Αγγλική Έκδοση 2017 - Χρήμα και Τουρισμός

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GEORGE HATzIMARKOS Governor of the South Aegean Region



Rhodes Island, Greece, www.hhotels.gr

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hotels in

GEORGIOS A. TSAKIRIS President of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels


The balance of the very best family traditions and personal approach to customer care, combined with services of high value is the key to our Rhodian Hospitality.


Looking forward to welcome you!



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YIAnnIS A. RETSOS President of the Greek Tourism Confederation

AnDOnIS V. CAMBOURAKIS President of the Rodos Hotel Association

ELENA KOUNTOURA Minister of Tourism

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Sharing moments Sharing Sharingmoments moments of an island escape ofofan anisland islandescape escape Find out more at sheratonrhodesresort.com


Lindos Imperial Resort & Spa imperial@lindoshotels.com 22440 29200

Lindos Village Hotel Lindos Royal Hotel village@lindoshotels.com royal@lindoshotels.com rhodeS reSort 22440Sheraton 32000 22440 32000 Ialyssos Avenue, Ixia, 85101, Rhodes, Greece T +30 22410 75000 www.lindoshotels.com info.rhodes@sheraton.com

FindFind Find out more out outmore more at sheratonrhodesresort.com at atsheratonrhodesresort.com sheratonrhodesresort.com

Sheraton Sheraton Sheraton rhodeS rhodeS rhodeS reSort reSort reSort Ialyssos Ialyssos Ialyssos Avenue, Avenue, Avenue, Ixia, 85101, Ixia, Ixia,Rhodes, 85101, 85101,Rhodes, Rhodes, GreeceGreece Greece T +30 22410 TT+30 +3075000 22410 2241075000 75000 info.rhodes@sheraton.com info.rhodes@sheraton.com info.rhodes@sheraton.com

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Lindos Village Hotel

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Lindos Imperial Resort & Spa Lindos Imperial Suites Lindos Royal Hotel LINDOS HOTELS GROUP

Region of South Aegean Greece


Elena Kountoura Minister of Tourism


reece stands out as a global attractive 365day destination, friendly and very welcoming, known for the unique authentic experiences and its genuine warm hospitality. It’s the most diverse complex of islands in the Med and Europe with world-famous destinations and

attractions but also hidden gems that we now promote, and a spectacular mainland ideal for travelling year round.

We offer highly-personalized thematic experiences linked to our enormous history and culture, religious and pilgrimage tours, cruises, yachting and diving, and luxury vacation. We promote health and wellness, MICE, city-breaks, outdoor activities and the famous Greek gastronomy, tasty and healthy at the same time, based on locally grown products that are an inseparable part of each destination’s unique identity. We have extended our summer season from April to November, we have strengthened our presence in our traditional but also new markets abroad, and we have enhanced connectivity with more international and regional airports. Greece’s appealingness grows from year to year and through our tourism has achieved consecutive record-breaking results: 26 million international arrivals in 2015 and 28 million in 2016, including cruises, at a 7 per cent yearly growth rate, almost double the global average. 2017 is an exceptional year, with an ongoing growth in international arrivals that are projected to reach 30 million, and an increase in all tourism figures. This dynamic growth has attracted new investments, including more than 265 new projects for 4 and 5 star hotels in the last two years. On the occasion of the WTM and this edition, I invite you to discover all of Greece’s exciting aspects, as a top-of-the-mind destination that can satisfy even its most demanding visitors beyond any expectation throughout the year.

6/ Edition 2017

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Georgios A. Tsakiris President of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels


eason 2017 will soon be over Proves to be another successful year for the Greek tourism and economy. According to national statistical data over 30 million tourists visited Greece this year and enjoyed their holidays

with us. Among them, more than 2.3 UK visitors. Greek Cities and islands, high quality services, culture, shopping, business, gastronomy, yachting and sailing are waiting to be discovered. Greece thanks to its weather is the ideal holiday destination throughout the year. Despite the fact that Greece is worldwide known as an ideal summer destination, its mild and warm climate makes it an exceptional destination for all 365 days of the year. Greece is developing• its infrastructures are constantly being renovated, thus remaining a safe an attractive tourist attraction. Greece can offer visitors the vacation they crave for by providing them with a large variety of activities. Having considered all the above, I urge visitors to choose Greece for their holiday, during the entire year.

8/ Edition 2017


Yiannis A. Retsos President of the Greek Tourism Confederation


ourism represents a beacon of hope for economic development in Greece and the reinforcement of the nation’s social fabric through job creation. Since the onset of the crisis up until today, tourism has

already begun to make a clear impact on unemployment, contributing to job growth at a steadily increasing rate. The sector has brought development to rural areas and is boosting family earnings. Indicatively, tourism sector employees constitute 30 percent of the total workforce during peak season. With its sights set on the future of Greece’s tourism industry, the Greek Tourism Confederation is undertaking actions that will contribute to the strengthening of local communities, the evolution of tourism’s social footprint and the cultivation of a tourism frame of mind. Within this framework, the confederation is creating a plan for a holistic approach to sustainable development. The aim is to establish a meaningful connection between sectors, for instance agriculture and culture, which can lead to improvements in the quality of the experience that Greece offers via its tourism products and services. SETE’s participation in World Travel Market this year seeks to communicate these efforts, among others, to our international partners and potential visitors to Greece. We intend to do the same in upcoming major international tourism fairs as part of our goal to bolster the country’s standing as a tourism destination throughout the year.

10/ Edition 2017

100 Iraklidon Avenue, Ixia, 85101 Rhodes, Greece ΤEL: +30 22410 89900, FΑΧ: +30 22410 89901 Amathus Elite Suites: info@elitesuitesrhodes.com | www.elitesuitesrhodes.com Amathus Beach Hotel: info@amathusrhodes.com | www.amathusrhodes.com


George Chatzimarkos Governor of the South Aegean Region

an exciting delicious journey of five senses. The South Aegean Region, leading force of Greek tourism, with its 50 inhabited islands and some of the most powerful tourist brands in the world tourist map, receives 40% of the total tourist flow to Greece annually. Given that tourism is the driving force for the South Aegean economy and the country as a whole, the Region of South Aegean is working in a targeted and methodical way to further highlight the uniqueness of our islands in the global tourist market and optimize the services provided, focusing on the absolute satisfaction of our millions of visitors from their vacation experience. The South Aegean Region’s Strategic Tourism Development Plan, which is already being implemented with great success and with particular emphasis on the development of strategic partnerships, in connection with the state-of-the-art and highly advanced digital platform for the destination promotion, with tens of millions of visitors to date: these are the tools used by the Region to maintain and further enhance its high performance in the tourism sector.


We highlight as many aspects as possible of our multifaceted tourist product. The distinction of the South Aegean as European Region of Gastronomy 2019 is yet another proof of its uniqueness, yet another strong challenge for the visitor to get to know our islands through their cuisine; outh Aegean. The Cyclades and

to get to know the "hidden" secrets of the world's oldest and richest cui-

the Dodecanese together! An

sine, those that transform the culinary pleasure into a treasure of time-

island complex comprised of

less empirical wisdom of life. In a place where every dish is not just a

tourist destinations of unsur-

tasteful delight; each dish hides history, traditions, culture, continuity in

passed beauty and singularity.

time. The gastronomy in our islands is an authentic travel experience!

So close and yet so different, they offer a feast of experiences, emotions, thrills.

With respect towards the millions of our visitors, we continue for the

Islands bathed in light, dipped in blue, where myth,

best. The South Aegean is the ideal holiday destination all year round.

history and reality coexist in an impressive mosaic.

The Cyclades and the Dodecanese islands are not only about sun and

Contrasts are their charm. Uniqueness is their identity.

beautiful beaches. They are History. They are Culture. They are the foot-

Islands that, like taking part in an immense sympo-

prints that each place has left along the European and the global his-

sium, share age-old secrets with their co-diners, in

torical path. This is a "path" in time that every visitor is worth "walking".

12/ Edition 2017

Your splendid isolation in Greece An exclusive luxury resort set in 72 acres of a lush green private peninsula with numerous idyllically spread magical sandy coves and encircled by the blue waters of the Aegean Sea. The award-winning resort, extends its natural beauty in its design and offers a high level of service, a wealth of facilities and an exquisite choice of 7 award winning restaurants. A perfectly designed sanctuary for those looking for a luxury holiday and private accomodation.

40th km Athens – Sounion Ave, 19010 Lagonissi, Attica, Greece, Tel: +30 22910 76000, Fax: +30 22910 24514 E-mail: grandresort@grandresort.gr, www.grandresort.gr , www.helioshotels.gr


Andonis V. Cambourakis President of the Rodos Hotel Association


ear British friends, Right after the end of yet another marvelous season, Rhodes, the Queen of Greek tourism, is getting ready to warmly welcome

you again in 2018! Crystal-clear waters, endless sandy beaches, timeless world heritage monuments, delicious local cuisine and spirits, as well as numerous activity and entertainment options, all await you to be discovered, just a short flight away. Make your plans early on and visit Rhodes for an unforgettable, value for money holiday experience! Enjoy the famous Greek hospitality at its best and receive royal treatment by our friendly, ever smiling and highly trained personnel, at our island’s brand new or fully renovated hotels. Don’t miss out!

14/ Edition 2017

Apollonia Beach Resort & Spa Amoudara - Heraklion, Crete Greece

Sitia Beach City Resort & Spa Sitia, Crete Greece

Santa Marina Beach Resort Amoudara - Heraklion, Crete Greece

E-mail: reservations@apollonia.gr Tel.: +30 2814 266000 www.apollonia.gr

E-mail: sitiabeach@cyanhotels.com Tel.: +30 28434 40300 www.sitiabeach.com

E-mail: santamarina@apollonia.gr Tel.: +30 2814 261300 www.santamarinahotel.gr


Konstantinos Deriziotis Publisher


reece emerges as a global attractive destination for tourism 365 days a year. Greece is the largest and most diverse complex of islands in Europe and the Med.

Imagine, sixteen thousand kilometers of coastline. More than one hundred islands, each with its own identity and beauty, offer so much more beyond sea and sun.

Greece has enormous history and is an ancient civilization. Everything started from Greece. It is the birthplace of democracy and the Olympic Games, of philosophy, arts, sciences, mathematics and so much more. And it is home to 18 world heritage sites included in the UNESCO List. Greece has a gorgeous mainland. Mythical Mountains like Olympus. More than 100 natural hot springs. Our land has the unique Greek extra virgin olive oil, pure honey, herbs and spices collected from the mountains, great cheese, fresh organic fruits and vegetables, and delicious fish. Everything in Greece is so tasty and healthy at the same time! Greece offers crystal-clear blue waters, among the safest in the world, ideal for yachting, sailing, windsurfing and diving. Can you imagine a place where you can ski and within a 20 minutes’ drive enjoy the seaside and swim? This is Greece. We wait you for unique and unforgetable vacations!!!

16/ Edition 2017


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hotels in


GEORGE HATzIMARKOS Governor of the South Aegean Region

GEORGIOS A. TSAKIRIS President of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels

YIAnnIS A. RETSOS President of the Greek Tourism Confederation

AnDOnIS V. CAMBOURAKIS President of the Rodos Hotel Association

ELENA KOUNTOURA Minister of Tourism

Annual Edition, November 2017 Amathus Elite Suites Blue Lagoon Daios Cove Resort & Luxury Villas Electra Metropolis Athens

Money & Tourism Annual Edition W.T.M. 2017 & Confex 2018 Owner: KAPA SIGMA DELTA S.A. Editor: Konstantinos Deriziotis Marketing: Nicolaos Deriziotis Art Director: Gioulina Manolatou Headquarters Athens: 8, Sitias Str. & Messologiou Str., 144 51 Metamorfosi, Tel: +30 210 211 76 76, Fax: +30 210 211 76 77, http://www.money-tourism.gr, e-mail: sec@ksd.gr Salonica Offices: 36, Al. Fleming, 546 42 Salonica,

Elena Kountoura Minister of Tourism

Georgios A. Tsakiris

President of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels

Yiannis A. Retsos President of the Greek Tourism Confederation

George Chatzimarkos

Governor of the South Aegean Region

Andonis V. Cambourakis President of the Rodos Hotel Association

Tel.-Fax: +30 2310 83 35 18 Director: Elen Makridou

18/ Edition 2017

Travelling Attica South Aegean Crete Ionian Islands Northern Greece Peloponnisos




The Greek Riviera acy shores, seas clean as

Athens is the birthplace of civilisation

The city of Athens is a hypaethral muse-

a whistle, scenic beaches,

and it gives each visitor the opportunity

um, given that in every place of the city

natural coves and voes,

to travel into time. The magic travel with

the archaeological excavations have dis-

forests and plains, holy

destination past begins from the holy

covered finds from every period. Finds

rocks with a great histor-

rock of Acropolis, one of the most glori-

from the Byzantine period were found

ical past. These and a lot

ous monuments of the world and Par-

in the city, as well as in the wider area.

more compose the image of the Attica

thenon, with its marvelous Caryatides.

More specifically, in Plaka there are some


It continues to the archaeological site of

of the most ancient Byzantine monu-

The landscape alternations, the modern

Pnika, where Ecclesia convened, one of

ments of Athens. The museums of the

substructures and the potential of alterna-

the first democratic corps in the world,

city are full of the archaeological treas-

tive activities are the advantages of Attica

to the Agora (Athens’s Ancient Market),

ure of Athens, such as the museum of

as a tourist destination. These important

with the impressive Temple of Hephaes-

Acropolis, one of the best museums in

advantages have styled fairly Attica as the

tus and the Stoa of Attalos, to the Theatre

the world, in the National Archaeologi-

“Greek Riviera”. Athens, capital of Attica

of Herodes Atticus, which is now used

cal Museum, in the Museum of Byzan-

and since 1834 capital of Greece, is a city

as a spectacular venue and finally to the

tine Art etc.

with thousands of aspects.

Cemetery Keramikos.

The Parliament is also impressive at the

22/ Edition 2017

Syntagma Square, but all visitors are

inexhaustible. One of the most remark-

villages. North Attica extends to the roots

attracted by the change of guard in the

able monuments is the mark of the

of the mountains Parnitha and Penteli,

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, beneath

ancient circumvallation at the marina

which are remarkable “lungs” of oxygen.

the Parliament. Downtown, the histori-

of Zeas, one of the biggest marines of

The areas of Kifisia, Ekali, Nea Erithrea

cal triangle with the old neighbors of Pla-

the Mediterranean today and along the

and Drosia, are green and some of the

ka, Thisio, Psiri, the open-air market of

shores of Piraiki. Furthermore, the finds

most benefited areas of Attica, as Pen-

Monastiraki and the archaeological sites,

of an ancient theatre of the 2nd century in

teli and Parnitha.

attracts hundreds of visitors each day.

Pasalimani and the Public Theatre is also

South Attica, with the beautiful beaches

At the Syntagma Square, where the main

impressive. It’s a neo-classical building

is one of the most expensive areas of the

station of metro is situated, one can find

in the centre of the town. The region of

region Especially, Varkiza, Voula, Vouliag-

the “heart” of the trade in life of the city,

Attica is divided in the East, West, North

meni, Kavouri and Glyfada are considered

which extends to Kolonaki, one of the

and South. In the East coast, the seaside

as the top suburban areas. Sounio, with

most famous areas Of Athens filled with

areas of Vravrona and Porto Rafti attract

the Temple of Poseidon, which is one of

trade life, nightlife and culture.

hundreds of visitors during the sum-

the most beautiful temples of antiquity,

Piraeus is half an hour away from the

mer time, as well as Rafina, the second

the amazing sunset and the clean sea,

centre of Athens, the first port of Greece.

important port of Attica. Also, Oropos is

is a famous resort area.

Piraeus is a city that has nothing to be

a famous resort area.

The islands of Argosaronic Bay are includ-

jealous of Athens. It is famous for its

West Attica, which extends from the

ed in the region of Attica, very close from

ouzeri restaurants and its fish taverns

shores of Saronic Bay to the Corinthian

Athens. In the cosmopolitan Spetses,

next to the sea, in the areas of Mikroli-

Gulf, it has beautiful villages with clean

Hydra, Poros, Salamina, Aigina, Agistri,

mano, Freatida and Piraiki.

beaches. Agioi Theodori, Kineta, Alepo-

Methana one can enjoy weekend jour-

The archaeological treasure of the city is

hori, Porto Germeno are some of these

neys and sallies with boats.

23/ Money & Tourism



Avis The leading car rental company

it is an open-ended promise to do better today than we did yes-

We’re an operating division of Avis Budget Group, the leading car

terday; to deliver value to our customers, our employees and our

rental company in USA, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia,

shareholders. It is the spirit of Avis. Everyone in the company has

with more than 50 years’ experience in the car rental industry. Avis

an important part to play in achieving excellent and consistent cus-

serves over 8 million customers annually through a network span-

tomer service and delivering the “We try harder” promise.

ning 5.450 car rental stations. The essence of Avis success has been a singular vision of building the best and fastest growing company within the business of

Making car rental easier

At Avis, “We try harder” to make your car rental easier. As an Avis

car rental through continuous investment in its network, leading

customer, you can take advantage of the benefits of renting with

technology and, most importantly, its people.

Europe’s leading car rental company.

“We Try Harder”

• over 5.450 rental locations worldwide • a great variety of cars

...is not just one of the most famous advertising slogans of all time;

• a wide range of products and services to meet your needs

24/ Edition 2017

ΑΡ.ΜΗΤ.Ε.: 0206E810000289501

At Avis we understand what travel means to you. We understand that travel is about accessing the world in new and interesting ways. It’s about giving our customers more. And with rental car services from Avis, more is guaranteed. Together we can unlock a world of destinations. This is Greece.


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Novotel Athénes At Novotel Athènes everyone is free to live as they want.

anced menu for children. Enjoy as well coffee, drinks and

Stay where it’s happening, in Athens ancient cultural epi-

snacks in a modern open space Bar area. ‘Happy Hour’ every

center. Be close to all the arts, entertainment and dining in

day from 5pm to 7pm.

Plaka-Monastiraki and Keramikos area – while just a few minutes’ walk from Omonia Square and Metro Line (Larissis station). Entertain your palate in your cozy room, at the

Clair De Lune Restaurant and Pool Bar

Under the starts share unforgettable moments on the roof-

Bar or at the restaurant. Dive into the comfort of our unique

top around the pool, enjoying International cuisse. Breathtak-

bedding or connect with the world in our welcoming lobby.

ing to Acropolis and Lycabetous Hill. Novotel Athènes Pool

From the gym to the pool, the meeting rooms to the Kidult’s

Bar is an ideal scenario for summer vacations. Swimming,

lounge, our expert teams known for their attention to detail,

sunbeds, snacks, coffee, drinks all day and at night relax and

are always on hand with simplicity and elegance. It’s a lot

lay back to cozy sofas and enjoy soft lights, music and cock-

better at Novotel Athènes!

tails with a panoramic view 360° of Athens. Open only during summer period.

Novotel Athènes Room

Enjoy sleek comfort and spaciousness in a stylish room designed with King bed, en suite bath/shower, sofa double bed, large ergo-

Meeting @ Novotel

Allow Novotel Athènes meeting specialists to provide expert guid-

nomic work area, LCD TV, internet access, broadband connec-

ance for your conferences, meetings, and seminars. Choose from

tion, hair dryer, safe, minibar, tea/coffee facilities. The exclusive

8 spacious meeting rooms with or without natural light, for 10 to

Live N Dream bedding concept means unparalleled comfort, and

800 persons. Novotel Athènes team will organize your events

special touches make all the difference for a relaxing stay. Up to

according to your requirements: format, conference room, high-

2 adults and 2 children.

tech equipment, advice, etc.

NOVagora Restaurant and Bar

Find your balance

balanced cuisine. Open show Kitchen within a spacious and

options: balanced menus, fitness Gym, swimming pool, and tran-

comfortable environment beside a ‘Green Oasis’. Also bal-

quil garden and terrace.

Discover the thrilling simplicity of Mediterranean, healthy and

Relax and reenergize through Novotel Athènes many healthful

26/ Edition 2017


Create happy memories at Novotel ATHÈNES



for 2 children under 16

novotel.com · accorhotels.com

Novotel Athènes 4-6, Michail Voda street | 104 39 Athens, Greece Τ (+30) 210 82 00 700 | F (+30) 210 82 00 777 | M h0866@accor.com * Accommodation and breakfast taken as a family are free for two children under 16 who share a room with their parents or grand-parents. For the 50% off a 2nd room offer, the discount applies to the best rate without condition. Breakfast taken as a family is free for children up to 16 years old. Offer subject to availability. For the room available up to 5pm, ask at reception upon arrival. Offers available all year round.

kids21x29.indd 1

9/10/2015 13:58:03


Вкус роскоши


От свежепойманной рыбы и морепродуктов до аутентичных греческих рецептов, средиземноморских блюд, полинезийской кухни, итальянских изысков и вкуснейших суши, Grand Resort Lagonissi наверняка угодит вкусам всех своих гостей. С огромным выбором ресторанов, расположенных вдоль побережья или прямо у самого моря, гости приглашаются насладиться чудным обедом в любое время дня со своей семьей или друзьями, или романтическим ужином при свечах, под куполом звёздного неба. К изысканным блюдам вам предложат винную карту с набором отличных вин, которые способны удовлетворить любой утонченный вкус.


Grand Resort Lagonissi Escape in a haven of relaxation and grandeur by the azure of the

rios Venizelos and 27 km from the Temple of Poseidon in Sounio,

Вкус indulgence in роскоши the dreamiest island-like resort of the athenian riviera.

the resort is the perfect base from which to explore the wonders of

Nuzzled in a 72-acre private peninsula in the Athenian Riviera with

to the pleasures of luxury at the most glorious hotel grounds,

sea, delve in the pleasures of luxury and experience the epitome of

От свежепойманной рыбы и морепродуктов до stunning views to the Saronic Gulf, the 5 star Grand Resort Lagoаутентичных греческих рецептов, средиземноnissi exceeds all expectations of a luxury sea front summer resort. морских блюд, полинезийской кухни, итальянских Grand ResortиLagonissi is a dreamy islandGrand like resort in the south изысков вкуснейших суши, Resort Lagosuburbs of Athens with exceptional sea view rooms and sea front nissi наверняка угодит вкусам всех своих гостей. С огромным выбором ресторанов, расположенных bungalows, private pools and private beaches, upscale hotel faciliвдоль побережья прямо у spa самого моря, treatгости ties, scrumptious diningили choices, holistic and wellness приглашаются насладиться чудным обедом в ments. Renowned as one of the best luxury beach resorts near любое время дня со своей семьей или друзьями, Athens, the Grand Resort Lagonissi takes summer holidays to a или романтическим ужином при свечах, под whole new level of indulgence. куполом звёздного неба. К изысканным блюдам Conveniently situatedвинную approximately awayотличных from the вам предложат карту45сminutes набором centre ofкоторые Athens, 22 km from Athens удовлетворить International Airport Eleftheвин, способны любой утонченный вкус.

the Athenian Riviera. Esteemed guests are welcome to surrender embark on the most mouth-watering culinary journeys at the

Осыпанн мероприя Resort La уважаемы располож пригород в восхит предлага заворажи оформле для раз церемони рождения

hotel’s 7 exquisite restaurants and 3 bars, experience the epitome

or recreation, leisure and entertainment with the series of sports Пробуждение чувств activities and entertainment choices offered by the hotel, revitalize

their senses at the ThalaSpa Chenotвызовам and organize the most sucСтавя целью противостоять современной cessful events at the stunning venues of the city south жизни, стрессовым ситуациям, нездоровомуsuburbs. образу жизни и private недостатку физической активности, The hotel’s grounds stretching along a picturesque 5.2 Thalaspa Chenot предлагает целостную km coastline of the peninsula with private beaches,программу unsurpassed оздоровления помощи facilities and servicesпри allow visitors to enjoy aспа one of aтерапий, kind holiгидро-бионтологических процедур, эстетических day experience tailored to their needs and desires. From lear jet процедур для красоты, а также питания bio-light, to yacht rental services, incentive programs and a stunning colкоторые приводит разум, тело и дух в полное равновесие.

Незaбываемые моменты счастья Осыпанные звездной пылью свадьбы, мероприятия и празднования, проходящие Grand Resort Lagonissi, будут запечатлены в сердцах всех уважаемых гостей на долгие годы. Удобно расположенный на золотом побережье в южном пригороде Афин, курорт приглашает молодоженов в восхитительную романтическую обстановку, предлагая пакеты свадебных услуг с завораживающими морскими видами. Волшебно оформленные предложения, идеально подходят для разнообразных празднований, свадебных церемоний, крестин, представлений, дней 28/ Edition 2017 рождения и частных мероприятий для 1200 гостей.

Пробуждение чувств

По пра бизнес-о деловым наиболее корпорат в одном Афинах.

lection of private residencies, the Grand Resort Lagonissi intends

ing list of carefully selected wines and treat yourself to a meal

to spoil its guests with more than a holiday at what is known as

that will tickle your taste buds.

the best hotel in Athens.

A Day to Remember

A taste of luxury

Sprinkled with stardust, weddings, events and celebrations will be

From freshly caught fish and seafood, to authentic Greek reci-

engraved in the heart of all esteemed guests for the years to come.

pes, Mediterranean dishes, Polynesian cuisine, Italian specialties

The resort enamours newlyweds with its spectacular setting, the

and mouth-watering sushi rolls, the Grand Resort Lagonissi will

dreamy ambiance of romance and special wedding packages,

sure tantalize the palates of all of its guests. With a great range

inviting them to say “I do� at some of the most spectacular wed-

of restaurants to choose from, set along the shore, within the

ding venues in Athens, while nuzzled in a haven of 5 star luxury.

stylish environs of the resort or right at the waterfront, guests

The magical views offer the perfect backdrop for celebrations, wed-

are invited to enjoy an amazing dining experience throughout

dings, receptions, christenings, galas, birthdays and private events

the day with their

for up to 1200 guests that will exceed all expectations.

family and friends or a romantic candle light dinner under the veil of stars in the most idyllic of settings. Add to that the amaz-

Seaside Sensual Awakening

Aiming to meet the challenges of modern life, the stressful way of living, the unhealthy lifestyle choices and lack of physical activities, Thalaspa Chenot offers a holistic wellness program through an amazing range of spa therapies, hydrobiontology sessions, aesthetic and beauty treatments as well as bio-light meals that will bring the mind, body and spirit into full alignment.

Your Story of Success

Rightfully recognized and rewarded as one of the best Athens usiness hotels, the resort invites executive travellers to plan the most successful business meetings, corporate events and conference sessions at state-of-the-art venues with upscale amenities and facilities.

29/ Money & Tourism



Aegean Airlines Aegean Airlines, grecce’s largest carrier and a Star Alliance mem-

torini - Tel Aviv, Mykonos - Tel Aviv, Mykonos - Beirut, Rhodes -

ber, travelling to 153 destinations, in 44 countries in total.

Lyon, Rhodes - Beirut, Heraklion – Beirut). In 2018, continuing the

The strengthening of the company’s network in 2018 offers increased

strategy of strengthening the Athens hub, which brings benefits

accessibility, through new connections, in key markets that func-

both for the city itself, as well as for other regions and islands of

tion as vital sources of tourism for Greece, such as France, Italy

the country, AEGEAN will connect the Greek capital with 81 inter-

and Germany.

national destinations.

Specifically, Aegean’s flight network for 2018, includes 18 new

At the same time, Aegean has already moved forward with the

routes, corresponding to 11 new destinations from the Athens base

upgrading of Passenger Lounges in Thessaloniki and Larnaca,

(Turin, Palermo, Bologna and Lamezia Terme in Italy, Malaga in

and by the end of 2017, the company will have upgraded its Pas-

Spain, Basel in Switzerland, Zagreb and Zadar in Croatia, Vilnius

senger Lounge in the Athens International Airport. The new, sec-

in Lithuania, Cluj-Napoca in Romania and Skopje in FYROM) and 7

ond, Athens Lounge, for flights outside Schengen, will be com-

new routes from Greece’s regional airports (Corfu - Moscow, San-

pleted by early 2018.

30/ Edition 2017



El ectra M etropolis

Ath ens

Electra Hotels & Resorts S ince the first Electra hotel opened back in 1965, Electra H otels

a sumptuous hospitality experience fit for the 21st century traveler

and R esorts’ history has been one of warm, luxurious hospitality

that is still warm and familial – just as you know us to be.


In S eptember 2016, the Electra family has welcomed a brand

Operating under the philosophy of traditional Greek hospitality,

new property in A thens!

we aim at creating a comfortable environment full of luxurious details, from which our honored guests can explore Greece’s

Inviting and brand new, “Electra Metropolis”, located in the heart

main cities or the island of R hodes, one of the country’s most

of A thens is the place to stay whether you are here for business or

celebrated islands.

pleasure. Modern with a classical twist with 216 modernly equipped

For half a century, we have hosted more than 7 million discerning

rooms and suites and a unique sky-light A trium at the center of the

travelers in our properties in A thens, T hessaloniki and R hodes,

hotel and an exquisite R oof Garden, “Electra Metropolis” will offer

treating each and every one of them as family. A s we embark

you a personalized stay with a modern Greek hospitality approach,

towards our centennial, we plan to keep on doing just that: creating

based on Electra H otels & R esorts core values.

El ectra Palac e Ath ens

El ectra Palac e R hod es

El ectra H ot el Ath ens

32/ Edition 2017

Εl ectra Palac e T h essaloniki

Electra Metropolis Athens

Electra Palace Athens

Electra Athens

Electra Palace Thessaloniki

Electra Palace Rhodes

• Experience Pure Greek Hospitality • #electrahotels

Electra Metropolis Athens 15, Mitropoleos Str. 10557 Athens, Greece T: (+30) 214 1006 200

Electra Palace Athens 18 - 20, N. Nikodimou Str. 105 57 Athens, Greece T: (+30) 210 3370 000

Electra Athens 5, Ermou Str. 105 63 Athens, Greece T: (+30) 210 3378 000


Electra Palace Thessaloniki 9, Aristotelous Sq. 546 24 Thessaloniki, Greece T: (+30) 2310 294 040

Electra Palace Rhodes Trianta Beach 851 01 Rhodes, Greece T: (+30) 22410 92521



Yes! Hotels YES! Hotels is a first-rate hospitality company dedicated to

visionary brainchild of art patron Dakis Joannou and famed

providing to the discerning guests with “Y”oung “E”nthusiastic

industrial designer Karim Rashid. Given free rein to create a

“S”eductive experiences.

total experience, Karim used his signature curvaceous forms

Created in Athens’s prime locations, YES!Hotels are architec-

and lollipop colours to offer a young, enthusiastic and seduc-

tural interventions, in constructive dialogue with their sur-

tive alternative to more traditional conceptions of hospitality.

roundings. internationally acclaimed modern art on display.

In this exclusive 51 room hotel, where art blends with modern

New Hotel, Semiramis, Twentyone, Kefalari Suites and Peri-

hotel technology, and functionality exudes style, the educated

scope Hotel make up the YES! Hotels Group.

business or leisure traveler will feel “at home”. Located in the affluent and leafy suburb of Kifissia, Semira-

New Hotel

mis is at the heart of the finest shopping and entertainment

Offering an entirely new approach to young interior design,

venues, also enjoying quick and easy access to the city’s busi-

energetic hospitality, and seductive customer-centered ser-

ness districts.

vices, New Hotel is the first ever hotel project of award winning designer duo, Fernando and Humberto Campana. The Brazilian brothers used of contemporary practices. The result is an


Twentyone plays with the number 21. Its address is 21 Kolo-

intriguing 79-room establishment, where every public space

kotroni Street, it has 21 guestrooms and hosts an inviting bar-

and every floor has been creatively re-NEW-ed to include

restaurant named “21”. Housed in a renovated watermill, the

remnants of the former Olympic Palace Hotel. The interiors

Hotel retains, in its magnificent grey exterior, the mill’s origi-

are simply outstanding, the unusual custom-made furniture

nal form and structure set off by the modernist glass façade

and handmade fixtures making guests feel that they live and

of the elevator. Minimalism dominates the interior, produc-

breathe in a major art installation.

ing a fluid, authentic and tranquil result. Simplicity balances

New Hotel is located on 16, Filellinon Str., 200 meters from

ideally with luxury and comfort in every detail, meeting the

Constitution Square and within walking distance from the

high expectations of both business and leisure travelers. A

city’s main attractions.

Twentyone must-see is the specially commissioned, seventy square meters painting by Georgia Sagri, segmented off to


the 21 rooms. Each room features a magnified segment of

Semiramis was the first YES! Hotel to say YES to bold design,

the painting which can be seen in its entirety in the recep-

superior luxury and exceptional service. Semiramis is also the

tion- as a miniature.

34/ Edition 2017

Twentyone is conveniently located in Kifissia, an aristocratic

the best seat in the house.

suburb of Athens, renowned for its fine shopping and enter-

Kefalari Suites are, also, conveniently located in Kifissia.

tainment venues.


Kefalari Suites

Periscope is the YES!Hotels antidote to the ordinary city hotel.

Kefalari Suites, housed in an elegant 19th century mansion,

Modern minimalism and award-winning architectural design

are all about exclusivity. Eleven suites and two superior

create a Young, Energetic and Seductive urban haven, right at

rooms provide ample space for business and leisure travel-

the heart of Kolonaki, the oldest and most exclusive neighbor-

ers and their families to experience a new type of hospitality

hood in Athens. The original mundane building, dating from the

and relaxation. Each suite has been uniquely decorated along

1950s, is now a tribute to clean lines and uncluttered spaces,

a theme, from colonial Jaipur to French chäteau, with design

balancing ergonomic solutions with urban aesthetics. Form,

influences from the four corners of the globe. Each suite is

color, and texture create a feeling of order and tranquility.

given a particular name, bringing guests closer to the over-

Periscope’s 21 guestrooms and public spaces boast specially

all experience of living and breathing in bespoke comfort and

commissioned art on the theme of a periscope observing and

style. A fantastic rooftop terrace with Jacuzzi, an enchanting

recording the buzzing metropolis.

garden for breakfast and lounging around, and views of lush

Situated in the coveted Haritos Street, number 22, Periscope

Kefalari Park ensure that, in Kefalari Suites, all guests have

is just a 10 minutes’ walk from Syntagma square.

35/ Money & Tourism



Hotel Grande Bretagne a Luxury Collection Hotel

Located opposite Syntagma Square as well as within walking dis-

um cigars, cognacs and liquors with friendly and discreet service.

tance of exclusive shopping areas and museums, Hotel Grande

Hotel Grande Bretagne is the ultimate choice for refined business

Bretagne enjoys the ideal location in the city centre. This eight story

meetings and lavish social affairs. Featuring over 1,100 square

19th-century building exudes wealth and refinement from the first

meters of exquisite function space, the hotel offers the Grand Ball-

impression, while it has been repeatedly awarded by significant

room, Golden Room, Royal Room, Athenian Hall and its smaller

international communities. With meticulous attention to detail, the 320 rooms and suites marry charming old-world elegance with state-of-the-art facilities whereas the 58 suites enjoy additional benefits including personalised Butler Service. Guests can indulge themselves within the multi-awarded GB Spa as well as experience the utmost dining service within the following available restaurants: The GB Roof Garden is ideal for a romantic rooftop meal, while the Winter Garden is renowned for its afternoon high tea and live piano music. The GB Pool Bar offers healthy snack options whilst the Alexander’s Bar makes guests want to linger

meeting rooms: Boardroom, Churchill’s, Chairman’s, Diplomat’s, and the Executive Room.

Concierge Exclusive

The Acropolis and the milestone of Parthenon are located within walking distance of 1.0 km from the Hotel Grande Bretagne. Plaka is the old historical neighborhood of Athens clustered around the northern and eastern slopes of the Acropolis. The “Monastiraki Flea Market” is the place where unique antiques and indigenous gifts can be bought as well as the place where the utmost hand-made selection of souvenirs can be observed. It would be a miss not to men-

over a classic cocktail or exquisite cognac. Finally, the Alexander’s

tion that within easy walking distance are also the Ancient Agora,

Cigar Lounge, offers a relaxed setting to enjoy fine wines, premi-

the Lycabettus Hill, and the Original Olympic Stadium.

36/ Edition 2017


Tripark.com Part of the Goldair Group of Companies, which is active in the

and above all, a professional customer service.

fields of tourism and transportation since 1955, www.tripark.

Designing www.tripark.com, simplicity and easy of navigation

com, provides online travel related services.

were the dominating factors. Internal pages are also designed

Tripark.com, other than simply being a new commercial brand,

to provide the information required with the simplest way. The

is actually a new project of Goldair Group of companies, towards

home page operates as a navigation tool directing you to your

travelers of the general public, utilizing a modern approach to

desired travels.

online travel market.

The main feature of services provided on www.tripark.com is

A dream that is quite complex and multi layered, due to the con-

travel experience in a modern and economic context. And this

tinuous evolving of technology and at the same time, a sincere

target is fulfilled by providing low fare flight tickets and helping the

effort for www.tripark.com to claim its rightful place in your daily

customer to be able to find his preferred flight, easy and quickly,

travel habits and your heart...

in order to travel with the best possible low price.

The confirmation of this approach came with the creation of a

Our range of airline choices, allows every visitor to choose freely

modern site that aims to bring the journey closer to the traveler,

among our travel offers, depending on his desire and his budget.

with respect to his needs, emphasizing on quality and creativity.

We hope you enjoy browsing through www.tripark.com and we

All this is accomplished through the wide range of services www.

promise to continue to improve and upgrade our services in

tripark.com plans to offer, the attentive selection of proposals

order to live up to your expectations.

38/ Edition 2017

The easy way to travel


Grecotel Hotels & Resorts “News 2018”

What is included: Wide choice of restaurants, ONE 24/7, a pätisserie & chocolaterie, creperie – gelateria, premium brands, snacks, pool+beach service & nottotell Grecotel’s little luxuries. 24h WhatsApp Concierge Dedicated to mastering the craft of welcoming luxury in the hospitality

| luxury collection of accommodation beach & pool zenith experience|

industry, Grecotel Hotels and Resorts, the leading hotel chain in

Sommelier Services & more than 150 unique labels of wines | kids

Greece, delivers sophisticated lifestyle experiences for travelers in

world+dining | entertainment venues spoilt for fitness+activities |

the country’s most beautiful destinations.

Spa & Grecotel island hospitality.

Luxe all-inclusive living

White Palace

lifestyle and it visualizes“LUXE ALL-INCLUSIVE LIVING®” which

open-style public spaces & generous light-filled accommodations

simply becomes a part of your life. Irresistible!

that mirror the easy elegance of a Grecotel Luxury Resort lifestyle.

LUXURY MADE EASY® is a concept born out of a vision for seafront

White Palace, lies on the island’s stunning north coast and features

40/ Edition 2017

Daphnila Bay Dassia

unparalleled services, family packed activities and the Elixir Thalasso

Daphnila Bay Dassia literally tumbles down the green hillside

Spa aliveness. With the recent addition of 50 brand new rooms around

overlooking the bay and Ionian sea. From the main building high

the existing 6.000m² amazing Aqua Park and the new Beach Dining

up the slope to the garden bungalows hidden amongst the mature

Area – a complex of particular restaurants offering exclusive culinary

gardens, the fresh scent of pine fills the air. It’s easy to relax in such

adventures-, Club Marine Palace makes your choice rather easy.

a setting - and it’s made even easier with the Grecotel attentive

As many-colored ships sail into azure expectations and the bright


daylight touches the exhilarating land perfumes, children laughter echoes the unforgettable memories of your stay.

Introducing the new Casa Marron

The feeling –being with the ones you love-, the location -80,000 square meters of fertile plain-, the time -summer tide-, all proclaimed its

Pella Beach

In Chalkidiki, the shoreline rests under the peaceful shadows of the

arrival. Casa Marron is Grecotel’s brand new, all-inclusive, family

pine trees on the luminous shores, as sea shells and pebbles beautify

resort in Peloponnese; where veins of rock dropped down from high

the sandy beach on asummer expectation. No wonder the posh guests

above only to come alive at the water’s touch and myths for ancient

of Pella Beach keep coming back to this slice of Heaven again and

Gods await for you. As far as eyes can follow the invisible tremble of

again. Only this year, the remodeling of Pella Beach family resort is yet

the deep blue sea, the new Casa Marron family hotel and bungalow

another reason for you to visit. All types of accommodation have been

complex offers an unsurpassed experience full of pure delights,

renovated, along with main restaurants, the beach bar and the

active sports activities, all day beach restaurants and earth tones

landscaping, aiming to offer the utmost in relaxation, sea activities and


family moments for our guests. Feel at ease walking in the colorful gardens, gaze at the aquamarine sea or appreciate an exquisite

The renewal of Rhodos Royal

refection prepared with love and secret ingredients from the Aegean

This year we invite you and your family to witness the transformation of Rhodos Royal; the preferred allinclusive, bungalow resort-village located near Rhodes Town, the best-preserved medieval town in Europe. This seaside resort features so much more than just an

Sea and the pure land in Kassandra peninsula.

Riviera Olympia & Aqua Park

On a spectacular 2 km long vast beach, with a choice of five amazing

excellent range of all-inclusive facilities: the caring staff, the seafront

Resorts, Riviera Olympia is a small world apart from everyday life.

gardens, the water wonderland with marvelous pools, the activities and

Unsurpassed in location, lavishness and design, Riviera Olympia

the sandy beach. There dining alfresco, as nightingales are singing,

awaits all guests with a plethora of holiday choices: 20 restaurants &

deepens the taste of wheat, of wine and of Greek honey on the palate.

bars, the NEW spectacular grand Waterpark, 4.000 m2 pool landscape, 4.500m2 Elixir Thalassotherapy Center, Ayurveda Center Health &

Corfu Imperial

Beauty Spa, Sports Camp & academies including Olympian Equestrian

Like a green gem halting the light at the birth of the day, Corfu’s

Stables, Kids Summer Camp, Shopping center and more…

unconquered beauty is breathtaking; Corfu Imperial is located on a private peninsula, where beauty pours in from the lavish, Italian-


style gardens and the brilliance of the Ionian Sea. While the collection


of the exclusive accommodation along the coast is remodeled, the addition of sophisticated lounges, refined restaurants & bars, exclusive bungalows and one new Grecoland, completed this year’s rebirth of Corfu Imperial. Treat yourself like a royalty in the Elixir Spa, taste the Mediterranean flavors and daydream walking around what feels as palaces of the Italian Renaissance.

Club Marine Palace

The apotheosis of authentic luxury in Crete is a matter of birthright for us. Club Marine Palace rises anew due to its family centered, upgrade and offers an all-inclusive Mediterranean hospitality experience. Located next to a fishing village, the elite resort’s architecture resembles the simple structure of one traditional hamlet, offering

41/ Money & Tourism


South Aegean


he South Aegean region is

The Cycladic cultural treasure, one of the

whereas its name was given from the church

one of the thirteen admin-

most ancient Mediterranean civilisation, the

of Agia Irini (Saint Irene), which is located in

istrative regions of Greece.

rare geomorphologic site, that consists of

Thirasia, a neighbor island.

Administration includes

rocky hills, the ”naked” mountains, the gold-

Capital of Santorini, built with unique way in

the prefectures of Cyclad-

en beaches and the amazing seashores of

the rocks is Thira, where it is worth visiting

the 56 islands (Cyclades), the gastronomy.

the archaeological museum, the museum

The tradition in combination with the devel-

of the pre-historic Thira, with plant fossils,

es and Dodecanese.


oped, in some of the islands, hotel and tour-

the Belonio cultural Centre, with important

Some dots in the Greek map, other small

ist substructure, have discriminated Cyclad-

scripts and historical books. The view of

and other big, but very important for the civi-

es as one of the top Greek tourist destina-

the volcano from Kaldera is cut breathing

lisation and history, but also for the tourist

tions. Santorini, Myconos, Syros, Andros,

and the view of the island from Imerovigli

development of the country, Cyclades, are

Tinos, Dilos, Paros, Antiparos, Naxos, Irak-

is also spectacular, while seeing the tradi-

located for many decades in the centre of

lia, Sxinousa, Koufonisia, Keros, Antikeros,

tional dorps with the distinguishable houses.

interest and they are a vacation destination

Daskalio, Donousa, Amorgos, Folegandros,

One of the islands, a symbol of the interna-

for many Greek and foreign tourists.

Sikinos, Ios, Anafi, Kea (or Jia), Kithnos,

tional jet set is Myconos, which attracts hun-

Kimolos, Milos, Serifos, Sifnos and lots of

dreds of visitors every year. It is known for

other small islands, in the centre of Aegean

its nightlife and entertainment that provides.

Pelagos offer a unique experience of vaca-

However, Myconos is not only that. There, it

tions for all tastes.

is worth visiting the church of Paraportiani

Santorini is one of the most popular islands

and of course, the ”Little Venice”. Famous

not only in national level, but also in Euro-

beaches are Paradise and Super Paradise,

pean one. In 2001, the readers of the maga-

where crazy parties take place and they last

zine: “Travel and Leisure”, which is circulat-

even for 24 hours. For more quiet places, the

ed worldwide, asset of American Express,

beaches of Agios Stefanos and Agios Gian-

elected Santorini as the most popular island

nis of Elia are proposed.

in Europe. As the ship closes, the visitor is

Syros is the capital and the administrative

amazed from the white houses and the sheer

centre of Cyclades. It met growth, especially

rocks, as they look like they come out from

at the end of 18th and ion the beginning of

the frothy waves. The history of the island

the 19th century. The “Lady of Cyclades” as

is connected with the history of the volcano,

it named with the well-preserved mansion-

42/ Edition 2017

houses, roads paved with slabs, picturesque

they still preserve traditions and folkways,

other words the island of Ipokratis. It is the

villages and crystal waters impress the visi-

while at the same time they are cosmopol-

third largest island of the Dodecanese com-

tors at once.

itan with a European air. The Dodecanese.

plex, featuring long beaches, crystal seawa-

Capital of the island and the first trade port

Rhodes, Kos, Astipalea, Karpathos, Kalim-

ters and luxuriant vegetation.

of the country during the last century is Her-

nos, Kasos, Kastelorizo, Lipsi, Leros, Nisiros,

The capital and the main port is the city of

moupoli. The European essence of the city is

Patmos, Simi, Tilos, Halki. They are simply

Kos, which was rebuild after the catastroph-

spared everywhere, with the neo-classical

dots in the Greek map. An island complex,

ic earthquake of 1933 from the Italian con-

buildings and the renovated mansion- build-

so same and at the same time so different,


ings, which however, come to a harmony

which looks like it is between two worlds,

The entire archaeological sites, which are

with the white houses with the blue doors

the world of primeval nature and the other

spread in the city fill with awe every visitor.

and windows. In Hermoupoli, one should

one of nightlife.

As the ship moves closer to the port, the

visit the public theatre Apollo, miniature of

The Dodecanese offer visitors non-stop expe-

Venetian castle and the ruins of the mar-

the opera house in Milan and the church of

riences and it is certain that they will not be

ket along the port can amaze the visitors.

Agios Nikolaos the rich with the two church

bored, not even for a moment. The scen-

Also, the platan of Ipokratis and the Turkish

towers. Hermoupoli provides a lot of enter-

ery is rough and steep in some places, but

mosques are some of the sites of the island.

tainment and leisure facilities. Apart from

peaceful in others. Sandy beaches follow the

The city of Kos is a modern city, with vivid

the casino and the nightclubs, during the

rocky beaches with the deserted coves and

nightlife, which is at a peak during sum-

year theatrical and cinema shows, cultural

the steep mountains are the most appropri-

mer time. There are a lot of magnificent

events etc. take place

ate places for hiking.

beaches. For example, in Kardamena the

The most famous island of the Dodecanese

bathers will enjoy the sun and the sea, as

is Rhodes.

well as in Mastihari, Tigaki, Marmari and

One of the most popular islands is Kos, or in

somewhere else.


Quite islands, far away from tourism reality,

43/ Money & Tourism



Princess Andriana Resort & Spa The Brand new 5 Star all Inclusive hotel of H Hotels Collection,

with balcony, family rooms with terrace and a sharing pool,

Princess Andriana Resort & Spa is situated in Kiotari, in the

junior suites with balcony, junior suites with terrace and a pri-

southern part of the island of Rhodes next to the beach. With

vate pool, superior suites and executive suites. The majority of

modern facilities and state of the art design, the hotel is ideal for

the double rooms, the superior suites and the executive suites

both families and couples who seek truly memorable holidays.

are located in the main building. Some of the double rooms, the

The famous Lindos with its ancient Acropolis is just 15 km away

honeymoon rooms, all the family rooms and the junior suites

and Rhodes town 54 km away. The Hotel has a total of 380 rooms

are in the bungalow-style buildings.

which can satisfy every type of guest, plenty of swimming pools

Double Rooms feature: Bathtubs/shower, mini bar, WC, safe

both public and private and modern Spa facilities.

deposit box, hairdryer, international direct dial phone, A/C Indi-

The rooms are divided into double rooms for single use, dou-

vidual, radio and satellite channels, balcony/terrace, flat screen,

ble rooms, honeymoon rooms with private pool, family rooms

king size bed, tea and coffee facilities.Honeymoon Rooms fea-

44/ Edition 2017

ture all the above facilities plus private pool.


Family Rooms feature all the above facilities plus sliding doors

Twice a week a theme Buffet is proposed to the guests at the

that provide optical separation between parents and children, 2

dinner time:

sofa beds, sharing pool (superior family rooms only), double sinks.

1. A taste of Italy.

Junior Suites feature all the above facilities plus king size bed,

2. Traditional Greek Cuisine.

bathrobe and slippers, private pool (superior junior suites), pen

A la carte restaurant Moonlight operating only at dinner time

plan living room, 2 flat screen TVs, double sinks, turndown service.

and offering Mediterranean cuisine. A Variety of light meals

Executive Suites and Superior Suites feature all the above facilities

and snacks are served at the all day restaurant and bar which

plus bathroom with bubble bath (jacuzzi), king size bed, bathrobe

is located close to the main pool. Full buffet with plenty of gas-

and sleepers, private espresso machine, bath amenities, separate

tronomic choices can be found in the beach restaurant.

living room (executive suites), open plan living room (superior suites).

The hotel offers an amphitheater for up to 500 people, a con-

Food & Beverage division

ference room up to 200 pax, a wellness & beauty spa with fully equipped gymnasium and fitness center, sauna, hamam and

All meals are served in buffet style at the main restaurant


45/ Money & Tourism



Boutique 5 Hotel & Spa The all new Boutique 5 Hotel & Spa, member of H Hotels Collec-

pancy, junior suites with private pool & superior junior suites,

tion, is situated in Kiotari, in the southern part of Rhodes.

mediterranean suites with private pool and executive suites

With modern facilities, offering guests a variety of luxurious

with private pool.

services, our hotel is ideal for those who seek truly memorable

All the rooms and suites are designed to satisfy the varied indi-


vidual needs of every guest that seek a five star boutique hotel

Blending harmoniously with the beautiful landscape, the hotel

experience in Rhodes. Staying in Boutique 5, you can enjoy room

has a total of 44 spacious state of the art rooms many of which

facilities such as high quality king size bed, morning espresso

with Jacuzzis & private pools.

from your in-room espresso machine, private terrace, walk-in

The State of the Art Spa facilities, the sandy beach, the magnifi-

closet, 24/7 room service, private pool and twice a day maid service.

cent view & the unique hospitality will guarantee the idyllic loca-

Indulge in complimentary bath amenities from the French design-

tion for quiet and relaxing holidays.

er Thierry Mugler, thick bathrobes and slippers.

The rooms are divided into deluxe rooms for single or double

Each room has its own minibar, plasma-screen TV, DVD player,

occupancy, superior deluxe rooms for single or double occu-

radio, air conditioning, and high-speed Wi-Fi connection.

46/ Edition 2017

Food & Beverage division

From the spa facilities where you can relish a spa treatment,

Boutique 5 Hotel & Spa hosts Impressions A’ La Carte restau-

to the fully equipped fitness center, to the beauty treatment

rant and Sketch rar, where you will experience exquisite culi-

salon, in Boutique 5 Hotel & Spa we will indulge all your senses.

nary options and inspired cocktails, with exceptional service set in an elegant sea view environment. As in every other aspect, this luxury hotel can promise a high

Meetings & Events

Boutique 5 welcomes opportunities for hosting conferences

standard cuisine, using excellent quality products of local Rho-

and incentives in the island of Rhodes.

dian origin. The wine list has been carefully selected in order to

The multi - purpose conference room Chorus, is designed to

represent the very best of the Greek and international vineries.

meet the high standard criteria of any kind of professional event, such as conferences, conventions, meetings or incen-

Bliss Spa

tive programs, giving priority to your comfort and requests.

In “Bliss” Spa at the Boutique 5 Hotel & Spa you can experience

Boutique 5 Hotel & Spa, offering five star accommodation and

a complete range of recreational and revitalizing services. We

top quality cuisine, is the prefect venue for providing an incen-

treat body & soul and provide you with the ultimate relaxation

tives program to your managing team or your highly appre-

experience you can find in a five star hotel.

ciated customers.

47/ Money & Tourism



Rodos Princess Beach Hotel The Rodos Princess Beach Hotel is located next to the beach in

from International cuisine. (Such as: Greek Night, Italian Cuisine

Kiotari, a natural and unspoiled area in the south of Rhodes island,

and Fish specialties)

Greece. The hotel is ideal for those who seek quiet and relaxing holi-

CHILDREN’S RESTAURANT: A separate restaurant for children

days while it offers the facilities and services of a four-star hotel. It

with a variety of meals such as: 3 appetizers, 3 main courses,

is located 15 km from Lindos with its famous Acropolis, 5 km from

salads, dessert, ice cream, etc. During meals a team of our staff

the traditional village Asclepio and 54 km from Rhodes town. The

especially trained for children’s entertainment supervises the chil-

hotel is served by taxis and public bus transportation on a regular

dren at the restaurant.

basis. There is also a rent a car and motorbike office within the hotel.

POOL TAVERN «VENUS»: All guests have the possibility to have their lunch as well as dinner at the Pool Tavern «VENUS» instead


of the Main Restaurant.

Single rooms 2 • Double rooms 285 • Family rooms 32 • Junior


suites 12 • Suites 15 • Executive suites 10 • Total Rooms 356

possibility to have snacks at the Beach Snack Restaurant «DIOGE-

Room Facilities: • Fully air conditioned from 01 June to 30 Sep-

NIS». This includes: sandwiches, club sandwiches, pizza, ham-

tember • Heating in the beginning of April according to weather

burgers, hot dogs, salads, fruit of the season, etc., drinks such as

conditions • Balcony or Terrace • Hair Dryer • Bathroom with

refreshments, juices, beer, red and white wine, water.

bathtubs - shower combination • Direct dial Telephone • Mini Bar • Satellite TV with international channels & in-house music channel The Rodos Princess is a modern four-star hotel and operates as an Ultra All-Inclusive Hotel. It is ideal for couples and families who seek a very friendly atmosphere and a relaxing holiday. Lindos with its famous Acropolis is located at 15 km, the traditional


Mini bar in every room free of charge with beer, mineral water and soft drinks. The mini bar is re-filled every second day.


Beach towels are provided free of charge through the reception.

village of Asklipion at 5 km and Rhodes town at 54 km.

Please use the ‘towel’-card given at the reception desk. For fur-


ther information please contact the reception.

MAIN RESTAURANT «DIONYSOS»: All meals are served in a buf-


fet style. Every night, guests have the chance to taste specialties

24 hour room service

48/ Edition 2017



Princess Sun Hotel The Princess Sun Hotel is located in Kiotari, South Rhodes,

The sandy beach of our filial hotel, the Rodos Princess, is located

Greece. It is built on a small hill offering excellent sea view and

approximately 800 meters from the Princess Sun Hotel.

also a splendid pine-tree forest view.

50/ Edition 2017

Five star experience above and beyond expectations

Princess Andriana Resort & Spa: Kiotari Rhodes, Greece l T.(+30) 22440 39000 Email: info@princessandriana.gr l www.princessandriana.com



Lindos Princess Beach Hotel

Lindos Princess Beach Hotel, a premier brand new 4-star resort hotel in the kingdom of the Sun God, on the island of Rhodes, opened its doors on June 29, 2002.

The comfort you’d rather enjoy

Lindos Princess Beach Hotel has in total 416 rooms, all with private balconies or verandas with sea, garden and pools views.

The Hotel, which is ideal for leisure and recreation, is set within 140 acres direct at the beautiful, quite sandy beach of Lardos village, 50 km from the city of Rhodes and 5 km from cosmopolitan Lindos. It has in total 416 rooms of which 238 double rooms, 55 junior Family rooms, 105 Family rooms, 10 Suites with separate bedroom and 8 Executive Suites. Lindos Princess Beach Hotel has an exciting and varied range of dining experience at the main restaurant and at the


• Double rooms 238 • Type A Family rooms 55 • Type B Family rooms 105 • Suites 10 • Executive Suites 8

Room Facilities:

• Fully air conditioned with individual control / Heating • Balcony

other 3 «a la carte». With many sports activities, entertainment and

or Terrace • Rooms with Connecting Doors • Hair Dryer • Bath-

much more to offer, the Lindos Princess Beach Hotel gives you an

room with bathtubs – shower combination • Direct dial Telephone

adventure and relaxation you’d rather live.

• Refrigerator - Mini Bar • Satellite TV with international channels & Radio in-house music channels The Luxury Executive Suites, are especially designed to fulfill higher standards of our customers’ needs. Private verandas with sun decks, variable table, living room with couch, fully furnished office room with a separate telephone line, and Internet access. The bedroom is equipped with a king size bed and the bathroom with Jaccuzzi dubble bath.

Conference & Banqueting facilities

1 Meeting room «EYRIDIKI» is capable of accommodating up to 150 people and 1 Conference (multi user) room «CLIO» with natural lighting, full equipment and large terrace for coffee breaks, offers comfortable meeting and banqueting facilities for up to 400 people.

52/ Edition 2017

The flavours you’d rather try Restaurants and Bars...

• Watersports: Pedaloes, Canoes, Water ski, Banana and Ring boat. (Canoe and windsurfing are free of diarge, according to availability

Here is an exciting and varied range of dining experience at the Hotel’s

and anly with a license)

Main restaurant and the other 3 «a la carte» restaurants. Theme

• Swimming Pools: 2 large outdoor pools and one indoor fresh

restaurants by the outdoor swimming pools. The «Spondi» restau-

water pool. 2 separate Children paddling pools.

rant serves fabulous breakfast for the beginning of the day whilst for

• Beach: Beach volleyball.

Lunch and Dinner a great food items selection in a buffet style, with

• Health Club: Fully equipped Fitness room with Jacuzzi bubble

show cookings is on offer. The 3 «ala carte» theme-restaurants, by

bath, Massage, Sauna and the Turkish bath «Hamam». (with charge)

the pools offer fusion of glorious Greek and Mediterranean flavours,

• Others: Mini soccer (5 x 5), basketball.

and also vegetarian cuisine for vegetarians. At the Main-bar «Dio-

In the area:

nysos», the breathtaking panoramic view at the bar veranda with its

• Rhodes Golf Course 35 km from the Hotel.

overlook to the entire Hotel property is a «must» for relaxing moments together with the flavourable exotic cocktails. The «Aegean» Pool Bar is the ideal place for a long cool drink, situated at the pool environ-

Guest services

• Children’s Club, baby cots, highchairs, buggies, children’s menu.

ment. The «Aeolos» Beach Snack Bar, offers a wide range of snacks

(with charge) • Money exchange service • Car and motor rental

and refreshing drinks during a «hot» day, under the shadow of the

• Internet Corner (with charge) • Mini Shopping center within the

recently-constructed pergola.

Hotel housing, a variety of shops selling jewelry, leather and opticals. • Super Market • Parking facilities

The adventure and the relaxation you’d rather live Entertainment...

A team of professional entertainers organize a variety of activities including: • Morning and Aqua gym • Aerobics • Table tennis • Beach volleyball • Water polo • Children games • Mini disco for children and evening shows. Live music by the Hotel’s band, folklore dancing and professional shows presented at the Amphitheater. Various theme nights with relevant decoration and atmosphere.

Sports facilities In the Hotel:

• Tennis: Tarten tennis courts with floodlight.

53/ Money & Tourism



Lindian Village Lindian Village is one of the top Rhodes luxury hotels. This 5 Star Hotel is

Feel Greece and taste refined local delicacies under the star glazed sky

the perfect shelter to couples looking for a truly romantic break, as well

with complimentary views of the exuberant Aegean Sea.

as a great stylish option for family holidays in Greece. Lindian Village

Mr Danton: A touch of the orient in vibrant red colors, a harmonious

which owned and managed by Sviriades S.A. has a successful presence

blend of eastern spices and herbs, signature dishes and exotic cock-

in the Greek Hoteling since the early 60’s. This deluxe resort offers high

tails “From Thailand with Love”.

level facilities and impeccable personalized service, satisfying today’s

Astroscopus: If romance is on the agenda, head to the al fresco Astrosco-

demanding traveler. Being surrounded by lavished grounds, feeling like

pus with its commanding views of the Mediterranean. Feast on an

the only guests at this peaceful enclave. The complex includes luxury

extensive variety of seafood and enjoy the notes of wines from the

guest rooms (classic double and family), which are located in the main

restaurant’s cellar or even more indulge in our champagne selection.

village and 70 suites with private pools or private verandas with jacuzzi.

Kohilo: For something light and casual from dawn to dusk, Kohilo

Experience professional service with a personal touch, dinning at one

serves simple dishes, delightful salads and refreshing juices around

of our restaurants, each offering exquisite cuisines such as:

the hotel’s beautifully landscaped swimming pool.

Almante’s: The restaurant specialises in the blend of Mediterranean and

La Piaza: This lounge café bar situated on the hotel’s main square is

refined International cuisine, superbly prepared and served with flair.

the place to see and be seen whilst sipping your coffee or dry martini

Basil: Basil is a gourmet Greek restaurant. Olive oil, vegetables, wild

under the shadow of an Eucalyptus tree.

greens, legumes, fish and fruit are used to create dishes inspired by

Sea Spirit: Sat right on the edge of our wonderful freeform swimming

both mainland Greece and the Aegean Islands.

pool, Sea Spirit is a chic and trendy bar serving signature cocktails to the sounds and waves of the summer breeze, feel free dance the night away. Sea Spirit is open for weddings and special events. Pebble: The Pool Bar- Freddo Cappuccino, beloved Frappe, salty Margaritas, refreshing Mojitos and finger food served around the pool or on the beach. A stay at the Lindian Village would not be complete with out a visit to the Lindian Village Spa. Set back  and relax in the aesthetic atmosphere whilst a visit being pampered by our therapists. The Lindian Village also boasts its own private beach, with luxurious sun beds, where you can relax and enjoy the cool sea breeze.

54/ Edition 2017



Lindos Blu Hotel & Suites Lindos Mare Hotel A significant number of international awards confirm the reputation that Lindos Blu Hotel & Suites is one of the best boutique

Indulge Five Senses

hotels in Rhodes and Greece.

Inspire your senses at the 5 Senses Gourmet Restaurant, dining in

Perched regally on a hillside, Lindos Blu Hotel & Suites is the first

a divine setting under the starlight. Immerse yourself in a gastro-

adults-only hotel in the cosmopolitan island of Rhodes, guaran-

nomic journey of fusion creative cuisine with a Mediterranean touch.

teeing unimpeded relaxation.

Smeraldo A la carte Restaurant

Stunning views, impeccable service and otherworldly elegance

Start your day with a freshly-made orange juice and a choice

create an ideal setting for complete rejuvenation. 70 guestrooms

from the lavish breakfast buffet of Smeraldo Restaurant. Order

and villas with impressive views to the Aegean Sea, are deliber-

your eggs, omelets or waffles and have them prepared the way

ately designed to offer a unique holiday experience.

you prefer.

Enjoy a romantic getaway in contemporary-design surroundings,

At the Smeraldo you can also enjoy light snacks during the day, a

with attentive services and high-quality facilities.

fine lunch a la carte or dinner with a fine selection from the cre-

Allow yourselves to enjoy an unforgettable stay in rooms that are

ative Greek-Mediterranean buffet.

tailor-made to meet your needs.

Luna Rossa Lounge Bar

Feel free to oversleep on the king size beds in the modern and

The Luna Rossa Lounge Bar is a popular rendezvous point for the

spacious Double rooms.

guests of the hotel wishing to enjoy a pre- or after-dinner drink.

If you wish to enjoy the sun in an external Jacuzzi, the Double

In a contemporary setting, choose from a fine selection of vintage

Deluxe rooms are ideal for you. Sip some Nespresso coffee in the

wines, champagne, and refreshing cocktails, accompanied by

sitting room of a Junior Suite, with beautiful views of the Aegean

smooth tunes and chill out atmosphere.

Sea, or choose a room with a Sharing Pool, for some late eve-

Allegro Pool Bar

ning swimming.

For guests preferring to linger poolside, the Allegro Pool Bar offers

For a more exclusive stay on any special occasions, a Villa or Mai-

cool and refreshing cocktails while sunbathing. For an energy

sonette with a private pool and Jacuzzi would be the dream place

boost, try a light lunch or a salad by the infinity pool.

for your holiday. Spacious areas, chic luxury, and a touch of pri-

24hrs Room Service

vacy, provide the perfect scenery for a romantic getaway

In case you prefer relaxing in the room all day long, you can have

56/ Edition 2017


tunning views, impeccable service and otherworldly elegance create an ideal setting for complete rejuvenation. 70 guestrooms and villas with impressive views to the Aegean Sea, are deliberately designed to offer a unique holiday experience.

Lindos BLu Luxury HoteL & suites

85107 Vlicha Lindos, Rhodes, Greece, Tel.: +30 22440 32110, Fax: +30 22440 32111, Email: info@lindosblu.gr




a snack, a few drinks or even a fine dinner any time you wish, thanks to the 24hrs room service of the Lindos Blu. Enjoy the

Lindos Mare Hotel

Lindos Mare boutique hotel is built on many different levels on

comfort and the splendid views of your room while indulging in

a sun-kissed hillside with panoramic views of beautiful Vliha

the delicacies of our menu.

Bay, only 2,5 kilometers from the picturesque village of Lindos. The hotel located next to Lindos Blu and tour operators men-

Body and Mind

tioned to this as a 4+ stars hotel.


Recent renovations to all areas of Hotel Lindos Mare, together

Want to stay fit throughout your holiday? The fully equipped gym

with impeccable service and excellent cuisine, create an atmo-

of Lindos Blu offers the chance of working out, while enjoying

sphere of discrete luxury and tranquility in which to enjoy the

panoramic views of the Vlicha Gulf. Sauna, steam bath and an

perfect leisurely holiday.

indoors heated swimming pool will be absolutely relaxing you

100 double rooms, 36 junior suites and 5 suites totally refur-

after a hard workout program. The use of the gym, steam bath

nished with large verandas and amazing views, decorated in

and sauna is free of charge for all our guests.

warm colors and equipped with all modern facilities are designed

The Spa & Health Club

to offer a comfortable and memorable stay.

Try a rejuvenating experience for the body and the soul in our Spa & Health Club. Choose form a refreshing menu of holistic and traditional treatments conducted by highly skilled therapists, using cutting-edge spa technology. Hot stone massage, Reiki, Thai massage, facial treatments and many more offer spirited experiences to bring about lasting rejuvenation. Services Furthermore, at Lindos Blu Hotel & Suites guests may enjoy a range of services including: One outdoor heated swimming pool, One sun jacuzzi terrace, Sun terrace, Jewelry store, Mini market/Newsstand Laundry/Dry cleaning service, 24 hrs room service, Rent a car, Water sports (privately-run company), Twice daily maid service, 24-Hour Front Desk, 24-Hour Concierge Desk, WI-FI Internet, Multilingual Staff, Laundry/Valet Service, Smoke Detectors, Luggage Storage.

58/ Edition 2017


DISCOVER THE JOY OF TRAVEL at apollo hotels At apollo hotelS, we live every day with a passion for quality and service to cater to the needs of all our guests. A truly memorable holiday is what we offer.

SENTIDO APOLLO BLUE Faliraki, 85105 Rhodes, Greece Tel: +30 22410 85000 Email: info.apolloblue@sentidohotels.com

Apollo Beach Faliraki, 85105 Rhodes, Greece Tel: +30 22410 85513, 085535 Email: apollorh@otenet.gr



Sentido Apollo Blue & Apollo Beach Hotel The 5* SENTIDO Apollo Blue and Apollo Beach Hotel are located on

cuisine and the warm Greek hospitality count in favour of a holiday

the impressive Faliraki beach on the island of Rhodes.

in the SENTIDO Apollo Blue hotel.

Sentido Apollo Blue

Experience SENTIDO Apollo Blue by 5 senses

The SENTIDO Apollo Blue is an exclusive beach hotel with styl-

SMELL the delicate Jasmine blossoms blending with the distinc-

ish design. Reminiscent of ancient Greek architecture, the hotel

tive fragrant of thyme and other local herbs, in the alleys of our

complex fits naturally into the landscape. Not only the impressive

peaceful garden.

architecture and the breathtaking sea views but also the excellent

TOUCH the smooth as silk golden sand, slipping through your fin-

60/ Edition 2017

gers on our enchanting beach and experience the soft touch of

the finishing touches to a sandcastle, wake up in the morning with

our unique treatments at our Apivita Spa

the peaceful sound of the wind gently blowing among the tree leaves

TASTE a rich palette of flavors with a distinct local character, at the restaurant where our chefs experiment with new approaches to traditional recipes, creating superb dishes, using only but the fin-

Apollo Beach Hotel

Apollo Beach Hotel is a spacious, modern hotel located in Faliraki

est ingredients

on the northeast side of the Rhodes. It is only 14km from the main

LOOK the breathtaking sea views and enjoy the sunset with the

town of the island and 5km from the Afandou Golf course.

magnificent Temple of Apollo at the background, elegantly stand-

Situation on a sandy beach with lush surrounding greenery and

ing in our courtyard and fitting naturally in the landscape

flowering plants, this four star accommodation is bound to make

LISTEN to the sound of the sea and the laughter of children laying

your holiday an unforgettable experience.

61/ Money & Tourism



Sheraton Rhodes Resort Sharing memories of an island escape

Restaurant offering authentic Italian cuisine with a contemporary

Set in beautifully landscaped gardens, Sheraton Rhodes Resort is

flair and Thèa with the most fascinating selection of traditional Greek

only a few meters from a pristine private beach and just 4 kilometers

dishes and breathtaking views over the Aegean Sea. The Lounge

from the Medieval city of Rhodes, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Bar on the 6th floor is the perfect place to unwind on its large invit-

All 401 guestrooms combine casual sophistication, comfort and

ing lounge beds and enjoy a cocktail under the seafront sunset.

understated elegance with a decidedly modern twist. The hotel is

Sheraton Rhodes Resort is a wonderful place for families of all ages.

overlooking the Aegean Sea and has many options for intercon-

Our younger guests are always treated specially, with a variety of

necting rooms, allowing families and other larger parties to stay

services and venues dedicated to their requirements – Kid’s Club,

together and share the experience. All rooms feature the Shera-

children’s pool, various activities organized daily by the hotel’s

ton Sleep Experience: a plush mattress, cozy duvet, and plenty of

entertainment team.

comfy pillows. When you fall asleep on the Sheraton bed, only your

With the year round warm climate, Rhodes is the perfect place to

dreams matter.

enjoy all your activities.

An excellent choice of restaurants is available at the resort, the cui-

The most famous sights and attractions of the island include the

sine ranging from traditional Greek to international tastes. From

Palace of the Grand Masters, Kallithea Sprigs, Seven Springs, Val-

the relaxing buffet restaurant Castellania to the stunning poolside

ley of the Butterflies and the Acropolis of Lindos. Don’t miss a day-

Mediterraneo for modern Greek Cuisine or the signature L’Onda

trip to the picturesque island of Symi!

62/ Edition 2017



Amathus Hotels Rhodes On the west coast of Rhodes lies the resort of Ixia the closest

The Amathus Elite Suites is a boutique exclusive hotel offering

resort to Rhodes town. On this beautiful location offering majes-

suites with private pools. It is voted from its guests one of the top

tic sea and sunset views lie the Amathus Hotels complext that

10 hotels in Greece, offering excellent service, gourmet cuisine,

consist of the Amathus Beach a 5 star resort hotel and Amathus

world class spa and amazing views.

Elite Suites an exclusive luxurious boutique hotel!

Amathus Spa and Wellness centre is an oasis of relaxation, show-

Amathus Beach Hotel boasts spacious common areas with 3

casing 14 treatment rooms, an authentic Hammam, Sauna and

swimming pools, delicious cuisine in restaurants offering majes-

a relaxing Jacuzzi. The indoor pool and the fully equipped gym

tic views and excellent friendly services.

are there to keep you in shape while on holidays.

The hotel has 14 meeting rooms the largerst of which can accom-

The island’s warm climate, its site and nature together with the

modate 250 people making it the ideal destination to combine

impeccable quality in accommodation, dining and service make

business and pleasure.

the Amathus Hotels the perfect choice when in Rhodes!

64/ Edition 2017

The Kres ten R oyal Villas &

S pa


6th klm Kallithea Avenue, GR 85100 Rhodes - Greece Tel: +30 22410 03650, Fax: +30 22410 03651 Email: info@thekrestenroyal.gr

6th klm Kallithea Avenue, GR 85100 Rhodes - Greece Τel.: +30 22410 62714, Fax: +30 22410 65976 Email: info@krestenpalace.gr





The Kresten Royal Villas & Spa

and Kresten Palace Hotel

The Kresten Royal Villas & Spa

Water • 1 Children’s Pool • 1 Indoor Pool (Heated) • Tennis Courts

The luxurious newly builded The Kresten Royal Villas & Spa,

• Football Court 5x5 • Basketball / Volleyball Court • Gym • Spa

stands majestically on the magnificent Kallithea sloping hillside

(Not Included In the All Inclusive) • Super Market

by the sea offering transpire great class, impeccable taste in


seductive and stunning sea views of the Aegean, lies an ancient

The Convention Centre, “Golden Hall” is an autonomous building

quarry site, (from which stone for the fortification of the City was

with its own separate entrance and lobby, seats 500 participants

excavated during the ancient and medieval ages), for unique pri-

and it is equipped with state of the art simultaneous translation

vacy and relaxation.

facilities as well as divisible smaller meeting rooms, a business

Everything composes an unforgettable picture. Aesthetically prem-

center, VIP lounge, press room and a bistro styled coffee shop,

ises, breathtaking nature, warm and kind hearted people with a

makes it ideal destination, for incentive groups.

tradition of excellence in service, dedicated to your well being. Is


situated 5,5 km from the famous UNESCO world heritage monu-

Mediterranean Spa gives you the opportunity to indulge yourself

ment, medieval old town of Rhodes and within walking distance

with using its exclusive natural products, and unforgettable ser-

from the recently restored Kallithea Mineral Springs. Kresten

vice. A wellness center with fully equipped gymnasium and Spa

Royal Villas & Spa offers 191 Double rooms, 11 Junior Suites, 7

with steam bath, sauna, different massage - wellness treatment

Suites, 40 Villa Junior Suites with swimming pool and 7 Royal

rooms and an indoor Pool, shall be at your service.

Suites with swimming pool.


In every room you can find:

There is a famous Greek phrase, “I agapi pernaei apo to stomachi”

• Satellite TV • Telephone • Fridge • Safety deposit Box • Internet

which means that love is getting bigger and stronger from good

connection through Ethernet

Food, and we are ready to offer you a wide variety of choices, top

During your stay you will be surrounded by our state of the art

quality and the spirit of the Greek service. Our Food and bever-

Sport facilities, the newest machinery in our Gym and our vari-

age program was made with our guest’s satisfaction in mind. Get

ety of pools. You can take a look at our in-Hotel store or you can

your day started with our enlarged American buffet breakfast in

relax at our spa.

the main restaurant “Athina”.

• 1 external Pool with Sea Water • 2 external Pools with Sweet

If you are not feeling for an early wake up start or just want some-

66 Edition 2017

thing more take a look at our buffet filled with salads, sandwiches,

extensions. Kresten Palace offers 285 rooms in total with last

a variety of ice creams and pastry at “Porta di Mare” pool restau-

renovation time the winter of 2007-09. All rooms include private

rant. After 12:00 the buffet gets more interesting with the addition

facilities, balconies or terraces with magnificent view, a direct dial

of cold and warm appetizers as well as a choice of main cours-

telephone, Satellite TV with music channels, mini fridge, safety

es from Greek & International cuisine. Just half an hour later in

deposit box, hair dryer and air-conditioning (June - September).

the main restaurant “Athina” will open its doors to offer you an

A variety of facilities, animation, and entertainment are at your

enlarged lunch buffet as well as show cooking.

disposal during your stay. Kresten Palace as being a part of The

From 16:00 in our pool restaurant “Porta di Mare” a buffet with

Kresten Hotels offers you an excellent Food & Beverage Program

variety of Salads, snacks & sandwiches, as well as fruits, pas-

based on Half - Board Basis, Bed & Breakfast Basis or Full Board

tries and various flavors of ice cream will remain for your plea-

Basis instead of the All - Inclusive experience that our “Sister”

sure until half an hour before our dinner in our main restaurant

Hotel The Kresten Royal Villas & Spa has to offer.

“Athina” from 18:30.

During your stay at Kresten Palace Hotel you can taste our gas-

Dinner at the Main Restaurant with warm and cold appetizers, salad

tronomic proposals & cocktails at: • “Olympia” Main Restaurant

buffet and a large variety of cold and warm choices of main cours-

• “Red” Main Bar • Pool Restaurant & Bar

es from Greek & International cuisine, as well as Show Cooking.

Kresten Palace can combine the leisure of your group, the facili-

19.00 - 22.00 hrs: The “Porta di Mare” theme restaurant, offers

ties of your meetings, the events for your company’s personnel

an a la carte dinner by the sea front, in open air surroundings or

pleasure and relations bonding. The conference center has to offer

19.00 - 22.00 hrs: The “Teatro” theme restaurant, shall take you to

everything that you might need for a successful meeting or event.

a journey to Italy’s traditional grandmother’s recipes. In case you missed your dinner or enjoyed our beautiful island during the afternoon, from 22:30 and for one hour light snacks will be present at our lounge bar “Horizon”. While During the day there are many choices of places where you can choose something to drink, during their operation times, our bar outlets “Horizon” & “Bella Vista” Bar are waiting to serve you drinks and cocktails.

Kresten Palace Hotel

The 4 stars Kresten Palace Hotel built in modern style combined with traditional Rhodian architecture surrounded by 60.000 m2

67/ Money & Tourism



Lindos Hotels Group Lindos Hotels Group is a luxurious Greek hotel chain located on the

• 2 Children’s pools-playground

Island of Rhodes. Three perfectly positioned beachfront hotels, with

• Aqua park

over 900 rooms, owned and run by the Minettos family.

• 4 Restaurants, 4 bars, night club/disco

The hotels combine the exclusivity of 5 star facilities with the famil-

• Spa-fitness centers-hydro massage

iar touch of a local family. The three properties are located in Kiotari

• 3 Tennis courts, basketball courts, mini football, beach volley

and Vlycha within close distance to historical Lindos, a top tourist

• Amphitheaters (500 seats)

destination of the Island of Rhodes.

• Conference rooms

Lindos Imperial Resort & Spa, Lindos Royal Hotels & Lindos Village

• Games room

Hotel make up the Lindos Hotels Group.

• Mini market

Lindos Imperial Resort

Lindos Village Hotel

Glystra Beach and the old fishing village of Kiotari, next to the beau-

short distance from Lindos and approximately 55 kms from the main

tiful pebble beach of Kiotari Bay and approximately 65 kms from the

airport of Rhodes (Diagoras). The Village is built alongside a small

main airport of Rhodes (Diagoras).

cove of shallow waters overlooking the picturesque bay of Vlycha.

Generous outdoor spaces to lounge and relax, epitomize open yet

The Lindos Village hotel is an extravagant portrait of a traditional

private restfulness, with mesmerizing views of the Aegean Sea.

Greek village, bright white buildings that harmoniously soak up

Landscaped gardens and alluring pools alltogether in a resort that

the glorious Greek sun and radiate a warm Mediterranean glow.

emanates elegance and comfort with all the modern first class ame-

From every angle the Village boasts unsurpassed awe inspiring

nities you could need at your fingertips.

views of the deep blue waters of the Aegean sea and the small pic-

The complex offers luxurious facilities and first class accommo-

turesque bay of Vlicha.


Lindos Village Hotel at a glance

Lindos Imperial at a glance

• 1 Outdoor pool

• 426 Rooms and family rooms. In rooms facilities includes air

• 5x5 Football

The beautiful Lindos Imperial Resort is located a short distance from

The stunning Lindos Village Hotel, an adults only hotel, is located a

condition, direct dial phone, safe, mini fridge, radio, hair dryer,

• Tennis courts, basketball courts, Volley

balcony or terrace, etc.

• Souvenir-Jewelry Shops

• 3 Outdoor and 1 indoor fresh water swimming pools

• 24 Hour reception

68/ Edition 2017

• 2 Restaurants

Lindos Royal Hotel at a glance

• 2 Bars

• Aqua Slides

• Theme A la Carte Restaurant

• 1 Childrens pool

• Ampitheatre (450 seats)

• 3 Outdoor pools

• Currency exchange

• 5x5 Football

• Multilingual animation teams

• Tennis court, basketball court, Volley

• Guest relations

• Souvenir-Jewelry Shops

• Mini market

• Mini club (6 to 12 years) • 24 Hour reception

Lindos Royal Hotel

• 2 Restaurants

Lindos Royal hotel, a family all inclusive hotel, is a fascinating picture

• 2 Bars

of classic Rhodes colonial style architecture, a host of columns and

• Theme A la Carte Restaurant

spectacular arches make up the extravagant exterior. The proper-

• Ampitheatre (450 Seats)

ty is built overlooking the small bay of Vlicha and enjoys cascading

• Currency exchange

views stretching as far as the eye can see over the emerald waters.

• Grassed playground

Luxury 4 star accommodation centered around style and indulgence.

• Night club (Village Hotel)

The inviting rooms at the Lindos Royal accommodate your every need,

• Multilingual animation teams

preference and budget. Each room, from standard and comfort rooms

• Guest relations

to sumptuous suites are spacious, quiet and superbly appointed.

• Mini market

69/ Money & Tourism



Rodos Palace Majestic Rodos Palace, on the historical island of Rhodes, quite simply represents the ultimate in deluxe resort and convention facilities in Greece. Ideally located on a privileged site, extending from a cool green hill down to an idyllic beach. The venue

and incentive destination par-excellence.

The V IP World

Politicians, actors, singers, artists and top sportsmen have

offers a cornucopia of outstanding facilities and services, lei-

selected the Rodos Palace for their business meetings or

sure time activities and comforts. The Rodos Palace Resort and

holiday escapes.

Convention Center, one of the largest of its kind in the Mediter-

The decisive features guiding their choice have been: the pres-

ranean, has celebrated a quarter-century of its inception and

tige of the location, the high standardsΖΤ of accommodation,

development into a uniquely combined holiday and business

the personalized service, the effective security, the tranquility

complex. Having within its premises the International Con-

and the discretion - wherever and whenever needed.

vention, large recognised as one of the most complete in the Mediterranean region, Rodos Palace emerges as a meeting


• Ecumenical Patriarch Vartholomeos II • Constantine Stefanopoulos • Chancellor Kohl • Francois Mitterand • Jacques Santer • Lady Margaret Thatcher • Felipe Gonzalez • Rod Lubbers • Kurt Waldheim • Constantinos Caramanlis • Andreas Papandreou • Rod Lubbers • Anthony Kennedy • Christian Bamard • Theodore Fyodorov • Javier X. Solana • Jose Cutilleiro • Wilfred Martens • Catherine Lalumiere • Prince Sultan El Saoud • lacovos • Dimitris Avramopoulos.

The world of International Entertainment & Business • Roger Moore • Claudia Cardinale • Neil Sedaka • Simple Minds • Omar Sharif • Telly Savalas • Robert Wagner & Stephanie Powers • Albano & Romina Power • Demis Roussos • Liv Ullmann • Adan Kasogi • Anatoly Karpov • Robert Maxwell • Milva

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The world of Entertainment (National)

Dining and Entertainment choices on the hotel form an eclectic mix

• Mikis Theodorakis • Aliki Vougiouklaki • Maria Farantouri

of 6 speciality restaurants including the Gourmet Restaurant “La

• Leonidas Kavakos • Petros Gaitanos • Alkistis Protopsalti •

Rotisserie”, cafes, a delightful Piano Lounge Bar and Disco Club

Yiannis Parios • Lakis Lazopoulos • Antonis Vardis • Elefthe-

with daily shows, which makes our guest often spoiled for choice

ria Arvanitaki

Convention Center


With over 500 conferences and numerous exhibitions held in

From the heart of the complex rises an elegant 20-storey tower

its premises and attended by Heads of State, Nobel laureates,

with luxurious rooms and suites, offering spectacular views of the

innovative businessmen, renowned artists and scientists. With

gardens or the blue Aegean Sea. Adjacent to the Tower stands the

a total combined capacity of 4.000 delegates in 20 ergonomically

7 storey Executive VIP Wing, fully dedicated to the special needs

designed multi-use halls ranging in size from 20-1300 persons

of business travelers and conference delegates. On the slope

the Center can support events of varying size and complexity.

of the hill, within well-kept gardens are 14 units with studios,

Having been selected as the official venue for the European union

apartments and bungalows. The radical renovation of the 20th

Summit and Western European Union Council of ministers, the

Storey Tower and reception areas, completed by the beginning

Rodos Palace is identified as a prominent choice for rewarding

of the year 2001, has been planned and undertaken by renowned

conferences and incentives. • Jupiter Ballroom: Area: 850sq.m.

Demou & Associates Interior Designers.

- Capacity: 1,300 • Athena Hall: Area: 350sq.m. - Capacity: 350 • Salon des Roses: Area: 480sq.m. - Capacity: 650 • Delphi Amphi-

Interior Design

theater: Area: 445sq.m. - Theatre Capacity: 600 • Nafsika Hall: Area:

Initially decorated by the famous American hotel designer Mau-

220sq.m. - Capacity:320 • Nefeli Hall: Area: 155sq.m. - Capac-

rice Bailey, who during his career created 50 top hotels and pri-

ity:220 • Apollo Room: Area: 250sq.m. - Capacity: 320 • Execu-

vate homes of famous personalities such as Conrad Hilton, Kirk

tive Syndiacate Rooms: Area: 60sq.m. - Capacity: 60 • Lobbies &

Douglas and Loretta Young as well as Palaces including that of

Exhibition Areas: Area: 1,400sq.m. (total) - Capacity: 3,000 (total)

the Emperor Shah of Iran. His colossal work is greatly appreciated and much admired around the world.

Support facilities & services

All meeting areas have their own controls for air-conditioning,


lighting and sound, sufficient outlets for 220V/3-phase electric-

Guest rooms: 785 Luxurious guest rooms including: 20th Sto-

ity and standby generator. Advanced technological equipment

rey Tower (last year of renovation: 2001), 357 Standard rooms,

throughout the center includes: Three independent infrared

24 Junior suites, 5 Presidential suites. Executive VIP Wing: 172

simultaneous interpretation systems (Brahler for 8,7 and 3 lan-

Executive rooms, 7 Corner Executive suites, 1 Royal suite. Apart-

guages) with cordless translation receivers, ISDN network for

ments, Bungalows complex: 16 Studios, 181 Apartments, 20 Bun-

teleconferencing, on line Internet connection with autonomous

galows, 2 Presidential villas

web server, in-house conference channel and PA system.

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Kipriotis Hotels & Kos International Convention Centre Located on the north-east coast of the island of Kos with mag-

Kipriotis’ properties on the island consist of two 5***** hotels and

nificent views of the Aegean Sea and breathtaking surround-

three 4**** hotels with a total capacity of 4.000 beds and are found

ings, the 6 jewels of Kipriotis Company, consisting of 5 luxury

in Psalidi - Kos, all in a radius of 300m from each other. Build next

hotels and the largest autonomous convention centre in Greece,

to the beach front, all hotels offer modern, functional and spa-

offer a great hospitality experience that can tempt even the most

cious accommodation, are privileged with magnificent views of

demanding visitors.

the Aegean Sea and are surrounded by beautifully tended gardens

Kipriotis Hotels is a family owned company founded in 1984 by George

and a wide range of excellent sport and leisure facilities, includ-

Kipriotis. With business activities including 5 hotel complexes in

ing entertainment.

Kos and 1 in Rhodes as well as Kos International Convention Cen-

In addition to the 5 luxury properties on the island of Kos, Kiprio-

tre, George Kipriotis was pioneer in the development of the hos-

tis Company also owns the Kos International Convention Centre,

pitality and tourism industry of the Dodecanese islands in Greece.

the largest autonomous convention centre in the Mediterranean. Kipriotis Company focused on providing the best proposition with regards to both holiday and business activities and the Kos International Convention Centre with total capacity of 5.500 persons was built in 1999.

Kos International Convention Centre

The globally known Kos International Convention Centre is an impressive 3 level modern building, situated directly adjacent to Kipriotis Village - the biggest hotel of the Kipriotis group - and only a breath away from the remaining 4 Kipriotis Hotels. KICC is one of the most luxurious Convention Centers offering the latest in meeting technology. High standard materials, modern ideas and excellent space design were adopted and applied in order to achieve maximum comfort, prestige and splendor that will make

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your meeting, conference or convention special!

tiple, highly important Meetings and Conferences, we don’t only

With excellent infrastructure, designed and built with the confer-

promise but guarantee the success of any event that really wants

ence market needs in mind, Kos International Convention Centre

to make a difference!

(KICC) offers state of the art conference facilities and is justifiably placed on the top of the list as one of the best Convention Centers in the Mediterranean. More specifically Kos International Convention Centre (KICC):

Kipriotis Panorama Conference Facilities

In addition to KICC and within a radius of 300m, Kipriotis Hotels

• Is the only Convention Centre that can host in the same build-

has one more convention centre located within Kipriotis Pan-

ing and operate at the same time -in parallel- 20 meeting rooms.

orama Hotel.

• Is the only Convention Centre with completely autonomous

This is a luxurious conference venue of 10 meeting rooms/1.500

catering facilities that can cater for more than 2.000 people.

pax total capacity within a 5 star property. Panorama Conference

• Is the only Convention Centre supported by accommodation

facilities can be used independently or in cooperation with Kos

facilities of 1.450 guestrooms next to it.

International Convention Centre in case of big size events.

As one of the most important Convention Centers in Greece

In total, the capacity of both conference centers adds up to 40

and abroad, with state of the art infrastructure and more than a

meeting and breakout rooms that can host 7.000 delegates. Fur-

decade of experience in the organization and execution of mul-

thermore KICC provides 3000 m2 of exhibition space.

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Amada Colossos Resort Amada Colossos Resort is located in Kallithea, Rhodes, known

view of the deep blue of the Aegean.

for its stunning sandy beaches and crystal clear waters. The

The five villas have a private pool, direct sea view, and their lay-

unobstructed views of the blue waters of the Aegean and the

out ensures the necessary privacy of the residents from the rest

magnificent sandy beach streching over 430 meters, with exclu-

of the complex.

sive access for hotel guests, gives it a magical feel! Thanks to

The hotel is ideal for the accommodation for families with chil-

its central location it provides convenient access to both the city

dren and couples. It has 7 bars, two cafes and specialized res-

of Rhodes, which is just 10 km away and the airport, located at

taurants where you can enjoy excellent international cuisine and

a 12 km distance.

theme dinners with an open kitchen or you can choose individual

The brand new Amada Colossos Resort offers a wide range of

service at restaurants serving only a la carte.

accommodation options: double and triple rooms, interconnecting

Amada Colossos offers modern facilities. The gym, the indoor

and deluxe rooms, suites, studios and private villas. All rooms

swimming pool, the game room, the entertainment area and

(total 694) will have a terrace or balcony with a mountain or sea

beach volley court are just some of the leisure activities on offer,

view. The studios have direct access to the swim-up pool and a

covering every requirement and need.

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Patmos Aktis Suites and Spa Hotel Five star facilities, surrounded by the natural environment of Grikos

its guests can enjoy a contemporary serene atmosphere, where

bay, positioned in the blessed Island of Patmos.

romance and tranquility prevail.

Patmos Aktis Suites and Spa Hotel is a 5-star hotel in Patmos

Patmos Aktis Suites and Spa Hotel provides a great bend of con-

Island, situated only a few steps from the one of the most fasci-

temporary and traditional aspects, inspired by the unspoiled archi-

nating beaches of Patmos Island, Grikos Bay.

tecture of Patmos Island. Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa is in total alli-

Patmos Aktis is a luxurious boutique hotel offering deluxe rooms,

ance with the surrounding physical environment, with each of the

maisonettes, lavish suites with private pools, exclusive spa facili-

56 rooms and suites positioned only a few steps from the beach.

ties, a spectacular award-winning restaurant (Apocalypsis) and a

In-room facilities include Wi-Fi, minibar, LCD TV screens both in

bar in a unique seafront setting (Theion Bar). Considered perhaps

bedroom and living room, telephone, safety poxes, ironing facilities,

the most ideally located hotel in one of the most significant inter-

amenities, shared or private pool, balconies, sea view.

national religious destinations, the sacred island of the Apocalypse,

The Anasa Wellness & Spa exclusive facilities complete the

76/ Edition 2017

tranquil ambiance and promise to revitalize your body and soul,

drinks and cocktails in a restful atmosphere, gazing the mysteri-

offering treatments inspired from the Middle East. Anasa Well-

ous rock «Petra» or «Kalikatsou», for locals.

ness & Spa facilities are up to date with the latest trends of body

In this picturesque scenery, professional event planners provide

treatments and include facilities such as hair salon, spa mani-

absolutely tailor-made services, devoting their undivided attention

cure & pedicure, bio-sauna, hamam, luxury body treatments,

and dedicated assistance to plan any special occasion, in order to

hot stones massage, couples’ treatments, variety of massage

ensure that these memorable moments will constitute an unforget-

techniques, fitness room, experience shower, rasul, indoor

table experience for our guests. Patmos Aktis Suites & Spa confer-

pool, make-up artists.

ence center is the ideal choice for those who consider organizing

The awarded with a golden chef’s cap award restaurant «Apocalyp-

or planning business meetings in Patmos. The hotel is appointed

sis», offers Greek creative cuisine, using fresh regional ingredients,

with technical equipment, suitable to support all kinds of events,

while successfully combining international tastes with Mediterra-

from a corporate incentive of 10 to a high management confer-

nean flavors. The breakfast buffet is certified by the Hellenic Cham-

ence of 200. For any social or cultural event, the qualified person-

ber of Hotels and prepared under the specifications of the program

nel will support and assist from the very first step to the farewell

«Greek breakfast», using regional products from Greece, with an

of the participants. Our vision is to offer supreme services in an

aim to promote Greek gastronomy. In Theion sea bar, guests and

outstanding voyage, adding your vacations the appropriate propor-

visitors may enjoy the scenic view of Grikos bay, while enjoying

tion of quality and tradition.

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Kos Aktis Art Hotel Kos Aktis Art Hotel (former Xenia of Kos) is a luxurious art hotel in

a mini gym, a meeting room with a capacity of 10 persons and a

the most privileged, historical and commercial location on Kos Island.

24-hour reception.

Including 36 rooms and 6 junior suites, all overlooking the Aegean,

Our aim is offering a social inclusive hotel. Impeccable quality has

Kos Aktis Art Hotel is a city hotel located in the heart of Kos town,

always been a priority, while our contemporary ambiance attracts not

offering stunning views in a cozy atmosphere.

only individual travelers but also business travelers. H2O restaurant

Minimal decoration, shades of blue in every aspect and details liter-

café bar delivers a charming marriage of Greek traditional cuisine with

ally filled with wood and glass. All rooms follow the same decora-

international flavors and offers choices such as gluten free, vegetarian,

tive line, with glass balconies being the highlight of the your stay.

low calories, low cost, sugar free, suitable for diabetics etc, making Η2Ο

In-room facilities include air condition, telephone, mini bar, sat-

a solid option for every guest. The breakfast buffet offered in H2O, is

ellite TV, hairdryer, magnifying mirror, trouser press, safety box,

prepared under the specifications of the program «Greek breakfast»,

free wireless internet and coffee / tea amenities. Room service is

of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels, which aims to the promotion of

available from 8:00 a.m. to 23.00. The perfect positioning appoints

Greece’s regional gastronomic wealth. Kos Aktis Art Hotel (and H2O

each and every room a breathtaking view of the Aegean.

Bar - Restaurant), remains open all year round and has established

Kos Aktis Art hotel also features a cozy restaurant café bar (H2O),

itself as one of the most popular destinations in the city center.

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Kos Hotel Junior Suites Operating all year round, Kos Hotel Junior Suites has warmly

Being one of the few hotels in the city center with its own pool, Kos

embraced its guests offering pleasant accommodation and gen-

Hotel Junior Suites offers both the sea and pool, right at your feet.

uine Greek hospitality.

A kid’s pool is also available for our little guests, while others may

Being the first privately owned hotel on the island of Kos, Kos Hotel

swim, sunbathe or enjoy snacks and refreshments by the pool.

Junior Suites has been a operating since 1967. It is ideally situated

The conference room is often used by the global business and

in the heart of Kos Island, opposite the Marina of Kos, facing the

scientific community for various events and can responsibly host

Aegean Sea and only a few minutes’ walk from Kos town. Kos

occasions of all kind, successfully hosting 120 people in a theat-

Hotel Junior Suites features 66 fully equipped rooms / apartments.

rical set up.

Kos Hotel Junior Suites includes facilities such as a modern, fully

Kos Hotel Junior Suites offers a 24 hour reception, WiFi access in

equipped fitness and wellness center (Body ‘n’ Soul Gym & Spa),

public areas and sea view rooms - apartments. Room amenities

where guests have the opportunity to rejuvenate their body and

include separate bedroom & living room areas, a fully equipped

mind, from head to toe. Group classes, such as pilates, yoga, tae

kitchen, a marble bathroom, hair dryer, air conditioning, satellite

bo, zumba etc., are also available, almost all year round. The spa

TV, WiFi access, safety boxes & ironing facilities.

therapists are trained to provide complete relaxation, beauty treat-

Offering a certified by the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels breakfast

ments, massage therapies, sauna and Haman services. As for

buffet, Kos Hotel recently joined the program «Greek Breakfast»,

your hands and feet, a nail salon is available to take care of your

using Greek products and regional recipes with an aim to highligh

manicure and pedicure, during your holidays.

Greece’s rich gastronomic wealth.

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Neptune Hotels Resort, Convention Centre & Spa Neptune Hotels Resort, Convention Centre & Spa is a 5-star hotel

fort and service at Neptune Hotels. The hotel offers 569 rooms,

in the island of Kos. Neptune Hotels is located 8 km away from

suites and apartments (one or two bedrooms), all individually

the international airport of Kos, 18 km from the town of Kos and

styled to create their very own charm and ambience guaran-

5 km from the picturesque village of Mastihari.

tee ultimate comfort. The magnificent views to the beautifully

The complex offers luxurious facilities and first-class accom-

tended, landscaped gardens and the Aegean Sea from the bal-

modation in its main building as well as in the surrounding bun-

conies and terraces will convince you of the exceptional ambi-

galow units, complimented by the traditional Greek hospitality.

ence of the resort.

Four restaurants, seven bars, four outdoor pools, a modern conference centre, various sports facilities, professional child care, diversified evening entertainment as well as the relaxing ambience of the Neptune Spa reflect the high level of com-


Dining is a memorable experience at Neptune Hotels. Neptune’s main restaurant, located in the main building, offers a rich American breakfast buffet and an international dinner buffet of the highest quality. Upon request special health and diet food will be provided. For children, the restaurants offer a special children’s buffet. Enjoy excellent service inside the restaurant as well as on our two spacious terraces. The a la carte restaurant Proteas is the hidden persuasion of the senses - exquisite cuisine, a wide selection of excellent wines, an intimate atmosphere and a fantastic view. The Osteria, an Italian Restaurant, is the ideal place to enjoy fine Italian cuisine close to the beach. In the Taverna we serve traditional Greek delicacies for lunch and dinner, with the authentic ambience of an elegant yet casual environment.

82/ Edition 2017




host small events and meetings, as well as international conven-

The Palace Bar is located in the lobby offering a variety of drinks

tions and product launches for up to 1500 delegates.

for all tastes throughout the day and evening.

The technical equipment is state-of-the-art and guarantees an

At the Vienna Bar you can enjoy intimate talks, listen to some good

efficient work environment you can rely on.

music or just dance.

Neptune Hotels is the perfect choice for the organisation of extraor-

The Apollon Theatre Bar is the meeting point right at the heart of

dinary, unforgettable and unique events!

the theatre. A place to enjoy fascinating shows and theatre plays in the evening. Odysseus Beach Bar situated above the surf station just a few

Neptune Spa

Nestled in the heart of the resort is the Neptune Spa, a peaceful

steps form the sea. This is the place to savour a cocktail, snack,

sanctuary of 1.600 m², where you are given the undivided attention

coffee or soft drink.

you deserve (entrance for guests older than 16 years).

The Troja Beach Bar is designed like a Trojan horse and located

In Neptune’s Cosmetic and Massage Area, holistic and innova-

close to the Village pool. The perfect relaxation spot to enjoy a snack

tive treatments are as much for the mind and spirit as they are

or a drink with the blue sea as a unique backdrop.

to treat your face and body. Our dedicated Spa professionals will

Enjoy a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or an exotic cocktail at the

pamper you with the quality products of Cinq Monde, whether you

Olympic Pool Bar. To satisfy your little cravings, snacks are also

indulge in a massage, a facial or body treatment or a pedicure.

available. The Kafenio is the perfect spot to indulge in a traditional coffee, frappe and cake in the authentic setting of a Greek cafe.

Conference Centre

The modern Conference Centre of Neptune Hotels provides a calm environment for efficient and focused work sessions to create a perfect balance between business and leisure. The Conference Centre’s convention and event facilities comprise three large separate convention rooms and 18 smaller break-out meeting rooms that can be combined to meet your requirements. Whatever type of event you are planning, whether you are hosting 6 or 550 participants, the Neptune Conference Centre offers the appropriate solution and is the ideal venue. Its varied facilities can

84/ Edition 2017



Blue Lagoon Group Blue Lagoon Group is an evolving top of the line Hospitality Group

bedroom for the children, swim up rooms and adults only rooms,

which operates 6 luxury hotels. Four are located on the beauti-

junior suites with or without Jacuzzi or private pool and executive

ful island of Kos and two are in breathtaking Halkidiki. Our lat-

suites with private pools.

est additions include our brand new luxury adults only hotel in

Our hotels are as varied as the wishes of our guests. We offer our

Halkidiki and our first hotel to be open all year round, located in

hospitality to families, couples, for leisure or business, for wed-

the heart of Kos centre.

dings or renewal of your vows. If you are a couple that dreams of

At the Blue Lagoon Group you can expect high quality Hotels &

hosting your wedding in a venue that stands out from the rest, then

Resorts in some of the most exquisite locations in Greece. We

one of our hotels would be an excellent choice. Elegant restaurants

offer luxury accommodation with a broad range of facilities from

will surprise you with sophisticated mouth-watering creations and

waterparks and outdoor sports to relaxing spa treatments and

speciality restaurants will entice you with international dishes.

professional children’s and adults entertainment.

The Blue Lagoon Group follows high quality standards while also

We provide different room types of high standard for every taste;

promoting environmental friendly procedures. We offer first class

stunning sea view rooms, spacious family rooms with a separate

hospitality and we are here to make your holidays unforgettable.

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Caravia Beach Hotel & Bungalows Situated on an endless horizon, this stunning hotel is idyllical-

our guests, are free of charge WiFi, sun beds and beach towels.

ly spread on a Blue Flag awarded beach, set in beautiful green

Special facilities and a Junior Club are dedicated to meet the needs

gardens with views of breath-taking sunsets.

of parents with children of all ages, allowing them the luxury of

This is the ideal resort for a relaxing holiday filled with sun, to

relaxing, knowing that their children are amused.

enjoy and remember with those you love!

Spend your vacation on an amazing 1km long sandy beach or

Caravia Beach Hotel & Bungalows is located in the area of Mar-

leisurely lounging by the fantastic pools. Here you can choose

mari, that is literally in the centre of the island, 20 minutes away

from numerous indoor and outdoor activities, which will keep

from the airport and the port.

you vigorous and rejuvenated.

This 4 star hotel is situated in 25 hectares of lush green gardens

Restore your well being with a massage in our wonderful gardens

and adjacent to a Natura reserve, it offers contemporary clas-

and discover a unique palm tree forest, situated within the resort.

sical elegance in beautifully landscaped gardens, coupled with

Even if you have to mix business with pleasure, the fully equipped

exquisite food and generous hospitality.

S.Fanourakis Conference Center is the ideal venue for small and

Guests can enjoy stylishly decorated rooms, spacious alfresco

medium size conferences, and business gatherings.

decks, inviting swimming pools, all this coupled with personal-

Enjoy the sun, swim in the sea and relax, discovering tranquility

ized service and attention to detail. Among amenities provided to

at Caravia Beach Hotel & Bungalows, Marmari - Kos.

86/ Edition 2017

Discover Tranquility enjoy | swim | relax

Caravia Beach Hotel & Bungalows Marmari - Kos, 85300 Tel: +30 22420 41291 | email: info@caraviabeach.gr www.caraviabeach.gr



Astir Odysseus Kos Resort & Spa

The 5-star Astir Odysseus Kos Resort & Spa is situated on the

Chef’s suggestions, unique local and international specialties.

island of Hippocrates in a privileged seaside location, just 5 km.

Numerous sports activities, climbing wall, tennis, water sports,

away from Kos Town.

facilities and activities for children, offer entertainment and fun

The 337 rooms and suites equipped with all the modern com-

to the whole family. Indulge in the relaxation and revitalization

forts, combine luxury with Greek hospitality while offering mag-

of the body and spirit, with the professional treatments at the

nificent views of the Aegean Sea, the blooming gardens or the

Spa Center.

pools. The access to a shared or private swimming pool that

The modern facilities and equipment and above all the person-

certain rooms and suites offer, guarantees the most amusing

alized service, always based on your own needs, ensure the

moments of your holiday.

perfect organization of every professional and personal event.

A gastronomic journey begins at the restaurants of Astir Odys-

Come to discover the unique experience of stay at Astir Odys-

seus Kos Resort & Spa. Discover the Greek breakfast, taste our

seus Kos Resort & Spa.

88/ Edition 2017

Tigaki, 85 300 Kos island, Greece, T. +30 22420 49900, F. +30 22420 49800, E-mail: info@astirodysseuskos.gr www.astirodysseuskos.com



CCrete rete rossway of the age-long sea-

The old city in Hania attracts the interest of

or not attract visitors, who discover hidden

ways of Mediterranean, birth-

the visitors, which is situated over and around

natural beauties, enjoy nature as they have

place of Zeus (father of the

the hill of Kastelli, built in the ruins of the

never before and they experience folkways

Gods of Olympus) and of Mino-

Minoan Kidonia and surrounded by the Vene-

next to real people.

an civilisation, one of the old-

tian Wall and the sea. As a cultural centre, it

The municipality of Rethimno follows. It is

est ones in Europe, with palace-cities in

attracted important scientists, philosophers,

the most alp area of Crete. It is an area with

Knossos, Phaistos, Malia and Zakros. The

poets and artists, whereas during the Vene-

contradictions, with great history and legacy,

trip to the island is unforgettable and full of

tian and Turkish occupation, the cohabitation

natural beauty and living traditions. In the

surprises. Starting from the region of Hania,

of people of different nationality, culture and

centre part of the island and between the

which is the most western part of the island,

religion (Orthodox Christians, Catholics, Jews

mountain of Psiloriti and the White Moun-

the visitor is surprised from the following

and Mussulmans) has left deep “scars� and

tains, there were found archaeological finds,

pictures: endless sandy beaches, rough can-

made remarkable creations.

specimens of ancient and recent civiliza-

yons, caves, native animals and indigenous

It is worth noticing that in the borders of the

tions, in a land where the past changes into

plants, long olive and orange groves, villages

city with Acrotiri, there are found the graves

present and inspires tomorrow. The tourist

forgotten from time, dispersed churches and

of Eleftherios and Sofocles Venizelos. In the

can be guided in the nearest places from the

monasteries, towers and castles.

under populated mainland of Hania, there

capital of Rethymnon (Rethymnon city) with

are villages, such as Vamos, Kastelli, Milia

the Fortezza fortress, the Catholic monastery

and Keramia that evidence the simplicity

of Agios Fragiskos and the five mosques

and the distinctiveness of Cretan life and

(Impraim Han mosque, Neratzes, Kara Mou-

nature, by providing an unforgettable stay,

sa Pasa, Megali Porta, Veli Pasa mosque).

while at the same time in South the area of

The Arkadios monastery stands out. It is the

Fragokastello, one of the most astonishing

most revolutionary centre during the Turk-

beaches of Mediterranean amazes with the

ish occupation and the Prevelis monastery

Venetian castle and the legend of the magi-

that apart from the monastery it also has

cal shadows (Drosoulites).

a paradise sea. In Anogia, built in Psilori-

Protected areas from hunting, parks and

tis, one can visit the cave, where Olympian

biotopes (the lake of Agias, Kourna, Gavdos

Zeus was born, according to the Mythology

and Gavdopoula islands, Elafonisi), the most

and everyone can enjoy the cool sea in Bali

magnificent canyon of Europe, the Canyon

and Agia Galini.

of Samaria and more than 1.500 sea caves

Heraklio is a place where surprises succeed

90/ Edition 2017

one another and the land has unique beau-

gain human characteristics and change into

later he carried beautiful Europe from the

ty and contrasts. It is rough and “naked” in

mythical characters. Every spring, in the holy

shores of Asia. Small and beautiful towns

some parts, but filled with forests in other

mountain of Idis, the father of Gods, Zeus,

filled with age-old flavors and scents, tradi-

ones, with plenty of villages, monasteries,

is reborned. Also, the ecosystems that are

tional elements, absolute peace and savage

castles, churches on the mountains, ancient

growing in the alp parts of Heraklio are of

unadulterated scenery with lots of intersper-

stuff and drywalls. Unadulterated from the

great interest, because they are rich in flo-

sions in vegetation and a large variety of rare

modern life, it combines uniquely the Cre-

ra and fauna.

species. However, there is a cosmopolitan

tan hospitality and confirms that the most

Lasithi, the east side of Crete and the most

air and a vivid nightlife.

original descendants of Xenias Zeus are still

southwestern part of Europe, has a 5.000

Lasithi with the endless beaches and the

residents of this place.

years tradition. It extends near endless vari-

picturesque cities is situated next to the blue

Heraklio is the biggest urban unit and the

form shores and it is situated near desert

and crystal waters of Cretan and Libyan sea.

biggest economic centre and the capi-

islands with cedars (Chrisi) and historical

Its seashores vary. Some are sandy, some

tal of Crete’s region. It is the birthplace of

monuments (Koufonisi). It has olive groves

have white pebbles, some are deserted or

Dominikos Theotokatos, but also birthplace

and vineyards and is lost in canyons, caves

filled with phoenixes (Vai) and others are

of an important man of letters concerning

and crests. It provides table-lands (Lasithi,

organised or cosmopolitan. One can live

literary Cretan tradition, Nikos Kazantzakis.

Katharo) and natural creeks (Elounta) for

in the cities, such as Agios Nikolaos, the

In the streets, the squares of the city, the

relaxation. One can pray in picturesque lit-

capital, with scenic open view to Elounta

market, the Venetian port, the museums

tle churches, monasteries and in peaks of

and Spinaloga, Sitia with a unique rhythm

and in the churches, the visitor will discover

the mountains. Climbers and ramblers wor-

of life and new experiences and Hierapetra,

a city that through the valuable experience

ship it. One can smell the orange trees, the

the southern city of Crete that preserves the

of the past is searching for something new,

thyme, the sage and the wild flowers. One

atmosphere and the “old-age neighborhood”,

by offering magic and vitality. In Heraklio,

can also visit the cave Dikeon Andron, where

combining at the same time new challenges

the powers and the expressions of nature

Zeus was born, according to mythology and

for every visitor.

91/ Money & Tourism


info@eloundabeach.gr www.eloundabeach.gr



MH.T.E. 1040Κ015Α0079800 / 1040Κ015Α0079700


bay@eloundabay.gr www.eloundabay.gr



Elounda Beach Hotel & Villas Elounda Bay Palace Accommodation

Limo, Helicopter & Learjet Service • Open Air Amphitheater for cul-


tural events • In the hotel’s village: Boutiques, Museum of Cretan Art,

245 deluxe rooms, bungalows, suites and villas among them:

Chapel • Children’s playground & supervised animation program

42 villas with private heated pools

• Valet parking • Excursions & Air Travel Desk • 24-Hour Room

9 yachting villas with private heated pools

Service • Secretarial & Business Services

3 royal villas with private indoor & outdoor heated pools

Conference Facilities


(Elounda Executive Conference Center)

262 rooms, bungalows, suites and villas.

• APOLLO Conference Room for up to 120 persons • OLOUNDION

Restaurants & Bars

Amphitheater for up to 600 persons • ZEUS Conference Room for up

• Artemis & Aretousa Main Restaurant • Dionysos A-la-carte Res-

to 450 persons • CRONOS Conference Room for up to 140 persons

taurant: Gourmet • Argonaut Seaside Restaurant: Grills for lunch

• Auxiliary rooms of various sizes located adjacent to the confer-

& Italian Cuisine for Dinner • Blue Lagoon by Mistura: japanese -

ence area • Pre-function spaces

peruvian cuisine by the water’s edge • Sushi Bar • Kafenion & Ariadne: Greek traditional specialities • Pool Bars, Lobby Bars with piano • Sail in & Veghera Jetty Bar: All day & night music bar in

Conference Suites


the middle of the sea.

Recreation & Leisure

• Secluded white sandy beaches, umbrellas & sunbeds • 2 outdoor seawater pools, indoor heated pool • Extensive gardens with walking paths • Five floodlit Tennis Courts, 3 clay courts and 2 artificial grass • Volley Ball court • Basket court • Mini soccer • Table tennis • Health & Fitness Center-Sauna, Aerobic, Gym Room, Hairdresser Salon • Watersports Center, SCUBA diving, sailing, waterskiing • Espace Vitalite Chenot Penthouse Spa • Luxury Cars & Yacht Hire,

94/ Edition 2017



Daios Cove Resort & Luxury Villas Near the town of Agios Nikolaos, yet on the secluded beach of Vathi,

tures luxury villas which offer high-end exclusive services to guests.

Daios Cove Resort and Luxury Villas enjoy an exclusive elegant and

Mixing business with pleasure, the complex, offers a range of con-

serene location. In a private cove amidst blue skies, a crescent of

ferencing facilities, including two ballrooms, six meeting rooms, an

sand and the calm of the Mediterranean, Daios Cove is regarded as

exhibition space and an outdoor events area overlooking the sea.

the ultimate 5 star beach resort in Crete Island.

Furthermore, at Daios guests may enjoy a range of facilities includ-

Daios Cove Resort and Luxury Villas offers more than lavish surround-

ing three restaurants and bars, one sea water swimming pool with

ings and a 5-star holiday experience. It’s the unique atmosphere that

amazing views to the private cove, two indoor pools with fresh sea

has to be experienced and enjoyed. It’s a mood. It’s afeeling.

water, watersports centre, fitness centre, tennis courts. Or they can

This charming luxury accommodation in Crete features a variety of

relax in the Spa, enjoying the breathtaking sea views into the indoor

luxury rooms and luxury suites with sea view, luxury rooms and luxury

infinity pool. Of course they can enjoy the wide array of attractions in

suites with sea view, some with their own sea water pools, designed

this beautiful location, taking advantage of the car rental and the limo

by the prestigious firm 3SK Stylianidis. The complex, also, further fea-

services of the hotel.

96/ Edition 2017



Nana Beach All Inclusive Resort Nana Beach all inclusive resort located 25 kilometers in the east

Each room is spacious and comfortable and it is equipped with:

of Heraklion International Airport, in the area of Hersonissos,

• Private bathroom • Hairdryer • Digital telephone system • TV-

which is well known for its mild climate throughout the year.

music • Air conditioning • Central heating • Refrigerator • Safety

It combines uniquely the Cretan architecture with the facilities

deposit box • Balcony or terrace.

of a luxury hotel.

Most of the rooms have a spectacular view over the endless blue

Nana Beach all inclusive resort is a 5 star hotel with 500 rooms

of the Cretan Sea. Moreover, the magnificent gardens surround-

(suites and family rooms) and bungalows.

ing the hotel offer a unique pleasure!! Nana Beach all inclusive resort offers a great variety of restaurants and bars for your best service and conveniece. The restaurants and bars testing traditional and international cuisine, as well as national and international alcoholic drinks. Nana Beach all inclusive resort offers numerous facilities to its guests such as four beautifully arranged swimming pools: • One main pool • One relaxing jacuzzi • One swimming-pool jacuzzi • Two children’s pools • One children’s waterpark • A small heated indoor swimming-pool. The hotel also offers: Open-art fitness-club • Teen Club • Sauna • Turkish bath • Bridge Room • Childrens playground • Games Room • Diving center • Giant Chess • A small Church • TV room with SAT • Open-air amplitheater • Conference Lounge • Internet Center • Parking. The experienced animation team of Nana Beach all inclusive resort will help you and your children and guide you on all the activities during the day, so as to make you holidays more enjoyable & pleasant.

98/ Edition 2017



P. Sapounakis SA The P. Sapounakis SA has three luxury hotels -Lyttos Beach Hotel

sea or garden view (double rooms, quadruple rooms, family

Hersonissos, Star Beach Village Hotel and Ikaros Beach Luxury

rooms and suites), four swimming pools (one of Olympic size),

Resort & Spa-, uniquely located, in the beautiful island of Crete.

two restaurants and two bars decorate this large area, leaving enough space for 15 tennis courts, a mini football pitch and a

Lyttos Beach Hotel Hersonissos

basketball court, beach volleyball, archery, golf training range

On one of the most beautiful islands in Greece, Crete and within

(Par 3 ) and a bike center.

a 20 kilometer distance from the airport of Iraklion, a heavenly

Just 5 km away from the hotel, golfers can enjoy the most exciting

garden awaits for you in Hersonissos. In the famous holiday

18-hole golf courts in the island, with magnificent views to the multi-

destination of Hersonissos, the hotel can easily be compared to

colored Cretan mountains. Lyttos Beach is a mosaic created by

a heavenly scenery.

sun, sea, sand, mountains, athleticism, fun and games, relaxation,

Just 5 km from the town, hidden amongst vast, colorful gardens,

fine International & Greek cuisine and friendly atmosphere.

in an area of 150 acres of palm trees and flowers leading to a 350 meter fully-organized, Blue Flag awarded sandy beach, Lyttos Beach is unlike any other hotel in the island. Its 365 rooms

Star Beach Village Hotel

Star Beach Village Hotel in Hersonissos is a stylish modern hotel,

100/ Edition 2017


GR 700 07, Tel: +30 28970 31268-9, Fax: +30 28970 31341 Email: reservations@ikarosvillage.gr

Hersonissos, Crete, Greece

GR – 70014, Tel: + 30 28970 29050, Fax: + 30 28970 29555 E-mail: info@lyttosbeach.gr

Hersonissos - Crete - Greece

Themistokleous 5, GR 70014, Tel: +30 28970 29351, Fax: +30 28970 22981 Email: info@starbeachvillage.gr




50 meters away from the sea. It has spacious and comfortable

surrounded by the blue crystal waters of Aegean Sea. 80% of its

twin rooms and family apartments, and a spectacular view over

accommodations have spectacular sea views.

the big blue Cretan Sea!

You may prefer extra privacy and relax by choosing a bungalow

It is an ideal place for families, people seeking rest and relaxation,

or a suite with private pool or outdoors jacuzzi.

and those looking for fun and excitement during their holidays.

The main dining room will offer you excellent service and a big

Star Beach Village consists of 214 stylish guestrooms with

variety of local and international tastes. Enjoy more attentive service

spectacular views of the sea with balcony or terrace.

and Cretan specialties at our ouzeri and fine service & flavors at

They are equipped with kitchenette, refrigerator, 21 inches TV

Ayeri restaurant.Room service may add to your privacy and will

with satellite programs, Wi-Fi Internet access, Music Channels,

satisfy all your needs from a bottle of mineral to a party by your

in-room individually controlled air-condition and heating, safe

private pool. Our bars offer relaxing times and views over the sea.

box, hair-dryer (baby cot on request).

Experience the Ikaros style of hospitality and gain long lasting

Ikaros Beach Luxury Resort & Spa

Ikaros Beach Luxury Resort & Spa is stoned-built on a small hill,

memories and the strong wish to come back. The international airport of Heraklion is 33 km away from Ikaros Beach Luxury Resort & Spa.

102/ Edition 2017



Cyan group of hotels

Sitia Beach City Resort & Spa Sitia Beach City Resort & Spa has been awarded for 2016 with

Ierapetra, in a region unspoiled by mass tourism.

the HolidayCheck Award!

For the digerati, free fast Internet and ubiquitous wi-fi access

Open all year round, Sitia Beach City Resort & Spa, the only

is included.

5-star hotel in Sitia, is located on a private sandy beach along the bay of Sitia and just 300 meters from the city centre. During the day you can enjoy swimming and sunbathing either in the pools or on the beach. The hotel is waiting to welcome you with Cretan Hospitality. The hotel has 162 rooms in an authentic building architecture on four floors, surrounded by flowers and greenery. Our main restaurant offers a big variety of culinary delights, including Greek specialties and cooked-to-order daily specials. In only 5 minutes’ walk you will reach the center of Sitia city, the marina, the shops and taverns. The area surrounding the resort is suitable for beautiful walks, swimming, cycling, trekking and jogging. The main bus station is roughly 300 m away but there is a bus stop directly in front of the hotel with a regular bus service connecting to the Vai Palm Forest, Zakros Palace and other villages and attractions nearby. The hotel is only 1.5 km away from Sitia Airport “Vitsentzos Kornaros” and 120 km from Heraklion Airport ‘Nikos Kazantzakis’. Sitia is a town situated in the far east of Crete, in the prefecture of Lasithi. It is located east of Agios Nikolaos and north east of

103/ Money & Tourism



Cyan group of hotels

Santa Marina Beach Resort Santa Marina Beach Resort is located directly on the long sandy

cooked-to-order daily specials.

beach of Amoudara, in the center of Crete. While in our spacious

In front of the hotel you find the lively village of Amoudara, inviting

pool area our guests, young and old alike, can enjoy all-day sport-

you for an evening stroll with its numerous souvenir shops, bars,

ings activities and entertainment, you will find rest and relaxation

restaurants and taverns. The bus stop directly in front of the hotel

in the wide-area gardens or on the gently sloping beach.

has a regular service connecting you to the center of Heraklion,

The 208 rooms, bungalows and suites in the three-storey main

the capital of Crete, which is only 5 km away.

building and the 4 bungalow complexes offer all the comforts

The transfer time from Heraklion airport is only 20 minutes, so

necessary for a memorable vacation. Our restaurant offers a

you will quickly arrive at Santa Marina Beach Resort . We are

huge variety of culinary delights, including Greek specialties and

located centrally between East and West Crete, so the hotel is a convenient and central starting point for many interesting excursions across the spectacular island of Crete, with its exciting history and Cretan culture. For the digerati, free fast Internet in all public areas available!

104/ Edition 2017



Cyan group of hotels

Apollonia Beach Resort & Spa Apollonia Beach Resort & Spa has been awarded the Holiday-

centrally between East and West Crete, the hotel is also a con-

Check Award for 2016!

venient launching pad for many interesting excursions across the

With 334 rooms, bungalows and suites that make up the five-

spectacular island of Crete, with its exciting history and culture.

storey main building and 3 bungalow complexes Apollonia Beach Resort & Spa offers all the comforts necessary for a memorable vacation. The hotel is located directly on the long and sandy beach of Amoudara. In its lush gardens you will find peace and relaxation, while in the spacious pools and on the beach, young and old alike can enjoy all-day sports activities and entertainment. For the digerati, free fast Internet and ubiquitous wi-fi access is included. The hotel’s main restaurant offers a huge variety of culinary delights, including Greek specialties and cooked-to-order daily specials, while at the three a la carte specialty restaurants you can enjoy traditional Cretan, Asian and Italian cuisines. Furthermore, the area surrounding the resort is integrated into the national park of Almyros and offers the opportunity for beautiful walks, hiking and jogging. The lively village of Amoudara with souvenir shops, bars, restaurants and tavernas is only a 15’ walk away whilst the local bus stops directly outside the hotel and offers a regular service connecting you to the center of Heraklion which is only 7 km away. The transfer time from Heraklion airport is only 30 minutes, so you will quickly arrive at Apollonia Beach Resort & Spa. Located

105/ Money & Tourism



Creta Maris Beach Resort Creta Maris Beach Resort with a capacity of 680 rooms, has been

• 7 bars,

originally launched in 1975 and is situated next to Hersonissos,

• 6 outdoor & 1 indoor swimming pools,

just 25 minutes (24km) from the Heraklion Airport.

• 5 children’s swimming pools,

A blend of tradition and luxury together on a beautiful beach with

• Mini Waterland with slides,

crystal clear waters where guests can experience the authentic

• Fitness room (free of charge) & Fitness Center (extra charge)

Cretan hospitality. Creta Maris, a small village with quaint twisting

• Hammam Spa,

paths, small piazzas filled with the scents and colors of a wide

• Teenagers’ Club (12 years till 15 years old, July - August)

variety of trees and flowers, is a unique combination of Aegean

• Asterias Children’s Club,

Architecture, Cretan hospitality, green oriented environment, and

• Internet Corner, WiFi in all rooms & common areas,

high quality All Inclusive services.

• Tennis courts, Mini Soccer Court, • Mini Golf, 2 Theaters

Creta Maris Beach Resort is located in front of a Blue Flag awarded beach offering:

• and many areas for outdoor and indoor activities for children and adults!

• 680 rooms, suites, & Bungalows

At Creta Maris, the choices for fun, entertainment, sport activities,

• 2 main restaurants,

but also relaxation, exercising, and beauty are endless!

• 4 thematic restaurants,

Creta Maris is a member of Metaxas Group of Companies S.A..

106/ Edition 2017



Giannoulis Hotels & Resorts Built on the waves so to speak, on some of Crete’s most beautiful beaches, hidden within quiet and unchanged Cretan villages or on well known cosmopolitan resorts, designed by multi awardwinning architectural companies, harmoniously blending modern aesthetic with traditional Cretan architecture, combining local building materials such as wood, stone and marble with simple modern forms and offering the highest levels of services and comforts, GIANNOULIS HOTELS AND RESORTS are the ultimate dream holiday destination.

an unbelievable view to the Gulf of Chania and with dramatic

Santa Marina Beach

The luxurious choice. With several massage, beauty and spa

The all-time classic. Set on Chania’s most cosmopolitan beach, with white sand and clear blue waters.

Grand Bay Beach Resort

Spatha peninsula sunsets.

Santa Marina Plaza

The boutique diamond. At Santa Marina Plaza Luxury Boutique Hotel you are the focus of our care.

Cavo Spada Luxury Resort and Spa treatments in a peaceful and luxurious environment.

Almyra Hotel and Village

The secret of the Libyan. Next to the southern most city of Europe,

The family getaway. Located in a traditional fishing village with

the bride of the Libyan and on the seafront.

108/ Edition 2017

Welcome to an experience where moments last longer...

Chania, Crete 73100, Greece, T.+30 28240 22640, +30 28240 22620, F.+30 28240 83386, E. info@giannoulishotels.com www.giannoulishotels.com


Mitsis Hotels Hospitality legend

As Greece’s largest owned hotel chain, Mitsis Hotels has been pio-

The group is offering added value and excellent service at every one

neering for over 40 years now, making its own mark on Greece’s

of its hotels, throughout its rich hospitality blend - premium, luxu-

tourist industry, driven by a customer - centered philosophy and

ry, city & resort, boutique & all-inclusive hotels. Lavish facilities,

the promise of an unparalleled holiday experience.

recreational venues, delicious food, well-equipped meeting rooms

With 17 hotels in its portfolio righteously representing its motto

and relaxing beauty & wellness services – all is in place to provide

“Unique Destination”, Mitsis Hotels invites you to live the Greek

anything you might think of whether you are travelling on leisure,

dream in some of the most beautiful destinations of the country,

business or enjoying your honeymoon. Additionally, the group’s staff

under the sunlight of the Greek islands or amid the history and cul-

is committed to offering guests Mitsis’ celebrated service and an

ture of mythical cities - in Athens, Crete, Kamena Vourla, Kos and

unforgettable stay.

Rhodes. Every handpicked location lends its unique landscapes

Mitsis hotels has been awarded several prices by local and interna-

to the hotels, whilst each of the hotels, situated perfectly in its

tional tour operators and travel organizations in recognition of the

natural surroundings, boasts its own character, couleur locale and

high quality of the services provided, its contribution to upgrading

architectural style.

local tourism and its respect for the environment.

110/ Edition 2017























Rethymno Mare Rethymno mare is a 5 star hotel complex, situated in scaleta, 11

rooms with balcony, sea or garden view.

km away from the center of rethymnon, 65 km from heraklion.

(Up to 3 adults or 2 adults & 2 children), 46 deluxe rooms with

And 64 km from chania.

hydro massage in the bathroom, balcony, sea view (up to 3

Scaleta is a small village with hotels, restaurants, taverns,

adults or 2 adults & 2 children), 6 sharing pool family suites

bars and shops. The organized beach with changing cabins,

with 2 separate bedrooms side sea view ( up to 3 adults or 2

showers etc., Just 100m. From the hotel, can be reached

adults and 2 children), 40 family suites which some of them

through lift and a tunnel.

have a hydro massage in the bathroom, balcony, sea or garden

There is a regular bus service from the hotel to the cities of

view, ideal for families with children (up to 4 adults or 2 adults

rethymnon, chania and heraklion.

and 2 children).

Rethymno mare is certified for following: H.A.C.C.P. Procedures

All units are elegantly furnished with private bathroom, toilet,

& from the foundation for enviromental education(fee) with the

balcony, music in the room and bathroom, telephone with a

green key eco label. Participates in “we do local�label

direct outside line both in room and bathroom, hair dryer ,

And in excellent hotels for 2016 in tripadvisor.

sat- tv with flat screen, safe, individual air condition – heating

Rethymno mare (renovated in 2015) consists of 40 superior

, refrigerator and tea & coffee making facilities (free of charge).

112/ Edition 2017

In all units: bathrobes, slippers, and upon arrival, mineral

• Beach bar anemos.

water, fruits (free of charge).

• The restaurant “hermes” (a/c) provides an enriched buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinner with thematic nights such as italian,

Rethymno mare offers:

greek, b.B.Q., Buffet with cretan (local) specialities & live cooking.

• Bar - cafe aphrodite with a/c and a privileged terrace with panoramic

– In the restaurant the clients can have late breakfast and early


breakfast (continental).

• Spacious lounges with tv & video rooms (with a/c).

• Tennis court (free of charge ).

• Two conference rooms (fully air-conditioned) ariadne for 120

• Billiard table (on extra charge).

persons & pasiphae for 180 persons.

• Sun beds, umbrellas at the pool, table-tennis, darts, volleyball,

• Large swimming pool for adults(fresh water) with large sun-terrace.

water polo, air-gun shooting, boccia, archery, aerobics, water gym

• One sharing swimming pool for adults (fresh water) & one sharing

free of charge.

swimming pool for children.

• Sun beds and umbrellas are available on the beach (free of charge).

• Swimming pool for children • children’s playground • children’s

• Beach towels service is available with deposit.


• Daily animation program with shows & games, greek evenings &

• Mini club (over 4 years old) • children’s buffet.

cretan folklore nights with live music and dancers, bbq and beach/

• Pool bar poseidon.

pool parties.

• Snack pool bar jasmine.

• Open air theatre for 600 persons. • Quevalent room (with a/c). • Mini spa with massage studio. • Mini market (daily newspapers, stamps, tobacco, etc) • jewellery shop (with a/c). • Wi-fi access in all public areas of the hotel (free of charge).

Special highlight

Thematic cretan restaurant, apart the restaurant “hermes”, our chef will prepare delicious dishes from cretan cuisine at our restaurant “jasmine” guests can visit at least once during their stay. ( At no extra charges ). For all inclusive customers drinks are included. Our “all inclusive” services are valid until the last minute on the daparture date.

113/ Money & Tourism



Rethymno Mare Royal Rethymno mare royal is a 5 star hotel situated in scaleta, 11

Occupancy possibilities: superior rooms up to 2 adults and

km away from rethymno and 65 km from heraklion. And 64 km

a baby cot, junior suites up to 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children,

from chania.

1bedroom suites up to 4 adults or 2 adults and 2 children.

Scaleta is a small village with hotels, restaurants, taverns, bars and

All units are luxuriously furnished, have bathroom, toilet, balcony,

shops. The organized beach with changing cabins, douches etc,

music in bedroom and bathroom, telephone with a direct line in

can be reached through a tunnel and lift just 100 m. From the hotel.

bedroom and bathroom, hairdryer, sat-tv with flat screen, individual

There is a regular bus service from the hotel to the cities of

air condition, heating, safe, refrigerator, bathrobes, slippers, tea

rethymnon, chania and heraklion.

& coffee making facilities and upon arrival mineral water and

Rethymno mare royal is certified for following h.A.C.C.P. Procedures

fruits (free of charge).

& from the foundation for enviromental education(fee) with the green key eco label and we do local label.

Rethymno mare royal hotel offers:

• Bar-cafeteria artemis (a/c), with nice veranda and panoramic Rethymno mare royal consists of 56 superior rooms, junior


suites & 1bedroom suites.

• Spacious lounge and a tv & video room (with a/c).

114/ Edition 2017



SCALETA, 74100, RETHYMNO, CRETE, GREECE, TEL: +30 28310 - 71703, FAX: +30 28310-71734 E-mail:rethmare@otenet.gr www.rethymnomare.gr


SCALETA, 74100, RETHYMNO, CRETE, GREECE, TEL: +30 28310-72640, FAX: 28310-72639 E-mail:rethmare@otenet.gr www.rethymnomare.com



• Two conference rooms (fully air-conditioned) ariadne with

cretan (local) specialities ,early breakfast & late breakfast.

capacity of 120 persons & pasiphae for 180 persons.

• Tennis court free of charge.

• A big swimming pool for adults (fresh water).

• Billiard table (on extra charge).

• A swimming pool for children • children’s playground.

• Sun beds & umbrellas at the pool, table-tennis, darts, volleyball,

• Children’s animation • children’s buffet • mini club (from 4

water polo, air-gun shooting, boccia, archery, aerobics, water

years old).

gym (free of charge).

• Snack pool bar apollo.

• Daily animation program, including greek evenings & cretan

• Pool bar poseidon.

folklore nights (with live music and dancers), bbq, pool/beach

• Beach bar anemos.

parties, shows & games.

• Room service at extra charge.

• Sun beds and umbrellas are available on the beach free

• The restaurant dionyssos (a/c) provides an enriched buffet for

of charge.

breakfast lunch and dinner in buffet with cretan (local) specialities

• Beach towel service is available with deposit.

& live cooking.

• Open air theatre for 600 persons.

• With thematic nights such as italian, greek, b.B.Q. Buffet with

• Mini spa with massage studio. • Air-conditioned mini market (daily newspaper, stamps, tobacco, etc.). • Jewellery shop (with a/c). • Wi-fi free access in public areas of the hotel.

Special highlight

Thematic cretan restaurant, apart the restaurant “DIONYSSOS”, our chef will prepare delicious dishes from cretan cuisine at our restaurant “jasmine” guests can visit at least once during their stay. ( At no extra charges ). For all inclusive customers drinks are included. Our “all inclusive” services are valid until the last minute on the daparture date.

116/ Edition 2017



Deltanet Travel Deltanet Travel was established by Michalis Vamiedakis in 2001,

Kos, Karpathos, Athens, Corfu & Zakynthos and a full subsidiary

with head offices in Heraklion-Crete and Incoming Tourism as

in Cyprus (offices located in Paphos & Protaras) was founded

its core business.

in 2012. In addition affiliate offices in other major destinations (Thessaloniki, Lesvos & Santorini) enrich the network.

Throughout the years the company has been enjoying a dynamic growth in terms of arriving passengers, revenue and market

The company currently co-operates with Tour operators in

share, and has positioned itself today as one of the leading Des-

more than 29 countries, covering all Europe, and in addition it

tination Management Companies in Greece & Cyprus, serving

also develops charter operations from new markets to various

annually more than 400.000 passengers from different coun-

destinations within its network.

tries. Deltanet represents reputable tour operators, operating in the traditional charter business, internet or dynamic packaging as well as Groups and Incentive handling. With its strong purchasing power, comprehensive product & service portfolio and extended bed bank of available rooms, it’s one of the few companies that can offer allover Greece & Cyprus a full spectrum of incoming tourism services, as a one stop supplier. The fully independent Groups & MICE department caters tailor made solutions for leisure and corporate groups including also alternative types of tourism such as athletic tourism, biking, hiking, wine & gastronomy tourism, senior travels, spa & wellness etc... Since 2007, Deltanet Travel has expanded its operations to additional Greek destinations by opening branch offices in Rhodes,

117/ Money & Tourism



Mouzenidis Group Mouzenidis Group is the largest tourist group in Greece.

domestic flights per week.

Established in 1995 and offers services covering the entire range of

• Active MICE: Provides conferences, events and corporate travel

tourist activities. It has offices in major Greek tourist destinations

services with highly trained staff and years of experience.

and many European countries. Under its umbrella gather a large

• Wedding Melody: Specialized in organizing wedding events.

number of companies, such as

• Elion Club: VIP department with highly skilled staff and extensive

• Mouzenidis Travel: Leading Tour Operator in Greece, offers a wide

experience in VIP leisure travel.

range of services, with branch offices in Europe and the Common-

• Grekodom Development: Offers rental, purchase, construction

wealth of Independent States (CIS). The associated tourist offices

services and management of all types of real estate.

can benefit from more than 2000 hotels contracted directly. It owns

• Grekomed: Offers professional medical care, rehabilitation ser-

over 120 comfortable buses and offers more than 100 ready-made

vices and wellness programs.

tour programs including group and individual trips, city breaks etc.

• Bomo Club Hotels: Hotel chain with establishments in popular

• Ellinair: Airline company that carries out 120+ international and

tourist destinations. Offers high quality facilities and services. • CSR Service: Provides services related to aircraft maintenance and freight business. • MBG CS: Offers innovative and comprehensive consulting services for all types of business. • Mouzenidis Intour: Engaged in the development and promotion of inbound tourism in Russia, other CIS countries and wherever other Mouzenidis offices are located. • Alpha-Mega: Educational Center which offers specialized counseling for acquiring higher education in Greece. • Solun: Orthodox Pilgrimage Center that specializes in religious pilgrimages for associations, parishes etc. • Grekomania: Trilingual online travel portal. Provides daily travel news, travel guide, business catalogue for tourists and professionals, app and discount card for businesses throughout Greece.

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Ellinair Ellinair Airline – Greek airline having its basis at «Macedonia»

Kazakhstan, Latvia, Georgia, Turkey, carries out domestic flights

International Airport, Thessaloniki city. It is part of Mouzenidis

between the cities and islands of Greece and flights from Greece

Group holding along with several other companies including

to Southern Italy.

Mouzenidis Travel - the leading tour operator in Greece.

Ellinair publishes its flights through its own booking system on its website as well as through the major Global Distribution System

Company history

(Amadeus, Travelport, Sabre & Sirena).

In February 2013, based on longstanding history of successful cooperation with both Greek and European airlines, Mouzenidis Group holding has significantly expanded its scope of activities


Professional and experienced aircraft and technical personnel

launching its own airline, Ellinair, in order to increase holding’s

ensuring safety and comfort for passengers. Cabin crew serving

tourist volume. In February 2014 the company started to carry

passengers on board, are fluent speakers of Greek and English

out regular flights from Greece.

Current airline routes opportunities

During 2015 Ellinair operates regular flights to Russia, Ukraine,

Safety, regularity, highest quality standards

Transportation safety and high quality are being guaranteed due to strict operation and maintenance control which Ellinair fleet went through. Ellinair aviation carrier complies with the highest international safety standards. On the basis of rich tradition of Mouzenidis Group holding with regards to impeccable quality of customer service during the entire trip, airline applies client-oriented approach in practice.

Environmental policy

Environmental policy of the company expresses the organizational culture as well as compliance with the legislative and regulatory demands via a system of environmental management in accordance with ISO 14001. www.ellinair.com

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FLY WITH US! www.ellinair.com

High standards of hospitality www.bomoclub.com

Leader of Greek tourism since 1995 www.mouzenidis.com



The Skiathos Palace Ηotel Welcome to... the five star view!

indoor-lounge bar, poolside snack-bar, room service, mini market, car/motorbike rental office, Wi-Fi access, children’s playground,

The Skiathos Palace Hotel is built on a hillside, overlooking “Maratha”

baby sitting, massage & courtesy room, laundry service & parking.

beach and one of the most widely known beaches in Europe, the

At the beautiful beach of Koukounaries under the hotel, all water

famous “Koukounaries” beach (both beaches are awarded with the

sports are available.

“Blue Flag”).

The hotel offers indoors and outdoors dining. The main restaurant

Situated only 10kms from Skiathos Town and set in a pine forest at the

serves American breakfast and the best of European and Greek cuisine.

north-west corner of the island, the hotel’s pool and restaurant areas

At the roof top grill restaurant “The White View” you can enjoy the

are offering views so spectacular that they will take your breath away!

magnificent panoramic view and taste the famous greek “taverna style”,

The hotel has 249 rooms and 9 suites, all with air-condition, private

with delicious barbecue, other local dishes and exceptional sea food.

bathroom, satellite TV, telephone, 3-channel music, mini-bar and

For relaxation and sunbathing, guests may choose between the large

balcony. The new Modern, Superior & Executive floors, recently

outdoor fresh-water pool and the famous “Koukounaries” beach or

renovated, can satisfy the most discerned traveller.

the peaceful “Maratha” beach, which is organized by the hotel.

Skiathos Palace Hotel offers many facilities such as 24-hours reception,

The hotel’s conference and banqueting facilities are ideal for those

safe deposit boxes, currency exchange, swimming pool, tennis court,

who want to combine fun and relaxation of a resort with creative, organized conferences. The five conference rooms are located on the premises of the Skiathos Palace Hotel and can be equipped with all technical requirements. The hotel is constantly renewing its services and it was awarded the international certificates ISO 9001:2008 (hotel services), ISO 14001:2004 (System of Environmental Management), ISO 22000:2005 (System of Food Safety Management) and the eco-labels “Green Key” and “Travelife”. You are invited to enjoy the exceptional standards of hospitality and service for which Skiathos Palace Hotel is noted: Management and team of highly trained professionals will be delighted to satisfy your every wish.

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Ionian Islands


he unparallel natural beauty,

therefore preserved houses. On the other

one can spot disparate elements, as well

the unique culture, the tradi-

hand, Lixouri is among these cities of the

as the remnants of different cultures that

tion and of of course the spe-

island that carry a great significance. In this

have influenced the island. There are vast

cial musical culture are the

city, one can find Iakovatios and Petritsios

squares, such as the famous «Spianada»

particular characteristics that

Libraries, in which worth mentioning col-

square, as well as narrow, cobbled little

make Ionian Sea islands to stand out from

lections of vestments and rare books are

roads, the well known «kantounia», where

any other part of Greece.

kept, as well as The Philarmonic School.

the italian influence is more than obvious.

Kefalonia is the bigest island of Ionian com-

Sami is a beautiful town and Poros is one of

To the west of Corfu city is Palaikastritsa, a

plex, as far as the strech of land is con-

the island’s main ports. As for the beaches

little «heaven on earth» and Aggelokastro, a

cerned. The interchange among different

of Kefalonia, those are certainly numer-

Byzintine fortress of 13th century, whereas

types of landscape is really unique, since

ous and outstanding. To mention just a few

to the north of the city there is «Kanoni», one

the alpine scenery of Ainos, where the only

among the prettiest and globally reputed, we

of the most famous spots on the island. A

type of black spruce grows and breeds of

could name the beaches of Mirtos, Makris

narrow strip of land leads to Vlaxerna con-

wild horses live , is harmoniously combined

and Platis Gialos, Spartia, Lourdas, Skala,

vent, from where one can catch a boat and

with warm, crystal clear seas. In the broader

Poros, Antisamos, Xi and Petanoi.

visit Pontikonissi. Opposite to that, on the

area of Ainos, one can find the «Drogarati»

The island of Corfu is the administrational

side of Gastourion hill, there is the unique

cage with its stalactites, as well as Melis-

basis of the whole Ionian Islands Territory.

Achillion, which used to be the summer

sani lake. Of course, the island of Kefalonia

Being also known as «the island of Faiaks»

residence of Austrian Empress Elisabeth,

is surrounded by endless bays and «lace

according to Homer’s Odyssey, Corfu stands

more known as «Sissy».

alike» shores. Since 1757, the capital of

out, mostly because of its cultural identity.

Being called through the centuries, even

Kefalonia and Ithaka Prefecture is Argostoli,

The island is situated in the «mouth» of

from the period of the Venetian rule, as

an aphitheatrically built city with a spendit

Adriatic Sea, opposite to north west Greek

«The Levante’s Flower», Zante is one char-

view to Koutavos lake sea. The city is island’s

coasts, from which the island’s northern part

acteristic case of island where rare natural

commercial and administrational center,

is separated by a 2,5 Klms width channel.

beauty meets the unique ecological signifi-

whereas at the same time, it is a modern

In Corfu’s shores one can find pictoresque

cance, along with the history and the rich

city with nice old style mansions and a sig-

little bays and beaches with sand or peb-

cultural and artistic tradition. Obviously, the

nificant historic and cultural tradition. The

bles. The capital of the island is the beauti-

island of Zante presents a landscape full of

most pictoresque village of Kefalonia it may

ful city of Corfu, unanimously aknowledged

contrasts. While the most part of the island

be Fiscardo, as it’s a little fishing village with

as one of the prettiest cities in Greece, a city

is mountainous, there are also visual vari-

narrow streets and old, traditionally built and

built on a narrow strip of land. In this city

ations with short pine-clad mountains and

124/ Edition 2017

fertile valleys. However, Zante is globallly

island’s pictoresque villages with their tiled

los Sikelianos had put it. The island is con-

known mostly from its emerald and crystal

streets and the little tavernas, where one can

nected to the rest part of the country through

clear seas, as well as its unique ecosystem.

taste original Zante cuisine. Of cousrse, one

a floating bridge of continuous circulation,

It is widely known that in the south coast of

of the most well known touristic attractions

a fact that ensures the benefit of an easy

Zante there is one of the most important

of Zante is the famous «shipwreck» in the

access. In the city of Lefkada, there is one

natural habitat of Caretta - Caretta turtle.

west part of Zante, abandoned in the mid-

of the larger and most modern sea mari-

Furthermore, in the same island we can

dle of the sandy beach and surrounded by

nas in Europe, whereas the island is also

also find the habitat of Monachus - Mona-

steep rocks. It is also known that on Zante’s

known for its lake sea, which is an aquatic

chus turtle, a species which can be found

sandy beaches there are many other touris-

habitat for rare breeds of birds. Apart from

mostly in the southwest coasts of the island.

tic resorts, such as Laganas, Argasi, Gera-

the city of Lefkada, also reputed parts of the

The aristocratic city of Zante is the capital

kas, Porto Zoro, Vassilikos, Tsilivis, Alikes

island are Ligia, a really busy village, Agios

of the island, a city built on the southeast-

and Alikanas.

Nikitas, a traditional fishing village, Nikiana,

ern side with really impressive mansions,

When we talk about Lefkada, we can not

an ideal place for surfing fans, Perigiali, a

well reputed churches and pretty squares

help pondering about quiet or cosmopoli-

village crowded with tourists with astonish-

like the famous «Rouga», or the tiled cen-

tan beaches with «golden» sand, seashores

ing beaches, as well as Vassiliki, the center

tral square of St Mark, which attracts the

under the impressive shadow of high and

of the southern part of the island, with its

lion part of activity.

steep rocks, serene bays, hospitable ports

sandy beaches. It is also worth mentioning

The Mpoxali area, under the castle, can easily

to every boat, crystal clear waters and other,

that around Lefkada there are little and big

charm everyone with its little, quiet streets

equally beautiful images. Lefkada is sur-

islands developping continuously, where-

and its old houses with the characteristic

rounded by unique sandy beaches with their

as the most famous of them is the island

«bougarinia». Of course, apart from the city,

characteristic «dove egg» shaped grains

of Skorpios, also known as «the island of

Zante’s visitors are also attracted by the

of sand, as Lefkada’s famous poet Agge-


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Hellenic Seaways HELLENIC SEAWAYS has successfully brought into effect the investment plan involving the purchase and building of 9 new ships, two among which entirely built in Greece. In 2005, HELLENIC SEAWAYS added five new ships to its fleet: the HELLENIC SEAWAYS has been sailing the Greek seas since 1999 in

newly built HIGHSPEED 5, the fastest passenger/vehicle ferry in the

its current form. It is the largest Hellenic maritime company, owning

Aegean, with a maximum speed of 41 knots and a cruising speed of

and operating 18 conventional and high speed vessels that connect

38 knots, the newly built passenger/vehicle ferry NISSOS MYKONOS,

more than 36 ports in the N.E. Aegean, the Cyclades, the Saronic

built entirely in Greece, FLYINGCAT 5 and FLYINGCAT 6 (Catamaran

Gulf and the Sporades.

ships), that replaced six flying dolphins (hydrofoils), and the Hellenic Voyager (Ro-Ro) that serves in transporting trucks. In 2007, the company acquired 4 more ships: the newly built passenger/ vehicle ferry NISSOS CHIOS, that was also built in Greece, the passenger/vehicle ferry ARIADNE and two Ro-Ro type ships, the Celtic Sun and the Hellenic Master. In 2016, HELLENIC SEAWAYS is extending its fleet to include the completely rebuilt HIGHSPEED 7 and HELLENIC HIGHSPEED as well as NISSOS SAMOS. The ongoing modernization and growth of the fleet and the upgrade of the services provided to the passengers constitute a constant commitment and a strategic goal for the company. This way, HELLENIC SEAWAYS seeks and manages to keep its leading position in the competitive Market of coastal transportation services in Greece, and at the same time expands its presence in the sea transportation services in the Mediterranean.

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Destination: Aegean! > 18 modern and luxurious ships serving 36 destinations in the Cyclades - Sporades - Saronic - N.E. Aegean. Book and buy your ticket on hsw.gr, web check-in and receive your smart ticket / boarding pass on your smartphone or tablet.



Ionian Islands

Zante Hospitality Group Zante Hospitality Group, with a long standing reputation if the hos-

The Resorts, renowned for their distinctive luxury and unsurpassed

pitality industry, owns and man-ages the Zante Park Resort &

Zakynthian Hospitality, provide exceptional personalized services,

Spa and Galaxy Beach Resort, two of the most prestigious hotels

refined gastronomic choices and a wide range of leisure activities.

operating in the Ionian Island of Zakynthos, as well as XT Travel

The Zante Park Resort & Spa and Galaxy Beach Resort, offer high

Services, a leading Travel Agen-cy in Athens.

standards of hospitality and an extensive accommodation selec-

The Zante Park Resort & Spa and Galaxy Beach Resort, both BW

tion, featuring stylish Deluxe Rooms and Suites, some with a pri-

Premier Collection Hotels, are located at one of the most attrac-

vate pool option, ambient public areas and lush outdoor grounds,

tive beaches of Zakynthos, with captivating views of the infinite

Conference & Banqueting fa-cilities, Fitness Center, as well as

blue of the Ionian Sea.

Wellness & Spa.

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Hospitality meets 5* experience



XT TRAVEL SERVICES: Omirou St 1, Nea Smirni – Athens, Greece | www.xttravelservices.gr | email: xttravel@xttravelservices.gr | tel.: +30 210 9343468 ZANTE PARK RESORT & SPA: Laganas – Zakynthos, Greece | www.zanteparkhotels.gr | email: zantepark@zanteparkhotels.gr | tel. : +30 26950 52310 GALAXY BEACH RESORT: Laganas – Zakynthos, Greece | www.galaxybeachresort.gr | email: galaxyhotel@zhg.gr | tel. : +30 26950 51171


Ionian Islands

The Ionian Islands A Palette Of Blue

Corfu: The Island Break Destination

Paxi & Antipaxi: Love Nests in the Med

• A perfectly preserved old town with a Venetian-era

• Venetian-inspired Corfu is the access point to these two tiny

From long weekend to week-long getaway

Emerald isles with a soft and sophisticated style

fortress and an artist’s personality

emerald gems

• An island landscape of silky-silver olive groves and

• Ionian in miniature: blue-green waters, amazing nature, idyllic coves

stunning coastline

and personalised romance

• Long favoured by poets, writers and musicians

• A shelter for everyone in love: according to myth, Poseidon created

• Renowned for its mouthwatering fare: pastitsada, sofrito,bourdato,

Paxi to live out his romance with Amfitriti

mandolato, pergamonto

• Peacock-blue waters and the whitest of white sand: Orkos on Paxi,

• Its spirit lies in museums modern and classical, its

Vrika and Voutoumi on Antipaxi

cobbled streets, in every glass of traditional kumquat liqueur

• Share the sunset atop the white cliffs at Eremitis

• With opulent hotels and a film-set stately architecture, you’ll

• Centuries-old olive trees, gnarled and twisted into unusual shapes

feel like a star in a period film

• Get the full picture by exploring the islands by sea: hidden beaches, the caves of Ahai, and the grotto of Ypapanti

Lefkada: Brimming with Youthful Energy

Where stunning beaches are only the start of your holiday • Row upon row of sail masts sway to the rhythm of the wind at the port of Nydri, ready for cast-off • Set sail for delightful hideaways like Meganisi and Kastos or Skorpios (of Onassis fame) • Plunge into the azure paradise of Kathisma, Egremni, Porto Katsiki: beaches of international acclaim • Windsurfing, kitesurfing, paragliding, scuba diving or leisurely stand up paddle boarding • And when you’re done in the water, there’s horseback riding,

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mountain biking or trekking around the island • If you’re not already at a beach bar, a cocktail in hande Med

Zante: Behind The Scenes

The full story of Zakynthos reveals a wealth of natural wonder • The iconic Shipwreck Beach (Navagio) is the star image of

Kefalonia: A Culinary Masterpiece

Zakynthos, but the full story extends across 123km of coastline

Let the food experts tell your story of Kefalonia’s unique

dotted with hidden beaches and coves


• Sandy in the south, rugged in the west, and the stunning Blue

• Spectacular beaches and waters of all shades of blue and green

Caves to the east

– Myrtos but also Petani, Skala, Poros, Makri Gialo and Xi

• Beaches chosen as the nesting site of the protected Caretta

• Dig deeper and discover rich vegetation, a fertile land that creates

Caretta sea turtle

small miracles

• From town, stroll through Bokhali, 2km from the centre, and

• Cheeses (creamy feta, Kefalotiri and Kefalograviera) and savoury

admire the panoramic view of the harbour and the Bay of Lagana

pies . World-famous olives and olive oil, wine and fruit and vegetables

• Walk on to the castle, camouflaged by greenery, where the

bursting with life

Venetians reigned over the island capital

• A soup of mixed beans (bourbourelia), rabbit stew, bread slices

• Visit a winery and be introduced to the Ionian grape varietals

with oregano (riganada) and aliada, a potato and garlic purée

• Explore a handful of the 40+ villages (Louha, Gouri, Kampi,

• And the tserepa, a portable oven made of grey clay and goat’s

Anafonitria, Volimes) to complete your insight into island life

hair, still used in villages • Discover delicious Robola, the flagship grape variety of Kefalonia, and the art of small-scale wine-making

Meganisi And Beyond: Island Hopping across the Ionian Blues

• Don’t forget to bring home a box of mandoles, naturally dyed-

Tiny, welcoming, beautiful and unexplored

red sugared almonds

• Light winds, calm waters, endless sheltered coves and

Ithaca: A Spiritual Homecoming

archipelago made for sailing. The modern marinas of Lefkada

Homeric self-discovery on an isle in perfect balance

• The modern marinas of Lefkada and Corfu are your starting point

• Symbolic of the sweet homeland that Odysseus

• From Lefkada: Meganisi, laidback life and a secret of

and everyone since has searched for


• Beautiful beaches, tiny villages, flavours that

Kalamos, where hikers enjoy a dramatic landscape of high

give generously

peaks and steep slopes leading to the sea. And Kastos, where

• Fjord-like Vathi, greeting all guests with shops,

fresh fish are trawled daily

museums and hotels both comely and stylish

• From Corfu: Head to the Diapontia islands, three small exotic

• But hearts beat strongest for the bay of Kioni, first viewed by sailboat

islands off the northwest coast of Corfu. Othoni is the where

• Stone homes with patios brimming with flowers, little coffee

Nymph Kalypso held Odysseus. Nowadays it is known for its

shops and restaurants with tables on the water

beaches and remarkable sea caves

• Follow hiking trails and discover hidden ruins and stunning sea

• Erikousa is mostly flat, perfect for exploring with children. And


Mathraki is the smallest isle: three square kilometres of

• Or hire a boat and discover your own secluded


131/ Money & Tourism


HotelBrain HotelBrain Capital is the brand new sister company-investment arm of HotelBrain. Aim of HotelBrain Capital is the building of a hotels’ portfolio which, through capital investments, will soon be upgraded, repositioned in the tourism market and will increase their commercial value. HotelBrain Capital has an existing portfolio of 30 hotels throughout Greece aiming to reach the 60 properties The multi-awarded independent company, Hotelbrain, is specialized

over the next 3 years.

in Hotel Development, Management and Consulting. It offers a wide

HotelBrain Investments develops hotels and transforms them into “role

range of personalized services and assists hotel owners to achieve

models” by applying all aspects of its hotel management know-how.

their desired results. It responds to all owners’ needs, providing its

Its aim is to make each hotel a perfect example of how the effective

innovative and holistic model of hotel management, development

and comprehensive hotel management scheme can produce high

and consulting. HotelBrain currently operates hotels in more than

revenues, substantial profit margins and consequently create added

64 destinations, in 10 countries.

value to properties.

132/ Edition 2017

HotelBrain International Ltd, the international arm of HotelBrain, is

industry. Moreover, to all those people who are dynamic, ambitious and

an independent company, a hospitality asset operator specialising

wish to seek employment opportunities in one of Hotel Brain`s hotels.

in hotel management, turn-around management and development

HotelBrain Community is the “home” of hoteliers working with

hands-on advisory, with presence and on-going projects in more

HotelBrain. An independent and anthropocentric community of

than 10 countries: UK, Austria, Italy, Morocco, Cyprus, Serbia,

witch the exclusive members are the hotel owners who cooperate

Montenegro, Lebanon, Turkey. The firm carries out the development

with HotelBrain. Its purpose is to benefit from the “Economy of

or re-development of hotel projects in all their phases and operates

Scale”. HotelBrain Community members can benefit the numerical

hotels under management or advisory contracts with a purpose to

superiority of our more than 200 hotels and achieve better financial

create brand recognition, high gross profit margins and commercial

agreements - deals relating to their property.

value. Its focus is on “non-branded management” ensuring the flexibility to implement, if necessary, any soft or other international

Awarded three times as “Europe’s Leading Hotel Management

brand (franchise) on the property under management having first

Company” by World Travel Awards.

ensured optimum operational standards and building up the brand value of the asset itself. HotelBrain Braining Centre is a unique Experiential Centre for addressed to higher education graduates, hotel owners and/or managers as well as people employed in the hospitality and tourism

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Northern Greece


eing a «melting - pot»

of Thessaloniki, also known as «The bride of

Of course, well known at a global basis is

of disparate cultures as

Thermaikos Gulf», is Perfecture’s Capital, it

«Mount Athos» or the «Garden of Virgin

early as the ancient years,

is considered as «The Co-Capital» of Greece

Mary» as it is often called in Greece, a well

appearing as a realy

and, at the same time, it is aknowledged

respected monastic state, in which entrance

«endowed» land in every

as one of most important ports in Greece.

is denied to women.

way and possessing a really deep-rooted his-

The famous «White Tower» is considered

Doirani lake, Axios river and the whole bushy

tory and a unique natural wealth, Northern

as the city’s «trademark». While in Thes-

green landscape are some of the advantages

Greece charms every visitor, as it provides

saloniki, one can visit St. Dimitrios church,

of Kilkis Perfecture. Capital of this Perfecture

them generously with plenty of opportuni-

lots of interesting museums and of course

is the city of Kilkis, a beautiful city built on

ties to wonder in the real depths of history

«Rotonda», a monument dated around 300

the foot of St George’s hill. As for the neigh-

and tradition.

p.d., as well as Galerios Arch. Really close

bouring Perfecture of Pella, the whole area

The journey to Northern Greece begins in

to Thessaloniki, one could find Chalkidiki,

is characterized by its inexhaustible natural

Macedonia and it is completed in the border-

one of the most beautiful places in the whole

and cultural wealth. Edessa is the capital of

ing Thrace. From an administrational point

greek territory, an «endowed» land in any

this Perfecture, a city which overlooks the

of view, Macedonia is divided to three parts,

way. Chalkidiki area is formed by three thin,

whole macedonian valley.

Central, Western and Eastern Macedonia.

pine-clad peninsulas with 550.000 metres

Passing to Pierias Perfecture, the «scenary»

In Central Macedonia, the first area in every

of sea shores. In this area, one can visit

is formed by Kilometres of sandy coastlines,

visitor’s itinerary is Imathia Perfecture, in

ancient cities, prehistoric cages, Byzintine

Olympus Mount which is the higher mountain

which «Seli» and «Pigadia of Naoussa» Ski

convents, modern seaside towns, elements

of Grecce and, according to Greek mythol-

Centers can be found. Apart from these two

of the greater «puzzle picture» of Chalkidiki

ogy, it was also the formal residence of 12

Centers, Aliakmona’s Valley, some bushy

land. The city of Poligyros is the capital of

Gods. The capital of this Perfecture is Kater-

green mountains and the well known Vergina

Chalkidiki Perfecture, a city spread out in an

ini, a city built between Olympus Mount and

Archeological Site lure each visitor. Veria is

amphitheatrical shape, on the foot of Cho-

Pieria Mountains. When it comes to Western

the capital of Imathia Perfecture, a city spread

lomontas mountain. Nearby, one could find

Macedonia part, the first Perfecture to came

out in the foot of Vermion mountain. Among

Arnaia, an area characterized as «historic

across is that of Grevena. The rich flora, the

other worth visiting cities, one could point

land» by Ministry of Culture. Also known tour-

unspoiled forests, the National Preserve of

out Naoussa, an overwhelmingly green city.

ism resorts in the same area cities such as

Pindos Mountains with its well known «Valia

One of the most well known Perfectures of

Kassandra, Kallithea, Nea Moudania, Nea

Kalnta», as well as the water sources and

Greece is Thessaloniki Perfecture. The city

Kallikratia, Ouranoupolis and Ammouliani.

waterfalls create a unique nutural ensem-

134/ Edition 2017

ble. The city of Grevena is the capital of the

the leading one, considering that it’s the

Thrace have always been considered as a

Perfecture, a city situated at tha same spot

mount where the homonym Ski Center is

crossing point between East and West, as

with the ancient city of Elimaia. The city of

situated. Kavala Perfecture combines bril-

well as a «bridge» of communication between

Kastoria, a city spread out along the banks of

lianlty mountain with sea related delights.

Europe and the Balkan area. The first Perfec-

the homonym lake, is the capital of the hom-

The city of Kavala is the capital of this Per-

ture to meet during one’s course to Thrace

onym Perfecture. Kozani Perfecture is also

fecture and is a modern city with interest-

is Xanthi. The city of Xanthi is the capital of

considered as one of the most «endowed»

ing night life. The cities of Philippoi, a very

this Perfecture, a city with a clock tower as a

lands of Macedonia. The whole «picture»

important city from an archeological point

«trademark». Passing on Rodopi Perfecture,

is composed by a complex of mountains

of view and Chrysoupolis, attract hundreds

every visitor is amazed by this peaceful co-

and lake shore areas. The city of Kozani is

of visitors every year.

existance of Orthodox Christians, Pomaks

the capital of this Perfecture, a city with old

The Perfecture of Serres is really famous

and Muslims of turkish origin.

styled mansions. In Florina Perfecture, the

for its aquatic habitat in Kerkini lake, the

Komotini is the capital of Perfecture, a city

landscape is often said «magic». Little and

Lailia forest, the hot springs in Nigrita, as

that is considered as the «heart» of Greek

Big Prespa, the twin lake area wich is con-

well as the ancient city of Amphipolis. The


sidered one of the most important aquatic

city of Serres is the capital of the Perfecture.

The capital of the homonym Perfecture is

habitat in Greece, the traditional village of

The mosques in the turkish neighbourhood

Alexandroupolis, a city with an astonish-

Nymphaion, as well as the picturesque island

add a very special characteristic to the city.

ing lighthouse as a «trademark». In Soufli,

St Achillios, create a unique «scenary». The

Worth visiting places are, among others,

one can learn everything about the different

city of Florina is the capital of the Perfecture.

Alistrati with its famous gorge of Aggitis,

stages of silk processing. In Evros Perfec-

Going far east, we reach Drama Perfecture.

Amphipolis, Nigrita with its thermal sources

ture we can also find the «proud» island of

The high mountains is Perfecture’s main

and Sidirokastro, next to the fertile valley of

Samothraki, standing in the northeastern

characteristic, with «Falakro» mount being

Strymonas river.

corner of Aegian Sea.

135/ Money & Tourism



Ikos Resorts In one of the most beautiful locations on the Halkidiki peninsula are

nestled in the lavish gardens. The hotel offers for the accommo-

located the luxurious resorts Ikos Oceania & Ikos Resorts, which

dation of its customers 142 bedrooms and junior suites together

symbolizing the authentic, greek hospitality. Τhe brand new Ikos

with 149 private bungalow suites. Τhe resort is located 35 minutes

Dassia, which will be in operation in May 2016, is located in Corfu,

from Thessaloniki international airport.

the cosmopolitan island of the Ionian Sea.

Ikos Oceania

Ikos Olivia

Overlooking the crystal blue Aegean, the luxurious Ikos Oceania is

Ikos Olivia is an incredible resort. Set in 22 acres of evergreen land-

located 30 minutes from Thessaloniki international airport. The high-

scape, this unique property is surrounded by immaculate lawns

light of this stunning setting is the 350m long natural sandy beach,

and olive trees leading to a stunning 450 metre long beach. Ikos

fringed by pines, olive groves and cypress trees. Dispersed amongst

Olivia offers spacious guest rooms, suites overlooking the spar-

the 15 acres of well groomed gardens, the spacious, elegant guest

kling Aegean Sea, while the luxury one and two-bedroom suites

rooms and suites offer panoramic sea views with Mount Olympus

of the low-rise bungalows with their groomed private gardens and

in the background. The hotel offers four a la carte restaurants and a

exclusive deluxe area are the epitome of style and comfort.

variety of bars indoors or in the lavish gardens.

Four themed a la carte restaurants complemented by the Flavors

For the accommodation of its customers the hotel offers a total of 290

buffet restaurant offer a world of culinary delights while the excep-

beautifully appointed rooms and suites, all fully renovated in 2017. Ele-

tional Dine-Out concept takes guest to the coastal village of Gerakini

gant, luxurious and yet always understated, a stay at the Ikos Oceania

and a choice of specially selected beachfront restaurants. Guests

is an experience to relish.

can also choose from five superb bars some of them indoors or

Ikos Dassia

In a verdant area of 60 decares, on top of the sea, the luxurious Ikos Dassia, which will be in operation in May 2016, is the ideal offer for unforgettable holidays on the world-famous island of Corfu. Τhe hotel offers 403 luxurious rooms, suites and villas. Spacious balconies, private gardens and individual pools add the touches that make every stay, very special. Embracing the award-winning Infinite Lifestyle concept, an unforgettable experience awaits guests as cuisine, service and style are taken to exceptional new heights.

136/ Edition 2017

This is


Ikos Resorts bring a new era of hospitality to the Mediterranean. Luxury resorts in stunning natural locations, where elegance is omnipresent, yet understated. Each one is spacious, elegant and thoroughly individual. It’s where your holiday experience is taken to a startling new level. Style is simple. Service is first class. Cuisine is limitless. Value is always extraordinary. These are destinations for the refined traveller in search of a unique experience. At Ikos Resorts, all inclusive has been creatively reimagined as Infinite Lifestyle. A concept that delights in challenging all conventions, to set the bar at a fabulous new height.




Porto Carras Grand Resort On the western coast of Sithonia, Halkidiki’s central peninsula, surrounded by the rising slopes of Mt. Meliton and the expansive blue of Toroneos Gulf, amidst 1,763 hectares of enchantingly verdant


Thalassothterapy & Spa

A magical world of rejuvenation and relaxation is awaiting you at

landscape and along 9 km of sandy beach punctuated by 25 pris-

the Thalassotherapy & Spa centers of the Porto Carras Grand Resort

tine coves, lies the one and only Porto Carras Grand Resort. The

hotels, which are the biggest in South-eastern Europe. The Meliton

most complete and ubique resort in Greece, nine times awarded

Spa offers 4.700sq.m. of luxury with an indoor pool with warm sea

by Condé Nast Traveller, Porto Carras features two 5 star Hotels,

water, a thalassotherapy pool with jet, a pool with high concentra-

an imposing world-class Villa, a luxurious Casino and two Thalas-

tion on salt, a Jacuzzi, 6 hydro massage, a sauna, a hammam, a light

sotherapy & Spa Centers. Furthermore, an international-standard

rain shower, water springs, 2 fitness centres with Cybex equipment

18-hole Golf course, the largest and best equipped Conference Hall

and a view to the Marina, 27 rooms and a VIP spa suite that offers a

in Northern Greece, a Horse Riding Academy, a Tennis Club with

wide range of therapies of Elemis, movement therapy and hydro-

9 courts, a Diving Center, a Nautical Club, plus Greece’s largest

movement therapy in heated sea water, a relaxation room, mani-

organic vineyard. The resort also features 3 helipads, 2 waterways

cure, pedicure and a hair salon with a view to the sea. The Sitho-

and a 315- berth Marina.

nia spa is also a relaxation oasis in an area of 2.275 sq.m., with an

138/ Edition 2017

indoor pool with sea water, a thalassotherapy pool, a sauna and a

art, fully equipped facilities. A plethora of services and activities for

steam bath. There are also 11 specially designed rooms of thera-

every desire.Live every golfer’s dream at Porto Carras Grand Resort!

py, offering the best therapies of the Elemis and face treatments of

Porto Carras Marina

Gerovital, a gym with Cybex equipment and a view to the lagoons,

Porto Carras Marina is located on the western side of the penin-

manicure, pedicure and a hair salon.

sula of Sithonia, Halkidiki, and is part of the luxurious Porto Carras Grand Resort. It is only 120 km away from the International Airport

Conferences & Events

of Thessaloniki (SKG), 65 nautical miles from the port as well as

Famous around the globe for its ideal location, conference capaci-

from Skiathos and Skopelos, 32 nautical miles from the Holy Mount

ties and impeccable service, Porto Carras Grand Resort, with18 con-

of Athos and 11 nautical miles from the harbour of Porto Koufo. In

ference rooms, one of which can host up to 2,500 people, with the

addition it contains a fuel station, a boatyard for boat repairs and a

capability of conducting large conferences for up to a total of 6,500

dry docking area.

delegates, is one of the few in Greece specializing in international

The Porto Carras Μarina is the only private marina in Greece, with

conferences of large expectations. Proud host of the 2003 European

a capacity of accommodating 315 vessels of up to 55m in length

Union Leaders Summit Meeting, Porto Carras Grand Resort pro-

and it is 5.5m deep. Every year it is awarded with the Blue Flag

vides the infrastructure and high level security of an International

for its crystal clear waters and for its contribution to the protec-

Convention Center with the allure of a unique resort.

tion of the environment. It is also certified with the ISO 9001:2000 by the independent Certification Body, EQA Hellas. Furthermore

Casino Porto Carras

the area surrounding the marina gives quality and entertainment

If you are looking for endless entertainment and intense moments during your holidays, then the Casino Porto Carras is the absolute destination. In an area that combines the New Orleans atmosphere with luxury, you may indulge yourselves in the ultimate gaming

a new meaning.

Domaine Porto Carras

Domaine Porto Carras features the largest Greek vineyards with

experience as well as special privileges! Try your luck at our 277

total area 4.750 acres. The history began in the late 1960s with a

Slot Machines, six American Roulettes, eight Touch bet Roulettes,

purpose to mark a turning point for the Greek wine industry. In the

seven Blackjack tables, three Caribbean Stud poker two Mini Punto

hilly landscape of the western side of Sithonia peninsula there are

Banco and 14 Texas Holdem Poker Games. Visitors wishing pri-

28 selective varieties organically growing under exceptional climate

vacy and VIP services may play in the Privé, which is an especially

and ecological conditions. These conditions allow the Asyrtiko, Athiri,

atmospheric area with two American Roulettes, three Blackjack

Malagouzia, Sauvignon Blanc and Rhoditis varieties to produce the

tables, a Poker, a Mini Punto Banco and two Texas Holdem Poker.

highest quality white wines. Among the red wines, the famed Greek

At the Casino Porto Carras your nights will be unforgettable and if

Limnio variety, stands out accompanied by the cosmopolitan vari-

you are lucky, you will win a lot!

eties Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Syrah. Porto Carras wines with the PDO mark of originality are vinified with skill

Porto Carras Golf

and care within the winery’s state-of-the-art facilities by experienced

The Perfect Golf Destination…

oenologists. Eighteen selective labels, more than 80 distinctions in

18 holes of international-standard golfing pleasure.Ideal for play-

wine industry and a unique history are the facts that underline the

ers of all levels. Mediterranean climate all year round. State-of-the

superiority of the Domaine Porto Carras!

140/ Edition 2017

Two Exhibitions One Experience










Sani Resort A special place where nature and man exist in harmony. A family-

The second city of Greece and the capital of Macedonia, Thessaloni-

owned ecological reserve stretching across 1,000 acres, with endless

ki, 45 minutes drive away from Sani Resort, is packed with theatres,

golden beaches enchantingly framed by the crystal clear waters of the

clubs, an International Film Festival, two contemporary art museums,

Aegean and the magnificent pine forests of the Kassandra peninsula.

galleries, designer shops and more coffee places than anywhere

Sani Resort will exceed your expectations in every way. A serene set-

else in the EU. The theatres and coffee shops are thronged with stu-

ting where you can enjoy nature and relish luxury and comfort. And

dents -this being the biggest university town in the Balkans; the walk

where there’s always something new to enjoy.

along the shore of the Thermaikos gulf is maybe the best positive vibration you will ever get and the ambience of the city and its people

Sani Resort at a glance

the most intense you have ever felt. A week mixing the crystal clear

• 4 Hotels (Open: March/April -October/November)

beaches of Sani in Kassandra, the nature of Sithonia and a touch of


the Thessaloniki City experience gives you the Aegean ’s answer to


Ibiza. And for those really in the mood for meditation and complete

• 1000-acre Private Estate • Ecological Reserve -Pine Forests -Bird

relaxation you could round off your stay in one of the monasteries of

Sanctuary • 7 km White Sandy Beaches • Aegean Sea with EU -Blue

nearby Mount Athos.

Flag • Private Yacht Marina with Shopping Piazza • Dine Around:16 Restaurants • Entertainment Team,15 Bars • Sports -Watersports -Diving Centre • 3 Beauty & Wellness Centres • Children ’s Mini -Clubs

Dining and Entertainment

• A community of 16 restaurants, ranging from gourmet restaurants

and Mini -Olympics • Sani Festival and Art Gallery • Suite Class and

to traditional tavernas and ouzeris, live with colors, scents, flavors and

Repeaters Club • Event Resort • Corporate Events (Meetings, Incen-

music from Greece and around the world. • A Dine-Around program

tives, Conferences & Private Events, Weddings, Engagements, Parties)

allowing half-board guests to enjoy their meals at most restaurants

The Sani Resort is situated on the magnificent Kassandra peninsula,

throughout the resort, some at extra charge. • A gastronomic festival,

the first of the three beach-fringed peninsulas of Halkidiki. Sani over-

created using imagination, fresh local produce and quality wines. •

looks Mount Olympus, is close to the glorious but unspoiled beaches

Creations by talented chefs and impeccable service by the waiters. •

of the Sithonia peninsula, as well as to one of the most beautiful cities

Greek, Asian & Italian theme nights in the Poseidon Restaurant at the

of the European Community.

Sani Beach Hotel and in the Olympos Restaurant at the Sani Beach

142/ Edition 2017

Club with magnificent views of the sea. • “Pasta Fiesta” in the Arte-

located along the picturesque path connecting the Sani Beach Hotel

mis Restaurant and Greek Barbeques in the Lagoon Brasserie, on

and the Sani Marina, featuring the latest films in their original lan-

the “island” of the lagoon style pools, in Porto Sani Village (weather

guage. • 15 Bars -Beach Bars, Pool Bars, Cafes, Patisserie and Night

permitting). • Vegetarian dishes and children ’s menus. • An oppor-

Club, throughout the Sani Resort and the Sani Marina, each provid-

tunity to relax in beautiful settings, designed to blend perfectly into

ing its own unique atmosphere. • Bars with breathtaking views of

the Mediterranean environment. • Private-dining service at the Sani

the private yacht marina, or the lagoon style pools or the Aegean Sea

Asterias Suites: guests may request a romantic candle-light dinner

and Mount Olympus. • Bars offering special cocktails, premium bev-

under the stars, in the privacy of their suite terrace or garden, with

erages, and a large selection of wine, beer, snacks & salads. • Bars

views of the Aegean Sea or the private yacht marina.

introducing bands and talented musicians performing live Greek, Latin, Rock, Pop, Jazz, Ethnic or Classical music.

The Restaurants

SANI BEACH HOTEL: • Poseidon Main Restaurant • Dolphins Pool Res­tau­rant

The Bars

SANI BEACH HOTEL: • Zephyros Bar • Dolphins Pool Bar • Nautilus

SANI BEACH CLUB: • Olympos Main Restaurant • Ouzerie • Bras­se­rie

Night Club • Ammos Beach Bar • Bousoulas Beach Bar

PORTO SANI VILLAGE: • Artemis Main Restauran, • Lagoon Bras-


serie • Byblos a la carte Restau­rant


SANI MARINA: • Psaroyannos Ouzerie • Alexis Taverna • Bosporos

SANI BEACH CLUB: • Apollo Bar • Pool Snack Bar • Hercules Dancing Bar

Grill House • Macaronissimo Italian restaurant • Macaroni Italian

SANI MARINA: • Art Café • Mojito Bar • Creperie • Patisserie

Tratoria • All day Restaurant • Tomata Restaurant SANI ASTERIAS SUITES: • Water Restaurant • The Entertainment Team at the Sani Beach Hotel and Sani Beach

Corporate & Private

• Corporate events: meetings, incentives, conferences, product launch-

Club delivers fun group activities during the day like Boccia, Syrtaki

es, seminars. • Private events: weddings, engagement receptions,

Lessons, Bird Watching, Volleyball, Water Basket, Aqua Aerobics,

birthday parties, entertaining and imaginatively organized parties

Darts, Stretching, Quizzes, Table Tennis and many more fun games*-

for children. • Only 45 minutes / 80 km from the international airport

all guests throughout the resort are entitled to participate. • Tailor

of Thessaloniki. • Organization of your clients’ transfers by bus, taxi,

made individual programs for guests in Porto Sani Village and the

limousine, yacht or even by helicopter. • Over 800 guest rooms -from

Sani Asterias Suites, including wine tasting, excursions to Mount

simple garden-or seaview-guest rooms to VIP suites with Jacuzzi

Athos, jeep safaris, visits to traditional markets and villages, open-air

or private pool or private garden with direct access to the beach. • 9

Greek cooking lessons, visit to Thessaloniki. • Shows and musicals/

conference & event rooms with a capacity of 20 to 700 delegates &

live stage performances at the Dolphins Pool Theatre and the Nautilus

guests. • Efficient, courteous, multilingual personnel. • State-of-the-

Night Club in the Sani Beach Hotel, as well as the Amphitheatre of the

art audiovisual equipment, sound systems and lighting.• Specialized

Sani Beach Club. • Sunset cruises & beach parties at the Bousoulas

menus tailored to your needs, bountiful buffets or elegant plate service

Beach Bar*, including oriental nights. • Open-air cinema “Orpheus”

dinners, created by our executive chefs - including children’s menus.

143/ Money & Tourism

We would like to thank everyone who has made these prestigious awards possible; all our guests for their continuing loyalty to Sani and every one of staff for their hard work and dedication. It gives us immense pleasure to be recognised for all areas of our operations, from our environmental commitment to the experience of our guests.


AWA R DS 2015 Sunday Times Travel UK

ISO 14001 TUV Austria certification

◆ Best-Value European resort

For environmental management systems

Conde Nast Traveller Russia

Green Key eco label

◆ Best Resort for families in the world

Voyages & Hotels de Reve France ◆ Top 5 hotel for families in the Mediterranean

Τrip Advisor ◆ Top 5 Hotels for Families in the world, Sani Beach Hotel ◆ First runner-up in the category “Best Hotels for Families in Europe", Sani Beach Hotel ◆ Top 5 Hotels for Families in Greece, Sani Asterias Suites ◆ Top Hotel for Families in Greece, Sani Beach Hotel

Travelife Gold award UK Greek Tourism awards ◆ Gold award on Environmental initiatives / Public awareness category ◆ Silver award on Innovative Restaurant Concept category

Diamonds of Greek Economy awards ◆ The strongest hotel enterprise in Greece

◆ Top 5 Hotels in Greece, Sani Beach Hotel

KPMG advisory, Greece

◆ Member of Trip Advisor’s Hall of Fame, Sani Beach

◆ KPMG Annual Human Resources award -

Hotel, Porto Sani Village, Sani Asterias Suites

Sani Green programme

EU Blue Flag award

Make a Wish Greece

Sani Beach Club beach, Sani Marina, Sani Beach Hotel

◆ Official Supporter Certification



Peloponnese n the place where nature and

sea. Next to the downtown of Corinth, it is

is inhabited since the 8th millennium A.D.,

the blue of the sea meet, the

situated Loutraki, the city with the interna-

is known as the centre of Mycenaean civ-

visitor has come to Pelopon-

tional fame and the Casino. Moreover, the

ilisation. Mycenae attracts the interest of

nese, the “island of Pelopas�

visitor has the chance to taste the wines of

the visitors with the amazing Pili of Lions

with the unique beauty.

Nemea, to visit the Loutra of Oraia Eleni,

and Nauplia, the first Greek capital from

Peloponnese is cited in the southeast of the

the famous from antiquity Stymfalia Lake,

1828 to 1834.

Balkan Peninsula and it is connected with

the north Trikala and the nearest snow

In the centre of Peloponnese, it is located

main Greece through a lane of land, Isthmos

centre, as well as the National Drimo in

Arkadia, the best choice for those who

of Corinth, of 5 km. width. Geographically


want to visit picturesque sceneries and

and administratively Peloponnese is sepa-

Continuing its tour to Argolida, the tourist

traditional villages, large landscapes and

rated to the subregions of Corinth, Argolida,

stays speechless from the ancient theatre

clean shores. The capital of this region is

Arkadia, Lakonia, Mesinis, Ilia and Achaia.

of Epidaurus, where the known worldwide

Tripoli, located in the centre of the fertile

Especially Corinth, which is next to the

festival takes place, as well as from the

land of Arkadia and Parnonas around it,

Corinthian and the Saronic Gulf, it is dif-

cosmopolitan summer resorts that are

with the rich monasteries, the scenic Dim-

ferentiated for its archaeological places

extended from Tolo and Drepano to Porto

itsana, the industrialized Megalopoli and

and its unique combination of nature and

Heli, Costa and Ermioni. Argolida, which

the historic Astros, lying next to the sea.

146/ Edition 2017

For those who like ancient civilizations,


sive waterfalls and Zacharo the seaside city

the ancient areas of Tegea, Mantinia and

Continuing to the historic Mesinia, the tour-

filled with pines and olive trees is found.

Orchomenos will attract their interest, as

ist will meet a region with strong presence

The spa of Kaiafa, the river Alfios known

well as Karitaina with the famous Vene-

through the years, not only from the ancient

from antiquity, the mediaeval Katakolo and

tician castle, the nautical city of Leonidio,

ones, but also from the recent years, espe-

the Loutra of Kilini are the most spectacu-

but also the tourist resorts of Vitina and

cially in the Revolution of ‘21, where it was

lar sights of the region.


the centre of the Greek fighters. Kalamata

Finally, Achaia with Patras as a capital city is

In the subregion of Lakonia, it is situated

is the glorious capital, famous for its long

regarded as an important travel connection,

Sparti, where Doriis were located since

shores and luxuriant vegetation, while

as it is connects our country with Italy and

11th century A.D., by creating there their

Methoni and Koroni located in the two sides

Peloponnese with Ionian Islands. The clean

centre which was developed in a most

of Mesinia are discriminated thanks to their

and filled with green seashores of Pelo-

powerful centre that dominated in Greece

Cycladic characteristics. Pilos has also an

ponnese steal tourist’s heart at first sight.

after the Peloponnesian war. One can also

island figure, and one of the most seaside

The beautiful and traditional village of Akra-

watch carefully the signs from the Byz-

and tourist cities is Kiparisia.

ta, the verdant Diakofto, where the train that

antine period and the French occupation.

Westside of Peloponnese, it is located the

begins for Kalavrita, but also Aigio with the

The “dead city” of Mistra looks powerful

subregion of Ilia, with Olympia the birth-

great platan that Pausanias reported in his

through the years and her fame is beyond

place of the Olympic games. The tourist

travels, are main features of the region.

the local borders. The same things happen

will be dazzled from the strong archaeo-

Another advantage of the area is Rio, the

with Monemvasia and the legendary Mani,

logical air of the region, as well as from

connection with Peloponnese and Sterea

with its traditional rock towers. The cave

the temple of the Epicurus Apollo in the

Greece and Ipirus, the glorious Kalavrita,

of Diros and the mountain of Taigetos are

sheer Vasses and from Andritsaina, situ-

the Grand Cave and the legendary Agia

the gifts of nature for the land of Lakonia,

ated in a green hill.

Lavra, as well as the famous snow cen-

while polls of attraction are Neapoli and

The river Neda stands out with its impres-

tre of Helmos.

147/ Money & Tourism


Crete - Olympia - Rhodes

Aldemar Resorts Aldemar Resorts is one of the leading hotel chains in Greece with a

of presence in the tourism market– is recognised as being one of the

total capacity of 5,500 beds and a portfolio of 8 Deluxe Resorts and 2

most dynamic businesses of the Greek hospitality industry.

Thalassotherapy Centres in 3 strategic destinations: Crete, Rhodes

Aldemar began in 1985 - 1987 with the Construction of the 4* Cretan

and the west Peloponnese.

Village in Crete.

Dr. Nikolaos S. Angelopoulos is the founder, President and CEO, and

Aldemar Resorts’ portfolio includes:

Mr. Alexandros Angelopoulos is the Vice President of this family-

• Eight (8) luxury resorts, total capacity 5,500 beds in three strategic destinations: Crete (4), Rhodes (2) and west Peloponnese (2):

owned company which currently employs 1,400 people. By continuously investing in innovative products and ideas and by

• Aldemar Knossos Royal *****, Hersonissos, Crete

demonstrating a high level of responsibility toward people, society,

• Aldemar Royal Villas ****, Hersonissos, Crete

and the natural environment, the Aldemar Group –with over 29 years

• Aldemar Royal Mare *****, Hersonissos, Crete

148/ Edition 2017

xrima_tourismos_10_2017_outline.indd 1

10/17/17 10:28 AM


Crete - Olympia - Rhodes

• Aldemar Cretan Village ****, Hersonissos, Crete

• Aldemar Royal Olympian Spa & Thalasso, Skafidia, West Peloponnese

• Aldemar Amilia Mare *****, Kallithea, Rhodes • Aldemar Paradise Village ***** , Kallithea, Rhodes

• 1 Boutique hotel “Epohes Guest House” in Messinia, Peloponnese

• Aldemar Olympian Village *****, Skafidia, West Peloponnese

Aldemar’s business philosophy is based on the core values of integ-

• Aldemar Royal Olympian*****, Skafidia, West Peloponnese

rity and excellence. These guiding principles underline everything we

• 4 state-of-the-art Conference Centres:

do; the way we serve our guests, the way we liaise with local com-

• Aldemar Knossos Royal Conference Centre • Hersonissos, Crete

munities and the environment, the way we treat our employees and

• Aldemar Amilia Mare Conference Centre • Kallithea, Rhodes

manage our company.

• Aldemar Paadise Village Conference Hall • Kallithea, Rhodes

Our holiday philosophy is contingent on the notion of creating a “life

• Aldemar Olympian Village Conference Centre • Skafidia, West

experience”, not just a holiday memory. By offering an abundance


of choices and upholding our superior standards of operation, we

• 2 Globally awarded Thalasso & Spa Centres:

aspire to provide our guests with an unmatched holiday experience

• Aldemar Royal Mare Thalasso, Hersonissos, Crete

of authentic hospitality ‘philoxenia’, worth reliving.

150/ Edition 2017

Timeless travel in a mythical destination. Mani

Ευρωπαϊκή Ένωση

Ευρωπαϊκό Ταμείο Περιφερειακής Ανάπτυξης

Με τη συγχρηματοδότηση της Ελλάδας και της Ευρωπαϊκής Ένωσης

The prime destination in the Mediterranean Costa Navarino is the prime, sustainable

Costa Navarino comprises a number of dis-

Navarino. Inspired by old Messinian man-

destination in the Mediterranean, located in

tinct sites featuring 5-star deluxe hotels,

sions and traditional rural houses, clusters

the Greek region of Messinia in the south-

luxury residences, conference facilities, spa

of low-rise villas have been built using native

west Peloponnese. One of the most unspoiled

and thalassotherapy centers, signature golf

stone and local design elements, which blend

and breathtaking seaside landscapes in the

courses, as well as a wide range of year-

harmoniously into the natural landscape.

Mediterranean, this area has been shaped

round activities for adults and children which

by 4,500 years of history. The Costa Navari-

are unique in the Mediterranean.

no philosophy is driven by a genuine desire

Navarino Dunes, the first resort area, is the

The Romanos, a Luxury Collection Resort

to promote Messinia, while protecting and

setting for The Romanos, a Luxury Collec-

Set amid lush olive groves and overlook-

preserving its natural beauty and heritage.

tion Resort and The Westin Resort Costa

ing the storied waters of the Ionian Sea,

the award-winning The Romanos, a Lux-

and cafes. A wealth of fresh, organically

at Navarino Outdoors include mountain bik-

ury Collection Resort, is the perfect gate-

grown ingredients along with a devotion to

ing, bike trekking, hiking, rock climbing,

way to explore new authentic possibilities.

authentic gourmet cuisine define the culi-

with many recreational activities and water

The Romanos incomparable rooms and the

nary experience at Costa Navarino.

sports such as waterski and wakeboard at

exquisite Romanos Ionian Exclusive suites

The 4,000sq.m. multi-awarded Anazoe Spa

the Bay of Navarino.

and villas offer inviting sea views, or resort

offers a full range of specialist treatments

Navarino Sea offers a vast range of water

views and a wonderful backdrop of the golf

based on ancient Greek practices, as well as

experiences such as surfing, kayaking and

landscape, full of olive groves, whereas many

kinisiotherapy and floating pools, an extensive

other water sports, along with yachting, snor-

integrate an individual infinity pool, set against

variety of light therapies, ice-grotto rooms,

kelling and diving, to enjoy in the mild climate.

the captivating sunset.

mist showers, thalassotherapy and herbal

At the cutting edge Sports & Entertainment


Center, the range of activities includes an

The Wes tin Reso rt Cos ta N ava rino

Costa Navarino, awarded “European Golf

indoor climbing wall, bowling, basketball and

Resort of the Year 2017” by IAGTO, features

volleyball, along with nine racquet sports at

Greece’s first signature golf courses. The

the Navarino Racquet Academy.

At The Westin Resort Costa Navarino, every

18-hole par-71 Dunes Course has been

aspect of the stay is designed to ensure that

designed by former US Masters Champion

While parents are otherwise engaged, infants

guests leave feeling better than when they

and Ryder Cup Captain Bernhard Langer,

may attend the Cocoon créche and young

arrived, from innovative programs to revi-

in association with European Golf Design

guests can enjoy the SandCastle, a specially

talizing amenities.

and is set in a diverse natural scenery with

designed youth hub offering exciting recrea-

Set in an unspoiled and sun-drenched land

spectacular sea and river views.

tional/educational activities, or enjoy the aqua

of olive groves and vineyards, The Wes-

The Bay Course is the second signature-

park and other outstanding children’s facili-

tin Resort Costa Navarino is a rejuvenating

designed course at Costa Navarino, playing

ties unique to the Mediterranean.

haven by the Ionian Sea coastline. Inspired

to a par of 71. It is situated a few minutes’

by old Messinian mansions, the low-rise

drive away from The Dunes Course and has

As part of Costa Navarino’s philosophy to

villa clusters use natural stone and local

been designed by the legendary Robert Trent

promote the region of Messinia, guests

design elements to create a motif in perfect

Jones Jr., offering panoramic sea and moun-

are encouraged to discover the beauty

harmony with the virgin sandy beach and

tain views, with two holes playing along the

and culture of Messinia, engage in tradi-

pristine scenery.

historic Bay of Navarino.

tional activities ranging from olive harvesting and olive oil tasting to wine-mak-

A uthen tic expe rien ces

For those actively inclined, the sports activi-

ing, from cooking traditional recipes with

ties are unmatched across the Mediterrane-

local women and participating in philoso-

Navarino Dunes ensures a fine dining expe-

an. In a majestic environment of both verdant

phy walks, becoming part of an age-long

rience with more than 20 restaurants, bars

land and pristine sea, the signature options

rich heritage.



Beleon Group

Your reliable partner in Greece & Cyprus

Beleon Group collection

• Beleon Tours Travel Company organizes individual and group holidays in Greece; Beleon is multifaceted group of companies operating in Greek travel

• Beleon Events & Luxury Travel creates truly tailor-made vacations

industry for 15 years. Once a small travel agency established in 2003,

and plans MICE events of any type and level of complexity;

today Beleon is a group of four renown and self-sufficient companies

• The passion of Wedding in Greece are the organization of all kind

each with its ample list of partners, loyal clients and vast capabilities

of bridal ceremonies and festivities;

in the particular sphere of travel industry they operate in.

• Luxury Travel DMC runs both in Greece and Cyprus and is highly

154/ Edition 2017

interconnected with other companies of our collection supervises

• The member of Beleon Group, Beleon Tours Travel Company has

all operations of Beleon Group.

been honored as Greece’s Leading Travel Agency 2017 at “Oscars of the Travel Industry” World Travel Awards;

For many years now the creation of tailor-made nonstandard tours

• Following 92% growth of room nights sales in 5* Luxury Hotel

and luxury holidays, planning and holding business and incentive

brands in 2015-2016, we achieved additional 81% growth in 2016-2017;

events and organizing weddings have been among the primary

• We also offer Concierge services;

activities of Beleon Group. We are well known also for our transport

• And last but not least, we are getting ready to celebrate our 15th

and transfer services because Beleon Group owns a fleet of modern

anniversary in travel industry.

VIP class sedans, mini-vans and buses that is classified as one of

Our story of success is quite simple: hard work, ongoing development

the best private car fleets in Greece.

and the most important factor which is - by the way - our credo –

Despite ongoing development, we are inclined to believe that 2017

reliability! Welcome to experience it personally choosing Beleon

anyway is a new milestone in the life of our holding. And we have at

Group as your reliable partner in Greece & Cyprus.

least several reasons to think so. • We have expanded to the Cypriot travel market offering at this


Mediterranean destination a full spectrum of our services;

156/ Edition 2017



Autohellas S.A. AUTOHELLAS S.A. is the largest Rent a Car company in Greece,

Highest Overall Standards Cup by Hertz Europe.

according to its financial capacity and the size of the fleet of vehicles

1989 Hertz introduces the concept of Fleet Management (long term

it manages. Furthermore, it is the biggest national franchisee of

hire and fleet management) in Greece to better meet corporate needs.

Hertz International in Europe. AUTOHELLAS S.A (HERTZ) operates

1998 Renewal of the franchise agreement with Hertz Corporation

in Greece for more than 44 years. Since 1978 until today, it constantly

for a period of 26 years until 31/12/2023.

holds first place in the car hire field. Hertz - AutoHellas was awarded

1999 AUTOHELLAS becomes a public company and its shares are

for two consecutive years, 1998 and 1999, by the travel industry as

listed on the Main Market of the Athens Stock Exchange.

the best rent a car company in Greece for high standard services

2001 Hertz receives for fifth consecutive time the award for the

rendered (TTG Award). Currently, Hertz fleet has more than 40,000

world’s best car rental company.

cars, operating in 8 countries 150 locations of which 40 airports.

2003 AUTOHELLAS acquires BEMAL AUTO LTD in Bulgaria, the local Hertz franchisee and importers/distributor of SEAT and AUDI

Short History

in Bulgaria.

The following dates are important landmarks in the history of

2005 AUTOHELLAS takes over the Hertz franchise in Cyprus.


2007 AUTOHELLAS establishes Autotechnica Fleet Services SRL in

1962 The Company Hertz Hellas was established by Hertz American

Romania. The new company will use the Hertz brand for Operating

Express Ltd.


1966 Mr. Th. Vassilakis signs an associated contract with Hertz

2010 AUTOHELLAS establishes Autotechnica Serbia D.O.O., a Hertz

International, to operate in Crete. The initial fleet of cars consists

franchisee for the country of Serbia. The company is operating in

of 6 Volkswagen Beetle. The company TH. VASSILAKIS SA is

both Rent a Car and Operating Leasing sectors.


2011 AUTOHELLAS establishes Autotechnica Montenegro D.O.O.,

1972 The Company expands its presence also in Rhodes. The fleet

a Hertz franchisee for the country of Montenegro. The company

of the company sums up to 300 cars.

is operating in both Rent a Car and Operating Leasing sectors.

1974 Mr. Th. Vassilakis takes over Hertz Hellas, a subsidiary of

2015 AUTOHELLAS establishes Autotechnica Fleet Services LLC.,

Hertz International, renames it AUTOHELLAS S.A and assumes

a Hertz franchisee for the country of Ukraine. The company is

representation of Hertz all over Greece.

operating in both Rent a Car and Operating Leasing sectors.

1983 AUTOHELLAS is awarded the European Highest Overall

2016 AUTOHELLAS initiates operations in Croatia post acquisition

Standards Cup by Hertz Europe.

of ANTERRA DOO, the former national franchisee. The company

1986 AUTOHELLAS is awarded for the second time the European

is operating in Rent a Car sector.

158/ Edition 2017

hertz_amforeas_21x28_ENG out.pdf



3:57 PM


Chnaris Hotel Management, Development & Consulting Chnaris Hotel Management, Development & Consulting S.A. is

the guests’ various needs and requirements, thus totally satisfy-

a management – Hotel Consulting Company, which started its

ing their expectations.

operation on the 10th of February 2006, having as its main goal

During the next few years, the company continues establishing

the Hotels’ Management & the Rent of Tourist Facilities, as well as

agreements with a number of different hotels in Crete, thus reach-

the provision of Hotel Management integrated services. The inno-

ing 2012, when it signs with the five-star CHC Athina Palace Resort

vation is that these services are also available separately, always

& Spa in Heraklion, Crete as well as with the five-star CHC Rimondi

according to the demands and needs of its partners – hotel owners.

Grand Resort & Spa in Rethymnon, Crete in 2013.

The general Director and Founder of Chnaris Hotel Management,

In 2013, CHC Athina Palace Resort & Spa, under the Chnaris Hotel

Development & Consulting, Zacharias A. Chnaris, as well as the

Management, Development & Consulting S.A. management is

Administrative Team of the company are executives, who have pos-

listed among the first 30 most profitable enterprises in Greece.

session of mastery and lots of experience in the Tourism Indus-

It should be mentioned, at this point, that the company’s initial goal

try. Their multiannual experience in the application of the most

was only the prefecture of Crete but then, the company declares

modern methods of organization and administration constitutes

its decision to expand to other Greek destinations too.

guarantee only for positively-desirable results.

In 2014, having signed contracts with the four-star Dion Palace and the four-star Olympian Bay, Chnaris Hotel Management, Develop-

Company’s History

ment & Consulting S.A. expands its activities in Pieria too.

In 2006, the Chnaris Hotel Management, Development & Consult-

In the same year, the company signs a contract with the five-star

ing S.A. signs the first management contract with the CHC Galini

Costa Lindia Hotel and the three-star Montemar Hotel in Rhodes,

Sea View Hotel, a five-star hotel in Chania. Under the company’s

thus launching its expansion towards a variety of Greek destinations.

contribution, the hotel soon becomes a luxury unit with excellent

In 2015 the company continues its expansion by signing with 3

and high-quality amenities and services, being rewarded by vari-

more 5* luxury hotels in Crete, the Royal Marmin Bay Boutique &

ous renowned tourism institutions every year.

Art Hotel in Elounda, the CHC Elysium Boutique Hotel in Analipsis

In 2008, the company signs with the five star CHC Sea Side Resort

and the CHC Cretan Pearl Resort & Spa in Akrotiri, Chania.

& Spa, located in Heraklion, Crete, which very soon becomes inter-

The company’s future plans are not only to continue its expan-

nationally recognized for providing its guests with high-quality and

sion throughout Greece as well as abroad but also to establish a

value for money accommodation, as it always takes into account

General Tourism Agency so that it may help its partners-hotels.

160/ Edition 2017


Ionian alette alette Islands ofofblue blue GREECE

imagine imagine a palette a palette of ever-changing of ever-changing bluesblues and greens, and greens,

dotted dotted with with jewels jewels of emerald of emerald and sapphire. and sapphire. Welcome Welcome to thetoIonian the Ionian Islands, Islands, a chain a chain of isles of isles off the offwest the west coastcoast of Greece of Greece that combines that combines Italian Italian flair, flair, Parisian Parisian stylestyle and and unmistakably unmistakably Greek Greek hospitality. hospitality. FromFrom cosmopolitan cosmopolitan CorfuCorfu to beach-blessed to beach-blessed Zakynthos Zakynthos and and Kefalonia, Kefalonia, destinations destinations whose whose glowing glowing reputations reputations precede precede themthem but with but with stories stories still untold: still untold: film-set film-set architecture, architecture, the nesting the nesting site of site theofcaretta the caretta caretta caretta sea turtle sea turtle and award-winning and award-winning wine-makers. wine-makers. And then And then on toon thetohidden the hidden gems gems of Paxi of Paxi and Meganisi, and Meganisi, the watersports the watersports of of Lefkada Lefkada and the andpoetic the poetic beauty beauty of Ithaca. of Ithaca. If youIfcan’t you can’t decide, decide, thenthen island island hop to hop your to your heart’s heart’s content! content!

a palette

#IonianBlues #IonianBlues




Corfu | Paxi | Lefkada | Meganisi | Kefalonia | Ithaca | Zante

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GEORGE HATzIMARKOS Governor of the South Aegean Region



Rhodes Island, Greece, www.hhotels.gr

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hotels in

GEORGIOS A. TSAKIRIS President of the Hellenic Chamber of Hotels


The balance of the very best family traditions and personal approach to customer care, combined with services of high value is the key to our Rhodian Hospitality.


Looking forward to welcome you!



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A n n U A L

YIAnnIS A. RETSOS President of the Greek Tourism Confederation

AnDOnIS V. CAMBOURAKIS President of the Rodos Hotel Association

ELENA KOUNTOURA Minister of Tourism

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