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OCT 2017 / ISSUE 209

In Fighting Spirit

Japan’s fiercest fighting festival returns








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The weekend of the 14th and 15th is a huge one with so many different events happening at once around Kansai. Our recommendation is to get out to Himeji and see the shrine-clashing, float-smashing madness that is the Nada Fighting Festival (see our main feature on p 04). But if you d rather get the adrenaline pumping another way, why not head to Kyoto s Taishogun Shopping Street for the Night Parade of 100 Demons. Don your ghostly disguise and head out to meet your fellow supernaturals! Or, if you d rather something more calming and peaceful, Wakayama Castle is hosting a night of 8,000 bamboo lights where visitors can enjoy various musical and art events amid the glow of thousands of bamboo garden lanterns. Last but not least – this month we re opening nominations for the 2017 KS Readers’ Choice Awards. You have until mid-November to nominate your favorite things to do, places to eat, and spaces to play in Kansai. So, get onto and get cracking!

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ON THE COVER: This month’s cover image was taken by Jason Haidar in Himeji at the 2016 Nada no Kenka Matsuri.

Going Down Fighting


Troops of men smash together floats and palanquins in the neighborhood skirmish of the Nada Fighting Festival.

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October kicks off with the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival and Nankin-machi, Kobe is leading the celebrations. Authentic Chinese cuisine and a slew of cultural performances are on the cards to celebrate the moon at its fullest and brightest (more on p10).

FEATURE Text: Jason Haidar

Historical Walk in Kyoto


Walk the path of revolutionary leader Ryoma Sakamoto right before his assassination in Kyoto. FEATURE Text: Phillip Jackson



Where to get your zesty Thai fix in Osaka. FOOD & DRINK Text: KS

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Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #209 OCTOBER 2017 /


Nada Fighting Festival » Time: 11am Oct 14 at


Clashing of the Gods

Matsubara Hachiman Shrine, 9am Oct 15 at Matsubara Hachiman Shrine then Otabiyama » Admission: Free » Access: Sanyo Line, Shirahamanomiya Stn, 5-min walk »

Get in amongst the action at Japan s most epic fighting festival. Text & images: Jason Haidar

Yoyasa! Yoyasa! the fighters spurring chants echo through the crisp autumn air as wood cracks and splinters with each clash of portable shrines. At Himeji s fiercest festival – the Nada no Kenka Matsuri (Fighting Festival) – spectators revel in watching groups of fiery men hoist palanquins onto their shoulders and crash them ferociously against one another.


The aim is to topple opposing shrines and be the last one standing. Held every year on the 14th and 15th of October at Matsubara Hachiman Shrine in the suburb of Shirahama, Himeji City, this two-day event is the largest of Japan s fighting festivals, attracting over 100,000 visitors each year. The exact origins of this event have become some-

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #209 OCTOBER 2017 /


what lost to history, but one theory is that the crashing of the floats and palanquins mimics a great sea battle derived from the legend of Empress Jingu s (169–269) military expedition to Korea. Regardless of the genesis of this Shinto festival, the significance is that the winners are blessed with a bountiful harvest, good fortune, and of course, bragging rights. Men from the seven villages of Kiba, Matsubara, Nakamura, Mega, Usazaki, Higashiyama, and Yaka compete for this honor, dressed in only a fundoshi (loincloth), jika-tabi (split toe boots), and a colored hachimaki (headband) designating their local allegiance. Each color carries significance for the participants in this vivid festival: Green is the color of bamboo and power, red is fire that melts metal, orange is symbolic of sweat, ver-

million is the color of passion, yellow represents noblemen, blue is the color of the ocean, and pink the color of peaches, which is said to ward off evil. The main part of the festival where the shrine-crashing action takes place is on the 15th – the second of the two days. On the 14th, Shinto purification rituals are performed in preparation for the following day. Festivities begin at 11 a.m. on this day with neri-dashi when the yatai (large floats) of each village are lined up and paraded around to present them to the public. The float bearers make their way to Matsubara Hachiman Shrine to be purified with salt by a Shinto priest. When entering the gate of the shrine the top of the float is taken off as a sign of respect. A unique aspect of the Nada no Kenka Matsuri is that both

mikoshi and yatai feature throughout the event. Mikoshi are portable shrines and it is believed that the gods ride inside them. They are smaller and are expected to be broken during the festival, so they are much lighter than the yatai and their decoration is less elaborate. The yatai are the larger floats that glimmer gold and silver and have beautiful, elaborate, expensive decorations. The events of October 14th are slower paced, allowing more time to appreciate the splendor of these massive yatai that cost millions of yen to build and maintain. Up close, you can see the finer details that are easy to miss in all the action on the second day of the festival. Silver and gold metal sculptures, intricate wood carvings of dragons, tigers, phoenixes, and other symbols of protection adorn the

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #209 OCTOBER 2017 /


Feature floats, along with silk embroidered curtains depicting scenes of Japanese folklore and legend. Each yatai houses four taiko drummers whose job it is to keep a steady beat (even while tipping over during the clashes!) to help coordinate the troops balancing the enormous float on their shoulders. The men walk the yatai around the grounds of Matsubara Hachiman Shrine to the cheers of the crowd, and do a mock clash with other yatai as a precursor to what is to come the following day. The second and main day begins bright and early with Misogi, the Shinto ritual for washing impurities away with cold water. Each year, a different village is chosen to have the great honor of carrying the mikoshi into the icy waters of the Harima-nada sea to conduct the ritual for that year s festival. The chosen village is known as having neri-ban, meaning it is their off year, and they won t be fighting their big yatai float against the other villages. For their neri-ban year, they only take part in events relating to the mikoshi – the smaller portable shrines. Through the initial Misogi water ritual, they ready themselves for their holy task as carriers of the gods for a day. A few hours later, mikoshi are brought to Matsubara Hachiman Shrine where the bigger yatai floats are undergoing their own purification rituals and subsequent parading around. This is where the first of the jousting begins and where the undercard before the main fight takes place – an event known as mikoshi-awase. During mikoshi-awase, the neri-ban


village (who are having their off year from jousting with yatai floats) kick off the fighting part of the festival by crashing three mikoshi together. Lifting the palanquins into the air with long bamboo poles, the men collide them with full force in the hopes of tipping them over. According to the locals, the harder they are smashed together, the happier the gods are. After the mikoshi are good and battered and the gods are pleased, they are carried away from Matsubara Hachiman Shrine and up to the second venue of the fighting festival – Otabiyama. Otabiyama is a hilltop area with a large outdoor arena setup. While the festival is free for anyone to attend, the box seating is reserved for residents and families of the participants. However, it is not unheard of for friendly locals to invite visitors or tourists to sit with them and take in the spectacle. Despite its large size, this festival still retains an authentic and down-to-earth atmosphere. Locals are quick to share their snacks and sake, which flows aplenty for both spectators and participants. The climax of the festival is known as yatai-awase, where the incredibly ornate two-ton yatai balanced on the shoulders of hoards of men collide at full tilt. This is when the pandemonium truly begins. As might be expected in an event named fighting festival, where there are no rules except to charge your two-ton float as hard as you possibly can into one, two, or even three other two-ton

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #209 OCTOBER 2017 /

floats, things can get a little crazy. The fighting never gets completely out of control, but things can and do get heated at times, much to the delight of the crowd. It is common to see two yatai jostling for supremacy, bashing into each other with one casualty float crashing onto its side. Sometimes a third or fourth will join the party, kicking up dust as they ram into their opponents, sending them toppling over. Any team can jump in and challenge another at any time, making for exciting yet dangerous circumstances. While not common, deaths have occurred in past events. The chaos carries on until sundown when the yatai are carried all the way to the top of Otabiyama. There, they are illuminated by hanging lanterns and then paraded down before the crowds once more. After the last of the jousting, one village is declared the winner, and the rest are left to lick their wounds. But the party carries on into the night with triumphant victors, languishing losers, and sloshed spectators gathering together for their last hurrah before dawn. KS


A Wander through History Following the pre-assassination footsteps of Sakamoto Ryoma – the revolutionary leader of the Meiji Restoration. Text & Images: Phillip Jackson


merican writer Romulus Hillsborough is known for his writing on Sakamoto Ryoma, who was a key figure in the movement to overthrow the Tokugawa shogunate in the final years of Japan s Edo period. In his new book Samurai Assassins, Hillsborough explores the mystery behind the infamous assassination of Sakamoto Ryoma in Kyoto and covers other ansatsu (dark murders) of the time. On your next visit to Kyoto, why not take a short walk and visit some of the famous historical locations covered in Hillsborough s latest work. Start your walk on the east side of the Kamogawa river at Sanjo station. On the corner of the crossroads, looking across the river towards the old Imperial Palace, is a statue of a man on his hands and knees. This is Takayama Hikokuro, a samurai in the Edo period known for his strong sense of loyalty to the emperor. He committed suicide in 1793 in a defiant act to the Shogun. His statue on Sanjo Bridge was raised after the restoration of imperial rule from 1868, though melted down


in 1944. The current statue was built in 1961. Walking across Sanjo bridge, which was first constructed by Hideyoshi Toyotomi in 1590, take note of the copper finals (originals from the first bridge) – you ll see kanji explaining who donated them. On the second final from the end on the south side, if you look closely, you will see katana blade cuts. These were made during a battle between the Shinsengumi (special police force) and imperial rebels at the nearby Ikedaya Inn in 1864. Ahead, on the opposite side of the road, is the location of the Ikedaya. The infamous Ikedaya Incident was a significant moment in Japan s history when a group of masterless samurai was ambushed at the Ikedaya Inn. It is now a Shinsengumi-themed izakaya. On a hot summer s night here in 1864, anti-bakufu rebels (those opposed to the Tokugawa shogunate) met to discuss their plan to set fire to the imperial palace and kidnap the emperor. When the Shinsengumi arrived, chaos ensued. Seven rebels were killed, another four died later, and 23 were captured.

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #209 OCTOBER 2017 /

Backtrack to the bridge and you will see a road turning left directly at the bridge exit. Follow this road around onto Ryoma Dori (Ryoma Street, named after Sakamoto Ryoma). This road leads towards the busy Kawaramachi Dori, and halfway along is a traditionalstyle Japanese building with a craft display of items for sale downstairs. On the second floor is the room where Sakamoto Ryoma stayed before moving to his assassination location. For ¥500, you can visit the secondfloor display. Back onto Kawaramachi Dori, cross over and walk south to the well-signed site of Ryoma s assassination. The location is now a restaurant, but here on November 5th, 1867, Ryoma was cut down by swordsmen. KS

Look closely at one of the copper finals on Sanjo bridge and you can see katana blade cuts.


Food & Drink


Treat yourself to a taste of Thailand at one of these scrumptious Thai restaurants. Text: KS



Ten San Pak Chee

アジアン食堂 グリドルズ



Missing that South-East Asian tang on your tastebuds? If so, let your first port of call be Griddles for their zesty tom yum soup. Served steaming hot in an orange clay pot – a tango of finger-sized shrimp, shimeji mushrooms, and fragrant lemongrass – it exudes that distinct sweet-and-sourness characteristic of the best tom yum. But don t stop there. The friendly, multi-lingual Thai staff will probably recommend the soft-shell crab for mains, and you should not hesitate to take them up on it. The delicate, deepfried shells encasing the tender, juicy meat are mixed with the perfect amount of scrambled egg, onion and cilantro – a melt-in-your-mouth experience. Wash it down with a cup of Chang beer and get ready for dessert. Creamy spoonfuls of coconut icecream will have you wishing you weren t too full to do it all over again.

At Thai-Ya-Tai, it s all about the tom kha kai – their spicy and sour hot chicken soup with coconut milk, greens, dotted with red cherry-tomato halves is bound to leave you wanting more. But you must leave room for one of their exquisite grilled-fish dishes, of which there are several. The sweet-and-sour, carrot, onion, and cashew-topped option is a delectable choice, as long as you re prepared to use your chopsticks to pick past the bones. If you don t know your Thai dishes well, reading the Thai and katakana-only menu could be a chore, particularly as this restaurant offers far more than your standard, familiar pad thai and green and red curries. But the large, clear pictures and the friendly staff will help fill the gap. The restaurant is conducive to dining in big groups, as the seating plan is made up of five or six large, round tables, but don t let this deter you from dining alone or in pairs – it is certainly worth it.

A top spot for a quick, casual, and very well-priced lunch, Ten San Pak Chee is a convenient stop while shopping in or roaming up and down the Tenjinbashisuji shotengai. This long, thin restaurant with very colorful vibes can seat around 50 and boasts several smartly arranged lunch sets, like the weekday business combo: stir-fried minced chicken with rice and an optional egg on top, plus a mini green chicken curry, a mini tom yum soup, a salad, and a coconut milk-tapioca dessert. Fabulous bang for your buck at just ¥790. The green curry set, pad thai set, and rice-noodle soup set provide equally good value for both wallet and tastebuds. Drop in at dinner time for some more elaborate choices. Course dinners can be arranged for groups with reservations made in advance. Check out the other Pak Chee locations in Kyoto – details and addresses on their website.

OPEN: Lunch 11:30am–1:30pm; Dinner 6pm til late • CLOSED: Wed, Sat, Sun lunchtime • Price RANGE: ¥1,500–¥6,500 • ACCESS: Kitashinchi Stn / Nishi-Umeda Stn, 5-min walk • Yamachu Building 1F, 1-8-6, Sonezakishinchi, Kita-ku • TEL: 050-58695405 • TABELOG: Ajianshokudouguridoruzu

OPEN: Lunch 11am–2:30pm; Dinner 5pm–2am • CLOSED: Sun • Price RANGE: ¥1,000–¥5,500 • ACCESS: Higashi Umeda

Stn, 7-min walk • Osakashi Kita-ku Sonezaki 1-6-23 • TEL: 06-6232-8733 • TABELOG: THAIYA-TAI

OPEN: Lunch 11:30am–3pm; Dinner 5:30pm–10pm • CLOSED: Mon • Price RANGE: ¥790–¥4,000 • ACCESS: Osaka Temmangu Stn / Minamimorimachi Stn, 7-min walk • 3 Chome-3-18 Tenjinbashi, Kita-ku • TEL: 066357-0892 •

Need more dining options? Check to search all of our food and drink spots, or add your own favorites to the list. Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #209 OCTOBER 2017 /


Events  Cultural

Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋節





Kobe Nankin-Machi, Hyogo • Oct 4 & 7–9

China Town Kobe comes to life for the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Mooncake Festival. Come and join in on the festivities held at Nankin-machi, celebrating a time when the moon is at its fullest and brightest. Enjoy the atmosphere among the red and gold lanterns, have your fill of authentic Chinese cuisine, and be entertained by the plethora of cultural performances. On Oct 4th, try the special culinary dishes unique to this event at great prices. Traditional music, martial arts, a lion dance, and a dragon dance will be performed on the 7th and 8th. A raffle will be held on the last three days of the event. TIME: Depends on event • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: JR / Hanshin Line, Motomachi Stn, 5-min walk •


Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #209 OCTOBER 2017 /

Events  Cultural OCT

22 KANSAI TEMPLE MARKETS Explore Kansai s wonderful monthly temple markets and grab a bargain. You ll find a lot of antiques, including old kimono, ceramics and lacquerware, but you may also unearth some more contemporary curiosities. Perfect as souvenirs or gifts for friends and relatives back home. » Shitennoji Temple Flea


Oct 21 & 22 • Shitennoji Temple Grounds, Osaka • Access: 5-min walk from Shitennojimae Stn, Tanimachi Line » Toji Market Kyoto:

Oct 21 • Toji Temple • Access: 15-min walk from JR Kyoto Stn » Kitano Tenmangu Market:

Oct 25 • Kitano Tenmangu Shrine • Access: Tenman-gumae bus stop

Festival of The Ages 時代祭

Heian Shrine, Kyoto • Oct 22 Held at Heianjingu, the colorful, costume-filled Jidai Matsuri is one of Kyoto s three largest festivals. It celebrates the city s long history and fascinating traditional culture. The highlight of the day is the Jidai Gyoretsu (Historic Pageant) that follows a mikoshi (portable shrine) and an assembly of 2,000 costume-clad paraders wearing clothes representing various eras of Kyoto s 1,200-year history. The parade starts at noon from Kyoto Gosho (Kyoto Imperial Palace) and proceeds for 4.6 kilometers along Oike Street and Sanjo Street, arriving finally at Heianjingu at around 2:30 pm. There are plenty of photo opportunities for spectators as the line of parading people stretches over such a long distance that it takes more than an hour for the entire procession to pass one spot. This festival is an excellent chance to get a close look at traditional costumes and accessories of the people of Kyoto throughout the ages. TIME: 12 Noon (Imperial Palace) (postponed in case of rain) • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: Imadegawa Subway Stn •

Art Festival Hanarart 2017 奈良• 町家の芸術祭 はならぁと2017

Udamatsuyama and 3 other areas, Nara • Oct 8 & Oct 21–Nov 5


Admire modern art on display in traditional Japanese houses at this unique art festival. Nara is full of old Japanese machiya (wooden houses) and these beautiful, often unoccupied buildings are repurposed as venues for installations and artworks during this event. Many of the houses have also been adapted for use as cafés and guesthouses. Meander through these historic streets and appreciate the spectacular modern artworks contrasted with the old streetscapes. The event will take place in the Yoshino-machi Kunisu area on Oct 8th, in the Udamatsuyama area from Oct 21st to Oct 29th, at Sonimura village from Oct 25th to 29th, and in the Kashihara area from Oct 27th to Nov 5th . TIME: 10am–4pm • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: (To main venue at Udamatsuyama) Kintetsu Line, Haibara Stn, bus to Ouda, 3-min walk •

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #209 OCTOBER 2017 /


Events  Cultural OCT




25 11 >

Kurama Himatsuri – Fire Festival 鞍馬の火祭り

Yuki Shrine • Oct 22

In this ancient ceremony, which first began as a ritual to greet the arrival of the deity of Yuki-jinja, families light their bonfires, flaming torches are carried in a procession, and a religious dance is performed. Expect crowds. TIME: 6pm • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS:

Eizan Densha Line, Kurama Stn •

Event organiser? List your event online for free at


Art Aquarium アートアクアリューム城∼京都 • 金魚の舞∼

Nijo Castle, Kyoto • Oct 25–Dec 11

Commemorating the 150th anniversary of Taiseihokan – restoration of imperial rule to Japan – a colorful fish exhibition will be held at Nijo Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Kyoto. Hundreds of thousands of goldfish and coloured koi (carp) will be swimming around in special displays created through installations, lighting, music, images, and artworks. Green tea and Japanese sweets as well as local Kyoto sake will be served. Geisha and their apprentices (maiko) will also be performing. Rantato Kojo, the star actor from the troupe Kojo, will give a special performance called Dance of Kingyo Goldfish. TIME: 5pm–10pm (8pm–10pm Oct 25) • ADMISSION: ¥1,300 (¥1,500 at door) adults, concessions • ACCESS: Nijojo-mae Subway Stn •

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #209 OCTOBER 2017 /

Osaka Kyo-Kaido Jazz Line 2017 京街道JAZZ ライン 2017

Nakanoshima, Osaka and 15 other places in Kyoto and Shiga • until Nov 12 The Kyo-Kaido Jazz Line 2017 presents a total of 16 free music shows held at various towns along the Keihan Railway between Osaka and Shiga. Performers ranging from promising amateur bands to professional musicians will play at historic shrines, beautiful gardens, on boats, and in many other scenic spots. TIME: Depends on venue • ADMISSION: Free •

tors are also welcome to join the festival! TIME: 11am–9pm on weekdays, 10am–9pm weekends • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: Nagai Subway Stn, Exit 3 •

Futondaiko Festival 秋祭り ふとん太鼓

Mozu Hachimangu Shrine • Oct 7 & 8 As a part of the annual Moon Viewing Festival, portable shrines (futondaiko) are carried through the grounds of Mozu Hachimangu. The top of each shrine is made up of five futons, and a few brave people ride up top during the procession! TIME: 10am–10pm • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: JR Mozu Stn, 10-min walk •

Culinary Festival まんパクin万博2017

Expo ’70 Commemorative Park • Oct 7–10 & 13–16

UNFORESEEN Festival Bar Theater Ludo • Oct 1–29 Another exciting lineup of dance performances, workshops, talk shows, exhibitions, and live music, including a live set by local alternative rockers This is Why, and an exhibition of work by Nara-based illustrator Brendan Howells. Special discount for students and Kansai Scene readers. See website for full schedule.

Thousands of foodies flock to feast on a vast array of tantalizing dishes from all over the country. Visit 80 booths selling grilled crab, roast beef, raw foods, Japanese soul foods, vegan dishes, and much more at this fabulous food festival. TIME: 10am–6pm • ADMISSION: Weekdays ¥300 (¥400 at door); Weekends ¥400 (¥500 at door) plus regular entrance fee is required (¥250 adults; ¥70 children) • ACCESS: Osaka Monorail, Banpaku-kinen-koen Stn •

TIME: 2pm–5pm; 6pm–10pm •

44th Sakai Festival

ADMISSION: ¥2,000–¥3,000 • ACCESS:


Midosuji Subway Line, Shinsaibashi Stn, Exit 5, 2-min walk to Mido Shinsaibashi Bldf 5F •

Oshoji Street & Surroundings • Oct 14 & 15

Ramen Girls Festival ラーメン女子博in 大阪2017

Nagai Park • Sep 29–Oct 3 & Oct 5–9 A festival dedicated to girls who love ramen, this event drew 100,000 visitors to Yokohama last year, and will be held in Osaka this year for the first time! Designed especially for ladies, delicious ramen dishes will be served by handsome men. Male visi-

One of the largest events in Sakai celebrates the history and culture of this vibrant city. The grand parade is on the 15th. All are welcome to join tea ceremonies at Nansoji temple on the 14th and in Daisen Park on the 15th. There will be festival floats, live performances, and much more. TIME: Depends on event • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: Nankai Line, Sakaihigashi Stn • sakai-tcb.

Events  Cultural Tenma Music Festival 第18回天満音楽祭

Osaka Amenity Park & Surroundings • Oct 22 This music festival is an iconic event for the Tenma area. Bands playing music of all genres will perform at more than 30 venues all day throughout Tenma. TIME: 10am • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: JR Sakuranomiya Stn, 5-min walk •

Kyoto Machikado Geino – Classical Japanese Street Performance 町かどの芸能

Hannyarin (north gate of Shokokuji) • Oct 13–15 Costumed actors will be reenacting street performances from the samurai period during this walkabout theater event held in the neighborhood of Shokokuji temple. TIME: 11am–4pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,000 adults, concessions • ACCESS: Kuramaguchi Subway Stn •

Doll Memorial Service

TIME: 6:30pm–7:30pm • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: JR Kyoto Stn, bus to Kitanohakubai-cho • kyoto-taisyogun. com

This Buddhist event is held to say farewell to dolls carrying memories of people s childhoods and is performed by a Japanese courtesan dressed in samuraiperiod costume. TIME: 10:30am • ADMISSION: ¥600 • ACCESS: JR Kyoto Stn, bus to Horikawa Teranouchi •

Hyakki Yagyo – Night Parade of 100 Demons 一条百鬼夜行&モノノケ市

Taishogun Shopping Street • Oct 14 Legend has it that, once upon a time, 100 yokai (supernatural beings) paraded through the Taishogun shopping street. To commemmorate the tale, crowds of enthusiasts flood the street in their elaborate yokai disguises to interact with their fellow supernaturals.



Hyogo India Mela 2017 インディア メーラ 2017

Kobe Meriken Park • Oct 7–9 A three-day celebration showcasing all things Indian. Experience yoga, henna art, authentic Indian food, and much more. Join the Bollywood dance on the eve of 7th! TIME: 10am • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: Minatomotomachi Subway Stn, 7-min walk •

Ryukyu Festival 琉球祭in 神戸 • 新長田

Tetsujin Square, Wakamatsu Park, Kobe • Oct 8 Celebrate Okinawan food, music, and culture during this fun and colorful festival. The spectacular Eisa dance parade will kick off at 3pm.

Halloween Rampage #10 Rooftop OO & ALZAR, Osaka • Oct 28

TIME: 11am–5pm • ADMISSION: Free

• ACCESS: JR / Subway Shin-Nagata Stn, 2-min walk • index.html


Hokyoji Temple Imperial Convent • Oct 14


Sone Autumn Festival 秋季例大祭

Sone Tenmangu Shrine • Oct 13 & 14 Get a taste of traditional Chinese culture at this two-day carnival celebrating mid-autumn and friendship between China and Japan. Enjoy music and dance performances and authentic Chinese cuisine. There will be a children s parade, colorful floats, a bamboo-breaking ritual, and more. TIME: 11am • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: Sanyo Dentetsu Line, Sanyo Sone Stn, 5-min walk •

Rokko Island Halloween Festival

The 10th anniversary of this annual Amemura Halloween extravaganza promises to be bigger and better than ever. Spread over two floors at the indoor/outdoor caverns of ROOFTOP OO and dungeons of ALZAR in Dotonbori, this year s event features five haunted rooms, six bars, VIP areas, DJs galore, visual effects, fire performers, dancers, and cash prizes on offer for a few lucky costumed guests. Dress up and prepare yourself for one of the craziest Halloween parties in Osaka. TIME: 8pm til late • ADMISSION: ¥3,000 + 1 free drink (Re-ENTRY: 1 ¥500 drink ticket) • ACCESS: 7F New Japan Bldg • Short walk from Namba or Shinsaibashi Stn • • FACEBOOK: Halloween Rampage – 10th Anniversary – Rooftop OO & ALZAR.

六甲アイランドハロウィンフェスティバ ル&収穫祭

Event organizer?

Rokko Island River Mall • Oct 28 & 29

List your event online for free at

Find a costume, grab your kids, grab your friends and head over

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #209 OCTOBER 2017 /

to the Rokko Island Halloween Festival. With a costume parade, a costume contest, pumpkin carving, a haunted house, live shows, and trickor-treating, there is something for everyone at this exciting annual event! TIME: 11am–5pm • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: Port Liner Line, Island Center Stn •


mechanical puppets. Often described as moving museums, the richly decorated hikiyama, with their valuable fabric, golden carvings, and lacquerworks, are themselves alone worth coming to see. TIME: Dawn to 9pm Oct 7; 9:30am–6pm Oct 8 • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: JR Otsu Stn, 3-min walk •


Nara Food Festival 2017

Benkei Festival

奈良フードフェスティバルC festa


Oct 7–15 Umami Park • Oct 28–Nov 5 Nara Park • Nov 18 & 19 Asuka Village Celebrating Nara s local produce, top-class chefs serve their specialities for for visitors to enjoy. Sample the epicurean delights from marquees and catering cars surrounded by pine trees, temples, and, of course, deer. TIME: 10am • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: To Umami PARK: Kintetsu Line, Ikebe Stn; To Nara PARK: Kintetsu Line, Nara Stn; To Asuka VILLAGE: Kintetsu Line, Asuka Stn •

Shiga Hachimanbori Lantern Festival 八幡堀まつり∼町並みと灯り∼

Omi Hachiman • Oct 7 & 8 The historic town of Hachimanbori is famous for its beautiful canals, which will be illuminated with thousands of lanterns during this festival. Traditional houses around the neighborhood will be converted to live music venues, art galleries, markets, and cafes. TIME: 6pm–9pm • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: JR Omihachiman Stn, bus to Osugi-cho •

Otsu Festival 大津祭

Tenson Shrine & Surroundings

Oct 7 & 8 Thirteen magnificent hikiyama floats and host performances of karakuri ningyo – Japanese

Tokei Shrine & Surroundings

Oct 6 & 7 Tanabe City goes all out to host this annual festival celebrating the historic hero, Benkei, who was a warrior monk in 13thcentury Japan. A play about Benkei will be performed at Tokei-jinja on the 6th. There will be a geta dance on Aoi Street and fireworks display at Ogigahama beach on the 7th. TIME: Depends on event • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: JR Kiitanabe Stn, 10min walk •

Taketoya – A Night of 8,000 Bamboo Lights 竹燈夜 2017

Wakayama Castle & Surroundings • Oct 14 & 15 Thousands of bamboo garden lanterns will be lit around the grounds of the iconic Wakayama Castle. Spend a comfortable autumn eve enjoying various musical and art events in the area. TIME: 6pm–9pm • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: Nankai Line, Wakayamashi Stn, 10-min walk • index.html

Events  Art Tosio Arimoto “Weaving Stories” Asahi Beer Oyamazaki Villa Museum of Art

Flower Petals Falling Day , 1977, Ogawa Museum of Art ⒸYoko Arimoto

Tosio Arimoto s love of painting inspired him to leave his prestigious design job at international advertising company Dentsu Inc. to pursue a career in art. Though Arimoto tragically passed away only 10 years after his first exhibition, his brief stint in the professional art world impressed critics and garnered the attention of millions. The techniques incorporated in Arimoto s poetic and tranquil works echoed those of Italian Renaissance painters who preceded him by several centuries. Though it s been claimed that this esteemed artist adopted his frescoinspired style because it reminded him of ancient Japanese Buddhist temple paintings, no one can say for sure exactly what prompted his passion for Western aesthetics. This exhibition features 50 of Arimoto s paintings, prints, and sculptures, giving viewers a well-rounded insight into his artistic capabilities. Tosio Arimoto Exhibition • Until Dec 10 • OPEN: 10am–5pm • CLOSED: Mon • ADMISSION: ¥900 • ACCESS: JR Kyoto line, Yamazaki Stn, 10-min walk • TEL: 075-957-3123 •

The Museum of Modern Art, Wakayama

Nanga, translated as southern pictures, was an Edo-period school of Japanese painting perfected by intellectual artists with an affinity for Chinese culture. The mostly monochromatic style was modeled after Chinese literati painting, which focused almost exclusively on portrayals of Chinese landscapes, birds, or flowers. While Chinese literati painting followed a fairly strict range of acceptable techniques and motifs, modern Japanese nanga painters experimented with various colors, techniques, and subjects, bringing new life to the movement. The Museum of


Modern Art, Wakayama, Wakayama Prefectural Museum and the Shiga Prefectural Museum of Art have collaborated to present this selection of Nanga pieces from the Edo, Meiji, Taisho, and Showa periods. Nanga Exhibition • Until Dec 17 • OPEN: 9:30am–5pm • CLOSED: Mon • ADMISSION: ¥340 • ACCESS: JR Wakayama Stn, bus to Kenchomae stop, 2-min walk • TEL: 073-436-8690 •

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #209 OCTOBER 2017 /

Tsuchida Bakusen, Umegahata Village, 1915, colors on silk


Hokusai — Beyond Fuji Abeno Harukas Art Museum World-renowned ukiyo-e painter and printmaker Katsushika Hokusai created beautiful works of incredible quality until his death at the age of 90. His name has become synonymous with 《富嶽三十六景 凱風快晴》 天保1∼4年(1830∼33)頃大英博物館 © The Japanese artistic Trustees of the British Museum. aesthetics due to the scope of his influence. Common motifs include Japanese landscapes, domestic scenes, and supernatural creatures. He is best known for his woodblock print series Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji, featuring his eminent print The Great Wave of Kanagawa. This exhibition, organized in coordination with the British Museum, provides guests with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to view a collection of original artworks created during the last 30 years of Hokusai s life when many of his most memorable masterpieces were produced. Prints, paintings, and illustrated books, many of which are on loan from Japan, Europe, and the USA, are featured. Hokusai Exhibition • Until Nov 19 • OPEN: 10am–8pm (until 6pm Sat, Sun, Mon & holidays) • CLOSED: Oct 10,16,23,30,31 • ADMISSION: ¥1,500 • ACCESS: direct walk from Tennoji & Osaka-Abenobashi Stn • TEL: 06-4399-9050 •

Osaka Yumiko Morisue “Stepping Outside Reality” Gallery Hosokawa •  Until Oct 21

This debut event marks the opening of the Forever Museum of Contemporary Art in Gion with 82 of the 376 Yayoi Kusama works included in the museum s extensive collection. A range of original pieces created from 1950–1990 will be on display. OPEN: 10am–6pm • ADMISSION: ¥1200 •

Yumiko Morisue creates amusing and intricate revisions of familiar objects, with twists and alterations that captivate the eye of the beholder. Her original sculptures transform the elements of everyday life in subtle but significant ways. OPEN: 11:30am–6pm • CLOSED: Sun &

holidays • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: Yotsubashi & Sennichimae subway lines, Namba Stn, short walk • TEL: 06-66330116 •

Kyoto Yayoi Kusama “My Soul Forever” Forever Museum of Contemporary Art, Gion-Kyoto •  Until Oct 29

ACCESS: Keihan line, Gion Shijo Stn, 8-min

walk • TEL: 075-532-0270 • index.html

Wonderland of Buddhist Hell Scenes Ryukoku Museum •  Until Nov 12 The concept of hell has served as a common artistic motif in various mediums since ancient times. This exhibition presents a collection of works aligned around the Buddhist vision of the most punishing and torturous realms of the great beyond. OPEN: 10am–5pm • CLOSED: Mon • ADMISSION: ¥1,200 • ACCESS: JR Kyoto

Stn, 12-min walk • TEL: 075-351-2500 •

Old Masters from the State Hermitage Museum Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art The State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia, open to the public since 1852, houses over three million works of art, including the largest collection of paintings in the world. It was founded in 1764 when Empress Catherine the Great purchased a substantial collection of paintings from a Berlin merchant, which included impressive works from artists such as Rembrandt, Rubens, and Jacob Jordaens. This exhibition is comprised of a selection of artworks from the Hermitage Museum s collection and focuses on Old Masters from the Renaissance, followed by Baroque and Rococo pieces. Guests can enjoy a wide variety of excellent art by some of the greatest masters in the history of Western painting. State Hermitage Museum Exhibition • Until Jan 14, 2018 • OPEN: 10am–6pm • CLOSED: Mon & holidays • ADMISSION: ¥1,600 • ACCESS: Hanshin line, Iwaya Stn, 8-min walk • TEL: 078-262-0901 • www.artm.



A Good Witch’s Tale of Light and Music Boxes Rokko International Musical Box Museum •  Until Nov 23 Installation artist Kyota Takahashi has created a spectacular floral-themed experience using music boxes, light, images, and automata to tell the story of a good witch living in a charming and mysterious world. OPEN: 10am–5pm • ADMISSION: ¥1,030 • ACCESS: Rokko Cable Sanjo Stn, bus to Orgel Museum Mae, 1-min walk • TEL: 078-891-1284 • museum

The 69th Annual Exhibition of Shoso-in Treasures Nara National Museum •  Oct 28–Nov 13 Midori Ruri no Junikyoku Chohai (Twelve-Lobed Oblong Green Glass Cup) will be among the 58 valuable items displayed, with this year s highlight being various types of cups. The exhibition is The Yomiuri Shimbun is a special cooperation of the exhibition. OPEN: 9am-6pm (until 8pm Fri, Sat, Sun & holidays) • ADMISSION: ¥1,100 • ACCESS: Kintetsu line, Nara Stn, 15-min walk •

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #209 OCTOBER 2017 /


Peter Paul Rubens and Workshop ≪Pastoral≫ Scene c. 1638-1640 ©The State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg, 2017-18

Events  Art

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Events  Live Music Wolf Alice In 2014, London band Wolf Alice (Ellie Rowsell, Joff Oddie, Theo Ellis, and Joel Amey) were named as Best Breakthrough Band at the UK Festival Awards. Described by UK fashion and music magazine Clash as the lovechild of folk and grunge, and compared to past acts such as Hole and Elastica, their debut album My Love is Cool was released in 2015. Last month saw the release of their second album Visions of a Life. Before the album release, the band put out a single from the album called Yoo Fuk, described by UK newspaper The Guardian as, An eruption of expletive-laden pure vitriol with the subtlety of a blowtorch. Nineties grunge, classic pop, 60s folk – it s all there in an indiecome-alternative-rock mix!

Oct / Nov Rock & Pop

Japanese experimental pop-rock band

Oct 24

Osaka Jo Hall, Osaka • Experimental • 6:30pm • ¥6,500 • TEL: 06-6882-1224


Gene Simmons Band

Oct 21

Oct 17

Japanese Shibuya-kei pop artist Keigyo Oyamada

Namba Hatch, Osaka • Rock • 7pm • ¥9,800/¥12,000 • TEL: 0570-200-888

Andrew McMahon Oct 17 Ex-Something Corporate singersongwriter Big Cat, Osaka • Singer-songwriter • 7pm • ¥6,800 • TEL: 0570-200-888

Orix Theater, Osaka • Singer-songwriter • 7pm • ¥10,000/¥11,000 • TEL: 06-63414506

Wolf Alice

Oct 13

KISS bassist solo band

Alternative-rock four-piece from London, UK • Rock • 7:30pm • ¥6,500 • TEL: 0570-200-888

Sakanaquarium Oct 17 & 18

Namba Hatch, Osaka • Thrash • 7pm • ¥8,500/¥10,000 • TEL: 0570-200-888


Music Bar Sora, Osaka • Rock • 7:30pm • ¥3,500/¥4,000 • TEL: 06-6644-9292


American classic thrash-metal band


Namba Hatch, Osaka • Pop • 6:30pm • ¥6,800/¥7,800 • TEL: 06-6357-3666

Osaka Jo Hall, Osaka • Pop/rock • 5pm • ¥7,916/¥8,996 • TEL: 06-6341-3525

CJ Ramone Nov 1 Ex-Ramone punk-rock bassist

Alternative-rock four-piece from London, England Shangri-La, Osaka • Rock • 7:30pm • ¥6,500 • TEL: 0570-200-8888

Club Quattro, Osaka • Rock • 7pm • ¥6,000 • TEL: 06-6535-5569


Ed Sheeran

Nov 1

Oct 25

Acoustic guitar and vocals

English singer-songwriter and guitarist

Taku Taku, Kyoto • Singer-songwriter • 7pm • ¥3,500/¥4,000 • TEL: 075-351-1321

Osaka Jo Hall, Osaka • Singer-songwriter • 7pm • ¥8,000/¥20,000 • TEL: 0570200-888

Monkey Majik

Oct 21


Japanese-Canadian pop-rock band

Japanese four-piece rock band

Oct 28

Orix Theater, Osaka • Pop/rock • 5pm • ¥6,800/¥10,600 • TEL: 0570-200-888

Zepp Osaka Bayside , Osaka • Rock • 6pm • ¥4,860 • TEL: 06-6357-4400

Japanese Queen tribute band


Live Spot RAG, Kyoto • Rock • 7pm • ¥3,200/¥4,000 • TEL: 075-255-7273

Jackson Browne

Nov 3

Suchmos Nov 4-5

Kiss The Sky

Oct 23

Dreams Come True

Japanese rock and hip-hop band

Oct 17

American singer-songwriter

Oct 28-29

Bayside Hall, Osaka • Rock/hip-hop • 6pm • ¥4,500 • TEL: 06-6357-3666

Japanese Jimi Hendrix tribute band

Japanese pop-rock duo

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #209 OCTOBER 2017 /


Events  Live Music OCT


SCANDAL Kansai s own, SCANDAL from Osaka, fulfilled one of their biggest dreams in 2013 when they performed in their hometown at Osaka Jo Hall. This was seven years since their beginnings as high school students playing live street shows. But it was those busking days that got them noticed by Kitty Records, through which they released three singles and a mini-album. Jump ahead to 2017, and the band is promoting their latest studio album, last year s Yellow, and this year s compilation Best Album [SCANDAL]. Yellow was the band s seventh studio album, and it went straight into the Japanese charts at number two. The album is a mix of reggae, pop, rock, grunge, and eastern influences. In a recent interview, the band members said they are listening to Foo Fighters, Katy Perry, Coldplay, and Sting – that s quite a mix of influences on their sound. Japanese four-piece rock band from Osaka • Zepp Osaka Bayside, Osaka • Rock • 6pm • ¥4,860 • TEL: 06-6357-4400


Dakota Dave Hull


Oct 20

Oct 13

One of the best descriptions of Dakota Dave Hull s music and live performances came from Douglas Green (Riders in the Sky): There s an imp within Dave Hull that always expresses itself on the fretboard – a witty, intelligent yet respectful imp who frolics in his music. An imp Dakota Dave neither fights nor lets take control, but simply absorbs into the heart of his style.

Credited along with Metallica, Megadeth, and Anthrax as one of the Big Four thrash-metal bands that have stood the test of time, Slayer was formed nearly 40 years ago by guitarists Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King. King brought in bassist/vocalist Tom Araya, who used his earnings as a respiratory therapist to fund the band s debut album Show No Mercy.

Starting out in the 70 s (with one of his earliest recordings being the 1977 Ace Pickin’ and Sweet Harmony album), Dakota Dave mixes, jazz, ragtime, folk, blues, western swing, and vintage pop, and has been hailed as one of the best guitarists in the world. His latest release is last year s two-volume set, This Earthly Life and Heavenly Hope, which includes 27 tracks. American bluegrass, folk, jazz guitarist • Music Bar Sora, Osaka • Blues/folk • 7:30pm • ¥3,000/¥3,500 • TEL: 06-6644-9292

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #209 OCTOBER 2017 /

Slayer s latest album is the 2015 Repentless. Asked last year about a follow-up, King said, We ve got lots of left over material from the last album…so we re way ahead of the ballgame, and added that if things go well, they d like to record next year. US classic thrash-metal band • Namba Hatch, Osaka • Thrash • 7pm • ¥8,500/¥10,000 • TEL: 0570200-888

Live Music Pop-rock singer-songwriter and guitarist Taku Taku, Kyoto • Pop/rock • 5pm • ¥5,400 • TEL: 075-351-1321

Temples Nov 13

Katya, Japan Tour 2017

British psychedelic-rock four piece

Nov 3 • Nov 4

Big Cat, Osaka • Rock • 7pm • ¥6,000 • TEL: 06-6535-5569

KATYA will be in Japan for the 6th straight year performing at Hard Rock Cafe Osaka on 11/3 and Arthouse in Kobe on 11/4. She s opened for Queensryche in Detroit and played at the Venice Boardwalk. She is supported by D Addario and sponsored by Cold Cock Whiskey, Noir Leather and DirtBag Clothing. Hard Rock Cafe, Osaka / Arthouse, Kobe • Pop/rock • 9pm

tacica Nov 14 Japanese pop-rock duo Taku Taku, Kyoto • Pop/rock • 7pm • ¥4,000/¥4,500 • TEL: 0570-200-888

The Muggles Every Fri & Sat

Rhapsody Nov 9 Italian symphonic power-metal band Club Quattro, Osaka • Metal • 7pm • ¥8,500 • TEL: 06-6311-8111


Mellow ballads, classic rock, and rock n roll from Osaka-based jamming band Woodstock Café, Ashiya • Group Sounds • Free Admission (¥2,000 for 2 drinks + snack) • TEL: 079-734-1044


Nov 9

Erykah Badu

Icelandic singer-songwriter

Oct 9 & 10

Big Cat, Osaka • singer-songwriter • 7pm • ¥6,500 • TEL: 0570-200-888

The Strypes Nov 10 Four-piece mod-revival rock band from Ireland Club Quattro, Osaka • Rock • 7pm • ¥6,800 • TEL: 06-6535-5569

Juana Molina Nov 10 Argentinian ambient singersongwriter Billboard Live OSAKA, Osaka • Experimental • 6:30pm/9:30pm • ¥6,500/¥7,500 • TEL: 06-6342-7722

Original Love Nov 11

American singer-songwriter and DJ Billboard Live OSAKA, Osaka • Neo soul • 5:30pm/7pm • ¥43,000/¥38,000 • TEL: 06-6342-7722

Jazz & Blues Yoshino Nakahara Quartet Oct 18 Japanese jazz pianist Mr. Kelly’s, Osaka • Jazz • 7:30pm/9:15pm • ¥4,000/¥4,500 • TEL: 06-6342-5821

Yuri Honing Oct 18 Acoustic quartet featuring Dutch saxophonist

Events  Live Music INTERVIEW



We Banjo 3 A band from Galway, Ireland, We Banjo 3 plays a blend of traditional Irish, old time, and bluegrass music they call celt grass. The band is composed of two sets of brothers; Enda and Fergal Scahill and Martin and David Howley. Their debut album Roots of the Banjo Tree was released in 2012 and was named Traditional Music Album of the Year by The Irish Times. The band s latest album is last year s String Theory. KS spoke with Enda Scahill about We Banjo 3 s upcoming Japan visit. Tell us about the term ‘celt grass’ and how you’d describe the band to someone who’d never heard it.

Celt grass was coined by a U.K. Folk Music journalist after our first album came out, but we ve nabbed it! We grew up playing Irish music and then fell in love with American folk music. As the band was based so much around the banjo, and the banjo is so influential in both Ireland and America, it was really natural to blend both musics. We like to describe ourselves as high-energy, virtuosic fun.

Live Spot RAG, Kyoto • Jazz • 7:30pm • ¥3,000/¥4,500 • TEL: 075-255-7273

Ryudo Uzaki Oct 19 Japanese acoustic blues and vocals Mr. Kelly’s, Osaka • Blues • 7pm/9:30pm • TEL: 06-6342-5821

Dakota Dave Hull Oct 20 American bluegrass, folk, and jazz guitarist Music Bar Sora, Osaka • Blues • 7:30pm • ¥3,000/¥3,500 • TEL: 06-6644-9292

We first came to Japan in 2015 for the Irish Christmas in Tokyo concert series where we played with Dervish, Altan, and Humbert Humbert. You release albums at the rate of almost one a year, does that mean that a fifth album is on the horizon?

We ve released four albums in five years, and our next album will be recorded in January in Nashville. German pioneers of heavy metal • Club Quattro, Osaka • Metal • 7pm • ¥8,500 • TEL: 06-6311-8111

Harisa Veronika & Gyemant Balint

American trumpeter, composer and producer

Japanese shamisen player and singer

Oct 23

Billboard Live OSAKA, Osaka • Jazz • 6:30pm/9:30pm • ¥6,900/¥7,900 • TEL: 06-6342-7722

Taku Taku, Kyoto • Folk/pop • 7pm • ¥4,500/¥5,000 • TEL: 075-351-1321

Hungarian jazz-pop duo Mr. Kelly’s, Osaka • Jazz/pop • 7:30pm/9pm • ¥5,000/¥5,500 • TEL: 06-6342-5821

Rasmus Faber

Naniwa Express

Swedish pianist and the RaFa Orchestra

Oct 26 70 s & 80 s fusion jazz group Billboard Live OSAKA, Osaka • Jazz fusion • 6:30pm/9:30pm • ¥6,500/¥7,500 • TEL: 06-6342-7722

Christian Scott Oct 30


Have you played in Japan before?

Nov 11

Billboard Live OSAKA, Osaka • Club Jazz • 4:30pm/7:30pm • ¥7,900/¥8,900 • TEL: 06-6342-7722

World Ayano Uema Oct 9

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #209 OCTOBER 2017 /

We Banjo 3 Oct 18 Irish band playing Irish folk and bluegrass Club Quattro, Osaka • Folk • 7pm • ¥5,800 • TEL: 06-6311-8111

Events  Club Namura Zosen Atochi Great news for Kansai drum n bass fans! Namura Zosen Atochi, aka Creative Center Osaka, has invited Sigma, one of the top drum n bass acts in the world, to perform this month. English duo Cameron Edwards and Joe Lenzie formed Sigma in 2006. Their breakthrough singles were Nobody to Love and Changing featuring Paloma Faith in 2014. Both tracks reached #1 on the UK Singles Chart and sold more than 100,000 CDs in their first week, quickly making their name worldfamous. After their debut live show at the Future Music Festival in Sydney, they started touring and playing at major festivals in the UK and all over the world, including the Glastonbury Festival, South West Four, and Mysteryland. This summer, they played every Tuesday at the massive party Together at club Amnesia in Ibiza, Spain. Don t miss your chance to hear their top-notch sound!



Sigma Japan Tour 2017 (Drum ‘n’ bass) • DJS: Sigma, Toyo, B=Bal, Maurice, Big Ted, Rasty + more • OPEN: 3pm–10pm • ADMISSION: ¥4,000 (ADV: ¥3,500) • WHERE: Kitakagaya • TEL: 06-4702-7085 •

October 3 (Tue) Metro Deep Underground – Deeptech, Tech House & Deep House Night – (Tech House/House) • LIVE: Bodil • DJS: Ryoma Sasaki, Shunsuke Ouchi, Koichi, Wataru Horiuchi + more • OPEN: 9pm–3am • ADMISSION: ¥1,000 • WHERE: Kyoto • TEL: 075-752-2787 •

Triangle Legalize – weekday D n B!!!!! – (Drum n bass) • ACTS: Tomishi, Mcd, Keshigomu, Yanmah, Kurosu_core + more • OPEN: 10pm • ADMISSION: ¥1,000/1D • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6212-2264 •

4 (Wed) Hokage Hokage presents Naniwa Ambient (Ambient/Drone/World Music)


• ACTS: Lerin /Hystad, Okahashi Nobuhiro, Zero-Prizm, Gounderbar • OPEN: 7pm–11pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,500 (ADV: ¥2,000) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6211-2855 •

6 (Fri) Alzar Alzar Fridays feat. Mauro Picotto (Techno) • DJS: Mauro Picotto, Dk-Baseline, Hiloco a.k.a. Nerodoll, Show16 • OPEN: 11pm • ADMISSION: ¥3,000 (ADV: ¥2,500/1D, Entry before MIDNIGHT: ¥2,000) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 090-69608527 •

Metro Nuit Blanche 2017 After Party (Electronica/Experimental/Leftfield/Juke) • LIVE: Ypy, Ken’ichi Itoi, Rem Kina • DJS: Sapphire Slows, Albino Sound, Fulltono, Masahiko Takeda • OPEN: 11pm • ADMISSION: ¥500 • WHERE: Kyoto • TEL: 075-752-2787 •



Harmony presents Francois K. Japan Tour 2017 in Club Move (House/Techno)

Code feat. DJ Ise (House/Tech House)

• DJS: Francois K, K-Suke, Yakkn’, Masato.M, Hiroki M a.k.a Piro • OPEN: 10pm • ADMISSION: ¥4,000 (W/FLYER: ¥4,000/1D, W/Student ID: ¥3,000/1D) • WHERE: Shiga • TEL: 077-523-3870 •

Noon + Cafe Freedom Time & Satellite presents Aroop Roy Japan Tour (House/Crossover/Disco) • DJS: Aroop Roy, Yoshihiro Okino, Mightwhales, Takaharu Fukutani, Koji Matsuda + more • OPEN: 9pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,000 (FOREIGNERS: ¥500/1D) • WHERE: Umeda • TEL: 066373-4919 •

Socore Factory Jeff Witscher & Eric Frye Japan Tour 2017 (Ambient) • LIVE: Jeff Witscher, Eric Frye + more • OPEN: 7pm • ADMISSION: ¥3,500/1D (ADV: ¥3,000) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6567-9852 •

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #209 OCTOBER 2017 /

• DJS: Ise, Konishi, Hirose, Tokumoto + more • OPEN: 10pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,000/1D • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6214-3607 •

7 (Sat) Alzar Nao Nomura pres. Alzar Saturdays (Techno/Electronic) • DJS: Clm, Senda, Nao Nomura • OPEN: 11pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,500/1D (Entry before MIDNIGHT: ¥1,500) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 090-6960-8527 •

Bambi Gender Free Party X- Kansai Rainbow Festa! 2017 Official After Party- (EDM/Open Format) • ACTS: Asayana, Tomu, Nissy, Julian, Makoto, Vivi + more • OPEN: 4:30pm–8:30pm • ADMISSION: ¥3,700/1D

Events  Club • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-47087009 •

Shinsaibashi • TEL: 090-6960-8527 •

Ghost Ultra Lounge


En:Core (Hip Hop/Open Format)

Sunrythm feat. Kenji Takimi (Leftfield/House/Disco)

• DJS: Minami, B=Ball, Malu, Jun • OPEN: 10pm • ADMISSION: GENTLEMEN: ¥1,500/1D, Ladies & FOREIGNERS: ¥700/1D • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6214-0545 •

Metro Theo Parrish Japan Tour 2017 in Kyoto (House) • DJS: Theo Parrish, Yukimatsu Yousuke, Matsumoto Hisataakaa, Torei + more • OPEN: 10pm • ADMISSION: ¥3,800 (ADV: ¥3,300) • WHERE: Kyoto • TEL: 075-7522787 •

Singh’s Kitchen & Bar Singh s Kitchen 8th Anniversary (Techno/House) • ACTS: Altz, Hiloco aka NeroDoll, Dmitri Absinthe, Zenta, Devun, Zushi + more • OPEN: 8pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,000/1D and Food • WHERE: Namba • TEL: 06-66324433 •

Troop Cafe Daze of Phaze (House/Techno) • DJS: Andrew James Gustav, Kabuto + more • OPEN: 11pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,500/1D (ADV: ¥2,000/1D, Under 23YRS: ¥2,000/1D) • WHERE: Kobe • TEL: 078-3213130 •

• DJS: Kenji Takimi, Pai, Roots Connection, Guchi, Hal-O, Akie + more • OPEN: 11pm • ADMISSION: ¥1,500 • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6241-3822 •

Conpass Shackleton with Anika (Tribal/ Abstract) • ACTS: Shackleton, Anika, Takumi Motokawa, Raphael Meinhart + more • OPEN: 7pm–10pm • ADMISSION: TBA • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6243-1666 •

Noon + Cafe Club Jazz Kissa [More] Vol. 85 – 7th Anniversary Special – Vinyl Session with 7 guest performers (Crossover/House/Soul/Funk) • DJS: Jules, Okabe Kentaro, Stew, Daisuke Matsumoto + more • OPEN: 9pm • ADMISSION: ¥1,000 (FOREIGNERS: ¥500/1D) • WHERE: Umeda • TEL: 066373-4919 •

WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6241-3822 •

20 (Fri) Circus Beginning presents Maduk & MC Mota Osaka Show Supported by Whoo Cares (Drum n bass) • ACTS: Maduk & MC Mota + more • OPEN: 11pm • ADMISSION: TBA • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6241-3822 •

Noon + Cafe Kiki Kaikai (Tribal/Leftfield/Dub) • LIVE: Aqatuki, Madam Columbia • DJS: Dreems, Gr〇und, Mamezuka + more • OPEN: 10pm • ADMISSION: TBA (FOREIGNERS: ¥500/1D) • WHERE: Umeda • TEL: 06-6373-4919 •

21 (Sat) Joule Tipsy-West Side-Girls Only Party (Open Format) *Lesbians, Bisexuals, Heterosexuals Ladies Only Party • DJS: TBA • OPEN: 11pm • ADMISSION: ¥3,000 (ADV: ¥2,500) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6214-1223 •

14 (Sat) Triangle Travelerz (Drum n bass/Bass)

8 (Sun) Circus The Black Madonna Japan Tour 2017 (Disco/House) • ACTS: The Black Madonna, Nobu + more • OPEN: 10pm • ADMISSION: ¥3,500 (ADV: ¥3,000) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6241-3822 •

Zakuro #Edenico_Tapes Night Vol.1 (Reggae/Chill Out/Funk) • ACTS: Yoshinogawa Sukitoru + more • OPEN: 11pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,000/1D • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6214-3607 •

• ACTS: Safire, Ichi, GiddlahSelecta, 81Blend, Mountain, Doppelgenger, Shaka-itchi, Monogots a.k.a nmdb, Naga, Yanmah + more • OPEN: 10pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,000/1D (FOREIGNERS: Free) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 066212-2264 •

Troop Cafe Sound of Vast Label Showcase (Minimal/Techno) • DJS: The Mole, Soichi, Knock, Mitsuyas, Nakajima, Maunaloa, Tomoumi, Pf • OPEN: 11pm • ADMISSION: ¥3,000/1D (ADV: ¥2,000/1D, Under 23YRS: ¥1,500/1D) • WHERE: Kobe • TEL: 078-321-3130 •

22 (Sun) Triangle Mix Jam – Gammer & Mitomoro & Alby Loud Japan Tour in Osaka – (Rave/UK Hardcore/Bass) • ACTS: Gammer, Mitomoro, Alby Loud, Matres + more • OPEN: 2pm–10pm • ADMISSION: ¥5,100/1D (ADV: ¥4,600/1D) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6212-2264 •

• ACTS: Big Strick, Hankyo Vain, Mitsuki, Take + more • OPEN: 9pm • ADMISSION: ¥1,900 (FOREIGNERS: ¥500/1D) • WHERE: Umeda • TEL: 06-6373-4919 • noon-cafe. com

28 (Sat) Adam Lounge X-ing!! (EDM/Open Format) • DJS: X-ing feat. MC Elliot, Saya, Nabe, Mika, Yuuma, Flvsh + more• OPEN: 10pm-2am • ADMISSION: GENTLEMEN: ¥2,500/1D, LADIES: ¥2,000/1D • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 0120-170-317 •

Joule Joule Halloween (Bass) • ACTS: Rue-zy + more • OPEN: 9pm • ADMISSION: TBA (FOREIGNERS: Free) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6214-1223 •

Move Harmony (Deep House/Garage/ Dance Classics) • DJS: K-Suke, Yakkn’ • OPEN: 10pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,000/1D(W/FLYER: ¥1,500/1D, Halloween COSTUME: Extra Drink, FOREIGNERS: ¥1,000/1D) • WHERE: Shiga • TEL: 077-523-3870 • club-move. com

Triangle Black Veil Halloween (EBM/Industrial/Dark Electro) • ACTS: Taiki, Syarman, Doom Spider + more • OPEN: 9pm • ADMISSION: ¥4,600/1D (ADV: ¥3,600/1D) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6212-2264 •

31 (Tue) Joule Joule Halloween (Bass)

27 (Fri) Noon + Cafe

• ACTS: Rue-zy + more • OPEN: 9pm • ADMISSION: TBA (FOREIGNERS: Free) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6214-1223 •

Just In Time – Big Strick Japan Tour 2017 – (Deep House/Techno)

15 (Sun) 13 (Fri) Alzar Alzar Fridays One feat. John Dimas (Techno) • DJS: John Dimas, Yashima, Seiichi Takamatsu, Yuumi, Asaura • OPEN: 11pm • ADMISSION: ¥3,000 (Entry before MIDNIGHT: ¥1,500) • WHERE:

Circus Dog Ear Records presents Illnandes & Endrun Czn pass Release Party (Alternative Hip-hop) • ACTS: Illnandes & Endrun, Sick Bl, Monju, Jjj, Questa, Ch.0, Ikkei, Cronosfader • OPEN: 7pm–1am • ADMISSION: ¥3,600/1D (ADV: ¥3,100/1D) •

Where’s the party? Check for the latest club listings...

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #209 OCTOBER 2017 /


Events  Cinema Note: for show times and ticket information, please contact the cinemas directly

Toho Cinemas Umeda Now showing: Dunkirk, Wonder Woman, Despicable Me 3, Alien: Covenant, Swiss Army Man, Overdrive, Hidden Figures, A Dog s Purpose • From Oct 13: War for the Planet of the Apes • From Oct 20: Atomic Blonde • From Oct 27: Blade Runner 2049 Tel: 06-6316-1312 • • Discounts: Weds (women); 1st & 14th of the month – ¥1,100; every day after 8pm – ¥1,300

Umeda Burg7 Now showing: Dunkirk, The Wall, Wonder Woman, Baby Driver, Allegiant, Spider-Man: Homecoming, Transformers: The Last Knight, Despicable Me 3, Alien: Covenant, Sur quel pied danser (FRA), Planetarium, Vengeance: A Love Story • From Oct 7: Once Upon a Time in Venice • From Oct 13: War for the Planet of the Apes • From Oct 21: Barry Seal • From Oct 27: Blade Runner 2049 Tel: 06-4795-7602 • • Discounts: Weds (women); 1st of the month – ¥1,100; every day after 8pm – ¥1,300

Cine Libre Umeda Now showing: Demain tout commence (FRA), The Shack, Court (IND), Sara Baras. Todas las voces (SPA), Paterson, Heidi, Gleason, Blanka (ITA), A Quiet Passion, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, Réparer Les Vivants (FRA), Tschick (GER), Cézanne et moi (FRA), 2307: Winter's Dream, Gimme Danger, Éternité (FRA), Death Race 2000 • From Oct 14: Mal de pierres (FRA)

• From Oct 21: Die Blumen von gestern, Nelly • From Oct 28: Polina danser sa vie (FRA) Tel: 06-6440-5930 • umeda • Discounts: Weds (women, men); 1st and 15th of the month – ¥1,000

© 2017 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation


Theatre Umeda Now showing: 9/11, Der kommer en dag (DEN), Sameblod (SWE), The Giant (SWE), Porto • From Oct 14: The Price Of Desire (BEL) • From Oct 21: Frantz (FRA) Tel: 06-6359-1080 • umeda • Discounts: Weds (women, men); 1st of the month – ¥1,000

Osaka Station City Cinema Now showing: Dunkirk, Alien: Covenant, On the Milky Road, A Dog s Purpose, The Lego Ninjago Movie • From Oct 6: La traviata (ITA) • From Oct 13: War for the Planet of the Apes, Annabelle: Creation • From Oct 20: Miss Sloane • From Oct 21: Barry Seal • From Oct 27: Blade Runner 2049 Tel: 06-6346-3215 • • Discounts: Weds (women); 1st of the month – ¥1,100; every day after 8pm – ¥1,300

Toho Cinemas Namba Now showing: Dunkirk, Wonder Woman, Despicable Me 3, Elle, Alien: Covenant, Swiss Army Man, Overdrive, Hidden Figures, A Dog s Purpose • From Oct 13: War for the Planet of the Apes • From Oct 20: Atomic Blonde • From Oct 27: Blade Runner 2049 Tel: 06-6633-1040 • • Weds (women); 1st & 14th of the month – ¥1,100, every day after 8pm – ¥1,300

War for the Planet of the Apes. From October 13.

Namba Parks Cinema Now showing: Dunkirk, Demain tout commence, Alien: Covenant, Overdrive, Sur quel pied danser, A Dog's Purpose, The Lego Ninjago Movie • From Oct 13: War for the Planet of the Apes, Annabelle: Creation • From Oct 20: Atomic Blonde, • From Oct 27: Blade Runner 2049 Tel: 06-6643-3215 • • Discounts: Weds (women); 1st of the month – ¥1,100; every day after 8pm – ¥1,300

Cinem@rt Now showing: The Shack, On the Milky Road, 9/11, Operation Chromite, Aftermath • From Oct 7: Below Her Mouth • From Oct 14: Score: A Film Music Documentary • From Oct 21: Hermitage Revealed Tel: 06-6282-0815 • theater/shinsaibashi • Discounts: Mon (men); Weds (women); 1st and 25th of the month – ¥1,000

Kyoto Movix Kyoto Now showing: Dunkirk, Demain tout commence, Alien: Covenant, Overdrive, Sur quel pied danser (FRA), Hidden Figures, A Dog's Purpose, The Lego Ninjago Movie • From Oct 13: War for the Planet of the Apes • From Oct 21: Barry Seal • From Oct 27: Blade Runner 2049 Tel: 075-254-3215 • • Discounts: Weds (women); 1st and 20th of the month – ¥1,100; every day after 8pm – ¥1,300

Kyoto Cinema Now showing: Backstage (FRA), Paterson, Ma' Rosa, Gimme Danger, Author: The JT LeRoy Story, Tangerine, Dancer in the Dark • From Oct 7: Tschick (GER) • From Oct 21: Frantz (FAR), Dancer, An Education • From Oct 28: Polina danser sa vie (FRA), Cézanne et moi (FRA), Silence Tel: 075-353-4723 • • Discounts: Weds (women & men); 1st of the month – ¥1,100

Classifieds & Jobs CLASSIFIEDS Apartments For Rent

1K WITH LOFT IN OSAKA CITY. Safe & Clean Riverside Residence. Furnished Studio Apartment in Osaka city. Riverside residence. Only 7min to Osaka Umeda area by JR or Hanshin line. Also a word office, library, supermarket are within 5min on foot. 3rd floor. Corner room. No key money, No commission.No cleaning charge. One month refundable deposit is required. Price: 59,000yen • Pickup location: Osaka city, Nishiyodogawa ward, Mitejima • Website: http://passage-apartment. com/ • Contact: kr_toa@po.twin.

SHARED OFFICE IN KOBE FASHION MART ¥ 30,000/MONTH. Rokko Island. Approx. ¥ 30.000 incl. wifi & el. 46 m2. Friendly, professional, modern, spacious, natural light, furniture incl. Mtg. room, common area, 24 hrs access. CALL Cecilie: 090 7554 9953 (9am-8pm) We are: www. • Pickup location: Kobe Fashion Mart, Office 7N-12, 9-6 Koyocho-naka, Higashinada-ku, Kobe 658-0032 • Website: http:// • Contact:

2LDK SHINSAIBASHI 130,000 YEN/ MONTH. 8th floor corner apartment. 54 square meter 2bedroom apartment. 6min walk to Honmachi station, 8min walk to Shinsaibashi station. All flooring. Can be semi furnished for 140000yen/month (fridge, washer, lights, curtains). No key money, no guarantors/nor guarantor companies, no service fees, no sales fees, 1month deposit.Price: 130000 • Pickup location: 4-5-1 Bakuromachi, Chuo-Ku, Osaka-Shi • Website: • Contact: alex@abhousingosaka. com

2LDK OSAKAKO 110,000 YEN/ MONTH FULLY FURNISHED. 7th floor corner, 11min. trainride to osaka downtown. 55 square meter 2 bedroom fully furnished apartment, 7th floor corner apartment. Has all for a comfortable stay. Supermarkets, restaurants, sports gym all close by. No sales / no service fees, no guarantors / no guarantor companies, 3month min. stay required, 1 month deposit, utilities additional. Price: 110000yen/month • Pickup location: 4-1-26 Chikko, Minato-Ku, Osaka-Shi • Website: • Contact: alex@abhousingosaka. com

1DK BENTENCHO 60,000 YEN/ MONTH SEMI FURNISHED. 8min trainride to Osaka Station. 27

square meters 1DK apartment in Bentencho. 6min. walk from JR and Subway stations. Fridge, washer, lights, gas cooking range, curtains included. 4th floor south facing apartment. 3month min. stay required, no sales / no service fees, no guarantors and no guarantor companies, utilities additional. Price: 60000yen/month • Pickup location: 3-10-21 Minami Ichioka, Minato-Ku, Osaka-Shi • Website: • Contact: alex@

2DK BENTENCHO FULLY FURNISHED 90000YEN/MONTH. 5th floor apartment. 45 square meter, 1 bedroom 90000yen. Fully furnished with all needed for a comfortable stay. All is close by: shopping, downtown Osaka city. 6min walk to Bentencho subway and JR stations. 3month min. stay required. No Key money, No Guarantor required, No Sales/ Service Fees. Utilities additional. Price: 90000yen/month • Pickup location: 3-10-19 Minami Ichioka, Minato-ku, Osaka-Shi • Website: • Contact: alex@abhousingosaka. com


COOLAZ PIES. Coolaz Pies are natural home-made Australian Pies. They range from beef, chicken, spinach & cheese, sausage rolls, pasties, quiche, apple or peach pies. We have combined the right mix of top puff pastry with a crusty base. We use 100% beef in our beef pies as are the ingredients in our other pies. Pickup Location: Bunka Bar, Cherry Bomb, Coolabah Sports Cafe, Midnight, Murphys, Persepolis, The Local, TNT. Website: https://www.facebook. com/CoolazPastries

Community Clubs and Groups FREE ABACUS CLASS FOR FOREIGNERS FREE ABACUS CLASS FOR FOREIGNERS. OFFERED BY O.C.C.I. and Osaka Abacus Assoc. to promote int l goodwill. Individualized lessons taught in Japanese or English. Saturdays 10-12 am. Course material provided for free. Near Sakaisuji-Hommachi and Kitahama. Call: Moritomo Ken 066572-6877. Website: https://sites. abacus-classes • Contact: mail@ KANSAI SCENE CYCLING CLUB. Join like-minded cyclists for gentle jaunts into the Kansai countryside. Sometimes. Hey, we're all busy people right? Why suffer alone when you can suffer together? Share and discover the best routes in the region and meet some fellow weekend warriors. Rides will start/end in Osaka for the time being. Join us on Strava: clubs/kansaisceneCC

JOBS Teaching PT ENGLISH TEACHER ARE WANTED. part-time. We are looking for English teachers of Adults and Kinds. The school is located in ibarakishi of Hankyu Line. All materials and lesson plans are provided. The lessons are from Tue to Sat. Please feel free to contact us and send us your CV to RES( Salary: Depends on experience • Company Name: Royal English School] • Website: • Contact: STUDENTS CENTRED LANGUAGE SCHOOL REQUIRES A RELIABLE P/TNATIVE ENGLISH TEACHER. part-time. Students centred L. school requires a reliable P/T Native English Teacher for senior citizens group near Hankyu Okamoto from Oct. Every Wed.14:2015:30/70min./4000yen+trans. Proper working visa required. Over 5 years teaching experience is preferable. Send C/V with photo to gentimeless@icloud. com. Salary: 4000yen/70min. lesson+transportation • Company Name: Global English Network • Website: http://www.gentimeless. com • Contact: gentimeless@

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #209 OCTOBER 2017 /


Classifieds & Jobs IT & Media

BI-LINGUAL TECHNICAL ENGINEERS. part-time. Trend New tech in Nishinomiya - looking for P/T bi-lingual field engineers with JP drivers lic / read some Kanji and good communication skills. Learn on the job technical background welcome however tech savvy is our min. work requirement. Starting is 2,000yen hr. Higher pay depending on jobs. Salary: 2,000 • Company Name: Trend New tech • Website: http:// • Contact: koji. BI LINGUAL OFFICE STAFF. parttime. Tnt-PC seeks office staff. Learn the latest tech on the job! Daily tasks include / customer


service / some accounting / secretarial / homepage updates. 2-3 days a week / 10-6PM / starting @1,500 yen hr. Fluent JP reading and writing Kanji required / basic English communication in person and email. Salary: 1,500 yen per hr • Company Name: Trend New Tech • Website: http://www.tnt-pc. com • Contact: koji.tomita@


space limited to maximum seating 9 people̶is devoted to ongoing Butoh performances from top dancers.Access: Just north of the intersection of Koromonotana St. and Sanjo St. Kyoto Subway: Five minute walk from Karasuma line or Tozai line, Karasuma Oike station, Exit #6. Hankyu Train: Ten minute walk from Kyoto line, Karasuma station, Exit #22. • Tel: 075-254-6520 • Website: http://

about the power of touch. This is Japanese theatre at its absolute best, with high-talent, technology, and heart. Open: 10:00 • Closed: 19:00 • Access: At the corner of Sanjo St. and Gokoumachi; in the heart of Kyoto. • Tel: 075-254-6520 • Website:

Kansai Scene Classifieds and Jobs are now online at Kansaifinder. com

KYOTO BUTOH-KAN. The world s first and only theatre devoted to authentic and artistic Butoh dance. Butoh is an avant-garde dance that was born in Japan in the late 1950s. An ancient Japanese storehouse̶an intimate

GEAR. A long-running show, the first of its kind in Japan, GEAR is contemporary non-verbal entertainment that combines a superb cast with high technology to tell a story for all humankind

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #209 OCTOBER 2017 /

It's free for online listings or just ¥3,000 per month for your ad to appear in print. Post and pay online.

Getting Around


The Kansai area covers the prefectures of Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Wakayama, Nara, Mie, and Shiga. There is so much to explore, so you ll need to prioritize your time wisely. Its main travel hubs are Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe, all of which are well connected by high-speed rail networks, including the shinkansen (bullet train). On regular trains, you can travel between Osaka and Kyoto in about 45 mins, and between Kobe and Osaka in about 30 mins. If you are here on holiday, pick up a convenient travel pass, such as the Kansai Thu Pass ( or Kansai One Pass (, to avoid having to negotiate the ticket machines. Use a website such as HyperDia ( to check train times and platforms from your smartphone.

Get Kansai Scene Kansai Scene is available from the following major outlets in the Kansai region:

OSAKA Hotels and Guesthouses




Hyatt Regency, Nikko Hotel, St. Regis, Swissôtel Nankai Osaka, Ritz Carlton, Hilton Osaka, Fraser Residence Nankai Osaka, InterContinental Hotel Osaka Tourist Information Centers





Osaka Visitors Information Center (JR Osaka), Hankyu Tourist Center Umeda, Osaka Visitors Information Center (JR Namba), Kansai Tourist Information Center (KIX), Kansai Tourist Information Center (Shinsaibashi), Nankai Information Center (Namba) Shops

Trains and Subways

Airport Transfers

There is an excellent rail network connecting all corners of Kansai. As well as JR (Japan Rail), there are numerous private railway companies servicing the area, including Keihan (Osaka/Kyoto), Hankyu (Osaka/Kyoto), Nankai (Osaka, Wakayama, Koya), Hanshin (Osaka/Kobe), and Kintetsu (Osaka/Nara/Mie/Nagoya). Each line operates several types of train. For the fastest trains, look for the Limited Express service trains. Be aware that Local trains stop at every station on the line, so only take them if no other type of train stops at your station. Subways operate in Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto and are an extremely efficient way to get around the cities.

To/from downtown Osaka, the most convenient option is the Nankai Rapi:t Express service (KIX <> Namba 42mins) or a Limousine Bus. To/from Kyoto, take the JR Airport Express HARUKA service (75 mins).

» Tip: Pick up a Railway Network

map from a major station or Tourist Information Center.

Buses For out-of-the-way locations, or in certain cities such as Kyoto, you may need to take a bus. A travel pass usually includes travel on municipal bus services.

Taxis Fares start from ¥500. The drivers wearing white gloves and official hats tend to be the most courteous, but don t expect English to be widely understood. Have your destination name and address on hand in Japanese.

Kinokuniya Bookstore Umeda, Kinokuniya Honmachi, Tower Records Umeda, Junkudo Namba, Hard Rock Cafe

KYOTO Hotels and Guesthouses

ATMs and Credit Cards If you re using Visa, you will be able to withdraw cash at most bank or convenience-store ATMs. If you re using Mastercard, your best bet for withdrawing money is at 7-Eleven ATMs. Most other ATMs in Kansai do not accept Mastercard. It is not common to make in-store payments using credit or visa-debit cards in Japan, even for expensive purchases. Many shops and restaurants do not offer this service, so be sure to carry plenty of cash with you.

Royal Hotel, Royal Park Hotel The Kyoto, Kyoto Nikko Hotel Tourist Information Centers

Kyoto Tourist Information Center, Kansai Tourist Information Center Kyoto, Kyoto International Community House Shops

Junkudo Kyoto, Maruzen & Junkudo Kyoto Main Store, GEAR



Hotels and Guesthouses

Getting connected in Kansai can be tricky. Renting a smartphone or SIM card at the airport is the safest option, to connect to the internet over a 3G or 4G network. In Osaka, you can access the Osaka Free Wi-Fi service at train and subway stations, stores and facilities throughout the prefecture.

Accidents and Emergencies

Kobe Bay Sheraton, Kobe Portopia Hotel Tourist Information Centers

Kobe International Community Center, Hyogo International Plaza Shops

Junkudo Nishinomiya, Junkudo Sannomiya, Kinokuniya Kobe

» Ambulance/Fire service: Tel: 119 » Police: Tel: 110

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #209 OCTOBER 2017 /


Osaka North (Kita) MAPS & INFORMATION A Post Office

InterContinental Osaka Hotel

Cine Libre Umeda Sky Umeda Building German Consulate Westin 35F Hotel


Maruzen & C Junkudo

Theater Umeda


Grand Front Osaka / Knowledge Capital Yodobashi Camera

New Hankyu Club Azul Osaka Hotel Hankyu Umeda Kinokuniya Sta. H&M Hankyu Tourist Center




Club Noon Noon+Cafe iya

M OWL Osaka Toho Hotel Annex Kinki

D Osaka Loop Line


r do



j ko



k za

Kitano Hosp. 1

Osaka Hep 5 YWCA Hep Navio e Hankyu ad rc ori A Toho Cinemas id Craft Beer h Osaka Station as Grand Bldg Hig Umeda Hankyu Base City Cinema Lucua Hankyu Dept. JR Osaka Sonezaki Lucua 1100 Daimaru Police H.Q. Osaka Club Umeda a. t S Quattro Visitors’ Station City da e Information Hotel Asahiya Um Hanshin Granvia shin Center Dept. Bookstore n Hilton Ha Junkudo Umeda 2 6F Plaza West Hotel Burg7 Hilton The Blarney Kansai Drop Inn Hotel Stone Herbis Dai-4 1F Osaka Maru Tower Hearton Ent Bldg. Bldg. Records Hotel 3/4F TGI Fridays Hotel Nishiumeda Osaka Dental Clinic Dai-3 3RD WORD Monterey Dai-2 Bldg. Dai-1 Creamy Osaka Herbis Bldg. Bldg. 2F Osaka Exeo Ritz Kita Shinchi 33F Tanimachi Lin Carlton .2 e o Captain 1F N ute Kangaroo o 5F R . a t Shinmei aS im Mister Law Office sh Hotel ku Kelly’s Outback Fu Hanshin US Steakhouse 3 Dojima Avanza e Consulate in B1F in L a. ine Ma a St ai L Hotel Elsereine im shin Toz ACCJ JR Han ukush Osaka Ana Crowne Kansai F Dojima Plaza . Hotel Sta da Ume

Umekita Ship

Ogimachi Park

Shin Midosuji


Nishi Umeda


m shi U




ji Lin


Kita Shinchi




ABC Hall

4 a. St a im sh no

Grand Cube Osaka

DIG Beer Bar

Daiichi Group

APA Sōai Hotel High School

Hanshin Expressway B



Honmachi Dori

Elmers Green Cafe 5

il Bar Central Banco

Utsubo Park



Daiwa Roynet Hotel Kitahama

OSTEC Exibition Hall

Utsubo Tennis Center


Watanabe Fineart Gallery

Chuo Odori C Honmachi

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #209 OCTOBER 2017 /

St. Regis Hotel Osaka

Hooters Osaka

Hard Rock Cafe Osaka 0 Chuo Line

Sakaisuji Line



suj ike ida


TAKAMURA Wine & Coffee Roasters






a Tos

ri Do


Nii Fine Arts


Sumitomo Hosp.




Rihga Royal Hotel




Rihga Nakanoshima Inn Beer Belly

Museum of Oriental Ceramics



Mitsui Sumitomo Bank



APA Hotel

Osaka City Public Hall

Tosabori River

Mitsui Garden Hotel

National Museum of Art Science Museum

City Hall Library



ima Dori

Bank of Japan

Festival Plaza

y(Loop Rout e)





h os

n ka a N

i bebash Watana Line oshima an ak N n-

Hanshin Expresswa





R ima



NTT Data

hi Line

Dojima River Forum





Nishi Tenma

Starbucks 6

N 200m

Sakaisujihommachi D

Osaka South (Minami)


Shinmachi Kita Park

Shinmachi Life


Hearton Hotel

Big Beans Supermarket

Kansai Scene Mojoprint Office

Mizuho Bank Nagahori dori



Hotel Via Inn

Cafe Absinthe

Horie Park

Yotsubashi line

2F Tezukayama Gallery Orange Stree t (shopping street)

The Suite


Big Step


Sun Hall Ghost Ultralounge

Coolabah L&L


The Silver Ball Planet Cinem @rt

5F Boy




Ark Hotel

3F GS Travel


Daimaru Dept. Murphy’s 2F

Daimaru Dept. South

Apple Store


Moon Tower



Triangle Park






Nest Hotel



Daimaru Dept. North

Nikko Hotel


Covent Garden

Tokyu Hands


Hearton Hotel

Nagahori Tsurumi-Ryokuchi line

Ali’s Kitchen El Pancho 8F

Shinsaibashi-suji (shopping arcade)

Kitahorie Hospital


Arthur Murray

Midosuji line

TABIJI Kitchen

The Westside


Louis Vuitton




bi-grace nail Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

Toyoko Inn


D & Dept.

Namba Shrine




Daiwa Roynet Hotel

Shinsaibashi-suji (shopping arcade)


Balabushka 4F


Cross Hotel

Kansai Tourist APA Information Center Hotel Don Quijote

Comfort Hotel The Blarney Stone Suomachi-dori B1 (Europe street)

Minami Police Station


Bar Jaai


Sakaisuji line


Fujiya Hotel




Burlesque B1 Pure Osaka Don Quijote B1

Kaneyoshi Ryokan

Mexico Osaka Shochikuza

Dotonbori Hotel


Namba Hips Tominaga Hospital

a St

amb JR N

Casa Lapichu

AEON MaxValu

BIC Camera



Absinthe Solaar 8F

Toho Cinemas Namba annex

Toho Cinemas Namba

Visitors Information Center

Hotel Ichiei

Nipponbashi sta.

Sennichimae line

Little Long Beach

Inari 5

Namba Sta.




Namba Washington Hotel






Hotel Monterey Grasmere Osaka

Dotonbori Hozenji Temple Osaka Floral Inn

Takashimaya Dept. Store


Fraser Residence

Namba Oriental Hotel

Misono Building Singh’s Kitchen Namba Plaza Hotel

MUJI/LOFT Tower Records


Swissôtel Nankai Osaka


Nankai Namba Station

McDonalds Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium

Naniwa Park

Namba -naka



Pub Bar 30 2F


Naniwa Sports Center Naniwa Post Office

Animate Nihonbashi Shop

Toys”R”Us Yamada Denki LABI1 Namba

Jack & Queen


Kuromon Market


Namba Hatch


Naniwa Ward Office





100m D

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #209 OCTOBER 2017 /


Osaka Tennoji Area MAPS & INFORMATION

e Osak

a Lo op L in

Tanimachi Line

Abeno Q’s Mall




Abeno Harukas

i Tram Hanka


Kansai Kyoiku University


Hoop 3




ho Tenn oji Sta.

Language School












Tenshiba Kans ai M ain L suji ine Line




Osaka Municipal University Hospital


Line S

odan i

ress R ou



Te r




i Main Nanka


a ak

in Exp



iL uj


Osaka Municipal Museum of Fine Art

Tennoji Zoo

e ashi Lin Yotsub



Shitennoji Honbo

Tennoji Sta.




a i Sh in-Im amiy a

Shin Sekai

D Tennoji Ward Office


Imamiya Ebisu Shrine








Zepp Namba

te 1


re g






Osaka Castle Area Osaka Tenmangu

hi Line




o Koen

Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle Park

Osaka Museum of History

Hanshin Expressway Higashi Osaka


Morinomiya Q’s Mall BASE


Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #209 OCTOBER 2017 /



Subway Chuo Line

2 Subway Im azato Line

Tanimachi 4-chome


Hanshin Expressway



Sakaisuji Honmachi


Hotel New Otani


Subway Tanim ac









Subway Sakaisuji Line




Osaka-jo Hall

Osaka Prefectural Government Office








a nM


Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry









D i sh

Osaka Loop Line


Tozai Line


N 0

400m D





Kitano Museum



Kitanoseiryu Shrine

Hotel Piena Kobe


Shiei Yamate subway line

Sa nn om iya iya

OS Cinemas Mint Kobe Hotel Tokyu Inn

Tower Records a


SOGO Dept. 5F Kinokuniya Kobe Kokusai Kaikan 1F HSBC Kobe Kokusai Shochiku


rt l








Ali’s Kitchen Marui 3F e 2 San Plaza ut do Ro Center u s Center Plaza East et ut Plaza t. ok iya ae s West os k nom eim Junkudo Sannomiya be Sannadok o K Cine Phoenix Ha e lin Kowka Guild hin 4F s n 2F Aoyama Ha

Soraku Park


Sun City 7F Junkudo








Kobe Elementary School


Shinko High School






ad Ro


Sansei Hosp.


The Rock et tre 2F rl S a Pe Kobe Womens Kobe Junior Grocers St. Michael’s Kobe College International Mosque School en ns Hobgoblin ka Ikuta Police e 7F t ma Station Midnight Ya Kobe Ikuta jinja 5F Halal Food Mickey’s Oriental iya m Club Iznt Dental no 4F San 5F Clinic Tokyu Hotel Hands Tor Road Hotel 4F Monterey


zaka Fudo

aka terz Hun



Migration Museum ri -do oto am m Ya

Kitanosaka Hosp.


1F Bistrot Cafe De Paris


Isogami Park


Hyogo-ken Prefectural Hall

Palmore Hosp.

a m an ak u

Higashiyuenchi Park Kobe Luminarie



7F Kobe Legal Partners 4


Municipal Museum


n li aiga



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Cine Libre Kobe Kobe Doll Museum Mitsui Daimaru Sumitomo Dept. Bank




Kobe City Hall


Raja Indian Restaurant

Minato Bank



i ch ryu e yo uma k u r Ky ima Da

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Hanakuma Park

Kobe Plaza Hotel



ta. hi s ac m to hi Mo ac JR tom Mo


Kobe Ikuta Junior High School




Cafe Fish!


Hotel Okura Kobe Hotel La Suite Kobe Harborland

Kobe Maritime Museum Jumbo Ferry Terminal

Meriken park 6

Arthur Murray CULMENI Kobe 3F Harborland umie umie MOSAIC OS Cinema Harborland A



N Kobe Cruise Luminous Kobe 2

Kobe Meriken Park Oriental B

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200m D

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #209 OCTOBER 2017 /






Club Metro


1 Heian Shrine

Kiya Cho

Aeon Shopping Mall

The Ritz Carlton

Irish Pub Gnome


Higashi Oji - dori

Mori Yu Gallery Kyoto

Tozai Subway Line Kyotoshiyakusho-mae

Pig & Whistle





Movix Kyoto Mina

ori awa-d Shirakkawa river Shira JAM Hostel Kyoto Gion

Kyoto Tourist Information Center

Kawaramachi Marui




Fuji Daimaru

Keihan Line

Kyoto Bal


Hankyu Line


Gion s hijo


Teramachi Shotengai Shinkyogoku Shotengai

Kawara Machi




Butterfly Kitsune Hotel Vista Kyoto Premio Kyoto Maruzen Junkudo

Jomo Gas

Tourist Information Center



Kyoto Asahi Kaikan



Kyoto Royal Hotel & Spa








National Museum of Modern Art

Gastro Pub Tadgâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

Hotel Okura

Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art 2

Miyako Messe


Kyoto City Hall

Okazaki Park

Tsutaya Books

Tatsumi Bridge



Yasaka Jinja

Maruyama Park

Apa Hotel

Minami-za Theatre



Gion Kaikan Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art

The Gael Irish Pub





oga wa

Teramachi Area

Riv er

Kaosan Kyoto



Kyoto Municipal Museum of School History

Bakpak kyoto hostel

Ebisu Shrine

Nawa Clinic




The world's smallest Ukiyoe museum


N Ninenzaka




Higashiyama Ward Office

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #209 OCTOBER 2017 /

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200m D

Readers’ Choice


2017 It’s time to nominate your favorite things to do, places to eat, and spaces to play in our annual Readers’ Choice Awards! Stage 1

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Nominate your favorite things to do, places to eat, and spaces at the website URL below. You can complete the form just once and nominate just one place per category.*

The top 3–5 nominations from each category will be available as choices in the voting stage. Even if you didn’t nominate anywhere, you can still vote for your favorite places. You can complete the form just once and vote for just one place per category.*

*Please note that you will need to be logged in or create an account (email and username) if you do not already have one. Voting will be open from Nov 16 (6pm) – Dec 15 (midnight) and the winners announced in the January issue of Kansai Scene. Winning places will be awarded a KS Readers’ Choice Awards sticker and bragging rights for a year.

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Kansai Scene #209 October 2017  

In Fighting Spirit: Japan's fiercest fighting festival returns

Kansai Scene #209 October 2017  

In Fighting Spirit: Japan's fiercest fighting festival returns