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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 30, 2021 | Volume 34 No. 26




More restrictions eased in Step 3 of restart plan SEAN BRADY



British Columbia has announced it is moving to Step 3 of its four-step restart plan, lifting pandemic-related restrictions on gatherings, travel, businesses and sports. The province will also lift the provincial state of emergency at midnight on Wednesday, June 30, a declaration that was the longest in the province’s history — 469 days —having been enacted on March 18, 2020. The provincial health emergency, remains in effect. Premier John Horgan and Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry made the announcements during a press conference early Tuesday afternoon. “This is a positive step forward for us all, but it’s going to take us some time to adjust and get there,” Henry said. The changes undo much of



what has been implemented during the first six months of 2021, which saw B.C. reach a new high in COVID-19 cases before vaccinations took hold. Personal gatherings are now allowed as normal, masks are no longer required (but remain recommended) and organized gatherings and events will return during Step 3. Sports activity will also pick up and businesses will be able to welcome people back in increased or unlimited capacities. For organized indoor gatherings, the province has placed a limit of 50 people or 50 per cent capacity, whichever is greater. That means that a venue with 200 seats will be able to welcome 100 people. Additionally, all capacity limits on religious gatherings and worship services have been lifted and fairs, festivals and trade shows can return with new communicable disease plans in place. See FINAL STEP, A7

Four-year-old Audrina Moe takes aim at mom Heather, who was equally armed, but not hitting the mark as often. The water fight took place during a weekend visit to Prince Charles Park in downtown Kamloops. ALLEN DOUGLAS/KTW


An all-time high temperature in Kamloops and elsewhere, city projects suspended, cooling centres opened and a large wildfire north of the city STORIES, PAGES A10-A11



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WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021


CITY PAGE Stay Connected @CityofKamloops



Council Calendar Public and media attendance via Zoom only until further notice

2021 Property Taxes and Home Owner Grants (HOGs) are due on Friday, July 2, 2021, and the full 10% penalty for late payments will apply as of July 3.

July 20, 2021 1:30 pm - Regular Committee Meeting 7:00 pm - Public Hearing

You can now pay your property taxes online with Visa or Mastercard at Kamloops.ca/Payment. All credit card payments for taxes and utilities will be subject to a non-refundable, 1.75% service fee.

July 26, 2021 10:00 am - Development and Sustainability Committee Meeting

You can also pay using phone or online banking, dropping a check in the mail or in one of the City’s three drop-box locations, or in person at City Hall between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm.

All meetings are currently being held at Valley First Lounge, 300 Lorne Street. The complete 2021 Council Calendar is available online at:

Don’t forget to apply for your HOG directly through the Province instead of through the City this year. To apply, visit Gov.BC.ca/HomeOwnerGrant or call 1-888-355-2700.


For more information on tax payment, visit:

Council Meeting Recap


Sign up for the Council Highlights e-newsletter at: Kamloops.ca/Subscribe

Notice To Motorists Please use caution when driving in the vicinity and obey all traffic control personnel, signs, and devices in the following area: • Tranquille Road Singh Street to 12th Street • Westmount Drive Westsyde Road to Collingwood Drive • Fleetwood Avenue Southill Street to Desmond Street • 3rd Avenue Lansdowne Street to Lorne Street • Notre Dame Drive Summit Drive to Columbia Street • Columbia Street West Intersection of McGill Road and Columbia Street West To stay up to date on road work projects, visit: Kamloops.ca/Kammute

Give a City Employee a Shout Out! City of Kamloops employees work hard to make our community a great place for everyone to live and work. Share your kudos and read others’ comments of recognition at: LetsTalk.Kamloops.ca/Staff-Shout-Outs

NORTH SHORE NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN To develop the draft North Shore Neighbourhood Plan, the City is now seeking feedback on a draft vision and strategic directions for the North Shore. This builds on work conducted last fall, when the project team engaged the community on their vision and big ideas for the North Shore and gathered feedback on issues and opportunities the updated North Shore Neighbourhood Plan should address. Last chance to take our survey! Complete the Strategic Directions Survey, which is open until midnight on June 30 (enter to win a gift basket courtesy of the North Shore Business Improvement Association). To view background information and project timelines and to subscribe for project updates, visit: LetsTalk.Kamloops.ca/NorthShorePlan

VIRTUAL CANADA DAY O Canada! Join us from your living room—or anywhere—as we observe Canada Day virtually this year. We're excited to bring you a dynamic and exciting online event that features musical performances, interactive activities, and more! The City has worked with Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc to incorporate messaging into this year’s virtual Canada Day event that encourages education on Indigenous culture and heritage. The in-person Canada Day event at Riverside Park, including the fireworks display, was cancelled by organizers earlier this spring due to COVID-19 public health restrictions. The online event will begin July 1 at 11:00 am. For details on performances, activities, and how to watch the event, visit: Kamloops.ca/CanadaDay

HOW TO HELP A PET LEFT IN A HOT CAR Our furry friends can develop heat stroke in under 10 minutes. Dogs can’t sweat like humans, so they cannot effectively cool their bodies if left in a hot car. If you see a dog left in a vehicle: • Note the vehicle's licence plate, colour, make, and model and ask the managers of nearby businesses to page the owner to return to their vehicle immediately. • If the animal is not showing signs of distress, but you are concerned, you may wish to stay by the vehicle to monitor the situation until the owner returns. • If the animal is showing clear signs of heat stroke or other distress symptoms, call Community Services at 250-828-3409 or the BC SPCA call centre at 1-855-622-7722 as soon as possible. To learn more about pet safety and ownership, visit: Kamloops.ca/PetOwnership

Report an issue: 250-828-3461 For after-hours emergencies, press 1.

Let's Talk Kamloops is our engagement website where you can share your voice and shape our city. The COVID-19 pandemic may impact the engagement timelines for some projects. Please subscribe to the project of interest to receive updates. Sign up and speak up at: LetsTalk.Kamloops.ca

City Hall: 7 Victoria Street West, Kamloops, BC, V2C 1A2 | 250-828-3311

WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021





Local athlete does not get named to Canada’s Olympic rugby team

Outdoors columnist Robert Koopmans says those involved must save pastimes

Spirit of 2141 steam train may take different trips this fall




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These citizens want change in city MICHAEL POTESTIO



It’s been a whirlwind few days for a pair of Kamloops mothers who have started a new group aimed at advocating for change in the criminal justice system. Dubbed Kamloops Citizens for Change (KCFC), the new Facebook group has grown to more than 500 members in just the past five days. Co-founder Leah Moss described KCFC as a collection of citizens who are fed up with property crime and open drug use in Kamloops and the failure of the powers-that-be in curbing it. Moss, 42, started KCFC on June 25, when she found fellow resident Bobbie Tinline posting on Facebook the idea of holding a march or protest. She replied about starting their own Facebook page in order to organize their efforts to advocate for change. The group is working on a petition, the wording of which and delivery of are still being developed. Members of the group plan to meet in person next week to discuss how to proceed. “We just started,” Tinline said. “We haven’t even had a chance to figure out who the key leaders are. Our heads are spinning.” The organizers noted they don’t know much about politics, but want change. “We’re both moms, so neither one of us really has the time for this, but we have to do something,” Tinline told KTW. Tinline noted the group quickly attracted members. “I didn’t think we had that many people who were as fed up as we are,” she said. Tinline stressed the group is looking to peacefully spark change, noting they received some online criticism as being a vigilante group, which she said is not true. While some members have joined expressing those sentiments, the administrators have set them straight and Tinline figures some people are just


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Jamaican Restaurant owners Denese and Kamau Metsimela discovered one of the glass doors to their eatery had been smashed open some time overnight from June 24 to June 25— about six weeks after a May 10 break-in during which another glass door was smashed open. Items and cash were also stolen in that incident. Turn to page A36 for more on the situation with the Jamaican Kitchen. FACEBOOK PHOTO

frustrated and need to vent. “We’re not looking to go and recover people’s stolen property or be a neighbourhood watch group,” Tinline said, adding they want the attention of policy makers to make changes to legislation. KCFC wants to see those who are committing crimes kept off the streets of Kamloops — be it via jail or by receiving mental-health services, Moss said. “Unfortunately, it’s obviously not that simple as I found out in the last 48 hours, but we are going to do everything in our power to make that change,” she said. Since forming the group, Moss said she has had conversations with a few city councillors. While she initially thought council wasn’t doing enough, she has

17 RAM 1500 SPORT






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since learned from councillors that they have pushed the provincial government for change, with few results. Moss has also learned there appears to be a disconnect between the court system and Interior Health when addressing offenders with drug issues. Asked where the group stands on the issue of how to address mental health, drug addiction and homelessness, Moss said she does not yet know, noting she’s new to this. “I’m just a fed up mom who got together with another fed up mom,” Moss said. If a petition doesn’t yield results, KCFC plans to hold peaceful protests or marches.


53,995 $390




Bi-Weekly Finance 84 mths @ 6.99% #M221332B

685 NOTRE DAME DRIVE KAMLOOPS, BC MON-SAT 8:30 AM-6:00 PM 250-374-1135





WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021



Pandemic led to city savings in 2020 JESSICA WALLACE



Temporary layoffs and a reduction in overtime expenses led to the city saving $1.9 million in staff pay in 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the annual Statement of Financial Information (SOFI), which was reviewed by city council on Tuesday, after KTW’s press deadline, the overall reduction in city remuneration compared to 2019 was 3.1 per cent. In 2020, city staff were paid a total of $62.6 million, compared to $64.6 million in 2019. The city attributes its savings to a reduction in overtime and regular wages of CUPE staff resulting from reduced activities during the pandemic, despite a two per cent increase outlined in the union contract. Overall, the amount paid to CUPE staff in 2020 was $37 million, compared to $38.9

million in 2019, a five per cent reduction. In addition, the city’s firefighters were paid nearly two per cent less last year, at $14.1 million, compared to $14.4 million in 2019. In a report to council, the city said the decrease was due to “the reduction of duties performed by the firefighter group under the Provincial Health Authority’s COVID-19 restrictions, which also resulted in less training opportunities.” The only category of staff to see an increase last year was city management, which saw a 1.6 per cent increase, at $11.5 million, compared to $11.3 million in 2019. Management was supposed to receive a two per cent increase as per a previously

negotiated agreement. The city’s top-earning employees in 2020 were CAO David Trawin ($293,508, including $283,268 salary and $10,240 in benefits); community and protective services director Byron McCorkell ($248,205, including $224,027 salary and $24,179 benefits); corporate services director Kathy Humphrey ($213,515, including $200,989 salary and $12,526 benefits); civic operations director Jen Fretz ($213,515, including $200,989 salary and $12,526 benefits) and development, engineering and sustainability director Marvin Kwiatkowski ($210,029, including $201,050 salary and $8,980 benefits). City employees expensed

$319,899 in 2020, down from $555,732 in 2019. The employees to expense the most in 2020 were Trawin ($6,922, down from $10,930 in 2019); transportation manager Purvez Irani ($6,124); sanitation and sign shop supervisor Graham Lamont ($5,552, up from $3,555 in 2019); 10th-year firefighter Graham MacKenzie ($4,522, up from $892 in 2019) and Kwiatkowski ($4,160, down from $6,032 in 2019). City council was paid $438,972 in 2020, compared to $412,766 in 2019. Kamloops Mayor Ken Christian was paid $113,943, including $99,460 in salary and $14,483 in benefits, and expensed $350. It compares to $107,424 paid to the mayor in 2019 ($95,124 salary and $12,300 benefits) and $6,298 in expenses. All but one city councillor was paid $41,017 ($39,784 in salary and $1,233 in benefits) in 2020, with Coun. Sadie Hunter paid $37,908 ($36,675 in salary and

$1,233 in benefits). Coun. Dale Bass expensed the most in 2020, at $1,934, while Coun. Denis Walsh expensed the least, charging nothing. Two severance agreements are noted in the SOFI report, having occurred during the 2020 fiscal year. Limited details are available, but the severance equates to “an average of seven weeks of pay at current rate.” The city’s highest paid contractor is the RCMP, which cost just shy of $22 million in 2020, which was down from 2019’s cost of $22.4 million. In 2020, the city’s next biggest expenses for goods and services included $13.8 million paid to Extreme Excavating, $11.8 million to Pension Corporation, $7.6 million to BC Transit and $7.5 million to BA Dawson Blacktop. The city paid $148,328 to Kamloops This Week and $49,764 to Stingray Radio, which is the parent company of Radio NL. The city also paid $28,470 to Amazon.

The 2021 Westsyde Secondary Graduation Committee, Parents & Graduates


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WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021




Final step of restart plan will be considered on Sept. 7 From A1

For organized outdoor gatherings, limits have been placed at 5,000 people or 50 per cent capacity, whichever is greater. Henry said the rationale behind prescribing half-capacities at venues is to encourage them to use all of their space and, although in some cases strict physical distancing requirements will not be in place, it is expected people will still be spread out. Travel restrictions have also been lifted and B.C. will welcome back out-of-province travellers from within Canada for recreational purposes. Changes to businesses will primarily affect the food and entertainment industries. Restaurants, bars and pubs will no longer have group limits for indoor or outdoor dining and events are allowed once again. For nightclubs, 10 people can sit at tables, spaced two metres apart, with no socializing between tables and no dancing. Casinos will be permitted to operate with reduced capacity

PREMIER JOHN HORGAN and gambling stations can operate at “approximately 50 per cent capacity,” according the province’s updated rules. Additionally, B.C. will move away from COVID-19 safety plans and toward communicable disease plans. WorkSafeBC and public health will work together to help transition businesses to the new plans. Some features of past plans, such as physical barriers, will remain in place. In sports, all indoor fitness classes, gyms and recreation facilities are once again allowed to operate

at normal capacity. Additionally, outdoor sporting events can have 5,000 spectators or 50 per cent of normal capacity, whichever is greater. For indoor events, venues are allowed 50 spectators or 50 per cent capacity, whichever is greater. At Rogers Arena, for example, as many as 9,455 spectators may be allowed after July 1. For Horgan, Tuesday’s press conference was also a chance to thank Henry for being the face of B.C.’s pandemic response. “It has been an extraordinary time. I think although we are continuing to struggle with a host of issues, I hope people will forgive us a little levity today, particularly on behalf of Dr. Henry, who as [Health Minister] Adrian [Dix] so eloquently said, has been everywhere, for all of us, for what seems like an eternity,” he said. The province has set a minimum date of Sept. 7 to move to its fourth and final step of the restart plan, when event capacities will increase once again and mask use will shift from recommended to “personal choice” for indoor public spaces.

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WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021



Kamloops This Week is a politically independent newspaper, published Wednesdays at 1365-B Dalhousie Dr., Kamloops, B.C., V2C 5P6 Phone: 250-374-7467 | Fax: 250-374-1033 email: editor@kamloopsthisweek.com

Promises, promises, why do we believe?


he legislature is empty, no longer awake, but the premier has promises to break — and miles of questions he cannot shake. Yes, Premier John Horgan appears to have broken his promise to Kamloops voters — that a full-service cancer clinic would be open in the city by the end of the NDP’s four-year term upon being elected in October 2020. The idea is to enhance cancer care locally so residents would no longer be required to travel to Kelowna and other communities for radiation treatment. Granted, the NDP is only eight months into a 48-month term, but under questioning by local B.C. Liberal MLAs Todd Stone and Peter Milobar, Horgan has finally conceded the cancer clinic is actually part of his government’s 10-year plan. Of course, that is not what Horgan said on Oct. 17, 2020, exactly one week before voters went to the polls.


MUSINGS On that day at Thompson Rivers University, Horgan was asked if the promise of a cancer clinic for Kamloops would be fulfilled within the four-year mandate of his government if it won the election (which is did, with a decisive majority). His answer: “The services will be prepared and be delivered within the mandate of the next government, absolutely.” He repeated that assertion when he spoke to Radio NL

only four months ago. That particular question was asked, of course, because Kamloops voters may have been experiencing a nauseating bout of deja vu. The city was also promised a cancer clinic by a B.C. NDP leader soliciting votes in the 1991 provincial election campaign. Thirty years ago, Mike Harcourt promised this burgh a cancer clinic if voters would simply elect an NDP government. The New Democrats won in a rout — and the cancer clinic promised to Kamloops went to Kelowna. Should we be surprised any longer when a politician’s promise becomes so much pixie dust? After being burned so many times, why do we put faith in such pledges? The premise of a political promise is the possibility of a perpetual panacea. That alone should always keep us on our toes. But do broken promises even matter to politicians? Apparently not, as we can see with previous pledges that have been pulverized.

Perhaps the most significant broken promise of our time was Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s about-face on electoral reform. When campaigning in 2015, Trudeau guaranteed voters the 2015 election would be the last under the first-past-the-post system and that a form of proportional representation was on its way. In the 2019 federal election, Trudeau formed a minority government in a first-past-the-post election. And has anybody checked the bulging bank account of the B.C. government? You know, the one stuffed with riches from our province’s LNG bounty? That 2013 promise by thenLiberal leader and premier Christy Clark was as empty as her government’s vow that same year that every resident in British Columbia would have a doctor. Every time you pay that hated five per cent GST on purchases, do Jean Chretien’s words echo in your head? “It’s a promise I am making and

it’s very clear. It’s going. It’s gone.” The then-Liberal leader promised again and again during the 1993 election campaign to axe the Conservative-created tax. Chretien’s Liberals roared to victory amid that pledge. Meanwhile, the GST turned 30 this year. And we don’t have enough room to even begin to document the centuries-long line of broken promises of successive governments in dealing with the Indigenous people of Canada, from torn-up treaties to a failure to follow through on reconciliation work as recommended by commissions the government itself created. Lynne Anderson famously retorted that, contrary to what you may believe, she never promised you a rose garden. But politicians have and continue to do so — though it is hard to see the flowers for all the thorns. editor@kamloopsthisweek.com Twitter: @ChrisJFoulds

Righting the severe wrongs of a shameful past Since the Kamloops Indian Residential School news broke, essentially confirming what many First Nations people have known all along, the country has been rightly gripped by the horror of Indigenous children in unmarked graves. It’s only truly a surprise for many nonIndigenous people who, by and large, have remained blissfully ignorant of the residential school system. For nearly 80,000 survivors, this is still a very personal living memory and only one


element of a host of injustices perpetrated against this land’s original inhabitants by successive governments, churches and Canadian society. We are at a tipping point. Canadian society and the federal government could slip back to the status quo after yet another

Robert W. Doull President Aberdeen Publishing Inc. EDITORIAL Publisher: Robert W. Doull Editor: Christopher Foulds Newsroom staff: Dave Eagles Marty Hastings Jessica Wallace Sean Brady Michael Potestio SALES STAFF: Linda Skelly Jodi Lawrence Liz Spivey Paul De Luca

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DIGITAL DESIGNERS Jackson Vander Wal FRONT OFFICE Front office staff: Lorraine Dickinson Angela Wilson Marilyn Emery Rosalynn Bartella CIRCULATION Manager: Anne-Marie John Circulation staff: Serena Platzer

round of grand statements, hollow promises and meagre action. Or we can seize this moment once and for all and truly embark on a path of righting this country’s shameful cultural genocide. The watershed Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada set the stage for action going forward, but progress is lacklustre. The situation looks all too familiar. An outpouring of sympathy, pledges of support, apologies, promises and lots of words.

It’s time for domestic legal processes and international pressure on the Vatican. The Church, including the Pope, need to fully engage. If the Canadian government feels it’s not up to the task, then it’s time for the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on the rights of Indigenous peoples to step in. Wouldn’t Canada call for the same elsewhere? — Don Urquhart is a writer with the Osoyoos Times, a sister paper to KTW. Read the full column at kamloopsthisweek.com.

CONTACT US Switchboard 250-374-7467 Classifieds 250-371-4949 Classifieds Fax 250-374-1033 Classifieds@Kamloopsthisweek.com

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kamthisweek kamloopsthisweek

WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021




LETTERS TO THE EDITOR AN APOLOGY CRIME IN CITY ONLY GETTING WORSE FOR TERM USED AT COUNCIL Editor: I need to make an apology for a term I used at a recent Kamloops council meeting. When searching for the right word to describe our past community attempts to get a car-sharing going, I used a term “stillbirths.” Here is one comment I received, from a friend who was kind enough to share privately: “I had never seen this used that way before and hope I never do again. A ‘stillbirth’ is devastating to a family — immediate, extended and friends of the family.” I am so sorry that I used this term and undoubtedly caused pain. Somehow, every once in a while, a word comes out of my mouth at council that I wish I could take back. I definitely need to reflect on this with a view to always choosing my words carefully. Arjun Singh Kamloops councillor

Editor: Re: Maureen Light’s letter of June 16 (‘Have we been defeated by the criminals?’): Kudos to Light for raising a contentious issue in Kamloops. Why would the city attempt any beautification or enhancement of the downtown core when folks are bombarded with loud music, profane language, confrontations, lewd comments and gross scenes? Businesses with broken doors from Valleyview to the North Shore — as

reported by KTW, where a business owner was told by trespassers that “we own the streets” — indicates increasing vandalism to go with thefts and breakins. The downtown core from Riverside Park to Seymour Street is unsafe or, at the least, certainly edgy — and not just at night. We all accept that homeless people need social connection and have rights, but not at the expense of the rest of society. Light’s question of increased police presence is poignant. Bike patrols and

enforcing standards might help. Her comment about chop shops probably explains my quandary of why so many homeless people in Kamloops ride top-notch bicycles. Don’t tell me the authorities aren’t aware of them. In the interim, one can only feel for businesses attempting a post-COVID-19 comeback amidst the criminal activities and bad behaviour. If the spate of burnings in Nanaimo are indicative, it can only get worse. Noel Summers Kamloops

I COUNT MYSELF LUCKY TO BE ABLE TO CRY Editor: June 21 was National Aboriginal Day and someone at work suggested I watch a documentary called My Legacy. If I could sum it up, I’d call it the story of how residential schools shut children down, the story of how unlove and abuse steals the trust of a child and replaces it with anger and hurt, the pain of which is too great to bear, so it turns to numbness. In the documentary, a resi-

dential school survivor described feeling that her sexual abuse was her fault, “even though you’re a little girl and you were sleeping.” I have no experience of that kind of abuse, but that line makes me afraid to close my eyes. I distracted myself with my phone for a while after I got into bed, but when I eventually allowed myself to be still, I wept and heaved. The more I thought about my fear of imagining the suffering

compared to the fear of a child who lived it, the more I cried. I cried to the point of hopelessness. I wonder if I now carry a part, however small, of that numbing burden of pain. Except that I don’t have so much of it that it numbs me. Instead, the pain pours out of me in tears. There is something to the flow of water. It’s generally a good thing when water is flowing and gener-

TALK BACK Q&A: kamloopsthisweek.com We asked:


How often to you visit either library in Kamloops?

What’s your take?

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Has this record-breaking heat wave prompted you to make changes in your lifestyle with respect to global warming?

Vote online:


ally a bad thing when it is not. When a child becomes so angry and hurt that they shut down, their tears can’t flow. When 215 children are in the ground, their tears can’t flow. I am thankful to residential school survivors for sharing their stories. I will continue to listen and I will continue to cry. I count myself lucky to be able to feel and be able to cry. Dara Penner Kamloops

Kamloops This Week is a member of the National Newsmedia Council, which is an independent organization established to deal with acceptable journalistic practices and ethical behaviour. If you have concerns about editorial content, please email editor@kamloopsthisweek.com or call 250-374-7467. If you are not satisfied with the response and wish to file a formal complaint, visit the website at mediacouncil.ca or call toll-free 1-844-877-1163.

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WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021


LOCAL NEWS RECORD-BREAKING HEAT Due to the heat wave, Interior Health temporarily closed the COVID19 immunization clinic on McArthur Island and is rebooking appointments at the clinic at the Tournament Capital Centre. The heat wave saw dozens of temperature records shattered throughout

B.C., including in Kamloops, where Monday’s high of 44.7 C set a record for the hottest reading on record. As of KTW press deadline on Tuesday, the mercury was at 44. 4 C and forcecast to hit the 46 C mark. Updates are online at kamloops thisweek.com.

Scorching temperatures lead to halt to projects JESSICA WALLACE



When the pavement is so hot one could fry an egg on its surface, it’s time for workers paving hot asphalt to call it quits. City roads projects — including work on Tranquille Road, Fleetwood Avenue and Third Avenue — have been put on hold as the city scales back some operations amidst continued record-breaking heat in Kamloops and across B.C. In addition,the Mission Flats Landfill and Kamloops Resource Recovery Centre will open

slightly earlier and operate for a half-days on Wednesday, from 7 a.m. to noon. The landfills usually open an hour or so later, around 8 a.m., and close at about 4 p.m. The facilities are expected to return to regular hours on Canada Day. Meanwhile, as the city reduces some hours as a response to heat, it has increased access to facilities that provide reprieve from the sun. The city’s spray parks are open an hour earlier, operating from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. for the rest of the week. In addition, the Sandman Centre cooling

centre — which opened to the public last week for the duration of the current heat wave — is open a couple of hours longer, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. It will also be open on Canada Day. A cooling centre at Memorial Arena downtown is open 24 hours a day, while a cooling centre at the Sk’elep School of Excellence at Tk’emlúps te Secwépenmc is open daily from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. The city said it will monitor the forecast and determine whether measures may need to be extended. For more information, call 250-828-3461.

An early campfire ban KAMLOOPS THIS WEEK

One of the earliest provincewide campfire bans in recent memory takes effect on Wednesday. Due to the current record-breaking heat wave, the provincial government has announced that all open fires, including campfires, will be banned as of noon on Wednesday. The prohibition will remain in effect until noon on Oct. 15 or until the order is rescinded. In 2020, as the pandemic took hold, campfires were banned in the spring, but the ban was lifted in April. There was no campfire

ban enacted in 2019. In addition to campfires and open fires, the following activities are also prohibited: • the use of fireworks; • the use of sky lanterns; • the use of burn barrels or burn cages of any size or description; • the use of binary exploding targets; • the use of tiki and similar kinds of torches; • the use of chimineas; • the use of outdoor stoves or other portable campfire apparatus without a Canadian Standards Association (CSA) or Underwriter Laboratories of Canada (ULC) rating.

To report a wildfire, unattended campfire or open burning violation, call 1-800-663-5555 tollfree or *5555 on a cellphone. Anyone found in contravention of an openburning prohibition may be issued a violation ticket for $1,150, may be required to pay an administrative penalty of up to $10,000 or, if convicted in court, may be fined up to $100,000 and/or sentenced to one year in jail. If the contravention causes or contributes to a wildfire, the person responsible may be ordered to pay all firefighting and associated costs.

WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021




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Sparks Lake fire leads to evacuation alerts SEAN BRADY



A wildfire burning about 15 kilometres north of the west end of Kamloops Lake saw substantial growth overnight from Monday to Tuesday, measuring 350 hectares in size as of Tuesday afternoon. The Sparks Lake fire was ignited in the early evening hours of Monday. It is suspected to be human-caused, but the BC Wildfire Service won’t know its origin until an investigation is completed. On Monday, dozens of wildland firefighters, helicopters and air tankers

attacked the blaze, but its growth was only slowed. Just before 11 p.m. on Monday the ThompsonNicola Regional District issued an evacuation alert for nine properties near the fire — most on Tranquille-Criss Creek Road. As of Tuesday morning, the fire had grown to 350 hectares in size and was still out of control. In response, the BC Wildfire Service will continue its air attack operations, including the use of air tankers and four helicopters, along with three pieces of heavy equipment and 47 personnel on the ground. BC Wildfire Service fire information officer

Madison Smith said the blaze has been designated as a fire of note because of the evacuation alert and size of the blaze. The fire, which is the largest and closest fire to Kamloops to date in 2021, comes after the region experienced its seconddriest spring on record, below-average rainfall in June and extreme recordsetting heat over the past week. • The fire has led Environment Canada to issue a special air quality statement for the Kamloops area. The region is being impacted or is likely to be impacted by wildfire smoke Wednesday and Thursday.

Marlin Travel Kamloops is your trusted travel professional when it comes to travel advice.

(250) 374-8757

237 Seymour St, Kamloops, BC www.marlintravel.ca/kamloops




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Suspect’s wild ride ends with arrest KAMLOOPS THIS WEEK

Kamloops Mounties captured a suspect they had been pursuing all day Monday following reports of a possibly cleanwater2017@gmail.comimpaired driver in a stolen cleanwater2017.ca Honda Civic connected to a number of collisions. cleanwater2017@gmail.com The arrest was made near cleanwater2017.ca Merritt in the afternoon after June 25, 2021 10 13 18 33 36 45 47 the vehicle was seen being Bonus 22 driven southbound on the 06 31 68 73 Coquihalla Highway. Police say the driver arrived MAXMILLIONS 02 07 18 33 42 43 44 in Merritt via Logan Lake, with 05 14 18 29 32 40 43 the driver being apprehended via combined teamwork June 26, 2021 between RCMP air services, 15 27 36 37 43 49 Kamloops RCMP, police dog Bonus 07 services and the Merritt RCMP. 17 42 71 81 A 34-year-old man from Prince George was arrested as GUARANTEED $1,000,000 PRIZE DRAW he tried to run into the bush 42644744-01 alongside Highway 5, just south of Merritt. He was on parole, June 26, 2021 which has been suspended. 06 08 19 28 31 39 Clayton Burton Orr has a Bonus 01 bail hearing set for July 12. 17 42 71 81 He is charged with possesPlease visit www.lotto.bclc.com for winning numbers. sion of stolen property over $5,000, assaulting a peace officer with a weapon, robbery, flight from police, danger drivCall for an ICBC Express Estimate ing, driving while disqualified, motor vehicle theft, committing an indecent act and failure From totally to stop. ICBC LIFETIME munched The day-long search for GUARANTEE to totally the driver began at 9:50 a.m. perfect on Monday, when police LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED SINCE 1993 received a call about a possibly impaired driver on 969 Laval Crescent | www.cactuscollision.com Greenock Court in Aberdeen

250.819.2117 (250) 819-2117


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cleanwater2017@gmail.com cleanwater2017.ca




The day-long search for the driver began on Monday morning, when police received a call about a possibly impaired driver whose vehicle had been seen striking a parked car in Aberdeen. Police responded and found the vehicle — a red Charger that was reported stolen from another city. Police say a traffic stop was attempted, but the driver fled and crashed the stolen Charger into a light pole outside the Kamloops This Week office in the 1300-block of Dalhousie Drive. MARTY HASTINGS/KTW

who was acting erratically. BC RCMP Cpl. Jesse O’Donaghey said a complainant told police the driver, an adult man, was in front of the complainant’s home, swearing and exposing himself. “Before police could arrive at the location, the suspect departed in his vehicle and was reportedly observed swerving all over the roadway, hitting other vehicles,” O’Donaghey said in a statement. Officers eventually found the vehicle, a red Charger that was reported stolen from another city.


O’Donaghey said a traffic stop was attempted, but the driver fled and crashed the stolen Charger into a light pole outside the Kamloops This Week office in the 1300-block of Dalhousie Drive in Southgate. According to police, the driver of the crashed car ran to a nearby mechanic’s shop and stole a second vehicle — a silver Honda Civic — striking a police officer in the process of leaving. O’Donaghey said the officer was “partially run over.” Police said Mounties did not pursue the vehicle from that point due to an extensive risk

to the public, though various checkpoints were established, including one on Overlanders Bridge. Police then received word the vehicle was seen travelling on the Coquihalla Highway toward Merritt and other detachments were notified, with the arrest taking place in Merritt. The man’s name has not yet been released, pending formal charges by Crown. Police are asking the public for any dash-cam video related to the incident to help with the investigation.


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WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021




SD73 board taps Ralph Bell for re-opening SEAN BRADY



The School District 73 board of education has voted to reopen Ralph Bell elementary in Valleyview, but the decision on catchment area changes affecting Juniper Ridge elementary, pitched by district staff, has yet to be made. In April, the district proposed changes to a number of catchment areas for Kamloops schools as a way to deal with overcrowded classrooms — a

problem that affects most Kamloops schools. All of those changes have now been addressed, except for one. To ease pressure on Juniper Ridge elementary in Juniper Ridge and Marion Schilling elementary in nearby Valleyview, the district planned on re-opening Ralph Bell elementary and redrawing catchment borders to ensure future students would be evenly divided between the schools. That didn’t sit well with a number of Juniper Ridge residents, who argued the change

would divide the neighbourhood, among other complaints. While the school board did approve the reopening of Ralph Bell elementary late Monday night (June 28), it decided to defer its decision on catchment area changes to next week’s meeting. “This is for September 2022, right? I don’t think we’re going to benefit from hashing this out tonight,” school trustee John O’Fee said after the board had voted to extend the meeting beyond its usual 9 p.m. cutoff. During the consultation

period, district staff received 116 comments from 84 people, 44 questions and two petitions of about 500 signatures each. In addition,150 people participated in a public forum, which was held online, with another 3,100 watched the recording. District staff provided exhaustive responses to questions and a number of alternative ideas that were pitched to deal with the overcrowding issue. Ultimately, the district found those ideas were not viable or

brought up other issues. Trustee Shelley Sim said she was “not comfortable” voting for changes to the catchment area, but did acknowledge that overcapacity schools are causing a strain on the education system. Sim said she wanted to find a solution that did not involve changes to catchment areas, but did not propose an alternative motion on Monday evening. The issue will be back on the table at next week’s board meeting, on Monday, July 5.

Expansion proposed for food bank JESSICA WALLACE STAFF REPORTER jessica@kamloopsthisweek.com

The Kamloops Food Bank is planning a new warehouse on Wilson Street in North Kamloops.

According to the city, A&T Project Developments has applied for a permit to build a 344-square-metre food storage warehouse for the Kamloops Food Bank Society on property located at 156 and 164 Wilson St., which is situated across the

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street and slightly down the road from the existing Kamloops Food Bank site, located at 171 Wilson St. A city report that was to go before council on Tuesday, after KTW’s deadline, noted the proposal comes due to “high

demand for their services.” The plans detailed include a single entrance in and out of the properties, which require consolidation prior to issuance of a building permit, and a design rendering shows three large bays.

City of Kamloops

NOTICE OF DISPOSITION Pursuant to Sections 26(3) and 94 of the Community Charter, S.B.C. 2003, Ch. 26, the City of Kamloops (the “City”) is disposing of road consisting of 1.01 ha adjacent to 3467 Tranquille Road, as well as a part of the property at 3765 Tranquille Road consisting of 1.07 ha. The road portion and the property to be legally described as: Road to be closed shown on Bylaw Plan EPP109867, Dedicated on Plan 22115, District Lot A, Group 2, Kamloops (Formerly Lytton) Division Yale District and a part of Lot 1, District Lot A, Group 2, Kamloops (Formerly Lytton) Division Yale District, Plan 19072 (collectively called the “Property”). The City is transferring the Property to Cinnamon Ridge Farms Ltd. to be consolidated with 3467 Tranquille Road in exchange for concrete blocks valued at $8,500 and a statutory right of way for its sanitary force main. For more information, please contact David W. Freeman, RI(BC), Assistant Development, Engineering, and Sustainability Director/Real Estate Manager, at 250-828-3548.

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK • 250-765-5641 1605 Garner Road (Corner of Garner and Hwy 33) Kelowna www.okanagankoi.com



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Coal train traffic has 2141 eyeing Armstrong run JESSICA WALLACE



Kamloops Heritage Railway hopes to keep chugging down the tracks through CN coal dust as it is plans to shift from offering in-town rail tours, via the historic 2141 steam engine, to journeys between Kamloops and Armstrong. The proposal is the result of increased coal transportation on CN rail lines as the trains pass through the downtown core. The increased train traffic will lead to fewer but longer trips for the 2141 and change in location of departures and arrivals, from the heritage CN Rail Station in downtown Kamloops to Campbell Creek in the eastern part of the city. On Monday (June 28), the city’s finance committee heard a presentation from Kamloops Heritage Railway executive director Cory Clark, who is requesting from council permission to transfer existing city funding — totalling $210,000 in 2021 — through a service agreement toward the new initiative, dubbed the Armstrong Explorer. Clark touted the plan as one that would create one of the “premier” steam engine experiences in the world, drawing European tourists who also hop aboard the Rocky Mountaineer for that rail tour company’s trips across B.C. At the same time, Clark said the decision was not the choice of the society. He said CN is no longer able to provide the society with time to operate its local rail tours, leaving the Armstrong run as the only option. “Right now, during the peak, you’re looking at potentially 10 coal trains a day,” Clark said.

The Spirit of Kamloops steams out of downtown Kamloops. KTW FILE PHOTO

“Each one of those coal trains taking about two hours to clear the track, so, just in coal trains, you’re looking at up to 20 hours a day and you’ve got freight on top of that. Then you have Rocky Mountaineer on top of that, so CN is no longer able to give us that two-hour chunk of time that we require to run to the Halston Bridge and back.” Clark said it would cause chaos throughout the line. “It really is CN that is pushing us out to Armstrong,” Clark said. The proposed Armstrong tour would depart at 8:30 a.m. on Saturdays from Campbell Creek. Clark said departure from Campbell Creek will allow for a “delay-free experience.” Upon arrival in Armstrong 108 kilometres east of Kamloops, passengers can have lunch and explore the town before returning to the train and arriving in Kamloops at 5:30 p.m. The rail voyage would be longer than current in-town tours. However, the fre-

quency would be reduced from 40 seasonal trips to 16 in a regular year. This year, eight trips are proposed, beginning in September, when COVID19 restrictions are scheduled to be lifted if the current downturn in case counts continues. Clark said the new tour will net the society $19,000 in income per trip — money that will help to “advance cultural content,” he said. A diesel locomotive will be needed to run the train in reverse and there is a need to upgrade car wheels to rail regulatory standards. The society will also hire staff. Clark said the BC Cattleman’s Association is allowing the society to load and unload passengers at its facility. The steam engine will travel from its downtown yard to Campbell Creek on Fridays and spend the night, ready to go on Saturday morning. Security will be onsite overnight. “They [BC Cattleman’s Association]

Welcome Amber

Amber Vanderwal | Associate Consultant

have allowed us a parking area to park potentially up to 200 cars and they have also allowed us access to the rail space that they have and allowed us to build a little platform so that we can safely load and unload our guests,” he said. Clark said the trip will also result in positive economic spinoffs, such as hotel stays, restaurant visits, employment and revenue for businesses that support the operations of the steam engine. Coun. Mike O’Reilly suggested the community of Armstrong should pitch in, as economic spinoff will occur in that area. Clark said he met with Armstrong Mayor Chris Pieper, who did not commit to funding this year. Clark noted the larger spinoff would be in Kamloops, where ticket sales revenue and job creation will stay. Council will have the ultimate say at a later date. “One thing that I will say is that, for the longest time, almost 30 years, 2141 has been part of the face of Kamloops and we want to continue to be one of the things that Kamloops is known for,” Clark said.

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We are pleased to welcome Amber Vanderwal as an Associate Consultant on our team. Amber has been working in the financial services industry since 2013, previously working in both the US and Canada with different brokerage firms. In addition to her experience in the financial industry, Amber has a strong marketing and communications background. Joining Giesbrecht & Associates has marked a great achievement in her career and she is committed to creating an exceptional client experience. Coupled with her determination and work ethic she is an asset to our team. Outside of work, Amber is married to her college sweetheart. She enjoys spending time hiking with her two rescue pups, stand up paddle boarding and is a true foodie at heart. Congratulations Amber, from all of us here at IG Wealth Management!

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Hospitality sector facing labour shortage SEAN BRADY



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Be Wise

A shortage of workers is plaguing Kamloops hotels and restaurants just as they struggle to get back on their feet following months of closures and interruptions due to the pandemic. The federal government’s job bank shows dozens of available jobs for kitchen and service staff for Kamloops, but the problem isn’t unique to the city. Fox’n Hounds Pub owner Al Deacon said his Sahali Mall pub is lacking bar staff, serving staff, hostesses and kitchen staff. “We’ve had ads running on Indeed, Kijiji, Facebook for five months,” he said. Deacon has owned the pub for 35 years and said lately, as customers begin to return, it’s the hardest he’s ever worked. “I’m the guy here at 5 a.m. receiving the product and also the guy behind the bar until my night guy gets here,” he said. Deacon said he has had people applying, but most only want to work 12 to 18 hours per week. He said staff who had to be laid off, only to be brought back on and laid off again, don’t want to deal with the uncertainty. “People just saw it as an opportunity to switch vocations. We lost one to the

nursing program, a couple of others to health care, you know ... health care is desperate. They’re paying these kids to go to school. We can’t compete,” he said. The province currently offers a number of incentives for those looking to work in health care, including paid training. Deacon said he has lost four full-time workers during the pandemic and has struggled to cover his expenses, with limited orders coming from curbside pickup when the pub couldn’t open due to pandemic-related restrictions. The effects of the labour shortage are also being felt in the accommodation industry, which faces a similar lack of food service staff, but also shortages in housekeepers, front-desk clerks and maintenance. Bryan Pilbeam, general manager at the Delta Hotel in Kamloops, said every department at the downtown hotel has job openings. When asked why he thought the shortage was occurring, Pilbeam said there isn’t a simple answer. “I think there’s certainly people who have left the industry. I think there are people who are just working less in their lives,” he said. Similar to Deacon’s experience with people wishing to work fewer hours, Pilbeam said some of his employees are wanting to

Cannabis and Older Adults

Be Wise, Cannabis and Older Adults is factual information about cannabis for older adults. Easy to understand, written in clear language, the Be Wise booklet is meant to help older adults make wise decisions about cannabis use.

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work 28 to 30 hours per week. While customers are returning to restaurants slowly, the rush to hotels is already on. Pilbeam said he is already seeing soldout dates in July — the first time in two years that has occurred. “The demand has been significant. There’s an increase in corporate travel, in leisure group travel. Some sports teams are starting to travel, baseball and fastpitch is coming to town in July,” he told KTW. Pilbeam said weddings are also being booked “almost daily” and available banquet and event staff will soon be busy. “We just hope it continues because it’s a big hole to climb out of,” he said. In order to meet that demand, Pilbeam said he has offered a number of incentives to workers, including a referral program for current employees, who would be rewarded for helping to bring in other workers. He said he has also increased wages. But at the Fox’n Hounds Pub, there are fewer options for Deacon to do so, noting he already finds labour to be expensive. He’s had to rely on family to help out. “We are bleeding money. We’ve almost been closed as many months as we’ve been opened for the past 15 months,” Deacon said. Older Canadians and cannabis use Facts about cannabis Cannabis and the law Therapeutic benefits Side-effects and risks Aging and cannabis Talking to your doctor Dosing and your health condition

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Thank You Every donor makes a difference Donors who gave to TRU’s multi-year Limitless Campaign made history by contributing to the university’s biggest-ever fundraising goal. You gave $53.7 million and even a global pandemic didn’t dampen the generosity. This overwhelming support came from 4,500 people who gave because they see the value in education. It created 420 new bursaries and scholarships, outfit our newest academic spaces with state-of-the-art equipment, and fostered innovation and collaboration. And while TRU initiated the campaign, it’s students, researchers and communities that have benefited from these funds in recent years. No matter how much you give, you are telling students you believe in them; you are assuring researchers their explorations have meaning; you are investing in collaborations with your community because it’s worthwhile. We want donors to know: your impact is Limitless. Thank you. All efforts have been made to ensure accuracy in this list. If an error or omission has occurred, please call the Foundation office at 250.828.5264

A 1092574 B.C. Ltd. 2032890 Alberta Ltd. 387099 Alberta Ltd. 394211 Alberta Ltd. A & W Restaurant A Groess Underground A J Forestry Consulting A & T Project Developments Inc. A3 Creative Solutions Judy Aalto Peter & Barbara Aarestad Dlyn Jorielle Abano Mae Murielle Abano Abbotsford District Teachers Association Carl & Karen Abbott Aberdeen Mall Aberdeen Medical Clinic Cheryl Abernethy Ron Able Margit Abt Academy of Dance Acceleration - Kozoris Strength and Conditioning Accent Inns Angela Achoba-Omajali

Maleea Acker Carel & Aletta Ackermann ACMG Training & Assessment Dr. Dennis Acreman & Evangelista Pappas Acres Enterprises Ltd. Acumen Law Corporation Acumen Machine Ltd. Adah Chapter #16-Order of Eastern Star Adalard Holdings Ltd. Mark & Christine Adam Albert Adams Clifford Adams Lindsay Adams Ali Adat Robert & Karen Adkin Ryan Adkin Tom Adkin Lisa Adolphe Adult Basic Education Association of BC Advanced Electrical Systems Ltd. Advanced Fitness Club Inc. Advanced Respiratory Care Network Eric Agyekum Charanjit Ahuja Ainsworth Hot Springs

Dr. Airini & Brandon Williams Babajide Akinlawon Geralyn Alain Tanvir Alam Alara Consultants Inc. James & Jeannine Albach Alberta Corporation Carlos Alburquenque Kathy Aldus Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP Darcy & Karen Alexander Diane Alexander Donald Alexander Steve & Connie Alger All Nations Development Corporation All Service Plumbing & Heating Dan Allan Joy Allan Meghan Allan Graham Allard Dr. Ray & Kayla Allegretto Marcus Allen Sheri Allen Alliance Aviation Group Inc. All-Med Equipment & Services, Inc. Allteck Limited Partnership

Sofi Almers Sarah Aloisio Michelle Alpino A-Mark Tool & Equipment Rentals Amber Contracting Ltd. Martin Ambrose Tory Anchikoski Anchor Equipment (2005) Ltd. William Andersen Christine Anderson Darrell Anderson Donald Anderson Fern Anderson Jay Anderson Renee Anderson Rob & Lucille Anderson Ronald Anderson Rosemary Anderson Ross Anderson Shawn Anderson Celine Andrade Andrew Sheret Ltd. Devin Andrew Rod Andrew & Sharon Gloyn Dr. Donald & Patricia Andrews Kathryn Andriashyk Dr. Robert Androkovich Elizabeth Andrucson

Rick & Shari Angeli Animus Capital Resources Franco & Kathy Annicchiarico Kim Annis Jan Antons John Antulov Aomega Group Inc. Joseph Apaloo Norma Aplin Apple Auto Glass ARAMARK Canada Ltd. Joel Archambault Paul Archer Patricia Archibald Argo Road Maintenance Arigato Sushi (North Kamloops) Ltd. Delmer Armstrong Parm Armstrong Cathy Arnholtz Cole Arnholtz Tracy Arnholtz Lorraine Arnott Nadine Arnott Romi Arora ARPA Investments Ltd. Arrow Transportation Systems Inc. Darlene Arsenault Art Knapp Plantland



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B B.C. Teachers’ Federation BA Dawson Blacktop Ltd. Babine Animal Hospital Ronald Babiy Danna Bach Sherrie Bade Natalie Baekgaard Leone Bagnall Randip Bagri Jasmit Bahia Greg Bailey Taryn Bailey Baileys Pub Alexandra Bain James Douglas Bain Dr. Chinnama Baines Jean Baird Bamford Sandra Baird Baker Newby LLP Anne Baker JP & Danalee Baker Master Douglas Baker Brad & Maria Baker Angelo & Marie Baldonero Lynda Baldwin Doug & Karen Baleshta Mr. Justice Kenneth Ball & Sarah Jane Ball Roxanne Bambrick Terry & Margaret Bangen Bangles Hair Studio & Spa Carol Banks Dr. Chip & Laura Bantock Judy Barber Ed & Dianne Barker Geoffrey Barker James Barker Jane Barley Tom Barley Robert & Elizabeth Barlow Paul Barlow John & Donna Barnett Francis & Helen Barnett Diane Barnhill Dr. Roger & Paula Barnsley Nancy Baron Peter Baron Dr. Rick Barr Bridget Barrick Kevin Barrie

www.kamloopsthisweek.com Patrick Barringer Ralph Barroby Matthew Barron Barry J. Walker Professional Corporation Lorraine Barry Debra Bartel John Bartel Tracy Barth Mark & Bonnie Bartle Curtis Bartlett Dr. Florence Barton Charmaine Bartram Margaret Bartsch Andy Baruta Base Mgmt Consulting Basic Rock Products Ltd. Alexandra Basile Ranbeer Basran Alan Bass Roberta Basso Riann Batch Allison Bates William & Cynthia Battison Ivana Baudin Marcus Bauer Maureen Bauer Chris Bauman Chief Justice Robert J. Bauman & Susan Bauman Alf Bawtree John Baxter Bayer Inc. BC Association of Social Workers BC Human Resources Management Association BC Hydro BC Interior Community Foundation BC Northern Real Estate Board BC Retired Teachers Association BC Society of Gardens Club BC Society of Respiratory Therapists BC Veterinary Technologists Association BC Water & Waste Association BCASW Thompson Nicola Branch BDO Canada LLP Be Teased Tim Bearchell Lynne Beard Dr. William Beaton Marcelline Beauchamp Wendy Beauchesne Beautiful U Tanja Beeds Beehive Communication Systems Stanley Bennett & Patricia Behe Jim Behiels Marti Behiels Azy Behnam Jackie Bekkering Joanna Bekkering Marilyn Belak Bob Belbin Chad Belbin Belfor Property Restoration Alexander Bell Colleen Bell Jocelyn Bell Paul Bellefeuille Jolanta Belliveau Belterra Corporation Kristy Bengeri Kim Benisch Stevie Benisch Aaron Benjamin Brad & Sherry Bennett Charles Bennett Damien Bennett Diane Bennett Madam Justice Elizabeth Bennett Lloyd Bennett Loretta Bennett Sean & Lorianna Bennett Sandra Bennett-Holmes Kristina Benson Alison Bepple


Warren & Carolyn Bepple Nancy Bepple Amy Berard Robin Bercowski Gail Berg Barb Berger Leslie Bergin Tanya Bergquist Tyler Berkholtz Jason Bermiller Joan Bernard Keith Bernard Dino Bernardo Marcella Bernardo Heather Bernier Jules Bertuzzi Besanger Law Kendra Besanger Mike Besanger Sandra Besanger Beta Sigma Phi Bernard Betzema Beyond Backyards Landscaping Ltd. Robin Bhattacharya Robert & Elizabeth Biagioni Robert & Patricia Biblow Harry & Lori Bicknell Sherri Bicknell Valerie Biffert Big League Experience Ltd. Matt & Megan Billie Bingham & Hill Architects Nikki Bingham Dianne Binns Birch Springs Ranch Birchwood Motor Motel Teresa Bird Cale Birk Jane Birkbeck Angela Biro Leona Bischoff Keith & Jennifer Bissell Daniel Bissonnette Linda Bittante John Blachford Russel Black Dr. Stella Black Walter & Odell Black Scott Blackford Michael Blackstock Blackstone Minerals Corp Ryan & Cheryl Blackwell Debbie & Richard Blackwell Allie Blades Margaret Blair Mr. Justice Richard & Fearon Blair Sandra Blair William Blair Blakes, Cassels & Graydon LLP Wendy Blake Karen Blanchard Yvon & Sherry Blanchard Andrew Blasius Wendy Blaskovic Lowell Bleiler Bliss-Stick Kayaks Steven Bloom Marilyn Blouin James Blower Michael Bluhm George Blumel Sarah Blumel BMO Financial Group BMO Nesbitt Burns BNY Mellon Asset Mgmt Canada Ltd. John Boccabella Kimberley Bochon Anthony Bockman Zeljko Bodruzic Patricia Boldon Scott Bollefer Kevin & Cathie Bolstad Flavio Bombonatti Anne Bond Phyllis Bond Scott Bond Megan Greenwood

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C C & J Erectors Ltd. John Cada Cara Cadre Robert Caffrey Shyla Cahoon Rachel Cain CALAS-Pacific Chapter Drs. Robert Walter & Jill Calder Kelsey Callander Mike Callihan Sue Calne Tom Calne Cambridge House International William Lennox & Mary Cameron

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WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021

Bradley Dalke Norma Dalke Daniel & Catherine Dallaire Brian Daly Bryan Daly Michael Dalziel Harley & Karen Danard Wendy Daniele DJ Daniels Claude Dansey Justice D. Jane Dardi Corey & Dana Darling Debbie Dasiwa Dave’s Cleaning Service Davey Tree Expert Co. of Canada Allyson Davey Patricia David Martha Davidson David Davies Ted Davis Eric & Erin Davis Gordon Davis Joan Davis Kathleen Davis Keith Davis Corey Davison Dayna Davoren Dawn’s Service Cheryl Dawson Richard Dawson Rachel Day Shawn Day Susan Daykin DBK Law DCM Animal Care Hospital Ltd. Dansk Design Group Alex & Kelly de Chantal Robert & Lori De Frias Joyce deVooght Ann Deacon Misao Dean Dearborn Ford Dave & Fae DeBeck Karl & Lynn deBruijn Donna Decicco Nick & Linda DeCicco Michael Dedels Dee’s Logging Wilma de Jong Rick & Cathy Dekelver Grant Del Begio Donald Dell Eileen Dell David Delong Delta Hotels & Resorts Delta Hotels Kamloops Delta Sun Peaks Resort Odette Dempsey-Caputo Irene Dempster Lisa Denis Marlene Denomey Karen Densky David Deol Dan De Palma Dwayne & Pam Dergousoff Roy Derrick Carl & Beverley DeSantis Jesse Desilets Theresa Desmarais Sandra Dever Dagmar Devick Lois Devick Theresa Devick Will Devick Lasha Devine Karen Devlin Devon Transport Ltd. Irwin Devries Simona DeVries DGL Management Ltd. Ambo Dhaliwal Jeevyn Dhaliwal Preet & Raj Dhaliwal Ray & Tammy Dhaliwal Brandon Dhillon Barry Diamond


Dick Pemberton Personal Real Estate Corporation Forrest Dickens Yvonne Dickie Diane Dickins Maureen Dickinson Monica Dickinson Drs. Tom Dickinson & Nancy Flood Madam Justice Gail Dickson Martin Dickson Marianne Dietrich Digital Memories Tetyana Dikaryeva Myrtle Dillman Trina Diner Heath Dingwell Dispomed Dori Ditchburn Mark & Susan Dixon DLA Piper (Canada) LLP Vega D’Mello David Dmytryshyn Laura Doan Frances Dobell Spencer Dobell Mary Dobrovolny Joe Dobson & Naowarat Cheeptham Marguerite Dodds Adam Dodgson Peter Dollack Alice Dolynuk Dr. Annette Dominik Domtar Inc. Tereena Donahue Donald F. Gurney Law Corporation Madam Justice Sheri Donegan Donich Law Professional Corporation Brad & Stacey Donison Dr. Kingsley & Liza Donkor Lillian Donley Dorian Greek House Restaurant John Dormer Thomas Dorval Janet Doubt Karen Doucet Ed Doucette Denise Douglas Susan Douglas Tina Douglas Penny Douglass Gordon & Diane Down Nichole Downey Dawn Doyle Rochelle Doyle Dr. Chip Bantock Inc. Dr. Anthony Human Inc. Dr. Dean C. Daniele Inc. Dr. E. Glenn Neilson Inc. Dr. R. Queen Inc. Dr. S. N. Mohamed Inc. Dr. Todd Ring Inc. Lorraine Drdul Diana Dreger Dr. Julie Drolet Ricardo & Kathy Drover Daryl Drozda Julie Drummond S Lon Dubinsky Genevieve Duclos Bruce & Lana Dueck Susan Duerden Norman Duff Lorne Duffin Brian Duguid Marci Dumais John Dumesnil Steve & Kathy DuMont Bob & Barbara Duncan Judy Duncan Kimberley Duncan Dr. Susan Duncan & Richard Hunter Mathew & Shelley Dundas Stanley Dundas Dr. Tim Dundas Bill Bilton Jr. & Sr. Maria Dunlop


Robbie & Calla Dunn Judith Dupont Christina Duquette John Dutton DW Builders DWB Consulting Services Ltd. Larry & Cheryl Dyck Elizabeth Dye

E E.B. Horsman & Son Marian Eagen Peter & Lynda Earley Earls Restaurant Eastern Veterinary Technicians Association Sean Easton Eats Amore Dr. Eugene Ebata Dr. Thomas Eccleston Wesley Eccleston Rae Eckford ECO8 Leslie Edelman Timothy Edge Edmonton Community Foundation Edward Jones Investments Evelyn Edwards Judy Edwards Julie Edwards Patricia Edwards Wayne Egers Justice William F. Ehrcke Rudi Eiter & Leni Reichor Morgan Elander David & Helen Elgert Tanya Elias Wayne Ell Ken & Glenna Ellerbeck Alistair & Cathleen Elliot Bailey Elliott Brian Elliott Kevin & Gladys Elliott Douglas Ellis Amanda Ellison Lyn Ellsay Hanna Embree EMCON Services Inc. Emsland Insurance Enbridge Enertech Consulting Ltd. Brenda Enevoldson Joseph Enevoldson Greg Eng Karen Engelberts Engineers and Geoscientists of BC Craig Engleson Jason English Enid MacKay Enigma Beyond Bliss Robyn Enns Georges Erasmus Joseph Erasmus Guvenc Ergin Sarvin Ergin Kayley Ernst Robert Errity Helen Estey Estsék’ Environmental Services LLP Beckham Evans Mark Evans Marlene Evans Shirley Evans Evening Auxiliary to Royal Inland Hospital Kirk & Anna Evenrude Julie Eversfield Sam Ewing Excel Industries Ltd. Excelsior Rebekah Lodge No. 23 Exp Global Extra Foods

F F3FIT - Robert Petrie Reno Fabbro Erika Facchin Thomas & Patricia Fair Brett & Norma Fairbairn Rebecca Fairburn Fairfield Inn & Suites Angelo Falbo Stephen Faraday Frank Faraone Neil Farber Gerry Farbridge Carolynne Fardy Karen Farmer Peggy Farmer Dr. Jerome Farrell Shauna Farrell Suzanne Farrell Hilary Farren Farris, Vaughan, Wills & Murphy LLP Patricia Farrow Rob & Eileen Farrow Terry & Betty Faulkner Elsie Favali Graziano & Eda Favaro Bill & Minette Fawcett Jason & Pamela Fawcett Dr. Ron & Rae Fawcett Andrew & Susanna Fawkes Debra Febril Lavon Fellenz Douglas & Kathy Felton ZiPing Feng Klaus Fenter Alan Ferguson & Dian Aylwin April Ferguson Blair Ferguson Cathy Ferguson Don Ferguson Lynnette Ferguson Melissa Ferguson Mike Dewar & Roxanna Ferguson Sylvia Ferguson Lindy Fergusson Jean Ferri Kevin & Sandra Fertile FGL Sports Ltd. Fidelity Investments Canada Ltd. Cael Field Dawn Fielding Fifth Avenue Jewellers Lisa Figueroa Allison Filipic Gregg Filmon Janice Filmon Elycia Finch Lance & Judith Finch Mary Jane Finch Ralph & Mary Jane Finch Rita Fincham Robert & Barbara Finley Neysa Finnie Brown Finnie Hunka LLP Finning Canada Ltd. First Nations Tax Commission First West Credit Union Fiscal Realities Economists Ltd. Josie Fischer Stacey Fiscus Fishcreek Technologies Inc. David Fisher Frank & Anne Fisico Carmine Fisico Shelli Fisico Rebecca Fitzgerald Marvyn Fitzpatrick Madam Justice Shelley Fitzpatrick Brian Flamank Tim Flannigan Reid Flasch Linda Fleck Darshana Fleming Donna Fleury Rosalind Flockhart

Tony Florio Flynn Mirtle Moran Ltd. Emily Flynn John Foley John & Lila Foley Jillian Folk Robert Foord Richard & Donna Ford George Ford Joyce Ford Laura Ford Orlee Forest Jim & Mary Lynn Fornelli Alexandra Fornelli Heather Forrester Kim Forsythe Nadine Fort Justice Carla Forth Randy Fortier Fortis BC Forward Law LLP Marjorie Foster Murray Foubister Nick Foufoulas Fountain Tire - Kamloops Bonnie Fournier Delores Fournier Ralph Fowler Randy Fowlie Jason Fox Fox’n Hounds Pub Stuart Fraleigh Madam Justice Stella Frame Mary Francis Franco’s Auto Service Brandee Frandsen Franklin Templeton Investments Corp. Fraser River Lodge Fraser Valley Bar Association Fraser Valley Emergency Veterinary Services Ltd. Catherine Fraser Debi Fraser Ruth Fraser Fratelli Foods Kevin Frayn Anite Frayne Stuart Frayne Mark & Angela Freberg Darlene Freding Rebecca Fredrickson Gordon Freeborn Freelance Foams Inc. Hayden Freeman Marlene Freeman Fresh Quality Produce Frick and Frack Tap House Dr. Tom Friedman Katie Friesen Gail Friesen-Millar Jessie Frink Teri Froescul Robert & Traci Froese Frontier First Aid Services Ltd. Frontline Drafting Jesse Frost Pamela Fry Robert & Pauline Fry Bill & Alana Frymire Randy Frymire Scott & Louise Frymire Tim Frymire Walter Frymire FTW Financial Services Inc. Fulcrum Development Inc. Robert Fullerton & Noreen Puskar Fulton & Company LLP Coby Fulton Maggie Fung Sandra Fuoco Wes Furlotte Fusion Rotaract Club of Kamloops

WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021


G Dr. Antonia Gaal Steve Gabor Dr. Anne Gagnon Timupei Gaidzanwa Dr. Jim Gaisford & Pam Bradley Gloria Gallant Game Family Lori Gammie Lawrence & Karen Gamracy Clayton Ganton Yamin Gao Marie Garfield Gargan Holdings Ltd. Yvonne Gariepy Brian & Muriel Garland Jessica Garner Christine Garrett Dr. William & Nancy Garrett-Petts Lyn Garries Helen Garrioch Don Garrish Greg Garrish Kyra D. Garson Madam Justice Nicole Garson Robert Garson Laurence Garvie Cameron & Lori Gatey Byron Gayfer Katherine Gaynor GBIT Logistics Incorporated GC Forest Enterprises Ltd. Gerald & Shirley Gelette General Grant’s Bottle Depot & Convenience Stores Nancy Genn Robert Genn Richard George Connie Georget Dr. Russell & Syndy Gerard Esther Germann Sharon Gertzen Jean Gervais Mark Gervin Brian & Karen Ghering Abhijit Ghosh Dr. Rod Giacchetta Anna Giannace Geoffrey & Judy Gibbard Judy Gibbins Broderick Gibbon Rick Gibson Sarah Gibson Lee Giddens Martin Giesbrecht Dora Giese Gift Funds Canada Marilyn Gilbert Tony Gilbert Janet Gilfillan Nadine Gill Sukh & Lucky Gill Gillespie & Company LLP David Gillespie Carol Gillis Cheryl Gillis Allan & Peggy Gilmour Angelina Gilroy Walter Giovannini Dominique Giraud Wayne Girodat GK Sound

Alicia Glaicar Jeff & Jane Glaicar Ryan Glanville Sean Glendinning William Duncan & Annette Glover Glover Prescriptions Ltd. Lucille Gnanasihamany Lenora Godbout Brian Godlonton Amit & Surbhi Goel Elizabeth Goertz Allen Goessman Susan Goglin Siobhan Goguen Susan Goguen Don Gold Victoria Gold Jenny Gomes Alexandra Gonek Guojie Gong Edgar Goodaire Deborah Goodman Judy Goodman Google James Gordon The Hon. Judge James & Joan Gordon Robert & Shirley Gordon Gerard Gore Dr. Gordon Gore Dr. Peter Gorman John & Sally Gosse Dr. Louis Gosselin Sharon Gottfriedson David & Susan Gough Karry Goulard Dr. Bas & Shankaramma Gowd Jacquetta Goy Elsie Goyel Tony Goyer Al & Dawn Gozda Blake Gozda Alyssa Grace Gwendolyn Gracie Joanne Graham Sarah Graham Gralor Enterprises Ltd. Dr. Maurice & Mary Granger Grant Thornton LLP Sheila Grant Vivian Grant Grassland Equipment Ltd. Wendy Grater Kathy Gratton Kirsten Grauer Adina Gray Erica Gray Mary-Frances Gray Patricia Gray Great West Equipment Allysa Gredling Dr. Janet Green Jennifer Turco John Green Krystina Green Jean Greenan Ann Greenaway Greenhome Design and Construct Robert Greenwald Marion Greenwood G-Reg Inc. Gregg Distributors Ltd. Carol Gregg

Alvin Gregory Doug Gregson Ian Gregson Andrew Greschner Amy Grey Glen Grey Harold Grey Chad Griffiths Valerie Griffiths Richard Grills Chad Grimm Kim Grimwade Joanne Gris Groundlevel Excavating Steve Grout Irene Groves Jack Groves Mr. Justice Joel Groves Michelle Groves Jack Growe Olaf Grundmann Randy Grundmann Dr. James Gu Guardian Capital LP Taryl Guenter Catherine Guiguet Guild Yule LLP Gull Lake Golf Course Susan Gullason Lorne Gulliford Dr. Leah Gully Cami Gunderson Einar Gunnarsson Gunter Bros. Meat Co. Ltd. Bradley Gunter Janice Gunter Gertrud Gunther Carl Gustavson Dr. Jeff Guthrie GVIC Communication Corp. Bruce & Theresa Gysel

H H & W Farms Ltd. H.Hook Contracting Ltd. H. Silvey Distributing Ltd. H.I.S. Wildfire FS Inc. Ria Hack Mark Haddock Phillip Hadford Cornelia Haeussler Stace Hagel Neil Flanagan & Jennifer Hagen Meaghan Hagerty John & Penny Haggarty Sheldon Haggerty & Joan Stewart Jillian Haight Haines Junction Library Board Katrina Hait Rob & Tracy Hajdasz Jason Haldane Brian Hale Andrea Hall Brent & Leah Hall Candice Hall Clifford & Lorraine Hall Greg & Susan Hall Jeffrey Hall Jessica Hall Julie Hall

Kevin Hall Chris & Nicole Hall Robert Hall Patricia Hallam Brian & Krista Halland Krista Halland Tinna Halldorsdottir Cathy Hall-Patch Timothy Halpin Katy Halvorson Hamber Foundation William Hamblett Jocelyn Hamdon Heather Hamilton Kristen Hamilton Taryn Hamilton Homer Hamm Ivana Hamm Melissa Hamm Alice Hammond John Hammond Gaoli Han Jennifer Hancock Ed Hanes Bruce Hanna Harriet Hanna Margarete Hanna Barbara Hannah Ian Hanomansingh Brett & Trish Hansen Norm Hanson Bradley Harasymchuk Robert Harbottle Clayton & Katrina Harding Michael Hardisty Caroline Hare Michael Hare Don & Gloria Harford Harry & Jeanne Harker, III Malcolm Harkness Harold’s Restaurant Harper Mountain Lifts Ltd. Harris & Company LLP Justice David C. Harris Karla Harris Maureen Harris Anne Harrison Charlene Harrison Raymond & Heather Harrison Justin Harrison Michelle Harrison Oliver Harrison Dianna Hartnell Dennis & Betsy Hartcwick Frank Harvey John Harwood Brant Hasanen Jasmine Haskell Dr. Roy Haugen Doug Haughton Beverly Haugland Erin Havard Matti Haverila Katelyn Hawker Linda Hawkins Marlene Hawkins


Michael Hawkins Nick & Sarah Hawkins Graham & Julie Hawley Keagan Hawthorne Debbie Hay Jane Hay Susan Hay Dennis Hayes Lyall Gardiner & Sandra Hayes-Gardiner Dr. Charles Hays & Dr. Penny Powers Helen Hayto Richard Haywood David & Bonnie Haywood-Farmer Frank Haywood-Farmer Stewart & Diane Haywood-Farmer William Hazelton Marion Healey-Ogden Healthylife Nutrition Inc. Heartland Resources Inc. Penelope Heaslip Barbara Heath Carole Hebden Jarita Heer Jason Heflin Hegyi Refrigeration & Mechanical Ltd. Dr. Jennifer Heick Gaham & Lara Held Dave Helgason Melodie Helm Harold Helset Samantha Hemmerling Ray & Patricia Hemmett Dian Henderson Lori Henderson Sue Henderson Anissa Hendley Sandra Hendry Tracy Hendry Rick & Sandi Heney Dr. Heidi Huttunen-Hennelly & Pat Hennelly Dr. Michael & Jane Henry Don & Wanda Herlein Alec Hermansson Lise Heroux Raymond Hettrick Tom Hewett Kelsey Hewins Michael Hewitt Maria Hewlett William Hewson Brandon Hewwing Joan Heyman Rosemary Hibbard Sarah Hickman Christopher & Dorothy Hicks Elizabeth Hicks Heidi Hicks Lucy Hicks Roger & Linda Hicks

THANK YOU All efforts have been made to ensure accuracy in this list. If an error or omission has occurred, please call the Foundation office at 250.828.5264



WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021 Dr. Catherine Hickson Nigel Higgins Robert Higgins Joe Higgs High Country Healthcare Inc. Ryan Hight Ben Hildebrand Barrie & Cheryl Hill Byron & Patricia Hill Jessica Hill Mike & Nancy Hill Robert Hill Greg Hillaby Caroline Hilland Cam & Monica Hillis Grant Hillis Warren Hillis Hills Auto Glass Ltd. Hill’s Pet Nutrition Canada Inc. Hilton Worldwide Corp. Ann Hilton Dave & Dorothy Hilton Violet Hilton Maurice Hindle & Sydney Johnsen Phillip & Grace Hiom Simon Hirota Jordan Hirschmiller Cynthia Hiscock Torfi Hjaltason Jaroslava Hlouskova Marika Hlouskova Wai Lim Ho Adam Hockin Nancy Hodari Loretta Hoene Ken Hoeppner Jennifer Hoffert Dr. James & Evelyn Hoffman Heather Hoffmann Karen Hofmann Kathleen Hogan Mr. & Mrs. Hogewoning Bob & Mirella Holden John David Hole The Hole Family Dayna Holley Holiday Inn Express (Kamloops) Juli Holloway Bud & Christine Hollstedt Madam Justice Heather J. Holmes Loree Holmes Sandra Holmes Susan Holmes Tara Holmes Peter Holmgren & Adrienne Murphy Ken Holmstrom Homex Development Corp. Dr. Robert Hood Jamie Hooker Tracy Hoot Penny Hopkins Cameron & Erica Hopkinson Irmi Hoppenrath Darwin Horning Horst Precision Machine Ltd. Jane Horton Adil Hosenbocus Hospitality Inn Hot Nite in the City Society Greg Houghton Ken & Marylyne House Lisa Houweling Stephen Howard Jana Howardson Dr. Eric Howatt Dr. Erwin S. Howatt John Howatt Matthew Howatt Pat Howe Dr. Ted Howe Gareth Howell Kathy Howell HPF Engineering Ltd. Holly Hrynyk-Ulliac Hu Ahyi Bubbletea Place Hub City Holdings Ltd. Hub International Insurance Brokers

www.kamloopsthisweek.com Shaun Prince & Barbara Kinley-Hubert Barbara Hubley Roberta Hubley Cuthbert & Pacita Huckvale Mel Huggins Ruth Hughes Wendy Hulko John Hull Hume Appraisals Ltd. Katherine Humphrey Donah Hunko Hunter Litigation Chambers Robert & Ann-Marie Hunter The Hon. Mr. Justice Bob Hunter & Jo-Mary Hunter Christina Hunter Darla Hunter Dr. Douglas & Elizabeth Hunter Justice John Hunter Garret & Sadie Hunter Linda Huntington Marjorie Huntley Huron Developments (1990) Ltd. Claudia Hurworth Kyle Husband Crystal Huscroft Husqvarna Canada Corp. Heather Hutchings John & Carole Hutchings Alex Hutton Cal Hutton Kalen Hutton Paul Huxtable Dorothy Hyland Madam Justice Hope Hyslop

I IA Clarington Investments Inc. Hannah Iblings ICCHA Wish Fund iConoclast Developments Ltd. ICS Logistics Ltd. Ideal Brake & Muffler IG Wealth Management Bobby Iio IJ Windows & Doors Larry Iles & Mary Harber Imperial Oil Fuels & Lubricants P Jim Imrich Elizabeth Ince Independent Contractors and Business Association IndoCan Links Information Wranglers Technical Services Inc. Amber Inglis In-House Receivable Services Sharon Injates Insolvency Institute of Canada Integrated Proaction Corp. Integrity Technology Consultants Inc. Interior Plumbing & Heating Ltd. Interior Savings Credit Union Interior Whitewater Expeditions Ltd. International Union of Operating Engineers Local 959 John Ioannides Evelyn Ippolito Iris, Le Groupe Visuel (1990) Inc. Karen Irving Sarah Irving Emily Irwin ISACA Dorinda Isberg Laboni Islam Isura It’s All Food Bulk and Health Food Plus Grant Iverson & Terry-Lynn Stone


J J D Industrial Supplies J.A. Werner Hardware Company Ltd. J.J.F.M.D. Fishing Co. Ltd Jace Enterprises Jack & Sylvia Gin Foundation Jack Schultz Auto Jacko Holdings Ltd. Bella Jackson Debra Jackson Donna Jackson Bruce & Laura Jackson Marion Jackson Susan Jackson Allan & Val Jacobs Sandy Jacobson Melissa Jakubec Cindy James Dr. Colin & Kathryn James Judith James Trevor Janacek Janina’s Jewellery Dr. Dustin Janz Harvey & Diane Janzen Dr. Warveni Jap Patrick & Lorraine Jasper Lynn Jaworski Jean Lauder D.V.M Kathleen Jeffery Jeffrey A. Jakel Law Corporation Dr. Sherman Jen Robert & Lila Jennejohn Sara Jennings Bryan & Erin Jensen Kristian Jensen & Darlene McBain Mike Sgro & Sarah Jensen Helgi Jensson Sang Jeon Jerry Spice Inc. Zahra Jiwa JJ’s Pilot Car Services Miki Andrejevic & Nena Jocic-Andrejevic Elvie Johan Hinrik Johannesson John Howard Society of The Thompson Region Kristina Gillespie Wade Johnson & Amanda Blyth Astrid Johnson Darrel Johnson David Johnson George Johnson Jackie Johnson Kristen Johnson Melville Johnson Reynold & Gala-Mae Johnson Robert Johnson Robin Johnson & Lorna McMillan Stewart Johnson Anna Johnston Gaylene Johnston Kathleen Johnston Patricia Johnston Arthur Johnstone Wayne Johnstone Stephen Joly Barry Jones Byron & Lindsay Jones Jack Jones David & Jo Jones Joanne Jones Dr. Robert Jones Gerry & Sharon Jones Sonja Jones Tanya Jones Doug Jontz & Nancy Plett Lorne Jordan Mary Jordan Renaye Jordan Pauline Jorgensen Darren Josephison Matthew Joss Josto Technologies Joyce Family Foundation Kevin Joyce

JT White Trucking Jeannine Jubinville Richard Jubinville Dr. Manny & Linda Jules Lane Jumaga Juniper Ridge Elementary School Jurox (Canada) Inc. Jack & Jill Juusola Kenneth & Stacey Jyrkkanen

K K & C’s Construction and Renovations Ltd. K & G Contracting Ltd. Cheryl Kabloona Dr. Terrance Kading Kahan Law Corporation Kai Analytics & Survey Research Inc. Carol Kaifosh Kal Tire Kalahari Management Inc. William Kalbhen Denise Kalina Chuck Kalnin Urlrich Kaltbrunner Kamco Installations Ltd. Kamloops & District Fish and Game Association Kamloops & District Kennel Club Kamloops Aberdeen Lions Club Kamloops Antiques, Collectibles & Heritage Society Kamloops Bar Association Kamloops Blazers Education Society Kamloops Cell Repair Ltd. Kamloops Collegiate Baseball Society Kamloops Computer Centre Kamloops Council of Canadians Kamloops Daily News Kamloops Dental Hygiene Group Kamloops District Woodlot Association Kamloops Dome Sports and Events Kamloops Electric Motors Ltd. Kamloops Exhibition Association Kamloops Exploration Group Society Kamloops Family Vision Clinic Inc. Kamloops Film Society Kamloops Ford Lincoln Kamloops Freemasons Lodge No. 10 Kamloops Funeral Home Kamloops Harley-Davidson Kamloops Hindu Cultural Society Kamloops Home Based Business Association Kamloops Home Hardware Kamloops Honda Kamloops Kia Kamloops Landscaping & Irrigation Kamloops Large Animal Veterinary Clinic Ltd. Kamloops Masonic Temple Association Kamloops Paddlewheelers Lions Club Kamloops Paint & Window Coverings Kamloops Plywood Sales Ltd. Kamloops Precision Machining Ltd. Kamloops Pride Association Kamloops Regional Farmers Market Society Kamloops Renshikan Karate Association Kamloops Retired Teachers’ Club Kamloops Ridge Runners Kamloops Sports Legacy Fund Kamloops Surgical Centre Kamloops This Week Kamloops Youth Soccer Association Kamloops/Cariboo CPA Chapter Kamloops-Thompson Teacher-Librarians’ Association Donna Kane Lea Kanehe Mackenzie Kanigan Karate BC

Dr. Dennis & Robin Karpiak Janice Karpluk Lindsey Karpluk David Karr Alia Karsan Susan Karstein Marianne Kasper James Kassiones Jaskanwal Kaur Saiko Kawamata Bev Kay K-Dog Carpentry Cole Keddie Shane Keddie Lee Keener Sean & Selina Kehler Master Jennifer Keim Helen Keir Jim & Karla Keith Mr. Justice Stephen F. Kelleher Josh & Teresa Keller Judi Kellow Matthew Kellow Robert & Paulette Kelly Scott Kelly Shannon Kelly J Graham Kelsey Kelson Group Kemp Concrete Products Ken Kempcke Karen Kendall Kathleen Kendall KENKEKNEM Education Services Inc. Elizabeth Kennedy Tabatha Kennedy Katherine Kenyon Melissa Keresztesi Debra Kernot H. Elanie Kerr Paula Kettela Anna-Maria Keyter KGHM Ajax Mining Inc. Shaf Khan Ali Kumail Khataw Kids Only Daycare Sharon Kika Nancy Kilgour Nancy Killick Kilmer Van Nostrand Co. Ltd. Nicky Lee & Julie Kimmel-Lee Randall Kimmel Bob King Norm King Richard King Katherine Kingsbury Grace Kinley Eddie & Lori Kinley Susan Kinniburgh Dr. Sven Kip Nicolas Sargent & Wendy Kipnis Karen Kirchhofer Denise Kirk Penny Kirk Bernie Kirkey Kenneth Kirkey Tracey Kirkness Mike & Patricia Kitamura Kiwanis Club of Kamloops BC Kiwanis Club of Williams Lake KL Uptown Management Ltd. Don Klancher Evan Klassen Stephanie Klassen Brad & Lisa Klatt James Klein Sidney Kleiner Dale Kleinschroth Erika Kliewer Keziah Kliewer Ronald Kliewer Bonnie Klohn Jessica Klymchuk KMS Tools Ltd. Sylvia Knarr David Kneeshaw Helen Knight

WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021

www.kamloopsthisweek.com Bill Knodel Rita Knodel Knowledge First Foundation Kelly Knowler Leanne Knowles Kazuko Kobayashi Hans & Margarete Kögler Nicole Kohnert Chas Kok Richard Kolasa Shauna Kolasa Del Komarniski Domenic Komita Allan Kolmjenovic Linda Komori Oleksandr Kondrashov Ruth Konrad Glen & Carrie Konzelman James Kooistra Robert & Lolina Koopmans Kootenay Bar Association Kootenay Raft Co. Jacquie Kopan Demetra Koutsopodiotis Michael Koyich Karl Koziura Ed & Midori Kozuki KPMG LLP Ken Kraft Brad Krauza Wendy Krauza Debbie Krebs James & Bernadette Krenz Myrissa Krenzler Judith Kress Neills Kristensen Ernie Kroeger Megan Kropp Marlene Krueger Matt Krueger Linda Kupp Michael & September Kuromi Gary & Linda Kurtz Derek Kwok

L L.C. & Associates Financial Services La Cucina European Market & Deli Bruce Martin & Marceele La Hue LaBarge Weinstein LLP Simon Labelle Aline Lachapelle Deborah Lacroix Aaron Ladd Kenneth Ladd Mike Ladd Sarah Ladd Lafarge Canada Inc. Yvette Laflamme Tom LaFreniere & Donna Mellquist Paul Lagace Rebecca Laidler Douglas Laing Patricia Lainsbury Dr. Darrell Laird Jane Laithwaite Lake City Central Equipment Ltd. Dr. Terry & Lisa Lake Gurjit Lalli Juliana Lam Brian Lamb Dr. Laura Lamb Bruce & Dawn Lamore Gwyneth Lamperson

Martin Lampman Glen & Leslie Landau-Gardner Landcor Data Corp Patrick Lane Anna Langford Jeanne Lanoue David Lanphear Keith & Pat Lanphear Lansdowne Liquor Store Betty Lapegre Angela Laprairie Anne-Margaret Laroche Marie Laroche Dr. Marie-Claire Baril & Andre Larouche Jaime Larsen Dr. Grant & Beverley Larson Kristin Larson Jonathan Larter Gemma Laska Joshua Lasta Dr. Jean Lauder Dr. Anne Lavack Kendel Lavallee Claire Laville Barbara Laviolette Lani Laviolette Law Foundation of BC The Law Society of BC Alison Law Milton & Carole Law Donald Lawrence & Darlene Kalynka Lois Lawrence Sara Lawson Lorne Lazzarotto Wendy Lea Peter Leach Sharman & Kathryn Learie Lebeau Bros Logging Murial Leblanc Jason Leblond Leclair Infocom Inc. Christine LeClair Dennis Haupt & Tracy Leclair Didi Ledohowski Brian Ledoux Bill Lee Christine Lee Derek Lee James Lee Margaret Lee Maureen Lee Paul Lee LEEDE Financial Markets Inc. Kimberly Leflufy Fred Legace Suzanne Legault Maurice Lehman Gregory Lehoux Jennifer Leibel Gordon & Carleen Leidal Valdis Leifsdottir Meghan Lemiski Pearl Lennox Bonnie Leonard Larry Leonard Dr. Ken Lepin Pamela Lepsoe Judith Letain Julie Lettiere-Miller Marten Lettinga John Levesque

Terry Levinsky Charlene Levis Dr. Richard Lewis James Lewis Hanbing Li Sydney Liburd Amanda Lichon Keith Liddiard David & Susan Lidster Kia Lidster Life.Ink.Tattoo Lavona Liggins Thom Light Edward Lightfoot Tim Lilburn Don & Yeoyoung Anderson Linda Turner Personal Real Estate Corporation Sheryl Lindquist Bill Lindsay Chelsea Lindsay Emily Lindsay Camille Lindseth Line Contractors Association of BC Line X/Full Spectrum Garnet & Elizabeth Lineker Gregory Link Chad & Jenna Lishman David Lishman & Melissa Seibel Karen Lishman Maureen Lisle Harold Lissel Wayne Lister Pardeep Litt Tatiana Little Dr. Mary Trott & Bernard Littlejohn Xuelin Liu Laura Lizzi Daryl & Yvonne Llewellyn Lloyd George Elementary School William Lloyd David & Wendy Lloyd Heather Lloyd Doug Loblaw Gwynneth Lochhead Melanie Lochhead Meryl Lochhead Sue Loedel Walter Loeppky Yvonne Loewen Norman Logan Lohn Foundation Daniel Lomas Peter Loncar Christine Loney Karen Loney Alan Long Madam Justice Linda A. Loo Michael Lorimer Mary Loring Eugene & Frances Lotochinski Kim Lougheed Lois Love Lloyd Loveday George & Isabel Low Bernard Lowell Tyler Lowey Joan Lozier Jeannette Lucas Anne Luckow Pat Luscombe

Cheryl Lyall Vicki & Gary Lyall Michael Lynn Fergus & Bernadette Lyons Liam Lyons

M M.A. White & Associates Ltd. Kelsie Maas Amber Macadam Iain MacAulay Anne MacDonald Hugh MacDonald James Macdonald Janice Macdonald Joshua MacDonald Kelly Macdonald Margaret MacDonald Marisa MacDonald Marissa MacDonald Robin Macdonald Ross MacDonald Wendell MacDonald Mary Alice MacDougall Kevin MacEachern Eric MacEwen Lucille Macgiver Tanys MacGowan Mary MacGregor Dr. Anna Machaj Dr. David & Maria MacIntosh Graham & Chelsey Mack Blake MacKay Brian MacKay Evan Mackay Heather MacKay Joyce MacKay Mairi MacKay Nancy MacKay Shawne MacKay Valerie MacKay-Greer Mackenzie Financial Corporation Dawn Mackenzie Ian MacKenzie Noreen Mackenzie Robert MacKenzie Myrna Mackey Jayne Mackinlay Ken & Maureen MacKinlay Sean Mackinlay Deborah MacKinnon Lesley MacKinnon Cyndra Mackinnon Reed MacKintosh MacLean Law Carol MacLennan Heather Maclennan Donald MacLeod Edith MacLeod Heather MacLeod Carol MacMillan Mary MacMillan David MacNeill Doreen MacPherson


Dr. Duncan & Marie MacRae Evan MacRae Mary Madden Mervyn & Juanita Madill Colin Madland Bob & Gail Madrigga Dusan Magdolen Deborah Mageean Rohit Magima Wendy Forbes Ron & Lynne Maguire Donald Mah Gurdeep Mahanger Gary Mahar Elin Mahon Pamela Mahon Bernie Mahoney Clifford Mahoney Mahood Counsel Inc. Reginald Maidment Lucas Maikapar Bree Ann Mailloux Galbavy Lloyd Main Mainland Sleep Diagnostics Ltd. Mainline Plumbing & Heating Shane Mainprize Blake Majcher Gary & Diana Major Louella Makortoff Malaspina Ridge Enterprises Malcolm Homes Ltd. David Malcolm Dinushini Maligaspe Guy Mallabone Tristan Mallett Drs. Vish & Yusi Malliah Agnes Malm Mike Malsegna Ron & Ann Maltby Robina Manfield Rahim Mangalji Sheila Mangan Paul & Monna Manhas Dr. Scott Mann Kelsi Manson Troy-Lana Manson John & Connie Mantello Manulife Financial Maple Leaf Junior Golf Tour Asgeir Arnarsson Donna Marchand Mr. Justice Len & Laurie Marchand, Jr. Lori Marchand Michelle Marchand Dennis Marchant Alan Marcus Maureen Margetts Stephen & Tiffany Maricle David & Penny Marr Harry Marr Lisa Marrello Shelley Marsh Malinda Marshall

THANK YOU All efforts have been made to ensure accuracy in this list. If an error or omission has occurred, please call the Foundation office at 250.828.5264



WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021 Diane Marsten Tyrel Martel Alex Martin Ashley Martin David Martin Jim & Gail Martin Kim Martin Perry Martin Susan Martin Suzanne Martin Victoria Martin Erica Martindale Mary MacGregor Law Corporation Mark Mascarenhas Rhonda Maskiewich Courtney Mason Mohamed Masoud Mata-Leao MMA & Fitness Brenda Mathenia Jack & Brenda Mathews John & Sukhminder Matonovich Rudy Matter Don Matthew Mark Matthew Dr. Nathan & Marie Matthew Tina Matthew Joanne Matthews Dr. Leigh Matthews Leslie Matthews John Mattinson Emmanuel & Marion Mattis Christine Matuschewski David & Andria Maurer Maurice Price Foundation Beverley Maxwell Erin May Katharine May Christopher Maydaniuk Justice Andrew Mayer Jim Mayer Kimberley Mayes Tara Mayes Juanita Mayfield Julie Ann Mayo Shannon Mazereeuw Izabela Mazur Linda McAbee William McAlister Mitch McAmmond Marlies McArthur Nan McBlane Eamon McCann Ann McCarthy James & Ann McCarthy Darryl & Sheri McCaskill Colleen McClean Kristina McCleary Linda McClure Ron McColl Daniel & Sheila McColman Christine McConachie John McConachie Laura McConnell Ross McCoubrey James McCreath Family Norma McCreight Scott & Rhonda Mccreight Tony McCrory Kaileen McCulloch Malcolm McCulloch Maureen McCurdy John McCurrach Richard & Andrea McCurrach Dr. Richard McCutcheon & Tamara Fleming David McDermid Madam Justice Sharon Matthews & Robert McDiarmid, Q.C. Danielle McDonagh Art McDonald Casey McDonald Geraldine McDonald Kayla McDonald Maxine McDonald Jack & Ona McDonald Pamela McDonald Patrick McDonald

www.kamloopsthisweek.com Sandra McDonald McDonald’s Restaurant Robert McDonell Scott McDonnell Dr. Elspeth McDougall Jennifer McDougall Linda Mcelgunn Pat McEwen Joe McGarry Joey McGarry Lynda McGarvie Emily McGiffin Ron & Marie McGivern Dominique McGrady Donna McGrath Brenda McGregor Dr. Sean McGuinness Brianna McIlquham Erin McInnes Shannon McInnes Chad McIntosh Curtis McIntosh Don McIntosh Gavin McIntosh John & Sylvie McIntosh Russell McIntosh Donald McIntyre Dustin & Heather McIntyre Jim McIntyre Tom & Bonnie McInulty Jennifer McKay Matthew McKay Amanda McKeen Judy McKenzie Dr. Wendy McKenzie Grace McKeown Donna McKim Peggy McKimmon Robert & Marian McLaren Scott McLaren Dr. William McLaren Dr. Alex & Lynn McLean Donna McLean Al & Marilyn McLean Martha McLean Alex McLellan McLennan Ross LLP Christina McLennan Brian & Michelle McLeod MCM Real Estate Monica McMahen Jason McMain Gwen McMaster Fred McMechan McMillan LLP Doreen McMillan Gwenith McMillan Margot McMillan Jasmine McMillen Rachel McMillen Bonnie McNab John McNally Alan McNaught Hugh McNaught John McNaught & Dawne Kurtz-McNaught Craig McNaughton Dr. Kathryn McNaughton & Paul Wolf Laura McNaughton Allan & Catherine McNeely Carol McNeil Tyson McNeil-Hay John McNeill Debra McNichol Katelin McNichol Doris McNutt Todd McPhee Wendy McPhee Dr. Jonathan McQuarrie Donald McQuay Robert & Ines McQuay Steve McQueen Terry & Joan McQuillan Murray McRae Wayne McRann Deb McWade Allan & Dorothy McWilliam


Gerald & Susan McWilliams Medical Services Inc. William Medlock MedPro Respiratory Care Gerald Meek Stephen Meek Erik Meertens Dr. Rakesh Mehta Herbert & Carole Meincke Rose Melnyk Brenda Menard Andreas Mendel Marrissa Mendel Carlos Mendonca Nora Menicucci Guy Mercier & Family Tricia Mercuri Dr. Craig & Wendy Meredith Merial Canada Inc. Vera Merkusheva Peter Merola Bob Merrell Doug & Marie Mervyn Methanex Corp. Metro Homes MFP Resources Corp. Lisa Michaels Michalchuk Construction Ltd. Bonnie Michel Jonathon Michel Kathryn Michel Rod Michell James Michi Brett Middlemiss Mike Wiegele Helicopter Skiing Andrew Milburn Charlene Milburn Kent Milburn Ron & Glenda Miles Anthony Miller Bryan Miller Carolynne Miller Christine Miller Dr. Clair Miller Daniel Miller Darrell & Ray Ann Miller Doreen Miller Dustin Miller Gladys Miller Gord & Alison Miller Dr. Jack & Verna Miller Anne Miller Susan Miller Ann Milliken Becky Mills Yvonne Mills Matt & Heidi Milovick Dennis Milton Erik Milton Minerva Foundation for BC Women MINI Yaletown Arlette Mitchell Brian Mitchell Christabel Mitchell Judy Mitchell Lenore Mitchell Brandy Mitschke MJB Lawyers MK3 Enterprises Ltd. Mary Mochizuki Brad Moffat Donna Moffat Joan Moffat Jordy Moffat Ethan Mohan Stanley Molak Kevin Mole Wade & Theresa Molett Molycop Canada Fanny Monk Ken Monroe Mer Montador Scott Montagliani Tom Moody John & Elaine Moon Jeff Mooney Kaitlin Mooney

Fran Moore Gini Moore Rick & Karen Moore Keith Moore M Joy Moore Stacy Moore Tim Moore Joanne Moores Madam Justice Maria Morellato Morelli Chertkow Lawyers LLP Rudy Morelli Muriel Morgan Gary & Susan Morgan Donald Wood & Sandra Mori Sonoki Morishita Glenn Morison Heather Morlacci Joseph & Marylin Morong Michael Moroz & Wendy Russell Cathy Morris Kimberley Morris Lorne Morris Luke Morris Dorothy Morrish Kelly & Sherri-Lynn Morrish Donna Morrow Brad & Deirdre Morse Kimberly Moshenko Allen & Louise Mostyk Jim & Satoe Motokado Victor & Sally Mowbray Peter & Margot Moyls Jonathan Moynes Mr. Mikes Steakhouse Casual Charlene Muchipisi Brittney Mueller Linda Mueller Devon Muenz Karen Mulhern Jacqueline Mullen John Mullin Peter Mullins Munden Transportation Group Corey & Krista Munegatto Anne Munro Brian & Janet Munro Alastair Murdoch Dr. Donna & Donald Murnaghan Murphy Battista LLP Jeff Murphy Dr. Peter & Jennifer Murphy Robert & Claire Murphy Terry Murphy Alec Murray Ken & Jeanette Murray Ted Murray Mary & J.W. Mutch Dale Muttart Mutual Fire Insurance Co. of BC Albert & Claire Muzzillo Anthony Muzzillo & Evelina Coschizza Orvil & Florence Myers

N N & H Contracting Ltd. Kyle Nadler Edna Nagy Eva Nagyova Mary-Anne Nahachewski Mark & Sally Nairn Sarah Naismith Frances Nasadyk Judith Naylor Roland & Anne Neave & Family Bob Needham & Denise Caldwell Lorri Neilsen Glenn Allan Neilsen Judith Neiser Cynthia Nelson Donald Nelson Jennifer Nelson Madeleine Nelson Sheila Nelson Neretva Holdings Ltd.

Nester’s Market Nestle Purina PetCare Canada Cliff & Pearl Neufeld Rod Neumann Chris Neurauter Frances Neutelings Michael Neville New Gold Inc. Norman & Terry Newberry Audrey Newhouse Tami Newman Dr. Bruce Newmarch Heather Newport Margaret Newson Alex Ng Franziska Ng Robin Nichol Myrna Nichols Janice Nicholson Dr. Mervin Nicholson Rick Nickelchok Susan Nickell Greg Nichol Jessica Nicolson Diane Nielsen Samantha Nielsen Kevin & Diane Nielson Pawel Niemczewski Paul Niemczewski Nihal Labour Contracting Ltd. Christina Nilsen Lisa Niro Rollie & Joanne Nisbet Marisa Nitta Pat Niwa Dr. Lloyd & Rae Nixon NL Broadcasting Ltd. Jamie Noakes Nastassja Noell Terrance & Sheila Noftall Goran Nogic Paula Nolan Danielle Noordam Nordell Trucking & Contracting George Norman Joan Norrington Evelyn Norris North\South Connection Inc North Shore Business Improvement Assoc. North Thompson Trucking Ltd. Northern Development Initiative Trust Northern Gold & Diamonds Ltd. Northland Properties Corp. NorthRoad Capital Management NorthShore Credit Union Norton Rose Fulbright Canada LLP James Norton Rich Norton Jana Noskova NOV Wilson Canada ULC Mary Novak Veron Novosad Krista Nowicki Heather Noyes Nugget City Gas & Service Nursing Social Fund Nursing Undergraduate Society NuTech Safety Gordon Nuttall Nvesta Real Estate Group Karin Nybo Tanya Nygaard Deborah Nysted

O O.A.P.O. Branch 93 Chris & Wynter Oakes Oakwood Realty Corp. Michael & Melissa Oatway Catherine O’Brien Pat & Evelyn O’Brien Ocean Sports - Edmonton Ocean Trailer

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www.kamloopsthisweek.com John & Daniela O’Fee Dr. Ken Ogilvie Tim Ogilvie Kelley O’Grady Ownership Identification Inc. Nancy Oiriga Okanagan Fertilizer Okanagan Springs Okanagan Valley West Zone Schools Athletic Assoc. Rien Okawa Doreen Oke Jason Oke Clinton Dundas & Marion Oke Susan Oke Jackie O’Keefe Hjortur Olafsson Martin Old Jodi Olichnu Marlene Olineck Oliver Geoscience International Ltd. Tarnjit & Simritpal Ollek Donna Ollenberger Alison Olmsted Colin & Mab Oloman Angela Olsen Gordon Olsen Kathryn Olsen Amanda Olson Dennis Olson Joel Olson Stacey Olson Julia Olthuis Dr. Richard Olthuis & Jerry Stack David Olynyk Kelly Olynyk Ken & Arlene Olynyk Ron & Susan Olynyk Patricia Omer On the Rocks Pub & Grill Douglas Ondrik Dr. Sharon Brewer & Kevin O’Neil Rogelio Ong Jake & Marg Ootes Kelvin Opperman Richard Oppong Laura-Lee Orange Natalie Ord Paul O’Regan Amelia O’Reilly Eleanor Ormiston Lisa Oskarsdottir Shirley Ostroff Janice Otremba Lori Ottem Darren Ovington Ed & Bess Ovington Charlene Owen Murray & Patricia Owen Yoshie Ozawa

P Keith Pacey Ricardo Pacheco Pacific Rim Veterinary Clinic Ltd. Pacific Veterinary Sales Ltd. Tim Padmore Giuseppe Paduano Mark Paetkau Wilma Pagan Marian Page Bronwen Pakka Mike & Jo-Anne Palkovits Carmen Pallot Gurdeep Pannu Maria Pantazopoulos Tony Pantazopoulos Pauline Panter Brad & Kelly Pape

Anne Pappas Sarah Paquin Tim Paradis Paradise Dock & Lift Inc. Dean Paravantes Ellen Parchomchuk Gautam & Krishna Parghi Riya Parhar Andrew Park Sheila Park Brett Parker Brian Parker Dan Parker Mike Parker Dale Parkes Harj Parmar Allan Parr Frances Paski Barbara Paterson Dr. Barbara Paterson Margaret Patten Dawn Patterson Dennis Patterson Paul Patterson Teri Patterson Janet Pattinson David & Arlene Paul Phil Paul Nicholas Pawliuk Doris Paynter PayPal Giving Fund Canada Peace River North Teachers Association Carrie Peacosh Walter Peacosh Peak Planning Associates Peak Pulmonary Consulting Inc. Robert Pearson Pebble Trading Ltd. Karen Pedersen James Pedrotti Marie Pedrotti David Peeke-Vout Joan Peggs Josephine Pegler Bryan Pelkey David Pelkey Donald & Glenys Pelkey Stacy Peña Penderfund Capital Management Ltd. Penguin Meat Supply Ltd. Briony Penn Marvin Penner Tracy Penny Light Lanny & Jane Penrod Penticton Lakeside Inn Carl Pentilchuk PEO Chapter AC Allison Pepler Ross Perkins & Allison Slater Bruce Perry Clair Perry Richard Perszon Joanne Pesusich Peter Grant & Associates Tonya Peterkin Peter’s Pasta Ltd. Lois Peters Christine Petersen Lee Petersen Marvin & Marilyn Peterson Petland

Patricia Petley Elizabeth Peto Gloria Petre Donna Petri Bob & Eleatha Petrie Robert Petrie Petrin Mechanical (Alberta) Ltd. Ivan Petrov Demian Pettman Johanna Pfalz Robert Phillips Yvonne Phillips Cheryl Phippen Jennifer Phipps Naomi Pickrem Picton Mahoney Asset Management Monika Piechatzek Sheila Pierson Thomas Piggin Bryan & Danielle Pilbeam Andrew Pillar Raymond & Barbara Pillar Pinegrove Riverbend H.E.U. Conrad Pinette Mario & Sara Piroddi Giuseppina Piroddi Connie Pistawka Laura Piva-Babcock Cindy Piwowar Aaron Plahn Plant a Seed & See What Grows Foundation Marnie Plant Hubert Plante Plateau Construction Ltd. PLD Cattle Company Ltd. Edith Pletzer Plowe Power Systems Ltd. Ken & Bonnie Plugoway Mitch Plumb Ingrid Plummer PMT Chartered Accountants Ev Pochay Peter & Robin Poeschek Gary Poignant Donald Poirier Beata Pokasuwan Tyler Pomietlarz Vania Pompa Marilyn Poncelet Baldev Pooni Popadynetz Custom Homes Ltd. Adam Popien Lori Popper Berna Porter Maeghan Porter Randolph Porter Tim & Sue Porter Melody Postle Stephen Pottle Alice Potts Denis Powers Brianna Powrie Rhonda Powrie Maria Pozniak Tim Pradzinski Brian & Diana Pratt-Johnson Lucy Pratt-Johnson Pratt’s Pharmacy Ltd. Praxair Canada Precision Paint

Bronwyn Preece Dipesh Prema Premium Brands Holdings Corp. Richard & Jennifer Press Paula Presta Prevost Veterinary Clinic Ltd. Goldie Preziosi Kevin Pribilsky Lisa Price Lynda Price Lyn & Sandra Price Prince George Nechako Aboriginal Employment & Training Prince George Youth Volleyball Dr. Larry & Joan Prins Prism Engineering Ltd. Sheila Pritchard Don Proctor Roland Profitt Progressive Rubber Industries Inc. Janna Promislow Pronto Enterprises Ltd. Provincial Courts Judges’ Association of British Columbia Kathleen Provost Charleen Proznick Derek Pue Pulse Group Gregory S. Pun, Q.C. Paula Purcell James Purdy Pure Strength Fitness Jessica C. Purjue Diane Purvey Eliza Pycock Pylarinos Family Derek Pyne

Q Arlene Quackenbush Quarky Science Frank and Cathy Quinn Carlo Quintieri

R R & R Electric Ltd. R. Devick & Sons Cattle Co. Ltd. Bruce Rabik Bruce Raby Carl Racette Neil & Julie Rachynski Brenda Rackham Hafizur & Kashana Rahman Saeed Rahmati Robyn Rahn Mayor Al Raine & Nancy Greene Raine Harmony Raine Kevin Rains Ramada Inn Kamloops Allan Randall Nancy Randall Scott Rankin

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Tracey Rannie Rapid Impact Piers Ltd. Allan Rasmussen Yvonne Rasmussen Ginny Ratsoy & Alan Penfold Brianne Rauch Raymond James Canada Ltd. Judy Rayner Ray’s Lock & Key Service RBC Foundation RBC Royal Bank of Canada RE/MAX Glenn & Jennifer Read Maureen Read Mike Read Shawn Read Reader’s Digest Foundation of Canada Nadine Reaugh Gillian Redmond Jeanie Reed Melanie Reed Dr. Norman & Judith Reed Ian Reedman Susan Reedy Dr. Carol Rees Julia Rees Ruth Regehr Regency Towers (Owen Sound) Ltd. Robert Regnier Captain Charles James Reid Moore Cam & Amanda Reid Dr. Cameron Reid Dr. Russ & Jane Reid Nora Reid Robin Reid Dr. Elizabeth Reimer Reliatech HVAC Inc. Steve & Niki Remesz Richard Renaud Elizabeth Rennie Rescue Canada Inc. Respect Group Inc. Response Fire Systems Ltd. Reubin’s Diner Dr. James Bilbey & Marie Christine Rey-Bilbey Larry Reynolds Alexis Reynolds Marina Reynolds Brenda Rhainds Andrea Rhodes Dr. Peter & Jill Riben Iris Rich Richard L. Garner Law Corporation Patrick Richards Donald Richardson Patricia Richardson Tanya Richens Dr. Harold Richins Richmond Steel Recycling James Riddle Wilma Rieck Deanna Ries



WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021 Harry & Terri Rihela George Riley Tara Rimmer Nick & Linda Rinaldi Ripplerock Consulting Dr. Bob Rishiraj Riske Creek Ranch Jessica M. Risley Anne Ritcey Rick Ritter River City Gymnastics River City Nissan Rivermist Excavating Ltd. Larissa Rivers Rivershore Ram Chrysler Dodge Jeep Riversyde Auto Repair Maxime Rivest Sandra Rivoire RJames Western Star Freightliner Francois & Johannes Roath Robert L. Conconi Foundation Adrianne Roberts Anna Roberts Bruce & Dawn Roberts Don & Janet Roberts Ashley Robertson Bruce Robertson Glen Robertson Dr. Jeanette & Ian Robertson Ty & Pam Robertson Paul Robertson Rob & Nan Robertson Tammy Robertson William & Mary Ann Robertson William Robertson Barb Robinson Beverley Robinson Joy Robinson Lesley Robinson Ron Robinson Robo Transport BC Ltd. James Rodger Kim Rodger Kristen Rodrigue Shelley Roerslev Donna Rogal Jennifer Rogers Mark Rogers Neal & Lori Rogers Nicole Rogers ROI Media Works Ella Roles Dr. Shane Rollans & Christine David-Rollan Cameron Rombough Mario Romei Dianne Romeike Daniel Ronaghi Ronik Security Ltd. Gordon Ronmark Roper Greyell LLP Dr. Chris & Gina Rose Christopher & Anne Rose Cody Rose Jamie Rose Joseph Rose Andrew Ross Brian & Anne Ross Jocelyn Ross Kate Ross Paul & Rita Ross Paul Ross Trevor Ross Joanne Rosvick Rotary Club of Kamloops Rotary Club of Kamloops Aurora Rotary Club of Kamloops Daybreak Rotary Club of Kamloops West Rotary Club of Merritt Rotary Club of Williams Lake Daybreak Linda Roth Mel & Sydney Rothenburger Bev Rother Debbie Rouault Ronald & June Routledge Shane Routley

www.kamloopsthisweek.com Lori Roy Royal Canin Claude & Carly Royer RTN Basketball Dr. Tzvi Rubinger Gisela Ruckert Tacey Ruffner Lois Rugg Runners Sole Kristofer Runzer Maya Rupert Russell Investments Cindy Russell Cynthia Russell Janet Russell Dr. Neil & Ellen Russell Norma Russell Shannon Russell Twyla Russell Pina Russo Debbie Rustand Dr. Mandy Ruthnum Dr. Maxine Ruvinsky Anthony & Vicci Ryan Lucia Ryan Bob & Patricia Ryan Gerhard Ryll

S S.W. Keddie Professional Corp Deborah Saari Renata Saat Daljit Sadhra Helen Saemerow Iris Saemundsdottir Susan Safford Sage Sport Institute Elaine Sager Ran Sagoo Sahali Liquor Store Inc. Cindi Saj Barry Sale Anthony Salekin Rick & Anne Sallis Stephan Salo John Salvatore Trina Sampson Lori Samuels Dr. Monica Sanchez-Flores Randy Sandberg Ray & Joanna Sanders Gene Sanderson Sarah Sandholm Dr. Kathryn Sandilands Lorne Sandstrom Dr. Wendy & Dan Sanford Rebecca Sanford Maryann Sanft Emma Sannefjord Troy Sarich Lars Satre Donna Saunders Madam Justice Mary Saunders Madame Justice Mary Saunders Sue Saunders Candace Savage Save On Foods #946 Savers Optical Robert Savin Savona Lions Club Kathleen Sawatsky Mary Sawatzky Wayne Sawchuk SB Dental Ceramics Susan Scallon William Schable Tyra Schalles Drs. Uli Scheck & Heather Pitts Robert & Wilma Scheer Dr. David Scheffel Elisa Scheitel Christian Schell Craig Schell James Schell Jerry Schell


Merlin Schell Ron Schell Bonnie Scherrer Anthony Schiller Schilling Farms Keith & Charlene Schindler Miranda Schmold Chelsey Schneider Dennis & Crystal Schock Robin Schoebel & Cari Sutcliffe Margaret Schoenau Rhonda Scholz School District No. 27 Michael Schreiner & Kathleen Biagioni Derek & Lynn Schreurs Kim Schroeder Diane Schuetze Laura Schuk Gisela Schult Rhoda Schultz Don & Carman-Anne Schulz Don Schulz Janie Schumacher Daryl Schwartzenberger Eric & Tish Schweizer Tish Schweizer Peter Schwirtz Karen Schymon Kevin Scollon Frank & Judy Scordo Scotiabank Andrew & Leah Scott Charlotte Scott Jennifer Scott Tom Scott Scottish Rite Masonry, Lodge of Perfection, Kamloops BC Scottsdale Veterinary Clinic Brian Scrivener Scriver Consultants Ltd. Greg Scriver Kimberly Seale Richard Seaman Stephanie Sear Viola Searls Carolyn Secret Elaine Sedgman Greg & Andrea Seebach Chris Seeley Leo Seewald Christopher & Melissa Seguin Joe & Deborah Seguin Tanya Sehgal Selkirk Veterinary Hospital Patricia Sellmer Martha Sellu Marjorie Serack Floyd Serviss Janis Setka Rose Seto Raymond & Susan Sewell Ray & Susan Sewell Mateen Shaikh Peter Shand Dave Shanko Delray Shannon Heather Shannon Kelly & Heather Shantz Daniel Shapiro Brant Shapka Anupreet Sharma Donna Sharpe Leona Sharpe Dr. Alan Shaver Barry Shaw Brendan Shaw Real Estate Ltd. Dayton Shaw Marilyn Shaw Robert Shaw Stefan Shaw Tanya Shaw David & Kathy Sheets Nancy Shelpidi Connor Shelton Cassandra Shendruk John & Claire Shephard

Jon Shephard Sheri Sheppard Evan Sherwood Robyn Shiels Kevin Shill Mary Shimodaira Valerie Shimodaira Nikta Shirazian Alyssa Shook Tim & Laura Shoults Vanessa Shpak Terry & Lanni Shupe Shuswap Naturalist Club Shykat Contracting Carlo Sia Hardev Singh Sidhu & Kartar Kaur Sidhu John & Karen Siggers Karen Siggers Kristinn Sigurjonsgon Sikh Cultural Society Paul & Sue Siluch Sherry Sim Robert Simcoe Walter Simmons David Simms June Simms Karen Simon Steve Simon Don & Shirley Simpson Lori Simpson Paul Simpson Rolynda Simpson Dr. Terry & Sharon Simpson Finlay & Michele Sinclair Kathy Sinclair Colleen Singer Kaustubh Singh Manju Singh Singleton Urquhart Reynolds Vogel LLP John Singleton Q.C. Wayne Singular Mario Siniscalchi Carol Sinnemann Quinton E. Sirianni Site Lines Architecture Inc. Diane Skinner Jim & Diana Skoglund Keith & Pamela Skopyk Barbara Slavin Laura Small Karen Smeaton SMH Holdings Ltd. Isaac Smit Smith Chevrolet Cadillac Ltd. Ardeth Smith Barbara Smith Brenda Smith Dave & Patsy Smith Dianne Smith Edward Smith George Smith Kenneth Smith Louise Smith Midge Smith Misty Smith Patrick Smith Dr. Ronald G. Smith & Debbie Gill Wade Smith Dr. Peter Smoczynski SMS Equipment Inc. James & Melissa Smylie Penny Snell Jim & Pat Snider Sandra Sobey Soccer Quest Societa Cristoforo Colombo Jeff Sodowsky Chris Solecki Gary Soles Soll & Company Stephen & Sandy Soll Sam Sommer Catalin-Cristian Sonea Randall Sonnenberg Jacqueline Sorensen

South Central Laser South Thompson Motors & RV Southern Interior Development Initiative Trust Highlands Irrigation Ltd. Eleanor Spain Carol Sparkes John Sparks Russel & Aileen Specht Dr. Fred Speckeen Ian Speckman Speedy Cash Keith Spelrem Renee Spence Evelyn Spencer SpencerCreo Foundation Ross Spina Nina Spinney Spirit River Flooring Leslie Spohr Nandi Spolia Joanne Spooner James Spragge Sprott Foundation Deborah Sproull Sprucelee Construction Ltd. Lori Squires Dr. Rani Srivastava Dr. Anne St John-Stark April St. Louis Janet Stafford Dr. Colleen Stainton Stampede Toyota Stananna Holdings Ltd. Standard Building Supplies Michelle Stanford Barbara Stankiewicz Stantec Architecture Ltd. Sarah Stanyer Dione Starlight State Farm Insurance Companies Lorne States Jennifer Ste Marie Corinna Morton Kate Stebbings Herbert Steele Laurie Steen Dr. David & Susan Stefanelli Colleen Steffenson Dr. Kim Calder Stegemann & Karl Stegemann Gayle Steger Heidi Steinthorson Glen Stensrud STEP Canada Benjamin Stephen Shary Stephen Scott Sternig Nan Stevens Fraser Stewart Greg Stewart Joanne Stewart Nancy Stewart Thelma Stewart Wendy Stewart Stikeman Elliot LLP Stingray Co. Saskia Stinson Stites Consulting Inc. Stock Pot Cafe David Stockall Gordana Stojsavljevic Pamela Stokes Barb Stoliker Graham Stoliker Ron Stoliker Stollery Charitable Foundation Rosemarie Stoltz Joan Stone Vickie Stopler Matthew Stranach Dustin Strate Streamline Transportation Technologies Inc. Lloyd Strickland Norma Stromberg-Jones Diarmuid Strong

WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021

www.kamloopsthisweek.com Stswecem’c Xgat’tem Band Diane Stuart Deb Studer Studio A Interiors Inc. Stuffers Supply Company Daniel Stultz Subcity Donair Subway Kamloops Steve Sucro A. Lee Sudsbury Clair Sudsbury Lenore Suffa Jennifer Sugden Carl & Leslie Sulkowski Andrea Sullivan Andrew Sullivan Linda Sullivan Dan Sulz Summerland Animal Clinic Sheila Summers Summit Electric Ltd. Summit Gourmet Meats Summit One Lawn & Yard Service Sun Life Global Investment Sun Peaks Grand Hotel Sun Ridge Equipment Ltd. Paul & Chelsey Sundher Balwinder Sundhu Bill Sundhu Sun Life Financial Sunmark Development Surerus Murphy Joint Venture Valerie Suski Anne Sutherland Boal Dr. Katherine & John Sutherland Lorelee Sutton Melissa Svendsen Jean Swaim Santi Swain Andy Swaine Doug Swaine William Swaine Robert Swanson Ronald & Ruth Swinden Anita Swing William Swint Clint Sword Dr. Shirley Sze & Peter Schwirtz

T T & T Seeds Les & Colleen Tabata Mark Tabor Tach Investments Ltd. Taka Japanese Restaurant Dr. Edward Takahashi Meri Takahashi Nancy Tallon Jolana Tamajka Jillian Tamblyn Kari Taneda Robin Tapley Ron Tapley Robert & Diane Tarry Dr. Gordon Tarzwell Matthew Tarzwell Colin Taylor Richard & Terry Taylor Donna Taylor Julie Taylor

Renee Taylor Shannon Taylor TB Vets Charitable Foundation TD Canada Trust TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Team Aquatic Supplies Team Equipment Ltd. Teck Highland Valley Copper Teck Resources Limited Ted Harrison Foundation LeeAnne Tedder Ralph Tedder Jacob Verschoor & Jennifer Telford TELUS TELUS Sustainability and Environment Mark & Lyn Temple Elizabeth Templeman Tenisci Piva LLP Chelsey Tennant Lorelei Tennant Richard Tennant Peter ter Weeme Sandy Terlesky Terra Pacifica Landscaping & Horticultural Service Tery & Jery Jewellery Ltd. Tetra Tech Inc. Candace Tharp-Farnsworth David & Candace Thatcher The Advocate The Canadian Bar Association, BC Branch The Cat Hospital of Kamloops The Commodore Grand Cafe & Lounge The Cutting Edge Hair Design and Salon The Ed Coates Memorial Foundation The Hartwick Professional Group Ltd. The Kamloops & District Society for People in Motion The Loog Foundation The Look Pool & Spa The Mortgage Centre The Perry Family The Real Estate Foundation of BC The Sisters of Saint Ann The Training Room Athletic Therapy & Performance Centre Inc. Patrick Therrien Dorothy Thoen David Thomas Thompson Career College Thompson Community Services Thompson Nicola BCASW Thompson Okanagan Tourism Association Thompson Rivers University Society of Law Students Thompson Valley Diesel Thompson Valley Restoration Thompson Valley Rock Club Daniel Thompson Eleanor Thompson Greg & Valerie Thompson Nellie Thompson Ross Thompson Wendell Thompson Thompson-Nicola Regional District Thomson Reuters

Brenda Thompson Bruce Thomson Paul Thomson Brian Thorburn Sally Thorne Sigurgeir Thoroddsen Thorsteinssons LLP Beverley Threatful John Thwaites Kelly Tilson Peter Tilt Tim Hortons (651925 BC LTD) Beryl Timuss Mr. Justice Ronald Tindale Alyssa Tippe Edward Tisdale Titan Lumber Corp. Anne Tivey Tk’emlups Te Secwepemc Doreen Todd Joan Tofteland Tolko Industries Ltd. Alessio Tomassetti Kelly Tomyn Gordon Toombs Ron Toombs Brent Topilko Total Concept Developments Ltd. Total Enerflex Lynne Totten Nicole Tougas Tourism Kamloops Town of Kirkland Lake Townhall Social Club Trans Mountain Corp. Transportation Career Development Association Melissa Traplin Sandra Trawin Keishia Treber Treetop Flyers Matthew Thomas Treger Judith Treherne Brenda Tremere Daniel Trepanier Dirk Trigg Merissa Trigg Virginia Triplett June Tripp Nancy Tripp Triton Environmental Consultants Ltd. Tronson Logging Ltd. Anita Troop Lyle & Linda Trowski TRU Faculty Association TRU Students’ Union TRU Alumni & Friends Association TRU Association of Professional Administrators TRU Biology Undergraduate Society TRU Board of Governors TRU Campus Living TRU Community Trust TRU Friends of the Gardens

TRU Nursing Undergraduate Society TRU Open Learning Faculty Association True North Veterinary Diagnostics Inc. True Outdoors True Spirits Lounge Dr. Peter Tsigaris & Lian Dumouchel Andrew Tucker Elaine Tucker Leslie Tucker Michael Tucker Ruth Tucker Trent Tucker Dr. William Tucker Michael Tudor James & Gail Tulloch James Tulloch Tulo Centre Of Indigenous Economics Kelly Tuohey Scott & Kathryn Tupper Betty Turatus Michael Turley Neil Turner Charlotte Turner Delek Turner Linda & Brian Turner Sean Turner Susan Turner Wade & Tricia Turner Betty Turnham Lucy Turnham Rena Turnham Tuya Terra Geo Corp. Naomi Tweedy Twin Rivers Education Centre James Tyrer Carli Tyson Florence Tyson Kym Tyson

U U District Liquor Stores Inc. Devin Udsen United Food & Commercial Workers Union #247 Matt Ulansky Amy Ulreland Robert & Jackie Ulrich Underhill Geomatics Ltd. Dave & Kathy Underwood Underwriters Insurance Agencies Ltd. Gordon & Audrey Unger R Ungrin United Floors United Rentals of Canada Inc. University of Victoria Unnur Unnsteinsdottir Aniljit Uppal Upper College Heights Upper Nicola Band


Sandra Upson Urban Systems Foundation Urban Systems Ltd. Joanna Urban Jordan Urban Uxbridge Physiotherapy

V Audrey Vaile Adrienne Vair Susan Valdez Reynir Valdimarsson Valley First Credit Union Valley Speed Machine Shop Ltd. Valleyview Grad Class Coleen Van Damme Jacqueline Van Den Dolder Judith Van Der Zwan Adrian & Anita Van Ham Anita Van Ham Annalise Van Ham Kelly Van Ham Jonathan Van Hamme Johan Van Heerden Sarah Van Heeswijk Jennifer Van Kuipers Steve Van Ravenstein Colleen Van Spankeren John Van Steinberg Dr. Nancy & Steven Van Wagoner Vancouver Foundation Joan Vandal Leah Vander Maaten Case & Verita Vandiemen Marilyn Van Dongen Linda Vandyke Jeff & Lynn Vanjoff Tom VanKoughnett Kymme Vansickle Vantage Airport Group Ltd. Janine Vanwyk Anthony Varesi Gerri & Kevin Vaughan Grant & Doreen Veale Sharon Veale Gary Funk & Sylvie Veilleux Richard Venables VERICO Integra Mortgage Corp. Des Raj Verma Chelsea Vermette Dr. Sandra Vermeulen Robert Verner Donna Vernon Holly Vescio Kelsey Vestergaard Frank Veszely Debra Vey-Lourens

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WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021 Victoria Foundation The Patterson Family Denise Vieira Jose Vieira Keith Viger James Vigna Wayne & Lorna Vilac Eric & Hilary Villeneuve Vinca’s Kitchen Ltd. Shannon Vince Evelyn Vipond-Schmidt Amandeep Virk Harbir & Gurjeet Virk Chris & Caitlin Visser VitalAire John Vivian Elisabeth Vogler Thomas Volkers Volkswagen of Kamloops Nels Vollo Paula Vollrath Brianne Vondracek Victoria Voykin Adam Vyse Alan Vyse Venetta Vyse

W Catherine Waddell Judith Waddington Barbara Wadey Elisabeth Wadlegger Karri Wagman Patti Wagman Dale Wagner Gregory Wagner Ruby Wahl Tracey Wain Wajax Industries Evelyn Wal Sonia Walczak Dr. Thomas Waldichuk Rev. Donald & Margaret Waldon Cliff & Laurel Wale Alice Wale Russ Walker Scott Walker Allan Walkley Adrian Wall Riley Wall Wallace Upholstery (2006) Ltd. Deborah Wallace Justin Wallace Patricia Wallace Sean & Lynn Wallace Mark & Ann Wallin Raymond Hellmen & Shanon Wallis Christopher Walmsley Donna Walsh Wheeldon Donna Walsh Eileen Walsh

www.kamloopsthisweek.com Johanna Walters Thomas & Eileen Walton Dr. Patrick Walton Dr. Thomas George Walton Trina Wamboldt Sean Wandler Betty Wang Waratah Capital Advisors Ltd. Simon Ward-Able Taylor Ward-Able Warner Rentals Beverly Warner Jeff Warner Darren Warren Dr. Rudy & Bev Wassenaar David Hunter & Bev Wassen-Hunter Madam Justice Jeanne Watchuk Jacqueline Waterhouse Mary Anne Waters Robbin Waterston Holly Watkinson Tara Watling Lynn Watrich Andras Watson Chris Watson Christine Watson Colleen Watson Edith Watson Kathryn Watson Linda Watson Robert Watson Ronald Watson Sheri Watson Glenn Watters Ronald & Norma Watts Wayside Press Inc. Kristine Weatherman Kerri Webb Kristin Webb Ken Webster Mary Webster Tom Weckworth Gordon Weeks Carol Weich Alexander Weidenhammer Cameron Weir Ken Weir Lance Weisser Andrew & Jennifer Weitzel Darlene Welch Wells Gray Adventures Ltd. Wells Gray Air Services Ltd. Wells Gray Community Forest 2010 Society Wells Gray Community Forest Corporation Christopher & Diane Wells Julia Wells Lori Wells James & Barbara Wentworth George Weremczuk Wesco Distribution-Canada Inc. Wesik Construction Ltd.

Mirella Wessel Juliana West Linda Westberg Westcan Aircraft Sales & Salvage Ltd. Western Road Distribution Inc. Western Roofing Master Roofers Christine Weston Westsyde Road Materials John & Nora Wheeler Sean Whelly White Rock Seventh Day Adventist Church Bryan & Glennis White Carman & Diane White Connor White Gerald White Laura White S. Diane White Dr. Michael & Patsy Whitehead Caroline Whitelaw Whitemud Dental Barbara Whitford Whynot Adventure Dennis Wichmann Paula Wickenden Elijah Wicks Abram Wiebe Judy Wiebe Silke Wieck Delia Wieck-Buckley Bernita Leahy Karen Wiens Wightman & Smith Insurance Christine Wihak Sarah Wikel Nicole Wikjord Richard Wilbur Catherine Wilcox Errol Wild Paula Wild Wildlife Records Club of BC Ashley Wildman David Wildman Daniel Wilgosh Curtis & Brandy Wilkinson Darren & Cassandra Wilkinson Jennifer Wilkinson John Willcock Williams Lake & District Credit Union Williams Lake Lions Club Williams Lake Veterinary Hospital Ltd. Allana Williams David & Lois Williams George Williams June Williams Justin Williams Mae Williams Rex Williams Edward Williamson Robert & Kristin Williamson Wendy Willis Willow Ridge Enterprises

Cynthia Wilson Eugenie Wilson Judi Wilson Kenneth Wilson Klaus Mey & Marcia Wilson Robert & Rachel Wilson Susan Wilson Windsor Plywood Windsor Plywood Foundation Michelle Wingerak Rita Winkler Gerald Winters Joshua Winters Michael Wisla Bryan Withage Withers L.P. Frederick Withers Danielle Wittal Corey Wiwchar Russ Wlad Vera Wojna Gregory Wolf Michelle Wolf Wolfe Mining Inc. Gudrun Wolfe Stephan Wolff George Gagnon & Jo-Anne Wolfram Josh Wolfram Michael & Jane Wolfram Wolters Kluwer Health Inc. Henry Wong Steve & Jing Wong Brenda Woo Gerald Wood Jessica Wood Kathryn Wood Linda Woodbury Woodlands Equipment Inc. Woods Edward Engineering Ltd. Glenn Woods Richard & Carmelina Woods Rose Woods Carmen Woodside Neil Woolliams Kevin Woolsey Jeannine Worthing Cynthia Wozney Wrabel Brothers Construction Ltd. Christopher Wren Brennan Wright Marilyn Wright Chad Beaulieu & Jamee Wryghte Andrew Wynne Charlie Wyse Jayme Wyton

Y Shannon Yarrow Behlul & Michelle Yavasgel YCS Holdings Ltd. Kim Yeandle Yellowridge Construction Ltd. Jessica Yen Man Keen Stephen Yeung Chan Chong Yip Eric Youd Richard Youds Madam Justice Barbara Young Marta Young Michele Young Peter Young Randall Young Shannon Young Kiri Yourchuk Lianne Yourchuk Charlene Yow Dr. Roger Yu Yongle Yu

Z Christina Zaenker Gabriel Zamorano Reta Zapotichny Lynda Zart Alysha Zawaduk Carl Zawaduk Dr. Cheryl Zawaduk The Zawaduk Family Jenna Zegler Katherine Zeilinger Darrell & Lila Zelinski Zhaokun Zhang Li Zhang Jenna Ziegler Zimmer Autosport Ltd. Zoetis Liz Zoppi LuAnn Zoppi Mitchell Zulinick Anthony Zylstra

X Xerox Canada Ltd. Xiao Xu

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A Confederation expedition KEN FAVRHOLDT

The 150th anniversary



his July, 150 years ago, British Columbia joined the Confederation of Canada. Kamloops was at the time an insignificant place, but soon gained importance as the survey for the Canadian Pacific Railway began. A transcontinental passage was one of the promises of Confederation. Benjamin Baltzly, a 36-year old American-born photographer who was hired by the Notman Studio of Montreal, became part of the Canadian Pacific Railway project when, in June 1871, he was chosen to accompany the Geological Survey of Canada on an expedition through British Columbia. The expedition was led by geologist Alfred R.C. Selwyn, director of the Geological Survey. As his first task as director of the survey, Selwyn mounted an arduous expedition to investigate the geology and resources along the proposed railroad routes. Beset with delays and other difficulties, the expedition left Montreal on June 26, going by train through the United States. Upon reaching San Francisco, they missed their steamboat connection to Victoria and, after arriving, were further delayed for two weeks trying to find camping equipment. Journeying by steamboat across the Georgia Strait and up the Fraser River, the party reached Yale on July 27, but was forced to walk along the Cariboo Road up the Fraser River Canyon, then travel by stage-

On July 20, 1871, British Columbia joined the Confederation of Canada. Baltzly in his journal recorded the event in Victoria: “About midnight — I was awakened from a sound sleep by the ringing of bells, exploding of firecrackers, Roman candles, bursting of sky rockets, hurrahs and shouting of every description … It occurred to me that it was ‘Confederation Day’ and thus at this early hour the Victorians began to celebrate the day. Frequently we heard the Victorians say: ‘We are Canadians now.’ There seemed to be a great deal of unanimity about the matter.” — Benjamin Baltzly, Photographs & Journal of an Expedition through British Columbia: 1871 by Andrew Birrell, Toronto: The Coach House Press, 1978.

Tranquille Mills photographed in 1871 by Benjamin Baltzly, showing Jane McWha and William Fortune at the door of their gristmill. The overshot waterwheel used Tranquille River for power. Courtesy KMA 1472

coach from Lytton to Savona Ferry, where they met a group of the railway survey. Baltzly and a few of his party explored Kamloops Lake by boat. At Tranquille Mills, they met William and Jane Fortune, who put them up. Baltzly took their picture at the gristmill. It took two weeks in Kamloops to find horses and men for the expedition up the North Thompson River, Selwyn’s main objective. The party now consisted

of Selwyn (geologist), Baltzly (photographer), John Hammond (assistant photographer), John Peterson (packer), Philip Jaco (Secwépemc packer), Abraham LaRue (Secwépemc guide and translator), James Dean (cook) and Donald McPhail (axeman and general assistant). They also had 15 horses and a dog. Throughout their ascent of the North Thompson, the survey party was plagued by almost continuous bad weather, fog, rain and snow.

Trails had to be cleared and cut in order to proceed. The poor condition of the horses due to lack of feed slowed their progress. After reaching the Leather (or Yellowhead Pass) on Oct. 21, short on rations and due to the lateness of the season, Selwyn made the decision for the party to retrace its steps south to Kamloops. Many of the horses had died and the rest, too weak to travel, were left to fend for themselves. Near Albreda Lake, south of present-day Valemount, they camped for four days and resorted to making dugout canoes, instructed by their

Secwépemc guides. On Nov. 2, they embarked in four canoes and, although they made good time down the river, their troubles were not over. The canoe containing Baltzly’s eight-by-10-inch photographic negatives capsized in the Murchison Rapids and only a fluke of good luck saved them. The box of negatives had lodged under the cross-piece of the canoe, but after drying them over a campfire, were found to be in perfect condition. Reduced to only two small canoes, they loaded the nonessential baggage, including the photographic equipment, and sent them off under the guidance of the two Secwépemc in one canoe and two other Indigenous men from the CPR survey party in the other. The rest of the party walked, often in snow up to their knees. At Clearwater River, they were able to find a boat and made the rest of the journey with relative ease, except for a few portages They arrived in Kamloops on Nov. 17 and Baltzly and Selwyn reached Montreal on Dec. 26, travelling the same route as they had come, via Victoria and San Francisco. As it turned out, the Kicking Horse Pass, not the Yellowhead Pass route, was eventually chosen by the CPR. The railway would not be built for another decade and the physical promise of Confederation was not completed through B.C. until 1885. Ken Favrholdt is a freelance writer, historical geographer and former curator/archivist of the Kamloops Museum and Archives.

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INSIDE: Heat wave takes toll on minor sports| A32


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Kaay left off Olympics team MARTY HASTINGS




hock, confusion and sadness have accompanied Isaac Kaay since his Olympic dreams were dashed. Kaay, a 27-yearold rugby sevens player from Kamloops, was told last Monday he will not toil for Canada at the postponed 2020 Olympic Summer Games in Tokyo, news that was released for public consumption on Friday by Rugby Canada and the Canadian Olympic Committee. “You give up so much and your parents give up so much and people around you give up so much, so I felt like I almost failed them, in a way,” Kaay said. “That was really hard. “I had my day of sadness. I’m not going to dwell on it. I’m not going to let it define me as a human being. I’m going to support the guys, even if it’s from afar.” Henry Paul, head coach of the men’s Canadian rugby sevens team, said 19 players who have been training in Langford with Team Canada were eligible to crack the 13-man travelling roster. Paul analyzed more than 500 hours of footage, taking into account technical prowess, tactical intelligence, sportsmanship, mentality, analytics data and other factors before making excruciatingly tough decisions, he said. “I just saw a couple of other things in other players,” Paul said, noting Kaay was in com-

Isaac Kaay (right): “You give up so much and your parents give up so much and people around you give up so much, so I felt like I almost failed them, in a way.”

petition with two or three teammates. “That’s how difficult it was. It was literally down to the last nth degree on what this player could do and how they work overall among the team. “It was really close and it wasn’t an easy decision and I’d hate to make it again. Had there been more time, I think he might have been able to work through a few issues.” Kaay was still processing the disappointment on Friday when he spoke to KTW. “I took the news with a bit of frustration and, to be honest with you, a lot of confusion, as most of my teammates did, as well, but I guess that’s just sport,” Kaay said. “At the end of

the day, the coach has the say. “The confusion comes from just being such, especially with how my teammates have seen me over the past few years, a contributing factor to the team for a long time and a senior player on the team.” Paul took over head coaching reins from Damian McGrath, who was fired in 2019. Kaay has not missed an HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series stop since his debut in Wellington, New Zealand, in 2017. He has travelled the world and played in 164 Rugby Sevens Series matches, racking up 23 tries, 115 points and seven yellow cards.

In the team’s most recent major event, the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series stop in Vancouver in March of 2020, Kaay was named DHL Impact Player of the tournament. “Respect to Isaac,” Paul said. “He’s a huge part of this team, well-liked and friends with all the guys. I know it’s really difficult for the players on the team, as well.” Kaay suffered a knee injury (torn lateral collateral ligament) in January and was sidelined when the Canadians travelled to Dubai in April for an Olympic tune-up tournament, missing out on an opportunity to impress team brass. “That put back his time to


really show me all the things he can do,” Paul said. Kaay said he has recovered well. He was able to play in a recent string of exhibition matches against Rugby Canada Pacific Pride Performance Academy on Vancouver Island. “To be left out was a bit of a surprise to most guys,” Kaay said. “I was confused just because I thought I was in a good place, but I wasn’t. “All I know is I didn’t fit into the plans going into Tokyo. It was just a big shock and there wasn’t a whole lot of questions asked on either side.” See PAUL, A33

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Heat wave forcing minor sports schedule changes MARTY HASTINGS



Record-breaking temperatures are forcing minor sports organizations to cancel programming or alter scheduling amid the heat. The Kamloops Youth Soccer Association cancelled afternoon games on Saturday and Sunday for players participating in the community-level wrap-up jamboree. “The heat was just too high,” KYSA technical director Ciaran McMahon told KTW. Select-level programs are going ahead, but activities were cancelled on Monday and Tuesday. “We’re keeping an eye on this Sunday (July 4) to see if we can get a few games in this weekend,” McMahon said. “Earlier games can be scheduled. We’re doing what we can to create a cooler environment.”

Brett MacDonald of the Kamloops RiverDogs slides underneath a tag in baseball action in June of 2019 on McArthur Island. ALLEN DOUGLAS/KTW FILE

Environment Canada is calling for a high of 32 C this Sunday. The Kamloops Minor SPONSORED CONTENT SPONSORED CONTENT

Baseball Association has taken a similar approach. Game times were rescheduled for before noon last week-


During the pandemic, I became weirdly obsessed with cooking shows on the Food Network. One in particular that I really like is called Chopped. The premise is contestants have to open a mystery basket containing four obscure ingredients that most people would not only never consume, but probably don’t have handy in their pantry. The contestants need to think on their feet and, while these items need to be the main component of the dish, the cooks have unlimited access to the fridge, pantry and deep fryers on set. An example of some of the show’s past quartet of ingredients included watermelon, canned sardines, jack pepper cheese and zucchini Another grouping included goat chops, pickled eggs, beet hummus and raisin bran. Watching this program took me back to my childhood, when I was in elementary school and went to my friend’s home for lunch. Her mom served me a peanut butter, lettuce and mayonnaise sandwich. It was so flipping fantastic. I recently took to my social media platforms to ask if others have some weird food concoctions that sound nasty, but are delicious. Here were some of the many responses: • glazed donuts with mustard; • toasted peanut butter/tomato sandwich;

end, when house league divisions were wrapping up their seasons. Rep teams cancelled

practices this week. “We’re looking at options of now running our training during the morning hours, between 8 a.m. and 11 a.m., to beat the heat this week,” said Baseball BC president Chris Balison, the KMBA past-president who spoke for the organization on Tuesday. “Baseball Canada guidelines tell us to begin to consider accommodations once temperatures reach between 35 and 40 degrees. We’re well beyond that.” The bantam RiverDogs were slated to host games last weekend, but they were postponed. Play is expected to resume once temperatures recede below 40 C, Balison said. Environment Canada is forecasting a high of 43 C on Wednesday, with a 40 per cent chance of showers. The forecast for the remainder of the week: 38 C and sunny on Thursday and Friday and 39 C and sunny on Saturday.

IS You "Can" Bring the Wine...

I know people who go to the same restaurant and order the same meal. I have been guilty of that, too. I always have the intention of trying something different, but I end up sticking with what I know. I am going to challenge you next time to let your friend, spouse or date order for you. As long as you let them know allergies, intolerances and foods you truly cannot stomach, let them give it TARA TARA a whirl and surprise you. You may be HOLMES pleasantly impressed. HOLMES Match Maker That’s what happens when people let Match Maker EXTRAORDINAIRE me choose matches for them. I had one EXTRAORDINAIRE woman say that the man I picked was • French toast with ketchup and onion someone she never would have chosen salt,’ at all as he was not her type. She decided • peanut butter/onion sandwich; • peanut butter/horseradish sandwich; to open up her mind and heart. She took • spaghetti with sugar on it. it slowly and now they are really digging Out of so many responses, it was each other. evident that peanut butter is the main Maybe a fun date idea would be for go-to ingredient choice. two people to create their own mystery I think peanut butter and horseradish sounds disgusting as a combination, but baskets for each other, then have fun it obviously works for that person and, if preparing them together. Regardless of whether it’s a food you you think about it, we all had to try our never thought of trying or a person you favourite weird dish for the first time. Perhaps before we turn our nose up might never have chosen, don’t even at these suggestions, we could have an think about discounting them until you open mind and just give it one little have had a little taste. taste. After all, it might lead to dessert. If we are willing to try food If you are happy, single and hungry, combinations that otherwise we would contact me by email at holmes@ never consider, why, then, can’t we do wheretheheartis.ca and let’s get cooking. the same thing with people?

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Free clinic offered Paul talks relationship with Kaay

A free junior golf clinic will be held for children ages six to 12 on July 21 at Rivershore Golf Links. No equipment is required for the Maple Leaf Junior Golf Tour event, sponsored by Kamloops Ford. Pre-registration is required for the sessions, which will run from 9 a.m. to 10 a.m. and 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. To register, phone 1-866-9062860, email kayla@ kamloopsford.ca or go in person to Kamloops Ford (940 Halston Ave.) DEKKER DEALS The Kamloops RiverDogs posted

Tournament Capital Sports

BRIEFS a 1-3 record on the weekend in 18-and-under B.C. Baseball College Prep League action. Pitcher Dylan Dekker paced the Dogs in a 14-2 victory over hometown Penticton on Sunday. Penticton downed Kamloops 7-1 in the second game of the doubleheader. Central Okanagan Minor Baseball Association bested the RiverDogs 9-5 and 2-1 on Saturday in Kelowna.

Kamloops.this.Week_9.875x6.indd 1

MILBURN SHOW Kamloops Ball Hockey League action resumed on Monday at Valleyview Arena. The brothers Milburn — Connor, Reagan and Brady — combined for 20 points to help the Cyclone Hydrovac Flyers to a 13-4 win over the Reapers in C Division action. The Bohnefide Blackjacks overcame a one-goal deficit in the final frame to beat the Rivershore Kings 2-1. Ty Kolle scored the lone goal for the Kings. Mark Smith and Andy Henderson tallied for the Blackjacks.

From A31

Kaay told KTW earlier this month, prior to team selection, that he and Paul occasionally butted heads, but it was for the betterment of the team, just a veteran player and coach hashing things out. Paul was asked about his relationship with Kaay. “I think our relationship is really professional,” Paul said. “In terms of butting heads, conflict is good. There are times, because he’s a senior player, he’s got every right, time and a place, to bring up things. We’re not always going to agree on everything. “My relationship with Isaac, I think, was pretty good. We could talk on the phone at any time. We talked quite often, especially with his injury, with things I was looking for from him. I just felt, when I kind of fit everyone together, there were just a few things that didn’t really fit. It was a real tough one.” Rugby sevens made its

ing from July 29 to July 31. “I always will want to play in that jersey and it will always be special to me,” Kaay said. “Some of those guys are my best friends. As sad as I’m allowed to be, I’m also really happy for those guys. It’s this weird thing where I’ve got to get over being sad because I’ve got to be happy for them, too.”

Olympics debut at the 2016 Summer Games in Rio, but the Canadian men’s squad did not qualify. The Canadian women’s team won bronze. Both the men’s and women’s Olympic tournaments this summer begin with 12 teams divided into three pools of four for a preliminary round-robin. The top eight teams advance to the knockout stage. Both tournaments will be played at Tokyo Stadium, with the men in action from July 26 to July 28 and the women compet-

THE MEN’S ROSTER Thirteen players cracked the Canadian men’s rugby sevens team for the Tokyo Olympics. The team: Phil Berna (Vancouver), Connor Braid (Victoria), Andrew Coe (Markham, Ont.), Justin Douglas (Abbotsford), Mike Fuailefau (Victoria), Lucas Hammond (Toronto), Nathan Hirayama (Richmond), Harry Jones (West Vancouver), Patrick Kay (Duncan), Matt Mullins (Belleville, Ont.), Theo Sauder (Vancouver), Jake Thiel (Abbotsford) and Conor Trainor (Vancouver).

2021-06-23 09:13


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here’s a lot of concern among hunters and anglers these days for the future of their sports. Over the past several years, government decisions to ban grizzly bear hunting in B.C. and spring black bear hunting in Ontario made many hunters nervous that their brand of hunting could be next. The Ontario government reinstated the spring black bear hunt just this year. It took more than 20 years of sustained hard effort from Ontario hunters for that to happen. A new effort is afoot in B.C., it seems, on the part of a group of activists that wants to ban all large predator hunting, sparking a significant response from our sporting community. More than 20,000 people here signed a petition this spring, urging our government to make science-based decisions when it comes to wildlife management — not decisions based on emotion and “social licence.” (More information on that campaign can be found online at https://www.wildsheepsociety. com/actnow/. It’s not too late to add your name.) It’s great that some of the 110,000 or so hunters in B.C. took the time to sign the petition. But is it enough? There’s no easy answer and likely no magic solution that will


NARRATIVE save hunting and fishing forever. The day may come when our society is moved so far in one direction that outdoor sports involving the killing, capture or pursuit of animals will cease. I don’t think it will happen in my lifetime, and likely not in my daughters’ lives, but after that, who knows? The big question: Can anything we do now extend the life of our outdoor activities? People want to know if there is more we can do to protect our activities from those who wield social media, emotion and graphic images to impact voters who live far from places we like to visit. I believe there is plenty we can do — and it starts close to home. First, continue to enjoy doing what you do in the outdoors. It’s easy to get frustrated by political events, news stories, Twitter emo-


tion and opportunities denied. Some people decide it isn’t worth it anymore and quit. More people have set aside their shotguns, rifles and fishing rods in the past two decades than ever before. The loss of outdoor-loving sportspeople hurts, as what has become a minority group becomes even smaller. Stay out there. Take your family and have a good time. Give your kids the chance to develop a love of the outdoors all their own. Too busy? Need to skip a hunting or a fishing season? Buy a licence anyway. At least some of that money goes back to the wild through Habitat Conservation Trust Fund allocations and the politicians counting votes will not see a diminishing population of outdoor enthusiasts. Perhaps most importantly, do

everything in the outdoors scrupulously. Don’t take questionable shots or kill more fish than regulations allow. Do everything as if there is an environmental activist watching over you with an iPhone, looking for YouTube video. Be disgusted when you witness disregard for the rules and report lawbreakers. Most non-hunters don’t disagree with hunting, but that changes quickly if they see or hear about incidents in which animals suffer or when hunters or anglers kill more game than allowed. If you choose to debate nonor anti-hunters, be informed. Don’t be rude. Anger and offthe-cuff remarks do little to foster goodwill. Accept the fact not all agree with hunting and fishing. Respect differences of opinion. It’s hard to expect anyone to

respect our beliefs if we aren’t prepared to extend the same courtesy. And please, be respectful of the pictures and videos you post on your Facebook pages. No one says you shouldn’t take photos of your days in the field, but bear in mind not everyone wants or needs to see them. The difference between a non-hunter and an anti-hunter is often one ugly picture on social media. Develop a sense of ethics and respect beyond what is required by the rules. It’s not wise to ignore the continuing threats to hunting and fishing or pretend we won’t be affected. Everyone who takes up a rod or rifle must accept some responsibility for the future in some fashion. Hunters and anglers have little to gain and lots to lose. It’s hard to see the day we will be handed more opportunity. But it will be harder yet to watch what we have left continue to be taken away. Robert Koopmans is an avid angler and hunter who spends as much time as possible in B.C.’s wild places. He also hosts the Hunting & Fishing British Columbia podcast (find it on Apple Podcasts or wherever you find your podcasts). To share a thought, send an email to info@ theoutdoornarrative.com.






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Construction on the housing project on St. Paul Street continues in the heat. The City of Kamloops has partnered with the John Howard Society of the Thompson Region and BC Housing to build the 52-unit housing complex downtown at the corner of St. Paul Street and Fifth Avenue in the latest in a string of affordable housing projects in Kamloops. The project is geared toward providing housing to singles, families, seniors and people with disabilities and mental-health issues.

Overdose deaths continue to climb in B.C. KAMLOOPS THIS WEEK

Through the first five months of this year, there have been 851 overdose deaths in B.C., which puts the province on pace to exceed the record 1,728 deaths recorded in 2020. In Kamloops, there have been 26 deaths. Last year, the city recorded 60 deaths. Latest data from the BC Coroners Service shows at least 160 people died from suspected drug overdoses in May — the second-highest monthly tally of such deaths ever recorded. Only May of 2020 registered more monthly deaths, at 177. Through the first five months of this year, there have been 851 overdose deaths in B.C., which puts the province on pace to exceed the record 1,728 deaths recorded in 2020. Those 1,728 deaths last year equalled

an average of 144 deaths per month. Through May this year, there have been an average of 170 overdose deaths per month. In Kamloops, there were seven overdose deaths recorded in May, bringing the total number of such deaths to 26. Last year, there were 60 overdose deaths recorded in the city. Kamloops has the sixth-most recorded overdose deaths this year among communities in B.C. Vancouver (199), Surrey (108), Victoria (65), Abbotsford (34) and Burnaby (31) have recorded the most deaths. Of the 851 people who have died this year, 70 per cent were between the ages of 30 and 59 and 80 per cent were male. “More than five years into this public health emergency, we continue to lose our loved ones, friends and neighbours at an almost unimaginable rate,” said Lisa Lapointe, chief coroner of the BC

Coroners Service. “There is no way to measure the catastrophic impact that the loss of these lives have had on every community in our province. Today, I grieve with all those who have lost someone close to them as a result of this crisis.” The overall rate of deaths due to toxic illicit drugs in British Columbia now stands at 39.3 per 100,000 residents. Every health authority in the province has recorded a death rate greater than 33.6 per 100,000 residents, the previous provincial high established in 2020. Expedited toxicological results indicate the variability of the drug supply continues to pose a threat to substance users, as 27 per cent of the samples tested in April and 25 per cent of samples tested in May contained extreme concentrations (more than 50 micrograms per litre) of fentanyl, the highest rates reported since at least the

beginning of 2019. Carfentanil, a more potent analogue of fentanyl, has now been detected in 75 deaths in 2021 after being identified in 65 investigations in all of 2020. Additionally, 60 per cent of returned tests in May were positive for benzodiazepines, which create significant life-saving challenges for first responders when used in combination with opioids. “As the COVID-19 pandemic begins to wind down, we must turn our attention to combating B.C.’s other public health emergency with the same sense of urgency,” Lapointe said. “We need to ensure that safe alternatives to toxic illicit drugs are available throughout the province and that we are taking meaningful steps to reduce stigma and offer substance users access to the supports they need and are seeking.”


WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021





FROM LEFT: BC Wildlife Park executive director Glenn Grant shows off the new touchless water bottle refilling stations being installed in an effort to reduse throw-away plastics in the popular park. Freshly paved walkways assist wheelchairs, strollers and electic scooters now available to use in the park for seniors or disabled patrons. A pair of orphaned juvenile beavers are growing up at the park, but are not on public display. Their release back to the wild is planned for next spring.

Agencies, business sharing security in North Kamloops after pair of break-ins MICHAEL POTESTIO



Security guards are keeping an eye on the Jamaican Kitchen restaurant following two break-ins in six weeks at the North Kamloops eatery. For the past month, Lapper Security has patrolled the ASK Wellness Society and ARPA Developments properties in the area of Tranquille Road, MacKenzie Avenue and Yew Street. After hearing of the recent vandalism and thefts from the restaurant at Tranquille and Yew, ASK Wellness executive director Bob Hughes offered to share the services with the restaurant’s owners. Jamaican Kitchen co-owner Denese Metsimela told KTW she accepted the offer, but remains steadfast in her belief that people who access services at nearby ASK Wellness and The Loop drop-in centre are to blame for the crimes. She said she came to that conclusion after spotting some of the restaurant’s stolen property at those locations. Asked if he felt his clientele are responsible, Hughes noted it’s not known who committed the June 25 burglary and, if he did, he would “drag them kicking and screaming to the police.” He said he visited the Jamaican Kitchen to make the offer, not because he feels his agency is responsible, but because he “felt terrible for them” as a neighbouring business. Hughes said ASK Wellness and ARPA Investments hired Lapper a month ago to patrol the back alleyway between their properties due to a noticed increase in “social disorder and crime.” ASK Wellness has an office at 433 Tranquille Rd. and clients in one of two apartment buildings ARPA erected behind

the block in Spirit Square, on the south side of that alleyway. The Loop, located on the same block as the apartments, is also offering its assistance to the North Kamloops restaurant. “This is absolutely terrible ... we will do our utmost to help secure some justice for this hard-working family and business,” Glenn Hilke, who manages the centre, posted on social media. Hike told KTW he inquired with the restaurant owners regarding any security footage they may have to try to identify whether the suspect(s) have frequented his drop-in centre. Denese told KTW the restaurant’s security system didn’t capture any images. “If it is somebody who uses The Loop, then that person isn’t going to be able to use The Loop any more — period. Unless some sort of restorative justice happens,” Hilke told KTW. He said The Loop wants to help out because the restaurant is a neighbouring business. Restaurant owners Denese and Kamau Metsimela arrived for work on the morning of June 25 to find one of their glass doors had been smashed open and an iPad and empty cash pan stolen. Between the damages and items stolen, the couple is out about $900. On May 10, they found another glass door broken open and cash, booze and other items stolen. Denese said they spotted one of the restaurant’s hanging plant baskets at The Loop and found people drinking their special order beer in the alley behind ASK Wellness following the first burglary, during which those items were taken. Hike said the hanging plant belonged to the chef at The Loop, noting the plants at The Loop and at the Jamaican Kitchen

were purchased at the same place. The group that was drinking the beer claimed to have bought it off another person and provided a description. Hike said The Loop won’t tolerate people using their facility if they are stealing, noting staff have daily conversations with visitors to ensure they follow the rules and keep belongings organized because the facility is in a “fragile position” after being labelled a nuisance property by the City of Kamloops. Hughes said he told the Metsimelas he has “no mercy” for property crime, noting ASK Wellness went through its own video surveillance footage in an attempt to find any relevant images for the RCMP to review. “We are as equally frustrated by the level of crime — stolen bicycles — and issues that are outside the cope of what we’re able to provide,” Hughes said. He said ASK Wellness tries to help in the event of criminal activity around its premises by co-operating with police and checking its security footage, but he added it is up to the courts to hold criminals responsible. “When people commit crimes, whether it’s a crime of opportunity or feeding an addiction, people need to be held accountable for breaking the law,” Hughes said. This second break-in at Jamaican Kitchen shows the need for the court system to take a greater interest when it comes to addressing people with drug addictions who are committing crimes with little consequences, Hughes said. A CITY COUNCILLOR’S VIEW The owners of Jamaican Kitchen said they felt let down over the issue of property crime, frustrated with a seeming lack of interest from city council and

Kamloops RCMP. Coun. Bill Sarai said he feels hurt the Metsimelas feel that way and believes city council is letting down business owners in Kamloops because elected officials don’t have a clear solution to property crime. “I don’t want to see this happen to anybody,” Sarai said. Sarai noted that each quarter, the RCMP gives council the same message — that the detachment is aware of property crime issues, but has hurdles when it comes to getting offenders prosecuted, detained and held to conditions, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Asked what more council could be doing to address the issue, Sarai noted council already has security patrolling areas of the downtown and the North Shore until the community services department (the revamped bylaws services department) is fully staffed. But, he said, like an RCMP officer, security officers can’t be everywhere at once. “We can’t have a police officer at every corner. Our tax base just wont let us do that and I don’t think that will solve the problem,” Sarai said. He does, however, hope the Kamloops RCMP can redirect resources to find extra members to conduct foot patrols in areas such as Victoria Street, Tranquille Road, Valleyview and Columbia Street. “I think our business community really needs to see and feel that these individuals are not taking over the streets,” Sarai said. He noted council has reached out to relevant provincial ministries regarding property crime and the issues that lead to it, but aren’t getting results. Sarai said council needs to do more, but needs to know which door to knock on next.

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Art & Collectibles BUYING & SELLING: Vintage & mid-century metal, teak, wood furniture; original signed paintings, prints; antique paper items, local history ephemera; BC pottery, ceramics. 4th Meridian Art & Vintage, 104 1475 Fairview, Penticton. Leanne@4thmeridian.ca “DOZING LYNX” Robert Bateman 30 3/4”h x 43 1/2W Forest Green mat & dark green frame $250. 250-578-7776 “Power of One” Magnificent creation by John Banovich 43”hx50”wide brown wooden frame. $500 Firm 250-578-7776

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Legal / Public Notices WITNESSES NEEDED Accident on Columbia St turn off to Notre Dame heading west White Ford Escape with pink cancer decal on back window and car that hit me was a White with red strip BMW on Friday, June 25th around 6:00pm. Call Phyllis 250-828-1462. WITNESSES NEEDED On Tuesday, June 15/21 at about 3PM a red 2018 Mazda turned into the parking lot at Home Depot on Hillside Drive and side swiped a trailer hitch on a white pickup truck. The driver of the Mazda admits he was at fault but needs the owner of the pickup truck to come forward for a successful ICBC insurance claim. If you witnessed the accident, spoke with the driver and took notes could you please contact me at cell phone 250-6820294.

U-Haul Moving & Storage of Kamloops North Shore claims a Landlords Contractual Lien against the following persons goods in storage at 720 Halston Ave., BC, Tel: 250-376-0962. Auction is subject to cancellation at anytime without notice.

Chad Varty Jordan Banks Joseph Olson Erica Earl-Stefan Denise Leclerc A sale will take place on ibid4storage.com. until Friday July 9, 2021. The auction will end at 11:00 AM, unless bidding battle begins. Room contents are personal/household goods unless noted otherwise. Bids will be for entire contents of each locker or U-box unit. NOTICE OF SALE WAREHOUSE LIEN ACT By the virtue of the Warehouse’s Lien Act, contents left belonging to: Rusty Brown, #10 637 Sydney Avenue, Kamloops, BC. The goods will be sold on or after July 22nd, 2021. Central Storage Ltd., 1236 Salish Rd, Kamloops, BC, V2H 1K1. 250-314-9522.

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Legal / Public Notices

Legal / Public Notices






The District of Logan Lake 2021 Annual Report is available for public inspection on the District’s website at www.loganlake.ca; on the District’s Facebook site at www.facebook.com/DistrictofLoganLake; or upon request at the District office located at #1 Opal Drive between 8:30 am to 4:00 pm, Monday – Friday.


District Council will consider the 2021 Annual Report and will accept submissions and questions from the public at its regular meeting scheduled for:

SAT JULY 10TH 9AM Huge Selection of Items

Tuesday, July 13, 2021 at 6:30 pm Municipal Hall #1 Opal Drive Logan Lake, BC V0K 1W0 For more information please, contact: Anne Yanciw, Chief Administrative Officer at 250523-6225 ext. 229.

THERE’S MORE ONLINE NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING 2:00 PM Tuesday, July 2, 2021 What is Zoning Amendment Bylaw No. 0171, 2021? Bylaw No. 0171 is to change Zoning Bylaw No. 1400 to rezone 5045 Valley Drive (legally described as District Lot 6517, KDYD, EPC1826), as shown outlined in bold on the subject map, from RR-1: Resort Reserve One to TA-1: Tourist Accommodation One to enable a multi-family housing development (in the form of five 6-plexes).


Enclosed Trailers, 2002 Monaco 40’ Motorhome, Antiques & Collectibles, Tools, Jewellery, Modern Furnishings, Coins, Hardware Supplies, Plus Much More! Viewing: Thurs/Fri (July 8th/9th) 8:30 am - 5:00 pm Saturday (July 10th) 8:30 am - 12:00 Noon Bid Online or Absentee Bids Accepted 3311 - 28 Avenue • Subjectwww.doddsauction.com to additions & deletions

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DODDS AUCTION 250-545-3259



All persons who believe that their interest in property may be affected by the proposed Bylaw shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to be heard at the Public Hearing. Additionally, they may make written submissions on the matter of this Bylaw (via any of the below options) which must be received at our office prior to 4:00 p.m. on the 30th day of June, 2021. The entire content of all submissions will be made public and form a part of the public record on this matter. How do I get more information? A copy of the proposed Bylaw and all supporting information can be inspected from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., Monday - Friday (except statutory holidays) at our office from May 25th, 2021 until 4:00 p.m. the day of the Hearing; or please contact us via any of the below options. No representations will be received by Council after the Public Hearing has been concluded. Nicky Braithwaite, Interim Chief Administrative Officer



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Pemberton Terr. – 81 p. Rte 449 - Assiniboine Rd, Azure Pl, Chino Pl, Sedona Dr. – 90 p. Rte 451 – Odin Crt, Whiteshield Cres, Whiteshield Pl. – 39 p. Rte 452 – 1430-1469 Springhill Dr. – 64 p. Rte 453 – 1575-1580 Springhill Dr. – 73 p. Rte 456 – Springhaven Pl, Springridge Pl, 1730-1799 Springview Pl. – 47 p. Rte 457 – 990 Gleneagles Dr, 662-698 Monarch Dr, 1810-1896 Springhill Dr, Tolima Crt. – 50 p. Rte 459 – Monarch Crt, & Pl. – 39 p. Rte 468 – 320-397 Monmouth Dr, Selwyn Rd, 303-430 Waddington Dr. – 57 p. Rte 471 - 100-293 Monmouth Dr. – 38 p. Rte 474 – Coppertree Crt, Trophy Crt. – 21 p. Rte 475 – Castle Towers Dr, Sedgewick Crt & Dr. – 47 p. Rte 476 – Tantalus Crt, Tinniswood Crt, 2018-2095 Tremerton Dr. – 50 p. Rte 480 – 3-183 Chancellor Dr, Sapphire Crt. Sheffield Way, Steeple Crt. – 48 p. Rte 483 - Breakenridge Crt, Cathedral Crt, Grenville Pl, 409-594 Robson Dr. – 59 p. Rte 487 – 201-475,485-495 Hollyburn Dr, Panorama Crt. – 76 p. Rte 492 – 2000-2099 Monteith Dr, Sentinel Crt. – 35 p.


WEBBER LAW Lawfirm requires

Additional Lawyer for Solicitor Law Practice

Service Repairman III Job Posting

Career Opportunities Logan Lake residents enjoy one of the finest lifestyles in Canada. Rich community culture, vibrant businesses and a well-managed Municipality provide opportunities for families and individuals to thrive. The District of Logan Lake is looking to fill the position of Service Repairman III (CUPE Local 900).

Technical Director Education & Outreach Assistant (2)


 Repairs and maintenance of District vehicles and equipment.  Maintaining vehicle and equipment logbooks and setting up a schedule for vehicle and equipment preventative maintenance programs.  Operation of all Class IV Equipment (backhoe, loader, bobcat, snow plows, Combination Flusher vacuum truck).  Ordering parts and stock and keeping record of the same.  Assisting in all facets of Public Works maintenance duties (roads, water, and sewer).  Other general duties as from time to time prescribed.

For more information or to apply, visit wctlive.ca/postings.htm


Full time/ Part time positions available immediately.  Grade XII or equivalent supplemented by a BC Trades Qualification (Journeyman Mechanic). Location: Cascades Casino Kamloops  Experience with heavy duty mechanics and maintenance. Shift: 8.00 am to 4.00 pm  Experience with automotive repair and maintenance. 4: 00 and pmability to midnight  Mechanical aptitude with experience in welding and fabrication.

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 Ability to operate and maintain all District equipment and vehicles. Duties include but not limited to : @KamThisWeek  Familiarity with inventory control systems. Dusting and and polishing,  Proficiency experiencevacuuming, in developing andcleaning scheduling and preventative maintenance programs and sanitizing washrooms , garbage maintaining vehicle and equipment log books.removal  Class 5 BC Driver’s License; willingness to obtain Class 3 BC Driver’s License with airbrake Apply: Email resume to info@tornadobmc.com endorsement. Phone: 1-888-930-6030 Fax: 1-in604-930-6038  Willingness to obtain BCWWA certifications water and sewer funded by the District.





 The Service Repairman III shall supply his or her own hand tools and be entitled to tool insurance and a tool allowance.


This full-time position reports to the Director of Public Works and Recreation, and the wage rate is $38.75 per hour (2021 rate). To view the full job description for this position, please visit our website at www.loganlake.ca.


Applications will be received by the undersigned until 4:00 pm, July 15, 2021. Wade Archambault, Director of Public Works and Recreation District of Logan Lake PO Box 190 Logan Lake, BC V0K 1W0 Fax: 250.523.6678 warchambault@loganlake.ca

We’re looking for your local photos to use in local publications

While we thank all applicants in advance for their interest, only those considered for an interview will be contacted. The District of Logan Lake is committed to employment equity. We welcome diversity and encourage applications from all qualified individuals.

Career Opportunities

Technical Director Education & Outreach Assistant (2) For more information or to apply, visitvalued wctlive.ca/postings.htm To win a prize at $50 submit your photos at: www.kamloopsthisweek.com/photo-contest Submission 12:00 pm on June 30 LIGHT DUTY Deadline: CLEANERS Tornado Building Maintenance

Full time/ Part time positions available immediately. Location: Cascades Casino Kamloops Shift: 8.00 am to 4.00 pm 4: 00 pm to midnight

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Duties include but not limited to : @KamThisWeek top photos at thecleaning end ofand every month Dusting and polishing, vacuuming, sanitizing washrooms , garbage removal


Apply: Email resume to info@tornadobmc.com 1 winner 1-888-930-6030 selected at the end of eachFax: month1from majority vote of selected entries. Submitte though Phone: 604-930-6038 www.KamloopsThisWeek.com/photo-contest will be accepted. kamloopsthisweek.com Text: Physical 604-783-5705 & emailed copies not accepted. Read terms and conditions online for more details.

1 to 3 years experience preferred. Excellent Salary & Benefits for qualified applicants.

Send Resume to: Roger Webber Webber Law #209 – 1211 Summit Drive Kamloops, BC V2C 5R9 roger@webberlaw.ca ABERDEEN tel: (250) 851-0100 Rte 508 – 700-810 Hugh Allan Dr. - 49 p. fax: (250) 851-0104 Rte 511 – Drummond Crt. – 50 p.

Rte 523 – 2300-2399Abbeyglen Way, 750-794 Dunrobin Dr. – 73 p. Rte 528 - 1115-1180 Howe Rd, & 1115-1185 Hugh Allen Dr.-47 p. Rte 542 – Coal Hill Pl, Crosshill Dr, Dunbar Dr. – 58 p.

WEBBER LAW Lawfirm requires

Legal Assistant PINEVIEW VALLEY/

MT. DUFFERIN Experience preferred but not Rte 564 – 2000-2099 Hugh Allan Dr,Salary Pine Grass Crt& & Pl. LOWERessential. SAHALI/SAHALI Excellent Rte 580 – 1300-1466 Pacific Way, Rte 400 – 383 W. Benefits for qualified applicants. Columbia St. – 21 p. Prairie Rose Dr, Rockcress Dr. – 83 p.

Hillside Dr. – 26 p. Rte 582 – 1540-1670 Hillside Dr, 1500-1625 Mt Dufferin Ave, Windward Pl. – 38 p. Rte 587 – Sunshine Crt, & Pl. – 51 p. Rte 588 – Davies Pl, 1680-1751 Hillside Dr, & Pl, Monterey Pl, Scott Pl. – 46 p. Rte 590 - 1397 Copperhead Dr, Saskatoon Pl. – 36 p.

Beaver Cres, Chukar Dr. – 62 p.


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WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021

In Memoriams

In Memoriams

www.kamloopsthisweek.com Obituaries

January 3, 1921 - June 19, 2021

“Together Again” Wynne and Walter Robinson

Timothy John Watson

Drawn from her devoted family home on the Birtle, Manitoba homestead, Wynne was enticed to the more than 47 years of romance with Walter and 75 years in Kamloops. With her chosen career in Nursing, Wynne ventured to Kamloops in 1945 to be with the sole, charming, man of her life as they married in 1946 at the Kamloops United Church.

February 16, 1961 - June 9, 2014

Cynthia Patricia Hutchison (sister)

July 31, 1958 - May 26, 2020

You never said I’m leaving You never said Goodbye. You were gone before we knew it And only God knows why. In life I loved you dearly In death I love you still. In my heart I hold a place That only you can fill. It broke my heart to lose you But you didn’t go alone. A part of me went with you The day God took you home. “Dearest brother, you are sadly missed but will always be in my heart. I am comforted knowing that you and Cindy are together and that you two are not alone.”

Love always, from your sister Barb


Winnifred (Butcher) Robinson

In Loving Memory of

Missing You Always





Joseph Dougald MacDonald Joseph Dougald MacDonald passed away peacefully at Royal Inland Hospital early on the morning of Wednesday, June 23, 2021 with family around him. Joe was born in Grand Forks, British Columbia on August 15, 1929. He spent his early years growing up around Grand Forks and met his future wife Jacqueline Joy (Nitschke) there in 1949.

In their years together they thrived through multiple family and friend relationships on River Street and in Prince Charles Park neighbourhoods. They each saw a few careers and many family and friend accomplishments. They thrived in their; loving relationships, music and the wonder of nature. Walter died March 8, 1993, with Wynne by his side. Wynne was predeceased by four siblings; Joe, Nel, George and Fred.

Jackie and Joe raised four children; Danny, Coleen, Joanne, and Karen and lived in various locations in BC including Oliver, Keremeos, and Duncan, before settling down in Kamloops in 1966.

She is survived by son Wayne and Lesley of Parksville and grandchildren Kendra of Vancouver and Kurtis of Kamloops. Also daughter Tanyse Billas, Robert Starcevich and grandchildren Lauren and Robert Junior of BC. Wynne was survived by her dear friend Doris. After a 100 plus years of gracing our lives and making this world a better place, Mom has peacefully passed away on June 19, 2021, with family by her side.

As an active member and Fourth Degree Knight with the Knights of Columbus, Joe was always closely connected to his community, family, and faith. He also enjoyed fishing, gardening, and holiday road trips with all the family. After he retired, he and Jackie often travelled further abroad to Europe and the Mediterranean.

Thank you, Pinegrove staff and volunteers, for your care and comfort to Wynne, family and friends as they supported each other. Wynne will be cremated, and her ashes placed at the gravesite she chose at Neepawa, Manitoba, returning “home”. Mom said “a memory in the heart was enough” and requested no formal funeral. Desired condolences may be directed to www.drakecremation.com




Andre Josef DeVuyst

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Andre Josef DeVuyst on May 31, 2021 at Nanaimo hospital with his beloved niece Linda by his side. Andre was born the youngest of eleven children in Belgium on February 27, 1927. He is survived by seven children, twenty grandchildren and sixteen great-grandchildren. At the young age of 18 Andre served in the Belgian Army. Andre and Adrienne were married and welcomed Jack, Rudy and Eddy. They immigrated to Canada in 1957 to join Andre’s brother Joe, Louise and family in Kamloops. There they added Kerry and Andy to the family. Andre briefly worked at a sawmill there until moving to the Peace River country in 1960 where he homesteaded and worked numerous jobs. Ann and Lynsey were added and completed the family. They had many happy times and hard times as homesteading is never easy. Andre and Adrienne parted ways in 1981. Andre moved to Dawson Creek and joined dancing and social clubs where he was known as quite a ladies’ man! He met Nettie Judge and they eventually moved back to Kamloops where they enjoyed mild winters, dance clubs, beautiful bountiful gardens, growing fruit trees of all kinds and entertaining visitors. In 2015 Nettie passed away and Andre moved to Vancouver Island where he continued growing his entire backyard and greenhouse into huge fruits and vegetables. Gardening was his passion, he enjoyed experimenting and harvesting his own seed from his garden to plant every spring. He was also very social and loved to always have something new happening like a renovation or moving to a new place so life didn’t get to boring no matter who had to be involved to get it done. He had a fast car and a fast scooter cause any less wouldn’t do! No matter what it was if you asked him “what kind do you want?” The answer was always “A big fast one!!” Andre lived large and had a strong, clear mind to his final moment.

We love and miss you Andre, Rest In Peace.

Joe will be missed by his wife Jackie of 66 years; children Dan, Coleen (Cliff Hawkins), Joanne (Aaron Simon) and Karen (Jake Devlin); grandchildren Maddison, Shea, Kristopher (Brittany), Heather (Jason), Nicole (Ben), Taylor (Marina), Zoe (Roman), David, Nathan (Amanda) and Bryce (Kailee); great-grandchildren Dawson, McKenna, Levi, Wilfred, Laughlin, and Elias; as well as numerous extended family members and friends. Joe was the youngest in his family and was the last surviving child of his parents Daniel Allan and Mary Catherine, and predeceased by his siblings; Florence, John/Jack, Catherine, Daniel, and Bernadette. The family is now all reunited again in heaven. A small private family Celebration of Joe’s Life will be held at 1:00 PM on Wednesday, June 30, 2021 at Schoening Funeral Home in Kamloops by Invitation Only.


February 27, 1927- May 31, 2021

Joe started off his working career in a government position and then moved to the BC Telephone Company where he worked for many years before retiring in 1984 at the age of 55.

One Final


Scatter me not to restless winds, Nor toss my ashes to the sea. Remember now those years gone by When loving gifts I gave to thee. Remember now the happy times The family ties we shared. Don’t leave my resting place unmarked As though you never cared. Deny me not one final gift For all who come to see A single lasting proof that says I loved... & you loved me. by DJ Kramer

The service will be live streamed at:|https://www.distantlink.com/SCIBC4.html Condolences may be expressed at www.schoeningfuneralservice.com

Love’s greatest gift is remembrance.

WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021

www.kamloopsthisweek.com Obituaries


Sharon Koop 1950 - 2021

- Her heart was so big we built an entire family in it It is with broken hearts we announce the passing of our Mother, Nana, and best friend Sharon Koop on June 17, 2021. Remembering our mom, who asked for so little but gave so very much, are her daughters Katrina (Jim) Hobbs, and Heidi (Taylor) Bradley. Her three sweethearts (grandkids), Gavin, Kayden, and Chloe Hobbs, will forever hold her in their hearts. Known for her sparkling personality and kind heart, she had a way of making lifelong friends through different paths of her life. It was her genuine interest in others that quickly turned acquaintances into long standing family friends. Most of all, she was a woman so profoundly dedicated to her family, she lived entirely for them. Sharon was a beautiful soul who left a trail of beautiful memories for all that knew her. A special thank you to the Kamloops Hospice, Dr. Amanda Bosman, and Glover’s Pharmacy for going the extra mile. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to BC Cancer Foundation. Sharon’s Celebration of life will be held at St. Andrew’s on the Square on Monday, July 19, 2021 at 1:00 pm. Since the COVID restrictions are still in place, please RSVP by July 12th. to heidigallant@hotmail.com Condolences may be made to www.schoeningfuneralservice.com

Ask DRAKE Drake Smith, MSW Funeral Director Every Wednesday in KTW! Q. Do I need an urn? A. Urns can be expensive. We give one away. Why? Because ashes come back from the crematorium in a cardboard box and I don’t think that’s how they should go home. Check our website or come by for a look at the urns we supply at no charge.

Drake Cremation & Funeral Services

210 Lansdowne • 425 Tranquille Rd. 250-377-8225 • DrakeCremation.com AFFORDABLE & NO BLACK SUITS

May the Sunshine of Comfort Dispel the Clouds of despair



Kenneth Christian Walter Arksey Kenneth Christian Walter Arksey of Kamloops, BC, passed suddenly at RIH on June 22, 2021, at 73 years of age. He is survived by his common-law partner Sharon Mardon, his children Tammy Arksey of Kamloops, BC, and Patty Arksey of Kamloops, BC, his grandchildren Erin Arksey, Nicole Olson, Anderson Arksey and Gloria Arksey, and great-grandchild Charlee Rota. Also left to cherish Ken’s memory is his brother Roger Arksey. Ken is predeceased by his parents Kenneth Sr. and Anne Arksey, and brothers Ricky and Stan Arksey. Ken worked in a number of different fields. The most significant being trucking. He retired from Arrow in 2014 after 20 years of service, and an outstanding trucking career. Ken was a certified butcher, and in retirement he enjoyed making his own meat and sausage recipes with his close friends. He was a long time Eagle member and Eagle rider. He was a proud owner of a Fat Boy Harley Davidson. As the Eagle members got older, they retired their bikes for scooters, and he could be found scootering around the city with his close friends. Ken was a loyal friend, father, and partner to Sharon. Ken will be sadly missed by his friends and family Condolences may be expressed to the family from www.myalternatives.ca



Robert A. Ianson Robert A. Ianson died peacefully at the age of 70 on June 23, 2021 in Kamloops, BC. Robert was born in Rossland, BC on July 11, 1950, the youngest of three, to the late Douglas and Irene. Robert is lovingly remembered by his older sisters Virginia and Susan (Donald), his wife Patricia, his children Shauna (Phurba), Krista (Scott) and Toby (Regina), his grandchildren Morgan, Parker, Harris, and Choying, his niece Jodi and nephews Ryan and Scott, his friend Joe, and many others whose lives were touched by his life. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in Robert’s name to the Kamloops Brain Injury Association.



In Loving Memory of Kane Edward Scott

March 11, 1947 - June 3, 2021 Kane was born and raised in Kamloops, BC. In 1968 he embarked on a 25 year career with the Edmonton Police Service retiring in 1993 and the family moved to Surrey. There he worked in a compliance and enforcement role where he became friends with many people. He retired again 2015 and moved to Victoria. He continued to enjoy travelling, writing and researching family history. He passed away after a battle with cancer. He is survived by his wife Heather, daughter Jesse, son Robb and brother Jack of Kamloops. No service at Kane’s request.

Arthur Charles Nesbitt Arthur Charles Nesbitt of Barriere, BC passed away peacefully on June 21, 2021 after a short illness.


He will be sadly missed by his children: David (Tammy), Shirley, Norma (Doug), Bob, Wanda, Trevor (Patti) and several grandchildren and great-grandchildren. He was predeceased by his loving wife Marlene and eldest son Larry. He had a special place in his heart for his granddaughter Amanda who will truly miss him. There will be no public service for dad as per his request.


Trifon Louvros Trifon Louvros, of Surrey, BC, formerly of Kamloops, BC passed away on June 4, 2021 in Surrey at the age of 87. Born in Greece on March 4,1934 he came to Canada as a young man where he met his late wife Anne Judith (Fraser) and had three sons George, Peter and Danni. Upon arriving in Canada he started work with the railway and went on to work on many of British Columbia’s mega projects including the WAC Bennett and Revelstoke Dams. He will be remembered by all that met him as someone who was always ready to engage in a lively discussion and enjoyed life to the fullest. He will be sadly missed by his sons George, Peter and Danni; his grandchildren Nathan, Bryce, Corbin, Shae, Chris, Eric, Alex and Brittany and great-grandchildren Lachlan and Elias. He was predeceased by his wife Anne Judith (Fraser), brother and sister. He will be laid to rest at the Pleasant Street Cemetery on Friday, July 9, 2021 at 11:00 am after which there will be a celebration of life held at his son’s (George’s) home at 1:00 pm at 189 Battle Street West (access and parking on West Nicola).

call to place an announcement 250.371.4949



The more you give, The more you get, The more you laugh, The less you fret,      The more you live abundantly, The more of everything you share, The more you’ll always have to spare, The more you love,     That life is good, And friends are kind, For only what we give away, Enriches us from day to day.


WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021



Sharon Ann Richards

November 12, 1964 - June 12, 2021 It is with great sadness that we announce the sudden passing of Sharon Ann Richards on June 12, 2021 at the age of 56. She leaves behind to cherish her memories her two sisters Donna (Kirk) and Tracey (Wilf), nephew Dean (Jodi), nieces Brenda (Steve), Lorrie (Larry), and Janet, great nieces and nephews, extended family and many life-long friends. She was predeceased by her parents Richard James Richards and Ruby Jean Richards and her sister Janet Mary Richards. Sharon spent her life putting other peoples needs ahead of her own and started her 30-year nursing career in 1989 as an LPN. Most recently Sharon was working at Royal Inland Hospital on 5 North. Over the years she made many life-long friends through nursing. Upon getting diagnosed with Renal Failure Sharon had to stop nursing. Sharon had an uphill battle with her health from that point on and had to under go many surgeries. Sharon suffered 2 major strokes in 2018 which she made a great recovery from and managed to get back on the Kidney Donor list. Sharon passed away just 2 weeks before her scheduled kidney transplant. Sharon lived her life for her dogs who were her children. Over the years she had many different dogs Trampy, Rosco and Bo, and more recently Cosmo, Baby and Dash. Sharon has left a very large void in everyone’s life that has known her and will be greatly missed by all. A Celebration of Life will be held at Westsyde Centennial Park, 705 Franklin Road, Kamloops on Saturday, July 17, 2021 starting at 10:00 am. Please bring your own chair. COVID-19 restriction protocols will be in place. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the SPCA or Kidney Foundation in Sharon’s name. Condolences may be sent to the family at DrakeCremation.com

Fern Bergeron

Informal Memorial Service Will be held on Wednesday, July 07, 2021 @ 1:30 p.m. St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, 1136 6th Ave., Kamloops, BC V2C 3S1

May the Sunshine of Comfort Dispel the Clouds of despair

Fond memories linger every day, Remembrance keeps them near.

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Paul Liddy

October 13, 1970 - June 17, 2021 Paul Liddy, aged 50, died unexpectedly on June 17, 2021 at Royal Inland Hospital. He is survived by his siblings, Helen (Dave), Mike (Dawn), Jane (John), Patrick (Chelsea), Rachel (Brian), and Bridget (James). Paul held a special place in his heart for his sixteen nieces and nephews, with many claiming him as their favourite uncle. He is also survived by numerous aunts, uncles and cousins in Canada and England and his Godchildren who will all miss him. Paul is predeceased by his parents Andrew and Patricia, his brothers Andrew and Joseph, his sister-in-law Julie and niece Maia. Paul was born on October 13, 1970 in Wallasey, England. At the age of three, he immigrated to Canada with his family. Upon arriving in Kamloops, he quickly met some of his lifelong friends and Paul continued to make friends with many people throughout his life. Paul’s childhood and youth was spent in the streets, schools and parks of Kamloops’ West End, be it delivering newspapers, attending SWS, JP and KSS, working at Harris’ Supermarket, or playing in the numerous sporting events with his brothers, Ziebart cousins and the neighbourhood fraternity (formally known as the West End Sports League, of which Paul served proudly as President). Paul’s more serious sports life was boxing, a sport he loved as a fan and competitor. Paul had a long and celebrated amateur career of well over 50 bouts under the tutelage of Ken Mann. Next step was a few years of carefree travel. Paul enjoyed the typical European highlights, making his base in the land of his birth, where he spent more time reconnecting with long lost family and getting into more trouble with his brother Patrick. Where most travellers to Israel would spend a month or two working and living the Kibbutz life, as with most things Paul did this his own way. He spent over 18 months with his “farmer family”, to the point where he called himself their adopted son and their family would correspond with his “birth” family. Later, Paul had the opportunity to realize a dream and spent time in Ireland enjoying the culture that he felt a connection to. After his travels, in his late twenties, he returned to Kamloops where he focused on his writing, participated in poetry readings on a regular basis and self-published several poetry collections. At the age of twenty nine, Paul was diagnosed with brain cancer - in his own words “the hand of God touched me, and I fell over”. He faced the treatments with courage and tenacity with the support of many friends and family. The aftereffects of treatment caused significant medical conditions that further tested his resiliency and strength. Throughout all of this, Paul maintained his sense of humour and took every adversity thrown at him with his fighting spirit. Paul lived life on his terms and made meaningful connections with everyone in his life. During lockdown when visitations were restricted, Paul chose his niece, Ruby, as his essential visitor and she was honoured to fulfill this role. We all appreciate and thank Ruby for bringing laughter and comfort to Paul during the weekly visits. There were many health professionals who supported Paul over the years and we would like to especially acknowledge Dr. Collier. Despite the best efforts of the medical professionals on 6 South, Paul succumbed to a cardiac arrest. Celebration of life will be held on Saturday, August 7, 2021 @ 1:00 at the Plaza Hotel, Kamloops. In lieu of flowers, memorial donation may be made to the Kamloops Brain Injury Association. Condolences may be sent to the family at DrakeCremation.com

As you share the stories and the memories of how they lived their lives and how very much they meant, may you find comfort...

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LeeAnne Eileen Dhaliwal January 1981 - June 2021

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of LeeAnne Eileen Dhaliwal (née Garland) on the date of June 7, 2021. LeeAnne is survived by her husband Paul Dhaliwal and parents Glen and Theresa Garland. She is also survived by her sister and brother-inlaw Tracie and Aaron Amy, along with her niece and nephew Allison and Nathan Amy; her brother and sister-in-law John Garland and Jillian Procknow along with her nephew William Garland. Additionally, she is survived by her father and mother-in-law Tom and Gogi Dhaliwal; brother-in-law and sister-in-law Aj and Irene Dhaliwal, along with her three nieces Chloe, Emily and Paige Dhaliwal; and sister-in-law and brother-in-law Harjeet Dhaliwal and Michael Currie. LeeAnne will be missed greatly by her aunts and uncles, as well. LeeAnne was born in Smiths Falls, Ontario and moved to Kamloops in 1997. After completing her high school education at Brock Secondary School, she worked at A&W until she completed her Care Aid course at Thompson Rivers University. LeeAnne worked as a Care Aid for several years until health problems permitted otherwise. LeeAnne had one of the most kind, caring, and beautiful hearts of anyone we’ve ever known. She left an impression on every person that she was in contact with... simply because of her welcoming, genuine and loving nature. One thing we heard from many, which is true for us as well, is that we will never have anyone like LeeAnne in our lives again - she truly was one of a kind. This love that she had flowed through to everyone in her life. She always talked proudly of everyone in her life, including her nieces, nephews, parents, siblings, and in-laws. She was thoughtful and considerate and always made a point to make everyone feel special and cared for. She never forgot a birthday, special occasions, and especially never forgot holidays like Christmas. She was always prepared with cards and gifts in hand. LeeAnne especially took advantage of and cherished every single moment she could with her nieces and nephews, even on the days she wasn’t feeling well. That in itself showed how pure her heart and love was. LeeAnne’s absence is going to be felt deeply by everyone who touched her life. We will miss you LeeAnne and we will forever have so much love in our hearts for you. We hope that wherever you are, you are amongst our loved ones who are also in the afterlife.

We do, and will forever, love you so much! Heaven has received another Angel.

In Loving Memory of Louise Richardson (née Doucette) August 19, 1951 - June 22, 2021

Louise Roma Richardson (née Doucette) of Clearwater, BC, passed away suddenly at the age of 69. She was born on August 19, 1951, in New Westminster, BC. Louise is survived by her loving husband Doug Richardson and dear children Leona Richardson, Wayne Richardson (Tracy Richardson), brother Denis Doucette (Sharon), sister Suzanne Foote (Robin) and brother Leonard Doucette (LeAnne); she will be missed by her grandchildren Jonathan, Ty, Dillon, Shaianne, and Austin, along with her four great grandchildren. She will also be missed by many nieces nephews and friends. She was predeceased by her sister Annette, nephews Brian Doucette, Robert Foote and granddaughter Jessica Jensen. Memorial donations in memory of Louise may be made to a charity of your choice. Condolences may be sent to the family at DrakeCremation.com

WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021

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Vancouver | Tanya Goehring

BC’s big cities are known for their restaurants, shopping, and urban sights and attractions. But keep exploring and you’ll discover opportunities for forest bathing, kayaking, bicycling, and birding that will take you just outside the downtown core to replenish and reconnect in nature. Summer offers ample reasons to get out and try something new, and that’s easy to do in BC’s vibrant, outdoorsy cityscapes. And once you venture back downtown for a patio meal, hotel stay, or museum visit, local businesses have implemented safety measures designed to keep you well. Pedal, Walk, or Eat Your Way to a New Side of Vancouver With more than 450 km of bike lanes, plus multi-use pathways including the Arbutus Greenway and the Stanley Park Seawall, Vancouver is highly accessible on two wheels. Join Cycle City on a small-group tour led by a storyteller guide. Explore trails through Stanley Park, or pedal into the history of Chinatown, Gastown, and Granville Island. Victoria | Hubert Kang

Discover Victoria’s Wild Edges BC’s “Garden City” is known for manicured spots like the sprawling Butchart Gardens, but for something new and a little more uncultivated, seek out the city’s wild side. Head into the rainforest and walk among towering cedars, Sitka spruce, and arbutus trees with Elemental Magick Adventures, and be present in the moment, aware of the sights, sounds, and smells of the ancient surroundings. Called “forest bathing,” this practice

Locals may think they know everything about the city, but a walking tour with Forbidden Vancouver will prove otherwise. From the mobsters that ruled Gastown a century ago to the secrets buried in Stanley Park, Vancouver’s history may surprise you. Other tour options include the murals in Mt. Pleasant with Vancouver DeTours, and upscale picnics in local parks with BC Adventure Company. Slumber at Skwachàys Lodge, a boutique hotel with stunning “art installation” rooms jointly designed by an interior designer and an Indigenous artist.

Richmond | Tourism Richmond

Richmond is a Haven for Birders and Bikers Richmond is revered for its Asian cuisine, but its location on the Pacific Flyway—a migratory route for birds—is ideal for spotting common yellowthroats, bold rufous hummingbirds, or water birds like the shy green heron. Iona Beach Regional Park is a favourite viewing spot. The Fairmont Vancouver Airport’s Pacific Flyway Adventure Package includes an overnight stay, plus use of a birding backpack

lowers blood pressure and increases vitality.

with binoculars and maps, and a chef-prepared picnic lunch for two. Join a tour with photographer Liron Gertsman for tips on how best

To increase adrenaline, get out on the water with Ocean River Sports—kayak excursions depart daily from the Inner Harbour and

to capture these feathered beauties on film.

Oak Bay, offering exhilarating opportunities to spot seals, otters, eagles, and maybe even a whale. Rest after a day’s play at the Inn

Richmond’s flat topography also means easy cycling along 80-plus km of routes. Interesting stops include the Gulf of

at Laurel Point, which offers a BC residents special.

Georgia Cannery, where fish were turned into edible “gold,” and Britannia Shipyards, a shipbuilding and maritime repair shop. Vancouver | Hubert Kang

See the full story at ExploreBC.com/Cities Wherever you venture, always travel safely and responsibly. ® Super, Natural British Columbia is a registered trademark of Destination BC Corp.



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#2 - 740 Fortune Drive, Kamloops












$2.98/2LB BAG


















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/80 PACK



CHERRIES $3.98 $66





































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June 30, 2021 | Volume 35 | Issue 26


Attention Realtors


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Paul De Luca



250-374-7467 1365B Dalhousie Drive

Phase 2 at 1405 Springhill Drive

Come Enjoy Urban Living. Enjoy Your Space.


CONTACT US FOR PRICING! Adult oriented gated community with on site Secured RV Parking, minutes from downtown Kamloops & no GST!

Contact us for more info www.SiennaRidgeKamloops.com KIRSTEN MASON Personal Real Estate Corp P: 250-571-7037 E: Kmason@kadrea.com



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Jessica MATT 250.374.3022


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(Kamloops) Real Estate

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je-matt@hotmail.com GREAT TIME TO BUY OR SELL JessicaMattRealEstate.ca

• 2 bedroom rancher, 5.57 acres (not all useable) private setting • A/C, natural gas furnace, all appliances • Large shop w/suite • 2 10'x10' doors 12' ceiling



• Priced to sell, 2,352 sqft home in Sa-Hali • 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms • Finished up and down, suite potential • A/C, high efficiency furnace • 22’x26’ detached 2 car garage, RV parking • Beautiful Private backyard, landscaped, U/G sprinklers • Close to schools, TRU, bus, shopping, Highway





• So much to offer in this 4 bedroom and 5 baths home • In-ground pool, hot tub and waterfall in private fenced backyard • 26' by 26' shop with man cave, basement & steel beam for hoist

Thank you Denise, for your hard work and dedication in helping us find and acquire our perfect home! As this is the second time we've needed your expertise, we are grateful to you for not only for the sale of our previous home in 2008 but also the purchase of this new one in 2021. We could quite simply, not have gotten to this point without your skill and understanding on so many levels. Our family is forever grateful to have someone as amazing as you, on our side! – The Griffiths

Brent Miller

Personal Real Estate Corporation

Cell 250.319.7376 brentmiller@shaw.ca


WHAT OUR CLIENTS SAY ABOUT US “Brent was always available to look at listings as soon as they came on the market. If we were to buy another property, we would hands down use Brent.” “Rie went above and beyond from day 1. We ended up in the perfect home for our family thanks to her hard work and dedication. I would strongly recommend her for any of your real estate needs.” VIEW OUR LISTINGS AT

• 122 acres in Eagle Bay area • Preliminary lot layout for 39 lots • 1 hectare each (2.47 acres) • Water at property line • Property adjoins existing sub-division • Zoned RR-1, 2.5 hectors zoned C-5, 2.5 hectares zoned P-1 • Some timber & some properties will have lake view • Priced to sell - Plus GST


• Walk to downtown stores, schools, playgrounds • Custom 1.5 storey 5 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms • Double garage with lane access - BONUS room above • 8’9” x 11 sitting area extension of Master bedroom; tiled ensuite shower, walk-in closet • Engineered H/W, tile in bathrooms, carpet in bonus room & stairs • Fenced yard, lawn with irrigation • Award Winning Builder • Prefer main floor living? Use the main floor bedroom as the Master bedroom, 4 pce bathroom and laundry • Basement will have rec room, bedroom & 4 pce bathroom plus a large area for future development • 2-5-10 Warranty • Close to Royal Inland Hospital


• Your own strata lot • $110.00 strata • 1132 sq.ft. mobile home, 3 bedrooms • Rentals & pets allowed • Silver label Electrical Certificate • N/Gas furnace



• 1/4 acre lot, great for carriage house or pan handle • 3 bedrooms main floor, 14 x 20 covered deck • SS updates, lots of updates • Large 1 bedroom suite, separate entrance • North Kamloops

Rie TakahashiZhou Personal Real Estate Corporation

Cell 250.851.2000 riezhou@gmail.com



• Hillside Lofts 2 bedroom plus den, 1,285 sq.ft. • Large primary bedroom with double closets, ensuite with soaker tub and tile surround shower • Generous kitchen w/granite countertops open to living room and access to covered patio • 2 nd bedroom is private on the opposite side of unit • Den and 4 piece bathroom finished off this floor plan • 1 U/G parking & 1 storage space. • Strata $405/month









20 acres nestled in the heart of Barnhartvale Goes from end of Foxwood Lane to Barnhartvale Road


marvin matt 250.319.8784


Re/Max Real Estate (Kamloops)

RECEIVE A FREE NO OBLIGATION WE’VE GONE ONLINE! MARKET EVALUATION See all listings & much more at team110.com CALL 250-851-3110 OR 250-571-6686 TODAY! Proud Sponsor



Robert J. Iio Personal Real Estate Corporation

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team110 - remax


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Kristy Janota




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55+ LARGER 2 BEDROOM UNIT • Custom design for wheel chair bath • Vacant w/Sundeck & mountain view • All appliances & Air Conditioner 309-760 MAYFAIR STREET

TOP FLOOR UNIT • 2 Bdrms + Den - 2 Baths • Appliances & laundry included • Sunrise mountain view

HANDY MAN SPECIAL OR FIX’N FLIP • 3 Bedrm up & 3 3 Bdrm suite down • Detached 20x24 shop + Storage sheds • Lots of Fruit trees & RV parking


½ DUPLEX IN CHASE, BC • 3 bdrms + 2 full baths • New roof, gutter, electrical, flooring • In-law suite + fenced yard A227 BROOKE DR

1409-1000 TALASA WAY







BEAUTIFUL CITY VIEWS • Central Location • Walking distance to TRU & shopping • 1 bedroom + 1 bathroom








TOP FLOOR, 2 BEDROOM + DEN • 1700 sq ft with 2 levels • Open plan w/Island kitchen on main • Upper floor has 2nd bedroom & bath

BARELAND STRATA LOW $140 FEES • Rancher w/Daylight Basement • 2 Bedrooms + Office & 2 Baths • Parking for 3 - C/Air - All Appliances

SPECTACULAR RIVER & VALLEY VIEW • Handy Man Special or Great Fix'N Flip • Great yard Plus Detached Garage + Carport • +2 Bedrooms & 2 Baths

AMAZING RIVER VIEW • 2890 sf – 4 Bdrms & Office • New kitchen and Hardwood • LC/Air & Large D/Garage

5 BEDROOMS – 2 BATHS • 2 Bdrm InLaw Suite • Well maintained w/private yard • All Appliances & C/Air

304-550 LORNE ST















NEW BUILD W/2956 SQFT • 5 Bedrms + Den & Finished basement • All Appliances, C/Air included • Landscaping & UG Spklers

4 BEDROOMS – 2 BATHS • Well maintained & New HW Tank • Island Kitchen w/All Appliances • RV Parking – Private Yard – Big Deck

STUNNING NORTH RIVER VIEW • Dead end cul de sac location • Updated w/4 Bedrooms & 2 baths • Private fenced yard & S/Garage

CHARACTER HOME DOWNTOWN KAMLOOPS • Fully renovated top to bottom • 3 Bedroom 2 Bath




NEW BUILD W/2956 SQFT • 5 Bedrms + Den & Finished basement • All Appliances, C/Air included • Landscaping & UG Spklers 844 CRESLINE ST








STUNNING GOLF COURSE HOME • Double garage & golf cart garage • Island Kitchen + 4 bedrooms • Amazing basement rec room + theatre

44.6 ACRES BACKING ONTO PARK LAND • Log home & 3 guest cabins • Detached 36x36 shop • Close to Paul Lake and Harper Ski Hill





SABISTON CREEK RD • $469,000 • Rare 12.3 Acre waterfront lot on Kamloops Lake • 1800 Feet of shoreline • 15 Min boat ride from Savona



1058 FORDEN PLACE • $549,000 Amazing panoramic view • Great family neighborhood • R-4 Zoned - 5992 Sq Ft Building Lot

• Ready to build your dream home




YATES CREEK RD $599,000 • Beautiful quarter section • Halfway between Kamloops and Sun Peaks • Come build your dream home

In helping you navigate through the changes brought on by Covid-19 please see updated video tours of all our listings on our Easy To Use website www.LindaTurner.bc.ca • Please call for more information 250-374-3331


WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021

www.kamloopsthisweek.com NORTH KAM $449,900 1371 OTTAWA PLACE





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with no obligation!



• Occupy or Invest • Possession down possible & leased up until May 2022 • 2 + 2 bedroom suite with seperate laundry • Lots of parking, close to school & transit




EXPERIENCE! Buying or Selling? I will save you time and money!



Did you know almost all listings are multiple listings.This means I can show you anything on the market.

• Great family home with 3+1 bdrm 2 baths • Updated furnace, c/air & hot water tank • Park across street & close to elementary • RV parking & room for garage



Linda Turner Personal Real Estate Corp is supporting the new Nursing Student Program at TRU with a $10,000 donation toward the ICCHA Wish Foundation to provide high achieving, underprivileged nursing students with full 4 year funding to complete their nursing program. ICCHA Wish has pledged $100,000 to start the ongoing program and Linda is a charter sponsor of this great initiative. Linda wanted to be a nurse as a youth but wasn’t able to fulfill that dream. Her wish is that other students might have that opportunity.

Activity Guide 2021 City of Kamloops

DO NOT BE DISAPPOINTED! BOOK BY JULY 23 Contact Linda Bolton to book your ad for the upcoming Activity Guide

Have a heart to give For a heart to serve

2020 City of Kamloops

Fall Activity Guide


Empowering TRU Nursing Students

REGISTRATION: Tuesday, August 18, 2020 Online - 6:30 am | In Person/Phone - 10:00 am

250-318-1556 • lbolton@aberdeenpublishing.com





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8-3672 Sabiston Creek Rd $449,900

15 Galena Ave, Logan Lake $377,400

G N I D N PE • Perfect waterfront getaway • Fully finished, contemporary, detached • Located at Caliente Resort on Kamloops Lake • Bright open floor plan with a large kitchen featuring upgraded appliances • Gas fireplace • Massive windows capturing unobstructed lake views • Main: Kitchen, living room, bathroom, spacious bedroom and storage space • Upstairs: Large loft area for additional sleeping/office • Resort on 147 acres • Approx. 450 feet of private lakefront • Complex offers mixed solar and propane utilities • Private outdoor fire pit • Includes RV spot with full hookup for sewer & water • Private Sea Can for storage

• Affordable 4-bedroom and 2-bathroom home • Nestled in the quiet peaceful community of Logan lake • Close to school, community centre and all shopping amenities • Main floor: open concept kitchen, dining and living room, gas fireplace • 3 bedrooms and bathroom • Downstairs: large family room, bedroom, bathroom, and utility room • Utility room could be easily converted for a private office or workshop • Over 0.2 of an acre • Backyard is completely fenced • Ample parking for your vehicles, recreational toys, and RV • Perfect for any family or retiree looking to settle down

3920 Heffley-Louis Creek Road $1,048,000

G N I D N PE • 34 acre hobby ranch - Heffley Valley • Only 40 mins from Kamloops and mins to Sun Peaks • Grazing licence attached • Water licenses for irrigation and domestic use from McCLure Creek • New 300 ft registered well • 1200 sq ft of finished open concept living space • Basement development potential • Incredible views: valley, creek and property • Yard is fenced and nicely landscaped • 50 x 30 heated shop with two overhead doors • 17 x 35 lean-to for extra storage • 52 x 24 RV storage shed with 14ft ceiling and overhead doors • 90 x 45 open barn with 3 pens – great for calving, sorting, providing hay & shaving storage, plus an efficient corral system • All underground wiring with newer fencing and cross fencing



250-320-3091 | mikelatta@royallepage.ca

KAYLEIGH BONTHOUX Office Manager/Unlicensed Assistant

778-765-5151 | kayleighbonthoux@royallepage.ca

2004 Monteith Dr $735,000

6640 Old HWY 5 $1,999,900

G N I D N PE • Fantastic location • Bright, open design with updates throughout! • Upper floor: 3 bedrooms and 2 full bathrooms • Stunning Kitchen has been professionally done by Counters Only • Nice views from your beautiful balcony • Lower floor: 3 bedroom self contained suite with a full bathroom • Own laundry • Current rents are $1900 up/$1700 down • Walking distance to Albert McGowan School and park • Fully fenced yard • Plenty of parking • A/C, HWT, Furnace 5 years old.

• Gorgeous 4100 sq. ft custom built craftsman style home • Spectacular views of the North Thompson River Valley • Located within city limits & 25 minutes to Sun Peaks • 4 bedroom 3.5 bathroom home • 2 covered decks, 1 covered patio • Triple pane glass windows • Easements for future services • 2x8 construction with R28 interior wall insulation • House and shop plumbed for geothermal • Generous master suite and laundry on the main • Guest suite upstairs • Self-contained 2 bedroom walk out inlaw suit with own laundry below • Remarkable 40 acres - 2 pastures equipped with power and water • 2500 sq. ft shop, 8’ x 12’ barn, 10’ x 14’ shanty, 60’ round pen, corrals, tack shack, RV parking, and wood shed • 10 gpm well and two other capped wells

WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021



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Sun Rivers

911 9th Green $599,900


• Shows like new • Totally private end unit • Three outdoor patio areas • Triple garage for all the toys


Under Construction


• Dream kitchen with high-end Fisher Paykel appliances included • Master ensuite with soaker tub & steam shower! • Fully finished walkout basement • Under Construction – Nearing Completion



1215 Canyon Ridge Place • 1,249,000



728 Driftwood Place $749,900 • Riverfront with ultimate privacy • Quiet cul de sac • Immaculate home • Easy Suite Potential • Double Car garage and lots of parking


507 Pointe Place • $899,000



681 Wittner Rd • $1,469,000

LISA RUSSELL 250.377.1801




South Kamloops

306 – 510 Lorne Street $489,000 • Top floor corner unit • River and Mountain view • Updated stainless steel appliances • Spacious covered deck




232 Sagewood Drive • $749,900

Lower Sahali

63 Thor Drive • $1,350,000

• 8,794 sq ft lot tiered with entertaining space including hot tub • Walkout legal suite 1 bed & 1 bath with separate entry and laundry • Recent updates throughout • Black s/s appliances in kitchen, gas range and quartz counters


MIKE GRANT 250.574.6453

Sun Rivers

1826 Ironwood Cres $995,000




1216 Prairie Rose Dr $1,399,000


Sun Rivers

703 Belmonte Terrace $689,900

• ONE LEVEL LIVING • Quite street in Sun Rivers Golf Resort community • Landscaping done for you


BOB GIESELMAN 250.851.6387

• Executive custom home • Views and amazing private yard • Extensive updating – granite kitchen • Easy suite potential • Unique features throughout – must see to appreciate!





Paul Lake

2245 Paul Lake Road $945,000

• Have you been dreaming of LAKE living? • Nature lovers paradise • West Coast home with full suite • Private lake front dock


2039 Priest Ave • $399,900



1987 Monteith Drive • $719,000



NOW SELLING Call now for more information


“Living out of town, the building process was quite easy. I was able to do everything online” – Tim



WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021


...selling Kamloops every day™ Phil.Dabner@evrealestate.com | phildabner@telus.net | phildabner.evrealestate.com


©2019 Engel & Völkers. All rights reserved. Each brokerage independently owned and operated. Engel & Völkers and its independent License Partners are Equal Opportunity Employers and fully support the principles of the Fair Housing Act. • Serving Kamloops since 1991


13-3320 Village Place - One of the best locations on the mountain. This True ski in and ski out unit is centrally located, minutes from ski lifts, village center and golf course. The location does not get much better. Call Phil for additional details and for viewings. $898,800

2145 Glenwood Drive – Large fully fenced yard (84x232) with a 42x20 detached shop. Centrally located in Valleyview close to schools, shopping, transportation and minutes to the city center. This 4 bedroom 2 bathroom home has had some updates in the past years, including a new kitchen in 2021. For additional information and viewings call Phil 250-318-0100. $749,900

2504 Sunset Drive - Unique opportunity, this ranch style home of 1,703 sf is on a C4 zoned lot in East Valleyview. 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, double garage + storage shed and ample parking on the fully fenced yard. $559,800

2356 Dunrobin Place - 1 owner home with lovely north views, 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms. A great family home with main floor laundry, nook off kitchen, family and games room down, plus 2 car garage on quiet cul-de-sac. $665,000

11-6000 Valley Drive - What a wonderful opportunity to purchase a one-owner townhome in the heart of Sun Peaks Village. Morrisey & Orient Express lifts out your door and village square a 10 minute walk. This 2 storey townhouse has 1,052 sf of living space with 2 bedrooms & 3 bathrooms. Purchase price includes furniture and household items. Strata $476/mth, taxes $2,960/yr. Outdoor recreation right out your door, now that’s living! $759,900

d l o S

8 - 2171 Van Horne - Commanding views from this 1 owner 5 year old 2 storey townhome in Aberdeen are sure to please. Main floor has it all including master bedroom with beautiful ensuite and laundry. 2nd floor features 1 bedroom, den & storage plus 4 piece bathroom. High ceilings, quartz counter tops, engineered hardwood flooring, upgraded lighting package, stainless appliances & window coverings are just some of the quality features. Pets and rentals allowed with approval. $609,900

306 - 970 Lorne Street - Simply one of the most desired locations downtown! Park Place's secure, gated complex has it all with this immaculate 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 898 sq ft apartment. Southwest exposure and a covered sundeck. Heated indoor pool, workout gym, hot tub, sauna, pool table in amenities room, outdoor patio, BBQ, library, wine-making room, woodwork shop, wharf w/ boat slips, secure underground parking, car wash & bike storage. All this and it's pet friendly too and within walking distance of city parks! Definitely a must see! $445,000

Call today for your



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WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021



250-374-3331 www.ralphrealestate.ca REAL ESTATE (KAMLOOPS)



SOLD North Kamloops

405-120 VERNON AVENUE $279,900 • MLS®161766 • Immaculate top floor 1 bedroom + Den, 1 bathroom unit in The Willows (55+) • 1 small pet allowed with strata approval, no rentals allowed • Quick possession possible



South Thompson Valley

South Kamloops

60-3099 SHUSWAP ROAD E $324,900 • MLS®162473

305-629 LANSDOWNE ST $299,900 • MLS®162730 • Immaculate 2 bedroom 1 bathroom apartment in Riviera Gardens • Pets are allowed with strata permission • Great central downtown location

• 3 bedroom 1 bathroom home in Countryview Estates • Own your own land with a bareland strata fee of $125/month • Quick possession possible





South Kamloops

North Aberdeen

North Kamloops

303-550 LORNE STREET $399,900 • MLS®162128

6-2020 VAN HORNE DRIVE $549,900 • MLS®162283

385 CHERRY AVENUE $574,900 • MLS®161771

• Centrally located 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condo/apartment in Pioneer Landing with over 1400 sq ft on 2 levels • Includes storage locker, 1 parking stall, and 2 sundecks • Quick possession possible

• Immaculate and detached 2+1 bedroom 3 bathroom bareland strata • Level entry rancher style with double garage and panoramic views • 2 pets allowed with no size restriction, no rentals allowed





1987 KECHIKA STREET $699,900 • MLS®162791 • Great family home and area with 3+1 bedroom 2 bathrooms • Partially unfinished basement with roughed-in 3rd bathroom • Lots of parking including RV parking

4-175 HOLLOWAY DRIVE $649,900 • MLS®161869

• Beautifully maintained unit in Lakestar with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms • Stunning views of Kamloops Lake • Pet & rental friendly with restrictions

• Well maintained original 1 owner home with 3+1 bedroom 2 bathrooms • Very central location close to all amenities • Quick possession possible


344 ARROWSTONE DRIVE $699,900 • MLS®162571 • Beautifully maintained and landscaped 3+1 bedroom 2 bathroom home • 1 bedroom basement suite with shared laundry • Great family home and area close to schools and amenities


WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021



Expect a near-normal return to school in fall This pre-pandemic classroom scene at Beattie elementary is expected to return in September. KTW FILE PHOTO


When September arrives, there will be a near-normal return to school, according to the provincial government, with defined student cohorts no longer planned, an expected relaxation of restrictions on gatherings, extra-curricular activities and sports and full-time learning in classrooms. Online learning programs will remain available for students, as it is in any other school year. Education Minister Janet Whiteside said research has shown schools were not significant sources of COVID-19 transmission and, with high vaccination rates throughout B.C., such measures taken this past school year will no longer be necessary. The issue of wearing masks will be addressed later this summer based on advice and orders from the provincial health officer.

While masks may or may not be required when school resumes, students will continue to be required to complete daily health checks, stay home when feeling sick and practise hand hygiene. Public health teams and school health officers will continue to closely monitor cases of COVID-19 in schools and the community, and will continue to provide support and guidance as schools return in the

fall. “This was a very different school year for everyone and school communities have done an exemplary job adapting to the challenges we all faced,” Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry said. “Now, as we transition to a new phase and continue with immunizations throughout the province, students and educators can look forward to returning to a school environment

that will be much closer to what they are accustomed to.” The provincial government expects all eligible British Columbians will have been offered both vaccination doses by September, pending vaccine availability. More than 50 per cent of youth ages 12 to 17 years have received their first vaccine dose. Rapid response teams, which have been in place since February in each of the five health authority regions, will continue in the fall. The teams will focus on supporting recovery efforts in schools through a focus on academic, socio-emotional and mental health. Meanwhile, Whiteside said the government is providing $43.6 million to support ongoing health and safety measures,

First Nations and Métis students, mental-health services, rapid response teams and to address learning impacts to students. Whiteside noted B.C. was one of the few jurisdictions that kept schools open during the pandemic, citing the collective efforts of everyone in the education system. “We will continue to work with the experts in the provincial health office and our provincial K-12 education steering committee throughout the summer to finalize plans and guidelines to ensure students and staff are safe for the next school year,” she said. Of the $43.6 million being spent, $25.6 million is one-time, pandemic-specific funding to cover necessary cleaning and disinfecting, hand hygiene for students and staff, ventilation improvements and restocking of supplies of personal protection equipment.

How Do I Reduce My Estate Taxes? (Part two of two) Before COVID-19, we often held client appreciation events including educational seminars on specific financial planning topics. To date, our most attended session was estate planning and strategies to reduce taxes. We never thought talking about death and taxes could fill a room. Our previous article discussed potential tax implications when one passes, including income tax and probate fees. As promised, we are following up with strategies that can help reduce tax burdens: 1.



Have an up to date Will: First and foremost, please ensure you have a Will in place. Please review it every five years or after any major life event (marriage, divorce, birth of children, etc.). Appropriate use Joint Accounts: Placing assets/accounts in joint names with spouses or adult children can avoid probate, ease the transition and ensure no bills lapse. Some examples include bank accounts, investments, vehicles, safety deposit boxes and household bills. There are some instances in which joint ownership may NOT make sense. For example, adding your adult child to the title of your primary residence could jeopardizes the asset if s/he experiences a marital breakdown, business failure, or personal

lawsuit. Furthermore, adding one adult child joint, but not all of your children could cause misunderstanding and/or potential strife. In addition, adding someone to title on primary residence could result in losing some of the tax-free capital gain allowance.


Pre-Inheritance & Gifting: Since there are no taxes on gifts, consider gifting to loved ones as a pre-inheritance while you are alive, so you get to see them enjoy it. Please note, there are special consideration and attribution rules when gifting to minors.

Have named beneficiaries: Review your Retirement Saving Plans, Retirement Income Funds, Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSA), insurance and pensions. Remember to also check work policies and investments if applicable. Spouses should be designated successor annuitant for TFSAs so they can retain the full tax-free status within their TFSA.


Charitable: There are significant tax-breaks for the philanthropic. This can include strategies such as naming a charity as beneficiary on your RSP or RIF to eliminate the tax burden, gifting securities with large capital gains to charities, or making direct bequests in your Will.


Insurance: Insurance can help replace income, pay taxes (including large capital gains on a recreational property or business) and can be particularly useful for blended or complex family situations. It typically is paid out quickly, tax-free and kept private as flows outside the Will. There are additional opportunities for incorporated businesses.


Consider Trusts: Those with substantial assets can explore Trusts to help minimize tax, avoid probate, ensure proper distribution of assets, provide income and retain privacy.

Sometimes it is wise to name your Estate as beneficiary on your RSP or RIF so the executor can facilitate distribution and pay taxes. This typically makes sense if single, divorced or widowed. 4.

Take more income now: One of the consequences of losing a spouse is losing the ability to income split which can result in a higher tax bracket and loss of Old Age Security (OAS). Three common areas to review are: i. ii. iii.

Draw RSP or RIFs down faster and/or earlier than age 71 - especially if you have larger balances. Harvest capital gains each year from your non-registered investment. Drawing additional wages or dividends from your company.

Pro tip: if you have a large amount of credits or deductions in any year (business or investment loss, charitable donation, medical expenses, etc.) be sure to review merits of taking extra income to offset.

Eric Davis

Vice President & Portfolio Manager eric.davis@td.com 250-314-5120

Keith Davis

Associate Investment Advisor keith.davis@td.com 250-314-5124

TD Wealth Private Investment Advice

The above is not an exhaustive estate planning list. Because every family has different dynamics and values and estate planning is complex, we strongly recommend that you seek professional guidance to build your estate plan. Written by Eric Until next time… Invest Well. Live Well.


This document was prepared by Eric Davis, Vice President, Portfolio Manager and Investment Advisor, and Keith Davis, Associate Investment Advisor, for informational purposes only and is subject to change. The contents of this document are not endorsed by TD Wealth Private Investment Advice. Davis Wealth Management Team is a part of TD Wealth Private Investment Advice, a division of TD Waterhouse Canada Inc. which is a subsidiary of The Toronto-Dominion Bank. For more information: 250-314-5124 or Keith.davis@td.com. Published June 30, 2021.

WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021




Chimera Theatre welcomes new artistic director SEAN BRADY



Chimera Theatre has a new artistic director — Jessica Buchanan — an actor and comedian who has brought big city experience back to Kamloops, with plans to stage sketch and improv comedy performances. The theatre company was started in 2014 by Andrew G. Cooper, along with Brittany McCarthy and Brooke Ballam. Since then, it has presented dozens of variety performances, including original stage plays. Variety will continue to be the company’s mainstay, but under Buchanan’s tenure, the theatre might head more firmly in the direction of improv and sketch comedy. Prior to her return to her hometown of Kamloops — where she graduated from TRU’s Actor’s Workshop Theatre program — Buchanan spent about two-anda-half years in Toronto, where she

JESSICA BUCHANAN attended the Second City Toronto training centre. The Second City is a renowned improv comedy institution that began in Chicago and has since been established in Toronto and Los Angeles. Some of the biggest names in comedy have had their start with the some iteration of the troupe, including Tina Fey, Gilda Radner, Steve Carell, John Belushi, Chris Farley and Mike Myers. Buchanan’s time under the conservatory program allowed her to study advanced writing and improv. She also had a chance to

work at the theatre. “But then, of course, COVID happened, and that put an end to that,” she said. Buchanan said as a result of the pandemic, she’s seen a number of people leave the arts in favour of other career paths. “If I may be so bold as to speak for every live theatre performer in the world, it’s been pretty alarming to see your industry completely shut down,” she said. And with her return, there are still no live audience performances in Kamloops. But Buchanan is hoping that will change, and even if it happens soon, she’ll be ready. In the interim, Buchanan is effectively planning three seasons, one for each level of whatever return to normalcy we’re about to endure as COVID-19 case counts ease, vaccines take hold and the province looks towards reopening more of the economy. Among her plans are improv shows, dinner theatre, a series of one-act plays, an original production written by TRU professor,

author and playwright George M. Johnson and a new sketch comedy group featuring herself, Andrew Robertson and Dan Ondang, who are familiar faces at Chimera and its improv group The Freudian Slips. “We’re writing and rehearsing soon, but it will happen later, once restrictions are loosened up a bit,” she said. While it is yet to be seen how her experiences in Toronto will shape her career to come, Buchanan’s efforts will continue to have an impact on entertainment in Kamloops. She recalled starting an evening in bustling Toronto by performing in an improv show, catching a train and doing it all over again an hour later, emphasizing the availability of venues for comedy and other acts to take place. “Being in Toronto was a really interesting experience,” she said. “There was constantly something to do and I think that’s something that can happen here.” That’s a vision Buchanan has

already had for Kamloops — and one that seems within reach, given how well-established arts groups like the Kamloops Symphony and Western Canada Theatre are trying to further their presence in the city by supporting projects like the proposed performing-arts centre. And that’s not to mention a host of other artists — many of whom Chimera Theatre and other institutions have supported — that regularly perform in the city. “You could have a night where you catch a film at the Paramount, then walk across the street and Jeremy Kneeshaw is playing, and then at the Pavilion, Cvetozar from the symphony is playing, and at the Blue Grotto, there are burlesque dancers,” she told KTW. But for the more immediate future, Buchanan’s energy will be focused on putting forward an entertaining season for Chimera — and it’s clear she has a lot to give. “I have an uncomfortable amount of energy, so I hope that rubs off on Chimera,” she said, laughing.

The Keep Kamloops campaign aims to provide a boost to culture, recreation and heritage organizations by publicizing their importance and by encouraging people to donate and participate. We want to “Keep Kamloops” active, creative, and engaged by supporting the organizations that do just that. Our vision is to foster a community that is resilient and supported through COVID-19 by residents who value the contributions that arts, culture, and recreation make to their quality of life and the livability of our community. THIS WEEK'S FEATURED ORGANIZATION

Kamloops Therapeutic Riding Association




or over 30 years, the Kamloops Therapeutic Riding Association has been delivering programs to children, youth and adults with physical, cognitive, and emotional disabilities. The KTRA also offers therapeutic groundwork with horses for youth at risk.

Through lessons, clients form bonds with horses that help them to process feelings, gain skills and ease fears. Horses have a unique way of connecting with people and are extremely sensitive to emotions and body language, which make them the perfect teacher for any individual.

Therapeutic riding helps participants improve their flexibility, balance, and muscle strength. They learn equestrian skills as well as how to interact effectively with instructors, volunteers, other riders, and horses, gaining a sense of freedom and mastery. Therapeutic riding offers participants the ability to increase capacity of socialization, enhance sensory processing ability and in some cases, an overall decrease in symptom severity. A therapy horse is the most important asset to any Therapeutic Riding program. Not just any horse can be a therapy horse; a therapy horse must be safe, sound, patient and willing. Therapy horses bear more than

just the weight of the rider on their back; they also carry the struggles, the joy, the fear, and the triumph of their riders as they overcome hurdles in the arena and in their everyday life. The KTRA offers therapeutic riding and groundwork to approximately 160 children, youth and adults each year. KTRA has a new program horse named Nala -- the first horse they’ve ever purchased! Nala is a three-yearold registered Haflinger mare. KTRA is often offered older/retired horses for its Therapeutic Riding Program, but has found that they have a higher burnout and turnover rate because they’ve already spent most of their lives working hard in another career

Are you an arts, heritage or recreation organization that has made changes in response to COVID-19? We are looking for stories to share about charities and non-profit organizations that make our community special and are implementing new or innovative solutions to navigate this crisis. We also want to direct people to donate to your organization. Go to keepkamloops.ca to learn more.

Keep Kamloops is brought to you by Also sponsored by

such as jumping, dressage, rodeo or ranching. Having Nala in KTRA’s care from such a young age ensures they know her history and that they’ll be able to help her have a promising future. Follow #nalasjourney on Instagram and Facebook, or on the blog at the KTRA website. The KTRA is currently raising funds to purchase an Equine Solarium, a form of infrared therapy that keeps horses healthy and prevents injury. KTRA relies on rider fees, donations, grants and fundraising to fund its operations. Over the past few years some “for profit” activities including summer camps, horse boarding, tack sales, spring break

camps, clinics and riding lessons for the public have been implemented to help fund operations, and without these activities, the KTRA could not continue to operate. The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in cancellations of most programs and a significant loss of funding, but the KTRA is now able to offer programs safely again. Let’s Keep Kamloops Active. Donate to the Kamloops Therapeutic Riding Association or register for Summer Horse Camps at ktra.ca.

Follow, share and donate to keep Kamloops active, creative and cultural. Connect with Keep Kamloops online




BCLC seeks to make a positive impact for players and communities all across the province. We give back to B.C. through our business and through our people. Funds generated by gambling go back to the province to help support arts & culture, healthcare, education and community programs all across B.C. Employee volunteerism and fundraising efforts support organizations that make our community such a great place to live. Thanks to our players, $25 billion in net income has been delivered to the province to support communities, provincial programs and services, charities and major events that have helped shape B.C. since 1985.


WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021



Meet Bright Red Book Bus The Bright Red Book Bus is hitting the road, with several Kamloops locales on its weekly list of stops. Beginning July 5, the bus will be parked in two locations every weekday. Each day of the week, the bus will be open from 10 a.m. to noon and from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. On Mondays, find the bus at Marion Schilling elementary (2200 Park Dr. in Valleyview) in the morning and at Riverside Park downtown in the afternoon.

On Tuesdays, it will be parked at Kay Bingham elementary (950 Southill St. in Brocklehurst) and Westsyde Centennial Park. On Wednesdays, Arthur Hatton elementary (350 Chestnut Ave.) and Albert McGowan Park in Upper Sahali will host the bus. On Thursdays, find the bus at South Sa-Hali elementary (1585 Summit Dr. in Sahali) and Pineview Valley Park in Pineview Valley. On Fridays, it will be

parked at A.E. Perry elementary (1380 Sherbrooke Ave. in Brocklehurst) and the John Tod Centre (150 Wood St. in North Kamloops). The Bright Red Book Bus is a joint project between School District 73, Literacy in Kamloops, the Boys and Girls Club of Kamloops and the Thompson-Nicola Regional Library. The bus provides children with free, high-quality books to enhance literacy skills and encourage a love of reading.


This City of Kamloops 1947 GMC truck has been given new life as part of a permanent flower display at the corner of Bunker Road and McGill Road. DAVE EAGLES/KTW




Height: 175 cm / 5’09” Weight: 73 kg / 161 lbs Age: 33 | Race: Indigenous Hair: Black | Eyes: Brown

Height: 185 cm / 6’01” Weight: 113 kg / 250 lbs Age: 26 | Race: Indigenous Hair: Brown | Eyes: Brown

Height: 183 cm / 6’00” Weight: 104 kg / 230 lbs Age: 32 | Race: Caucasian Hair: Brown | Eyes: Hazel

Wanted for: Theft Under $5000x2

Wanted for: Break & Enter & Commit, Mischief Under $5000

Wanted for: Fail to Comply with Probation Order


If you know where any of these suspects are, call Crime Stoppers anonymously at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). You can also submit an anonymous tip online at kamloopscrimestoppers.ca. You never have to give your name or testify in court. If your information is used in an arrest, you may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $2,000 These suspects are wanted on arrest warrant not vacated as of 3:00pm on June 23, 2021


Your Security, Patrol and Guard Service.


SECURITY INC (250) 819-1812

bighornsecurity.ca Like us on facebook!

Vintage flatbed truck finds new floral life DAVE EAGLES



The next time you head to the Bunker Road recycling depot and yard waste site in the McGill industrial area, keep your eyes peeled for an interesting new landmark. The corner of Bunker Road and McGill Road is now home to a colourful

floral display anchored in a unique-looking vintage truck. The 1947 GMC one-ton truck harks back to the early days of the City of Kamloops’ public works fleet that worked the streets of a growing city. Its simple, greencoloured paint is a stark contrast to the modernday mindset of the city’s corporate branding, which

is seen in the public works vehicle fleet of today — emblazoned with branding logos using hues of orange, yellow, green and blue. The flatbed’s display will continue throughout the year with the change of seasons as city gardeners will amend its look. It’s an idea deserving of two thumbs up — green thumbs.

Connecting to Edmonton WestJet Airline’s new route between Kamloops and Edmonton is set to begin on July 5 and end on Aug. 4, after which its future will be evaluated. The twice-weekly flights (from Kamloops to Edmonton on Mondays and Fridays and from Edmonton to Kamloops

on Thursdays and Sundays) was originally scheduled to begin on June 24. WestJet continues it daily flights to Calgary, while Air Canada and Pacific Coastal Air connect to Vancouver and Coastal Mountain Air flies to Prince George.

WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021




‘(Un)wanted’ cat campaign has begun in Kamloops KAMLOOPS THIS WEEK

The BC SPCA is launching an interactive awareness campaign called (Un)wanted. It was created for Kamloops residents to learn about the cat overpopulation in their community. As part of the initiative, “(Un) wanted” posters will be placed in the Brocklehurst, North Shore and downtown neighbourhoods for the next three weeks. This new campaign is part of a larger project that aims to create awareness of the cat overpopulation problem in Kamloops, which has been experiencing the highest intake of cats and kittens amongst all BC SPCA locations for the past several years. Developed as an interactive outdoor activity for all age groups,

posters will be on display in various shop windows and other community spaces, highlighting stories of some of the unwanted cats in neighbourhoods “Our hope is to encourage members of the community to investigate preconceived notions of what are sometimes considered unwanted cats,” said Ashley Fontaine, the BC SPCA’s community engagement manager. “It’s a good opportunity for them to learn how the cats ended up in these situations and, hopefully, inspire individuals and the community at large to think about what they can do to help reduce the number of unwanted cats in Kamloops.” The posters featured are a spin on “Wanted” posters and feature nine different local cats with a QR code that will link to the feline’s story. Participants have the option

to enter into a draw to win a prize. Three sets of gift certificates valued at up to $200 from local businesses will be awarded through a draw from the entries. Each of the nine cats can be used as an entry, so if one spots all nine felines, it will help to increase the odds of winning. The current campaign is the latest initiative in a multi-faceted approach that has been developed to address the cat overpopulation in Kamloops, including education, community engagement and increased spaying and neutering for both owned and unowned cats. In May, the BC SPCA Community Animal Centre and Spay/Neuter Clinic in Kamloops launched a low-income spay/neuter pilot-program. Call 1-855-622-7722, option 6, for more information.

Weed Wednesday The Sagebrush Neighbourhood Association is hosting its TNRD Weed Pull Challenge on Wednesday, July 7th, from 9 a.m. to noon. Everyone is welcome to drop by and pull some invasive weeds in Peterson Creek Park. This event is hosted every year by the Thompson-Nicola

Regional District to encourage community groups to pull key invasive plant species. Those interested in taking part can meet in the main parking lot of Peterson Creek park off Columbia Street with hat, garden gloves, sunscreen and water. For more information, contact Teresa at 250-314-1159.

THANK YOU KAMLOOPS! Dream Home and 50/50 Tickets on sale now! www.ydreamhome.ca

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Dream Home and 50/50 Tickets on sale now! www.ydreamhome.ca

Ticket sales cutoff date: June 27, 2021 5:00pm Visit website for rules of play.

Chances are 1 in 18,000 (total tickets for sale) to win the Dream Home.

BC Gaming Event Licence #128175

Chances are 1 in 88,000 (total tickets for sale) to win the 50/50 prize. Actual odds depend on number of tickets sold. Problem Gambling Help Line 1-888-795-6111

BC Gaming Event Licence #128177 19+

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WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021


Magnesium helps pump calcium out of muscle cells after they have contracted allowing them to relax. Sometimes that is not enough. In those cases, we have something that will work. Come in and find out about it.


Want to know more? Come in and see us.

Healthylife Nutrition healthylifenutrition.ca • Sahali Mall • 250-828-6680

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Golden performances KAMLOOPS THIS WEEK

Two Thompson Rivers University students have been recognized for their carpentry skills. Tim Eggers and Roko Huser have won gold in the Skills Canada national competition. The two were facing other carpentry students from across Canada. Eggers, a third-year apprentice, won gold in the post-secondary car-

pentry category. Huser, meanwhile, still attends South Kamloops secondary, but attended the foundation program through the Youth in Trades program. “Typically, we have students compete in automotive service, carpentry, heavy mechanical, electrical, millwright, plumbing/ piping, refrigeration and welding,” TRU construction trades chair Thomas

Haag said. This year, due to the pandemic, the event was held virtually. “The competition was really fun and I had an awesome experience. It’s crazy how much effort and time goes into putting something like this on,” Huser said. Haag also acknowledged the students’ instructors, Tim Kasten and Bryce Coombs.




WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021


































City of Kamloops

ACTIVITY PROGRAMS We thank you for your patronage, understanding, and patience as we work together during this unprecedented time. Visit Kamloops.ca/COVID for updates Programs are cancelled if the minimum numbers are not met.

Dance Camp

Open 7 days a week

The Concession at Riverside opened to the public on June 25 and will operate daily through Sept. 7. A soft opening on June 24 included demonstrations of the various watersports equipment available to rent, including waterbikes and kayaks, as operated by City of Kamloops staffers Audrey Trim and Lisa Strachan. DAVE EAGLES PHOTOS/KTW


One Stop Love Shop

743 VICTORIA ST • 250-377-8808

Connecting community at the Concession at Riverside KAMLOOPS THIS WEEK

The Concession at Riverside is now open. The Concession is a summer pilot project from Tourism Kamloops that includes watersports and beach/park games rentals and food trucks added to Riverside Park to serve residents. The Concession at Riverside is scheduled to operate daily from noon to 8 p.m. through Sept. 7 from the former food concession building, which is scheduled to be demolished in the fall. Those accessing rentals can use kayaks, canoes and waterbikes on the South Thompson River and bocce, croquet, yard

dice, roll out mats for checkers or chess and more in the park. Rentals are from Kamloops Water Sports and Sea Legs. Equipment rentals can be pre-booked online for pickup at the Concession, while rentals for walk-ups is on a first-come, firstserved basis. The Concession at Riverside also features food trucks, with Gyldi’s Pizza and Eats Amore the first to join the venture. Other food truck operators wishing to get involved can send an email to curt@tourismkamloops. com. “In our view, and parks and recreation’s view, it’s a great way for Kamloops to

enjoy the park in a more elevated way,” Tourism Kamloops CEO Beverley DeSantis said when introducing the venture in the spring. “It’s a great way to get people out and active, coming out of COVID and, when visitors come, they can enjoy our parks and rivers and maybe try kayaking for the first time or paddle boarding or something like that with a very low risk, low impact. “This is just a way to try it with an existing building, slated for demolition, and see how it goes.” For more information, including rates and reservations of equipment, go online to tourismkamloops.com.

5 Watch Battery

$ 00

Taxes and Installation included

We do watches, key fobs, garage door openers, scales, & small electronic devices. If it takes a battery; we do it!

We Use Top Quality Swiss Made Renata watch batteries

This is a week-long program for your child to discover and explore creative movement and self-expression through dance. Dress up and crafts are included in this program. Valleyview Community Hall Ages: 3–4 Mon–Fri Jul 26–Jul 30 Valleyview Community Hall Ages: 5–6 Mon–Fri Jul 26–Jul 30 10:15–11:15 am 5/$75

Natural Cleaning Products

Want to use more natural cleaning products but don’t know where to start? Come learn from our Sustainability Educator how to be more eco-friendly and decrease the chemical residue in your home! This will be an online event hosted through Zoom. Online Workshop Wed Jul 14 6:00–7:30 pm 1/$15

Tots Soccer

Programs starting in July! Register today Kamloops.ca/PerfectMind

FAST Tennis

Fun Adult Starter Tennis (FAST). In this program, you will learn tennis fundamentals, including basic tactics and techniques, rules, and scoring. In partnership with the Kamloops Tennis Centre. Kamloops Tennis Centre 4/$95 Tue 5:30–7:00 pm Jul 6–Jul 27 Aug 3–Aug 24

Chance to win $50 at Superstore. Please take our survey.

www.danielles.ca Located in Sahali Mall Locally Owned and Operated Jewellery Repairs Done on Location


Mon. to Sat. 10 am - 4 pm

For all participants who are: - girls/women - identify as girls/women - new to Kamloops or Canada. Draw date: June 30, 2021. Survey’s available in different languages.

Visit: Kamloops.ca/WWIN



WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021


FASTEST TURTLES ON EARTH! Buy your ticket today for the 2021 VW Turtle River Race! September 11, 2021 • Riverside Park, 700-block Lorne St.

RACE 1 • 1:00 PM 1ST PLACE TURTLE – RACE 1: • Montana Hill Guest Ranch 3 Night Stay • $1000 Save On Foods GC • $500 Aberdeen Mall GC • Mount Paul Golf Course package • Shuswap Water Sports package • Kamloops Water Sport Rentals package • Interior White Water Expeditions package • Oyama Zipline package

Benefitting the charities of the 2021 KTW Christmas Cheer Fund • Chris Rose Therapy Centre for Autism • Kamloops Brain Injury Association • Kamloops Therapeutic Riding Association

2ND PLACE TURTLE – RACE 1: • YMCA-YWCA Family Pass • Surplus Herby’s Camping package • Club Shuswap Golf package • Ocean Pacific Adventure Sports package • Kamloops Water Sport Rentals 2X1 Day pass 3RD PLACE – VALUE $1,500 • 500 gift certificate to Twisted Olive/Mittz Kitchen • $500 gift certificate to Brown’s Social House • $500 gift certificate to Earl’s Restaurant

RACE 2 • 2:00 PM 1ST PLACE TURTLE – RACE 2: • Montana Hill Guest Ranch 3 Night Stay • $1000 Save On Foods GC • $500 Aberdeen Mall GC • Mount Paul Golf Course package • Shuswap Water Sports package • Kamloops Water Sport Rentals package • Delta Hotel Stay • Weber Portable BBQ • Oyama Zipline package 2ND PLACE TURTLE – RACE 2: • YMCA-YWCA Family Pass • Surplus Herby’s Fishing package • Club Shuswap Golf package • Ocean Pacific Adventure Sports package • Kamloops Water Sport Rentals 2X1 Day pass THIRD PLACE – VALUE $1,500 • $500 gift certificate to Twisted Olive/Mittz Kitchen • $500 gift certificate to Brown’s Social House • $500 gift certificate to Earl’s Restaurant




Online at www.turtleriverrace.com Or at the till at any Save On Foods location


Chances are 1 in 650 for each race (total tickets for sale) to win a grand prize. Problem Gambling Help Line 1-888-795-6111 www.bcresponsiblegambling.ca

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Know your limit, play within it


WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021




Made up of over 34,000 Rotary clubs around the world, Rotary International forms a global network of business, professional, and community leaders who volunteer their time and talents to serve communities locally and around the world – and form strong, lasting friendships in the process.


From Clearwater to Austria Youth Exchange and Global Grants power local student to international medical career


otary’s Youth Exchange Program has taken hundreds of local high school students around the world over the past 50 years. Now Rotary Clubs in Kamloops, Clearwater, Salmon Arm and Kelowna have joined together to help one of those students make an even bigger difference around the world, turning a few thousand Canadian dollars into more than $30,000 USD through the power of a Rotary Global Grant. Emma Persad from Clearwater went to France as part of Rotary Youth Exchange in 2011-12 before coming back to TRU, where she earned an honours degree in molecular biology in 2016. While at TRU, she became involved in the Study Abroad program, spending her third year in Switzerland. Both exchange programs opened up the opportunity for more international work after graduating, first with refugee integration at the height of the Syrian refugee crisis and then an internship with the United Nations before starting medical school in Austria. “It was always my idea to stay in Europe and do my medical school abroad,” says Persad. While she had long planned for a career in medicine, her international experience changed her ambitions, pushing her towards a position at the World Health Organization in 2019 and plans to eventually work for Médecins Sans Frontières. “Rotary gave me a broader outlook of how the world could be,” said Persad. But first, Emma needed help to finish medical school, and Rotary was there to provide it with the Global Grant Program. The program allows funds raised by local clubs and districts to be matched by Rotary International for use towards

a project or graduate studies abroad. The project or studies need to fit into one of Rotary International’s six pillars – in this case, maternal and child health. Persad’s application was the first Global Grant Scholarship (GGS) application ever made by the Rotary Clubs of Kamloops. “It was a challenge,” says Dr. Stephen Karpuk, president of the Rotary Club of Kamloops Aurora Centennial, who spearheaded the application. “A GGS is not a common thing. Sometimes it takes a special person,” said Karpuk. “And a good support system,” added Persad. In total, seven different Rotary clubs across the Interior of B.C., including four Kamloops clubs, raised a total equivalent to $7,700 USD. That was matched 150 per cent by Rotary District 5060, which represents clubs in the BC Interior and eastern Washington State, with Rotary International matching the district contribution to raise a total of more than $30,000 USD – more than $40,000 CDN – to allow Persad to complete her studies. The Rotary Club of Vienna International agreeing to host Emma was vital to the success of the GGS. Persad plans to use her skills and experience to improve maternal and neonatal health worldwide. After graduating medical school in Austria next year, she is looking to do a PhD in perinatal and pediatric epidemiology at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, a world-renowned institution for medical research, before specializing in pediatrics. Her future work could include fieldbased projects in Africa and research using population registers, particularly pertaining to the effects of COVID-19 infection

Our motto, Service Above Self, exemplifies the humanitarian spirit of the 1.2 million Rotarians worldwide.

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Rotary Youth Exchange Student Emma Persad, pictured here at the United Nations, is finishing medical school in Austria thanks to a Rotary Global Grant funded in part by the Rotary Clubs of Kamloops. and vaccination on pregnant women and babies. “In Rotary we’re really good at building schools and health care facilities. We supply books and equipment in places that need them. But this cannot work without the skilled educator or health care practitioner. Emma will be both,” Karpuk said. Persad’s work will still have benefits here at home. She is leading a Cochrane review on limiting health care worker exposure to COVID-19 in a partnership with WorkSafeBC – a timely project given the risk of transmission in hospitals. She also plans to conduct epidemiological research in Canada, as her future research group collaborates with UBC. She will also head to Rwanda in August and September to help with maternal and neonatal care. “Cobbling together enthusiasm and money was the reason this GGS was able to help Emma in her journey,” said Karpuk. “That’s the power of Rotary.”

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Only a land surveyor knows your boundaries I have been a Charter Member of the Aurora Centennial Club for 17 year and am currently the club president.

Dr. Stephen Karpuk, B.Sc., DC, Owner #4-1390 Hillside Dr. Kamloops



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I own Aberdeen Chiropractic Clinic and have 18 years of service behind me now as a Chiropractor. Like Rotary, I work with my RMT colleagues Matt and Haley, to improve the lives of others. Proud to serve!


WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021



Last year, Kamloops showed just what a kind community it was in Kindloops - a special project produced by Kamloops This Week and presented by Valley First, a division of First West Credit Union. We asked for your submissions of random acts of kindness, published them weekly This project was recognized as the winner of the Ma Murray Community Service Award by the BC and Yukon Community NewsMedia Association earlier this month. That’s a testament to our community as a whole pulling together to help each other through the most challenging time of our generation. While we are beginning to emerge from the global crisis caused by COVID-19, we continue to suffer the effects that prolonged isolation from others, economic uncertainty and fear bring. We need to keep being reminded what a kind place we can be - and need to be.

So we’re bringing it back. All you have to do to participate is give the name of a local individual who’s done something kind for someone else in Kamloops. We’re going to publish those submissions in Kamloops This Week every week for the next 5 weeks, and pick one random submission each week. The person who performed that act of kindness and the person who nominated them will each get a $25 gift certificate to a local restaurant. On July 28, we’re going to put all the entries together into a special commemorative edition, celebrating all the acts of kindness that have been nominated, and pick one random entry. The person who performed that act and the person who nominated them will each win a prize of $500 worth of gift certificates to local restaurants!

Celebrate kindness with us in Kamloops with Kindloops.


Go to www.kindloops.com OR Enter via social media - put your nomination in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and just tag Kamloops This Week (@kamthisweek) and include the hashtag #kindloops in your post

Your Kindloops stories:

LORI SEELEY: Hi there, I have an office downtown where I come into contact with a wide variety of Kamloops citizens. Most are aware of Ben, and I do wish I knew his last name. Ben is a young man who people might easily overlook or misunderstand. He possibly has some limitations that prevent him from participating in the labour force in a traditional way. Ben cleans the downtown streets meticulously every day. He is not paid, he does accept tips. He is diligent and I’ve seen him working morning to night on some days. While he might not be a typical candidate for a kindness honour because he is not connected with the usual volunteer and community agencies, I think he has created a benefit to our community that exceeds what Kamloops can provide through usual paid or contracted means. I believe he would be well deserving of an honour for his contributions to our community.

Brought to you by:

HELENA PAIVINEN: Being kind does not always appear in exactly the same way. Sometimes it can be as subtle as a light touch, barely imperceptible except to the person in need. In other instances it is loud and quite brash, like a drive through birthday parade during COVID -19. Or maybe it’s about consistency......like Steve Wade showing up, on a daily basis to give us a laugh on the Caremongering Kamloops page on Facebook. You make me smile. To some, your daily posting of humour may not qualify as being kind but to me they scream up one hell of a storm! Every day you take a moment to reflect upon how to make a stranger’s life better. You take a minute each day to post something fun. To me, that is kindness in it’s fuzziest warmth form......making someone smile, giving them a laugh, a chuckle or two. It is a priceless as love. It lightens up what can sometimes seem like a seemingly endless loop of nothing but heavy, grey and depressing, continuous groundhog dog days.

WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021



KAMLOOPS ART PAGE Welcome to Kamloops This Week’s Art Page,where we showcase creations from artists of all ages. Submissions can be sent via email to editor@kamloopsthisweek.com.

A Splash of Colour, by Jannat Ulain, Grade 5, Pacific Way elementary

Untitled, by Alayna Zaidema, Grade 5, Kamloops School of the Arts

Untitled, by Charlotte Kaltenrieder, Grade 7, Kamloops School of the Arts

Time Travel, by Ciera Earle, Grade 6, Arthur Stevenson elementary


Mackenzie and

Trevor We are all so proud of you both!

Let us help you say

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Editor’s note: While the COVID-19 pandemic has placed much travel on hold, restrictions are easing. Kamloops This Week is pleased to publish weekly Travel columns as people begin planning to emerge from the pandemic and travel once again.

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The wildlife playgrounds of Miami, Florida JANE CASSIE




t’s just before midnight on South Beach and the energized pulse along Ocean Drive is starting to palpitate. This artery that bisects Miami’s famed art deco district is the happening place to be, especially after the sun goes and the neon glows. We meld with the masses that flock to the gridlocked thoroughfare, where our adrenaline soars with the ongoing Latin beat. Enticing aromas waft from bustling sidewalk cafes, offering us anything from Cuban cuisine to Floribbean fare. Backed by confetti-coloured treasures and fronting the palmstudded beach, this setting is a feast for our senses. Although we love having this taste of urban wildlife at our fingertips, by staying at the South Beach Hotel a few blocks away, we can easily escape the inevitable crowds. The 1939 art deco treasure, designed by renowned architect, Henry Hohauser, has been renovated with a Latin feel. Its sleek lines and contemporary interiors pay homage to the era while pampering perks provide us with modern day pleasantries. During our stay in Miami, our travels also take us to Biscayne National Park, where we discover an entire flip side to the meaning of “wild” life.

BRENT CASSIE PHOTOS LEFT: The nightlife scene along the South Beach Ocean Drive is full of energy and light just before midnight, as the streets fill with sounds and smells that are truly Miami. RIGHT: Finding more colourful creatures under water is also a must-do stop on a visit to the southern state.

The vast emerald Atlantic shimmers before us and while our vessel plies effortlessly through the water, I remain riveted to its bow rail. From the ringside seat, I look forward to a different taste of entertainment. It’s not the same kind of parade we experienced on Ocean Drive, but one that’s performed daily and naturally, thanks to the gifts from Mother Nature. “The park is over 30,000 hectares in size,” our tour guide explains, “and 95 per cent of it is underwater.” The remaining five per cent, we discover, is made up of the 44 keys that span 18 nautical

miles. We troll past a number of the evergreen mounds, shrouded in a maze of mangroves and tropical hardwood hammocks. Rich with nourishment, these islets are a haven for waterfowl and sea life. Long-beaked pelicans, delicate white ibis, doublebreasted cormorants, blue herons and snowy egrets are just a few feathered friends we see. This glass bottom boat tour also provides us with a taste of the park’s underwater world without getting our feet wet and, while hovering over the surface, we can see the swaying sea grass that shimmers at the base of this

tropical lagoon. The explosive growth of algae and plankton are gastronomic delights for sponges and sea urchins, as well as starfish and spiny lobster, and it is a popular spot for the gentle blubbery manatees. Weighing up to 13,000 kilograms, these beloved Floridian natives look more like whiskered whimsical sea cows. Because of their slow-poke maneuverability, we are careful while making our way to the outer reefs. When the wave action co-operates, there is a fanfare of productivity framed in the window of our hull, including porous sponges, ancient

shipwrecks and dazzling coral gardens. For those who like to take a dip, the snorkeling and diving promises an up-close and personal encounter with these iridescent inhabitants. “There are around 250 different fish species, as well as a number of types of coral,” our guide reveals. Elkhorn, staghorn and brain coral are most common and parrotfish, tigerfish, angelfish, blue tang, porkfish and trunkfish are just a few that bejewel the reefs. Although incidences are rare, there are others that pose a threat to humans. Portuguese man-of-war with its long tentacles, the razor-tooth barracuda and the infamous bull shark are predators that underwater visitors shy away from. Although there has always been the risk of hurricanes and tropical storms, the keys have hosted a cross section of travelers over the years — from pirates to presidents. Embraced in beauty and boasting so many natural wonders, it’s easy to understand why. As we skim back over the bay, we reflect on its tranquility and splendour. The remote setting is polar opposite to South Beach’s racy allure, yet both in their own right are wonderful “wild” life playgrounds of Miami. Travel Writers’ Tales is an independent travel article syndicate. For more, go online to, travelwriterstales.com.

Travel restrictions are lifted and our office is now open by appointment only.

Travel restrictions are lifted and our office is now open by appointment only.

Manning Park - 3 Seats Left! July B . C . F j o r d s A g Manning Park - 3 Seats Left! July u27 eft! Au B.C. FjordsStunning Northwest British Columbia - 2 Seats LAug 8g V i c t o r i a W h a l e W a t c h i n g ( E B ) A u g Stunning Northwest British Columbia - 2 Seats Left! Aug 12 Tours Local Tours Global Tours Global Local Tours F r a s e r R i v e r S o u r c e t o M o u t h S e p Victoria Whale Watching (EB) Aug 24t S u n s h i n e C o a s t 3 Seats Left! Fraser River Source to Mouth Sept Se8pt Cruise Tours Rail Tours Cowboy Trail & Waterton Lakes (EB) pt Cruise Tours Rail Tours Sunshine Coast - 3 Seats Left! Sept Se12 St. Lawrence & Ottawa Rivers Cruise Sept Cowboy Trail & Waterton Lakes (EB) Sept 12 Alberta Prairie Steam Train (EB) Sept St. Lawrence & Ottawa Rivers Cruise Sept 15 KAMLOOPS OFFICE: 250 Lansdowne St. KAMLOOPS OFFICE: A Taste of Italy (EB) Oct 250-374-0831 or 800-667-9552 Alberta Prairie Steam Train (EB) Sept 22 250 Lansdowne St. T h a n k s g i v i n g o n t h e I s l a n d ( E B ) Oct www.wellsgraytours.com

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Photo: B.C. Fjords

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WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021



Kamloops’s original and biggest contest to decide who’s the best of the best in our community is now open for voting! Vote for your favourite business today in more than 200 categories to be entered to win an AMAZING #YKAStrong prize package!

WWW.KAMLOOPSTHISWEEK.COM/CONTESTS All ballots must be received or entered online. Employees of Kamloops This Week and their immediate families are not eligible. • Voting ends Sunday July 25, 2021

WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021





ate in the third century, the Romans divided their immense and unwieldy empire into two portions, the West and the East, each with its own emperor. A period of political instability and civil war followed soon afterwards, from which the Emperor Constantine emerged triumphant, the sole emperor of both sides of the empire. According to history, Constantine ascribed his victory to the intervention of the Most High God of the Christians, whom he said had appeared to him in a dream before a crucial battle against his rival Maxentius, and exhorted him to inscribe the Greek letters Chi and Rho (the first two letters of the word “Christ”) on his soldiers’ shields. Following his victory, Constantine issued the famous Edict of Milan, which forbade the persecution of Christians and restored their confiscated properties and rights. Constantine himself confessed Christianity and the age of Christian legitimacy began. For some, this is the period in which, despite Jesus’ promise that “the gates of hell” would not prevail against it (Matt. 16:18), the Church “went to hell in a hand basket.” Infected with paganism, legalism and ritualism, the Church “died” for more than 1,200 years, until the Reformers resurrected it in the 16th century. The reality is a little more complicated. Certainly, the Church faced challenges as a result of its “coming of age.” With the known world at its feet and unprecedented freedom and power at its disposal, more than one Christian fell prey to worldly corruption. However, Eastern Orthodox Christians also see this period as a time when the Church faced, for the first time, a new opportunity to fulfill the Lord’s command: “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy

V. Rev. Richard René is the priestin-charge of St. Nicholas Orthodox Mission (orthodoxkamloops.ca), an English-language Eastern Orthodox Church for the Kamloops community.

Spirit…” (Matt 28:19). Confronted with the baptism of the Roman world, the Church adopted an approach that might be called cultural baptism. In this view, evangelism meant simply reinterpreting the surrounding culture so as to proclaim the Gospel message. If the pagan image of the shepherd carrying a lamb on his shoulders was a Roman pagan symbol of the ideal pastoral life, why could it not also depict Christ the Good Shepherd of his people? If the Emperor could be depicted ruling over the world, why could Christians not portray Christ in imperial garb, as the one to whom belongs all authority in heaven or on Earth? The Christian adoption of these and other aspects of pagan Rome was not merely a syncretism — the adoption of pagan beliefs alongside their own — but an immense baptism in which art, music, architecture, philosophy and all aspects of society were yoked into proclaiming the Advent of Christ. The theological reasoning was simple — just as Christ had taken on and transfigured fallen human life with the life of God, so, too, could Christians transform human culture with the life of the Holy Spirit. Human life should be rejected as utterly depraved, but rather as something to be healed and filled with the power of God. As St. John of Damascus would say more than 400 years

later: “Do not despise matter, for it is not despicable. God has made nothing that is despicable.” In the history of the Orthodox Church, many examples can be found of evangelism through cultural baptism. Most relevant for us is the approach taken by Russian Orthodox missionaries to North America in the 18th century. Monks and priests came to local First Nations and, rather than rejecting their native spirituality out of hand as demonic or sinful, they sought to establish parallels between native religion and Christian teachings. The goal was to translate the uniquely Christian message into a language of native spirituality. At the same time, they translated Christian texts into native languages, even going so far as creating the first written alphabets for the Aleut and Tlingit peoples for that purpose. Contrast this with the missionaries who started the residential schools in 19th century Canada, with their horrific ongoing legacy of cultural genocide, and we can begin to see the present relevance of Church’s history following Constantine’s conversion. More than anything, this great Christian “coming of age” reminds us that the Christian mandate is not about demonizing others, whomever they may be. Rather, it is about seeing and celebrating the good in other cultures and naming the ultimate source of their goodness in the love of Jesus Christ. Next time: the rise of monasticism and a return to first principles. Previous parts of this series can be read online at kamloopsthiseeek.com by searching “Orthodox.” KTW welcomes submissions to its Faith page. Columns should be between 600 and 800 words in length and include a headshot of the author, along with a short bio. Send it via email to editor@ kamloopsthisweek.com.



NARCOTICS ANONYMOUS Kamloops BC NAPPG Call 778-220-4198 Meets daily at 181 W. Victoria St, 12-1 & 7:30-8:30

LAW SOCIETY TRIBUNAL SEEKS HEARING PANEL MEMBERS The Law Society Tribunal is seeking applications from lawyers and public representatives to serve on its hearing panels. Hearing panels hear cases related to allegations of discipline violations and incompetence by lawyers. Panels also conduct hearings on the character and fitness of applicants for enrolment in the admission program and for call and admission as new lawyers. The Law Society is committed to being more inclusive of Indigenous people, including through recruitment to the Tribunal. Indigenous lawyers and public representatives are encouraged to apply. Appointments are for a four-year term, with eligibility to be reappointed to a second term. Lawyers appointed to be a member of hearing panels are reimbursed for reasonable expenses, while public appointees receive a modest per diem and reimbursement of reasonable expenses. The deadline to apply is Thursday, July 15, 2021 Further details about qualifications and to submit an application are available at www.lawsociety.bc.ca (“News”), or you may wish to contact tribunals@lsbc.org.


Places of Worship Kamloops


Weekend Gathering Times Saturdays at 6:30pm & Sundays at 10:00am in-person & online through Labour Day weekend 200 Leigh Rd | 250-376-6268 kamloopsalliance.com @kamloopsalliance

To advertise your service in the Worship Directory, please call 250-374-7467

Simplicity in Worship

Clarity in Bible Teaching

Friendliness in Fellowship

Please Join Us

In these unprecedented times10:00am we are worshiping remotely via our Facebook Sunday Mornings

pageTranquille livestream on 422 Rd

(Inside the Stagehouse Theatre)

Sundays at 10am. All are Welcome

www.northshorecalvary.com www.northshorecalvary.com

Christian Science Society, 1152 Nicola Street, Kamloops Sunday Church Services 10:30 - 11:30 am All are welcome www.christianscience.bc.ca csskamsoc@yahoo.ca


WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021



ARCTIC CIRCLE by Alex Hallatt



SHOE by Gary Brookins & Susie Macnelly

by Rick Kirkman & Jerry Scott


ZITS by Jerry Scott & Jim Borgman

by Chris Browne


ARIES - Mar 21/Apr 20

CANCER - Jun 22/Jul 22

Aries, this week your mind may be pulling you in one direction while your heart may be dragging you in another. It can be challenging to choose which one to listen to.

TAURUS - Apr 21/May 21

Cancer, give your body a good workout this week, especially if you’ve been letting things slide lately. Expending some energy will give you more energy.

LEO - Jul 23/Aug 23

Taurus, seek the truth and you will find it easily. You have many questions and the answers are just waiting around the corner. You just need to know where to find them.

GEMINI - May 22/Jun 21

Familiar thoughts are flowing through your mind, Leo, and they seem like a broken record. Do your best to gain a new perspective and clear your mind.

VIRGO - Aug 24/Sept 22

Gemini, your modus operandi is working, even if it’s somewhat unconventional. Keep on doing what makes you happy, especially if it’s producing your desired results.

Virgo, do you feel like you’re working hard on something but not making much progress? Change your approach and even seek advice from others.

Have a heart to give for a heart to live Donate for Cardiac Care “CATH LAB" at RIH


JUNE 30 - JULY 6, 2021 CAPRICORN - Dec 22/Jan20

- Sept 23/Oct 23

Every day presents a new start and a chance to try new things, Libra. Learn from past opportunities, but don’t get discouraged about mistakes you once made.


A relationship gets all fired up this week, Capricorn. A discussion sparks some heated debate, but things will not get out of control. Each of you is respectful of the other.

AQUARIUS - Jan 21/Feb 18

- Oct 24/Nov 22

Situations this week are very fluid, Scorpio. One moment you feel quite at ease and the next you may seem uncomfortable and alone. Just keep moving on.

Aquarius, team work is the name of the game this week. Embrace opportunities to work with others and welcome any help that comes your way.

SAGITTARIUS - Nov 23/Dec 21


Sagittarius, you’re skilled at zeroing in on the details and nuances in conversations. Your receptiveness and intuition are skills to be proud of.

- Feb 19/Mar 20

Have fun this week, Pisces. But make sure that you are professional and polite if the activities involve coworkers or colleagues.

Have a heart to give For a heart to serve Empowering "TRU Nursing Students"

F O R I N F O R M AT I O N , V I S I T: I W I S H F U N D . C O M

WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021


NEW YORK TIMES CROSSWORD ACROSS 1. Home for the Devil 6. Fairy-tale villain 10. Ballet-inspired fitness method 15. Web designer’s code 19. Dream interrupter, maybe 20. Pitcher Hershiser 21. They might dog a dog 22. ‘‘____ there!’’ 23. Prisoner accidentally causes a power outage? 26. Police unit, informally 27. ‘‘Hoo boy!’’ 28. ‘‘Your guess is as good as mine’’ 29. Small songbirds 30. In a manner of speaking 31. Kind 33. Year, in Brazil 34. Cherokee and Navajo 37. Southern university beefs up campus security? 42. Unlike bread on Passover 45. Pierce-Arrow competitor 46. Popular Hyundai 47. ‘‘O mio babbino caro,’’ e.g. 48. Key part: Abbr. 50. Keenness of judgment 53. Chinese zodiac animal 54. Fellow imposes a strict palm fruit regimen? 59. Something that can be tried or cracked 60. Dead giveaway? 61. Put away some groceries? 62. ____ school 63. Convenient transport through urban traffic 64. Go bad 65. One seeing things with a critical eye? 67. ____ cannon (sci-fi weapon) 68. Good spice to add to guacamole (try it!) 71. Wizard of ____ (nickname for a good massage therapist)

72. 73. 77. 78.

U.F.C. fighting style Heretics flout them Early Ron Howard role Actress de Armas writes ‘‘Mr. Gas’’ and ‘‘Ms. Rag’’? 82. World’s best-selling musical artists of 2020 83. Target of a popup blocker 84. Financial planning option, for short 85. Like the verse ‘‘Roses are red, violets are blue .?.?. ,’’ in brief 86. Body of water that’s home to the world’s largest marine reserve 88. The Cougars of the N.C.A.A. 91. New York has 28 of them 94. Smartphone advises on poker bets? 98. High-hat attitude 99. ‘‘Told you so’’ 100. Off-road ride, for short 101. Org. whose plans are up in the air? 104. Georgia-based insurance giant 106. Unnamed somebody 109. Ones making you duck down? 111. Kinks song that Weird Al Yankovic parodied as ‘‘Yoda’’ 112. Doctor acquires antibiotics? 115. A short one by Ogden Nash reads ‘‘Parsley/is gharsley’’ 116. Macabre illustrator Edward 117. One kind of plastic 118. Indian wedding adornment 119. Even ____ 120. Connecticut-based insurance giant 121. Break 122. Work from Roxane Gay or Jia Tolentino

DOWN 1. Snacks from some trucks 2. Honolulu’s ____ Stadium 3. Sought feedback from 4. Willy, in ‘‘Free Willy’’ 5. Telecom with a pink logo 6. Reaction to a stomach punch 7. Chow 8. Add new caulking to 9. Roosevelt credited with saying ‘‘No one can make you feel inferior without your consent’’ 10. Closest of pals, for short 11. Hillary Clinton vis-à-vis Wellesley College 12. Move to a new table, maybe 13. Hip-hop duo ____ Sremmurd 14. What ‘‘.?.?.’’ may represent 15. José Martí, by birth 16. Social media pic designed to attract sexual attention 17. False 18. Some strong solutions 24. DuPont patent of 1938 25. Skip it 29. Boston airport 32. Work in the kitchen? 35. Abounded (with) 36. St. Kitts, St. Lucia and St. Vincent 37. Saint on the big screen 38. Pulitzer winner ____ St. Vincent Millay 39. Spur 40. Shake an Etch A Sketch, e.g. 41. Full 42. How kids might describe dad jokes 43. Important stretches 44. ‘‘____ Too Proud’’ (hit musical about the Temptations) 49. Visits overnight 51. Ingredient in a Negroni 52. Sporty trucks, in brief 55. Lots

56. 57. 58. 59.

Lets hit it! What ‘‘.?.?.’’ may represent ____ March Word that appears with confetti when texted on an iPhone 63. Big name in synthesizers 65. Cardamom-spiced brew 66. !!! 67. They may be checked at the door 68. Yoga pose with an arched back 69. ‘‘High-five!’’ 70. Like fuchsia and turquoise 71. Actor Aziz 74. Spanish hand 75. Spanish love 76. Application figs. 78. Practiced 79. Birds’ bills 80. What an integral can be used to calculate 81. One of the Obamas 83. Jellied garnish 87. Low bows 89. Kind of question 90. Old wheels 92. ____ Park, Colo. 93. Raw deal from a restaurant? 95. Categorize 96. ‘‘There’s no one on me!’’ 97. Document with two accents 101. Water clover and adder’s-tongue 102. Fight setting 103. Purity test 104. Popular dog 105-Down 105. See 104-Down 107. Daughter of Ned Stark on ‘‘Game of Thrones’’ 108. Smelt things? 110. Payment often made around January 1 112. Tour grp. 113. Little eggs 114. Business-card abbr.








By Michael Lieberman 9








37 43



50 57









85 91

99 106




98 105






























61 64






















15 22




10 21































Rearrange the letters to spell something pertaining to puzzles


Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken down into nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the numeric clues already provided in the boxes. The more numbers you name, the easier it gets to solve the puzzle!



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Marty Hastings & Chris Foulds

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WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021




Born and raised in Kamloops to a long-time, community-supporting medical family, Andrew is a fulltime realtor approaching his 13th year serving Kamloops, Tobiano, Shuswap and Sun Peaks.

6541/6675 Heffley Louis Cr Road | $1,395,000

24hrs notice for tenants. Property located after 4th cattle guard on H.L. Creek Rd from Agate bay, take immed right drive, address on post. This lovely 280+ acre parcel has two titles, with 150 +/- in hay, the balance treed. Louis Creek crosses property and Fadear Creek boarders southern boundary. Two water licenses ensure plenty of water. Immed Crown land access from property to ride, hike, hunt, quad and fish. Tenant has 30 cows on property. About 30 mins from Sun Peaks and an hour from Kamloops! This rancher has 3 bdrms, 2 bath, skylights in almost every room, huge kitchen with loads of cabinetry, large eating island and views out of almost every window. There is a huge deck, partly covered, overlooking the land and out to the mountains. Oversized double garage, outdoor wood furnace will allow almost nil heating costs, with propane forced air back up.


Put my experience into action: • Assisted in hundreds of real estate deals • Top 10 Royal LePage Agent 5 years in a row • Approachable, honest and experienced


Contact Andrew for more information



Thinking of Selling Your Kamloops Home?


• More Services: Assisted Home Preparation & Complimentary Staging Consultation • More Marketing: Unparalleled Marketing Reach for Maximized Exposure to Buyers • Best Results: Helping You Maximize the Value You Can Receive for Your Home Sarah devotes 100% of her focus and 100% of her time to your needs, and offers a 100% client satisfaction guarantee.

I believe that when it comes to buying and selling your house, choosing a local member of the community is important as well. Choose an agent that is on your team!

• Kamloops resident for over 30 years • Rugby enthusiast • Community, family & team oriented • Proud supporter of United Way, Grow A Row, Royal LePage Shelter Foundation and Kamloops Pride • Strong believer in supporting local and shopping local

Making a Next Move for the Best Results?



sarah.lee @royallepage.ca

Westwin Realty


“I prefer names to numbers”

Westwin Realty




Kamloops Real Estate Services with More Services & More Marketing





have lived in Kamloops for 27 years and I plan to make this city our retirement home. With years of direct sales experience I know how to market properties to achieve the most effective results. I have earned several top RE/MAX sales awards and was honored by our Kamloops Real Estate Association with the Realtor of the Year award. On a personal note, I enjoy travel, gardening and making stained-glass windows which I donate to raise money for charities. I also make a contribution from every sale to help the BC Children’s Hospital.

My daughter, Kristy Janota and Adam Popien are members of my team and we would love to hear from you, to help make your buying or selling experience a pleasant one.

Your Household Name in Real Estate



Real Estate (Kamloops)

Linda Turner Personal Real Estate Corporation








“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”


Real Estate is my passion and I can’t wait to help you find your perfect home!

I LOVE REAL ESTATE! Your home is your most valuable possession.

am an energetic, hardworking, friendly and passionate Realtor who makes finding you a home my top priority. I take pride in getting to know you, and I listen to your needs and desires. Let me make the home-buying process simpler. Are you planning to sell real estate in the area? You can use the marketing programs and experience of a qualified real estate agent like me to help sell your home quickly, efficiently and at the right price.

STEPHENSON NAME HERE Whether you are buying, selling or just need “HONEST” advice… you need all the facts.

250-320-4214 JoanneRichards.ca


RE/MAX Real Estate (Kamloops)


My clients are very important to me. My goal is to make the process easy, enjoyable and rewarding. Let me put my knowledge and experience to work for you. Please call me anytime for your real estate needs.

250-571-2678 michelinestephenson @royallepage.ca





250-374-7467 realestate@kamloopsthisweek.com


WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021


Happy Can


WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021


nada Day


WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021


This Canada Day, we recognize our Indigenous communities, especially the Tk’emlúps te Secwépemc, on whose land our country is founded. We look forward to working together in a spirit of reconciliation.

CANADA DAY 2021 Enjoy your time with friends, family & pets!

Remember to keep your pets safe during the fireworks!

1065 Surrey Ave. (N. Shore) tanjaspetgrooming.com 250.376.5992


921 Laval Crescent, Kamloops - johnsonwalsh.com FREE ESTIMATE 250-374-1822

OH CANADA! Wishing you all a safe and happy

Canada Day July 1


#1-1800 Tranquille Rd



for great specials!

Observe Canada Day virtually this year! Join us online for an exciting line-up featuring musical performances, artists, interactive activities, and more!

Kamloops Virtual Canada Day 2021 July 1, 11:00 am Kamloops.ca/CanadaDay

WEDNESDAY, June 30, 2021



Happy Birthday Canada As we honour this day, let’s reflect on what it means to each of us and what it means to be Canadian. From our families and staff, let’s join hands and celebrate Canada Day.

Todd Stone, MLA

Peter Milobar, MLA

Kamloops – South Thompson

Kamloops – North Thompson

618B Tranquille Rd, Kamloops, BC Phone: 250.554.5413 Toll Free: 1.888.299.0805 peter.milobar.mla@leg.bc.ca



kies The coo ACK!! ARE B

AUTOPLAN • HOME • BUSINESS • FLEETS • BOATS • RVS SAVE MONEY • NO LINE-UPS • EXPERT ADVICE CITYVIEW SHOPPING CENTRE - 605-1801 Princeton Hwy Kamloops, BC Phone: 250.828.2248 Fax: 250.828.2250 www.emslandinsurance.com




446 Victoria St., Kamloops, BC Phone: 250.374.2880 Toll Free: 1.888.474.2880 todd.stone.mla@leg.bc.ca ToddGStone/





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Kamloops This Week June 30, 2021  

Kamloops This Week June 30, 2021

Kamloops This Week June 30, 2021  

Kamloops This Week June 30, 2021

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