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ome Weltocspring hat with the snow and never-ending cold weather it felt like spring would never arrive! If you were one of the brave ones that kept riding during the bad weather, welcome to the brother (or sister) hood! This is the first edition of Ride It! for 2010. We are evolving the look and feel of the catalogue to make it really relevant to your type of riding. For Spring we are talking about ‘Committing to the Commute’ - whether its 2 miles or 20 miles, it’s better by bike. In ‘Bitten by the Bug’ we speak to a customer who has recently upgraded his bike - switching from a 2 year old steel framed hardtail with pretty basic front suspension to a full-sus Specialized Epic FSR...

“As usual, the catalogue is packed with great new product for spring 2010 and loads of other tips...” now that’s an upgrade! For the roadies amongst you, ‘Going the Distance’ helps you get ready for your next challenge. The 6 week training plan will help you get through all but the toughest of sportives, no matter what level you’re starting from. As usual, the catalogue is packed with great new product for spring 2010 and loads of other tips to make your riding just that little bit better. So all we can say is get out and ride!


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Committing to the commute


What type of commuter are you?

Going the distance


Get ready for your next road challenge

Bitten by the bug?


Richard Warren tells us his MTB story

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04 Spring 2010 / Commute / 01293 574 900

Riding to work puts money in your pocket, years on your life’ and takes inches off your waist… all you need is a bike hat good things have you promised yourself in 2010? A hefty pay rise? Escape from the daily traffic jam or that overcrowded bus, train or tube? Maybe you’d like to give yourself a fitter, healthier body without having to spend hours in the gym or cutting down on your favourite foods? Or do you want to do your bit to help save the planet? Or maybe you just want it all? Well your luck is in because all these good things come to those that commute by bike – and it’s never too late to start. Whatever level of cycling experience you have commuting will save you money and make you fitter and healthier too – although you may end up spending slightly more on cake! Committing to the commute will give you the freedom of the city and the extra cash to enjoy it. Over the next few pages we will give you all the information you need to commit to the commute, we’ll take a closer look at all the reasons to do it and at some of the things that might be putting you off.

Pounds, shillings and pence…

First, let’s talk cash. A monthly four zone travelcard in London will set you back £141.40, times that by 12 and you’re spending £1696.80 for the privilege of being crammed on to a bus or tube, if you live further out you’ll be paying more. It’s the same story whatever part of the country you live in. If anything it’s even more expensive to drive what with constantly rising fuel prices and the cost of parking… not to mention the congestion charge for those unlucky enough to have to drive in to central London. Jump on a bike though and even after you’ve paid for the bike you will still be saving a big chunk of cash. It’s like giving yourself a pay rise. Better still, if your employer operates a ride to work scheme under the Government’s Cycle to Work Initiative you will get a tax break on the purchase price of the bike. You’ll be able to spread the cost of payments out over a year, saving you even more money and allowing you to buy a bike and the necessary equipment to get you started as a cycle commuter, up to a value of £1000. If your employer doesn’t have a ride to work scheme turn to page 18 for all the information you, and they, will need to help them set one up. So committing to the commute makes sense for your wallet, just as importantly it also makes sense for your health. Cycling, even at a fairly moderate pace, is extremely good cardio vascular exercise. Good enough to make you younger - in studies regular cyclists have been found to have bodies that are 10 years younger than their actual age.

Urbanite Folder


Urbanite No surprise then that the average cyclist lives 10 years longer than the general population. They are healthier and more active further in to old age than non-cyclists. Even allowing for the extra cakes they are thinner than non-cyclists as well and the health benefits don’t end there. Getting the old blood pumping in the

“...the average cyclist lives 10 years longer than the general population.” morning is good for your brain – cyclists score highly in cognitive function tests, which means you’ll get to work bright and alert unlike colleagues who’ve spent an hour on a stuffy tube or breathing in the exhaust fumes from the car in front. Finally, the ride home is an excellent way of de-stressing after a busy day.

No sweat cycling

So what’s holding you back? Afraid of turning up for work hot and sweaty? Fear not, the average commuting distance in the UK is just over 8 miles and the average commuting time is 58 minutes, most people could ride that distance in that time without breaking sweat at all. If your commute is longer, get a folding bike and take it part way in the boot of your car or on the bus or train. Ride the rest from a manageable distance - you’ll still save money and get all those health benefits. If you are more of speedster and want to put the hammer down on the way to work, well there are plenty of ways of doing that too without becoming an office biohazard (we talk more about that on page 16). Many employers are installing showers in the workplace and the Government, through its new Cycle to Work Guarantee, is keen to encourage even more to do so. It’s all part of their bid to reduce the number of car journeys in the UK to cut congestion

Charge Mixer ‘10 (128897)

06 Spring 2010 / Commute


Charge Leather Oven Gloves (121245) Stylish design cut on a curve for an ergonomic fit.


Nick Webb / 35 / Streatham I ride my bike from home to work pretty much every day. It’s just over 5 miles each way but I also use my bike around town, going to meetings or seeing clients - quicker than the bus and cheaper than a cab. I’m not into the whole ‘lycra’ thing, though I understand how practical it must be for longer rides. I like to wear clothes that I can ride about in but don’t look out of place in my everyday wardrobe.

Trek Soho ‘10 (127749)


Scott Sub 30 Solution ‘10 (128597)

£549.99 / 01293 574 900

Lucinda Wright / 27 / Windsor I wish I did have a longer ride but Windsor to London is a bit too much. I ride from my house to the station which means I never miss the bus or end up cursing when they don’t turn up! My folding bike allows me to take the train which you can’t always do with ‘ordinary’ bikes (something they really need to address) and then at the other end its about a 10-15 minute ride to work. I just wear my work clothes but I tried these Bontrager cycling shoes and they were really comfy and a bit more practical. I love my bspoke jacket as it has great cycling features and looks really nice too.

Bontrager Street Women’s Shoes (123656) Strikes the perfect balance of on-bike comfort and off-bike walkability.


Brompton M3L ‘10 (126363)



Dahon Speed D7 ‘10 (130290)


Dahon Vitesse D7 ‘10 (130291)


Charlie Cole / 26 / South Woodford I love riding my bike into Central London every day. It’s about 12 miles each way and it not only keeps me fit but saves me a fortune on buses and the underground (even though I spend the money I save on bikes and kit!). I usually ride my 700c-wheeled hybrid as it takes a load of abuse while still being fast. I layer up my clothing and often carry a pair of arm warmers and lightweight rain jacket, just in case.

and reduce the nation’s carbon footprint. That’s why they are also doing their bit to make the roads safer for cyclists. Money has been given to cities across the UK to spend on better road layouts for cyclists, new cycle lanes and other improvements. London is leading the way with its soon to open Cycle Superhighways but other cities are doing their bit too - Bristol is spending £22m to double the numbers of cyclists on its roads. In Europe they’ve found that more cyclists equals safer cycling so just by getting out there on a bike you are helping make the roads safer still. Of course it can’t hurt to brush up on your road skills. If you live in London many boroughs offer free cycle training for adults but there are also plenty of accredited Bikeability instructors who can give you one to one tuition. You can find one near you via the CTC website. Okay, it rains in Britain but not as often as you’d think, especially if you live in the dryer eastern half of the country. It’s been calculated that a London cycle commuter will only have to deal with rain 12 times a year – so leave the bike at home on those days, you’ll still get most of the benefits. Chances are that once you’ve been bitten by the bike bug you aren’t going to let a bit of rain put you off. There are plenty of ways of staying dry on your bike anyway; mudguards and all

“ London many boroughs offer free cycle training for adults...” manner of waterproof cycle clothing. Check out pages 10 to 13 for all the latest weather busting kit. Speaking of which, wearing Lycra, like riding in the rain, is not compulsory - plenty of people commute in ordinary clothes. Of course clothes made for the job will make time in the saddle even more pleasant, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be skin tight. There is plenty of cycle clothing aimed at urbanite riders that want cycle-friendly clothing that works and looks good on and off the bike and which doesn’t scream “cyclist”.

Specialized Sirrus Pro ‘10 (126164)

08 Spring 2010 / Commute


Giro Athlon Helmet (121408) The ultimate competition-specific MTB helmet with smooth style and compact silhouette.


lator u c l a C s g n i v Sa

muting oney cycle com amou nts of m e n an th ke of ta a ’ve ide Here’s an to dr ivi ng we W hen it comes s wh ich we’ve ile m ca n save you. 10 of e ting di sta nc y dr ivers average com mu iles per year; however, man 00 m on your g in nd pe eq uated to 4,8 De rther than th is. rk ing or the travel much fu tra s’ like ca r pa u ca n add in ‘ex ere’s wear th , se ur co of desti nation yo d, tion Charge. An es ng Co on nd Lo ur ca r. and tea r on yo ort £1,696.8 0 Public transp avelcard x12 = 0 1- 4 London Tr ca rd x12 = £1,08 2 ty Month ly Zone un Co ter es ,11 ter M anch elpass x12 = £2 av Tr Month ly Grea m do ee ol Zone AB Fr Month ly Br ist r Lit re = £872 Car e @5.5m iles pe ay at £1.15/L itr Congestion on nd Lo r, Fuel: 20 m ile/d tea and pa rk ing, wear : de clu in so Al Charge s Other saving 0- 60 mem bersh ip £3 Month ly gy m

Pinnacle Borealis 4.0 ‘10 (129734)


Specialized Vita Women’s ‘10 (126084)

£399.99 / 01293 574 900


Gocycle Electric (126360)

“It has been calculated that a London cycle commuter will only have to deal with rain 12 times a year...”


Pashley Poppy (118773)


Fuji Cross Comp ‘10 (129502)




Spring demands

versatile clothing...

Endura Padded Under-Shorts (121804) Perfect for wearing underneath regular clothing, enhancing your riding comfort.

£14 .99

Icebreaker Velocity Zip Top (123387)

Sleek and funky zip top designed for extreme action. • Eyelet gussets to give extra ventilation andseams sewn to reduce friction • Streamlined styling and a handy stash pocket on the hip Gore Bike Wear Ozon Arm Warmers


S, M, L, XL and XXL - Grey/Red

(122443) Essential garment that keeps

the chill from your arms on cooler days.


Mavic Vision Vest (123395) Specialized BG Ridge Gloves (121522) Lightweight full-fingered glove assures hand comfort and ensures full brake/gear control.


Light weight wind protection and optimal visibility, ideal for overcast rides. • Increased visibility thanks to bright orange fabric and VIZ+ Technology • Mesh back insert for breathability and a rear zip pocket


S, M, L, XL and XXL - Orange

Altura Pocket Rocket Jacket (123237) Ultra-lightweight, breathable and waterproof shell with a tiny pack size.

£64 .99

Respro Waterproof High-Viz Hump Rucksack Cover (106122) High visibility backpack cover to keep you seen on the roads.

£24 .99

Endura MT500 Spray Shorts

Helly Hansen Trailwizard Jersey

Bern Watts Helmet




£64.99 10 Spring 2010 / Commute

£34.99 / 01293 574 900


Sweating in style, what’s best to wear when you ride your bike? hat you wear when riding your bike is totally up to you. You really don’t need to wear any specialist clothing at all if you don’t want to – but on anything more than a pootle to the shops there is likely to be some trade off in comfort if you don’t. Basically the faster you ride the hotter you get and that means sweat. If you want to stay comfortable you need to be wearing clothes that can deal with the heat and the sweat, you need technical fibres. That doesn’t mean to say you need to get togged up like you’re going to tackle the Tour de France. These days there are whole ranges of technical cycling clothes from the likes of Surface and bspoke, designed to look like normal casual clothing but using technical fabrics cut so that they work on the bike. That means jackets with subtly dropped tails at the back to protect your rear end from the elements and slightly longer sleeves so your wrists are still covered when you are in a more stretched out position on the bike. Hidden vents help you deal with excess heat on the move and there is clever use of reflective detailing – so you can wear your favourite jacket in non-cycling company and only dazzle them with your wit! There has also been a big upsurge in the use of natural fibres such as merino wool and merino wool mixes for cycling tops. Merino is very effective at wicking away sweat and is much more odour resistant than polyester. Again, many of these tops are designed to looks as good off the bike as on it. For round town this sort of clothing is ideal. All that said, Lycra still has its place. If you are riding longer distances, particularly longer distances at pace, clothes made for the job will increase your comfort and enjoyment of the experience no-end. Lycra shorts give you support and padding in all the right places. They deal with excess heat and moisture to keep you as comfortable and dry as possible. Technical base layers, jerseys and jackets do a similar job of managing your personal microclimate while also protecting you from the elements and the buffeting of the road. That’s why for all it’s figurehugging faults so many cyclists still wouldn’t leave home without it. Helly Hansen Multi 1/2 Zip Base Layer (123220) Great base layer or combine with a Gilet for light weight comfort.


Pearl Izumi Zephrr Vest (122682) Windproof and water resistant, provides packable core protection from the elements.

Icebreaker Atlas Crewe (123193)


Gore Bike Wear Contest 3/4 Bib-Shorts (121929)



Altura Transformer Jersey (123299) Highly versatile 3 season windproof jersey, ideal for variable weather conditions.


Gore Bike Wear Ozon Windstopper AS Jersey (122838) Short-sleeve jersey using Windstopper fabric to keep you warm and protected. Suitable across a wide range of weather conditions, the Ozon jersey is cut with a tight fit and long back, with flatlock seams. Includes two compartment patch pockets and a small key pocket in back, front zip with semi-lock slider, zip underflap and reflective piping and logo.


S, M, L, XL and XXL - Black/Red

Gore Bike Wear Oxygen SO 3/4 Bib-Shorts (123268) An extremely stretchable new Windstopper Soft Shell that guarantees first-class elasticity in all directions. These windproof 3/4 length shorts help keep your knees warm on cooler days. They feature elastic braces and offer less chafing and more comfort due to a 4-panel seat insert. Gripper elastic on bottom hem and a reflective logo on the upper thigh.


S, M, L, XL and XXL - Black

Altura Night Vision Evo Jacket (123239)

Foska Test Dummy L/S Jersey (123285)

The ultimate waterproof commuting jacket with loads of reflective trim • Waterproof, breathable and durable soft touch 2 layer fabric and mesh liner • Front, chest and hand pockets plus a rear pocket and LED fitting

Heavy weight long sleeve jersey is great for cool morning starts. • High-performance, breathable Cool Plus fabric with Grid pattern and brushed back • Sport cut - snug but not too tight, with a long back to keep you warm

S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL - Yellow, Red or Black


Gore Bike Wear Path Jacket

Bontrager Street Shoes



£134.99 12 Spring 2010 / Commute


S, M, L, XL and XXL - Test Dummy Design

Gore Bike Wear Fusion SO 3/4 Trousers (123270)

£99.99 / 01293 574 900


Bern Berkeley Women’s Helmet (121399)


Surface Tech Trousers (123298) Comfortable, water repelling and stylish - ideal for the smart commute. • Slim cut, flat fronted trousers that feel like you’re wearing Lycra • Liquistretch fabric makes water bead immediately on contact XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL - Black or Grey


Surface Tech Zip Hoodie (123296) A slim cut, pedal friendly, fully zipped hooded top. • Water repellent and flexible Snugflex material with contrast taped inside seams • Eyeleted armpit vents, tailored hooded collar and peached inner face XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL - Brown or Black


Napoleon chest pocket with secure zip keeps important items close to hand

Water repellent ‘Aquaphobic’

Endura Humvee 3/4 Shorts

wool fabric in a herringbone


woven finish

Great value three-quarter length pant made from Teflon treated nylon. • Side zipped ventilation and stretch lower back panel for comfort • 2 large tabbed rear pockets, front zipped pockets, cargo pocket and phone pocket

Surface Wool Jacket (123294) Herringbone woven riding jacket designed with the urban rider in mind. Made from ‘Aquaphobic wool’ fabric with a high neck and reversed (down to up) zips. The arms and back are cut longer than a normal jacket for a comfort fit on the bike with stretchy cuffs and a drawstring waist. Finished off with a high neck and storm zip flap.


S, M, L, XL and XXL - Black

bspoke Angel Women’s Jacket (121705)


Pearl Izumi Superstar Women’s Skirt (122951)



XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL - Grey

Casco Emotion Helmet

Nike 6.0 Air Mogan Shoes





Lock it, Beat the bad guys with the three rules of cycle security

don’t lose it

ust about the only downside to cycling’s growth in popularity is that bikes have become more popular with criminals too. While most bike crime is opportunist there is growing evidence that organised gangs are also turning their attention to stealing bikes. So what can you do to beat the crimes? Well, there are three basic rules of cycle security, the first being to get a good lock. The usual rule of thumb is to spend 20 per cent of the price of your bike on security. For peace of mind go for one with a Sold Secure rating (see the box below), D-locks are better than cables but any lock is better than none – even if it’s little more than a visual deterrent. We’ve got a full range of locks to meet all your bike locking needs in-store. To get the best level of protection from your lock you need to lock your bike properly – that’s the second rule of cycle security. Always fill the shackle with as much bike as possible, because that gives thieves less space to play with, and always put your lock through the back wheel – that makes it harder to steal the rear derailleur too. If your commuting bike has quick release skewers on the wheels either replace them with locking skewers or bolts, or take the front wheel off and lock that to the back wheel whenever you are parking up. When you are out and about always lock your bike to something secure - not trees, fences or posts! Try to lock it up where it is fairly busy – leave it somewhere Sold Secure is an independent lock quiet and a thief has more time to work on testing body set up by police and it undisturbed. Rule three is actually the now administered by the Master Locksmiths Association. Sold Secure most basic of them all but it’s one rated locks fall in to one of three even streetwise cyclists sometimes categories: Gold, Silver or Bronze. forget. Never leave your bike Gold rated locks offer the highest unlocked and unattended for even level of security and are designed a moment, even if you keep it in to withstand manual attack for 3 plain sight. You may think there’s minutes. no-one watching when you Silver rated locks offer a compromise between security and cost, they nip in to the newsagents for a should hold out against attack for 3 paper or some mid-ride fuel minutes – the average amount of time but if you’re wrong your bike street thieves are reckoned to keep will be gone when you get back. trying. Silver rated locks tend to be Lock it, it’ll take a few extra seconds lighter than Gold ones which makes but that is still a lot less time than it them a touch more portable – ideal for will take you to walk home. commuting. Bronze rated locks should hold out Remember the rules, and use them, and for one minute against the attentions your bike will stay “your” bike.

Sold Secure

of opportunist thieves which is better than a non-rated lock or no lock at all.

Abus Blaster 850 Cable Lock

Abus Sinus 46 Shackle Lock



£19.99 14 Spring 2010 / Commute

from £34.99

Kryptonite Evolution 4 Shackle Lock (104658)

£49.99 / 01293 574 900

Abus Granit Steel-O-Flex 1000 Cable Lock (120943)

from £64.99

Abus Centro 860 Cable Lock (104628)

Great value steel cable lock for your general purpose security needs. • 19mm-thick flexible steel cable is protected by hardened steel shells • QuickSnap RBU bracket for rapid attachment to your bike 110cm long - Sold Secure Gold Rating


Kryptonite Kryptolok 2 Shackle Lock (104654) Bicycle security for moderate to high crime areas with a standard length shackle. • 13mm hardened Kryptonium steel shackle with a Patented deadbolt locking mechanism • Offset key location and overhead cam locking mechanism resists leverage attacks.

Kryptonite New York 3000 Shackle Lock (104643) The ultimate bicycle shackle lock for high theft danger areas. • 16mm through-hardened Kryptonium Steel shackle resists bolt cutters and leverage attacks • Double deadbolt locking mechanism for extensive holding power

230mm long - Sold Secure Silver Rating


203mm long - Sold Secure Gold Rating


Abus Varedo 47 Shackle Lock (104599)

Abus Diskus Chain Lock (104601)

High-security robust D-lock to keep your bike safe from thieves. • Rugged Abus Plus Cylinder lock with anti-picking protection for extra security • Patented Powercell technology offers maximum impact and pulling protection

Heavy duty hardened steel chain and padlock to protect your bike. • 10mm key operated shackle holds together 8mm hardened steel chain links • Fabric covered links help to prevent scratching to your bike 110cm long - Sold Secure Silver Rating

Kryptonite Kryptoflex Cable (104644-4)

from £9.99


Kryptonite Stronghold Anchor Point (104659)


230mm long - Sold Secure Silver Rating

“We’ve got a full range of locks to meet all your bike locking needs...”


Abus WA 50 Wall Anchor (104597)


Packing clever Tortec Tour Rear Rack (120869) Heavyduty solid traditional rack with a modern twist.

£24 .99

Feeling good on the bike and looking the part off it is a balancing act. Here’s how to make sure you pack properly for your day at the office... The short hop:

If your commute is short enough to do it in your civvies then you don’t need to worry too much about when you arrive at the office. If you’re tied to the bike then it’s still worth keeping a spare shirt, socks and trousers/skirt at your desk, just in case you misread the weather or some other calamity befalls you.

Mid range:

Topeak Super Tourist DX (Disc Brake) Rear Rack (103851) Classic, sturdy, tubular touring rack designed for compatibility with disc brakes.


Once you get above a few miles you’ll need to think a bit more deeply. The halfway house, if you don’t tend to arrive out of breath and sweaty, is to wear the top half of your normal outfit under a light jacket and bung some cycling-specific legwear on. It’s the trousers that get the most abuse, so they get ditched first. A more energetic commute will have you wanting an outfit fully geared for riding.

Long distance:

If you’re a proper mile muncher then you’ll no doubt be in your proper riding kit and shower when you arrive – it’s a good idea to warm down over the last mile so you’re not still sweating when you’re drying yourself off.

How to carry your gear:

Topeak Large Aero Wedge (120691-L) Fitting neatly under the seat carrying all your puncture repair essentials.


There’s two basic options for kit lugging: on your bike, or on your back. If you’re nipping in to work with just your sandwiches and a spare shirt then a backpack or courier bag is a simple, versatile choice. Go longer and you may start to hanker after a pannier. Okay a rack and pannier isn’t the sexiest bit of cycling kit you’ll ever buy but in terms of load capacity, waterproofing and longevity they’re hard to beat.

Rotating your wardrobe:

If you need to keep clothes at work then there’s an argument for taking all the clothes you need in one go. You only have to remember once, for a start, and most of the week you’ll be care- and luggage-free. The flip side is you need to be a bit more organised, and you’ll have to load up on Monday and Friday – panniers will come in handy. You’ll need somewhere to put all those clothes too. Topeak MTX Fold Down Trunk Bag (103598) Organised, durable ridged pannier

for a stylish commute or tour ride.


Basil Davos Wicker Basket (103682) Traditional Wicker front basket with hookon fitting and carry handle.

£26.99 Altura Urban 20 Rear Pannier

Chrome Mini Metro Bag

Deuter Race Air Back Pack




£49.99 16 Spring 2010 / Commute

£109.99 / 01293 574 900


Ortlieb Back Roller Classic Rear Panniers (103223) Classical rear pannier constructed from Polyester fabric with QL1 mounting system. • Roll top design is an effective way of keeping water out • Waterproof seamless construction will provide years of use 40 litre capacity (pair) - Red/Black, Yellow or Black


Chrome Vega Utility Bag (120667) A simple but tough musette-style bag, designed for sleek city use. • 1,000 denier weatherproof Cordura outer shell and truck tarp inner liner • Easily adjustable strap with nickel-plated tri-glide and integrated bottle opener Dakine Messenger Bag (103636) £49.99


13.5” x 13.5” x 4” - Black

Top tips

Vaude Cycle 25 Convertible Backpack/Pannier (103647)


•I f you have to keep your rid ing kit by your desk th en it makes sense to inve in some natu st ra l fibres. A polyester on mer ino top won’t be an e af ter a day yt hi ng like in w ith no ac on the office as pu ngent as radiator. Si m cess to a show a ila rly, if you’ er then it’s be rich trou sers re rid for your wor st to go for co ki ng gear. tton sh ir ts an ing •I f you’re rid ing to work d woolin the ra in th ki nd ly to dr en your colle ippi ng bi b sh ag ues may no or ts ha ng in spare kit an g t ta up d a plastic ba ke by the w ater g, and w ash •Keep some cooler. Best your wet kit to ta ke newspaper when you ge by your desk get wet. If yo t ho to st uff in yo me. u su ffer from ur rid ing sh cheesy feet ai rt ight to pu oes if they then make su t your shoes re you have in if you need •Remem be somet hi ng r that rid ing to keep them slowly enou in the office be ju st as qu gh that . ick •I f you are rid as a fa st ride followed by you don’t need a show er ca n in a spruce up . doesn’t smel g fa st and there are no workplace sh l. So shower owers… clea before you se maybe have n sweat t off, a bi need ever kn t of a spla sh in a w ash ba cool dow n when you ge t th ow… si n, get chan ged and no -o ere, ne

Altura Arran 16 Single Pannier (103562)


k r o W 2 Ride

r o f g n i l c y c Start


at you could th w o n k u o y id D the retail ff o % 0 5 to p u e v sa e? price of a new bik

he Ride2Work Scheme takes advantage of the Government’s Green Transport Plan by supplying employees with a new bike at around half of the retail price! The aim of the Green Transport Plan is to make cycling a more attractive way of commuting to work by enabling employees to benefit from some unique tax incentives. However, as well as being an employee benefit, employers can also make considerable savings on their Employer’s National Insurance Contributions.

Ride2Work takes all of this and offers it as a complete package – from supplying the contracts and administrative support through to expert advice on the bikes and cycling. Ride2Work offers many post sale services, such as repairs and servicing, through the Evans Cycles store network. By partnering with Ride2Work a company can be confident of receiving a complete service that enables employees to benefit from the full advantages of the scheme and get the most out of their cycling!

How does the Employer Benefit: • Provide a significant tax free benefit to your staff • No Employer NI contributions payable on the portion of salary sacrificed by employees • Claim capital allowances against the cost of the bike • Cycling greatly reduces your carbon footprint and promotes you as a socially

responsible and environmentally friendly employer

• Enjoy healthier, more productive staff

How does the Employee Benefit: • Spread the cost of a new bike over the course of a year, and save the tax • Save money – cycling is an economical and efficient method of transport • Save time – cycling is a quick way to get from A to B • Increase your overall level of fitness – cycling is a low impact exercise providing excellent

health benefits and cardiovascular fitness

• No more crowded trains or buses – avoid those cancellations and delays • Enjoy your commute!

How does it work?

The Ride2Work programme makes it as simple as possible for you to enjoy the benefits

we offer in six straightforward steps:

1. Employer becomes a member of the Ride2Work Scheme 2. Employee requests a voucher for the value of goods they wish to redeem 3. Employer authorises us to issue a voucher 4. Employee’s salary sacrifice commences1 5. The voucher is dispatched to the employee 6. The employee redeems the voucher against goods in any of our stores or via our Mail 18 Spring 2010 / Commute

Order service / 01293 574 900

Advantages of Ride2Work • Evans Cycles is the UK’s largest Independent bicycle retailer with stores nationwide. • Price Promise – we guarantee not to be beaten on price • You may further benefit from our extensive range of sale items and promotional offers • Evans Cycles has the largest range of bicycles and accessories in the UK • Free delivery Nationwide • No Administration Fees • Full Service Provider – We deal with every aspect of the scheme meaning you have consistent customer service and a single point

of contact throughout

• Dedicated support Hotline to deal with any queries that you or your employees may have

Ride2Work savings illustration: Here is a typical example to illustrate the savings under the Ride2Work scheme. Actual savings will depend on personal circumstances and rate of tax.

Bicycle and accessory purchase: Commuting Bike

£ 500.00

Other accessories

£ 200.00

Total price before savings:

£ 700.00

Net cost (Without VAT)

£ 595.74

Savings via Ride2Work: Income tax saving

£ 238.30

National insurance saving


Total effective cost:

£ 351.48

Total saving

£ 348.52 ... or 49.79%

Effective monthly cost

£ 29.29


Savings based upon a higher rate tax payer

To see how much you could save use our personal savings calculator at:

How Do I Join? Taking part in the Ride2Work scheme is simple. All UK companies are eligible. In order to register, a company should complete and sign our application form and return it to us.2 Once we receive this we will set up your account and issue a membership pack containing all the resources you will need to implement the scheme in your organisation. This application form is available online at

01293 572 325 / 1 The start of the salary sacrifice is governed by your employer. Your salary sacrifice will usually commence in the first pay period after you have received your voucher. 2This form must be authorised by an appropriate person in your organisation. This is usually an HR or Finance manager and will need to be someone able to make financial decisions on behalf of your company.

n i o G the distance

20 Spring 2010 / Road / 01293 574 900

g n

Make this the year you spread your wings and challenge yourself to ride further! t’s a great feeling. The computer ticks relentlessly on, and with every mile you’re setting yourself a new benchmark: the furthest you’ve ever ridden. It doesn’t matter if it’s 12 miles or 112, the sense of achievement is just as real. You’ve challenged yourself, and you’ve risen to the challenge. Now’s the time to plan for that big ride. You could just go out and ride... and ride and ride until you’ve bagged a new best, but if your legs start to turn to mush and you’re a long way from home you’ll be glad of a few encouraging words and a kindly wheel to sit on to shelter from the wind until you get your breath back. Riding in a group can save you between 15% and 40% of your effort over going it alone, and the bigger the group the less

“Riding in a group can save you between 15 and 40 percent of your effort over going it alone...” time you have to spend at the front! So if you’re looking to do a longer ride than ever before then an organised event is a great place to do it. Not so long ago all mass-start distance cycling events had a single name: Audax. From the Latin for ‘courageous’, Audax rides are all about self sufficiency: riders are expected to navigate the route by themselves and take everything they need with them. If you want to do a really long ride then the Paris-Brest-Paris, a 1,200km round trip with a 90-hour limit, is the oldest regularly run cycling event, it’s been going since 1891 and it’s legendary toughness and large field means that it only takes place every two years. In the last few years the focus for big organised rides in the UK

Specialized Roubaix Elite ‘10 (126159)


Endura FS260 Pro Jetstream L/S Jersey (121831) An athletic fit jersey with windproof front and bicep panels.


Mavic Helium Jacket (123090) Extremely lightweight and compact jacket for cooler weather, wind or rain.

£74 .99

Altura Airstream Jersey (123300)


Altura Synchro Women’s Jersey (123307)

(featured on page 24)

Gore Bike Wear Motion Jersey (122842)

A close fitting summer jersey that’s ideal for all types of



(featured on page 24)

has shifted towards sportives. Unlike Audax rides sportives usually have waymarked routes and often a choice of routes and distance too. Many use electronic timing systems to give you an exact finishing time and they’re usually much bigger than Audax rides too, with the larger events attracting thousands of riders. There’s usually no need to constantly refer to a map and frequent feed stations mean you don’t have to carry as much food and gear. Sportives have made distance riding much more accessible to a lot more people – so why not give it a go? Here at Evans we reckon that once you’ve tried a sportive you’ll be hooked, and to

Scott Speedster S20 Triple ‘10 (128636)

22 Spring 2010 / Road



make it even easier for you to try we’ve set up our own series of events: Ride It! From London to the Lake District, you’re sure to find a Ride It! event near you. The sportives have been specifically designed to both encourage novice riders and challenge the more experienced. Never done a big road ride before? Don’t worry! The fun route at each event is only around 12 miles, and it costs just a fiver to enter. The fun rides take place on quiet roads with very little climbing, so they’re perfect for families too. We’ll have qualified Evans mechanics on hand to give your bike the once

Bianchi C2C Infinito Athena ‘10 (125317) / 01293 574 900


then these rides are a great excuse to try out a new machine from our demo fleet. There’s a £35 charge for using a bike but you’ll get that back as a voucher that you can redeem against any new bike from Evans. All three longer distances cost just £11 to enter in advance, less than half the price of most sportives.

“However you choose to push yourself this year, we’re here to support you all the way!”

Pearl Izumi Elite Limited Jersey (122944) Offers team-inspired construction and performance fabrics for style and comfort.

£64 .99

Bianchi Maillot Jaune Jersey (122174) Prepare for this summer’s big road race in this classic yellow jersey.


over, and it doesn’t matter what you’re riding: we’ve seen all sorts of bikes make it round, believe us! If you’re looking for a bit more of a challenge then there’s a short route of about 30 miles to try. All of our routes are fully waymarked and you’ll be provided with a backup map courtesy of our friends at Memory Map – just in case. There’s feed stops stocked with SIS energy products, and on top of that you can try out a huge range of Gore Bike Wear clothing on your ride for free! More experienced riders will be looking to the longer distances, normally 60 and 90 miles. If you’re thinking of upgrading your bike

Trek 2.3 Triple ‘10 (126098)


For some even a 90-miler isn’t enough of a test, and that’s why we created our own super-sportive, the King of the Downs (May 23rd). At 113 miles and featuring 10 killer climbs with over 2,700m of height gain it’s our hardest ride and not for the faint hearted. There’s a 56-mile option too with half the climbs, if you think the full route will be a bit much. The King of the Downs is a bit more expensive than our usual Ride It! events at £25 per person, but that includes a goody bag worth £11 and free entry on the day to a Ride It! event of your choice – worth another £12.50. You get vehicle support and a broom wagon – hopefully you won’t need it – and free tea and pasta at the finish too. You’ll need that! How you train for your big ride will depend on what challenge you set yourself. You may just need to commit to a few more rides in to work – see page 4 for more on that – or you may want to plan your path to fitness in more detail. A six week fitness programme on page 28 will give you some pointers on more structured training. For details of our series of Ride It! events see pages 50 and 51 and find an event near to you. However you choose to push yourself this year, we’re here to support you all the way!

Specialized Secteur ‘10 (126023)


Gore Bike Wear Motion Jersey (122842)

Altura Airstream Jersey (123300)

Quality jersey with Cooling and Venting technology for balanced moisture management. • Slim fit, long back and mesh inserts under arms for ventilation • 3 pockets in back, slightly slanted at side for better access

A multi-panel, full featured jersey, ideal for all types of riding. • High wicking, quick-dry fabric in a close fitting design • Long front zip, 3 rear pockets and silicone hem grippers

S, M, L, XL and XXL - Light Blue/White


S, M, L, XL and XXL - Blue or Yellow


Altura Transformer Women’s Jersey (123308) A highly versatile 3 season windproof jersey, ideal for variable weather conditions. It easily transforms from long to short sleeve whilst being worn. Stretch, water repellent and windproof react panels provide rider comfort. Also features a full length zip, 3 rear pockets and reflective trim. 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 - Pink

Trek 1.5 Triple ‘10 (126105)

24 Spring 2010 / Road


Pinarello FP2 Veloce ‘10 (129141) / 01293 574 900



Castelli Team Full Zip Jersey (123333)

Quality full zip jersey gives you the feeling of being on the race team. • Prosecco Strada fabric with mesh side panels for breathability and comfort • Inset sleeves for a perfect anatomic fit and 3 rear pockets S, M, L, XL, XXL and XXXL - Black


Bontrager Race Jersey (123320) Quality race jersey combines classic styling with modern construction techniques • Bontrager’s proprietary Temptech and Micromesh fabrics keep you cool and comfortable • 4 back pockets give plenty of room to stash your ride essentials S, M, L, XL and XXL - Red or Black


BMC’s Skeleton Concept at the seat tube cluster ideally distributes forces

Carbon rear wishbone for optimal vibration damping and ride comfort

Mavic Espoir Jersey (122861) Pro-level jersey with Pro Fit, full zip and highly breathable fabric. • Pro Fit cut gives a close fitting cut for the fittest cyclist • Exo Grip is external elastic gripper with silicone for maximum grip S, M, L, XL and XXL - White or Black

Pinnacle Sentinal 3.0 ‘10 (129717)

BMC Road Racer SL01 ‘10 (129475) The SL01 is all about performance, with an alloy frame and carbon wishbone. Equipped with SRAM Rival componentry, Easton Vista SL wheelset and Scor hardware and a BMC Carbon Steam seat post.



XS, S, M, L and XL - Silver

Fuji Team Pro ‘10 (129497)



Pearl Izumi Elite Ultra Bib-Shorts

Gore Bike Wear Power Bib-Shorts


Endura Meryl Women’s Knickers (122295)

Superior fit, durability and moisture management for ultimate comfort in the saddle. • 11 Panel anatomic design with an Elite 3D chamois • Silicone leg gripper and reflective elements for low-light visibility

Great for keeping knees warm on Spring or Autumn rides. • High quality Meryl microfibre with Lycra in a 6 panel cut • Hygienic 3 piece women’s specific pad provides maximum comfort

High-performance moisture management bib with special cycling fit. • Fiunctional material with push-pull construction and shifted seams for less chafing • Mesh insert in the back gives optimum ventilation and heat exchange

S, M, L and XL - Black




XS, S, M and L - Black


S, M, L, XL and XXL - Black

Giro Monza Helmet (121502) Race-bred styling and cool performance for life in the faster lane.


Specialized S-Works Women’s Helmet (121550)

Specialized Propero Helmet

It’s all about race weight, maximum ventilation and complete comfort.



Race-inspired design is known for its great fit and great value.

Shimano RO86 Road Shoes

Specialized BG Comp Road Shoes



Bontrager Race Women’s Road Shoes (123655)

Fully-featured road shoe that’s ideal for club racing or recreational use.

Lightweight and stiff FACT carbon/glass fibre sole and M-Lock SL buckle.

Rewards women riders with an unbelievable comfortable fit and class-leading performance.


Trek Madone 4.7 Compact ‘10 (126112)

26 Spring 2010 / Road



BMC Sparkle SP01 Women’s ‘10 (129483) / 01293 574 900




Sportive bike vs road bike Spot the difference! How to tell a sportive bike from a road bike. portive bikes are a fairly new phenomenon, at least in name. In reality they’re a combination of elements from different types of machine. Their looks come from the road racing scene but in terms of geometry they tend to be closer to Audax bikes, with a taller head tube and shorter top tube giving a more upright riding position. It’s not quite so aerodynamic as a race bike but for long rides that more comfortable position is going to give a greater performance benefit so it’s a trade-off worth making. Comfort also comes in to play in other aspects of the design: many sportive bikes have longer chainstays or softer forks than their road cousins to better soak up road buzz, and some have vibration damping inserts in the frame or seat post. Shallow drop handlebars give an extra hand position that’s more accessible, and you get a wider range of gears Cannondale Synapse Carbon 105 – often a triple chainset or bigger Triple ‘10 (128821) Ideal for long days in the saddle with relaxed angles and forgiving cogs at the back – for those endcarbon. £1799.99 of-the-ride climbs.

Pinnacle Aura Flight Women’s ‘10 (129720)


Specialized Dolce Sport Women’s ‘10 (126033)


You want to get fitter? That’s great news. So, how do you do it? That’s where we come in… f you want to stay on track, the first thing you need is a target – something specific to aim for. And set yourself a time limit – pick your date, write it on the calendar and commit to it. Here, we’re going to use two examples. First, there’s our beginner’s plan that’s aimed at completing a 40-mile ride within six weeks. Second, we’ve got an intermediate plan for someone with a bit more cycling experience who wants to do a 60-mile ride within six weeks. The most important thing in both is to build up the length of your weekly long ride gradually so that your body can adapt and be ready for the demands of your big day. Aiming for one of the Ride it! events (www.evanscycles. com/ride-it) is perfect because then you’ve got an immoveable target to focus on. Whatever you choose, keep it realistic. You want something that’s going to challenge you and keep you interested. Set the bar at an

get fit in 6 weeks

unattainable height and you’ll lose enthusiasm. Fit your bike with a computer to track your speed and distance. It will help keep you motivated too because it allows you to gauge your progress. And if you want to take your training to the next level, get yourself a heart rate monitor. By telling you exactly how hard you’re working, it allows you to fine-tune your training for the maximum amount of fitness in the shortest amount of time. If you’re not used to regular exercise, get the go-ahead from your GP before starting on any sort of training programme, and get any niggles that develop checked out by a professional. Good luck!

Week 1

Beginner: Aim for two rides a week: a fairly short ride in midweek and a longer ride at the weekend. Ride for 45mins in the week, focusing on turning your legs quickly (80+ revolutions per minute), and practise drinking on the go – it gets more important as the weeks go on. Make your first weekend ride 15 miles long and as flat as possible – you’re getting used to being in the saddle as much as anything. Do both rides at a light to moderate level of effort – your breathing 28 Spring 2010 / Road

Bontrager Node 1 Digital Computer (104014)

£59.99 / 01293 574 900

Garmin Edge 500 GPS Enabled Computer with Cadence Sensor and Heart Rate Monitor (103982)


should be easy and you should be able to hold a conversation without gasping. Feel free to add other rides if you like, but keep the intensity low. Intermediate: Aim for three rides a week, including a longer ride at the weekend. Follow the advice for beginners (above) but make your first weekend ride 25 miles. Add an extra 60min ride in the week that includes 10mins of hard but still controlled work.

Week 2 Looking for an extra challenge? Taking place on Sunday the 23rd of May, the 113 mile challenge takes in over 10 killer climbs in the South East’s iconic road cycling areas totalling over 9,000 ft! For those looking for a shorter (but just as tough) challenge there’s the 56 mile half sportive option. Limited entries available:

“Fit your bike with a computer to track your speed and distance.”

CatEye Strada 8 Wireless Computer (104038)


Beginner: Ride 45-60mins in the week, spinning easily in a low gear. Increase your longer weekend ride to 20 miles but keep the intensity low. Concentrate on controlling your effort on any hills – change down through the gears and back off – so that you get used to climbing without steam coming out of your ears. Intermediate: Follow the beginner’s advice but increase your weekend ride to 30 miles. Include a 15min section of hard work in an additional 60min midweek ride.

Week 3

Beginner: Make your mid-week ride 60mins long – take in some hills and ride them at a moderate effort so that you’re breathing fairly hard. Make your long ride 25 miles this week at a light to moderate intensity. Go a little harder on the hills but stay at a level that you can sustain without going into overdrive.

Suunto T3D Heart Rate Monitor & Cycling Pack (130928)


Polar CS200cad Computer & Heart Rate (104067)


Intermediate: Do the training we’ve suggested for beginners but increase the length of your long ride to 35 miles. Also, add a 60min ride in the week that includes 20mins where you’re breathing hard.

Week 4

Beginner: Most serious cyclists have an easier week about once a month so they can absorb their training. You’re due one now so keep the intensity as low as possible on your 60min midweek ride. Drop the length of your weekend ride down to 15-20 miles and keep your breathing at a conversational level throughout. Intermediate: Do the beginner’s rides (above), dropping the length of your long ride down to 25-30 miles. Take your additional ride in the week down to 45mins and pedal as easy as you like.

Week 5

Beginner: Concentrate on staying relaxed on your 60min hilly midweek ride. Increase the distance of your longer weekend ride to 30 miles, mostly at a light to moderate pace but pushing a little harder on the climbs. Intermediate: Follow the beginner’s advice but increase your weekend ride to 40 miles. Add an extra 60min ride in the week that includes a 30min block of hard riding where any conversation has to be limited to simple sentences.

Eat/ drink/ sleep well

xercise won’t make you fitter. Huh? Okay, let’s qualify that: exercise on its own won’t make you fitter. You need to make sure you recover properly between rides if you’re going to improve your speed and endurance, and that means getting enough rest and paying attention to your food and drink. The amount of time you need to leave between rides depends on loads of different things including your level of fitness and how hard you cycle, but bear in mind that you’re trying to push yourself slightly, then recover fully… It’s a gradual process. You don’t want to batter yourself into the ground on every ride and then head out on next one still aching. And certainly give yourself more sleep after riding – it’s the time when your body does its most valuable repairs. You’re aiming to get up feeling refreshed and ready to go, not groggy and in need of a jumpstart. You don’t need to start eating tons of pasta to fuel your cycling. A straightforward, balanced diet containing all the major food groups will give you everything you need. You’ll need to drink more water though, to replace the fluid you use up – anywhere from 400m to 900ml extra for every hour you spend in the saddle.

Week 6

Beginner: Keep your 60min midweek ride nice and easy – you can’t add fitness at this stage so you’re trying to conserve the fuel in your muscles and avoid fatigue. It’s time for your goal event: ride it conservatively to begin with and drink plenty from the off. If you feel you’ve got plenty of energy in the bank, increase your intensity gradually from halfway. Intermediate: As well as the beginner’s rides, do an extra 60min ride in the week where you take any climbs as easily as possible. Make sure you drink plenty on your big ride and, most of all, enjoy it. 30 Spring 2010 / Road

Suunto T6D Heart Rate Monitor

CatEye Velo 8 Computer



£359.99 / 01293 574 900


SIS GO Electrolyte Drink Mix (1.6kg) (114536) Carbohydrate energy fuel with added electrolytes to prolong your sporting endurance. • Contains maltodextrin and fructose, the perfect fuel for endurance sports • Essential electrolytes for rapid hydration and faster recovery from exercise


in the saddle

1.6kg - Blackcurrant, Lemon/Lime, Watermelon or Tropical


SIS GO Gel Sachet (70ml) (114538)

SIS PSP22 Carbohydrate Drink Mix (2.7kg) (114531)

Isotonic energy gel that’ll keep you going when things get tough.


Complex carbohydrate energy fuel specially formulated to support sustained sporting performance. • Contains maltodextrin and fructose that work together to feed your body • Easily digested and designed to be light on the stomach 2.7kg - Orange, Blackcurrant or Lemon


PowerBar PowerGel Sachet (41g) (118789) Fast acting energy gel to increase

endurance for top level performance.


SIS Rego (500g) Re-Energising Drink Mix (114529) Re-energising carbohydrate and protein mix to aid the postexercise recovery process. • Specially formulated to help you bounce back from tough sporting events • A blend of complex carbohydrates, fructose and protein helps restore muscle fuel stores

Clif Shot Bloks (118799) No mess, no fuss - Bloks are packed with carbohydrates and electrolytes.

500g - Strawberry, Chocolate or Banana

Polar CS300 Heart Rate & Computer

Garmin Edge 705 GPS & Road Pack







“You don’t need to start eating tons of pasta to fuel your cycling.”

Mule Bar (65g) (118794) 100% natural Fair-trade bars that have been tested at the highest level.


PowerBar ProteinPlus Bar (55g) (118782) Perfect post-riding snack to speed

up recovery and enhance muscle growth.


road components Best, Better, Blingest... hen you buy a new bike you’ll probably be in love with it and happy with everything about it, but eventually the more you ride it the more you’ll start to notice things that you’d like to change. Maybe the bars are a bit narrow or the stem too short. Perhaps a change of wheels would have you flying up the climbs just that bit faster, or the shifts from the rear mech are not quite as instant as you’d like. It could be that the type of riding you’re doing on the bike is changing and you want to add some extra kit. Welcome to the wonderful world of bike fettling! You can replace pretty much anything that’s bolted on to your bike with the right tools, or you can drop in to your local Evans store to have a Cytech-qualified mechanic do it for you. It’s not just about bling or shedding weight, although those are fine by us. Upgrading your bike will improve your riding experience, giving you a personalised machine that’s an exact fit for you and the type of riding you do. A bike straight off the bike shop rack will be the same as hundreds of others and it will do it well, but your custom steed is one of a kind, put together especially for you to do what you want perfectly. Wheels are usually the most cost-effective upgrade in terms of performance gain. A lighter wheelset can transform the feel of your

“Upgrading your bike will improve your riding experience, giving you a personalised machine...” bike, especially when mated with a good quality, supple tyre and tube. Elsewhere gains are more incremental, but tweaking your ride position with different bars, stem or saddle can improve on-bike comfort no end. If you’re moving into triathlon or time trialling then a set of aero bars should be top of your shopping list – they can save you a minute over 10 miles – and power meters are a useful tool if you like the numbers side of cycling. 32 Spring 2010 / Road

Ritchey Pro 4 Axis 44 Road Stem

SRAM Force Rear Derailleur



£45.99 / 01293 574 900


Fulcrum Racing 3 Wheelset (101334)


Look Keo 2 Max Carbon Clipless Pedals (120393)


CycleOps PowerTap Elite+ Power System (104223)


Bontrager Race X Lite Aero Bar (101920)



We want

Your chance to test the latest bikes and kit and win £250! f you’re anything like us when it comes to buying a bike or any other cycling product you like to do your research, checking web and magazine reviews and asking friends for their opinions on which bike, wheel, jacket, suspension fork or glove is most deserving of your hard-earned cash. When you are weighing up your options a good, honest, unbiased review is worth its weight in gold, cutting through all opinion and conjecture to give you just the information and advice you need. Who better to do these reviews than you, our customers. That’s why we are putting together the “Ride It & Rate It Customer Test Team” - we value your opinion and we think other customers will too. Each month we will be sending out some great new product to selected reviewers to Ride & Rate. If you think you know your way around bikes and cycling kit and can give it to us straight about how they perform out in the ‘real world’, we want to hear from you. To join our test team all you need to do is post a product review on the Evans Cycles website. It’s a simple three-step process and you don’t even have to have bought the product you review from us either… Step 1 Go to the product page for the item you want to review at and click on the ‘write a review’ link Step 2 Log in to the website or register if you don’t have an account Step 3 Write your review! 34 Spring 2010 / 01293 574 900

We sent Paul a BMC Race Master SLX01 road bike to test and this is what he had to say...

BMC Race Master SLX01 ‘10 (129478)


BMC Race Master SLX01 Date: 05 March 2010


Having not been on a bike for years I thought my OH would struggle but I got this bike for him about a year ago and (even with the recent weather) it’s been comfortable and reliable and is used all the time This is my first foray into the world of high end bikes. I have over 30 years of bike riding behind me, racing, touring, commuting and the odd world record! In that time I’ve never ridden such an inspiring bike. Before I talk about the bike, I have to mention Evans’ service. The bike turned up ready to roll, just needed to turn the handlebars around, raise the seat post and stick my pedals on. Brakes and gears worked perfectly from the get-go, which is exactly what you want. You even get an owners manual, multi-tool, pedal wrench, even a set of lights and the mandatory bell and reflectors! Well done Evans, when spending his amount of money the little extras help with the feel good factor. Brought up on classic steel frames, the look at first is a little “out there”, but in the flesh it’s beautiful in the way that a F1 car is beautiful. You can see it’s designed for one thing, going fast. The frame uses carbon and aluminimum in its construction. The top half, fork and seat post are carbon, with Ali for the rest. The cables are hidden, which I’ve always liked and doesn’t seem to affect performance. The rear triangle is a tight affair that tucks the rear wheel in, which hints at good climbing. The “tubes” are a complex combination of shapes, the most notable being the T section top tube, which I still can’t quite work out how it attaches to the seat tube! In fact winter riding could be its one downfall. Those wonderfully shaped carbon and aluminimum tubes host a variety of little hiding places for road crud and for an old school rider like me, you can’t let a bike this good get dirty. So if you do ride it in the wet, please, for my sake keep it clean! Once out on the road the first thing you notice is the stiffness, the bike wants to accelerate. During the ride I often found myself jumping out of the saddle, just because it felt so good! Yet it wasn’t stiff in a beat you up kind of way. Heading down a smooth hairpin descent put a big grin on my face, the bike flew into the corners and felt solid despite it’s low weight. Climbing was fun again, I could pretend I was race fit! A combination of the bikes low weight and stiffness had me climbing in the saddle, even though I’ve got used to a compact chainset. In fact I even managed roll the 53 over and get some speed out of my legs, not bad for the middle of winter! Overall weight is somewhere around 17-18lbs, I only have the wii to weigh things this big and I don’t know how accurate that is, but it is light. And light without any ridiculously expensive kit on it. The bike comes with Ultegra 10 speed, which performs faultlessly. This is the new version, which now has all the cables hidden beneath the bars, for a cleaner look. The hoods have a new shape, that, combined with the Scor handlebars, produced a very comfortable area to rest your hands on. Unfortunately I found the shape of the drops a bit too sloping for my liking, but as I tend to do all my riding on the hoods or tops, this wasn’t an issue. The seat post is a nifty affair. Oval in section, it uses a wedge at the bottom of the post, that is tightened by a bolt at the top end, like an old style quill stem, anybody remember them? Oh and it’s light!. Great value for money and definitely worth investing in.

Location: Eastbourne Age: 35-44 Style: Road Cyclist Experience: Expert Gender: Male Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes

So if you want to help fellow cyclists make the best choices of bikes and kit now’s your chance. Ride it and Rate it!



Richard Warren is / 01293 574 900

Specialized S-Works MTB Team Helmet (121546)

ost people don’t start out in mountain biking with a £2,000 bike. That’s a lot to spend on something that you’re not sure whether you’ll enjoy using. No, nearly every mountain biker got started on something considerably cheaper – off-road capable bikes start at around £400, and plenty of people took their first forays on to the trails on bikes even cheaper than that. You may not even realize that you’re going to become a mountain biker when you get that first bike - plenty of people buy MTBs for commuting or just getting around, then head off-road on a whim and become hooked. Regardless of your intentions when you get that first mountain bike, eventually you’re going to feel the need for a newer and more expensive one. There are two strands to this. The first is the march of bike technology. Mountain bikes have come a long way in thirty years. Current models pack several inches of suspension travel at both ends, hydraulic disc brakes and an enormous gear


36 Spring 2010 / Mountain

by the bug

Specialized Epic FSR Comp ’10 (126063) The #1 machine for riders who want a light and efficient full-susser.

range in a package that weighs considerably less than the original bikes. And just when you think that no further improvements are possible, bikes get lighter, stiffer and more efficient. This applies at all levels – if you bought an entry-level MTB a few years back, the equivalent model today will be better in every way. However, it’s worth remembering that the bike you’ve got won’t actually have got any worse (assuming you’ve looked after it!). The second strand is your own progress as a rider. The more you ride, the better – and more confident – you get. Your initial forays may be along towpaths or wide forest tracks, but it won’t be long before you’re seeking out steeper, narrower, twistier and rougher trails. Regardless of how it comes about, after a while you’ll be riding faster, harder and longer and starting to find the limits of your entry-level bike. The brakes that seemed fine around town begin to feel lacking on a rocky 1-in-3, the forks that took the sting out of potholes start to twist, bend and bind, towpath-friendly tyres struggle for grip. Both strands came together for Evans customer Richard Warren.


Richard spent a relatively extravagant £500 on his first bike, having joined a ride with friends on a borrowed bike. Now, two

“...when you think that no further improvements are possible, bikes get lighter, stiffer and more efficient.” years later, his skills have developed, his entry-level hardtail is battered and worn and he’s just taken delivery of a shiny new fullsuspension bike…


What was wrong with your old bike, anyway? Fundamentally not much – everything worked OK, although it was getting a bit tired. It would have needed a couple of hundred quid spending on it to get it back to “as new” performance. But in the time I’ve had it I’ve started to outpace it, so it made more sense to put the money towards a whole new, better, bike.

Endura Humvee Jersey (123342) Designed fopr comfort and minimal moisture build up with its mesh material. • Contrast mesh panels and long reflective CF zipper with snap-down puller • Triple rear pockets and rear zipped reflective pocket with media port S, M, L, XL and XXL - Red or Black

Outpace? In what way?


An obvious example would be the fork. When I started out on the old bike, the suspension on it felt pretty good – I’d never had a bike with suspension before, so it was a whole new comfort experience. But as I’ve got faster and started tackling rougher trails, the fork’s starting to feel that it’s holding me back. A lot of the time it just feels too bouncy and makes me back off. And even though I’ve lost a load of weight, I can still feel the fork bending and twisting.

Why not just upgrade the fork? I thought about it, but I couldn’t get my head around putting a £400 fork on a slightly tatty £500 bike. Maybe if that was the only thing, but it’s not – the brakes weren’t filling me with confidence any longer either. Then there was that Peak District trip…

Mavic Red Rock Shorts (122867) Durable lightweight materials and removable inner make this a reliable trail favourite. • High performing multi-densitry perforated foam insert for maximum comfort • Ergonomically positioned snap attaches inner short with no chafing or pressure points S, M, L, XL and XXL - Black

You discovered rocks?


A windproof soft shell jacket for all ambitious female riders. • Converts to a functional jersey or vest for all-weather use • Slim fit with full length zip and semi-lock slider

That’s all extra weight, though, surely?

So you’re pretty pleased, then?


“This applies at all levels, if you bought an entrylevel MTB a few years back, the equivalent model today will be better in every way.” 38 Spring 2010 / Mountain

Oh yes. A couple of my mates were on full suspension bikes and made it look easy. Plus which, they could actually walk at the end of the day, while I’d definitely taken a beating. Suddenly a bit of bounce at the back end too seemed like a really good idea.

That’s what I thought. But I’ve spent a fair bit more money than on my first bike, and that buys lighter bits. Even with the rear shock and stuff it’s a lighter bike than my old one, and it feels much livelier on the trail.

Gore Bike Wear Phantom SO Lady L/S Jersey (123374)

34, 36, 38, 40 and 42 - Blue

“My new bike is lighter, faster and better look ing.”

Very pleased. My new bike is lighter, faster and better looking. If I take into account the money that I would have spent on the old one to get it sorted out, it didn’t even cost all that much. But the main thing is that I’m nowhere near the limits of this bike, and that makes me want to ride more…

Lapierre Zesty 214 ‘10 (126270) / 01293 574 900


Endura Nzyme 3/4 Trousers (122311) 3/4 pant from durable pre-washed easycare nylon fabric with a wicking finish. Features a cycling cut with adjustable waistband, articulated knees and waistband attachment panels. Double seat with twin needling on all seams plus seamless crotch for no snagging or pressure points. Twin front zip pockets and easy access thigh pockets. Compatible with any Endura “Clickfast” liner short; just snap into place. S, M, L, XL and XXL - Camouflage


Fox Clothing 360 Jersey (123353)

£34 .99

Mavic Notch Jersey (123394)

Fox Clothing Ultimatum Shorts (123343)

Light and durable Airwick Sl fabric in a warm weather trail jersey. • Neatly shaped collar adds a touchj of style to a relaxed cut • 2 roomy rear cargo pockets with a shared sercurity zip

Loose freeride fit short aimed at the harder riding folk. • Polyester and spandex mix fabric that’s tough, yet stretchy and durable • Mesh venting and a detchable inner liner with Evo-M chamois

S, M, L, XL and XXL - Green

Scott Scale 40 ‘10 (128532)



32, 34, 36 and 38 - Blue/Yellow

BMC Trailfox TF02 ‘10 (129487)



? e d a r g up


One of the many joys of mountain biking is the opportunity to tweak and adapt your bike for your needs here are lots of different bikes, all suited to different things, but even that can’t match the diversity of riders and terrain out there. MTBs are easy to work on – most things just bolt on, so with fairly simple tools it’s easy to swap parts for ones that suit your needs better. or ones that you just like the look of… If you’ve got a mid-to-high-end bike then it’s unlikely that anything will need changing on functional grounds. You may wish to tweak the fit with a shorter stem, different bars or seat post, but it’s generally not worth changing transmission parts until things start to wear out. Bear in mind, though, that there’s a healthy market for lightly-used bike parts, so if something’s not to your taste it may well

be worth changing it while it still has some value. This is particularly true of suspension forks. Wheels and tyres are popular candidates for upgrading, offering plenty of scope to either shed weight for livelier performance or increase strength if you’re heading for rocky areas. As time goes on, you may wish to upgrade suspension for more adjustability, while any own-brand components on a bike are often targeted for replacement quite early on. Carbon fibre bars or seat posts are a good bet for saving some weight without compromising strength. With a bit of thought, you can end up with a bike that’s uniquely yours, perfectly adapted to the trails you ride and how you ride them. And if it happens to look good too, well, that’s a bonus…

Avid XX Disc Brake (102664) Defines the standard for hydraulic disc braking performance and durability.

Trek Fuel EX 6 ‘10 (128673)

40 Spring 2010 / Mountain

Fox Racing 32 Vanilla RLC QR15 Suspension Fork (100910)

TruVativ XX Chainset (101825)


The first MTB crank specifically designed for 2x10 delivers amazing performance.



Coil sprung trail fork thrives on all the ride punishment you can dish out.

Cannondale Trail SL 3 ‘10 (128781) / 01293 574 900



Fulcrum Red Metal 5 Disc Wheelset (101338) Enter the Fulcrum off-road universe with these great all-rounders. • 24 hole, 19mm deep disc-specific rims in a black anodised finish • 20mm axles run on sealed bearings, as does the steel freewheel body Front and rear - Black


Avid Elixir CR Carbon Disc Brake (120358) The Elixir you run if only the very best will do. • TaperBore Technology and tool free reach adjustment in a beautiful finish • 2-piece hydraulic caliper with an adjustable banjo and top loading pads 160mm front or rear - Onyx Black


Maxxis Ardent 2.25 60a Kevlar Tyre (101194) An aggressive tread in highvolume casings for downhill and mountain disciplines. • Large block-style side knobs offer numerous edges for high-speed corners • Centre tread features ramped knobs to minimise rolling resistance

Fi’zi:k Gobi XM Kium Saddle (120590) New shape Gobi specifically designed for XC MTB and MTB Marathon use.

Pinnacle Evolution 2.0 ‘10 (129712)


26 x 2.25” - Front or rear use


Fuji Tahoe Comp ‘10 (129512)



Marzocchi Dirt Jumper 3 Suspension Fork (100948) Redesigned both in and outside - stronger, cooler and more performing then ever! • New lowers and crown to survive the most radical events all over the world • Inside the right leg is hidden a new open bath rebound valve 100mm travel - Black


RaceFace Atlas Freeride 1/2 Riser Bar (119807) The widest RaceFace bar ever, built with the extreme gravity set in mind. • Manufactured from cold drawn, seamless Air Alloy material with a 4° upsweep • Internal taper increases strength and durability without adding weight 785mm wide - Orange, Purple, Blue, Green, Gold, Black or Red

XLoc hydraulic actuated remote to turn on lock-out and adjust the Floodgate

RockShox Reba XX Dual Air 100 Suspension Fork (100780) Commanding the XC and trail arena and integrated flawlessly into the XX group. XX Motion Control damping offers the same great characteristics as RockShox’s other Motion dampers: efficient small-bump performance and incredible reliability in a highly tuneable package. Dual Flow rebound accurately controls beginning and ending stroke rebound, tuneable low-speed compression. AA Motion Control handles rider input, small bumps and big hits. 120mm travel - White

Pinnacle Aura 2.0 Women’s ‘10 (129714)

42 Spring 2010 / Mountain




SRAM XX Rear Derailleur (102234) The XX rear derailleur delivers incredible shifting speed and precision. • Carbon fibre cage has a dedicated length specific to 2x10 • Sealed ceramic pulleys give you the highest levels of durability 10 speed - 93mm long cage

Scott Contessa Spark 35 Women’s ‘10 (128557) / 01293 574 900



Crank Brothers Candy X Clipless Pedals (102844)

Crank Brothers Cobalt Wheelset (119380)

The base model Candy is a 2-sided pedal with 4-sided entry. • Composite fibre body with a forged scm435 chromoly steel spindle • Formed s45c carbon steel wings and stainless steel springs

Crank Brothers have come up with the most innovative wheelset ever! • Unique extruded radial centre rib eliminates the need for drilled rim holes • Spoke are attached in matched pairs to more evenly distribute tension

15° or 20° release angle - Black/Gold


Front and rear - Black/Gold or Blue


RaceFace Deus XC MTB Chainset (119791) The Deus continues RaceFace’s legendary tradition for excellence in aluminium cranks. Designed specifically for cross country racing and trail riding, the Deus features I-Beam arm profiling, smooth shifting ‘Turbine’ rings and fully adjustable chainline. Also uses the ‘EXI’ interface external bottom bracket system for easier crank installation and removal with standard tools. An incredibly light and stiff performance crank set. 175mm cranks / 44/32/22T - Black/Gold or Red

Specialized Myka FSR Comp Women’s ‘10 (126077)


Trek 6300 Disc Women’s ‘10 (126100)



t u o y A da on the trails hile it’s perfectly possible to head out for a mountain bike ride in running shorts, t-shirt and trainers, having the right kit will make things a lot more comfortable, and, of course, safer. You can cover a lot of ground by bike and if something goes wrong you can be stranded a long way from base. It makes sense to equip yourself for the more common mishaps. A helmet is essential for riding off-road – twisty trails in the woods mean you’re almost certain to fall off occasionally, and if you ever plan to take part in an MTB event, helmets are usually compulsory. There’s a natural instinct to break a fall with your hands, so gloves are a good idea too. A lightweight, full-fingered pair will usually be suitable for most of the year. There’s an enormous range of bike clothing available, but you don’t need a whole wardrobe when you’re

“...having the right kit will make things a lot more comfortable...” starting out. A pair of baggy shorts with a padded liner will offer both comfort and café-friendly looks. A jersey made of a modern wicking fabric will keep sweat at bay where a cotton t-shirt would turn into a soggy, clingy, cold and chafing rag. A lightweight packable jacket is a good idea. You may feel warm when you’re exerting yourself, but it doesn’t take much of a stop (or some wind or rain) to bring a chill on. It’s also worth considering eyewear – bits of grit or low branches in the eyes are no fun at all. Yellow or orange lenses are more versatile than dark tinted ones, which tend to be too dark under trees or in anything other than bright sunlight. You should also equip yourself to fix any mechanical issues that may arise with your bike. That means at least a multi-tool, a spare inner tube and a pump. You may wish to add tyre levers, spare chain links and the like. And of course you’ll need to carry some water and a bit of food, plus a map if you’re out in the wilds. All of which means that you’ll need something to put all this stuff in. A hydration pack is the obvious choice, taking care of water carrying and having space for all your other essentials in one go.

Endura Singletrack Women’s Shorts (122818)

£44.99 44 Spring 2010 / Mountain / 01293 574 900

Altura Summit Shorts (122812)


Icebreaker Chase Zip Women’s Top (123386) Make the most of the outdoors without compromising on comfort and style. • Designed to reduce chafing, increase ventilation and give ease of movement • Merino fibre fabric has the ability to expel odours and release moisture XS, S, M, L and XL - Pewter

descending t ip • Stay off the fro nt brake. If yo u wa sh out at the front yo u’l l be in the un derg rowt h before you kn ow it. • Keep your we ight as fa r back as possible. It’s a good idea to dr op your sadd le for a lon g descent as it makes sh ift ing your we ight back a lot ea sier.

s Bontrager Rhythm Comp Jersey (123322) Comfort fit trail jersey in moisture-wicking fabrics for off-road performance. • Quick drying fabric with figure flattering panels and zipped pocket • Micro-mesh neck insert and access zip for venting and nonrestricting fit S, M, L, XL and XXL - Stone

• Keep your ey es on the line you wa nt to ride. If you conc entrate on a ro ck or tree, you’l l end up rid ing into it. • Watch out for off ca m ber sect ion s. If you’re un su re of your line, aim uphi ll. If you come off yo u’l l ju st fa ll in to the ba nk, rather than do wn the slope. • Did we mentio n the front brak e? Leave it alone!

Altura Spirit Women’s Jersey (123306) A relaxed fit summer jersey that’s ideal for all types of riding.


A quality long-sleeved thermal jersey from Scottish Highlandsbased Endura. • Insulated wicking body and an ergonomic cut with unrestricted arm reach • Cordura nylon stretch sleeves and wicking mesh underarm panels for comfort



Giro Hex Helmet (121231)



Endura MT500 L/S Jersey

S, M, L, XL and XXL - Black

Northwave Expedition GTX MTB Shoes (123729)



“A helmet is pretty much essential for riding off-road - twisty trails in the woods mean you’re almost certain to fall off occasionally...”

Altura Summit Jersey (122809) Hardcore mountain bike loose fit jersey packed with technical features. • Relaxed multi panel fit means coolness and unrestricted movement • Mesh underarm panels and a long front zip ensure good ventilation S, M, L, XL and XXL - Blue/Grey


Gore Bike Wear Alp-X Jacket (123365)

A very lightweight, waterproof and breathable mountain bike jacket. • Slim fit with Gore-Tex stretch inserts on arms for maximum comfort • Velcro fastening for separate hood and a fold away shirt tail S, M, L, XL and XXL - Brown


Altura Synchro Women’s 3/4 Shorts (123311) Stretch 3/4 length design for fantastic comfort with a casual look. • Full stretch woven shell fabric with a removable inner padded short • Internal deep elastic waist with a full fly, popper closure and belt loops 8, 10, 12, 14, 16 and 18 - Black

Fox Flux Women’s Helmet (121477)

£69.99 46 Spring 2010 / Mountain

Saris Bones 3-Bike Car Rack (120850) More than just a car rack, Bones is a statement of style.



“A hydration pack is the obvious choice, taking care of water carrying and having space for all your other essentials in one go.” / 01293 574 900

Specialized Motodiva Women’s MTB Shoes (123633)


Getttheirne g ou’re ready to ride, but where to go? If you’re lucky, you live somewhere with great trails from your door, or at least only a short ride away. Even if you don’t think that’s the case, it’s always worth getting out and exploring – you may be surprised. If you’re planning to ride all day, an hour of road riding each way isn’t too much. If nothing shows up, though, you’ll have to travel. It’s nice to think that you could access great riding with public transport, and in some cases that’ll work. It’s far from guaranteed, though, and the likelihood is that you’ll end up relying on a car to get to the start of your ride. That means that you’ll need to figure out how to carry your bike. You can of course just stick it in the boot, which doesn’t cost anything and is as secure as it gets if you need to leave your car unattended in the services. The downside is that you’ll probably have to fiddle around folding seats and taking your bike apart to get it in, and risk mud and oil all over the upholstery on the way home. Plus, if you’re in a group, losing seats means using more cars. So, there’s a lot to be said for getting the bikes out of the car. Boot racks are simple, inexpensive and will fit pretty much any car, but they need a bit of care when fitting and loading or they can be unstable. They’re also not hard to steal, bikes and all, so if you are using one factor in some security equipment as well such as

On the day


Crank Brothers Multi 5 Multi-tool (102821) An extremely lightweight tool with

4 hex wrenches and a Phillips screwdriver.


Bontrager CO2 Cartridges (2x16g) (103190) Threaded CO2 cartridges for instant

inflation - why waste time with a pump?

£4 .99

Clif Bar (50g) (118798) A high-energy snack for sustained energy release - keep one in your pocket!


a good cable lock. Remember that you’ll need a separate lighting board and number plate if your chosen option obscures the lights and plate on your car.

Memory Map Adventurer 2800 GPS Unit (103979) Stay on track with this 50 channel high sensitivity GPS receiver.


GoPro HD Helmet Hero Video Camera (103978) The world’s first true 1080p HD

wearable camera to capture your day.

Vaude Alpin Air 25 Backpack

Camelbak Rogue Hydration Pack

Osprey Raptor 6 Hydration Pack








IceToolz Essence Home Tool Kit (103259) Home mechanics tool kit – Quality tools in a strong portable case. Good starter tool kit for the budding home mechanic, featuring a comprehensive range of tools to cover most maintenance and repair tasks, without breaking the bank. Includes: bottom bracket tools, spoke wrench, crank tool, chain tool, Allen Key set, cone spanners, headset spanner/chain-whip, cross-head and flat-head screwdrivers, spanners and an adjustable spanner.


Top tips

There’s few th ings more satisfy ing than ta ki ng your bi ke an d spendi ng a bit of time ge tt ing it ru nn in and a few ot clockwork. g like her essent ia A decent se ls is enough know your bi t of al len ke to star t you ke better yo ys off. As you ge u may w ant a bit more m t to to spend a bi oney – on yo t more time ur home wor invest ment – and kshop. A wor at a st roke it ksta nd is a gr makes worki ea sier, as do eat ng on your bi es a bi ke mai ke a whole lo ntenance m the more di t anua l, and m fficu lt jobs ca ore specific n be bought gett ing dow tools for as and when n and di rt y you need th doesn’t float to your loca em. If your boat th l Ev an s stor en e ju w st head on do here we have ready and w aiting to get wn Cy tech-q ua your bi ke ba lified mecha ck to its very nics best!

Park PCS-9 Home Mechanic Stand (103468) Superb value for money repair stand offering legendary Park quality for an unbeatable price.

Park SR-1 Chain Whip (103207) Pedros 15mm Pedal Spanner (103218)


305mm in length with a 30° offset provides great leverage for pedals.


Workshop quality chain whip for removal and installation of Shimano HG cassettes.


IceToolz Twin Head Wrench Set (103255) Specialized Windpipe Frame/ Shock Pump (104772) IceToolz Cable Cutter (103253) Quality cable cutter for use on all cable types.

Bontrager Charger Track Pump (104765)

£19.99 48 Spring 2010 / Mountain


Fills big tyres fast and doubles as a high-pressure precision shock pump.

“ for the more difficult jobs can be bought as and when you need them.”


7 popular allen keys and a T25 hex wrench with T-shape handles.

Park CC-2 Chain Wear Checker (103343)

£24.99 / 01293 574 900


Finish Line Cross Country Wet Lube (120ml) (103405)


Park TS-8 Home Mechanic Wheel Truing Stand (103340) The TS-8 allows accurate wheel truing at an economical price. • Accepts wheels sizes from 16” to 29” with or without the tyre mounted • Innovative sliding dropout allows quick and secure wheel installation


Feedback Sports ProUltralight Repair Stand (103365) Designed for racers/ mechanics who need a proquality stand that packs as small as possible. • Made from anodised aluminium and weighing in at a feathery 10.6 pounds • The stand telescopes from 36” to 58” tall via a quick-release lever


Base-mounted pressure gauge takes the guess-work out of pumping

Twin valve-head changes between schrader and presta valves at the flick of a switch

Topeak JoeBlow Sport II Track Pump (104723)

Park CN-10 Cable Cutters (103337) Workshop quality tool for use on all bicycle cables and housings. • Precision ground cutting jaws for a clean cut, every time • Cold forged, heat-treated steel handles and dual density grips contoured for superior comfort


Affordable track pump that combines power, durability and value for money. A hardened steel base and steel barrel provides a sturdy platform for smooth, rapid inflation whilst the twin valve-head changes between schrader and presta valves at the flick of a switch. An analogue, base-mounted pressure gauge takes the guess-work out of pumping and maximum pressure capacity is 160psi.

Muc-Off Cleaner Refill (1 Litre)

IceToolz Pro Shop Chain Tool

Book: Basic Maintenance & Repair








Book: Zinn & The Art Of MTB Maintenance (104299)


, e k i b a t o g e v You’

now Ride It!

Saturdays are for mud worshipers with a mountain bike ride, Sundays are for tarmac lovers with a sportive road ride. Ride It! is a great value day out for everyone. There is one entry fee for all ride and route options (with the exception of the discounted fun road route adult entry).

Every Ride It! event includes:

The entry fee covers one ride only. If you wish to ride both the off-road and road rides two entry fees must be paid for.

Memory Map OS Map

STANDARD PRE-ENTRY FEES Adult - Fun road route £5 Adult - All other routes £11 Child entry (16 and under) - FREE* (On the day entries incur an additional £2.50 surcharge per person) (* When accompanied by a paying adult)

Special prices are available at certain rides (Night Rides, King of the Downs, TCR Show Ride It!) - see the relevant event page for entry fees. Kids ride FREE! We’re passionate about cycling and enjoy nothing more than instilling that passion in younger riders. That’s why all kids under 16 years of age ride free when accompanied by a paying adult - a great value day out for the whole family!

ned. Oh, an ised, we ll sig , ver y we ll org “Fa nta stic day fect, we ll done!” per s wa er and the weath kenchu rch d Route / Sto Kat ie Can non

/ Short Roa

3 or 4 Marked Routes

Mechanical Support SIS Drink Stations Demo Bikes As if taking in some of the best riding the UK has to offer wasn’t enough! Evans Cycles gives you the opportunity to try out a selection of brand new cutting edge bikes from the cycle industry’s leading manufacturers at selected events. To find out which demo bikes are available you need to visit the event page for the Ride It! you want to attend.

Gore Bike Wear ‘try before you buy’ GORE BIKE WEAR™ is the official clothing provider for the Evans Cycles Ride It! series and will be offering you the chance to use their latest products for FREE! with the ‘Try Before You Buy’ service at every Ride It! event!

“I mu st say this was a fantast ic experie nce and I had a smi le on my face all the way rou nd the cou rse.” Stephen Man n / Med ium Off-Road Route

/ Great Missende


“After a running injury I decided to get on the bike - since then the running shoes have been gathering dust!” Gavin Lawrence / Medium Off-Road Route / Brighton 50 Spring 2010 / 01293 574 900


DATES & LOCATIONS: 10th/11th April Woking (N. Downs) Parish Pavillion, Chobham. GU24 8AZ 24th/25th April Milton Keynes (Bucks) The Pavillion, Bow Brickhill. MK17 9JB 7th/8th May Reading (S. Chilterns) Goring Heath Village Hall, Whitchurch Hill. RG8 7NY Sunday 23rd May King Of The Downs Super Sportive Evans Cycles Head Office, Crawley. RH10 9TZ 5th/6th June Thirsk (N. Yorkshire) Sutton Bank Visitor Centre, Thirsk. YO7 2EH 12th/13th June Dorking (N. Downs) The Priory School, Dorking. RH4 3DG 3rd/4th July High Peak (Peak District) New Mills College, High Peak. SK22 4NR 17th/18th July Hatfield (N. London) Chancellor’s School, Hatfield. AL9 7BN 24th/25th July Brighton (S. Downs) Plumpton College. BN7 3AE 7th/8th August Kingswood (Cotswolds) Kingswood Village Hall. GL12 8RF 21st/22nd August Liphook (Hampshire) Bohunt School, Liphook. GU30 7NY Enter online:


worth of prizes!

We want to make your experience with us better, whether this is in-store, online or through the catalogue. As you’ve hopefully seen, we’re evolving the catalogue and want to ensure we’re giving you content and information that is relevant and genuinely useful. We are really interested in what you ride and how you ride it, so if you’re able to spare 5 minutes of your time we’d love for you to take our survey. In return we’ll give you the chance to win some great prizes and every person that fills in the survey will get 10% off their next purchase. (We promise this isn’t just another excuse to send you more stuff!)

1st Prize £2,500 shopping spree 2nd Prize £1,000 voucher 3rd Prize £500 voucher 10 runners up will each get £100 worth of gift vouchers

So just go online to: for a chance to win

Spring 2010 Spring 2010

Graphic Design: Karl Mynhardt Production:

Richard Long


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St Ives plc

We would like to thank our suppliers for their assistance with the production of this magalogue and to all models for their sterling help. WHAT TYPE OF


Disclaimer: This publication has been prepared solely on information supplied by the Packing clever || Get fit in 6 weeks || £5,000 giveaway contributors and manufacturers; its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. The publishers and their production team cannot accept liability for inaccuracies, errors or omissions in such information howsoever arising. Prices are correct at the time of going to press, excluding genuine mistakes. Evans Cycles reserve the right to implement manufacturers price or VAT changes. Full terms and conditions are available on request or online at © F.W. Evans Cycles (UK) Ltd. 2010 Registered Office: Camino Park, James Watt Way, Crawley. RH10 9TZ. Registered in England No. 2784079 / VAT No. GB 927-170-229


Exclusively at Evans Cycles


London, Chiswick

London, Waterloo Cut

25-29 Temple Street. B2 5DB

548-550 Chiswick High Road. W4 5RG

Road specialist store

4 Air Street. BN1 3FB

London, Clapham

London, Waterloo Road

Unit 2, 65-79 Clapham High Street. SW4 7TG

111-113 Waterloo Road. SE1 8UL



Lewins Mead. BS1 2PY

Castleford XSCAPE, Colorado Way, Glasshoughton. WF10 4TA

Metro store

London, West End New store! 62 Mortimer Street. W1W 7SJ

London, Fulham

Unit 2, Allison Court, Metro Centre. NE11 9YS

Gatwick Warehouse

51-52 Rathbone Place. W1T 1JP

London, Hendon

Manchester, Chill Factore

250 Watford Way. NW4 4UB

Trafford Way, Trafford Quays. M41 7JA

London, Holborn Metro store

Manchester, Deansgate

178 High Holborn. WC1V 7AA

201 Deansgate. M3 3NW

London, London Bridge

Milton Keynes

Metro store 6 Tooley Street. SE1 2SY

XSCAPE, 602 Marlborough Gate. MK9 3XS

Camino Park, James Watt Way, Crawley. RH10 9TZ

London, Notting Hill


106 Westbourne Grove. W2 5RU

20-22 Maid Marian Way. NG1 6HS

XSCAPE, Kings Inch Road, Renfrew. PA4 8XQ

London, St. Paul’s


1 Farringdon Street. EC4M 7LD

Mill Lane Roundabout. RG1 2HN


London, Spitalfields


113 Stricklandgate. LA9 4RF

The Cavern, 1 Market Street (off Brushfield Street). E1 6AA

1-2 Guildford Road. GU22 7PX

Kingston 48-50 Richmond Road. KT2 5EE

London, Victoria Metro store

London, Canary Wharf Unit B, 30 South Colonnade, E14 5EZ

London, Chalk Farm 86 Chalk Farm Road. NW1 8AR

01293 574 900

Metro store

Europe’s largest ‘bike shop’


London, West End Metro

13-15 Jerdan Place. SW6 1BE

5 London Road. CR0 2RE


Stores Nationwide

5 Cullum Street. EC3M 7JJ

50-52 The Broadway. RH10 1HD


3 ways to shop

320-320B Vauxhall Bridge Road. SW1V 1AA

London, Wandsworth 167-173 Wandsworth High Street. SW18 4JB

York Monks Cross Shopping Park, Huntington. YO32 9GX

Metro store Offers a streamlined range of stock geared towards the city commuter

Return address: MacDonald Mailing, Staplehurst Road, Sittingbourne, Kent, ME10 2NH


London, Fenchurch Street

77-81 The Cut. SE1 8LL

RideIt! Spring 2010 - Evans Cycles  
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