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Sandy Caster

Jay Robert

There’s a beginning to every story and this one starts with a woman and a sewing machine. She knew that there must be a better way to manufacture horse tack than what was currently available. Sandy Caster originally started Blacks Creek by introducing a western line of products. In her search for retailers, she found Jay Robert, owner of Idaho Archery Outfitters. Their relationship as manufacturer and retailer grew as Jay continued to sell Sandy’s products in his store. It wasn’t long after their original meeting that Sandy approached Jay with a partnership opportunity to start a new line of hunting packs. Jay obviously agreed and they started their mission together to create new and innovative designs that sportsmen would appreciate and continue to use for many years. Its been a fun ride over the last ten years. We have come a long way and continue to grow every year. We owe our success to the long list of dealers that have chosen to carry Blacks Creek products. Quality and customer service always comes first and we like to think that it has played a big part in the reason why we retain our customers. We are excited and eager to enter the year 2010 with more new designs as well as some of our tried and true products. we will also be introducing a new Television Show on the Pursuit channel during the 3rd and 4th quarter. We encourage you to tune in to the program for some of the best hunting and entertainment on the air today. Thank you very much for your continued support.


Slick Dude

Features: -

Capacity: 900 Cubic Inches Weight: 1 lb 8 oz Dimensions: 16.5”H x 8”W x 4.5”D H20 Compatible Fully adjustable suspension - Molded foam back - 8 pockets - Reflective fabric on shoulder straps for ease of finding when left in the dark

Item Codes: UPC # 807695800027 P/N 80002

Hunter Dude Features: -

Capacity: 1500 Cubic Inches Weight: 3 lbs 13 oz Dimensions: 22”H x 12”W x 5”D H20 Compatible Molded foam back 8 pockets Bow Boot Gun Boot - Either Side

Item Codes: UPC # 807695800010 P/N 80001


Single Bow Case Features: -

Arrow box pocket 3 exterior organizational pockets Padded interior Item Codes: A/P Accents

UPC # 807695801106 P/N 80110

Double Bow Case Features: -

Carries 2 bows 1 exterior organizational pocket Padded interior Shoulder strap Item Codes: A/P Accents UPC # 807695801205 P/N 80120


Item Codes: UPC # 807695812102 P/N 81210

Scoped Rifle Case Features: -

Carries a scoped Rifle 1 Exterior Side pocket 600 Denier Fabric Padded interior A/P Accents

Rifle Case

Item Codes: UPC # 807695812300 P/N 81230

Features: -

1 Exterior Side pocket 600 Denier Fabric Padded interior A/P Accents

Features: -

Shotgun Case

Carries a Shotgun 1 Exterior Side pocket 600 Denier Fabric Padded Interior A/P Accents Item Codes: UPC # 807695812201 P/N 81220


Item Codes: UPC # 807695208168 P/N 20816

Barbarian Featherlight The New Barbarian Featherlight has been a work in progress for several years. Many a hunter has longed for a pack that is light weight and can haul heavy loads. Look no further. Weighing in at a mear 5.6 lbs this pack sports a fully adjustable heavy duty suspension that can carry more than you can bear. With its light weight Dynema fabric construction you can be sure that this pack will out last you. Fully Adjustable heavy duty suspension. Simply click the button to the upright position and slide the harness system to the appropriate height to fit your torso. Click the button down to lock it into place.


- 4400 Cubic Inches - Weight w/optic pockets 6.6 lbs 5.6 lbs w/o pockets - Dimensions: 27”H x 13”W x 10.5”D - H20 Compatible - Water proof zippers throughout main compartment - Fully adjustable suspension - Detachable Fanny Pack - Bow and rifle boot - Detachable optic pockets - Sleeping bag compartment - Rainfly Included - Accessory straps on waist belt

Expanded Not Expanded

Expandable main compartment extends upward giving you an extra 500 CI of useful space.

Detachable Top Pocket turns into a small fanny pack.

Optic pockets quickly detach from side of pack for easy access.


Rain Fly included in its own pocket under pack

Item Codes: UPC # 807695209264 P/N 20926

Barbarian 2.5

Conquer the Mountain in Comfort! The Barbarian 2.5 could arguably be the nicest pack on the market today. The suspension alone could make this pack worth having but that’s just the beginning of the long list of great features this pack has to offer.


- 3100 Cubic inches - Weight: 7.5 lbs W/Optic Pockets: 8.13 lbs - Dims: 24”H x 12”W x 8”D - H20 Compatible - Water proof zippers throughout main compartment - Fully adjustable suspension - Articulating waist belt - Bow and rifle boot - Detachable optic pockets - Rain Fly - Internal Aluminum frame - All Heavy stress areas are bar tacked - Accessory straps on waist belt

The Barbarian 2.5 can haul either a gun or bow. The bow boot is neatly tucked away inside a zipper pocket on the bottom of the pack. The bow boot can also carry a gun. This pack also has two gun boots, one on each side allowing you to choose.

The rain fly is included with the pack. It’s stored inside its own pocket under the pack. It can be detached if not needed.


We’re glad you asked! -Waist -Shoulder -Adjustment -Track Fully adjustable suspension

Optic pockets quickly detach from side of pack for easy access.


Item Codes: UPC # 807695207321 P/N 20732 M/O Trstd UPC # 80695207369 P/N 20736 R/T Max1


When You Want More Space!

Have you ever felt like you just need more space. The Alaskan is what you need. Its unlimited cubic inches will allow you to put more in it or on it than you can possibly carry. Its state of the art separation design has been created to allow you to hunt with either pack separately if you so desire.


- Unlimited Cubic Inches - Weight: 8lb 4oz - Dimensions: 26”H x 13”W x 10”D - H20 Compatible - Water proof zippers throughout main compartment - Fully adjustable Rain Fly Included suspension - Detachable Meat pack - Rain Fly -Breathable Mesh back 2 Packs In 1 -Internal High Tech The separating design H-frame that the Alaskan features - Heavy Stress areas are has been designed specifically for those hunters that sometimes bar tacked and reinforced venture way off the beaten path and don’t want to hunt from their - 15 pockets spike camp with the entire system. You can leave one or the other behind until you need to haul out your trophy. - Carries a gun or bow - Spotting scope pocket - Accessory straps on waist belt The Alaskan is fully equipped to carry either a bow or gun. Carry the gun on either side of the pack.


The Alaskan continues to show off it’s unique adjustable suspension. With 5 size configurations you can custom fit the shoulder straps to fit your torso length by simply setting the adjustment tab to the appropriate setting.

Item Codes: UPC # 807695207529 M/O Trstd P/N 20752 UPC # 807695207567 R/T Max 1 P/N 20756

Canadian It’s What Everyone’s Raging About!

It seems like every year we find a better way to design the Canadian. It still sports its one of a kind meat packing expansion chamber. However, now it’s complimented with a small day backpack that quickly detaches allowing you to leave your main pack back at your spike camp.


- 2200 Cubic Inches Expands to 3850 Cubic Inches - Weight: 8 lbs 1 oz together 6 lbs 8 oz without daypack - Dimensions: 24”H x 13”W x 9.5”D - H20 Compatible - Rain Fly included - Fully adjustable suspension - Bow and rifle boot - 24 pockets - Internal High Tech H-Frame - Breathable Mesh Back - All High Stress areas are bar tacked and reinforced - Accessory straps on waist belt

The Canadian is fully equipped to carry either a bow or gun. Carry the gun on either side of the pack.

The expandable meat hauling chamber is easy to access by unzipping one zipper. The meat chamber is made from a very strong yet breathable mesh. When you expand the pack you will also see 3 more compression straps that are long enough to completely surround the entire pack.

The Canadian continues to show off its unique adjustable suspension. With 5 size configurations you can custom fit the shoulder straps to fit your torso length by simply setting the adjustment tab to the appropriate setting.

Rain Fly included

The detachable day pack is perfect for those times when you’re chasing that nasty herd bull into an ugly deep canyon and you know you have to come right back up the hill eventually. You can detach the pack by unzipping it from the main body.


Item Codes: UPC # 807695207222 P/N 20722 M/O Trstd UPC # 80695207260 P/N 20726 R/T Max1


Smack Dab in the middle!

The Western has proven itself to be one of our most popular pack designs over the last few years. It sits smack dab in the middle with 2000 cubic inches of capacity. Large enough to take a load of gear up the mountain for an overnight stay, yet small enough for a day hunt.

Features: -

2000 Cubic Inches Weight: 4 lbs 15 oz Dimensions: 22”H x 9”W x 13”D H20 Compatible Water proof zippers throughout main compartment - Fully adjustable suspension - Bow and rifle boot - optic pocket - Rain Fly - Breathable mesh back - Internal High tech H-Frame - Number of pockets: 15 - Heavy stress areas are bar tacked and reinforced - Accessory straps on waist belt

The Western is fully equipped to carry either a bow or gun. Carries the gun on the right hand side.


The Western continues to show off it’s unique adjustable suspension. With 3 size configurations you can custom fit the shoulder straps to fit your torso length by simply setting the adjustment tab to the appropriate setting.

The rain fly is included in the pack. It stores away neatly in its own pocket underneath the pack and detaches if needed.

Item Codes: UPC # 807695107027 P/N 10702 M/O Trstd UPC # 807695107065 P/N 10706 R/T Max1

All American Short Trip Strategy For Getting Close! Compact yet roomy enough to carry all your essential gear for the day. The All American is the perfect pack for those of us that need to be stealthy and close the distance but don’t want to compromise and leave our gear behind. There’s simply no other pack like it on the market today.


- 1200 Cubic Inches Expands to 1400 Cubic inches - Weight 4 lbs 5 oz - Dimensions: 9"H x 17"W x 8"D - H20 Compatible - Water proof zippers - Expandable main compartment - Number of pockets: 14 - Carries a bow - Game call organizer pocket - All heavy stress areas are reinforced and bar tacked - Adjustable Torso System - Accessory straps on waist belt

The fully adjustable harness system allows this pack to fit just about anyone. It’s equipped with 2 load bearing straps that keep the pack from sagging when it’s carrying heavier loads.

The All American sports its own unique expandable main compartment that adds another 200 cubic inches to full capacity. There is only one zipper to open when expanding the pack.

Bow boot drops out of the bottom of the pack for easy access and storage. Fits most bow designs.


Item Codes: UPC # 807695109854 P/N 10985

Bone Collector Bow Case

Features: -

3 Exterior Accessory pockets Exterior arrow box pocket Canvas construction 40 Inches long

Bone Collector Crossbow Case Item Codes: UPC # 807695109953 P/N 10995

The Bone Collector Crossbow case has a semi-rigid construction around the limbs and wheel areas. Most models of crossbows will fit with the scope attached, including the Excaliber and Ten Point. The scope area has extra padding built into it for more protection. Fabric construction is made from tough water resistant 900D poly.


Item Codes: UPC # 807695109151 P/N 10915

Bone Collector 1.5

Big or Small, the 1.5 Does it all! Sometimes we all just need a pack that can do it all and do it well. The Bone Collector 1.5 has just the right amount of cubic inches to haul your gear for the day and still have enough room for a heavy load off the mountain. With its High Tech internal H-Frame, it can haul heavier loads with ease yet fits perfectly in your tree stand as well.

Features: -

2100 Cubic Inches Weight 4.1 lbs H20 Compatible Dimensions: 22"H x 12"W x 8"D Fully adjustable suspension - Number of Pockets (5) - Carries a Bow - Breathable Mesh Back - All heavy stress areas are bar tacked and reinforced - Internal H-Frame - Comfort Fit Jelly Shoulder Straps - Molded Foam Back - Accessory straps on waist belt

The pull over rain fly is included with the pack and is tucked away neatly into its own pocket on the bottom of the pack.

At 2100 cubic inches, the Bone Collector 1.5 has plenty of room and pockets to organize your gear. It sports one large compartment where you will find a hydration system sleeve for your water bladder and the Internal H-Frame. There are 4 other pockets located on the outside of the pack allowing you to have quick access to your essential gear.

The Bone Collector 1.5 carries your bow in the most simple design. Simply place your bottom cam into the loop attached to the bottom of the pack and then secure your riser and string using the straps on the side of the pack.


Item Codes: UPC # 807695109557 P/N 10955

Bone Collector 1.0

Great Things Can Come Wrapped In Small Packages! The Whitetail fanny pack is as well rounded of a pack as they come. Its been specifically designed to accommodate all the gear that a whitetail hunter should need in the stand or in the blind. However, its lightweight and sleek design also make it great for spot-n-stalk style hunting.

Features: -

Capacity - 1000 Cubic Inches Weight - 3.1 lbs Dimensions - 7”H x 17”W x 7”D Detachable Water bottle pocket (Bottle not included) - Fully adjustable suspension - Call pockets - 8 pockets - Padded Range Finder/Camera pouch - Removable shoulder straps - Accessory straps on waist belt

Detachable Water bottle pocket


The shoulder harness is equipped with two load bearing straps that prevent the pack from sagging

Fully adjustable harness system allows you to adjust the pack to fit just about any size person.

Item Codes: UPC # 807695109113 P/N 10911

Bone Collector 1.1 Get Back To School! The Bone Collector 1.1 is the coolest new book bag out there today. It not only looks awesome, it is awesome. It has enough room to carry a teenagers work load for the day and then some. It’s IPOD compatible with its headphone port and organizing pockets inside. TM

Features: -

1400 Cubic Inches Dimensions: 16.5”H x 11”W x 5.5”D IPOD compatible Molded foam back Adjustable shoulder straps Easy access side pocket Water Bottle Pocket 4 Pockets Light Weight Design Will carry most laptops TM

Easy access side zipper pocket for storing the essentials that you’ll need to get to quickly. Opposite side is equipped with an elastic closure water bottle pocket.

Not only does this pack look cool, it’s very functional. We have designed the BC 1.1 to be light weight yet durable enough to hold up to the normal wear and tear that most teenagers will put it through.


Item Codes: UPC # 807695109656 P/N 10965

Turkey Tuxedo Cooling Down The Competition James Bond never had a tuxedo this “COOL” and we mean literally “COOL”! The Turkey Tuxedo sports a revolutionary venting system to keep your back “COOL’” during those warmer days of Spring. It’s fully equipped to haul your entire arsenal to the field with several organizational pockets that quickly detach. Comfortable yet tactical, this vest is sure to set the standard!

Features: -

Cool Air flow Suspension 20 Pockets H20 Compatible Detachable Side pocket Panels Expandable main carry compartment Fiberglass Stay internal frame Detachable mesh Carry Bag Safety Orange Flap Shell Holders Padded Seat

Detachable padded seat rolls up nice and snug under the vest and out of the way when not in use.


Air Space between the Carry compartment and suspension allows for cool air to flow through mesh back panel and hot air to escape.

Detachable side panels come off easy for quick access to your gear when your set up. Simply unclip them from the vest and lay them out on the ground.

The Turkey Tuxedo comes fully equipped to haul all your gear. Its large carry compartment quickly expands and collapses to suit your needs. After you harvest your bird you can pull out the safety orange flap. Hidden under the carry compartment is a handy mesh bag for carrying your decoys or just hauling your clothes. It quickly detaches for easy storage.

Bone Collector Accessories Item Codes: UPC # 807695502051 P/N 50205 The Bone Collector bow sling attaches to any bow on the market today with ease. Simply attach the Velcro straps to the limbs of the bow and then clip the strap to the parts attached to the limbs. It’s designed to unclip quickly and smoothly for rapid access to your bow.

Yellow UPC # 807695109373 Item # 10937

Pink UPC # 807695109380 Item # 10938

Green UPC # 807695109359 Item # 10935

Orange UPC # 807695109366 Item # 10936


Item Codes: UPC # 807695201053 P/N 20105



Carry All System! TM

It’s the Carry All system that we all dream about owning some day. The RIGG-ITT can carry just about anything with its unique rigging loops. There are several accessories that can be rigged onto the frame to accommodate any style of hunting you may be doing.

Features: -

Unlimited Cubic Inches Weight: 3.5 lbs Dimensions: 24” x 13.5” Rigging loops for attachments - Fully adjustable With its unique Rigging loops you can attach just about anything you want to suspension the frame. The zipper on the bottom - Accessory strap on accommodates many accessories that are waist belt offered such as the blind carrying bucket - 2 horizontal and the tree stand bag. compression straps - All Mathews solo pack accessories with zipper will attach - Internal High Tech H-Frame

Fully adjustable suspension. Simply adjust the shoulder harness to your desired size. XS-XL Deer Drag D-Ring


RIGG-ITT Accessories TM


RIGG-ITT Detachable Day pack Item Codes: UPC # 807695206270 P/N 20627 17”H x 9”W x 4”D 650 Cubic Inches


RIGG-ITT Carry-All-Bag Item Codes: UPC # 807695215159 P/N 21515 Offered in Black only 18”H x 16”W x 11”D 3100 Cubic Inches

RIGG-ITT Detachable Fanny Pack TM

RIGG-ITT Tree Stand Carry Bag TM

Item Codes: UPC # 807695204146 P/N 20414 6”H x 14”W x 3”D 250 Cubic Inches

Day Pack and Fanny pack Attached to frame


Item Codes: UPC # 807695215203 P/N 21520 Offered in Black only

RIGG-ITT Riffle Scabbard Item Codes: UPC # 807695215135 P/N 21513

RIGG-ITT Blind Carry Bucket TM

Item Codes: UPC # 807695201169 P/N 20116


Item Codes: UPC # 807695102459 P/N 10245

Wild Thing Never Leave Your Blind Behind! There’s no reason to leave your blind behind when you can pack it in a Wild Thing. This pack was designed to carry everything you need when it comes to hunting from a ground blind. You can keep all your gear well organized in its 16 pockets and simply detach the panels for easy access when you get set up.

Features: -

Unlimited Cubic Inches Weight: 10 lbs 3 oz Dimensions: 23”H x 13”W x 9”D Designed to carry the blind comfortably close to your back - Organizer panels for calls - Panels quickly detach and can hang from you blind for organization - Bow boot - Use pack with or without panels - 16 pockets - Accessory straps on waist belt

Detachable Panels

The detachable panels are secured to the sides of the pack with metal turn pins that slide through metal grommets. Simply turn the pin to match the grommet and pull the panel off. Each panel is designed to carry several calls and misc. gear that you may need while turkey hunting or big game hunting.

This pack really can carry everything you need. There are 2 separate pockets to carry chairs or tripods as well as a bow boot that allows you to carry your bow on the outside of the pack.


Pro-44 Bow Case Features:

- Designed for longer axle to axle bows - Arrow box pocket - Total length is 44 inches - Exterior Accessory pocket

Item Codes: UPC # 807695307441 P/N 30744

Sliver Quiver Features: -

4 Arrow slots Detachable shoulder strap Bino pocket 4 pockets Belt loop Right or Left Hand options available Release pocket

Item Codes: Right Hand - UPC # 807695160107 P/N 16010 Left Hand - UPC # 807695160114 P/N 16011

Molded Bow Case Features:

- Molded Foam Construction - Heavy Duty Zipper - 4 pockets - Light Weight Design - Padded foam insert Item Codes: UPC # 80769307106 P/N 30710


G-Slings Standard

Made in the USA

P/N 50420


P/N 50410

The G-Sling comes in two different models (Standard & Deluxe) Each can come in any of the color combinations that are listed below. Call for custom orders.

     101






     102

105 108



     103





Barbarian Gaiters The Barbarian gaiters are made of 3 layer tricot and cordura that is very water resistant. They have a velcro closure that is sure to never fail in the harshest of elements. The boot strap is constructed from Hypalon material that is scuff and tear resistant. Item Codes: UPC # 807695209066 P/N 20906

Gaiters Item Codes: Reg: 3010 XLRG: 3011 TALL: 3012 The Blacks Creek Gaiters are constructed of 3 layer Tricot fabric or cordura. Very Water resistant and comfortable. They come with a zipper closure. The boot strap is made from 1 inch nylon webbing. Offered in assorted colors and sizes. Call for details. Made in the USA

Arrow Tube Item Codes: Item Codes: UPC # 807695151105 UPC # 807695150108 P/N 15010 Clear tube P/N 15110 Tube w/Cover

Item Codes: UPC # 807695151129 P/N 15112 12 PK w/Display

The arrow tube can be purchased individually or by the case. Case includes 12 arrow tubes and perforated area to remove top of display. Arrow tubes carry 12 arrows without damaging vanes. Camo cover has a shoulder strap attached and is easily removed. Arrows Not included Fits inside most bow case arrow pockets


Blacks Creek Accessories Knife Pouch

GPS Pouch

Item Codes: UPC # 807695148952 P/N 14895

Item Codes: UPC # 807695148655 P/N 14865 6.5”H x 3”W x 2”D Will Fit all GPS’

4.5”H x 1.75”W x 1”D

Small Camera Case Item Codes: UPC # 807695149058 P/N 14905 5.5”H x 3.25”W x 1.5”D

Large Camera Case Item Codes: UPC # 807695554654 P/N 55465 6.5”H x 4”W x 2”D

Cell Phone Pouch Item Codes: UPC # 807695148853 P/N 14885 5”H x 2.5”W x .5”D


Blacks Creek Accessories Large organizer Pouch Item Codes: UPC # 807695140352 P/N 14035 8.5”H x 6”W x 2”D

Small Organizer Pouch Item Codes: UPC # 807695140451 P/N 14045

Made in the USa Shell Holder Item Codes: P/N 5016 - (16 Tries) P/N 5010 - (10 Tries)

Made in the USa Bow Scabbard W/Flap Item Codes: UPC # 807695304105 P/N 30410 Call for available colors

3 ltr Water Bladder Item Codes: UPC # 807695105207 P/N 10520


Blacks Creek Clothing Slate Blue Extreme Performance T

Olive Green Seal T

Burnt Yellow No Bone Left Behind Stamp T

Black Blacks Creek Swoosh T

Each Graphic shown comes in that color of shirt only available in: Medium Large X-Large XX-Large Black Skull and Wings T

Brown Wicked Tree T


Blacks Creek Clothing

Long Sleeve Dry wick T 100% Poly Available in Black Only Sizes M,L,XL,XXL

Blacks Creek Hoodie 50/50 Polly Cotton Blend Available in Black Only Sizes M,L,XL,XXL

UPC # 807695506233 P/N 50623

UPC # 807695506226 P/N 50622

UPC # 807695506219 P/N 50621

Blacks Creek Mesh Back Trucker Hat Mid Profile Brown and Tan

Blacks Creek Cotton Twill Hat Structured Mid Profile Black

Blacks Creek Cotton Twill camo Hat unStructured Mid Profile


Sandy Caster (Co-Owner)

Blacks Creek Guide Gear

Jay Robert (Co-Owner)

3515 Arthur St. - Caldwell, ID - 83605 (208)455-1996 - (800)742-1405 - Fax (208)455-1249 Robert Martin (Sales Manager)

Marcus Flesher (Dir. Marketing)

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