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Merry Christmas from the Bangs family

The legend of the Christmas Robin

The legend of the Christmas Robin

A traditional British folk tale Retold for Christmas 2011 And given as a Christmas offering by Mr Peter Bangs and his family

It was night time in Bethlehem and Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus were settled in the stable behind the inn. The Christmas night was extremely cold and the fire in the stable, the only source of heat, was about to go out.

Mary asked the other animals, the sleepy ox, the lazy donkey and the sheep, for help but they were no use and refused to help

Suddenly Mary heard the sound of wings flapping, a robin had heard Mary’s cry for help and flown to the stable to see what he could do.

The robin flapped his wings hard over the dying embers until the fire was rekindled and became bright red and kept the baby warm.

To ensure the fire stayed alight, the robin dropped dry twigs from his beak into the fire. The fire rose up and burnt the bird but the robin kept flapping through the night to keep the baby warm.

Come the morning, Mary thanked the bird and tended it’s burns. The robin kept it’s red breast however as a sign of it’s bravery and selflessness.

The entire Bangs family wish you a Merry Christmas and a blessed and prosperous New Year

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