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Sauntering into Spring Heed the Call of the Great Outdoors









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ON THE COVER: Osaka Castle during the height of the cherry blossom season.

Spring Camping


Grab your tent and head for the great outdoors to celebrate the arrival of spring!

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FEATURE Text: Judith LaFaver

Hanami Spots


Sakura spots around Kansai for a top cherryblossom-viewing experience.

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April arrives with a flurry of pink and white cherry blossoms and this month we have plenty of recommendations for the perfect place to throw down a picnic rug and sip on some plum wine or sake (page 24). Spring is also a great time of year to take advantage of the various campgrounds throughout Kansai in some really picturesque spots (page 22). If picnics under the cherry blossoms aren t your thing, perhaps the the internationally acclaimed Food Expo Utage will take your fancy as it returns to Osaka for the first time in four years. More than 600,000 gourmet food lovers are expected to gather for this culinary celebration. Plus, there are various traditional festivals and celebrations on throughout the region. See our events and festivals pages for more (page 04). We hope you have a warm and adventurous spring!

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Italian, French, and Spanish cuisine near the Tenjinbashisuji shopping street. FOOD & DRINK Text: Kansai Scene

Japan Podcasts


Brush up on your local knowledge with these Japan-themed podcasts.. FEATURE Text: Ian Yates

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Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #203 APRIL 2017 /





11 17 >

Sakura Torinuke – Cherry Blossom Viewing 桜の通り抜け

The grounds of the Mint Bureau will open to the public for the sakura torinuke (cherry blossom viewing). This is one of the most iconic sites to catch cherry blossoms in Japan in early spring. Every year, for only one week, the Mint opens its gates for everyone to meander along the 560-meter path and admire the rows of cherry blossoms. Come and walk under the 350 cherry trees of different varieties, including the gorgeous-looking yaezakura – double-flowered cherry blossom. The fun lasts all day and into the evening as the blossoms are lit up with atmospheric lighting, which creates a wonderful ambiance. The walk from Temmabashi station is very pleasant, where an array of food stalls can be found along the river. TIME: 10am–9pm (9am–9pm on weekends) • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: Subway / Keihan Line Temmabashi Stn, 15-min walk •

Shoryoe – Memorial Service for Prince Shotoku 聖霊会舞楽大法要

Shitennoji Temple, Osaka • Apr 22


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This event is an excellent opportunity to appreciate bugaku, a great classical performing art. The performance commemorates the revered ancient figure, Prince Shotoku, who erected this important temple in the 6th century. A skilled troupe of dancers trained in bugaku, which has been designated a nationally important cultural asset, will put on a performance that has been carried out in the Japanese imperial courts for over 1,200 years. Watch the graceful movements of young boys in butterfly costumes and other dancers wearing elaborate masks. Beautiful ornaments shaped like red spider lilies will decorate the stage adding to the ambiance of this traditional Japanese art. The original version of the lion dance will be sure to delight the crowd. TIME: 12:30pm • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: Shitennoji-mae Yuhigaoka Subway Stn, 5-min walk •

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #203 APRIL 2017 /

© Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

The Osaka Mint Bureau, Osaka • Apr 11–17




28 7 >

KANSAI TEMPLE MARKETS Explore Kansai s wonderful monthly temple markets and grab a bargain. You ll find a lot of antiques, including old kimono, ceramics and lacquerware, but you may also unearth some more contemporary curiosities. Perfect as souvenirs or gifts for friends and relatives back home. » Shitennoji Temple Flea


Apr 21 & 22 • Shitennoji Temple Grounds, Osaka • Access: 5-min walk from Shitennojimae Stn, Tanimachi Line » Toji Market Kyoto:

Apr 21 • Toji Temple • Access: 15-min walk from JR Kyoto Stn » Kitano Tenmangu Market:

Apr 25 • Kitano Tenmangu Shrine • Access: Tenman-gumae bus stop



The International Food Expo Utage 2017 in Osaka 2017 食博覧会 • 大阪

Intex Osaka • Apr 28–May 7

The internationally acclaimed Food Expo Utage will return to Osaka for the first time in four years! More than 600,000 gourmet food lovers are expected to gather for this culinary celebration. With a vast array of programs, the whole family can enjoy a plethora of world cuisines, sweets, drinks, and not to mention local delicacies from all over Japan. There will be a nutrition education section and fun carnival acts from across Japan. There is something for everybody at this fabulous food celebration! TIME: 11am • ADMISSION: ¥1,600 (¥2,200 at door) adults, concessions • ACCESS: Cosmosquare Subway Stn, 9-min walk •

Kemari Festival 蹴鞠祭

Tanzan-Jinja Shrine, Nara • Apr 29 An elegant ball game that was popular among people of the court in early Japanese history takes place at the ancient Tanzan-jinja shrine. Mountains in fresh spring verdure provide the perfect setting for this traditional event called kemari. Wearing magnificent kimono, performers kick and pass the ball in a graceful manner reminiscent of the Japanese courts of old. Legend has it that Prince Nakano Oe first met his vassal Kamatari Fujiwara at a kemari game in the 7th century. To commemorate this historical event, Tanzan-jinja, the shrine that houses the deity Kamatari Fujiwara hosts the ancient ball game biannually in Spring and Autumn. TIME: 11am • ADMISSION: ¥600 adults, concessions • ACCESS: JR / Kintetsu Line Sakurai Stn, bus to Tanzan-jinja •

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #203 APRIL 2017 /








29 3 >

Easter Egg Hunt Utsubo Park, Osaka • Apr 23 (Apr 30 in case of rain)

Looking for some family fun? The Easter egg hunt is now in its third year and gets bigger and better every time! The event includes, of course, an Easter egg hunt for the kids, a bag of Easter treats, games (remember the egg and spoon race?), and great prizes. For parents, there s delicious craft beer, tacos, and couscous. This year there will be additional entertainment by local children s entertainer Mr. Ham, face painting, and a chance to take a selfie with the Easter Bunny himself ! TIME: 9:30am • ENTRY: ¥2,000 for kids - advanced registration required (before Apr 17) • ACCESS: Higobashi Stn (Subway Yotsubashi Line) • FACEBOOK: “Utsubo Park Easter Egg Hunt 2017”

Event organiser? List your event online for free at


Yuasa Andon Art – Paper Lamp Stand Exhibition Yuasa-cho, Wakayama • Apr 29–May 3

Step back in time and see the Japan of yesterday. The town of Yuasa is beautifully preserved in the samurai-period style and has been designated as one of the Important Preservation Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings. From April 29 to May 3, the peaceful town is given a makeover with the gentle light of over 500 lamps made by artists from all over the country. Soothing musical performances lend to the atmosphere that is sure to transport visitors to a bygone era. TIME: 6:30pm–9pm • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: JR Yuasa Stn, 10-min walk • andon

Heijokyo Tenpyo Sai – Heijokyo Festival Heijokyo Palace Site • May 3–5 Nara hosts a visual spectacle celebrating its more than 1,300 years of history. With traditional ceremonies, an array of activities to participate in, and a variety of different entertainment, this event showcases the ancient cultural life of the Japanese. TIME: 10am–4:30pm • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: Kintetsu Line, Yamatosaidaiji Stn, 15-min walk •

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #203 APRIL 2017 /





Events Osaka The Riyoko Ikeda Exhibition – The Rose of Versailles デビュー50周年記念展池田理代子 ―「ベルばら」 とともに―

Takashimaya Osaka Store • Until Apr 10 The world of Riyoko Ikeda, one of the most famous Japanese manga artists, will be on show. Featuring mainly The Rose of Versailles, original pictures and personal items will be on display. TIME: 10am–8pm • ADMISSION: ¥600 (¥800 at door) adults, concessions • ACCESS: Subway / Nankai Line, Namba Stn • ikedariyoko

Naniwa Puppet Theater Festival 第21回なにわ人形芝居フェスティバル

Issinji Theater Kura and Surroundings • Apr 2 A vast array of puppet shows will be on stage at Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines around the neighborhood. Amusing performances, goodie stalls, and more will be on the streets during the event.

An exciting, new contemporary community arts festival in Osaka will showcase the best local artists, musicians, and performers in Kansai. Unforeseen Festival, now in its second year, spans three days and includes an international lineup of exciting guest artists from all over the world including Japan, USA, Australia, Russia, UK, Latvia, Chile, Canada, and many other countries. Check the website for details of the full lineup. TIME: 4–10pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,500 • ACCESS: Namba Stn, 3-min walk •

Vegan Festival ビーガン • フェスタ

Nakazaki-cho Hall • Apr 23 More than 25 booths selling vegan food, including glutenfree sweets and organically grown vegetables will be open for business! There will be live music performances, lectures on animal rights, and much more. Pets are not allowed. TIME: 11am–5pm • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: Subway Nakazakicho Stn • events/747955718678182

Showa Era Day

TIME: 10am–3:30pm • ADMISSION:


depends on venue • ACCESS: Tanimachi Subway Line, Shitennojimae Yuhigaoka Stn, 5-min walk •

Momogaike Park & Surroundings • Apr 29

The 70th City Regatta, Osaka 第70回大阪シティレガッタ

The Genpachi-Bashi Bridge • Apr 15 & 16 Every April, a mixture of serious rowers and sun worshippers gather on the banks of the Okawa river for two days of racing. Much loved by the people of Osaka, the City Regatta heralds the arrival of spring. TIME: 10am–1pm Apr 15; 9am–5pm Apr 16 • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: JR Loop line, Sakuranomiya Stn • goo. gl/YELZx2

Unforeseen Festival 2017 No Name Cafe, Osaka • April 21–23

Showa-cho s community festival boasts unique attractions and activities that showcase the good old days of the Showa era. Enjoy live performances, a market, traditional games, and more. TIME: 10am–5pm • ADMISSION: Most events free • ACCESS: Showa-cho Subway Stn •

Oimatsu Kobijutsu Matsuri – Antique Fair 老松古美術祭

Oimatsu-cho, Osaka • Apr 29 & 30 Oimatsu-cho hosts a biannual antique fair. An interesting mix of Japanese, Chinese, and Western period pieces will be on sale. You can bring your collection for a free appraisal. TIME: 10am–6pm • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: ACCESS: Keihan Line,



Naniwabashi Stn, 5-min walk •

Kyoto Weeping Cherry Tree Concert 紅しだれコンサート

Heian-jingu Shrine • Apr 6–9 The famed weeping-willow cherry blossoms on the grounds of Heian-jingu will be flowering in all their glory during this event. The trees were popular with Japanese literary giants Kawabata Yasunari and Tanizaki Jun'ichiro. Take in the atmosphere as beautiful concert music and cherry blossom petals fill the air! TIME: 6:15pm–9pm • ADMISSION: ¥1,700 (¥2,000 at door) • ACCESS: Subway Higashiyama Stn, 10-min walk

Kyokusui no Utage – Poetry Composing Game 賀茂曲水宴

Kamigamo Shrine • Apr 9 Poets from the Reizei-ke (a family tracing back to an aristocracy in the Heian period) wearing ceremonial kimono compose poems in the Japanese garden of Kamigamo-jinja, a World Heritage listed shrine. TIME: 1pm • ADMISSION: ¥1,000 (Japanese tea and sweets are included) • ACCESS: Kitayama Subway Stn, bus to Kamigamojinja-mae •

The Riyoko Ikeda Exhibition – The Rose of Versailles デビュー50周年記念展池田理代子―「 ベルばら」 とともに―

Takashimaya Kyoto Store • Apr 12–23 The world of Riyoko Ikeda, one of the most famous Japanese manga artists, will be on show. Featuring mainly The Rose of Versailles, original pictures and personal items will be on display. TIME: 10am–8pm • ADMISSION: ¥600

(¥800 at door) adults, concessions • ACCESS: Hankyu Line, Kawaramachi Stn •

La Festa Primavera 2017 ラ フェスタプリマベラ 2017



Start at Nagoya Goal, Kyoto • Apr 14–17


Calling all car enthusiasts! Don't miss this exciting showcase of classic cars: Porsches, MGs, and other rare automobiles will begin a 1,100km-tour of Nagoya, Mie, Wakayama, and Kyoto. See the website for further information.

An Exhibition and Sale of Japanese Swords 第19回京都刀剣まつり

Miyako Messe • May 2–4 A variety of top-quality Japanese blades from all regions and time periods will be on display and for sale. TIME: 9:30am–4pm (11am–4pm Apr 2) • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: Higashiyama Subway Stn, 8-min walk •

Tightrope Lion Dance 伊勢の森神社 梯子獅子

Isenomori Shrine • Apr 9 Wearing a heavy headdress, performers bravely dance on a tightrope crossing a 10-meter valley. Enjoy thrilling acrobatics held in a puff of falling cherry-blossom petals!

Hyogo Confectionery Fair 第7回菓子祭前日祭

TIME: 12:30pm • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: JR Kobe line, Maiko Stn, bus to Tsuna Ichinomiya IC, 10-min taxi ride •

Daikai-dori in Toyooka • Apr 15 The city of Toyooka, said to be the first in Japanese history to make desserts, hosts a confectionary fair. There will be an array of confectionaries, a tea ceremony, sweets-making demonstrations and more.

Grand Tea Ceremony in Suma

TIME: 10am–3:30pm • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: JR Toyooka Stn • toyooka-cci. jp/sweetsfestival

A large tea-ceremony party is held in Suma annually in the spring season. Feel free to take part in these tea ceremonies; there is no dress code and no experience is required.

St. Michael’s International School Bazaar Kobe • Apr 22 Popular annual School Bazaar at St. Michael s International School in Kobe that promises a fun-filled day with lots of international food, games, fun stalls & rummage sales, music, dance and a Raffle. Raffle tickets are on sale until 1pm on the day. Everyone welcome! TIME: 10am–3pm • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: JR Motomachi Stn, 10-min walk •


Sumadera and Surroundings • Apr 29

TIME: 9am–4pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,000

(¥2,200 at door) for two ceremonies • ACCESS: Hanshin / Hankyu Line, Sumadera Stn, 5-min walk • sumadera.

Nara Jinmusai Festival 春の神武祭

Kashiharajingu • Apr 7–9 Celebrate the ancient city of Kashihara at the Jinmusai Festival at Kashihara Shrine! There will be a projection-mapping

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #203 APRIL 2017 /

show, live music performances, a magnificent parade of 2,000 people in traditional clothes, and a large food market. TIME: 4:30pm Apr 7; 10am Apr 8 & 9 • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: Kintetsu Line, Kashiharajingu-mae Stn, 5-min walk • harunojimmusai

Shiga Pottery in Shigaraki 第12回信楽窯元散策路 ぶらり窯 元めぐり

Shigaraki-cho Nagano-Chiku Area • Apr 7–9 Renowned for tanuki (raccoon dog) earthenware, Shigaraki hosts a popular event where about 20 local pottery stores are open to tourists. Visit their studios, try a potter s wheel, and enjoy refreshments at galleries showcasing both modern and traditional ceramics. TIME: 10am • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: Shigarakikogen-Tetsudo

Events APR


13 16 >

Nagahama Hikiyama Festival 長浜曳山まつり

Nagahama Hachimangu & Surroundings • Apr 13–16 Enjoy the traditional art of kabuki theater carried out on floats that are themselves works of art; beautifully decorated with antique tapestries and adorned with elaborate carvings. TIME: Depends on date • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: JR Nagahama Stn, 10-min walk •

Line, Shigaraki Stn, 10-min walk •

Biwako Jazz Festival Higashiomi

and chased after her beloved monk, Anchin. To commemorate this legend, watch as a 25m paper-mache snake runs up a flight of stairs!


TIME: 1pm • ADMISSION: Free •

Yokaichi Stn • Apr 22 & 23

ACCESS: JR Dojoji Stn, 7-min walk •

A free two-day music show across a total of 40 venues scattered around Yokaichi station alongside various exciting street performances. TIME: 12 Noon Apr 23; 11am Apr 24 • ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: Omi Tetsudo Line Yokaichi Stn, bus to Shiyakusyo-mae •

Wakayama Janjaka Odori – Snake Dance ジャンジャカ踊り

Dojoji Temple and Surroundings • Apr 27 Legend has it that a girl named Kiyohime turned into a serpent

The 12th Wakayama Magical Music Tour 第12回わかやまマジカルミュージッ クツアー

Wakayama Castle Park and Surroundings • Apr 23 Enjoy drinks and your favorite tunes in the heart of Wakayama! Various local bands will perform at Wakayama Castle Park, museums, and on the streets. TIME: 11am–9pm ADMISSION: Free • ACCESS: Nankai Line, Wakayamashi Stn, 10-min walk • magical.


/ WHAT’S ON AROUND KANSAI Wooden Buddhist Statues in Japan

Matisse and Rouault – A Story of 50 Year Friendship –

Japan s Shinto influence has long contributed to a sense of reverence for natural objects in the hearts of its people. Since ancient times, artists and spiritualists alike have expressed tremendous veneration for trees, which are believed to house the energy of sacred spirits. Trees that grow tall over the course of many years come to be regarded as deities, to the extent that rituals are often performed prior to the cutting or pruning of these trees. It comes as no surprise, then, that Japanese sculptors would choose wood as a preferred material to form likenesses of holy beings. This exhibition demonstrates a fusion of ideology from Japan s two predominant religions with a collection of statues of Buddhist idols carved from ancient trees. Focus is placed not only on the works themselves, but also carving techniques and methods used throughout history to shape wooden materials into expressions of divinity.

重要文化財 重要文化財 木造 宝誌和尚立像 誌和尚立像 平安時代 平安時代 京都・西往寺 京都・西往寺

Henri Matisse《The blue dress reflected in the mirror》1937 Kyoto National Museum of Modern Arts

Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts

Wooden Buddhist Statue Exhibition • Until June 4 • OPEN: 9:30am–5pm • CLOSED: Mon (except May 1) • ADMISSION: ¥1,300 • ACCESS: Tennoji & Osaka Abenobashi Stn, 10-min walk • TEL: 06-4301-7285 •

Matisse & Rouault Exhibition • Until May 28 • OPEN: 10am–8pm (until 6pm Mon, Sat, Sun, & holidays, until 8pm May 3 ~7 ) • CLOSED: Mon (except May 1, 15, 22 ) • ADMISSION: ¥1,400 • ACCESS: Tennoji & Osaka Abenobashi Stn • TEL: 06-4399-9050 •


Kaiho Yusho Exhibition Kyoto National Museum Yusho Kaiho, born into a family legacy of military service, was destined to wield a paintbrush in lieu of a sword. He entered Kyoto s Tofuku shrine as a young page, sparing him the fate of his father and brothers who died in battle, and went on to make his livelihood as a painter after many years serving as a lay priest. Kaiho studied as a pupil of artist Kano Motonobu before establishing his own independent school of painting. In celebration of its 120-year anniversary, the Kyoto National Museum presents an impressive collection of works by Kaiho brought to Japan from locations around the world. This retrospective exhibition includes a number of Kaiho s early monochrome sumi-e ink paintings, in addition to well-known screen paintings applied to gold leaf backgrounds in rich color, many of which were designated as Important Cultural Property by the Agency for Cultural Affairs. Kaiho Yusho Exhibition • Until May 21 • OPEN: 9:30am–6pm (until 8pm Fri & Sat) • CLOSED: Mon • ADMISSION: ¥1,500 • ACCESS: Shichijo Stn, 7-min walk • TEL: 075-525-2473 •

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #203 APRIL 2017 /


Henri Matisse and Georges Henri Rouault, two prominent masters of French modern painting, formed their friendship in Paris at the École des Beaux-Arts. Following graduation, they participated in the short-lived Fauvism movement, whose members colorful and informal works were considered unconventional when compared with the representative nature of fashionable Impressionist art of the era. From there, the two men went on to develop starkly different styles and juxtaposing career trajectories. Matisse, influenced by his travels through Southern Europe and Northern Africa, used vibrant colors to bring life to everyday subjects. Rouault, meanwhile, focused on moralistic motifs involving religious figures and observations of human nature. During a period of more than 50 years, the two artists corresponded in writing to keep in touch and support one another s creative endeavors. This exhibition provides guests with an opportunity to view these letters alongside works highlighting the individual personalities of Rouault and Matisse.

Important Cultural Property《Kanzan Jitoku and Vinegar Tasters》 By Kaihō Yūshō (1533–1615) Myōshin-ji Temple, Kyoto

Abeno Harukas Art Museum


Special Exhibition: Beads in the World

Susumu Shingu’s Spaceship

National Museum of Ethnology •  Until June 6

Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art •  Until May 7

Witness a remarkable collection of beaded accessories made from a diversity of materials, such as stone, glass, shells, insect feathers, and animal teeth. This exhibition demonstrates the decorative potential of beadwork techniques involving both commonplace and unconventional components.

Susumu Shingu s kinetic sculptures are animated by the wild, untamed energy of wind and water. This exhibition, his largest ever showcase, features 15 pieces by Shingu presented alongside mockups, drawings, and videos of past works.

OPEN: 10am–5pm • CLOSED: Wed • ADMISSION: ¥420 • ACCESS: Osaka Monorail, Banpaku Kinenkoen Stn, 15-min walk •

Picture Scroll Osaka City Museum of Fine Arts •  Until May 14 Artistic scrolls illustrating the spatial and temporal development of narratives are said to have inspired modern movies and animations, with stories that unravel gradually across two-dimensional planes. This collection of painted scrolls reveals a rich variety of themes, allowing viewers to examine vivid tales unfolding before their eyes. OPEN: 9:30am–5pm • CLOSED: Mon • ADMISSION: ¥300 • ACCESS: Tennoji & Osaka Abenobashi Stn, 10-min walk • TEL: 06-6771-4874 •

Kyoto Metal Works by Imperial Household Artists Kiyomizu Sannenzaka Museum •  Until May 14 During the Meiji era, the Imperial Household Ministry began officially appointing artists to create works for the Tokyo Imperial Palace and other royal residences. This exhibition provides visitors with an opportunity to view a display of exquisite pieces designed by Imperial Household metal craft artists. OPEN: 10am–5pm • CLOSED: Mon, Tue • ADMISSION: ¥800 • ACCESS: JR Kyoto Stn, bus to Kiyomizumichi stop, 5-min walk • TEL: 075-532-4270 •

OPEN: 10am–6pm • CLOSED: Mon • ADMISSION: ¥1,300 • ACCESS: Hanshin line, Iwaya Stn, 8-min walk • TEL: 078262-0901 •

Shiga The Dramatic Vessel The Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park •  Until June 11 Ceramic vessels act not only as functional containers for everyday use but also serve as expressions of beauty in the realm of contemporary pottery. This selection of dramatic vessels contains works by leading pottery talents such as Bernard Leach and Lucy Rie. OPEN: 9:30am–5pm • CLOSED: Mon • ADMISSION: ¥700 • ACCESS: Shigaraki Kogen Railway, Shigaraki Stn, bus to Togei-no-mori stop • TEL: 0748-83-0909 •

Wakayama Collection Exhibition 2017 Spring The Museum of Modern Art, Wakayama •  Until May 7 It is a well-known phenomenon that the psychology of groups and crowds differs greatly in comparison with the psychology of an individual. The images expressed in the works included in this exhibition encourage viewers to consider deeply what it means to experience life as a part of society. OPEN: 9:30am–5pm • CLOSED: Mon • ADMISSION: ¥340 • ACCESS: JR Wakayama Stn, bus to Kencho-mae stop, 2-min walk • TEL: 073-436-8690 •

©Hirano Kouta/Shonengahosha



Drawing Manga! – Lines, Panels, Kyara Kyoto International Manga Museum This exhibition presents a blend of artwork, footage, and other assorted materials that examine the cultural and environmental influences that inspire readers and fans of manga to become amateur and professional artists. This abundant showcase, consisting of some 300 original manga works by 13 featured artists, covers a range of material dating back to Japan s postwar period. Guests will have a valuable opportunity to witness outstanding artistic techniques related to the drawing of manga imagery and its common themes. In particular, this display focuses on methods of drawing characters and expressing their stories and emotions through the use of lines, panels, and numerous unique approaches. Exhibited artists include Tezuka Osamu, Ishinomori Shotaro, Fujiko Fujio, Akatsuka Fujio, Mizuno Hideko, Saito Takao, Takemiya Keiko, Mutsu Ako, Morohoshi Daijiro, Shimamoto Kazuhiko, Hirano Kouta, Azuma Kiyohiko, and PEACH-PIT. Drawing Manga! Exhibition • Until May 14 • OPEN: 10am–6pm • CLOSED: Wed (except May 3) & Apr 13 • ADMISSION: ¥800 • ACCESS: Karasuma & Tozai subway lines, Karasuma Oike Stn, 2-min walk • TEL: 075-254-7414 •

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #203 APRIL 2017 /





Sonar is a four-piece progressive, post-minimal band formed seven years ago in Zurich, Switzerland. Inspired by the likes of King Crimson and Glen Branca, the band s take on avant-rock has won over many critics with reviews describing them as defying the norm and crafting something singular and magical. The band recorded their latest album, Vortex, in February of this year and will be playing a number of dates throughout Japan starting in Kyoto on April 17, and finishing on April 23 in Yokohama. Vortex is the band s third album through the US label Cuneiform Records, on which they have already released two albums, Static Motion (2014) and Black Light (2015). Sonar consists of Stephan Thelen (guitar), Bernhard Wagner (guitar), Christian Kuntner (electric bass) and Manuel Pasquinelli (drums). The new album also features, and was produced by, acclaimed musician and producer David Torn (David Bowie, Jeff Beck, Madonna).

Apr / May Rock and Pop

Muse, Kyoto • Rock • 6pm • ¥2,500/¥3,000 • TEL: 06-6357-4400

Sonar Apr 17

Apr 3

Progressive groove band from Switzerland

Billboard Live OSAKA, Osaka • Fusion • 6:30pm/9:30pm • ¥9,800/¥10,800 • TEL: 06-6342-7722

The Willard Apr 15 Japanese punk band formed 1982 Shangri-La, Osaka • Punk • 6:30pm • ¥3,900/¥4,400 • TEL: 06-6343-8601


Four-piece avant-rock band from Switzerland • Live Spot Rag, Kyoto • Rock • 7:30pm • ¥2,800/¥3,500 • TEL: 075-255-7273

Amashin Arukaiku Hall, Osaka • Prog rock • 7pm • ¥10,000/¥11,000 • TEL: 06-6341-4506

Vintage Trouble

Level 42

UK fusion-pop band with major hits in the 80s and 90s

Live Music

Apr 22

Live Spot Rag, Kyoto • Rock • 7:30pm • ¥2,800/¥3,500 • TEL: 075-255-7273

Nora Jones

Rock-soul American rhythm & blues band from California Billboard Live OSAKA, Osaka • Rock • 4:30pm/7:30pm • ¥7,900/¥8,900 • TEL: 06-6342-7722

Chuo Gymnasium, Osaka • Rock • 7pm • ¥12,100/¥13,100 • TEL: 06-6341-4506

TTNG Apr 25 English indie-rock band from Oxford Conpass, Osaka • Indie • 7:30pm • ¥4,200 • TEL: 06-6243-1666

Eric Martin

Apr 17


Apr 26

US singer, songwriter, musician, actress

Apr 22 & 23

Ex-Mr. Big vocalist and solo artist

Osaka Jo Hall, Osaka • singer-songwriter • 6:30pm • ¥8,500/¥9,500 • TEL: 066341-4506

Dizzy Sunfist

Anderson, Rabin, and Wakeman

Apr 16

Apr 21

Japanese rock trio

An evening of YES and more

Korean singer from the pop group Big Bang

Club Quattro, Osaka • Rock • 7pm • ¥7,500 • TEL: 06-6311-8111

Kyocera Dome, Osaka • Pop • 5pm Apr 22; 3pm Apr 23 • ¥10,800 • TEL: 0570200-888

Doobie Brothers


Country / classic rock band

Apr 24

Grand Cube, Osaka • Rock • 7pm • ¥10,000/¥11,000 • TEL: 06-6341-4506

Apr 28

Southern American rock and blues guitar legend

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #203 APRIL 2017 /


Live Music



Anderson, Rabin & Wakeman Apr 21

Santana Fifty years ago, in 1967, guitarist Carlos Santana was a dish washer at a drive-in. Two years later, the band Santana played Woodstock and the exposure helped propel their self-titled first album into a hit. It was followed in the next two years by the successful Abraxas and Santana III. Last spring saw the release of Santana IV, the latest studio album that reunites the classic early 70s lineup featuring Carlos Santana, Gregg Rolie, Neal Schon, Michael Carabello, and Michael Shrieve. This was the first time in 45 years, since the 1971 multi-platinum classic Santana III, that the quintet had recorded together. The 69-year-old award-winning guitarist plays four dates in Japan between touring Australia and the US. There is no doubt that tickets will fly, so get in quick! Mexican-American blues-Latin-fusion guitarist and band • Chuo Gymnasium, Osaka • Rock • 7pm • ¥12,100/¥13,100 • TEL: 06-6341-4506


Rick Wakeman was the keyboardist with the band YES for a total of 12 years, vocalist Jon Anderson was in the band for 36 years, and guitarist, keyboardist, and vocalist Trevor Rabin was also in for 12 years. The trio, who had played together in probably the most important and influential progressive-rock band of the genre, started working on material in 2010. It wasn t until last year, however, that they officially announced that the band was actively underway. The current tour began in October 2016 and from March to April it takes in Israel, Europe, and Japan under the title An Evening of YES Music and More. The set list covers a 20-year span of music from the self-titled 1971 YES album through to the 1991 Union. In an interview last year, Jon Anderson said, We re elevating it into the 21st century musically and dynamically…we love YES music. An evening of music from past members of prog rock’s finest • Amashin Arukaiku Hall, Osaka • Prog rock • 7pm • ¥10,000/¥11,000 • TEL: 06-6341-4506

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #203 APRIL 2017 /

Dizzy Sunfist Apr 16 Japanese-pop punk trio Dizzy Sunfist are set to release their first single and their second live DVD simultaneously on April 5th. The single, The Dream Is Not Dead, features four songs (featuring a punk-rock version of the Kylie Minogue pop hit I Should Be So Lucky!!. The live DVD, Dizzy Beats DX, features footage from their Dizzy Beats Tour finale at Big Cat Osaka, as well as all of the music videos the band has released to date. Interestingly, the band members have penned some tunes in English; check online for the music video of the track Joking as a fine example and a taster of what to expect from this gig. The band, consisting of Ayapetta (guitar/vocals), Iyama (bass/vocals), and Moai (drums), put their first demo together in 2009, their first mini-album in 2013, and their debut full album in March last year. Japanese pop punk rock trio • Muse, Kyoto • Rock • 6pm • ¥2,500/¥3,000 • TEL: 06-6357-4400

Live Music Rami Apr 29

Billboard Live OSAKA, Osaka • singer-songwriter • 6:30pm/9:30pm • ¥7,500/¥8,500 • TEL: 06-6342-7722

Ex-Aldious vocalist first solo album shows

Vince Neil

Muse, Osaka • Rock • 7pm • ¥3,500/¥4,000 • TEL: 0570-084-005

May 11

Kra Apr 30

Ex-Motley Crue vocalist with special guests L.A. Guns Zepp, Osaka • Rock • 7pm • ¥9,500/¥18,000 • TEL: 0570-200-888

Japanese four-piece visual-kei rock band


Muse, Esaka • Rock • 4:30pm/7:30pm • ¥4,500/¥5,000 • TEL: 03-5575-5170

May 12

The Neatbeats May 3

80 s/90 s glam-rock band with special guests Slaughter Zepp, Osaka • Rock • 7pm • ¥9,500/¥18,000 • TEL: 0570-200-888

Japanese rock band s 20th anniversary with The Privates


Taku Taku, Kyoto • Rock • 6pm • ¥3,000/¥3,500 • TEL: 075-351-1321

May 13


Japanese pop-rock band formed 1989 Big Cat, Osaka • Pop rock • 5pm • ¥7,000/¥7,500 • TEL: 06-6357-4400

Duo of vocalist Mai Mizuhashi and producer Yoshinori Abe

Daizy Stipper

Club Quattro, Osaka • Rock pop • 6pm • ¥5,400/¥5,900 • TEL: 06-6344-3326

May 13 & 14

Q’ulle May 4 Japanese five-piece pop group Muse, Kyoto • Pop • 1:30pm • ¥3,500/¥4,500 • TEL: 075-223-0389

Naoto Kine May 5 Japanese singer-songwriter Shangri-La, Osaka • singer-songwriter • 6:30pm • ¥6,000 • TEL: 0570-200-888

Angelo May 7 Japanese visual-kei rock band Big Cat, Osaka • Rock • 5:30pm • ¥6,000/¥6,500 • TEL: 0570-200-888

Devendra Banhart May 8 Venezuelan American songwriter and visual artist

Japanese rock band s 10th anniversary Muse, Esaka • Rock • 6pm • ¥4,500/¥5,000 • TEL: 06-6341-3525

The Muggles Every Fri & Sat Mellow ballads, classic rock, and rock n roll from Osaka-based jamming band Woodstock Café, Ashiya • Rock and group sounds • Free admission (¥2,000 for 2 drinks & snack) • TEL: 079-734-1044

Jazz & Blues Hristo Vitchev and Weber Iago Apr 3 Jazz guitar and piano duo Mister Kelly’s, Osaka • Jazz • 6pm/9pm • ¥4,000/¥4,500 • TEL: 06-6342-5821

Live Music





Level 42 British fusion-pop band Level 42 started out with its 1981 self-titled debut album and had a run of hits including Lessons In Love and Something About You. After releasing the successful Sirens EP in 2013, the band has been busy touring. KS spoke with keyboardist and founding member Mike Lindup about the upcoming Japan dates. What can the Japanese audience expect from Level 42 on this visit?

The Sirens EP and tours have been very successful for us, with some of the best times onstage that I can remember! We will be bringing an updated set to Japan, with some of the favourite songs the fans love, plus something different from our extensive album back catalogue. The lineup will include our horn section, Sean Freeman on sax, Dan Carpenter on trumpet, and Nichol Thomson on trombone, plus regulars Pete Ray Biggin on drums and Nathan King on guitar joining myself and Mark King. Everyone sings vocals in this band. The Sirens EP was released in 2013, will there be any more new material coming soon?

We are planning to record new material for our 2018 autumn tour; it s early days but ideas are in progress. We have the luxury of being able to wait until we have the right songs before recording and releasing them.

Chika Tanaka

Mister Kelly’s, Osaka • Jazz • 5:30pm/9pm • ¥5,000/¥6,800 • TEL: 06-6342-5821

Apr 16 Japanese vocalist with guitar, bass, and drum trio Jazz On Top, Osaka • Jazz • 7:30pm/9pm • ¥2,500/¥2,800 • TEL: 06-6311-0147

Yucco Miller Apr 17 Japanese fusion-jazz saxophonist Mister Kelly’s, Osaka • Jazz • 7:30pm/9:15pm • ¥4,500/¥5,000 • TEL: 06-6342-5821

Junko Onishi Trio Apr 24 Piano, bass, and drums jazz trio


Monday Michiru Apr 24 Japanese-American singer, actress, presenter

2016 and the start of 2017 looks to have been busy tour-wise for the band, how is the rest of the year shaping up?

It s been very busy recently; it seems the longer we are playing, the more appreciation we receive, for which we are very grateful. On the back of a successful UK and European Sirens 2 tour in 2016, we have many festivals over the summer in the UK and Norway, Belgium, and Germany (with more dates to come), including some open-air stadium shows with Ali Campbell s UB40, which we are looking forward to. British fusion-pop band and horn section • Billboard Live OSAKA, Osaka • Fusion • 6:30pm/9:30pm • ¥9,800/¥10,800 • TEL: 06-6342-7722



Mary J. Blige

2 Cellos

Apr 17

May 10 & 11

US R&B vocalist

Classically trained classical and contemporary music duo

Namba Hatch, Osaka • R&B • 7pm • ¥9,000/¥15,000 • TEL: 03-3475-9999

Billboard Live OSAKA, Osaka • Club Jazz • 6:30pm/9:30pm • ¥5,900/¥6,900 • TEL: 06-6342-7722

Osaka Festival Hall, Osaka • Classicalpops • 7pm • ¥8,000/¥9,000 • TEL: 06-6341-4506

Judith Hill May 2 American R&B-jazz singer-songwriter from California Billboard Live OSAKA, Osaka • Jazz • 6:30pm/9:30pm • ¥7,500/¥8,500 • TEL: 06-6342-7722

Who’s playing? Check for the latest live music listings...

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #203 APRIL 2017 /



Umeda Quattro Tom Jenkinson, AKA Squarepusher, is returning to Japan this spring and this time he is bringing along some friends to back him up. Shobaleader One is the name of Squarepusher s band, which originally formed in 2010, but just started touring in 2016. The identities of the other band members remain a mystery because they all wear LED masks and use pseudonyms, but their musical skills are undeniable. They play a mix of original music and live versions of Squarepusher s electronic tracks. The first live footage they released on the Squarepusher Youtube page was a performance of Squarepusher’s Theme from his debut 1996 LP, Feed Me Weird Things. It was clear from the start of his career that Jenkinson had ambition and broad taste, combining jazz bass riffs with breakbeats to create a new hybrid sound. Over the years, Jenkinson has continued to mix and match styles as he pleases, seamlessly moving from jazz



grooves, to Amen breaks, to disco, to acid. It is rare to see a musician who blends so many styles attempt to reproduce their electronic music with a live band. The Tokyo show sold out quickly so be sure to grab a ticket ahead of time. It is bound to be an amazing night. Shobaleader One (IDM/Jazz Fusion) • LIVE: Shobaleader One, Nisennenmondai • OPEN: 6:30pm • ADMISSION: ¥6,000 • WHERE: Umeda • TEL: 06-6311-8111 •

April 1 (Sat)

¥3,500) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6212-2264 •

Joule 0401 Go Hard (Hardstyle/Hardcore/Happy Hardcore) • ACTS: Yoji Biomehanika, Audiofreq, M.Minami, MC Stone, Horn feat. MC Hiro + more • OPEN: 10pm • ADMISSION: Gentlemen ¥3,000; Ladies ¥2,500; Foreigners Free • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6214-1223 •

Metro UFO Ha Ima!? (House/Techno/Jungle/Electronica) • ACTS: Ka4u, Distest, Utabi, Cow’p,Technoman, Naco, UchinaruTeikoku, DeeJay Oshaley, Limited Toss • OPEN: 10pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,500/1D (Mail RESERVATION: ¥2,000/1D) • WHERE: Kyoto • TEL: 075752-2787 •

Triangle The Age of Love feat. The Delta (Psychedelic Trance/Techno/Tribal) • ACTS: The Delta, Goaltz, Kihira Naoki, Yuta, Anode, Ryuta Ishimoto, Saki + more • OPEN: 9pm • ADMISSION: ¥4,000 (ADV:

2 (Sun) Night Wax Osaka Bass Blues vol.2 (Jungle/ Bass) • ACTS: Don, Glocal Pussys, Z.z.z, Karasumi bunch, Onionboy + more • OPEN: 5pm • ADMISSION: ¥1,000 • WHERE: Namba • TEL: 06-6575-9464 •

• LIVE: Kopy • DJS: Dnt, Madegg, S-Lee, Fuck Master Fuck, Soybeans • OPEN: Midnight • ADMISSION: ¥1,000 /1D • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • FACEBOOK: atmosphere / TUMBLR: atmos-fog.

Circus • DJS: Takaaki Itoh, Yazi, Kazuma, Loe • OPEN: 11pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,500 • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6241-3822 •

Joule Culture Coating (Techno/House)

El Topo feat. DJ Scratchy (Punk/ Reggae/Latin/World Music)

• DJS: Dk-Baseline, D41, ASato Sakamoto + more • OPEN: 10pm • ADMISSION: TBA (FOREIGNERS: ¥ Free) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6214-1223 •

7 (Fri) Atmosphäre

Noon + Cafe Lark (Techno/Minimal House) • DJS: Nekes, Aoki Takamasa, Yoske, Spot • OPEN: 11pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,000 (W/ FLYER: ¥1,500) • WHERE: Umeda • TEL: 06-6373-4919 •

Isn t it? (Techno/House)


Novel -Guest DJ: Danny West(Open Format) • DJS: Danny West, B=Ball, Masamune, S.u, Maurice, Takumi • OPEN: 9pm • ADMISSION: Gentlemen ¥3,000/1D; Ladies ¥1,500/1D • WHERE: Umeda • TEL: 06-6809-5895 •

Wols (Techno)

Noon + Cafe

• Live: Yokozawa Michiharu + Arimoto Shingo, Gaito Nostalgy, The Creams • DJs: Scratchy, Kaz Sudo, Txako, Marginalman a.k.a. Tuttle, Yoshimoto Hidesumi + more • Open: 5:30pm • Admission: ¥2,500 (ADV, W/Flyer: ¥2,000) • Where: Umeda • Tel: 06-6373-4919 •


Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #203 APRIL 2017 /

Union Ensemble 3rd Anniversary feat. Kaoru Inoue (Deep House) • DJS: Kaoru Inoue, 244 a.k.a. 822, Taihei Koyama • OPEN: 10 pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,000 /1D • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6251-2242 •

8 (Sat) Circus Coss feat.Varhat (Minimal Techno/ House) • DJS: Varhat, Satoshi Otsuki, Mitsuyas, Koichi • OPEN: 10pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,500 (ADV: ¥2,000) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6241-3822 •

WHAT’S ON AROUND KANSAI / Compufunk Records Tumulus with Bartellow (Downbeat house/Techno/Crossover) • ACTS: Bartellow, Ya ma, Gr⃝und • OPEN: 9pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,000/1D • WHERE: Kitahama • TEL: 06-6314-6541 •

Metro ContaKt (Juke/Bass/Techno)

14 (Fri) Noon + Café Club Jazz Kissa More - Vol. 79 feat. Record Store DJs (Jazz/Crossover) • ACTS: Az, Makiyama, I’m B, Daisuke Matsumoto, Shinji Okano, Shigema, Yohei Okamoto • OPEN: 9pm • ADMISSION: ¥1,000 • WHERE: Umeda • TEL: 06-63734919 •

• LIVE: Clock Hazard, Bodil • DJS: Fulltono,

Shin, Hisashi, Imadegawa, Yamame, Tenkumo • OPEN: 10pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,000/1D • WHERE: Kyoto • TEL: 075-7522787 •

Noon + Cafe M.o.h.s (Hip Hop/Funk) • ACTS: Mitsu The Beats, Conomark, Nagan Server×Yasa from Kireek×Shoichi Murakami, Buppon + more • OPEN: 9pm • ADMISSION: ¥3,000 (ADV: ¥2,500) • WHERE: Umeda • TEL: 06-6373-4919 •

Troop Cafe Lovers Jak (House/Deep House) • DJS: Takeshi Kouzuki, Yuko Nishida, Pixie • OPEN: 11pm • ADMISSION: ¥1,500/1D • WHERE: Kobe • TEL: 078-3213130 •

Zakuro Absolute Session feat. Ko Kimura (Tech House/Techno/House) • DJS: Ko Kimura, Beatman, Ju-n, Koba, Min-Tech, Takayuki + more • OPEN: Midnight • ADMISSION: ¥1,500 • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6214-3607 •

Circus Gaika First Japan Tour 2017 in Osaka (Experimental Rap/Grime/ Bass) • LIVE: Gaika • OPEN: 6pm • ADMISSION: ¥3,000 (ADV: ¥2,500) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6241-3822 •

Nya Binghi Yama no Oto: The Sound of Mountains (Ambient/Experimental) • LIVE: Standard Grey, Endurance, Samuel André, Cheekbone • OPEN: 6pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,000/1D • WHERE: Nara, Mt. Ikoma • TEL: 0743-73-0805 • ameblo. jp/nya-binghi

Metro DJ Colaboy presents Homesick 32 Towa Tei ~New Album『EMO』 Release Party in Kyoto~ (House/ Crossover) • LIVE: Drian • DJS: Towa Tei, Tofubeats, Halfby, Afr, Caroliecut, Colaboy • OPEN: 10pm • ADMISSION: ¥3,500 (ADV: ¥3,000) • WHERE: Kyoto • TEL: 075-752-2787 •

15 (Sat) Environment 0g Line in da Utopia. Day One (Avant-garde/Noise/Dub/Hip Hop/ Ambient) • LIVE: Noiseconcrete×3chi5, Blessed Blood Vulva & Guilty C, Shawn -D & SickBL from Psycho Patch, Nipponica, Orhythmo • OPEN: 6pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,000 • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • FACEBOOK: atmosphere /TUMBLR:

• LIVE: Gigi Masin, Dadarhythm • DJS: Iryoku, Saito • OPEN: 7pm • ADMISSION: ¥4,500 (ADV: ¥3,900) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6121-5557 •

22 (Sat)

• ACTS: Cojie from Mighty Crown, Original Kose, Mi-l • OPEN: 10pm • ADMISSION: ¥3,000 (ADV: ¥2,500) • WHERE: Umeda • TEL: 06-6373-4919 •

Triangle Trippin Factory 8th Anniversary Basement Style ~Dodge & Fuski×Far Too Loud Japan Tour in Osaka~ (Drum n Bass/Dubstep) • ACTS: Dodge & Fuski, Far Too Loud, Numb’n’dub, Shaka-itchi, Naga, Hmen, Yanmah, 81Blend, Ka4u + more • OPEN: 9pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,800 (ADV: ¥2,300. FOREIGNERS: Free) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6212-2264 •

World Kyoto Mija in Kyoto (EDM) •DJ: Mija + more • OPEN: 9pm • ADMISSION: \3,000 (ADV: ¥2,500) • WHERE: Kyoto • TEL: 075-213-4119 •

21 (Fri) Circus Perfect Touch feat Throwing Snow in Osaka (IDM/Experimental) • DJS: Throwing Snow, Sekitova, Erik Luebs, Mightwhales • OPEN: 10pm • ADMISSION: ¥3,000 (ADV: ¥2,200; W/ FLYER: ¥2,500) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6241-3822 •

Joule Paul Van Dyk Vonyc Sessions Tour in Osaka Supported by Castor (Trance)

• DJ: Foxsky, Seimei&Taimei, Carpainter, Yuc’e + more • OPEN: 2am • ADMISSION: ¥3,500 (ADV: ¥3,000) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6241-3822 •

28 (Fri) Joule • DJS: Flip, Sooma, Questa, Mo-ri, Dy, Kom, A-killer • OPEN: 10pm • ADMISSION: TBA (Foreigners ¥ Free) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6214-1223 •

• DJS: Evan Baggs, Masda, Kabuto • OPEN: 11pm • ADMISSION: TBA • WHERE: Kobe • TEL: 078-321-3130 •

Rebrellion (Reggea/Dub)

Grotta dell’ Amore

Noise Fanatics pres. Foxsky Japan Tour in Osaka (Breaks/Future Bass/EDM)

Props (Hip Hop)

Sushi Records presents. AC Slater & Crookers (House/Ghetto House/ Techno)

16 (Sun)


Daze of Phaze (House/Techno)

Noon + Cafe

• DJS: AC Slater, Jaxx Da Fishworks, Key Toy’s Crew, Paperkraft + more • OPEN: 9pm • ADMISSION: ¥3,300 (ADV: ¥2,500) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6214-1223 •

23 (Sun)

Troop Cafe


Gigi Masin Japan Tour 2017 (Ambient)

9 (Sun)

• DJS: Paul Van Dyk, M.Minami, Master Azia, Yuki Higashi, Oxy Tech, Takashix • OPEN: 9pm • ADMISSION: ¥4,000 (ADV: ¥3,500) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6214-1223 •


29 (Sat) Joule DJ Sneak Japan Tour 2017 (House/ Disco) • DJS: Sneak, Mitsuki, Monashee, Yuuna, Ryo Yoshida + more • OPEN: 10pm • ADMISSION: ¥3,000(ADV: ¥2,500; Foreigners Free) • WHERE: Shinsaibashi • TEL: 06-6214-1223 •

Metro Metro 27th & α-Station 26th W Anniversary Special Live!!! Thundercat Japan Tour 2017 (Jazz/ Soul/Hip Hop) • LIVE: Thundercat, Justin Brown, Dennis Hamm • OPEN: 7pm • ADMISSION: ¥6,500(ADV: ¥6,000) • WHERE: Kyoto • TEL: 075-752-2787 •

Move Takeshi Fukushima -Kind of Deep & A Tale of Shiga- Release Party ft. Soichi Terada (House/Disco) • LIVE: Soichi Terada, Takecha, Bubble-B • DJS: Ko-ta aka. Nylonizm, Yakkin’, Torei, I’m B • OPEN: 9pm • ADMISSION: ¥2,500/1D (W/FLYER: ¥2,000/1D) • WHERE: Shiga • TEL: 077-523-3870 •

Where’s the party? Check for the latest club listings...

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #203 APRIL 2017 /




Osaka Toho Cinemas Umeda Now showing: Moana, La La Land, Assassin's Creed, Collateral Beauty, Sing, Passengers, Kong: Skull Island, Jackie • From Apr 1: The LEGO Batman Movie, Hardcore Henry • From Apr 7: Ghost in the Shell, Lion • From Apr 14: The Great Wall • From Apr 21: Deepwater Horizon, Beauty and the Beast • From Apr 28: The Fate of the Furious • From Apr 29: Free Fire Tel: 06-6316-1312 • • Discounts: Weds (women); 1st & 14th of the month – ¥1,100; every day after 8pm – ¥1,300

Umeda Burg7 Now showing: Moana, Assassin's Creed, Criminal, The Nice Guys, Sing, Passengers, Kong: Skull Island • From Apr 1: The LEGO Batman Movie, Hardcore Henry • From Apr 7: Ghost in the Shell • From Apr 8: Thomas & Friends: The Great Race • From Apr 21: Beauty and the Beast • From Apr 28: The Fate of the Furious Tel: 06-4795-7602 • • Discounts: Weds (women); 1st of the month – ¥1,100; every day after 8pm – ¥1,300

Cine Libre Umeda Now showing: The Wailing (KOR), Experimenter, Man Down, Gruppo di famiglia in un interno (ITA), Fuocoammare (ITA), I, Daniel Blake, Things to Come (FRA), Mon Roi (FRA) • From Apr 1: Green Room • From Apr 8: Chevalier (GRE), Perfetti Sconosciuti (ITA), The Hollow Crown / The Hollow Crown: The Wars of the Roses • From Apr 15: Trainwreck • From Apr 22: The Edge of Seventeen • From Apr 29: This Beautiful Fantastic, Author: The JT Leroy Story Tel: 06-6440-5930 • umeda • Discounts: Weds (women, men); 1st and 15th of the month – ¥1,000

Theatre Umeda Now showing: Demolition, The Music of Strangers, Tigers • From Apr 1: Smrt u Sarajevu (FRA)


• From Apr 8: La fille inconnue (FRA) • From Apr 15: Sacromonte los sabios de la tribu (SPA) • From Apr 22: Life Animated • From Apr 29: Ich und Kaminski (BEL) Tel: 06-6359-1080 • umeda • Discounts: Weds (women, men); 1st of the month – ¥1,000

Osaka Station City Cinema Now showing: Passengers, Sing, Voyage of Time: Life's Journey, Moana, Loving, Assassin's Creed, Collateral Beauty, La La Land • From Apr 1: The LEGO Batman Movie, Captain Fantastic • From Apr 7: Ghost in the Shell • From Apr 8: T2 Trainspotting • From Apr 21: Deepwater Horizon, Beauty and the Beast • From Apr 28: The Fate of the Furious • From Apr 29: Free Fire Tel: 06-6346-3215 • • Discounts: Weds (women); 1st of the month – ¥1,100; every day after 8pm – ¥1,300

Toho Cinemas Namba Now showing: Moana, La La Land, Assassin's Creed, Collateral Beauty, Miss Peregrine s Home for Peculiar Children, Sing, Passengers, Kong: Skull Island, Jackie, Moonlight • From Apr 1: The LEGO Batman Movie, Hardcore Henry • From Apr 7: Ghost in the Shell, Lion • From Apr 14: The Great Wall • From Apr 21: Deepwater Horizon, Beauty and the Beast • From Apr 28: The Fate of the Furious • From Apr 29: Free Fire • From Mar 31: Jackie, The Light Between Oceans Tel: 06-6633-1040 • • Weds (women); 1st & 14th of the month – ¥1,100, every day after 8pm – ¥1,300

Namba Parks Cinema Now showing: Passengers, Sing, Moana, Kong: Skull Island, Assassin's Creed, Collateral Beauty, La La Land • From Apr 1: The LEGO Batman Movie, Hardcore Henry, Captain Fantastic • From Apr 7: Ghost in the Shell • From Apr 8: Baahubali: The Beginning (IND), T2 Trainspotting • From Apr 14: The Great Wall • From Apr 21: Beauty and the Beast

Ghost in the Shell. Live action remake of an anime classic starring Scarlett Johansson. From April 8.

• From Apr 28: The Fate of the Furious Tel: 06-6643-3215 • • Discounts: Weds (women); 1st of the month – ¥1,100; every day after 8pm – ¥1,300

Cinem@rt Now showing: The Music of Strangers, 2 Coelhos • From Apr 8: A Fat Wreck • From Apr 22: The First Monday in May • From Apr 29: Life Animated Tel: 06-6282-0815 • theater/shinsaibashi • Discounts: Mon (men); Weds (women); 1st and 25th of the month – ¥1,000

Kyoto Movix Kyoto Now showing: Sing, Passengers, Kong: Skull Island, Moana, Assassin's Creed, Collateral Beauty, La La Land • From Apr 1: The LEGO Batman Movie, Captain Fantastic • From Apr 7: Ghost in the Shell, Lion • From Apr 8: T2 Trainspotting • From Apr 14: The Great Wall • From Apr 21: Beauty and the Beast, Deepwater Horizon • From Apr 28: The Fate of the Furious Tel: 075-254-3215 • • Discounts: Weds (women); 1st and 20th of the month – ¥1,100; every day after 8pm – ¥1,300

Kyoto Cinema Now showing: Remember, I, Daniel Blake, Demolition, Ants on a Shrimp, Microbe et Gasoil, The Lobster • From Apr 1: En man som heter Ove (NOR), Sully

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #203 APRIL 2017 /

• From Apr 8: L'avenir (FRA), Fuocoammare (ITA), L'ombre des femmes (FRA), The Bucket List • From Apr 15: La fille inconnue (FRA), Under sandet (DAN) • From Apr 22: Moonlight, Louder Than Bombs • From Apr 29: The Edge of Seventeen, Mon Roi (FRA), Bridge of Spies Tel: 075-353-4723 • • Discounts: Weds (women & men); 1st of the month – ¥1,100

Toho Cinemas Nijo Now showing: Moana, La La Land, Assassin's Creed, Collateral Beauty, Sing, Passengers, Kong: Skull Island, Jackie, Moonlight • From Apr 1: The LEGO Batman Movie, Hardcore Henry • From Apr 7: Ghost in the Shell, Lion • From Apr 14: The Great Wall • From Apr 21: Deepwater Horizon, Beauty and the Beast • From Apr 28: The Fate of the Furious • From Apr 29: Free Fire Tel: 075-813-2410 • • Discounts: Weds (women); 1st & 14th of the month – ¥1,100; every day after 8pm – ¥1,300

Hyogo OS Cinema Mint Kobe Now showing: Moana, Sing, Passengers, Kong: Skull Island, Assassin's Creed, Collateral Beauty, La La Land • From Apr 1: The LEGO Batman Movie • From Apr 7: Ghost in the Shell • From Apr 21: Deepwater Horizon, Beauty and the Beast • From Apr 28: The Fate of the Furious Tel: 078-291-5330 • • Discounts: Tues (women); 1st and 16th of the month – ¥1,100; every day after 8pm – ¥1,300

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Japan in Your Ear Liven up your daily commute with some fresh English audio podcasts on Japan! Text: Ian Yates

Once upon a time, it was considered poor man s radio, but podcasting has grown at an incredible rate over the last decade. Podcasts are becoming more polished and more popular while radio s importance is shrinking. For us English speakers in Japan, there are several entertaining and informative programs to tune into. Here are three to start with.

Tofugu Podcast Having launched only in December last year, these are the new kids on the block. In the podcasting world, shows come and go at a rapid rate, however, coming from the popular and long-running website of the same name, this one appears to be here to stay. Both fun and informative, this podcast is a reliable one with numerous weekly uploads. Coming out of Portland and produced by Japan lovers, it creates a wonderful balance of insider and outsider. A short and funny slice of Japan.

True Crime Japan Podcast While you can find numerous, either current or dormant, podcasts on life in Japan, there are very few that take on such a specific and intriguing subject. Focusing on murders and other crimes, some resolved, some still mysteriously open, hosts Dino and Gigi give detailed information on some of Japan s darker, and at times, crazier sides, but there is never a doubt that the hosts love the place they call home. An enjoyable long-form storytelling-style podcast.

The Just Japan Podcast When it comes to podcasts for expats in Kansai, you can t go past Japan s longest running, Kobe-based interview show. Host Kevin uses his curiosity, as well as his long list of contacts, to conduct weekly interviews. Topics ranging from light-hearted reminiscence about good times in Japan (for example, the episode about holidays in Japan) to deeply informative pieces (the episode on teaching in Japanese Universities is a must listen for anyone thinking about taking this route). With over 140 episodes in the bank, this may be the perfect antidote to your boring train commutes. (Check out for the older episodes).

Special Mentions These episodes of the following podcasts are worth a listen: - Deep in Japan (The interview with Debito Arudou is as interesting as he is controversial.) - Finding Japan (The episode on being arrested in Japan is alarming but informative.) - Robert Whiting’s Japan (Just search for the subject you like and listen to this living legend speak.) - Live Work Play Japan (Not available from iTunes; visit the website to hear what might be described as a Just Japan podcast for younger newcomers –

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Camp Your Way Through Spring! Heed the call of the great outdoors with these easy access Kansai campsites. Text & Images: Judith LaFaver


t is time to shake off the winter blues, and there is no better way to do that than by spending a night or two in the great outdoors. Japan is a nature lover s paradise, and camping is the greatest way to experience all the beauty this country has to offer. Here is some advice on how best to enjoy sleeping under the stars and a few of Kansai s best campgrounds. For many of us, driving isn t an option in Japan. Not having a car can be a real hindrance to camping because some beautiful areas are near impossible, or extremely pricey, to reach without a vehicle. This leaves a combination of trains, buses, and walking, which is tiresome but not impossible. Here are some campsites that are easily accessible for travelers without wheels. These places do not have rental equipment so check out sites like Amazon or Rakuten for affordable camping gear.


Amanohashidate Camp Site

Located within walking distance of one of the most famous views in Japan, the Amanohashidate Campground is a perfect place for those wanting to experience the great outdoors, but still be close to all the amenities of a town. Situated next to the water, you ll be lulled to sleep by the sound of waves and woken in the morning by boats launching out to sea. The owner speaks decent English and can help with recommendations around Amanohashidate. There is no rental equipment available, so you will need to bring your own gear. The cost per adult is ¥1,000 per night. There is a kitchen area, hot water showers (for a small fee), toilets, and sinks. Close by is an onsen that most people choose to use instead of the very basic showers. The campgrounds are located 10 minutes by foot from Amanohashidate Station. If you are planning on visiting during

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a long holiday, make sure to arrive early. No reservations are accepted, and this campsite fills up quickly. It is open every year from April to November. ACCESS: From JR Osaka Stn, take the Ltd. Exp. Konotori 1 for 150 mins to Toyooka Stn. From there, take the Kyoto Tango Railway Miyamai/Miyatoyo line for 73 mins to Amanohashidate Stn.


Want to see the real-life Laputa? Head down to Tomogashima in Wakayama to camp next to an abandoned military site on a near empty island. Once a WWI army barracks and then a popular vacation destination, Tomogashima now has more abandoned buildings than people. With two camping areas on each side of the island, there is sure to be plenty of room to pitch a tent, and it is one of the few campgrounds that allow for open fires. Each area is about a 15 to 20 minute walk from the boat docks. Make sure you have plenty of food and water

Feature Free Camping If you are wondering about whether you can just set up camp wherever, it is really up to your own discretion. It is technically illegal to camp on public lands, and you need a private land owner s permission to camp on their property. However, the public property camping rule is not strictly enforced. Be aware that Japan has some dangerous wild animals like bears, boars, and pit vipers. Bear and boar attacks have gone up in recent years, so it is best to be extremely careful and bring a first aid kit if you choose to go backcountry camping. Remember to be respectful when camping on private lands.

to last overnight because there are no stores on this island and you are stuck there until the next morning after the last ferry leaves. There is a minshuku (guesthouse) run by a very nice elderly man and it houses a small restaurant, which is open during the day. Charcoal grills are also available for rent. There are no showers or kitchen areas in the campgrounds, but there are toilet areas. With beaches and interesting tunnels to explore, Tomogashima is a great weekend getaway. Camping is free and no reservations are needed. Call ahead if the weather seems bad, however, as boats get canceled due to inclement weather. During the winter months, the ferry only runs on weekends and holidays. The rest of the year, the ferry is suspended Tuesdays and Wednesdays unless they land on a holiday. A round-trip adult ticket is ¥2,000. Make sure to line up about 20 minutes before the ferry departs.

ACCESS: From Namba Stn, take the Nankai Ltd. Exp. Southern 11 to Wakayamashi Stn. From there, take the Nankai Kada Line to Kada Stn. Take the ferry from Kada (located near the bridge).

campgrounds for those in the Kansai area who don t have a car. No reservations are needed, but it is a popular campground so come early to grab your spot.

Kasagi Campground

Kasagi campground is technically in Kyoto, but very close to Nara station. Right next to the Kitsukawa river and surrounded by old-fashioned Japanese homes, the area is beautiful. There is a toilet and sink area, but make sure you bring your own toilet paper. There is an onsen about a 10-minute walk away for those interested in a soaking during their outdoor vacation. Animals are allowed at this campground, so feel free to bring pets along. The closest convenience store is about a 25-minute walk away so make sure to pack plenty of food and drinks. One night is ¥600 per adult. The campground has no rental equipment. Only a five-minute walk from Kasagi Station, Kasagi campground is one of the most easily accessible

ACCESS: From Osaka Stn, take the JR Yamatoji Rapid Service to Kamo Stn. From there, take the JR Kansai Line to Kasagi Stn.

With these tips and places in mind, pack your tent, hop on a train, and head outside to thaw your body and mind. KS

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Blossom Magic Seven sakura spots to set up your picnic blanket and drink till dusk. Text: KS

Japan blooms once again into gorgeous, fluffy pinks and whites and here in Kansai, there are so many spots to choose from to treat ourselves to a cherry-blossom picnic or two. Below are seven to get you started this season.

OSAKA Expo ’70 Commemorative Park

All 260 hectares of Expo 70 Commemorative Park are worth a stroll – there are tranquil gardens, green swathes of trees, and large grass fields. But the highlight at this time of year is, of course, the cherry blossoms. This is a great hanami (cherryblossom picnic) spot as it is not as crowded as some of the other large parks are during hanami season, like Osaka Castle Park, which can get pretty squishy and quite raucous later in the afternoons. Stretch out your tarp, spread out your basket of goodies, and enjoy the view! ACCESS: From Umeda Stn, take the Midosuji subway line to Senri-chuo Stn. From there, take the monorail to the park. Park entry is ¥250 per person.

WAKAYAMA Kimiidera

Perched on the slopes of Mount Nagusa, the temple Kiimidera was founded over 1,200 years ago by the monk, Iko, who made the journey across from China. The temple affords a sweeping view of the serene


Wakanoura Bay. It is famous for its almost 12-meter-tall standing wooden Kannon statue, the largest in Japan, and its earlyblooming cherry blossoms. In fact, it has been chosen as one of Japan s 100 most famous places for viewing sakura. The blossoms are lit up from 6pm to 10pm during the Kimiidera Sakura Festival, which runs until April 20. ACCESS: From JR Tennoji Stn, take the Hanwa line to Wakayama Stn. From there, take the JR Kinokuni line to Kimiidera Stn.

KYOTO Maruyama Park, Kyoto

Next to Yasaka Shrine in the Higashiyama District, Maruyama Park is Kyoto s premier hanami destination. So, if you are okay with crowds, this spot is a must-see during sakura season. A large shidarezakura (weeping cherry tree) is the focal point of the site and is illuminated at night to offer an exquisite display of Japanese spring beauty. While you re there, enjoy the gardens, rest houses, small orchards, and Japanese restaurants in the park.

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ACCESS: From Kyoto Stn, take bus 100 or 206 for about 20 mins. Get off at Gion.

Heian Shrine, Kyoto

You can t miss Heian Jingu – its torii gate, at 24.2 meters high, is one of the largest in Japan. The shrine boasts a large number of weeping cherry trees which bloom a few days after most others, making this spot ideal for a visit toward the end of the sakura season, around midApril. While you re there, why not take a boat tour (¥1,000 per person) along the Okazaki Canal that connects the Lake Biwa Canal network with Kamo River, which is lined with swathes of cherry trees. Boat tours leave every 15 to 30 minutes. ACCESS: From Kyoto Stn, take bus 5 or 100 for about 30 mins, or the subway to Higashiyama Stn, which takes about 20 mins, and from which the shrine is a 10-minute walk. Shrine admission is ¥600.

SHIGA Mount Hiei, Shiga

While not as easily accessible as some of the other blossom spots in Kansai, Hieizan offers an excellent return on time invested in a trip to the top. Hikers and

Feature NARA Mount Yoshino, Nara

The famous weeping cherry tree at Yasaka Shrine in Kyoto

nature lovers will enjoy the trek up the mountain, history buffs will have more than enough to explore, and any tourist will enjoy both the views as well as a chance to experience one of the richest spiritual and historical locations in Japan. Including the grounds of Enryaku Temple, Hieizan Drive Way on Mount Hiei and Okuhiei Drive Way have more than 1,000 cherry blossom trees planted along their routes. The trees bloom a bit later than other areas; from around mid-April to early May. ACCESS: From Sanjo Keihan Stn or

Demachiyanagi Stn, take the Keihan Electric Railway and transfer to the Hieizan Drive Bus. Get off at the Enryaku-ji Bus Center.

Castle Cherry Blossom Viewing Festival is held on San-no-Maru (Third Bailey) Square at the foot of the castle. The festival includes recitals on traditional Japanese musical instruments. Until April 7, the Himeji Nighttime Cherry Blossom Viewing Festival will be on. During this event, visitors have free access to the Nishi-no-Maru (West Bailey) Garden, which is not normally open to the public at night, and the cherry blossoms will be lit up.

As far as Nara cherry blossoms go, it is pretty much impossible to go past Yoshino mountain as the top spot in the prefecture, and arguably the whole of Japan. Yoshinoyama is a north-facing mountain slope divided into four areas: the Shimo Senbon (lower 1,000 trees) at the base of the mountain, Naka Senbon (middle 1,000 trees), Kami Senbon (upper 1,000 trees), and Oku Senbon (inner 1,000 trees) at the top of the mountain. Enjoy the sakura as you ascend the mountain, passing through Yoshino s touristy town with its historical temples and shrines along the way. Oku-senbon sits 800 meters up the mountain trail, so start your day early if you aim to reach the top! ACCESS: From Osaka Abenobashi Stn, take the Kintetsu Ltd. Exp. to Yoshino Stn. From there, hike up, or take the ropeway up to the lowest grove; Shimo-senbon.

ACCESS: From JR Osaka Stn, take the JR Special Rapid Service to Himeji Stn. The castle is a 10-minute walk from the station.

HYOGO Himeji Castle

Combine a day out among the cherry blossoms with a visit to Japan s ďŹ nest and most renowned original castle. Two years have passed since the completion of the major restoration work on the castle, so the white heron, as it is nicknamed, will make the perfect backdrop for all your cherry-blossom photographs. On April 2, the Himeji

Enryaku Temple at the top of Mt. Hiei is a great spot to catch end-of-season blossoms

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Food & Drink



These Mediterranean delights are just a stone s throw from the Tenjinbashisuji shopping arcade. Text & Images: KS

Can Bashi



The most authentic Spanish restaurant in town, Can Bashi is run by a husbandwife team who trained for years in Barcelona perfecting the art of cooking Catalan cuisine. The bright red double doors of Can Bashi lead you into a cozy world of rich cheeses, meats, and olives, and a big selection of tapas dishes. As to be expected, there is an extensive range of wine and cocktails (sangria, of course!) to pair with the food. For mains, we recommend the juicy lamb chops, glazed ribs, or classic seafood paella. For something different, try the morcilla; Spanish blood sausage that uses pork blood and fat served on top of fluffy, white beans. The portions can be filling, so it is a good idea to share, especially if you want to leave any room for a cake and ice cream dessert. Opening times can be a little inconsistent, so it s a good idea to call in advance.

French-style lunches and Italian-style dinners are the trade of owner-chef Yoshi who cooks each dish himself to perfection. Don t be fooled by the plain interior of this tiny restaurant; the flavors in Yoshi s dishes are truly divine. There is no English menu, but not to worry, Yoshi keeps it simple. At lunch, he ll ask you if you want fish or meat and serve you whatever he s created according to your preference (this restaurant could be tricky for vegetarians), for example, grilled fish or meatloaf with rice and salad. The ¥900 lunch sets come with a starter and coffee. The gobo (burdock root) starter soup with mushrooms is full of flavor and so beautifully presented garnished with herbs, spices, and olive oil. The dinner menu is full of authentic Italian pasta options, and bottles of red and white wine line the bar, so ask Yoshi for his recommendation.

Lunch options at Nero start at ¥900 and the choices are many; charcoal chicken, hamburg steak in a demi-glace sauce, and a T-bone steak are delicious and filling options. For vegetarians, there is the tomato soup, and their famous market salad full of bright, chunky vegetables. This beautiful, spacious restaurant is perfect for a quick solo lunch or an elaborate dinner with friends; the sign out front specifies Stay alone! Stay long! You are all welcome! and the friendly staff service matches this sentiment. Dinner options are extensive including delicious starter plates to share, like the blue cheese and honey (an amazing combination!). There is a large array of wines that pair perfectly with this tasty Italian cuisine. English is limited but staff members are more than happy to help out with recommendations.

OPEN: Lunch 12pm–2:30pm; DINNER:

OPEN: Lunch 11:30am–2pm; DINNER: 5:30pm–10:30pm • Price RANGE: ¥900– ¥4,000 • ACCESS: JR Osakatemmangu Stn,

5:30pm–11pm (L.O.22:30) • Price RANGE: ¥3,000–¥7,000 • ACCESS: JR Osakatemmangu Stn, Exit 4, 7-min walk • TEL: 06-6360-4859 • FACEBOOK: Can Bashi

Exit 4, 10-min walk, Exit 4, 5-min walk • 066354-3390 • TABELOG: Alloro (アッローロ)

OPEN: Lunch 11:30am–3pm; DINNER: 5:30pm–11pm • Price RANGE: ¥900–¥5,500 • ACCESS: JR Osakatemmangu Stn, Exit 4, 5-min walk • TEL: 06-6949-8969 • TABELOG: Nero Charcoal Grill (野菜屋ネロ チャコー ル グリル )

Need more dining options? Check to search all of our Foodspotting reviews.


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JOBS • ACCOMMODATION • FRIENDSHIP / (AM and PM) and short intensives in Umeda, Nara, Kobe, Kyoto, Shiga and South Osaka starting immediately. ¥3,500-4,000 p/hr. Regular classes are 3-12 months in length. Please email CV and Availability: Contact: Manager <> [3933-77-2017-07-18]

COMMERCIAL Jobs Education P/T ENGLISH TEACHER / 日本人, スタッフ/英語講師 NEEDED. We are

looking for P/T English teacher for kids and adults in Ibarakishi and Suita. One to one lessons and group lessons on Tuesdays Fridays and Saturdays. We have all the lesson planes materials prepared for the classes. 日本人フ ルタイムスタッフ/日本人英語講師募集! 英検2級以上未経験OK Please email at Contact: Royal English School <> [4017-1446-2017-04-14]

SATURDAY SCHOOL COORDINATOR AND TEACHERS WANTED. Saturday School Coordinator wanted for Deutsche Schule Kobe European School. One English teacher and two German teachers also wanted. Please see our website for details: http:// Contact: Deutsche Schule Kobe European School <mail@dskobe. org> Website: [4012-6700-2017-04-12] MOTOMACHI, KOBE. Part time Kinder/Nursery teachers. We are just opened in February. Easy access from stations and very convenient shopping area. Clean school with friendly staff. Looking for ①Native English teacher 16:0019:00 on weekday :5000 -6000yen ② 9:00-15:00 on weekends:6000 -7000yen . ③Japanese nursery teacher (requires English) 9:0018:00 7000-8000yen Contact: Little Sprouts <littlesproutjp@gmail. com> Website: www.littlesprouts. website/ [4006-6694-2017-04-05] CES CORPORATE LANGUAGE CLASSES. CES is seeking English and Other language Instructors/ Interpreters for corporate classes

ENGLISH TEACHING. Need experienced instructor w/ Japanese language ability. Habikino area. Adults. 90 min. Tuesday 5:15-6:45 ¥7,500 + Transport From May. One year contract with renewal possible. Send resume/questions to: global_business_skills@yahoo. com Contact: Global Business Skills <global_business_skills@> [4026-6711-2017-04-22] A RELIABLE NATIVE ENGLISH TEACHER REQUIRED FOR SUB. Students centred Language School requires a reliable Native English Teacher for over 50 s ladies class on 12th and 19th of April in Okamoto as a sub. teacher. 14:20-15:30/70min./4,000yen+tra ns. Proper working visa and over 5 years teaching experience required. Send your C/V with photo to Contact: Kazuko Hill Ito <gentimeless@> Website: [4019-213-2017-04-18] PT NATIVE ENG. Teacher, Imazu Nishinomiya 3000 yen. Currently looking for native English teacher(s) to cover 6:00-6:50 p.m. Monday-Friday. The work is easy . Most of the prep. is done. We follow a good book series, which we compliment with other activities. Looking for someone with friendly attitude and reliable. 3000 yen per lesson (incl. transportation). Contact: BookMamaEnglish <> Website: book-mama-english/home [4005-6693-2017-04-05]

PART-TIME HIGH SCHOOL NATIVE ENGLISH TEACHER. Looking for a Native English teacher to teach four hours a week at a private high school in north Osaka. Please contact for details. Looking to hire someone ASAP. Must have valid visa to work in Japan. Salary is year-round and includes paid vacations and holidays. Contact: Osaka Teachers <mccohen27@> [4016-6704-2017-04-13] KIKOKUSEI(RETURNEES) & NATIVE ENGLISH TEACHERS. RETURNEES & NATIVES from English-speaking areas of the world needed to teach kids (mainly 3-12) and some adults. Students welcome and no experience is needed but cheerful and responsible personality a must.

Hours and salary are negotiable. Pls apply with yr cv w/a photo. We look forward to hearing from you! Contact: Gardens Academy <> Website: gardensenglishacad. [4011-6697-2017-04-09]

TEACHERS WANTED. School in Ashiya/Okamoto is looking for Semi-FT/PT English, French, Korean & Chinese native teachers with valid visa ASAP. University diploma preferable. Payment: 2700-3000 per hour + transportation for PT. Please email resume & photo, visa type & date valid till to: Contact: Ashiya Plus <ashiyaplus@> [4021-252-2017-04-20]

PART-TIME PRIVATE TEACHING JOBS IN ALL KANSAI AREA. Looking for language students? Have you already registered on hello-sensei ? Pick your lesson fee, schedule and location then students will directly contact you! Available for : English, Chinese, Korean, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Burmese and Arabic Contact: hell-sensei <> Website: [3947-1905-2017-04-02]

日本人英語講師. 日本人英語講 師 Part-Time English Teacher

Needed from April University Teacher for Monday morning and evening. From April(9:00-10:30, 10:40-12:00, 18:00-19:30) in Kusatsu Shiga. Monthly payment plus travel cost. Kyoto or Shiga resindent preferred. Ivy International Language Academy Email: Contact: ivy international <academy@ivy-intl.> Website: [3989-1493-2017-03-25]

PART-TIME ENGLISH TEACHING POSITION(S) NEAR KYOTO. Experienced English teacher(s) wanted part-time at Gogakukyoushitsu Go! in Nagaokakyo, Kyoto. Fri 16:00-20:30, Sat 10:00-12:30/13:4018:30, with possible shifts on Tues/Thurs. Must hold valid visa. ¥2000/lesson to start. Position starts April 1st; required to be available for on-the-job training in March. Contact: gogakugo <> [3993-6682-2017-03-26]

PT ENGLISH TEACHERS WANTED. Small yet friendly and growing school in Settsu looking for PT native English teachers for kids and adults. Monday and Tuesday afternoon – evening. Experience preferred but not required. Please send your CV and photo

Classifieds via email to abies_kids@yahoo. Contact: abies English Room <> [3998-5832-2017-03-30]

NATIVE ENGLISH TEACHERS NEEDED IN SAKAI, OSAKA. We are looking for native English speakers to teach and play with babies & kids at Sakai City, Osaka. Payment depends on your ability. Transportation payed up to 1000yen. Love small children, friendly, energetic, enthusiastic and reliable rather than experienced. Please email your CV (with/photo). Contact: playfultime <> Website: entry-12249313548.html [4001-2763-2017-04-01]

PT ENGLISH TEACHERS WANTED. Small yet friendly and growing school in Settsu looking for PT native English teachers for kids and adults. Monday-Friday afternoon – evening. Experience preferred but not required. Please send your CV and photo via email to Contact: abies English Room <abies_kids@> [4003-5832-2017-04-02]

General FOOD PRODUCTION ASSISTANT WANTED. Food Production Assistant Wanted. The assistant will make naans rotis etc as a parttimer but eventually become fulltime. The starting pay is 900 yen per hour, with three working days per week This requires strength so may be suitable for men. Kobe residents are welcome. 080-5634-0909 Contact: Zest Foods <mark@zest-foods. com> Website: www.zest-foods. com/ [3995-6684-2017-03-26]

Kitchen / waiting staff FOOD PRODUCTION ASSISTANT. 1000yen per hour for Food Production Assistant at Zest Foods in Kobe. Organic Asian Food. 420 yen provided per day for transportation. This is a part-time position, about 5 hours a day, 3 days a week. Contact 080-32770188 (Atoo) Contact: Zest Foods <> Website: [4007-6684-2017-04-06]


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JOBS • ACCOMMODATION • FRIENDSHIP / to promote int l goodwill. Individualized lessons taught in Japanese or English. Saturdays 10-12 am. Course material provided for free. Near Sakaisuji-Hommachi and Kitahama. Call: Moritomo Ken 06-6572-6877 com/site/ osakasoroban/ Contact: osakasoroban <mm2k-umhr@> Website: sites. [3949-6518-2017-04-04]

Events KYOTO INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL FESTIVAL. Kyoto International School is holding its annual festival on Sunday, May 28 (10am to 3pm). International food, live performances & games for children. Please join us as we celebrate 60 years as an international community. 317 Kitatawaracho, Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan 602-8247. Contact: amcguigan <> Website: [4023-5671-2017-04-22]

Health & Beauty Healthcare JAPANESE TRADITIONAL PHYSICAL THERAPY. I can provide treatment for almost all physical conditions, including those related to internal organs and musculoskeletal disorders. 4-23-5 Ninomiya-cho Chuou-ku Kobe-shi 6 minutes walk from Sannomiya station. First session:13,000 yen Follow-up session:12,000yen *Each session takes 50min Contact: furutadaisuke <furutadaisuke@gmail. com> Website: furutadaisuke. com/english.html [4020-6708-2017-04-20]

Services Rental services 38,000YEN/MONTH! ONE ROOM APT JR HYOGO STATION. 7 minutes walk to JR Hyogo station one room type apartment - 20 square meters 38,000 yen/month room has unit kitchen, unit bath with air conditioner, electric range, small fridge, curtains and all lightings. No key money, no sales fees. 1 month refundable deposit required. CALL Katayama 09074846955 Contact: katayama takahito <katayama@ksj.biglobe.> [3860-6546-2017-04-13]


and love Japan ! My hobbies are Karaoke & singing with bands: s Contact: <>

Language Exch. JAPANESE-FRENCH/ENGLISH WITH A JAPANESE VEGAN. I am French vegan would like to correspond with a Japanese vegan who learn or speak a little French and who can to come a day here. 私はビーガンです。フランス人 日本人

Contact: Biigan <shogun21us01@> [3660-6373-2017-04-15] STAR WARS R2-D2. Hello , I am Richard and I will be coming to Osaka on the 29,30.31 of March I need to have someone help me and my R2 with getting around ,I dont know Osaka very well can you give us a hand? My R2 will be there to do a video and TV AD so on our free time we will go around site seeing can you help us Contact: Richard Napier <> Website: [4014-6701-2017-04-12]

Friendship LOOKING FOR SMART COOL INT L F TO HANGOUT. Nice sweet funny Jpn-rooted scientist M seeks smart international F to hang around, possibly relationship, soalmate. Loyal & sincere. Long-term faith, commitment. Intelligence, social, love in nature, zoo, med to get along smoothly. Good mind& heart. I won t cheat, or abuse you. Not for mone Contact: nobel benzene <> [3231-104-2017-04-17]

HANDSOME AND COOL SJM. Handsome and cool SJM seeks well-educated, interesting, attractive, nonsmoking SWF to share wonderful times and make a good friendship. So let s meet for coffee or lunch to know each other better. If no experience, please just try me. E-mail: healsan@yahoo. com Contact: Healsan <healsan@> [2680-5448-2017-04-12] MOROCCAN GENTLEMAN LOOKING FOR A SERIOUS RELATIONS. Hi, my name is soul, 26 years old, I currently live in Morocco but planning on living in Japan in near future, so I m looking for a serious relationship with a kind woman living in Japan, so if you are interested in me please reply. Contact: Soullll <souhail_boo@> [4030-6709-2017-04-23] CHARMING & CUTE M SEARCHES LADY. Hi, rock- music loving lady, I m a cheerful fun- loving singer and want a permanent relationship with a tolerant woman. I m cute, not fat , have no beard and my hair is curly and blonde. I m working at University


Announcements BUDDHIST DISCUSSION GROUP. Anyone interested in getting together once or twice a month for an informal discussion on Buddhist philosophy? I have been involved with Tibetan Buddhism for 20 years and would like to discuss simple points of the Buddhist path with others interested. Om Ah Hum! Contact: Ian <> [4022-2043-2017-04-21]

BALL HOCKEY (STREET HOCKEY) IN KOBE SANNOMIYA. Come play ball hockey (street hockey) with us every Tuesday nights outside at the Minato no mori park down Flower road in Sannomiya, Kobe starting at 8 pm until 10 pm. We have extra sticks and play pickup games. Come see and try it! See our Facebook page: Kansai Street Hockey Association Contact: kansaihockey <dave.bouchard@> Website: [4018-6705-2017-04-15]

Classifieds AT transmission,A/C AM/FM/CD stero with USB/iPod input. Asking ¥230,00. Photos on request Contact: racer162 <racer162@mac. com> [3969-1262-2017-04-17]

Home and kitchen KARLSTADT DOUBLE SOFA BED. Long white sofa easily seats 3 people. Opens up into a double sofa bed 200 cm by 140cm.. Sofa covers were replaced two years ago. Good condition. Comfortable to sit on or stretch out and read your favorite book. perfect for couple or student 20,000 yen pick up only. Nara area Contact: kansai dweller <rainbowfishkate@aol. com> Website: www.photobox. [3985-6674-2017-04-22]

SEMI DOUBLE BED WITH HEADBOARD AND MATTRESSS. Semi double bed base and headboard with a mattress. 2 years old. Used as a guest bed Excellent condition. Sultan mattress from Ikea. Ready for pick up. Moving to a smaller place. Great if you want a little more room than a single bed. 200cm by 83 cm by 140 cm pick up only. Nara area. 20,000 yen Contact: kansai dweller <> [3986-6674-2017-04-22]

Other INTERNATIONAL OUTDOOR CLUB (IOC) KANSAI. Enjoy the outdoors (hiking, cycling, climbing, camping, skiing, kayaking etc) with an international group of fun-loving adults. Sat evening 4th March is our annual end-of-year get-together in Osaka. Please join us for a fun evening and find out more about IOC Kansai. Details on website. Welcome! Contact: iockansai <edeanjapan@gmail. com> Website: www.iockansai. com/index.php/en-us/ [3997-1879-2017-03-28]

For Sale (2nd-hand) PAJERO MINI. Pajero Mini with 30,868kilometers . Vehicle is in very good condition Shaken good Till December 2017 blue color.

IKEA MALM DOUBLE BED FRAME (NO MATTRESS). Malm double bed frame high 160cm by 200cm in white stained oak. Original price was 31,990 yen. 2 years old. Excellent condition. Perfect for a couple who enjoy plenty of sleeping space. Comes with lurby slated bed base. No mattress included. Pick up only. 16,000yen Nara Contact: kansai dweller <> [3987-6674-2017-04-22]

OVATION GUITAR W/ HARD CASE. Ovation slim line acoustic/electric guitar with hard shell case. Guitar is in excellent condition. Pictures available on request ( images too large for the site) Asking ¥35,000 Contact: racer162 <racer162@> [3419-1262-2017-04-09]

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Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #203 APRIL 2017 /


Getting Around



The Kansai area covers the prefectures of Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Wakayama, Nara, Mie, and Shiga. There is so much to explore, so you ll need to prioritize your time wisely. Its main travel hubs are Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe, all of which are well connected by high-speed rail networks, including the shinkansen (bullet train). On regular trains, you can travel between Osaka and Kyoto in about 45 mins, and between Kobe and Osaka in about 30 mins. If you are here on holiday, pick up a convenient travel pass, such as the Kansai Thu Pass ( or Kansai One Pass (, to avoid having to negotiate the ticket machines. Use a website such as HyperDia ( to check train times and platforms from your smartphone.

Get Kansai Scene Kansai Scene is available from the following major outlets in the Kansai region:

OSAKA Hotels and Guesthouses




Hyatt Regency, Nikko Hotel, St. Regis, Swissôtel Nankai Osaka, Ritz Carlton, Hilton Osaka, Fraser Residence Nankai Osaka, InterContinental Hotel Osaka Tourist Information Centers





Osaka Visitors Information Center (JR Osaka), Hankyu Tourist Center Umeda, Osaka Visitors Information Center (JR Namba), Kansai Tourist Information Center (KIX), Kansai Tourist Information Center (Shinsaibashi), Nankai Information Center (Namba) Shops

Trains and Subways

Airport Transfers

There is an excellent rail network connecting all corners of Kansai. As well as JR (Japan Rail), there are numerous private railway companies servicing the area, including Keihan (Osaka/Kyoto), Hankyu (Osaka/Kyoto), Nankai (Osaka, Wakayama, Koya), Hanshin (Osaka/Kobe), and Kintetsu (Osaka/Nara/Mie/Nagoya). Each line operates several types of train. For the fastest trains, look for the Limited Express service trains. Be aware that Local trains stop at every station on the line, so only take them if no other type of train stops at your station. Subways operate in Osaka, Kobe, and Kyoto and are an extremely efficient way to get around the cities.

To/from downtown Osaka, the most convenient option is the Nankai Rapi:t Express service (KIX <> Namba 42mins) or a Limousine Bus. To/from Kyoto, take the JR Airport Express HARUKA service (75 mins).

» Tip: Pick up a Railway Network

map from a major station or Tourist Information Center.

Buses For out-of-the-way locations, or in certain cities such as Kyoto, you may need to take a bus. A travel pass usually includes travel on municipal bus services.

Taxis Fares start from ¥500. The drivers wearing white gloves and official hats tend to be the most courteous, but don t expect English to be widely understood. Have your destination name and address on hand in Japanese.


Kinokuniya Bookstore Umeda, Kinokuniya Honmachi, Tower Records Umeda, Junkudo Namba, Hard Rock Cafe

KYOTO Hotels and Guesthouses

ATMs and Credit Cards If you re using Visa, you will be able to withdraw cash at most bank or convenience-store ATMs. If you re using Mastercard, your best bet for withdrawing money is at 7-Eleven ATMs. Most other ATMs in Kansai do not accept Mastercard. It is not common to make in-store payments using credit or visa-debit cards in Japan, even for expensive purchases. Many shops and restaurants do not offer this service, so be sure to carry plenty of cash with you.

Wi-Fi Getting connected in Kansai can be tricky. Renting a smartphone or SIM card at the airport is the safest option, to connect to the internet over a 3G network. In Osaka, you can access the Osaka Free Wi-Fi service at train and subway stations, stores and facilities throughout the prefecture.

Accidents and Emergencies » Ambulance/Fire service: Tel: 119 » Police: Tel: 110

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #203 APRIL 2017 /

Royal Hotel, Royal Park Hotel The Kyoto, Kyoto Nikko Hotel Tourist Information Centers

Kyoto Tourist Information Center, Kansai Tourist Information Center Kyoto, Kyoto International Community House Shops

Junkudo Kyoto, Maruzen & Junkudo Kyoto Main Store, GEAR

KOBE Hotels and Guesthouses

Kobe Bay Sheraton, Kobe Portopia Hotel Tourist Information Centers

Kobe International Community Center, Hyogo International Plaza Shops

Junkudo Nishinomiya, Junkudo Sannomiya, Kinokuniya Kobe


InterContinental Osaka Hotel

Cine Libre Umeda Sky Umeda Building German Consulate Westin 35F Hotel


Maruzen & C Junkudo

Theater Umeda


Grand Front Osaka / Knowledge Capital Yodobashi Camera

Osaka KITA

New Hankyu Club Azul Osaka Hotel Hankyu Umeda Kinokuniya Sta. H&M Hankyu Tourist Center




Club Noon iya

M OWL Osaka Toho Hotel Annex Kinki

D Osaka Loop Line


r do



j ko



k za

Kitano Hosp. 1

Osaka Hep 5 YWCA Hep Navio e Hankyu ad rc ori A Toho Cinemas id Craft Beer h Osaka Station as Grand Bldg Hig Umeda Hankyu Base City Cinema Lucua Hankyu Dept. JR Osaka Sonezaki Lucua 1100 Daimaru Police H.Q. Osaka Club Umeda a. t S Quattro Visitors’ Station City da e Information Hotel Asahiya Um Hanshin Granvia shin Center Dept. Bookstore n Hilton Ha Junkudo Umeda 2 6F Plaza West Hotel Burg7 Hilton The Blarney Kansai Drop Inn Hotel Stone Herbis Dai-4 1F Osaka Maru Tower Hearton Ent Bldg. Bldg. Records Hotel 3/4F TGI Fridays Hotel Nishiumeda Osaka Dental Clinic Dai-3 3RD WORD Monterey Dai-2 Bldg. Dai-1 Creamy Osaka Herbis Bldg. Bldg. 2F Osaka Exeo Ritz Kita Shinchi 33F Tanimachi Lin Carlton .2 e o Captain 1F N ute Kangaroo o 5F R . a t Shinmei aS im Mister Law Office sh Hotel ku Kelly’s Outback Fu Hanshin US Steakhouse 3 Dojima Avanza e Consulate in B1F in L a. ine Ma a St ai L Hotel Elsereine im shin Toz ACCJ JR Han ukush Osaka Ana Crowne Kansai F Dojima Plaza . Hotel Sta da Ume

Umekita Ship

Ogimachi Park

Shin Midosuji


Nishi Umeda


m shi U




ji Lin


Kita Shinchi




ABC Hall

4 a. St a im sh

Rihga Nakanoshima Inn Beer Belly

DIG Beer Bar

Watanabe Fineart Gallery

Daiwa Roynet Hotel Kitahama

Utsubo Park

APA Sōai Hotel High School Honmachi

Hanshin Expressway B



Honmachi Dori


il Bar Central Banco

OSTEC Exibition Hall

Utsubo Tennis Center

Elmers Green Cafe

Sakaisuji Line



suj ike ida


TAKAMURA Wine & Coffee Roasters






a Tos

ri Do


Nii Fine Arts


Sumitomo Hosp.




Grand Cube Osaka




Mitsui Sumitomo Bank

Rihga Royal Hotel


Museum of Oriental Ceramics




APA Hotel

Osaka City Public Hall

Tosabori River

Mitsui Garden Hotel

National Museum of Art Science Museum

City Hall Library



ima Dori

Bank of Japan



Festival Plaza

y(Loop Rout e)





h os

n ka a N

i bebash Watana Line oshima an ak N n-

Hanshin Expresswa





R ima



NTT Data

hi Line

Dojima River Forum





Nishi Tenma

Chuo Odori C Honmachi

St. Regis Hotel Osaka

Hooters Osaka

Hard Rock Cafe Osaka 0 Chuo Line

Starbucks 6

N 200m

Sakaisujihommachi D

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #203 APRIL 2017 /




Shinmachi Life


Hearton Hotel

Big Beans Supermarket

Kansai Scene Mojoprint Office

Mizuho Bank Nagahori dori



Hotel Via Inn

Cafe Absinthe

Horie Park

Yotsubashi line

2F Tezukayama Gallery Orange Stree t (shopping street)

The Suite


Big Step


Coolabah L&L



5F Boy

Ark Hotel

3F GS Travel


Murphy’s 2F

Daimaru Dept. South

Apple Store




Cinem @rt


Daimaru Dept.

The Silver Ball Planet

Triangle Park

Moon Tower



Sun Hall Ghost Ultralounge





Nest Hotel



Daimaru Dept. North

Nikko Hotel


Covent Garden

Tokyu Hands


Hearton Hotel

Nagahori Tsurumi-Ryokuchi line

Ali’s Kitchen El Pancho 8F

Shinsaibashi-suji (shopping arcade)

Kitahorie Hospital


Arthur Murray

Midosuji line

TABIJI Kitchen

The Westside


Louis Vuitton




bi-grace nail Osaka Convention & Tourism Bureau

Toyoko Inn


D & Dept.

Namba Shrine




Daiwa Roynet Hotel

Balabushka 4F


Cross Hotel

Kansai Tourist APA Information Center Hotel Don Quijote

Comfort Hotel The Blarney Stone Suomachi-dori B1 (Europe street)

Minami Police Station


Bar Jaai


Sakaisuji line

Shinmachi Kita Park

Shinsaibashi-suji (shopping arcade)



Fujiya Hotel




Burlesque B1 Pure Osaka Don Quijote B1

Kaneyoshi Ryokan

Mexico Osaka Shochikuza

Dotonbori Hotel


Namba Hips Tominaga Hospital

a St

amb JR N

Casa Lapichu

AEON MaxValu

BIC Camera


Absinthe Solaar 8F


Toho Cinemas Namba annex

Toho Cinemas Namba

Visitors Information Center

Hotel Ichiei

Nipponbashi sta.

Sennichimae line

Little Long Beach

Inari 5

Namba Sta.




Namba Washington Hotel






Hotel Monterey Grasmere Osaka

Dotonbori Hozenji Temple Osaka Floral Inn

Takashimaya Dept. Store


Fraser Residence

Namba Oriental Hotel

Misono Building Singh’s Kitchen Namba Plaza Hotel

MUJI/LOFT Tower Records


Swissôtel Nankai Osaka


Nankai Namba Station

McDonalds Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium

Naniwa Park

Namba -naka



Pub Bar 30 2F


Naniwa Sports Center Naniwa Post Office

Animate Nihonbashi Shop

Toys”R”Us Yamada Denki LABI1 Namba

Jack & Queen



Kuromon Market


Namba Hatch


Naniwa Ward Office

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #203 APRIL 2017 /



100m D








Club Metro


1 Heian Shrine

Kiya Cho

Aeon Shopping Mall

The Ritz Carlton

Irish Pub Gnome


Higashi Oji - dori

Mori Yu Gallery Kyoto

Tozai Subway Line Kyotoshiyakusho-mae

Pig & Whistle





Movix Kyoto Mina

ori awa-d Shirakkawa river Shira JAM Hostel Kyoto Gion

Kyoto Tourist Information Center

Kawaramachi Marui




Fuji Daimaru

Keihan Line

Kyoto Bal


Hankyu Line


Gion s hijo


Teramachi Shotengai Shinkyogoku Shotengai

Kawara Machi




Butterfly Kitsune Hotel Vista Kyoto Premio Kyoto Maruzen Junkudo

Jomo Gas

Tourist Information Center



Kyoto Asahi Kaikan



Kyoto Royal Hotel & Spa








National Museum of Modern Art

Gastro Pub Tadgâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s

Hotel Okura

Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art 2

Miyako Messe


Kyoto City Hall

Okazaki Park

Tsutaya Books

Tatsumi Bridge



Yasaka Jinja

Maruyama Park

Apa Hotel

Minami-za Theatre



Gion Kaikan Kyoto Museum of Contemporary Art

The Gael Irish Pub





oga wa

Teramachi Area

Riv er

Kaosan Kyoto



Kyoto Municipal Museum of School History

Bakpak kyoto hostel

Ebisu Shrine

Nawa Clinic




The world's smallest Ukiyoe museum


N Ninenzaka



Higashiyama Ward Office

0 C

200m D

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #203 APRIL 2017 /





Kitano Museum



Kitanoseiryu Shrine

Hotel Piena Kobe


Shiei Yamate subway line

Sa nn om iya

OS Cinemas Mint Kobe Hotel Tokyu Inn

Tower Records a


SOGO Dept. 5F Kinokuniya Kobe Kokusai Kaikan 1F HSBC Kobe Kokusai Shochiku


rt l








Ali’s Kitchen Marui 3F e 2 San Plaza ut do Ro Center u s Center Plaza East et ut Plaza t. ok iya ae s West os k nom eim Junkudo Sannomiya be Sannadok o K Cine Phoenix Ha e lin Kowka Guild hin 4F s n 2F Aoyama Ha

Soraku Park


Sun City 7F Junkudo








Kobe Elementary School


Shinko High School






ad Ro


Sansei Hosp.


The Rock et tre 2F rl S a Pe Kobe Womens Kobe Junior Grocers St. Michael’s Kobe College International Mosque School en ns Hobgoblin ka Ikuta Police e 7F t ma Station Midnight Ya Kobe Ikuta jinja 5F Halal Food Mickey’s Oriental iya m Club Iznt Dental no 4F San 5F Clinic Tokyu Hotel Hands Tor Road Hotel 4F Monterey


zaka Fudo

aka terz Hun



Migration Museum ri -do oto am m Ya

Kitanosaka Hosp.


1F Bistrot Cafe De Paris




Isogami Park


Hyogo-ken Prefectural Hall

Palmore Hosp.

a m an ak u

Higashiyuenchi Park Kobe Luminarie



7F Kobe Legal Partners 4


Municipal Museum


n li aiga



i ce

Cine Libre Kobe Kobe Doll Museum Mitsui Daimaru Sumitomo Dept. Bank




Kobe City Hall


Raja Indian Restaurant

Minato Bank



i ch ryu e yo uma k u r Ky ima Da

r ro

Hanakuma Park

Kobe Plaza Hotel



ta. hi s ac m to hi Mo ac JR tom Mo


Kobe Ikuta Junior High School




Cafe Fish!


Hotel Okura Kobe Hotel La Suite Kobe Harborland

Kobe Maritime Museum Jumbo Ferry Terminal

Meriken park 6


Arthur Murray CULMENI Kobe 3F Harborland umie umie MOSAIC OS Cinema Harborland A



N Kobe Cruise Luminous Kobe 2

Kobe Meriken Park Oriental B

Kansai Scene Magazine / ISSUE #203 APRIL 2017 /

0 C

200m D

Kansai Scene #203 April 2017  

Sauntering into Spring: Kansai's Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots

Kansai Scene #203 April 2017  

Sauntering into Spring: Kansai's Best Cherry Blossom Viewing Spots