) Scott A. Knight (Epsilon Kappa-Southeastern Louisiana ‘12) Sean A. Kumnick (Alpha NuGeorge Washington ‘12) Shawn P. Rusterholz (Alpha Nu-George Washington ‘11) Shelby L. Miles (Epsilon Theta-Western Kentucky ‘11) Tullis Beasley (Delta RhoValdosta State ’09) William W. Chenoweth (Alpha Mu-Millsaps ‘11)

The Crusade RoundTable

FALL 2014

11/21/14 9:48 AM

Our Order

KA Order Well-Represented at NIC Awards Christie Singleton Daughters of William Forester with current KA Executive Director Larry Weise.

to the Greek experience with its Awards of Distinction. In a year where a near- record number of nominations were received, men of Kappa Alpha Order were recognized for their philanthropy, leadership, and love for their brothers, their communities, and their country.


Undergraduate Award of Distinction Luke Christie (Iota – Furman ‘12) was recognized for his outstanding contribution to his chapter and to the community. Christie’s involvement with KA predates even his membership and even his enrollment in college; as the National Youth Chairman for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, he attended national KA Order events to speak about MDA and thank KA for its support. As an initiated member of KA, he has maintained his philanthropic efforts with MDA while being engaged in a wide array of campus activities, and has pursued research and publication opportunities while maintaining a 3.92 GPA. Larry Weise, Executive Director of the Order wrote: “Luke’s commitment to helping others affected by muscular dystrophy exhibits the type of selfless philanthropy that our members aspire to exhibit. His efforts have helped to enhance our relationship and commitment to MDA.” Chapter Award of Distinction The men of the Alpha Eta chapter at Westminster College were awarded the NIC’s prestigious Chapter Award of Distinction, for more on that accomplishment, and many others in 2014, turn to page 32.

KAJ_Fall2014_C1-C2_01-15_P4.indd 8

Alumni Award of Distinction The NIC’s Alumni Award of Distinction recognizes the fraternity man who has given of his time, talents, and service to the betterment of the fraternity at the local, regional, or national level. Dr. Greg Singleton (Gamma Gamma – Memphis ‘82), who is the William E. Forester Province Commander and KA National Scholarship Officer, was a highly-deserving recipient of the award this year. Dr. Singleton has served on the KA staff, and has played an integral role in the development of KA programming as a volunteer. He has served as the Dean and Director of KA’s National Leadership Institute while helping to create a scholarship program that has resulted in the highest GPA the organization has seen. Since leaving KA as a staff member, Dr. Singleton has worked in student affairs at the University of Memphis, Purdue University, University of Miami, and now at Austin Peay State University, where he serves as the Associate Vice President and Dean of Students. In addition to his work, Dr. Singleton has an extensive volunteer service record that includes 18 years on the executive board for the Southeastern Interfraternity Conference, and leadership as president of both the Association of Fraternity and Sorority Advisors and the AFA Foundation.

FALL 2014


Gold Medal Awards. Finally, the night ended with the NIC Gold Medal Awards. This was granted posthumously to William E. Forester (Gamma Gamma – Memphis ‘49), longtime Executive Director of Kappa Alpha Order. Two daughters of “Mr. Bill” received the award on his behalf. Forester served Kappa Alpha Order on the national staff for over 50 years. He was a giant in the Order, and in the Interfraternal world as well, promoting KA to non-members and friends across the country. The NIC Gold Medal was first presented in 1940. The medal is presented in recognition of lifetime service to the fraternity movement. Past recipients of the Gold Medal are models of selfless service, visionary leadership, and courage of conviction. When considering nominations, the awards committee take into account tenure of service, interfraternal leadership, and a dedication to advancing the fraternal movement. NIC President and CEO Pete Smithhisler commended the award recipients and nominators, saying, “This year, we are proud to honor these individuals and chapters for their accomplishments. These awards allow the NIC to recognize outstanding achievement and this year we were fortunate to have so many nominations of students, alumni, and chapters exemplifying the true purpose of fraternity.”


11/21/14 9:48 AM

Our Order

Banner Year for Alumnus 2014 has been a banner year for University of North Carolina alumnus Robert F. Orr (Upsilon – North Carolina ‘66). He has been presented with the Kappa Alpha Order Award for Distinguished Public Service for his years of service to North Carolina as a Court of Appeals judge, a judge for the North Carolina Supreme Court, district attorney for the North Carolina 24th prosecutorial district, and executive director and senior counsel for the North Carolina Institute for Constitutional Law. In addition, Orr was honored as the 2014 recipient of the North Carolina Bar Association’s John McNeill Smith Jr. Constitutional Rights and Responsibilities Section Award, recognizing his extraordinary commitment to the ideals embodied in the U.S. Constitution and the Constitution of North Carolina.

KAJ_Fall2014_C1-C2_01-15_P4.indd 9

Service Standard The Honorable David M. “Dink” Warren (Tau – Wake Forest ‘78) continues to set the bar for all men of the Kappa Alpha Order with two important appointments. The former Knight Commander has been appointed the new United States Bankruptcy Judge for the Eastern District of North Carolina by the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. Prior to his appointment, Judge Warren was a partner in the Raleigh and Rocky Mount, North Carolina offices of Poyner Spruill LLP. In addition, Judge Warren has been appointed to the Board of Directors of the NorthAmerican Interfraternity Conference (NIC), the international trade association representing 74 national and international men’s fraternities. During his one-year term, he will provide direction and leadership for the Conference, including oversight of the CEO and guidance related to products, impacts, benefits, and outcomes of the organization. “I look forward to working with Dink in the coming year,” said NIC President and CEO Peter D. Smithhisler. “Given his significant volunteer service to fraternity in many arenas, he has deep expertise and passion for fraternity.” Judge Warren received both his Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, majoring in psychology in 1981, and his Juris Doctor degree in 1984 from Wake Forest University. He began his legal career by serving as a law clerk. He was elected to the Board of Directors for Kappa Alpha Order in 1995. He served as Senior Councilor from 1997 to 2001 before serving as Knight Commander from 2001 to 2003; Operation Crimson Gift, the Order-wide blood drive that has helped give the gift of life to countless people, was established during his term. He has also served as President of KA’s Fraternity Housing Corporation. He currently serves as a director of the Kappa Alpha Order Education Foundation, as well as chair of the Scholarship Committee. Judge Warren lives in Raleigh with his wife Keena, a business development manager with a law firm. Their daughter Ashley, an initiate of Kappa Delta at Wake Forest, is an account manager with a public relations firm, and their son McLean is a recent initiate of Kappa Alpha Order at Elon University.




Former Knight Commander Warren Sets the

FALL 2014

11/21/14 9:48 AM

Our Order

National Staff Updates Elevated positions, new additions, departures and one retirement “THE GREAT NEWS IS THAT ALL THREE OF OUR SENIOR DIRECTORS HAVE

committed to staying on longer and to taking on additional responsibilities. I have elevated their positions accordingly to Assistant Executive Director for specific areas,” said Larry Stanton Wiese, Executive Director, in an email to the Executive Council earlier this year. Keeping a complete, well-trained, seasoned yet fresh National Administrative Staff is a priority for the Executive Director and Executive Council. The following updates reflect success in that priority:


Brent W. Fellows (Epsilon Theta – Western Kentucky ’98) has been elevated to the position of Assistant Executive Director for Chapter Services. He will now oversee the entire chapter services department, which consists of the Director of Leadership Education, Director of Chapter Development, Associate Directors for Chapter Services and Chapter Development. In this position, Brent will provide supervision and guidance of all of the Order’s chapter-related programs. Brent joined the national staff in 2000 and most recently served as Director of Educational Programming.

Jesse S. Lyons (Delta Alpha – Western Carolina ’98) has been elevated to the position of Assistant Executive Director for Advancement. He is responsible for the Order’s comprehensive communications and marketing efforts, including public relations activities, brand management, publication creation, licensing, and digital media, for both internal and external audiences. He will remain the Editor of The Kappa Alpha Journal and will coordinate similar efforts for the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation. Jesse joined the national staff in 2002 and most recently served as Director of Communications. Michael P. Wilson (Alpha Theta – Transylvania ’00) has been elevated to the position of Assistant Executive Director for Alumni Affairs. He will now oversee alumni engagement, programs and services. Michael will continue to oversee operations including the building and grounds of Mulberry Hill, information technology services and supervising the receptionist, housekeeper and related contracted services. Michael joined staff in 2004 and most recently served as Director of Operations.

KAJ_Fall2014_C1-C2_01-15_P4.indd 10

FALL 2014



11/21/14 9:48 AM

Our Order Additions

Each year, the national staff compiles a candidate recruitment list to solicit applications as Associate Directors for Chapters Services (ADCS) and Chapter Development (ADCD). ADCSs work with our Active Chapters, advisors, volunteers, and campuses to educate our members, assess operations, develop areas for improvement, and cultivate relationships. ADCDs create and charter provisional chapters, and develop recruitment strategies and education. The following men started this past June 1: Blake Berkbuegler (Alpha Eta – Westminster ’11) graduated with Major in Exercise Science and minors in Biology and Coaching. From Hallsville, Missouri, Blake has served his chapter as Intramural Chairman, Social Chairman and is a member of the Westminster Varsity Basketball Team. Brent Buswell (Beta Eta – Oklahoma ’09) graduated with a degree in Business Administration and a minor in Marketing. From Dallas, Texas, Brent has served his chapter as Number I, III, V, and Locke Province Undergraduate Chairman. Tullis Beasley (Delta Rho – Valdosta State ’09) graduated with a degree in Political Science. Originally from Valdosta, Georgia, Tullis has served as Number VIII, VI and Alumni Relations Chairman of his chapter. Andy Lock (Alpha Eta – Westminster ‘11) joined staff this August. He graduated with a double major in Political Science and Transnational Studies. He has served as including Council of Honor Chairman, Crusade Commander, and Number I.


We express our sincere gratitude to Kevin Moritz (Alpha Eta – Westminster ’10) and Preston Pritchett (Nu – Auburn ’10) for the work they accomplished as Associate Directors for Chapters Services, this past year. Kevin works for Cerner now, and is an advisor and deputy province commander in Chiles Province (Missouri), and Preston is pursuing a Masters in Higher Education as the IFC graduate advisor at Auburn University. Jeff Jackson (Beta Commission – VMI ’09) also departed staff as the groundskeeper. He will remain involved with KA locally in Lexington. John W. Hooser, Jr. also departed staff to join Lighthouse Computer Consulting (LCC), which will serve the Order and Foundation as our technology consultants. Dan Amato (Gamma Eta – Florida State ‘08) has left staff. Dan served as an Associate Director for Chapter Services from 2012-2013 and as Director of Chapter Services during the 2013-2014 academic year. Dan served the Order well, advancing our mission through his professionalism and commitment to our values. He has returned to Orlando, Fl., to work at Regions Bank and is an advisor to his chapter. William H. Walker (Beta Tau – Mississippi State ’07) has also left staff. William served as an Associate Director for Chapter Services from 2011-2013 and was the first Director of Alumni Engagement during the 2013-2014 academic year. William has taken a job with Summit Truck Group, in Memphis Tenn.

These men will be joining Greg Waterworth (Beta Kappa – Maryland ’10) and Jeremy Duke (Delta Lambda – Middle Tennessee State ’09) as members of the Associate Director for Chapter Services and Chapter Development staff.

Lunsford Retires


David C. Merrill (Zeta Pi – Florida Gulf Coast ’08) has been promoted to Senior Associate Director for Chapter Services. David will continue to travel and consult chapters in a smaller region, which will allow him to also focus on the Order’s risk reduction and management program.

After over 27 years of dedicated service to Kappa Alpha Order as our Press Operator, Walter Lunsford has retired. He always demonstrated a willingness to help and a wonderful sense of humor. We will miss having him at Mulberry Hill.

Dustin Brann (Alpha Omega – North Carolina State ’11) has been promoted to Director of Leadership Education. As the Director of Leadership Education he will supervise our national leadership conferences and education programs.

And one returning

KAJ_Fall2014_C1-C2_01-15_P4.indd 11



Anthony Graziani (Zeta Pi – Florida Gulf Coast ’07) has returned to staff as Director of Chapter Development. Anthony recently left his prior position as an Account Manager for Gartner, an IT research and advisory firm. Anthony previously served on staff as an Associate Director for Chapter Services. As the Director of Chapter Development. He will work oversee KA’s expansion and recruitment programs.


FALL 2014

11/21/14 9:48 AM

Our Order

Conferral of the Knight Commander’s Accolades THE FIRST KNIGHT COMMANDER’S ACCOLADES

were awarded by then Knight Commander Henry J. Foresman (Beta Commission - VMI ‘41) in 1967. He created the award to recognize excellence in leadership and service to the Order. The Executive Council subsequently passed a regulation creating and defining the award as such and stating that the award is given at the sole discretion of the Knight Commander. In 1999, Former Knight Commander Idris R. Traylor (Gamma Chi - Texas Tech ’70) designed, and the Executive Council authorized the creation of, a jewel or medallion for this award. The medallion is a crimson cross, outlined in gold, with a golden

KAJ_Fall2014_C1-C2_01-15_P4.indd 12

FALL 2014


knight on horseback, centered. The jewel hangs from a ribbon collar of crimson and old gold. The jewel/medallion was first presented in 2001. The Knight Commander’s Accolade is the highest individual honor an alumnus can receive. Over the one hundred and forty-nine years of the Order’s history, fourteen Knight Commanders have conferred this high honor on just two hundred and eleven recipients, including the two most recent men that follow. To view the entire recipient list and complete bios, go online to www.kappaalphaorder. org/alumni.


11/21/14 9:48 AM

Our Order Garth K. Dunklin (Upsilon - North Carolina ‘81)

Norman C. George (Omicron - Texas ‘75)

Presented on July 26, 2014, Crimson & Gold Society Dinner, Quail Hollow Club, Charlotte, N.C.

Presented on July 26, 2014, Crimson & Gold Society Dinner, Quail Hollow Club, Charlotte, N.C.

Garth K. Dunklin is a 1981 initiate of Upsilon chapter, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. While an undergraduate, Garth served as House Manager and Number I of Upsilon, as well as a Morehead Scholar, and a member of Phi Beta Kappa. Garth graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill School of Law in 1988. Following graduation Garth served as House Corporation President for Upsilon from 1988 until 1998 and has since returned to that role in 2012. Garth was instrumental in the most recent efforts to help Upsilon chapter acquire housing. Garth is widely acclaimed as one of the top real estate attorneys in the Charlotte area, and is admitted to practice before the North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia State Bar. He currently serves as Vice Chairman of the Rules Review Commission, and as a member of The Leatherheads, the Board of Advisors of Charlotte Collegiate Football. Garth and his wife Helen, are the proud parents of two children, Garth Jr. and Macy. In his spare time, he’s an avid UNC Athletics fan, and enjoys time at his home in the North Carolina mountains.

Norman C. George is a 1975 initiate of Omicron chapter, at the University of Texas at Austin. Prior to transferring to UT, Norm spent one year at Schreiner University, where he played basketball. Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Norm has spent over 35 years working in Marketing, Sales, and Management for various Soft Drink Bottling Companies, including over 30 years with Coca-Cola Bottling Consolidated Companies. Norm moved to Charlotte, North Carolina in 1982, and has resided there since. He currently serves as the President of BYB Brands, Inc, a brand creation company owned by Coca-Cola Bottling Consolidated. Active within the Charlotte area and community, Norm has been supportive of various political and philanthropic efforts, including the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation, and fellow chapter brother, Congressman Robert Pittenger (Omicron Texas ‘67). Norm is a proud father of three sons, and one daughter, and has been happily married for 30 years to his wife Monica. In his free time he travels with his daughter to various horse shows across the southeast.


KAJ_Fall2014_C1-C2_01-15_P4.indd 13



FALL 2014

11/21/14 9:49 AM

Our Order

Brothers Around The Order

1. Ben Macon & Jesse Lyons, Western Carolina brothers reunited at the 3rd annual Sigma Alpha Initiation and Banquet at West Point. 2. Convivium in Moultrie, Georgia. Nineteen brothers, plus their dates. Their speaker was Hon. P. Michael Ruff, Crawford Prov. Commander 3. Interfraternal friends, Former Knight Commander Satcher, KAs, and Kay Hagan during the FSPAC Hill Visits. 4. SEIFC Executive Directors Greg Singleton (former) and Gary Wiser (current), both KA brothers, with APSU Number I Sam Mynhier and Wiese. 5. Hardeman Court of








KAJ_Fall2014_C1-C2_01-15_P4.indd 14

FALL 2014



11/21/14 9:49 AM

Our Order

Honor Induction: Scott Whitehead, James Upshaw, Kevin Tolbert, Scott Dumas, Barry Hatcher and Jake Howse. 6. Jesse Brown, Midwestern State’s Number I and SGA President, (right) with Gov. Rick Perry. 7. Nevada brother Hunter Jace underwater in Honduras. 8. FSU brothers Dru Wooldridge and Patrick Conrad in one of their 3-4 run ins at Kandahar Air Field, Afghanistan while on deployment. 9. Brothers in the Georgia State legislature: Senators Ross Tolleson, Bill Cowsert, George Hooks, and Reps. Robert Dickey, Bruce Williamson, Ben Watson, M.D. 10. 2014 Greenville S.C. Area Convivium at the Poinsett Club.



KAJ_Fall2014_C1-C2_01-15_P4.indd 15





FALL 2014

11/21/14 9:49 AM

KAJ_Fall2014_16-31_Feat_P4.indd 16

FALL 2014



11/21/14 10:19 AM

The Sesquicentennial Toast by Dr. Idris Rhea Traylor, Jr. (Gamma Chi – Texas Tech ’70), Former Knight Commander would make to the more than 160,000 knights who have been inspired by the philosophy of Ammen’s magnificent drama. Nor could they truly have envisioned that the Kappa Alpha Order would expand from the South to the North, from the Atlantic shores to the waters of the Pacific as a national Order, and that it would become an acknowledged leader of the splendid, uniquely American, college fraternity system. 150 years of growth and adapting to changing times, while never departing from the Order’s timeless philosophy. In this Sesquicentennial Year Kappa Alpha Order, and all KAs, many take boundless pride.


eighteen hundred sixty-five, a band of young men, called by the leadership of James Ward Wood, our Chief Founder, gathered near the handsome, columned buildings on the campus of Washington College in Lexington, in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. On that December day those students founded a fraternity they would call KA, and swore their bonds of brotherhood. James Ward Wood, William Archibald Walsh, William Nelson Scott, and Stanhope McClelland Scott, our Founders, thus began the splendid one and a half centuries of a fraternity that within two years was transformed into an Order of Knights by another member, the gifted, cultured and profound thinker, our Practical Founder, Samuel Zenas Ammen. These knights had the great fortune to be influenced by living in the daily presence of the president of the College, that towering figure of a chivalrous gentleman, great leader, military hero, educator, and both a Southern and an American patriot, Kappa Alpha Order's Spiritual Founder, Robert Edward Lee.

Brothers, Knights of the Kappa Alpha Order, please rise. Brothers, let us lift our glasses of pristine water and salute, honor and proudly proclaim our gratitude to our Founders: Chief Founder James Ward Wood, William Nelson Scott, William Archibald Scott, and Stanhope McCelland Scott.

The lofty influences motivating these men, particularly Samuel Zenas Ammen, resulted in Ammen’s brilliant concept of modern knighthood, revealed in the matchless, deeply moving and inspirational initiation ceremony. In this experience a young man is given a rich guide to mental and spiritual growth, is challenged to become a leader of men, to be all that he can be, for himself and for others and for God and country. It is asked of the initiate that when his earthly journey ends he has made a positive difference, that he has lived, and lived well.

To our Practical Founder, the brilliant Samuel Zenas Ammen. To our Spiritual Founder, the insurmountable Robert Edward Lee. To all those brother knights who, over one and a half centuries, have carried forward to charge to aim for excellence in our Order.

KAJ_Fall2014_16-31_Feat_P4.indd 17


Brothers, drink.



And, to our beloved Kappa Alpha Order.

The six Founders, in those early, harsh years of the 1860’s, could not truly have envisioned that what they accomplished, the difference that they

FALL 2014

11/21/14 10:19 AM

76th Convention & Sesquicentennial Celebration WHILE THE CELEBRATION WILL BE ALL YEAR LONG, the

excitement will reach an apex at the Sesquicentennial Celebration & 76th Convention. This marquis event will be held from July 30th through August 2nd at the historic Hotel Roanoke in Roanoke, Virginia. Built in 1882, the Tudor-style Hotel Roanoke is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and was the site of our Centennial Convention in 1965. Mark you calendars now. There will be plenty of experiences for Active and Alumni Members alike, their spouses and guests. Two of our most exciting experiences will be a day in Lexington and our special guest brothers and speakers. DAY IN LEXINGTON Convention will include a day in historic Lexington, Virginia. Convention attendees will have the opportunity to visit may important spots. These include the site of our founding and second chapters, Washington & Lee University and Virginia Military Institute, our National Administrative Office at Mulberry Hill, Lee Chapel, the site of Ammen’s grave and more. Can’t come to Convention? Make the trip sometime between now and 2015! SPECIAL GUEST SPEAKER: DR. JAMES R. ANDREWS, M.D. (ALPHA GAMMA–LOUISIANA STATE ’61) Many exciting special guests are lining up to attend and speak at the 76th Convention and Sesquicentennial Celebration. We will announce each special guest on our blog and at as they are confirmed. The first announced speaker and special guest is Dr. James R. Andrews, M.D. Dr. Andrews is the distinguished and well-known orthopedic surgeon for knee, elbow, and shoulder injuries and is a specialist in repairing damaged ligaments. Dr. Andrews says that KA meant a lot to him and that he still remains close to many of his chapter brothers from LSU. “Some of them are highly successful,” says Dr. Andrews. “I feel fortunate to have been a part of such a great group of young men.” Dr. Andrews graduated from Louisiana State University (LSU) in 1963, where he was Southeastern Conference indoor and outdoor pole vault champion. Dr. Andrew’s talk to the 76th Convention will be a motivational speech. He share that success is about determination and hard work. Dr. Andrews will stress how important it is to see the end result and understand what it will take to achieve your goal. Dr. Andrews is one of the founding members of Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthopaedic Center in Birmingham, Alabama and co-founder of the American Sports Medicine Institute (ASMI). Dr. Andrews is also a founding partner and Medical Director of the Andrews Institute in Gulf Breeze, Florida. He is President and Chairman of the Board of the Andrews Research and Education Foundation.

KAJ_Fall2014_16-31_Feat_P4.indd 18

FALL 2014


Dr. James R. Andrews, M.D. Auburn University: Medical Director and Orthopedic Surgeon for Intercollegiate Athletics University of Alabama: Senior Orthopedic Consultant USA Baseball: Medical and Safety Advisory Committee Little League Baseball, Inc. : Board Member Washington Redskins: Senior Consultant Tampa Bay Rays: Orthopedic Medical Director Ladies PGA: Medical Director US Olympic Committee: Previous Member of of the Sports Medicine Committee NCAA: Previous Competitive Safeguards in Medical Aspects of Sports Committee Current and Previous Patients: Carlos Beltran, C.C. Sabathia, Tom Brady, Albert Pujols, Michael Jordan, Jack Nicklaus, Emmitt Smith, John Smoltz, Troy Aikman, Mark Jakobowski, and dozens more!


11/21/14 10:19 AM

Events and iconic locations to see next year, clockwise from right: Lee Chapel, where Model Initiation will take place, Luncheon and Veterans Memorial dedication at the National Administrative Office Mulberry Hill, Convention headquarters will be at the Hotel Roanoke, tours of Ammen’s grave and others, the recumbent statue of Lee in Lee Chapel, founding plaque at the Washington and Lee colonnade, and the Lexington Triad marker between WLU and VMI.

More infor mation and registration at w w w.K

KAJ_Fall2014_16-31_Feat_P4.indd 19

11/21/14 10:20 AM

Regional Celebrations To take the celebration to the rest of the Order, nine Sesquicentennial Regional Celebrations will be planned throughout 2015 for alumni, actives, and families. These may coincide with other meetings and will include speakers, golf tournaments, and Conviviums. All alumni and active brothers are welcome!


Jan. 19, 2015 Richmond, Virginia Kick-Off Regional Celebration: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

April 17, 2015 Nashville, Tennessee Regional Celebration: Belle Meade Country Club with the KAOEF Board of Trustees

Feb. 28, 2015 Dallas, Texas Regional Celebration: Dallas Country Club with the Mikell/Walsh Courts of Honor

April 24, 2015 St. Louis, Missouri Regional Celebration: Busch Stadium with the Executive Council

March 5, 2015 Atlanta, Georgia Regional Celebration: Cherokee Town & Country Club

KAJ_Fall2014_16-31_Feat_P4.indd 20

May 7, 2015 Tampa, Florida Regional Celebration: Tampa Yacht & Country Club

FALL 2014


June 10-13, 2015 Lexington, Virginia Regional Celebration: National Administrative Office at Mulberry Hill with Alumni College & Emerging Leaders Academy Oct./Nov., 2015 San Francisco, California: Regional Celebration: Location TBD

Dec. 21, 2015 Closing Celebration Lexington, Virginia National Administrative Office at Mulberry Hill On December 21, 2015, we will hold a closing event for the Sesquicentennial Celebration in Lexington, Virginia. With a toast to commemorate the anniversary on campus at Washington and Lee University to the sealing of the 150th Anniversary Time Capsule, at Mulberry Hill, this specific day will bear powerful testimony to the anniversary it completes.


11/21/14 10:20 AM

Local Celebrations Can’t make one of the regional events? Plan your own! There will be many locally organized celebrations. If alumni organizing an annual Convivium, meeting, or other event (or desire to create a new event locally) would like to have it become an official “Sesquicentennial Local Celebration,” the requirements are as follows: Minimum 150 attendees, or 75 couples consisting of brothers and guests. The event must follow the risk management policy and be worthy of designation as a 150th event. Event must be registered with the National Administrative Office at least two months prior. Time allotted for national speaker. If an event is registered and qualified, you will receive: A national KA leader to attend and speak. Certain Sesquicentennial favor(s) for attendees. Listing on the events section. Inclusion in promotions as an official Local Sesquicentennial Event. Listed in the records and archives of the Order as official Local Sesquicentennial Event.

KAJ_Fall2014_16-31_Feat_P4.indd 21

The quest continues online!

Check out for all updated information regarding the 150th anniversary of Kappa Alpha Order. There you can register for events, explore our history, and engage with the various celebrations.

150 Kick-Off Video: Watch the inspiring promo video and share share with others

Countdown to the 76th Convention

Local & Regional Sesquicentennial Event: You’ll find registration, contact information, and dates/places for a celebration occurring near you

76th Convention & Sesquicentennial Celebration: Check back here for registration, updates, and information about the “big” event

Get Involved: Here is how you can alert the Order you want to assist with the celebration

Historical Timeline: Scroll through 150 years of people, places, events, and history ... look for your chapter too!

KA Store: Find all your 150th branded gear and apparel here

Get On The List: Submit your updated contact info here to receive exclusive 150th updates Twitter: Find all aggregated references to #KA150

Have Your Own Event: Tell us about your 150th local event and get special treatment

Testimonials: Tell us about how Kappa Alpha Order has impacted your life. The best testimonial will receive a free Convention registration!



To register your event, register to attend and event, learn more, or just see which Regional & Local Sesquicentennial Celebration is happening near you, go to

Celebration Website


FALL 2014

11/21/14 10:20 AM

150 Conviviums for 150 years! IT IS A STATED GOAL THAT OF THE ORDER THAT

are held throughout 2015 in honor of our 150 years. How did they start? How do they start today?


JOLLITY & FRATERNAL BLISS The Order’s first Convivium was held by Alpha Chapter on April 12, 1867 at the Lexington Hotel. The following year the first joint Convivium was held for Alpha and Beta chapters at the Ann Smith Academy. Samuel Zenas Ammen reported of the event, “Convivium of June 1868 will never be surpassed in jollity and fraternal bliss. It marked the marked our period of felicity, of triumph, or success after a long ordeal of gloom and painful endeavor. We were now well equipped, internally, for battle with our college rivals.” PURPOSE Apart from the initiatory observances Convivium is one of the few celebrations that is replicated across the country bringing together brothers both young and old to celebrate the Order. In the early days the Constitution called upon members to celebrate Convivium on December 21st. It was at the 1923 Convention that Former Knight Commander John Temple Graves forever changed Convivium when he asked each man in attendance to rise and raise his glass, delivering a toast to Robert Edward Lee of Old Virginia. A few years later the Convention changed the date to January 19th to celebrate both the birth of Lee and the founding of the Order in one occasion. TODAY’S CONVIVIUM On or around January 19 of each year, our active and alumni chapters meet at banquets, smokers, or balls to celebrate. However, the event may take

KAJ_Fall2014_16-31_Feat_P4.indd 22

“Convivium of June 1868 will never be surpassed in jollity and fraternal bliss. It marked the marked our period of felicity, of triumph, or success after a long ordeal of gloom and painful endeavor. We were now well equipped, internally, for battle with our college rivals.”


— Sameul Zenas Ammen on the first Convivium

FALL 2014



11/21/14 10:20 AM

place at any time and still be effective. Much like the initiatory observance, the celebration of the Order and Lee through a Convivium showcases the beliefs of Kappa Alpha through brotherhood and sincere reflection on our accomplishments and founding principles. There is no other time of year that brings more undergraduate and alumni members together to celebrate the Order. During the Order’s Sesquicentennial our goal is to have 150 Convivium events. TIPS FOR YOUR 2015 CONVIVUM Here are a few tips to plan and host a successful Convivium. Please submit your event information to the national administrative office so that we may help in promoting your event. Information and requests for assistance should be directed to Michael Wilson, Assistant Executive Director for Alumni Affairs.

Committee: All successful undergraduate and alumni events should have a committee that helps plan and execute the event. Venue: Choose an appropriate venue for the type and size of your event. A proper venue should allow a speaker to give the toast. Appropriate venues might include; private clubs, hotels, restaurants, College/University, lodge/hall, private residence or chapter house.

Program: Determine a program of activities for the event including any masters of ceremony, guest speakers, toastmaster and presenters.

There is no other time of year that brings more undergraduate and alumni members together to celebrate the Order [than Convivium]. Recognition: During the event be sure to recognize the host committee, those involved in the program and special guests. Convivium offers an appropriate format for recognition of members: Court of Honor inductions, military division inductions, longevity awards, certificates of service, and other special awards or recognition. Follow-up: Upon arrival take time to confirm contact information and record attendance. Name badges are recommended for each attendee. This will allow for proper follow-up and engagement. Please share your list of attendees with the national administrative office.

Time Capsule We are creating a 2015 time capsule of our own “modern” history to be interred on the grounds of the National Administrative Office at Mulberry Hill. Material will be gathered all year in 2015, including letters and notes from attendees at the 76th Convention, 2015. It will be sealed on December 21, 2015. Arrangements will be made to open the time capsule in 2065 at the Order’s Bicentennial Celebration. Some of the various items that will be included are: Letters from the living Knight Commanders Letters from attendees at Convention Letter from William A. Wood, grandson of Founder James Ward Wood A jeweled badge A replica of the original badge that traveled to each regional celebration Photos of the oldest and newest chapter houses in the Order All items from the Sesquicentennial Celebration Minutes from the Convention Lapel pins Group photos The new History Book signed by the author, Dr. Martin Clagett A 2015 Varlet signed by volunteers, staff and other distinguished KAs The 150th Anniversary Alumni Directory Map of the current provinces, active chapters, and provisional chapters Social Media Snapshot of KA Online

KAJ_Fall2014_16-31_Feat_P4.indd 23




Invitations: The event should be planned at least 90 days prior with invitations to be sent via email and/or mail at least 45 days prior. Remember members will use different methods of communication so be strategic in how you inform them of the event. Request a list of alumni in the area from the

national administrative office, not exclusive to the local chapter, to give local KAs the opportunity to attend. Invitations should include all info about the event including: date, time, location, cost, attire, how to RSVP and whether or not guests are invited.

FALL 2014

11/21/14 10:20 AM

Kappa Alpha Order History An Interview with Author & Researcher, Dr. Martin Clagett The Order is producing an updated history book, which will be academically written, from a non-biased perspective, and have proper citations to all of KA’s archives and other sources researched. It is being researched and written by Dr. Martin Clagett, an historian, professor, and researcher from Richmond, Virginia. It is slated to be a 10" x 10", case bound book. It may look initially like a coffee table book and we hope you display it with pride. But it will indeed be the definitive KA history with narratives, clusters, and important situations detailed and laid down for future generations to learn. Both deeply involved alumni and the newest initiate, and indeed non-members and parents, will enjoy this commemorative first edition. Dr. Clagett was selected after a nationwide search during which the Order advertised online, in historical journals, research journals, and with many individuals. Over three dozen applications and samples of work were submitted. Dr. Clagett was selected due to experience in research, excellence in writing samples, having previously been published by the University of Virginia, and proximity to the National Administrative Office and archives. The history book, which does not yet have a title nor a cover image, will first be available at the 76th Convention & Sesquicentennial Celebration and afterward, by purchase online at Dr. Clagett will also be completing a second book. This will be more of a research volume or reference book to KA history. With less focus on the aesthetic quality, the second volume will be a great piece for the serious KA history buff. The Journal sat down with Dr. Clagett to discuss the upcoming project.

KAJ_Fall2014_16-31_Feat_P4.indd 24

FALL 2014


“In an age when self-serving agenda are the norm, I find these ideals to be not only refreshing and reaffirming but the fact that they are traits that are common to all the staff that I have dealt with speaks volumes about the character of the Order and the individuals who comprise its ranks.”


11/21/14 10:20 AM

What is your educational background and what have you published previously? My undergraduate degree was in History form the University of South Carolina, my Master in Classical Languages from the University of Richmond, and my Doctorate in Educational Research from Virginia Commonwealth University.

What is one thing you’ve learned about Kappa Alpha Order that you wouldn’t have previously thought? In the course of my life, I have often found that institutions for which I have worked have been interested only in their own agenda. Some with strong leaders have imbued the policies of the institution with the founding principles of the organization bolstered by their own strong moral compass. It has been most surprising to me that in my dealings with the administration and staff of the Order, I have found a sense of moral purpose, a commitment to honesty and a loyalty to colleagues not only in the Executive Director but in every single person connected to the Order—in every single step of the process. In an age when self-serving agenda are the norm, I find these ideals to be not only refreshing and reaffirming but the fact that they are traits that are common to all the staff that I have dealt with speaks volumes about the character of the Order and the individuals who comprise its ranks.

I have for many years taught Latin at both secondary and post-secondary levels, served as a visiting scholar at William and Mary and the University of St Andrews, visiting lecturer at the University of Virginia, been a fellow at the Earhart Foundation, and the Gilder-Lerhman Fellow at the Center for Jefferson Studies at Monticello. My book Scientific Jefferson: Revealed was commissioned by President John Casteen and the Board of Vistors of the University of Virginia; “James Wilson – His Scottish Background: Corrections and Additions” was published in Pennsylvania History: A Journal of Mid-Atlantic Studies, and I am working on both William Small: Jefferson’s Mentor at the College of William and Mary, for the College of William and Mary, and A History of Kappa Alpha on its 150th Anniversary for the Kappa Alpha Order.

What has been your favorite story you’ve learned (without giving anything away) from the research?

What are a couple recurring themes you believe people will see when the read the book? Progress, and progress in the face of sometimes seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Among the most fascinating aspects of this investigation are the stories of individuals and the impact of their personalities both on the Order and in the other areas of their life.

What are you looking forward to in the second book in the history project?

Two of the most intriguing and enigmatic characters are Samuel Ammen and Jo Lane Stern. Stern is a particular favorite of mine.

KAJ_Fall2014_16-31_Feat_P4.indd 25




Putting together an easy to access source of information about the different aspects of the Order—who was Knight Commander during the Spanish American War; when was Alpha Xi founded and by whom; what is the Beta Commission and what is its purpose; where were the various headquarters of the Order located; what was the Jones Rebellion; when were the fraternity badges designed and by whom and how did they change?

FALL 2014

11/21/14 10:20 AM

The Military Division Recognizing brothers that are currently serving, honorably discharged, or retired from the United States Armed Forces THROUGHOUT THE FORMATION AND

history of Kappa Alpha Order, there have been numerous links between our Order and military service. Our founders, two of whom had completed service in the Civil War, looked to the Knights Templar for the Order’s values and guiding principles. Since our founding, thousands of our brothers have served in the United States Armed Forces, many being highly decorated for their honor and service. At the 73rd Convention in Washington D.C., in 2009, then Knight Commander J. Michael Duncan announced the formation of the Military Division of Kappa Alpha Order. This honor is available to brothers in good standing that are either currently serving, retired, or have been honorably discharged from the United States Armed Forces (Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy). Brothers are publicly recognized by receiving the official Military Division of Kappa Alpha Order lapel pin and certificate. The Military Division of Kappa Alpha Order lapel pin features the Maltese Cross, utilizing KA’s colors crimson and old gold, has 8 points in the cross, which symbolize the chivalric virtues of loyalty, piety, frankness, bravery, glory and honor, contempt of death, helpfulness towards the poor and sick, and respect for the church. To receive recognition into the Military Division of Kappa Alpha Order, please fill out this form, or

KAJ_Fall2014_16-31_Feat_P4.indd 26

mail, fax (540) 463-2140, or email the Military Division Application 10.18.2013, then send payment (check or credit card can be taken over the phone), to the attention of Foundation Assistant Becky Moore (, PO Box 1865, Lexington, Virginia 24450.

Connect with other brothers serving around the world, and check out militarydivisionKA

Remembering our Fallen Kappa Alpha Order has lost many a member in combat. The following is our list of brothers who were the “first” KAs killed in action in various wars and conflicts since KA’s founding in 1865. SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR


1LT Edwin A. Scott, U.S. Army Alpha Gamma - Louisiana State 1891 Born: Jan. 16, 1874, Wilson, La. KIA: March 16, 1898, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba

2LT Patrick P. Calhoun, U.S. Army Gamma - Georgia 1960 Born: March 19, 1941, Columbus, Ga. KIA: April 19, 1965, Qui Nho’n, Vietnam PERSIAN GULF WAR


2LT Wiley H. Buford, U.S. Army Beta Zeta - Florida 1916 Born: Oct. 31, 1893, Ocala, Fl. KIA: Feb. 14, 1918, Lorraine, France

1LT Terry L. Plunk, U.S. Army Beta Commission - VMI 1988 Born: Feb. 13, 1966, Vinton, Va. KIA: Feb. 26, 2001, Kuwait City, Kuwait



1LT Robert M. Richey, U.S. Army Alpha Rho - West Virginia 1930 Born: April 30, 1909, Wellsburg, W.V. KIA: Dec. 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

LCPL David K. Fribley, U.S.M.C. Zeta Iota - Indiana State 1996 Born: Feb. 15, 1977, Warsaw, Ind. KIA: March 23, 2003, Nasiriyah, Iraq


1LT William H. Dean, U.S.M.C. Beta Omicron - Louisville 1942 Born: April 22, 1922, Louisville, Ky. KIA: Dec. 1, 1950, Wonsan, North Korea

FALL 2014



11/21/14 10:20 AM


KAJ_Fall2014_16-31_Feat_P4.indd 27



FALL 2014

11/21/14 10:20 AM

Valor in Action James W. Grimes introduced S. No. 82 in the United States Senate, a bill designed to “promote the efficiency of the Navy” by authorizing the production and distribution of “medals of honor.” On December 21st the bill was passed, authorizing 200 such medals be produced “which shall be bestowed upon such petty officers, seamen, landsmen and marines as shall distinguish themselves by their gallantry in action and other seamanlike qualities during the present war (Civil War).” President Lincoln signed the bill and the (Navy) Medal of Honor was born. Two months later on February 17, 1862 Massachusetts Senator Henry Wilson introduced a similar bill, this one to authorize “the President to distribute medals to privates in the Army of the United States who shall distinguish themselves in battle.” Over the following months wording changed slightly as the bill made its way through Congress. When President Abraham Lincoln signed S.J.R. No. 82 on July 12, 1862, the Army Medal of Honor was born. It read in part:


“Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the President of the United States be, and he is hereby, authorized to cause two thousand “medals of honor” to be prepared with suitable emblematic devices, and to direct that the same be presented, in the name of the Congress, to such non--commissioned officers and privates as shall most distinguish themselves by their gallantry in action, and other soldier-like qualities, during the present insurrection (Civil War).” With this simple and rather obscure act Congress created a unique award that would achieve prominence in American history like few others. The following men have stories ranging from distinguished gallantry to valiant defense. They are our six recipients of the Medal of Honor. Included on the next two pages is their formal description and information.

KAJ_Fall2014_16-31_Feat_P4.indd 28

FALL 2014


Recognizing our United States Armed Forces Below is a rendering of the soon to be completed Veterans Memorial & Entryway at the National Administrative Office at Mulberry Hill. KA is proud to honor all of our members who have worn the uniforms of the United States Armed Forces. The plaza includes plaques dedicated to our Medal of Honor winners, our first members killed in action in wars fought by the United States, and to our donors to the Sesquicentennial Fund. It will be dedicated at the 76th Convention.

The Medal of Honor is the highest award for valor in action against an enemy force which can be bestowed upon an individual serving in the Armed Services of the United States. THE KAPPA ALPHA JOURNAL

11/21/14 10:20 AM


The Order's Medal of Honor Recipients


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FALL 2014

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Medal of Honor Recipients

BG Ernest A. Garlington

RADM Richmond P. Hobson

CMDR Cary D. Langhorne

RADM Richard E. Byrd, Jr.

(Gamma– Georgia 1871)

(Phi–BirminghamSouthern 1884)

(Beta Commission– VMI 1894)

(Beta Commission– VMI 1906)

RANK: First Lieutenant, U.S. Army

RANK: Lieutenant, U.S. Navy

RANK: Surgeon, U.S. Navy

RANK: Commander, U.S. Navy

UNIT: U.S.S. Merrimac

UNIT: Task Force Vera Cruz

BORN: Aug. 17, 1870, Greensboro, Ala.,

BORN: May 14, 1873, Lynchburg, Va.

UNIT: Private venture/during leave of absence

DIED: Mar. 16, 1937, New York City, N.Y.

DIED: April 25, 1948, Upperville, Va.

ISSUE DATE: April 29, 1933

ISSUE DATE: Dec. 04, 1915

PLACE/DATE: Santiago Harbor, Cuba, June 6, 1898

PLACE/DATE: Occupation of Vera Cruz, April 22, 1914.

CITATION: In connection with the sinking of the U.S.S. Merrimac at the entrance to the fortified harbor of Santiago de Cuba, June 3, 1898. Despite persistent fire from the enemy fleet and fortifications on shore, Lt. Hobson distinguished himself by extraordinary courage and carried out this operation at the risk of his own personal safety.

CITATION: For extraordinary heroism in battle, engagement of Vera Cruz, April 22, 1914. Surg. Langhorne carried a wounded man from the front of the Naval Academy while under heavy fire.

UNIT: 7th U.S. Cavalry BORN: Feb. 20, 1853, Newberry, S.C., DIED: Oct. 16, 1934, San Diego, Calif. ISSUE DATE: Sept. 26, 1893 PLACE/DATE: At Wounded Knee Creek, S.D., Dec. 29, 1890 CITATION: Distinguished gallantry.

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FALL 2014


BORN: Oct. 25, 1888, Winchester, Va., DIED: Mar. 11, 1957, Boston, Mass. ISSUE DATE: Mar. 5, 1927 PLACE/DATE: North Pole, May 9, 1926 CITATION: For distinguishing himself conspicuously by courage and intrepidity at the risk of his life, in demonstrating that it is possible for aircraft to travel in continuous flight from a now inhabited portion of the earth over the North Pole and return.


11/21/14 10:20 AM

COL Robert S. Scott (Beta Phi– New Mexico 1932) RANK: Second Lieutenant, U.S. Army, Unit: 172nd Infantry, 43rd Infantry Division BORN: Nov. 30, 1913, Washington, D.C. DIED: Feb. 5, 1999, Santa Fe, N.M. ISSUE DATE: Oct. 14, 1944 PLACE/DATE: Near Munda Air Strip, New Georgia, Solomon Islands, July 29, 1943

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CAPT David McCampbell (Alpha Sigma– Georgia Tech 1929) RANK: Commander, U.S. Navy UNIT: Air Group 15 BORN: Jan. 16, 1910, Bessemer, Ala. DIED: June 30, 1996, Rivera Beach, Fla. ISSUE DATE: Jan. 10, 1945 PLACE/DATE: First and second battles of the Philippine Sea, June 19, 1944 CITATION: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty as commander, Air Group 15, during combat against enemy Japanese aerial forces in the first and second battles of the Philippine Sea. An inspiring leader, fighting boldly in the face of terrific odds, CMDR McCampbell led his fighter planes against a force of 80 Japanese carrier-based aircraft bearing down on our fleet on June 19, 1944. Striking fiercely in valiant defense of our surface force, he personally destroyed 7 hostile planes during this single engagement in which the outnumbering attack force


was utterly routed and virtually annihilated. During a major fleet engagement with the enemy on October 24, CMDR McCampbell, assisted by but one plane, intercepted and daringly attacked a formation of 60 hostile land-based craft approaching our forces. Fighting desperately but with superb skill against such overwhelming airpower, he shot down nine Japanese planes and, completely disorganizing the enemy group, forced the remainder to abandon the attack before a single aircraft could reach the fleet. His great personal valor and indomitable spirit of aggression under extremely perilous combat conditions reflect the highest credit upon CMDR McCampbell and the U.S. Naval Service.


CITATION: For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty near Munda Airstrip, New Georgia, Solomon Islands, on July 29, 1943. After 27 days of bitter fighting, the enemy held a hilltop salient which commanded the approach to Munda Airstrip. Our troops were exhausted from prolonged battle and heavy casualties, but Lt. Scott advanced with the leading platoon of his company to attack the enemy position, urging his men forward in the face of enemy rifle and enemy machinegun fire. He had pushed forward alone to a point midway across the barren hilltop within 75

yards of the enemy when the enemy launched a desperate counterattack, which if successful would have gained undisputed possession of the hill. Enemy riflemen charged out on the plateau, firing and throwing grenades as they moved to engage our troops. The company withdrew, but Lt. Scott, with only a blasted tree stump for cover, stood his ground against the wild enemy assault. By firing his carbine and throwing the grenades in his possession he momentarily stopped the enemy advance using the brief respite to obtain more grenades. Disregarding small-arms fire and exploding grenades aimed at him, suffering a bullet wound in the left hand and a painful shrapnel wound in the head after his carbine had been shot from his hand, he threw grenade after grenade with devastating accuracy until the beaten enemy withdrew. Our troops, inspired to renewed effort by Lt. Scott's intrepid stand and incomparable courage, swept across the plateau to capture the hill, and from this strategic position 4 days later captured Munda Airstrip.

FALL 2014

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On Campus

Editor's Note: Chapter updates are printed if received by the deadline. If your chapter is active and not listed, please contact them to urge them to submit an update for the next issue.


Distinction, Excellence and Recognition Westminster KA’s honored three times for banner year The brothers at Westminster, the Alpha Eta Chapter, had a banner year in 20132014. Three very high honors were bestowed upon them, with much praise and deserved recognition. NIC’s Award of Distinction Alpha Eta was awarded the NIC's prestigious Chapter Award of Distinction (top; left), which recognizes the undergraduate chapter that is highly functioning, in compliance with NIC Standards, seeks to educate others about the benefits of a values-based fraternity experience, and works to maintain a healthy relationship with its inter/national organization. “They represent the best of the fraternity world, which says a lot about the college and the quality of the education they are receiving on multiple levels through their experience as students and members of the Greek community at Westminster,” said Dr. James M. Schmuck (Alpha Eta–Westminster '69), member of the Westminster College Board of Trustees. Alpha Eta was one of only five fraternity chapters nationwide to receive this honor. KA’s George C. Marshall Award Westminster KAs also received the top national honor given to a chapter by the the Order itself, the George C. Marshall Award for Chapter Excellence (middle; left). This award was presented to the men of Alpha Eta for demonstrating overall excellence in communication, community service, finances, ritual proficiency, risk management, scholarship and recruitment. The George C. Marshall Award is given to the top 1% of KA chapters nationwide, and incredibly, this is the Westminster

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FALL 2014


chapter’s third Marshall Award in five years. To see the other two Marshall award-winning chapters, turn to page 46. Missouri House gives Honors Finally, the Missouri House of Representatives recognized the chapter (bottom; left) with an official resolution on for their national accomplishments and impact in the community. The resolution was presented to the chapter by State Representative Jeanie Riddle. Rep. Riddle cited the Marshall award and the NIC award in her resolution. "Their members collect money every Sunday as part of their Brothers for Others program to make sure our homeless community in Fulton is fed," explained Riddle. "They also launched the Brothers for Mothers initiative with a local sorority to help women in the Coalition Against Rape and Domestic Violence (CARDV). Officers from Kappa Alpha Order were joined at the Missouri State Capitol by Westminster College President Barney Forsythe, PhD and alumni advisors at the state and national level. With jokes of “getting the big head” aside, Alpha Eta brothers do have a hard task ahead. Maintaining this kind of success is arguably harder than rising to the top. With strong leadership in the chapter and consistently involved alumni, the Order looks for great things from these men this year. Congrats, brothers.


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On Campus Arizona Gamma Epsilon The summer of 2014 is an important one for the Gamma Epsilon, as we will be putting $95,000-$100,000 into renovations to the house. We will be removing all of the rock in the back yard and replacing it with concrete, and there will be a basketball court built on the concrete. The windows in the common rooms will be replaced with double pane windows to keep the house cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter and oleanders will be planted along the southern edge of the front yard, and the bathroom in south hall is having new stalls put in. The tile on the front porch will be replaced with new tile, and the floor upstairs will be replaced as well. The men of Gamma Epsilon are excited about what these renovations will mean to all our brothers in the coming years. –Liam Richards, V Arkansas Alpha Omicron This past year the University of Arkansas held a campus-wide “Make a Difference Day.” Kappa Alpha was one of the only fraternities on campus to have the majority of the chapter help out

the community. Our assigned project was to clear out a prairie field of fallen foliage to help maintain and protect one of the only prairie grass fields in northwest Arkansas, and we spent well over five hours clearing out the field. It was a great day for the Order, and an even greater day for the community. –Ethan Hannah V Arkansas-Monticello Provisional (to be restored as Epsilon Chi) After three years of being members of the organization known as "The Squire Club" in hopes of one day being the re-founding fathers of Kappa Alpha Order at UAM, the day has finally come. It all started in an apartment of an initiated transfer student from Gamma Nu chapter, where four friends would meet every Monday night. From there we grew, gaining a couple of members every semester. In Fall of 2013 the Squire Club was 32 men strong. With all of the manpower available, we decided to go big and host a benefit concert for MDA and yes, it was a huge success! We raised over $3,000 for MDA! The following spring we gained another two members along with approval to bring KA back to Monticello, Arkansas. ACDC

Jeremy Duke arrived Monday, April 7 and we began officer training. As what seemed to be the longest week of our lives finally came to a end, it was time for induction! On the evening of Friday, April 11, approximately 100 alumni, friends, family, faculty and staff were all gathered in the sanctuary, anxiously waiting for the ceremony to begin. That night 21 gentlemen joined the newly re-instated Provisional Chapter of Kappa Alpha Order at the University of Arkansas at Monticello. –John David Herren, I California Alpha Xi The Alpha Xi chapter had an amazing year and is preparing for another great year to come. We increased our philanthropy hours by 70% and hosted an on-campus blood drive with the American Red Cross. Our chapter also initiated 29 new members, bringing our chapter’s size to an all-time high of 88 active brothers. We want to recognize brother Grant Genske for being elected to the student body senate, which has only 20 senators representing the entire student body. Our year ended on a high note as we celebrated the night in style

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Presbytarian College: David Sellman at Taj Mahal, Agra India, during a three week school trip exploring world religions and service to rural villages. FALL 2014

11/21/14 10:24 AM

On Campus Florida Gulf Coast Zeta Pi Together with the help of OneBlood SWFL and the students of FGCU, the Zeta Pi chapter was able to help save over 500 lives this semester through Operation Crimson Gift. Led by the hard work of brother Matthew Pecko, we held two blood drives this semester on main campus, inviting all Greek life, student organizations, and anyone else willing to help in this fight! – Nicholas Kutz, V Furman Iota Iota has enjoyed a fruitful year as our brothers excelled in school, performed well in extracurricular activities, and graduated with plans for the future. Our brothers on the Furman football team played in the Southern Conference Wingate: Zeta Zeta brothers in Rome, Italy at the Colosseum in May 2014; (left to right) Thomas Wall, Mark Vestal, Jacob Jamison, Tucker Osborne, Sean Murray, Blake Ezzell. championship in the fall and won the SOCON champions title, and we also for our annual date party. This year, we four active athletes already in Alpha Phi. had four brothers become student-coach hosted the Crimson Cruise, an amazing Michael Pelle continues as Philanthropy managers on the Furman lacrosse team. We enjoyed a busy spring semester event where we rented out a yacht and Chair, spearheading numerous projects sailed around the San Francisco Bay. throughout the semester. As always, the with an alumni golf tournament to benefit MDA in April. We initiated 15 We look forward to another amazing fraternity attended the MDA Muscle year next year! Walk to support the Muscular Dystrophy new brothers into the Order, and our executive board effectively planned Association, raising hundreds of dollars –Ian Shain, V and balanced our budget. Iota was also for the cure and enjoying the warmrecognized by the University for having Delaware up Zumba and delicious treats at the the Most Improved Chapter GPA of any Beta Epsilon event. The chapter also participated in The brothers of Beta Epsilon are fundraising efforts for fellow Dukie Sarah organization on campus, excelling from extremely happy to have the opportunity Stanczyk, who was diagnosed with stage a 3.0 to a 3.27. A few improvements were to share with our fellow brothers some 3B Hodgkin¹s lymphoma this past year, of our experiences from this year. Most and successfully raised over $1,000. The recently, we partook as volunteers for our chapter also partnered with Alpha Phi local church where we also hold initiation for a bone marrow drive, successfully each semester. The experience was very registering almost 100 Duke students; rewarding as the church was holding a among those on the wait list is Michael race that we helped set up and operate. Pelle's father, who was diagnosed this Overall it was a very successful day and year with a form of blood cancer. To the church was very thankful for our help show their support, 12 members of the in its event. Excelsior! fraternity shaved their heads, and we –Brian Keefe, V continue to keep Michael's family in our thoughts and prayers. Duke –Mac Findlay, V Alpha Phi The brothers of Alpha Phi are excited Elon about their new website, recently Epsilon Mu completed by brother Max Lipscomb, and Brothers Kyle Worrel, Will Guy, Jared invite you to take a look at http://www. Kindy, and Owen Dugan won this Spring recruitment year's golf tournament benefitting was incredibly successful, resulting in MDA at Indian Valley Golf Club. More 33 bids, 29 of which were accepted, and importantly, the event raised $800 for the chapter is now 91 members strong. MDA research and all participants had a The brothers are proud to welcome great time on the course. Excelsior! Nevada: (left to right) Induction brings new two new athletes to the chapter, Max officers Tim Tharaldson II, Jarrod Peterson I, –Ian Davis, V and Matt Johnson III to the helm. McCaffrey and Joe Kruy, adding to the

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FALL 2014



11/21/14 10:24 AM

On Campus made by brothers on our chapter's house and we have just finished planting our garden with summer vegetables for the brothers living here over the summer to enjoy and share with our neighbors. We also want to congratulate our 18 seniors as they graduate and move on to medical school and graduate school, and enter the workforce as financial consultants, teachers, and non-profit associates. –Jack Schley, V

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Jacksonville State Delta Phi We had a fundraiser for the mother of brother Tyler Beegle to help with expenses while she went through treatment for breast cancer. Delta Phi and the ZTA chapter at JSU made buckets and decorated them and had a competition to see who could raise the most money for Mrs. Beegle. It was during our homecoming so there was a lot of participation in this fundraiser, which made it even better. We raised a total of $538. –Seth Day, V James Madison Zeta Theta The Zeta Theta chapter at James Madison has initiated 10 excellent new gentlemen into the Order. This semester we made huge strides in increasing our on-campus involvement, starting when brother Ryan Diviney rallied all of Greek life to get behind JMU’s Relay for Life event. Ryan was then chosen to be on their recruitment sub-committee and our entire chapter got behind him in support. We ended up having 60 brothers attend the event, raising $2,875 for the American Cancer Society. We also put together a blood drive on campus and held our annual Rose Bowl week event to raise money and awareness for muscular dystrophy. In addition, one of our younger brothers, Dan Cracovaner, won an Emerging Leader Dolley Award. This award goes to a first or second year student who demonstrates exceptional potential, maturity, leadership skills, passion, and dedication to JMU, and comes with a $1,000 scholarship. –Joseph Byrnes, V Kennessaw State Provisional Kennesaw State University provisional chapter was inducted Friday evening. We inducted 22 members that are



Texas Tech: Kevin Diaz, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, David Lee, and Austin Miller.

dedicated to chartering the newest chapter of Kappa Alpha Order. The initial 22 inducted members have a combined cumulative GPA of a 3.33. The members are involved on and off campus. One member was just elected as the secretary of the KSU Student Government, while another will be a player on the Universities first football team. Several alumni, family, and friends were in attendance for the ceremony. Maryland Beta Kappa This semester the Beta Kappa chapter at the University of Maryland initiated 18 new members. Two of the new members, Joe Baier and Jack Voelker, have recently been elected to positions on the Student Government Association. The chapter also won the DFSL award for best philanthropic event in the past academic school year. Taylor Blum and Andrew Hennessey have been recognized by the Arête Secret Society for their recent endeavors with the fifth annual Breastfest of Champions, which donated $37,600 to the Hearts for Cancer foundation. Beta Kappa also held its annual alumni golf tournament, where 50 brothers and alumni spent the day on the course. –Andrew Hennessey, V Mississippi State Beta Tau Beta Tau added eight new members to the chapter this spring, bringing the chapter to 97 members. The chapter raised over $6,000 in the 4th Annual Bulldogs For a Cause raffle for MDA. Throughout the spring, members participated in numerous community service projects, including a cleanup for tornado victims in Louisville, MS. Beta


George Washington Alpha Nu The Spring semester has been a particularly productive one for the Alpha Nu chapter. Our former Number I, Peyton Zere, has settled into his role as IFC President, and current Number I Shawn Rusterholz has led the chapter through a very successful semester. Our current number of initiated brothers stands at 68. Spring Recruitment under the leadership of Number IV Dan Hetzler went very well and resulted in 12 new members who were initiated on April 12th. Number II Imran Moledina oversaw trips for new members to Arlington and the National Masonic Lodge. Academically, Alpha Nu had the highest fraternity GPA for the fall of 2013 with a 3.22 overall GPA. Our academic plan, developed by Number III Stephen Conley, continues to move the chapter forward. Number VII Alex Jivov and Number IX Alex Grigorian launched a successful Council of Honor program, and Number VI Chris Stillwell has managed the chapter's finances in a way that has us looking at a surplus to end the semester. Number VIII Greg Nelson will be studying abroad in Paris next semester. We are proud to announce that our winners for Muscle Week in March are the lovely sisters of ADPi, and that we raised over $5,918 for MDA. This total represents a 26% increase over last year's total from our first Muscle Walk. Philanthropy chair Zack Bachmann spearheaded this effort. Additionally, community service chair Omar Ali organized multiple service events including a Red Cross simulation and Operation Crimson Gift, with 22 individuals giving blood to the Red Cross. This fall our chapter will have an on-campus townhouse in addition to the floor we have in another Greek housing dormitory. Our current housing manager, Derek Lee, has been one of the key

individuals involved in securing this house along with housing corporation president Hank Brothers (Psi '75). November 2014 will mark the 120th anniversary of the Alpha Nu's founding, and preparations are in order for a celebration this fall. We encourage all alumni with Alpha Nu/GWU connections to contact us about this celebration. –Sean A. Kumnick, V

FALL 2014

11/21/14 10:24 AM

On Campus Tau also voted to become a KAOEF Foundation Chapter, donating $18.65 per member to KAOEF. In addition to becoming a Foundation Chapter, Beta Tau voted to become one of the Order's Crusade Chapters. –Trent Mosley, I Missouri Alpha Kappa This year the Alpha Kappa chapter at the University of Missouri has taken measures to achieve excellence on all fronts. We have updated our academic policy to ensure all of our new members and active brothers achieve the highest grade point average possible, and we received an academic achievement award for surpassing the all mens' average at the university. We also strive to create a fun, involved, and diverse atmosphere that is both productive and provides a great KA experience for the whole chapter. We have held events such as our annual basketball tournament that we have termed "Saettele," and Mothers' Weekend, where we invite all of our mothers to come to the chapter house and meet the active members. We have also had a great year with Rush with 35 new members last fall, along with another five new members for the spring pledge class. We also had three members attend ELA in Virginia where they had the privilege of meeting Knight Commander William E. Dreyer. –Connor Shaw, V Missouri Southern State Delta Pi From March 9th through April 18th, Delta Pi chapter held a clothing drive to donate to the Goodwill in Joplin, MO. The goal of the clothing drive was 1,000 pounds of donated clothing, but with help from MSSU faculty and staff and KA alumni we exceeded our goal and reached 1,500 pounds. Delta Pi chapter also took part in the MS event in Joplin, MO to raise money to find a cure for the disease. Brothers from the chapter participated in this event and Delta Pi chapter made a generous donation of $100.00 for the cause. –Evan Moore, I Nevada Provisional (to be restored as Zeta Delta) The new provisional chapter of Kappa Alpha Order at the University of Nevada,

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Reno has started off strong. The first induction of nearly 30 men took place on March 13, 2014. This great group of men have bonded quickly and got the ball rolling fast. They have also been continually participating in other events put on by their Greek community including the Triple Play softball tournament, Sleep Out for the homeless and the IFC golf tournament, just to name a few. This fine group of men has already elected exceptional officers and committee chairs and is in the process of planning their first events for the next semester. In spite of all the hard work they have been putting in to ensure the success of this soon-to-be active chapter on the Nevada campus, these men have also found time for some play, taking a weekend for a brotherhood bonding event at Pyramid Lake. While actively striving toward their goal of chartering within the next year, these men are continuing rolling recruitment, looking for the finest men on campus, setting their budget, and racking up a combined total of over 400 community service hours just this semester. The provisional chapter's Number I, Jarrod Peterson, is a sophomore transfer student and seems to be a perfect fit and an exceptional leader thus far. Newberry Delta Epsilon Delta Epsilon has never been better, and with the initiation of two new brothers we are currently the largest fraternity on campus. The chapter achieved its goal in obtaining the highest GPA amongst male organizations on campus last semester and will be obtaining it again. Since last semester, Arthur Smith was elected as the Number I. The chapter also has 15 brothers that are active in NCAA athletic teams. Although there are a few seniors graduating, Delta Epsilon looks forward to an exceptional fall Rush class in the upcoming school year. The chapter looks forward to the upcoming fall semester for more opportunities to lead by example in the classroom, around campus, and in the community, and strives to be the very best in every aspect of our lives. Delta Epsilon is very excited for the future of the chapter as it continues to flourish. –Richard Hook, V

FALL 2014


Presbyterian Beta Pi The Beta Pi chapter enjoyed a successful year on the campus, welcoming 15 new members, the largest new member class on campus and also the chapter's largest in over 20 years. This class included freshman class leaders, two football players, and one basketball player. Beta Pi is also proud to have members represented as leaders across campus. Peter Heitman, Number VI, was elected co-chair of the college Honor Council for the upcoming academic year. The chapter also boasts a total of 17 brothers who serve on the prestigious Honor Council. Academically, the chapter has enjoyed recent success, with nearly a quarter of the chapter posting fall GPAs over 3.6, including three 4.0's. Matthew Palma was recognized for his success in the business department, named Management Senior of the Year and scoring in the 98.5 percentile in a nationwide business competency test. Also, David Sellman was recognized as Philosophy Senior of the Year and will be attending Medical College of Georgia next year. Jonathan Holder was awarded the Kenneth N. Baker Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Economics and Business Administration. Zack Neal conducted research for the biology department in Puerto Rico. The chapter held its second annual charity clay shoot benefitting MDA at the Clinton House Plantation. Over 90 members, alumni, family, and friends participated in the event which raised $2,000 for MDA. The event concluded with a barbeque dinner and silent auction. The chapter is also well represented on the athletic fields at Presbyterian College with seven football players, seven soccer players, and one basketball player. Both Kaleb Griffin, Number V, and brother Tamyn Garrick are PC quarterbacks. The chapter celebrated Old South in Hilton Head Island April 25-27th. In addition, the chapter is in the process of fundraising for house renovations. "The Campaign for KA - Building Beta Pi" has raised over $30,000 of its $100,000 goal towards house renovations. –Jonathan Holder, I


11/21/14 10:24 AM

On Campus Roanoke Beta Rho During the spring semester of 2014, the Beta Rho chapter initiated four new brothers. For the upcoming fall, we are hoping to have a solid Rush that involves bringing in at least 10 new members. In the field of athletics, former Number I Andrew Bernstein broke a school record while competing in the discipline of indoor track earlier during the semester, and came in second place at the ODAC Track Championships in the 1500 meter event. In basketball, active brother Patrick Cummings made the varsity team at Roanoke College and had the opportunity to start in the last game of their season. Academically, brother John Morgan’s hard work in the classroom is starting to pay dividends. He was recently inducted into Alpha Epsilon Delta, which is the pre-medical honor society. We have four seniors in the chapter who have just recently completed their degrees and graduated in May. Beta Rho hosted a golf tournament over Alumni Weekend with all of the proceeds being donated to MDA, with strong participation from alumni and active members of the chapter. –William Reitan, V

KAJ_Fall2014_32-51_P4.indd 37

on this momentum and having a strong fall semester. –Austin Brown, V Tennessee Pi Pi chapter started off the semester with a very strong recruitment, inducting eight upstanding gentlemen, all of whom were initiated in March. We now stand at 71 active members. The chapter was honored to be joined by Executive Director Larry Wiese at Convivium. We attended a joint province council at Eastern Kentucky University with our fellow Feller Province chapters, as well as the chapters of Candler and Frampton provinces. Pi chapter received an award for raising the 7th most money for MDA in the nation. This semester, we had 15 brothers walk in Knoxville’s MDA Muscle Walk and had many others volunteer in setting up and taking down the event. We also put together 200 Shamrock kits that were sent to local businesses to help fundraise for MDA. In addition to MDA, we also helped Knoxville Habitat for Humanity build five houses, and landscaped both Bearden United Methodist Church, where we have our initiation, and the Bleak House, the Confederate Memorial Hall and Museum we’ve had strong ties with for years. Partnering up with the ladies of Zeta Tau Alpha to win Greek Week was a solid way to cap off the semester’s philanthropy.



The chapter was honored by receiving the Best Fraternity New Member Education Program award, and Jim Lawson was named UT Fraternity Advisor of the Year. Throughout the semester, five brothers participated in Council of Honor and were recently inducted. This past month, we had our spring formal in Myrtle Beach and the second annual KA Crawfish Boil, which has become a real hit. 2014 is a very important year for Pi, as we hope to push for a fairly large pledge class in the spring, putting us over 100 actives. Our chapter has come a long way in the last seven years, and it’s our goal to strive to be a model chapter on Tennessee’s campus, and to once again become a Samuel C. Ammen and George C. Marshall Award-winning chapter. –Dexter Freeman, V Texas Tech Gamma Chi In the fall 2013 semester, Gamma Chi initiated 41 new members, and hosted our annual philanthropy event, Kalf Fry. This event was a huge success, and ended with our chapter donating over $10,000 to MDA. We donated the most money in our province, as well as the third most of any KA chapter in the nation. For the spring semester, we just recently initiated a spring pledge class of 13, the largest spring class in a long time for Gamma Chi. We are in the process of planning a summer river trip as well as other events for fall Rush and brotherhood. –Travis Wood, V


Southern Methodist Beta Lambda The Beta Lambda chapter at SMU has had a very successful spring semester. We took a solid spring pledge class of 29 men, the largest in recent years. We followed up this success by receiving the Scholastic Excellence Award at the Mikell and Walsh Province Council in Houston, Texas on March 1st. This award recognizes a chapter that achieves a GPA of a 3.25 or higher. Our chapter also finished 2nd in GPA among the other IFC fraternities at SMU for the Fall of 2013 semester. On April 11th, our chapter participated in the Sing Song competition, pairing up with the women of Pi Beta Phi and winning the competition. The theme this year was "Pop Icons" and our team competed as "Team Miley Cyrus." On April 26th we paired up with the women of Chi Omega and held a police appreciation event in the backyard at our house. We shared BBQ, drinks, and music and the event was a huge success. We plan on building

North Carolina State: Hayden Bauges and Former Knight Commander Satcher with former Senator Kay Hagan.

FALL 2014

11/21/14 10:24 AM

On Campus

Kennesaw State: Induction for our newest chapter in Georgia.

Transylvania Alpha Theta Alpha Theta chapter has had an amazing 2013-2014 academic year at Transylvania. Our chapter was thrilled to initiate 15 outstanding gentlemen into our beloved order. Alpha Theta is also proud to announce that we've made great strides in improving our chapter as a whole. This year we were awarded a Samuel Zenas Ammen award! It was great to have our accomplishments recognized, but we're always looking to improve. We're also excited to have so many brothers conclude their collegiate careers on a high note, as many plan to attend graduate school and some already have jobs lined up. Although their tenure at Alpha Theta may be concluding, we all know they're KAs forever! –Frank Downing III, V Tulsa Mu Mu chapter has had a strong year, initiating 23 members in the fall and five in the spring, bringing our total number to close to 70. Highlights of our chapter include a strong participation in the University of Tulsa’s Service Day and especially the Relay for Life, with numerous brothers participating in the Relay for Life to show support for two of our cancer survivors, Ryan Neels and Patrick Flam. Other philanthropy this semester included working with the

KAJ_Fall2014_32-51_P4.indd 38

Kappa Alpha Theta sorority to package food for distribution at the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma on February 6th. It was a fantastic turnout and we managed to package 3,456 pounds of food donations - the equivalent of 2,658 meals. During our Old South Philanthropy Week benefitting MDA, we raised $1,700. Throughout the course of the spring semester, we raised $2,500 for a variety of charities. Additionally, we hosted a Dad’s Day and spent quality time with our dads bowling and shooting skeet, and had a great time at Convivium, semi-formal at the Stokely Event Center, and formal in Fort Worth. Mu chapter received several awards this year, including an Ammen Award at Province Council and top Greek male GPA for the highest average GPA compared to the other fraternities on campus. Additionally, during the Greek Awards banquet, Jacob Hunter won Best New Greek Member, Curtis French won Best Greek Scholar, and Mu chapter as a whole won Best Scholarship. – Jeremiah Benes, V West Florida Epsilon Sigma The men of Epsilon Sigma have been focused on two things: rebuilding this chapter and expanding with quality new members. We have slowly been achieving both. By initiating Tyler Ward

FALL 2014


and Cory Hinsch on April 26th we have secured our chapter's future by starting the intake of new members of a high caliber. Some of the events the chapter has been doing on campus include hosting blood drives, which help save about 160 lives each drive; participating in Relay for Life; volunteering throughout campus to increase our chapters presence; and hosting philanthropy nights supporting MDA at local restaurants. We have been busy with our goals but remain focused on scholastics with the hopes of holding on to the title of highest GPA of fraternities on campus for yet another year. Two of our brothers just became Sweethearts of Sororities on campus, which is equally impressive and further promotes a positive image of this chapter to the young women of the UWF campus. –Sean Ashley, V

Maryland: Another award winning year on campus for Beta Kappa and their Breastfest fundraiser for breast cancer research.


11/21/14 10:24 AM

On Campus Wingate Zeta Zeta This academic year has been great for improving various aspects of our chapter. Zeta Zeta was awarded the Carl Albert Award for Chapter Improvement at the 2014 Province Council in Lexington, VA for the great strides the chapter has taken during the past couple of years. One area of particular emphasis for our chapter has been in organizing multiple philanthropy events. During the spring semester, we held our annual Grilled Cheese fundraiser and hosted a KAr bash for MDA. With all the donations received, we were able to donate $3,200.00 to MDA this semester alone. Lastly, the chapter has had increased our focus on academic excellence. During the fall semester, the chapter achieved a 2.99 GPA and was awarded an Academic Excellence Award at Province Council. Embodying the motto, "Excellence is our Aim," we are proud of the success we have achieved this year as a chapter and the direction we are headed in future endeavors. –Mark Vestal, I

Virginia Tech Epsilon Eta Epsilon Eta has made significant strides towards reaching our goal of 70 brothers in two years. At the beginning of the fall semester we stood at 35 brothers and since then we have made a leap to a 62-brother chapter. Ambition and drive have been at the forefront of our momentum and we are not stopping. This semester we have raised over $4,500 for MDA through our letter writing campaigns. It is our goal to maintain what we have worked so hard to accomplish to and develop gentleman of the Kappa Alpha Order. –Rex Holmes, V West Virginia Wesleyan Beta Chi With the spring semester, the Beta Chi chapter initiated the largest class in recent years with 23 new members. The brothers also grew closer as they completed numerous community service and philanthropy events. The chapter looks to continue the upward trend into the fall and ultimately into next

spring, and with the 85th anniversary of the BX chapter this fall, plans are already underway for that continued improvement. As summer closes in, many brothers are already eagerly awaiting a return in the fall. –Andrew Spate, V Wofford Delta The chapter began a very successful spring semester by being awarded Most Improved Chapter GPA at Wofford's annual Greek Awards Banquet. Additionally, the chapter conducted its second annual Play for MDA event in which both a basketball tournament and volleyball tournament are held. This year the event generated about $2,000 for MDA. –Mason Huss, V

SoFI ad


KAJ_Fall2014_32-51_P4.indd 39



FALL 2014

11/21/14 10:24 AM

Chapter Excellence

2014 National Awards OVERALL EXCELLENCE AWARDS Each year, chapters are recognized for excellence in finances, recruitment and chapter growth, communications, Project Outreach, Operation Crimson Gift, and overall chapter excellence. The George C. Marshall Awards for Chapter Excellence, Samuel Zenas Ammen Awards for Chapter Excellence, and Carl Albert Awards for Chapter Improvement are granted to the most deserving chapters who have improved or excelled in all areas of fraternity life.

George C. Marshall Award for Chapter Excellence In order to receive the highest chapter award in Kappa Alpha Order, a chapter must be organized, focused and execute a strategic plan. They have excelled this past year in multiple areas by improving their academic program, educational opportunities, membership experiences, relations with the campus, community, National Administrative Office, and communication. Each of these challenges came along to test their chapter and they answered them by executing their goals and adopting new standards. While there are many chapters that deserve recognition for their achievements, few distinguish themselves earning the honor of the George C. Marshall Award for Chapter Excellence.

KAJ_Fall2014_32-51_P4.indd 40

FALL 2014

Missouri S&T – Beta Alpha Key accomplishments: Academic Excellence – a 3.101 GPA and a 3.041 GPA this past academic year, after implementing a new scholarship program. Membership education – awarded the Excellence in Educational Programming award, for continued participation in leadership seminars and workshops; hosted an alcohol education speaker; Crusade program is very structured, with brother is involved in one of the phases. Project Outreach – awarded the Operation Crimson Gift Century Society for blood donations; awarded the Outstanding Service Hours per man award. Chapter Finances – received the Chapter Finances Award, representative of the chapter holding brother’s accountable to their financial obligation, constructing a thorough budget, constantly holding prudential committee meetings and staying current with the National Administrative Office, keeping over an 95% collection rate on dues. Communications – continually marketed their efforts to the alumni, other chapters in Chiles Province, the National Administrative Office and their respective campus. Ritual – conducted 35 initiation practices during the Fall 2013 semester, memorizing 100% of the ceremony.



11/21/14 10:24 AM

Chapter Excellence

*based on 2013 year applications

for Chapter Excellence “The George C. Marshall Award for chapter excellence honors the top one to three chapters in the nation, based on applications received.”

Westminster – Alpha Eta

William Jewell – Alpha Delta

Key accomplishments:

Key accomplishments: Academic Excellence – achieved a 3.403 and 3.336 this past academic year, earning the Scholastic Excellence award.

Academic Excellence – achieved a 3.401 GPA and a 3.36 GPA this past academic year, which earned them the Scholastic Excellence Award. Leadership – nearly 100% of the member is involved in a different activity and many of the brothers hold executive positions in these organizations; nearly every athletic team on campus boasts a KA captain (soccer, baseball, golf, football AND basketball). Fraternal Communications – awarded the Excellence in Fraternal Communications award for their consistent effort in positive social media posts and correspondence with other fraternal organizations and community leaders on campus.

KAJ_Fall2014_32-51_P4.indd 41


Project Outreach – increased their service hours from 1600, to nearly 2700 hours by teaming up with the local MDA office to participate in several events; several members joined forces on campus to help construct a garden in the inner-city of Kansas City; per request from their Province Commander, the brothers donated significant time to local shelters for battered women and children. Excellence in Communications – monthly alumni newsletters were created. On January 19th, 2013 the chapter celebrated its 125th anniversary, with over one hundred guests at this event Ritual – nearly 100% of the Chapter has been through the Council of Honor program.



Project Outreach – awarded the Operation Crimson Gift Century Society for blood donations; made a sizeable contribution to MDA through a “No Shave November” event; continued their benchmark program, “Brothers for Others,” which has yielded roughly $5,000 in food donations in the past 3 years; created “Brothers for Mothers” program, which aims to help women who have fallen victim to sexual abuse and domestic violence, exemplifying our motto, “Dieu et les dames,” which means “for God and the ladies.”

Membership Development – dedicated themselves to being very involved on campus, many fulfilling leadership roles. Of the current 44 members, 36 of the members compete on a NCAA Division II athletic teams. 42 of the 44 members are involved in another organization on campus outside of KA.

FALL 2014

11/21/14 10:24 AM

Chapter Excellence

Samuel Zenas Ammen Award for Chapter Excellence The Samuel Zenas Ammen Award for Chapter Excellence is awarded to chapters that are in the top 15-20% in the Order based on the applications received. It is named for Samuel Zenas Ammen, Kappa Alpha Order’s practical founder. Ammen committed his time as a member of Kappa Alpha Order to improving, first the ritual and operations of our very first chapter at Washington & Lee College, and later to the chapters across the nation as he served as Knight Commander for two terms, totaling nine years. Much like our practical founder, the Ammen award winning chapters exhibit a commitment to excellence. They strive to be the best on campus and in the nation in every aspect of chapter operations.

Eastern Kentucky – Delta Mu

Florida Gulf Coast – Zeta Pi

Maryland – Beta Kappa

Mississippi – Alpha Upsilon

Missouri S&T – Beta Alpha

Southeastern Louisiana – Epsilon Kappa

Tennessee-Martin – Delta Upsilon

Transylvania – Alpha Theta

Washington College – Beta Omega

Univ. of Washington – Zeta Mu

Westminster – Alpha Eta

Carl Albert Award for Chapter Improvement The Carl Albert Award for Chapter Improvement is named for Carl Albert, an alumnus of Beta Eta Chapter at Oklahoma University. His life accomplishments are amazing; coming from a very poor family rising to become Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, the highest elected office ever achieved by a member of Kappa Alpha Order. He is not only an honored and historical figure, but also a man whose life exemplifies the very concept of substantial improvement – starting with many disadvantages and still rising to notable success. It is fitting that a chapter that accomplishes the same feat would receive an award named in his honor.

KAJ_Fall2014_32-51_P4.indd 42

FALL 2014

Oklahoma – Beta Eta


Virginia Tech – Epsilon Eta


11/21/14 10:25 AM

Chapter Excellence

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE Academic Excellence is one of the Knight Commander’s Objectives. It has been a priority of previous Knight Commanders, as well. Through the work of our chapters, and elevated standards from the Executive Council, we continue to see a rising national GPA and successful brothers on campus. We recognize them here as such. Indiana State – Zeta Iota

Scholarship Trophy for Exceptional Scholastic Achievement This trophy, housed in the national administrative office, is awarded to the chapter that achieves the highest combined GPA for the year.

Stanford – Alpha Pi

Richmond – Eta

Fall 2012

3.490 + Spring 2013 3.50 2013 AVERAGE 3.4950

Scholastic Excellence Awards Tulsa – Mu

William Jewell – Alpha Delta

The following chapters achieved a 3.25 semester GPA during the fall 2012 and/or spring 2013 semester(s). Chapters meeting these criteria exhibit excellence and will not receive any lower scholastic awards. California Alpha Xi

Princeton Zeta Beta

Tulane Psi

Westminster Alpha Eta

Duke Alpha Phi

Richmond Eta

Tulsa Mu

William Jewell Alpha Delta

Georgia Gamma

South Carolina Rho

Washington & Lee Alpha

Emory Epsilon

Southern Methodist Beta Lambda

Univ. of Washington Zeta Mu

Outstanding Scholastic Achievement Awards Chapters qualify by achieving one of the following: 1) have a collective GPA average higher than both the all men’s and all fraternity average; 2) be academically ranked in the top 25% of fraternities on their campus; or 3) achieved a 3.0 GPA for both the fall 2012 and spring 2013 semesters. George Washington Alpha Nu

Missouri S&T Beta Alpha

Southwestern Xi

Clemson Delta Omicron

Georgia College Epsilon Nu

Nicholls State Epsilon Beta

Texas Wesleyan Zeta Xi

Davidson Sigma

Houston Gamma Mu

North Carolina Upsilon

Transylvania Alpha Theta

Drury Beta Iota

Louisiana-Monroe Gamma Nu

Virginia Lambda

Eastern Kentucky Delta Mu

Maryland Beta Kappa

North Carolina Wilmington Epsilon Psi

Florida Gulf Coast Zeta Pi

Miami Epsilon Lambda

Florida Beta Zeta

Millsaps Alpha Mu

Furman Iota

KAJ_Fall2014_32-51_P4.indd 43



Presbyterian Beta Pi Rhodes Alpha Epsilon Univ. of the South Alpha Alpha

Wake Forest Tau West Georgia Zeta Kappa William & Mary Alpha Zeta Wofford Delta


Wingate – Zeta Zeta

Arkansas State Delta Eta

FALL 2014

11/21/14 10:25 AM

Chapter Excellence

PROJECT OUTREACH AWARDS Project Outreach is KA’s umbrella initiative to encourage our chapters to engage in philanthropic fundraising, service, and volunteerism in various facets. From raising money for our national philanthropy, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, to local worthy causes and from volunteering to giving blood, KA’s make a difference in our community. We are indeed bound to do so by our ritual.

Cross & Rose Award The Cross & Rose Award is the highest recognition given by the Order for community service. It awards a chapter program that excels in all aspects of service and community impact, hours and dollars donated, the potential ease of continuing the program, interaction with other groups and individuals, percent of the chapter involved, and the adaptability of the program to other communities.

Operation Crimson Gift Century Society Arizona State Epsilon Omega

Chapters must log and complete an outstanding amount of hours relative to the number of men in their chapter through their Project Outreach efforts. This may include MDA events, local philanthropic work, participation in interfraternal service events, or community service and volunteerism.

Austin Peay State Zeta Tau

 Austin Peay State, Zeta Tau, 2091 total, 80.42 per man

Delta State Delta Beta Florida Gulf Coast Zeta Pi George Mason Epsilon Phi

1938 total, 77.52 per man

3648 total, 62.90 per man

Missouri S&T Beta Alpha

Washington College Beta Omega 1521 total, 63.38 per man

Missouri Southern State Delta Pi

William & Mary Alpha Zeta

Maryland Beta Kappa

1593 total, 51.39 per man

1532.5 total, 37.38 per man

Oklahoma Beta Eta

William Jewell Alpha Delta

5744 total, 61.76 per man

2631 total, 59.80 per man

North Carolina Upsilon North Carolina State Alpha Omega

This annual award recognizes the Active Chapter that displays the most outstanding participation in Operation Crimson Gift — the Order’s year–long, nationwide blood drive effort.

Transylvania Alpha Theta

3446 total, 66.27 per man

Missouri S&T Beta Alpha

Knight Commander’s Cup


Georgetown Beta Delta

Georgetown Beta Delta

Mississippi Alpha Upsilon

Maryland – Beta Kappa

Most & Outstanding Community Hours

Oklahoma Beta Eta Richmond Eta Southeastern Louisiana Epsilon Kappa Tennessee-Chattanooga Zeta Upsilon Tennessee-Martin Delta Upsilon Tennessee Tech Zeta Epsilon Univ. of Washington Zeta Mu Westminster Alpha Eta William & Mary Alpha Zeta

Roanoke Beta Rho 1716 total, 59.17 per man

Most & Outstanding Community Service Dollars Raised Chapters must log and donate an outstanding contribution relative to the number of men in their chapter through their Project Outreach efforts. They may raise money for any worth cause, including the Muscular Dystrophy Association.  Maryland, Beta Kappa, $45,509.87 total; $615.00 per man OUTSTANDING:

Arizona State Epsilon Omega

$4,039.74 total, $112.22 per man

Austin Peay State Zeta Tau $14,450.00 total, $555.77 per man

Florida Gulf Coast Zeta Pi $4,732.00 total, $115.41 per man

Indiana State Zeta Iota

$6,600.00 total, $134.69 per man

Miami Epsilon Lambda $11,628.00 total, $153.00 per man

North Carolina State – Alpha Omega

Mississippi Alpha Upsilon

$110,000.00 total, $341.61 per man

Missouri Southern State Delta Pi

$3,910.00 total, $126.13 per man

Oklahoma Beta Eta

$10,870.00 total, $116.88 per man

Roanoke Beta Rho

$3,050.00 total, $105.17 per man

Tennessee Pi

$10,000.00 total, $135.14 per man

Tennessee-Chattanooga Zeta Upsilon

550 pints of blood donated

$5,180.00 total, $107.92 per man

KAJ_Fall2014_32-51_P4.indd 44

FALL 2014



11/21/14 10:25 AM

Chapter Excellence

CHAPTER OPERATIONS AWARDS During the 2013 Province Councils across the Order, the chapter awards listed here were presented. The awards are based on national applications received prior to the 2012 deadline and are granted by majority vote of the Executive Council.

At left: Florida Gulf Coast's Zeta Pi chapter took home many operational awards, including Outstanding Recruitment and Chapter Growth, and, Excellence in Educational Programming.

Overall Excellence in Recruitment & Chapter Growth These chapters demonstrate a superb commitment to year-round recruitment, unique events, branding and marketing, and an overall strategic approach to growth. Further they must show a significant percentage increase in their membership. Mississippi Alpha Upsilon

Outstanding Recruitment & Chapter Growth These chapters must also show the coordination of a year-round approach to recruitment, using the Order's values and chapter's accomplishments to effectively recruit and retain new members. Arkansas Alpha Omicron

Indiana State Zeta Iota

Oklahoma Beta Eta

Florida Gulf Coast Zeta Pi

Jacksonville State Delta Phi

TennesseeChattanooga Zeta Upsilon

Excellence in Chapter Finances

Arizona State Epsilon Omega

KAJ_Fall2014_32-51_P4.indd 45

Excellence in Event Communication

These chapters demonstrate and document their efforts in print, digital, and other formats to effectively connect and communicate with all constituencies and stakeholders for their chapter, including other KA chapters, their campus and surrounding communities.

This chapter showed effective communication and promotion of an individual event or series of events, either to increase exposure, enhance a philanthropy event, or even recruitment. They used social, print, and online media to complete their plan.

Transylvania Alpha Theta

Maryland Beta Kappa

Excellence in Fraternal Communication These chapters show effective communication and promotion of fraternal brotherhood amongst other KA chapters, to include newly chartered chapters and those winning national awards. TennesseeMartin Delta Upsilon

Westminster Alpha Eta

Excellence in Campus & Community Communication These chapters show effective communication and promotion of the Interfraternal spirit on their campus, connection to the faculty, staff, and administration and promotion of their efforts to the surrounding community. Arkansas Alpha Omicron

Missouri S&T Beta Alpha

Missouri S&T Beta Alpha



TennesseeMartin Delta Upsilon

Excellence in Social Media Communication These chapters utilize many forms of new media in a frequent, values-centric way, continually sharing news about their chapter on various outlets, throughout the year. Maryland Beta Kappa

Excellence in Educational Programming These chapters must schedule speakers and/or workshops, attend opportunities on campus, and lead an overall educational approach to member education, which might include Council of Honor, The Crusade, and other areas of leadership and values education. Georgetown Beta Delta

Missouri S&T Beta Alpha

Florida Gulf Coast Zeta Pi

Washington College Beta Omega


These chapters should have submitted all national reports on time and maintained generally a zero balance with the national administrative office. They also maintain great local records, utilize the tools of OmegaFi for record keeping, budgeting, and collecting, as well as maintaining a minimal accounts receivable from their membership dues.

Overall Excellence in Communication

FALL 2014

11/21/14 10:25 AM

Alumni News

Nearly all the members of the 1963 pledge class (at left) attended the broader homecoming, supporting the new house project, as seen in plans below.

Fifty Years and Counting Missouri S&T initiates from 1963 gather to make an impact By Lawrence A. Yates, Ph.D. (Beta Alpha – Missouri S&T ’63)

“There is a destiny that makes us brothers. No one goes his way alone; all that we send into the lives of others, comes back into our own.” – EDWARD MARKHAM IN LATE 2012, BROTHER DENNIS R. HANLON

(“Denny” or “Rick,” take your pick) with help from Brother Ted Weise, began contacting members of his 1963 Kappa Alpha pledge class from the Beta Alpha Chapter in Rolla. Some members had kept in touch with one another over the years, others had not been in communication for nearly five decades. Denny’s goal was ambitious, and he pursued it tenaciously. He sought nothing less than to unite all the available members of the class on its 50th anniversary, the occasion being Homecoming weekend at the Missouri University of Science and Technology in October 2013. Amazingly, he managed to locate all members of the pledge class, finding some in a determined effort that continued even after several brothers who had tried to help him in the search had long given up hope. Still, the result

KAJ_Fall2014_32-51_P4.indd 46

of Denny’s labor was nothing short of incredible. Last October, fourteen of the eighteen pledge brothers made the trip to Rolla from all over the country. For those who had not enjoyed Rolla’s charms for a few decades, many of the old landmarks were there, but many more sights and names had changed. Gone was the Carney Manor Inn and

Amazingly, he managed to locate all members of the pledge class ... Last October, fourteen of the eighteen pledge brothers made the trip to Rolla. Restaurant that had greeted brothers coming into town via Highway 63. As for those arriving from the west or east on Interstate 44—better known as Route 66 back in the day—instead of finding an

FALL 2014


orderly strip of motels, restaurants and gas stations, they encountered a maze of new businesses and overpasses, more than enough to require some time to get one’s bearings. The KA house, of course, was where it had always been, but instead of being isolated and surrounded by woods and highway, it was now a part of what had become fraternity row. Even so, its columns and grandeur still stirred an emotional response. Friday afternoon, the pledge brothers and other alumni occasionally ran into each other, especially at the hotel where most were staying. The first scheduled get together was that night at the Schoolhouse Grill and Varsity Lounge (another new site), and the brothers and spouses/significant others in attendance worked the room, getting reacquainted, telling stories of the “good ole’ days” and since, asking questions about current concerns, and, in general, having a grand time. Saturday morning opened with the alumni business meeting in the KA Chapter Room. The principal topic here was the House Renovation Project,


11/21/14 10:25 AM

Alumni News presented by Brothers Brinkmann and Hennessey, for while the red brick and white columns of the house are as beautiful as ever, time has dictated some extensive changes. The specifics of the project were put forward, with an estimate that the work would be finished before Homecoming this year. In uniting the 1963 pledge class, Denny had this undertaking very much in mind. As he wrote on the itinerary sheet for the weekend, “It is desired that our pledge class be the first pledge class to donate for the house redevelopment plan.” His appeal was answered, as the Pledge Class of 1963 promised over $100,000 in donations. The only formal occasion of the weekend, was the KA banquet, hosted by the Grand Master of Ceremonies, dedicated BA supporter, and our 1963 Rush Chairman, Ed Schmidt. After

His appeal was answered, as the Pledge Class of 1963 promised over $100,000 in donations.

Gamma Chapter members from the 60s & 70s unite again On June 7th, in Athens, Ga., brothers from Gamma Chapter returned to the University of Georgia to reconnect and meet each other’s families. The reunion originated when Bill Boswell of Greeneville, S.C., emailed pictures of our KA house kitchen staff from 1972 to a handful of his contemporary KA brothers. The brothers who received the pictures forwarded the email to others, many of whom “replied to all” with more pictures of their own good times at the KA house. After a suggestion of a get-to-gether, fiftytwo brothers and forty wives and dates attended. Included was a tour of the new KA house followed by a barbeque at the childhood home of KA brothers Peter, Tom and Joe Hodgson. Plans are being made for 2016 and a growing attendance is expected.

Georgia brothers kept sending emails from one group of friends to another, until dozens of KAs were committed to the reunion.

For assistance with planning your own reunion, contact Michael Wilson, Asst. Executive Director for Alumni Affairs at

KAJ_Fall2014_32-51_P4.indd 47




a tasty dinner, the house renovation project was discussed for a much larger audience than that morning, an auction was held of several items including some outlandish neckties that were most likely made to be seen not worn, and a host of scholarships for the active brothers were announced. Closing out the evening was a spirited performance by the KA Singers, a folk group that, in the early to mid-sixties, had played many gigs in the Rolla area and appeared on a statewide CBS-sponsored TV talent show. Sunday morning, as the assemblage broke up, those 1963 pledge class members took with them a special item: a Memory Book put together by Denny and Jerry Sellers’ wife, Maura, and full of photographs and a write-up about the pledge class, then and now. It was a wonderful and productive weekend. As Denny later wrote, the “pledge class of ’64 will have their hands full topping this next year and we hope they do.”

Georgia Reunion

FALL 2014

11/21/14 10:25 AM

Alumni News Arizona Gamma Epsilon Brian Seastone ’88, the University of Arizona’s emergency preparedness manager, has been named as chief of the UA campus police department. One of 53 applicants for the job, Seastone started his career at UAPD as a patrol officer, and completed the FBI National Academy training course in 2003. Georgia College Epsilon Nu Kevin Little ’86, has been named President of the Association County Commissioners of Georgia. ACCG is a nonprofit instrumentality of Georgia’s county governments. Formed in 1914 with 19 charter county members, today ACCG serves as the consensus building, training, and legislative organization for all 159 county governments in the state. With this primary charge, ACCG works to ensure that the counties can provide the necessary leadership, services and programs to meet the health, safety and welfare needs of their citizens. The Governor swore him into his role at the April ceremony. Georgia Southern Delta Theta Jackson Turner ’13, has been writing for The Odyssey Online, an online magazine spotlighting Greek life across the nation and giving Greek community members the opportunity to write about their interests and experiences, while connecting with readers and further strengthening the bonds of Greek life in general. Go to /author/jackson-turner.

KAJ_Fall2014_32-51_P4.indd 48

Mississippi State Beta Tau Checky Herrington ’76, is a new member of Mississippi State’s Office of Public Affairs, where he oversees marketing initiatives that support recruitment, growth and advancement goals. With more than three decades in marketing, public relations and brand strategy development, Herrington is managing brand strategy and development, while monitoring the university’s overall marketing plan. Prior to returning to his alma mater, Herrington served nearly 30 years as a marketing communications leader for Entergy Corp. Before joining Entergy, Herrington was a member of Gov. William Winter’s administration, where he directed the media relations effort that contributed to the successful passage of Mississippi’s 1982 Education Reform Act. North Carolina State Alpha Omega David B. Hagan ’76, has merged the brokerage operations of his company Hagan Properties with CBRE|Triad in Greensboro, North Carolina, where he is now a Senior Vice President for its Brokerage Services division. CBRE is one of the leading commercial real estate services firms in the world. Northwestern State Gamma Psi Sean Lemoine ’91, is referenced in a University of Texas at Austin academic paper about West Nile Virus, himself having been a victim of the mosquito-borne disease. Lemoine spent nearly two months in a long-term care

FALL 2014

ALUMNI CHAPTER UPDATES Bowling Green Alumni Chapter

The chapter held elections on April 5, and Jon Dinan was elected Secretary and Kevin Hughes was elected President. This spring marks the second Convivium hosted solely by the Bowling Green Alumni Chapter. There were twenty-six alumni members that attended this year's Convivium. David Johnson, Jalil Harvey and Jordan Ohler all took an active role in the event and the alumni chapter would like to thank them for taking time out of their schedules to participate in Convivium and make it a successful event.

Orlando Alumni Chapter

The chapter has regular monthly socials which provide an opportunity to network and meet the brothers that live in the area. This year we’ve also had Convivium, a Spring BBQ event, and were honored by the KAOEF Board of Trustees with a reception here in Orlando. If you happen to live or be relocating to the Central Florida area, you can get in touch with us through, Facebook: Kappa Alpha Order Orlando Alumni Association, LinkedIn: Kappa Alpha Order-Orlando Alumni, or, Our website:

Bluegrass Alumni Chapter

The chapter was officially chartered Saturday, February 8 with brothers from Alpha Theta, Theta, Delta Mu, and Beta Delta representing the chartering members. Don Combs spearheaded the effort of getting the chapter chartered and is the current President. Chris Chaffin, Candler Province Commander Collin Taylor, Dan Miller, and the members of the national staff all played integral roles in helping form the chapter. The chapter celebrated it's chartering during our Convivium dinner in Lexington, Ky., along with the Candler Court of Honor that was capped off by guest speaker Kenny Davis, Captain of the 1972 Men's Olympic Basketball team and initiate of Beta Delta. The Bluegrass Alumni Chapter welcomes all brothers living in Kentucky to join and participate in our upcoming summer and fall events. facility and about four months in a rehabilitation facility, and, years later, is still not completely back to normal. Margaret Mary Nicklas, BS, MPAff is the author of the paper written as a requirement for her Master’s degree. You can read it online at http:// /bitstream/handle/2152 /24321/NICKLAS -MASTERSREPORT-2013 .pdf?sequence=1.


Northwestern State Gamma Psi Dean Caldwell ’67, president of Airmaster Aerator, LLC of DeRidder, Louisiana, is proud to announce that the company has received the prestigious Lantern Award for Manufacturing Excellence for Louisiana’s Region 5, presented annually to the company that exhibits leadership and innovation in product manufacturing, design and distribution. The company won out of


11/21/14 10:25 AM

Alumni News

BOOKS Knights of the Order By Dewey Wise (Theta Commission – Citadel ’11) Available on

Kevin Little (Georgia College), left, is sworn in as President of the Georgia Association of County Commissioners by Georgia governor Nathan Deal.

competition with other finalist companies from Region 5, which comprises six Louisiana parishes. Founded in 1999, Airmaster designs and builds aerators for the industrial and municipal applications worldwide. South Carolina Rho Henry McMaster ’67, is a candidate for lieutenant governor in South Carolina, his second run for the office, and part of his continued effort to serve in the State House after an unsuccessful run for governor. With a long political history, McMaster was Attorney General from 2003-11, following an eightyear stint as chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party. He also served as U.S. Attorney for South Carolina from 1981-85.

KAJ_Fall2014_32-51_P4.indd 49

Wake Forest Tau Glenn Funk ’79, has been elected the District Attorney General of Davidson County, Tennessee, home of the state capital city of Nashville. Funk is a veteran trial attorney with 29 years of experience in the courtroom who has been a special prosecutor, an assistant district attorney, a public defender, and an attorney in private practice. Democrat Funk was elected and sworn into office in August by Tennessee Republican Governor Bill Haslam. Washington Zeta Mu Matthew Miller ’99, has joined the faculty of the


University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee as an assistant professor of British history. Western Kentucky Epsilon Theta Brian Hall ’07, has launched a social network called, an online digital photo album that tags locations of pictures on a map based on where that picture was taken, allowing people to track their travels and memorable life events. A 2010 graduate of WKU, Hall has a degree in sports management with an athletic coaching minor. West Texas A&M Gamma Sigma Dr. Garry Nall ’71, and his wife, Annette, were presented Opera Volunteers International’s Partners in Excellence award during the organization’s conference in San Francisco. As longtime fans and supporters of the Amarillo Opera, they are hospitality co-chairs for Bravo, the Amarillo Opera’s support arm. The Nalls are retired West Texas A&M faculty members.



Texas - Arlington Delta Iota George Niebling ’89, has been appointed Director of Education at Dallas Nursing Institute. In this position he will be leading the faculty and staff through the transition from a for-profit career school model to non-profit collegiate model of education.

Tulane Psi Edward C. Bush ’72, Vice President of Dorsey and Co., Inc., has been elected Chairman of the Advisory Board of Directors of the Greater New Orleans Area Command of the Salvation Army. Dorsey and Co., Inc. is involved in professional investment counseling, securities brokerage, and other financial services.

This is the history of Theta chapter of Kappa Alpha Order that was established at The Citadel in 1883. It operated sub rosa, initiating cadets quietly for 7 years until banned completely in 1890. Later in the 1920-1924 time period, a small group of men were initiated making a total of 62 in all. It turned out these 62 men were a very accomplished group in later life: college presidents, generals, legislators, bankers, judges and lawyers. In 2008, Kappa Alpha Order established Theta Commission. As a commission, as opposed to a chapter, it initiates only graduates. From five members in 2008, the Theta Commission has grown to over 300. Theta Commission counts as members two former presidents of The Citadel, several three star generals, several members of the school’s Board of Visitors, former Congressmen, retired Bishops and parish priests. The book explores fraternity life inside a military environment through reports of the chapter secretary addressed to the Kappa Alpha Journal. It describes the battles between the Greeks (fraternity men) and the Barbarians (nonfraternity men) for leadership of committees and social events. There were a total of five fraternities existing in a sub rosa environment at The Citadel during this period. The narrative points out the obvious incompatibility of fraternities with a military environment. Fraternity activity at The Citadel is a little known footnote in the rich history of the South Carolina Military Academy.

FALL 2014

11/21/14 10:25 AM

Alumni News

BOOKS Robert E. Lee in War and Peace: The Photographic History of a Confederate and American Icon By Dr. Donald Hopkins (Alpha Mu – Millsaps ’58) Available on Robert E. Lee is well known as a Confederate general and as an educator later in life, but most people are exposed to the same handful of images of one of America’s most famous sons. It has been almost seven decades since anyone has attempted a serious study of Lee in photographs, and with Don Hopkins’s painstakingly researched and lavishly illustrated Robert E. Lee in War and Peace, the wait is finally over. Dr. Hopkins, a Mississippi surgeon and lifelong student of the Civil War and Southern history with a recent interest in Robert E. Lee’s “from life” photographs, scoured manuscript repositories and private collections across the country to locate every known Lee image (61 in all) in existence today. The detailed text accompanying these images provides a sweeping history of Lee’s life and a compelling discussion of antique photography, with biographical sketches of all of Lee’s known photographers. The importance of information within the photographer’s imprint or backmark is emphasized throughout the book. Hopkins offers a substantial amount of previously unknown information about these images, many of which are being published for the first time.

KAJ_Fall2014_32-51_P4.indd 50

COMMISSION UPDATES Commissions are unique to Kappa Alpha Order and allow us to continue or create a KA tradition without violating rules of any institution. Commissions are established to initiate current year or prior year graduates from an institution that doesn’t allow undergraduate fraternities. Kappa Alpha Laws allow for faculty, staff, and administrators to join as well. Beta Commission – VMI

Initiated 66 new members this year. The Beta Commission began laying plans for its 100th anniversary next year in 2015.

Theta Commission – The Citadel

The Executive Council met in conjunction with the Theta Commission annual initiation during which we welcomed 105 new brothers into our ranks. Two special legacies were included: George Patton Waters: the grandson of KA Distinguished Achievement Award Recipient General George Patton (Beta Commission – VMI 1904) Jonathan Tyler Ammen: great, great, great, grand-nephew of our Practical Founder Samuel Zenas Ammen (Alpha – Washington & Lee 1866). The 2014 edition to Knights of the Order is now available. Knights is the published, soft cover, history of Kappa Alpha Order in regard to Theta 2nd Chapter and members at The Citadel, its history thereafter, and

FALL 2014


the formation and members of the Theta Commission. For interested alumni, there are several ways to obtain your own, including online at or through contact the author, Dewey Wise at For more info, check out pg. 53.

Sigma Alpha Commission – USMA

The third annual Sigma Alpha initiation and banquet was held in West Point, New York for current an former graduates the United States Military Academy. Fourteen new brothers were initiated. The banquet was held at The Thayer Hotel.

Sigma Beta Commission – USNA

The Sigma Beta Commission was established to initiate current and former of the United States Naval Academy. Four new brothers were initiated. A banquet was held at the Marriott Waterfont in Annapolis Maryland.


11/21/14 10:25 AM

KAPPA ALPHA ORDER RISK MANAGEMENT POLICY The Risk Management Policy of Kappa Alpha Order, adopted by the Executive Council pursuant to R16-118, mirrors that of FIPG, Inc. and shall apply to all entities and all levels of fraternity membership. It includes the following provisions: ALCOHOL AND DRUGS 1. The possession, sale, use and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages while on chapter premises, or during a fraternity event, in any situation sponsored or endorsed by the chapter, or at any event an observer would associate with the fraternity, must be in compliance with any and all applicable laws of the state, province, county, city and institution of higher education, and must comply with either BYOB or Third Party Vendor guide-lines. 2. No alcoholic beverages may be purchased through or with chapter funds nor may the purchase of same for members or guests be undertaken or coordinated by any member in the name or on behalf of the chapter. The purchase or use of a bulk quantity or common sources of such alcoholic beverage, for example kegs, or cases are prohibited. 3. Open parties, without specific invitation, where alcohol is present are prohibited. Open parties have been defined as those functions at which the guest to member ratio exceeds three-to-one.

3. All chapters shall comply with engineering recommendations as reported by the insurance company or municipal authorities. 4. The possession and/or use of firearms, archery equipment, incendiary devices such as fireworks or explosive devices of any kind within the confines and premises of the chapter house are prohibited.

SPECIAL EVENTS Special events are defined as any event/function (1) where alcohol will be present, and the guest to member ration exceeds three-to-one; (2) involving athletic events or competitions; or (3) that involves any activity that is deemed to be potentially hazardous by the Alumnus Adviser, the Alumni Advisory Committee, the Province Commander, the Executive Director, or the Order’s insurance broker. Any chapter wishing to host a special event must do the following: 1. Complete a comprehensive, written description of the event and forward it to the Province Commander and the Executive Director for review and approval. This information must be received by the Executive Director at least 60 days prior to the event; and

4. No chapter members, collectively or individually, shall purchase for, serve to, or sell alcoholic beverages to any minor (i.e., those under the legal “drinking age”). 5. The possession, sale and/or use of any illegal drugs or controlled substances at any chapter house, sponsored event or at any event that an observer would associate with the fraternity, is strictly prohibited. 6. No chapter may co-sponsor an event with a distributor of alcohol, charitable organization or tavern (tavern defined as an establishment generating more than half of its annual gross sales from alcohol) where alcohol is given away, sold or otherwise provided to those present. This includes any event held in, at, or on the property of tavern, as defined above, for the purposes of fundraising. However, a chapter may rent or use a room or area in a tavern, as defined above, for an event held within the provisions of this policy, including the use of a third party vendor and guest list.

2. Secure a Special Events Insurance Policy (“Policy”) or pay a risk management assessment fee in an amount to be determined by the Order’s insurance broker. If the Policy option is selected, the Pol-icy shall be in the amount of $1,000,000 available through the Order’s insurance broker and shall name Kappa Alpha Order, a Virginia Corporation, as an additional insured.

EDUCATION Each student member, associate member and pledge shall be instructed annually on the Kappa Alpha Order Risk Management Policy. A copy of the Risk Management Policy shall be available on the fraternity website.

7. No chapter may co-sponsor or co-finance or attend or participate in a function where alcohol is purchased by any of the host chapters, groups or organizations. 8. All recruitment or rush activities associated with any chapter will be non-alcoholic. No recruitment or rush activities associated with any chapter may be held at or in conjunction with a tavern or alcohol distributor as defined in this policy. 9. No member or pledge/associate/new member/novice shall permit, tolerate, encourage or participate in “drinking games”. 10. No alcohol shall be present at any member awaiting initiation/pledge/new member program or activity of the chapter. This includes, but is not limited to, activities associated with “bid night”, “big brothers - little brother” events or activities, “family” events or activities and initiation.

HAZING No chapter, student or alumnus shall conduct nor condone hazing activities. Permission or approval by a person being hazed is not a defense. Hazing activities are defined as: “Any action taken or situation created, intentionally, whether on or off fraternity premises, to produce mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule. Such activities may include, but are not limited to, the following: use of alcohol; paddling in any form; creation of excessive fatigue; physical and psychological shocks; use of pledge books or signature books, quests, treasure hunts, scavenger hunts, road trips or any other such activities carried on outside or inside the confines of the chapter house; wearing of public apparel which is conspicuous and not normally in good taste; engaging in public stunts and buffoonery; morally degrading or humiliating games and activities; and any other activities which are not consistent with fraternal law, ritual or policy or the regulations and policies of the educational institution.”

The fraternity will not tolerate or condone any form of sexist or sexually abusive behavior on the part of its members whether physical, mental or emotional. This is to include any actions, activities or events, whether on chapter premises or an off-site location which is demeaning to women or men, including but not limited to verbal harassment and sexual assault by individuals or members acting together. The employment or use of strippers, exotic dancers or similar, whether professional or amateur, at a fraternity event as defined in this policy is prohibited.

FIRE, HEALTH, AND SAFETY 1. All chapter houses shall, prior to, during and following occupancy, meet all local fire and health codes and standards. 2. All chapters must have posted by common phones and in other locations emergency numbers for fire, police and ambulance and should have posted evacuation routes on the back of the door of each sleeping room.

KAJ_Fall2014_32-51_P4.indd 51





Nearly 2,000 college students die from alcohol-related injuries every year.


FALL 2014

11/21/14 10:25 AM



KAJ_Fall2014_52-75_P4.indd 52

FALL 2014



11/21/14 10:27 AM

DEAR BROTHERS, PARENTS AND FRIENDS, It is a privilege to share with you to the 2013-2014 Annual Report of the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation (KAOEF). This past fiscal year was exceptional and I offer my sincere gratitude to the alumni, parents, friends and undergraduates who made over 5182 donations totaling $927,011 in support of our undergraduate brothers during the past year. We have so many loyal supporters. I cannot thank you enough for your faithful dedication. Your commitment to the progress of our great Order enables us to carry out programs that enrich the lives of so many undergraduates across this country. That is what is truly inspiring to all of us who serve on the KAOEF Board of Trustees. I am particularly thankful for those of you who stepped forward to support the Sesquicentennial Campaign. This campaign set out to support the construction of a new welcome plaza and Veterans Memorial at our National Administrative Office at Mulberry Hill, assist with our historic 76th Convention and Sesquicentennial Celebration, in 2015, and to support leadership education for our undergraduates. We surpassed our goal of having 150 donors support these efforts and exceeded our initial dollar goal of $775,000. There is still time to become part of this historic funding effort. To reciprocate the generosity of all our loyal supporters, this publication recognizes our 2014 fiscal year donors and outlines the many initiatives made possible by their commitment to the Order. I hope that the pages that follow give you a glimpse of how our Order is enriching lives everywhere across our 128 Active Chapters. As you are well aware, the new academic year is upon us and I am asking my KA brothers to maintain our momentum in two distinct ways. First: Our goal for unrestricted contributions is again set at $345,000 to fully fund leadership educational programs and initiatives for our undergraduates. KA’s progress is dependent upon the mutual assistance of us all and I hope you’ll answer the call again this year with your support.

Second: As we look ahead to the 150th anniversary of the founding of Kappa Alpha Order in 2015, please welcome and watch for communications which will instruct you on ways to join in this very special Sesquicentennial Celebration. Opportunities to participate in this once in a lifetime event will take place throughout the Order as we celebrate the past and prepare for the next 150 years. There will be seven Sesquicentennial Regional Events throughout the year and many more official local events for your participation. These events are now posted on the celebration website, Please attend one near your home and renew your allegiance to Kappa Alpha Order. Finally, I want to recognize our staff and our Board of Trustees who continuously strive to move us onward and upward. The pursuit of excellence is never ending. Our work is far from complete. We must continue to prepare for the next generation of KA men who will follow. On behalf of all of us at the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation, we thank you and hope your KA spirit is enriched as you continue to play a significant role in helping us excel as the Moral Compass for the Modern Gentleman. Fraternally yours,

Barry Donnell (Beta Lambda-Southern Methodist ’58) Chairman & President


KAJ_Fall2014_52-75_P4.indd 53



FALL 2014

11/21/14 10:27 AM



Barry B. Donnell (Beta Lambda – Southern Methodist ’58)






Derick S. Close (Alpha Omega-North Carolina State '78) TREASURER

Malcolm H. Liles (Gamma-Georgia '71)







William E. Dreyer (Alpha Delta-William Jewell '57) TRUSTEES


Stumpy Harris (Beta Zeta-Florida '57)

Timothy Killen Adams (Epsilon-Emory '57)

Eugene M. Julian (Beta Epsilon-Delaware '63)

Dr. James L. Bowers (Beta Omega-Washington College '57)

Darren S. Kay (Alpha Eta-Westminster '88) J. Coleman McDowell Jr. (Gamma Chi-Texas Tech '78) William H. Skipper Jr. (Delta Tau-Francis Marion '80) The Hon. David M. Warren (Tau-Wake Forest '78)


Loren Q. Hanson (Alpha Kappa-Missouri '50)




Thomas G. Paulson II (Alpha Xi-California '49) Jack R. Taylor (Beta Iota-Drury '50) Dr. Idris Rhea Traylor Jr., PhD (Gamma Chi-Texas Tech '70)





Larry Stanton Wiese (Gamma Omega-Midwestern State '87), Executive Director


Ben W. Satcher, Jr. (Delta Omicron-Clemson '79), Former Knight Commander & Chief Development Officer


Andrew P. Carr (Epsilon Iota-Texas State '00), Director of Development Stuart F. Whetsell (Delta Psi-Appalachian State '06), Director of Development



Rebecca Moore, Foundation Assistant


KAJ_Fall2014_52-75_P4.indd 54

FALL 2014



11/21/14 10:27 AM

Five Ways to Give Back

5 WAYS TO GIVE BACK TO KAPPA ALPHA ORDER or contact the KAOEF for assistance in determining if your employer offers a matching gifts program.


The most convenient and frequently used method of supporting the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation (KAOEF) is a gift of cash – personal check, credit card authorization or money order – made payable to the KAOEF and mailed to P.O. Box 1865, Lexington, VA 24450. Online donation can also be made through the KAOEF website (


The KAOEF has benefited greatly from planned gifts from members of the 1865 Trust and other planned giving. Inclusion of the KAOEF in your will or trust should reference KAOEF, P.O. Box 1865, Lexington, VA 24450. Please visit or contact the KAOEF directly for further information.


A gift of your appreciated stocks, bonds or mutual fund shares is an ideal way support the KAOEF. The educational programs of the Order will benefit from your support and you will receive a tax deduction for your contributions. In addition, transferring the securities prior to liquidation will help you avoid capital gains taxes. Please contact the KAOEF for personal assistance with the transfer of asset of this type. 3. R EAL AND PERSONAL PROPERTY

Your real estate and other marketable personal items can be given to the KAOEF an outright gift. For tax purposes, the contributor may deduct the fair market value of the real estate. Items of personal property must be related to the KAOEF’s purpose and function to be fully deductible. For example, a brother can donate a percentage interest in a building to the KAOEF that can be sold and the proceeds would be directed to the KAOEF. 4. M ATCHING GIFTS

Many corporations will match gifts the KAOEF. If you or your spouse works for one of these organizations, your gift could multiply. Please ask your human resources office if your company provides matching gifts to charitable organizations. If so, please ask your employer for the proper form to include with your gift. You may also visit

KAJ_Fall2014_52-75_P4.indd 55



educational programs to the benefit of the Order. CONTACT US:

Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation 115 Liberty Hall Road P.O. Box 1865 Lexington, Virginia 24450 Phone: (540) 463-1865 Fax: (540) 463-2140


The Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation (KAOEF), a 501 (c) (3) charitable organization, was created in 1981 to promote the education of undergraduate and graduate students in academic improvement, leadership, alcohol and substance abuse prevention and other general educational areas. The KAOEF receives no government funding but provides a vehicle for taxdeductible contributions from alumni and friends to be made in support of KA. With these gifts, the KAOEF helps underwrite a number of

FALL 2014

11/21/14 10:27 AM




Condensed Statements of Financial Position

c. i. a.


June 30, 2014 and 2013

f. g.


Assets: a. Cash and Cash Equivalents b. Investment Income Receivable c. Prepaid Expenses d. Receivable from Affiliates e. Contributions Receivable f. Land, Buildings, and Equipment g. Long Term Investments h. Assets Held in Trust i. Other Assets TOTAL ASSETS

f. a.



$ 9,299,919

2013 $ 211,982 36,986 7,274 439,982 2,387,585 6,064,780 39,591 $ 9,188,179

Liabilities: a. Accounts Payable $ 7,866 $ 5,949 b. Notes Payable - c. Accrued Expenses 22,528 16,165 d. Annuity Obligation 109,183 117,065 e. Payable to Affiliates 256,601 730,170 f. Deferred Revenue 10,000 10,000



2014* $ 340,447 - 40,466 10,124 321,756 2,289,754 6,256,714 - 40,657


$ 406,178

$ 879,348

Net Assets: Unrestricted Net Assets $ 1,345,621 $ 1,285,354 Temporarily Restricted Net Assets 1,276,346 921,129 Permanently Restricted Net Assets 6,271,775 6,102,349 TOTAL NET ASSETS

$ 8,893,741

$ 8,308,832


$ 9,299,919 $ 9,188,179

*unaudited C omprehensive annual audited financial statements are available on written request to the Executive Director at the Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation.

KAJ_Fall2014_52-75_P4.indd 56

FALL 2014



11/21/14 10:27 AM


Condensed Statements of Activities e.

For the years ending June 30, 2014 and 2013

d. c. b. REVENUES 2014

Unrestricted Activities: 2014* 2013 Revenues: a. Contributions $ 369,523 $ 384,027 b. Investment Income 58,542 58,837 c. Rental Income 44,900 44,900 d. Other Income 15,152 71,405 e. Restrictions Released 499,710 518,280 TOTAL UNRESTRICTED REVENUES


f. g.




Operating Revenue Minus Expenses Non-operating Income / (Expenses) CHANGE IN UNRESTRICTED NET ASSETS


c. b. d.

$ 987,827

$ 1,077,449

Expenses: a. Program Support Awarded $ 266,017 216,717 b. Salaries and Benefits 271,246 208,952 c. Occupancy Expenses 184,282 184,359 d. Fundraising Expenses 224,246 195,485 e. Administrative Expenses 172,215 166,267 f. Professional Services 31,545 33,524 g. Scholarships Awarded 30,157 61,800 $ 1,179,708

$ 1,067,104

$ (191,880) 299,250

$ 10,345 280,303

$ 107,370

$ 290,649

Temporarily Restricted Activities: Contributions $ 527,984 $ 157,084 Investment Income 279,840 192,704 Restricted Released (499,710) (518,280) CHANGE IN TEMPORARILY RESTRICTED NET ASSETS

$ 308,114

$ (168,492)

Permanently Restricted Activities: Contributions $ 157,352 $ 98,843 Change in Value - Split Interest Agreement - Investment Gain / (Loss) 12,074 3,958 CHANGE IN PERMANENTLY RESTRICTED NET ASSETS

$ 169,426


Change in Net Assets $ 584,909 $ 224,957 Net Assets at Beginning of Year $ 8,308,832 $ 8,083,875 NET ASSETS AT END OF YEAR

KAJ_Fall2014_52-75_P4.indd 57



$ 8,893,741

$ 8,308,832

FALL 2014

11/21/14 10:27 AM


GIVING TO THEIR OWN CAUSE These eight chapters represent over 400 men which equals a $7,889.10 donation. The KAOEF would like to thank each and every undergraduate member who supported us in this worthy cause in 2014. Please see the list of all undergraduate chapters who are now designated as Foundation Chapters for 2014 by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees.

The Foundation Chapter program is an effort for current active brothers to support the KAOEF, and commit themselves to helping ensure that the programs they currently enjoy and benefit from will continue for future members of their chapter. This year, the amount requested per active brother rose from $1 to $18.65. Eight chapters answered the call and had 100% of their membership participate in supporting KAOEF.

“The Brothers of Alpha Mu decided to become a Foundation Chapter in recognition of our positive experiences while attending NLI, ELA, Province Council and other programs. We’re proud to support the KAOEF.” – W illiam Chenoweth (Alpha Mu - Millsaps ‘11)

KAJ_Fall2014_52-75_P4.indd 58

Foundation Chapters Chapters with 100% Undergraduate Member Particpation Alpha Mu Alpha Delta Alpha Eta Epsilon Rho Delta Beta Beta Tau Zeta Zeta Tau

FALL 2014


Millsaps College William Jewell College Westminster College Purdue University Delta State University Mississippi State University Wingate University Wake Forest University


11/21/14 10:27 AM

The Foundation Chapter | Chapter Endowment Fund Accounts

CHAPTER ENDOWMENT FUND ACCOUNTS In keeping with the KAOEF’s mission and obligations as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, the distributions from each specific chapter endowment account will be used to benefit the local chapter and/ or active members and must satisfy the IRS Code for educational purposes only. Subject to change, the distributions may be used for: • Purchase of chapter computer equipment, software, and/or internet wiring for educational purposes. • Residential educational advisor lodging/stipend. • Establishment of educational areas in chapter facilities. • Educational percentage of national training travel expenses, and registration fees. • Scholarships (tuition payments) and academic expenses (books, fees, equipment).

KAJ_Fall2014_52-75_P4.indd 59

Alabama - Alpha Beta Delaware - Beta Epsilon Duke - Alpha Phi Florida - Beta Zeta Florida State - Gamma Eta Georgia Tech - Alpha Sigma Larry F. Robb Chapter Endowment Account for Midwestern State - Gamma Omega Louisiana State - Alpha Gamma Memphis - Gamma Gamma

Mississippi - Alpha Upsilon Missouri - Alpha Kappa Missouri S&T - Beta Alpha North Carolina - Upsilon Oklahoma - Beta Eta Southern Methodist - Beta Lambda Tennessee-Martin - Delta Upsilon Tulsa - Mu Univ. of the South - Alpha Alpha Westminster - Alpha Eta


Appalachian State - Delta Psi Arkansas - Alpha Omicron Arkansas-Forth Smith - Zeta Rho Auburn - Nu Austin Peay State - Zeta Tau Bowling Green State - Zeta Lambda Centenary - Alpha Iota Clemson - Delta Omicron Delta State - Delta Beta Drury - Beta Iota East Carolina - Gamma Rho Eastern Kentucky - Delta Mu Elon - Epsilon Mu Florida Gulf Coast - Zeta Pi Francis Marion - Delta Tau Georgia - Gamma Georgia College - Epsilon Nu Georgia Southern - Delta Theta Hampden-Sydney - Alpha Tau Houston Baptist - Delta Sigma Jacksonville State - Delta Phi Lamar - Gamma Xi Louisiana Tech - Gamma Alpha Louisiana-Monroe - Gamma Nu Maryland - Beta Kappa Mercer - Kappa Miami - Epsilon Lambda Middle Tennessee State - Delta Lambda Millsaps - Alpha Mu Mississippi State - Beta Tau Missouri Southern State - Delta Pi Newberry - Delta Epsilon North Carolina State - Alpha Omega



North Carolina-Charlotte - Epsilon Xi North Florida - Zeta Nu North Texas - Gamma Lambda Northern Arizona - Epsilon Tau Oklahoma State - Beta Xi Roanoke - Beta Rho Sam Houston State - Gamma Tau South Carolina - Rho Southeastern Louisiana - Epsilon Kappa Southern California - Beta Sigma Southwestern - Xi Stephen F. Austin State - Delta Kappa Tennessee-Chattanooga - Zeta Upsilon Texas - Omicron Texas A&M - Epsilon Delta Texas A&M-Commerce - Gamma Upsilon Texas State - Epsilon Iota Texas Tech - Gamma Chi Texas-Arlington - Delta Iota Transylvania - Alpha Theta Univ. of Washington - Zeta Mu Virginia Tech - Epsilon Eta Virginia Wesleyan - Epsilon Omicron VMI - Beta Commission Wake Forest - Tau Washington & Lee - Alpha Washington College - Beta Omega West Georgia - Zeta Kappa West Texas A&M - Gamma Sigma West Virginia - Alpha Rho Western Carolina - Delta Alpha Western Kentucky - Epsilon Theta William Jewell - Alpha Delta



FALL 2014

11/21/14 10:27 AM


SCHOLARSHIPS The KAOEF Scholarship Program remains an important benefit to members of Kappa Alpha Order. As a primary focus of the KAOEF, these academic, merit and needsbased scholarships serve as an inspiration for excellence inside and out of the classroom and oftentimes prove the difference in whether recipients can continue their undergraduate or graduate education. In April of 2014, the KAOEF was very pleased to award 68 academic scholarships to undergraduate and graduate Kappa Alpha brothers. Scholarship applications for the 2015-2016 academic year are available online at or All application materials must be received by January 31, 2015, at 11:59 pm EST. For further questions, please contact Becky Moore at the National Administrative Office by phone at (540) 463-1865 or email The KAOEF is proud to congratulate and honor the following scholarship recipients:


Daniel L. Bunger William C. Morrow, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Ryan B. Honea Jay Claude Conrad Scholarship Col. David M. Buie Memorial Scholarship Daniel N. Pitts Harry J. Breithaupt, Jr. Scholarship Dominik A. Shannon Vernon & Marion Piper Memorial Scholarship BIR MINGHAMSOUTHER N-PHI

Jacob D. Mayfield Hunter W. Henry Scholarship W. E. Dunwoody Province Scholarship CENTENARY-ALPHA IOTA


Nicholas M. Laskay Founders Memorial Scholarship William L. Meier Scholarship AR IZONA- GAMMA EPSILON

Nicholas A. Loper Gamma Epsilon Scholarship AR IZONA STATEEPSILON OMEGA

Alexander N. Bush Hart/Heath/Sims/Waters Memorial Scholarship Harry J. Breithaupt, Jr. Scholarship Matthew F. Mudd Dr. Bolling S. DuBose, Jr. Scholarship John R. Berryman Scholarship James D. Hunter Scholarship

KAJ_Fall2014_52-75_P4.indd 60


Andrew E. Garcia Founders Memorial Scholarship Idris R. Traylor, Jr. Scholarship Thanh H. Le Charles W. McCray Scholarship Dr. Joseph G. Webster Scholarship Christopher M. Plate Vance E. Rule Scholarship

G. William Rolfe Col. David M. Buie Memorial Scholarship


Michael C. Holland Dick Wilson Scholarship William C. Morrow, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Verner & Mildred McCall Scholarship FLOR IDA-BETA ZETA

Wesley B. Watts Hugh Comer Scholarship Vernon & Marion Piper Memorial Scholarship

Mark J. Blanar Kim Weller Memorial Scholarship Gavin N. Hancock Kim Weller Memorial Scholarship J. Lucien Johnson Kim Weller Memorial Scholarship




James C. Salter The Cain Family Scholarship Jack B. Carter II/Nu Scholarship

FALL 2014


Stefan S. Iverson Harry J. Breithaupt, Jr. Scholarship


Jacob M. Persky Vance E. Rule Scholarship L AMAR- GAMMA XI

Colt E. Schmidtke Luke Patton Memorial Scholarship Harry J. Breithaupt, Jr. Scholarship MCNEESE STATEDELTA XI

Patrick W. Brown Harry J. Breithaupt, Jr. Scholarship MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATEDELTA L AMBDA

Eric W. Clements Col. David M. Buie Memorial Scholarship MISSISSIPPIALPHA UPSILON

Joseph A. Rebentisch Emmett Lee Irwin Scholarship Irby Turner III Scholarship Fred W. Dismuke Scholarship MISSOUR I-ALPHA K APPA

Johnathon A. Wight Jack R. Taylor Scholarship Robert W. Maupin Scholarship NORTH FLOR IDAZETA NU

Daniel F. Chwalisz II Crawford Province Scholarship Harry J. Breithaupt, Jr. Scholarship OKL AHOMA-BETA ETA

Christopher A. Tyndall Stewart Turley Scholarship Dr. James Sammons Scholarship Jesse & Lala Sammons Scholarship


11/21/14 10:27 AM

Scholarships | Internships



Peter F. Heitman E. Fleming Mason Memorial Scholarship Col. David M. Buie Memorial Scholarship ROANOKE-BETA R HO

Matthew T. Mandeville Monroe Clark Memorial Scholarship John Paul Rector Scholarship Robert W. Woodruff Scholarship TENNESSEE-PI

William E. Bane John W. Nowell Scholarship Samuel Z. Ammen Memorial Scholarship William G. Hodge Charlie R. Ashford Scholarship Robert E. Lee Memorial Scholarship VIRGINIA WESLEYANEPSILON OMICRON

Britton T. Hipple Hugh Comer Scholarship Henry G. Tiller, Jr. Scholarship KAOEF Scholarship



Thomas G. Cunningham Harry J. Breithaupt, Jr. Scholarship James D. Roessler Scholarship Vance E. Rule Scholarship

Internship – Mercatus Center at George Mason University Andrew performed a variety of roles in his chapter, including Council of Honor Chairman, Crusade Commander, and Number I. His studies have traveled all the way to the United Kingdom as he spent a full semester abroad studying Political Science at the University of Winchester. During his time on campus, Andy has been involved in three years of varsity soccer, the Westminster College tutoring program, and has worked in the Office for Study Abroad and Off-Campus Activities. Andy now works for the Order’s National Administrative Office


Joseph H. Robertson IV Marshall James Donathan, Jr. Scholarship WESTER N KENTUCKYEPSILON THETA

Chase M. McNulty Vernon & Marion Piper Memorial Scholarship WESTER N KENTUCKYEPSILON THETA


CPL Joseph B. Tharp IV Harry J. Breithaupt, Jr. Scholarship

Internship – National Republican Congressional Committee Colt is a junior at Lamar University, and is a Political Science major. He has been highly involved on campus, serving as the Vice President of the Student Senate and is the current President of the College Republicans. He is the current Vice President of Greek Council, and is the Treasurer of IFC. He has served as the Number II, IV, VI, and is currently in his first term as Number I. He is the first Gamma Xi member to be Walsh Province Undergraduate Chairman. Off campus, he is highly involved in state politics, and has been interning with current Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott's campaign for governor. Upon graduation, he plans to attend law school, and from there possibly further his involvement in politics.


Tyler N. Pearson George O'Mara Memorial Scholarship Thomas G. Paulson II Scholarship

“Receiving scholarships from the KAOEF has been a huge blessing to me during my undergraduate career. Without the generous support of alumni from across the nation, I wouldn't have the financial freedom to devote myself so completely to serving my chapter, as well as academics. Knowing firsthand how much benefit a scholarship can give to an undergraduate brother, I’m certain I’ll be donating to the KAOEF in the future.”


– Dan Pitts (Zeta Tau – Austin Peay State ‘12)

KAJ_Fall2014_52-75_P4.indd 61




Internship – LS Group Sam is a senior at Georgia Tech studying Polymer and Fiber Engineering with a certificate in Business Administration. He has served as recruitment chairman, formal chairman, and was a chapter representative at the 2013 Convention in San Antonio. On campus, he completed three co-op semesters with Kimberly-Clark Corporation, working on a research and development team as well as a product development team. He was recently inducted into the Order of Omega, and has been on the Dean’s list seven semesters. After graduation in December, Sam plans to pursue a career in his industry and pursuing a graduate degree.

FALL 2014

11/21/14 10:27 AM


SESQUICENTENNIAL CAMPAIGN The Sesquicentennial Campaign is being conducted to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the founding of Kappa Alpha Order and to provide funding for: • The Veterans Memorial and Entryway welcoming visitors to the Kappa Alpha Order National Administrative Office at Mulberry Hill, • Assistance to KA undergraduates brothers attending the Sesquicentennial Celebration and 76th Convention, in 2015, and, • The Order’s Leadership Education Programs. There is still time for your to be included in this historic funding opportunity to commemorate the Sesquicentennial of the Order! Contact Ben W. Satcher, Jr., Former Knight Commander and Chief Development Officer. THE DONORS TO THE SESQUICENTENNIAL FUND Timothy Killen Adams (Epsilon-Emory ‘57) King V. Aiken, Jr. (Kappa-Mercer ‘83) G. Patterson Apperson III (Alpha Alpha-Univ. of the South ‘80) Lamar Blair Bailey (Gamma Eta-Florida State ‘88) Julian B. Baker, Jr. (Delta Lambda-Middle Tennessee State ‘69) William D. Balthrope (Beta Lambda-Southern Methodist ‘58) Leon Charles Banks, Jr. (Delta Epsilon-Newberry ‘02) David P. Barksdale (Tau-Wake Forest ‘83) John M. Barry (Upsilon-North Carolina ‘79) Robert Myrick Bell II (Delta-Wofford ‘75) B. Terry W. Bennett (Alpha Gamma-Louisiana State ‘64) Blake E. Benney (Gamma Lambda-North Texas ‘86) William R. Bolen (Epsilon Iota-Texas State ‘05) Raymond B. Bottom, Jr. (Alpha Tau-Hampden-Sydney ‘48) Robert M. Bouse (Beta Omicron-Louisville ‘51) Dr. James L. Bowers (Beta Omega-Washington ‘57) Dustin G. Brann (Alpha Omega-North Carolina State ‘11) Charles S. Briggs (Delta Upsilon-Tennessee-Martin ‘75) Clayton Eugene Bunting (Eta-Richmond ‘69) Richard L. Burke (Zeta-Randolph-Macon ‘83) Paul R. Burns (Alpha Gamma-Louisiana State ‘71) Ethan J. Bush (Delta Xi-McNeese State ‘97) Robert A. Byrd, Jr. (Delta Alpha-Western Carolina ‘71) Scott D. Carter (Epsilon Iota-Texas State ‘01) R. Craig Cass (Delta Psi-Appalachian State ‘81) Jay D. Chamberlain IV (Gamma Lambda-North Texas ‘86) Derick S. Close (Alpha Omega-North Carolina State ‘78) Guy D. Colado (Gamma Pi-Florida Southern ‘64) Douglas Ross Coley (Delta Psi-Appalachian State ‘76) Ceasar Cone III (Alpha Omega-North Carolina State ‘59) Christopher Caleb Connor (Alpha Beta-Alabama ‘01) James L. Crews II (Delta Upsilon-Tennessee-Martin ‘86) Mark S. Crocker (Rho-South Carolina ‘74) James Earl Davis (Alpha Kappa-Missouri ‘53) Earnest W. Deavenport, Jr. (Beta Tau-Mississippi State ‘58) La Fon C. Dees (Delta-Wofford ‘57) Dr. James W. Denham (Psi-Tulane ‘96)

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FALL 2014


Alfred Diaz, Jr. (Delta Iota-Texas-Arlington ‘84) William K. Dillingham (Alpha Delta-William Jewell ‘95) Barry B. Donnell (Beta Lambda-Southern Methodist ‘58) Dustin B. Donnell (Beta Lambda-Southern Methodist ‘01) W. Birch Douglass III (Alpha Tau-Hampden-Sydney ‘62) William E. Dreyer (Alpha Delta-William Jewell ‘57) Jeremy D. Duke (Delta Lambda-Middle Tennessee State ‘09) James Michael Duncan (Delta Kappa-Stephen F. Austin State ‘69) Garth K. Dunklin (Upsilon-North Carolina ‘81) Gregory M. Eaton (Alpha Gamma-Louisiana State ‘67) James R. Estes (Alpha Kappa-Missouri ‘60) Douglas S. Ewalt (Beta Omega-Washington ‘71) J. Kirby Ewing (Omicron-Texas ‘44) Fred W. Faircloth III (Delta Omicron-Clemson ‘70) James L. Ferman, Jr. (Epsilon-Emory ‘62) Bensley H. L. Field (Alpha Zeta-William & Mary ‘54) COL Henry Joyce Foresman, Jr. (Beta Commission-VMI ‘76) Stephen E. Foster (Beta Chi-West Virginia Wesleyan ‘68) Michael D. Fox (Epsilon Lambda-Miami ‘97) Brad B. Freeman (Beta Lambda-Southern Methodist ‘59) Darrell D. Gage (Gamma Upsilon-Texas A&M-Commerce ‘87) Francis E. Gardiner, Jr. (Alpha Lambda-Johns Hopkins ‘59) Michael Jerry Garrison (Epsilon Rho-Purdue ‘88) Charles Randolph Gentz (Gamma Psi-Northwestern ‘68) Norman C. George (Omicron-Texas ‘75) Tyler Griffin (Alpha Delta-William Jewell ‘98) Michael E. Gunn (Delta Epsilon-Newberry ‘93) David Blair Hagan (Alpha Omega-North Carolina State ‘76) Robert W. Hagan (Delta Rho-Valdosta State ‘74) William J. Hagenah (Alpha Pi-Stanford ‘63) Loren Q. Hanson (Alpha Kappa-Missouri ‘50) Victor H. Hanson II (Lambda-Virginia ‘51) Stumpy Harris (Beta Zeta-Florida ‘57) Otis M. Healy (Beta Sigma-Southern California ‘44) Raymond Scott Heath (Delta-Wofford ‘77) Mitchell S. Hill (Gamma Omega-Midwestern State ‘87) Calvin S. Hopkins III (Gamma-Georgia ‘69) W. Thomas Hopkins (Psi-Tulane ‘72) Christopher S. Hoppe (Beta Eta-Oklahoma ‘71) Michael E. Hopper (Gamma Gamma-Memphis ‘59) CAPT Christopher A. Huff (Gamma Chi-Texas Tech ‘05) Robert P. Jordan (Rho-South Carolina ‘86) Eugene M. Julian (Beta Epsilon-Delaware ‘63) James D. Kay, Jr. (Nu-Auburn ‘79) Darren S. Kay (Alpha Eta-Westminster ‘88) Gordon L. Kinne (Gamma Beta-Missouri State ‘73) Dr. Paul D. Kountz, Jr. (Delta-Wofford ‘77) Paul H. Kuhn, Jr. (Chi-Vanderbilt ‘62) Stephen Jerome LaFollette (Delta Phi-Jacksonville State ‘84) Sam O. Leake, Jr. (Beta Xi-Oklahoma State ‘61) Jeffrey G. Leigh (Zeta Mu-Washington ‘97) Malcolm H. Liles (Gamma-Georgia ‘71) Dr. Stephen George Luckey, Jr. (Mu-Tulsa ‘96) Jesse Samuel Lyons (Delta Alpha-Western Carolina ‘98) David T. Martineau V (Alpha Upsilon-Mississippi ‘88) Edward D. McCrady (Lambda-Virginia ‘82) Gregory A. McCrickard (Lambda-Virginia ‘78) J. Coleman McDowell, Jr. (Gamma Chi-Texas Tech ‘78) SGM E. Kent McMichael (Beta Commission-VMI ‘95) David C. Merrill (Zeta Pi-Florida Gulf Coast ‘08) Charles C. Mickel (Delta Omicron-Clemson ‘76) Henry Woodward Middleton, Jr. (Beta Gamma-Charleston ‘89) Loy B. Moore (Beta Lambda-Southern Methodist ‘56)


11/21/14 10:27 AM

Sesquicentennial Campaign | Internships (continued)


John Michael Moore (Beta Lambda-Southern Methodist ‘90) S. Morgan Morton, Jr. (Gamma Gamma-Memphis ‘60) W. Regi Mullins (Alpha Gamma-Louisiana State ‘70) David R. Murphey III (Alpha-Washington & Lee ‘51) James C. Musser (Delta Mu-Eastern Kentucky ‘87) James Parker Myerson (Alpha Pi-Stanford ‘74) James M. Ney (Iota-Furman ‘62) Nicholas A. Noecker (Epsilon -Emory ‘86) Philip P. Noftsinger (Epsilon Phi-George Mason ‘91) Donald Roy O’Neal, Jr. (Gamma Alpha-Louisiana Tech ‘09) Matthew D. O’Neal (Gamma Alpha-Louisiana Tech ‘06) Herbert Turner Odom III (Omicron-Texas ‘83) Nicholas S. Palmer (Delta Lambda-Middle Tennessee State ‘04) Michael V. Paulin (Beta Sigma-Southern California ‘60) Thomas G. Paulson II (Alpha Xi-California ‘49) Robert M. Pittenger, Jr. (Sigma-Davidson ‘99) Hon. Robert M. Pittenger (Omicron-Texas ‘67) CPT Ronald C. Plunkett (Theta Commission-Citadel ‘09) Morris W. Pully (Upsilon-North Carolina ‘45) James R. Purvis (Gamma Chi-Texas Tech ‘85) Todd D. Reaves (Nu-Auburn ‘89) Gary L. Recer (Gamma Lambda-North Texas ‘67) J. Derrill Rice (Beta Pi-Presbyterian ‘80) Hubel Robins, Jr. (Eta-Richmond ‘51) Roy O. Rodwell, Jr. (Alpha Phi-Duke ‘55) Robert M. Ross (Beta Kappa-Maryland ‘68) Vance E. Rule (Alpha Delta-William Jewel ‘47) Loyd J. Russing (Epsilon Xi-North Carolina-Charlotte ‘06) Jay F. Rutherford, Jr. (Epsilon Theta-Western Kentucky ‘91) Travis L. Sartain (Alpha Eta-Westminster ‘95) Ben W. Satcher, Jr. (Delta Omicron-Clemson ‘79) C. Edward Schmidt, Jr. (Beta Alpha-Missouri S&T ‘62) Dr. James Michael Schmuck (Alpha Eta-Westminster ‘69) Brett S. Schoonover (Epsilon Delta-Texas A&M ‘96) David L. Schoonover (Epsilon Delta-Texas A&M ‘00) J. William Schulz (Alpha Kappa-Missouri ‘60) Erik T. Showalter (Gamma Alpha-Louisiana Tech ‘02) J. Carlton Showalter, Jr. (Beta Commission-VMI ‘82) C. Douglas Simmons III (Beta Tau-Mississippi State ‘95) Gregory R. Singleton (Gamma Gamma-Memphis ‘82) William H. Skipper, Jr. (Delta Tau-Francis Marion ‘80) Robert Jones Smith (Alpha Omega-North Carolina State ‘59) A. Randolph Smith II (Delta-Wofford ‘80) C. Michael Smith (Delta-Wofford ‘73) T. Michael Stanberry (Alpha Gamma-Louisiana State ‘71) Thaddeus Aaron Stubbs (Alpha Eta-Westminster ‘96) Edward G. Sullivan (Beta Zeta-Florida ‘77) E. Powell Thompson (Gamma Chi-Texas Tech ‘75) Joseph N. Traigle (Gamma Psi-Northwestern ‘63) Dr. Idris Rhea Traylor, Jr., PhD (Gamma Chi-Texas Tech ‘70) James T. Turner, Jr. (Kappa-Mercer ‘70) James T. Turner III (Delta Theta-Georgia Southern ‘99) John H. Turner, Jr. (Beta Rho-Roanoke ‘10) Dr. Chad E. Wagoner (Delta Pi-Missouri Southern State ‘93) R. M. Warren III (Kappa-Mercer ‘83) Hon. David M. Warren (Tau-Wake Forest ‘78) Gregory L. Waterworth (Beta Kappa-Maryland ‘10) George A. Webster (Upsilon-North Carolina ‘68) Dr. D. Wayne Whetsell (Delta Psi-Appalachian State ‘09) Stuart F. Whetsell (Delta Psi-Appalachian State ‘06) Harvey P. White (Beta Chi-West Virginia Wesleyan ‘52) Hugh P. Whitehead (Alpha Beta-Alabama ‘85) W. Madison Wickham (Epsilon Iota-Texas State ‘03) Larry Stanton Wiese (Gamma Omega-Midwestern State ‘87) Eddie S. Wilson (Delta Beta-Delta State ‘73) Edmond H. Wilson (Delta Theta-Georgia Southern ‘80) Hugh M. Wood (Gamma Alpha-Louisiana Tech ‘99) LTC William Earl Wray, Jr. (Beta Commission-VMI ‘73) Lewis H. Wyman III (Alpha Kappa-Missouri ‘63) Ryan T. Young (Epsilon Iota-Texas State ‘01) Dean S. Zang (Beta Omega-Washington ‘00) Mustang Alumni Chapter Dallas Alumni Chapter



Internship – National Institutes of Health Stefan Iverson is a rising senior is majoring in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. Stefan served two years as Number IV and is currently the Number I. Stefan has served as a President’s Ambassador, Public Relation Chair for Student Government Association, Order of Omega and played goalkeeper for the varsity soccer team. Outside of class, Stefan has been active in shadowing various doctors to gain experience in the medical field. Upon graduation, Stefan hopes to attend medical school at the University of Kentucky and become a pediatric physician. THANH LE (ALPHA OMICRON – AR K ANSAS ’14)

Internship – Congressman Robert Pittenger (Omicron – Texas ’67) Thanh is a rising senior and is currently double majoring in Business Administration and Political Science. Thanh is a re-founding member of his chapter, and served as the Number III, Scholarship Chairman and Project Outreach Chairman. Thanh is also very involved on campus with the Student Government Association, Volunteer Action Center board, currently serves as a board member with the Student Alumni Association. Thanh also represented Kappa Alpha and University of Arkansas’ Greek Life in Washington D.C. as a student lobbyist in spring 2014 by working with congressional members to gain support for the Collegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act (H.R. 1449/S.654). After graduation, Thanh plans to attend law school and work in D.C. Thanh was named one of the student members of the board of directors for the Fraternity & Sorority Political Action Committee. He is the first KA student member. Other board members include: Larry Stanton Wiese and James R. Estes, Jr..


Donors listed as of 11/7/14

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FALL 2014

11/21/14 10:27 AM


CRIMSON & GOLD SOCIETY EXCELS The Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation has doubled its membership of the Crimson and Gold Society from onehundred and one members in year one, to over 200 members in year two. The Crimson & Gold Society welcomes and recognizes brothers and friends of KA who make unrestricted contributions or commitments of $1,000 or more during a fiscal year. Members receive special recognition in the Annual Report, a Crimson & Gold Society lapel pin for first-time members, a special gift in recognition of membership each year, and are invited to an annual Crimson & Gold Society gathering. Funding received through this society allows the KAOEF to provide grants to support the Order’s educational programs. The second annual Crimson & Gold Society annual gathering,

including a reception and dinner, took place at The Quail Hollow Club, in Charlotte, N.C. on July 26. The third annual dinner will take place during the 76th Convention and Sesquicentennial Celebration on July 30, 2015—you will not want to miss this special event in Lexington, Va. Membership in the Crimson & Gold Society signifies one’s own commitment to our long-standing belief that as men of Kappa Alpha, it is incumbent upon us to do our duty and remain loyal KA brothers throughout our lives. It is the hope of the KAOEF Board of Trustees and staff that this exclusive society continues to attract alumni and friends of KA who recognize and understand the importance of annually supporting our undergraduates. Join the ranks of those committed inaugural members listed below, as of June 30, 2014.




Christopher C. Connor, 2001 George M. Jones III, 1981 LO#385 Ken D. Tidwell, 1982 Hugh P. Whitehead, 1985

Robert M. Pittenger, Jr., 1999

C. Tucker Moore, 1961 LO#1278 James M. Ney, 1962 LO#2361 G. Randy Smith, 1959 LO#1635


Charles E. Blankinship, 1986 R. Craig Cass, 1981 LO#2700 Douglas R. Coley, 1976 LO#1065 Wyatt T. Dixon III, 1987 LO#2829 Dr. D. Wayne Whetsell, 2009 LO#2601 Stuart F. Whetsell, 2006 LO#2185


Eugene M. Julian, 1963 LO#1239 Michael D. Wedlick, 1989 LO#580


Philip P. Noftsinger, 1991 LO#208


Eddie S. Wilson, 1973 LO#228


Malcolm H. Liles, 1971 LO#342 John W. Walden, Jr., 1962


Edwin F. Payne, 1959 Roy O. Rodwell, Jr., 1955 LO#2749


Erik T. Showalter, 2002 LO#884 Hugh M. Wood, 1999 LOUISVILLE-BETA OMICRON

Robert M. Bouse, 1951 LO#729 MARSHALL-BETA UPSILON

Franklin T. Brackman, 1961 C. Glenn Pierce II, 1963 Roger P. Wood, 1945 LO#1681 MCNEESE STATE-DELTA XI

Ethan J. Bush, 1997 LO#18


Edmond H. Wilson, 1980 LO#366


James D. Kay, Jr., 1979 LO#2147

James C. Musser, 1987




Michael E. Hopper, 1959 LO#976 S. Morgan Morton, Jr., 1960 Gregory R. Singleton, 1982 LO#184



Timothy K. Adams, 1957 LO#326 Dr. L. Adolph Casal, 1984 James L. Ferman, Jr., 1962 LO#185

Howell H. Campbell III, 1972 LO#1051


Lawrence S. Branch, 1965 LO#1262


Gerald C. Down, 1952 LO#2293 Bruce B. Higton, 1949 LO#683 * CHARLESTON-BETA GAMMA

Henry W. Middleton, Jr., 1989

William H. Allen, 1973 LO#795 Daniel H. Bradley, 1958 HAMPDEN-SYDNEY-ALPHA TAU


Michael D. Abney, 1954 LO#933 Preston L. Farrior, 1985 Stumpy Harris, 1957 LO#919 Edward G. Sullivan, 1977 LO#1393

Marcus E. Angle, Jr., 1980 LO#1082 JOHNS HOPKINSALPHA LAMBDA

Francis E. Gardiner, Jr., 1959 LO#1941



King V. Aiken, Jr., 1983 LO#99 James T. Turner, Jr., 1970 LO#963 R. M. Warren III, 1983 LO#2453 MIAMI-EPSILON LAMBDA


Nicholas S. Palmer, 2004 LO#1864


Guy D. Colado, 1964 LO#1832 James C. France, 1966


Jay F. Rutherford, Jr., 1991 LO#1331


CPT Ronald C. Plunkett, 2009 LO#2241



William M. Bone, 1964 Don M. Canada, 1964 LO#3149 Mitchell S. Hill, 1987 LO#2568 Larry Stanton Wiese, 1987 LO#37


Charles C. Mickel, 1976 David A. Pattillo, 1979 Benjamin W. Satcher, Jr., 1979 LO#17

L. Blair Bailey, 1988 LO#84 FRANCIS MARION-DELTA TAU

William H. Skipper, Jr., 1980 LO#2380

B. Terry W. Bennett, 1964 LO#1133 Paul R. Burns, 1971 LO#46 Gregory M. Eaton, 1967 LO#553 W. Regi Mullins, 1970 LOUISIANA TECHGAMMA ALPHA


David T. Martineau V, 1988 The Hon. William S. Yerger (Ret.), 1953 LO#1759

Donald Roy O'Neal, Jr., 2009 LO#2815 Matthew D. O'Neal, 2006 LO#2228

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FALL 2014



11/21/14 10:27 AM

Crimson & Gold Society




Jason R. Barrett, 1998 LO#2632 Stephen L. Burwell, 1969 LO#1993 Earnest W. Deavenport, Jr., 1958 LO#1318 Robert H. Lee, 1960 C. Douglas Simmons III, 1995 LO#179

Sam O. Leake, Jr., 1961 LO#21


BG Patrick O. Adams, 1965 James E. Davis, 1953 LO#1084 James R. Estes, 1960 LO#10 Ralph O. Hoevelman, 1957 LO#2255 Carl S. Quinn, 1952 LO#926 J. William Schulz, 1960 LO#2503 Lewis H. Wyman III, 1963 LO#47 MISSOURI S&T-BETA ALPHA


Dr. Chad E. Wagoner, 1993 LO#32 MISSOURI STATE-GAMMA BETA

Gordon L. Kinne, 1973 LO#886 Christopher J. Puricelli, 1981 NEWBERRY-DELTA EPSILON


John M. Barry, 1979 Garth K. Dunklin, 1981 LO#2759 Morris W. Pully, 1945 LO#189 NORTH CAROLINA STATEALPHA OMEGA

Derick S. Close, 1978 LO#2838 Paul F. Haddock III, 1980 LO#408 David B. Hagan, 1976 LO#43 Stephen H. Kouba, Jr, 2011 LO#3067 Robert J. Smith, 1959 LO#2957 Edward I. Weisiger, Jr., 1979 NORTH CAROLINA-CHARLOTTEEPSILON XI


Clifford J. Lane II, 2009 Gary L. Recer, 1967 LO#3064 NORTHWESTERN STATEGAMMA PSI


Christopher S. Hoppe, 1971 Harry H. Phillips, Jr., 1948 LO#1879 OKLAHOMA CITY-GAMMA KAPPA

David O. Beal, 1965 Steve C. Knight, 1970 LO#1147

KAJ_Fall2014_52-75_P4.indd 65

J. Michael Duncan, 1969 LO#11



David P. Barksdale, 1983 LO#156 The Hon. Thomas H. Fetzer, Jr., 1974 Benjamin C. Sutton, Jr., 1978 The Hon. David M. Warren, 1978 LO#13

William E Lobeck, Jr, 1965



J. Derrill Rice, 1980

Charles S. Briggs, 1975 LO#285 James L. Crews II, 1986 LO#2796





Norman C. George, 1975 LO#2672 Herbert T. Odom III, 1983 The Hon. Robert M. Pittenger, 1967

Michael J. Garrison, 1988 RANDOLPH-MACON-ZETA

Richard L. Burke, 1983 LO#1038


Jeffrey G. Leigh, 1997 David R. Murphey III, 1951 WASHINGTON COLLEGEBETA OMEGA

Dustin R. Burrows, 1998

Brett S. Schoonover, 1996 David L. Schoonover, 2000 LO#2832

Douglas S. Ewalt, 1971 LO#78 Michael Macielag, 1972 Dean S. Zang, 2000





Scott D. Carter, 2001 Ronald R. Morgan, 1979 LO#295 David R. Worley, 1982

Clayton E. Bunting, 1969 LO#204 Hubel Robins, Jr., 1951 ROANOKE-BETA RHO


Samuel B. Adams, 1967 LO#664 John H. Turner, Jr., 2010 LO#2596

J. Kirk Corbin, 1982 Robert E. Davis, 1981 Mitchell L. Heidenheimer, 1983 J. Coleman McDowell, Jr., 1978 LO#516 James R. Purvis, 1985 LO#678 McLean D. Russell, 2009 E. Powell Thompson, 1975 Dr. Idris R. Traylor, Jr., 1970 LO#866 S. Lee Wright, 1986 LO#1919


G. Patterson Apperson III, 1980 LO#266 Martin R. Tilson, Jr., 1971 SOUTH CAROLINA-RHO

Mark S. Crocker, 1974 Robert P. Jordan, 1986 John C. Scarborough, 1978 Charles B. Thomas, 2009


Alfred Diaz, Jr., 1984 LO#549 TULANE-PSI


Dr. James W. Denham, 1996

Otis M. Healy, 1944 LO#1518 Michael V. Paulin, 1960 LO#1623 John E. Raidy, Jr., 1975


Dr. Stephen G. Luckey, Jr., 1996 Calvin M. Moniz, 2004 LO#2658 Frank W. Podpechan, 1948 LO#445



William D. Balthrope, 1958 Barry B. Donnell, 1958 LO#1045 Dustin B. Donnell, 2001 Brad B. Freeman, 1959 LO#1942 Robert M. Lockhart, 1949 LO#2962 John M. Moore, 1990 LO#1704 Warren S. Wingert, 1958 LO#2116

Robert W. Hagan, 1974 LO#2150 VANDERBILT-CHI

Paul H. Kuhn, Jr., 1962 LO#2103 VIRGINIA-LAMBDA

Victor H. Hanson II, 1951 LO#315 Edward D. McCrady, 1982 Gregory A. McCrickard, 1978 LO#3137


James M. Croley, 1959 LO#1561 Edwin B. Gentle, 1970 Rock N. Houstoun, 1970 LO#961 Andrew M. Tripodo, 2004 LO#1932


COL Henry J. Foresman, Jr. (Ret.), 1976 LO#1361 SGM E. Kent McMichael, 1995 LO#251 J. Carlton Showalter, Jr., 1982 LTC William E. Wray, Jr. (Ret.), 1973 LO#872


William J. Hagenah, 1963 LO#1155 James P. Myerson, 1974 LO#3090




Millard L. Cursey, Jr., 1965 LO#537 Stephen E. Foster, 1968 LO#2062 Harvey P. White, 1952 WESTERN CAROLINADELTA ALPHA

Jesse S. Lyons, 1998 LO#39 WESTMINSTER-ALPHA ETA

Darren S. Kay, 1988 LO#55 David J. Neihart, 1980 LO#2727 Travis L. Sartain, 1995 LO#214 Dr. James M. Schmuck, 1969 LO#1064 Thaddeus A. Stubbs, 1996 LO#2009 WILLIAM & MARY-ALPHA ZETA

Bensley H. L. Field, 1954 LO#651 WILLIAM JEWELL-ALPHA DELTA

William K. Dillingham, 1995 LO#1425 William E. Dreyer, 1957 LO#12 M. Tyler Griffin, 1998 LO#114 Robert T. Steinkamp, 1964 LO#1282 WOFFORD-DELTA

La Fon C. Dees, 1957 LO#1852 Raymond S. Heath, 1977 LO#2243 Dr. Paul D. Kountz, Jr., 1977 LO#1843 Jerry J. Richardson, 1957 C. Michael Smith, 1973 LO#1522 FRIENDS OF THE ORDER

Anonymous Ms. Rosann F. Hooks Howard C. Pickett, Sigma Nu Mrs. Sandy Schubert


Charles R. Gentz, 1968 LO#2816 Joseph N. Traigle, 1963


FALL 2014

11/21/14 10:27 AM



The 1865 Trust recognizes the generosity and foresight of those of you who choose to embrace the vision of KA’s future by making a meaningful planned gift to the KAOEF. Your entrance into the 1865 Trust bears powerful testimony to the charitable expressions of your values, ideals, and commitment to Kappa Alpha Order’s future. Membership in the 1865 Trust is obtained when provisions for a planned gift of $10,000 or more are made to the KAOEF. Most alumni in the 1865 Trust will fulfill their gift through one of the most common and perhaps easiest ways of making a planned gift, by naming the KAOEF in their wills, or as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, charitable remainder trust or an IRA. The Trust continues to be the most well recognized and celebrated planned giving society in the fraternal world. The North American Interfraternity Conference Foundation has recognized the 1865 Trust as the best overall planned

giving development program in three of the last five years. 110 national fraternity foundations operate planned giving development programs, but the 1865 Trust is the one program that others aspire to emulate. In addition to these significant accomplishments, this past year the Trust welcomed ten (10) new members to its ranks. There have been 156 brothers join the Trust since it was created in 1992 and we continue the quest to encourage brothers to leave a legacy to Kappa Alpha Order so that future generations of young men will have the same great opportunities that each of us have experienced. Last year we set a goal of adding 15 members to our ranks prior to the 2015 Convention and our 150th anniversary celebration. So we are two-thirds of the way to our goal. Will YOU be one of the next five to join? In closing, I again remind you that 2015 will be the sesquicentennial anniversary of Kappa Alpha Order and there is no better way to honor this milestone than by committing to a planned gift for KA. Next summer at the KA National Convention we will unveil the new 1865 Trust Registry and will invite members to sign the registry inside the Mulberry Hill manor house. This signing event will become an annual opportunity for members to symbolize the power of their personal philanthropy. I cannot emphasize more strongly how important it is that we are all committed. If you have any questions about the 1865 Trust, or if you wish to join the ranks of 156 other KA brothers who are already members, please contact Ben Satcher, Chief Development Officer, either by phone, (540) 463-1865, or by e-mail, Thank you for your continued support of the Order, and for making Kappa Alpha Order a lifelong commitment. Fraternally yours,

Idris Rhea Traylor, Jr.

Former Knight Commander/Chairman 1865 TRUST


KAJ_Fall2014_52-75_P4.indd 66

FALL 2014



11/21/14 10:27 AM

The 1865 Trust


KAJ_Fall2014_52-75_P4.indd 67

Mr. & Mrs. Hugh M. Comer (Emory-Epsilon 1934)*+ Troy W. Cooper (Texas StateEpsilon Iota 1987) M. Donald Davis, Jr. (South Alabama-Epsilon Alpha 1977) Wayne E. Dawson (ArizonaGamma Epsilon 1960) William S. Dinker II (Middle Tennessee State-Delta Lambda 1974) M. James Donathan, Jr. (North Carolina State University-Alpha Omega 1972) William E. Dreyer (William Jewell-Alpha Delta 1957)+ J. Michael Duncan (Stephen F. Austin State-Delta Kappa 1969) Walter J. Dunn (Arkansas StateDelta Eta 1987) Valrey W. Early III (BirminghamSouthern-Phi 1980) James R. Estes (Missouri-Alpha Kappa 1960) M. Woody Faircloth (MercerKappa 2005)* M. Tom Faircloth (Mercer-Kappa 1961) Dr. Richard T. Feller (West Virginia-Alpha Rho 1937)*+ Bensley H. L. Field (William & Mary-Alpha Zeta 1954)+ Charles Z. Flack, Jr. (North Carolina-Upsilon 1955)*+ James R. Foster (HampdenSydney-Alpha Tau 2005) W. Julian Foy (NorthwesternGamma Psi 1972)*+ C. Randolph Gentz (Northwestern-Gamma Psi 1968) Robert L. Graves (Missouri-Alpha Kappa 1990) H. Lynn Greer, Jr. (Middle Tennessee State-Delta Lambda 1969) Robert W. Hagan (Valdosta State-Delta Rho 1974) Stumpy Harris (Florida-Beta Zeta 1957)+ Grant V. Harrison (RichmondEta 1926)*+ COL William H. Hastings, Jr. (Ret) (VMI-Beta Commission 1939)* Gilbert I. Hayes (Oklahoma-Beta Eta 1968) Rock N. Houstoun (Southwestern-Xi 1970) Hugh Howard III (OklahomaBeta Eta 1948)*+ Harold J. Hudson, Jr. (MissouriAlpha Kappa 1942) John R. Hutchings IV (KentuckyTheta 1977) Leland I. Hyer (Georgia Southern -Delta Theta 1993) Perry S. Ivey, Jr. (Valdosta State-Delta Rho 1982)

Kenneth W. Jackson (Francis Marion-Delta Tau 1981) Darren S. Kay (WestminsterAlpha Eta 1988) Robert D. Kelly (Missouri Southern State-Delta Pi 1973) Boone A. Knox (Georgia-Gamma 1956)*+ Paul H. Kuhn, Jr. (VanderbiltChi 1962) Paul W. Lammers (South Alabama-Epsilon Alpha 1980) Edward W. Lansing (George Washington-Alpha Nu 1943) Edward P. Leslie, Jr. (Oklahoma State-Beta Xi 1932)*+ Malcolm H. Liles (GeorgiaGamma 1971) Jeffrey W. Love (Purdue-Epsilon Rho 1986) Todd P. Lowe (Western KentuckyEpsilon Theta 1979) Frank W. Maresh (Texas-Omicron 1958) Richard H. Marks (BirminghamSouthern-Phi 1988) John C. Martin (Baylor-Delta Omega 1982) Michael C. Matthews (Virginia Tech-Epsilon Eta 1978) Michael D. McCaslin (Transylvania-Alpha Theta 1970)*+ J. Devin McClendon (Middle Tennessee State-Delta Lambda 1994) J. Coleman McDowell, Jr. (Texas Tech-Gamma Chi 1978) Michael W. McDowell (West Texas A&M-Gamma Sigma 1990) Michael P. McManus (Southern California-Beta Sigma 1989) SGM E. Kent McMichael (VMIBeta Commission 1995) L. Jay Mehaffey (Georgia Southern -Delta Theta 1982) John R. Milam (Middle Tennessee State-Delta Lambda 1972) Kenneth R. Mitchell (CaliforniaAlpha Xi 1932)*+ John M. Moore (Southern Methodist-Beta Lambda 1990) Ronald R. Morgan (Texas StateEpsilon Iota 1979) Ty G. Morgan (Missouri StateGamma Beta 1991) Frederick L. Munds, Jr. (North Carolina-Upsilon 1948)*+ David R. Murphey III (Washington & Lee-Alpha 1951) Bret R. Neathery (Drury-Beta Iota 1984) Michael K. Nikkel (Sam Houston State-Gamma Tau 1978) John F. Ory (Texas A&MCommerce-Gamma Upsilon 1990)



Julian A. Pardini (CaliforniaAlpha Xi 1952)*+ Michael V. Paulin (Southern California-Beta Sigma 1960) Thomas G. Paulson II (California-Alpha Xi 1949) William T. Pegues III (Lousiana State-Alpha Gamma 1932)*+ Vernon W. Piper (Washington Univ. -Beta Theta 1933)*+ CPT Ronald C. Plunkett (CitadelTheta Commission 2009) Robert A. Pugh (Middle Tennessee State-Delta Lambda 1975) Morris W. Pully (North CarolinaUpsilon 1945) Philip C. Rand (Georgia-Gamma 1968) Edwin P. Rather (Tennessee-Pi 1960) J. Guy Revelle, Jr. (Wake ForestTau 1952)*+ Frank H. Robinson, Jr. (Randolph-Macon-Zeta 1951) Louis W. Romigh (William Jewell-Alpha Delta 1928)*+ Edgar B. Rouse, Jr. (MarylandBeta Kappa 1937)*+ Philip D. Rowe, Jr. (VanderbiltChi 1946)+ Allen R. Sandico (Univ. of Washington-Zeta Mu 1997) Benjamin W. Satcher, Jr. (Clemson-Delta Omicron 1979) C. Edward Schmidt, Jr. (Missouri S&T-Beta Alpha 1962) Dr. James M. Schmuck (Westminster-Alpha Eta 1969) J. William Schulz (MissouriAlpha Kappa 1960) Gary T. Scott (Southwestern-Xi 1963) Marc A. Scott (Texas A&MCommerce-Gamma Upsilon 1984) Frank P. Sebastian, Jr. (TexasOmicron 1944) Rufus W. Shivers (Rhodes-Alpha Epsilon 1942)*+ Gregory R. Singleton (MemphisGamma Gamma 1982) William H. Skipper, Jr. (Francis Marion-Delta Tau 1980) David W. Smith (West GeorgiaZeta Kappa 1996) Gregory B. Smith (Miami-Epsilon Lambda 1985) Robert J. Smith (North Carolina State University-Alpha Omega 1959) Paul E. Snodgress (RhodesAlpha Epsilon 1943)*+ Nathaniel J. Spears (TennesseeMartin-Delta Upsilon 2001) W. Reed Sprinkel (Southern California-Beta Sigma 1941)

Bruce D. Stafford (MillsapsAlpha Mu 1966)*+ COL William E. Steger (Centenary-Alpha Iota 1938)* Robert T. Steinkamp (William Jewell-Alpha Delta 1964) F. M. Stevenson (Oklahoma State-Beta Xi 1930)*+ Thaddeus A. Stubbs (Westminster-Alpha Eta 1996) John R. Sulton, Jr. (Tulsa-Mu 1947)*+ Jack R. Taylor (Drury-Beta Iota 1950) Dr. Andrew J. Thacker (VMIBeta Commission 1961)*+ H. Grady Tiller, Jr. (AlabamaAlpha Beta 1947)*+ Mrs. Virginia N. Toombs (-Friend of the Order )*+ Carl Trauernicht, Jr. (Westminster-Alpha Eta 1942)*+ Dr. Idris R. Traylor, Jr. (Texas Tech-Gamma Chi 1970) John E. Trotter (Texas A&MCommerce-Gamma Upsilon 1988) James T. Turner, Jr. (MercerKappa 1970) Robert M. Varn (Vanderbilt-Chi 1957)*+ Dr. Chad E. Wagoner (Missouri Southern State-Delta Pi 1993) Frank A. Walker, Jr. (VanderbiltChi 1948) The Hon. David M. Warren (Wake Forest-Tau 1978) Dan Webb (Middle Tennessee State-Delta Lambda 1972) Dr. William A. Weinrich (TulsaMu 1951) Donald W. Wells (Eastern Kentucky-Delta Mu 1970) Stuart F. Whetsell (Appalachian State-Delta Psi 2006) Roy H. Whipp (West VirginiaAlpha Rho 1968) Larry Stanton Wiese (Midwestern State-Gamma Omega 1987) Richard B. Wilson, Jr. (Mississippi-Alpha Upsilon 1958) Michael P. Wilson (TransylvaniaAlpha Theta 2000) John T. Woodruff (Drury-Beta Iota 1975) Lewis H. Wyman III (MissouriAlpha Kappa 1963) *deceased +gift fulfilled


Anonymous Timothy K. Adams (EmoryEpsilon 1957) Dan R. Amato, Jr. (Florida StateGamma Eta 2008) William H. Angle (WestminsterAlpha Eta 1945)*+ G. Patterson Apperson III (Univ. of the South-Alpha Alpha 1980) The Hon. Paul C. Artman, Jr. (Delaware-Delta Beta 1970) Douglas D. Ashley (CharlestonBeta Gamma 1987)* Lawrence E. Ault (East Tennessee State-Delta Delta 1971)*+ L. Blair Bailey (Florida StateGamma Eta 1988) Robert H. Baker III (VanderbiltChi 1971) Carlton W. Baker (RandolphMacon-Zeta 1981) L. Charles Banks, Jr. (NewberryDelta Epsilon 2002) M. Lee Barnes, Jr. (Appalachian State-Delta Psi 1987)+ Jason R. Barrett (Mississippi State-Beta Tau 1998) Blake E. Benney (North TexasGamma Lambda 1986) Scott J. Berlin (Southern Methodist-Beta Lambda 1972) John F. Bishop II (DelawareBeta Epsilon 1946)*+ Raymond B. Bottom, Jr. (Hampden-Sydney-Alpha Tau 1948) Dr. James L. Bowers (Washington College-Beta Omega 1957) Dustin G. Brann (North Carolina State-Alpha Omega 2011) Harry J. Breithaupt, Jr. (Roanoke-Beta Rho 1933)*+ G. Allen Brown Jr. (BirminghamSouthern-Phi 1982) Wallace A. Brown, Jr. (North Carolina-Upsilon 1940)*+ COL David M. Buie, USA (Ret.) (Presbyterian-Beta Pi 1939)*+ Ethan J. Bush (McNeese StateDelta Xi 1997) E. Ken Cain, Jr. (Valdosta StateDelta Rho 1982) Ely R. Callaway, Jr. (EmoryEpsilon 1937)* Don M. Canada (Midwestern State-Gamma Omega 1964) J. David Carico (Emory-Epsilon 1984) David R. Cheney II (MissouriAlpha Kappa 1990) James H. Cochrane, Jr. (Virginia Tech-Epsilon Eta 1978) COL James C. Coleman, Jr. (Georgetown-Beta Delta 1928)*+

FALL 2014

11/21/14 10:27 AM


FOREVER KA Can you put a price on your Kappa Alpha experience? The truth is, KA has given all of us more than we could ever repay. From the days at the chapter house, to the groomsmen in our wedding, and even one-day pallbearers at our funeral, Kappa Alpha is a lifelong experience. Forever KA is an opportunity for any member, active or alumnus, to begin to keep the connection for life. One of the key features of Forever KA is your ability to give money directly to your chapter. After you join the Loyal Order, or if you area already an existing member, one-third of each of your Forever KA contributions will fund a restricted chapter endowment account for your preferred chapter.

Once endowed, this account may provide scholarships, study/library space in the chapter house, funding for attendance at educational programs, or other educational purposes. A list of all restricted chapter endowment accounts, including many established through Forever KA participation, appears on page 63. Below is an allocation breakdown of money raised in last fiscal year through alumni and active member participation in ForeverKA.


FYE 6/30/2014

TOTAL $37,441.90







KAJ_Fall2014_52-75_P4.indd 68


FALL 2014






11/21/14 10:27 AM

Forever KA

FOREVER KA PARTICIPANTS APPALACHIAN STATEDELTA PSI W. Matt Barger, 2006 LO#3107 Hurd G. Bradford IV, 2004 LO#609 Wyatt T. Dixon III, 1987 LO#2829 Benjamin G. Duff, 2006 LO#3046 Blake A. Glover, 2006 LO#2682 George A. Payne, 2005 LO#2863 Charles Y. Pharr, 1987 LO#436 Aaron M. Stutts, 2007 LO#3037 Joseph H. Thomas, 2005 LO#3047 Clarence E. Williams III, 2007 LO#3038 ARKANSASALPHA OMICRON Dr. James T. Hannah MD, 1987 LO#2872

FLORIDA-BETA ZETA Sumpy Harris, 1957 LO#919 Lawrence P. Mangus III, 1980 LO#3146 Andrew C. Steele, 1983 LO#3073 Douglas G. Tibbett, 1987 LO#2656 FLORIDA STATEGAMMA ETA Daniel R. Amato, Jr., 2008 LO#2599 Robert L. Flohr, 1989 LO#2853 Jonathan S. Howse, Jr., 2005 LO#2645 FRANCIS MARIONDELTA TAU John D Waters, 1978 LO#3020



ARKANSAS-FORT SMITHZETA RHO Aaron W. Brown, 2009 LO#2635 Hunter K. Cabe, 2010 LO#2519

GEORGIA-GAMMA William E. Robinson III, 1962 LO#2784

AUBURN-NU Todd D. Reaves, 1989 LO#1315 James C. Salter, 2008 LO#3123 Donny Thompson III, 1975 LO#2757 BIRMINGHAM-SOUTHERNPHI C. Steve Yow, 1989 LO#2871 BOWLING GREEN STATEZETA LAMBDA Richard J. Maurer, 1997 LO#2676 CENTENARY-ALPHA IOTA Roy E. Prestwood, 1984 LO#1826 Merrill C. Wautlet, Jr., 1978 LO#2447 Clemson-Delta Omicron Lewis F. Lowery III, 2000 LO#2854 CLEMSON-DELTA OMICRON Benjamin W. Satcher, Jr., 1979 LO#17 DELAWARE-BETA EPSILON Richard T. Onley, 1947 LO#1732 DELTA STATE-DELTA BETA Richard S. Myers, Jr., 1988 LO#3158 Eddie S. Wilson, 1973 LO#228 DRURY-BETA IOTA Mitchell S. Gibbon, 2011 LO#2846 EAST CAROLINAGAMMA RHO Matthew R. Hollomon, 2003 LO#2414 Patrick C. O'Bryant, 1991 LO#3069 J. Ben Whiteside, Jr., 1977 LO#2649

KAJ_Fall2014_52-75_P4.indd 69

GEORGIA TECHALPHA SIGMA James L. Herrin, 1987 LO#3050 HOUSTON BAPTISTDELTA SIGMA Chris G. Dritsas, 1975 LO#3011 Douglas B. Harris, 1973 LO#873 Dr. Joel A. Nickles, 1974 LO#1641 David Y. Stutts, 1979 LO#1556 JACKSONVILLE STATEDELTA PHI Phillip K. Bradley, 1977 LO#589 Stephen J. LaFollette, 1984 LO#2330 LAMAR-GAMMA XI Lawrence M. Adler, 1966 LO#2657 LOUISIANA STATEALPHA GAMMA Damon P. Gautreau, 2011 LO#2847 Christopher L. Bentley, 1995 LO#3163 Gannon J. Lasseigne, 1991 LO#3053 LOUISIANA TECHGAMMA ALPHA Benjamin S. Arceneaux, 1997 LO#2703 Matthew D. O'Neal, 2006 LO#2228 Erik T. Showalter, 2002 LO#884 Jared P. White, 2000 LO#2702 LOUISIANA-MONROEGAMMA NU Destin B. Sebren, 2009 LO#2391 MEMPHIS-GAMMA GAMMA Gregory R. Singleton, 1982 LO#184 MERCER-KAPPA King V. Aiken, Jr., 1983 LO#99 Dorsey L. Covenah, 2000 LO#3151 MIAMI-EPSILON LAMBDA Michael D. Fox, 1997 LO#3147 Ryan W. Holloway, 2004 LO#1588

MIDWESTERN STATEGAMMA OMEGA Thomas W. Jones, 1983 LO#1933 P. Gary Myers, 1966 LO#2984 Kevin J. O'Connell, 1991 LO#3012 Larry Stanton Wiese, 1987 LO#37 Benjamin J. Wilson, 1964 LO#3004 MIDWESTERN STATEBETA TAU C. Douglas Simmons III, 1995 LO#179 William H. Walker, 2007 LO#2825 MISSOURI-ALPHA KAPPA James R. Estes, 1960 LO#10 J. William Schulz, 1960 LO#2503 MISSOURI SOUTHERN STATE-DELTA PI Patrick A. Law, 1977 LO#2870 Steven E. Shore, 1972 LO#2105 Dr. Chad E. Wagoner, 1993 LO#32 John M. Weedn, 1996 LO#2661 NEWBERRYDELTA EPSILON Leon Charles Banks, Jr., 2002 LO#2690 Lewie E Shealy LUTCF, 1970 LO#2687

NORTH CAROLINA STATEALPHA OMEGA Stephen H. Kouba, Jr., 2011 LO#3067 Charles F. McDowell IV, 2011 LO#2709 NORTH CAROLINACHARLOTTE-EPSILON XI Garrett A. Bedenbaugh, 2008 LO#2644 Jarret B. Burr, 2009 LO#3066 G. Hunter Seabolt, 2009 LO#3043 NORTH FLORIDA-ZETA NU Daniel F. Chwalisz II, 2004 LO#2699 Charles R. Jordan, 2002 LO#95 NORTH TEXASGAMMA LAMBDA Blake E. Benney, 1986 LO#1137 Mark D. Hale, 1990 LO#1784 Gary L. Recer, 1967 LO#3064 NORTHERN ARIZONAEPSILON TAU Douglas W. Hanisch, 1998 LO#2217 NORTHWESTERN STATEGAMMA PSI Ross B. Rachal, 2000 LO#3042 OKLAHOMA-BETA ETA Brent E. Buswell, 2009 LO#3185 OKLAHOMA STATEBETA XI Sam O. Leake, Jr., 1961 LO#21 Robert K. Steinkirchner II, 2002 LO#2689


UNIV. OF THE SOUTHALPHA ALPHA Earl Fain IV, 1982 LO#117 Stephen A. Rowe, 1972 LO#2655 SOUTHEASTERN LOUISIANAEPSILON KAPPA Matthew H. Alombro, 2006 LO#2708 Danny R. Caillouet, 2007 LO#2706 William B. Griffin, 2005 LO#2223 SGT Gerard M. LaBorde, 2006 LO#2394 David K. Landacre, Jr., 2009 LO#2640 Cliff R. Lloyd, 2001 LO#2224 Randy S. Vicknair, 2003 LO#2705 SOUTHERN CALIFORNIABETA SIGMA Erik R. Barkhimer, 1988 LO#3074 SOUTHERN METHODISTBETA LAMBDA Raymond R. Beard, 1957 LO#1148 John M. Moore, 1990 LO#1704 SOUTHERN MISSISSIPPIGAMMA ZETA Matthew R. Farquhar, 2005 LO#3028

NORTH CAROLINAUPSILON Clay A. Campbell, 2001 LO#2451 Benjamin A. Siadak, 2007 LO#2685


SAM HOUSTON STATEGAMMA TAU Joseph C. Bisacca, 2006 LO#2688

SOUTHWESTERN-XI George G. Langston III, 1963 LO#545 STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATE-DELTA KAPPA J. Michael Duncan, 1969 LO#11 Dwain P. Knight, 2004 LO#618 TENNESSEE TECHZETA EPSILON David K. Allen, 2007 LO#3062 TENNESSEE-MARTINDELTA UPSILON Christopher B. Churchill, 2003 LO#2225 Clint F. Cummins, 2000 LO#851 J. David Nailling, 1981 LO#2780 TEXAS A&MEPSILON DELTA Brian J. Youngblood, 2000 LO#3156 TEXAS A&M-COMMERCEGAMMA UPSILON Sidney B. Huston, 2010 LO#2660 John F. Ory, 1990 LO#59 TEXAS STATEEPSILON IOTA Kevin C. Brueggeman, 1993 LO#3033 David W. Cade, 1979 LO#2791 Andrew P. Carr, 2000 LO#2993 W. Madison Wickham, 2003 LO#3024 Ryan T. Young, 2001 LO#3023 TEXAS TECH-GAMMA CHI Jordan T. Gist, 2009 LO#3068 TEXAS-ARLINGTONDELTA IOTA Jared B. Mullen, 1996 LO#3166 Kevin T. O'Shields, 1998 LO#2585 Bret E. Wier, 1981 LO#2351

TULSA-MU Timothy J. Dixon, 2006 LO#2669 John G. Gray, 2005 LO#3072 Calvin M. Moniz, 2004 LO#2658 USNA-SIGMA BETA COMMISSION Rymn J. Parsons, 2014 LO#3203 VALDOSTA STATEDELTA RHO Tullis D. Beasley, 2009 LO#3184 VIRGINIA TECHEPSILON ETA Carlyle R. Wimbish III, 1984 LO#2670 VIRGINIA WESLEYANEPSILON OMICRON Scott A. Brown, 1991 LO#1736 VMI-BETA COMMISSION LTC George M. Brooke IV, 1994 LO#2536 J. Robert Crumpler III, 2007 LO#3039 WAKE FOREST-TAU David P. Barksdale, 1983 LO#156 Robert H. Wall, 1995 LO#2698 WASHINGTON-ZETA MU Kurt E. Gazow, 1997 LO#2106 WASHINGTON & LEEALPHA W. Anderson Wasden IV, 2010 LO#2665 WASHINGTON COLLEGEBETA OMEGA Joseph M. Van Name III, 1987 LO#69 WEST GEORGIAZETA KAPPA Joshua P. Johnson, 2002 LO#3010 WEST TEXAS A&MGAMMA SIGMA Brandon L. Finke, 1995 LO#2686 J. Marcus Taylor, 1997 LO#2697 Michael J. Zoch, 2011 LO#3045 WESTERN CAROLINADELTA ALPHA Jared T. Hopkins, 2008 LO#2997 Jesse S. Lyons, 1998 LO#39 Jonathan P. West, 2004 LO#3044 WESTERN KENTUCKYEPSILON THETA Brent W. Fellows, 1998 LO#2628 Travis A. Simpson, 2007 LO#2756 CPL Joseph B. Tharp IV, 2005 LO#2212 Chris M. Woods, 2003 LO#2642 WESTMINSTERALPHA ETA David C. Chinnery, 1988 LO#2251 Wes W. Gregory, 1990 LO#3005 Robert P. Grone, 1982 LO#1708 Darren S. Kay, 1988 LO#55 Shawn McWilliams, 1987 LO#3157 Kevin P. Moritz, 2010 LO#3056 David J. Neihart, 1980 LO#2727 James M. Schmuck, 1969 LO#1064 WILLIAM JEWELLALPHA DELTA William E. Dreyer, 1957 LO#12 M. Tyler Griffin, 1998 LO#114 WINGATE-ZETA ZETA Eric D. Osterhus, 2007 LO#3041


EASTERN KENTUCKYDELTA MU Christopher M. Castle, 1999 LO#2851 Gary Wayne Grider, 2012 LO#2692 Collin B. Taylor, 1996 LO#2411


MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATE-DELTA LAMBDA Robert A. Pugh, 1975 LO#2650 Dr. Gary G. Wiser, Jr., 1999 LO#254

FALL 2014

11/21/14 10:27 AM



RANDOLPH-MACON-ZETA Richard L. Burke LO# 1038 RICHMOND-ETA Clayton E. Bunting LO# 204 RICHMOND-ETA Scott C. Cole LO# 2800



CLEMSON-DELTA OMICRON Charles C. Mickel David A. Pattillo Benjamin W. Satcher, Jr. LO# 17

STANFORD-ALPHA PI James P. Myerson LO# 3090

EASTERN KENTUCKYDELTA MU James C. Musser Timothy K. Adams LO# 326 James L. Ferman, Jr. LO# 185

TEXAS TECH-GAMMA CHI James R. Purvis LO# 678

FRANCIS MARIONDELTA TAU William H. Skipper, Jr. LO# 2380 FRIENDS OF THE ORDER Gamma Eta Educational Foundation Masterpiece Investments GEORGIA-GAMMA William W. Kidd LO# 744 Paul V. Kilpatrick, Jr. LO# 673 Wyckliffe A. Knox, Jr. Lewis L. Scruggs, Jr. John W. Walden, Jr. LOUISIANA STATEALPHA GAMMA B. Terry W. Bennett LO# 1133 LOUISVILLE-BETA OMICRON Robert M. Bouse LO# 729


TULSA-MU John Sulton Jr. Vanderbilt-Chi Paul H. Kuhn, Jr. LO# 2103 VIRGINIA-LAMBDA Gregory A. McCrickard LO# 3137 WASHINGTON & LEE-ALPHA David R. Murphey III WESTMINSTER-ALPHA ETA Darren S. Kay LO# 55 Dr. James M. Schmuck LO# 1064 Thaddeus A. Stubbs LO# 2009 WILLIAM & MARYALPHA ZETA Bensley H. L. Field LO# 651 WILLIAM JEWELLALPHA DELTA William E. Dreyer LO# 12 Joseph R. Gill


WOFFORD-DELTA La Fon C. Dees LO# 1852

MILLSAPS-ALPHA MU Dr. Russell P. Atchley


MISSISSIPPI STATEBETA TAU Earnest W. Deavenport, Jr. LO# 1318 C. Douglas Simmons III LO# 179 MISSOURI-ALPHA KAPPA James E. Davis LO# 1084 MISSOURI SOUTHERN STATE-DELTA PI Dr. Chad E. Wagoner LO# 32 NORTH CAROLINA STATEALPHA OMEGA Derick S. Close LO# 2838 Edward I. Weisiger, Jr. NORTHWESTERN STATEGAMMA PSI Charles R. Gentz LO# 2816 PURDUE-EPSILON RHO Michael J. Garrison

KAJ_Fall2014_52-75_P4.indd 70

ALABAMA-ALPHA BETA Christopher C. Connor JD George M. Jones III LO# 385 Ken D. Tidwell APPALACHIAN STATEDELTA PSI Charles E. Blankinship R. Craig Cass LO# 2700 Wyatt T. Dixon III LO# 2829 Dr. D. Wayne Whetsell LO# 2601 Stuart F. Whetsell LO# 2185

AUBURN-NU James D. Kay, Jr. LO# 2147 Todd D. Reaves LO# 1315


BETHANY-BETA BETA Lawrence S. Branch LO# 1262

HAMPDEN-SYDNEYALPHA TAU J. David Carter LO# 81 W. Birch Douglass III LO# 2521

BIRMINGHAM-SOUTHERNPHI Howell H. Campbell III LO# 1051 BOWLING GREEN STATEZETA LAMBDA Kevin P. Hughes LO# 3108 CALIFORNIA-ALPHA XI Bruce B. Higton LO#683 Thomas G. Paulson II LO# 44 CHARLESTON-BETA GAMMA Henry W. Middleton, Jr. CITADEL-THETA COMMISSION CPT Ronald C. Plunkett LO# 2241 DELAWARE-BETA EPSILON Eugene M. Julian LO# 1239 Michael D. Wedlick LO# 580 DELTA STATE-DELTA BETA Eddie S. Wilson LO# 228 DUKE-ALPHA PHI Edwin F. Payne EMORY-EPSILON L. Adolph Casal FLORIDA-BETA ZETA Michael D. Abney LO# 933 Joel S. Chitwood III LO# 2396 Preston L. Farrior Stumpy Harris LO# 919 Edward G. Sullivan LO# 1393 FLORIDA SOUTHERNGAMMA PI Guy D. Colado LO# 1832 James C. France FLORIDA STATEGAMMA ETA L. Blair Bailey LO# 84 Jonathan S. Howse, Jr. LO# 2645 FRIENDS OF THE ORDER KA Beta Omega Alumni Bernard Casamento Alpha Eta Chapter Alpha Mu Chapter Beta Tau Chapter Tau Chapter Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Duke Energy Foundation Ben Adam's Precious Jewels & Fine Gifts Rosann F. Hooks Howard C. Pickett Sandy Schubert Elizabeth Hampton Trust FURMAN-IOTA C. Tucker Moore LO# 1278 James M. Ney LO# 2361 GEORGE MASONEPSILON PHI Philip P. Noftsinger LO# 208 GEORGIA-GAMMA Malcolm H. Liles LO# 342

FALL 2014


HOUSTON BAPTISTDELTA SIGMA Russell C. Brown LO# 22 Douglas B. Harris LO# 873 JACKSONVILLE STATEDELTA PHI Marcus E. Angle, Jr. LO# 1082 JOHNS HOPKINSALPHA LAMBDA Francis E. Gardiner, Jr. LO# 1941 LOUISIANA STATEALPHA GAMMA Paul R. Burns LO# 46 Gregory M. Eaton LO# 553 W. Regi Mullins LOUISIANA TECHGAMMA ALPHA Donald R. O'Neal, Jr. LO# 2815 Matthew D. O'Neal LO# 2228 Erik T. Showalter LO# 884 Hugh M. Wood MARSHALL-BETA UPSILON Franklin T. Brackman C. Glenn Pierce II Roger P. Wood LO# 1681 MCNEESE STATE-DELTA XI Ethan J. Bush LO# 18 MEMPHIS-GAMMA GAMMA Michael E. Hopper LO# 976 S. Morgan Morton, Jr. Gregory R. Singleton LO# 184 MERCER-KAPPA James T. Turner, Jr. LO# 963 R. M. Warren III LO# 2453 MIAMI-EPSILON LAMBDA Bruce J. Benes LO# 1234 Richard J. Brunner Michael A. Cash Edwin A. Feick Michael D. Fox LO# 3147 Timothy A. Gallo Daniel G. Richardson MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATEDELTA LAMBDA Julian B. Baker, Jr. LO# 1492 Richard A. Barnes Nicholas S. Palmer LO# 1864 MIDWESTERN STATEGAMMA OMEGA William M. Bone Don M. Canada LO# 3149 Mitchell S. Hill LO# 2568 MILLSAPS-ALPHA MU Dr. William H. Murdock, Jr. LO# 2309 MISSISSIPPI-ALPHA UPSILON David T. Martineau V The Hon. William S. Yerger (Ret.) LO# 1759

MISSISSIPPI STATEBETA TAU Stephen L. Burwell LO# 1993 Robert H. Lee MISSOURI-ALPHA KAPPA James R. Estes LO# 10 Ralph O. Hoevelman LO# 2255 Carl S. Quinn LO# 926 J. William Schulz LO# 2503 MISSOURI S&T-BETA ALPHA C. Edward Schmidt, Jr. LO# 294 MISSOURI STATEGAMMA BETA Gordon L. Kinne LO# 886 Christopher J. Puricelli NEWBERRY-DELTA EPSILON Michael E. Gunn Hugo A. Pearce III LO# 506 NORTH CAROLINA-UPSILON John M. Barry Garth K. Dunklin LO# 2759 NORTH CAROLINA STATEALPHA OMEGA Paul F. Haddock III LO# 408 David B. Hagan LO# 43 Robert J. Smith LO# 2957 NORTH TEXASGAMMA LAMBDA Gary L. Recer LO# 3064 NORTHWESTERN STATEGAMMA PSI Joseph N. Traigle OKLAHOMA-BETA ETA Christopher S. Hoppe Harry H. Phillips, Jr. LO# 1879 OKLAHOMA CITYGAMMA KAPPA David O. Beal Steve C. Knight LO# 1147 OKLAHOMA STATE-BETA XI Sam O. Leake, Jr. LO# 21 OLD DOMINIONDELTA GAMMA William E. Lobeck, Jr. PRESBYTERIAN-BETA PI J. Derrill Rice RICHMOND-ETA Hubel Robins, Jr. ROANOKE-BETA RHO Samuel B. Adams LO# 664 John H. Turner, Jr. LO# 2596 UNIV. OF THE SOUTHALPHA ALPHA G. Patterson Apperson III LO# 266 Martin R. Tilson, Jr. SOUTH CAROLINA-RHO Mark S. Crocker Robert P. Jordan John C. Scarborough Charles B. Thomas SOUTHERN CALIFORNIABETA SIGMA Otis M. Healy LO# 1518 John E. Raidy, Jr.


11/21/14 10:27 AM

Annual Giving

Chapters listed are initiation chapters  deceased LO = Loyal Order

SOUTHERN METHODISTBETA LAMBDA William D. Balthrope Dustin B. Donnell Brad B. Freeman LO# 1942 Robert M. Lockhart LO# 2962 John M. Moore LO# 1704 Warren S. Wingert LO# 2116 SOUTHWESTERN-XI James M. Croley LO# 1561 Edwin B. Gentle Rock N. Houstoun LO# 961 STANFORD-ALPHA PI William J. Hagenah LO# 1155 STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATEDELTA KAPPA Steven M. Steele LO# 1645 TEXAS-OMICRON Norman C. George LO# 2672 Frank W. Maresh LO# 14 Herbert T. Odom III The Hon. Robert M. Pittenger TEXAS A&M-EPSILON DELTA J. Rich O'Toole TEXAS STATE-EPSILON IOTA William R. Bolen Scott D. Carter Ronald R. Morgan LO# 295 W. Madison Wickham LO# 3024 David R. Worley Ryan T. Young LO# 3023 TEXAS TECH-GAMMA CHI J. Kirk Corbin Robert E. Davis Mitchell L. Heidenheimer W. Randy Mathews III J. Coleman McDowell, Jr. LO# 516 McLean D. Russell E. Powell Thompson Dr. Idris R. Traylor, Jr. LO# 866 S. Lee Wright LO# 1919 TEXAS-ARLINGTONDELTA IOTA Alfred Diaz Jr. LO# 549

TULSA-MU Dr. Stephen G. Luckey, Jr. Frank W. Podpechan LO# 445 VALDOSTA STATEDELTA RHO Robert W. Hagan LO# 2150 VIRGINIA-LAMBDA Victor H. Hanson II LO# 315 Edward D. McCrady VIRGINIA TECHEPSILON ETA James H. Cochrane, Jr. LO# 804

WILLIAM JEWELLALPHA DELTA William K. Dillingham LO# 1425 M. Tyler Griffin LO# 114 Robert T. Steinkamp LO# 1282


WOFFORD-DELTA Dr. Paul D. Kountz, Jr. LO# 1843 Jerry J. Richardson C. Michael Smith LO# 1522

DUKE-ALPHA PHI Roy O. Rodwell, Jr. LO# 2749 Samuel J. Skinner


VMI-BETA COMMISSION COL Henry J. Foresman, Jr. (Ret.) LO# 1361 SGM E. Kent McMichael LO# 251 J. Carlton Showalter, Jr. WAKE FOREST-TAU David P. Barksdale LO# 156 Robert M. Boswell III The Hon. Thomas H. Fetzer, Jr. Benjamin C. Sutton, Jr. The Hon. David M. Warren LO# 13 UNIV. OF WASHINGTONZETA MU Jeffrey G. Leigh

APPALACHIAN STATEDELTA PSI Douglas R. Coley LO# 1065 Benjamin D. Cook Ryan C. Gragg ARIZONA-GAMMA EPSILON David L. Steinheimer LO# 1483

WASHINGTON COLLEGEBETA OMEGA PO Daniel J. F. Buck LO# 278 Douglas S. Ewalt LO# 78 William R. Janney III LO# 45 Michael Macielag



BAYLOR-DELTA OMEGA Robert D. Fletcher LO# 1317

WEST VIRGINIA WESLEYANBETA CHI Millard L. Cursey, Jr. LO# 537 Stephen E. Foster LO# 2062 Harvey P. White


AUBURN-NU William T. Morgan III



LAMBUTH-GAMMA OMICRON Dan H. Akin LO# 2549 Dr. Thomas S. Dunavant, Jr. LO# 588 Raymond Y. Thomasson

FLORIDA-BETA ZETA Gregory B. Adams LO# 817 Henry H. Beckwith LO# 346


FLORIDA STATEGAMMA ETA Bennie J. Dudley LO# 938 Richard E. Heath


FRANCIS MARIONDELTA TAU Kenneth W. Jackson LO# 1123 John D Waters LO# 3020 FRIENDS OF THE ORDER Arthur Bartenstein Alpha Delta Chapter Barren River Alumni Chapter Delta Beta Chapter Epsilon Rho Chapter Gamma Lambda Chapter Baird Foundation Baker Hughes Foundation Sigma Nu Educational Foundation, Inc. The Progressive Insurance Foundation U. S. Bank Foundation Blue River Studio Group H & S Forest Products, Inc. Julian Gold, Inc. Jo Ellen Lawless Keith J. Steiner FURMAN-IOTA Lawrence L. Keefer LO# 959

WESTMINSTER-ALPHA ETA Robert S. Fasoldt David J. Neihart LO# 2727 Travis L. Sartain LO# 214

TULANE-PSI James W. Denham

DELTA STATE-DELTA BETA Sidney E. Richmond, Jr.


106,499.89 9,591.89 181,257.54 975,722.49

GEORGIA TECHALPHA SIGMA Daniel H. Bradley Edward L. Kelly LO# 1336 James C. Platt, Jr.

MERCER-KAPPA King V. Aiken, Jr. LO# 99 Robert A. Bowen, Jr. MIAMI-EPSILON LAMBDA Jeffrey G. Abke Robert A. Marchi John A. Romelfanger John M. Tipton MIDWESTERN STATEGAMMA OMEGA John S. Harvey, Jr. LO# 20 MISSISSIPPI-ALPHA UPSILON Edwin W. Barnett LO# 710 LTG James E. Sherrard III LO# 1012 MISSOURI-ALPHA KAPPA Kenneth L. Brown LO# 313 Kenneth Rickli LO# 922 MISSOURI S&T-BETA ALPHA Jared L. Gregory NORTH CAROLINA-UPSILON Morris W. Pully LO# 189 V. Charles Wyatt NORTH CAROLINACHARLOTTEEPSILON XI Loyd J. Russing

118 15 62 2,027


A 118 B



15 2014 DONORS

Parents / Non-members $ 106,499.89 118 Undergraduates* 9,591.89 15 Staff / Volunteers 181,257.54 62 Alumni 975,722.49 2,027


$ 1,273,071.81

62 D



* includes Foundation Chapters

KAJ_Fall2014_52-75_P4.indd 71





A. B. C. D.

FALL 2014

11/21/14 10:27 AM



RANDOLPH-MACON-ZETA Joseph F. Ambrosio LO# 2069 Dr. Stephen P. Long LO# 876 Littleton M. Maxwell LO# 568



NORTHWESTERN STATEGAMMA PSI Thomas M. Wright LO# 978 OKLAHOMA-BETA ETA Richard V. Armstrong II LO# 1632 Charles W. Schmidt OKLAHOMA CITYGAMMA KAPPA COL W. T. Lunsford (Ret.) LO# 1246 OKLAHOMA STATE-BETA XI Kent T. Chapin LO# 1258 Richard I. Evans OMEGA COMMISSION James J. Winn, Jr.


SOUTHWESTERN-XI John A. Anderson, Jr. LO# 2570 Martin R. Harris, Jr. George C. Jones M. DeWayne Varnadore STANFORD-ALPHA PI Robert F. Sawyer STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATEDELTA KAPPA Dwain P. Knight LO# 618 TENNESSEE-PI Dr. Edwin P. Rather LO# 617 TENNESSEE-MARTIN-DELTA UPSILON Charles S. Briggs LO# 285 James L. Crews II LO# 2796 TEXAS A&M-EPSILON DELTA Brett S. Schoonover David L. Schoonover LO# 2832 TEXAS A&M-COMMERCEGAMMA UPSILON Marc A. Scott LO# 88

TEXAS TECH-GAMMA CHI 2LT Christopher A. Huff Thomas W. Myers Dustin S. Whittenburg LO# 561 TEXAS-ARLINGTONDELTA IOTA COL Darren L. Cochran LO# 3092 TULSA-MU Calvin M. Moniz LO# 2658 VALDOSTA STATEDELTA RHO Marvin H. Dickey James R. Suber VANDERBILT-CHI M. Timothy Carey LO# 1394 W. Winston Hoy, Jr. LO# 2091 VMI-BETA COMMISSION R. Kevin Jones Meade A. Spotts LTC William E. Wray, Jr. (Ret.) LO# 872 WAKE FOREST-TAU Ross A. Berlin LO# 3139

WEST VIRGINIA WESLEYANBETA CHI David E. Reemsnyder II WESTERN CAROLINADELTA ALPHA Jesse S. Lyons LO# 39 WESTERN KENTUCKYEPSILON THETA Matthew V. Bonner LO# 2213 Jay F. Rutherford, Jr. LO# 1331 WILLIAM & MARYALPHA ZETA Nicholas J. St. George LO# 2369 WILLIAM JEWELLALPHA DELTA Stuart L. Bascomb LO# 2776 Brian R. Farrington Evan L. Tripp WOFFORD-DELTA Raymond S. Heath LO# 2243 Wade P. Keisler J. Michael Montgomery


$500,000 TO $999,999 OKLAHOMA STATE-BETA XI Edward P. Leslie, Jr. * PRESBYTERIAN-BETA PI COL David M. Buie (Ret.) * STANFORD-ALPHA PI William R. Williamson * WESTMINSTER-ALPHA ETA William H. Angle *

$100,000 TO $499,999 CALIFORNIA-ALPHA XI Thomas G. Paulson II LO#44

FRIENDS OF THE ORDER Ruth A. Elder Estate * Alfred I. duPont Foundation Dorothy Tyree * GEORGETOWN-BETA DELTA COL James C. Coleman, Jr. * GEORGIA-GAMMA Andrew H. Heyward III LO#16 William L. M. Knox, Jr. LO#2539 Wyckliffe A. Knox, Jr. Boone A. Knox * John W. Walden, Jr. GEORGIA TECHALPHA SIGMA R. Jack Alexander, Jr. * LAMBUTH-GAMMA OMICRON James L. Ostner MEMPHIS-GAMMA GAMMA S. Morgan Morton, Jr. MISSOURI S&T-BETA ALPHA Theodore L. Weise LO#293

CLEMSON-DELTA OMICRON Benjamin W. Satcher, Jr. LO#17




FRANCIS MARIONDELTA TAU William H. Skipper, Jr. LO#2380

KAJ_Fall2014_52-75_P4.indd 72



EMORY-EPSILON Timothy K. Adams LO#326 Robert J. Beckham * James L. Ferman, Jr. LO#185

MISSOURI S&T-BETA ALPHA C. Edward Schmidt, Jr. LO#294

FLORIDA-BETA ZETA Stumpy Harris LO#919

NORTH CAROLINA STATEALPHA OMEGA David B. Hagan LO#43 Edward I. Weisiger, Jr.



FRIEND OF THE ORDER Gamma Eta Educational Foundation


GEORGIA-GAMMA Richard J. Arroll William A. McRae Edwin R. Neel Lewis L. Scruggs, Jr. Barry L. Storey

TENNESSEE-PI Henry C. Goodrich * TEXAS-OMICRON Frank W. Maresh LO#14 Harry A. Trueblood, Jr.

WILLIAM JEWELLALPHA DELTA Vance E. Rule Clyde E. Williams *

GEORGIA TECHALPHA SIGMA James W. Bowyer Jerry B. Fussell Hubert L. Harris, Jr.

$50,000 TO $99,999


WAKE FOREST-TAU Norman B. Kellum, Jr. LO#1480


WASHINGTON & LEE-ALPHA David R. Murphey III James H. Sammons, M.D. *

MILLSAPS-ALPHA MU Dr. Russell P. Atchley


AUBURN-NU Jack B. Carter II LO#57* Todd D. Reaves LO#1315 DELAWARE-BETA EPSILON Eugene M. Julian LO#1239 DUKE-ALPHA PHI Roy O. Rodwell, Jr. LO#2749

FALL 2014


MISSOURI-ALPHA KAPPA James R. Estes LO#10 J. William Schulz LO#2503

TEXAS TECH-GAMMA CHI Dr. Idris Rhea Traylor, Jr. LO#866 VANDERBILT-CHI Robert M. Varn *



11/21/14 10:27 AM

Annual Giving (continued) | Cumulative Giving

Chapters listed are initiation chapters  deceased LO = Loyal Order

$25,000 TO $49,999 ALABAMA-ALPHA BETA Harold M. Anderson H. Grady Tiller, Jr. * Hugh P. Whitehead CALIFORNIA-ALPHA XI Bruce B. Higton LO#683* DELAWARE-BETA EPSILON John F. Bishop II * DELTA STATE-DELTA BETA Eddie S. Wilson LO#228 EMORY-EPSILON Frank L. Asbury III LO#751* J. David Carico FLORIDA STATEGAMMA ETA David J. Middleton LO#180 Curt Steger FRIENDS OF THE ORDER Anonymous Paulina T. Beall * Epsilon Delta Chapter Virginia Bateman Comer Estate Community Foundation For Greater Atlanta Kappa Alpha Foundation For Leadership & Service Masterpiece Investments Coca-Cola Foundation Matching Gift Program Dr. J. Crayton Pruitt Gretta Robb Mildred H. Street Virginia N. Toombs FURMAN-IOTA James M. Ney LO#2361 GEORGIA-GAMMA Upshaw C. Bentley, Jr. * W. Waldo Bradley Daniel G. Broos G. Anthony Campbell John H. Crawford IV J. Rex Fuqua Rutledge A. Griffin, Jr. George M. D. Hunt IV William W. Kidd LO#744 Paul V. Kilpatrick, Jr. LO#673 Robert E. Knox, Jr. Andrew H. Knox Jefferson B. A. Knox S. Wistar Lewis Matthew G. Moffett GEORGIA TECHALPHA SIGMA Charles L. Wallace LO#1829 HAMPDEN-SYDNEYALPHA TAU Raymond B. Bottom, Jr. LO#687 HOUSTON BAPTISTDELTA SIGMA Russell C. Brown LO#22 Douglas B. Harris LO#873

MISSISSIPPI-ALPHA UPSILON David T. Martineau V Richard B. Wilson, Jr. LO#93

WESTMINSTER-ALPHA ETA Darren S. Kay LO#55 Dr. James M. Schmuck LO#1064 Thaddeus A. Stubbs LO#2009

MISSISSIPPI STATEBETA TAU Hunter W. Henry, Jr. * C. Douglas Simmons III LO#179

WOFFORD-DELTA La Fon C. Dees LO#1852 Robert E. Graham, Jr.

MISSOURI-ALPHA KAPPA Robert W. Maupin LO#1591 Lewis H. Wyman III LO#47

$10,000 TO $24,999

NORTH CAROLINA-UPSILON Wallace A. Brown, Jr. * Morris W. Pully LO#189 NORTH TEXASGAMMA LAMBDA Larry F. Robb LO#66* NORTHWESTERN STATEGAMMA PSI W. Julian Foy * OGLETHORPE-BETA NU Max S. Flynt, Jr. * OKLAHOMA-BETA ETA Richard C. Beveridge * OKLAHOMA STATE-BETA XI Sam O. Leake, Jr. LO#21 RHODES-ALPHA EPSILON Rufus W. Shivers * RICHMOND-ETA Clayton E. Bunting LO#204 Raymond Wilkinson * UNIV. OF THE SOUTHALPHA ALPHA G. Patterson Apperson III LO#266 Alvan S. Arnall LO#1054* Robert D. Fowler *

TRANSYLVANIAALPHA THETA Michael D. McCaslin * TULSA-MU William W. Francis IV LO#500 VIRGINIA TECHEPSILON ETA James H. Cochrane, Jr. LO#804 VMI-BETA COMMISSION SGM E. Kent McMichael LO#251 Dr. Andrew J. Thacker *


KAJ_Fall2014_52-75_P4.indd 73


LAMAR-GAMMA XI The Hon. Anthony L. Polumbo LOUISIANA STATEALPHA GAMMA Paul R. Burns LO#46 Ray P. Oden, Jr. LO#637* William T. Pegues III * MARSHALL-BETA UPSILON Franklin T. Brackman

MERCER-KAPPA Rev. James L. Duncan * M. Tom Faircloth LO#19 James T. Turner, Jr. LO#963

CENTENARY-ALPHA IOTA William T. Green LO#812 CHARLESTON-BETA GAMMA Clayton P. Boardman III LO#1917 CLEMSON-DELTA OMICRON Charles C. Mickel DELAWARE-BETA EPSILON Dr. William R. Baldt Bruce L. Hudson LO#2148 Michael D. Wedlick LO#580

FLORIDA SOUTHERNGAMMA PI James C. France FRIENDS OF THE ORDER John Paul Foundation Rosann F. Hooks GrandStand Sports, Inc. Helen R. O'Mara Jim Possehl The Chapters of Irwin Province Elizabeth Hampton Trust McCall Trust GEORGE WASHINGTONALPHA NU John D. Smoot, Jr. * GEORGETOWN-BETA DELTA Donald W. Webb, Sr. * R. Dudley Webb GEORGIA-GAMMA Mark C. Cross, Jr. John E. Dowlen, Jr. Hugh M. Inman * John R. Jackson


MILLSAPS-ALPHA MU Nat S. Rogers LO#646 Charles M. Sours LO#640* MISSISSIPPI STATEBETA TAU Stephen L. Burwell LO#1993 Earnest W. Deavenport, Jr. LO#1318 U. Edwin Garrison MISSOURI-ALPHA KAPPA James E. Davis LO#1084 Loren Q. Hanson LO#883 Kenneth Rickli LO#922 MISSOURI SOUTHERN STATE-DELTA PI Dr. Chad E. Wagoner LO#32

FLORIDA-BETA ZETA Michael D. Abney LO#933 Wogan S. Badcock, Jr. *



NORTH CAROLINA-UPSILON Charles Z. Flack, Jr. * Frederick L. Munds, Jr. LO#1890* NORTH CAROLINACHARLOTTE-EPSILON XI MAJ Steven M. Williams LO#1631 NORTHWESTERN STATEGAMMA PSI Charles R. Gentz LO#2816 OKLAHOMA-BETA ETA Wayne T. Biddle * Jerry L. Milligan RANDOLPH-MACON-ZETA The Hon. Porter Hardy, Jr. *

STANFORD-ALPHA PI John B. De Nault LO#2973 Robert D. Valdez STEPHEN F. AUSTIN STATEDELTA KAPPA Steven M. Steele LO#1645 TENNESSEE-PI Dr. Edwin P. Rather LO#617 TEXAS-OMICRON James D. Goudge Clyde R. Littlefield LO#860 TEXAS TECH-GAMMA CHI James R. Purvis LO#678 John E. Simpson III TULSA-MU John Sulton, Jr. * VANDERBILT-CHI William W. Featheringill LO#819* Paul H. Kuhn Jr. LO#2103 Samuel W. Magruder LO#1406 Philip D. Rowe, Jr. LO#697 VIRGINIA-LAMBDA Victor H. Hanson II LO#315 Gregory A. McCrickard LO#3137 VMI-BETA COMMISSION COL William H. Hastings, Jr. (Ret) LO#691* Dr. O. Hunter McClung, Jr. * WAKE FOREST-TAU David P. Barksdale LO#156 Ross A. Berlin LO#3139 Robert M. Boswell III John L. Hall LO#870 J. Guy Revelle, Jr. * WASHINGTON & LEE-ALPHA William G. Bean, Jr. LO#661 WASHINGTON & LEE-ALPHA M. Allen Dickson WASHINGTON COLLEGEBETA OMEGA Dr. James L. Bowers LO#496 Douglas S. Ewalt LO#78 WEST VIRGINIA-ALPHA RHO James A. Todd, Jr. LO#1861 WEST VIRGINIA WESLEYANBETA CHI Millard L. Cursey, Jr. LO#537

RICHMOND-ETA Dr. Scott C. Cole LO#2800 Grant V. Harrison *

WILLIAM JEWELLALPHA DELTA Gary D. Barnes William K. Dillingham LO#1425 M. Tyler Griffin LO#114 Dr. Burnell Landers LO#1885 Louis W. Romigh *

ROLLINS-ALPHA PSI Stewart Turley LO#312

WOFFORD-DELTA Dr. March E. Seabrook






CALIFORNIA-ALPHA XI Lloyd P. Cornell, Jr. * Gerald C. Down LO#2293 Kenneth R. Mitchell * Julian A. Pardini *

EMORY-EPSILON James L. Ferman, Sr. * James L. Matte John M. McNatt, Jr.


JOHNS HOPKINSALPHA LAMBDA G. Walther Ewalt LO#77* Francis E. Gardiner, Jr. LO#1941

AUBURN-NU William T. Morgan III


SOUTHERN CALIFORNIABETA SIGMA Red Cavaney LO#3179 J. Frank Mahoney III * Carlton M. Rogers * Warren R. Sprinkel LO#656



WAKE FOREST-TAU Dr. John W. Nowell * The Hon. David M. Warren LO#13





ALABAMA-ALPHA BETA Clyde B. Anderson George M. Jones III LO#385 Carl E. Jones, Jr. Thomas C. Moxley F. Brook Voght * Ernest G. Williams *

John D. Jones, Jr. LO#989 John F. Knight Jefferson B. A. Knox, Jr. Malcolm H. Liles LO#342 Stephen C. Owings George W. Simmons

FALL 2014

11/21/14 10:27 AM


CUMULATIVE GIVING (CONTINUED) $5,000 TO $9,999 ALABAMA-ALPHA BETA Charles M. Fitts, Jr. LO#639 Arthur L. Lenahan * APPALACHIAN STATEDELTA PSI R. Craig Cass LO#2700 Dr. D. Wayne Whetsell LO#2601 ARIZONA-GAMMA EPSILON Colby J. Hunter Todd H. Langley LO#1979* AUBURN-NU James D. Kay, Jr. LO#2147 J. Stephen Powell III BETHANY-BETA BETA Lawrence S. Branch LO#1262 BIRMINGHAMSOUTHERN-PHI Joseph M. Farley * Robert E. Luckie, Jr. * William B. Reed LO#520 CALIFORNIA-DAVISEPSILON GAMMA Dr. Larry A. Jenkins CALIFORNIA-RIVERSIDEEPSILON EPSILON Michael A. Costa LO#1622 CENTENARY-ALPHA IOTA Lewis T. Baker, Jr. CHARLESTON-BETA GAMMA Dr. W. McLeod Frampton, Jr. * CLEMSON-DELTA OMICRON Milton E. Pate David A. Pattillo Timothy J. Reed LO#769 DAVIDSON-SIGMA Thomas M. Belk * DELAWARE-BETA EPSILON Stephen R. Welch LO#1672 DRURY-BETA IOTA George W. Culler, Jr. * Bret R. Neathery LO#972 Jack R. Taylor LO#2022 DUKE-ALPHA PHI George G. Guthrie Jack Y. Harrison LO#1481 John B. McKinnon A. Curtis Walker * EMORY-EPSILON John W. Cox, Sr. * John T. Glover Norman G. Houston III William D. Morrison John W. Stephenson LT James M. Tallman LO#834 Randolph W. Thrower, Sr. * Gordon S. Varnedoe Robert W. Woodruff * FLORIDA-BETA ZETA Henry H. Beckwith LO#346 Dr. Donald M. Bryan John W. Frost II LO#1235 Leland M. Hawes, Jr. * Randolph W. McLaughlin W. Godfrey Smith * FLORIDA SOUTHERNGAMMA PI L. Lamar Rou, Jr. *

KAJ_Fall2014_52-75_P4.indd 74

FLORIDA STATEGAMMA ETA M. R. Buck Clements, Jr. * William G. Smith, Jr. FRIENDS OF THE ORDER Charlie R. Ashford, Jr. * Gamma Eta Chapter The Chapters of Graves Province State Mutual Insurance Company James Ward Wood Prov. Court of Honor Robert R. Feagin III Jurenko Foundation Overstreet Short Mountain Foundation Sumter & Ivilyn Lowry Foundation Virginia Hardesty Kappa Alpha Tenth Order Suzy Nelson Travis M. Osborne Windsor Plaza Frances M. Pruitt Deloitte Services LP J. Frank Surface Martha P. Tarpen Delos H. Yancey III FURMAN-IOTA Lawrence L. Keefer LO#959 GEORGE MASONEPSILON PHI Philip P. Noftsinger LO#208 GEORGETOWN-BETA DELTA Robert A. Gritton * GEORGIA-GAMMA William Y. Atkinson IV Harry G. Haisten, Jr. LO#2911 Sam D. King William L. Nix Neal J. Quirk GEORGIA TECHALPHA SIGMA Barry E. Cox LO#1710 Frederick W. Dismuke, Sr. * Edward L. Kelly LO#1336 HAMPDEN-SYDNEYALPHA TAU W. Birch Douglass III LO#2521 JACKSONVILLE STATEDELTA PHI Marcus E. Angle, Jr. LO#1082 Jeff A. Parker LO#1358 JOHNS HOPKINSALPHA LAMBDA Craig S. Thompson KENTUCKY-THETA W. Hunt Smock LAMBUTH-GAMMA OMICRON Dr. Thomas S. Dunavant, Jr. LO#588 LOUISIANA TECHGAMMA ALPHA John R. Bolton LO#2666 Ronnie E. Bounds, Jr. Donald R. O'Neal, Jr. LO#2815 Douglas W. Robertson LO#110 Erik T. Showalter LO#884 LOUISIANA-MONROEGAMMA NU William M. McGee LO#987 Samuel A. Wigley *

MARSHALL-BETA UPSILON Robert W. Buskirk II LO#2943 Roger P. Wood LO#1681

OKLAHOMA-BETA ETA Henry R. Carr, Sr. * David A. Kimbell LO#1294* William C. Routh LO#1418 William J. Thompson Warren B. Weeks, Jr. LO#805

MARYLAND-BETA KAPPA Ernest R. Eaton, Jr. Robert M. Ross LO#1279



OKLAHOMA STATE-BETA XI Kent T. Chapin LO#1258 Bill J. Ramsey


MEMPHIS-GAMMA GAMMA MG James L. Hobson, Jr. LO#2401 Michael E. Hopper LO#976 Gregory R. Singleton LO#184 Charles E. Stone LO#2741 MERCER-KAPPA Robert A. Bowen, Jr. MIAMI UNIV.EPSILON LAMBDA Bennett P. Applegate Gregory B. Smith MIDDLE TENNESSEE STATEDELTA LAMBDA Julian B. Baker, Jr. LO#1492 John R. Milam Nicholas S. Palmer LO#1864 MILLSAPS-ALPHA MU Bruce D. Stafford LO#1280* MISSISSIPPI-ALPHA UPSILON Douglas C. Stone * Hollis C. Thompson, Jr. * MISSISSIPPI STATE-BETA TAU William F. Maxwell, Sr. LO#662 John W. Ramsay * Leo W. Seal, Jr. *


NORTH CAROLINA STATEALPHA OMEGA Marshall J. Donathan, Jr. LO#1144 Robert J. Smith LO#2957 G. Smedes York LO#2540 NORTHWESTERN STATEGAMMA PSI Thomas M. Wright LO#978

FALL 2014


TRANSYLVANIA-ALPHA THETA Michael P. Wilson LO#40 TULANE-PSI Black B. H. Chaffe III LO#1778

VALDOSTA STATEDELTA RHO James Aylor Anderson, Jr. * Robert W. Hagan LO#2150 J. Larkin Wright, Jr.

RANDOLPH-MACON-ZETA Richard L. Burke LO#1038 Dr. Stephen P. Long LO#876 RICHMOND-ETA Bernard G. Cline, Jr. * Hubel Robins, Jr. ROANOKE-BETA RHO Curtis A. Sumpter * James C. Turk, Jr. ROLLINS-ALPHA PSI E. William Pautler, Jr. UNIV. OF THE SOUTHALPHA ALPHA Nelson H. Puett LO#1485 William R. Stamler, Jr. LO#257

SOUTH CAROLINA-RHO W. Edgar Helms III LO#985* Thomas M. Lane Ernest G. Lawhorne

NORTH CAROLINA-UPSILON William R. Frazier * John R. Griffin, Jr. LO#1675 J. Emmett Sebrell * Thomas H. Sloan V. Charles Wyatt


PURDUE-EPSILON RHO Michael J. Garrison Jeffrey W. Love LO#79

MISSOURI S&T-BETA ALPHA George T. Wootten, Jr.

NEWBERRY-DELTA EPSILON Hugo A. Pearce III LO#506 Edgar L. Woods

TEXAS STATE-EPSILON IOTA F. Michael Carr Ronald R. Morgan LO#295

TULSA-MU George K. Hatheway * Joe F. Mills LO#260 Frank W. Podpechan LO#445


MISSOURI STATEGAMMA BETA Harry R. Baker LO#964 Gordon L. Kinne LO#886 Christopher J. Puricelli


PRESBYTERIAN-BETA PI Arthur F. Jones II William M. Matthews V LO#2745 J. Derrill Rice

MISSOURI-ALPHA KAPPA Kenneth L. Brown LO#313 D. Tom O'Neal, Jr.


Chapters listed are initiation chapters deceased LO = Loyal Order

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIABETA SIGMA Robert J. Lucas LO#1683 Kenneth A. Tipton LO#1249* SOUTHERN METHODISTBETA LAMBDA William D. Balthrope The Hon. William P. Clements, Jr. * Loy B. Moore LO#1212 SOUTHWESTERN-XI Clyde M. Jones LO#166 George G. Langston III LO#545 Gary T. Scott LO#859 STANFORD-ALPHA PI William J. Hagenah LO#1155 James P. Myerson LO#3090 Robert F. Sawyer TENNESSEE-PI COL John B. McKinney LO#745 William S. Porter LO#1083 TEXAS-OMICRON Richard M. Blades Franklin W. Denius Lowell H. Lebermann, Jr. * Richard M. Lucas * Clarence M. Malone, Jr. The Hon. Robert M. Pittenger

VANDERBILT-CHI William P. Acker III LO#15 William A. Mitchell, Jr. VMI-BETA COMMISSION COL Henry Joyce Foresman, Jr. (Ret.) LO#1361 Henry J. Foresman, Sr. * MG Richard L. Irby * George G. Phillips, Jr. J. Carlton Showalter, Jr. LTC William E. Wray, Jr. (Ret.) LO#872 WAKE FOREST-TAU J. Melville Broughton III WASHINGTON-ZETA MU Jeffrey G. Leigh WASHINGTON & LEE-ALPHA Peter M. Candler John G. Guerrant * WASHINGTON COLLEGEBETA OMEGA George T. Cromwell, Jr. William R. Janney III LO#45 Dietrich H. Steffens * Joseph M. Van Name III LO#69 WEST TEXAS A&MGAMMA SIGMA Dr. Garry L. Nall LO#929 WEST VIRGINIA-ALPHA RHO James W. Craig LO#1417* WEST VIRGINIA WESLEYANBETA CHI David E. Reemsnyder II WESTERN CAROLINADELTA ALPHA Jesse S. Lyons LO#39 WESTMINSTER-ALPHA ETA Dr. Paul J. Davis Carl Trauernicht, Jr. * WILLIAM JEWELLALPHA DELTA Robert T. Steinkamp LO#1282 WOFFORD-DELTA Jerry J. Richardson


11/21/14 10:27 AM

Cumulative Giving (continued) | Annual Giving by Chapter

ANNUAL GIVING BY CHAPTER The following list shows how many individual donors, both Active and Alumni, from each of these chapters gave a gift to the KAOEF and the total amounts of gifts per chapter. No members from your chapter donated if your chapter is not listed. Figures are reflective of initiates of specified chapter. Transfer chapters are not indicated. SCHOOL



Alabama Appalachian State Arizona Arizona State Arkansas Arkansas State Arkansas Tech Arkansas-Fort Smith Auburn Baylor Bethany Birmingham-Southern Bowling Green State California California State California-Davis California-Riverside Centenary Omega Commission Charleston Citadel Clemson Davidson Delaware Delta State Drury Duke East Carolina East Tennessee State Eastern Kentucky Elon Emory Florida Florida Gulf Coast Florida Southern Florida State Francis Marion Furman George Mason George Washington Georgetown Georgia Georgia College Georgia Southern Georgia Tech Goldey Beacom Hampden-Sydney Houston Houston Baptist Indiana State Jacksonville State James Madison Johns Hopkins

Alpha Beta 29 Delta Psi 16 Gamma Epsilon 10 Epsilon Omega 3 Alpha Omicron 7 Delta Eta 12 Epsilon Zeta 2 Zeta Rho 1 Nu 37 Delta Omega 6 Beta Beta 10 Phi 10 Zeta Lambda 9 Alpha Xi 11 Epsilon Upsilon 2 Epsilon Gamma 1 Epsilon Epsilon 1 Alpha Iota 14 Omega Commission 1 Beta Gamma 2 Theta Commission 13 Delta Omicron 20 Sigma 12 Beta Epsilon 28 Delta Beta 10 Beta Iota 7 Alpha Phi 25 Gamma Rho 17 Delta Delta 7 Delta Mu 10 Epsilon Mu 4 Epsilon 38 Beta Zeta 51 Zeta Pi 4 Gamma Pi 2 Gamma Eta 35 Delta Tau 6 Iota 14 Epsilon Phi 4 Alpha Nu 4 Beta Delta 13 Gamma 41 Epsilon Nu 5 Delta Theta 12 Alpha Sigma 50 Zeta Gamma 1 Alpha Tau 6 Gamma Mu 5 Delta Sigma 5 Zeta Iota 1 Delta Phi 9 Zeta Theta 1 Alpha Lambda 4

Kentucky Theta Lamar Gamma Xi Lambuth Gamma Omicron Louisiana State Alpha Gamma Louisiana StateShreveport Delta Chi Louisiana Tech Gamma Alpha Louisiana-Lafayette Gamma Phi Louisiana-Monroe Gamma Nu Louisville Beta Omicron Marshall Beta Upsilon Maryland Beta Kappa McNeese State Delta Xi Memphis Gamma Gamma Mercer Kappa Miami Gamma Theta Miami Univ. Epsilon Lambda Middle Tennessee State Delta Lambda Midwestern State Gamma Omega Millsaps Alpha Mu Mississippi Alpha Upsilon Mississippi State Beta Tau Missouri Alpha Kappa Missouri S&T Beta Alpha Missouri Southern State Delta Pi Missouri State Gamma Beta Murray State Delta Nu New Mexico Beta Phi Newberry Delta Epsilon Nicholls State Epsilon Beta North Carolina Upsilon North Carolina State Alpha Omega North CarolinaCharlotte Epsilon Xi North Florida Zeta Nu North Texas Gamma Lambda Northern Arizona Epsilon Tau Northwestern State Gamma Psi Oglethorpe Beta Nu Oklahoma Beta Eta Oklahoma City Gamma Kappa Oklahoma State Beta Xi Old Dominion Delta Gamma Penn State Zeta Eta Presbyterian Beta Pi Purdue Epsilon Rho Randolph-Macon Zeta Rhodes Alpha Epsilon Richmond Eta Roanoke Beta Rho Rollins Alpha Psi Sam Houston State Gamma Tau San Diego State Gamma Iota

11,236.50 10,692.03 1,600.00 110.00 644.33 1,237.00 279.16 136.73 6,440.80 1,250.00 1,505.00 2,425.00 1,459.33 8,700.00 60.00 100.00 100.00 1,833.66 750.00 3,100.00 3,295.00 23,894.14 1,061.50 6,594.16 3,672.98 501.61 4,725.00 1,873.32 610.00 6,985.09 504.60 17,726.00 14,377.28 747.02 2,050.00 15,525.41 18,239.37 4,850.00 3,230.00 425.00 825.00 159,169.95 176.68 2,139.16 6,614.28 20.00 2,580.00 375.00 5,763.20 30.00 2,008.65 25.00 3,080.00


23 3 12 27

3,315.00 329.32 2,405.00 17,004.18

2 25 12 14 9 18 9 7 25 25 7 39 17 26 15 34 28 28 24 14 16 4 3 11 1 18 27

260.00 9,294.49 1,170.00 1,775.67 5,705.25 4,280.00 1,461.40 2,493.48 7,469.16 8,330.88 445.00 12,663.07 8,723.92 14,117.36 54,902.50 6,495.01 19,696.92 22,963.16 6,889.58 8,109.43 3,305.00 280.00 485.00 4,038.90 150.00 6,578.32 45,066.18

7 1 16 3 13 3 24 15 19 8 1 23 5 10 9 20 12 7 5 3

1,405.97 149.16 5,044.37 894.32 19,454.60 160.00 5,273.64 3,550.00 3,907.38 1,635.00 30.00 6,201.50 5,821.00 7,200.00 1,555.00 33,644.00 2,995.00 340.00 586.73 520.00



San Jose State Gamma Delta 2 125.00 Univ. of the South Alpha Alpha 19 4,676.70 South Alabama Epsilon Alpha 5 365.00 South Carolina Rho 27 6,485.00 Southeastern Louisiana Epsilon Kappa 10 1,829.95 Southern California Beta Sigma 22 21,409.79 Southern Methodist Beta Lambda 28 22,275.93 Southern Mississippi Gamma Zeta 7 1,285.00 Southwestern Xi 23 12,531.73 Stanford Alpha Pi 16 7,950.00 Stephen F. Austin State Delta Kappa 10 6,158.32 Tennessee Pi 10 1,345.00 Tennessee-Martin Delta Upsilon 10 2,501.50 Texas Omicron 10 11,149.93 Texas A&M Epsilon Delta 9 5,000.00 Texas A&M-Commerce Gamma Upsilon 13 2,053.48 Texas State Epsilon Iota 20 13,948.95 Texas Tech Gamma Chi 30 29,836.52 Texas-Arlington Delta Iota 12 4,348.95 Transylvania Alpha Theta 9 1,180.00 Tulane Psi 14 2,830.00 Tulsa Mu 22 15,514.53 USMA Sigma Alpha Commission 3 180.00 Valdosta State Delta Rho 18 5,400.00 Vanderbilt Chi 20 7,235.00 Virginia Lambda 11 11,750.00 Virginia Tech Epsilon Eta 5 1,679.16 Virginia Wesleyan Epsilon Omicron 2 359.32 VMI Beta Commission 86 15,495.33 Wake Forest Tau 31 16,420.70 Washington Zeta Mu 3 1,329.16 Washington & Lee Alpha 18 6,948.76 Washington College Beta Omega 15 8,939.33 Washington Univ. Beta Theta 4 370.00 West Florida Epsilon Sigma 2 150.00 West Georgia Zeta Kappa 2 202.03 West Texas A&M Gamma Sigma 11 1,577.92 West Virginia Alpha Rho 16 2,144.33 West Virginia Wesleyan Beta Chi 18 7,410.00 Western Carolina Delta Alpha 16 2,096.56 Western Kentucky Epsilon Theta 10 1,899.65 Westminster Alpha Eta 29 25,510.12 William & Mary Alpha Zeta 13 25,562.00 William Jewell Alpha Delta 25 81,039.86 Wingate Zeta Zeta 6 783.95 Wofford Delta 30 15,367.88 Friends of the Order 125 110,494.68


2,222 1,273,071.81


KAJ_Fall2014_52-75_P4.indd 75



FALL 2014

11/21/14 10:27 AM

Sports Page

Left: Zach Gorla, left, and Patrick Turner at the World Cup match between Italy and England in the Arena de Amazonia in Manaus, Brazil. Above: With Gorla's sister, Nicole.

Alpha Eta Brothers Enjoy

World Cup Action in Brazil As World Cup fever swept the globe in July, two KA brothers who have been friends since childhood fulfilled a lifelong dream as they attended two World Cup soccer matches. PATRICK TURNER AND ZACH GORLA, BOTH 2004 INITIATES OF ALPHA

“It was definitely the experience of a lifetime,” he says. “The enthusiasm of the soccer fans from other countries is just unbelievable. They take month-long holidays, quit their jobs, they just take off for the World Cup. In the Italy-England game neither team had the best showing, unfortunately, but it was still a good game. The stadium in Rio was just unbelievable, it holds like 75,000 people and I think every seat was filled. The level of talent was amazing, but you still sit there as a player as well as a fan when you watch the game and think about what you would have done in that situation. It was a once-in-a lifetime experience. Hopefully I'll get back to another World Cup someday.” When St. Louis NBC affiliate KSDK-TV got wind of the duo's impending trip, the station decided to take advantage of it by providing a camera for the men to use to get some footage. “KSDK got involved after we (his Duchesne girls team) had won our (second consecutive) state championship,” Turner says. “They came out to interview the team, and just in conversation I mentioned to them that I was going to the World Cup, and two or three days later they gave me a call and said they'd like to send me down with a GoPro camera to document the trip. So I picked it up the day before we left and we shot some of the trip for them, and when I got back I went down to KSDK and gave them the camera back and they put the footage together.” The station then ran a segment shot by Turner and Gorla featuring Turner at the Manaus game, as well as footage of a

Eta and 2007 graduates of Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri, decided to do something they had talked about for years, spending 12 days taking in the sights of South America while attending two FIFA World Cup matches in Brazil. Fans of the game since boyhood, Turner and Gorla are both accomplished soccer players themselves; Turner is the state championship-winning coach of the girls soccer team at Duchesne High School in St. Charles, Missouri, while Gorla holds several records from his soccer-playing days at Westminster. Both men also attended and played soccer together at Duchesne. “We always wanted to go to the World Cup, and when it was in Brazil, the soccer capital of the world, we just decided we had to do it,” Turner says. “I've been into soccer since I was a little kid, since I could walk and kick a ball around ... it's big here in the St. Louis area. Zach and I started playing together years ago.” The men attended the Italy vs. England game (Italy won 2-1) at the Arena Amazonia in Manaus, and the Belgium vs. Russia game (Belgium won 1-0) at the Estadio do Maracana in Rio De Janeiro. “When we didn't have tickets to a game we'd go to the beach, and it was amazing,” Turner says. “There were about 4050,000 people watching the USA vs. Portugal game on the big screen at Copacabana Beach in Rio de Janeiro.” Gorla says that the trip was an event he will never forget.

KAJ_Fall2014_76-88_C3-C4_P4.indd 76

FALL 2014



11/21/14 9:51 AM

Sports Page tropical forest hike and a boat trip on the Amazon River. “It's all about the Turner says that, regardless of what the media may report foundation of KA, about dangers for tourists in Brazil, the group—which also of learning how to included Gorla's girlfriend, two his siblings and one of his treat everyone well of siblings’ friends—felt pretty safe. Rio we had a hotel about a ... whether you're in “In block away from the beach and never felt like we were in any coaching or business, we danger,” Turner says. “There was a very strong military people want to be presence that made all the tourists feel a lot safer, and we respected, and if always traveled in packs.” Gorla says that while his love you show them that of the game obviously accounts for so much of his success as respect it goes a a college soccer player, being long way personally a KA brother also had a lot to do with that success, as well as and professionally.” with his career as a physician recruitment consultant. “It's all about the foundation of KA, of learning how to treat everyone well,” he says. “It's that Southern hospitality that goes a long way, whether you're in coaching or business or whatever; people want to be respected, and if you show them that respect it goes a long way personally and professionally. You have to grow up at some point, and KA plays a big role in that.” Like Gorla, Turner says that being a KA brother has helped determine the course of his life as well. “It definitely has made a difference,” he says. “All the leadership skills we learned, and the principles of how to conduct ourselves was so important, especially for me, in coaching young ladies, where I've always conducted myself as a gentleman. The older pledges showed us how to be good mentors, so I've tried to do the same for these young kids, trying to make a difference with young people every day.” The following link is the link to a KSDK-TV interview with Turner and some of the footage that he and Gorla shot in Rio de Janeiro. A KSDK-TV spokesman wasn't sure how long the link would be available, but it was still active at the time of this writing. video/11378883/fans-excited-for-usa-vs-germany/

Summer & Fall Sports Recap Basketball HAMPDEN - SYDNEY Head Coach Dee Vick (Alpha Tau-HampdenSydney ’91) Led team to a 16-13 season LOUISIANA – LAFAYETTE Stephen Wronkoski 144 points, 99 rebounds MILLSAPS Murray Kastner Leading Scorer (228 points, 11.4/game) Free Throw Shooting, 37/39 (94.9%) 41 rebounds, 33 assists Alex Gerchow 23 games Paris Douglas WESTMINSTER

Zach Kline 2nd place in 200 freestyle relay 10th in 100m butterfly Josh Van Houten 11th in 1650 freestyle 15th in 200m freestyle


Joe James ‘14 NIC All-Fraternity All-American Leading Scorer (376 points, 15/game) 72 assists, 48 steals, 87.2% Field Goal Scoring

James Shaw 1,358 assists All-Mountain Pacific Sports Federation 1st team

Kellen Brondell Played in 18 starts SLIAC All-Academic team included: Mik Ebert, Blake Stonecipher, Jay Zalis Other players: Ben Cooper, Blake Berkbuegler, Michael Bussman


Connor Kuremsky PAC- 12 Diver of the Month (Dec.) 3rd in 1-meter springboard and 8th in synchronized 3-meter diving

Ty Lapinski On winning 400m medley relay team, 2nd place 200m medley relay, & 4th place 800m freestyle relay 4th in 200m backstroke 7th in 400m IM


11 KA players including

Brian Cook 476 kills All-Mountain Pacific Sports Federation 1st team Steven Irvin 404 kills All-Mountain Pacific Sports Federation 1st team Eric Mochalski 281 kills All-Mountain Pacific Sports Federation 2nd team Grant Delgado All-American 3rd team Conrad Kaminski 190 kills All-American Honorable List All-Mountain Pacific Sports Federation second team Denny Falls Spencer Haly David Tublin


KAJ_Fall2014_76-88_C3-C4_P4.indd 77




Ethan Hollowell 3rd in 50m freestyle, 6th in 100m freestyle, 8th in 200m freestyle

Larry Reinhard

8 KA Players including:

Kristian Ipsen All-American honors 1-meter title winner, 2nd in platform competition

The KA duo and Nicole got to see a large swatch of Rio and felt safe everywhere.

Charlie Wiser 4th in 200 breaststroke, 5th in 100 breaststroke

FALL 2014

11/21/14 9:51 AM

Sports Page BASEBALL





Keegan Dolan 11 home runs Led team in hitting (.369 avg.) 33 RBI, 32 runs scored All-Old Dominion Athletic Conference 1st Team D-III All-South Region second team

Seven KA’s saw action for Millsaps, including:

Blake Stonecipher 25th at SLIAC meet

Hunter Stevison 58 points (41 goals, 17 assists)


Blake Stevens NCAA D-III All-American 2nd Team selection Academic All-American 1st Team selection 8-2 record, 1.06 ERA, 77 strikeouts in 85 innings Jacob Mayfield All-Southern Athletic Association 1st Team Led team in hitting (.361 avg.), 15 doubles, 6 home runs David Bourbonnais 5-0 record, five saves, 0.61 ERA, 33 strikeouts in 29.1 innings .283 batting avg., no errors EMORY Jared Welch Named to All-Tournament Team Batted .314 with 39 runs, 15 doubles, 5 triples, 46 RBI, 12 stolen bases Won the Rawlings Gold Glove as the top fielding catcher in Division III MILLSAPS Keith Shumaker D-III All-American 3rd Team All South Region 1st Team Batted .354 with 34 runs, 33 RBI, and 12 doubles 6-1 in 76.2 innings with a 2.82 ERA Andrew Rafferty Top hitter (.381 avg) All-SAA 1st team choice William Chenoweth .260 batting avg. 4 home runs and 17 stolen bases West Hammond 3.54 ERA in 15 games Bryce Blackburn Played in 20 games

KAJ_Fall2014_76-88_C3-C4_P4.indd 78

Simon Sherman 36 goals and 38 ground balls Ryan McKay 57 points (27 goals, 30 assists)

Jake Rudolph 5-2 record 2.44 ERA (team best)

Kirk Clark 50 ground balls

Kyle Witty Batted .333

Chris Hood 109 saves

MISSISSIPPI Will Jamison Batted .260 in 49 games Team triples leader

Kevin Tighe 26 ground balls

Matt Denny Pitched in 15 contests WESTMINSTER 18 KA players on its 21-14 squad


TENNIS WOFFORD Rob Galloway 11-10 in singles, 14-7 in doubles

Julian Speyer 26 ground balls



Alex Christ

Headley Van Meter 8 goals, 4 assists


Ben Horst

Alex Makarenko All-SAA 1st team

Tyler Branneky D-III All-Central Region 2nd Team All-SLIAC 1st Team Top hitter (.366 avg.) 31 runs and 4 home runs

Connor Breslin 5 points

Tim Chambliss .346, 30 RBI, 10 doubles

14 KA players

Danton Hughes


Thomas Mills



Noah West 73.70 over 20 rounds (low of 68)

5 KAs



Carter Davis Won the Springhill Suites Intercollegiate Scored a school record 206 (67-71-68)

Daniel Poole 1st in javelin throw at SCAC championship


Cameron Backes .289, with 24 runs Tanner Branneky .242, with 4 home runs Tyler Picha .263

LACROSSE DUKE Joe Kruy, Rowland Pettit, and Reid Maxmin saw action in the team’s 2nd straight NCAA championship

FALL 2014

MILLSAPS Three KAs placed in the top 30 at the Southern Athletic Association meet Ryan Martin (17th), Ryan Martin (24th), Tyler Kastner (27th)


Ben Reardon Patrick Hire HAMPDEN-SYDNEY Thacher Jennings MILLSAPS




11/21/14 9:51 AM

Foundation Today

2014 KAOEF Bid for Brotherhood

Instead of “keep pounding” it was “keep bidding” at Panthers Stadium by Ben W. Satcher, Jr. (Delta Omicron – Clemson ’79), Former Knight Commander and Chief Development Officer

This annual B4B is the KAOEF’s yearly fundraising event and Charlotte was host to the 17th B4B. Since its inception in 1998, the auction has raised almost $700,000. To learn more check out

KAJ_Fall2014_76-88_C3-C4_P4.indd 79




THE 2014 BID FOR BROTHERHOOD (B4B) HELD IN CHARLOTTE, N.C. at the Bank of America Stadium on Friday, July 25 was a tremendous success. The Advisory Council, Board of Trustees, alumni and guests from North and South Carolina were on hand to enjoy the fellowship, fun and food, while at the same time helping to raise funds for our undergraduate brothers. The B4B raised over $80,000 which will be used for leadership education programs conducted throughout the year for our Active Members. The event consisted of numerous silent auction items which could be seen online. Bidders in attendance and from across the country could place bids on their smart phones up until the auction closed. The live auction consisted of 11 items highly sought after by those in attendance. They consisted of trips, sports outings, artwork, and a commemorative rifle for KA’s 150th anniversary.

FALL 2014

11/21/14 9:51 AM

Foundation Today Donation In Memory of: Frank L. Asbury III by J . McDowell Platt Larry S. Wiese Lawrence E. Ault by J im P. Lawson John C. Locklier Robert J. Mottern III Fredrick J. Beasley by Roy O. Rodwell Jr.

James Harvey Drake by Lewis H. Wyman III

Dr. William C. Mayfield Jr. by D r. Russell P. Atchley DMD

Hugh M. Duncan by Robert L. Kirby

Richard A. McClure by C MDR James R. McClure USN (Ret.)

James Duncan by C OL Henry J. Foresman Jr. Andrew R. Eickhoff Jr. by Jim P. Lawson Richard T. Feller by C OL Henry J. Foresman Jr.

John B. Bennett by B. Terry W. Bennett

Charles Z. Flack Jr. by C OL Walter Middleton Fitts Sr.

J. Thomas Bradley Jr. by KA Alumni Chapter

Charles B. Flood by Larry S. Wiese

Walter C. Brandt by Dean S. Zang

Henry J. Foresman Sr. by C OL Henry J. Foresman Jr.

Allen S. Brisson by Stuart F. Whetsell

Eugene H. Fountain by Vincent Coyle

Genie Meeks Brown by Dr. Walter L. Brown

W. Julian Foy by John Michael Moore

Haron L. Brown II by C. Glenn Pierce II

William McCleod Frampton by C OL Henry J. Foresman Jr.

1LT Tyler Hall Brown USA by Edward S. Wilson III

Dewie Fuller by James W. Fuller

Keith W. Campbell by Gregory R. Singleton

Paul B. Fuller by James W. Fuller

Jack B. Carter II by J ohn B. & Rebecca L. Barnett KA Alumni Chapter Dudley A. DeVore Charles Webster Humphreys William E. Johnston Jim P. Lawson Thomas C. Moxley Christopher A. Pettey Ben W. Satcher Jr. Gregory R. Singleton Gordon M. Speed Joseph M. Van Name III Larry S. Wiese

W. Benjamin Gilker by William M. Gilker III

Edward F. Cave by J oseph Cullinane Cave Earl D. Chambers by Charles H. Bean Jr. Austin C. Childers by W illiam E. Dreyer Larry S. Wiese

William E. Glassell by Dr. Edwin c. Glassell Beverly Irwin Grimes by Larry S. Wiese Edward K. Halbrooks by Robert W. Myers Ronald Harris by M iles Racey Orndorff Jr. David P. Hewitt by Batson L. Hewitt Bruce C. Hinkel by John W. Simpson Gerald L. Hoff by James E. Byrne Jr. George A. Jarrard by Andrew Nelson W. Baxter Jennings by Jay F. Rutherford Jr.

Robert E. Christy by M AJ Charles A. Bertalot

Dr. William B. Keene by Dr. William R. Baldt

Joseph R. Colingo by A lpha Upsilon Chapter University of Mississippi Ronald G. Applewhite

Robin Smith Kirby by Guy S. Kirby III Guion H. Kleinpeter by M AJ Charles A. Bertalot

James P. Connell Jr. by C OL Walter Middleton Fitts Sr.

Alfred R. Van Landingham by J ohn R. Rowe Jr.

John E. Cook III by John b. League Jr. Leon A. Cox II by Jim P. Lawson James W. Craig by D aniel R. Amato Jr. Ben W. Satcher Jr. Larry S. Wiese Richard O. Dorton by J. Michael Thornberry Clarence R. Downing by G eorge G. Langston III

KAJ_Fall2014_76-88_C3-C4_P4.indd 80

Chi W. Lee by Stephen G. Luckey Jr. Dr. E. Carwile LeRoy by Dr. Robert F. Mann The Honorable Jack L. Lively by James D. Hull II Frank Macielag by Michael Macielag Noble G. Marshall by Echol S. Marshall Jr. E. Fleming Mason by D r. Carey A. Washington

Richard W. McCrary by Jim P. Lawson

Robert H. Yeatman by James E. Sylvanus

Loren D. Melton by C. Alan Melton Dr. Ernest L. Moore Jr by T imothy K. Adams Milton Burts Pope Sr. Matthew M. Moyinhan by James M. Broom III William J. Neely by William E. Watson Henry L. Nowell Jr. by William H. Everitt John William Nowell by C OL Henry J. Foresman Jr. Julian A. Pardini by Russell D. Summers Giles Jared Patterson Jr. by C OL Henry J. Foresman Jr. Larry O. Phillips by L avinia P. Phillips Dr. Ovid W. Pierce Jr. by Melbourne H. Pridgen Mark H. Pruitt by SSGT Andrew C. West John D. Rather IV by Dr. Edwin P. Rather John H. Renneker by H owell H. Campbell III J. Guy Revelle Jr. by D r. Robert F. Mann Scott M. Rogers Alfred E. Rickli by Kenneth Rickli Larry F. Robb by Steven E. Burleson BG Charles D. Roberts Jr. by Kenneth Lee Brown J. Richard Roberts by James T. Turner Jr. Bryce C. Ruth Jr. by J. Walter Wood Jr. Marcus V. Simmons Jr. by Timothy K. Adams Mrs. George T. Smith by LTC George T. Smith William A. Stroud by Howard M. Stroud Thomas R. Tedcastle by Edward G. Sullivan Randolph W. Thrower Sr. by Larry S. Wiese George F. Touart by CPT James W. Dickson Lee H. Vaughn by Matthew A. Converse

Jack P. Warren by James M. Croley

FALL 2014


Frank B. Wilson by T im, Jodi, Maggie and Anna Adams The Wrights of Beta Epsilon by Robert I. Wright

Robert C. McNab by Larry S. Wiese

Gary B. Vickers by N orman George Houston III

William Bethel "Sonny" Williamson V by Stuart F. Whetsell

Adam G. Deatherage by Larry S. Wiese David K. Dere by Dr. Edwin P. Rather William E. Dreyer by Daniel R. Amato Jr. Keegan K. Dolan by Joni H. Fichter Barry B. Donnell by Dustin B. Donnell

Donation In Honor of:

Dustin B. Donnell by Barry B. Donnell

William L. Abernathy by T he Honorable George B. Hooks

J. Michael Duncan by Darron E. Franta

Alpha Chapter - Washington & Lee University by Dr. Nelson S. Teague Alpha Beta Chapter University of Alabama by COL William J. McKinney Daniel R. Amato Jr. by Jim P. Lawson Delta Beta Chapter - Delta State University by James W. Wood Jr. Dr. Elaine & Mr. G. Patterson Apperson III by Larry S. Wiese James J. Bailey Jr. by Tommy W. Skinner Richard A. Barnes by Darron E. Franta Beta Kappa Chapter University of MarylandCollege Park by John W. Simpson Beta Tau Chapter Mississippi State University by Damon J. Williams Beta Zeta Chapter University of Florida by Gregory B. Adams David W. Cade by Andrew P. Carr Brian Callaway by Chris M. Curulla

Don M. Durham by Dean S. Zang James L. Ferman Jr. by Daniel R. Amato Jr. Evan Fichter by Joni H. Fichter Kyle R. Fleischmnn by Robert S. Pollock J. Marc Fleming by Larry S. Wiese Lawrence Joseph Franck by Alpha Upsilon Chapter University of Mississippi Mr. & Mrs. Darron E. Franta by Larry S. Wiese Zeb G. Freeman by Joel H. Ivey Gamma Chi Chapter - Texas Tech University by Charles C. Chesser Gamma Sigma Chapter West Texas A&M University by Russell D. Steagall Dr. Kent L. Gardner by Larry S. Wiese Joseph E. Goodroe III by Edmond H. Wilson Dr. D. Tyler Greenfield by Robert D. Fletcher Glenn B. Gunn by D. Tyler Greenfield

Christopher S. Canada by Larry S. Wiese

David B. Hagan by T homas D. Grimes Jr. Michael Cameron LeCompte

J. David Carico by Stuart F. Whetsell

Mr. & Mrs. Douglas B. Harris by William E. Dreyer

Collin R. Cheek by Joseph L. Morris

Mitchell S. Hill by Larry S. Wiese

Henry M. Cheves Jr. by R ichard Porcher Horne Jr.

Kappa Alpha Order Staff by Anthony M. Graziani

Michael E. Chionopoulos Esq. by Larry S. Wiese

Darren S. Kay by Dr. James M. Schmuck

Robin L. Combs by Larry S. Wiese James Brant Conner by G eorge T. McCutchen Jr. Norwood Cowgill Jr. by Stuart F. Whetsell Brian J. Darland by Larry S. Wiese Wayne E. Dawson by Andrew P. Carr

Robin Smith Kirby by Guy S. Kirby III John C. J. Kitchens by Howell H. Campbell III John W. Knapp by John L. Rowe Jr. Matthew Denney Kreston by Earl A. Denney Robert D. Lane by Clifford J. Lane


11/21/14 9:51 AM

Foundation Today Jim P. Lawson by Morris W. Pully Sam O. Leake Jr. by D ustin G. Brann Horace H. White Court of Honor

Pi Chapter - University of Tennessee-Knoxville by Dr. Edwin P. Rather Phi Chapter - BirminghamSouthern College by C harles B. Bernhard III

Robert L. Smith III by Mary Loch Smith

Michael P. Wilson by Keith J. Steiner

Thaddeus A. Stubbs by Stuart F. Whetsell

Christopher M. Woods by Stuart F. Whetsell

Stanton S. Sweeney by Larry S. Wiese

Robert A. Young Jr. by SGT Robert A Young Jr.

LT Robert E. Lee III by Richard G. Clampitt

Nicholas B. & Jen Powell by Daniel R. Amato Jr.

Lewis M. Little Jr. by Dr. Edwin P. Rather

James W. Townsend by J. Douglas Townsend

Bryan Lamar Rabon by David J. Driver

The Hon. Jack Luther Lively by James D. Hull II

Dr. Idris R. Traylor Jr. by James E. Byrne Jr.

R. Roland Ramsey by Larry S. Wiese

Walter R. Lunsford by Ben W. Satcher Jr.

Ben W. Satcher Jr. by Daniel R. Amato Jr.

Gordon S. Varnedoe by M G John S. Grinalds, USMC (Ret)

Marshall A. Martin by John C. Martin

J. William Schulz by Andrew P. Carr

Virginia Military Institute Alumni Association by John M. Spivey III

Dr. Robb Nelson Matthews by Larry S. Wiese

K. Ward Showalter by J . Carlton Showalter Jr.

Robert H. Walker by Dr. H. Tom Williams

Cody T. Mitchell by Sloan P. Ellis

Gregory E. Shuck by Thaddeus M. Fine

William T. Ware Jr. by Earnest W. Deavenport Jr.

Current & Former National Administrative Office Staff by R aymond Randolph Beard

C. Douglas Simmons III by Dustin G. Brann

The Hon. David M. Warren's investiture as a Federal Bankruptcy Judge by W illiam E. Dreyer Larry S. Wiese

Carol N. Ney by James M. Ney COL & Mrs. Robert H. Nuttall Sr. by C PT Ronald C. Plunkett Sean T. Olds by Larry S. Wiese Matthew D. O'Neal by Donald R O'Neal Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. C. Douglas Simmons III by G regory R. Singleton Stuart F. Whetsell William H. Skipper Jr. by J ohn W. Beauchamp Andrew P. Carr G. Randy Smith by Dr. Robert F. Mann

Johnson L. Webster by G. Alfred Webster Lyles B. Webster by G. Alfred Webster John B. White by George J. Pope

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FALL 2014

11/21/14 9:51 AM

Our Legacy

Kappa Alpha Family Tradition By Ben Beall (Epsilon Nu - Georgia College ’12)

Ben and Inman Beall

Asa and Guyton Beall


We are all very different people, while at the same time we find common interest in being gentleman of Kappa Alpha. It has become something we all hold very close to our hearts and believe it brings us closer as a family. We made the decision to become KAs, now we have a bond with one another that is blood thick and the spiritual process of becoming a KA connects us all. Even when we lose touch for a few months, when the cousins all meet again one of the first conversations we have, “Ben, how is that KA life treating ya?” With a grin and quick connection we immediately begin to share amusing stories. Even with my brother and cousins graduated, the effects of being a KA is noticed when we are all together. Not one door goes unopened for a lady, not one cheek of a mother is unkissed, and every hand of our uncles’ or fathers’ is firmly shook. It seems to be a glow in the room when six family members, all KAs, join arms for a quick picture. For our family, being KA brothers is about keeping in touch and having something we share more than blood for the rest of our lives. KA is a powerful bond and when combined with family, something almost surreal happens. It unites us all under a common power and humbles us all to be better gentleman and family men.

group of cousins from small town Dublin, Ga. Benjamin and Hunter Beall (brothers in their own right) are first cousins with Inman, Stephen, Asa, and Guyton Porter. All of these gentlemen have one thing in common; they are members of the Kappa Alpha Order. It began in 2003 when Stephen Porter, my oldest cousin went to the University of Georgia (Gamma) to become a KA. Followed by my brother Hunter, where he became a KA at Georgia Southern (Delta Theta), and thus KA became a family tradition. The four ‘Porter Boys’ as my cousins have become, eventually all became KA’s at Georgia’s Gamma Chapter. After I joined, I became the youngest and most recent initiate as a member of Epsilon Nu Chapter at Georgia College. Being a KA is more than just a college experience to us; it has become a common interest that keeps us in touch. I am currently only 20, and Stephen is 29, with my older brother and other cousins spread out between. One can only imagine how difficult it can be to all gather at the same place to break bread with busy schedules that are spread out over the Eastern seaboard. However, around Christmas every year we seem to all find a home in Dublin at our grandfather’s house and enjoy catching up over a holiday celebration. These are now filled with ‘handshakes’ and stories about being a KA and the good times that came with it.

KAJ_Fall2014_76-88_C3-C4_P4.indd 82

FALL 2014

Hunter and Stephen Porter



11/21/14 9:51 AM

From the Archives

RECORD ATTENDANCE – Photo of convention assembly illustrates fact that a record attendance was on hand to celebrate Order's Centennial.

LEE BUST – Col. James M. Morgan (B-VMI), Dean of Faculty of VMI and Honorary Convention Chairman, presents retiring KC Nowell a Robert E. Lee bust on behalf of Beta Commission in appreciation for outstanding service as Knight Commander.

CENTENNIAL CONVENTION CALLED ‘INSPIRING’ The following is taken from the November 1965 issue of The Kappa Alpha Journal, the first to print following the 100th Anniversary Celebration. THE FIRST ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF

KAJ_Fall2014_76-88_C3-C4_P4.indd 83

movie and television producer-director; John P. Fishwick (Beta Rho – Roanoke), senior vice president of the Norfolk & Western Railway; and Gen. George R.E. Shell (Beta Commission – VMI), Superintendent, Virginia Military Institute. Elected Knight Commander of Kappa Alpha Order for the ensuing two years was Henry J. Foresman (Beta Commission – VMI). A resident of Lexington, Virginia, and the father of four young sons, Brother Foresman has a long and enviable record of service to the Order. Members of the Exeuctive Council re-elected at the Centennial Convention were: Richard T. Feller (Alpha Rho – West Virginia), Bethesda, Md.; Giles J. Patterson, Jr. (Alpha Alpha – Sewanee), Jacksonville, Fla.; Paul M. Speake (Alpha Beta – Alabama), Birmingham, Ala.; J. Henry Lovelace (Beta Eta – Oklahoma),



Waco, Tex.; and Thomas G. Paulson, II (Alpha Xi – California). The single new addition to the Executive Council was Douglas C. Stone (Alpha Upsilon – Mississippi), Columbus, Mississippi. Brother Stone, senior province commander at the time of his elevation to the Council had previously served as commander for Irwin Province (Mississippi) for over ten years. The Centennial Celebration was history making in many respects. Brother Jonatahn Ward Wood (Alpha Rho – West Virginia), Lost River, W. Va., son of Founder James Ward Wood, presented the Order with an original photograph of his father. A time capsule containing greetings from former Knight Commanders was opened and an impressive memorial to those KA’s who served under him was dedicated in George C. Marshall’s Research Library in Lexington.


Kappa Alpha Order’s existence were celebrated with impressive ceremony in Roanoke-Lexington, Virginia, August 25-27, 1965. Hundreds of collegiate and alumni members thronged to the state of the Order’s birth to commemorate that which had passed and to pledge themselves anew to perpetuate the KA ideals for a second centry of Brotherhood. Scores called the convention a “highly inspiring milestone.” On hand were many talented and inspirational speakers to help commemorate the first one hundred years of Kappa Alpha Order. Featured speakers were Dr. Frank A. Rose (Alpha Theta – Transylvania), president, University of Alabama; Gen. Lemuel C. Shepherd, Jr. (Beta Commission – VMI), former commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps; Delbert Mann (Chi – Vanderbilt),

FALL 2014

11/21/14 9:52 AM

Chapter Eternal

Brothers listed herein were reported and recorded as of August 19, 2014.

The Official Badge of the Order is shown as worn on a “hatchment” (a crepe of piece of black ribbon 1/2" wide and 3/4" long). Brothers are to wear this arrangement during a period of mourning as set forth in the Kappa Alpha Laws (App. 103).” Alabama Alpha Beta

Dr. W. Howard Cooper III, 1951, 01/07/2014 David M. James, 1954, 10/01/2013 Fredrick W. Kahlmus, Jr., 1937, 11/11/2005 Jimmy P. Staggs, 1954, 11/06/2007

Appalachian State Delta Psi

William B. Williamson, V, 2001, 07/31/2014

Arizona Gamma Epsilon

John M. Conti, 2007, 04/03/2014

Auburn Nu

William D. Abernethy, 1966, 07/01/2014 Col John Edward Blue Sr., USAF (Ret), 1950, 01/14/2014 J. Thomas Bradley Jr., 1958, 10/21/2013 Jack B. Carter II, 1971, 03/28/2014 Ronald T. Coffee, 1952, 01/28/2012 COL Chester Oliver Stephens Jr., USA (Ret.), 1941, 08/18/2014

Bethany Beta Beta

John L. Medick, 1940, 02/01/2014 Russell H. Richardson, 1946, 07/23/2014

Birmingham-Southern Phi

Delaware Beta Epsilon

Randall C. Aldrich, 1973, 01/01/2014 COL Stephen E. Inman, 1962, 11/12/2010 Paul J. Lloyd, 1954, 11/23/2013 Samuel M. D. Marshall Jr., 1947, 12/13/2013 Dr. Cornelius V. Robbins Jr., 1950, 12/01/2013 LTC Edwin L. Stein, 1951, 06/18/2014

Drury Beta Iota

William B. Lusk, 1948, 02/11/2014 Mark E. Orr, 1979, 06/01/2014 Rev. John Surgener III, 1946, 06/05/2004 James E. Thompson Jr., 1950, 01/20/2014 Milton B. Thompson, 1947, 10/29/2013

Duke Alpha Phi

Fredrick J. Beasley, 1954, 09/16/2010 James Carlton Fleming, 1945, 08/27/2014 Dr. Robert W. Hankins, 1955, 05/28/2014 Harvey J. Hinnant, 1941, 07/30/2014 Dr. George R. Ratchford, Jr., 1950, 09/04/2009 Lee B. Walker, 1995, 08/01/2014

East Carolina Gamma Rho

Clyde Neville Garmon Jr., 1945, 11/20/2013 Dr Robert John George MD, 1969, 01/11/2006 Gregory K. Hamilton, 1983, 11/05/2007 L. Bryan Hutcheson, 1953, 03/12/2013 Rev. Robert C. Morgan, 1952, 03/16/2014

Jack M. Beale, 1960, 03/20/2003 Radford M. Garrett III, 1972, 10/03/1994

California Alpha Xi

Lee H. Vaughn, 1983, 01/30/2014

Walter K. Grant, Jr., 1948, 12/12/2013 Raymond H. Hawkins, 1938, 12/19/2012 Bruce B. Higton, 1949, 06/27/2014

Centenary Alpha Iota

Phillip H. Butcher, 1960, 12/04/2013

Charleston Beta Gamma

Robert O. Petusky, 1977, 12/13/2006

Clemson Delta Omicron

B. Craig Thomas, 1970, 05/20/2014

Davidson Sigma

Robert R. Jinright, 1948, 03/25/2014 Dr. John H. Proctor, 1950, 11/28/2013

Eastern Kentucky Delta Mu

Charles B. Flood, 1983, 08/15/2014

Elon Epsilon Mu Emory Epsilon

Dr. E. Eddy Burns, 1949, 02/04/2014 Dr. Alton V. Hallum Jr., 1955, 07/21/2014 Earl L. Hickman, 1954, 05/23/2014 B. DeForrest Jackson, 1944, 11/14/2013 Frederick S. Johnston III, 1942, 06/10/2012 Walter M. Jones, , 12/19/2011 Richard C. Langford, 1963, 02/16/2014 Randolph William Thrower Sr., 1930, 03/08/2014

Florida Southern Gamma Pi

Everett S. Carter, 1960, 12/18/2013

Florida State Gamma Eta

Ed W. Dilsaver, 1949, 07/12/2009 Tim A. Meacham, 1976, 09/23/2012

Louisiana State Alpha Gamma

George Washington Alpha Nu

Shields C. Bray, 1947, 12/09/1991 Andrew D. Crawford, 1989, 11/23/2008 Robert P. Lemann, 1968, 03/28/2014 Richard H. Prescott, 1952, 10/09/2013 Tom W. Robinson, 1947, 11/12/2013 Lewis C. Segura, 1943, 02/11/2014

Georgetown Beta Delta

William A. Barnwell Jr., 1949, 05/20/2011

Furman Iota

Marvin R. Behlke, 1958, 03/18/2011 John E. Cook III, 1961, 06/30/2014

KAJ_Fall2014_76-88_C3-C4_P4.indd 84

Joseph R. Colingo, 1958, 03/21/2014 Robert J. Dowdle, 1974, 07/21/2009 Dr. Henry L. Laws II, 1951, 02/25/2014 Leon E. Lewis, Jr., 1949, 01/03/2014 M. Clifton Maxwell, 1942, 03/22/2014 COL Royal E. North, 1938, 09/14/2008

Louisiana Tech Gamma Alpha

Mississippi State Beta Tau

Tilden L. Combs, 1957, 05/08/2008 Garland R. Hallinan, 1953, 07/22/2010 Dr. Herbert S. Kays, 1958, 10/27/2011

Louisiana-Monroe Gamma Nu

Missouri Alpha Kappa

Georgia Gamma

John S. Akers, Jr., 1929, 04/17/2014

Clayton A. Carlisle, 2008, 11/04/2013

Ralph E. Knight, Jr., 1939, 02/05/1988

Louisville Beta Omicron

James Harvey Drake, 1969, 11/15/2013 Russell J. Larkin, 1941, 11/27/2013 BG Charles D. Roberts Jr., 1948, 06/25/2014

David R. Dillinger, 1950, 09/15/2013 Angus T. Hinson, 1967, 10/18/2013 Willis Powell Lanier Jr., 1958, 05/28/2014 Marcus V. Simmons Jr., 1953, 07/09/2014 Oscar M. Tharp, 1969, 11/18/2013

Marshall Beta Upsilon

Missouri State Gamma Beta

Georgia College Epsilon Nu

Georgia Southern Delta Theta

Harold R. Bohlman, Jr., 1955, 12/10/2013 Bruce C. Hinkel, 1966, 11/20/2012 CDR John E. Sandrock, 1947, 03/21/2012 Garlin A. Young, 1949, 03/18/2014

Georgia Tech Alpha Sigma

Keith W. Campbell, 1983, 03/02/2014

Austin C. Childers, 2011, 02/26/2014 Russell W. Tyler, 2008, 07/06/2014

Eugene H. Fountain, 1980, 06/23/2014

R. Jack Alexander Jr., 1946, 02/28/2014 Beverly I. Grimes, 1948, 02/21/2014 James L. Henderson Jr., 1947, 02/21/2014 John Preston, 1956, 08/18/2014

Hampden-Sydney Alpha Tau

Frank Buck, 1955, 10/30/2013 William H. Daughtrey Jr., 1952, 02/01/2014

Jacksonville State Delta Phi

William E. Burke, 1987, 06/12/2009

Kentucky Theta

Maxwell P. Barret Jr., 1963, 07/21/2012 David T. Greathouse, 1969, 10/08/2013

Lamar Gamma Xi

Ed H. Price, 1958, 02/03/2012

Paul H. Barker, 1970, 08/07/2012

Earl D. Chambers, 1951, 06/14/2014 William W. Mason, 1942, 01/28/2014 Rickey D. Wilcox, 1969, 02/19/2014

Maryland Beta Kappa

Memphis Gamma Gamma Mercer Kappa

Thomas R. Jones, 1948, 05/09/2014 Dr. Ernest L. Moore Jr., 1944, 05/30/2014 Charles A. Ruff, 1959, 11/30/2012 Richard P. Sheridan, 1949, 08/24/2014 William W. Sutton, 1961, 10/30/2011 Thomas G. Wright Jr., 1963, 07/10/2008

Millsaps Alpha Mu

William D. Baird, 1987, 01/13/2003 Walter M. Jones, 1977, 12/19/2011 Dr. William C. Mayfield, Jr., 1964, 06/06/2014 Jon E. Williams, 1956, 01/01/2014 Robert C. Wingate, 1938, 01/01/2013 Raymond H. Wolter, 1967, 01/20/1994

Louisiana Gamma Phi

Allen J. Menard, 1962, 05/16/2014

Mississippi Alpha Upsilon

FALL 2014


David S. Yates, 1967, 07/25/2014

Newberry Delta Epsilon

Thomas R. Herndon, 1972, 01/23/2014 Robert C. Schnackenberg, 1991, 07/29/2014

North Carolina State Alpha Omega

John D. Dixon, Jr., 1962, 05/15/2014 Alfred S. Dockery, Jr., 1965, 06/16/2014 Hugh M. Duncan, 1950, 04/20/2014 Dr. James S. Fulghum III, 1963, 07/19/2014 William L. Miller, 1951, 06/28/2014

Oklahoma Beta Eta

Calvin T. Beale, 1947, 10/09/2013 Charles H. Johns, Jr., 1947, 04/11/2014

Oklahoma City Gamma Kappa

Jerry G. Bell, 1955, 06/04/2013 Gerald F Brown, 1960, 06/29/2014 Tony L. Newcomb, 1963, 04/15/2014 Harold N. Wolaver, 1952, 04/15/2014

Presbyterian Beta Pi

Haynesworth V. Epps III, 1947, 11/04/2013 Rev. Carlisle P. Griffin Jr., 1958, 05/12/2014 Dr. William E. Kennedy, 1948, 12/07/2013

Randolph-Macon Zeta

Samuel W. Adams III, 1969, 03/19/2014 Dr. John Franklin Armstrong Jr., 1956, 04/07/2010 Richard A. Hayes, 1959, 10/21/2002

Adrian L. Howard, 1962, 11/03/1998 Claiborne G. Thomasson, 1960, 03/22/2014

Rhodes Alpha Epsilon

James A. Anchors Jr., 1949, 12/04/2013

Roanoke Beta Rho

Emmett D. Cox III, 1998, 03/03/2014

Rollins Alpha Psi

J. Richard Sewell, 1943, 03/06/2013

Sam Houston State Gamma Tau

James E. Raney, 1960, 06/21/2014

San Diego State Gamma Iota

Robert J. Bondreau, 2008, 11/05/2012

Univ. of the South Alpha Alpha

R. Andrew Duncan, 1949, 03/22/2014 The Hon. Michael S. Ingram, 1956, 06/22/2002

South Carolina Rho

William Tobin Cassels, 2011, 05/22/2014 George F. Henry, 1950, 06/11/2014

Southern California Beta Sigma

Lowell F. Eastman, 1949, 03/22/2014 David Giannovario, 1994, 04/25/2011 Alan B. Tonkin, 1971, 05/01/1982 William H. Von KleinSmid, 1956, 03/16/2014

Southern Methodist Beta Lambda

Stockton F. Briggle, 1954, 03/22/2014 Keith L. Carter, 1968, 03/16/2010 George P. Cullum Jr., 1938, 01/04/2013 E. Hoyle Graham, 1936, 02/17/2014 Edward K. Halbrooks, 1964, 03/20/2008

Southern Mississippi Gamma Zeta

George F. Touart, 1968, 01/24/2014 Pettis D. Walley, 1953, 03/16/2014

Southwestern Xi

Clarence R. Downing, 1961, 02/07/2014

St. John’s Beta Mu

James F. Hayward, Jr., 1937, 07/02/1994

Stanford Alpha Pi

Richard C. Johnson, 1961, 04/17/2014 William F. Paddon, 1961, 04/14/2014 Robert Y. Scapple, 1947, 09/06/2011


11/21/14 9:52 AM


Charles Bracelen Flood (Delta Mu – Eastern Kentucky ’83) Noted author and historian, Charles Flood passed away at his home in Richmond, Ky. on August 15. Most notably to KAs, Flood authored Lee the Last Years. Last Years chronicle’s Robert E. Lee’s life and accomplishments from the end of the Civil War to this death. It is during this time period when Lee took the Presidency of Washington College. KA was founded and

formed during that time. This was the first modern book on Lee to reference Kappa Alpha Order. More importantly, Last Years is a testament to the Lee we emulate: an educator of men who through his last years made a major impact on the south, and eventually, the country. Flood was a 1983 special initiate.


Jack B. Carter II (Nu – Auburn ’71)

Jack Carter passed away on March 28. Carter was a former Commander of the William Elliot Dunwody Province and ardent supporter of many causes, including the Order, the KAOEF, Nu Chapter, and Auburn University. For KA, Jack led many fundraising efforts for the Nu Chapter house and for all his volunteerism, he was a recipient of the Knight Commander’s Accolade. Jack worked in industrial sales for

Tennessee Pi

James D. Hoskins, 1959, 04/16/2014 S. Timothy McGowan, 1980, 06/25/2012

Texas Omicron

John R. Allen Jr., 1953, 02/13/2014 William B. Davis, 1951, 12/03/2013

Texas A&M-Commerce Gamma Upsilon

David L. Carr, 1968, 01/21/2014 Paul M. Pace, 1961, 02/23/2014 Philip R. Sapundjieff, 1976, 03/23/2014 Don W. Stansel, 1964, 12/03/2013

Transylvania Alpha Theta

Tulane Psi

Blanc A. Parker, 1943, 09/30/2013 William C. Thalheim, 1975, 11/16/2013

KAJ_Fall2014_76-88_C3-C4_P4.indd 85

Robert E. Christy, 1959, 04/04/2012 Guion H. Kleinpeter, 1957, 01/11/2014 Chi W. Lee, 1994, 11/23/2011 The Hon. Jack Luther Lively, 1952, 07/12/2014 James T. Murray, 1947, 12/22/2013 Jimmy D. Stewart, 1970, 09/21/2007

Vanderbilt Chi

John K. Aycock, 1946, 05/19/2009 J. Patrick Byrne, Jr., 1982, 03/15/2009 Jack E. Earnest, 1944, 11/09/2012 Enoch L. Northcutt Jr., 1949, 03/01/2012 Dr. David M. Travis, 1944, 07/18/2012 Frank B. Wilson, 1931, 03/04/2014

Virginia Lambda

Challen E. Caskie, 1947, 12/24/2012 Warren W. Caskie, 1947, 08/28/2013 William G. Colmery Jr., 1948, 02/28/2014

Dr. Monte S. Harrington, 1966, 05/10/2014 William R. Hartz, 1955, 03/18/2014 Charles B. Molster Jr., 1950, 07/17/2014

VMI Beta Commission

Dr. James J. Berny, 1975, 11/19/2013 James G. Browder Jr., 1966, 10/02/2013 Dr. William M. Fulgham, 1955, 04/10/2014 Clyde T. Green Jr., 1951, 05/20/2014 LTC Hans W. Henzel USMC (Ret), 1949, 12/06/2013 Robert A. Moncure, 1949, 08/18/2013 Robert L. Thomason, 1949, 11/05/2013

Wake Forest Tau

Bailey O. Cooper, 1950, 02/03/2013 Levin B. Culpepper, 1940, 10/31/2013 Archie L. Smith Sr., 1939, 05/16/2014

Washington Univ. Beta Theta

Dr. Richard M. Bryant, 1951, 09/24/2012


Washington College Beta Omega

Dr. W. Robert Fallaw Jr., 1999, 12/13/2013 Frank Macielag, 1941, Raymond G. Sinclair, Jr., 1942, 01/14/2013

West Texas A&M Gamma Sigma

David K. Gantz, 1959, 08/31/2014 Phillip R. Stone, 1965, 06/23/2004 Billy R. Young, 1965, 02/23/2014

West Virginia Alpha Rho

Edward R. Beckett Jr., 1950, 03/01/2014 Phillip E. Casto, 1960, 07/15/2014 Donald P. Christie, 1949, 04/13/2013 James W. Craig, 1954, 07/30/2014 Jimmy T. Daniels, 1950, 01/17/1996 John W. Feller, 1942, 05/02/2013 Alexander A. Fischback III, 1954, 03/30/2014 Paul S. Hudgins, 1929, 01/18/2009 Clarence E. Leeson, Jr., 1949, 03/03/2012


West Virginia Wesleyan Beta Chi Jan L. Cook, 1949, 07/19/2013 David B. Gray, 1936, 04/09/2014 Elmer A. Raudman, Jr., 1939, 06/20/2014

Western Carolina Delta Alpha

David L. Evans Jr., 1964, 01/10/2014 Jake R. Hardin, 1965, 02/19/2014 Garland T. Jones, Jr., 1964, 12/26/2012 Michael W. Robbins, 1968, 08/06/2014 Ralph H. Sharpe, 1965, 03/27/2013

Westminster Alpha Eta

William Jewell Alpha Delta

Renile E. Bowles, 1938, 06/20/2006 Dr. Richard P. Bowles, 1945, 08/28/2007 Guy Edward Boyer, 1947, 01/18/2013 William S. Brandom, 1945, 07/04/2001 Dwight R. Crane, 1949, 08/01/1999 Wiley C. Crawford, Jr., 1945, 06/27/2005 Clifford R. French, 1949, 03/21/2011 Matthew J. Hurley Jr., 1949, 05/05/2007 Elmer G. Kuhn, 1947, 07/17/2013 William T. McCorkendale, 1950, 06/24/2013

John James Auld Jr., 1951, 03/24/2014 Dr. Dale M Blankenship, 1946, 04/16/2011 Harold T. Garvin, 1938, 02/15/2014

Wingate Zeta Zeta

William & Mary Alpha Zeta

Archie Jefferson Lewis Jr., 1943, 04/12/2014

Robert A. Dare, 1977, 01/27/2005 William Thomas Lehner, 1960, 05/29/2014

Justin G. Gill, 2004, 07/25/2010

Wofford Delta


Rev. John Shelley Akers III, 1952, 04/17/2014 Thomas M. Boyd, 1955, 02/28/2014 Dr. John P. LeMaster, 1979, 12/29/2013

Tulsa Mu

Powermotion, Inc. as President. An Eagle Scout, he was assistant scoutmaster for Troop 52. He was also a Mason with the Shades Valley Lodge. War Eagle, Jack. Fratres Usque Ad Aram Fideles.

FALL 2014

11/21/14 9:52 AM

Remembering the Reason

Hamilton Court:

Honors and Remembers

Above: Preceptor Larry Ledsome, former Registrar Mike Cobb, and Registrar Jim Kirtley at the 2014 Court dinner.

By Jim Kirtley (Beta Upsilon-Marshall ’66) & Jesse Lyons (Delta Alpha-Western Carolina ’98) THE HAMILTON PROVINCE COURT OF HONOR ONCE AGAIN HELD

its weekend of “reunion” activities the weekend of February 28 - March 1, 2014 in Lexington, Virginia. This year marked the 10th since its reactivation. The Hamilton Court is named after Dr. William Sprigg Hamilton, who was active in Active Chapters in West Virginia, gaining the accolade of the “Father of West Virginia Kappa Alpha”. The Court was THE second established, being founded on November 25, 1938. Dr. Hamilton is buried in one of the Order’s official plots in Lexington’s Stonewall Jackson Cemetery, next to our Practical Founder Samuel Zenas Ammen. The Hamilton Province Court has a traditional meeting weekend schedule. Informal Friday night activities, and a business meeting on Saturday. The formal investiture ceremony happens on Saturday night. This year, five additional brothers were inducted into the Hamilton Court, to include Darren Kay, Senior Councilor; Doug Ewalt, Wood Province Commander; and Carlton Baker, Ammen Province Commander. Also inducted were Terry Keller (Beta Upsilon – Marshall ’64), and Norby Ore (Beta Upsilon – Marshall ’65), who resides in Marietta, Ga. All current and previously Active Chapters in the province are represented in Court membership. But most uniquely, commonly witnessed in the middle of Saturday’s program, is the Court’s annual honoring of their passed brethren. The officers, both the Preceptor and Registrar, this year being Larry Ledsome (Beta Upsilon – Marshall ’59) and Jim Kirtley (Beta Beta – Marshall ’66),

KAJ_Fall2014_76-88_C3-C4_P4.indd 86

FALL 2014

begin the traditional Chapter of Sorrow ceremony by calling the roll. All those present answer “here.” The names of those brothers who passed away in the previous year are called and all are silent. They are no longer able to assemble. It is a stirring yet somber portion of the evening. The weekend is primarily fun; brotherhood is celebrated new relationships are forged, and wives enjoy seeing everyone too. Members are honored for their work and admonished to continue their support. For a brief moment, time is taken to honor those who have so recently gone before. Members and guests are able to sense the fleeting time of life. Perhaps that’s what makes the ceremony all the better. When each new member is presented with the Provincial Cross of Honor, worn around the neck, they are reminded to give what they can, while they can. Each attendee is subtlety reminded to serve the Order, their chapter, and their fellow brother, while they can. Kappa Alpha Order’s system of Provincial Courts of Honor is unique among national college fraternities. Well over a thousand brothers have been inducted into the various Courts since inception in 1930 and are an excellent vehicle to honoring those alumni whose service is exemplary to Kappa Alpha Order and to the communities they serve. The motto of each Court is De Nobis Optime Meruit, meaning, he has deserved the best of us. You definitely receive the best, if you’re a member of the Hamilton Court. 86


11/21/14 9:52 AM


Left: Beta Eta's magnificent chapter house after a snow storm fifty-three years ago.


One volunteer can rally others and leave a legacy By Pat Samter (Beta Eta – Oklahoma ’53) BERNARD G. ILLE (BETA ETA – OKLAHOMA

KAJ_Fall2014_76-88_C3-C4_P4.indd 87

the chapter in 1983, first outright buying a small chapter house with Dick Beveridge and Jerry Millligan and then leading the drive to construct a large new chapterhouse in the Greek section of campus. Bernie remained President of the Beta Eta Housing Corporation for over a decade. Bernie was inducted into the Hamer Province Court of Honor, which is now part of the Locke Province Court of Honor. Bernie is survived by his loving wife of 61 years, Mary Lou, daughter Meredith, sons Les (Beta Eta – Oklahoma ’85) and Frank (Zeta Beta – Princeton ’91). And of course, the Beta Eta chapter and chapter house. To get involved and support the longterm housing effort, please email Michael P. Wilson, Asst. Executive Director for Alumni Affairs, at



Beta Eta is the oldest fraternity in the state of Oklahoma, having been founded in 1905, two years before statehood.


’48) passed away on November 14, 2013. Bernie was President and CEO of United Founders Life Insurance Company from 1966 to 1988, when he became President of First Life Assurance until his retirement in 1994. During his career, Bernie served on the boards of two banks, as well as several publicly traded companies. Although he was remarkably successful and well respected in business Bernie’s real legacy will be his 67-year devotion to and persona involvement in Beta Eta Chapter at Oklahoma. Beta Eta is the oldest fraternity in the state of Oklahoma, having been founded in 1905, two years before statehood. After returning from military service in 1946, Bernie joined the Beta Eta Chapter at Oklahoma, ultimately being elected Number I in 1949. The chapter, along with the national trend, declined in the 1970’s and the original chapter house was sold. However, Bernie led an interested alumni group in recolonizing

FALL 2014

11/21/14 9:52 AM

150 Years of History

Legends and Truth Continued discovery in the history of the Order By Dr. Martin Clagett IN THE PAST, THE HISTORIES AND LEGENDS

of Kappa Alpha have been, in some degree anecdotal in nature—particularly in regard to the early history. Even today there remains a large controversy over the founding date, with some early members supporting one side or the other with great determination, some straddling the fence, and some even supporting one date and later the other—both with equal vehemence and determination. Therefore, one of the most interesting aspects of this investigation is the attempt to document certain elements of the history that either are in doubt or have been regarded as semi-mythological. One of the legends that has persisted and has received both cheers and sneers is the story of the letters which General Lee supposedly gave to Jo Lane Stern to bolster his endeavors to establish outposts for Kappa Alpha at Randolph-Macon College and Richmond College, now the University of Richmond. Many have said that General Lee would have remained impartial and aloof to support one fraternity at Washington College over another; many have said that the General had a special regard and admiration for Jo Lane Stern, who had been recruited at the tender age of thirteen as a telegraph operator for the Confederate Army and had served with General Lee for a time. But more on that story later. In 1922, William Doty wrote in his work “Samuel Zenas Ammen and the Kappa Alpha Order” that General Stern had personally told him that “he [General Lee] gave me permission to go to Randolph-Macon College to establish a Kappa Alpha Chapter.” In 1934, Kappa Alpha historian Greenlee Letcher wrote to President of RandolphMacon, “I understood General Jo Lane Stern to tell me … that when he went to Randolph Macon about 1869 to found a Kappa Alpha Chapter, he carried a letter from General Robert E. Lee and as soon as the authorities learned that he had a letter from Gen’l Lee,

KAJ_Fall2014_76-88_C3-C4_P4.indd 88

they at once gave him permission for the Chapter, saying that anything that Gen’l Lee approved would be approved by them.” The President’s office replied that it did not have the letter in their files and if they ever did have it, they did not know of its present location. Letcher followed another tack and contacted Mrs. Cary Ellis Stern, Jo Lane Stern’s sister-in-law, that it had been rumored that a copy of the letter, signed by General Lee, had been proudly displayed under a glass dome in the parlor of Rev. Stern’s home on Grove Avenue in Richmond. Unfortunately, Mrs. Stern no longer had the letter, if it, indeed, had ever made an appearance in their home on Grove Avenue in Richmond. Apparently it had been kept in the archives at Randolph-Macon. Following requests, an extensive search was made by the archivist at Randolph-Macon. The catalogue showed that no such letter was to be found. However, a more exhaustive investigation was promised with the tantalizing response: Dear Dr. Clagett, I went to talk to my boss Laurie and explained your request. She nodded seemingly with understanding of the topic. Laurie said that at some point in the 20thcentury this college did have this letter but unfortunately it was probably taken by someone. It has been missing for at least 40 years. What a shame! I am sorry to report this news to you.

There is also the parallel story of the letter to a prominent professor at Richmond College, a similar search at the University of Richmond failed to produce the letter; this result may however be the result of the correspondence of Professor J. L. M. Curry not being made available. The story that Stern told ended in the same way as that at Randolph-Macon; namely, that if Kappa Alpha was good enough for General Lee, it was good enough for their institution. At Richmond College, moreover, there is the same type of supporting evidence that existed at Randolph-Macon; for little more than a month after Professor Curry was reputed to have received Lee’s encouragement, there is written in the minutes of the Eta Chapter of Kappa Alpha, that the “the Faculty granted us the choice of two rooms,” in which to conduct their meetings and whichever two rooms that were most suitable. The supporting evidence leaves one with strong circumstantial evidence that the reports that General Stern gave concerning these events were factual and accurate. Now, if we can just put our hands on the letters themselves, it would make for a fine display at Mulberry Hill.

My best to you in your continued research, Mary

FALL 2014



11/21/14 9:52 AM

The Kappa Alpha Order Educational Foundation would like to offer special thanks to the members of the Host Committee for this event. Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Wallace Baker (Zeta-Randolph-Macon ’81) Mr. and Mrs. John Patrick Becker (Delta Omicron-Clemson ’06) Mr. and Mrs. James H. “Jim” Cochrane (Epsilon Eta-Virginia Tech ’78) Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jason Cording (Beta Rho-Roanoke ’91) Mr. and Mrs. James Randolph Vivian Daniel, IV (Lambda-Virginia ’79) Mr. and Mrs. William Birch Douglass (Alpha Tau-Hampden-Sydney ’62) Mr. and Mrs. Bensley H. L. “Ben” Field (Alpha Zeta-William and Mary ’54) Mr. and Mrs. Darron E. Franta (Gamma Tau-Sam Houston ’90) MG and Mrs. Donald R. Gardner (Gamma Gamma-Memphis ’59) Mr. and Mrs. Brian L. Hager (Alpha Rho-West Virginia ’99) Mr. Jason Y. Joyner (Eta-Richmond ’08) Dr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Long (Zeta-Randolph-Macon ’79) Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Louthan (Beta Commission-VMI ’77)

You are invited!

Kick-off to the

Sesquicentennial Celebration

at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond, Virginia

Mr. and Mrs. Littleton M. “Lit” Maxwell (Zeta-Randolph-Macon ’59)

An Official Sesquicentennial Regional Event

Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. McDaniel (Lambda-Virginia ’83)

WHEN: 6:30pm on Monday, January 19, 2015

Mr. and Mrs. William Richmond McDaniel (Lambda-Virginia ’87)

WHERE: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, 200 N. Boulevard

Mr. and Mrs. David M. O’Dell (Delta Gamma-Old Dominion ’79) Mr. and Mrs. Mark C. Shuford (Alpha-Washington and Lee ’78) Mr. and Mrs. Robert “Rob” Ukrop (Sigma-Davidson ’89)

HOSTED BY: William E. Dreyer, 39th Knight Commander and the Richmond Host Committee DRESS CODE: Business Casual COST & REGISTRATION: REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Friday, January 9, 2015

Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Scott White (Eta-Richmond ’75) LTC and Mrs. William Earl “Bill” Wray, Jr. (Beta CommissionVMI ’73)

Image courtesy of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

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The Loyal Order is proud to present this commemorative edition of The Kappa Alpha Journal to you. If you are not a Loyal Order member, and don’t remember receiving The Journal for some time, we’re talking to you! We want to make sure you know all about the Sesquicentennial. But, we also want you to join! The Loyal Order is an elite group of KAs who have dedicated themselves to the Order by committing a little extra in order to receive The Journal for life. Through the Loyal Order, an endowment is created to permanently fund The Journal. Doing so relieves other funds to go toward resources for our undergraduate members and chapters. Won’t you join us as a member of the Loyal Order? Simply log-on to and sign up today. Let’s celebrate our first 150 years of brotherhood!

3,200 Loyal Order members and counting! Alabama - Alpha Beta Don N. Tidwell II #3169 Arizona State - Epsilon Omega Walter A. Ulrich #3197

Welcome to our Newest Members

Arizona - Gamma Epsilon Guillermo Vargas #3022 Arkansas - Alpha Omicron Mitchell K. Edwards #3208 Norris Nicholas Stauffer #3188 Arkansas-Fort Smith - Zeta Rho Hunter K. Cabe #2519 Arkansas-Monticello - Epsilon Chi Josh G. Currier #2436 Birmingham - Southern - Phi C. Steve Yow #2871 Citadel - Theta Commission CPT Edward H. Fetner III #3206 Clemson - Delta Omicron Lewis F. Lowery III #2854 Duke - Alpha Phi Nicklaus Salzman #2985 Emory - Epsilon Dr. Ralph H. Deas Jr. #3176

Florida State - Gamma Eta Frank A. Argenbright Jr. #2876 Marshall B. Hunt #3183 Florida - Beta Zeta Thomas M. Fiorentino #3201 Lennard B. Register III #2855 Peter Werdesheim #3180 Georgia College - Epsilon Nu Kent J. Miller #3187 Georgia Southern - Delta Theta D. Joseph Altman #2602 Georgia Tech - Alpha Sigma A. Roland Holt, Sr. #3170 Georgia - Gamma Carl A. Moore #3171 Goldey Beacom - Zeta Gamma Joseph J. Christiano #3214 Houston Baptist - Delta Sigma Dave Maag #3194 Indiana State - Zeta Iota Rudy A. Cope #3213 Douglas E. Hess #3190 Jason R. Svoboda #3209

Johns Hopkins - Alpha Lambda Dr. Arthur R. Holt, Jr. #3167

Oklahoma State - Beta Xi Michael C Howerton, III #3191

Texas-Arlington - Delta Iota Jared B. Mullen #3166

Kentucky - Theta J. Peter Cassidy Jr. #3181

Oklahoma - Beta Eta Matthew B. Bachman #3196 Brent E. Buswell #3185

USNA - Sigma Beta Commission Rymn Parsons #3203

Lamar - Gamma Xi Kenneth E. Clark #3199 E.Travis Hensley #3202 Louisiana State - Alpha Gamma Christopher L. Bentley #3163 Louisiana Tech - Gamma Alpha Charles E. Sweeney #2726 Marshall - Beta Upsilon James F. Kirtley #3168 Mercer - Kappa B. Sandford Birdsey III #3178 Midwestern State - Gamma Omega Mitchell S. Hill #2568 Newberry - Delta Epsilon D. Cameron Lamb #3175 R. Richard. Sargent II #3174 North Carolina State - Alpha Omega Philip McIver Payonk Jr. #3182 Oklahoma City - Gamma Kappa Scott H. Baxter #3204

Presbyterian - Beta Pi Travis Behling Carn #3195 David S. Kemp #3040 Cody Tarlton Mitchell Esq. #3193 Roanoke - Beta Rho David M. Gritte #3205 Southern California - Beta Sigma Red Cavaney CAE #3179 Southern Indiana - Zeta Omicron Jeremy W. Blankenship #3192 Southwestern - Xi Patrick MacLinden Light #3165 Texas A&M-Commerce - Gamma Upsilon Joe E. Milligan #3200 Texas Tech - Gamma Chi Henry B Dorris IV #3172 James C. Echols III #3189 Michael M. Moore #3198

Valdosta State - Delta Rho Tullis D. Beasley #3184 Wake Forest - Tau Matthew John Downey #2999 John Olin McDougall II #3186 Washington - Beta Omega William O. Leonard Jr. #3210 Washington - Zeta Mu Gavin B. Elster #3211 West Texas A&M - Gamma Sigma Roland I. Camacho #3464 West Virginia Wesleyan - Beta Chi James J. Fraser #3173 Westminster - Alpha Eta Blake W. Berkbuegler #3207 William & Mary - Alpha Zeta Victor K. Biebighauser #3212 Wofford - Delta Harry L. Johnston #2828

Sign up at! Did you know you could now join the Loyal Order when you become Forever KA? If you are interested in supporting the Order, KAOEF, and YOUR chapter, then go to and keep the connection for life.

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11/21/14 9:53 AM