Kansas Future Farmer, Summer 2022

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State Officers

State Staff

There were so many great things that happened during the busy summer months!

Mr. Guy Shoulders

State Advisor, KSDE

Ms. Mary Kane

State Executive Secretary

Ms. Beth Gaines

Kansas FFA Foundation Executive Director

Mrs. Johanna Anderes

Kansas FFA Foundation Development Coordinator

District Officers


Peyton Sherron, Spring Hill; Ben Burling, Eudora; Brynn Collier, Jayhawk-Linn; Halle Finnerty, Burlington; Hayley Hines, Paola; Adelle Higbie, West Franklin


Jaren Aurand, Pike Valley; Noah Goss, Ellsworth; Allison Abeldt, Chapman; Kiersten Morgan, Pike Valley; Maddy Krueger, Minneapolis; Abby Porter, Beloit


Jenna DeRouchey, Wamego; Haden Doyle, Jackson Heights; Tyree Figge, Onaga; Olivia Rickel, Royal Valley; Ella Gantz, McLouth; Abby Robinson, Royal Valley


Amelia Jaeger, Hays; Cappi Hoeting, Stockton; Karli Neher, Hays; Kaley Wagner, Smith Center; Kai Cox, Northern Valley; Layton Johnson, Phillipsburg


Sage Toews, Canton-Galva; Payton Ryba, Cheney; Jaymee Renfro-Dubovich, Maize; Brylee Budde, Newton; Lilly Coldren, Buhler; Stetson Shook, Arkansas City


Cecillia Newby, Labette County; Zoe Rhodes, Girard; Ainsley Norton, Girard; Lyle Perrier, Eureka; Morgan Way, Coffeyville; Bryon Fry, Uniontown


Christian Pena, Sublette; Orinn Norris, Lakin; Abigail Zabel, Satanta; Areli Rodriguez, Stanton County; Lincoln Martin, Bucklin; Kyler Sheldon, Kiowa County

Summer kicked off with the 94th Kansas FFA State Convention, where over 2,400 attendees were welcomed to Manhattan to recognize the hard work of Kansas FFA members throughout the year. Continuing through the summer, over 350 students were eager to achieve personal growth by attending Washington Leadership Conference, Chapter Leadership Training, and District Officer Conference. These experiences allowed students the opportunity to meet new people, plan activities for the year ahead and gain leadership skills.

With summer coming to a close and school getting started, the Kansas State Fair, Greenhand Conferences, and district events

are soon to be in full swing. Be watching on the Kansas FFA social media pages for updates on these fun events! The year will be full of opportunities, growth, and experiences for all members to enjoy. My teammates and I are honored to be elected as state officers, and we are very excited to serve Kansas FFA this year while meeting our members and supporters!

ON THE COVER: Wamego FFA member James DeRouchey wins a state Proficiency Award at the 94th Kansas FFA Convention.
This edition of the Kansas FFA Future Farmer is underwritten by High Plains Farm Credit. Learn more about High Plains Farm Credit at www.highplainsfarmcredit.com FAST FACT : Over 2,400 FFA members, advisors and guests attended the 94th State Convention, setting a new attendance record!

Our Kansas. Our Youth. Our Kansas FFA.

The Kansas FFA Foundation endowment campaign was announced with a million dollar pledge by Kansas FFA alumnus Tom Hemmer and family.

The Kansas FFA Foundation launched their endowment-plus campaign with a milliondollar contribution announcement during the 94th Kansas FFA State Convention, held June 1st on the Kansas State University campus. The statewide campaign — “Our Kansas. Our Youth. Our Kansas FFA.” — will raise $5 million to establish an endowment to support the Kansas FFA and allow donors to give to immediate needs.

In officially sharing the project, Kevin Harris, campaign chair from Abilene, noted the organization’s growth as a driving factor. “An endowment will create more stability for the future of the Kansas FFA and the local FFA chapters. Kansas FFA has grown over 30 percent during the last decade with no increase in their budget,” Harris said. “It’s time our agricultural educators and FFA members have the same opportunities as some of the neighboring states.”

The campaign has started strong with many close to the Kansas FFA Foundation giving considerably and the exciting announcement of a million-dollar gift to the campaign from Tom and Maggie Hemmer of Salina. The Hemmers’ gift will provide $500,000 over the next five years and the remainder as an estate gift to be received in the future.

Hemmer noted that their gift was motivated by the generosity of others. “I was blessed with a great FFA experience in high school, and it set me on a path for success in life. This gift expresses our gratitude and our desire to ensure a strong future for FFA in Kansas,” Tom Hemmer said.

Beth Gaines, Executive Director of the Kansas FFA Foundation, is excited to share the opportunity for others to help support this effort.

“This is the first state-wide campaign the Kansas FFA Foundation has launched. We believe many Kansans and FFA alumni understand the value

From left to right: Beth Gaines, Executive Director, KS FFA Foundation, Tom Hemmer, Maggie Hemmer, Halley Nett - KS FFA Foundation Board Chairman, and Johanna Anderes, Development Coordinator, KS FFA Foundation.

and importance of the Kansas FFA and want to be a part of securing its future,” Gaines said. “This organization has given many successful individuals the leadership skills necessary to succeed in life. Now is the time they can help pass that opportunity for greatness on to the young leaders of tomorrow.”

For additional information on the campaign and how to participate, contact Johanna Anderes, Kansas FFA Foundation Development Coordinator, at johanna@kansasffafoundation. org or call 785-410-7313 or visit the Kansas FFA website at www.ksffa.org/foundation.

“This gift expresses our gratitude and desire to ensure a strong future for FFA in Kansas.”
- Tom Hemmer


Join us in celebrating the following chapters and members for theiraccomplishments, which were recognized at the Kansas FFA StateConvention.

Agriscience Fair Winners

Sponsored by Pioneer and Merck Animal Health

Animal Systems:

Div 1 - TJ Mills, Eureka

Div 2 - Degnan Boggs & Elijah Kasella, Ashland

Div 3 - Ava Oentrich, Junction City

Div 4 - Noah Goss & Lexi West, Ellsworth

Div 5 - Emma Aufdemberge, Tonganoxie

Div 6 - Jory Ratzlaff & Jaden Ediger, Canton-Galva

Environmental Services/ Natural Resource Systems

Div 3 - Jasper Chavarria, Junction City

Div 4 - Isabel Huddleston & Leon Leadabrand, Junction City*

Div 5 - Dalton Regehr, Tonganoxie

Div 6 - Sage Toews & Ryder Norstrom, Canton-Galva

Food Products and Processing Systems

Div 1 - Addison Westerman, Eureka

Div 2 - Mia Ceniceros & Raine Hurst, Ashland

Div 5 - Mikayla Dibben, Junction City

Div 6 - Emma Herrera & Liliana Espinoza, Canton-Galva

Plant Systems

Div 1 - Hannah Perrier, Eureka

Div 2 - Kylie Pfizenmaier & Janae Wolf, Clay Center*

Div 3 - Rebekah Vague, Ellsworth

Div 4 - Cason Leonard & Carsten Vaughan, Sublette

Div 5 - Brynn Collier, Jayhawk-Linn

Power, Structural and Technical Systems

Div 2 - Johnathon Culp & Carlos Ortiz, Ashland

Social Science

Div 3 - Kourtney Dibben, Junction City

Div 5 - Janet Meza, Ashland

Div 6 - Kayla Young & Jasmine Bruce, Junction City

State Stars

Star in Agribusiness

Karlie Albright, Royal Valley

Sponsored by Farm Credit Associations of Kansas

Star in Ag Placement

Katina Bartel, Holton

Sponsored by Kansas Farm Bureau

Star Farmer

Aidan Yoho, Yates Center

Sponsored by United Bank and Trust

Career and DevelopmentLeadership Events

Ag Issues – Junction City FFA

Creed Speaking – Tucker Leck, Neodesha

Discussion Meet – Noah Goss, Ellsworth

Employment Skills – Casey Helm, Madison

Extemporaneous Public Speaking –Madeline Murnahan, Jackson Heights

Plan – Paola FFA


Parliamentary Procedure

Novice – Holton FFA

Senior – Labette County FFA

Prepared Public Speaking – Weston Schrader, Minneapolis

Bowl – Anderson County FFA



Riverton FFA

Top Triple Crown Chapters

Royal Valley*

- Arkansas City*

Scrapbook –
1 - Ellsworth 2 - Holton 3 - Riverton 4 - Udall* 5 - Sedan * Indicates a National Finalist in their area. Students will interview and results will be announced at the National FFA Convention & Expo - October 26-29. 6 -
8 - Oxford 9 - Chapman 10 - Hays


These students excelled in their Supervised Agricultural Experienceprograms and were named state Proficiency Award winners at the 94thKansas FFA State Convention.

Agricultural Communications *

Hayden Endicott, Riverton

Sponsored by Kansas Farmer Agricultural Education *

Grace Young, Osawatomie

Sponsored by Harmon Bliss & Kurt Dillon Families Agricultural Mechanics Design and Fabrication

Colbey Hinck, Mission Valley Sponsored by Abilene Machine Agricultural Mechanics Repair and Maintenance –Placement

Cole Nolte, Marysville Sponsored by Kan-Equip Agricultural Processing *

Will Sherman, Prairie View Sponsored by City BBQ Agricultural Sales – Placement

Canyon Tull, Atchison County

Sponsored by Harris Crop Insurance Agricultural Sales – Entrepreneurship

Kendon Wege, Royal Valley Sponsored by Stewart Seed Agricultural Services

Allison Deines, Scott City

Sponsored by Farm Credit Associations of Kansas Agriscience Research – Integrated Systems

Kaden Weltmer, Smith Center

Sponsored by Pioneer-Corteva Agriscience Beef Production – Entrepreneurship

Kristy Beene, Uniontown

Sponsored by Sam & Janet Hands Beef Production – Placement

Kaden Stroup, Prairie View Sponsored by Tiffany Cattle Co. Dairy Production – Placement

Lane Barrett, Rural Vista Sponsored by Kansas Dairy Diversified Agricultural Production

Cody Wille, Iola

Sponsored by Triangle H Farms, In Memory of Greg Hands Diversified Crop Production – Entrepreneurship

Megan Paddock, Jayhawk Linn

Sponsored by Vulgamore Family Farm Diversified Crop Production – Placement

Noah Wiley, Labette County

Sponsored by Kansas Corn Diversified Horticulture

Cassidy Chase, Oxford Sponsored by Hummert International Diversified Livestock Production

Jacob Bell, Hugoton

Sponsored by Harms Plainview Ranch Equine Science – Entrepreneurship

Emilie McNeely-Losey, Doniphan West

Sponsored by Purina Animal Nutrition Equine Science – Placement

Maxwell Douglass, Paola

Sponsored by United Mosquito & Fly Control

Fiber and/or Oil Crop Production

Alyssa Kern, Washington County

Sponsored by Kansas Soybean Forage Production *

Jay McClure, Hugoton

Sponsored by Kansas Forage & Grassland Council Forest Management and Products

Garrett Collins, Holton

Sponsored by Kansas Forest Service Goat Production

Baylee Newberry, Wellington Sponsored by Kevin Davis Family Grain Production

Emma Albers, Doniphan West

Sponsored by Kansas Wheat Commission Landscape Management

Chloe Sell, Iola

Sponsored by Lawrence Landscape Nursery Operations

Riley Graber, Goessel

Sponsored by Kansas FFA Foundation Outdoor Recreation

Mickelly Soyez, Marion Sponsored by Caleb and Lindsey Snider Poultry Production

Ember Kinsch, Riverton

Sponsored by Amos Kahr Trust Service-Learning

Olivia Rickel, Royal Valley Sponsored by Seitz Fundraising Sheep Production

Hailey Gillespie, Anderson County Sponsored by Hobbs Show Lambs Small Animal Production and Care

Gracie Gatton, Labette County Sponsored by Animal Health Center of Marion County Specialty Animal Production

Grady Fox, Frankfort

Sponsored by Prairie School Farms Swine Production – Entrepreneurship

James DeRouchey, Wamego

Sponsored by Kansas Pork Association Swine Production – Placement

Mason Springer, Neodesha

Sponsored by Kansas Pork Association Turf Grass Management

Jenna Curry, Iola

Sponsored by Sod Shop Inc. Vegetable Production

Abigail Robinson, Royal Valley

Sponsored by From the Land of Kansas Program Veterinary Science *

Abigail Porter, Beloit

Sponsored by Kansas Veterinary Medicine Association Wildlife Production & Management

Augustus Wright, Paola

Sponsored by Ducks Unlimited


Frankfort FFA member reimagines what his Supervised Agricultural Experience could be and wins state award.

Rather than crops or traditional livestock, Frankfort native Grady Fox’s Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) consisted of a 300-gallon fish tank filled with tilapia.

Starting with 27 little tilapia fish called fry, which were fed a diet based upon their size and weight, Fox saw the fish through to harvest eight months later. Fox cleaned and sold the filets for a profit.

“I was also able to breed the fish, which would continue my SAE for further years,” Fox said.

Fox learned to watch the temperature of the water in the tank at a consistent 70 degrees, along with steady levels of PH, nitrate and ammonia.

If levels changed too much, I was at risk of causing my fish to either get sick or die,” Fox said.

Starting Off

Fox’s first interest in growing fish started in eighth grade.

“I live and work on our family farm so I could have easily done a project with cattle or crops; but I decided I wanted to do something I really didn’t know a lot about,” Fox said. “I always love to go fishing so I thought it was a good idea.”

Due to limits on breeding game fish, Fox found tilapia as a common and popular type of fish meat to eat, grow and sell.

Overcoming Challenges

During the spring of his junior year, Fox routinely changed the water in the fish tank. Once, he did not realize that the temperature was too cold for the fish, which caused a few to go into shock.

“This had me very worried about the future of my fish operation and how my next sale would go,” Fox said. “I was able to take the fish that I had and breed them to grow my population back to normal and running smoothly.”

About a third of the fish population ended up dying from the ordeal.

Going through a situation like that really teaches you a lot about how it’s not always going to be easy no matter what you do in life or in your business,” he says. “Things are going to happen. How you respond to the situation is what really shows.”

Sharing the SAE

For a while, Fox kept his SAE project in the high school agricultural education shop.

It really helped me show and teach fellow FFA members the perks and the enjoyment of having an SAE,” Fox said. “I was always thankful that my peers were just as interested in my project as I was.”

Elementary teachers and students often journeyed out to the agricultural education shop to

see the fish. Fox says he enjoyed being able to answer their questions and encourage everyone to join FFA.

State Honors

Fox was recognized for having one of the best SAE programs in the state for Specialty Animal Production at the 94th Kansas FFA Convention in June 2022.

Once I heard my name called (as a proficiency award winner) that smile was just a sign of happiness and relief from being so nervous,” he jokes. “It also gave me a lot of encouragement about my project along with all of the congratulations and compliments I got from everyone.”

Overall, Fox achieved goals and gained real-world experience in a unique sector of the aquatic agriculture industry.



“I highly encourage students to start a SAE project. Find something that really strikes your interest, and the more time and work you put into your project the more likely you’re going to be successful in the end. It can be time consuming, but it teaches you a lot and you also get enjoyment out of it.”

Barn for the Blue Jackets

Ag teachers make the difference for so many students! Help support a future agricultural education teacher by purchasing a chance to win the beautiful, hand-crafted model barn built by Ray Ludowese and donated by Melanie Mainquist. Proceeds will help endow a scholarship for a future ag teacher and is being established in honor of former ag teacher, Mr. Robert Mainquist.

This is a true collector’s piece. It is a one of a kind, hand-crafted barn. The barn features a removable hay mow, individual stalls inside and three covered stalls with access to the outside and features two doors on each end. Two “piano style” lids on the roof, is covered with exactly 2,444 hand-cut wood shakes, glued on separately. The intricate stall gates and doors probably are not for tiny hands but for big kids of all ages, they are sure to appreciate this beautiful iconic red barn. There’s also a place to put your brand.

Dimensions: 17 inches tall, 23 inches wide and 28 inches long. The barn can ship anywhere in the U.S. and will be shipped in a wooden crate.

The winner will be drawn in late October.




These chapters were named National Finalists and share how their activities benefit their chapter, community and the agriculture industry.


National Finalist - Growing Leaders

Activity - Clueing In On Leadership

Clueing In on Leadership was a district wide murder mystery clue game. Six officer teams had the opportunity to become murder detectives. During the experience, teams were challenged to interact with suspects, use problem solving skills and team work to eliminate suspects to be the first team to solve the murder.

“One benefit of this activity was the newly established relationships. Each team and the helpers interacted with one another and created connections that would not have occurred otherwise. Another purpose for this event was to gain the ability to work as a team. The teams had to accomplish different activities and overcome all of the obstacles thrown at them to win the game. The only way to get through the event was to work together.”

Royal Valley

Arkansas City

National Finalist - Building Communities

Activity - Simply Succulents

The chapter partnered with the city to transplant succulents from the downtown planters to the greenhouse to overwinter and propagate them. Then in the spring, they were delivered to the city for replanting. After helping the city with labor and housing, the chapter took cuttings of their own and used the plants for classroom learning.

“The motivation of Simply Succulents was created to help our town. We helped to replant those same succulents later in the spring. In exchange for our labor, our members are allowed to take additional cuttings to use for class projects and SAEs for students. This helped our program with plant expenses. Our members helped our school and community with learning about plant propagation. In turn, we never run out of supplies.”

National Finalist - Strengthening Agriculture | Activity - Grim Reaper Day (Safety)

The chapter partnered with the Jackson County Youth Coalition to put on a Grim Reaper Day for RVHS students. In order to remind the students to be safe, students “passed away” every 33 minutes during the day. All students attended a “funeral”, or assembly, at the end of the day where JCYC and FFA members read statistics about Destructive Decisions.

“The purpose of this activity was to inform the students that making destructive decisions can essentially take away their life or the life of someone else. Every student in the audience was impacted by seeing their classmates lying under white sheets on the gym floor. We were able to impact outside of our school as well through social media posts, students sharing the impact of the Grim Reaper Day, and the effects the funeral style assembly had on them.”


Stockton Agricultural Education instructor Shane Austin teaches youth in the community for a quarter-century.

Stockton Agricultural Education instructor and FFA advisor Shane Austin is set to begin his 26th year of teaching at the school where he began his career as a student fresh out of college. Mr. Austin teaches a variety of classes such as Animal Science, Plant Science, Welding, Agricultural Leadership, Agriscience, Ag. Mechanics, as well as an Exploratory Agriculture class for 8th graders. He does this all on his own as the only instructor for the school district. He is gladly a jack of all trades.

Austin’s passion for agriculture began at a young age. When he was in high school in Fort Scott, Kansas, his favorite classes involved agriculture and music. As a student at Fort Scott Community College, he was trying to figure out which one to fully pursue after the college. Once at Kansas State, he dropped the music major and switched to agricultural education, thinking about a potential career in agricultural sales or extension. While student teaching at Marmaton Valley in Moran, cooperating teacher Mike Beene gradually encouraged him to become an educator, and after graduating, he took Mr. Beene’s advice.

When it comes to his students, Austin cannot brag about them enough. The youth love being involved in not only chapter activities, but with the community too. Each October, the FFA chapter

has a Halloween fundraiser, which is well attended by the community and is a favorite of many. The students also have a kiddie barnyard which involves nine different animals and a three-minute talk by FFA members. A PALS program with some of the grade schoolers, adopt-a-highway cleanup, fruit sales and volunteering at the local movie theater running the concessions a few times a year are other activities that Austin and his FFA members provide to their community.

Watching his students achieve goals they have set for themselves is something that Austin will always be proud of. “These kids, they come out of their shell and learn about public speaking and job skills, which helps them immensely when they graduate from high school and go into the real world” notes Austin. Mr. Austin, who is now in his second generation of students, has seen some of his former students return to their hometown and become productive members of the community.

In 2020, Austin was selected as a Kansas Teacher of the Year but didn’t get the chance to experience the KTOY program until the 2021-22 school year, where he toured seven different schools and observed classrooms with other KTOY teachers.

Mr. Austin’s words of encouragement to those beginning their career would be to become familiar with the community they are settling in, get to know the people, know your classroom content, being willing to learn and be open to new things. Classroom management is a top priority, as is being consistent, which is something everyone can benefit from.

Mr. Austin with the 2021-22 Stockton FFA Officer Team.

Meet the new State Officers

Karlie Albright

State President

Hometown: Delia, KS

SAE: Diversified Agriculture Production

“Throughout my time in FFA, the leaders of the organization truly made an impact on me and helped me get the best benefit out of my experiences as possible. Without them, I would not have put myself in situations to grow and develop. I am very excited to meet with members and encourage them to see their personal potential!” - Karlie

Kirsten Kyger

State Vice President

Hometown: Russell, KS

SAE: Agricultural Education

“Growing up I never really had role models, but when I joined FFA, I became surrounded by them. There were so many individuals I found myself looking up to such as advisors, officers on all levels, and even members I met along the way. I want to be a role model to students who’ve never had one or just really need one in the moment.” - Kirsten

Aidan Yoho

State Secretary


Yates Center, KS

SAE: Beef Production

“FFA gave me a home in high school and became a large part of my life. It is the people that makes FFA great and I want to be able to give back to the organization and those in it who gave the most to me. I want to be able to see members succeed and find their place within the FFA, becoming the best person they can through our organization.” - Aidan

Emma Kepley

State Treasurer


Galena, KS

SAE: Beef Production

“FFA has given me a chance to truly be myself. I remember as a Greenhand I wasn’t super sure of where I fit into FFA, but as the year went on I fell in love with LDE’s. Being in FFA really changed me as a person and gave me a sense of belonging. I want to be able to inspire other members to find their sense of belonging.” - Emma

Cali Newdigger

State Reporter


Macksville, KS

SAE: Agricultural Education

“My freshman year, when I switched schools, I immediately felt at home in the agricultural education classroom. I found my place in the agriculture industry. Through my time in FFA, so many people have inspired me, and I hope that I may empower others to believe that they too have a place in this organization, industry, as well as the world.” - Cali

Mackenzie Anderson

State Sentinel

Hometown: Wichita, KS

SAE: Service Learning

“My first day of high school, I had no clue where I would fit in. Both my agricultural teachers were huge supporters of everything I set my mind to. They challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and be the best version of myself. I want to encourage students not only to better themselves but embrace all the opportunities FFA provides.” - Mackenzie

Past State Officers Pledge to Endowment Campaign


The Kansas FFA Legacy Club recognizes individuals and families who have contributed to the Kansas FFA Foundation in a significant way. Through planned giving, significant annual gifts, and more. See the list below to learn more ways to support Kansas FFA:

monthly, quarterly, semi and annual giving

Giving: Charitable gift annuities, remainder trusts, lead trust

Connections, reminiscing and future potential were common themes shared by many in attendance at the inaugural Past State Officer Brunch during the recent Kansas FFA Convention in Manhattan. Tom Hemmer, past Kansas FFA President who served the Association in 19851986 welcomed the group and shared that he and his wife, Maggie, were pledging one million dollars to the “Our Youth. Our Future. Our Kansas FFA.” Endowment+ Campaign. Following the announcement the State FFA Officer Team from 2001-2002 announced they were each pledging to the campaign and challenging the other officer teams to come together to pledge as well.

The Kansas FFA was instrumental in our professional development and it felt important to support this important project,” said Michael Burns, 2001-2002 Secretary and current trustee of the Kansas FFA Foundation board. “We’ve all given to the Kansas FFA Foundation at one level or another but this will be pledged above and beyond. We want to ensure the generations of FFA members to come have the resources and opportunities to thrive.”

“We’re already getting calls from other Former State FFA Officer Teams that are working to secure their pledges to the campaign,” said Johanna Anderes, Kansas FFA Foundation development coordinator. “We’re happy to schedule a call or a visit with anyone who is interested in learning more about the campaign. I can’t wait to see which teams meet the challenge.”

of grain & livestock


of farm equipment, auto

bonds & mutual funds

Matching gifts




& memorial gifts

life estate

Youth, Our Future, Our Kansas FFA Endowment Plus Contribution

The Kansas FFA Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Every donation receives an official receipt from the Foundation that can be used for your tax records.

Contact the Kansas FFA Foundation and your financial advisor to learn more about planned giving.

“Now is the time to help pass the opportunity for greatness on to the young leaders of tomorrow.”
-Tom Hemmer
• Recurring
• Planned
• Bequests • Gifts
• One-time
• Gifts
• Stocks,
• Employer
• IRA/Retirement
• Life
• Honorary
• Retained
• Sponsorships • Our

Apply for an

CONNECT digitally See our website (www.ksffa.org) for more information on the following: Calendar of Events List of Chapters and Districts List of Foundation Sponsors Awards Programs Kansas FFA Association 110 Umberger Hall 1612 Claflin Road Manhattan, KS 66506 Give to the Kansas FFA Foundation by scanning the QR code above!
by November 15th Do you need financial assistance to help start or expand your SAE? A limited number of grants are available to current FFA members, provided by the Kansas FFA Foundation and the National FFA Foundation. The online application process opens in October and closes at 7 p.m. CST on November 15. SAE GRANT
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