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Winter Snow Adventures In Japan’s Northern Wonderland










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About Kansai Scene

Whoever thought a rice-planting festival could be sexy? We didn t until we heard about Onda Matsuri – a festival where, at some point in the day, two male actors; one dressed as a tengu (goblin) and the other as a woman, pretend to be a married couple having sex (p 11)! Not your everyday occurrence in Japan, but then again, where else? On a similar note, we re bringing you all sorts of fun suggestions for your Valentine s adventures this month. From kinky bars and maid cafes to sensuous soaks and leisurely strolls, our writer Brook Larsen has you covered for date ideas this V-day (p 04). If you d rather keep things icy cold instead of hot and steamy, there s no better time to get away to Hokkaido for the ski trip of a lifetime! Randy Poelman gives us an extensive rundown of things to do and places to ski in the Niseko area (p 07). Why not head over to Kobe if you re celebrating Chinese New Year? Spectacular dragon and lion dances will take over the Nankin-machi area mid-month. And since the New Year is all about rituals, resolutions, and new beginnings, if you can handle the heat, try your feet on the burning coals at Osaka s firewalking ceremony at the end of the month! We hope you enjoy the last weeks of winter.

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ON THE COVER: This month’s cover image was taken in Hokkaido by Randy Poehlman.

Get Kinky in Kinki


Don t bore your date this Valentine s day! Osaka has a treasure trove of creative date ideas. FEATURE Text: Brooke Larsen



Enjoy a seafood spread at one of these three fishy spots. FOOD & DRINK Text: KS

Hokkaido: Escape to Skier’s Paradise


Experience the best skiing and snowboarding in the country. FEATURE Text: Randy Poehlman

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Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #213 FEBRUARY 2018 /



Quirky Kansai Valentine’s Date Ideas Instead of suffering through a bunch of predictable clichés, show your love by surprising your date with something unique! Text: Brooke Larsen


upid s bow string is taut and his arrow pointed right at Osaka – in other words, everyone s favorite contentious holiday is coming! If you re like me, you find Valentine s Day silly, but you also want to show someone you care about a good time. You re also probably from a country where – unlike in Japan – it s expected of both (or more, if you re into that) members of your relationship party to contribute to the romantic festivities, but you re unsatisfied with the typical options. Dinner and a movie is so cliché and spots like the Umeda Sky Building a bit too cheesy and crowded. Plus you re trying to maintain your New Year s resolution, so buying chocolate is out of the question (but if you cave at least you can blame it on tradition). So, what can you do to prevent


Valentine s Day from unfolding so predictably your partner can barely stay awake? Let this jaded but secret romantic help!

 Have a Sensuous Soak Osaka has plenty of public baths and spas that will leave you and your partner so refreshed and relaxed that a lover s spat will be last thing on the brain. Spa World is the local favorite, a behemoth that features everything you need under one roof – baths, saunas, a spa, a food court, a gym and even a game center. A couple could easily spend their whole date here! If you re not in a same-sex relationship, you can still do everything together except enter the baths themselves. If that s a deal breaker, head to Nobeha no yu in Tsuruhashi instead. You can rent private baths by the hour

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #213 FEBRUARY 2018 /

Spa World

for up to four people, so you can even double date! Rooms start at ¥3,800 per hour. Grab dinner beforehand at one of the great yakiniku restaurants in the surrounding Koreatown and you re all set! Spa World • • Access: Next to Shin Imamiya and Doubutsuenmae Stations Nobeha no Yu • nobehatsuruhashi • Access: 5-min walk from Tsuruhashi Station

Feature  Get Kinky in Kinki Want to spice up your relationship? Osaka is a treasure trove of sleazy spots that will help, and I mean that in the most loving of ways. Start your date in Den Den Town, known as a hub of anime and arcades, but also bursting with kinky attractions. Local sex shops pepper the main drag, so pop into one of these or check out Tenga Shop Namba, an enormous, erogenous cavern filled with DVDs and toys for both sexes. Then, stop by a maid cafe like Maidreamin where you can revel in (or make fun of ) the over-the-top frilly and pastel glory of the decor and excessive doting of the waitstaff. Entry is only ¥500 per hour and worth it; the food and desserts are decorated to look like cute animals and there are periodic live performances by the staff. Afterwards, check out one of Osaka s kinky bars like Rainbow Kitchen or Farplane (the latter of which is closed Wednesdays, no good if you re going out on V-Day itself ). By then you ll be exhausted from all the walking and drinking, so treat yourselves at one of of the many love hotels in the Namba area. Tenga Shop Namba •

tenpo/namba/namba.html • Access: 5 mins from Namba Station on the Midousuji Line Maidreamin Nipponbashi • maidreamin. com • Access: 5-min walk from Nankai Namba Station

 Feel the Burn(ing Love) What better way to get sweaty with your partner than with a little exercise? This time of year it s too cold for outdoor activities, which is why Japan invented its greatest creation

since karaoke – the sports challenge aka spocha. The go-to spocha spot in Osaka is Round 1. Round 1 has multiple floors of amusements that include an arcade, roller skating, batting cages, mechanical bull riding, basketball, and even karaoke rooms! Challenge your date to a game of darts and let her win because chivalry isn t dead, dammit. Ladies, show off your secret archery skills and make him feel both emasculated and impressed. Or, take all those deeply buried frustrations out on each other in game of bubble soccer. The prices vary based on the time and day of the week, but start at about ¥1,300 per person per hour for all of the above. Round 1 Sennichimae • facility/osaka-sennichimae-eng.html • Access: 3-min walk from Exit 15 of Namba Station

 A Leisurely Lovers’ Stroll Finally, a sightseeing stroll followed by a jaunt to a museum. Start off your date by paying your respects (or praying for lasting love) at the famous Osaka Tenmangu Shrine before strolling down the longest shotengai (shopping arcade) in Japan, Tenjinbashisuji. Tenjinbashisuji is over two-and-a-half kilometers of bakeries, bookstores, cafes, cutlery shops, restaurants, and a little bit of everything else. Pop into Tengyu Bookstore and marvel at the selection of new and used tomes, some of which are oneof-a-kind! Then, check out the Osaka Museum of Housing and Living. This museum depicts

Museum of Housing and Living

everyday life as it was in the past, complete with a life sized, interactive recreation of an Edo era neighborhood you can explore! After, head back into the shopping arcade for dinner. Just about any restaurant you chance into is likely to be delicious, but if you want something affordable and special try Harukoma sushi restaurant. There will likely be a line to get in, but the fresh food is worth the wait and the menu is English friendly. Happy Valentine s Day! Osaka Tenmangu Shrine • tenjinsan.

com • Access: 3-min walk from subway Minamimorimachi and JR Osakatenmangu Stations Tenjinbashisuji Shotengai • osaka-info.

jp/en/ofc/201101 • Access: The shotengai is so long it can be accessed from many stations including Minamimorimachi and Tanimachi-6-Chome subway stations and JR Osakatenmangu and Temma stations Tengyu Bookstore • Harukoma •

osaka/osakawasyoku/harukoma Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

• • Access: 3-min walk from Tenjimbashsujii-6-Chome subway station • Admission: ¥600

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #213 FEBRUARY 2018 /


Food & Drink



Enjoy a sensational seafood spread at one of these Osaka sakana hot spots. Text & Images: KS


Tai no tai

Kakigoya Laundry


季節の肴とお酒 たいのたい


Popular with local people in the Temma, Tenjinbashi, and Fukushima areas, Tottsuan has been serving up fast, fresh seafood delights for years. Part of the fun of going to one of these restaurants is watching the banter between the staff as they order one another around and keep things moving in the kitchen, which is visible to customers. Another novelty is dining alongside the fish tanks that your food is swimming around in – a reminder of just how fresh it all is. At this no-fuss seafood spot, almost any variety of fish you can imagine is on the detailed hand-written menu. The tuna, tuna belly, salmon, and scallop sashimi are a must to start, and in winter, one of the elaborate seafood nabe (hot pot) dishes is recommended. Basic Japanese is required to get by ordering at this place as there is no English spoken, and especially because you are required to write down your tempura order for the staff on a piece of paper.

Fresh sashimi is the name of the game in this comfortable, private space with tatami (straw mats) and horigotatsu seating (traditional Japanese low-to-theground tables with a recessed floor). While serving the popular raw favorites like maguro (tuna), otoro (tuna belly), salmon, uni (sea urchin), and hamachi (yellowtail), this restaurant has almost any seafood you can think of, including liveoctopus sashimi. Adventurous customers can order their octopus so fresh it s still squirming on the plate! If that s not your thing, there are plenty of other options including grilled dishes and hot pots. If you re not sure exactly what to go for, as for the Ninki no osusume sakana kousu – the recommended seafood banquet course (¥5,000 including allyou-can-drink). Friendly staff are more than happy to advise on various types of sake that pair well with the cuisine. Private dining rooms are available for groups of between six and 15 people.

Winter is the season for oysters and Kakigoya Laundry is an oyster lover s paradise. Large, fresh natural oysters are served with ice and lemon along with your selected beverage from 6pm until late (when the oysters run out!). If you haven t acquired the natural oyster taste, they also come steamed, grilled, and with a variety of different toppings and sauces such as the delicious, tangy homemade tartar sauce. The fluffy oyster cream croquette is another tasty cooked alternative, as is the oyster nabe (hot pot), and the oyster ahijo where the shellfish are served in sizzling hot oil. Oyster buckets are ¥1,980 or you can go all out and order all-you-can-eat oysters for ¥3,980 per person! Don t be fooled by the name, there is no laundry on site, but the space used to be a coin laundry that was renovated into this charming counter-and-table restaurant that seats 20.

OPEN: Lunch 11:30am~5pm; Dinner 5pm~11pm • Price RANGE: ¥3,000–¥5,000 • Access (different restaurants): JR Temma

OPEN: 5pm til late • CLOSED: Sundays (except for special booking) • Price RANGE: ¥3,500–¥5,500 • ACCESS: Nippombashi Stn

Stn, 5-min walk; JR Fukushima Stn, 5-min walk, Tenjinbashisuji-6-chome Stn, 2-min walk; Minamimorimachi Stn, 2-min walk • TABELOG: Tottsuan

or Nagahoribashi Stn, 7-min walk • Chuoku, Higashi Shinsaibashi 2-3-29, Ripple Prologue 88 bldg, 2F • TEL: 06-6214-1566 •

OPEN: 6pm til late • OPEN: Irregular holidays • Price RANGE: ¥1,500–¥3,500 • ACCESS: Namba Stn or Nippombashi Stn, 8-min walk • ADDRESS: Chuo-ku, Nippombashi 2-7-25 • TEL: 06-6636-0361 • GURUNAVI: Kakigoya Laundry

Need more dining options? Check to search all of our food and drink spots, or add your own favorites to the list.


Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #213 FEBRUARY 2018 /


Japan’s Snowy Wonderland Escape to Hokkaido s winter sports haven. Text & Images: Randy Poehlman

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #213 FEBRUARY 2018 /


Photo © Jason Haidar

Sapporo Snow Festival 2017


okkaido, Japan s large Northern island, is a special place for winter lovers. The best skiing and snowboarding in the country is found in this powder snow paradise. The main ski resorts are largely consolidated in two areas of Hokkaido. The most international and welldeveloped ski resorts can be found in Niseko, but there are two hidden gems that make for a superb Hokkaido ski trip, both easily accessible from Asahikawa, Hokkaido s secondlargest city. Kamui Links is an excellent small-scale ski destination and definitely worth a day or two on the slopes. There are a variety of runs, some chairlifts, and a gondola. With much fresh terrain to explore and minimal lines and traffic, you can get a lot of runs in. The lift tickets are inexpensive (¥3,100 for a one-day pass) and the fully stocked rental shop is also convenient for those without their own equipment. The majority of skiers and boarders here are Japanese, although services are available in English as well. The slightly dated decor adds to the charm of the resort where the food is plentiful, inexpensive, and delicious. However, it is not a full-service resort, so staying in Asahikawa or even Furano and traveling to Kamui Links is recommended. There is no better location than the volcanic mountain of Asahidake, which attracts serious skiers, snowboarders, and climbers, but it is not a ski resort. Rather, it is a ski destination. There are no equipment rentals, no safety patrols, no staffed emergency services, no night skiing, no chairlifts, no ATMs, and no credit cards are accepted, so bring cash. There is just a small gift shop which stocks locally produced beer, some rental lockers, a restaurant, some washrooms, and vending machines at the base station. An all-day lift pass is ¥4,500, and the hour-and-a-half bus ride to and from


2018 Snow Festivals

Asahikawa costs ¥1,500 each way. February is the perfect time to visit The ropeway leaves Hokkaido because one of the biggest every 20 minutes to events of the year, the Sapporo Yuki Matsuri, is on from February carry riders up the 5th to 12th. The festival is centered mountain. At the around Odori Park where the most top, there are two stunning snow and ice sculptures are exhibited, the largest of which choices; advanced to are nearly 30 meters wide and 15 the right or intermemeters tall. diate to the left. BeThe Susukino site features ginners should avoid beautifully crafted ice sculptures. Make sure to get a hot drink at a very Asahidake, but if you cold bar, the Ice Bar, where the entire are confident of your bar is made of ice! skills, these runs are The Tsu Dome site is a less some of the best in centralized, but a more familyfriendly aspect of the Snow Festival. Japan. The worldWith more snow sculptures, sledding famous Hokkaido and snow rafts, food stalls, and event powder is found stages, this location has something for everyone. amongst the trees off Asahikawa also hosts a smaller, the narrow groomed but still impressive, winter festival trails, and the top from February 7th to 12th. The half of these runs is largest draw at the Asahikawa Festival is the mammoth snow the most challengsculpture beside the Asahibashi ing. The runs then bridge. Along the riverside, there are flatten out along the various attractions including small sculptures, snowmobile rides, sleigh bottom section and rides, snow slides, an ice bar, and the two trails cona fireworks show for the opening nect, leading skiers ceremony. Walking along Heiwa Dori from JR Asahikawa Station to the and snowboarders riverside festival grounds, there are back to the ropenearly 50 ice sculptures on display, way station. Many which are even more striking when lit at night. snowboarders even carry collapsible poles to push their way back along some of the flat sections at the base of the run. These breathtaking views and deep powder snow will have you instantly hooked and forever a fan of Asahidake. If you want to include a rest and relaxation day into your itinerary, why not try out the highest onsen in Hokkaido? Tokachidake Spa

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #213 FEBRUARY 2018 /


Gear up

can be reached by bus from JR Kami-Furano train station where you can enjoy a steamy bath and a ¥1,300 lunch set. The bus to the onsen is infrequent, so planning this excursion in advance is important. The cost of the bus is ¥500 one way and takes roughly one hour in each direction. Perhaps the most well-known resort of the Asahikawa area is The Prince Snow Resort in Furano. It offers something for everyone, with many familyfriendly activities and services, including the ski slopes, a fullservice hotel resort with spa, a neat little art and craft shopping area divided amongst dozens of log cabins, an illuminated snow-and-ice area, and even a secluded bar in the middle of the woods. If you want the full ski resort experience, the Prince Resort is the place for you. Moving on to Niseko, where there are various places to get your skiing or snowboarding fix. Grand Hirafu is one of Niseko s well-known resorts and is flanked by three other resorts on Mount Yotei. At the base of Yotei, you will find various

restaurants, cafes, hotels, and shops with the latest ski and snowboard gear and accessories. Rusutsu Resort, based mostly on Mt. Isola, is about a 30-minute drive from Niseko and is an excellent option for skiing and snowboarding. This full-service resort offers two main ski grounds. On the West Mountain, there are more family-friendly runs and this is where the night ski area is located. On the Mt. Isola side, there are more challenging runs, a small terrain park, and some great tree runs. A gondola shepherds guests back and forth between the two areas. Niseko is also the area of choice if night skiing is your thing. Keep in mind that Niseko and the surrounding resorts are full of international tourists, overpriced cafes, and high-end accommodations, so prices here are some of the highest in Japan. The town and resorts employ mostly Australian and Canadian seasonal ski instructors, restaurant and ski shop staff, hotel staff, and other tourist-friendly employees. The most convenient place to stay

If you are looking for the best gear, there are two standout brands associated with the Niseko ski and snowboard scene. Oyuki is a Nisekobased ski and snowboard glove maker and their extensive line is impressive. Roko Skis are also made in a small custom factory at the JR Kutchan station.

in Niseko is relatively close to Hirafu and access to the resorts of Grand Hirafu, Hanazono, Moiwa, Rusutsu and Niseko are fairly easy if you are based close to Hirafu. There are smaller, cheaper guest houses, pensions, and hostels dotted around the area. In Niseko, I enjoyed the relatively well-priced and comfortable Karimpani Niseko Fujiyama which is a hostel-type accommodation in an old converted school house. The Black Diamond Lodge, also in Niseko, attracts an international crowd and has a lively bar. Lift tickets and resort access in Niseko are pretty straightforward, and there are a variety of passes and lift ticket options. There are single-ride tickets, allaccess passes, and multi-day lift tickets. An all-mountain one-day pass, which features access to Niseko Annupuri, Niseko Village, Niseko Grand Hirafu, and Niseko Hanazono, costs about ¥6,000 and is a great way to explore all the area has to offer. KS

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #213 FEBRUARY 2018 /


Events  Cultural

Provided by Tourism Section Nara Municipal Office





Shikayose – Deer Herding 鹿寄せ

Tobihino in Nara Park, Nara • Feb 8–Mar 11

For some wild entertainment, you can t go past the highly popular Shikayose – an event where hundreds of wild deer rush out to be fed with acorns. On a crisp, cold morning in beautiful Nara Park, a French hornist will play a verse of the Beethoven s Pastoral Symphony to call the town s population of deer. See how tame and gentle these animals are as they form a line to march to the horn player. This is such an enjoyable attraction that members of the Japanese royal family have attended in past years. Make sure you don t miss out on seeing it for yourself. TIME: 10am (Closed Mon) • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: JR / Kintetsu Line, Nara Stn, bus to Kasugataisha Omotesando •


Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #213 FEBRUARY 2018 /

Events  Cultural FEB


Kansai Temple Markets Explore Kansai s wonderful monthly temple markets and grab a bargain. You ll find a lot of antiques, including old kimono, ceramics and lacquerware, but you may also unearth some more contemporary curiosities. Perfect as souvenirs or gifts for friends and relatives back home. » Shitennoji Temple Flea


Feb 21 & 22 • Shitennoji Temple Grounds, Osaka • Access: 5-min walk from Shitennojimae Stn, Tanimachi Line » Toji Market Kyoto:

Feb 21 • Toji Temple • Access: 15-min walk from JR Kyoto Stn » Kitano Tenmangu Market:

Feb 25 • Kitano Tenmangu Shrine • Access: Tenmangu-mae bus stop

Setsubun Sai – Bean Throwing Ceremony 節分祭

Ikuta Shrine, Hyogo • Feb 3

February 3rd is setsubun which means the day before the beginning of spring. It is also the lunar new year s eve, when the bean throwing ceremony takes place at temples and shrines across Japan. Many families still perform the traditional ceremony to scare away all the evil spirits and bring good fortune for the year to come. Experience a traditional Japanese bean-throwing ceremony at Ikuta-jinja. Local celebrities perform the ritual along with 150 other bean throwers. Stage shows will be put on beforehand at noon. TIME: 1:45pm • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: JR Sannomiya Stn, 10-min walk •




Asukaniimasu Shrine, Nara • Feb 4 The Onda Festival is also called the sexy rice-planting festival because the day marks the first sun indicating the arrival of spring, and fertility and harvest go together in Japan. On this day, people worship the gods so that they might be blessed with a good rice harvest. The ceremony starts with a prayer offering, which is followed by marriage play between a tengu (goblin) and a human woman. Two male actors; one dressed as a tengu and the other as a woman, pretend to be a married couple having sex! This part of the festival is very graphic with various sexual positions enacted as well as plenty of spanking. A third person who is a masked priest gives them a helping hand in getting the job done! Hilarious to watch, and spectators can even get spanked by the performers if they so wish! TIME: 2pm • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: Kintetsu Line, Kashiharajingu-mae Stn, bus to Asukadaibutsu-mae •

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #213 FEBRUARY 2018 /


Events  Cultural FEB




THE VAGINA MONOLOGUES 2018 Cafe & Bar Zelkova, Osaka • Feb 25 Presented by V-DAY Osaka, this bilingual benefit performance celebrates the strength of women, while raising awareness of violence against them and children. The Vagina Monologues , the award-winning play that launched a worldwide women s movement, will be staged in Osaka for its second year in a row. The show will be in English and Japanese, with subtitles in both languages. All proceeds will be donated to organizations supporting women. Email to reserve your tickets!

Kanpei Marathon 2018 淀川 寛平マラソン2018

TIME: Afternoon Show 3pm (doors open 2:30pm); Evening Show 7pm (doors open 6pm); After party starts at 9pm. Audience members from both showings are welcome! • ADMISSION: Afternoon ¥2,000; Evening ¥2,500 • ACCESS: Midosuji Subway line, Hommachi Stn / Sakaisuji Subway line, Kitahama Stn • FACEBOOK: @ vdayosaka

Event organiser? List your event online for free at


Yodogawa Riverside Park, Osaka • Mar 4

No one thought running a marathon could be a laugh until the Yodogawa Kanpei Marathon was proposed by one of Japan s most renowned comedians, Kanpei Hazama. This charity marathon hosts music, dance, and comedy shows performed by hundreds of Kansai s stand-up comedians who keep runners in good humor as they run by them on the sidewalk. Non-runners can watch the shows in their entirety during this great family day out, where proceeds go toward helping with the restoration and support of communities affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and the 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes. Money from the event also goes towards the environmental preservation of the Yodogawa. TIME: 9am • ADMISSION: Free to observe • ACCESS: Keihan Line, Hirakata-koen Stn, 10-min walk •

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #213 FEBRUARY 2018 /

Osaka Rakugo in English てんのじ村寄席•英語落語の会

Sanno Fukushi Kaikan • Feb 4 Experience Rakugo, a Japanese traditional sit-down comedy show in English with postperformance workshops about its techniques and how to perform short stories. No reservation needed. After-show party will be held. TIME: 2:30pm–4pm • ADMISSION: ¥500 • ACCESS: Doubutsuen-mae Subway Stn, Exit 2 • 2-13, Sanno, Nishinari-ku • tennojimura-yose. • TEL: 090-9629-0045 •

One World Festival ワン•ワールド•フェスティバル

be a special amusement area for kids. TIME: 9am–6pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,700 at door, concessions • ACCESS: Chuo Subway line, Cosmosquare Stn, 9-min walk •

World Hobby Fair 2018 次世代ワールドホビーフェア2018

Kyocera Dome Osaka • Feb 11 Spend the day enjoying the latest games, toys and arcade machines at this game and hobby exhibition the kids will love. TIME: 9am–4pm • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: Hanshin line, Dome-mae Stn •


Kan Tele Ogimachi Square & Surroundings, Osaka • Feb 3 & 4

Salon Du Chocolat – The Chocolate Show

Come and join this international festival that aims to bring the world closer. Meet local NGOs and Government institutions working for international assistance. Enjoy ethnic music, games, food and more!

JR Kyoto Isetan • Until Feb 14

TIME: 10am–5pm • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: JR Temma Stn • interpeople.

Snow Festival, Osaka 万博記念公園雪まつり

Expo’70 Commemorative Park • Feb 3 & 4 Take the family to frolic in the snow, which will be blanketing a large patch of Omatsuri-hiroba Square. There will be a TV character show and a market during the event. TIME: 10am–4pm • ADMISSION: Free (usual park entry of ¥250 applies) • ACCESS: Osaka Monorail Bampakukinen-koen stn •

Osaka Automesse 2018 大阪オートメッセ2018

Intex Osaka • Feb 10–12 Car lovers, get yourself down to Intex Osaka! Find everything you need to modify and customise your cherished car at this motor show. There will

サロン • デュ • ショコラ2018

Celebrity chocolatiers will showcase their latest recipes at this worldwide event for all chocolate lovers. Over 140 brands from home and abroad will be in this year s lineup. TIME: 10am • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: JR Kyoto Stn •

Traditional Japanese Wagashi Exhibition 第7回和菓子創作作品展

Miyakomesse • Feb 10–12 Beautiful pieces of Japanese wagashi confectionary art created by students from confectionery schools will be on display. Also features sweet-making workshops and sweets to buy from Kyoto s famous shops. TIME: 10am–5pm (10am–4pm Feb 12) • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: Higashiyama Subway Stn, 8-min walk •

Plum Blossom Tea Ceremony 梅花祭野点大茶湯

Kitano Tenmangu Shrine • Feb 25

Events  Cultural FEB


TIME: 10am–1pm Saturdays •

21 27

ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: JR Sannomiya Stn, 8-min walk


TIME: 10am–3pm • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: Hanshin Line, Uozaki Stn, 10min walk •

Kyogen Pantomimes 大覚寺身振り狂言

Daikakuji Temple • Feb 3 This is a golden chance to see one of Japan s classical performing arts, kyogen where masked actors perform silent comedies. A Japanese mechanical puppet show will also be held. TIME: 10am–7pm • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: Hanshin Line, Amagasaki Stn, 5-min walk •

The 62nd Kyoto Taste Exhibition Feb21 – 27 • Takashimaya, Kyoto

Food lovers – savor the culinary delights of Kyoto! Taste local specialties and traditional delicacies at reasonable prices. Learn cooking techniques from top-class Kyoto chefs and restaurant owners. Alongside the delicious culinary delights, well-known Kyoto shops will open stalls in the venue. TIME: 10am–8pm (Feb 27: 10am–4pm, exhibition closes 3pm) • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: Hankyu Line, Kawaramach Stn •

Chinese New Year Celebration 第30回 春節祭

Kobe Nankin-Machi • Feb 16–18 Spectacular dragon and lion dances take over the center of Kobe as Nankin-machi celebrates Chinese New Year. Enjoy participating in Chinese cultural events, particularly the ancient art of Face-Changing, a special event which will be held this year TIME: 11am • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: JR / Hanshin Line, Motomachi Stn, 5-min walk •

Godairiki-San (Weight Lifting Contest) 五大力尊仁王会 餅上げ力奉納

Daigoji Temple • Feb 23

Geisha in full costume will perform an open-air tea ceremony at the Kitano Tenmangu shrine. Plum trees in the shrine grounds will be in full bloom around this time. TIME: 10am–3pm • ADMISSION: Free to observe (¥1,500 to participate in tea ceremony) • ACCESS: Hankyu Line, Saiin Stn, bus to Kitanotenmangu-mae •

Hina Matsuri – Girls’ Day ひいなまつり

Ichihime Shrine & Surroundings • Mar 3 Ichihime-jinja holds this historic festival to keep evil spirits away from young girls. There will be a ceremonial kimono dressing


demonstration, a souvenir photograph session, a traditional dance, and many other events. TIME: 1pm–4pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,000

(tea and a lucky charm included) • ACCESS: Keihan Line, Kiyomizu-gojo Stn, 5-min walk •

Hyogo Kobe Farmers’ Market Kobe East Park • Until Mar 24 Eat local at the Kobe Farmers Market, a weekly open-air market situated in a picturesque park in the heart of the city. It features some of Kobe s best local and regional produce.

Participants attempt to lift 150kg of kagami-mochi (rice cake) to please the deity of the temple. Female participants attempt to lift 90kg. Register by 11:30am on the day if you would like to test your strength. TIME: Noon • ADMISSION: ¥800 adults,

concessions • ACCESS: Daigo Subway Stn, 10-min walk •

Open Sake Cellar 蔵開き

Kiku-Masamune Sake Brewery Museum • Feb 24 Traditional sake brewer, Kiku-Masamune will open their sake cellar to the public. Take a guided tour of the cellar while sampling new sake and other goodies.

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #213 FEBRUARY 2018 /

Nara Blue Illumination しあわせ回廊 なら瑠璃絵

Nara Park • Feb 8–14 Nara will be illuminated in a beautiful blue hue as part of its annual winter tradition. The lights laid out across Nara Park are a mysterious marine blue, the color of ruri (lapis lazuli stone), which was adored and prized by the people of ancient Nara. TIME: 6pm–9pm • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: Kintetsu Line, Nara Stn, 5-min walk •

Sunakake Matsuri – Sand Fighting Festival 砂かけ祭

Hirose Shrine • Feb 11 A unique religious event where a fierce sand fight occurs between shrine workers and visitors. It is believed the harder they fight, the more rain will fall during the year. Be sure to wear goggles and keep your camera in plastic bag for protection! TIME: 2pm • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: JR Horyuji Stn, 20-min walk •

Shiga Gokasho Hina Dolls 商家に伝わる雛人形めぐり

Gokasho Omishonin-Yashiki • Feb 01–Mar 21 Beautifully preserved Japanese houses line the streets of Gokasho. Some of these historic houses will showcase antique dolls called hina-ningyo (a set of dolls representing a Heian period wedding ceremony). TIME: 9:30am–4:30pm • ADMISSION: ¥600 to visit 3 houses • ACCESS: JR Notogawa Stn, bus to Plaza Sanpoyoshimae •

Setsubun Sai – Bean Throwing Ceremony 節分祭



9 10 &

UK STAND-UP COMEDIAN PAUL TONKINSON ROR Comedy Club • Feb 9 & 10 ROR Comedy has pulled out all the stops and booked an absolute beast to kick off 2018! Fresh off his worldwide stadium tour with Michael McIntyre, the incredible Paul Tonkinson is coming to Osaka this month. Paul is a double award-winning Time Out Comedian of the Year, and has long upheld his reputation as one of the finest stand-ups in the UK. With a unique and distinctive style, Tonkinson is noted for his incredible physicality and skillful impressions which perfectly capture the absurdity of 21st-century living. He comes to ROR Comedy Club straight from sellout arena dates in New York and Toronto. TIME: 9pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,000 (visit ROR website or • ACCESS: Shinsaibashi Stn, Exit 7; Yotsubashi Stn, Exit 5 •

Taga-Taisha Shrine • Feb 3 Celebrate setsubun at Tagataisha where hundreds of performers throw beans from a high platform. Join the crowds scrambling to catch the beans. Don t miss the kagura dance featuring monsters with a menacing appearance performing vivaciously before the ceremony crowd. TIME: 11am & 2pm • ADMISSION: Free

• ACCESS: Omi Line, Tagataisha-mae Stn, 10-min walk •

Firewalking Ceremony 火渡り神事

Sugawara Shrine • Feb 25 This is an extreme ritual to purify oneself by walking on burning coals. The first 130 applicants can participate in the firewalking for ¥1,500.

TIME: 10am • ADMISSION: Free to observe • ACCESS: JR Yasu Stn, bus to Ebe, 7-min walk • event/detail/755

Wakayama Oto Matsuri – Flaming Torch Ritual お燈まつり

Kamikura Shrine • Feb 6 A thrilling purification ritual with 1,400 years history. 2,000 men in the white clothes dash down 538 stone steps holding flaming torches in their hands. TIME: 5pm • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: JR Shingu Stn, 15-min walk • otoumatsuri/#top

Events  Art Travelers: Stepping into the Unknown

Tang Dynasty Tomb Figures of Hu People – Portraying the Multicultural Vigor on the Silk Road The Museum of Oriental Ceramics, Osaka

In 2001, the tomb of Mu Tai of the Tang dynasty was unearthed in Qingcheng County in the Gansu Province of China. Archaeologists excavated a number of ceramic figures representing the Hu people, one of the symbols of the Silk Road culture of the Tang dynasty, from the tomb. In this exhibition, these figures, known as Hu ren yong, are being presented to the Japanese public for the first time. These pieces have become renowned for their innovative and exotic beauty, particularly for their vivid coloring and realism. Guests are invited to feel the vibrancy of the Hu people by imagining their journey along the Silk Road during ancient times. Hu Ren Yong Exhibition • Until Mar 25 • OPEN: 9:30am–5pm • CLOSED: Mon • ADMISSION: ¥1,200 • ACCESS: Yodoyabashi Stn, 5-min walk • TEL: 06-6223-0055 •


NMAO 40th Anniversary Exhibition • Until May 6 • OPEN: 10am–5pm (until 8pm Fri & Sat) • CLOSED: Mon (Except Feb 12 & Apr 30) & Feb 13 • ADMISSION: ¥1,200 • ACCESS: Keihan Nakanoshima Line, Watanabebashi Stn, 5-min walk • TEL: 06-6447-4680 • www.

HACKberry, Genta Kondo

Figure of a Hu Man, Earthenware with painted decoration, Excavated from the tomb of Mu Tai at Qingcheng County, Gansu Province, h: 50.0cm, Qingcheng County Museum

The National Museum of Art is a two-story subterranean international art museum located on Nakanoshima island between the Dōjima River and the Tosabori River in central Osaka. It first opened in 1977 in Osaka s Expo Commemoration Park and was moved to its current location in 2004. The groundlevel shape of the building, designed by architect César Pelli, is meant to mimic the growth and shape of a bamboo plant. This exhibition celebrates the 40th anniversary of the museum s opening with creations by over 40 Japanese and international artists. These works examine various aspects of society from a multitude of viewpoints, covering themes related to time, history, and memory. The potential future of the museum will also be addressed.

Allora & Calzadilla, Lifespan, 2014, Collection of The National Museum of Art, Osaka © Allora & Calzadilla; Courtesy Lisson Gallery

The National Museum of Art, Osaka


Artists as Catalysts – the body to be inspired The Lab., Knowledge Capital, Grand Front Osaka Artists have always served as catalysts for real-world inspiration and innovation, particularly in the realm of technology. This exhibition presents the creations of two artists working toward the enhancement of physical function and expansion via their works. Katia Vega, an assistant professor at the Department of Design in the University of California, Davis, specializes in interactive cosmetics such as nail tips, false eyelashes, and hair extensions that can control data. Genta Kondo, a creator of prosthetic arms, presents his 3D-printable Hackberry robotic prosthetic arm, available to people around the world through open-source data, among other creations, prototypes, and attachments developed in recent years. Artists as Catalysts Exhibition • Until Feb 25 • OPEN: 10am–9pm • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: JR Osaka Stn, 5-min walk • TEL: 06-63726530 •

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #213 FEBRUARY 2018 /

Events  Art Osaka Hiroko Uehara “Deep Forest” Tezukayama Gallery •  Until Feb 17 Hiroko Uehara creates surreal, genteel sculptures by combining human and plant forms. These mythical creatures emit an energy that s all at once divine, vital, and pure. This exhibition presents previously viewed works alongside brand-new pieces, set in an environment designed to mimic the imagination of the artist. OPEN: 12pm–7pm • CLOSED: Sun, Mon, holidays • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: Namba Stn, 10-min walk • TEL: 06-65343993 •

Heart-Warming Haiga Paintings by Ikuta Nansui Osaka Museum of History •  Until Feb 26 Haiga is a style of Japanese painting that focuses on simple, yet deep observations of everyday life. Haiga paintings are often accompanied by related haiku poems. This exhibition showcases the heartwarming haiga works of Ikuta Nansui, an authority in literature, painting, and calligraphy during the Modern period.

Van Gogh & Japan The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto Post-Impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh held a strong affinity for Japanese artworks and culture. Throughout his career, he collected numerous ukiyo-e prints and literature related to Japan and came to envision the country as a kind of utopia. After his death, Japanese artists and intellectuals expressed equal reverence for Van Gogh, making pilgrimages to Auverssur-Oise, the French town where he died, to pay their respects. フィンセント • ファン • ゴッホ 《夾竹桃と本のある静物》 1888年 This exhibition focuses メトロポリタン美術館蔵 (ジョン • L. • ローブ夫妻寄贈) on Van Gogh s Image copyright © The Metropolitan Museum of Art. Image source: Art Resource, NY relationship with Japan through a selection of oil paintings and drawings by the internationally celebrated Dutch painter, presented alongside a display of Van Gogh-related works by Osaka-based contemporary artist Morimura Yasumasa in the Collection Gallery. Van Gogh Exhibition • Until Mar 4 • OPEN: 9:30am–5pm (until 8pm Fri & Sat) • CLOSED: Mon, Feb 13 • ADMISSION: ¥1,500 • ACCESS: Tozai subway line, Higashiyama Stn, 10-min walk • TEL: 075-761-4111 •

OPEN: 9:30am–5pm • CLOSED: Tues • ADMISSION: ¥600 • ACCESS: Tanimachi subway line, Tanimachi-yon-chome Stn, 1-min walk • TEL: 06-6946-5728 •

Kyoto Masanao Yoshinaka Exhibition Kahitsukan – Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art •  Until Mar 25 Abstract painter Masanao Yoshinaka once described the act of drawing as practical philosophy. This exhibition features a collection of works from Yoshinaka s later years, which were designed to suit modern aesthetic sensibilities while aligning with the artist s longstanding characteristic style. OPEN: 10am–5:30pm • CLOSED: Mon • ADMISSION: ¥1,000 • ACCESS: Keihan

line, Shijo Stn, 3-min walk • TEL: 075-525-1311 • frame.html

Mizunoki Archives Exhibition: Archiving the Archives Mizunoki Museum •  Until Mar 25 This exhibition examines how four artists working across a range of media view the Mizunoki Museum s approach to the digital archiving of more than 20,000 works. Guests will explore the deep meaning infused within a vast array of creative documentary expressions. OPEN: 10am–6pm • CLOSED: Mon & Tue • ADMISSION: ¥400 • ACCESS: JR Kameoka Stn, 8-min walk • TEL: 077-

120-1888 • www.mizunoki-museum. org/english

Hyogo Yoshitoshi Tsukioka “The Beauty of Moments and Eternity in Action” Kobe Fashion Museum •  Until Mar 11 The Kobe Fashion Museum presents the works of Yoshitoshi Tsukioka, who was considered by many to be the last ukiyo-e artist. Viewers will see a collection of pieces produced throughout Tsukioka s career, borrowed from preeminent collector Masaki Nishii.

Island Center Stn, 1-min walk • TEL: 078-858-0050 • www.fashionmuseum.

Cats as Art Shosha Art and Craft Museum •  Until Mar 4 This exhibition focuses on the theme of cats as a motif for selfexpression. A variety of works featuring felines in different forms is on display, including parody pieces, contemporary art, and ukiyo-e paintings dating back to the Edo period. OPEN: 10am–5pm • CLOSED: Mon • ¥300 • ACCESS: JR Himeji Stn, bus to Shoshasan Ropeway stop, 3-min walk • TEL: 079-267-0301 •

OPEN: 10am–6pm • CLOSED: Mon • ¥500 • ACCESS: Rokko Island line,

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #213 FEBRUARY 2018 /


Events  Live Music The Amazons



Hailed as a new band to follow by the UK media, The Amazons, from Reading, England, released their debut selftitled album in May of last year. UK music paper NME wrote of the band s debut, There s just enough here to suggest that when the band are at their most electrifying, not much can halt their inevitable rise to the top. Their tracks have been described as pummeling choruses and Black Sabbath-style riffing. The four-piece guitar group said in an interview last year, We love rock n roll, whether it s cool or not, and that s the music that we make. It s a busy start to the year for The Amazons arriving in Japan after a UK tour and also a date in Korea. English rock band formed in 2014 • Club Quattro, Osaka • Rock • 7pm • ¥5,800 • TEL: 06-6311-8111

Feb / Mar Rock & Pop True Thrash Festival 2018 Feb 10 Featuring Razor & Sacrifice from Canada and more Muse, Esaka • Metal • 4pm • ¥6,500/¥7,000 • TEL: 06-6311-5569

Orix Theater, Osaka • Pop • 6pm 2/17; 5pm 2/18 • ¥7,000 • TEL: 06-6344-3326

ChouCho Feb 18

Sabrina Carpenter


Feb 19

Feb 23 & 24

Disney actress and singer

Japanese pop-rock band formed in 1996 in Kyoto

Big Cat, Osaka • Pop • 7pm • ¥6,800 • TEL: 0570-200-888

Japanese female vocalist Muse, Esaka • Pop-rock • 5pm • ¥6,480 • TEL: 06-6344-3326

Polysics Feb 18

Incubus Feb 19


American rock band from California

Feb 24


Japanese new-wave rock band

Namba Hatch, Osaka • Rock • 7pm • ¥9,000/¥15,000 • TEL: 0570-200-888

Feb 12

Janus, Osaka • Rock • 6pm • ¥4,000/¥4,500 • TEL: 06-6357-3666


Japanese pop-rock electronic band Muse, Kyoto • Pop-rock • 5pm • ¥3,900 • TEL: 075-223-0389

TrySail Feb 17 & 18

Bayside Hall, Osaka • Synth pop-rock • 7pm 2/23; 5pm 2/24 • ¥5,940/¥6,480 • TEL: 06-6341-3525

German heavy-metal band formed in 1984 Club Quattro, Osaka • Metal • 6pm • ¥7,500 • TEL: 06-6311-8111

Feb 21

Julia Fordham

Feb 18

Reformed British shoegazing band

Feb 21

Japanese traditional and rock mix band

Namba Hatch, Osaka • Rock • 7pm • ¥8,000 • TEL: 06-6535-5569

Wagakki Band

Osaka Jo Hall, Osaka • Rock • 5pm • ¥7,800 • TEL: 0570-200-888

British vocalist and songwriter Billboard Live OSAKA, Osaka • 6:30pm/9:30pm • ¥7,900/¥8,900 • TEL: 06-6342-7722

J-pop trio of voice actresses

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #213 FEBRUARY 2018 /


Events  Live Music


21 Ride Shoegazing is a subgenre of indie rock that emerged in the UK in the late 1980s and one of the bands at the forefront of the scene was Ride, featuring guitarist Andy Bell (who went on to play bass with Oasis and Beady Eye), and vocalist Mark Gardner. The two formed the band along with drummer Laurence Colbert and bassist Steve Queralt. Signed in 1989 to the famous indie label Creation Records, the band had a strong fanbase, but eventually, after not making a breakthrough, they disbanded in 1995. Ride reformed with the same lineup at the end of 2014, and last year they released their first studio album in 21 years, Weather Diaries. Reformed shoegazing British band • Namba Hatch, Osaka • Indie • 7pm • ¥8,000 • TEL: 06-6535-5569


Julia Fordham

Wagakki Band

Feb 21

Feb 18

British singer-songwriter Julia Fordham started out as a backing singer for popular British pop acts of her time (Mari Wilson and Kim Wilde). Now she is based in the US and last year released the album The Language of Love there and in Europe (the album was originally released in Japan in 2014). Her Osaka shows on February 21 are billed as songs from Live & Untouched plus more. Live & Untouched was Fordham s 2016 album described as a mix of fan favorites recorded at live shows.

This band has caused a big stir on the Japanese music scene in the past couple of years. Mixing traditional Japanese sounds and instruments with contemporary Western rock, this eight-member group is lead by vocalist Yuko Suzuhana. Their sound includes shamisen and koto (Japanese string instruments), wadaiko (Japanese drum), and shakuhachi (flute). They have had a phenomenal response since starting out in 2014 with their online videos being viewed millions of times. They have played many sold out shows in Japan and also headlined a sold out concert in Los Angeles in 2015.

Julia Fordham has a strong following in Japan, and her brand of pop-jazz will definitely draw a packed house at Billboard with many fans already posting online in excited anticipation of the shows. British vocalist and songwriter • Billboard Live OSAKA, Osaka • singer-songwriter • 6:30pm/9:30pm • ¥7,900/¥8,900 • TEL: 06-6342-7722

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #213 FEBRUARY 2018 /

Last year saw the release of Wagakki Band s third studio album, Shikisai. Mixed rock and traditional Japanese band • Osaka Jo Hall, Osaka • Rock • 5pm • ¥7,800 • TEL: 0570-200-888

Live Music Octopoulpe


Feb 22

Mar 4

French-Korean experimental musician

Japanese visual-kei rock band

Socrates, Kyoto • 7pm • ¥1,500 • 075254-6208

Dean Fujioka Feb 23 & 24

Varit, Kobe • Rock • 5:30pm • ¥4,000/¥4,500 • TEL: 045-650-2155

Joy Opposites Mar 4

Japanese actor and singer

Band featuring ex-FACT members

Festival Hall, Osaka • Pop • Time: TBA • ¥TBA • TEL: 06-6231-2221

CLAPPER, Osaka • Rock • 6pm • ¥3,000 • TEL: 06-6213-6331


For The Win

Feb 24

Mar 5

Japanese rock duo

American rock band

Namba Hatch, Osaka • Rock • 6pm • ¥3,000 • TEL: 06-6357-4400

CLAPPER, Osaka • Rock • 6:30pm • ¥3,500/¥4,500 • TEL: 06-6213-6331


The Amazons

Feb 25

Mar 6

Japanese visual-kei rock band

English rock band formed in 2014

Muse, Osaka • Rock • 4:30pm • ¥6,000/¥7,000 • TEL: 06-6245-5389

The Mirraz Feb 25

Club Quattro, Osaka • Rock • 7pm • ¥5,800 • TEL: 06-6311-8111

Nao Yoshioka Mar 7

Japanese four-piece rock band LIVE SQUARE 2nd LINE, Osaka • Rock • 6pm • ¥3,500 • TEL: 06-6882-1224


Japanese R&B vocalist with band Janus, Osaka • R&B • 7:30pm • ¥4,500/¥5,300 • TEL: 06-6341-3525

Feb 26 Scottish post-rock band Big Cat, Osaka • Rock • 7pm • ¥7,000 • TEL: 06-6535-5569

Jazz & Blues Ichihara Hikari Feb 2–4

Arch Enemy Feb 28 Melodic death-metal band formed 1995 Namba Hatch, Osaka • Metal • 7pm • ¥7,500/¥9,500 • TEL: 0570-200-888

Japanese jazz trumpeter Live Spot Rag, Kyoto • Jazz • 7:30pm • ¥3,000/¥4,500 (3-day pass ¥9,800) • TEL: 075-255-7273

Hikari Aoki Feb 13

Royz Mar 4 Japanese visual-kei rock band Muse, Osaka • Rock • 6pm • ¥4,500 • TEL: 06-6245-5389

Japanese jazz vocalist Billboard Live OSAKA, Osaka • Jazz • 6:30pm/9:30pm • ¥6,500/¥7,500 • TEL: 06-6342-7722

Events  Live Music INTERVIEW



Arch Enemy Arch Enemy, formed by guitarist Michael Amott in 1995 after leaving the band Carcass, has had a loyal following since its debut release Black Earth. With a new album out, the band returns to Japan where they always receive a warm welcome. KS spoke with Amott about the latest release and some new sounds on the album. Tell us about the new Arch Enemy album Will To Power ?

I m gradually starting to get a perspective on the album. You know when you work very hard on something very closely, it s hard to have any broader perspective. But I think we did a good job. I m satisfied with the material and the production and how it all came together. The success we ve had with the big album sales and chart entries like number 3 in Germany and number 1 Japan was very encouraging, to say the least. The track Reason To Believe on the new album features some great ‘clean’ vocals. Is this what we can expect to hear more of in the future?

I ve wanted to write a heavy ballad for Arch Enemy for some years now and last year I finally had the right music to turn that idea into reality. I wrote the music together with my brother Chris Amott (exArch Enemy) and then I came up with lyrics and vocal melody. It s a bold move for a band like us, musically speaking, but I think the fans have for the most part been enjoying this new sound from the band. It s just one song on an album full of screaming metal music

Romero Lubambo Feb 23

Steve Gadd on the Blicher Hemmer Gadd project

Brazilian jazz guitarist

Mar 6

Mister Kelly’s, Osaka • Jazz • 7pm/9pm • ¥5,000/¥7,000 • TEL: 06-6342- 5821

Giovanni Mirabassi Trio feat. Sarah Lancman Feb 28 Jazz pianist with vocalist Sarah Lancman Billboard Live OSAKA, Osaka • Jazz • 6:30pm/9:30pm • ¥6,500/¥7,500 • TEL: 06-6342-7722

Drummer Gadd with Michael Bilcher (Sax) and Dan Hemmer (organ) Billboard Live OSAKA, Osaka • Jazz • 6:30pm/9:30pm • ¥6,900/¥7,900 • TEL: 06-6342-7722

You’re playing six shows in Japan (many bands come here and just play two or three shows). Would you say that a new younger fanbase is growing to add to the long-time supporters?

Yes, we ve been very fortunate with the fans supporting the band in a big way these last few years! All the tours nowadays see our shows selling out or close to it. It s a fantastic feeling, of course! It s been a long career for Arch Enemy in Japan now – over 20 years of releasing albums and touring this beautiful country. We ve always had Japan tours with many shows, so this is not a new thing for us, and we always look forward to playing for the Japanese fans, old and new. We re very excited this time to bring the Will to Power show with a super tight and energized Arch Enemy! Melodic Death Metal band formed 1995 • Namba Hatch, Osaka • Metal • 7pm • ¥7,500/¥9,500 • TEL: 0570-200-888



Jia Peng Fang

Lucas Debargue

Feb 10

Feb 10

Chinese erhu player

French classical pianist with violinist Gidon Kremer

Billboard Live OSAKA, Osaka • World • 4:30pm/7:30pm • ¥5,500/¥6,500 • TEL: 06-6342-7722

Hyogo Performing Arts Center, Nishinomiya • Classical • 4pm • ¥2,000/¥8,000 • TEL: 0798-68-888

The Muggles Every Fri & Sat Mellow ballads, classic rock, and rock n roll from Osaka-based jamming band Woodstock Café, Ashiya • Group Sounds • Free Admission (¥2,000 for 2 drinks + snack) • TEL: 079-734-1044


anyway. Will we do another song with clean vocals in the future? I don t know yet because I haven t started writing the next album, and I don t plan things that far in advance.

Who’s playing? Check for the latest live music listings...

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #213 FEBRUARY 2018 /

Events  Club Metro


Berlin Atonal – one of the most famous experimental music and art festivals in Germany – will hold their satellite party New Codes in Tokyo and Kyoto. Berlin Atonal started in 1982 in West Germany. In the early days of the festival, they invited numerous post-punk/industrial artists and experimental artists. In the early 90s, the festival went on hiatus as Dimitri Hegemann, the organizer of the festival, focused on running the Techno club Tresor in Berlin. Berlin Atonal was revived in 2013 for the first time in 23 years. In 2017, they launched New Assembly – AKA N/A – as a platform for experimental music in Japan to promote, produce, and support Japanese and international artists. The first New Assembly festival in Tokyo was a great success and now it is coming to Kyoto. Headlining the event is Moritz von Oswald, who founded the influential duo Basic Channel. He is


known as a pioneer of minimal techno and dub techno. You can also enjoy the dark ambient of Demdike Stare (UK) and other Japanese experimental artists. N/A and Berlin Atonal present New Codes (Experimental/Techno/ Minimal) • LIVE: Ypy, Barium, Taguchi • DJS: Moritz von Oswald, Demdike Stare, Yama + more • OPEN: 11pm • ADMISSION: ¥4,000/1D (ADV: ¥3,500/1D) • WHERE: Kyoto • TEL: 075-752-2787 •

February 2 (Fri) Berg Up One (Hip Hop/R&B/Reggae) • DJS: Hide-O, Blk Barb, No Border, Tact, Bond, Sara, Mimi + more • OPEN: 12am • ADMISSION: Gentlemen ¥2,500; Ladies ¥1,500 (FOREIGNERS: Gentlemen ¥1,500; All You Can Drink ¥3,000; Ladies ¥700; All You Can Drink ¥2,500) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-49633095 •

Circus Recoiler feat Alix Perez (Drum n Bass) • DJS: Alix Perez, Ce$, Kaoll, Momo, Bigted, Keshigomu + more • OPEN: 10pm • ADMISSION: ¥3,100/1D (ADV: ¥2,600/1D) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6241-3822 •




Don t Dance (Ambient/Dub/ Electronica)

Live on (Funk/Dance Classics/70 s&80 s Disco)

• LIVE: Slomos a.k.a Jun Takayama, Hiramatsu Yoshiyuki, Endurance, Durusin, Nii Masayuki, Hideo Nakasako • DJS: Aida, Daisuke Matsumoto + more • OPEN: 10pm • ADMISSION: ¥1,500/1D • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-62450889 •

• DJS: Moo, Shige, Kimi, Sho!, Cotoco, Nac + more • OPEN: 10pm • ADMISSION: ¥1,500/1D (W/F: ¥1,000) • WHERE: Shiga • TEL: 077-523-3870 •

3 (Sat) Alzar Alzar Saturdays Black Party (Techno/House/Tech House) • DJS: Nao Nomura, Osakaman, Hman, Idiot Yuuka + more • OPEN: 10pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,500/1D (ADV: ¥1,500/1D; Wearing BLACK: ¥1,000) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 090-6960-8527 •

Barningman – the 3rd Anniversary – (Tech House/Drum n Bass/ Psychedelic Trance)


• DJS: Tuatara, Seiichi Takamatsu, Linda, Kotomi Kawai + more • OPEN: 10pm • ADMISSION: ¥1,500/1D • WHERE: Shinsaibashi •

• DJS: Kaoru Inoue, Ageishi + more • OPEN: 11pm • ADMISSION: ¥1,600/1D • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-62413822 •


Kaoru Inoue x DJ Ageishi (House)

Troop Cafe Diatonik #45 (House/Techno) • DJS: Ogawa, Tatsuo Y, Mariko, Taiki, Batch + more • OPEN: 11pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,500/1D (ADV: ¥2,000/1D; Under 23YRS: ¥2,000/1D) • WHERE: Kobe • TEL: 078-321-3130 •

West Harlem Sensation (Techno) • DJS: Kabuto, Toshiki, Suguru, Masahiko Takeda • OPEN: 10pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,000/1D • WHERE: Kyoto • TEL: 050-1016-0099 • FACEBOOK: westharlem

Zakuro Code feat. Tatsurow Amamiya (House) • DJS: Tatsurow Amamiya, Marcey, Takeshi Fujita, Konishi, Hirose, Tokumoto + more • OPEN: 10pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,000/1D • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6214-3607 •

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #213 FEBRUARY 2018 /

4 (Sun) Berg Juice (Hip Hop/Trap) • DJS: Bullset, S.u, Juzzy, Bakuto, Guilty, Asami + more • OPEN: 12am • ADMISSION: Gentlemen ¥2.000; Ladies ¥1,000 (FOREIGNERS: Gentlemen ¥1,500; All You Can Drink ¥3,000; Ladies ¥700; All You Can Drink ¥2,500) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-49633095 •

Circus Trekkie Trax 5th Anniversary Tour in Osaka (Trap) • DJS: Foxsky, Maxo, Cola Splash, Wataru, Index, Trekkie Trax Crew, Savage States + more • OPEN: 2pm– 9:30pm • ADMISSION: ¥3,600/1D (ADV: ¥3,100/1D) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6241-3822 •

9 (Fri) Jaai Phonorama Hard Times vol.6 (Acid Techno/Raggatek/Tribecore /Jungle /Techno) • LIVE: Analog 4 • DJS: Shoko-Bons, Pav, Shaka-Ichi, Mfs, Rue + more • OPEN:

Events  Club 10pm • ADMISSION: ¥1,500/1D • WHERE: Shinsaibashi •

Noon + Cafe Vinyl Session – Renewal Special – (Jazz/Crossover/Deep House) • LIVE: Sparkii Ski, Shu Suzuki • DJS: Koichi Sano, Daisuke Matsumoto, Shinji Okano, Shigema, Yohei Okamoto + more • OPEN: 9pm • ADMISSION: ¥1,500 (FOREIGNERS: ¥500/1D) • WHERE: Umeda • TEL: 06-6373-4919 • noon-cafe. com

Triangle New Party (Bass/House/Techno) • ACTS: Jaxx Da Fishworks, Gacha the Matrix, Hmen, Kanepon, Kazuya Imato, Kenzo Takahara, Kinpon, Rue-zy + more • OPEN: 10pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,400/1D (ADV: ¥1,900/1D, FOREIGNERS: Free) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6212-2264 •

Troop Cafe Bush feat. Rhadoo (Minimal/ Minimal House/Techno) • DJS: Rhadoo, Soichi, Ebo • OPEN: 11pm • ADMISSION: ¥3,000/1D (ADV: ¥2,500/1D; Under 23YRS: ¥1,500/1D) • WHERE: Kobe • TEL: 078-321-3130 •

10 (Sat) Metro

• DJS: Numan aka Techriders, Naluu, Ak-2, Lara, Yohei + more • OPEN: 9pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,500/1D (ADV: ¥1,500/1D) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-62143607 •

11 (Sun) Circus Jacques Greene Feel Infinite Release Japan Tour (House) • ACTS: Jacques Greene, Sapphire Slows, Yosuke Yukimatsu, Kafuka, Le Makeup • OPEN: 11pm • ADMISSION: ¥3,100/1D (ADV: ¥2,600/1D) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6241-3822 •

On and On Drag Queen & Dance Music – Wash! feat Ken Arai (House/Open Format) • DJS: Ken Arai, Tokumoto, Hirose, Keita Imayuki • OPEN: 8pm • ADMISSION: ¥3,000/1D • WHERE: Nishi Temma • Tel:06-6362-0212 •

12 (Mon)

Singh’s Kitchen & Bar Saw (Techno/House) • LIVE: Unyo 303, Pineart • DJS: Ryu.K, Mamoru Hamada, Haruki + more • OPEN: 11pm • ADMISSION: ¥1,500/1D and curry • WHERE: Namba • TEL: 06-66324433 •

Triangle Grindisco – Grindcircus 1st Album Hello Release Party – (Hardcore/Rave/Bass) • ACTS: Grindcircus, 5364, Numb’n’dub, Shaka-itchi, Tarachine, Merupo + more • OPEN: 9pm • ADMISSION: ¥3,500/1D (ADV: ¥2,500/1D) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6212-2264 •



Sick (Hip Hop/R&B/Reggae)

Lee Noble Japan Tour in Kyoto (Ambient/Experimental/Modular)

• DJS: Hero, Kemi, Ar, Cero, Cut, Takumi, Torihin + more • OPEN: 12am • ADMISSION: GENTLEMEN: ¥2.500, LADIES: ¥2,000 (FOREIGNERS: Gentlemen ¥1,500; All You Can Drink ¥3,000; Ladies ¥700; All You Can Drink ¥2,500) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-4963-3095 •

Circus Off-Cent feat Sofie in Osaka (Hip Hop) • ACTS: Sofie, Kid Fresino, Ch.0 + more • OPEN: 11pm • ADMISSION: ¥3,100/1D (ADV: ¥2,600/1D) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6241-3822 •

Metro DJ Colaboy presents Homesick 35 (House/Electro) • LIVE: Cherryboy Function • DJS: Towa Tei, Tofubeats, Halfby, Afr, Colaboy + more • OPEN: 11pm • ADMISSION: ¥4,000/1D (ADV: ¥3,500/1D) • WHERE: Kyoto • TEL: 075-752-2787 •

Reggae Bar I

Lowpower (Electro/Ambient/ Techno)

Hamatai presents Ruffa Dan Dem – Hamatai & Prof. Chinnnen Birthday Bash – (Reggae/Dub)

• DJS: Sapphie Slows, Omni Sight, Ken’ichi Itoi, Ikkaku, Sofheso + more • OPEN: 5pm–11:30pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,500/1D • WHERE: Kyoto • TEL: 075752-2787 •

14 (Wed)

• ACTS: + more • OPEN: 6pm–2am • ADMISSION: ¥500/1D • WHERE: Matsunohama, South Osaka • TEL: 0725-23-7735 • events/173273360071162

Troop Cafe

Hokage Hokage presents Naniwa Ambient (Ambient/New Wave/ Electronica) • ACTS: Okahashi Nobuhiro, Xoyo, tak, B’tong, Tamagawa, Re-Drum • OPEN: 7pm–11pm • ADMISSION: ¥3,000/1D (ADV: ¥2,500/1D) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6211-2855 • musicbarhokage. net

Ventilation meets West Harlem (Techno) • DJS: Toshiki, Torei, Comaccian + more • OPEN: 10pm • ADMISSION: ¥1,500/1D • WHERE: Kobe • TEL: 078-321-3130 •

18 (Sun) Nya Binghi Yama no Oto: The Sound of Mountains (Ambient/Experimental)

16 (Fri) Circus Nhk yx Koyxen Exit Entrance LP Release Tour 2018 (Techno) • ACTS: Nhk yx Koyxen, Nobu, Aoki Takamasa • OPEN: 11pm • ADMISSION: ¥3,100/1D (ADV: ¥2,600/1D) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6241-3822 •

21 (Wed)



Do it Jazz! (Jazz/Crossover) • DJS: Daisuke Kuroda, Shinya, Masaki Tamura, Kazuhiro Inoue, Naoki Yoda • OPEN: 10pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,500/1D (ADV: ¥2,000/1D) • WHERE: Kyoto • TEL: 075-752-2787 •

17 (Sat)

• LIVE: Endurance, Standard Grey, Cheekbone, Hides Nakasako • OPEN: 6pm–9pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,000/1D • WHERE: Nara, Mt. Ikoma • TEL: 074373-0805 • A290201/29001013

• LIVE: Lee Noble, Ohta Takamitsu, Andy Couzens, Endurance • DJ: Hakobune • OPEN: 7pm-10:30pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,000/1D (ADV: ¥1,500/1D) • WHERE: Kyoto • TEL: 075-212-1125 •

23 (Fri) Alzar Div feat.= Jeremy Olander (Instrumental/Electronic) • DJS: Jeremy Olander, Takekiyo Ishimoto, Tamo + more • OPEN: 10pm • ADMISSION: ¥3,000/1D (ADV: ¥2,000/1D) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 090-6960-8527 •

Circus Lark (Techno/Minimal) • DJS: Andy Kolwes, Yoske, Toshiki, Spot + more • OPEN: 11pm • ADMISSION: ¥3,100/1D (ADV: ¥2,600/1D, W/F: ¥2,600/1D) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6241-3822 •

24 (Sat) Circus Wa ⦿ (Techno/Electronic/Ambient) • DJS: Metome, Shogi, Masaaki, Tkma, Fudo Takao aka Takao Hibird + more • OPEN: 11pm • ADMISSION: ¥3,100/1D (ADV: ¥2,600/1D) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6241-3822 •

Noon + Cafe Moldive feat. Plo Man from Berlin (House/Techno) • DJS: Plo Man, Tetsuo, Kaito & G’n’B + more • OPEN: 10pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,500 (FOREIGNERS: ¥500/1D) • WHERE: Umeda • TEL: 06-6373-4919 •

Troop Cafe Phc feat. Haruka (Bass/Techno) • DJS: Haruka, Halptribe + more • OPEN: 11pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,500/1D (Mail RESERVATION: ¥2,000/1D. Under 23YRS: ¥1,500/1D) • WHERE: Kobe • TEL: 078321-3130 •

Middle-Music x Art (House/ Techno)

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #213 FEBRUARY 2018 /


Events  Cinema Note: for show times and ticket information, please contact the cinemas directly

Toho Cinemas Umeda Now showing: Paddington 2, Geostorm, Rings, Detroit, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Renegades, Murder on the Orient Express • From Feb 01: Three Billboards • From Feb 16: The Greatest Showman • From Feb 23: The Big Sick Tel: 06-6316-1312 • • Discounts: Weds (women); 1st & 14th of the month – ¥1,100; every day after 8pm – ¥1,300

Umeda Burg7 Now showing: Kingsman: The Golden Circle, All Eyez on Me, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Justice League, Geostorm, Jupiter's Moon (HUN) • From Feb 03: Sleepless • From Feb 16: The Greatest Showman • From Feb 24: Mark Felt: The Man Who Brought Down the White House Tel: 06-4795-7602 • • Discounts: Weds (women); 1st of the month – ¥1,100; every day after 8pm – ¥1,300

Cine Libre Umeda Now showing: The Other Side of Hope, Bosch: the Garden of Dreams (SPA), Le coeur en braille (FRA), Une vie (FRA), The Midwife, Loving Vincent, The Paris Opera, Dries (GER), Yarn, Welcome to Germany (GER) • From Feb 03: Safari • From Feb 10: My Life as a Courgette (FRA), The Sense of an Ending • From Feb 17: Deep End Tel: 06-6440-5930 • umeda • Discounts: Weds (women, men); 1st of the month – ¥1,100

Theatre Umeda Now showing: The Beautiful Days of Aranjuez (FRA), The King s Choice (NOR), Diamant noir (FRA), Le lion est mort ce soir (FRA) • From Feb 03: The Secret Scripture • From Feb 17: Whisky Galore • From Feb 24: David Lynch: The Art Life Tel: 06-6359-1080 • umeda • Discounts: Weds (women, men); 1st of the month – ¥1,100


Osaka Station City Cinema Now showing: The 9th Life of Louis Drax, Geostorm, My Blind Date With Life (GER), The Leisure Seeker, Final Portrait, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Murder on the Orient Express, The Dark Tower, Gauguin – Voyage de Tahiti • From Feb 02: Grave • From Feb 03: 3 Generations, The Promise • From Feb 16: The Greatest Showman • From Feb 23: The Beguiled Tel: 06-6346-3215 • • Discounts: Weds (women); 1st of the month – ¥1,100; every day after 8pm – ¥1,300

Toho Cinemas Namba Now showing: Paddington 2 2, Geostorm, Rings, Detroit, The Leisure Seeker, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Renegades, Murder on the Orient Express • From Feb 01: Three Billboards • From Feb 16: The Greatest Showman • From Feb 23: The Beguiled, The Big Sick Tel: 06-6633-1040 • • Weds (women); 1st & 14th of the month – ¥1,100, every day after 8pm – ¥1,300

Namba Parks Cinema Now showing: Guardians (RUS), The 9th Life of Louis Drax, Geostorm, Paddington 2, My Blind Date With Life (GER), Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, The Dark Tower, MET: Adès: The Exterminating Angel • From Feb 03: 3 Generations, Sleepless • From Feb 10: My Life as a Courgette (FRA), A Perfect Day (SPA) • From Feb 16: The Greatest Showman • From Feb 17: MET: Puccini s Tosca Tel: 06-6643-3215 • • Discounts: Weds (women); 1st of the month – ¥1,100; every day after 8pm – ¥1,300

Cinem@rt Now showing: Jupiter's Moon (HUN) • From Feb 10: Trespass Against Us

© 2017 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation


The Greatest Showman. From Feb 16.

Tel: 06-6282-0815 • theater/shinsaibashi • Discounts: Mon (men); Weds (women); 1st of the month – ¥1,100; 25th of the month – ¥1,000

Kyoto Movix Kyoto Now showing: The 9th Life of Louis Drax, Guardians (RUS), Paddington 2, Geostorm, My Blind Date With Life (GER), The Assignment, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Flatliners, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Murder on the Orient Express, Detroit, The Dark Tower, Gauguin – Voyage de Tahiti • From Feb 01: Three Billboards • From Feb 03: 3 Generations • From Feb 10: My Life as a Courgette (FRA), A Perfect Day (SPA) • From Feb 16: The Greatest Showman • From Feb 17: MET: Puccini s Tosca Tel: 075-254-3215 • • Discounts: Weds (women); 1st and 20th of the month – ¥1,100; every day after 8pm – ¥1,300

Kyoto Cinema Now showing: The Other Side of Hope, Mal de pierres (FRA), Truman, Liberami (ITA), Eternite • From Feb 03: Sweet Dreams (ITA), La pazza gioia (ITA), Sacromonte. The Wise of the Tribe (SPA) • From Feb 04: Heidi (GER) • From Feb 10: Fanny's Journey, Good Will Hunting • From Feb 17: The Sense of an Ending, Yarn, The Price of Desire, Lost in Paris, T2 Trainspotting

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #213 FEBRUARY 2018 /

• From Feb 24: Sami Blood, The Day Will Come, Heal the Living (FRA), Beauty and the Beast Tel: 075-353-4723 • • Discounts: Weds (women & men); 1st of the month – ¥1,100

Toho Cinemas Nijo Now showing: Paddington 2, Geostorm, Rings, Detroit, The Leisure Seeker, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Renegades, Murder on the Orient Express, Final Portrait • From Feb 01: Three Billboards • From Feb 16: The Greatest Showman • From Feb 23: The Beguiled, The Big Sick Tel: 075-813-2410 • • Discounts: Weds (women); 1st & 14th of the month – ¥1,100; every day after 8pm – ¥1,300

Hyogo OS Cinema Mint Kobe Now showing: Renegades, Kingsman: The Golden Circle, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Murder on the Orient Express, Geostorm, Paddington 2, Detroit, The Dark Tower • From Feb 01: Three Billboards, The Promise • From Feb 16: The Greatest Showman Tel: 078-291-5330 • • Discounts: Tues (women); 1st and 16th of the month – ¥1,100; every day after 8pm – ¥1,300

Classifieds & Jobs CLASSIFIEDS Community Clubs and Groups FREE ABACUS CLASS FOR FOREIGNERS FREE ABACUS CLASS FOR FOREIGNERS. OFFERED BY O.C.C.I. and Osaka Abacus Assoc. to promote int l goodwill. Individualized lessons taught in Japanese or English. Saturdays 10-12 am. Course material provided for free. Near Sakaisuji-Hommachi and Kitahama. Call: Moritomo Ken 066572-6877. Website: https://sites. abacus-classes • Contact: mail@

Announcements DO YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES?. TELL Lifeline needs listenersTELL Lifeline Kansai team is looking for listeners. Spring 2018 training program starts on Feb 24 (all online training) Find more information here: http://telljp.

com/lifeline/pctraining/ or contact

JOBS Teaching

Salary: 2000~3000yen / hour + transportation • Company Name: Merry Project Ltd. • Website: • Contact: merry@


OSAKA SPRING 2018 CORPORATE LANGUAGE CLASSES. part-time. CES is seeking professional, experienced teachers of all languages for regular daytime,evening classes starting immediately and Spring Intensives for clients all over the Kansai area. 3,500-4,000 yen per hour, If interested in applying, please email Resume with Availability to Contact: HYOGO SEEKING A NATIVE ENGLISH TEACHER. part-time. I am looking for a native speaker who can work as a part-time English teacher. ¥2000~3000/hour+ transportation. Please send your resume to MERRY ENGLISH CLUB (

Many more jobs and classifieds online at

LOOKING FOR A PART TIME FOREIGN ENGLISH TEACHER. parttime. Small, successful English school in South Osaka is looking for a foreign English teacher to help expand the business. Mixture of young and adult students. Someone who is cheerful, passionate, and able to collaborate on building out a meaningful curriculum preferred. Native teacher not necessary. Salary: Negotiable • Company Name: Maple House • Contact: mikijudd43@hotmail. com

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #213 FEBRUARY 2018 /


Classifieds & Jobs

Looking for something else? Kansai Scene Classifieds and Jobs are now online at

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It's free for online listings or just ÂĽ3,000 per month for your ad to appear in print. Post and pay online.


Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #213 FEBRUARY 2018 /

Getting Around


The Kansai area covers the prefectures of Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Wakayama, Nara, Mie, and Shiga. There is so much to explore, so you ll need to prioritize your time wisely. Its main travel hubs are Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe, all of which are well connected by high-speed rail networks, including the shinkansen (bullet train). On regular trains, you can travel between Osaka and Kyoto in about 45 mins, and between Kobe and Osaka in about 30 mins. If you are here on holiday, pick up a convenient travel pass, such as the Kansai Thu Pass ( or Kansai One Pass (, to avoid having to negotiate the ticket machines. Use a website such as HyperDia ( to check train times and platforms from your smartphone.

Get Kansai Scene Kansai Scene is available from the following major outlets in the Kansai region:

OSAKA Hotels and Guesthouses





Hyatt Regency, Nikko Hotel, St. Regis, Swissôtel Nankai Osaka, Ritz Carlton, Hilton Osaka, Fraser Residence Nankai Osaka, InterContinental Hotel Osaka Tourist Information Centers




Osaka Visitors Information Center (JR Osaka), Hankyu Tourist Center Umeda, Osaka Visitors Information Center (JR Namba), Kansai Tourist Information Center (KIX), Kansai Tourist Information Center (Shinsaibashi), Nankai Information Center (Namba) Shops

Trains and Subways

Airport Transfers

There is an excellent rail network connecting all corners of Kansai. As well as JR (Japan Rail), there are numerous private railway companies servicing the area, including Keihan (Osaka/Kyoto), Hankyu (Osaka/Kyoto), Nankai (Osaka, Wakayama, Koya), Hanshin (Osaka/Kobe), and Kintetsu (Osaka/Nara/Mie/Nagoya). Each line operates several types of train. For the fastest trains, look for the Limited Express service trains. Be aware that Local trains stop at every station on the line, so only take them if no other type of train stops at your station. Subways operate in Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto and are an extremely efficient way to get around the cities.

To/from downtown Osaka, the most convenient option is the Nankai Rapi:t Express service (KIX <> Namba 42mins) or a Limousine Bus. To/from Kyoto, take the JR Airport Express HARUKA service (75 mins).

» Tip: Pick up a Railway Network

map from a major station or Tourist Information Center.

Buses For out-of-the-way locations, or in certain cities such as Kyoto, you may need to take a bus. A travel pass usually includes travel on municipal bus services.

Taxis Fares start from ¥500. The drivers wearing white gloves and official hats tend to be the most courteous, but don t expect English to be widely understood. Have your destination name and address on hand in Japanese.

Kinokuniya Bookstore Umeda, Kinokuniya Honmachi, Tower Records Umeda, Junkudo Namba, Hard Rock Cafe


ATMs and Credit Cards If you re using Visa, you will be able to withdraw cash at most bank or convenience-store ATMs. If you re using Mastercard, your best bet for withdrawing money is at 7-Eleven ATMs. Most other ATMs in Kansai do not accept Mastercard. It is not common to make in-store payments using credit or visa-debit cards in Japan, even for expensive purchases. Many shops and restaurants do not offer this service, so be sure to carry plenty of cash with you.

Wi-Fi Getting connected in Kansai can be tricky. Renting a smartphone or SIM card at the airport is the safest option, to connect to the internet over a 3G or 4G network. In Osaka, you can access the Osaka Free Wi-Fi service at train and subway stations, stores and facilities throughout the prefecture.

Accidents and Emergencies » Ambulance/Fire service: Tel: 119 » Police: Tel: 110

Hotels and Guesthouses

Royal Hotel, Royal Park Hotel The Kyoto, Kyoto Nikko Hotel Tourist Information Centers

Kyoto Tourist Information Center, Kansai Tourist Information Center Kyoto, Kyoto International Community House Shops

Junkudo Kyoto, Maruzen & Junkudo Kyoto Main Store, GEAR

KOBE Hotels and Guesthouses

Kobe Bay Sheraton, Kobe Portopia Hotel Tourist Information Centers

Kobe International Community Center, Hyogo International Plaza Shops

Junkudo Nishinomiya, Junkudo Sannomiya, Kinokuniya Kobe

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #213 FEBRUARY 2018 /


Osaka North (Kita) MAPS & INFORMATION ho

-c D C Maruzen & ki Junkudo za a Osaka Loop Line Post Office InterContinental ak Club N Osaka Club Noon Hub Azul Hotel Cine Libre Noon+Cafe ri Kitano New Hankyu Hankyu do Umeda Sky Umeda Hosp. aOsaka Hotel Umeda Sta. Grand Front Building m ji o Kinokuniya Osaka / German k a 1 1 iy Knowledge Consulate H&M OWL Osaka M Westin 35F Capital Yodobashi Hankyu Ogimachi Hotel Tourist Toho umeda Camera Park Center Annex TRAD Hotel Osaka Shangrila Hep 5 Kinki Umekita YWCA Hep Navio Plaza Hankyu ade Craft Beer idori Arc Osaka Station Grand Bldg Toho Cinemas Higash Base Umeda Hankyu City Cinema Lucua Hankyu Dept. JR Osaka Sonezaki Lucua 1100 Daimaru Police H.Q. Osaka Club Umeda a. t S Quattro Visitors’ Station City da e Information Hotel Um Hanshin Granvia shin Center Dept. n Hilton Ha Junkudo 2 2 Umeda 6F Plaza West Hotel Burg7 Hilton The Blarney Kansai Always Drop Inn Hotel Stone Dai-4 Herbis Osaka Maru Tower Bldg. 1F Hearton Ent Bldg. Records Hotel 3/4F TGI Fridays Hotel Nishiumeda Osaka Dental Clinic Dai-3 3RD WORD Beer Monterey Dai-2 Bldg. Dai-1 Creamy Osaka Herbis Bldg. Bldg. 2F Osaka Exeo Ritz Kita Shinchi 33F Tanimachi Lin Carlton .2 e o Captain 1F N ute Kangaroo o 5F R . a t Mister Shinmei aS Kelly’s im Law Office sh 7F Hotel ku Outback Fu Daiwa Hanshin US Steakhouse 3 3 Dojima Avanza e Homes Consulate in L B1F e ain Sta. Group Lin M i a a Hotel Elsereine im shin Toz ACCJ JR Han ukush Osaka Ana Crowne Kansai F Plaza ta. S Hanshin Expresswa Dojima ima y (Loop Rou te) ush Hotel NTT Fuk Data Nakanosh Dojima River ima Dori Oebashi Forum i sh Bank of a b e Library b ABC Hall City Hall Festival Museum of Watana Japan a Line er Hall Oriental Ceramics anoshim Riv Osaka City han-Nak ei a K N ani jim Public Hall wa Do Tosabori River bas hi Mitsui Garden Hotel 4 4 Mitsui APA Hotel Sumitomo National Bank Museum of Art Rihga Science Nakanoshima Museum Inn Beer Belly


Theater Umeda


da Ume

Shin Midosuji


Nishi Umeda


m shi U




ji Lin


Kita Shinchi

Nishi Tenma

hi Line










Grand Cube Osaka

Nii Fine Arts


Edobori Craft Beer Base Garden

Daiichi Group Kitamido APA Sōai Hotel High School Honmachi


Hanshin Expressway B

Elmers Green Cafe 5

il Bar Central Banco

Utsubo Park

Honmachi Dori


Daiwa Roynet Hotel Kitahama

OSTEC Exibition Hall

Utsubo Tennis Center


Watanabe Fineart Gallery


Chuo Odori C Honmachi

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #213 FEBRUARY 2018 /

St. Regis Hotel Osaka

Hooters Osaka

Hard Rock Cafe Osaka 0 Chuo Line

Sakaisuji Line



suj ike ida


TAKAMURA Wine & Coffee Roasters




a Tos

ri Do


Sumitomo Hosp.




Rihga Royal Hotel





n ka a N




h os

Starbucks 6

N 200m

D Sakaisujihommachi

Osaka South (Minami)


Shinmachi Kita Park

Shinmachi Life

Mizuho Bank Nagahori dori



Hotel Via Inn

bi-grace nail Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau






Tezukayama Gallery 2F Westwood Bakers Orange Stree t (shopping street)

The Suite

Apple Store


Ghost Ultralounge

Moonshine Moon Tower

Music Bar S.O.R.a

Cross Hotel


APA Hotel

Dotonbori Hotel

Namba Hatch

Balabushka 4F Mustang

Kansai Tourist Information Center

Don Quijote

Comfort Minami Hotel The Blarney Police Stone Station Suomachi-dori B1 (Europe street) JANUS Bar Jaai

Higashi- soma Shinsaibashi Vanity



Burlesque B1

Pure Osaka


a. a St

amb JR N AEON MaxValu





Absinthe Solaar 8F

Toho Cinemas Namba annex

Toho Cinemas Namba

Takashimaya Dept. Store


Fraser Residence

MUJI/LOFT Tower Records

Swissôtel Nankai Osaka Nankai Namba Station


Misono Building

Namba Plaza Hotel

K2 record


Naniwa Sports Center


Pub Bar 30 2F

Jack & Queen Naniwa Ward Office

Kuromon 5 Market


Animate Nihonbashi Shop



Jazz Bar B-Roxy



Naniwa Post Office


Singh’s Kitchen

APA Hotel


Namba -naka

Nipponbashi sta.

Namba Oriental Hotel

Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium

Naniwa Park

Namba Washington Hotel

Hozenji Temple Osaka Floral Inn

BIC Camera

Visitors Information Center

Hotel Ichiei


ibis Styles Kaneyoshi Ryokan Osaka

Don Quijote

Sennichimae line

Little Long Beach


Fujiya Hotel



Namba Sta.

Casa Lapichu


Kinryu Ramen Osaka Shochikuza








Ark Hotel

3F GS Travel

Mexico ALZAR Rooftop Bar OO

Hotel Monterey Grasmere Osaka



Namba Hips Tominaga Hospital




FootRock &BEERS

2F Daimaru Dept. South

Sun Hall

Coolabah L&L


Cinem @rt

Triangle Park

Ohno Memorial Hospital


The Silver Ball Planet

Big Step

5F Boy

Daimaru Dept.



Horie Park


Shinsaibashi-suji (shopping arcade)

Granknot Coffee


Cafe Absinthe

Nest Hotel



Daimaru Dept. North

Nikko Hotel

Via Inn


Craft Burger

TABIJI Kitchen

Critters Burger

Midosuji line

Covent Garden


Tokyu Hands


Hearton Hotel

Nagahori Tsurumi-Ryokuchi line

Ali’s Kitchen El Pancho 8F


Bistro New Orleans



Arthur Murray


Sauce Boss


Louis Vuitton

Toyoko Inn


D & Dept.


Big Beans Supermarket

Kansai Scene Mojoprint Office

Namba Shrine

Hearton Hotel

Yotsubashi line



Daiwa Roynet Hotel

Shinsaibashi-suji (shopping arcade)


Sakaisuji line



Yamada Denki LABI1 Namba




100m D

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #213 FEBRUARY 2018 /


Osaka Tennoji Area MAPS & INFORMATION

e Osak

a Lo op L in

Tanimachi Line

Abeno Q’s Mall

i Tram Hanka



Kansai Kyoiku University







Abeno Harukas




Language School












Tenn oji Sta.


Tenshiba Kans ai M ain L suji ine Line


Osaka Municipal University Hospital





ji L

odan i

ress R ou



Te r




i Main Nanka S


in Exp



u ais


Osaka Municipal Museum of Fine Art

Tennoji Zoo

e ashi Lin Yotsub



Shitennoji Honbo

Tennoji Sta.




a i Sh in-Im amiy a

Shin Sekai

D Tennoji Ward Office


Imamiya Ebisu Shrine








Zepp Namba

te 1


re g






Osaka Castle Area Osaka Tenmangu

hi Line




o Koen

Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle Park

Osaka Museum of History

Hanshin Expressway Higashi Osaka


Morinomiya Q’s Mall BASE


Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #213 FEBRUARY 2018 /



Subway Chuo Line

2 Subway Im azato Line

Tanimachi 4-chome


Hanshin Expressway



Sakaisuji Honmachi


Hotel New Otani


Subway Tanim ac









Subway Sakaisuji Line




Osaka-jo Hall

Osaka Prefectural Government Office








a nM


Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry









D i sh

Osaka Loop Line


Tozai Line


N 0

400m D






Kitano Museum


Kitanoseiryu Shrine

Hotel Piena Kobe


Shiei Yamate subway line

zaka Fudo

Kitano-cho aka terz Hun

Migration Museum ri -do oto am m Ya

Kitanosaka Hosp.

The Rock et tre 2F rl S a Pe Kobe Sansei Hosp. Womens Kobe Junior Grocers St. Michael’s Kobe College 2 International Mosque School n Sun City e ns Hobgoblin 7F Junkudo ka Ikuta Police 7F ate m Station OS Cinemas Midnight Ya Kobe Mint Kobe Ikuta jinja 5F Halal Food Hotel Tower a Mickey’s y Oriental Iznt i Records Tokyu Inn Club om 4F Dental n n 5F a Sa Tokyu Clinic Hotel miy Hotel nno Tor Road Monterey Hands Sa 4F SOGO Dept. Varit 5F Kinokuniya Ali’s Kobe Kokusai Troopcafe Kitchen Kaikan Marui 3F 3 1F HSBC e 2 San Plaza ut do Ro Kobe Kokusai Center u s Center Plaza East et Shochiku Isogami ut Plaza t. ok Park iya ae s West os m m k o i n oke n e a Junkudo Sannomiya b S nad Ko Cine Phoenix Ha Palmore KRAC e lin Hosp. Kowka n Guild hi 4F s n 2F Aoyama Kobe Ikuta Ha ta. Junior High hi Minato hi s c Kobe City c u a School Bank ory ae Hall Kobe tom i ky m ch Mo yu aru a Plaza K R im J tom Cine Libre Kobe Da Hotel Mo Kobe Doll 7F Museum Kobe Legal Mitsui 4 Partners Daimaru Sumitomo Dept. Bank Higashiyuenchi Park












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Soraku Park



Kobe Elementary School





Shinko High School

Sa nn om iya




ad Ro



1F Bistrot Cafe De Paris



Hyogo-ken Prefectural Hall




r ro



i ce




Hanakuma Park

Nankin-machi Raja Indian Restaurant



Kobe Luminarie


an ak u




Municipal Museum


n li aiga



Cafe Fish!


Hotel Okura Kobe Hotel La Suite Kobe Harborland

Kobe Maritime Museum Jumbo Ferry Terminal

Meriken park 6

Arthur Murray CULMENI Kobe 3F Harborland umie umie MOSAIC OS Cinema Harborland A



N Kobe Cruise Luminous Kobe 2

Kobe Meriken Park Oriental B

0 C

200m D

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #213 FEBRUARY 2018 /






Club Metro


Kiya Cho

Mori Yu Gallery Kyoto



Irish Pub Gnome Kyoto City Hall


Hankyu Line


Gion s hijo

World Kawaramachi



ori awa-d Shirakkawa river Shira JAM Hostel Kyoto Gion



Fuji Daimaru




Tatsumi Bridge


4 Genkoin

Gion Kaikan Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art

The Gael Irish Pub Shijo-dori



Yasaka Jinja

Maruyama Park

Apa Hotel

Minami-za Theatre





Butterfly Kitsune Kyoto Kyoto Bal

Hana hotel





Kawara Machi


Keihan Line

Hotel Vista Premio Kyoto

Pig & Whistle


Movix Kyoto Mina

Teramachi Shotengai Shinkyogoku Shotengai







National Museum of Modern Art

Kyoto Royal Hotel & Spa

Tourist Information Center

Jomo Gas

Okazaki Park


Miyako Messe

Hotel Okura DUBLIN



ROHM Theatre Kyoto

Gastro Pub Tadgâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

Tozai Subway Line Kyotoshiyakusho-mae


Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art Annex

Higashi Oji - dori

Aeon Shopping Mall

The Ritz Carlton



Heian Shrine



oga wa

Teramachi Area

Riv er

Kaosan Kyoto

Guest House Rakuza


Kyoto Municipal Museum of School History

Kyoto bAKpAK Gion hostel


Ebisu Shrine

Nawa Clinic




The world's smallest Ukiyoe museum


N Ninenzaka




Higashiyama Ward Office

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #213 FEBRUARY 2018 /

0 C

200m D

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Kansai Scene #213 February 2018  

Winter Snow Adventures in Hokkaido

Kansai Scene #213 February 2018  

Winter Snow Adventures in Hokkaido